In North Norway you are part of a fascinating interaction with the wonders of Nature. Allow yourself to be seduced by the marvels of the Northern Lights as they flicker across the night sky, and the blue, enigmatic light of the arctic winter; or magical summer nights when the sun never sets, but paints people, sea and mountains in warm, golden tones. You are on the top of Europe. As you stand there outermost, overlooking the ocean, be captivated by the endless island realm with its alpine peaks that plunge straight down into the crystal clear sea. There is nothing between you and the North Pole! Enjoy this fantastic feeling of freedom and let your feelings of elation run free. In North Norway you will encounter strong traditional cultures, vibrant fishing villages, small communities and cities, all of which have been shaped in collaboration with the forces of nature. The indigenous Sámi people maintain thousand year old traditions on the endless, wide open mountain plains. Be inspired by this combination of magnificent countryside, unique culture and modern society. When you leave North Norway, you will do so convinced that you have experienced the most beautiful place on earth.




Travel Guide for Northern Norway 2011 provides supplementary information about Northern Norway and Svalbard. The brochure is divided up in the following manner: • Contents • General information – Practical information, the climate, history, tradition, festival tables, etc. • Presentation of the various destinations in Northern Norway including destination maps, tourist information offices, overnight accommodation tables, activities, sights, food and drink, and map references • Fold-out map at the back – a good small-scale map of Northern Norway, and a table of distances. We wish you an enjoyable and eventful trip to Northern Norway.

NordNorsk Reiseliv AS (Ltd) and the other tourism organisations in Northern Norway can accept no responsibility for any errors or shortcomings that may occur in the information or products presented in this catalogue, or for any changes made to the information regarding specific offers, prices and activities herein. Changes may have taken place after this brochure was printed. All prices given are recommended prices. As of 1 November the exchange rate for 1 Euro is NOK 8.03. For free distribution in Norway and abroad. Anyone wishing to make use of the information in this publication, must first obtain permission from NordNorsk Reiseliv AS. This brochure includes overnight accommodations and activity providers that have opted to take part themselves.

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Facts about Northern Norway .................................6 The Climate, Midnight Sun and Polar Night .............6 Practical Information................................................6 Fishing Rules............................................................7 Travelling in Northern Norway .................................7 Drainage facilities for camper toilets .......................8 Legend .....................................................................9 National Parks in Northern Norway........................10 Active Holidays.......................................................13 Festivals and Other Events.....................................18 NORDLAND Helgeland ...............................................................24 Salten.................................................................... 34 Lofoten.................................................................. 48 Vesterålen ............................................................. 56 Ofoten ................................................................... 64 TROMS South Troms and Harstad ..................................... 68 Central Troms and Senja ........................................74 Tromsø and District............................................... 80

North Troms and Lyngen....................................... 86 FINNMARK West Finnmark and the North Cape ...................... 90 Inner Finnmark and Sápmi ...................................102 East Finnmark and Kirkenes ................................108 SVALBARD ..........................................................118

and the outermost extremity of the North Cape. and new colours for every season. flora and fauna. Endless mountain plains.NATURAL PHENOMENA In Northern Norway you will encounter mountains that plunge straight into the sea. Midnight sun and northern lights. 4 © SHIGERU OHKI . Vega World Heritage Site. and weather that makes you feel a need to stay in. All of this in light conditions found nowhere else. and seas that break upon the shore. roaring maelstroms and rumbling glaciers. Polar nights and enigmatic northern lights. © TRUDE MØRKVED THE ARCTIC In Northern Norway you will encounter the arctic landscape. fishing and hunting. Mines. Weather that makes you feel a need to go out. polar research looking into the future. nesting colonies. The peaks of the Lyngsalpene and the multitude of islands along the coast. the mystery of Torghatten. Polar history reaching far back in time. and polar bears that are never very far away. Summer nights in golden-red midnight sunlight.

old trading posts. The characteristic language and the duodji. Sámi handicrafts. Nordland-type boats and RIBs. fish and whale. applied arts and painting. The colourful national dress. with their unique history. the emotionally charged “joik" (Sámi chant) – addressing one person. Music and literature. on the coast in summer and on the mountain plain in winter. an animal or Nature itself. SÁMI CULTURE In Northern Norway you will encounter the indigenous Sámi people. with joie de vivre who enjoy telling a tale. Colourful people. And food culture from a coastal kitchen – shellfish. vacant fishermen’s cabins and vibrant fishing villages.COAST & COASTAL CULTURE In Northern Norway you will encounter the Lofoten Islands. tall tales and legends. the festivals. © TERJE RAKKE / NORDIC LIFE / INNOVASJON NORGE © REINER SCHAUFLER 5 . kayaks and the Hurtigrute ships. their own mythology and their own distinctive relationship with nature. A hundred thousand reindeer. Viking stories.

......-07.. Petrol stations in larger towns are often open 24 hours a day and also sell groceries....rutebok.... Harstad . Watching the Northern Lights flicker across the sky will most definitely be an experience you will never forget...... / 27...... particularly in the old days when people did not know what they were..........000)..no The County of Nordland: www..07............07....... Svalbard is located at latitude 74-81 degrees North and has an arctic climate......-26... Prices are given per cabin/unit.. Tromsø/Kautokeino . Midnight sun can only be seen north of the Arctic Circle..01. On the mainland..... If you plan to take part in activities during the winter.... / 18.. holiday homes and mountain lodges.......11........... / 22.....-08......-21...... The countryside here is varied and magnificent. For those 6 ................. Be sure to come well prepared for the weather and the adventures you plan to experience in Northern Norway..00 (or 18. Further details available in the advertisement in the section about West Finnmark and the North Cape..........12.... The North Cape ..... the midnight sun first occurs in Svalbard on April 19...... / 04..........00 to 18. the Northern Lights..-18................06...01....... THE NORTHERN LIGHTS On clear evenings in the autumn and winter you may experience the fantastic Aurora Borealis.... The Northern Lights occur when large amounts of electric particles EMERGENCY TELEPHONE NUMBERS AUTOPASS/TOLLBOOTHS MIDNIGHT SUN / POLAR NIGHT Svalbard ..... The North Cape tunnel.....07.......... towards the Swedish border and Finland.. / 25....19.02....113 • The emergency services will assess your situation and provide the necessary assistance. you will enjoy Northern Norway............04. 24.01...... 14.. that everyone feels close to the wilderness...... At the Arctic Circle this occurs just less than a month later....... In the inland regions... and from lowest priced single room to highest priced double room at hotels..10.-15.../ 23. There has always been a certain mysticism associated with the Northern Lights.... Yet even at the darkest point in time there will still be a few hours of twilight at mid day...... THE CLIMATE.-28.......112 Medical emergencies ......... The Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) are at their most intense far north in the Northern Hemisphere... Timetables and Travel Information for Northern Norway: Ring 177 The County of Nordland: If calling from anywhere outside Nordland.. We call it blue light.....05. The climate and weather conditions may be extremely changeable.... Troms (approx..13... In larger towns.. Fire .00 and 10. PRACTICAL INFORMATION OPENING TIMES OF SHOPS AND POST OFFICES The shops are open every day except Sundays. usually from 10................... and the population so sparse.-28..... Bring good footwear and warm clothing. Others believed that the Northern Lights were a forewarning of war or pestilence..-16..05.... the midnight sun can be seen above the horizon from May 11....05......07.237 km²) Troms (25... In the presentations of each region you will find overnight accommodation tables with all kinds of accommodations... etc....... tranquil mountain plains. BOOK OVERNIGHT ACCOMMODATION IN ADVANCE You are recommended to book overnight accommodation in advance.11..autopass..00 on Thursdays).....07... 236. 156..05.....177nordland...00 to 17............-31.. you can do so at post offices or at shops with postal services in smaller towns and villages. Due to the Gulf Stream.. from hotels and camp sites to fisherman’s cabins (rorbu).07.. Vardø....11... but many other areas are protected by the mountains and are thus sheltered from the wind and cold that come in from the sea.....-11....05. ring +47 815 00 178.500)......05. and can be seen in the night sky on dark..08..... / 21... / 30...01. In winter the fjords are frozen over and the only possible means of transport to the islands is by air..... Should you wish to learn more about the Northern Lights you might like to visit this web site www. The further north you get the longer these periods last... post offices and offlicences. 72..-28.. Alta . USEFUL TELEPHONE NUMBERS When calling Norway from abroad.no.. the hire of appropriate clothing and footwear will often be included in the price of the activity.. These opening times also apply to pharmacies..-20....... As of November 1....03... shopping centres are open from 10....... but high up in the north the sun will remain below the horizon all day long from November to January..........FACTS ABOUT NORTHERN NORWAY NORTHERN NORWAY CONSISTS OF 3 MAINLAND COUNTIES AND THE SVALBARD ARCHIPELAGO: Nordland (38. 20...... 28...com The Counties of Troms and Finnmark: www.. whereas the summers are dry and warm...00 to 20.. Bodø..07.... ranging from a precipitous and rugged coastal landscape to seemingly endless.637 km²) Svalbard (61....... In Norway........-14............ Many people find it hard to imagine broad daylight in the middle of the night........ the country dialling code is +47... ring +47 77 02 04 10 The Counties of Troms og Finnmark: If calling from anywhere outside Troms/ Finnmark.... ACTIVE HOLIDAYS If you like spending time in the great outdoors.022 km²) POPULATION: Nordland (approx. In some parts of Northern Norway a lot of snow may fall during the winter. MIDNIGHT SUN AND POLAR NIGHT Northern Norway has a varied climate and weather and temperatures may be extremely changeable. You can plan your journey at www. Hammerfest .. CURRENCY Norwegians very often pay by credit card and therefore most shops take them..... 2..no • Tollbooth on the E69 at Magerøya...01.. / 15. The Sámi people believed the Northern Lights to be the souls of the dead waving to those down on earth.................000)...11. particularly during the summer...05.... The Arctic Circle constitutes the borderline of the midnight sun and polar night...00 on Saturdays.... Some people saw them as a harbinger of punishment or as a reminder to abide by the law..... BLUE LIGHT At the Arctic Circle itself one can hardly talk about polar night.... Svolvær ...-18... the exchange rate for 1 Euro is quoted at NOK 8.. at the North Cape.01. it can be very cold during the winter.....03.12............... Svalbard (approx........... It simply has to be experienced........northernlights.... the coast of Northern Norway has ice-free ports and winters are for the most part mild..11.no Ring (+47) 175 for information about mountain passes and road and traffic conditions in Northern Norway/Norway......-23....11.. 16..... Gasses there are then lit up and the colour of the aurora reflects the gasses found in the atmosphere..177troms..................11........110 Police ... • Tollbooth on the Rv 17 at Godøystraumen. Finnmark (approx......500) (electrons) approach the earth at great speed along the magnetic field and collide with the upper layers of the atmosphere. and these daylight conditions can be quite magnificent..... clear evenings from about October to April..-22.......... If you wish to exchange currency.12...... To make an international call from Norway dial 00 + country code + telephone number... Further details of tollbooths available at www..848 km²) Finnmark (48.07...-22.... This part of the country is so big... PRICES The overnight accommodation tables are sorted by price bracket so that you can get some idea as to the price range in which the various accommodations belong.01..

Additionally.0 5. Local societies and associations that lease rivers also manage the sale of fishing permits.no and. all year round).5 -1. There is a rail service between Sweden and Narvik with up to four daily departures both ways. pastures. woods and mountains. your own experiences and some of the people you meet on a voyage on the Hurtigruten are difficult to put into words. Find out more at www. Fishing licences can be purchased online.inatur. Please contact the tourist information centre in Narvik for timetables. and is served by daily flights from Oslo via Tromsø. In order to fish in a stretch of river where salmon occur.6 -0. marshes.0 -4.8 3. For information about buses to and from Finland.5 -1. train ride or flight.5 -0.1 10. people at work and other users of the countryside whom you may come across.3 -7.1 4.7 -3.8 4. From Oslo to Tromsø – 1 hour 50 mins.nor-way.no FRESHWATER FISHING There is a lot of state-owned land in Northern Norway where fishing licences are required.sas.3 14.norwegian.0 -8.1 -11. direct services to and from Oslo. Further information about services is available at www. Please note that you are only allowed to take 15 kilos of filleted fish with you when you leave the country. Vadsø. We recommend those travelling in camper vans.8 -3.0 -15.8 11.9 -7. Honningsvåg.no). Leknes.com for further information.7 10. amongst other things.0 10. Car ferries and fast passenger boats are well-suited for sightseeing tours.no/content.Lakselv and the North Cape. beaches.7 1.sysselmannen.7 SEP 8. and here the right of access does not apply.9 -2.1 -1. Sandnessjøen. Svolvær.2 -1.4 7 .3 6.3 8. Please refer also to the table of drainage facilities for caravan and camper van toilets. building sites and industrial areas. everyone over 16 years of age is required to pay a special fishing fee. The northbound train from Trondheim and the southbound train from Fauske correspond with the bus from Fauske.9 AUG 12. or why not spend a festive season on board. TRAVELLING IN NORTHERN NORWAY In Nordland there are airports at the following locations: Brønnøysund.8 3.7 0.no) and SAS (www.3 0. Narvik and Harstad/Narvik-Evenes*. must be disinfected.0 4.5 NOV -2.3 4.no.9 -0.2 1. The Hurtigruten has 25 ports of call in Northern Norway.dirnat. Hammerfest. as do the many fishing lakes and hundreds of miles of trout and salmon rivers. Bodø and Tromsø are fast passenger boat hubs and a number of fast passenger boat services are also in operation on the west coast of Finnmark. at www. ferries and bus services.1 -2.com At www. Today. Mehamn.1 JUN 11.6 -3.0 JUL 13. There are also bus services from Rovaniemi/Ivalo in Finland to Tana Bru. or combine your trip with a drive.3 12.5 5.5 -3.6 -5. AVERAGE TEMPERATURES (C °) JAN Mo i Rana Bodø Andenes Harstad Tromsø Nordreisa Alta Karasjok Kirkenes Svalbard -6.who enjoy fishing and boating.3 2.1 12. Visit www.1 -0. The airports are served by Widerøe (www.4 8. and these are sold locally.177troms.4 12.6 -2. Fast passenger boats: Fast passenger boats operate along the coast and are an effective and pleasant means of transport. The tourist information centres can also offer assistance with regard to information about these services.6 -7 -15.2 8. Every individual fisherman/angler is obliged to familiarize himself with applicable fishing rules before commencing fishing. In order to prevent the spreading of Gyrodactylus salaris. newly planted forests. Bodø*.4 -7. Licences can be purchased online at www. The long and varied coastline offers a wide range of opportunities. gardens. Lakselv*.2 -13. There is a general ban on making fires in woodlands and open countryside between April 15 and September 15.6 -1.no When fishing on private land you are also required to purchase a local fishing permit.0 8. From Oslo to Alta or Kirkenes – 1 hour 50 mins.3 -9.1 12.6 -9.177nordland.no). go down onto the rocks and make a few casts with your fishing rod.3 OCT 4. or has been used in rivers or watercourses where contagious diseases have been ascertained or suspected.nsb. BUSES The Northern Norway Bus (Nord-Norgebussen. In Finnmark there are airports at the following locations: Alta*.6 13.0 -16.1 9. Additionally.2 1. please contact Eskelisen Lapin Linjat: +358 16 342 2160 www. Private land include arable land. Try a short or a long voyage.7 6. meadows.no) runs two daily services from Bodø and Fauske to Narvik and Kirkenes. Boats provide an excellent means of seeing and getting to know the world’s most beautiful coastline. Open land is uncultivated countryside and includes most lakes.0 -12.177troms. a fishing permit must be purchased for each individual salmon river. Røst.5 -4.9 -5.7 -17. in the Salten region.8 3. In Svalbard there are airports in Longyearbyen* and Ny Ålesund.7 APR 1. From Oslo to Longyearbyen via Tromsø – 4 hours. Bardufoss* and Sørkjosen.9 13.hurtigruten.4 -11. Mosjøen. Mo i Rana. Værøy (helicopter service).2 MAY 7.wideroe. and many destinations specialize in deep-sea fishing with facilities offering boat rental and arrangements for preparing your own catch. Båtsfjord. Hasvik.0 2. Vardø.no you will find information about boats. Longyearbyen enjoys the status of being the world’s northernmost airport with regular traffic.eskelisen-lapinlinjat. and sometimes they are a necessity in order to get to the best places. whether you want to fish from land or boat.8 1.no HURTIGRUTEN (COASTAL LINER) The countryside. Berlevåg.3 6. DEEP-SEA FISHING FAST PASSENGER BOATS/CAR FERRIES The sea fishing is excellent along the entire coast of Northern Norway.0 7. and you are not allowed to sell your catch.3 FEB -5.3 -2.7 11.1 10. Norwegian (www.5 -15. THE RIGHT OF ACCESS The right to move freely through the countryside is an important part of Norwegian cultural heritage.1 hour 25 mins. is the northernmost point on the Norwegian national railway and has daily services to and from Trondheim and Oslo in the mornings and evenings (www.4 13.2 -0.6 5. The Norwegian Directorate for Nature Management has published a brochure in English about the Right of Access which can be downloaded at www. (Bodø-Narvik-Kirkenes takes three days and involves two overnight stays on the way).no and www. www.0 10. Kautokeino. Fast passenger boats are great for island hopping .0 -1. Sport fishing in the sea using handlines is free.no). * The regional airports in bold type offer.2 5.8 -0.0 12.8 7.9 -15.5 1.3 11. A few examples of flights: From Oslo to Bodø .2 -10.9 11.6 0.8 -8.3 6.5 1.4 -5. Stokmarknes. www. Karasjok (daily.veolia-transport. Andenes. The right of access requires you to show consideration for the natural surroundings. or with caravans or tents to camp at proper camp sites.5 11.4 -2. Vadsø and Kirkenes*. You will also find many places along the coast where you can stop. all fishing tackle that has been used outside the national borders.177nordland.8 9.6 1.0 1. In Troms there are airports at the following locations: Tromsø*.6 9. Northern Norway offers a wealth of scenic camp sites. From Oslo to Bardufoss – 1 hour 40 mins.2 5.ap?thisId=1620 Special rules apply in Svalbard due to the vulnerability of the countryside there.3 11.0 9.5 -6.6 -0.0 -10. AIR TRAVEL RAILWAY Bodø.2 12. too.with your bike. also for your own safety’s sake.3 DEC -5. there is a summer service from Rovaniemi to Tromsø. for Finnmark. Northern Norway is a dream.2 MAR -3. farmyards.

......................... Veolia (car wash) ........... 78 98 16 10 Tana Bru .............................................................................................. 75 71 94 81 Gildeskål ........... 77 18 66 30 Sørreisa ........................................... Lavangen ...................................................................Esso Myre..............................................Fjordbotn Camping ...................................................................Burfjord ..........................................Sjøvollan Camping ....... 76 13 31 87 Sigerfjord ................................................................... ....... 75 55 00 00 ........................................................................................................ 75 02 06 00 Sandnessjøen ............ 78 92 52 30 Tana Bru ....... 60 ................................................................................................... 77 86 10 71 Botnhamn............................................................................................. 75 50 77 40 Hamarøy .....Hamnøy LOFOTEN VESTERÅLEN Sortland .................................................................................................................Sigerfjord Service ......Lilledalen 6 ..Havnegt............... 77 76 58 00/992 96 695 Sørstraumen......................................................Austertana ................Simonsen Gårdsferie (farm holidays) .........Valveien ............................................Elvelund camping .................................................... 77 84 93 10 Finnsnes............. Rognan ..............................Tverlandet Veiservice (service station) ................................Oksfjord Camping .......................................................Havnegata 8 B .................................................. May-Sept) ...........................Bjørn Wirkolasvei 11 ......................................... 45 05 65 40 Rana..........Lapphaugen Turiststasjon (tourist centre) ..........................Shell Halsøy ..............Karasjok Kommune / Council (c...............................................Midnattssol Camping / Nordkapp Caravan og Camping .....................05.......Vestre Jakobselv Camping .......... avd................... 75 77 25 61 Steigen ............Helligskogen.........Lakselv .......................................................................................................................................................Lofastkrysset Crossroads...........................................................................................................Storgt.............. Skaidi (Centre).................Finnset. 78 41 88 60 Nordkapp ................Porten til Svartisen (The Gateway to Svartisen Glacier) .................Service station.......Tronsanes Camping .......................... Salangen .. 77 17 18 88 CENTRAL TROMS AND SENJA Bardu ..............................Balsfjord ...........................................................................Straumfjord ..... Lofast crossroads.....................................................................................................Nordveien 46 .............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................. FFR ...... Karasjok ..... Kvænangen.........................................................................Ildtoppen Austertana .........................................................................................................Berlevåg Pensjonat & Camping (Guesthouse and Camping) ......................................................Tverlandet.............. Lenvik ....................Hilling Shell service station...........................................................Sjøvegen 34...Innhavet...........................................Esso – Lakselv Auto.....Havna Service Esso ...Fauske kommune (Fauske Council)........................................ Skibotndalen ...................................... ...... 77 17 71 27 Sjøvegan................Ringveien.....................................................................................................................Leinesfjord sentrum ..... 78 41 62 01 Hammerfest .......................................................... 77 76 54 95 Storslett ......................... 77 76 49 15/418 04 2 18 Storslett .... Storfjord..................................Esso Rønvik ........................................................................Tegleverkvn............................................................Idrettsgt.........Brønnøy kommune (Brønnøy Council)..........) ...........................................................................................Fosselv Camping ......... 75 77 88 00 Saltdal..Steigen kommune (Steigen Council) .........Utskarpen Mosjøen ...................................................................................................-10.................................................................... 78 46 13 66 WEST FINNMARK AND THE NORTH CAPE INNER FINNMARK AND SÁPMI Karasjok .............................................Holand ....... 77 76 99 10 Sørstraumen...............................Øyvind Lambes vei 2 ....................................................... avd........... FFR ................................................ 78 46 80 00 Berlevåg ................................................................. 77 76 49 29/951 53 160 Storslett . 77 71 77 07 Storslett ........................................................................09.......Sandnessjøen Bilistsenter (Motorists Centre) ........................... Kvænangen ....................... 76 11 37 00 Øksnes .......................... Opens spring 2011 Vestvågøy ...................................................................................................................DRAINAGE FACILITIES FOR CAMPER TOILETS NORDLAND Brønnøysund ..........................Skaidicenteret.Skaidi ...................................................................................................................Bjørkenes Camping ...............Rognan Fjordcamp ...........Sjøgata .......... 57 .......................................................................................................................................................................................................... 77 00 17 39 Tennevoll...................Sørstraumen............... 77 76 81 09/77 76 97 46 Burfjord........................Polar Zoo.............................................................................. 77 87 18 02 TROMSØ AND DISTRICT Tromsdalen .............Veoila Transport...........Hamnøy .................. 1................Nesna Feriesenter og Motell (Holiday Centre and Motel) .. Salangsdalen ............................................. 2 ......................... 86 .........Krogstadtunet......... 78 95 60 64 EAST FINNMARK AND KIRKENES 8 .................... 75 04 40 00 Nesna ............. 76 08 15 28 Austvågøy ..............Svolvær. 75 11 97 23 HELGELAND LOCATION ADDRESS 3 (+47) SALTEN Holand...................................................................... Statoil Service Station .....................................Birtavarre Camping ..................................................................................................................................................... 1 .....................................................................................Storvik Samvirkelag (Supermarket) ................................. 77 72 84 70 NORTH TROMS AND LYNGEN Skibotn............................... 75 69 00 88 Gullesfjordbotn............................................................................ 78 45 77 00 Kvalsund ......................Helligskogen Fjellstue (mountain lodge) ...............................................................................................................Sandnes Camping .........................................................Elvelund ...........Kjelleren .......................................... 76 12 74 88 TROMS FINNMARK SOUTH TROMS AND HARSTAD Harstad ........................................... 77 74 54 60 Birtavarre...............Birtavarre ..........................................................Skipsfjorden ...................Sørstraumen..................................................................................................................................... 75 75 61 69 Fauske ............................................................Sandbakkveien 16...................................................................................................Naustgt............................................................ 44 ....................Esso Leknes .Storvik ......................................................... 77 60 04 00 Nordkjosbotn .Veolia Transport........................................................................Vaskehallen.....................................................................................................Salangsdalen .............................................................Tromsdalen/Tromsø ........Sigerfjordvn.......................Hellåga Rasteplass (picnic spot)............................. 75 60 06 00 Bodø ................................... Vadsø ............. Kvænangen.............Sørstraumen handel og Camping (shop and camp site) ............................................ 77 76 93 86/911 68 320 Alta ..Self-service station at Tana Bru ...........Stønnesbotn ..................................................... 45 22 19 42 Lakselv ...............................................Nordkapp Camping NAF (01...........................................................Rossmollgt.........Skarsvåg ....................................... Kåfjord ................. Lenvik ......................................................................................................Svolvær town centre Moskenes ........................................ 78 47 33 77 Nordkapp .................................................................................................

the Rock Art of Alta and Struve Geodetic Arc (four points: the Meridian Obelisk in Hammerfest. The specific and comprehensive demands made ensure that products and services with the Swan Ecolabel are among the best when it comes to protecting the environment. Read more at www.miljofyrtarn.AND WINTER ACTIVITIES Cycling – adapted/guided Bicycle hire Hiking – adapted/guided Glacier hiking/Caving Mountaineering Deep-sea fishing Deep Sea Fishing Camp Freshwater fishing/salmon fishing Hunting Birdwatching/Birdwatching safari Sámi adventures Kamchatka Crab Safari Whale safari Riverboat trips Kayaking/Canoeing Deep-sea rafting Diving Horseback riding Adventure Centre Fjord cruise (transport/chartered boats) City sightseeing Photo safari Guided Nature/culture tours Visitors farm/park Midnight sun safari Outdoor hot tub/bathing Sauna Snowmobile safari Husky Safari/Kennel Visits Sleigh rides Ice fishing Mountain top tours on skis Alpine skiing Cross-country skiing Snowshoe tours Snow activities Ice climbing Northern Lights Safaris Ice hotel/Ice Bar Activities in a Sámi-style tepee (lavvo) Hiking Arctic Ocean bathing 9 . Read more at www. when artists from all over the world were working on their contributions to the collection. In this brochure. ARTSCAPE NORDLAND Artscape Nordland is an international art collection including 33 works of art in as many municipalities.hanen. Establishments that are members of Arctic Menu bear this trademark. and game of reindeer and ptarmigan. Each cultural monument has been complemented with culture trails. the use of Norwegian and local ingredients and satisfactory knowledge of local food and recipes. lamb with a taste of sea and herbs from pasture along the coast.no NORWEGIAN FOODPRINTS Strict criteria must be met in order to become an authorized Norwegian Foodprints company. together with a road map where each of their locations is indicated. Emphasis is placed on the food being made from scratch.no HANEN (THE COCKEREL) is the Norwegian business and marketing organisation for companies working in the fields of rural tourism. a point in the borough of Alta and two points in the borough of Kautokeino). tradition and local resources. The World Heritage List is intended to help strengthen awareness and the protection of our common natural and cultural heritage. leads the way to unique experiences deeply rooted in Norwegian cultural heritage. HANEN’s value system reflects thoughtfulness. NATIONAL TOURIST ROUTES The selected routes present tourists with the very best of the Norwegian countryside.ecolabel. mouth-watering berries and vegetables that have ripened in the eternal daylight. In Northern Norway there are no less than seven national tourist routes: the southern coast of Helgeland. Norway has seven entries on the list.skulpturlandskap.no FOOTPRINTS IN THE NORTH – a fascinating journey in the footsteps of our forefathers.turistveg.no THE “OLAVSROSA" SEAL OF QUALITY The Norwegian Heritage (Norsk Kulturarv) seal of quality. The WHC (World Heritage Committee) is responsible for the list and thereby also for ensuring that coming generations will inherit the treasures of the past. three of which are in Northern Norway: Vegaøyan – the Vega Archipelago. Businesses awarded the “Olavsrosa" Seal of Quality bear this symbol. farm food and inland freshwater fishing. Andøya. Visit www. Read more at www. Certified businesses in Northern Norway are marked by this symbol. Havøysund and Varanger. become certified Eco-lighthouses. The Eco-lighthouse is an official Norwegian certificate. Read more at www. Further information about each “footprint" is available from tourist information centres or museums all over Northern Norway. Companies using this trademark base their businesses on craftsmanship.arktiskmeny.olavsrosa. ECO-CERTIFIED BUSINESSES Businesses and undertakings that complete an environmental analysis and subsequently fulfil previously defined demands for their line of business. } 3 6 < 7 = > : 8 5 4 0 v 1 Licensed premises Restaurant Café Accessible to wheelchairs/physically disabled Accessible to asthmatics /allergy sufferers Boat rental/boat at your disposal Fishing Bicycle hire/cycling Playground Electrical hook-ups for camper vans/caravans Drainage facility for camper vans /caravans Hiking Golf Visitors marina Outdoor hot tub/bathing Swimming pool Sauna Wireless internet access Activities available Courses & Conferences SUMMER. The scheme is supported by the Department of the Environment. A richly illustrated handbook has been published as a guide to the sculptures. A cultural monument from each of the municipalities in this part of Norway provides us with a broad picture of the region’s people. each municipality’s “footprint" is marked with this symbol. and how it is made accessible to the public. Further information is available at www. the “Olavsrosa". Choose among fresh delicacies from the sea. Artscape Nordland originated in the period between 1992 and 1998.no UNESCO’S WORLD HERITAGE UNESCO’s Convention concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage was adopted in 1972. The seal of quality is awarded after a stringent assessment where emphasis is placed on the product’s cultural-historical value. Postcards with motifs from all of the 33 sculptures are also available. Read more at www. culture and enjoyable experiences. Lofoten.000 km².no THE SWAN ECOLABEL This is the official Nordic ecolabel which enables consumers and buyers to choose more environmentally correct products. Senja. how it has been looked after. the northern coast of Helgeland.no LEGEND ACCOMMODATION d r k x a z f c l e t v g j b p q w y ^ c A v @ T H F L J { S K W [ U E \ R Y ] I | O X M B q . The works of art are permanently located outside in the landscape – an art gallery with no walls or roof and with a surface area of 40. nature and activities during the past ten millennia.ARCTIC MENU – A TASTE OF NORTHERN NORWAY Northern Norway’s innumerable culinary delights from our abundant natural food store can be enjoyed in the form of traditional or newer dishes at one of our Arctic Menu eating places. signposting or exhibitions.

Here you will find large areas that have been secured for the pleasure of ourselves and our descendants.no . some of which are numerous others vulnerable and found only in a few places. The parks also secure large.nasjonalparksenter.sysselmannen. or an overwhelming diversity of nature’s own sounds? The North Norwegian national parks are a unique part of Norway’s natural heritage. The landscape provides the basis of existence for plants and animals. There are several areas with marked hiking trails and rudimentary overnight accommodations. The national parks take care of a wide range of natural qualities. but we also have an obligation to show consideration to the natural surroundings.National Parks in Northern Norway Serenity. Information and National Park Exhibitions in Nordland.no Information on Svalbard The District Governor of Svalbard www. There are special rules for travelling in the national parks in Svalbard. Explore the National Parks The Right of Access allows us the right to enter the national parks. continuous habitats on which many species are dependent. In some areas organized tours are also available. There are few places in the world where you can experience so much natural diversity as the national parks of Northern Norway. Troms and Finnmark Nordland: Nordland National Park Information Centre Troms: Halti National Park Information Centre Finnmark: Stabbursnes Nature House and Museum Øvre Passvik National Park Information Centre www.

we will always be able to fly you to the airport closest to where you are going.no/explorenorway .Northern Norway (Lofoten) Fly Widerøe in Røst Kristiansund Molde Haugesund (Summer flight) Kristiansand (Summer flight) (Summer flight) (Summer flight) (Summer flight) Routemap Oct 2010. from NOK Flights in Northern Norway from NOK 2-weeks o unlimited f flying * 375.no *Read more at wideroe.- one way 2775.- Book at wideroe. (Lofoten) With 25 destinations in Northern Norway. With reservation for changes.


through small fishing villages and past luxuriant isles. However. Golf is a rapidly expanding popular sport. You can join organized tours ranging from easy walks to challenging climbs. from northern Sweden to Kautokeino in inland Finnmark. or parts of it. You are required to have the company of a guide on such trips. On a bike you come into close contact with a wealth of birds and plants. Combine your golfing trip with a breathtaking nature experience. Norway’s Golfing Association (NGF) is the third biggest sports federation in Norway. young and old. along gurgling rivers. Hiking in Northern Norway and Svalbard offers a wealth of opportunity. This is snow which is transformed into blue ice. There is a wide range of cycling routes for both happy amateurs and uncompromising professionals. New and exciting sense impressions await you round every corner and beyond every hilltop. through deep forests and across wide mountain plains in splendid isolation. The ever changing daylight conditions will make your round of golf a distinctive experience. In Northern Norway there is scope for both professionals and amateurs. across the mountains and plains. If you are interested in golf. ferry or Hurtigrute ship – you will find everything you need there for an eventful and fulfilling island hopping tour. At the Svartisen Glacier. Longer tours may be combined with overnight stays in cabins. At several of the golf courses there are also places serving food and drink. The roads here meander along the fjords. You can try glacier hiking and caving here: 24 34 48 56 64 68 74 80 86 90 102 108 118 HELGELAND SALTEN CENTRAL TROMS NORTH TROMS WEST FINNMARK SVALBARD 24 34 74 86 90 118 GOLF Up towering mountain tops in an alpine coastal landscape. In some places there are special cycling maps and marked cycling tracks. The tourist information centre will introduce you to local glacier guides who can take you through the area. then Northern Norway is the place for you. mountain lodges or at tourist facilities. There is more to the mountains of Northern Norway and Svalbard than meets the eye.000 members divided among 180 golfing associations. so you can play golf. Bring your own bike along or ask at the local tourist information centre about hiring a bike. If you like tough challenges. and runs through several national parks where you can enjoy the diversity of nature. there is also great scope for cross-country biking. On some tours overnight stays in a tent are a necessary and fun experience. And nowhere else in the world can you play from hole to hole accompanied by the resplendent golden floodlighting of the midnight sun. HIKING GLACIER HIKING/ CAVING Glittering glaciers between majestic mountains.ACTIVE HOLIDAYS © TERJE RAKKE / NORDIC LIFE / INNOVASJON NORGE © TERJE RAKKE / NORDIC LIFE / INNOVASJON NORGE CYCLING IN THE NORTH Northern Norway is made for cycling. this is not something you should attempt without having prior experience. enjoy the natural surroundings and taste the local fare during your visit. Roll into a two-wheeling adventure here: HELGELAND SALTEN LOFOTEN VESTERÅLEN OFOTEN SOUTH TROMS CENTRAL TROMS TROMSØ AND DISTRICT NORTH TROMS WEST FINNMARK INNER FINNMARK EAST FINNMARK SVALBARD 24 34 48 56 64 68 74 80 86 90 102 108 118 Go for a true adventure here: HELGELAND SALTEN LOFOTEN VESTERÅLEN OFOTEN SOUTH TROMS CENTRAL TROMS TROMSØ AND DISTRICT NORTH TROMS WEST FINNMARK INNER FINNMARK EAST FINNMARK SVALBARD Tee off for an enjoyable experience here: LOFOTEN TROMSØ AND DISTRICT 48 80 13 © KJELL OVE STORVIK / LOFOTEN GOLF LINKS © GRY ØSTVIK / LØVSTADGROTTA . In a number of different places there are glaciers of varying sizes offering a wealth of unique adventures. Put on your headlamp and explore the geological and artistic ice and dripstone formations. You will find a number of magnificent golf courses here only a stone’s throw away from the ocean and the untamed countryside. ice caves and deep mountain caverns where time stands still. During the winter in Svalbard you can enter vast ice caves beneath the glacier. The route criss-crosses Norway’s borders with Sweden and Finland. camp sites and tourist information centres. Caving is another extraordinary adventure. Try the 800 km Nordkalottruta. an incredible 15 metres of snow a year falls on the glacial plateau. And best of all. which in turn spends several years on its journey down to the fjord. The countryside here is suitable for everyone. There is an increasing number of marked trails in the region and excellent maps are available for purchase at local bookshops. White-tailed eagles soar above the horizon and the reindeer graze along the roadside. In Nordland you will find some of the biggest and longest caves in Norway. in the Svartisen-Saltfjellet National Park. you never need to go far for an unforgettable experience. with over 125. In Svalbard it is important to take special safety precautions into account with regard to polar bears. Take your bike aboard the fast passenger boat.

