Liberty Debate 60093329.


Page 1 of 4 N. Ryan

Impact List
Abortion Accidental Launch COUNTRIES
Afghanistan Africa Asia Azerbaijan Balkans Caribbean Central Asia Columbia Cuba Egypt Indonesia Iraq Kazahkstan Lebanon Jordan Latin America Philippines Singapore Syria Thailand Ukraine Venezuela

Aging Crisis Air Power WIPEOUT Aliens Antimatter Weapons Robots Singularity Arctic Conflict ASATs Asteroids Bioweapons Blackouts Blood Supply Chalko Chavez China
CCP Economy Modernization India Japan Taiwan Trade US

1 Liberty Debate

Docx Page 2 of 4 N. Ryan Culture Disease AIDS Antibiotic Resistance Bird Flu Cancer Ebola Malaria NDM-1 Smallpox Swine Flu TB Telomere Zoo-nosis Democracy Dehumanization Economy EMP¶s Energy Shortages Environment Air Pollution Amazon Biodiversity Coral Reef Dead Zones Deforestation Endocrines Forests Global Warming Ground water Honeybees Hydrocycle Keystone Oceans Overfishing Ozone Oxygen Phytoplankton Pole Shift Pollution Sea Turrtles Super Volcano Wetlands European Union Soft Power War Failed States Federalism Food Dependency Food Security Free Speech Fusion Weapons Hegemony Human Rights India 2 Liberty Debate .Liberty Debate 60093329.

Ryan Iran ME War Prolif Strait of Hormuz Strikes Terrorism Israel Strikes Palestine Disclosure Japan Re-Arm Judicial Indepedence Maratime SEcurity Mexico Drug Cartels Failed States Terrorism Middle East Missile Defense Multilateralism Nanotech NATO Korea War Nuclear Meltdowns Oil Dependency Organized Crime Overpopulation Pakistan Coup Panama Canal Particle Accelerator Peak Oil Peak Phosphorus Piracy Poverty Prez Powers Proliferation Protectionism Quebec Secessionism Rare Earth Metals Readiness Relations Australia Brazil Britan Canada China EU-India France Germany 3 Liberty Debate .Liberty Debate 60093329.Docx Pakistan China Page 3 of 4 N.

Liberty Debate 60093329.Docx Israel Japan Jordan Latin America Mexico Pakistan Russia Saudi Arabia South Korea Turkey Page 4 of 4 N. Ryan Resource Wars Russia Expansionism Economy China Energy Dominance US Nato Wars Secession China Soft Power China EU South China Sea Small arms Space Col Space Disease Space Mil Stem Cells Strait of Malacca Soul Death Terrorism Agro Bio Chechnya Cyber LNG Loose Nukes Port Security Nuclear Retal Time Machine UN Credibility Water Wars Yucca Mountains 4 Liberty Debate .

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