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Galactic Alignment as Cause of Increased Seismicity and All Other Disasters

Galactic Alignment as Cause of Increased Seismicity and All Other Disasters

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The priests of ancient times knew about the effects the galactic alignment would have upon our Earth around 2012 for indeed they caused mega disasters and major earth changes at regular intervals in the Great Year and according to encoded messages in art also an axial shift. The passage of certain, as yet unknown, heavenly bodies through our solar system, like the "comet" Elenin may be also be involved in triggering the likely axial shift that seems to have been known about by higher initiates into the Mysteries as found in secret brotherhoods like the Freemasons.
The priests of ancient times knew about the effects the galactic alignment would have upon our Earth around 2012 for indeed they caused mega disasters and major earth changes at regular intervals in the Great Year and according to encoded messages in art also an axial shift. The passage of certain, as yet unknown, heavenly bodies through our solar system, like the "comet" Elenin may be also be involved in triggering the likely axial shift that seems to have been known about by higher initiates into the Mysteries as found in secret brotherhoods like the Freemasons.

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Published by: Susan Seymour Hedke (b. Susan. S. K. Haub). on Jun 06, 2011
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Galactic Alignment as Cause of Increased Seismicity and Why 2012 Will Be Disastrous.

The priests of ancient times knew about the relationship of the Earth to the Milky Way galaxy. They knew that this causes mega disasters every 6 - 6,500 years, four times in one Great Year cycle. The very worst disaster period occur when the solstices align with the galactic axis squaring the constellation rising over the spring equinox. This creates what is called the Holy Cross. Such a Holy Cross formed between 12,000 and 13,000 years ago as we moved from the vernal age of Virgo to the vernal age of Leo. This caused a conflagration with great melting of ice, mass extinctions, and a 1,300 year “ice age” – the Younger Dryas. The period of devastation ended with great floods as the ice melted and whole continents were swallowed up - we heard about this through Plato as the sinking of Atlantis. The galactic axis of the Milky Way was then as now aligned with the solstice axis, with Orion’s raised club and the horns of the Bull Taurus up at the summer solstice and the Galactic Centre placed close to the sting of the Scorpio constellation close to the winter solstice. Half a Great Year ago the summer solstice was conjunct the Galactic Centre end of the Milky Way axis and now the winter solstice is conjunct the Galactic Centre. A holy cross is now again formed as the galactic axis is squaring also the constellation rising on the spring equinox. Now we are at the transition from the age of the fishes – Pisces - to the water carrying man Aquarius who pours out water on the Earth. It is this galactic alignment of the present time, this Holy Cross in the heavens, which is causing all the disasters occurring now. For these two periods in the Great Year cycle bring times of reversal.

Yet the disaster half a Great Year ago was worse in the sense that it caused a loss of all that is good and signified the Fall, or a fall from a Golden Age, an Edenic period. Now, although there will be terrible disasters, the final outcome is in favour of the good and the return of that which was lost. This is explainable through understanding the Great Year in terms of Yin and Yang which I will not go into here.

The galactic axis of the Milky way is a broad band but its most central alignment with the solstice axis occurred according to a number of astronomers in 1998, yet the centre of our Milky way galaxy if taken as the recently discovered black hole at Sagittarius “A” is still three degrees from its nearest conjunction, being placed at 27° of the sign Sagittarius, a position the Sun crosses most exactly on the 19th December each year. An absolutely exact conjunction is not possible at all as the Galactic Centre is slightly below the ecliptic path along which the Sun travels and on whose path our solstices and equinoxes are marked. Nevertheless, the general area of the centre of our galaxy called the Dark Rift by the Maya and associated with the mouth of a crocodile or a serpent like monster and also with a womb place, is aligned now with the winter solstice. What makes the difference in the years around 2012, and particularly the year 2012, are the planetary alignments occurring at this time. To understand their power and significance one would need to be like the once worshipped Hermes Trismegistus – the thrice great Mercurial figure who was the same as the Egyptian Thoth, who understood the Mysteries and stood for wisdom all over the ancient world with supposed writings sealed away that were over 9000 years old. He was given the title Trismegistus it is thought because he was versed in the three most important sciences of astrology, geometry and alchemy. (see images at beginning and end of article). Unfortunately there are no more priests who are versed in that which makes us wise, or if there are, they have withdrawn from guiding the world which is left to its own materialism and downfall. If there are any who secretly remember and combine that memory with any status in this world it is those belonging to the secret brotherhoods like the Freemasons and then only at the very highest levels, nor is it certain that in these times the mix of modern virtues : material wealth and politics, with ancient knowledge, is to be trusted. Briefly, all I can say is that the alignments of the heavenly bodies with the existing galactic alignment is what makes 2012 significant. Especially outer heavenly bodies, like the known bodies Uranus,