Enjoy the blissful serenity when fishing with worms or fly fishing on an idyllic mountain lake. Enjoy the atmosphere as you cook your catch over the campfire and feel the stillness around you. You will find it all here: Fjords. In some areas you may also catch pike. or watch divers bring these giants. fjords. Go for the really big ones. Cod and saithe (coley) are the commonest species of fish here. but you also have a good chance of catching haddock. There is opportunity for everyone. abandoned settlements and vibrant coastal communities. isles and skerries. Feel the adrenaline running through your veins as you battle to haul your catch aboard. You can paddle summer and winter and there are also organised paddling tours to suit all tastes. at the same time they allow you to see the countryside from a viewpoint that would otherwise have been impossible. Enjoy the serenity and close contact with teeming bird life. or you can find remote streams where you can fish all by yourself. which originally come from Kamchatka in eastern Siberia. and the ice is still thick and solid. Get close to Svalbard’s mighty glaciers or try the North Norwegian coast from Helgeland in the south to Varanger in the east. You can paddle into an adventure here: 90 108 HELGELAND SALTEN LOFOTEN VESTERÅLEN OFOTEN SOUTH TROMS CENTRAL TROMS TROMSØ AND DISTRICT NORTH TROMS WEST FINNMARK INNER FINNMARK EAST FINNMARK SVALBARD 24 34 48 56 64 68 74 80 86 90 102 108 118 The coast of Northern Norway is full of excellent fishing spots. Rivers and lakes are perfect for a quiet canoe ride. An ice drill and extra warm clothing are essentials. In many places it is possible to hire boats and fishing tackle. Inlets. Try your luck on a promontory or from the rocks with your rod and line. KAMCHATKA CRAB KAYAKING AND SAFARIS CANOEING Meet the uncrowned king of the Barents Sea. up to the surface.ACTIVE HOLIDAYS © TERJE RAKKE / NORDC LIFE / INNOVASJON NORGE DEEP-SEA FISHING FRESHWATER FISHING / SALMON FISHING Feel your pulse race as the big salmon bite. white sandy beaches. Don’t forget that the weather may be extremely changeable and it is of vital importance that you pay attention to the weather forecast and check conditions with the locals. From the North Cape and eastwards along the coast to Kirkenes you can join a kamchatka crab safari. See the world’s most beautiful coast . Many resorts have specialised in deep-sea fishing and offer complete packages including overnight accommodation. this really is the king of all crabs. fishing tackle and facilities for preparing and freezing your catch. This is where they bite: HELGELAND SALTEN LOFOTEN VESTERÅLEN OFOTEN SOUTH TROMS CENTRAL TROMS TROMSØ AND DISTRICT NORTH TROMS WEST FINNMARK EAST FINNMARK 24 34 48 56 64 68 74 80 86 90 108 It’s “fish on” at the following spots: HELGELAND SALTEN LOFOTEN VESTERÅLEN OFOTEN SOUTH TROMS CENTRAL TROMS TROMSØ AND DISTRICT NORTH TROMS WEST FINNMARK INNER FINNMARK EAST FINNMARK 24 34 48 56 64 68 74 80 86 90 102 108 You can get your claws on Kamchatka crab here: WEST FINNMARK EAST FINNMARK 14 © TERJE RAKKE / NORDC LIFE / INNOVASJON NORGE © TROMS EXPLORER © TROMS EXPLORER . nesting colonies. On many of the trips you will be served a kingly meal including freshly cooked crab. You can seek out the giant salmon here. With a weight often reaching five or six kilos and over a metre between its claws. A big char this time. Canoes are available for hire at a number of different places and there are also organised trips accompanied by nature guides and including overnight stays in tents or lavvo (Sámi style tent). You can also walk out into the country to mountain rivers and streams where you can pitch your tent. You can go out on a boat and help haul up crab pots. tents or lavvo (Sámi-style tent). Kamchatka crab meat is expensive in the shops. Don’t forget your camera! Safaris are arranged both summer and winter. a godsend for anyone who loves kayaking. monkfish and halibut. grayling and powan. Feel the elation as they bite. or hear Svalbard’s glaciers as they creak and calve. Enjoy a cup of coffee made on the campfire while you wait for the char or trout to bite. Try a boat trip and test your trolling line. from beginners to experienced veterans. straits. wolf fish. it is time to go ice fishing. When the spring sunshine has begun to warm up the air. The excitement is almost unbearable when you feel something tugging at your line. in some of Norway’s very best salmon rivers. Many restaurants in Northern Norway also have this exceedingly tasty crab on their menus. Local guides will show you the way to the best spots. a rugged shoreline with thousands of islands. perch. currents and open sea offer a wealth of opportunity. perhaps? A number of companies offer fishing trips of varying duration including overnight stays in cabins. Northern Norway is eldorado for passionate anglers. pollack. so this is pure luxury and a culinary highlight.from out at sea. handline and jig.

a jumping salmon as it breaches the surface or an eagle soaring across the sky. The Sámi unite ancient traditions with the modern way of life in a way that leaves a lasting impression. they were propelled by poles. which can dive to depths of 1. Don your life vest and make yourself comfortable in the boat. Hear the whole story around a crackling campfire inside a lavvo – a Sámi tent. All over Northern Norway you can visit museums and activity providers who will tell you more about Sámi culture. Joik (Sámi chanting). then Northern Norway and Svalbard is the place for you. Old traditions pertaining to living in pact with nature are handed down by way of fishing. In Northern Norway. In the central Sámi areas of inner Finnmark you will find a number of Sámi educational and research institutions and. hunting. and organised tours are arranged from a number of venues allowing you to see this king of the skies at close quarters. In many places. River boat safaris are an excellent way to get out into the countryside. flatbottomed craft perfectly suited for transport and fishing in the rivers. Then it disappears again. A trip on a riverboat is a safe and peaceful experience where you have the chance of getting close to nature. migrating seabirds. are today only practised by a minority. Remember to bring warm clothing and sturdy footwear. Bring your binoculars and camera. The waters off the coast of Nordland are important feeding grounds for large numbers of whales. just like the hectic activity we find in the marshes and wetland areas. Just make sure you have your camera and camcorder handy. even on shorter trips.300 metres. Seeing this enormous animal at a range of only a few metres makes a lasting impression. See puffins flying low above the waves with their beaks full of small fry. Bures boahtin – Welcome! Want to take part when the reindeer are being moved. The massive sperm whale. Midnight sun and long. In Vesterålen you have a 95% chance of encountering these giant mammals. On some of the trips we go ashore and you will be served food and drink. Previously. duodji (crafts) and reindeer herding. Traditional Sámi livelihoods like reindeer herding and the combination of smallholding and fishing. nesting waders and exciting birds of prey. not least. A number of destinations offer scheduled. Sámi handicrafts and Sámi fare are just some of the things you can enjoy at the Sámi festivals that are held round about in Northern Norway. bright nights create ideal nesting conditions. but today outboard motors are used. River boats are long. Sámi culture will also be an important aspect of your trip. Try a boat trip out to the island nesting colonies and get in close to the birds on the rocks and steep cliffs. If you are looking for a terrific birdwatching experience. arctic ducks. Safari tours are available on a daily basis during the summer. SÁMI ADVENTURES Take a trip out to sea and experience close contact with some of the biggest creatures on the planet. the magnificent Sámi costumes. breaches the surface to breath for a few minutes at a time. and taste festive food made from reindeer meat. the Sámi Parliament. Experience Sámi culture at: SALTEN SOUTH TROMS CENTRAL TROMS TROMSØ AND DISTRICT NORTH TROMS WEST FINNMARK INNER FINNMARK EAST FINNMARK 34 68 74 80 86 90 102 108 You can join a whale safari here: LOFOTEN VESTERÅLEN 48 56 Seize the moment at: HELGELAND SALTEN LOFOTEN VESTERÅLEN OFOTEN SOUTH TROMS CENTRAL TROMS TROMSØ AND DISTRICT NORTH TROMS WEST FINNMARK INNER FINNMARK EAST FINNMARK SVALBARD 24 34 48 56 64 68 74 80 86 90 102 108 118 You can join a riverboat safari here: NORTH TROMS WEST FINNMARK INNER FINNMARK EAST FINNMARK 86 90 102 108 15 © BEATE JULIUSSEN © HVALSAFARI . you are guaranteed a memory for life. visit a Sámi siida (settlement) and hear exciting stories told by a Sámi reindeer herder? Want to hear the “joik" (Sámi chant). with its 4-5 metre wide tail standing straight up.© TRYM IVAR BERGSMO © TRYM IVAR BERGSMO WHALE SAFARIS BIRDWATCHING / BIRDWATCHING SAFARIS White-tailed eagles. Northern Norway has the world’s densest population of white-tailed eagles. slender. daily riverboat trips during the summer. while at the same time hearing your guide’s fascinating stories about the local plants and wildlife. RIVERBOAT SAFARIS Lean back in your riverboat and enjoy the view as you sail up the river. or gannets that have eaten so much that they have trouble taking off. Perhaps you will see a moose on the bank. The shoreline is also teeming with bird life. Big boats with experienced skippers and guides make your trip a true adventure. overseas birdwatchers will find some of the most interesting birdwatching areas in northern Europe. so-called bidos? Sámi culture offers unique and distinctive experiences.

it is important to think safety. Relish the delight of exhilarating trips in the high mountains. Overnight accommodation in cosy cabins or mountain lodges. in which case it is important that you pay attention to the weather forecasts and listen to the locals. including those in the many national parks in this part of the country. and as long as you have a driving licence or motorbike licence. Snowmobiling on an open network of trails is primarily an activity only available in North Troms. some with scheduled daily departures. DOG-SLEDDING SNOWMOBILE SAFARI A snowmobile gives you the opportunity of approaching areas you otherwise would not have been able to see. Finnmark and Svalbard. Local restaurants and cafés serve cod. Your guide will equip you with a helmet. Northern Norway is a godsend for all skiing enthusiasts. the fish is hung out to dry on fish racks in order to produce stockfish. beneath the starry sky and the magical northern lights. Check out the conditions with locals and tell someone where you are going. You may either sit on the sled or stand behind and drive it yourself. far away from civilization. A perfect combination of natural slopes and magnificent illuminated trails. All over Northern Norway. or go on long skiing tours of Svalbard. In late March the World Cod Fishing Championships take place in Lofoten. There are many routes and cabins you can make use of. A number of activity providers offer snowmobile safaris. One of the most popular winter activities in Northern Norway and Svalbard is trips of varying duration on a sled with a team of dogs. When the sun begins to warm up in March or April. Or you may prefer to hire a boat yourself. The massive migration of cod also leads to major catches in Vesterålen and off the coast of Senja in southern Troms. and you decide whether you want to ride alone or two on a snowmobile. and when you come to visit they will howl with joy in anticipation of their impending trip. You can go on a snowmobile safari here: 74 80 86 90 102 108 118 CENTRAL TROMS TROMSØ AND DISTRICT NORTH TROMS WEST FINNMARK INNER FINNMARK EAST FINNMARK SVALBARD 74 80 86 90 102 108 118 Race down the hill or mountainside on virgin snow. Feel the calm as your dog team sets off into the tranquillity of the wilderness – broken only by the sound of light paws and your sled sliding almost silently through the snow. ranging from partly wooded areas to steep mountainsides. The skiing season normally lasts from 15 November to 1 May. endless flat mountain plains and enormous glaciers. Set off down the alpine slope. Take a map and compass with you and plenty of suitable clothing. Experienced dog-sledders ensure that everything runs safely and tell you exciting stories from the major dog sledding events like Iditarod and the Finnmarksløpet. Your eyes will soon get used to the darkness. challenging tracks. Stop your snowmobile and sense the primeval power of the wilderness. you can drive a snowmobile. the over 1000 year old Lofoten Fishery. Don’t miss this fantastic fishery. or take an evening stroll in search of the flickering northern lights in the celestial sphere. Photo stops are obligatory. liver and roes – a sumptuous meal you just have to try. conditions are perfect for longer excursions of several days or even a week’s duration. summer or winter. Dog-sledding safaris are arranged at a number of venues. You can go dog-sledding here: You will find good skiing here: HELGELAND SALTEN LOFOTEN VESTERÅLEN OFOTEN SOUTH TROMS CENTRAL TROMS TROMSØ AND DISTRICT NORTH TROMS WEST FINNMARK INNER FINNMARK EAST FINNMARK SVALBARD 24 34 48 56 64 68 74 80 86 90 102 108 118 You can take part in the winter fishing here: SALTEN LOFOTEN VESTERÅLEN SOUTH TROMS CENTRAL TROMS TROMSØ AND DISTRICT NORTH TROMS WEST FINNMARK INNER FINNMARK EAST FINNMARK SVALBARD 34 48 56 68 74 80 86 90 102 108 118 CENTRAL TROMS TROMSØ AND DISTRICT NORTH TROMS WEST FINNMARK INNER FINNMARK EAST FINNMARK SVALBARD 16 © TRYM IVAR BERGSMO . You can also take part in organised skiing trips of varying duration. and there will also often be stops for food and ice fishing on the way. When the NorwegianArctic cod arrive along the coast to spawn. When the spring sunshine begins to warm up in March. it marks the start of a fishery that fills an entire region with life and activity.ACTIVE HOLIDAYS © TERJE RAKKE / NORDIC LIFE / INNOVASJON NORGE © INGER PERSEN / NORDNORSK REISELIV © SALTEN FRILUFTSRÅD SKIING FUN THE WINTER FISHERY Lofoten is arena for the world’s biggest cod fishery. Feel the heat of the sun high up in the mountains. Huskies love to run. special clothing and shoes before you set off. Why not let a dog team carry your luggage while you enjoy the trip? If you go on your own. You will find alpine slopes here that run from the mountaintops all the way down to the sea. The snowmobile terrain in Northern Norway and Svalbard is extremely varied. A number of activity providers offer organised trips out to sea. Ski off along freshly prepared pistes. A thorough review of safety precautions first goes without saying. A trip in the darkness is a unique experience. perhaps with overnight stays. the countryside will tempt you on longer trips.

Sledging is always popular among young and old. and is often the cause of merriment and laughter. but in some places you can still get a feeling of winter by visiting one of our ice bars – in spacious cold storage plants. Huge blocks of ice are hewn out of mountain lakes and used to make furniture and sculptures. red and pink. Make ice sculptures or try ice climbing. In summer the ice hotels have all melted down. The total silence will give you an extra good night’s sleep and make you feel completely relaxed. The mountains of Northern Norway are easily accessible and there is plenty of space. however. Comfortable beds. During the coldest period. and you should therefore not go out alone without having knowledge of the local conditions and the danger of avalanches. January and February. Lie on your back and make angels the snow. People who have spent the night here often say that they have seldom slept so well. In Alta you will find Norway’s biggest and the world’s northernmost ice hotel and chapel. green.© TERJE RAKKE / NORDIC LIFE / INNOVASJON NORGE © GEIR MOEN / GOFOTO FUN IN THE SNOW WITHOUT SKIS You don’t need to have skis on your feet to have fun in the snow. You can also try an authentic northern lights hunt by car. then you should try spending the night in a snow or ice hotel. A number of activity providers in this part of the country offer a wide range of fun and challenging activities. If you can’t spend the night. Put your snowshoes or skis on and be a spectator at the Aurora’s grand ballet performance on the celestial stage. or a reindeer raid. the daylight conditions are mesmerizing. That will add spice to your summer holiday! You can stay at ice and snow hotels. The structure of the ice makes for a unique and beautiful form of artistic expression. you can ski from thousand metre high mountaintops all the way down to the seashore. Try a walk in the woods on snowshoes. white. there are many outdoor activities you can take part in. and the season lasts from December/January to April. make a campfire and tell stories. these cosmic lights flicker in improvised choreography. warm sleeping bags and beautiful sculptures and works of art in snow and ice. You can see it from your hotel window. NORTHERN LIGHTS ICE HOTEL / SAFARI – IN SEARCH ICE BAR OF THE AURORA The northern lights – aurora borealis – are a phenomenon that occurs in the autumn and winter after darkness falls. The hotels are built up from scratch every winter. and in Kirkenes you will find a snow hotel. Avalanches are a constant threat. You won’t always be lucky. polar night prevails. They offer overnight accommodation and have authorised mountain guides who take small groups into the mountains. Organised northern lights safaris are arranged at a number of places. are only some of the things that await you. Try a trip with a dog team. Like veils of floating silk. a snowmobile drive. We recommend organised trips. And if you are properly clothed. There is snow in most places from November to early May. If you are seeking a unique winter experience. where goosepimple-inducing downhill skiing awaits you. then you should at least pay a visit to the ice bar where your drink will be served in a genuine ice glass. but the best experiences occur when you are at some distance away from brightly illuminated places. The season includes everything from shorter day trips in February to midnight sun trips in the spring snow in late May. A number of activity providers specialize in skiing on loosely packed snow. in an unparalleled landscape. It is also possible to have your basecamp onboard a boat that sails between the magnificent mountains. In Svalbard you can also visit a genuine igloo. or visit an ice bar here: 48 56 68 74 80 86 90 102 108 118 LOFOTEN WEST FINNMARK EAST FINNMARK SVALBARD 48 90 108 118 EXTREME SKIING Skiing on loosely packed snow in Northern Norway offers spectacular experiences between mountain and fjord. Here. In autumn the days grow shorter and shorter and north of the Arctic Circle. together with a guide who knows where you have the best chance of seeing it. In Northern Norway and Svalbard the winters are long. This is when the characteristic blue light occurs which has fascinated artists and painters throughout the ages. You can frolic in the snow here: SALTEN LOFOTEN VESTERÅLEN SOUTH TROMS CENTRAL TROMS TROMSØ AND DISTRICT NORTH TROMS WEST FINNMARK INNER FINNMARK EAST FINNMARK SVALBARD 34 48 56 68 74 80 86 90 102 108 118 You may find the northern lights here: LOFOTEN VESTERÅLEN SOUTH TROMS CENTRAL TROMS TROMSØ AND DISTRICT NORTH TROMS WEST FINNMARK INNER FINNMARK EAST FINNMARK SVALBARD Join organised mountaintop tours here: LOFOTEN OFOTEN NORTH TROMS WEST FINNMARK SVALBARD 48 64 86 90 118 17 © FRODE SANDBECH © SHIGERU OHKI . but the guide will give you interesting information and recount legends about this remarkable natural phenomenon. or from the high street.

www. www.no Båtsfjord: MIDNIGHT SKIING FOR THE LADIES.kulturslottet.no Svalbard/Longyearbyen: SVALBARD SKI MARATHON Cross-country skiing.vinterfestuka.no Kirkenes: BARENTS SPECTACLE. www. Sámi food.no Harstad: NUK. www. its musical genres have more recently been extended in a variety of directions. Culture Festival with music. Seminar.info Narvik: WINTER FESTIVAL WEEK IN NARVIK.samieasterfestival. The world’s northernmost marathon. painting classes.no Rognan: BLUE FROST FESTIVAL.com 24 April.kommune. 20 Year Jubilee. www. Sailing and rowing competitions. 300 km in the realm of the brown bear.msm. Marathon in the light of the midnight sun.no Harstad: THE ARTS FESTIVAL OF NORTHERN NORWAY. 15-19 June 19. www.stamsund-international. www. www. Concerts.festspillnn. "Snowball Fight" with contestants from many different countries. Main Theme 2011: Transport.midnattski. Fishing Festival with major prizes. www. Culture festival in honour of the stockfish. concert events.svalbardturn. Start and Finish at Mine 6 in Adventdalen/Todalen.no Svalbard/Spitsbergen: SVALBARD MARATHON. www. workshops.nordkappfestivalen.nuff. and more.nordlysfestivalen.arran. www. www. www.com Stamsund: STAMSUND INTERNATIONAL THEATRE FESTIVAL. www.vinterfestivalen.no Lødingen: SUMMER FESTIVAL. www. reindeer racing. (1000 and 500 km). dog-sledding.com Karasjok: KARASJOK EASTER FESTIVAL.no / www.no Salangen: MILLIONFISKEN (MILLION KRONER FISHING). www. conferences.finnmarkslopet. www.no Tromsø: THE NORDIC YOUTH FILM FESTIVAL Youth film festival. International fishing competition in honour of the Norwegian-Arctic cod.vmiskreifiske.no Andenes: “NORTHERN LIGHTS FESTIVAL" .com/site/terraakidrettslag/ nordlandsbaatregattaen Tromsø: MIDNIGHT SUN MARATHON.lofotenfestival.no Svolvær: WORLD COD FISHING CHAMPIONSHIPS. The North Cape Walk. activities for young and old. www. Music festival with genres like jazz. www. quality films from all over the world.borealis.no Tana: TANA WINTER MARKET/DEANU RIEMUT.no Kirkenes: PASVIK TRAIL. Dog-sled race. www. www. snowmobile cross. seminars. blues and bluegrass www.com Honningsvåg: NORTH CAPE FESTIVAL.altasoulogblues. snowmobile cross.pasviktrail.20 February 9-12 June 3-19 March 10-12 June 10-19 March 11-18 June 12-19 March 11-19 June . World Longline Tub Casting Championships and the Honningsvåg Revue. Sámi art exhibitions. Music and culture festival with events for all age groups. music. and more. www.monspetter.no Alta: FINNMARKSLØPET DOG-SLED RACE. Northern Norway’s biggest cultural event.no Terråk/Bindal: NORDLAND-TYPE BOAT REGATTA. Polar Night race providing an exotic Polar Night experience. Challenging. Integrated cultural festival for young people.25 March 23-27 March 18-25 June 25-26 March 20-25 June 26 March .no Senja/Bøvær: KRÅKESLOTT FESTIVAL.28 May 2-5 June 3-5 June 6-12 February 9-13 February 10-13 February 4 June 4-12 June 15. Originally a festival of classical music.annual winter festival week. concerts. Concerts.1 May Sulitjelma: MONS PETTER FESTIVAL (PART 1) Concerts. and more.tysfjordasvo.alta. Food.nuk.ragno-festival. Cabaret and dance Saturday night.andoy. https://sites.lundefestivalen. www.kommune.nu Røst: THE PUFFIN FESTIVAL. also a family festival.svalbardturn. film.millionfisken. LØDINGEN.kommune. www. www. www. Bossekop Market and the start of the Finnmarksløpet dog-sled race. www. Culture week in conjunction with the Finnmarksløpet dogsled race 2011. Annual chamber music festival with internationally renowned musicians. Concerts.tana. winter.polarjazz.monspetter.no Sulitjelma: MONS PETTER FESTIVAL (PART 2) Summer days at the Mons Petter Festival. Fun for young and old with emphasis on WINTER. www.FESTIVALS AND OTHER EVENTS 2011 8 January Tromsø: POLAR NIGHT HALF MARATHON. Lively blues festival in a unique fishing village. Europe’s longest dog-sled race. www.no Svalbard/Spitsbergen: POLAR JAZZ. and more. www. Concerts. www.no Moskenes: RAGNO-FESTIVAL. and lots more.no Alta: BOREALIS ALTA WINTER FESTIVAL. cinema shows.3 April 24-26 June 31 March 24-26 June 18-25 April 25 June 20-24 April 30 June-3 July 18 .com Henningsvær/Lofoten: CODSTOCK.blaafrost. www.yukigassen.karasjokfestivaler.codstock. Culture and nature festival.no 18-23 January 30 April 28 January .no Nord-Salten: SÁMI FAIR IN NORD-SALTEN. www. and more. and more.no Kautokeino: KAUTOKEINO EASTER FESTIVAL.5 February 6-7 May 2-6 February 2-6 February 24.msm. Sámi Grand Prix song contest. Skiing competition Friday night. International dramatic art for all age groups.no Alta: SOUL AND BLUES FESTIVAL.barentsspektakel.no Tromsø: TROMSØ INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL. “the Jergul Games". home craft events.lodingen. World Reindeer Racing Championships.no Glomfjord/Meløy: GLOMFJORD WINTER FESTIVAL.no Lofoten: LOFOTEN INTERNATIONAL CHAMBER MUSIC FESTIVAL.google. song. activities. entertainment. exhibitions. www. www.net Vardø: YUKIGASSEN.tiff. Annual festival of culture.no Troms: NORTHERN LIGHTS FESTIVAL. www. and more.

Art and culture festival with focus on traditional food.sommerdagan.sommermelbu.no Hammerfest: POLAR NIGHT FESTIVAL. THE GROOVE VALLEY (TGV) – JAZZ CAMP FESTIVAL. historical walks. Exhibition of traditional boats. www.no Foldvik/Gratangen: FOLDVIK MARKET. www. Music festival. www. Events for young and old. market. Lofoten: VIKING FESTIVAL. Music Festival. reggae. “Caribbean fair".boe. theatre. Music Festival.no or www. www.lofotenfestival. Concerts. crab fishing.no 6-13 August 1-11 July Melbu: SUMMER MELBU. www.no Lofoten: LOFOTEN INTERNATIONAL CHAMBER MUSIC FESTIVAL. www.no Brønnøysund: ROOTS FESTIVAL Music festival with national and international artists.galleria.senjafestivalen.varangerfestivalen. new bands.kommune.no 4-7 August Early July Early July Sørøya: SØRØYDAGENE FESTIVAL.rootsfestivalen. and more. North-Norway’s biggest jazz festival.no POLAR SPECTACLE.no Vadsø: VARANGER FESTIVAL. www.musikkfestuka.midnattsrocken. Music festival in Norway’s oldest fishing village.hasvik. www.no 3-4 Desember 2-6 August Beiarn: MOLDJORD. and more. www. Various jazz bands give concerts. and more. KAMCHATKA CRAB FESTIVAL. www. www. together with some major Norwegian artists.no 4-7 August July Bø: REGINEDAGAN FESTIVAL.no 10 – 17 July 19-20 August 11-16 July 19-20 August 12-16 July 13-16 July 19-21 August 25-28 August 14-16 July September 20-24 July 24-29 July Mid September 25-31 July Sandnessjøen: WORLD CRAB FISHING CHAMPIONSHIPS. Concerts.bakgaarden.no Tromsø: BUKTA . Viking festival at Lofotr Viking Museum.com Hammerfest: HAMMERFESTIVAL (formerly the Beer Fest). www. Arranged for the third year in a row at Revelen. art exhibition. www.frivilligsentral.no Gáivuotna-Kåfjord: RIDDU RIDDU. HISTORICAL MARKET.no Senja: TOUR DE SENJA Festival of activities for cyclists.aronnesrocken. concert. Annual chamber music festival with internationally renowned musicians. www.kommune. Exhibition. www.bukta.turtesenja.kommune. Market with traditional art and handicrafts. seminars.no 29 September.nordkappfilmfestival. Culture and market festival. Boat trips. www.no 2-3 September 20-24 July Berlevåg: SUMMER IN BERLEVÅG.beiarn. www.tiendebytte.no Havnnes: HAVNNES CULTURE FESTIVAL.no Bodø: NORDLAND MUSIC FESTIVAL WEEK.helgelandarrangement. www.nu/morketidsfestivalen Rundhaug/Målselv: RUNDHAUGMARTNA’N MARKET. fairy tale readings. Art. Race for sea kayakers from all over the world. www.havnnes.net 10-14 August 9-16 July Mosjøen: GALLERIA FESTIVAL OF ART. market.trena. Finnmark’s biggest rock festival for young.gamvik. courses.no 8-13 November 30 July-7 August Meløy: SUMMER DAYS IN MELØY. www. www. family events. and more. www.com 6 August Lakselv: MIDNIGHT ROCK. www. exhibitions.3-7 August 1-3 July Tana: SKIIPPAGURRA FESTIVAL Music Festival.no Senja: SENJA FESTIVAL. www. Concerts.no Rognan: ROGNAN FAIR/WOODEN BOAT FAIR. www. theatre performances. Music and theatre festival in the world’s northernmost city.askr.morgansskip. concert. Culture festival. Norway’s oldest market featuring food manufacturers.no Mosjøen: “TIENDEBYTTE". rowing contest on Nordlandtype boats. Music festival in Rensåsparken Park. Steigen: STEIGEN SAGA PAGEANT.com Harstad: BAKGÅRDEN.polarspectacle.no Engeløya.no Båtsfjord: BÅTSFJORD FESTIVAL. Norway’s longest gallery . Folk music and folk dance festival. Festival featuring Norwegian and international jazz musicians and guest artists.rundhaugmartnan.no 10-14 August 7-9 July Træna: TRÆNA FESTIVAL. concerts. www. Market with a coastal cultural profile.no Mo i Rana: “VERKET". On 29 July the Surfski World Cup event will also be arranged. www.hammerfest. www. Annual music festival with a classical profile.parkenfestivalen. www.no Gratangen: MORGANS FESTIVAL. A combination of festival and traditional market.riddu.skiippagurrafestivalen. in the heart of Bodø city centre.no Honningsvåg: NORTH CAPE FILM FESTIVAL.sagaspill.no Alta: ARONNES ROCK.sortlandjazz. best chef contest. www.gratangen-kystlag.baatsfjordnett. and more. exhibitions.no Sortland: SORTLAND JAZZ FESTIVAL. www. Saga pageant.no Målselv: KALOTTSPEL FESTIVAL.no Bodø: PARKEN FESTIVAL. banquet.verketfestival. www. www.lofotr. local fare and culture. Indigenous People’s Festival. concerts. www. www.TROMSØ OPEN AIR FESTIVAL. www. for the local inhabitants and visitors.kalottspel.saltdal. www. www.stallo.stallo.700 m of art exhibitions in the old part of Mosjøen. cakes and lots more.no Vesterålen: ARCTIC SEA KAYAK RACE.no 14-18 September 18-20 August Borg. www.2 October 28-31 July 19 . art exhibitions.com/content/section/4/32/ 14-18 September 23-31 July Mehamn: NORDKYN FESTIVAL. www. exhibitions and market. Mo i Rana.berlevaagnytt.

Arctic Menu is a network of 45 tourism companies from Northern Norway to Svalbard. Our countryside is abundant with some of the world’s best ingredients. As a guest you will be served new and traditional dishes based on top quality Northern Norwegian ingredients. Food is increasingly important as a part of our holidays.arktiskmeny. Arctic Menu represents the good taste of Northern Norway – in cafes and restaurants.no Visit fantastic Northern Norway! 20 ALFAMAC © TRYM IVAR BERGSMO . Look out for our logo when you are travelling around Northern Norway! www.ARCTIC MENU – A TASTE OF NORTHERN NORWAY One of the many reasons for travelling to Northern Norway is the food. meat. berries or herbs. be it seafood.

whilst taking in the breathtaking views. we also explore and sail in waters beyond our natural horizon – Spitsbergen. you become a part of the experience.hurtigruten. These are voyages on which you will encounter diverse communities. In addition. wildlife and people. unspoilt beauty of Norway’s coastline. you can experience the natural. crisp and clean air. For further information: www. When you travel with Hurtigruten. we have several exciting offers if you would like to follow MS Fram in her crossing the globe from north to south or through Europe. Greenland and Antarctica. Following a long Norwegian tradition.com © Trym Ivar Bergsmo . 34 ports from Bergen to Kirkenes and enjoy a breath of fresh.TAKE TIME TO ENJOY the voyage you always dreamed of HURTIGRUTEN is the best way to experience the Norwegian fjords © Rinie van Meurs © Trym Ivar Bergsmo © Tomas Mauch Spitsbergen is the realm of the polar bear Greenland’s natural scenery is majestic Get close to the penguins in Antarctica The Norwegian coast is a land of plunging waterfalls and pristine fjords. On your Hurtigruten voyage. primeval forests and majestic glaciers.

grand.godtur.: +47 77 66 42 00 ❘ cc.no Welcome! Cabins.bodo@choice.arcticus@choice.no 22 .no Clarion Collection Hotel Arcticus. for freshwater fishing in most lakes and rivers on stateowned property Hiking: Great hiking suggestions with maps and descriptions are found at: www. e-mail: friluftstorget@statskog.: +47 75 54 61 00 ❘ cc. Bodø tel. fishing permits. fishing and the outdoor life in Nordland and Troms Cabins: Statskog has 18 reasonably priced rental cabins. pleasant and environmentally-friendly We get you and your fellow travellers where you are going .: +47 77 04 08 00 ❘ cc.inatur.no Info/booking at the Friluftstorget: tel. Tromsø tel.no Take ge advanta g’s ko of Stats or tdo ou of fers! CONTACT INFORMATION: Fishing rules. hunting permits and cabin rentals. 07800 (press 2).no Clarion Collection Hotel With.with@choice. Harstad tel.Safe. Statskog’s Norway Permit. Clarion Collection hotels offer an evening buffet every night So come and visit us! Clarion Collection Hotel Grand. some also include a boat Fishing: Reasonably priced fishing permits. are found at: www.safely and comfortably. hunting.

including everything from overnight accommodation to food and drink and amazing adventures. Tromsø or the North Cape. 23 . Arctic Guide Service will help you with a complete package. We have long-standing experience and cover the whole of Northern Norway.– your natural choice in Northern Norway Regardless of whether you are going to Lofoten.

HELGELAND European Main Road Regional Road Gravel road Farm track Municipal Border 24 Hurtigruten Coastal Voyage Ferry Hiking Trail Lighthouse Tourist Information Nesting colony Mountain lodge Airport Highway No. National Park .

12. sail among the isles and skerries.visithelgeland.Helgelandskysten Reiseliv T. NATIONAL PARKS: Børgefjell National Park. or enjoy locally produced food and wine.com M6 Sandnessjøen tourist information centre . Kjærstad. making it easily accessible. Adventures are waiting in line in Helgeland.01.no 25 . There are also four STOL airports in the region.com F10 Mo i Rana tourist information centre .com / www. Mosjøen Airport.Visten National Park.com / www.com M9 Mosjøen tourist information centre .12. 01. Brønnøy. AIRPORTS: Brønnøysund Airport. Olsens gt 3 / post@arctic-circle. Røssvoll. that you will find the Arctic Circle. 01. Mosjøen / post@visithelgeland. 2102 km² (Overlaps two regions).12. 01. 35 / post@helgelandskysten.-31.-31.08.Destination Helgeland AS Majavatn.01.-30. Stokka. 01. © TERJE RAKKE / NORDIC LIFE / INNOVASJON NORGE Helgeland is a region that extends from almost 2.-31.06. At latitude 66 degrees north lies the dividing line that tells you that you are entering the Land of the Midnight Sun.01. Norway’s second biggest glacier is found here.visitvega. Porten til Nord-Norge .com / www. whether you want to go kayaking. Mo i Rana Airport.no / www. Svartisen.com / www.HELGELAND – Along the world’s most beautiful coastline BINDAL SØMNA BRØNN­ ØY VEGA VEVEL­ STAD GRANE HATT­ FJELL­ DAL VEFSN ALSTA­ HAUG DØNNA HERØY LEIR­ FJORD NESNA LURØY TRÆNA RØDØY HEMNES RANA PORTS OF CALL FOR HURTIGRUTE SHIPS: Brønnøysund. Sandnessjøen Airport. Brønnøysund / post@visithelgeland. Kveldulvssonsgt. A fine meshed network of ferries and fast passenger boats make the area perfect for island hopping by bike. And it is here. TOURIST INFORMATION CENTRE T7 Brønnøysund tourist information centre .no N14 Hattfjelldal tourist information centre Hattfjelldal sentrum / www.visithelgeland.12. fish salmon.-31. 1102 km² Saltfjellet .12. in Helgeland. 01. Grane / post@visithelgeland.visithelgeland. walk in the mountains. explore exciting caves.01.Polarsirkelen Reiseliv O. to an archipelago that is so unique that it has been inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.-31.Svartisen National Park.01.Destination Helgeland AS TEL (+47) SEASON/OPENING TIMES 01.12. 3 75 01 80 00 3 75 01 80 00 3 75 04 45 00 3 75 13 92 00 3 75 01 80 00 3 75 03 53 88 3 75 18 40 05 Sømnavn 92.Destination Helgeland AS Austerbygdvn 20.T.-31.turistinform. with its 370 square kilometres of ice. Sandnessjøen and Nesna.visithelgeland.visithelgeland. 1447 km² Lomsdal .com U15 Tourist information centre. 01.com R5 Vega tourist information centre Gladstad / www.01.000 metre tall mountains in the inland areas.

01.31. and from the lowest priced single room to the highest priced double room.31. N-8980 Vega R5 Vega Vertshus Gladstad.12.cornermotell.visithelgeland. N-8920 Sømna T8 Orreli N-8920 Sømna W8 Vennesund Camping Vennesund . 01.thonhotels. 15.com www. N-8960 Hommelstø.visthus.08.no www.com zfcly www.12. 01.09.com www.gardsoyarorbuer.01.15.valbakken-feriehus. 01. Alstahaug P5 Valbakken Feriehus Blomsøy. / post@rodligarden. G 3/38 E.visithelgeland.12.no/torghatten afcw www.no www.31.12. N-8870 Visthus.12. F 13/30 M 13/30 M 1/6 E.31.com fv www.com www. 01. L = apartment.12. 15.as / arnt@avec.no www.09. Alstahaug TEL. T = tepee/tent.net / frilstad@c2i.31.01.no www. M = motel.31. N-8900 Brønnøysund T7 Ottarstua Karijord.31.visithelgeland. Vevelstad P8 Stokka Rorbu Stokkasjøen.visithelgeland.01.avec. 01.01. D.no zfvcw / post@gardsoyarorbuer. L 5/20 G 15 zflVj / jac_lo@hotmail. N-8900 Brønnøysund T7 Thon Kystferie Apartments Nordøyveien 2. N-8920 Sømna T7 Corner Motell Storgata 79. ML = mountain lodge See legend on page 9 NB: Rates for overnight accommodation are given per cabin/accommodation unit. F = rooms.no www.ACCOMMODATION . N-8900 Brønnøysund T7 Thon Hotel Brønnøysund Valveien 11.12.Sømna. N-8976 Vevelstad P7 Steinmo Bobilparkering (Camper van park) Lauknes.com / fjellsoia@hotmail.vennesund. / turid.09. 01. 01.boena.06. N-8900 Brønnøysund T7 Fredly Torget.10. D 13/48 L 6/36 D 10/20 F 21/52 H 6/12 G 2/12 R 3/17 R 18/42 F. C = camping.com draw^/ resepsjon@galeasen.12.06.no xzfclevw www.ness@monet. N-8900 Brønnøysund U7 Fjellsøya Gård Toft.no/ zfv www.havhotellene.no dkf www.no zfl www.no dk www.no 8/26 D. N-8900 Brønnøysund T7 Galeasen Hotell AS Havnegt 34/36.05. 10.12.thonhotels.01.15. 29.12.no / sigmund@aarstrand. 01.05. 01.no www.no xzfvw / kaaa-bre@online.skogsholmen. 01.no / boena@online.no www. D 22/46 H 1/8 E 9/16 F.04.12.thonhotels.01. 01. D = cabin. R = rorbu (fisherman’s cabin).30.no / sjoh-nil@online.no zfv / post@visthus.com drkfevjw* www.31.neverneshavn.no www.12.05. N-8980 Vega R5 Nes Bryggeferie Nes.31. M.frilstad.galeasen.31./FAX (+47) 3959 13 562 3971 23 831 3901 00 990 3917 15 294 375 02 73 75 375 01 80 10 3988 21 208 375 01 80 00 9 75 01 80 01 375 00 88 50 9 75 00 88 51 375 02 58 28 3974 08 000 375 00 89 00 9 75 00 89 01 375 00 95 20 9 75 00 95 49 375 00 89 00 9 75 00 89 01 3993 55 778 375 02 19 10 9 75 02 19 11 3416 13 800 3957 68 028 3950 85 221 375 03 64 00 9 75 03 64 01 375 03 54 00 3906 02 723 3905 43 036 3415 69 859 3419 31 425 375 03 76 20 375 03 77 32 9 75 03 77 74 375 03 77 11 9 75 03 77 11 3921 79 300 375 03 71 25 375 03 75 32 3979 82 263 3917 05 564 375 04 64 11 375 04 58 02 3911 12 989 PRICE CAPACITY RANGE TYPE FACILITIES WEB / E-MAIL SEASON 01. 01.net rzfeV/ info@vennesund.com xzfcvjpost@neverneshavn.com / veronica@m-eidem. E = holiday home. 01.31.kystferie.vegaopplevelsesferie. N-8900 Brønnøysund T9 Trøan Overnatting Sæterlandet. LEGEND ' '' ''' '' ' ' '' ' '' ' '' '' ' ''' '' ' '' ''' '' ' ' ''' ' ' ' ' ' ''' '' ' 1/6 E 1/6 D 20/94 C.01. 01.01. D 1/6 R 7/40 R. Brønnøy T9 Velfjordferie N-8960 Hommelstø.HELGELAND COMPANY CONTACT DETAILS T8 Akselstua Trælnes.12.30.no zflb www. 01.12. Y = lighthouse. 01.31.01. L 10/30 D 1/5 E xzfvjb tarabryg@online.31. N-8900 Brønnøysund T7 Rødligården Soveri Havnegt. N-8870 Visthus. zfvj www.com / post@vevelstad-trevare.no drfv www. N-8900 Brønnøysund T7 Thon Hotel Torghatten Hovøyveien 2.com / post@destinationhelgeland.01. G 122/244 H 43/86 H 21/44 L 1/6 E 6/42 L.31. YH = Youth Hostel.12. N-8976 Vevelstad P6 Taraldsen Brygge N-8860 Tjøtta.01.velfjordferie. 01.com / snefrid. 01.01.com www. N-8854 Austbø. 01. N-8980 Vega R5 Vega Opplevelsesferie Nes. 01.09.31. Alstahaug O6 Offersøy Camping Offersøy. 01.visithelgeland.visithelgeland. 26 .no / skogsholmen@live.01.no drxacw^ / bronnoysund@thonhotels.no azfv www.01.vegakystgard. 01. N-8980 Vega Q9 Bønå Villmarkssenter Bønå. 01.01.31. N-8860 Tjøtta.01.no/bronnoysund / bronnoysund@thonhotels. 01. Vevelstad P8 Visthus Rorbucamping N-8870 Visthus.no PRICE RANGE ■ Under NOK 500 a night ■ NOK 500-749 a night ■ NOK 750-1000 a night ■ Over NOK 1000 a night H = hotel. Brønnøy T9 Vassenget Park Overnatting Nevernes.no/bronnoysund drxacw / torghatten@thonhotels.no / anniemh@online. 01.com www.12.com / eystarn@online.visithelgeland.31.31.visithelgeland.no zflvb www. Vevelstad P7 Handelsstedet Forvik Forvik.com zf www. G = guesthouse/boarding house.rodligarden.as www.visithelgeland. N-8980 Vega S7 Skogsholmen Gjestehus Skogsholmen.no / post@cornermotell. N-8980 Vega R3 Gåkkå Mathus Hysværøyan.net drxfy / jon@havhotellene.31.jakobsen@c2i. S = Seaside cabin/building. Brønnøy R5 Gardsøya Rorbuer Kirkøy.06. N-8980 Vega R5 Vega Havhotell Viksås.no / post@kystferie.31. N-8960 Hommelstø.

01.08.01.com / gryteselv. D 26/110 C H. S 5/18 F.31.31.brygga.no xzlevwy www.com / steffen_rene77@hotmail.com xazfvbw^ www.01.no www.04.com zfev / rune@vesterbukt.01.03. N-8624 Mo i Rana F10 Bech’s Hotell og Camping AS Hammerveien 10. N-8820 Dønna K5 Dønnes Gård Gjestegård Dønnes. 01.10. N-8690 Hattfjelldal N14 Gryteselv Fjellgård Gryteselv.no / re-eilif@online.no zfevwy www. L 6/12 H.01.01. Grane O12 Haustreis Gård Haustreisdalen.no www.01.lyngengardenhotell.no / post@mo-gjestegaard. N-8800 Sandnessjøen M6 Sandnessjøen Overnatting Håreksgt.no / geitogfisk@gmail.12. 01.06. E 5/26 D 93/164 H 6/25 L 8/15 LF 39/75 H 13/38 D.larsen@monet.helgelandhotell. 01. F. 15.15.com zfcvby www. E 1/5 E 10/38 C.08.no / trond@seloykystferie.12.31.30. N-8680 Trofors. N-8890 Leirfjord L7 Kvitneset Camping Lading.yttervikcamping.hihostels.31. 01. 01. D.04. L 7/22 G 25/56 H 5/21 C.net drazfcvbwy^ www.05. 15.05.plh.no www. N-8890 Leirfjord M7 Dalenstua Dalen. 01. T 1/10 E 4/8 F 50/100 H 2/10 E 10/24 F.com kxazfevy www. 01.com drkxlvw www.31. 01.com / post@brygga. N-8890 Leirfjord K7 Sjøbakken fiske-camping Ytre Levang.no xaetvw bechs.01.31. N-8615 Skonseng.12.11.no avw www.visithelgeland.no zfevb / sveinaage@nax. N-8646 Korgen.no drfv www. 15. D 10/44 L. 01. N-8850 Herøy N4 Åkvik Gård Øksningan.31.com drkazfv^ www. R. N-8672 Elsfjord K9 Korgenfjellet Kro & Motell Korgfjellet. 01.12.01. N-8656 Mosjøen M9 Lyngengården Hotell Vollanveien 15. N-8820 Dønna L5 Bøteriet Åkerøy.gryteselvfjellgard.haustreis. 01.01.kulturverkstedet.10.no / booking@helgelandhotell. 01.net dflv.hattfjelldalhotell. 01.com afevbw www. Rana 375 04 53 19 3469 04 743 375 05 93 00 3959 15 202 3993 40 557 3473 66 087 3476 47 130 3906 52 388 3993 12 784 3907 81 366 375 05 49 20 3911 39 966 3971 84 379 3926 36 361 375 05 00 00 9 75 04 89 55 3997 28 301 375 04 95 95 375 04 89 46 3911 48 075 375 04 97 68 375 18 14 66 3997 91 634 3926 40 853 375 18 21 80 3928 48 356 375 18 56 23 375 18 58 66 375 18 50 50 9 75 18 50 59 375 18 51 43 3907 77 145 375 18 51 40 375 18 52 18 3993 968 53 375 11 41 00 9 75 11 41 01 375 17 27 60 3479 26 363 375 17 48 00 375 18 68 77 3920 82 548 375 11 50 00 3417 79 000 3995 40 090 375 17 01 50 3911 67 411 375 19 11 36 3473 74 978 3909 87 355 9 75 16 92 57 375 15 22 11 9 75 15 23 38 375 14 41 44 9 75 14 41 45 375 15 10 01 9 75 15 10 25 3915 92 550 9 75 14 83 90 '' '' ''' ' ''' '' ''' '' '' '' ''' ' '' ' '''' '' ''' '' ' ' '' ' ''' '' '' '''' ' ''' '' '''' ' '''' ' ' 11/36 C.01.no / post@korgenfjellet. 01.01.15.visithelgeland. 01. N-8690 Hattfjelldal J15 Sivertgården Famnvassdalen.01.10. ML 17/77 C.01.12. E.rv17.no xazfletvgjbw^ www. C.01. D.no drxafcgjw^* www. N-8663 Mosjøen L10 Aspnes Camping Fustvatn.O6 Belsvåg Gård og Camping Alstahaug.hattfjelldal@gmail.no zfv www. 15.01.01.com drkxa www.12.31.12. N-8646 Korgen.12.no 01. L 7/39 L. D.12. N-8613 Mo i Rana E11 Røssvoll Senter – Campinghytter Røssvoll.12. N-8656 Mosjøen M9 Gjestehusene i Sjøgata Sjøgata 22-24. 01.12.31. N-8850 Herøy N4 Seløy Kystferie Seløy.no / info@fiske-camping.no / bimbo@bimbo.akvikgard.elfis.visithelgeland. N-8626 Mo i Rana F11 Bimbo Veikro AS Saltfjellveien 34.31.boteriet.no / ernst.12. C 2/8 D 6/12 M. N-8820 Dønna M6 Helgeland Hotell Leines.30.rossvoll. S 10/48 F.09.01. R.no / sandnessjoen@hihostels. D 1/4 D.12.31.no fvb www. Rana F10 Mo Gjestegård Elias Blix gate 3. F 21/33 YH 5/20 F.06.31. N-8800 Sandnessjøen N5 Elfis Sjøcamping Labukta.31.31.hotell@gmail.12.fruhaugans. 01. Grane P16 Furuheim Gård Susendal. N-8690 Hattfjelldal J15 Sæterstad Gård Varntresk. G 43/110 M. 01. N-8680 Trofors. N-8690 Hattfjelldal M9 Fru Haugans Hotel AS Strandgata 39.com / mosjoen@hihostels. N-8892 Sundøy. 01.12.furuheimgaard.01. 01.31. N-8664 Mosjøen K10 Mosjøen Vandrerhjem/Sandvik Gjestegård og Camping Mjåvatn. R.no / info@hattfjelldalhotell.12.vesterbukt.31.kvitneset. N-8656 Mosjøen M9 Philips Leilighetshotell Egedesgate 3.01.fiske-camping.no / ranjas@online. 01.net www. 27 . N-8690 Hattfjelldal N14 Hattfjelldal Hotell Hotellveien 1.no / sivertgarden@gmail.mhostel.net www. 01.31.no drkxfcvwy^* www. 01. Hemnes I11 Korgen Camping Korgauren.com / dalen-sundoy@live.12. N-8617 Dalsgrenda. 01.sivertgarden. 01.12.no / res@fruhaugans. D. R.09.bimbo.korgen-camping.no www.01.31.02. N-8664 Mosjøen J9 Osen Camping Luktvatn.31.seloykystferie.haust@c2i.no zfev www.01.31. YH. N-8850 Herøy L5 Brygga Berfjord.15.mo-gjestegaard. 01.gaard@monet. 01.no drxw^ / service@lyngengardenhotell.visithelgeland.seterstadgard.15.no zfvy^ www. 01.06.09. D 6/22 C.12. 01.no drkvwy^o www.no/donnes-gaard / donnes.com / boteriet@yahoo.no / labukta@c2i.no fw www.12.no kflw^o / post@kulturverkstedet.com drxafvqwy^www.12.no / jostr01@online.31.no afvb / lisbeth.no www.31. C 92/228 G.no www.korgenfjellet. Leirfjord O11 Haugen Camping Grane./ furuheimgaard@c2i.01.net xw^/ post@plh.31. R 14/56 D v w www. L.no xflevw / post@korgen-camping.05.01.31. Hemnes G10 Yttervik Camping Sørlandsveien 874.com drxafvwy^ www. N-8690 Hattfjelldal M13 Vesterbukt Feriehytter Vesterbukt.15. M.

N-8188 Nordvernes.com / post@polarcamp. D = cabin. Rødøy LEGEND H = hotel. 15 N-8800 Sandnessjøen Tel. 01.hihostels. Lurøy J2 Lovund RorbuHotell N-8764 Lovund. with or without a coach As a setting for your meeting or course As an arena for conferences … we have everything you need.com dxzfletcjbpwy^ www. G = guesthouse/boarding house.15. N-8766 Lurøy I4 I1 Lurøy Rorbuer Onøy. 01.12. Sandnessjøen Overnatting OVERNIGHT ACCOMMODATION IN SANDNESSJØEN We offer reasonably priced accommodation in Sandnessjøen town centre.polarcamp. L = apartment.31. L. N-8700 Nesna J3 Langneset Langneset. YH = Youth Hostel.12.no zfevwy/ reijense@online. T = tepee/tent.no xafev www. N-8770 Træna 375 13 25 86 3472 33 858 3976 67 468 375 16 60 02 9 75 16 60 74 375 05 65 40 3906 74 314 3483 24 400 375 09 20 30 9 75 09 20 39 3911 57 725 3974 60 129 3976 47 886 375 09 53 80 3979 83 276 375 09 71 86 3971 63 086 375 09 11 99 9 75 09 17 09 3977 33 317 9 75 09 87 40 ' ''' '' '''' ' '' ' '' ''' '' '' 7/20 F 15/45 C 28/93 M.01.01.no / gronligrotta@online. S = Seaside cabin/building. N-8766 Lurøy Træna Rorbuferie Træna. 01.31.31.D10 Grønligrotta Grønli. Lurøy G4 Villa Midnattsol Nordværnes.com / post@skoglyovernatting.05.com / post@rorbuferien.12.01.31. F 1/9 F.no www. At Lovund Rorbu Hotel we wish you a warm welcome.oscarbrygga. 01. Access to kitchen and separate lounge on all floors allows you to make your own food and helps you feel at home here. … we are open all year round. 01.12.no drxzfclvjbqw^ www. ML = mountain lodge See legend on page 9 NB: Rates for overnight accommodation are given per cabin/accommodation unit. TRANSPORT (3+47) M6 Veolia Transport Nord AS 375 06 41 00 Sandnessjøen. 01.31. R 10/31 G 2/14 R 13/36 D 11/50 C 9/30 R.nesnaferie.31. D. 01.no 01.31.01. one of Norway’s most vibrant island communities.01.08.01.no dkxzfcletvjw www.no drzfcvjqwy^ www. E = holiday home.no / www. R = rorbu (fisherman’s cabin).skoglyovernatting.31. N-8615 Skonseng. N-8630 Storforshei.no Saltfjellveien 34 Mo i Rana Telephone +47 75 15 10 01 Slightly off the beaten track Outermost on the coast of Helgeland! As part of your holiday in Northern Norway As a destination for groups. Rana D12 Skogly Overnatting Skogly.no www. C = camping. F = rooms. 01.com drxzfjbqw^ www.31. Imagine a fantastic voyage on a ferry or fast passenger boat where your destination is an island far out to sea. N-8754 Øresvik.31.12.no 28 . G. E kxevwy www. Y = lighthouse. Håreksgt.04. 01.no / post@lovund. F 5/32 S 27/83 H. L 29/136 D.no xazfcvw nordaa2@online. Prices from NOK 450-700. Rana J6 Nesna Feriesenter og Motell AS Sjåberget 3. You arrive at Lovund. Helgelandsgata 1 epost@helgelandske.langneset. and from the lowest priced single room to the highest priced double room.09.no PRICE RANGE ■ Under NOK 500 a night ■ NOK 500-749 a night ■ NOK 750-1000 a night ■ Over NOK 1000 a night 01. D.12. 15. M = motel.lovund.12.no zfcvjw drzfcw^ www.gronligrotta.villamidnattsol.01.01. 01.10.no | post@lovund.31.no / post@langneset. F5 PolarCamp Hilstad.no / post@nesnaferie.com dkxflev^ toverakvaag@msn. N-8630 Storforshei. D. F.lovund.no / post@oscarbrygga. Lurøy H4 Rådhusplassen overnatting Lurøy. N-8762 Sleneset. Rødøy F4 Oscarbrygga AS N-8750 Tonnes. +47 469 04 743 sandnessjoen@hihostels. Rana B13 Krokstrand Kafé & Camping Saltfjellveien 1573. Lovund RorbuHotell | Pb 103 N-8764 Lovund | +47 75 09 20 30 | www. C.rorbu-ferie.

Furthermore. Please contact the tourist information centre in Vega for further details. outside Brønnøysund.06. It is also the only one that is illuminated.06.08. Try lefser (pastries) in the café. 35 m tall and 15-20 m wide hole that was excavated by the sea thousands of years ago. The farm was occupied by a crofter up until 1981. amongst other things. a guided tour of Grønligrotta cave will suit the whole family. +47 415 07 364/+47 41 60 69 74 vega@helgelandmuseum.WORTH A VISIT HELGELAND MUSEUM. arriving in Brønnøysund at 00. The E-huset. Complete collection of tools for a range of different crafts. Hommelstø N-8960 Hommelstø Tel. Hysvær and Skogsholmen are abandoned fishing villages / eider down collecting stations all of which are idyllically situated in the waters of Vega. Sømna used to be the granary of Northern Norway. Those entering the hole do so at their own risk.-07. Tickets on sale at he tourist information centre in Brønnøysund. +47 75 00 69 50 www. Our skilful guides give you a thorough and fascinating introduction to the topic. MOUNT HEILHORNET Majestic Mount Heilhornet (1058 m above sea level) in Bindal towers far above the other mountains in the area.visitvega. You will also find milieu exhibitions in private houses and horse gear in the barn. and the walk takes about 2-4 hours. Bremstein. exhibitions about the saw mill industry and the local type of boat known as the Bindalsfæringen. Approx. Whether it is sunny or wet. A subterranean adventure GRØNLIGROTTA CAVE is the Nordic countries’ best known and most visited limestone cave. According to legend it was the Horseman’s arrow (Mount Hestemannen) that made the hole in Torghatten.08. Cultural-historical museum with 13 buildings in scenic surroundings at Strengevatnet. and the only museum with nesting eider ducks in the world. and it is therefore natural that the museum’s main theme covers agricultural history and food culture.helgelandmuseum. You feel quite small as you wander through this 160m long. This culture is presented in a quayside building which also contains an old country shop where visitors can buy souvenirs.no The Hurtigrute ship will take you on a trip along the coast with its beautiful isles and skerries. Open all year round. We promise you a wonderful experience! Booking: +47 75 13 25 86 N-8615 Skonseng www.08.no Season: 15. The museum consists for the most part of a cotter’s farm in idyllic surroundings with a view overlooking the fjord. and perhaps we will have fired up our wood-fired baker’s oven. HELGELAND MUSEUM Nes N-8980 Vega Tel. Work on the nests and down has created a fascinating culture with regard to the use of local resources. illustrating everyday life on a farm in the 17-1800s. We show several different species and a number of scientific experiments that address important aquaculture issues.no www. fjord fishing and handicrafts. Lånan. potholes. +47 75 11 01 75/+47 75 11 01 74 velfjord@helgelandmuseum. South-Sámi exhibition. +47 75 11 01 90/+47 469 22 991 somna@helgelandmuseum. Brief stop and return on the northbound Hurtigrute ship at about 21. allowing you on a fine day to see a long way in all directions.no E-HUSET – EIDER DUCK S5 HOUSE. HELGELAND MUSEUM U8 – SØMNA BYGDETUN FOLK MUSEUM Vik i Sømna N-8920 Sømna Tel. VEGA VERDENSARV Skjærvær.no Season: 23. The Vega archipelago was inscribed on UNESCO's World Heritage List in 2004.-07.havbrukssenter. you will see a granite block that has been carried several kilometres by the glacier during the Ice Age.no www. Daily departures from Brønnøysund to Rørvik at 17. Location: Toft. www.no Season: 15. Guided tours take you several hundred metres inside the mountain and last for 45 minutes. The location of the farm. +47 75 01 80 00 www. You will see a subterranean river with waterfalls and rapids and perhaps even some fish.30. MOUNT TORGHATTEN This famous mountain with a hole right through it simply has to be seen. Well preserved architecture and cultural landscape.visithelgeland.helgelandmuseum. BINDAL BRANCH W11 Vassås. depending on how quickly you walk.helgelandmuseum. There is a marked path all the way to the top. +47 75 11 01 00/+47 915 19 849 post@helgelandmuseum. NORWEGIAN AQUACULTURE CENTRE N-8900 Brønnøy Tel.-15. and lodged inside the cave. For further information contact Grønligrotta or the tourist information centre in Mo i Rana.08.5 km from Terråk town centre (signposted from Terråk) N-7980 Terråk Tel. rooms and camping at Grønligrotta. HELGELAND MUSEUM T10 – VELFJORD FOLK MUSEUM Strøm.00.no 29 .no gronligrotta@online. with focus on agriculture. or Eider Duck House. A tour of Grønligrotta cave will show you how the forces of nature have been at work for hundreds of thousands of years.no www.no At the Norwegian Aquaculture Centre you can learn about modern aquaculture and the environment around the fish farms. MINI-CRUISES ON THE HURTIGRUTE SHIPS Tel. The walk to the top takes about 30 minutes. In the remaining buildings there are. fascinating history.no www.helgelandmuseum. Café.no Season: 25. documents the tradition of keeping eider ducks as domestic animals. Daily guided tours during the season. Tourist information in the old shop. its buildings and furnishings are authentic.-15. 15 km from Brønnøysund.06. 2.gronligrotta.00.06. stalactites and many marvellous formations that Mother Nature has spent hundreds of thousands of years creating.

YLVINGEN – HIMMELBLÅØYA (KNOWN FROM THE TV SERIES “HIMMELBLÅ" – SKY BLUE) Idyllic spot for an outing with good conditions for cycling and beautiful countryside. Location: Susendal. The old shop at Susendalskroken: Details about commercial traffic and the dealings between the border peoples. In 2003 the Sjøgata environment. PETTER DASS MUSEUM O6 Alstahaug N-8800 Sandnessjøen Tel.no www. wildlife and nature experiences– a true adventure! • Island hopping by bike.PETTERDASS. The Jacobsenbrygga contains a permanent city exhibition and two galleries with varying exhibitions. There are also a number of other good fishing spots in the Vefsna. Soviet prisoners of war and those who perished when the troop transport ship “Riegel" was sunk. Guided tours by prior arrangement. in the heart of Mosjøen town centre.-21. (+47) 75 11 01 50 OPEN. Margrethe’s Café offers an exciting menu based on local food traditions. HELGELAND MUSEUM Q13 . Collaboration with the farms at Svenskvoll. the folk museum presents a comprehensive picture of living conditions in various social classes along the coast of Helgeland. There is a café at the folk museum which is open during the summer. and was the last major Norwegian river to be regulated. HELGELAND MUSEUM Q7 – VEVELSTAD BYGDETUN FOLK MUSEUM N-8976 Vevelstad Tel. ISLAND HOPPING BY BIKE Who needs to go to Greece to go island hopping when you can explore the coast of Helgeland from your bicycle seat? Grab your bike and loaf around from island to island in our beautiful coastal waters with all their islands. Vevelstad Bygdetun folk museum is located down by the Vevelstadsundet strait.-15. the Norwegian Heritage seal of quality and leading trade mark for attractions based on Norwegian cultural heritage.06. It is possible to fish trout in the river. FISHING IN THE RIVER VEFSNA Vefsna is one of Europe’s best rivers for sea trout fishing. The Sheriff’s Office: The everyday lives of the mountain people are depicted here with the help of photographs. The hiker’s map of Børgefjell provides valuable information about the national park and is on sale at a number of places including the tourist information centres.-05.a memory for life Our ferries and fast passenger boats offer: • Round trips in an island realm with time-honoured fishing villages.08.00-16. sheds and annexes that “cling on" between them.no www.no Season: 19.05. In the summer you can fish freely from the entire Sjøgata area in Mosjøen. Guided tours on request.08. 27 km from Hattfjelldal. +47 75 11 01 21/+47 75 11 01 22 vefsn@helgelandmuseum. closed on Mondays.00 -19. architecture and cultural history by way of a variety of activities.helgelandmuseum. commercial buildings. Charming and comprehensive farming museum with exhibits from the 1870s up until 1972.-01. The volume of water passing the falls is 700 m3 a second.06. even though the countryside is easily accessible. approx. +47 911 79 802 grane@helgelandmuseum. isles and skerries. Sæterstad and Furuheim. SJØGATA – MOSJØEN OLD TOWN With its wharf buildings. It is believed to be the oldest depiction of a skier ever found in Norway. SUMMER 01. on the E6.00 . Please contact the tourist office in Vega for further details. Old fort from World War II.00.08.00 OTHERWISE OPEN 16.-31.06. Scenic setting in woodland environment where you can have a break at picnic tables by the listed river Vefsnavassdraget.08. Spacious parking for cars and coaches. THE WAR CEMETERIES P6 IN TJØTTA Two war cemeteries where altogether 10. The play barn is a lot of fun for the children. The folk museum is open from 15. At Laksforsen Turistcafé you can delight in a panoramic view of the waterfall while enjoying a good meal.00-17. exhibitions and guided tours. THE PETTER DASS MUSEUM AND ALSTAHAUG CHURCH. The ship was attacked by the Allies in November 1944 and went down just off Tjøtta.TEL. The landscape is stark.: DAILY 10. MOSJØEN CITY PARK The city park that was established in 1905 has now been completely reconstructed. boathouses. Folk museum including a collection of buildings with authentic interior furnishings from the 1700s and 1800s.NO . +47 75 11 01 96/+47 950 64 695 vevelstad@helgelandmuseum. +47 75 18 48 22/+47 75 11 01 00 hattfjelldal@helgelandmuseum.GRANE FOLK MUSEUM N-8680 Trofors Tel. There are no marked trails or Rambler’s Association cabins in the park. The skier was model for the Olympic pictographs that were so characteristic of the Lillehammer Olympics in 1994. Physical activity in amazing countryside – a multitude of trips to choose from! Close encounters with nature – that’s what freedom is! Region Helgelandske Serviceboks 609 N-8801 Sandnessjøen 30 .00 Tues-Sun. +47 75 07 55 70 petter.06. The area is well suited for island hopping by bike due to its moderate traffic and relatively flat roads.no Season: The Jacobsenbrygga is open all year round. Situated in the centre of Mosjøen. artefacts and literature. c/o the Culture Workshop. approx. M10 VEFSN BRANCH Sjøgata 31 B / Vefsn Bygdetun Folk Museum N-8656 Mosjøen Tel.15. N C O U N T ER S W I T H T HE C L O SE E ’ S M O S T B E AU T I F U L C O A S T WORLD . HELGELAND MUSEUM. approx.dass@helgelandmuseum.-12. HELGELAND MUSEUM. Vefsn Museum has two main branches: Vefsn Bygdesamling folk museum near Dolstad church outside the town centre. LAKSFORSEN FALLS Laksforsen Falls is a magnificent cataract with a fall of 17 metres. +47 952 71 711/+47 75 18 58 13 Season: 01. warehouses. and the Jacobsenbrygga in Sjøgata. wild and beautiful and is best suited to experienced mountain people. 10.helgelandmuseum. BØRGEFJELL NATIONAL PARK Børgefjell National Park is one of the oldest and biggest national parks in Norway (1447 km²).: DAILY 10. “tyskerhåjen" – German heights. SVENSKVOLL GÅRD Susendal N-8690 Hattfjelldal Tel. 30 km south of Mosjøen. CLOSED ON MONDAYS. 20 KM SOUTH OF SANDNESSJØEN. culture.08. APPROX. was awarded the Olavsrosa. N14 HATTFJELLDAL BRANCH N-8690 Hattfjelldal Tel.no www.06. It is a living cultural monument of considerable value and was listed for protection in Cultural Monument Year 2009.000 years old. With its buildings and exhibitions covering a variety of different environments.no Season: 01. Situated in the borough of Grane. There are a few open huts and cabins for hire. Sjøgata street comprises a vibrant and picturesque part of Mosjøen town centre. There are several other rock carving ranges at Tro and Flatøya.389 victims of World War II lie buried.08.no Season: 30.-04. and the outhouses..no www. 4. THE SKIER OF TRO P7 (ROCK CARVING) Season: Summer The skier is the best known rock carving in the Valen range at Tro. The church and new museum building have been well adapted for the disabled.no WELCOME TO A FASCINATING MUSEUM FOR YOUNG AND OLD! In Alstahaug you can enjoy nature. private homes. A sawing frame for sawing timber by hand is the museum’s speciality.30. WWW.08.helgelandmuseum. WEEKENDS 11.helgelandmuseum. approx.06. 1 km south of Forvik.

-15.06.-07.no Season: 01.no Season: 20. 10.no www. The guided tours go several hundred metres inside the mountain and take about 45 minutes. The cookhouse (Eldhuset) at Jamtjord: demonstration of how to bake the local cakes. In summer.helgelandmuseum. Certificate for those climbing all seven peaks.no www.-15.30. SETERGROTTA CAVE Røvassdalen N-8602 Mo i Rana Tel. 12.www.00-17. +47 75 19 70 62/+47 416 98 378 hemnes@helgelandmuseum. The museum building is open all year round and contains exhibitions.08./fax +47 75 13 92 00/ +47 75 13 92 09 www.-15. A tour of Grønligrotta cave will show you what the forces of nature have achieved over hundreds of thousands of years. 11. DE SYV SØSTRE (THE SEVEN SISTERS) (910-1072 M ABOVE SEA LEVEL) N6 Legendary mountains with marked hiking trails.: longer opening hours Welcome to Rana Museum! We offer a range of cultural adventures and activities for the whole family all year round.visithelgeland.helgelandmuseum. overalls and gloves are standard equipment. HELGELAND MUSEUM. +47 75 11 01 33/+47 75 11 01 00 rana@helgelandmuseum.no Season: 01. A fascinating area with magical adventures for the whole family.petterdass.no Season: 25. Wonderful photo motifs and spectacular views are guaranteed.historic road over the Korgfjellet mountains.no www.08. Folk museum.06.no Season: 01. +47 75 13 25 86/+47 472 33 858 www. with emphasis on agriculture. you have a panoramic view of the Okstindan peaks.-31. “Blood Road" . HELGELAND MUSEUM . Drive to Røvassdalen. which is open daily. the shipping lanes and the islands beyond. The Ranheimbrygga quayside building in Hemnesberget: a collection of maritime artefacts.08. From hunting station to German fort. and our two outdoor museums. GRØNLIGROTTA CAVE Grønli N-8617 Skonseng Tel.-Sun. Tues.NORWAY'S MOST BEAUTIFUL BRIDGE A work of art in steel and concrete links together the boroughs of Leirfjord and Alstahaug.-31.skulpturlandskap. Stenneset and Bredek.917 metres above sea level. The museum presents the story of clergyman and poet Petter Dass (16471707). activities and guided tours.08. 10.. June-Aug. Mediaeval church with a well-preserved mausoleum from the 1600s. +47 75 11 01 00/+47 957 84 168 leirfjord@helgelandmuseum.12. Hemnes Folk Museum at Bjerka: a farmyard with a history dating back to about 1500 AD.-Fri. ARTSCAPE NORDLAND M6 – SANDNESSJØEN www. +47 75 06 80 28/+47 911 26 506 heroy@helgelandmuseum. are presented in the historical buildings at the vicarage. DØNNES CHURCH K5 Open for guided tours during the summer and by appointment the rest of the year.01. BRUNESET CULTURE AND HISTORY TRAIL L6 Leirfjord. HELGELAND MUSEUM.no "Around" by Waltercio Caldas. ADVENTURES IN THE REALM OF SVARTISEN Farthest north in Helgeland we find the realm of Svartisen with its spectacular natural surroundings.-31.08.06.no Season: 25. kamkake.06.no Season: 10. Amongst other things. 1. and more. but it has now become a museum./fax +47 75 17 01 50/ +47 75 17 01 51 post@korgenfjellet. ARTSCAPE NORDLAND – LEIRFJORD L6 www. Svartisen is Norway’s second biggest 31 . a museum shop and Margrethe’s Café.korgenfjellet. We promise you a wonderful experience. Northern Norway’s highest mountain. Sat. Prices from NOK 250 pp. at the mountain lodge. 22 N-8624 Mo i Rana Tel. headlamps.setergrotta.08. Hard hats.06.no “House of Winds" by Sissel Tolaas. The Bergh-brygga quayside building is beautifully situated in Nedre Leland.08. The building houses a shop from the late 1800s with the original interior furnishings intact and a selection of items that illustrate what the shop sold up until it was closed down in the 1980s. Sporty and exciting 2 hour guided tours once or twice a day. I10 HEMNES BRANCH N-8646 Korgen Tel. Alstahaug church and the buildings in the courtyard are also open and offer exhibitions. Norway's second biggest glacier.00. Voted Norway’s most beautiful church in 2007. HELGELANDSBRUA M6 . The Zahl family ran Nordvika for 200 years and five generations. built in 1940-45. impressive marble veins and a subterranean river. OKSTINDAN (OKSSKOLTEN) “NORTHERN NORWAY’S HIGHEST MOUNTAIN" Korgfjellet.-31.NORDVIKA OLD TRADING POST L5 Near Solfjellsjøen N-8820 Dønna Tel.helgelandmuseum. fantastic caves.06.no www. Also open at weekends in July. Iron Age graves. and the only illuminated one. Fantastic view of the archipelago.no “Wheel of Friendship/Circle of Strength" by Ciido Meireles.no Season: 01.gronligrotta.no www.08.. HELGELAND MUSEUM.05. ARTSCAPE NORDLAND K5 – DØNNA www. Local and regional history. set in scenic surroundings. HELGELAND MUSEUM. 8646 Korgen Tel.00-19.no www. fishing and social conditions. +47 959 74 497/+47 75 16 23 50 info@setergrotta. Nordland’s oldest preserved trading post comprises a number of buildings and is a veritable mosaic of the stylistic ideals of various different epochs.00 daily. New exhibitions on show every summer. horseback riding and an impressive marble palace.08. MOUNT VETTFJELLET N6 (244 M ABOVE SEA LEVEL) In the old days beacons (veter) were lit here to warn of an enemy’s approach. the Rana Art Society gallery. SVARTISEN / AUSTERDALSISEN GLACIERS N-8624 Mo i Rana Tel.06. Experience dramatic natural phenomena like gigantic mountain halls. Grønligrotta cave is the Nordic region’s best known and most visited limestone cave.-31. we have culture and natural history exhibitions. There are marked paths up to the top with a view down to the Alstahaugtunet courtyard. Norway’s 8th biggest glacier. MOUNT DØNNAMANNEN M5 (858 M ABOVE SEA LEVEL) Marked trails from both Teigstad and Breivika.helgelandmuseum. View of the Svartisen Glacier.00-15.-31.-Fri. 21 km north of Mo i Rana.no Season: March – December On the summit of Mount Korgfjellet. 16. ruins of a German fort from World War II.no www. The paths provide fantastic views of the entire archipelago. N5 HERØY BRANCH Herøy Folk Museum N-8850 Herøy Tel.helgelandmuseum. Based on one of the region’s major collections of artefacts.skulpturlandskap. +47 940 36 357 donna@helgelandmuseum.00-16-00. Sale of coffee for a period of three weeks after Midsummer’s Eve. F10 RANA BRANCH Fridtjof Nansens gt. LEIRFJORD BRANCH L7 Bergh-brygga Nedre Leland N-8890 Leirfjord Tel.06. Coffee and museum shop.skulpturlandskap.no Season: 01. Opening times: Mon.

Hot food and catering on request.08.01.no www.01. Miniature golf. Nordvollvegen 7 / magsteir@online. The trip continues along a 3 km long trail up to the glacier.no rd www.12.no rd rd* www.06.helgelandmuseum.00.01. Lovund J4 Spiseriet Fabelaktig 3483 24 400 Sleneset. www.no ko www.gronligrotta.-31. Characteristic mountain formations. 3D Cinema and 20. Whole roasted leg of kid (goat). sea kayaking.12. Built with the help of Russian and Polish prisoners of war.12. LOVUND COASTAL CULTURE CENTRE Bryggodden N-8764 Lovund Tel. www. tips and suggestions.-31. HELGELAND MUSEUM. Outdoor water slide.kystfort@helgelandmuseum. homes. courses. Langneset F4 Oscarbrygga AS 375 09 11 99 Tonnes. Mid April to Mid August.polarsirkelsenteret. traditional/international style and the world’s northernmost coffee roaster. 01. The glacial arm known as Austerdalsisen is in the borough of Rana and can be reached by ferry over lake Svartisvannet. “Puffin Arrival Day". Guided tours by prior arrangement. J7 NESNA Havneveien 1 / Movegen 22 N-8700 Nesna Tel. Nina's lavvo (tepee). It is located in an old fish factory. German coastal fort built between 1942 and 1945. the Grønligrotta. Outside is a memorial over Yugoslavian and Russian prisoners of war. mountain char fillets. etc. +47 75 11 01 88/+47 952 79 695 nesna@helgelandmuseum. idyllically situated in the harbour area. SUMMER ACTIVITIES (3+47) R5 Visitvega 375 03 53 88 / 479 07 132 Gladstad.00 Home-made food for young and old on cosy premises and at reasonable prices.-31.01. We serve local specialities. birdwatching and a number of restaurants serving traditional food made with local ingredients.good food.31. Part of the building has been given a new frontage this year.-31. % Mon.05. March-December % 08.12. 32 .no B14 Polarsirkelsenteret 375 12 96 96 Saltfjellet / post@polarsirkelsenteret. www. One of the best museums on the coast of Helgeland.no All facilities.-31.00. largely from the surrounding district. Langneset – a pleasant place by the sea. Korgfjellet F11 Bimbo Veikro (roadside tavern) 375 15 10 01 Mo i Rana. Sandnessjøen J15 Sæterstad Gård 375 18 51 40 Varntresk. Good food and overnight accommodation at the venerable Klokkergården.no J6 Nesna Feriesenter og Motell AS 375 05 65 40 / 906 74 314 Nesna.no Season: 01. Sjåberget 3 / post@nesnaferie. mystery tours.no Arrangements for overnight accommodation in camping cabins and fisherman’s cabins (rorbu). creating an exciting interaction between older and new architecture.08.havogfritid. and a view of beautiful Helgeland.net rkd* www. www. Langneset / post@langneset. Sturdy footwear is recommended.01.no Season: 20. Daily in summer. 01.no www.31.no rd www.-31. 01. One of the best preserved German coastal forts in Norway. 670 m above sea level. Organized trips for individuals and groups.08. www. The ferry runs daily during the summer and the crossing takes about 20 minutes.no Farm restaurant with a wood-fired baker’s oven. Spiseriet Fabelaktig offers a tasty menu based on excellent ingredients.polarsirkelsenteret.00. Perfect for the family. +47 75 12 96 96/+47 918 53 833 post@polarsirkelsenteret. Coffee.000 puffins arrive every year on April 14. Sat.no J3 Langneset 3483 24 400 Sleneset. Inside there is a souvenir shop.petterdass. approx. The museum in Nesna is located in the Klokkergården building and on Zahl’s old business premises.06. Rest of the year: by prior arrangement only.oscarbygga.-31. Burial site for Soviet prisoners of war to the south of the fort. rkd* www.langneset. TRÆNA Norway’s oldest fishing village.as rk www.glacier.00-22.no Season: 01. everything from basic snacks to tasty 3-course meals.08. 01.-31. lunch and dinner. The Arctic Circle Centre’s restaurant offers excellent home-made food. cinema and restaurant. cakes. HELGELAND MUSEUM I6 – GRØNSVIK COASTAL FORT N-8735 Stokkvågen Tel.langneset. Sea kayak: rental.01.06.01. Exhibition open during the summer. Saltfjellveien 34 D10 Grønligrotta – Cave 375 13 25 86 / 47 23 38 58 Grønli. 31. www.-31. See legend on page 9 01.no rkd www. intimate pub with fireplace and outdoor service. Rana B14 Polarsirkelsenteret 375 12 96 97 Saltfjellet J2 Restaurant Maaken 375 09 20 30 Lovund RorbuHotell.lovund. spacious souvenir shop. Margrethe’s Café offers an inspiring menu based on local food traditions and ingredients. on the E6.-31. 20. Skonseng.lovund.12.-Sun.no Season: 01. 01. salted and baked mountain char.kulturverkstedet. THOUSANDS OF ISLANDS that offer spectacular countryside and a wide range of activities and attractions like hiking. Marked and easily accessible path up to the puffin colony.12. The invisible borderline of the midnight sun has been made visible here with the help of a marble path and a number of menhirs.15.10.no www.no J6 Hav og Fritid (Sea and Leisure) 3915 94 340 / 75 05 66 95 Nesna. POLARSIRKELSENTERET . Welcome. 01.visitvega. Vevelstad O6 Petter Dass Museet 375 07 55 70 Alstahaug. The fort has been partially restored and signposted.07.12. Sjøgata 22-24 K10 Korgenfjellet Kro og Motell AS 375 17 01 50 Korgen. The centre also houses an excellent exhibition of paintings by painters from Helgeland.-31.31.08./fax +47 75 09 20 30/ +47 75 09 20 39 post@lovund. Hattfjelldal M9 Fru Haugans Hotel AS 375 11 41 00 Mosjøen. old boats.05. Mid April to Mid August. It covers an area of no less than 370 km² and has 60 glacial arms.12. local fish dishes.seterstadgard.-14.no 01.08. bread baked in a stone oven. Open at weekends starting in April.no Ellenstuen: Á la carte restaurant in the oldest part of the hotel (1866) .12. Home-made traditional fare served in historic surroundings. RØDØY Spectacular view from Mount Rødøyløva.no k www.05.00-16.01. cakes. Á la Carte. 10. Mountain lodge with excellent food and drink. Arctic Circle certificate.01.07. Vega / post@visitvega. white beaches.polarsirkelsenteret.12. guided tours. 01.no FOOD AND DRINK (3+47) P7 Handelsstedet Forvik AS 375 03 71 25 Forvik. 10. 01. Welcome! POLARSIRKELSTIEN – THE ARCTIC CIRCLE TRACK 12 km long.THE ARCTIC CIRCLE CENTRE Saltfjellet N-8250 Rognan Tel. etc.no cAH{WUR]Ob U cvHUE\]b cH{bq Y 15.-20. 01. fisheries history. Lurøy Restaurant with local ingredients.06. deep-sea fishing.00-22. 07.06.08. paddling trips. sandwiches and an extensive coffee menu.nesnaferie.helgelandmuseum.no rd www.-31. The exhibitions have been made by the people of Lovund themselves and present our utility birds.-31. Information boards about nature and cultural monuments. % 08. specially adapted hiking and cycling trail on the old Saltfjell road between Sukkertoppen and Bolna.no www.01.fruhaugans.00-22.no 01.excellent ingredients.korgenfjellet. The Træna festival. Strandgata/Sjøgata M9 Kulturverkstedet 375 17 27 60 Mosjøen.bimbo. +47 75 11 01 85 gronsvik.avec.-Fri.12. Internet café in connection with Scandinavia’s most visited limestone cave.01. The main exhibitions are found in merchant Zahl’s spacious commercial building (built in 1907 and 1953). The Arctic Circle Centre is situated in the heart of the Saltfjellet mountains.no rkd www. CLIFFSIDE NESTING COLONIES IN LOVUND About 200.

it was late before we got back from our fishing trip.com © FRANK ANDREASSEN . even so. he replied. www. in the autumn.northernnorway. we asked one of them what time they went to bed. there were children outside playing in the midnight sun.

National Park .SALTEN Meløy Beiarn Gildeskål Bodø Saltdal Fauske Hamsuns Rike European Main Road Regional Road Gravel road Farm track Municipal Border 34 Hurtigruten Coastal Voyage Ferry Hiking Trail Lighthouse Tourist Information Nesting colony Mountain lodge Airport Highway No.