Neptune and Pluto, weigh the galactic alignment like fruits weigh a tree. Comets or as yet unknown planets, with even more elliptical orbits, may have their influence in triggering the final death throes of this Great Year. It is possible that indeed the end of this age will come suddenly, as indeed the sinking of Atlantis came suddenly – “in a day and a night”. From what I know the cycle of Venus is significant in 2012 as it was in 2004 when the Tsunami occurred and all the outer heavenly bodies we know are aligned by aspect in 2012 with the galactic axis with Galactic Centre on one end and Orion at the other. Pluto is conjunct the Galactic Centre, Neptune is sextile (60°) Uranus is square and Saturn will also be sextile from October 2011, when things really get going. Of course we may not hear of all that is occurring because those funded by our governing forces have begun limiting what the public hears – for its own good of course ;) The Maya associated the end of ages, and especially the end of this age with “End of the World” type disasters. They knew about the galactic alignment occurring at this time. Those at the head of the Freemasons know too. It is the same story about the end of the age as is told in the Bible. We have seen that the disasters are increasing. The disasters are increasing. All that is surely necessary to prove that the Mayan Prophecy is correct is to show that it is this alignment of the galaxy with the solstice, weighted by other heavenly bodies, that is causing the disasters. I have discovered that evidence. My research began in February 2005 when I found the cause of the Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami on 26 December 2004. This in turn led me to the cause of disaster in general.

As the Tsunami occurred in December 2004 the Full Moon was exactly conjunct the club of Orion at the one end of the galactic axis we call the Galactic Anti centre which is at present aligned with the summer solstice, while the Galactic Centre end of the galactic axis was between the Sun and Pluto at the winter solstice. I had noticed similar involvements of Sun, Moon and planets by other worst disasters like the eruption of Krakatau with the Moon and Mars conjunct Orion at the Summer Solstice and opposite the Galactic Centre, also the 9/11 disaster that led on to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent people in the Middle East showed the Moon opposite the Galactic Centre and Pluto with Mars and a large number of other significant bodies. The Titanic also showed the same opposition on the solstice galactic axis with Mars and Pluto close to the Summer Solstice and the Moon squaring the axis from the water sign Pisces. The year before the 2004 Tsunami on the exact same date 26 December the Sun also conjunct the Galactic Centre, with Saturn opposite and Mars squaring brought a large earthquake to Bam, Iran with

43,000 deaths (later lowered). Interestingly Saturn was also opposite and the Galactic Centre sitting between Mars and Pluto and the Sun squaring as on March 20 that year the Iraq War was begun. Talking of the Sun squaring, I found the Sun conjunct square or opposite by most of the worst earthquakes in the world to which I can now add the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami . I went on to research the effects of planetary alignments with the galactic axis in the last two thousand years of history but the last two hundred odd years and more the last twenty odd years are the ones that concern us most since this disastrous alignment began. Pluto takes c. 248 years nearly a quarter of a millennium to make one revolution. Already the last alignment of Pluto with the Galactic Centre back in the 1750s to early 60s marked an early begin of the galactic alignment with the winter solstice. It also caused a number of disasters like the All Saints Day Earthquake and Tsunami in Lisbon with about 100,000 deaths, it affected a wide area in Africa hquake and even up to Scotland and Scandinavia water rose and fell and bells rang thousands of miles away. bells There was a war called the Seven Year War that many say should have been called the First World War, certainly there was war also in America as well as Europe and in the East too with a Sikh Holocaust being particularly memorable where thousands lost their heads in one day, in 1761 a emorable number of volcanic eruptions occurred probably Krakatau was to blame for a cold period affecting the s occurred, northern hemisphere from USA to China. All of these terrible events also showed alignments of ll heavenly bodies to the galactic axis of the Milky Way. As Pluto squared the Galactic Axis and Uranus and Neptune were conjunct the Galactic Centre between about 1810 and 1824 another disastrous period occurred with Napoleonic Wa and the Wars disastrous battle of Waterloo which word became syn synonymous for personal catastrophe in some

places. The worst earthquake in the USA occurred the NEW MADRID and the worst volcanic eruption in