Sentrumsterminalen Bodø / turistinfo@bodo.kommune. Storjord TEL (+47) SEASON 01.01.no / www. Inndyr. 3 75 56 95 00 3 958 76 306 3 75 75 48 88 3 75 75 48 88 3 454 23 300 3 75 54 80 00 3 75 50 35 05 3 75 58 75 60 3 75 76 06 00 3 75 50 35 21 Moldjord / turistinfo@beiarn. an eldorado for divers and fishermen.Porten til Svartisen.-31.no / www.01. With a population of over 47.-28.no 35 . Summer only 01.mid May Mid May . NORWAY’S NATIONAL MOUNTAIN © FRODE JENSSEN Here you will find everything from the urban pulse of the metropolis to blissful peace and quiet in the virgin countryside of the national parks.no S9 Gildeskål Kirkested tourist information centre.392 metre tall Stetind. TOURIST INFORMATION CENTRE R11 Beiarn tourist information centre. 417.12. Norway’s national mountain is found here. NATIONAL PARKS: Saltfjellet-Svartisen National Park.mid August 01. 18.08.visitbodo.no / www.no / www. It is the city for all aviation enthusiasts. 01.visitsaltdal. AIRPORT: Bodø Airport. 171 km² Sjunkhatten National Park.visitmeloy. Kjerringøy (Rv 834) booking.05. 682 km² Rago National Park. and the place where you can watch white-tailed eagles from your table at a café in the city centre.-14.12.no O9 Bodø tourist information centre . 2102 km² (overlaps two regions).5 km² STETIND.08.no E8 Tourist information centre Hamsuns Rike.01.Visit Bodø.no S9 Gildeskål tourist information centre.kommune.no W9 Meløy tourist information centre .no / www.no / www.-31.beiarn. too: the 1.kommune. Junkerdal National Park.visitmeloy.12.Nordnes Camp og Bygdesenter Røkland / www.gildeskal.no / www.no / www. Bodø is the region’s centre of gravity. now celebrated by the Hamsun Centre in Hamarøy.12.Visit Bodø.kommune.no / www. where every year the Nordland Festival of Music and the Parken Festival attract big names in classical music and rock.kommune. Sjøgata 3 .01. Holand Halsa / randi@mnu.SALTEN – Whatever you are looking for. you will find it in Salten MELØY GILDE­ SKÅL BEIARN BODØ SALTDAL FAUSKE SØR­ FOLD STEIGEN HAMAR­ ØY TYS­ FJORD PORTS OF CALL FOR HURTIGRUTE SHIPS: Ørnes and Bodø.nordlandsmuseet. Outside Bodø you will find the world’s strongest maelstrom. Salten is also the realm of Knut Hamsun.-31.-31.nordlandsmuseet. Salten is also known for its vibrant cultural life.no U10 Meløy tourist information centre Glomfjord / randi@mnu.kjerringoy@nordlandsmuseet.06. Mid August . Oppeid Hamarøy / post@hamsuns-rike. 01.12.no L8 Bodø tourist information centre .01.no O10 Bodø tourist information centre .hamsuns-rike. the Saltstraumen.no P14 Saltdal tourist information centre .Visit Bodø. Inndyr postmottak@gildeskal. Pluscamp Saltstraumen salcampi@online.saltstraumen-camping. 21. Rv 838 Gildeskål / post@nordlandsmuseet.-31.000 inhabitants. N-8136 Nordarnøy. F.01. N-8130 Sandhornøy. 01.31.31. 01.01.05. N-8250 Rognan.08. Y = lighthouse.hustad-camping.12.net xv www. N-8110 Moldjord. LEGEND H = hotel.beiarngjestegaard.no xazfletw www. 4/16 C. N-8110 Moldjord.12.no drkxflev^ www.01.01. Saltdal P15 Skogly Naturgård Evenesdal.arnoy. 01. F = rooms. R = rorbu (fisherman’s cabin).no drkazfvjwy www. 01.31.14. N-8158 Bolga U10 Glomfjord Hotell Lars Evensensvei 3.31. Saltdal O13 Nordlandia Rognan Hotell Handverkeren 14. Saltdal P14 Nordnes Camp og Bygdesenter Nordnes. 01.ACCOMMODATION .com drazfjbwy^ www.com www.12. R 3/20 G.strandlaks. M = motel.31.01.no flevw www.12.com aev www. C. Saltdal Q16 Junkerdal Opplevelser Junkerdal.halsdammen.12. 01. D 14/52 C.no xaflev gerderi@hotmail.no / kjelling300@hotmail. 01.fjordbua.no xzfcletvb^ www.aamnes. Saltdal O13 Rognan Fjordcamp Sandbakkveien 16.com / evakkristensen@hotmail.orneshotell.nordnescamp. 01.no / post@nordnescamp. 01.12. C.31. 01. N-8255 Røkland.01.01. N-8178 Halsa U8 Reipå Camping N-8186 Reipå 375 75 45 99 9 75 75 47 69 375 75 10 13 347 90 92 21 375 75 25 00 9 75 75 20 96 375 75 13 50 3415 28 522 3478 31 810 375 75 57 74 348 06 63 69 GILDESKÅL. 01.no / nkolberg@online. N-8135 Sørarnøy.no drkaflevi www.com / admin@fjordcamp. Beiarn O13 Halsdammen Hals.fauskehotell.31.no / service@rognanhotell. N-8255 Røkland. 01.01.saltdal-turistsenter. 01. F.31. Saltdal Q17 Graddis Fjellstue .01. T = tepee/tent.polar-bobilutleie.no fev www.no PRICE RANGE ■ Under NOK 500 a night ■ NOK 500-749 a night ■ NOK 750-1000 a night ■ Over NOK 1000 a night 01.12. C.12. 01.no / rantor@online. Saltdal Q15 Saltdal Turistsenter Storjord. Beiarn R11 Kvæl Camping Kvæl.polarcamping. Saltdal Q16 Junkerdal Turistsenter Junkerdal.com aevy / sven. N-8170 Engavågen W8 Furøy Camping Furøy 6. N-8250 Rognan. 01.no / info@glomfjordhotell. N-8255 Røkland. D = cabin. L 6/8 F 6/28 C.no drazfcvbw^ www.31.storjordhotel.31.06. S = Seaside cabin/building.no / firmapost@fauskehotell. T 19/80 C.Camping og Bobilutleie Graddis.kvael. 01. L 8/22 F.31.12.01. D 2/12 C.no / info@orneshotell.arctivity. ML = mountain lodge See legend on page 9 NB: Rates for overnight accommodation are given per cabin/accommodation unit. N-8150 Ørnes W7 Fiskebrygga Bolga. N-8255 Røkland. D.12. N-8255 Røkland.01.jansen@sbnett. Gildeskål Q10 Frantzen Gjestgiveri Strand. N-8255 Røkland. G = guesthouse/boarding house.12.no / firmapost@saltdal-turistsenter. L drkxfjw^ www.31.no xazfcletby www.no / post@krokholmen.furoycamp. and from the lowest priced single room to the highest priced double room.31.kisch@hotmail.01. D 60/123 H 31/120 F.reipacamping.31. SALTDAL.21. 36 . Kjellingstraumen.31.no / post@furoycamp. C. D. / olkristo@online.junkerdalopplevelser. D.12.06. 01. N-8250 Rognan.no / graddis@c2i. D 16/72 C.12.30.glomfjordhotell./FAX (+47) PRICE CAPACITY RANGE TYPE FACILITIES WEB / E-MAIL SEASON MELØY U8 Ørnes Hotell Havneveien 12.com drkxqw^ www.no drkxflevy www. Saltdal Q15 Polar Camping Storjord.31. 01. S 6/49 L. YH = Youth Hostel. Gildeskål R8 Arnøy Brygge Nordhavn.31. D 16/62 C.12.12. 01. D 22/41 C.12.no clevw / post@reipacamping. Saltdal M12 Fauske Hotel AS Storgata 82. N-8255 Røkland.03. D.no drkxafl^w www.krokholmen.no drk www.31.no fletvjbw www.12. C.no / pgukarls@online. FAUSKE Q10 Kjellingstraumen Fjordcamp Bunæs. BEIARN.com drkfv / camilla@storjordhotel.fjordcamp.01. D. G.no zfv www. D. N-8200 Fauske 375 75 71 11 9 911 29 480 375 75 70 65 3991 51 443 3977 01 919 9 941 56 555 3993 26 690 3948 85 380 9 900 45 006 375 56 96 24 3959 66 725 375 56 96 24 3959 66 725 375 56 83 00 3918 43 384 3480 07 687 3920 35 690 375 69 03 15 3951 70 050 375 69 00 11 9 75 69 13 72 375 69 00 88 3481 54 795 375 69 43 41 9 75 69 43 88 3990 31 067 3911 49 006 3934 81 931 375 69 38 55 3950 69 426 375 69 41 03 375 68 24 50 9 75 68 24 51 3951 95 927 3478 56 376 375 69 38 83 3951 72 673 375 60 20 00 9 75 64 57 37 '' ' '' ''' ''' ''' ''' ' ' ''' ' '' '' '' ' '' '' ''' ''' ' ''' ''' '' ''' ' ' ''' ' 24/52 H 3/13 G 25/49 H 6/35 C.com zfcevjwy^ www. E = holiday home.10. Gildeskål R9 Fjordbua AS Kjøpstad.no drk www. D 2/16 D 13/46 F. C = camping. Saltdal O14 Medby Camping Medby.12. 01. N-8250 Rognan. 01.09. 01. 01. D 11/32 F.no www.no / bolgamarit@hotmail.09. M C 1/4 D 5/9 H 82/110 H 01. 01. N-8255 Røkland.com drkazfejw www.junkerdal-turistsent. N-8255 Røkland.no / aamnes@monet. Gildeskål R8 Hustad Camping Hustad. Beiarn Q12 Beiarn Adventures AS N-8110 Moldjord. Saltdal Q15 Storjord Hotel Storjord.12.12.no drkxaqwy^* www.kjellingstraumen. N-8120 Nygårdsjøen.12.01.com www. L = apartment. Gildeskål R8 Krokholmen Krokholmen. L 10/15 G.bolga.01.no fe inge. Saltdal Q16 Skaiti Fjellcamp og Fjelltjeneste Skaiti.01.01. D. F.no / post@arnoy. N-8120 Nygårdsjøen.01.01. 01. N-8161 Glomfjord W8 Åmnes Camping Omnes.12. T 14/14 M 2/8 C.SALTEN COMPANY CONTACT DETAILS TEL.

N-8006 Bodø O9 Rica Hotel Bodø Sjøgata 23. D 16/62 C. Fauske M16 Sulitjelma Turistsenter Daja. Sørfold J7 Helnessund Brygger Helnessund.no dkxfletvb^ www.gjestgiveriet.12.net zfevjbw www. 01. Fauske M16 Sulitjelma Fjellandsby Daja. D 01. 12/48 C.01.12.12. 15.no / post@ness-camping.31.01.online.31. D 7/11 G 26/85 C. 01.saltstraumenhotel.12.hihostels. 01.no drk^ www.01. Steigen H7 Steigen Sjøhus Engeløya.com / post@helnessund. .15.no kxaw / bodo@hihostels. Hamarøy F7 Skutvik Gjestegård N-8290 Skutvik.31.no drxacjwy^ www.turistsenter@sbnett.jakobsbakken.15. 01.no www.no / post@steigen-ferie.01.no www. 01.rica. 01.12.no / post@kobbelv.10.12.31.no / booking@gamlesalten.no w www. N-8006 Bodø 375 54 61 00 9 75 54 61 50 375 51 90 00 9 75 51 90 01 375 54 70 00 9 75 54 70 55 375 56 36 80 3924 30 414 375 51 01 42 9 75 52 49 58 375 50 65 60 9 75 58 75 70 375 58 75 60 9 75 58 75 40 375 58 71 38 3465 40 000 375 58 77 91 3957 25 006 3991 69 551 3909 32 344 375 54 77 00 9 75 52 57 78 375 53 19 00 9 75 53 19 99 375 52 07 04 9 75 52 02 28 375 52 16 99 3996 35 752 375 51 91 00 375 51 91 01 375 50 80 48 97/192 H 191/310 H 113/195 H 45/155 C.no xfle / bodocamp@yahoo. D 26/50 H 20/50 F.saltstraumen-camping. N-8264 Engan.no/no073 / booking.01.tuvsjyen. N-8285 Leines.no / post@sfc.12. D. 01. N-8230 Sulitjelma. N-8003 Bodø O9 Opsahl Gjestegaard Prinsengate 131. 01. N-8005 Bodø O9 Kristensens Pensjonat Rensåsgata 45.steigen-ferie. R 26/47 F 31/42 H 147/330 H 16/32 H 7/9 G 71/113 H 23/71 YH 01. N-8260 Innhavet.12.no / alpin@sulitjelma-fjellandsby. D 01.01.12.no drkxazfclvjwy^* www.sulitjelma-fjellandsby. 01.31.kobbelv.nordlysbuen.01. Steigen F10 Tømmerneset Camping Tømmernes. L drkafletbw www.01.net / post@gjestgiveriet.no drkxaqw^ www.12. N-8006 Bodø O9 Radisson BLU Storgata 2.12.skagen-hotel.no dkxfev^ dkzfcletvbqw www.12.ness-camping.no / post@hamaroyfiskecamp.no / booking@skagen-hotel.bodo@rica.no / nordlys@thonhotels.31. R 10/34 C.12.no drkxzfev sulitjelma. 01.12.bodo@choice.no/hotelbodo / rica. 01. www.05.thonhotels.01.12.01.no drkxaqw^s www.01.bodocamp.01.01. 01. N-8056 Saltstraumen O10 Tuvsjyen AS Tuv.31.01. Steigen J7 Vestfjorden Brygge Helnessund. 01.no / post@lundhogdacamping.com drkazfbwy^ www. 01.no 37 01. N-8289 Våg. Steigen H7 Steigen Tur Engeløya.31.no/bodo xzfltvw www.31.12. N-8005 Bodø O9 Skagen Hotel Nyholmsgata 11.opsahlgjestegaard. N-8290 Skutvik. N-8005 Bodø O8 Bodø Vandrerhjem Sjøgata 57. Hamarøy E8 Hamarøy Fiskecamping Presteid. HAMSUNS RIKE L13 Strømhaug Camping Strømhaugveien 2.12. N-8230 Sulitjelma.31.vestfjorden. 01. Hamarøy E10 Hamarøy Hotel Innhavet.bodohotell. N-8230 Sulitjelma.no xfletvq to.31.sfc.no / salcampi@online.ca@online.01.12.no / post@nordlysbuen.no www.com zfcjbwvestfjorden@live. D 52/104 H 21/84 C.08.no dkxafclevw home. 01. D. C 57/220 C.01.12.no / hotel@isaltstraumen.01. Hamarøy D9 Ulvsvåg Gjestgiveri N-8276 Ulvsvåg. N-8056 Saltstraumen O10 Pluscamp Saltstraumen Knapplund.com / dazfevjwy www. Postboks 53.12.01.no / post@hamaroyhotel. D.31. N-8294 Hamarøy 376 69 71 06 375 69 58 01 3476 78 277 3901 01 004 3917 24 680 3991 67 206 3478 91 660 3995 60 308 375 77 29 55 375 76 55 00 9 75 76 55 01 375 77 15 73 375 77 13 88 375 77 11 17 3473 95 395 18/70 C. N-8285 Leines.12.M12 Lundhøgda Camping og Cafe Lund.no kxfle / kk@norsec. 01.31.31.geitvaagen.12.31.helnessund. N-8261 Innhavet.com / post@tuvsjyen.no xzfletvwy www. 01. N-8056 Saltstraumen O10 Saltstraumen Brygge AS Tuv.31. N-8289 Våg. 01.01. G.01.31.stromhaug. N-8013 Bodø N9 Geitvågen Bad & Camping Geitvågen.06. N-8016 Bodø O10 Saltstraumen Hotel Knapplund.cc.no drzfebwy^ www.31.choice. G.no drkxzfvjqwy^* www.04.hotel. N-8056 Saltstraumen O9 Veteranskipet Gamle Salten Nedre Torg.31.com dw^ www. N-8006 Bodø O9 Bodøsjøen Camping Båtstøvene 1. D 34/65 H 25/62 H.com/hotel-bodo / sales. 01.31.hamaroyfiskecamp. S 2/10 S 16/48 C.12.no / post@opsahlgjestegaard.15.12.no drkxazfcvjbwy^ www. 01.15.no dxavqwy^ www. BODØ O9 Clarion Collection Hotel Grand Bodø Storgata 3.gamlesalten. N-8001 Bodø O9 Thon Hotel Nordlys Moloveien 14. Hamarøy F8 Ness Camping Ness.01. N-8000 Bodø O9 Bodø Hotel Professor Schyttes gate 5.31. Fauske 375 64 39 66 9 917 81 647 375 64 84 01 9 75 64 84 13 375 64 02 90 3953 06 131 375 64 04 33 375 64 06 67 ' '''' '' ' ''' ''' ' '' '' '' '''' ' '' ' ' ''' ' '' ''' '''' ''' '' ''' '' ' ' '' ' '''' '''' ' '''' 17/57 M.hamaroyhotel.radissonblu.31.no / booking@bodohotell.31.grand. 01.no xazfcvbwy bjorulf@online.05. L 3/14 S 7/36 C.no/~fausm / fausm@online. M 22/75 F.12.01. 01. 01. Sørfold I12 Kobbelv Vertshus Sørfjordmo.bodo@radissonblu. N-8226 Straumen.03.31.09.no dkafvwy^ www.no / stromhaug@stromhaug.01.no drkxazfletvbw^ www.01.21.12. 28.01. N-8200 Fauske M12 Fauske Camping og Motell N-8210 Fauske M16 Jakobsbakken Fjellsenter AS Jakobsbakken.08. 01.lundhogdacamping.no dzfcvjbwy www.no dxgqwy^ www. L 18/80 R 5/20 L.12.com dxacqwy^s www.

no Season: 18.no Season: 01.nordlandsmuseet. bunkers and some remains of the encampment and other installations.no www. 01. Bust.00. SULITJELMA MINING MUSEUM Fagerli. A collection of 13 old buildings from Beiarn located at the vicarage from 1857. 11. M16 N-8230 Sulitjelma Tel.06. THE STAVE CHURCH AT SAVJORD Q11 The stave church is privately owned and was built on the initiative of the owner. fishing.7. BEIARN./fax +47 75 50 35 20/ +47 75 50 35 21 www.12. : NOK 40 / over 3 hours.08. Open during the summer season. An idyllic gem at Radioskogen.no www. Café with home-made cakes.com drkxazfevbwy^ www. 10 people by prior arrangement. +47 994 03 000 skyssb@online. Pastries (lefse) and other local products are also available for purchase. FV 830.stetind-hotell. Tysfjord 3997 04 499 3926 02 383 3976 94 348 375 77 41 00 '' '' ' '' 15/40 Y 19 F 1/10 S 16/32 H dkafvw^ www. N-8297 Tranøy. From Holand: 0745a / 1015c / 1045b / 1115 / 1215 / 1315c / 1415 / 1515 / 1615c 1715 / 1830c / 1945c / 2100b.no 38 . guided tours by prior arrangement./fax +47 75 50 35 11/ +47 75 50 35 10 post@nordlandsmuseet.no MOUNTAIN GOAT FARM R13 Leiråmo communal mountain pasture for goats. FAUSKE BEIARN VILLAGE MUSEUM R11 Near the municipal centre of Moldjord N-8118 Moldjord Tel.6 .00-17.01. M16 N-8230 Sulitjelma Tel. The vicarage has its own café and museum shop.nordlandsmuseet.no Season: 18./fax +47 75 50 35 30/ +47 75 50 35 31 post@nordlandsmuseet. Stensland built the church on the basis of photographs he took himself.no www.06. known as “Norwegian Rose. FV 830.08. A collection of artefacts and exhibitions demonstrate. Nidaros Cathedral together with the marble square in Fauske town centre and a number of local buildings.no Season: 18.: NOK 60. 09. FAUSKE FOLK MUSEUM M12 Near Fauske town centre N-8200 Fauske Tel. Gildeskål N-8140 Inndyr Tel. In the summer.00-17. MELØY FOLK MUSEUM U8 Øde N-8146 Reipå Tel. Sulitjelma. handicraft and home craft traditions.no Season: 18. Otherwise by prior arrangement.12. 01. GILDESKÅL R8 Nordarnøy N-8136 Nordarnøy Tel. amongst other things.-Sat.no www.12. SKI TRAILS / ILLUMINATED SKI TRAILS Stormfjell runs an approx.01.-14.no Season: 28.-04. Open during events and by prior arrangement.nordlandsmuseet.-14.00-16.31.nordlandsmuseet.09. Special exhibition about the healer Johannes Brateng. Dates back to 1794 when Elling Pedersen was given a landlord’s licence. Magnus Stensland.D7 Tranøy Fyr Tranøy. Fauske Council’s “Footprints in the North" project. telecom equipment and World War II. CAVES R13 Caves in Gråtådalen valley: Rønnåliholet THE LOG CABIN AT STORJORD Q12 The log cabin is a sales outlet and showroom for local home crafts and is run by Beiarn Husflidslag (home crafts association). +47 75 50 35 20 post@nordlandsmuseet.no www. Sulitjelma. Today.nordlandsmuseet. “Hoppetussa" and Beiarn Rambler’s Association establish keep-fit stations in the Beiarn countryside.12.no / info@tranoyfyr. Learn about life in the dormitory and the establishment of the first permanent school in the village. ØRNES TRADING POST U8 Near Ørnes Hotel N-8150 Ørnes Tel. Open during the season: Wednesday to Sunday 11. Price return trip: Adults NOK 120. Oslo Airport Gardermoen. approx.steigen-ferie.-14.marina@gmail.06.nordlandsmuseet.5 km inside the mountain on board the mine railway.00-16. Exhibition of equipment. 01. .-31.no / post@stetind-hotell.01.01. MARBLE M12 Fauske is renowned for its marble.12. There is also a command tower there.hellandhestesenter. ELIAS BLIX HJEMGÅRD R8 Sandhornøy. Exhibition entitled “Last shift". SULITJELMA VISITORS’ MINE Sandnes. Oslo. N-8297 Tranøy. Sun.01. Guided tours for groups of min. Off-season. Fauske. during Advent and before Easter the cabin is open daily." which has been used to decorate many monumental buildings: The Emperor’s Palace in Tokyo. Walks in the old mining areas. Hamarøy D8 Helland Hestesenter Helland. Granli runs a ski trail at Laukslett.skulpturlandskap.00-16.-28. A trip into the mine is a wonderful experience that takes you 1. N-8297 Tranøy.tranoyfyr.31.svartisen.05.no www.no www.08. Museum shop.-28.31. The mining museum presents the fascinating history of what was once one of the country’s biggest industrial companies and a distinctive mining community.01.no Season: 18. the buildings are used for cultural and historical purposes. 40 km east of Fauske.00. At Meløy Folk Museum our main focus is on the local school history.We also offer camping facilities including electricity and water 2 +47 47 89 16 60 • www. KEEP-FIT STATIONS / HIKING TRAILS Every year “Sprækingen".06. Unique collection of minerals. WORTH A VISIT MELØY BOAT TO SVARTISEN GLACIER W9 Holand Tel. On request it is possible to be present when the goats are milked. SALTDAL. Drop in and view the courtyard with its 15 buildings and various different collections of artefacts associated with agriculture. 40 km east of Fauske. Hurtigrute ships. German coastal fort with 3 guns.06. the UN building in New York. ARTSCAPE NORDLAND R12 Beiarn/Trones "I dag.14. Children NOK 60.00. daily 11. alltid" www. Hamarøy C10 Stetind Hotell N-8590 Kjøpsvik.00.8 Bicycle hire on board the boat. Mine tours daily at 13.31. It is a scaled-down replica of Gol stave church from the mid 1200s.nordlandsmuseet. which is located at the Norwegian Folk Museum in Bygdøy.31. i morgen. GILDESKÅL. Groups of over 20 people: NOK 100 per person Bicycle hire: Up to 3 hours. Exhibitions about the fisherman-farmer. +47 75 50 35 18 post@nordlandsmuseet. menhir and home farm – and not .00 during the summer season.08.com www.-14. Hamarøy D8 Sommersel Marina Sommersel.08.no Season: 18. presented in authentic surroundings. Please contact Beiarn Municipal Council (Beiarn kommune) for further details. Open during the season: Mon.no xazfvb sommersel. NORDARNØY COASTAL FORT. 3 km long illuminated ski trail at Larsoslia/ Beiarfjellet on the RV 813. photographs and ores. daily from 11. Picnicking possible in the museum grounds. From Svartisen: 0730a / 1000c / 1030b 1100 / 1200 / 1300c / 1400 / 1500 / 1600c / 1700 / 1815c / 1930c / 2045b a) Except Saturdays and Sundays b) Applicable 1.no zfcltwy/ kontakt@hellandhestesenter.no 01.06.no www.7 c) Applicable 12. Oslo Town Hall. approx.no Season: 01./fax +47 75 50 35 30/ +47 75 50 35 31 post@nordlandsmuseet.08. Maps and further details are available from the tourist information centre and via posters. otherwise it is only open on Saturdays.-31.nordlandsmuseet. All the building materials used came from his own woods. The old smeltery is found close by.12.00. Ørnes trading post is open every day during the summer. +47 75 50 35 18 post@nordlandsmuseet. +47 75 50 35 15 post@nordlandsmuseet. bus and ferry in immediate vicinity.

670 m above sea level.no www. The world’s densest stock of white-tailed eagles. Several departments with candles of the finest quality made on site from wax and stearin.no Season: 01. Thurs. SALTDAL MUSEUM O13 – THE FOLK MUSEUM Near Rognan town centre N-8250 Rognan Tel. N-8140 Gildeskål Tel.no www.08.00-18. music. the mountain in the famous hymn “O. N-8005 Bodø Tel.no Season: 20. Marked pathways up to the quarries.00 ORCHIDS S9 The calcareous soil on the Inndyrhalvøya peninsula provides the right conditions for 26 species of orchids. approx. Open daily during the summer. Gildeskål main church from 1881 and folk museum. www. 10 people when booked in advance.-28. Visitors’ centre with information and activity based learning about the national parks in Nordland.08.nordlandsmuseet.no www.00-17. approx.info 39 . Inside there is a souvenir shop.explorenordland. A visit to Kjerringøy Trading Post is like a trip back in time to a completely intact environment from the 1800s.-31.THE ARCTIC CIRCLE CENTRE Saltfjellet N-8250 Rognan Tel.no www.kjerringoy. daily 11. Your hosts offer guided tours and serve food and drink. POLARSIRKELSENTERET T16 . The best preserved mediaeval church in Nordland.. Sundby.06. special food experiences.12. Experience the realm of the sea eagle. N-8255 Røkland Tel.00. There are also war memorials at Stamnes.00-17. high up above.. Sat.0019.no LØP GÅRD FARM O9 The farm is on the road to Kjerringøy (Rv 834).00-17. Rv 838.no Season: 01.00.no Season: 18. The vicarage was built in c. daily 11./Fri. Not far from the Junkerdalsura Nature Reserves. Explore Nordland offers custom-made trips and adventures for individuals and groups of all sizes. 1750. Junkerdal National Park and Saltfjellet National Park. Turn off the Rv 17 at Skaugvoll.00-18. see the audio-visual show “Anna Elisabeth of FOTO: EVEN ENOKSEN/BIG PICTURE Culture and nature on one of Norway’s most beautiful cycling routes. Open by prior arrangement.08.-14. 10. I know of a land" (Å eg veit meg et land). You can see them all year round here.00. Welcome! SALTDAL MUSEUM O13 – BLOOD ROAD MUSEUM Near Rognan town centre N-8250 Rognan Tel. Guided tours during the summer season.12. 11.06. +47 75 50 35 35 post@nordlandsmuseet. Blood Road Museum has been adapted for wheelchair users. Specially adapted hiking trails in the immediate vicinity.no www. It was built up by pictorial artists Oscar and Harald Bodøgaard and their families. Otherwise by prior arrangement all year round.00 -18. BODØ EXPLORE NORDLAND O9 Pb 877 N-8001 Bodø Tel. In Saksenvik about 4.5 km from Bodø city centre.01.artic-lys. BLOOD ROAD O13 The stretch of road between Saltnes and Saksenvik was called “Blood Road" by the prisoners of war who worked there.-01.bodogaard.havornklubben. +47 75 12 96 96/+47 918 53 833 post@polarsirkelsenteret. Nordland has a lot to offer. sea and mountains. NATURE AND CULTURE TRAILS IN SALTDAL The Arctic Circle trail in the Saltfjellet mountains. Sun.no www.-28.no www.10. The idea is to give customers the particular adventure they are looking for. Fully licensed café.-31.00 – 17. overnight accommodations and a Sámi settlement.-14.05.08. boat-building and World War II.no Season: 18.no Season: 01. 2. In 1995 this became its official name. NORDLAND NATIONAL PARK INFORMATION CENTRE Q15 Storjord (38km south of Rognan) N-8255 Røkland Tel. or sea eagles. HAVØRNKLUBBEN O9 – THE SEA EAGLE CLUB Sjøgt. Mon./fax +47 75 68 07 00/ +47 75 68 07 01 firmapost@artic-lys.08. Bodø is also home of the only Sea Eagle Club in the world. +47 75 53 23 05 post@nordlandsmuseet.no Season: 01. 40 km north of Bodø L8 N-8093 Kjerringøy Tel.nordlandsmuseet.12.nordlandsmuseet. cinema and restaurant. THE MILLSTONE QUARRIES IN SAKSENVIK O14 In Saltdal millstones were hewn out from the type of rock known as garnetmica-schist from about 800-1850 AD. +47 75 50 35 05/+47 468 16 750 booking. The Arctic Circle Centre is situated in the heart of the Saltfjellet mountains. approx.least Mount Sandhornet. +47 992 34 972 post@explorenordland.-31. In summer there is a café and souvenir shop in the Skippergården building from 1750. Join this exclusive club and help take care of the white-tailed eagles. GILDESKÅL PARISH S9 Inndyr. War memorials.nordlandsmuseet.nordlandsnaturen. N-8070 Bodø Tel. on the E6. and is Northern Norway’s biggest private collection of art and cultural-historical artefacts. Outside is a memorial over Yugoslavian and Russian prisoners of war.01. Candlemaker’s and adventure centre. The Elias Blix Jubilee will be celebrated with tableaux and walks around the parish and the hamlet of Våg.00. Location: 5 km north of Rognan town centre.08.no www. Old farm with proud traditions. +47 75 54 80 00 A vigilant eye. 14.05.no www.-Fri. Rv 834. 700 m from the E6. Guided tours are also possible.no Season: 18. +47 75 50 35 20 post@nordlandsmuseet. KJERRINGØY TRADING POST Kjerringøy. The stones were used to grind corn.00.info Season: 21. 11.kjerringoy.no www. and approx. Røkland. Daily screenings of a war documentary film in the Bøttentrøahuset building near Skippergården. Sun.polarsirkelsenteret. Gallery Bodøgaard is located on historical ground approx.06.12. Open daily 11. including hybrids. the Storjord Nature and Culture Trail.-14. THE WAR CEMETERIES IN BOTN O14 Yugoslavian and German cemeteries.05. shop at the old country store. history. Storjord and the Arctic Circle.00. Activity area with moorings. +47 907 20 843/+47 951 65 164 galleri@bodogaard. Its diversity is revealed in its art.06.kjerringoy@ nordlandsmuseet.000 stones a year were carved out. Parts of the building are 300 years old and have been home to a senior government official and a skipper. is found in Bodø.-31./fax +47 75 69 24 00/ +47 75 69 24 01 post@nordlandsnaturen. 3 N-8006 Bodø Tel. In summer there is a café in the idyllic farmhouse.05. fishing. Blood Road Museum shows the plight of prisoners of war under the German regime of 1942-45.nordlandsmuseet. The invisible borderline of the midnight sun has been made visible here with the help of a marble path and a number of menhirs.no Season: 05. www. +47 75 50 35 35 post@nordlandsmuseet. Guided tours of Blix courtyard and the Blix monument recounting the history of this famous hymn writer are available to groups of min. Specially adapted with information about culture and nature. GALLERY BODØGÅRD O9 Skeidalen 2.no www. ARTIC LYS & DESIGN P14 Røkland. 7 km north of the city of Bodø..11.0018.00. Sailing on outstretched wings. Folk museum with a number of timehonoured buildings and many interesting artefacts pertaining to agriculture.00. Take a guided tour or walk around on your own. Follow the E6 to the information board and car park.

00.no www. Engeløy i Steigen N-8289 Våg Tel. 40 km north of Straumen in Sørfold N-8226 Straumen Tel. N-8294 Hamarøy Tel. Up until today. 15 km from Misvær. Sat. well marked pathway through an area with abundant ancient monuments from the Iron Age. STEIGEN FORTIDSPARK . coastal-alpine landscape sheltered from the ocean by a crown of small islands.30 Longer hours during the summer.06. KNUT HAMSUN’S CHILDHOOD HOME E7 Hamsund.30 during the season. The gallery is within walking distance of the Hamsun Centre. 09. Open Mon.no www.-14. Steigen Council’s “Footprints in the North" project.12..06. Pay a visit to the house where the author Knut Hamsun grew up. and all of the buildings have been relocated here from various sites round about in the county of Nordland. m³ of water pass by at speeds of up to 20 knots and are pressed through the 3 km long and 150 m wide strait between the Saltenfjord and the Skjerstadfjord.skjerstadasvo.06.no www.no Season: 18. The area was bought by the Nordland Museum in 1938.urtehagenptofte.no/turistinformasjon CHURCHES • Bodø Cathedral from 1956 O9 • Bodin Church from 1240 O9 • St. SØRFOLD MUSEUM L12 Straumen. Visit Café Tunet in the mansion’s lounges and gardens. N-8005 Bodø Tel.no www. Drop in and see the exhibition “Our City" which provides an insight into the history of the city from 1816 and up until today. THE NORDLAND MUSEUM.-31.08..08. Famous as location for films based on Knut Hamsun’s novels. 15 km north of Fauske N-8226 Straumen Tel. is a pearl on the coast of Nordland.. Festvåg-Misten. THE COTTER’S FARM IN KJELVIK I12 Kjelvik.Kjerringøy." Guided tour by prior arrangement.01.no www.00. You can try flying yourself in one of our flight simulators. Here you will find everything that belonged on a smallholding. or in the Vikkastua where we serve a basic lunch or baking from our wood-fired baker’s oven. with objects linked to the author and his family. Guided tours of the doctor’s house./Fax +47 75 50 78 50/ +47 75 50 78 83 flymuseum@luftfart. Open Monday to Friday 08.00-17. Guided tours every hour on the hour.visitstetind.06.00.no Season: 18.hamaroygalleri. Our shop offers many exciting products made from herbs and honey.bloggspot. +47 75 77 51 00 poassta@arran.no Tysfjord Museum consists of two branches at Korsnes and Kjøpsvik.-14. Eysteins Catholic Church from 1983 O9 • Saltstraumen Church from 1886 O10 • Kjerringøy Church from 1883 L8 • Rønvik Church from 1997 O9 • Misvær Church from 1912 O11 • Skjerstad Church from 1959 O11 THE HERB GARDEN AT TOFTE Misvær.STEIGEN HISTORY PARK H7 One of the richest archaeological areas in Northern Norway.no www.00. NORWEGIAN AVIATION MUSEUM O9 Olav V gt. N-8100 Misvær Tel. approx.09. The reconstruction of Nyholms Skandse is part of a project to strengthen the historical lines of defence all the way back to the time before Bodø became a city. Exhibition entitled “By boat through the current – a voyage back to Husøyvær.12.05.08. islets and skerries. Batterie Dietl is one of Europe’s biggest World War II coastal fortifications." towers 1. 40 .-31. +47 951 55 525 hanna. ferry crossing. The museum also offers a 1200 year old silver treasure and exhibitions about Sámi culture in the Salten region.06.00.-31.nordlandsmuseet. daily 11. art installations.kommune. The Hamsun Centre is dedicated to the author Knut Hamsun (1859-1952). Sámi multi-activity centre: Museum with exhibitions about Sámi culture.00-15.museum. shop and café. www. The phenomenon occurs every 6 hours when almost 400 mill. 11.00-18.nordlandsmuseet.nordlandsmuseet.00-16. Starfighter and U-2. THE WORLD’S STRONGEST MAELSTROM/ TIDAL CURRENT O10 Experience one of the wonders of the world at close quarters./Sun. The old shop sells handiwork.08.nordlandsmuseet. Major Hamsun exhibition in the tower.com Located in the heart of Misvær’s beautiful cultural landscape.asvo@sbnett.hamsunsenteret. half an hour’s drive north of Bodø.-Sun. Open daily during the summer season. history and ethnicity. The guided tour will help you familiarize yourself with the environment in which Hamsun grew up. both branches have been run by local museum societies which for many years have laid down a formidable amount of voluntary work in order to preserve the buildings and collect artefacts.museumnord. Adults NOK 110 / children NOK 55 / Seniors and students NOK 80 / Groups NOK 80 / Families NOK 330. In one of the boathouses we find the only Nordlandtype cargo vessel (jekt) in the country. BODØ O9 Prinsensgt 116.12.00-18. the country store. www.08. Rest of the year Mon.-14. Experience the exciting history of aviation.com Sale of locally produced knitwear.15 km from the E6. Flower and herb garden with old perennials from the vicarage gardens. Tourist information. NORWAY’S NATIONAL MOUNTAIN – STETIND B11 Mount Stetind. Library and conference facilities." and take part in activities and events.no Season: 18.08. Winter: special opening hours. On the E6 ca. on the RV 81 N-8294 Hamarøy Tel.no ARRAN LULE-SÁMI CENTRE Drag – 6 km from the E6 D10 N-8270 Drag Tel.-14.no www.no Season: 18./Fax +47 75 53 93 51/ +47 75 53 96 30 skjerstad.01.-14. NYHOLMS SKANDSE FORTIFICATION O9 www. +47 917 04 323/+47 902 08 337 post@hamaroygalleri. +47 75 50 35 45 post@nordlandsmuseet. approx. as motif in Karl Erik Harr’s paintings and as the theme of some of Halvdan Sivertsen’s songs. or join a guided tour. N-8100 Misvær P11 Tel. +47 75 50 35 00 post@nordlandsmuseet. 40 km north of Bodø.no www. N-8294 Hamarøy Tel. books and Fair Trade products.00-16. Opening times: see web site. 5 km from Oppeid.no Season: 18. cotter’s farm and smithy.no www.no Season: 18. N-8004 Bodø Tel. daily 11.museum. +47 75 50 34 50 post@nordlandsmuseet.00-15.00-18.00. open at weekends./fax +47 75 77 63 50/ +47 75 50 35 40 post@nordlandsmuseet.no www. Sámi smallholding in a scenic setting.bodo. new and exciting artists and works of art are presented every summer. Library.no Season: 01. The trading post of Breidablikk from 1845 is an important meeting place in the village. Small souvenir shop and rudimentary café.no www.no www.00. on the Rv 81 N-8294 Hamarøy Tel.06. +47 75 50 35 45 post@nordlandsmuseet.12. on the RV 81. and to which he so often returned in his works and his memoirs – “my home was poor.06.no www. 09.08. Information boards along the pathway make this an eventful historical walk which starts at Steigen Church. Folk museum built up around the old doctor’s surgery at Laskestad.00. approx. on the RV 812. BODØSJØEN FRILUFTS MUSEUM O9 – OUTDOOR MUSEUM Bodøsjøen. Play and learn about the air on your own.. Open: 09.nordlandsmuseet. Enjoy the fantastic view from the museum control tower.no www. Sat. SKJERSTAD ASVO O11 Sandkollen. 11. Location: On the RV 834.tidslevold@sbnett. Engeløy i Steigen N-8289 Våg Tel. In one of the gun emplacements there is an exhibition recounting the daily life of the soldiers. daily 11. +47 75 50 35 00 post@nordlandsmuseet. Some refreshments available. 11.-Fri. STEIGEN FOLK MUSEUM H7 Laskestad. HAMSUNS RIKE HAMARØY GALLERY E8 Oppeid.no Season: 01. Location: Sandkollen.-14. Sigrid Szetu is permanent exhibitor at the gallery.-14. like the Spitfire. 11. Enjoy the smell and taste of the herbs in the herb garden.no Season: 01.932 metres straight up from the fjord like an obelisk in the mountains. +47 75 77 29 43/+47 909 25 505 post@hamaroyvekst. the “Anna Karoline. Additionally. Otherwise open by prior arrangement. 2 km from the city centre N-8005 Bodø Tel.00-17. +47 75 50 34 50 post@nordlandsmuseet.00-15. A picturesque.no Season: 01. also known as “God’s anvil. 11. Sámi woodwork and handiwork.01. but so infinitely dear to me." BATTERIE DIETL H6 Bø. Cultural events in the culture hall throughout the year.-31.-01. Time has stood still here since the last inhabitant left in 1967. This museum in the heart of Straumen town centre presents a new and fascinating exhibition based on textiles and handiwork. KJERRINGØY L8 Kjerringøy. Accessible to wheelchair users. The museum reflects a multicultural perspective.no www.nordlandsmuseet. TYSFJORD MUSEUM C10 Rådhuset N-8590 Kjøpsvik Tel. SALTSTRAUMEN. gold and silversmith’s. as well as being a contribution to Bodø as a coastal city.nordlandsmuseet. Good. Exhibition of pixies in the barn.00. The museum is a popular spot for outings among the people of Bodø. war workers and not least the local inhabitants of Engeløya during the war years. HAMARØY FOLK MUSEUM E8 Oppeid.00-17. THE HAMSUN CENTRE E8 Presteid. “The Doctor’s Wife’s Little Café" serves pastries (lefser) and cakes in the lounge or in the garden.no Season: 23.nordlandsmuseet.00-15.00.arran.00. See famous and infamous aircraft at close quarters. skin rugs with traditional print motifs and other home craft products.-Fri.. daily 11. +47 75 50 35 42 post@nordlandsmuseet. Marvellous view from the rooftop terrace and balconies in the lofty tower." Film show.no www..no Season: 25.nordlandsmuseet.luftfart. +47 474 68 566/+47 75 77 55 06 post@museumnord.01. 10 min.margrethe.nyholms-skandse.no The fortification at Nyholmen was set up in 1810 to protect the factory at Hundholmen (later to become the city of Bodø) against attack by English war ships that were blockading the Norwegian coast during the Napoleonic War.00-18.

12. Tranquillity. 8 rooms with 19 beds.kommune. Hike to Nesstraumen.no O13 Cycle and culture trail 3454 23 300 Nordnes O13 Outdoor life and Hiking Trails 3454 23 300 Nordnes O13 Fishing in Saltdal 3454 23 300 Nordnes O13 Saltdalsopplevelser (Adventures) 3906 67 067 Rognan. snorkelling and spa.no Exotic food and overnight accommodation in a tepee (lavvo). Food and refreshments.com HAMSUNS RIKE F8 Ness Camping 375 77 13 88 Ness.08. caving and activity trails. Families. spectacular scenery. See legend on page 9 @H{E]|OM VHL c v f 01. Guiding in 8 languages.00. www.01.09.visitsaltdal.30. guided tours.21 August Tel. Cultural adventures.09. Spa & well-being centre with 6 saunas.arctivity. Hire your own boat or join a local fisherman. www.saltdalsopplevelser. Easy access to Junkerdal 15. 01. Manned mountain farm offering various activities. www. white-tailed eagle safaris.no J7 Helnessund Brygger AS 3476 78 277 Helnessund.hamaroyhotel. 41 .01.no 27.geitvaagen. the borough of national parks. www. Skutvik / post@ness-camping.com Photo safari in the 7 sea currents.01. www.09. returning at 15. Calm and relaxing surroundings.04.06. FAUSKE M12 Arctic Rib Event AS 3957 24 517 Fauske. All over Nordland.no Daily trips to Saltstraumen.Riding lessons.com National Park. Departure from the Hurtigrute docks at 12. www.no 01.no O9 Nordlandsbadet – water park 375 59 15 00 Plassmyrveien 11 / firmapost@bodospektrum.06.com Complete supplier of adventures at sea and on land all year round. Riding camps in the summer.no E10 Hamarøy Hotell 375 77 55 00 Innhavet / post@hamaroyhotel. 01.no D8 Helland Horse Centre 3926 02 383 Tranøy / kontakt@hellanhestesenter. Prices per cabin from NOK 350 to NOK 650 a night. fishing. C10 Brødrene Johansen Skyssbåter (Ferry services) 375 77 43 29 Adventure tours on the Tysfjorden. “Pelle Land" and Frisbee golf. www.kisch@hotmail.no O13 Halsdammen 3480 07 687 Rognan.visitsaltdal.30.12. Sørgrenda 1 / saltdalsopplevelser@gmail. Egen sykkelbrosjyre er utarbeidet og kan fås hos Saltdal kommune.01. Leines / post@helnessund. www. Daily trips from Knaplund / info@saltstraumen-adventure. 01.01. Courses/conferences. Salmon fishing in a regulated pond. fjords and mountain lakes. an outdoor pool. massage showers.com 01. whirlpools and river rapids.com H7 Steigen Tur (Adventures) 3995 60 308 Engeløya. we provide the necessary training.05. www.01. Miscellaneous: outdoor equipment hire.no O10 Saltstraumen Hotel 375 50 65 60 Knaplund / hotel@isaltstraumen. courses and conferences.12. rivers and watercourses.no 01. An eldorado for deep-sea fishing with a view of the Lofoten Islands.no 01. 01.06. spa and hot tubs at Saltstraumen.08.ness-camping. Boats for hire.06.12. Saltdal. AvHL{S]OM AHF{|b AvH{U\b vROX H{] 01.31.06. Guided kayak tours. Fantastic views of Landegode and the midnight sun. Find peace and quiet for life at Ness.-31. Hals / post@halsdammen.31. water slides. kayak rental.09. V@TUE0y v{OX BODØ O9 Bodø Sightseeing 375 56 30 00 Sandhorngt 39 / post@bodosightseeing. Excellent fishing in rivers.bodospektrum.31. Gode forhold for sykkelturer. Fishing.visitsaltdal. zC hzcz?zFzYzbzszmzkzizwz« z www. www.31.01. Water park with several pools. The river Saltdalselva is known as the queen of salmon rivers.no 01. pb 96 / post@arcticrib. 01.no O9 Bratten Aktivitetspark – Activity Park 375 59 32 70 Bratten / postbratten@bodo.05. Fishing in the sea.31.no p bq AY We offer activities like fjord safari.01. NCC / KNA members 10 % discount. Boat transport to Hellemobotn / the Kjøpsvik / fjortur@online.bratten. offers excellent scope for hiking and a wide range of marked trails. www.01. Geitvågen Bad og Camping Season: 28 May .bodosightseeing.halsdammen.06. and exclusive fittings and architecture. Våg / bjorulf@online.15. www.12.hellanhestesenter.12.31.no the world’s strongest maelstrom. 5 m high-diving platform.SUMMER ACTIVITIES (3+47) SALTDAL.10.12. Røkland / sven.31.no 01. www. www.Nature Adventures 399 42 76 06 The fjord. 31. Café. (+47) 992 66 069 10 km north of Bodø.12.no 01. www.bodospektrum. All necessary equipment available on site.21. Overnight accommodation.saltstraumen-adventure. Majestic mountains and white-tailed eagles. 2 jacuzzis. 01. (+47) 75 51 01 42 – Fax (+47) 75 52 49 58 Off-season: tel. Reduced weekly rates available.no Exciting adventures including river sport.com 15. climbing.31.helnessund.31.08.04.com O14 Skogly Naturgård 375 69 38 83 Evenesdal.12.saltstraumenhotel.30. AvTHJE\bq AvH{E\|Mbq {|]O O10 Saltstraumen Naturopplevelser .01.31. www.no 01. cave. Visit the isles and skerries of Steigen.com 01.no border trail.01.31.12.no O9 Spektrum Spa og Velvære (Spa & Well-being) 375 59 15 00 Plassmyrveien 11 / firmapost@bodospektrum.