1,800 years occurred in this time – Tambora in Indonesia with over 90,000 deaths and again in 000 Indonesia the Galunggung volcano in 1822 with over 4000 deaths. As Pluto moved opposite the . Galactic Centre most closely between 1900 and 1914 we had the second worst volcanic eruption in recent times Mt. Pelee, West Indies, 1902 – Death Toll: 40,000. ,

A number of terrible earthquakes occurred, memorably 1908 the Messina earthquake and tsunami also occurred in December on the 28th as the Sun was conjunct the Galactic Centre with near 100,000 fatalities. Leaving out all aspects of Moon and other planets as the sun trined the Galactic Centre and Pluto opposed a 7.5 earthquake in Guatemala on April 19 caused 2000 deaths, December 16 1902 Sun conjunct Galactic Centre in Uzbekistan caused 4,700 fatalities .April 18 1906 as the Sun trined Galactic Centre it caused the San Francisco quake with 3,000 fatalities and august 17 1906 as the Sun again trined the Galactic Centre it caused a quake in Chile with 20,000 fatalities. Then in 1912 the sinking of the Titanic occurred as Mars conjunct Pluto opposite the Galactic Centre square the Moon. Soon after, in June 1914, as Saturn conjunct Pluto and the Sun close to the Summer Solstice the First World War began. Since Pluto joined the Galactic Centre in the December sign of Sagittarius the earthquakes in December have rocketed to unprecedented levels.

Let us look at some more of the recent earthquakes and other events causing some kind of material or human disaster in 2010 and their connection with the galactic alignment.

The first Moon conjunction with the Galactic Centre caused the most deadly earthquake of the year and one of the most deadly ever recorded in Haiti on January 12 2010. The very next month of February the trine of the nearly full Moon to the Galactic Centre brought another deadly earthquake in Chile that was the largest of the year being an 8.8 magnitude. In March again the conjunction of the Moon on the 8th caused another deadly earthquake in Turkey that was first given as a magnitude 6. On March 20 – 21 the Iceland volcano E began its eruption In April on the 4th again it was the conjunction of the Moon with the Galactic Centre that caused the Baja quake of magnitude 7.2 On April 14 2011 as both Sun and Moon were exactly conjunct each other and trine the Galactic Centre an earthquake in China killed over 2000 while the E volcano went into its second phase of eruption grounding planes all over Europe. On April 20 the Sun was still trine the Galactic Centre now within 1° and also trine Pluto as the Deepwater Oil rig exploded in the Gulf of Mexico. In May the conjunction on the 1st to 2nd brought the worst flooding in a thousand years to the United States state of Tennessee. A second conjunction of the Moon and Galactic Centre as Uranus in a T square to the galactic axis entered Aries brought on May 28- 29 the eruption of a couple of volcanoes and a storm called Agatha in Guatemala that killed a few hundred persons. June 12 as the Sun and Moon were again conjunct and beginning opposition to the Galactic Centre a 7.5 earthquake occurred in the Indian Ocean – Nicobar Islands. June 26 two earthquakes initially 6.3 on the Richter scale in Java and 6.9 in the Solomon Isles were reduced in size by USGS who always has the final word and reduced the size of many quakes in 2010. The Full Moon was conjunct the winter solstice and Galactic Centre opposite the Sun close to the Summer Solstice in a grand cross. Three storms were active at this time, one of which, Alex, became the first hurricane of the season, a lot of damaging rains fell over central America. July 23 three earthquakes over magnitude 7 occurred in the Phillippines as the Moon was again conjunct the Galactic Centre. In fact here is a graph shown taken fm the USGS graph of earthquakes of magnitude 7 and over in which I show that 19 of 22 earthquakes in 2010 could be explained using major aspects of Moon and Sun alone to the Galactic Centre!

A 7.4 earthquake occurred on the 21st with many aftershocks and in fact the whole earth shaking was felt from 21 to 22nd. I predicted that I would be very surprised if a large earthquake and possible tsunami did not occur on this date as there were extremely similar aspects to the 26 December 2004 on this date1. In fact both dates were full Moon in the same position and in 2010 there was even an eclipse.


The evidence for this is in my book „ „THE GALACTIC CENTRE 2012 and the Great Waves Coming in Decemb ves December“ as also in the article „2010 The Year of the Volcano“

To add some more of these disasters and less large earthquakes that nevertheless caused losses one can look at this graph:


number of the disasters were easy to predict in advance as I did in articles in Scribd, so sometimes including the latititude and or longitude using another method Id discovered and found useful in recent years. So for instance just recently I wrote an article on the Judgment Day suggested for May 21 2011 and suggested that a volcano could erupt i Iceland. in The reason I suspected this is the same reason I know that 2012 will be EXTREMELY DISASTROUS! I do not know if the main cause of the disaster will be seen as the Sun, as a Planet X or a comet, or a number of other natural or human disasters though I expect that earthquakes and volcanoes will play a though major role in the “ Return” For this will not be the complete end of the world However, t reason I world. the know it will be disastrous is a particular aspect I discovered and called the Bow. The bow is an a aspect that was present by the Indian Ocean earthquake on 26 December and also the 9/11 disaster as also the Krakatau disaster In fact in these cases the bow also had an additional arrow from an opposition.

This is when the dangerous 2012 Bow begins, in October 2011. The 17th October creates a bow and arrow aspect similar to those that caused the Indan Ocean Earthquake and other large quakes and disasters, a storm would not be unthinkable as a bow points also at the air sign Libra but as it involves Libra, Saturn, earthquakes are also a likelihood.

October should really get things moving as far as the 2012 scenario is concerned. A number of bows form in the second half of October. October 17 a supposed comet called Elenin comes closest to Earth, the 21st is the end date in the Christian calendar and just a week onward the Mayan end date may be more correctly October 28th - Calleman calls it the End of Creation and feels it is more appropriate for the end of the age as it is 13 Ahau Because of the involvement of the fire signs I see volcanoes Ahau. use erupting and because of the involvement of the air signs, either poisons in the air perhaps from the volcanoes or bad storms which may also be associated with volcanic activity. Of course as always t the earthquakes will be involved as the galactic alignment so close to the earth sign Capricorn causes them. The Mayan Prophecy suggests this as well as the ruler of an age brings its end and as this age was Caban or Ollin in Aztec and ruled by earth its end will involve great earthquakes. end

Although I do not think the world will be blown apart in October things may get considerably worse. Perhaps one should consider it as the time when the Apocalypse begins with the white horseman arriving with his bow in Revelations. Things remain pretty hairy on into November when we are warned about a dangerous alignment also with comet or dwarf star Elenin on the 22nd November 2011. In the chart below the 13th November is shown when the Moon again is opposite the Galactic Centre shooting an arrow in the bow.

The alignment we have to consider in 2012 is first the weighing of the Holy Cross aspect with the outer bodies, with Uranus at the spring equinox and Pluto at the winter solstice: they will be squaring

each other. Uranus will T square the whole galactic axis with Orion at the other end and the Galactc Centre at the other. I have often thought that this could cause some major pole shifting events. Because Uranus is in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn it will likely involve both earthquakes (Capricorn) and volcanoes (Aries).

Second we have to consider the bow aspect pointing at the Galactic Centre and Pluto close to the poisonous tail end of the Great Year where the constellation Scorpio is placed and at our winter solstice. The Galactic Centre is in the sign Sagittarius – a fire sign of the Underworld suggesting super volcanoes and next door the main cause of earthquakes, Capricorn, where Pluto – god of the Underworld, also has a bow pointed at him. It is a time when the gods of the Underworld –called the Nine in the Mayan Prophecies are likely to rise volcanically. By 2013 we have a longer bow and arrow aspect created by Jupiter. Because Saturn and Neptune are involved in 2012 and Saturn and Neptune are involved by many disastrous events that have affected the UK I suspect that something may happen especially involving this country. In 2013 the bow is continued partly by Saturn and Neptune and increasingly by the North Node and Neptune.

The conditions in 2013 remind of periods studied in history when pandemics have broken out, certainly the whole year sees a continuation of the natural disasters. For instance in August 2013

If people would only take these warnings seriously and talk about what is coming in the next few years in the real world there might still be the possibility to do something, to make preparations, but time is running out fast. All I can do is repeat to you that 2012 will be disastrous and that it will be necessary to be prepared for a number of scenarios that will make the Earth surface a dangerous place and that will likely involve all the elements: fire, air, earth and water. It is likely that every 6000 years the Earth’s axial rotation makes a sudden change and the legendary sage-king-god Fu Xi who lived after a Great Flood noted that the time associated with the alignment to the solstices was associated even with a “Polar reversal” supposedly over a magnetic nature such as is suggested by Patrick Geryl in “The Orion Prophecy”. Geryl’s idea in his book I found impossible to follow but it is also impossible to deny that the strange things are happening in the Sun, neutrinos are having unheard of effects on matter, which means that the suggestion made in the film by Roland Emmerich may be not so far fetched that the Earth’s core could be heated by them. Geryl believes that this will be responsible for Earth’s magnetic pole shift with great tsunami waves. In this case a crustal displacement with mass volcanic eruptions would ovccur. Scientists too are now talking about the dangers of the solar storms and such storms as Dr. Helen Caldicott a leading figure in the anti atomic plant lobby claims could send atomic plants into meltdown. As the most of them are in the northern hemisphere and a number of people have pointed out that the radioactivity may be or in fact IS held back at the equator, the southern hemisphere may have advantages over the northern.