-31.-31. electric cars. Fishing in the sea. an outdoor pool. % 08.15. Cultural adventures.com M16 Sulitjelma Fjellandsby (alpine skiing centre) 3953 06 131 Sulitjelma. traditional “møsbrømlefse". Plassmyrveien 11 / firmapost@bodospektrum. www.12. Jernbanegata 12 O13 Perlys Gatekjøkken 375 69 00 08 Rognan. glacier hiking and winter activity trails in North Norwegian countryside.01. 01.-31.12. electric cars. receptions (we stay open until your event is over). See legend on page 9 01. guiding post@bodosightseeing. pizza. offers a wealth of scope for hiking and a wide range of marked hiking trails. seating for 50 people.05 www.01.12. % 15.no 01. www.00-20. % 10.no kd www. vans. Boats for hire. Røkland / sven. Beiarn R11 Frantzen Gjestgiveri 375 56 96 24 Moldjord. Krokholmen Q9 Fjordbua AS 375 75 70 65 Kjøpstad. 01.01. minibuses. hot dogs.08.no O9 Spektrum Spa og Velvære (Spa & Well-being) 375 59 15 00 Bodø. Try Rigmor’s famous waffles. activities and overnight accommodation in 50 modern apartments. BEIARN.00).strandlaks.no O9 Nordlandsbadet (water park) 375 59 15 00 Bodø.00. vans. FAUSKE R8 Arnøy Brygge 3948 85 380 Nordarnøy.-31. % 09. www.08. Nygårdsjøen R11 Beiarn Adventures AS 375 56 83 00 Storjord and Moldjord. Good service.00 www.00-18.fauskehotell. catering and HGV parking. touring.31. chicken. light meals and cakes/sandwiches. % 10. % 10. Welcome to AVIS! bo6@avis.bodosightseeing. Spa & well-being centre with 6 saunas.01.11. 01.no Calm and relaxing surroundings.-31.bodospektrum. 01. 01.06. Daja / alpin@sulitjelma-fjellandsby. too.00-21. voted best roadside inn on the road from Trondheim to Bodø (NHL Guide).no HF6=>:5V TRANSPORT (3+47) U8 Meløy Tur og Minibusservice (Touring and Minibus Service) Buses: 13-49 seaters available for assignment. transfer.. 16. www. local dishes.12.00-20.04.12.no 30.no Serves only home-made food. Storgata 82 P14 Anne Lises Kafé og Gatekjøkken 375 69 35 20 Røklandsenteret.arctivity.00-19. We serve breakfast.12. Please contact us for group reservations. Sightseeing. lorries and trailers. food and drink. lunch and dinner.saltdal-turistsenter.no Passenger cars of all sizes.avis.01.-31. % 14.-14. Restaurant and take away.12. 11. 01. Plassmyrveien 11 / firmapost@bodospektrum.12. dinner.00 01.-31. massage showers.no / www. lorries and trailers.12. 16.no / www.12. and exclusive fittings and architecture.12.saltdalsopplevelser.01.30 Fast food.01.krokholmen.01. % 12. 01.no kd kd www. Granittveien 1 / 3976 05 701 swgund@start.00-18.01.00 Lunch.00-20. Sandhorngt 39 / post@bodosightseeing.bodospektrum.31. 7.00 (peak season) 01. Nordhavn R8 Krokholmen 3993 26 690 Sørarnøy.00 Traditional fare. 11. 01. Exciting caving adventures.budget.31.bodosightseeing.01.00-20.01.no / www.com O14 Skogly Naturgård 375 69 38 83 Evenesdal. 01. Voted best roadside café on the road between Trondheim and Bodø (NHL Guide).00-20.00-23.31.00 Hot meals.31.no Passenger cars of all sizes.09.12. Catering in our fantastic Sámi turf hut. SALTDAL.04. Handverkeren 14 O13 Oasen Kafé 375 68 10 13 Rognan. 09.00 rd www.05. Røkland O13 Norlandia Rognan Hotell 375 69 00 11 Rognan.12.00 Á la carte.no p QB HAMSUNS RIKE E10 Hamarøy Hotell 375 76 55 00 Innhavet / post@hamaroyhotel.. 01.30-21.31. Fjordbua offers good food in a picturesque setting.04 % 08. 02. Strandgata 119 Q15 Saltdal Turistsenter 375 68 24 50 Storjord.12.12.00. 01.-09. Røkland O13 Shanbin Mathus 375 69 10 88 Rognan.09.no 6<7=:5S0v BODØ O9 Bodø Sightseeing 375 56 30 00 Bodø. soft ice cream. www.fjordbua. Open 24 hours a day There is a fully licensed restaurant in the Sandhornhuset building. 2 jacuzzis.kisch@hotmail.com v 0@y }6<=>: 01. cakes and sandwiches.no rkd www. meeting rooms. water slides.meloy-minibusservice.12.30-23.01.-31.00 42 .12.no rd Á la Carte and basic menu.09.-30.-15. We serve traditional fare and other dishes. 01.01.junkerdal-turistsent. søn 12. flexibility and touring buses. Water park with several pools.12. Departures from the Hurtigrute docks at 12.arnoy.no Saltdal.sulitjelma-fjellandsby.00.00 / 02.00 Chinese.no / www.visitsaltdal.no rkd* www.00-22.WINTER ACTIVITIES (3+47) SALTDAL.01. 01.no kd kd www.-31.no rkd www.01.00-18.01.00 (peak season) Café33 offers an extensive and exciting menu (from 10.01.05. whirlpools and river rapids.31.- Meløy.00. Strandgt M12 Fauske Hotel AS 375 60 20 00 Fauske. Ørnes.no FOOD AND DRINK (3+47) GILDESKÅL.01. % 12. www.31.06. Håndverkeren 13 Serve food based largely on local tradition.12.no Daily trips to Saltstraumen. 01..12. % 10. catering and cakes.00-16. Sørgrenda 1 / saltdalsopplevelser@gmail. cave.05.-15.30-22. Røkland P14 Artic Lys & Design 375 68 07 00 Røkland Q16 Junkerdal Turistsenter 3911 49 006 Junkerdal.no kd kd* www.-31.no 01. Bodø Centre O9 01.31. % 06.01. 01. punctuality.. 09. Røkland P14 Nordnes Camp og Bygdesenter 375 69 38 55 Nordnes. Sandhorngt 39 P8 Budget Bilutleie 3948 04 333 Bodø Lufthavn AVIS Bilutleie 375 54 10 00 Bodø Airport P8 + Nyholmsgt.30. Welcome to Budget! bodo@budget. hamburgers. Open 24 hours a day.01. 5 m high-diving platform. FAUSKE P14 Outdoor life and hiking trails 3454 23 300 Nordnes. Indoor and outdoor service.09-30. % Man-lør 10. borough of national parks.01.no O9 Bodø Sightseeing 375 56 30 00 Bodø. barbecue dishes.00-21.nordnescamp.artic-lys. www.no 20. Alpine skiing centre with ski lift. pizza. Røkland O13 Saltdalsopplevelser 3906 67 067 Rognan. Mountain farm offering arctic wilderness adventures in the Junkerdal National Park. Guiding in 8 languages.rognanhotell.-21.09. minibuses. We serve nothing but home-made food.no rkd rkd www. returning at 15. rivers and watercourses.12.hamaroyhotel.

no rd www. 27 O9 Mon Ami 375 52 24 80 Bodø.no rkd www.00-23. specials and home-made cakes. Havnegata 1 O9 Farmors stue 375 52 78 60 Bodø. Home-made local food. Home-made traditional fare. stone baker’s oven. Re.01. 01.00-20. % 10.12.15. 01. % 08. Receptions. – the world’s most beautiful journey.00 Enjoy local and international dishes in the fishing village of Helnessund. The Coastal Route – make your journey an adventure.00-16.kobbelv.00 + by prior arrangement Local ingredients in traditional dishes together with new exciting tastes and culinary compositions.30-15.-31. Basic lunch dishes. from 14.08. Norsk Luftfartsmuseum.See legend on page 9 Q15 Storjord Hotel 3951 72 673 Storjord. Storgata 12 O9 Café Gidsken 375 50 78 50 Bodø.no rkdwww.00-16. 08. RIB rides in the Saltstraumen Svartisen – Norway’s second biggest glacier Cycling – The Seven Sisters peaks (De Syv Søstre) Mount Torgatten just outside Brønnøysund Kystriksveien Reiseliv as P. there’s only one place in town: Big Horn. 01.-Sat.00-23. Facebook: Dorotheas Fryd 18.no 43 © MARTEN BRIL / WHITETAIL AS .O.01.12. Sun.-31.08.12. kd www.00 Mon Ami Café and Bistro.storjordhotel.no rd www. Outdoor service.-31. % 11. Box 91 N-7701 Steinkjer Tel.luftfart.-31. Kongens gt.01. Sun. Order our travel guide for a wealth of practical information.00 Cosy.helnessund.00-17.06. 01.museum.00 (18.00-18.00.com rkd* www.06.-Fri. 01.hamaroyhotel.00-18.12.tranoyopplevelser. 11.no kd www. reception rooms.00 Kystriksveien A 650 km long stretch of road between Steinkjer and Bodø with some of the most beautiful countryside the Norwegian coast has to offer.-31. Leines I12 Kobbelv Vertshus 375 69 58 01 Engan. Available in English and German.bighorn. Sat.-31.01.no www. 15.12. 08. % Mon. +47 74 40 17 17 post@kystriksveien. Olav V gt.-Fri. 11. Á la carte menu based on local ingredients.01. 10.-28.00.monamibodo.00.no rkd www.01. % Mon. local cheeses and home-baked bread. Sat. Our cosy pub is open at weekends.00) Museum café serving the best waffles in town in addition to lunches and sandwiches. 01.12.00-23. Visit our website for reservations and the best travel tips. The best steaks in town! When you fancy a decent steak.-31. an oasis of temptation and a pleasant atmosphere in the heart of the Glasshuset arcade in Bodø. % Mon.no rkd* www. Kobbelv i Sørfold Café.01.00.00 HAMSUNS RIKE D7 Tranøy Opplevelser 375 77 22 00 Tranøy i Hamarøy E10 Markens Grøde Spiseri 375 76 55 00 Hamarøy Hotell J7 Feskarkroa 375 77 85 40 Helnessund i Steigen.no BODØ O9 Big Horn Steakhouse 375 51 25 40 Bodø. Røkland Local home-made food.kystriksveien. 01. old-fashioned café serving home-made food based on ecological ingredients.12.farmorsstue.-15. % 08.

breakfast from NOK 985 07.Bodø . Dinner of the Day Incl.00 Start your holiday adventure here. breakfast from NOK 660 Double room Incl. Skutvik . Adventures await you. +47 454 23 300 Fax +47 454 23 400 www. A night on the town or freshly caught cod on the campfire outside your tent. Saltdal is also known for its wealth of culinary and cultural traditions. valleys and fjords have a special place in our hearts. Find peace and quiet in untouched.no Nordland National Park Information Centre Storjord. peaks.Svolvær Soft ice cream – Boat rental – Bicycle hire – Tourist info Ferry timetables – Sale of fishing permits – Visitor’s PC with free use of the internet – Wireless internet A Saltdal Tourist information Centre Nordnes. information and nature guidance will provide you with a basis for your experience of the national parks.nordlandsnaturen.visitbodo. Its mountain plains. N-8255 Røkland Tel. The Saltdal countryside is inviting. Steamy concerts or blissful peace and quiet.NOK 49 Tasty Treat . Adrenalin kick activities or relaxing encounters with a timeless culture. You will also find the Nordland National Park Information Centre here. Come to Saltdal! Let us make your reservation on The Lofoten Ferry. coffee NOK 151 Coffee Break . where the arctic begins.NOK 85 Or choose from our extensive menu.nordnescamp.no www. Whether you are here for two days or two weeks. beautiful and pristine natural surroundings. N-8255 Røkland Tel. 2 213 km2 Rognan Saltfjellet/Svartisen National Park and Junkerdal National Park ALWAYS OPEN – ROOMS Single room Incl. where exhibitions.city on the world’s most beautiful coast Unique countryside or urban delights.com Saltdal – Borough of National Parks Saltdal 4 887 innb.00 – 23. +47 75 69 24 00 post@nordlandsnaturen. Read more at www.no 44 © TERJE RAKKE/NORDIC LIFE . adventures and experiences are waiting in line in Bodø. and you can explore their wonders on your own or together with a guide.

and is as variable as we are. It is the sum of us all. Welcome! • Batterie Dietl • Steigen Folk Museum • Hamarøy Folk Museum • The Hamsun Centre • Knut Hamsun’s Childhood Home • The Cotter’s Farm in Kjelvik • Sørfold Museum • Fauske Folk Museum • The Nordland Museum • Kjerringøy Trading Post • Løp Farm • Bodøsjøen Open Air Museum • Sulitjelma Visitor’s Mine • Sulitjelma Mining Museum • Saltdal Museum • Blood Road Museum • Gildeskål Parish • Beiarn Folk Museum • Ørnes Trading Post • Meløy Folk Museum Sulitjelma Visitor Mines Kjerringøy Trading Post . History is not just something that happened a long.The Hamsun Centre Join an adventure tour in Salten! Our activities will be inspired by our new adventure tour concept – an incredible journey through time and history. History is in the making all the time. long time ago.

a diving pool with 1m. sauna with salt-water vapour. +47 75 59 15 00 www. Two jacuzzis. steam sauna. one indoors. relaxation sauna with eucalyptus vapour. children’s pool. Heated benches. Spa & Wellbeing Centre This is one of the country’s most impressive spa and well-being centres with its exclusive furnishings and architecture. badminton. infrared sauna).made for adventu re Nordlandsbadet Water Park Norway’s most modern indoor water park has a number of pools of all shapes and sizes. Finnish sauna. water mushrooms.bodospektrum. massage showers. caves with a current channel. a training and therapy pool. tropical rain forest. The resort also includes a 600m2 outdoor sunning and play area with free sunbeds. wave pool. The facility offers 6 different saunas (meditation sauna with therapy music and aromas. saunas and a café offering service in wet and dry zones. Consumer friendly admission fees that also allow access to the water park. ice grotto and quiet rooms for relaxation and meditation. volley ball and an outdoor pool. one out. footbaths. several fountains. You can bathe as long as you like here. outdoor pool.no . jacuzzis. The well-being unit has an 18 years age limit and beers and wines are served in the bar there. including an exercise pool. 3m and 5m diving boards.. 3 water chutes of which one is 85 metres long and includes light and sound effects. 46 Tel.

177nordland.© Bjørn Erik Olsen The car ferry service from Skutvik Svolvær The road to Lofoten leads through the Realm of Knut Hamsun! © Nordland fylkeskommune/ Tore Schöning Olsen Travel information: www.no .

LOFOTEN European Main Road Regional Road Gravel road Farm track Municipal Border 48 Hurtigruten Coastal Voyage Ferry Hiking Trail Lighthouse Tourist Information Nesting colony Mountain lodge Airport Highway No. National Park .

road links with the mainland. Bacalao and stockfish.info S4 Værøy tourist information centre . 01.info M4 Leknes tourist information centre . In Lofoten you can enjoy a holiday in a fisherman’s cabin (rorbu) together with your freshly caught cod.08. Røst Airport. 01.12. or lazy days at a hotel with gourmet restaurants along the quayside. Leknes Airport. 20.08. Svolvær.03. Helle.info / www. Farthest out to sea lie the islands of Værøy and Røst and the famous Moskstraumen.Fergeleie Røst / postkasse@rost. 3 76 09 31 10 3 980 17 564 3 454 92 186 3 76 08 75 53 3 75 42 06 00 3 76 06 98 07 Ramberg / postmottak@flakstad. Værøy Heliport. TOURIST INFORMATION CENTRE N3 Ramberg tourist information centre TEL (+47) SEASON/OPENING TIMES 15.no / www.06.info V3 Røst tourist information centre .Værøy fergeleie Værøy / turistkontor@varoy.kommune.no / www.01. car ferries and fast passenger boats offer the traveller a wealth of opportunity when planning a trip here. Hurtigrute ships. has always spellbound its visitors. Mountain hikes.-25.-31.06.lofoten. extending from Vågan in the northeast to Røst in the south-west.Leknes Sentrum Leknes / vti@online. 01.LOFOTEN – Lofoten has enough adventures for a lifetime RØST VÆRØY MOSKE­ NES FLAK­ STAD VEST­ VÅGØY VÅGAN PORTS OF CALL FOR HURTIGRUTE SHIPS: Stamsund.-31.info 49 © TERJE RAKKE / NORDIC LIFE / INNOVASJON NORGE © TERJE RAKKE / NORDIC LIFE / INNOVASJON NORGE This archipelago in the Vestfjorden. .lofoten.09.kommune. surfing and relaxing walks along chalk white beaches can be combined with midnight sun golfing or a visit to some of the many exhibitions and galleries that the region has to offer.info J7 Svolvær tourist information centre Svolvær / t-info@lofoten. Svolværgeita peak and Mount Vågakallen – Lofoten has it all.06.-20.lofoten.info P4 Moskenes tourist information centre .12.lofoten.lofoten. mountaineering.01. AIRPORTS: Svolvær Airport.-16. Three airports.08.Moskenesvågen Fergeleie Sørvågen / tour-off@lofoten-info.lofoten.no / www.no / www.no / www.kommune. 01.-31.

Moskenes Q4 Å Rorbuer & Brygga Restaurant Sørvågen.12. LEGEND '' ''' '''' '''' '' '' ' ''' '' '' '''' ' '' '' '''' '''' '' '''' '' '' '' '' '''' '' '' 21/42 H 27/98 R.12.30. Vågan J7 Nyvågar Rorbuhotell Storvåganveien 22.svinoya.no dkzfcletvjwy www. T = tepee/tent. N-8300 Svolvær.no www. ML = mountain lodge TRANSPORT (3+47) Arctic Buss Lofoten AS (coach hire service) 3926 99 060 / post@arcticbuss. transfer.visitlofoten.06.no xazfcletvw www.12.no / firmapost@skjaerbrygga. R.01.visitlofoten.15.no drxazfcvjbqwy^o www.com drkzfclvjbwy^ www.01. 01.no/lofoten / drzfcvwy^ www./FAX (+47) 376 05 08 00 9 76 09 60 40 376 09 23 05 9 76 09 24 40 376 09 11 21 9 76 09 12 82 376 09 12 11 9 76 09 11 14 376 09 30 20 9 76 09 49 00 376 05 46 00 9 76 05 46 01 376 05 44 30 9 76 05 44 31 376 05 50 60 9 76 08 71 11 376 07 19 99 9 76 07 09 09 376 06 90 00 9 76 06 90 01 376 07 18 33 9 76 07 18 77 3476 70 100 9 76 07 09 09 376 06 99 30 9 76 07 48 98 376 04 90 00 9 76 04 90 49 376 07 65 00 9 76 07 65 01 376 07 08 70 9 76 07 08 54 376 07 22 22 9 76 07 20 01 376 07 86 20 3992 34 231 376 07 88 00 9 76 07 80 03 376 07 45 00 9 76 07 88 13 376 06 98 80 9 76 06 98 81 376 06 97 00 9 76 06 97 01 376 07 81 45 9 76 07 88 13 376 07 45 00 9 76 07 88 13 376 07 47 50 9 76 07 47 30 PRICE CAPACITY RANGE TYPE FACILITIES WEB / E-MAIL SEASON 01. N-8380 Ramberg. www. N-8300 Svolvær. Kaiveien 11 / lofoten@bybus.svolvar-hotell.nyvagar.skjaerbrygga.D.01.31. 01. N-8300 Svolvær.kabelvag. Trollfjord and coastline cruises for Sumgroups.31. 01.henningsvaer.01.01. N-8310 Kabelvåg.F 12/50 L 30/60 H drkxazfcj^ www.hotel.no www. G. S 27/54 H 55/222 H.thonhotels.12.12.as / booking@visitlofoten.09. E = holiday home.arcticbuss.01. N-8310 Kabelvåg.31.T. YH 30/120 R 28/121 R.no / drxay^ www.visitlofoten.05. Vågan J7 Svinøya Rorbuer Gunnar Bergs vei 2. N-8300 Svolvær. 01.01.no / post@statles. N-8392 Sørvågen.no J7 Lofoten Sightseeing 3918 31 419 Kabelvåg.no J7 Lofotferga AS .06. Vestvågøy M4 Best Western Lofoten Hotell Lillevollveien 15.01.31.no / post@lofoten-suitehotel.01.31.no drxafvjbqwy^ www.31.lofotferga.visitlofoten. S. L = apartment.08. 01.as / lofotensummerhotell@visitlofoten. M = motel.Catamaran 3918 31 419 Kabelvåg / post@lofotferga.H.LOFOTEN COMPANY CONTACT DETAILS V3 Røst Bryggehotell Røst.lofotenferie.visitlofoten.31. We offer the hire of comfortable tour buses.no xazfclvj www. 01. N-8370 Leknes.31. 01.01. YH = Youth Hostel. Vågan J7 Lofoten Suitehotel Havnepromenaden. www.12. E 161/240 H 48/96 H 63/120 H 147/280 H 6/22 E. C = camping. N-8370 Leknes.31.31. 01. Vågan J7 Thon Hotel Lofoten Torget. 01. 01.20. we help create your adventure.31.as / post@lofotferie.12. F = rooms.01.com drk / booking@kabelvaghotell. N-8301 Svolvær.01. 01. N-8310 Kabelvåg. N-8310 Kabelvåg.01. Vågan TEL.ACCOMMODATION . Vågan J7 Lofoten Rorbuer Jektveien 10. N-8310 Kabelvåg.no rzfcvwy^ www.no / post@lofoten-rorbuer. Vågan K6 Henningsvær Bryggehotel Hjellskjæret. 01. 01.no With pleasure. N-8305 Svolvær.31. N-8312 Henningsvær.31. Vågan J7 Rica Hotel Svolvær Lamholmen.08.no azfevbqw^ www.31.com www. Flakstad L5 Skjærbrygga Rorbuer Skjæret.no drxafvw www.12.31.no drzfcq^ www.01.no / booking@henningsvaer. knowledge and service. N-8310 Kabelvåg.31. 01. D = cabin. Vågan J7 Lofoten Sommerhotell/Lofoten Vandrerhjem Finnesveien 24. tour production and sign-up tours. C 28/56 H 17/62 R. 20.as / service@vestfjordhotell.31. N-8064 Røst P4 Eliassen Rorbuer Hamnøy.15. Vågan J7 Sandvika Ørsvågveien 45. N-8300 Svolvær.hotel-aurora. Vågan J7 Lofoten Summer Hotell Sivert Nilsens gate 21.12.no drawy^post@svolvar-hotell.bybus.no / resepsjon@hotel-aurora. mer 50 .12.12. Vågan J7 Kabelvåg Feriehus & Camping AS Møllnosen / post@lofotferie.no drkxaw^lofoten@thonhotels.rica.12. 31.no / rica. Moskenes Q4 Å-Hamna Rorbuer Å. N-8392 Sørvågen. 01. 01. N-8301 Svolvær.09.lofoten-rorbuer. Vågan J7 Hotel Aurora Sjøgata 6.no www.visitlofoten.statles.31.01.no drkzfcvwy^ www.no / booking@nyvagar.S. Vågan J7 Tyskhella Sjøgata 25.rostbryggehotell.01. Y = lighthouse.31.01.no PRICE RANGE ■ Under NOK 500 a night ■ NOK 500-749 a night ■ NOK 750-1000 a night ■ Over NOK 1000 a night H = hotel. 01. 01. Moskenes N4 Nusfjord AS Nusfjord.svolvar@rica. 01. N-8390 Reine.31.no drxajwy^s www.L.lofotenhotell.no J7 Lofotferga AS 3918 31 419 Kabelvåg / post@lofotferga.nyvagar.as zflvw / info@lofotenferie. Vågan J7 Kabelvåg Hotell Kong Øysteins gate. Vestvågøy J7 Best Western Svolvær Hotell Lofoten Austnesfjordgt. Vågan J7 Vestfjord Hotell Fiskergata 46.no / post@svinoya. sightseeing.com / post@kabelvag.01.31. Vestvågøy M5 Statles Rorbusenter AS Mortsund. 01.no / service@lofotenhotell. Vågan J7 Lofoten Rorbuferie Vikabakken 23. 01.no zfcvwy www.no 01.no drfcvjy^ www.no xzfcvwy www.05.as / post@sandvika-camping. N-8340 Stamsund.12. Explore the highlights of Lofoten with us. S = Seaside cabin/building.19. N-8310 Kabelvåg. 01.no NB: Rates for overnight accommodation are given per cabin/accommodation unit.rorbuer. F H.01.12. T.no / bojohans@online. L 36/98 H.12.15.no The M/S “Alba": Comfortable catamaran for charter tours to Lofoten. YH 46/250 R 19/120 R 60/118 H 60/260 R 28/58 H 50/95 H 2/37 R.02. N-8300 Svolvær. the Trollfjord and tours of the archipelago for groups.no / booking@nusfjord.C.01. R = rorbu (fisherman’s cabin).no / kabelvag@hihostels.12.no / rorbuer@online.as drxazfcevwy^ www. G = guesthouse/boarding house.lofotensommerhotell. The M/V “Gamle Lofotferga" – the Old Lofoten Ferry – is Lofoten’s own charming vintage vessel. 03.11.12.no drkzfcvjwy^ www. www. 01.no drkxawy^ www. and from the lowest priced single room to the highest priced double room.lofoten-suitehotel. 12.01. R 21/116 R.

lofotmuseet. cod-liver oil factory. together with audio-visual aids are used to present this important.01. Wild boar. – 15. bakery (fresh cinnamon rolls in summer) and gardens. Winter by appointment 02. Set in beautiful scenic surroundings: A comprehensive. REINE CENTRE OF ARTS AND CULTURE / GALLERY EVA HARR P4 MUSEUM NORD J7 – LMUSEUM NORD . New exhibition and film in June 2011 about the chieftain Olav Tvennumbrunni..00.NARVIK Storvågan N-8310 Kabelvåg Tel.09. Open to the public: the crofter’s cottage.. which by many is referred to as the Golden Age of North Norwegian painting.00.no www. Mini-cinema screening films about minke whaling. and an art and souvenir shop.11.LOFOTEN AQUARIUM THE NORWEGIAN WHALERS’ MUSEUM P4 Storvågan N-8310 Kabelvåg Tel. LOFOTAKVARIET J7 . Reine Kultursenter N-8390 Reine Tel. +47 76 07 15 73/+47 915 95 083 post@galleri-lofoten. traditions and the lives of the fishermen in this food store of an archipelago. Sense an aura of history in an authentic environment from the 1800s. fisherman’s cabins (rorbu) and a boathouse with traditional Nordland-type boats.no www.-31. Magic Ice has an atmosphere that has to be experienced from within.-16.no Season: 03. Literature Festival. 26.12. 18. Exhibition of artist Eva Harr’s oil paintings and graphic art. Sculptures and installations made of ice. Experience Lofoten’s fascinating underwater world at the Lofoten Aquarium.02. rest of the year open part-time. Lofotr Viking Festival 3-7 August.no/nfmuseum Season: 01. family friendly coastal museum with buildings from the 184050s in the old centre of Å. Landowner’s residence with gardens. fishing ports and trading posts. tell us of nature.05-01.00-22. the family and the Vikings.01. watch a film in our cinema.magicice./fax +47 76 09 14 88/ +47 76 09 15 66 nfmuseum@lofoten-info www. The museum at the end of the road in Å. the Minke Whale.08.-30.no Season: Open during the summer 23.no Season: 15. Prestegårdsveien 59 N-8360 Bøstad Tel. souvenirs. Å i Lofoten N-8392 Sørvågen Tel.01.kvalfangermuseet.no Season: 01.05. Reine Kultursenter N-8390 Reine Tel. Guided tours in several languages.galleri-lofoten.mid August Artefacts and whaling equipment./fax +47 76 07 40 11/ +47 76 07 40 12 post@magicice.-10.09-22. Reine Ord. Art and souvenir shop. Lofoten House Gallery can boast of Norway’s biggest collection of North Norwegian paintings from the period around the turn of the last century. try your hand at archery or axe casting. boathouse.WORTH A VISIT MUSEUM NORD .05.00-22.lofotakvariet. On the E10. Bookshop.12. buy souvenirs or just enjoy a cup of coffee and the fantastic view. Whaling and Politics. +47 76 07 86 65 post@lofotakvariet. country store.no Season: Daily from 03. exciting and endangered part of Norwegian coastal culture: Whaling History.no www.NORWEGIAN FISHING VILLAGE MUSEUM Q4 sheep in the yard. Our coastal history comes to life through audiovisual shows and exhibitions about the Lofoten Fishery. +47 76 09 10 10/+47 990 38 068 info@reinekultursenter.lofoten-info. Jenssen. +47 417 90 724 post@kvalfangermuseet. big. ugly. You will find cute. the Whaler and his Boat. 12.no www..lofotr.reinekultursenter. see genuine Lofoten cod. The gallery offers a sales exhibition of oil paintings. The biggest Viking Age building ever found. +47 76 06 97 90 lofotmuseet@museumnord. blacksmith’s. LOFOTR VIKING MUSEUM L5 LOFOTEN HOUSE GALLERY Henningsvær Q4 Tel.no www. Guided tours. Row the Viking ship.no Season: mid June . 15 km from Leknes. small and peculiar fish and marine animals here. 2-5 June.no www. Summer sales exhibition of the works of guest artists Terje Langaas and Ellen Lenvik. Family friendly. Say hello to Loffe the Seal and Ottar the Otter. dramatically illuminated together with photographs and music. photographs and a multimedia show by Frank A. 4 km south of the Moskenes-Bodø ferry.06. +47 76 08 49 00 vikingmuseet@lofotr.-25. MAGIC ICE J7 Fiskergata 36 N-8300 Svolvær Tel. contact us for details.12. horses and Viking 51 . pictorial art and textiles.no www. the Hunt and the Kill. Screening of Frank A Jenssen’s audiovisual show “Whales and Eagles".-14.08.09.no 01. An idyllic spot by the original harbour in Storvågan.06.

www.lofotferga. local ingredients.01.lofoten-opplevelser. Hjellskjæret J7 Magic Ice 376 07 40 11 Svolvær.01. Torget 01.-31.no K6 Lofoten Opplevelser 3905 81 475 Misværveien. nature and killer whale safaris.no J5 Lofoten Golf Links 376 07 20 02 Hov. Ramberg V3 Røst Bryggehotell 376 05 08 00 Røst M4 Best Western Lofoten Hotell 376 05 44 30 Leknes.thonhotels.henningsvaer.00-01.01.04. www. White-tailed eagle.12.no K6 Lofoten Opplevelser 3905 81 475 Misværveien. Courses and conferences.01.12. Overnight accommodation in rooms and apartments. Climbing.31. 01. Pb 61 / post@lofoten-opplevelser.01.08. www.boat or on foot. Lofoten Opplevelser offers nature safaris in large RIBs.arcticguideservice.06. Lillevollveien 15 L5 Skjærbrygga 376 05 46 00 Stamsund.no Kayaking or trips on snowshoes or skis with a local guide.01.no/lofoten rk+ 52 © JANN ENGSTAD . % 18.00 The best of Lofoten. Fiskergata 36 J7 Thon Hotel Lofoten 376 04 90 00 Svolvær. Golf pro.12. FOOD AND DRINK (3+47) N4 Karoline Restaurant 376 09 30 20 Nusfjord.no Summer www.12. tell the story of nature.12.lofotengolf.12. See legend on page 9 We offer you a complete package including food and adventure tours by bus. Trollfjord tours and fishing trips from Svolvær Town Square every day throughout the summer. Fiskergata 36 / post@magicice.nusfjord.31. www.00 www.no The hotel restaurant. Storeidmyra 70 / lofoten@arcticguideservice. Trollfjord & Shoreline cruises for groups. Fish dishes all year round. traditions and the lives of the fishermen. 01.12. We serve a lavish summer buffet with lots of delicious ingredients.-31.no J7 Lofotferga AS 3918 31 419 Kabelvåg.00-01. 26. together with music 01. dramatically illuminated.no www.00-22.magicice.no We offer you a complete package including food and adventure tours by bus. tell the story of nature.01.no v@TO WINTER ACTIVITIES (3+47) M4 Arctic Guide Service 376 06 09 70 Leknes.06. Capacity: 50 people. Outdoor service in the summer. Events. We serve a variety of fish and meat dishes based on the best ingredients that Lofoten has to offer. overnight accommodation in rooms. www. Welcome! 01.no J7 Lofoten Charterbåt (Charter Boat) 3916 17 941 Svolvær. www.00-23. Hov / post@lofotengolf. 01.no J7 Lofotferga AS 3918 31 419 Kabelvåg.10.12. The best place to see the Northern Lights. Fiskergata 36 / post@magicice.northernlightsbasecamp. Trollfjord & Shoreline cruises for groups. Kaiveien 11 / post@lofotferga.magicice.08. scenic and famous.no J7 Lofoten Aktiv AS 3992 31 100 Kabelvåg.00. % 12. Eco-tourism at its best. 01. Torget Svolvær / post@lofotencharterbat. www.01.no and photographs. 01.31.02. Necessary equipment available for hire.no J7 Magic Ice 376 07 40 11 Svolvær. Midnight sun golfing.no J7 Lofoten Aktiv AS 3992 31 100 Kabelvåg.01. apartments or tepee (lavvo).no J7 Northern Alpine Guides 3942 49 110 Svolvær / seth@alpineguides. Storeidmyra 70 / lofoten@arcticguideservice. light show.lofoten-aktiv.06. Sculptures and installations made of ice. Outdoor service available throughout the summer.10.-31. together with music 01. Restaurant. Open for groups off-season. Lofoten Opplevelser offers nature safaris in large RIBs.no J7 Lofoten Golf Links 376 07 20 02 Gimsøysand.-15.12.lofoten-opplevelser.10. Music. dramatically illuminated.no vH{E]I|OM cv{U|Ob H] cAvgHEX W{E\M^ ] 4 01.rostbryggehotell. Skjæret K6 Henningsvær Bryggehotel 376 07 47 50 Henningsvær.bar open every evening. Events. tradition and the lives of the fishermen. Kaiveien 11 / post@lofotferga.no Kayaking or trips on snowshoes or skis with a local guide. Sculptures and installations made of ice. www. local food. Rødmyrveien 24 / post@lofoten-aktiv.alpineguides.lofotferga. 1-3 days of activities.no www. Bar 22.31.arcticguideservice.no 20. Parties and receptions can request their own menu.01.no and photographs. Courses and conferences.00 View of Henningsvær harbour.lofoten-aktiv.boat or on foot.no “Gamle Lofotferga" – the Old Lofoten Ferry – is Lofoten’s own time-honoured 01.31.00.magicice.12. www.no H:50v E{^ 4 H:5v 01.01. Pb 61 / post@lofoten-opplevelser. www. % 10.no www.SUMMER ACTIVITIES (3+47) M4 Arctic Guide Service 376 06 09 70 Leknes. Cruises on request all year round.00-21.lofotencharterbat. Rødmyrveien 24 / post@lofoten-aktiv.no www. www. % 18.skjaerbrygga.no J7 Magic Ice 376 07 40 11 Svolvær.no and charming vintage boat. 31.12. Eco-tourism at its best.12.no 01.31. 31. 15. www.20. Restaurant Bojer.no “Gamle Lofotferga" – the Old Lofoten Ferry – is Lofoten’s own time-honoured 01. hiking and courses with certified guides in Northern Norway. nature and killer whale safaris. White-tailed eagle.12.no r+ r+ r+ r + r+ New this summer: . Gimsøysand / post@northernlightsbasecamp. www. Necessary equipment available for hire. Winter H5v <=>:5v www.com 01.no and charming vintage boat. focuses on fresh.31. www.08.lofotenhotell.04.04. We serve traditional dishes based on local and ecological ingredients.01. and refreshing drinks served in glasses hand-cast in ice.-31.01.-25.-14.31. 01.

the world’s most beautiful islands – your holiday starts at www.lofoten.info 53 © TERJE RAKKE / INNOVASJON NORGE .

white-tailed eagles and birdlife.njords. No-one who has been to Northern Norway leaves unmoved. coach parties. Course and conference groups. We offer trips to the fabled Trollfjord. Life and history are ingrained in the natural surroundings and the culture that you will experience here. precipitous mountains and vibrant fishing villages. with room for 85 passengers. knowledge and service.WE WILL TAKE YOU TO SOME OF THE HIGHLIGHTS … LOOKING AFTER THE MEMORIES IS UP TO YOU! With pleasure.no NJORDS www. Tel: +47 45 83 27 00 E-mail: post@lofotferga.no . we will help you create your adventure. The Alba is a comfortable catamaran with a spacious deck and a panorama lounge accommodating 100 passengers. Chartered tours to/from Lofoten and in the rest of Nordland. societies and associations are our target groups. Explore the North Norwegian countryside with us. nature and food adventures. cruises among the skerries and fishing fun. Be fascinated! The Old Lofoten Ferry is a cultural monument and Lofoten’s own charming vintage boat. fisherman’s cabins and the Lofoten fishery. Thousands of islands.


VESTERÅLEN European Main Road Regional Road Gravel road Farm track Municipal Border 56 Hurtigruten Coastal Voyage Ferry Hiking Trail Lighthouse Tourist Information Nesting colony Mountain lodge Airport Highway No. National Park .

Vesterålen Reiseliv. like the gannet.no M4 Bø tourist information centre . .andoyturist. June .no / www.August.oksnes. 821 at Alsvåg crossroads Myre / turistinfo@oksnes.Vesterålen Reiseliv. TOURIST INFORMATION CENTRE L6 Vesterålen tourist information centre .no N5 Hadsel tourist information centre .Vesterålen Reiseliv. Summer only Mid June . Fyrvika Andenes / post@andoyturist.boe. wonderful and friendly SORT­ LAND ØKSNES LØDIN­ GEN BØ HADSEL ANDØY PORTS OF CALL FOR HURTIGRUTEN SHIPS: Stokmarknes. Kjøpmannsgt. Andenes. VISIT VESTERÅLEN © WHITETAIL AS Farthest to the north-west in the county of Nordland we find Vesterålen. Here. the place where gigantic sperm whales plough the deep.no / www.mid August 22. Bleikstranda.VESTERÅLEN – Vesterålen is wild.kommune. Two airports.-15. Andøya Airport. 3 76 11 14 80 3 76 14 12 03 3 76 11 43 38 3 76 16 46 60 3 76 18 50 50 Sortland / turistinfo@vestreg. Ryggedalen Straumsjøen / www. Skagen. It is in Vesterålen that you will find Norway’s longest beach. Sortland and Risøyhamn.Vesterålen Reiseliv. an unforgettable experience. car ferries and a welldeveloped road network make the region easily accessible.no 57 © IAN ROBBIN.visitvesteralen.Vesterålen Reiseliv Hamnegate 1c.08. 2 TEL (+47) SEASON/OPENING TIMES Open all year round. AIRPORTS: Stokmarknes Airport.06. The origins of the Hurtigrute ships are found in Stokmarknes and the region is renowned for its rare birds. Eager shoppers can delight in galleries and sales outlets that offer a wide range of art and handicrafts. Markedsbrygga Stokmarknes U4 Øksnes tourist information centre . Starting at Andenes or Stø you can take part in a whale safari. Sortland is the city that became an art project when the buildings were painted blue. 51.kommune.kommune. Rv.no / www. NATIONAL PARK: Møysalen National Park. Hurtigruten ships.2 km². the ocean meets towering mountains like Mount Møysalen.com (online booking) D5 Andøy tourist information centre .

Skrova. TRANSPORT (3+47) N9 Lødingen Skyssbåtservice AS 376 93 54 09 Rinøyvåg.com drzfvgjbqwy^ www. F.01. D. 14. N-8475 Straumsjøen.01. E = holiday home.hurtigrutenshus.myre-hotell.01. L. N-8412 Vestbygd.03. N-8470 Bø i Vesterålen I3 Gunnartangen Rorbuferie Stø.31.12. 15.31. Easter30.no / booking@andoy-friluftssenter.no drkafetvb tj-simo@online. 03. N-8400 Sortland L6 Sortland Hotell Vesterålsgt 59. 03.nu drkw*" / post@nyksund-info. 15.no lxetwy / camping@whalesafari.no drxazfcvleby^www.31. Øksnes J4 Myre Hotell AS & Stø Apartments Storgt 52. 01.15.lsbs.31.01. F C 5/26 G. D 3/19 G. F. F.no aw www.31.01. T 14/42 C. S 13/40 M.no H6F 01. Lødingen M3 Fjordcamp Kråkberget. Brettesnes. C = camping. Andøy D5 Fargeklatten Veita.no WINTER ACTIVITIES (3+47) N4 Ringstad Sjøhus & Damperiet 3906 40 591 Straumsjøen / booking@sjohus.12. L H = hotel.no www. Andøy I6 Andøy Friluftssenter Buksnesfjord.01.sjohus.fjordcamp.12. 01. N-8439 Myre.01. Hadsel L7 Sigerfjord Gjestegård Sigerfjordveien 421. Y = lighthouse.no PRICE RANGE ■ Under NOK 500 a night ■ NOK 500-749 a night ■ NOK 750-1000 a night ■ Over NOK 1000 a night 48/215 M.vesteraalen. L = apartment. 25.01.05. 01.Øksfjord.01.01.net / post@vesteraalen. Øksnes M10 Kåringen Senter AS N-8410 Lødingen O10 Offersøy Feriesenter AS Offersøy.10.no Scheduled boat . D.m-h. D.net dkxzfclevjbwy^* www.lofoten-info. Andøy I3 E4 Stave Camping & 38° Hot Pools Andøya.finvag.sortland-camping. N-8401 Sortland N3 Ringstad Sjøhus & Damperiet Ringstad. T. G = guesthouse/boarding house.12. Andøy D5 Hotell Marena Storgt. E www.no zfcletvbqwy^ www. too. Bø O3 Skagakaia Skagen.no / post@offersoy-feriesenter. 01.no drxacletvjqwy^* www. Vestbygd / charterboat@lsbs.hotellmarena.12.22.09. Vestbygd / charterboat@lsbs.hihostels. www. Killer whale and other whale safaris.no / post@myre-hotell. H6=>5v|bY H5 www. N-8438 Stø. G.01.no Our experienced wilderness guide and photographer will take you on a safari 01.31.no / post@fjordcamp. 03. F.01.no drxazfclvjbwy^ www.no drkxzclej^ www.12. Bicycle carriage possible. F.12.01.22. Deep-sea fishing. D = cabin. T 18/95 M. 58.nyksund-info. C. and from the lowest priced single room to the highest priced double room. 01.no / hj.30. Øksnes TEL.arcticquest. T = tepee/tent. J3 Ekspedisjonen restaurant & kafebar Ringo & Monja Nyksund.01. Northern Lights tours.01. N-8439 Myre. N-8400 Sortland L6 Sortland Vandrerhjem Vesterålsgt 59. Andenes Sjøgt 38A.31.no 58 . C. N-8489 Nordmela LEGEND ' '' '' ' '''' '' '' '' ' '' '''' ''' ' ''' ''' '''' '''' ''' ''' ' ''' ''' 58/95 H H.lsbs.no/sortland dvw www. R 5/10 G 10/2 H. N-8480 Andenes.12. S 4/23 G.no drzfcetvgjqwy^ www.fargeklatten.09.skagakaia.andenescamping. 01.12.22.com dzfcvgjbwy^ www. 01. R. We offer birdwatching and seal safaris. N-8400 Sortland L6 Sjøhussenteret N-8400 Sortland L6 Sortland Camping og Motell NAF Vesterveien 51. D. 01.06. www. L. www.12. S = Seaside cabin/building. E 12/24 H. S 34/128 C.no aflvjb^ www.12. L.stavecamping.09. 20. F = rooms.no vw www.sortlandhotell.no / post@sortlandhotell.VESTERÅLEN COMPANY CONTACT DETAILS O5 Melbu Hotell N-8445 Melbu.12.no N9 Lødingen Skyssbåtservice AS 376 93 54 09 Rinøyvåg.sjohus.15.no / post@finvag. Svolvær.01.ACCOMMODATION .no kxacletvgpqwy^ draevw^ www. N-8480 Andenes. R = rorbu (fisherman’s cabin).no / booking@m-h. R.no/sjohussenteret / sjoehus@online. YH = Youth Hostel.com www.no drkxacvwy^ www.12. Øksnes L3 Finvåg Øksnes Vestbygd.no Scheduled public transport. The best of the North Norwegian winter.andoy-friluftssenter. C.04. 01.strandhotell.no / info@hotellmarena. ML = mountain lodge See legend on page 9 NB: Rates for overnight accommodation are given per cabin/accommodation unit. Gåsbøl / post@arcticquest.no / post@fargeklatten. Andøy D5 Andenes Camping Pb. 31.12. N-8439 Myre.31.0501. M = motel.09. N-8483 Andenes. 01.01.in arctic light with eagles and moose in a fantastic winter landscape.offersoy-feriesenter.com / post@hurtigrutenshus. Hadsel N5 Vesterålen Hotell og Kongressenter N-8455 Stokmarknes. S 58/26 H. E 19/49 R drkxzfcvwy^ www.31.no / post@sortlandhotell.12.no / mail@sjohus. 01.01.no afclvwyo www. N-8400 Sortland L6 Strand Hotell Strandgt 34.no / info@stavecamping. N-8475 Straumsjøen.no 50/100 H 30/50 YH 37/74 H R 7/13 R 4/30 F.rorbuferie.12. 01.12. L. and often see different species of whales.31. L. You won’t get any closer to wildlife. N-8484 Risøyhamn.31.12.net / gunnar@ulriksen. C.15.no / post@skagakaia.bergseng@sortland-camping.01./FAX (+47) 376 16 00 00 376 15 29 99 3902 05 348 376 12 37 40 376 11 03 00 9 76 12 25 78 376 10 84 00 9 76 10 84 01 376 10 84 00 9 76 10 84 01 376 10 84 00 9 76 10 84 01 3906 40 591 376 13 74 80 3920 63 875 376 13 24 03 3908 75 955 3481 18 068 376 13 35 70 3909 45 727 376 11 99 20 9 76 11 99 21 376 93 03 10 9 76 93 14 22 376 93 39 00 9 76 93 39 01 376 13 76 40 3958 88 291 3977 60 020 3915 83 517 9 76 14 10 10 376 14 14 12 9 76 11 56 10 376 14 88 04 3926 01 257 PRICE CAPACITY RANGE TYPE FACILITIES WEB / E-MAIL SEASON 01.no K5 Arctic Quest 3482 93 835 Sortland.no drkzfcvwy www.

com NO. 58. MEET y y y y kciD yboM kciD yboM kciD yboM kciD yboM kciD yboM kciD yboM kciD yboM kciD yboM kciD yboM kciD yboM DESIGN: GOD STREK. our whale centre and multimedia show. *We see whales on 96% of our trips. It’s up to you.whalesafari.: +47 76 11 56 00 E-mail: booking@whalesafari. Or you may receive a refund should you prefer this. a whale guarantee. P. a restaurant/café. LUNDQVIST/BJØNNES.B. pub and souvenir shop. from May to September MobyDick Moby Dick Whale safaris incorporating research. we offer you a new whale safari free of charge (you must make the new reservation yourself). We offer: The shortest distance to the whale grounds. ELIASSEN. WHALESAFARI AND SVEIN T. FOTO: FERNANDO UGARTE. learning and adventure in one and the same package have been arranged in Andenes since 1988. qualified guides.: Hvalsafari AS. 1 IN ARCTIC WHALEWATCHING .no www. K. If your trip is not successful. Booking/info.T H E O R I G I N A L A N D L E A D I N G S I N C E 1 9 8 8 Whale guarant ee* and experience close contact with the world’s biggest toothed whale. N-8483 Andenes Tel.

31.no 01. 25.com k+ rk+ www..-14. www.no r+* www. Whale guarantee. Nyksund.06. nature trail and great hiking country. children’s playground.no 01.12.hurtigrutenshus.08. razorbills and guillemots.30-16. 01.com 01. +47 917 45 775 marinka_p24@yahoo. 01.12. Bleiksøya – one of the country’s most visited seabird nesting cliffs. We offer birdwatching and seal safaris. www.30-19. boat/canoe/kayak/bicycle hire.05. 15.00. www. 01.05. Puffins in their thousands. White-tailed eagles hunting other birds are practically guaranteed on all trips.09.no N3 Ringstad Sjøhus & Damperiet 3906 40 591 Ringstad.00-22.no Internet: www.20.solvoll@tnett. Vestbygd / post@offersoy-feriesenter. food and refreshments in pleasant surroundings.00-17.08.com © PUFFIN SAFARI.whalesafari.no N9 Lødingen Skyssbåtservice AS 376 93 54 09 Rinøyvåg.31.08. Bø i Vesterålen / post@skagakaia. 1-2 departures every day.00 We offer coffee. Delicious.no BOOKING Tel. Buffet every Sunday with a variety of hot dishes and desserts.30 rk+www. Tel.no I3 Arctic Whale Tours AS 376 13 43 00 Stø / info@arcticwhaletours. Miniature golf. Trips last 90 minutes. fjord and mountains on the outer coast are the starting point for unique and active nature adventures for everyone. presented to you by our guides.skagakaia.08.00 Riggen Restaurant will serve you an authentic.arcticquest.01. too. The whaling vessel "Isqueen" was brought ashore and redeveloped into one of the country’s most unique restaurant concepts.no O3 Skagakaia & Cafe Gamle Posthuset 3920 63 875 Skagen.06.no K5 Arctic Quest 3482 93 835 Sortland. 01. together with other species such as kittiwakes.-31.myre-hotell.SUMMER ACTIVITIES (3+47) D5 Hvalsafari Andenes – Whale Safari 376 11 56 00 Andenes.-31. and often see different species of whales. Gåsbøl / post@arcticquest.09.puffinsafari. See legend on page 9 25. Storgt 52 Spacious.arcticwhaletours.08.000 pairs of puffins nest here.12.no O10 Offersøy Feriesenter AS 376 93 39 00 Offersøy. Stay in an apartment near the beach at Bleik.sjohus. elegant restaurant. or by rowing boat.08.05.com "Choose the original whale safari. Straumsjøen / booking@sjohus. We’ve been giving our guests goose pimples since 1988. 03. Lødingen / tj-simo@online.-31. OLA ALBERT BJERRANG (WWW.06.no J3 Ekspedisjonen restaurant & kafebar Ringo & Monja We serve. one of the county’s best known seabird nesting colonies.no D4 Puffin Safari 3902 81 772 Bleik / booking@puffinsafari.15.12.no At the Gamle Posthuset we serve Vesterålen fare from the sea and sweet memories from grandma’s coffee table.08. and lose yourself in a dream on the quayside.offersoy-feriesenter.30 PUFFIN SAFARI Visit Bleiksøya. % 12.00 www.00-22.offersoy-feriesenter. % 12.-15. Join us on a combined whale. www.00. You won’t get any closer to wildlife.no O10 Offersøy Feriesenter AS 376 93 39 00 Offersøy.01.no 15. Myre 3481 18 068 Catering all year round.08. Postboks 58 / booking@whalesafari. Bø i Vesterålen N5 Restaurant Isqueen 376 16 10 27 Børøya.-15.12.06. cormorants.01.04.sjohus.05.01. % 08. Hvalsenteret N4 Ringstad Sjøhus 376 13 74 80 Ringstad. North Norwegian meal made from traditional./16. Vestbygd L6 Sortlandhotellene AS 376 10 84 00 Sortland.NO/ D5 Riggen Restaurant & Bar 376 11 56 05 Andenes. % 10. Daily departures.31.15.08. % Summer 11. We offer deep-sea fishing.no 01.andoy-friluftssenter. + reservations all year round Culinary art of the most outstanding quality served in our unique Saabyes Bibliotek (Saabye’s Library). www.05.12.no WYM {H cvFL{UEM|Y cAvH{O H{W]M HvLFU\bq HFL{W[]IOM {WIM 01. % 10.-15. Summer adventures at sea. Stokmarknes M10 Kåringen Senter AS 376 93 03 10 Kåringen. www.-31. local recipes. Ordinary scheduled public transport can be combined with cycling tours. 01.00-22.31. 60 . fresh fish.06. About 150. white-tailed eagles by the dozen.NO).05. Vesterålsgt 59 Experience the taste of times gone by. The real Vesterålen – for the sake of good memories.-31. PAOLO VOLPOMNI.15.puffinsafari.NORNET. Vestbygd / charterboat@lsbs.01.no rk+ r+ rk+ www. Risøyhamn Award-winning restaurant with focus on regional ingredients and gourmet food in tasteful surroundings. www.no 25. % 08. % 1600-2100 www. Coast.05.no © BEN TOMMY ERIKSEN / HTTP://BILDER. traditional home-made fare. Breakfast and dinners. By reservation in winter. on board a North Norwegian fishing boat.09.-31.08. Café. Café open 15. by bike.09.00 .: +47 90 83 85 94 (duty phone on board) +47 90 28 17 72 / +47 97 19 52 75 / +47 75 14 57 75 E-mail: rolf. Whale guarantee. Easter-30.-22. 25.BJERRANG.00 J4 Myre Hotell AS 376 11 99 20 Myre. Enjoy locally produced food from coast and mountains.05.com FOOD AND DRINK (3+47) I6 Andøy Friluftssenter 376 14 88 04 Buksnesfjord. 01.06. seal and birdwatching safari from Stø.09. The trips also provide you with an impression of North Norwegian coastal culture.08.lsbs.06. on foot. Brief tours of the local area. 01. % 07. www.no rk+ rk+*" rk+ www.00-12.05.-31. amongst other things. home-made cakes and a variety of different coffees. Straumsjøen O3 Cafe Gamle Posthuset 3920 63 875 Skagen.sortlandhotell.09.skagakaia. get closer to the whales".

dating back to the 1800s./fax +47 76 11 81 90/+47 76 11 81 91 post@hurtigrutemuseet.08 Small archaeological exhibition presenting aspects of the history of fisherman-farmer society. is a place for tales and stories. The museum has established a culture trail in the small town of Melbu. Meet Nobel Prize winner Knut Hamsun and Saabye Christensen at our new.-22.no Season: 01.no Season: 03. Here.no The Norwegian Fishing Industry Museum (Norsk Fiskeindustrimuseum) has bought the Neptun herring oil factory and begun repairing and adapting it for a different purpose.no Season: mid June .-31. photographs.no www. (+47) 926 01257 www. THE NORWEGIAN FISHING INDUSTRY MUSEUM O5 Neptunveien N-8445 Melbu Tel./Fax +47 76 18 52 50/76 18 52 51 post@museumnord.12. the tradition of story-telling lives on. films and multimedia.no Season: 01. Statue of the giant. Home museum that shows how we lived 150 years ago. film. approx. apartments.fargeklatten.no www.01.no www.08 Bø Museum. WORTH A VISIT FARGEKLATTEN (GALLERY) D5 Sjøgt 38a N-8480 Andenes Tel. BØ MUSEUM O3 Vinjesjøvn N-8469 Bø Tel. MUSEUM NORD O5 – VESTERÅLSMUSEET P.museumnord.no Children’s hot tub rates: under 12 half price from 11.hurtigrutemuseet.12.stavecamping. the German artist R. one of the oldest restored wooden buildings in this part of the country. amongst other things./fax +47 76 10 84 00/+47 76 10 84 01 post@sortlandhotell. restored post office inside the building. showing the history of peat gathering and the tools used by the fisherman-farmer.no Season: 26. and where you can still see the wood nymph if you look carefully enough. There is a shop in the building with original commodities from the years 1920-1982. ØKSNES MUSEUM J4 Alsvåg N-8432 Alsvåg Tel./Fax +47 76 15 98 25/+47 76 15 98 27 post@museumnord. and its park and gardens.00-14. See.06-20.06-15.no Seson: 13. visitors will be given an insight into the history of the Norwegian fishing industry with the help of exhibitions.Spa Baths Stave Coastal Trail Midnight Sun Andøya’s best seaside camp site with cabins.HURTIGRUTEMUSEET Richard With Plass N-8450 Stokmarknes Tel.seather@museumnord. In this land overlooking the ocean. post office and graphite mines. delightful 38° hot tubs and saunas by the sea./Fax +47 76 11 54 32/76 11 54 31 kjersti./fax +47 76 15 40 00/+47 76 15 40 01 post@museumnord.00. +47 76 10 92 71 post@museumnord. Old.museumnord. 8 km north of Sortland town centre. and more).-31.01.no www.no www. Special “Regine Room" dedicated to Northern Norway’s own fairy tale author. in the former sheriff’s house at Parkvoll. where the ghost of the sea can be seen breaking the surface. Originals: sculptures. +47 977 60 020 post@fargeklatten.12.sortlandhotell.no info@stavecamping. Peat museum. renovated culture hotel.museumnord. In the Island Museum (Øymuseet).01.museumnord. building from 1826. together with a shipping agency office. The shop is well worth a visit. Guided tours. Milieu exhibition. THE HURTIGRUTE COASTAL VOYAGE MUSEUM N5 .asthagen@museumnord. Children’s culture tank and a concert tank where concerts will be arranged. Johan Arnt.no Sortland Museum presents permanent milieu exhibitions in the wharf building at Jennestad trading post. the door of Hamsun’s Room No.mid August The Polar Museum presents an exhibition about the polar regions with emphasis on the life of the hunter Hilmar Nøis. models. video and audio-visual presentation. photo art and lithographs by known artists decorate reception and rooms.no www. ANDØY MUSEUM D5 Richard Withs gt 9 N-8480 Andenes Tel. Only 15 minutes from Andenes and Whale Safari on Andøya’s wild and wonderful west coast – on the amazing Stave coast.museumnord. wrought iron. art and handicraft shop. Rheinsberg displays objects found during his wanderings on the island of Andøya. There is also an exhibition that provides insight into the island of Andøya’s unique geology. Regine Normann.-31. paintings.no www. SAABYE’S LIBRARY AND HAMSUN’S FOYER L6 Vesterålsgt 59 N-8400 Sortland Tel. SORTLAND MUSEUM K5 Vesterålsgt 57 N-8400 Sortland Tel. 10 and the hand-written manuscript of the novel/film “Hermann" by Saabye Christensen.no www.no Season: 01. Christmas store with traditional Norwegian decorations and art (glass.12.O. Ring for info and booking. The old shop. Alsvåggården. 61 . Tel. paintings. Vesterålsmuseet is Vesterålen’s regional museum and the borough of Hadsel’s local museum. Gallery Fargeklatten.01.no www. Box 104 N-8459 Melbu Tel. with old commodities on the shelves./Fax +47 76 13 82 00/+47 76 13 56 54 julie. Melbu Mansion offers guided tours of the restored manor house.museumnord.

Join us on a Whale and Ocean Safari from Stø Whale guarantee Whale.myre-hotell. Seal and Birdwatching Safari . (+47) 76 13 43 00 www. Overnight accommodation: Myre Hotel and Strandbo apartments Tel.no 62 Reservations/Info: Tel. (+47) 76 11 99 20 www. Qualified nature guides on all our trips. Norway .com Arctic Whale Tours N-8438 Stø.com info@arcticwhaletours.no post@myre-hotell.all in one.arcticwhaletours.

northernnorway.com © RUNE LILLITUN . we lay on our backs in the snow. and there. just staring.we had been waiting for over four hours and were just about to give up. nobody said anything. there it was. there was nothing to say. and there. suddenly. www.

National Park .OFOTEN European Main Road Regional Road Gravel road Farm track Municipal Border 64 Hurtigruten Coastal Voyage Ferry Hiking Trail Lighthouse Tourist Information Nesting colony Mountain lodge Airport Highway No.

destinationnarvik.Destination Narvik TEL (+47) SEASON/OPENING TIMES 01. fjord tours.12. 3 76 96 56 00 Stasjonsveien 1.01. or drive in on the E6 or E10. At the head of the Skjomen fjord we find one of the world’s northernmost 18-hole golf courses. Wreck diving in the Ofot fjord is an exciting experience and at the war memorial museum you can learn more about one of the most dramatic periods of Norwegian history. summer or winter.com / www. In summer the facility is a real find for cross-country cyclists.OFOTEN – The perfect destination for exciting adventures NARVIK BALLANGEN AIRPORTS: Harstad/Narvik Airport. Narvik Also offers Norway’s coolest climbing hall with 13 metres of headroom and room for 24 rope teams at a time.-31. Framnes. N-8514 Narvik / post@destinationnarvik. and include one of Norway’s finest alpine skiing slopes where you plunge from the mountaintop right down to the fjord. Adventures are waiting in line in Ofoten. DESTINATION NARVIK Deep-sea fishing. TOURIST INFORMATION CENTRE H13 Narvik tourist information centre . The Narvik mountains are an adventure in their own right.com 65 © PER JAKOBSEN © NICOLA MULRYAN. . Narvik Airport. Evenes. alpine skiing slope and climbing. You can fly in via Narvik or Evens.

warmuseum. N-8516 Narvik H13 Narvik Camping Rombaksveien 75. E = holiday home.09. N-8546 Ballangen Tel. G = guesthouse/boarding house.no www.-31.25.23. 01.12. Polish.no www.21.31.01. +47 77 18 66 30 polarzoo@online. Polish and Norwegian soldiers who fell during World War II. SUMMER ACTIVITIES (3+47) J12 Arctic Ranch 3995 90 434 N-8540 Ballangen. F = rooms.31. www.no www. gifts and woodwork.no kawy^ / narvik@hihostels.no PRICE RANGE ■ Under NOK 500 a night ■ NOK 500-749 a night ■ NOK 750-1000 a night ■ Over NOK 1000 a night H = hotel. Skistua 7 / info@narvikfjellet.no www. 01. wolves.polarzoo.helge.01-31. The struggle for Narvik and her iron ore ended up in the destruction of the city and 5 years of German occupation.nordstjernen. • Narvik Old Cemetery: India-monument commemorating 13 English sailors who fell during World War II.lapphaugen.12.01.-31.no Narvikfjellet har gjennom mange år blitt verdenskjent for de unike skimulighetene som finnes der. where you will find the four major predators of the arctic fauna: brown bears. lynxes and wolverines.12. N-9357 Tennevoll TEL.no Season: 01. MUSEUM NORD . N-8517 Narvik G14 Tinja Fjellgård Kong Olavs vei E10.no / service@narvikhotell.12. 20. T = tepee/tent.no / visit@tinja. D drkxzfletvjpw www. In April-June 1940 Narvik was the subject of international attention. +47 76 92 80 73/ +47 915 74 535 odd. 01. Yugoslavian and Norwegian.no www. R = rorbu (fisherman’s cabin). S = Seaside cabin/building. downhill cycling. BALLANGEN MUSEUM J12 Pb 44.31. Our biggest attraction is Wolf Camp.no / postmaster@lapphaugen.23.no drktfvwy^ www.01. Gondola ski lift. See legend on page 9 01. Welcome to the world’s northernmost zoo. N-8505 Narvik H13 Narvik Vandrerhjem Victoria Dronningensgate 58. www.no Season: Summer The extensive mining operations that have been going on in the borough since the 1600s are presented here.com drafVwy^ www.no We offer western style horseback riding on genuine American horses in magnificent North Norwegian countryside. the shipping harbour of the mining company LKAB and how much Narvik has changed over the past 100 after becoming a city. LEGEND '''' ''' '''' ''' '' ''' ''' '''' 50/222 C. Soviet. RALLARVEIEN – THE NAVVIES ROAD H13 Join us on a walk in the navvies’ footsteps on the cart road that was essential to the building of the Ofotbanen railway.com / ballcamp@c2i.narvikfjellet.ballangencamping.no RX cv WINTER ACTIVITIES (3+47) H13 Narvikfjellet 3916 52 645 Narvik. Y = lighthouse. 01. The contour lines have been hewn out of the rock and the figure is believed to be 5000 years old.no Season: 01. Every year the Svarta-Bjørn organised walk is arranged during the summer. www. D = cabin. Skistua 7 / info@narvikfjellet.museum@museumnord. L = apartment.31. M = motel.12.12. Aktiv Ballangen AS (Ltd) is a company focussing on the production of home crafts. There are also moose.04. reindeer and arctic foxes here.31.01.aktivballangen. POLAR ZOO D14 Salangsdalen.no www. +47 76 92 91 20/ +47 474 68 565 ballangen.01. 02.12.museum@museumnord.net drkxavgwy^ www.01. YH = Youth Hostel. WAR CEMETERIES/ MONUMENTS H13 • Narvik’s new cemetery: Monument in memory of French./fax +47 76 94 44 26/ +47 76 94 45 60 post@warmuseum.02. N-8514 Narvik H13 Spor 1 Gjestegård Brugata 2A.no H13 Narvikfjellet 3916 52 645 N-8515 Narvik.12 The exhibitions tell the story of Narvik and iron ore.arcticranch.31. N-9360 Bardu Tel. from all the way down to about 420 m below the ground.narvikcamping. ROCK CARVING H13 Narvik is one of the few Norwegian cities with a rock carving in the city centre.com www. At the most there were about 5000 men in action on the building of the iron ore railway from Kiruna to Narvik. and from the lowest priced single room to the highest priced double room.no www. 01. N-8514 Narvik H13 Nordstjernen Hotell Kongensgate 26.01.skogvold@aktivballangen.no 01.NARVIK H13 Administrasjonsveien 3 N-8502 Narvik Tel.01. Everyday life in the city of iron ore also has its place among the exhibitions. 66 .12. • Håkvik Cemetery: Here we find monuments and the graves of English and Polish soldiers and a memorial stone commemorating French soldiers. They began in 1913 and kept on until 1964.-31.no dawypost@spor1.12. T 8/34 C.narvikfjellet. N-8517 Narvik D13 Lapphaugen Turiststasjon Lapphaugen. D 91/175 H 20/48 V 24/35 H 9/29 G 32/160 C.bestwestern.museumnord.spor1. Bjørkaasen Gruber AS was the biggest mining company.no Season: 01. the navvies and the spectacular building of the Ofotbanen railway.museumnord./Fax +47 76 96 96 50/ +47 76 96 96 51 ofoten./FAX (+47) 376 92 76 90 9 76 92 76 92 376 96 48 00 9 76 96 48 08 376 94 66 15 376 94 41 20 9 76 94 75 06 376 94 60 20 3996 31 374 376 94 58 10 9 76 94 14 20 340 60 61 00 377 17 71 27 PRICE CAPACITY RANGE TYPE FACILITIES WEB / E-MAIL SEASON 01.tinja. where you have the opportunity of encountering wolves at close quarters. For the most part it was iron and copper pyrites that were extracted here. Many countries stood side by side in the fight against Nazi Germany.no Season: 01.12. mountains and the city of Narvik.01.06. D 7/9 G. 02. C = camping.no/narvik xawy^ / mail@nordstjernen.01. Arctic Ranch / tonje@arcticranch. ML = mountain lodge See legend on page 9 NB: Rates for overnight accommodation are given per cabin/accommodation unit.23. NORDLAND RED CROSS WAR MEMORIAL MUSEUM H13 Torgsvingen 15. musk oxen.hihostels.no / xaetw / narvikcamping@narvikcamping. German.ACCOMMODATION .11. red deer. The rock carving at Brennholtet gives us a glimpse of our forefathers’ desire for good hunting. Location: 700 metres from Narvik town centre.OFOTEN COMPANY CONTACT DETAILS J12 Ballangen Camping N-8540 Ballangen H13 Best Western Narvik Hotell Skistuaveien 8.08. Narvik Torg N-8514 Narvik Tel.no <7=:Y WORTH A VISIT (3+47) AKTIV BALLANGEN Sentrumsveien 55 J12 N-8540 Ballangen Tel.no www. English.06.08. hiking and an unforgettable view of the fjord. It was finished in 1902 and has today been reopened as a cultural-historic hiking and cycling track with a number of traces of the navvies. There are also a number of other memorial stones in the Narvik area that were erected in honour of the efforts made by peoples and nations during World War II: French.

northernnorway. www. watching the rain beating against the window pane.waves were breaking on the road. we sat inside all night with a cup of tea.com SOMMARØY © CHRISTIAN HOUGE / INNOVASJON NORGE gale force winds were blasting in from the ocean and the . next morning we woke up to this.

National Park .SOUTH TROMS AND HARSTAD European Main Road Regional Road Gravel road Farm track Municipal Border 68 Hurtigruten Coastal Voyage Ferry Hiking Trail Lighthouse Tourist Information Nesting colony Mountain lodge Airport Highway No.

00-18.08. Fast passenger boat from Harstad to Tromsø. and the city also offers a wide range of other cultural events and activities. Senja and Bjarkøy TOURIST INFORMATION CENTRE Q6 Harstad tourist information centre . and here you will also find one of the world’s biggest land-based artillery pieces.Destination Harstad. Lundbrygga Sjøvegan sentrum / www. Harstad and South Troms have been a region of major importance since the Viking Age.stmu. Harstad can also boast of the “Grottebadet" – a water park blasted deep inside the mountain. and relaxing walks in the countryside with its exuberant bird life and abundant flora. kayaking and canoeing. 3 77 01 89 89 3 77 01 83 80 Harstad / post@destinationharstad.no 69 © FRANK ANDREASSEN © MARIETTE VERHAGE The Arts Festival (Festspillene) has placed Harstad on the cultural map of Norway once and for all. The world’s northernmost stone church is situated in Trondenes.00.08. There are daily fast passenger boat services between Harstad and Tromsø.30. Harstad and South Troms face the ocean in an area perfect for cycling. AIRPORT: Harstad/Narvik Airport Evenes. Richard Kaarbøsgt 11 TEL (+47) SEASON/OPENING TIMES Summer: daily 10. 23.00-15. rest of the year: Mon.SOUTH TROMS AND HARSTAD – Culture for 1000 years BJARK­ ØY KVÆ­ FJORD HAR­ STAD GRA­ TANGEN IBESTAD LAVAN­ GEN SALAN­ GEN SKÅN­ LAND PORTS OF CALL FOR HURTIGRUTE SHIPS: Harstad. Evenes Airport is 40 km from the city.no / www. installed during World War II.06.no K12 Sør-Troms Museum.-14.-Fri. .destinationharstad.

S8 Tjeldsundbrua Kro & Hotell Tjeldsundbrua, N-9440 Evenskjer Q6 Clarion Collection Hotel Arcticus N-9480 Harstad Q6 Grand Nordic Hotel Strandgaten 9, N-9405 Harstad Q6 Harstad Camping AS Nesseveien 55, N-9411 Harstad Q6 Thon Hotel Harstad Sjøgata 11, N-9482 Harstad Q6 Røkenes Gård og Gjestehus Stornesvn 127, N-9402 Harstad L13 Aa-Gård-Lavangen Lavangen, N-9357 Tennevoll L13 Fjellkysten AS Lavangen, N-9357 Tennevoll

TEL./FAX (+47)
377 08 93 00 9 77 08 93 01 377 04 08 00 9 77 04 08 01 377 00 30 00 9 77 00 30 01 377 07 36 62 377 00 08 00 9 77 00 08 08 377 05 84 44 3958 34 958 3901 68 486 3479 24 792 3476 41 864





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25/64 - 9/70 H, S 75/125 H 117/224 H 15/60 C 141/260 H 1/6 D 4/20 25/60 G

drkxzfvjwy^ www.tkh.no / post@tkh.no drxcgqw^ cc.arcticus@choice.no / www.choice.no drxacwy^ www.grandharstad.no / resepsjon.gnh@nordic.no xzfletbw www.harstad-camping.no / postmaster@harstad-camping.no drkxazfcwy^ www.thonhotels.no / harstad@thonhotels.no drkxalgwy^*o www.roekenesgaard.no / rgaard@online.no zfclvjbqwy^ www.aagaard-lavangen.no / t-erik-l@online.no dkxzfcevbqwy^ www.fjellkysten.com / post@fjellkysten.com
■ Under NOK 500 a night ■ NOK 500-749 a night ■ NOK 750-1000 a night ■ Over NOK 1000 a night

H = hotel, M = motel, G = guesthouse/boarding house, F = rooms, C = camping, D = cabin, E = holiday home, L = apartment, R = rorbu (fisherman’s cabin), S = Seaside cabin/building, YH = Youth Hostel, T = tepee/tent, Y = lighthouse, ML = mountain lodge

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NB: Rates for overnight accommodation are given per cabin/accommodation unit, and from the lowest priced single room to the highest priced double room.

S8 Tjeldsundbrua Kro & Hotell 377 08 93 00 Evenskjer Q6 Røkenes Gård og Gjestehus 377 05 84 44 Harstad, Stornesvn 127 The natural place to eat. Close to Harstad/Narvik Airport, and a great place to stop before reaching Lofoten and Vesterålen. 01.01.-31.12. % Sun-Fri 08.00-22.00, Sat 08.00-21.00 We offer high quality food based on regional ingredients. Traditional fare/classical cuisine. 01.06.-31.08. % Daily 11.00-20.00. Sunday open all year round from 11.00-18.00

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rkd www.tkh.no rkd*o www.roekenesgaard.no

WAR HISTORICAL LANDSCAPE S15 On the road between Narvik and Bardufoss: “Felttoget Narvik 1940" (the Campaign in Narvik in 1940) presents the Battle of Narvik and the war history of northern Nordland and Troms. It consists of six monuments and information boards erected at or adjacent to places where events significant to the war effort took place in the spring of 1940. Opened at Lapphaugen by King Harald V in 2009. SÁMI SETTLEMENT R10 – “FOOTPRINTS" Vilgesvárri/Blåfjell in Skånland is a Sámi (markesamisk) settlement located near an old road. 3 km footpath to the farmstead. From there, an easy mountain walk takes you south to Gállogiedde, a part of Footprints in the North at Evenes. CULTURAL LANDSCAPE R4 – "FOOTPRINTS" The Skallan-Rå cultural landscape in Kvæfjord. Along a 9 km long culture trail the present day farmyard is situated in part on the remnants of farms that date back to the Iron Age. See how enclosed fields and open countryside have been put to use throughout the ages. HEMMESTAD BRYGGE, SØR-TROMS MUSEUM Hemmestad, Kvæfjord N-9475 Borkenes Tel. +47 77 01 83 80 booking@stmu.no www.stmu.no

Season: Mid June – mid August. Hemmestad Brygge is the summertime quayside amenity for the whole family. Time has stood still here for almost 200 years. You will see history on all sides. The country shop, the cod-liver oil vat and the Nordland-type boat sunning itself down on the shore. Be allured by the animal life, boat hire, exhibitions and café on the quayside. Open on request all year round. HERRING OIL FACTORY Q4 – “FOOTPRINTS" Skjærstad Herring Oil Factory has been inactive since 1928. Visit the factory north of Harstad, and imagine how the various devices were run by a central steam engine with the help of axles and driving belts. THE TRASTAD COLLECTION, S6 SØR-TROMS MUSEUM Oscars veg 6 N-9475 Borkenes Tel. +47 77 01 83 80 booking@stmu.no www.stmu.no Season: Mid June – mid August The Trastad Collection is a national centre of documentation and a museum covering the history and art of the disabled. A unique story is told here of how people with socalled “learning disabilities" could develop and express themselves through art. Open all year round on request. THE ADOLF GUN Q6 Richard Kaarbøsgt. 11 N-9405 Harstad Tel./fax +47 77 01 89 89/+47 77 01 89 80

post@destinationharstad.no www.destinationharstad.no Season: Summer: scheduled guided tours 14.06.-14.08. daily at 11.00, 13.30 and 15.30. 15.08.-31.08. guiding every day at 12.00 noon. All year round: guided tours by prior arrangement. One of the world’s biggest, land-based pieces of artillery, built by the Germans during World War II. Emerges today as the only completely restored fortification in the world. Guided tours in the summer. Otherwise by prior arrangement. RØKENES GÅRD OG GJESTEHUS (FARM AND GUESTHOUSE) Q6 Stornesvn. 127 N-9402 Harstad Tel. +47 77 05 84 44/+47 958 34 958 rgaard@online.no www.roekenesgaard.no Season: 01.01.-31.12. Røkenes Gård og Gjestehus is an old farm with a history dating back to about the year 400 AD. The family can trace their roots back to 1673 and today’s owner is the 10th generation proprietor. Food is served in the main building which dates back to 1750 and the barn from 1899. In addition to this there is art by the Harr family and the sale and exhibition of home crafts on the barn bridge. TRONDENES HISTORY CENTRE, SØR-TROMS MUSEUM Trondenesveien 122 N-9404 Harstad Tel. +47 77 01 83 80 booking@stmu.no

www.stmu.no Season: 01.01.-31.12. Trondenes History Centre is idyllically situated 3 km from Harstad town centre. The exhibition offers insight into the history of the Harstad region, from the late Stone Age up until today, with particular focus on the Viking Age and the Middle Ages. Café with terrasse and panoramic view. Have an historical day out! TRONDENES CHURCH Q6 The world’s northernmost stone church from the High Middle Ages (1250). Located in a scenic setting in Harstad. Contains a number of artistic treasures and has beautiful furnishings. Scheduled guided tours in the summer for individual visitors. Groups all year round by prior arrangement. THE NESTING COLONY IN N4 SUNDSVOLLSUNDET STRAIT In Bjarkøy there is a colony of over 10,000 kittiwakes. They arrive in mid February and leave the cliffs in mid August. During the summer, the fast passenger boat “Vågsfjord" often takes a detour into the strait on its voyage from Harstad, around the archipelago to Senja. HISTORICAL WALK N4 IN BJARKØY A tour through the history of Bjarkøy, along the oldest railway in Troms, or on the paths between the bunkers and artillery installations of the coastal battery from World War II.


THE CHIEFTAIN’S SEAT IN N4 BJARKØY - “FOOTPRINTS" Just about everyone has heard of Tore Hund. Monuments from the Iron Age and Viking Age tower over the cultural landscape and include, amongst other things, one of the biggest longship boathouses we know of. MORGAN’S SHIP O10 Lille Jamaica, Grøsnes N-9470 Gratangen Tel.: See website kapteinen@morgansskip.no www.morgansskip.no Season: 01.01.-31.12. Visit Morgan’s ship, the world’s biggest mobile wooden sculpture, at Lille Jamaica in Grøsnes, Gratangen. Created by Calle Örnemark, it is 30 m tall, 40 m long and is

illuminated. Open to everyone in all kinds of light conditions and weather. Tables, benches, rocks, car park, moorings (for boats). Events will be announced. GPS 68°45’10"N 17°16’10"E VIBRANT COASTAL O12 CULTURE – “FOOTPRINTS" Foldvik in Gratangen is associated with polar vessels and herring fishing. Many boats have been preserved at the recently restored wharves there, together with seine racks and the old shop. The place has become a centre of vibrant coastal culture. CULTURE TRAIL L13 – “FOOTPRINTS" By the river Åelva in Lavangen: The culture trail from Fjordkysten Hotel gives you an insight into the every day life of the farm

folks at Å, with their mill, summer barn and smithy. HAMNVIK HANDELSSTED O10 (TRADING POST) – “FOOTPRINTS" One of our oldest and best preserved trading posts. Founded in 1794, it includes the main building, telegraph office, storehouse, bakery, cookhouse, etc. The wharf building, amongst others, is open during special events. SALANGSVERKET K12 - “FOOTPRINTS" Next-door to modern businesses we find the ruins of one of Northern Norway’s biggest industrial ventures. You can still follow the process under which the iron ore was treated. The path up to the mines involves a 2-3 hour walk.

LUNDBRYGGA, K12 SØR-TROMS MUSEUM Sjøvegan N-9350 Sjøvegan Tel. +47 77 01 83 80 booking@stmu.no www.stmu.no Season: Mid June – mid August Welcome to a taste of coastal culture. In the middle of Sjøvegan town centre we find the elegant and recently restored Lundbrygga quayside building which attracts visitors with a maritime exhibition including Nordland-type boats, fishing gear and other equipment associated with harvesting the seas and the every day life of the fisherman-farmer. Café. Open all year round on request.

S8 Tjeldsundbrua Kro & Hotell 377 08 93 00 Evenskjer / post@tkh.no Q6 Grottebadet AS (water park) 377 04 17 70 Harstad, Håkonsgate 7 / post@grottebadet.no Q6 Thon Hotel Harstad 377 00 08 00 Harstad, Sjøgata 11 / harstad@thonhotels.no L13 Aa-Gård-Lavangen 3901 68 486 Tennevoll, Lavangen / t-erik-l@online.no Deep inside the mountain, one of Scandinavia’s most unique water parks. A spectacular experience offering a tropical summer all year round. Hotel with bicycles for loan. We help make arrangements for golfing packages, boat hire and mountain top tours. Deep-sea fishing in a beautiful, calm fjord.