According to recent theories alignments with a “comet” on the outer edges of our solar system but approaching fast and difficult to detect may be actually a dwarf star or the long rumoured Nibiru or Planet X. Although I could explain the earthquakes that have occurred recently with galactic factors I must admit that I DID NOT predict them because without this factor there was no indication of two events of this enormous size! For they believe Earth’s alignment with Elenin and other bodies like the un has already helped trigger the two largest earthquakes since 2010: the Chile earthquake in February 2010 of 8.8 magnitude and the recent March 11 earthquake of magnitude 9. Both of these quakes resulted in a small axial shift of the Earth. Certainly this strong effect from a comet so far away could not normally be expected so it is now awaited with some trepidation what future alignments i.e. on 2527th September will bring when Elenin will be much closer and aligned between the Earth and Sun, of course it will also be then square the Galactic Centre and I have shown already in my book that the

largest earthquakes tend to occur around these times slightly after the solstice and equinox points while still aspecting the galactic axis and centre.

So even if another large earthquake occurs it is no ultimate proof that it is Elenin, unless other signs of its influence are also given. Still we should do what we can to prepare that very soon an even more unheard of disaster could occur, it has been suggested that this alignment in September could cause a much larger axial shift. The effects I see coming. There may be things on the way that those at the top do not want us to know about AT ALL! Already many earthquakes like a recent 8.4 earthquake in Libya which was recorded on many sites has been removed as have earthquake swarms and earthquakes over Yellowstone. For those who spend time researching what is going on now one becomes very suspicious of what one hears through the mass media.

Even more disturbing then Elenin I found an anonymous video of a NASA simulation made for the period 2008 to 2016 showing the approach of "Nibiru" or Nibirus Minoris 2004 5860 and how it ru" BLOWS THE SOLAR SYSTEM APART. All the inner planets and smaller bodies from the outer system are thrown out of their usual orbits as very early in 2012 or perhaps even beginning in late 2011 Nibirus passes the Earth’s orbit and makes a sharp turn about the Sun pulling everything into rus chaos behind it as it is catapulted out again. Mars is so effected by the encounter that it becomes like a dead duck and drifts out to seemingly nearly hit Jupiter where the video ends. The video was titled nearly NASA's Hidden? Solar System Projection Video and we are given the explanation "apparently" on 2/14/2008, a current/former NASA specialist copied a Solar System Planetary projection projection…

The video can be watched with all disturbing details at www.disclose.tv Similarly disturbing ideas about an axial shift can be found in the art of the last two thousand years of imilarly which through the work and discoveries of Gary Osborn I have now collected a lot of evidence that the information encoded in the art, was about events occurring in the heavens that caused axial shift on the Earth.

Above: The thrice great Hermes Trismegistus warning of an axial shift? Much of the unspeakable message about the Great Year changes and its disasters was shared until recently by secret guilds among initiates through the art of the ages. The geometric angles of the Great Pyramid were used to represent the Earth itself, its core signified by the King’s Chamber and using geometry one could record the changes in Earth’s axial orbit, details of this wisdom are beyond the reach of this article but the angles encoded in the Great Pyramid include the angle 23.5 which is the present axial rotation of the earth, contrary to common knowledge it seems that this rotation has changed. The art records it was once close to vertical at 6.5° to the vertical and after a disaster the Earth fell into its present wobble after a period of wobbling even at 26.5°. These and other significant angles are encoded in the best and the oldest art all over the globe and we have known nothing about it!

Plato’s finger marks the 23.5° axial revolution we are now at (well today 23.4°) while Aristotle’s hand marks another angle that may have been the angle the Earth once rotated at.

I have collected hundreds of similar images some of which are shared in my Facebook wall pictures. Please join me if you wish to study them more. The Freemasons seem to have guarded this knowledge and kept it alive, their art showing also the same angles, and it seems to be related to 2012.

S. Seymour Hedke 6.6.2011

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