See legend on page 9 Starting point for adventures and activities for the whole family, not far from 01.01.Harstad/Narvik Airport. 31.12. www.tkh.no

Av@HLJS\ kp AvE www.grottebadet.no www.thonhotels.no/harstad www.aagaard-lavangen.no


S8 Tjeldsundbrua Kro & Hotell 377 08 93 00 Evenskjer / post@tkh.no Q6 Anna Rogde, Sør-Troms Museum 377 00 55 10 Harstad, Merkurveien 21 / booking@stmu.no Q6 Grottebadet AS (water park) 377 04 17 70 Harstad, Håkonsgate 7 / post@grottebadet.no Q6 Thon Hotel Harstad 377 00 08 00 Harstad, Sjøgata 11 / harstad@thonhotels.no Starting point for exciting adventures and activities for the whole family, not far from Harstad/Narvik Airport. www.tkh.no

H651\ <5 p

This schooner from 1864 will tempt you with Northern Lights trips and Ski & 01.11.Sail in magnificent natural surroundings by the Vågsfjord. Contact us! 31.05. www.stmu.no Deep inside the mountain – one of Scandinavia’s most unique water parks. A spectacular experience offering a tropical summer all year round. www.grottebadet.no

Seaside hotel. Can help make arrangements for deep-sea fishing and activities www.thonhotels.no/harstad in a Sámi tepee. Rooftop panorama patio for Northern Lights observation.





Trondenes: history, beautiful scenery and 3 impressive attractions
On the Trondenes peninsula you can wander back in time. Along the marked culture trail you will find traces of the chiefdom of Asbjørn Selsbane from the 1000s AD. Trondenes Church from the 1200s stands majestically by the water’s edge, and up on the high ground we find the Adolf Gun, one of the world’s biggest land-based artillery pieces from World War II. Trondenes History Centre sums up all of this with the help of films, exhibitions, smells and sounds.

The Adolf Gun – one of the world’s biggest land-based mounted guns!
The gun was built by the German military forces during World War II and emerges today as the only completely restored fortification in the world. Opening times: Guided tours daily during the peak season. Scheduled guided tours 14.06.-14.08. daily at 11.00, 13.30 and 15.30. 15.08.-31.08. Guiding every day at 12.00 noon. Off-season by prior arrangement. Contact: www.destinationharstad.no, tel. +47 77 01 89 89

Trondenes Church – The world’s northernmost stone church from the High Middle Ages
The church is beautifully situated and contains a number of artistic treasures and extremely beautiful furnishings. Opening times: The church has its own opening times during the peak season. Off-season by prior arrangement. Contact; www.destinationharstad.no, tel. +47 77 01 89 89

Trondenes History Centre
Includes amongst other things an exhibition offering insight into the history of the region from the late Stone Age and up until today, with special emphasis on the Viking Age and the Middle Ages. The historical presentation is enhanced by the employment of a multimedia show, lights, sounds and smells. Café with a patio and gift shop. Opening times: Mid June – mid August, daily 10.00-17.00. Off-season Monday – Friday 10.00-14.00. Sundays 11.00-16.00. Contact: www.stmu.no, tel. +47 77 01 83 80





30. voted “the world’s most romantic midnight sun viewpoint". the home of Tore Hund.00. Street address: Richard Kaarbøsgate 11.no © RUBEN KROKSTRAND 73 . Rest of the year: daily 08. Inside the mountain.no Web: www. the Grottebadet. © NINNA MYRVANG Harstad Tourist Office © GROTTEBADET Opening times 2011: 14 June-14 August: daily 10.no Northern Norway’s major cultural event is arranged in Harstad © ANNA ROGDE The Arts Festival of Northern Norway.00-15.DESTINATION HARSTAD Destination Harstad is located in the heart of Northern Norway. strategically placed at the gateway to Vesterålen and Lofoten.00. Bjarkøy. +47 77 01 89 89 Mail: post@destinationharstad. offers an impressive coastline.18. Harstad Tel. in the middle of the city centre. we find Northern Norway’s most amazing water park. The areas around the regional airport further south.destinationharstad. offer fantastic scope for hiking. Kvæfjord with its world famous strawberries and “Nupen". Harstad is surrounded by an exciting district. Tjeldsund and Skånland. There are also exciting shops here and first-class restaurants. Harstad is an important hub with regard to trade and cultural delights in the north. seabird colonies and large numbers of white-tailed eagles. 18-25 June 2011 www.festspillnn. white sandy beaches and beautiful fjords.

CENTRAL TROMS AND SENJA European Main Road Regional Road Gravel road Farm track Municipal Border 74 Hurtigruten Coastal Voyage Ferry Hiking Trail Lighthouse Tourist Information Nesting colony Mountain lodge Airport Highway No. National Park .

horseback riding and deep-sea fishing are a few key concepts for this part of Troms. snowmobiling. you navigate between precipitous mountain ranges and fjords that have been hewn out of the landscape. lynxes and other animals. NATIONAL PARKS: Øvre Dividal National Park. On the National Tourist Route. AIRPORT: Bardufoss Airport. on the far side of Senja. too. 125 km² This is an area that extends from flowering inland regions to a wild and unruly coastline. ice fishing. where you can see wolves. Dog-sledding.CENTRAL TROMS AND SENJA – Experience flourishing inland culture and be captivated by Senja BARDU BERG LENVIK MÅLSELV SØR­ REISA TRANØY TOR­ SKEN DYRØY PORTS OF CALL FOR HURTIGRUTE SHIPS: Finnsnes. One of Norway’s best salmon rivers is found here. bears. from where there are fast passenger boat services to Tromsø and Harstad. It is 44 km from Finnsnes to Bardufoss Airport. Målselvfossen. In the middle of the river we also find Norway’s national waterfall. 770 km² Ånderdalen National Park. sleigh rides. The Hurtigrute ships call at Finnsnes. Out on the coast lie the islands of Senja and Dyrøy. We find Polar Zoo here. 75 © ROGER JOHANSEN / NORDNORSK REISELIV AS © REINER SCHAUFLER . the Målselva.

01.06. 01.12.maalselvfossen. N-9321 Moen O8 Erics Gjestestue Vikaveien 1.no / post@bardufosshotell. Senja R3 Flakstadvåg Camping og Sjøfiske N-9393 Flakstadvåg. R = rorbu (fisherman’s cabin). TRANSPORT (3+47) N7 Cominor AS 3405 54 055 Finnsnes. F 200 H 22/40 G 340 D.rundhauggjestegard. Senja TEL.12.skalandmotell. G = guesthouse/boarding house. N-9310 Sørreisa O8 Furøy Fiske og Feriesenter Furøyveien 114.12. L.12.no www. M = motel.31.01.bardufosstun.12. 01.no www. N-9360 Bardu T12 Solbakken Camping Salangsdalen.12.com dxacwy^ www.31.31.no / hanygaa@online.12.12.no / firmapost@finnsnes-hotell. Ringveien 2 / kjell.no / post@maalselvfossen.lenvik-museum. N-9396 Kaldfarnes P6 Skatvik Camping N-9376 Skatvik.01.no f id-isaks@online. and from the lowest priced single room to the highest priced double room. 01.20.no 76 © TERJE RAKKE / NORDIC LIFE / INNOVASJON NORGE .01.no zflevbpwy www. 01. T = tepee/tent. Senja O6 Senja Camping AS Torsmo.31. N-9326 Bardufoss O11 Bardufosstun Idrettssenter Ole Reistadsvei 4.no / post@skalandmotell. 01.01.org drkxzfevj www. N-9310 Sørreisa O2 Hamn i Senja Hamn. LEGEND '' ''' ' '' ''' ' '' ' '' ' '' '' ' ' '''' '' '' ''' ' ' ' ''' 22 G. ML = mountain lodge See legend on page 9 NB: Rates for overnight accommodation are given per cabin/accommodation unit.no xzflejwy www.12.01.senjahavfiske.no www. 01. 01.12.no drkxavbqwy^ www.12.skatvikcamping. Y = lighthouse.01.05.no zfejw / lenmus@gmail.no xazleb www. D 34 C 50/91 H 92 H.01. Senja N7 Finnsnes Hotell Strandvn 2 .01. 01.no drkxaqwy^ www. Senja P2 Kaikanten N-9380 Gryllefjord. D 6/36 D 13/54 C. N-9326 Bardufoss N13 Rundhaug Gjestegård (Guesthouse) N-9336 Rundhaug. R 29/66 F.01.8/2 H.01.net / klauer@huskyfarm.bardufosshotell.no / zfletvbw www.09.31. www. Senja N2 Skaland Motell N-9385 Skaland. 01.09. C. 12. S 56/100 H 4/20 SF 4/6 E 18/18/5 .no drxzfcevjbqwy^ www.12. N-9325 Bardufoss N11 Målselvfossen Feriesenter Boks 1120. 01. D = cabin.12. R.no xzfjbw / post@furoyferiesenter. N-9300 Finnsnes O5 Idar Isaksen Slettemo. Senja P5 Solstrand Tranøybotn.flakstadvag. Senja L2 Mefjord Brygge Mefjordvær.01.nylund@frisurf.no drxazfcvjbqwy^ www.31.31.01. F = rooms.01.31.31.cominor.dyroycamping. E 11/24 G 4/24 D.ericsgjestestue.31.CENTRAL TROMS COMPANY CONTACT DETAILS R16 Huskyfarm Innset Innset.huskyfarm. L.no www.com / post@mtmu.finnsnes-hotell. N-9360 Bardu Q6 Dyrøy Camping Dyrøyveien 352. YH = Youth Hostel.de fletv xzfl www. C = camping.12.12.01.no / booking@visitsnowman. Senja P3 Senja Havfiskesenter AS Medby. E = holiday home.31. M zfcvwy www.org / post@kaikanten. N-9311 Brøstadbotn O11 Bardufoss Hotell Sentrum.31. N-9300 Finnsnes M6 Lenvik Museum Bjorelvnes.31. S 10/48 C.12.01.ACCOMMODATION .no xzfcvbinfo@senjahavfiske.31. 01. D 11 D 5/21 CD 5/25 S 9/40 D.12.no / post@bardufosstun.01.12. 01.jensen@cominor.no / post@senjacamping.kaikanten.31.senjacamping.no drxaflvqw^ www.01. Målselv N12 Snowman Resort Målselv Fjellandsby.05./FAX (+47) 377 18 45 03 3481 58 860 3950 29 404 3414 47 513 3950 24 435 377 83 05 00 9 77 83 05 01 377 83 46 00 9 77 83 34 68 377 83 27 30 377 83 05 70 9 77 83 05 71 377 83 55 55 377 86 46 00 3952 89 520 377 86 16 50 3911 77 403 377 85 98 80 377 87 07 77 9 77 87 07 78 377 87 19 65 3928 14 385 3456 04 658 377 85 31 92 377 85 89 80 9 77 85 89 81 3481 58 475 377 85 54 40 3970 87 327 3481 08 178 3909 11 676 377 85 32 72 3959 20 252 3482 02 708 3918 87 109 3915 65 983 377 85 84 20 9 77 85 84 14 PRICE CAPACITY RANGE TYPE FACILITIES WEB / E-MAIL SEASON 01.com / helgejohannygard@hotmail.no drfbqwy^ www. 01.no Northern Norway’s most punctual supplier of public transport services.no / booking@visitsnowman. 01.malselvfjellandsby.no / post@flakstadvag.31.31. D 7/26 C.org / o.hamnisenja.no / post@rundhauggjestegard. 01.01.no xzlejwy www. 05.no drkfletvbw^ www. D.01. 01. L = apartment. 01.no PRICE RANGE ■ Under NOK 500 a night ■ NOK 500-749 a night ■ NOK 750-1000 a night ■ Over NOK 1000 a night H = hotel. 15.solstrand.mefjordbrygge.30.furoyferiesenter. F.no drkzfl/ postmaster@ericsgjestestue. S = Seaside cabin/building. 01.no / firmapost@mefjordbrygge.

net 01.05.05.no 01.01. www.no rkd rd rkd www. Fishing permits can be ordered at www.12. gym.no }:5 Y6=v5 67=: .adventures for the whole family. boats.06.no Lbq www. Bonesveien / polarzoo@online.01.01.S0 } 10 km illuminated ski trail. 2.mefjordbrygge.12. children’s playground.31.09. Enjoy the blue colours of winter and the flicker of the northern lights. Airport/BDU.09.31. www. the northern lights and magical colour combinations. www. Innset / klauer@huskyfarm. 01. Dog team expeditions off the beaten track.huskyfarm.11.bardufosstun.undervegs.00 Enjoy our “Outer Coast Menu" in a relaxing. Sollidveien N13 Furkund fjøs og kultur 3916 31 725 Målselv. Storbrygga spiseri (eatery) serves North Norwegian fare with emphasis on fish.12. Menu based on local food from the sea.01.no N12 Snowman Resort 3941 40 000 Målselv Fjellandsby. Senja.00.11. www.06.no 01. www.-31. trampoline.polarzoo. Moen / post@malselvfjellandsby.00-21. body-building room. www.no 01. Ole Reistadsvei 4 / 377 83 46 00 M11 Målselvfossen Feriesenter (holiday centre) Bardufoss.no N11 Målselvfossen Feriesenter (holiday centre) 377 83 27 30 Bardufoss / post@maalselvfossen.no rkd rd www.no M14 Undervegs 3980 01 213 Svendborg. www.12. www. 4 km from Polar Zoo.30.05.rundhauggjestegard. Time-honoured fishing village offering nature-based 01. % Mon. Daily recommended dishes based on good. www. Northern Norway’s best ski 01.flakstadvag. www. Innumerable possibilities for outings either on foot or by canoe.01. Unique maritime atmosphere. “Blue Pixie Land". 4.de T13 Polar Zoo AS 377 18 66 30 Bardu.12. Approx. traditional Norwegian fare and a varied á la carte menu.31.01. 01.01.undervegs.SUMMER ACTIVITIES (3+47) R16 Huskyfarm Innset 377 18 45 03 Bardu. Takelvdal. www.08. www.01. sport food. 03.no Enjoy a meal with a magnificent view of our national waterfall. rd www. 01.no O11 Visit Snowman AS 377 83 55 55 Næringshagen. Combine exhilarating activities with the experience of polar night. Finnsnes Pleasant and sporty dining room with an abundance of healthy food from Northern Norway.maalselvfossen. 3 hours of “sensuous walking" in a natural and cultural landscape.no O11 Bardufosstun Idrettssenter (sports centre) 377 83 46 00 Ole Reistadsv.05. Rental of seaside accommodations (sjøhus) and boats. demanding husky expeditions and husky adventures for the whole family.11. www. good food and unique adventures.12.no The husky farm is a holiday spot for children.08. river paddling. 01. Innset / klauer@huskyfarm. 30 km mountain trail. Moen / bikko99@hotmail. Technique and elementary courses.malselvfjellandsby.no R3 Flakstadvåg camping og sjøfiske ANS (deep-sea fishing) Senja. A place you will long to come back to. many naturebased adventures.no O2 Hamn i Senja 377 85 98 80 Hamn i Senja / booking@visitsnowman. Boks 1120 / 377 83 27 30 N13 Rundhaug Gjestegård 377 83 05 70 Rundhaug O8 Erics Gjestestue 377 86 46 00 Sørreisa.no O6 Senja Camping AS 3481 58 475 Senja. Storytelling and coffee. Salangsdalen.01.oskalsiida.-20. Polar Zoo is one of Northern Norway’s most popular tourist attractions.01.no 01.polarzoo. Mefjordvær N2 Skaland Motell 377 85 84 20 Senja.05.09. 5-14 days.-Sun. Skaland N7 Finnsnes Hotell 377 87 07 77 Strandvn.hamnisenja.-31.01. www.05.senjacamping. Lunches.skalandmotell.maalselvfossen.-Thurs. See legend on page 9 01. Torsmo / post@senjacamping.12. We work towards bringing groups to Snowman Int.10.no 01.mefjordbrygge.31.no L2 Mefjord Brygge 377 85 89 80 Senja. Gryllefjord / post@kaikanten.31.08. Mefjordvær / firmapost@mefjordbrygge.huskyfarm.de T13 Polar Zoo AS 377 18 66 30 Bardu. hiking trail.01.-31.no N13 Rundhaug Gjestegård 377 83 05 70 Rundhaug / post@rundhauggjestegard. and watch the on-going salmon fishing. Vikaveien 1 O2 Hamn i Senja 377 85 98 80 Hamn i Senja L2 Mefjord Brygge 377 85 89 80 Senja.ericsgjestestue.01.01.09.no 15.10.bardufosstun. Øverbygd / post@undervegs.mefjordbrygge.no 12.25. too.no 77 .no Canoe rental and lessons.no rkd www.no FOOD AND DRINK (3+47) O11 Bardufosstun Idrettssenter (sports centre) Bardufoss.no O2 Kaikanten AS 3918 87 109 Senja.rundhauggjestegard. set in magnificent hiking country. Guided tours of selected mountain tops in Inner Troms.30-20.no Serves gourmet food made from local ingredients on request.12.no 12.12. small groups.org HF AvH{UE]Mbq vHF{E]Mbq vLJUbp Mefjord Brygge.31. AvLU vLJ O vLU vU LRY| 01.10. Everyone gets enough to eat! 01. river paddling.visitsnowman.31. www.01.finnsnes-hotell. 05.no 15.-28.no 01. Flakstadvåg camping offers boat rental and specially adapted facilities for deep-sea fishing.00-18.00. known as the world’s northernmost zoo.org L2 Mefjord Brygge 377 85 89 80 Senja.no rkd www. 01.no Long.30 (23. Mefjordvær / firmapost@mefjordbrygge.12. We offer adventures on the coast and in the mountains. Bonesveien / polarzoo@online. outdoor pool with water slide. % 12.hamnisenja.no Cabins.01. www. Fri. Open on request.06. 01. We offer family-friendly alpine ski slopes.no Offers traditional fare made whenever possible from local ingredients. www. 01.01.17.hamnisenja.no WINTER ACTIVITIES (3+47) R16 Huskyfarm Innset 377 18 45 03 Bardu.06. Bardufoss / post@bardufosstun. Adventures in magnificent and fascinating surroundings.-31.03.no Traditional reindeer Sámi offering authentic Sámi adventures.00-20. Bardufoss / booking@visitsnowman.01.12. wolverines and lynxes safely behind a fence. Meet wolves.no M12 Oskal Siida 3951 53 281 Målselv. 01. www.furkund. Boat rental in summer only.net 01. www.01. www. 31.no }37=>:5SY0 }37=>:5SY0 }H=>50B HF<:8}5B1 01. 01. Øverbygd / post@undervegs.05.trail.inatur.17. 08. Water park.01.com M14 Undervegs 3980 01 213 Svendborg. Small and pleasant hotel with a restaurant and café overlooking the fjord.12.kaikanten.no / 3482 02 708 O2 Hamn i Senja 377 85 98 80 Hamn i Senja / booking@visitsnowman. www.12.00) www.12.no T12 Solbakken Camping 3950 29 404 / 414 47 513 Bardu. maritime atmosphere.-31. Off-season by reservation. Marked pathway from waterfall to waterfall. % 11. Adventures and activities for the senses. Flakstadvåg / post@flakstadvag. Rundhaug / kontakt@furkund.-31.04.

The Fossmodagene festival in August features activities for visitors based on the food and culture of these dalesmen. and which runs through Ånderdalen National Park.no CENTRAL TROMS MUSEUM O11 post@mtmu. TORSKEN CHURCH P2 . MÅLSELVFOSSEN FALLS N11 Norway’s national waterfall with Europe’s longest salmon ladder.“FOOTPRINTS" R15 Strømsør Mountain Farm is a farm in Bardu. POLAR ZOO AS T13 Bonesveien. Hofsøy folk museum.no The museum includes a large collection of minerals (rocks) Open during the summer. and it is possible to spend the night in one of Troms Turlag’s cabins. Andselv Torg N-9325 Bardufoss Tel.mtmu. The zoo covers an area of 285 acres of wild and wonderful countryside in the Salangsdalen valley in Bardu. MEFJORDVÆR M2 – IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF THE HUNTERS AND FISHERMEN There are 6. BARDU CHURCH R12 Bardu church is situated at Setermoen and was opened in 1829.no We make the arrangements for your adventure holiday Mefjord Brygge Mefjordvær N-9386 Senjahopen www.mtmu. +47 478 34 500/+47 479 24 081 Deep sea fishing adventures • Nature adventures • “Outer coast menu" • Overnight accommodation in seaside cabins.: +47 77 85 89 80 Mobile: +47 951 89 099 Fax: +47 77 85 89 81 78 . Sections on natural history. +47 478 34 500/+47 479 24 081 post@mtmu. Experience the mystical and legendary wolves at close quarters by joining us and visiting them inside the pen.mefjordbrygge. STRØMSØR MOUNTAIN FARM . For generations. The “Footprints in the North" culture trail starts 50 metres north of the Mefjord Adm. The hiking season usually lasts from mid June to mid October. and is the only zoo in Norway with wolves. at Olsborg. and is approx 16 metres tall. +47 77 18 66 30 polarzoo@online. SENJA N4 The museum landscape in Senja is equally as diverse and distinctive as the island on which it is situated.“FOOTPRINTS" R6 Six places in Dyrøy itself provide a complete picture of human activity from the Stone Age up until today. With the “Footprints" brochure in your hands. KASTNES BYGDETUN FOLK MUSEUM S7 Tel.12. you will become familiar with a significant part of Northern Norway’s cultural history. houses and rooms • Courses/conferences and receptions • Sea safari: Whales/Seabirds/Mountains • Deep-sea rafting www. imported way of life in a number of other ways.no The museum includes a large collection of military effects. Open during the summer.-31. STEINORA P9 One of Northern Europe’s biggest screes is located at the head of the Gumpedalen valley. vehicles and weaponry. wolverines and bears. lynxes. grayling. the smallest of the three national parks in Troms. There are innumerable lakes in the park where you can fish trout. This is a popular hiking area both summer and winter.polarzoo. Copies of the Madonna and a figure of Christ from the 1400s and 1500s are on display in the church. It seats about 220 people. MÅLSELV VARDE N10 (MÅLSELV CAIRN) Near the River Målselva.no www. Sámi settlements and industrial facilities. the Old Shop. the Halibut Museum.12. and therefore there are many Sámi cultural monuments there.mtmu. when including the gallery. Senjehesten Coastal Defence Museum in Skrolsvik and the Sámi settlement in Kaperdalen are the most important sections here. It was made of locally excavated bedrock and scorched pine trees. and the best period starts in mid July. SETERMOEN R12 Tel. Salmon fishing in the entire river. coastal culture. In the park you may come across bears. uphill and downhill. The local soapstone deposits formed the basis of prosperity at Straumen about 700 years ago. +47 478 34 500/+47 479 24 081 post@mtmu. Stone blocks of up to 30 metres in height help make this a memorable nature experience. 70 km).no firmapost@mefjordbrygge. A round trip of this landscape will provide a wealth of adventure and learning for life. or all or part of Senja on the long route which takes four days (approx. KONGSVOLDTUNET NEAR LAKE ROSTADVATNET L16 Tel. N-9360 Bardu Tel. Work of art by Alfio Bonanno. There are a number of fascinating sections and collections.no Open during the summer. red-painted cruciform church reconstructed from the building materials of another. FOSSMOTUNET O11 Tel. coastal cultures.no The country courtyard demonstrates the culture and way of life of settlers who moved here from the dales and valleys of Mid Norway in the 1780’s.no Season: 01.mtmu. and in and out of fjords between mountains that spread their fingers out into the mighty Norwegian Sea. A consolidated regional museum embracing nine boroughs in the mid Troms region.no Season: 01.WORTH A VISIT TROMS DEFENCE MUSEUM. much older church that had stood close by.no www. A varied and fascinating museum experience ranging from the outermost skerry to the innermost mountain plain and based on natural history and cultural exhibitions and buildings. Open during the summer. too. THE RIVER MÅLSELVA – “FOOTPRINTS" The River Målselva stretches from the Swedish border to the coast.no www. through the migratory areas of the Sámi. Popular tourist attraction and the world’s northernmost zoo.-31. defence history. ØVRE DIVIDALEN P19 NATIONAL PARK The second largest of the three national parks in Troms.no www. Hiking in the scree itself is demanding.01.no www. pike and burbot. Here you will find the country’s oldest chasuble which dates back to the 1600s. meanders through breathtaking scenery. over arable land and past towns and villages. including fisherman-farmer smallholdings. +47 478 34 500/+47 479 24 081 post@mtmu. and offers visitors a wealth of adventure.500 year old settlements here confirming that the place was a fishing village in the late Stone Age. The buildings are constructed in accordance with architectural traditions from the Østlandet region in the south-east of Norway. TALGRØTBERGET O9 – “FOOTPRINTS" Talgrøtberget rock in Sørreisa is situated by the old road. BARDU BYGDETUN S12 FOLK MUSEUM IN THE SALANGSDALEN VALLEY Tel. wolverines.no Tel.01. +47 478 34 500/+47 479 24 081 post@mtmu. +47 478 34 500/+47 479 24 081 post@mtmu.mefjordbrygge.ALONG THE DEVIL’S JAW The road along the far side of the island of Senja. a coastal fort.no www. NATIONAL TOURIST O2 ROUTE. DYRØY . Maps and brochures are available from the service department of Lenvik municipal council at Finnsnes. between Gryllefjord and Botnhamn. HIKING IN SENJA N4 Norway’s second biggest island is an eldorado for hikers. You can choose between long or short day walks with views of the sea and mountains. +47 478 34 500/+47 479 24 081 post@mtmu.“FOOTPRINTS" 5 km from Gryllefjord in Senja. The work symbolizes contact between people. Traces of a thousand years of human settlement can be found there. lynxes and the odd roaming wolf. Tel. 5 km from the end of the road. Salmon shed from where you can see the wild salmon at very close quarters. the Libris bookshop in Tromsø and the bookshop in Finnsnes. the Sámi have used the area which is now a national park. mining and dalesman culture.mtmu. SENJA . 280 km of hiking trails have been marked. and the settlers maintained their own.no www. Most of the sections of the Senja Museum are situated in the borough of Tranøy. char. on the way to Altevatn. The abundant fish stocks there form the basis of human settlement. It is an octagonal wooden building constructed as a replica of Tynset Church. Along the fjords there are characteristic examples of strong. Målselv Varde is mentioned in Amy Dempsey’s art guide “Destination Art" where it is described as one of the 200 most important art projects in the world. This is a small.mtmu. At the Tungenesset promontory you can enjoy a view of the mighty Okshornan peaks and in Bergsbotn you can test your fear of heights on the viewing bridge overlooking the innumerable islands in the Bergsfjorden. where a newcomer and his family cleared a place for themselves in the open countryside.no www. Time-honoured buildings demonstrating the dalesman culture. Popular spot for salmon fishing. The river was the life nerve of those who lived in the valley. It is in use on a daily basis and is open during the day from June September . An idyllic marked path has been prepared in easily accessible countryside along the River Gumpedalselva.mtmu.no Open during the summer.

are located in the old vicarage from 1885. burial mounds. 15 km north of Finnsnes. 79 SENJA © REINER SCHAUFLER . TORSKEN. servants’ premises and barn. ØYFJORD IN SENJA L3 Mefjorden’s neighbouring fjord was home to a community based on the same resources. The transition from fishing for self-sufficiency to commercial fishing.mtmu. storehouse. storerooms etc.Brygge wharf. There is also a museum exhibition there.no www. LENVIK MUSEUM M6 Tel. The culture trail is well marked with posters and signposts. exhibitions. SENJA P2 – “FOOTPRINTS" The culture trail known as “Traces of Saga Land"( Spor i Sagaland). have left their mark on developments here. The administration offices. Abundant in ruins. runs between Grunnfarnes and Flakstadvåg. farm mounds.no Lenvik Museum is beautifully situated at Bjorelvnes. +47 478 34 500/ +47 479 24 081 post@mtmu. which originally consisted of the main building. together with the national policy of depopulation in the 1940s and 50s. and iron furnaces from the period between the Stone Age and the Early Middle Ages.

TROMSØ AND DISTRICT European Main Road Regional Road Gravel road Farm track Municipal Border 80 Hurtigruten Coastal Voyage Ferry Hiking Trail Lighthouse Tourist Information Nesting colony Mountain lodge Airport Highway No. National Park .

well known for its many bars. TOURIST INFORMATION CENTRE R8 City Living Hotel Tromsø.-Sun.00-15. 10.05. .00). The city is also port of call for the Hurtigrute ships and the north and southbound fast passenger boats.00.00-19. pubs and excellent restaurants. 01. Grønnegata 48 TEL (+47) SEASON/OPENING TIMES Summer: daily 10. This is also the season for the magical northern lights.visittromso. AIRPORT: Tromsø Airport.. In the winter you can go dog-sledding. canoeing and cycling.00 (Sat. kayaking. The Polaria aquarium will show you life beneath the sea surface.00-18.00-18. Kirkegata 2 Tromsø / info@visittromso. The university city has a vibrant art and cultural community and is set in idyllic surroundings. 10.-17. Here you can take the gondola lift up to the city’s rooftop and enjoy the fantastic view.no R8 Tromsø tourist information centre. 08.TROMSØ AND DISTRICT – Tromsø. 3 77 78 10 50 3 77 61 00 00 Tromsø / tromso@cityliving. Tromsø Airport is just outside the city centre. encompassed by mountains and sea.30.00-18.00).09. 09.00-16.no / www. rest of the year: Mon. places well suited to hiking. 18.-Fri.no / www.00 (Sat.08. In the immediate vicinity we find Balsfjord and Karlsøy. 09.05. a warm gateway to the Arctic Ocean TROMSØ BALS­ FJORD KARLS­ ØY PORTS OF CALL FOR HURTIGRUTE SHIPS: Tromsø.-31.cityliving.no 81 © CHRISTIAN HOUGE / INNOVASJON NORGE © KNUT HANSVOLD The Arctic City of Tromsø is the Paris of the north.

YH = Youth Hostel. N-9008 Tromsø R8 Amalie Hotell Sjøgata 5B. We have cable TV. N-9130 Hansnes T5 Lauklines Kystferie.no dkxazfcvqwy^ www.31. The rooms are furnished with a fridge and guests may take advantage of our well-equipped common kitchen.no rkxapqwy^ www.01.no zfcewy widgard@start. R 3/20 S.cityliving.rica.no drkxaAgjwy^s www. N-9008 Tromsø R8 Rica Grand Hotel Tromsø Storgt.12. and from the lowest priced single room to the highest priced double room. N-9251 Tromsø R8 Scandic Tromsø Heilovn 23.12.31. 82 .06.12. 01.no / rica.01. 01. N-9022 Krokelvdalen. 01. Malangen.12. LEGEND ' '' ''' ' '' ' ' ' ' '' '' '' ' '' '' ' ' ' 75/370 H.01.12.no drazfclvjbqwy^ www. +47 77 66 83 00 Tripple rooms from NOK 690 to NOK 1050 Fax +47 77 66 83 20 Save money with our reasonably priced rooms in clean and quiet surroundings.01. N-9008 Tromsø M8 Hav og Fjell AS Bjørnskar Yt.12.20. N-9269 Tromsø R8 Sydspissen Hotell Strandv 166. D = cabin.. M = motel. 01.scandichotels.biz dxw^ / post@amalie-hotell.no/tromso / tromso@scandichotels.com dxw^ www.31. Elisabeth Hotell og Helsehus Mellomveien 50.01. Y = lighthouse.rica. N-9006 Tromsø R8 Widding Gård Innlandsveien 109. N-9027 Ramfjordbotn R8 ABC Hotell Nord Parkgata 4.no zfcvwywww.12.31.havogfjell.lauklines.31. S = Seaside cabin/building. Our buffet is open 24 hours a day and the price is just NOK 40 each time you eat.no www. 01.31. 01. Tromsø R8 St. C = camping. G = guesthouse/boarding house. L 133/208 H 103/193 H 147/330 H 48/100 H 2/8 D 1/5(6) D 24/32 H 180/360 H 5/35 S 6/36 R 56/300 H. E. N-9008 Tromsø Double rooms from NOK 540 to NOK 1040 Tel.sydspissenhotell. N-9251 Tromsø R8 Quality Hotel Saga Rich Withs Pl.ACCOMMODATION – TROMSØ AND DISTRICT COMPANY CONTACT DETAILS V10 Malangen Brygger Skutvik.saga@choice.no www.01. N-9056 Mortenhals R10 Ramfjord Camping Sørbotn. N-9008 Tromsø R8 City Living Hotel Tromsø Grønnegata 48. 01.no drkxavgwy^ www. N-9020 Tromsdalen.no / post@havogfjell.no www.01. L. L = apartment.31.12. N-9055 Meistervik V10 Malangen Bygdeturisme Søndre Forøya Gård.foroya.12. Kattfjord Vasstrandveien 580. F 14/60 C 22/39 H 48/64 H 17/38 H 46/80 H. Staying over in Tromsø? Single rooms from NOK 390 to NOK 820 Parkgata 4.no / post@foroya. 01.12.malangen.sagahotel.com / post@malangenbrygger. S drxazfclvjqwy^ www.01. D. R = rorbu (fisherman’s cabin).01.01. 01.no drkafcvgjy^ www.02. 01.31.biz / nord@tromso.01. 01.12.12. L.no www. 44.sydspissen@iss.no Aw www.ramfjordcamp.31. 01.12. ML = mountain lodge See legend on page 9 NB: Rates for overnight accommodation are given per cabin/accommodation unit.no kcw / email@amihotel. 01.no / post@st-elisabeth.no / q. E = holiday home.no flv sollaug@detrodehuset.31.amalie-hotell.ishavshotel@rica. Sentrum. N-9110 Sommarøy TEL.no drxacleqwy^s www. T = tepee/tent. 01.31.sommaroy. N-9008 Tromsø R8 AMI Hotel Skolegata 24.31.no flevq / post@ramfjordcamp.01. 01.01.no / post. free telephone calls to fixed phones in Norway and free use of WLAN. Vågnes. 2.no dawy / tromso@cityliving.no PRICE RANGE ■ Under NOK 500 a night ■ NOK 500-749 a night ■ NOK 750-1000 a night ■ Over NOK 1000 a night H = hotel. Langesgate 2.no xazfclvqwy^www.no / resepsjon@sommaroy. N-9100 Kvaløysletta U4 Sommarøy Arctic Hotel Skipsholmvegen 22. Ringvassøya.09.12.12. F = rooms. 01.no / post@lauklines./FAX (+47) 377 65 58 00 9 77 65 58 01 377 72 71 12 3909 74 495 377 69 21 30 377 66 83 00 377 66 48 00 9 77 66 48 10 377 62 10 00 9 77 62 10 01 377 78 10 50 9 77 78 10 51 377 75 37 77 9 77 75 37 78 377 60 70 00 9 77 60 70 10 377 75 50 00 9 77 75 50 11 377 66 14 10 9 77 66 14 36 3481 52 045 3415 02 302 377 69 00 88 3971 35 588 377 75 62 00 9 77 75 62 23 377 66 64 00 9 77 66 64 44 3480 58 540 3957 58 107 377 65 60 80 9 77 65 60 83 377 66 40 00 9 77 66 40 01 PRICE CAPACITY RANGE TYPE FACILITIES WEB / E-MAIL SEASON 01. N-9006 Tromsø R8 Rica Ishavshotel Fr.st-elisabeth.01. Tromsø Q8 Det røde huset Ullstindvegen 537.tromso.amihotel.

421 m above sea level.Arctic Wilderness" in our panorama cinema. A cosy family-run gallery with varying exhibitions. ISHAVSKATEDRALEN R8 . the perilous polar hunting expeditions and overwinterings. N-9008 Tromsø Tel.12. VÅR FRUES KIRKE R8 (OUR LADY’S CHURCH – CATHOLIC CHURCH) Small church built in 1861. Come aboard and feel the genuine Arctic atmosphere! NORDNORSK VITENSENTER .helnes@uit. The main attractions in the aquarium are our common seal pups and our bearded seals. FJELLHEISEN TROMSØ AS R8 (MOUNTAIN LIFT) Solliveien 12 N-9020 Tromsdalen Tel. Furthermore. no/botanisk KRANE GALLERY AND FRAME WORKSHOP R8 Strandgt 30.01.12.and is idyllically situated in the historical Skansen area.-15.krane.no www. is entirely authentic. manufacturing and communication. Traditional North Norwegian garden. The building also houses a well visited predators exhibition. science and technology. In addition to this we offer factual exhibitions and the PolariaButikken. Seat of the world’s northernmost Catholic bishop. At the upper station.nordnorsk. Framing can be done at short notice. and the only one in Norway made of wood.-31.-31./fax +47 77 61 52 50/ +47 77 61 52 60 galleriet@krane. KARLSØY . and the intrepid polar exploration expeditions of. See dinosaurs and fossils. Very children friendly.WORTH A VISIT THE CULTURAL LANDSCAPE AT TENNES IN BALSFJORD – “FOOTPRINTS" U13 An hour’s hike takes you past rock carvings. Buildings from “Old Tromsø" have been moved here.-31. N-9037 Tromsø Tel.no Season: 01. Sámi turf hut (gamme) outside the museum during the summer. The island is surrounded by cliffs and is the home of one of Norway’s best known seabird nesting colonies. www. Exceptionally well-preserved sealing vessel built in 1949. ceramics. whose inhabitants refused to be depopulated. Admission free. Café and museum shop. brought back almost 100.“FOOTPRINTS" R8 Get to know the “Capital of Northern Norway" on these six theme walks: the city as a cultural monument.12.mtmu. Watercolours and paintings.no Season: 01. it covers the wealth of hunting traditions that were unique to Balsfjord.01. the Himalayas. HELLA. stockfish drying rocks and other glimpses of man’s use of the landscape over a period of 6. THE ISLAND OF E7 NORDFUGLØYA The island of Fugløya is situated in the north-east of the borough of Karlsøy./fax +47 77 60 66 30/ +47 77 61 17 20 http://uit. The North Norwegian Centre of Knowledge – an adventure and learning centre in the fields of mathematics. built in 1861.12.01.no/tmu Season: 01.no http://uit. TROMSØ . Emphasis on graphic art by contemporary North Norwegian and Norwegian artists. with a northern Scandinavian profile.06. ecclesiastical art and an exhibition about the Stone Age in the north. and the building contains.+47 77 62 09 45 post@nordnorsk. TROMSØ MUSEUM R8 – THE UNIVERSITY MUSEUM Lars Thørings veg 10 N-9037 Tromsø Tel.com Season:01.uit. amongst other things. too./fax +47 77 75 01 00/ +47 77 75 01 01 Info@polaria. No visit to Tromsø is complete without a ride on the mountain lift.no/tmu/polarmuseet Season: 01. the Rocky Mountains and southern South America. The entire vessel. designer commodities and jewellery.no www. The island. +47 478 34 500/+47 479 24 081 post@mtmu. We screen the film "Svalbard . fishing and expeditions for over 30 years. puffins and eider ducks. Over the past 50 years we have carried thousands of happy wanderers and tourists up into the mountains. Due to its abundant bird life. Open all day long. a Viking house. overlooking the Arctic Ocean. is also rich in memories from older periods of greatness. Tromsø in literature. THE FJORD MUSEUM IN STORSTEINNES V13 Tel./fax +47 77 64 50 00/ +47 77 64 55 20 museumspost@tmu. ecclesiastical diversity.01. with furnishings and effects.polaria. We present the northern lights in the country’s biggest and best planetarium. built in 1964. Midnight sun concerts until mid August.THE NORTH NORWEGIAN R8 CENTRE OF KNOWLEDGE Hansine Hansens vei 17 N-9037 Tromsø Tel. +47 77 63 87 37 booking@fjellheisen. The museum has a special responsibility for natural history and biology.no www. Plants from all continents.no Season: 02. a comprehensive gift shop with a difference. particularly many from Siberia.no/tmu/polstjerna Season: 15.000 seals. Discover the excitement of polar history. There is also an extensive collection of insects and spiders at the museum. 83 © BÅRD LØKEN / DESTINASJON TROMSØ .“FOOTPRINTS" J9 The island is associated with the struggle against the EEC.-31. Located at Storgata 94 in Tromsø.500 years. in two major exhibitions. TROMSØ CATHEDRAL R8 The world’s northernmost protestant cathedral. Well-preserved neo-Gothic exterior. Northern Norway’s biggest museum presents Sámi culture.01.12.com www. always open. together with Alfred Eriksen and “fisherman-farmer socialism" in the early 1900s.01.vitensenter.no http://uit. culture and beliefs.no Open during the summer. Breivika. The shape of the church symbolizes the North Norwegian countryside.THE ARCTIC CATHEDRAL An architectural masterpiece by Jan Inge Hovig. The world’s northernmost botanical gardens with almost 5 acres of space and flowering from May to October. one of Europe’s biggest glass mosaics. “NaturligVIS" presents developments in North Norwegian wildlife.vitensenter. Nansen and Amundsen. Used for sealing. The strong Rystraumen current brings in large amounts of coley and is one of the best places in the area to fish from land. we find the Fjellstua Café with an impressive view of Tromsø and the surrounding district. POLARIA R8 Hjalmar Johansensgt 12 N-9296 Tromsø Tel. past and present. centre of trade.08. The museum is housed in the listed customs house (Tollbod) from the 1830s. Polaria is only 5 minutes’ walk from Tromsø city centre.uit. where the problem of predators has been given critical focus. porcelain. architecture and style. the island has been made a protected nature reserve. the interior is more modernized. ARCTIC-ALPINE BOTANICAL GARDEN R8 The University of Tromsø.fjellheisen.no www. Here we find Europe’s biggest population of white-tailed eagles and large colonies of razorbills. POLARMUSEET R8 – THE POLAR MUSEUM Søndre Tollbugate 11. THE M/V “POLSTJERNA" R8 Hjalmar Johansens gate 10 N-9037 Tromsø Tel.-31. amongst others.-31.12./fax +47 77 60 66 30/ +47 77 61 17 20 wanna. Gifts and applied art like glass. cultural hub. KVALØYA T8 Hella is a popular spot for outings among both locals and visitors alike. churches.

Mortenhals / post@foroya.com conferences and coordination of cruise ships / turnabout. Must be booked in advance.04. 18. 12. sights. Northern lights bus: a flexible way of experiencing the northern lights.no 01.bussring. round trips.12.no Uniquely situated for a combination of sea and mountain activities.no P11 Tromsø Golfpark AS 377 63 32 60 Breivikeidet.visittromso.havcruise.no FOOD AND DRINK (3+47) V10 Malangen Brygger 377 65 58 00 Skutvik.08. www. Sun. Søndre Tollbodgate 3A / francisco@tromsoguideservice. Guided arctic adventures and activities.-Sat.malangen.05.no 01.com 01. Unique location for a combination of marine and mountain activities. Our professional guides ensure that you have a fantastic experience when taking part in our activities. Tromsø. Reservations only in winter.no 84 .vitensenter. Malangen R8 Aunegården 377 65 12 34 Tromsø. The world’s northernmost 18-hole golf course.30. fjord and coast. packaging of excursions.uit.12.no safaris.com Café serving lunch.11.-18.10.uit.no R8 Arctic Guide Service AS. Vasstrandveien 580 / post@tromsonaturogfritid. Gausdalsveien 32 / anja@arcticpathfinder. www.30.no WINTER ACTIVITIES (3+47) R8 Sørøya Havfiskecruise AS 3948 47 500 Tromsø / post@havcruise.tromsogolf. R8 GuideGunnar 3934 43 443 Tromsø / info@guide-gunnar.aunegarden.vitensenter.04. We invite you to coffee around the campfire and Sámi culture at Tromsø Museum’s Sámi turf hut. 10. Meistervik / post@malangenbrygger.31. Nature reserve. Straumvn 601 / mail@villmarkssenter.}H6]>5S4 =>5 <=>:50 }>:5B For information about overnight accommodation. Impressive fjord with mountains over 1000 m. R8 Tromsø Adventure AS 3970 93 830 Tromsø. Restaurant with local food from Northern Norway.30. % Mon.villmarkssenter. www. Please contact us.31. GuideGunnar offers fantastic adventures between mountains and sea. Admission free.31.no activities. jeep 01. www. packaging of excursions.Universitetsmuseet 377 64 50 00 Tromsø. beautifully situated by the Lyngsalpene mountains. sights.12.no A wide range of summer activities based on mountains.no T5 Tromsø Natur og Fritid 377 65 66 79 Kvaløysletta. www. northern lights photo tours.no A wide range of winter activities from the mountains.00. www. www.01. www. ready packaged for you.no 3400 02 196 Tromsø.visittromso.malangen.no rkd www.12.10.no/tmu R8 Nordnorsk Vitensenter 377 62 09 45 Adventure and learning centre for mathematics.villmarkssenter.09.12. 2 persons. 12. www.guide-gunnar.31. Lars Thørings veg 10 / museumspost@tmu.no V10 Malangen Brygger 377 65 58 00 Skutvik. fjord and coast.tromsoadventure.12.SUMMER ACTIVITIES (3+47) V10 Malangen Brygger 377 65 58 00 Skutvik. opened in May 2010.15. Exciting adventures.04.no Northern lights safaris by jeep. Tromsø branch 3928 09 057 Guides available in all languages. . Our professional guides ensure that you will have a fantastic experience when taking part in our activities.no 01.05.com 01. www. vHSU]I|OM vHSWI|OXMb vOM Y R8 Arctic Guide Service AS. R8 Tromsø Adventure AS 3970 93 830 Tromsø. Tromsø.no Q8 Arctic Pathfinder 3481 43 059 Tromsdalen. 01.no 01. 01.30.01.tromsoadventure.31. courses.01. Try your hand at lassoing.08.12. Ramfjordbotn / info@tromsogolf.31. Hansine Hansens vei 17 / post@nordnorsk. www.10.no R8 Natur i Nord 377 66 73 66 Tromsø.vitensenter. Min.09.naturinord.11.15. Tromsø. Straumvn 601 / mail@villmarkssenter.12. science and technology. transfers.04. Ski and snowshoe outings at 09. hiking in the mountains and fjord fishing by boat or from the shore.01.no S7 Tromsø Villmarkssenter 377 69 60 02 Kvaløysletta. www.31.no R8 Tromsø Museum – Visit a Sámi turf hut 377 64 50 00 Tromsø.06. uit.31.07.no Join GuideGunnar on the Arctic coast. Kirkegt 2 / booking@tromsoadventure.no 01. Kirkegata 2 / info@visittromso. Try our “Outer Coast menu".com HF<5 .01. Sommerlystvegen 23 / ivar@naturinord. evening cruises.tromsonaturogfritid. round trips.09. Gausdalsveien 32 / anja@arcticpathfinder. Rental centre with all the outdoor gear you will need.01.}<>:5S0B .-31. 01. science and technology.00-20.vitensenter. Sun. uit. CAv@SW{UIb cAV@SW{UIb cAVO0 v@UYM For information about overnight accommodation.no 16-55-seater touring coaches for city sightseeing.no R8 GuideGunnar 3934 43 443 Tromsø / info@guide-gunnar.no 15. 01.-Sat.07.01. light meals and our famous cakes. film and talk included. Søndre Tollbodgate 3A / francisco@tromsoguideservice. See legend on page 9 01. www.09. Meistevik / post@malangenbrygger. Welcome.31. Tromsø branch 3928 09 057 Guides available in all languages.}H6>5SY0v }7=:5S0 .00-17. courses.30. visit wild and wonderful countryside outside Tromsø. www. Lars Thørings veg 10 / museumspost@tmu.00.09. Rental centre with all the outdoor gear you will need.30 rd rkd www. please visit us or our web site. www. events. 01.arcticpathfinder.08.no 01. R8 Arctic Pathfinder 3481 43 059 Tromsdalen. www.31. www.malangen.31.com 15. Magnificent fjord and mountains over 1000 m.no 15. please visit us or our web site. www.no S7 Tromsø Villmarkssenter 377 69 60 02 Kvaløysletta. % Mon. Please contact us. nordnorsk. www.arcticpathfinder.01.04. 04. Terminalgata 176 / info@bussring. Tromsø.activities.31.guide-gunnar. Hansine Hansens vei 17 / post@nordnorsk. café and shop.no Q7 Tromsø Natur og Fritid 377 65 66 79 Kvaløysletta. etc. Sámi people and lots more. www.30-24.arcticguideservice. International menu with exciting dishes made from local ingredients.09.no 20. dog-sledding. Daily at 19. Sleeping accommodation for 10 passengers. Guided arctic adventures and activities.00 Varied gourmet fare made from local ingredients.00-18. Kirkegata 2 / info@visittromso.10.com AvHL{U]XMb cv{ g Evening cruises among the isles and skerries.no TRANSPORT (3+47) R8 bussring. Guided tour.05.sommaroy. Vasstrandveien 580 / post@tromsonaturogfritid.no/tmu R8 Nordnorsk Vitensenter 377 62 09 45 Adventure and learning centre for mathematics.05.no 01. ready packaged for you.no R8 Tourist information in Tromsø 377 61 00 00 Tromsø.04. Exciting adventures.no Specialists in adventure tours at sea / deep-sea fishing on a catamaran.no See the northern lights in the country’s biggest planetarium.15. Embrace the Aurora.00.03. Peace and quiet.01.no See the Northern Lights in the country’s biggest planetarium.}6<=>:50B 6=>50 5 5 10. 17.no R8 Tromsø Museum . snorkelling.no 01. or tours of several days duration in Northern Norway. Excellent for cycling.01.foroya.12.no V10 Malangen Bygdeturisme 377 72 71 12 Søndre Forøya Gård. www.05. 01.no 20.12.arcticguideservice. events. nordnorsk. Skipsholmvegen 22 Top modern restaurant. Overnight accommodation. Sjøgata 29 U4 Sommarøy Arctic Hotel AS 377 66 40 00 Sommarøy.31. Kirkegt 2 / booking@tromsoadventure.no R8 Tourist information in Tromsø 377 61 00 00 Tromsø. www.tromsonaturogfritid. professional photo tours.01.30.com conferences and coordination of cruise ships / turnabout.

or did I? I turned and ran back to the edge. with eyes shut. just had to fill my lungs with air from the north pole one last time before I could NORTH CAPE © TRYM IVAR BERGSMO leave this remarkable place. facing the north wind. had been standing there forever.northernnorway. www. 71 degrees north.com .the north cape. the others were waiting. had to get back to the car now.

National Park .NORTH TROMS AND LYNGEN European Main Road Regional Road Gravel road Farm track Municipal Border 86 Hurtigruten Coastal Voyage Ferry Hiking Trail Lighthouse Tourist Information Nesting colony Mountain lodge Airport Highway No.

NORTH TROMS AND LYNGEN – A wealth of nature and culture adventures in North Troms KVÆN­ ANGEN KÅFJORD GÁIV­ UOTNA LYNGEN NORD­ REISA SKJERV­ ØY STOR­ FJORD PORTS OF CALL FOR HURTIGRUTE SHIPS: Skjervøy. as do the fast passenger boats that sail up and down the coast.00.reisa-nasjonalpark.12 3 404 40 744 3 77 77 05 50 3 77 76 93 86 turistinfo@storfjord.01-31.15.no B9 ANSI Turistsenter.no www.no / www. riverboat trips and local food traditions are key concepts here.no 28 ROOMS (DOUBLE.06-15.ansi-turistservice. make the Lyngsalpene mountains an eldorado for experienced climbers and extreme skiers. TRIPLE.08-15. SUITE) RESTAURANT – BAR – DISCOTHEQUE – WINE CELLAR – SAUNA LAVVO (SÁMI-STYLE TENT) – MEETING ROOMS BOOKING: Tel. North Troms and Lyngen comprise an area characterized by the convergence of Norwegian.00 01. Skibotn TEL (+47) SEASON/OPENING TIMES 20. kayaking and canoeing.storfjord.10:00-18:00 15. +47 77 71 50 00 The Hotel on the E6 – 1 hour from Tromsø A day’s drive from Lofoten/the North Cape 87 © GISELA SIELISCH Mountain tops over a thousand metres tall. birdwatching safaris.00. Mon. At Skjervøy the Hurtigrute ships call daily. Every year the international indigenous peoples festival. Storslett nasjonalparksenter@halti.00-18. Storslett. Off-season: Storfjord Council. Riddu Riddu.-Fri. Sámi and Kvenish cultures.-Fri. Sat-Sun. towering straight up from the sea. Markedsplassen. Båtnesveien 7 / bobil-utleie@trollnet. Storeng. 08. Burfjord info@ansi-turistservice. Halti. NATIONAL PARK: Reisa National Park.08. 803 km² TOURIST INFORMATION CENTRE N8 Storfjord tourist information centre.no TRANSPORT (3+47) H8 Bobilutleie-Storslett (camper van hire) 3901 65 144 Camper van rental.bobilutleie-storslett. Mon.no / www.00-17.-20.kommune. There are also a number of glaciers of varying sizes in the area.00-15. snowmobiling. .12 16.30 01.08: Ca.01-31.06. AIRPORT: Sørkjosen Airport. 09. is arranged in Kåfjord with a multitude of events.no / www.no H8 Halti Nasjonalparksenter. Fishing. There is a STOL airport at Sørkjosen. But there are also trails with lesser degrees of difficulty.11.kommune. rafting.06: 09:00 .

and from the lowest priced single room to the highest priced double room.no / rkf www. G = guesthouse/boarding house.-30.veaiki.12. Guided tours.bioscafe.no www.12.-31.no 01. reindeer meat.com / resepsjon@reisafjord-hotel.no PRICE RANGE ■ Under NOK 500 a night ■ NOK 500-749 a night H = hotel.09. 01. boat hire and nature guides. Y = lighthouse.01. Havnnes / office@giaever.31.no @LUq VHFLUROBq VHFO[Mq H{] v|O vO V@HLJ[R|M 01.no www.no / helligskogen@hihostels.no / post@lyngenhavfiske.00 Restaurant serving typical Norwegian fare in a cosy atmosphere with a sea view. 32. www.06. cod.ACCOMMODATION . Custom-made trips at customer’s request.lyngskroa. www.00 www.06.06.lyngenfjordhavsafari.09. 10.09.no rk rd rd rkd* SUMMER ACTIVITIES (3+47) Q8 Welcome Inn Hotel Lyngskroa 377 71 50 00 Oteren. % 09. N-9151 Storslett H8 Reisafjord Hotel Nesseveien 32. Nord-Lenangen / post@lyngenhavfiske.vandrerhjem. Boat rental.12.no K7 Lyngen Fjordbuer 3909 47 452 Nordmannvik. Farm museum. N-9152 Sørkjosen E11 Nord-Troms Hytteferie Kjækan. www.12.vandrerhjem.no zfqw / post@manndalensjobuer. E 1/7 D 10/42 C 10/42 C 4/20 D kaletvq www.31.00-22.reisafjord-hotel.no fcletvbqwywebmaster@strandbu.net We custom-make activities for our guests on request.12.01. stockfish and cakes. F = rooms.01. www. FOOD AND DRINK (3+47) N8 Troll-Kafé 377 71 41 75 Storfjord.no azfcvjbqwy^ www.strandbu. 01.reisafjord-hotel. Go out to sea and experience arctic nature in North Troms.fiskarbondenstue. stockfish. % 10.30.04. N-9143 Skibotn Q8 Welcome Inn Hotel Lyngskroa Storfjord.01.com zfv sveinoie@broadpark.00-21. 01.com 88 .com / info@lyngenlodge. Grill your catch.reisafjord-hotel.com azfclevw www. 9143 Skibotn N8 Troll-Kafé Skibotn Båtshavn.31.no zfletvjbqw www. Skibotn Båtshavn Q8 Welcome Inn Hotel Lyngskroa 377 71 50 00 Oteren i Storfjord H8 Reisafjord Hotel 377 76 60 00 Nordreisa.31.giaever. N-9162 Sørstraumen LEGEND ' '' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' '' ' ' 2/40 YH 9/42 C.no J7 Lyngenfjord Havsafari (sea safari) 3959 02 980 Djupvik. 15./FAX (+47) 377 71 54 60 3909 77 301 377 71 53 40 377 71 41 75 3976 58 048 377 71 50 00 9 77 71 50 01 377 71 35 00 3994 15 269 3416 04 738 3909 47 452 3476 27 853 377 76 44 00 9 77 76 44 84 3993 64 958 9 77 76 40 16 3916 36 193 3951 53 160 377 76 60 00 377 76 60 01 3920 82 501 PRICE CAPACITY RANGE TYPE FACILITIES WEB / E-MAIL SEASON 01.01.lyngenhavfiske.09.30.-31.berg@nordtroms.no 15.12. S = Seaside cabin/building. we are the perfect starting point for adventures and relaxation.no I6 Havnnes Handelssted (trading post) 377 76 44 00 Mor Lyngs Plass. well-equipped house and good boats. N-9146 Olderdalen I6 Havnnes Handelssted N-9159 Havnnes TEL.09. 01. R = rorbu (fisherman’s cabin).NORTH TROMS COMPANY CONTACT DETAILS O11 Helligskogen Fjellstue Skibotndalen. M = motel.com H6 FiskarBondens Stue 3993 64 958 Bakkeby.lyngenlodge. % 12. Olderdalen / karl-idar. waterfalls and canyons at the foot of Mount Halti. Nyvollvegen 6 / pal@veaiki.20. highland beef. www.com 01.no / fosselv.lyngenfjordbuer. and a taste of copper.no / fiskarbo@frisurf.no 01. N-9046 Oteren K4 Lyngen Havfiske & Tursenter Vågen. short distance to excellent fishing spots in the Lyngen fjord.01.08. 01.net zfv www.12. Sentrum 5 Local fare and an extensive wine cellar.camping@c2i.fosselv-camping.00-20.06. Olderdalen / info@lyngenlodge. See legend on page 9 Our menu includes moose and reindeer meat and fish dishes.no www. 01. 01.net vAHF vHF{S[R]| H8 Reisafjord Hotel 377 76 60 00 Nordreisa. N-9068 Nord-Lenangen L8 Manndalen Sjøbuer Manndalen. % 14. Storslett. Pleasant. 01.-31.lyngenlodge.01.net / office@giaever.no / helligskogen@hihostels.09.no drxflvqwy^ www. N-9146 Olderdalen J7 Lyngen Lodge Djupvik. Olderdalen / ingarlyn@online.09.no 01.00-21.31.09. L = apartment. Deep sea fishing.com Our cosy hotel is the perfect starting point for your activities in North Troms. 01. C = camping.no www.net drxazfvwy^ www.sjobuer. 01.06. 01.lyngenfjordbuer. www. Nesseveien 32.no azfvqwy www.30.01.30. Nature and culture based holidays in a house from the 1800s. E = holiday home. D = cabin.no K4 Lyngen Havfiske & Tursenter 377 71 35 00 / 994 15 269 Vågen.no / post@strandbu. T = tepee/tent.09.01.lyngskroa. Storfjord / post@lyngskroa. www.fiskarbondenstue. www. 01. www. saithe and salmon. Sørkjosen / resepsjon@reisafjord-hotel.20. N-9143 Skibotn O8 Strandbu Camping AS Skibotn.no / ingarlyn@online.04.12. D 1/3 F 29/68 H 7/42 R 8/32 S 2/12 S 8/16 H 6/34 L.05.31.gittschau. N-9144 Samuelsberg K7 Lyngen Fjordbuer Nordmannvik.06.01.lyngskroa. Nessev. Mine ruins. moose meat. 01.05.09. The perfect place to experience arctic nature in Troms.lyngenhavfiske. ■ NOK 750-1000 a night ■ Over NOK 1000 a night H6 FiskarBondens Stue Bakkeby.09. N-9153 Rotsund H8 Fosselv Camping Straumfjord. Sørkjosen H8 Bios Cafe 377 76 50 40 Nordreisa.06. 01.30.no drfvbqwy^* www. 90 minutes from Tromsø.12.no / post@lyngskroa.00 Known for good food made from local ingredients like wild mutton. 01. ML = mountain lodge See legend on page 9 NB: Rates for overnight accommodation are given per cabin/accommodation unit.12.30. With our location amid the Lyngsalpene mountains. Hiking trails. Experience culture in nature.30.com www. Rotsund / fiskarbo@frisurf.com L9 Veaiki 3951 63 680 Birtavarre. Home-made smoked fish. 01.net J7 Lyngen Lodge 3476 27 853 Djupvik. YH = Youth Hostel.

and visits to the farm museum with its 1900s atmosphere.01.lyngenfjordbuer.fiskarbondenstue.09. HALTI NATIONAL PARK INFORMATION CENTRE IN STORSLETT H8 Tel. Olderdalen / info@lyngenlodge. in the centre. REISA NATIONAL PARK K16 The biggest national park in Troms. with the exception of Reisa National Park. and a number of reconstructed Sea-Sámi turf huts on the island. This is a popular area for hiking and is well worth a visit. Baroque altar piece from 1664. Kvænangen. a combined smallholding with protected buildings and a large collection of tools. L12 FINLAND’S HIGHEST PEAK Mount Raisduottar-Halti on the Norwegian side of the border is 1362 m above sea level. In this area you will find the well-known Lyngsalpene mountains that drop straight down into the Lyngen fjord and constitute a popular area for outdoor life. This is one of the very few places that were not burned down during the war. both in summer and in winter. It can be reached by riverboat or by hiking along the river from Sarafossen./fax +47 993 64 958/ +47 77 76 40 16 fiskarbo@frisurf.10. and offers a view of the highest mountain in Troms.lyngensafari. and a culture trail has also been established where the finds can be observed. Olderdalen / ingarlyn@online. a 20 minute drive from Storslett. There is an abundance of birds and other wildlife in the area.-15. we are the perfect starting point for adventures and relaxation. 10 km long one way. Tromsø Museum has conducted a number of excavations on the island and registered its finds.12.no J7 Lyngen Lodge 3476 27 853 Djupvik. Go out to sea and experience arctic nature in North Troms.no www. Olderdalen / karl-idar.30.10. SKJERVØY CHURCH F5 Small wooden church from 1728 with a resplendent interior. with its 269m and free fall of 140m is the best known.no H8 Reisafjord Hotel 377 76 60 00 Nordreisa.“FOOTPRINTS" L9 At the head of the Kåfjorden there is a closely packed terrace of small seaside buildings. The Lyngsalpene Landscape Preservation Area is.35 . FISKARBONDENS STUE .01. THE SHORELINE SHEDS IN BIRTAVARRE (FJÆRBUENE) . so called kven. SKATTØRA – “FOOTPRINTS" F5 The ruins by the sound between Kågen and Skjervøya span a period of time from the Stone Age to the house burnings of World War II.com M4 Lyngen Safari AS 3917 09 936 Svensby / post@lyngensafari. SPÅKENES NATURE RESERVE J6 Specially adapted for birdwatching and a good spot for viewing the midnight sun. SEA-SÁMI FARM C8 – “FOOTPRINTS" Slettnes in Jøkelfjord. while the neighbouring mountaintop.no 01. The area also offers a spectacular view of the Kvænangsfjorden. There are several spectacular cataracts in the park. runs through the park.01. together with three glaciers that spill into the valley. Jiehkkevárri. N-9151 Storslett Tel. among the few that survived the German burnings in the winter of 1944-45. you will find exhibitions here about such things as the Læstadian sect and local market life. www. too.04. there are marked trails in varying countryside that can be used both summer and winter.no www. Starts at the E6 / E8 between Skibotn and Hatteng and meanders up the mountainside to a height of about 550 m above sea level. The “Nordkalottløypa". Lyngen Havfiske & Tursenter is a fantastic starting point for adventures in and amid the Lyngsalpene mountains. Today.12. It was all built by Russian. Furthermore. THE ØKSFJORDJØKELEN GLACIER A8 The only Norwegian mainland glacier that calves directly into the sea. or exhilarating trips into the canyon.no 01. Halti.no J7 Lyngenfjord Havsafari 3959 02 980 Djupvik.01.com 01. Your hosts offer guided tours. Today. www.40. ROVVEJOKFOSSEN FALLS O10 Rovvejokfossen Falls is situated in the Skibotndalen valley.with the past into the future).THE FISHERMAN-FARMER’S HOMESTEAD H6 Bakkeby.31. www.lyngenhavfiske. Nord-Lenangen / post@lyngenhavfiske.04.05. They were built in accordance with both the mortise-and-tenon and Sámi turf hut traditions. servant’s quarters. sea trout and sea char fishing. The path is marked with information boards.no K7 Lyngen Fjordbuer 3909 47 452 Nordmannvik.WINTER ACTIVITIES (3+47) Q8 Welcome Inn Hotel Lyngskroa 377 71 50 00 Storfjord.reisafjord-hotel. Guided tours on skis or snowshoes. The result of this work has been presented in a folder entitled “Spildra. The snow stays longer in the highlands. www.05.no Welcome to the Fisherman-farmer’s Homestead. 200 m detour off the E6.10. midway between Skibotn and the national border. when off-piste is the most popular activity MINES L10 Traces of old mining operations can be found at Ankerlia in Kåfjorddalen. +47 930 88 032/+47 77 76 41 66 fallvik@hotmail. Length: 5.6=>:5S0v WORTH A VISIT THE BOLLMANN ROAD/ RUSSIAN ROAD O8 Part of the old World War II fortifications known as the “Lyngenlinja" (Lyngen Line). Nordreisa has a national park information centre and status as a national park borough and national park village. VIKEN GÅRD OG L7 GÅRDSMUSEUM (FARM AND FARMING MUSEUM) Fallvik. KVENISH FARM – “FOOTPRINTS" I10 Tørrfoss farm in Nordreisa/Reisadalen was built by Finnish immigrants.lyngenfjordhavsafari. The mountain is more easily accessible from the Norwegian side.com . is Finland’s highest mountaintop with its 1325 m above sea level. +47 954 80 634/+47 77 77 05 50 info@halti.no 01. is approx. Grill your catch. instruments.com We custom-make activities for our guests on request. Stone Age finds show that there has been human settlement there for over 6000 years. utility items and pictures.00 in scenic Lyngen. NORTHERN NORWAY’S DEEPEST CANYON L10 Many marked and significantly varied trails are available for your enjoyment in Indre Kåfjorddalen.no 01. Our cosy hotel is the perfect starting point for your winter activities in North Troms. With our location amid the Lyngsalpene mountains. Reisadalen is a long and central valley that runs through the national park.no 01. pieces of it frequently fall out into the fjord. Yugoslavian and Polish prisoners of war. In spite of all the bad memories. www. it is a vibrant community offering overnight accommodation and boat hire. Nessev.berg@nordtroms.med fortida inn i framtida" (Spildra .}F6<=:5B }H<=>85vB . THE KVÆNANGSFJELLET MOUNTAINS F9 This is a very popular spot for outings among the local inhabitants from MarchJune. Viken Gård is idyllically situated in Storvik.}50 H] <=>51 .net www. There are specially adapted culture trails there. Horse and sleigh rides also available at 16. The settlement conceals a dramatic story. Oteren / post@lyngskroa. The waterfall drops straight down from a height of about 28-30 metres. Along the culture trail here. Vågen. Today. 32. It is now a part of North Troms Museum and includes a farmhouse. The farm has lots to offer and activities include. with information about the local mining operations. woodshed. reconstruction led to a renewal and evening out of the quality of homes and the standard of living in this part of the country. THE ISLAND OF SPILDRA D8 Here we find an incredible density of cultural monuments from the Stone Age up until more recent times. HALTI.lyngskroa./fax +47 77 76 44 00/ +47 77 76 44 84 office@giaever. A day outing at the old mining facility at Ankerlia is one alternative. where the fascinating geology has created an excellent habitat for a wealth of plants and birds.01. Havnnes is the northernmost of the preserved trading posts in Norway that are still in operation. mighty gorges and waterfalls. and is a marvellous sight when the falls are at their full volume.03. Skjervøy has been a parish since the Middle Ages. so do not be surprised if you see skiers there in June. There is also an abundance of birds. See legend on page 9 01. Mountain top tours in the Kåfjord alps. is a farm in a Sea-Sámi area that was reconstructed after the German house burnings in 1944/45. We custom-make trips at customer’s request. SKIBOTN MARKETPLACE – “FOOTPRINTS" N8 This was a meeting place for the various different peoples of northern Scandinavia. reindeer Sámi and Sea-Sámi.5 km. in the 1700s. N-9153 Rotsund Tel.no 89 . www. from summit to sea.31. the Moskodal mines in Reisadalen and the Vaddas mines in Oksfjorddalen.no Season: 15. Admission fee. attending to the farm animals.net K4 Lyngen Havfiske & Tursenter 377 71 35 00 / 994 15 269 Lyngen. The river Reisaelva has excellent salmon.net Season: 01.30. only the remnants are left. the biggest conservation area in North Troms. Because of the national park. from Gaivuona-Kåfjord to be more precise. we meet smallholders.halti. sauna and outhouses. HIKING IN STORFJORD O9 Lulledalen forest path is a pleasant walk through areas of primeval forest.15. SUMMER SETTLEMENT “FOOTPRINTS" M6 The summer settlement at Eidebakken in Lyngen was used by reindeer Sámi from Karesuando up until 1965. pulpit from 1777.01. and food and drink can be arranged on request.lyngenlodge. where an exciting suspension bridge is being planned. Læstadian sect meetings were also held here. of which Mollisfossen Falls. amongst others.giaever.05.05. Snowmobile safaris or horse and sleigh rides daily at 09. The walk to Lyngsdalen starts at Furuflaten. Even though the glacier has now receded somewhat. a hiking trail from northern Sweden to Kautokeino. A true scenic gem. HAVNNES HANDELSSTED I6 N-9159 Havnnes Tel. and the present church is the oldest wooden church in Troms. There is a distinctive headstone from 1663 on the porch.31. Best seen from Jøkelfjorden. The area is also well suited for cycling. www. Sørkjosen / resepsjon@reisafjord-hotel.-15.

National Park .WEST FINNMARK AND THE NORTH CAPE European Main Road Regional Road Gravel road Farm track Municipal Border 90 Hurtigruten Coastal Voyage Ferry Hiking Trail Lighthouse Tourist Information Nesting colony Mountain lodge Airport Highway No.

.12. June/July 06.06. Hammerfest.07.00–15.–Fri.Skaidicenteret Skaidi / post@hammerfest-turist. both of which are inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List? In West Finnmark you will find eventful activities summer and winter.WEST FINNMARK AND THE NORTH CAPE – Adventures at the end of the earth ALTA LOPPA HASVIK KVAL­ SUND HAM­ MERFEST MÅSØY NORD­ KAPP PORS­ ANGER PORTS OF CALL FOR HURTIGRUTE SHIPS: Øksfjord. 11.00–15. 01.no / www.no / www. Aug/May 09.kommune. 3 Hammerfest / post@hammerfest-turist.06.08. Closed on public holidays. 01.. 09. Coop-bygget Alta / post@northadventure.Porten til Finnmark kaffebar v/Langfjord bygdetun. at latitude 71 ° North. Sun.00-16.30-22. Mon. 316 km² Stabbursdalen National Park.07.00 / Sat 10.00 15.no M11 Skaidi/Kvalsund tourist information centre .-31. 12. AIRPORT: Alta. The roads from Alta and Porsanger northward towards the North Cape.-01.08.. has attracted adventurous people from all over the world. 08.00.-Fri.06. Endless mountain plains.-15. July. Hamnegt. Hasvik. the realm of the big fish in Hasvik and Kvalsund. Rest of the year Mon.00. Hasvik sentrum 3 906 11 058 3 78 41 21 85 3 78 41 21 85 3 78 42 40 00 3 78 47 70 30 3 974 12 357 Hasvik L7 Hammerfest tourist information centre .00-15. Bossekop.. Hammerfest. Bjørn Wirkolasvei 11 TEL (+47) SEASON/OPENING TIMES 01.06.10.porsangerfjord.00.no / www.-Fri. are characterized by extremely varied countryside. weekdays 09.08. Mon.08.00-20..Hammerfest Turist AS.no Q5 Hasvik tourist information centre.kommune.hammerfest-turist.northadventure.-Sun. Honningsvåg (North Cape) and Lakselv.no / www.-15.00-20. 12. Mon.00.-12. June/August. Sat./01. Fiskeriveien 4D / info@northcape. is an eldorado for those seeking a record catch. 09.08.no / www. The objective of each and every one of them has been to stand on Europe’s northernmost point.08.06.00-18.06. Why not pay a visit to the rock carvings in Alta and the Meridian Column in Hammerfest.00-20. NATIONAL PARKS: Seiland National Park.06. 01.00 Lakselv / turistinfo@porsangerfjordtravel.no G8 Måsøy tourist information centre Havøysund / tourist@masoy.-Sat. to the North Cape.Nordkapp Reiseliv AS Honningsvåg. 10.06. luxuriant river valleys and a coastal landscape with fantastic views.no / masoy.northadventure. 747 km² For centuries the North Cape.00. and scheduled daily departures to these adventures are available from a number of different places. Sentrum.00. 13.10. Smørstadbrinken 1 03.. 3 454 05 257 Langfjordbotn / randi@nordkapplandet. Mon.00-15.01.00 15.00. 09. 09.nordkapp.00.no U8 Loppa tourist information centre .-Fri.00-20.01.00-18. 12. every day 11.00.no S11 Alta tourist information centre. Havøysund and Honningsvåg (North Cape).00.00-18..-20.-31.0020.-30.00 3 78 44 50 50 3 975 89 776 Alta / post@northadventure.00-16.no N15 Lakselv/Porsanger tourist information centre.no / www. from Loppa.08.-31.no / www.-14. and the National Tourist Route to Havøysund..com 91 © TRYM IVAR BERGSMO .00-18.hammerfest-turist. TOURIST INFORMATION CENTRE S11 Alta tourist information centre.00.nordkapplandet. The west coast.no D11 Nordkapp tourist information centre .

Steinfossveien 29.rica.10. S.ACCOMMODATION – WEST FINNMARK COMPANY CONTACT DETAILS S11 Alta River Camping Øvre Alta.no / lilly@wisloeff. and from the lowest priced single room to the highest priced double room.12.12.no drxaw www.alta-adventure. Nordkapp TEL.skaidihotel.no / rica.06.no zfcletvqwy www.no drxacvqw^ www.12. L 1/8 L 10/40 C.12.12. N-9593 Breivikbotn M9 Repparfjord Ungdomssenter Repparfjord. 05. N-9518 Alta S10 Talvik Rorbu og Sjøhus Talvikbukta 6.12.12.no drxawy^ www.honningsvaag@rica.no PRICE RANGE ■ Under NOK 500 a night ■ NOK 500-749 a night ■ NOK 750-1000 a night ■ Over NOK 1000 a night H = hotel.no drxagqwy^s* www.01.no xaelgw hi@fm.no drxacvgwy^* www.-30.06. 4.31.myrfjord.no drkxzfvbwy^ www.01. 01. N-9750 Honningsvåg. 01. N-9620 Kvalsund L7 Hotell Skytterhuset Skytterveien 24.31. 03.31. 01. N-9505 Alta S12 Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel Sorrisniva 20.04.06.no kxfcletqw www. N-9600 Hammerfest L7 Thon Hotel Hammerfest Strandgt. R = rorbu (fisherman’s cabin). N-9600 Hammerfest G8 Myrfjord Fiske & Overnatting Strandgata 162.08.no drxqwy^ www.rica.01.01. L 5/28 ML 2/30 ML 17/45 H.kvenvikmoen. Y = lighthouse.12.09.hotel.altafjord-camping. N-9510 Alta S11 Thon Hotel Vica Bossekop.no / post@nordlyshotell.thonhotels.altacamping. T = tepee/tent.12. M = motel.no / post@kvenvikmoen. F 41/98 H 7/27 M 75/130 H 86/147 H 7/40 C.no/sentrum / hammerfest@thonhotels.no / mail@71-nord.05. 01.no / post@alta-river-camping.01.no/hammerfest / hammerfest@thonhotels.01.31. 2-4. N-9540 Talvik S11 Thon Hotel Alta Labyrinten 6. L = apartment.no / firmapost@hammerfesthotell.hammerfesthotell. ML = mountain lodge See legend on page 9 NB: Rates for overnight accommodation are given per cabin/accommodation unit.skaidicenteret.71-nord. 01.no / rica.12.08.12. N-9518 Alta S15 Jotka Fjellstue N-9517 Alta S11 Kvenvikmoen Hotel & Golf Kvenvikmoen. N-9519 Alta P4 Krane Brygge Breivikbotn.06.12. 01. 15. G = guesthouse/boarding house.no drkafevgbpqwy^ www.30. N-9620 Kvalsund L11 Skaidicenteret Skaidi. R.16. 01.no www.01.no / info@sorrisniva.10.01. D 30/110 C 10/20 H 8/16 G. N-9510 Alta P8 Seiland House Altnes. N-9532 Hakkstabben.05.no xfletbq^ post@solvangcamping.no www.talvikrorbuer.04. 03.09. S = Seaside cabin/building.22.wisloeff.-31.12.01. Bekkefaret 3.no azfbw / tkrane@trollnet.12. N-9518 Alta U8 Altafjord Camping Langfjordbotn. L 30/100 L.01.09. 01. 01. D.15.31. 01. 01. N-9620 Kvalsund L11 Skaidi Hotel Skaidi.no dkxft / skaidic@online. C.no dxafbwy^ www.30. N-9513 Alta S11 Rica Hotel Alta Løkkeveien 61.12.01. F.31. N-9600 Hammerfest L7 Thon Hotel Sentrum Storgata 9-11.no awy / post@baarstua.31. Nordkapp D11 Rica Hotel Honningsvåg Storgt. N-9518 Alta S11 Nordlys Hotell Alta AS Bossekop.no www.rica. 03.08.altafjordgs. N-9600 Hammerfest L7 Rica Hotel Hammerfest Sørøygata 15.no/alta / alta@thonhotels.no / mail@altacamping.01.no/vica / vica@thonhotels.no drkxbqwy^* www.01. 01. D 113/226 H 30/60 H 9/29 D. 01. D. 01. Steinfossveien 25.06. C = camping. YH = Youth Hostel.01.no zfq. 01. E = holiday home.no xzfw / myrfjord@claudine. L 21/80 F.01. F.30./FAX (+47) 378 43 43 53 9 78 43 69 02 378 43 40 22 9 78 43 42 40 378 43 80 00 378 43 19 60 3959 37 675 3993 38 889 378 43 33 33 378 43 33 51 3467 48 787 378 43 45 54 3906 36 290 3910 03 003 378 45 72 00 9 78 45 72 01 378 48 27 00 9 78 48 27 77 378 43 40 50 3952 44 031 378 43 04 77 378 43 33 78 9 78 43 34 65 3417 63 100 378 49 40 00 9 78 49 40 29 378 48 22 22 9 78 43 42 99 378 43 43 03 3905 34 355 3926 68 911 3909 74 723 378 41 61 65 9 78 41 68 82 378 41 55 00 9 78 41 55 01 378 41 61 23 9 78 41 61 59 378 42 20 10 9 78 42 20 11 378 42 57 00 9 78 42 57 01 378 41 10 10 3952 24 313 378 42 96 00 9 78 42 96 60 378 42 87 70 9 78 42 87 90 378 42 59 99 3472 89 320 378 47 72 50 9 78 47 72 51 378 47 72 20 9 78 47 72 21 PRICE CAPACITY RANGE TYPE FACILITIES WEB / E-MAIL SEASON 01.thonhotels. D. L 3/29 R 42/83 H 174/334 H etqw www.thonhotels.rica. 15.12. 01.nordlyshotell.31.sorrisniva.01.no / rica.12.no xfcletvw www. LEGEND ''' '''' '' '' ''' ' ' ''' ''' ' ' '' ' '' '' ' '''' ' '' ' '' ' ''' ' '' '' ''' ' '' '' 28/115 C. Nordkapp D11 Rica Bryggen Hotel Vågen 1.01.07.no www.01. 01. N-9501 Alta S11 Wisløff Camping Øvre Alta.thonhotels. Sjøgata 2b.10. 01. N-9511 Alta S11 Bårstua Gjestehus AS Kongleveien 2A.no www.02. 01./ post@talvikrorbuer.hotel.hotel@rica.23.22. N-9545 Langfjordbotn.31. YH 38/76 H 241/500 H 12/42 F.hotel.12.no drkxabqw^* www. Fogdebakken 6.12. F. 01.baarstua. D = cabin.30. Alta S11 Altafjord Gjestegaard og Spa AS Bossekopveien 19. N-9750 Honningsvåg. N-9690 Havøysund D11 Destinasjon 71° Nord AS Sarnes.alta-river-camping.gargia-fjellstue.hammerfest@rica. dw www. N-9510 Alta S11 Gargia Fjellstue Gargiaveien 96.kranebrygge.no / post@gargia-fjellstue.no / email@altafjordgs. Sørøya. Alta R12 Solvang Leirsted og Camping Transfarelv. 02.alta@rica. 15.no dxlvqwy^ www.01. 20.23.bryggen. 92 .no / skaidihotel@fikas. S 150/410 H 24/42 H 40/70 C.31.no / post@alta-adventure.no / booking@altafjord-camping. T 30/84 H 4/16 R. 01. D. N-9518 Alta S11 Alta Strand Camping & Apartment AS Øvre Alta.no / rica.01.no xfev storvannet@yahoo.01.no kzfbqwy^ www.31.no drxwy^ www.20.no drxfbqwy^ www. F = rooms. N-9600 Hammerfest L7 Storvannet NAF Camping Storvannsveien 103.no kflvbq drkxafevgqwy^ www. N-9750 Honningsvåg.

09.0601.12.01. Nordkapp C10 Nordkapp Caravan & Camping AS N-9763 Skarsvåg.no drkflty www.rica.05. D 31/100 C.nordkappcaravancamp.no www. N-9765 Gjesvær. 15.08.northcapecabins.D11 Rica Hotel Nordkapp Skipsfjorden.01.12.12.porsangervertshus. Nordkapp D11 Nordkapp Camping NAF Skipsfjorden.31.no zfletvjqwy www. N-9763 Skarsvåg.no www.08.nordkappturisthotell.no/nordkapp / nina.no drkxzfevjbqwy^ www.08 01.10.06. Øvre Alta. 01. 01. Pb 316. YH 39/75 H dr / rica. +47 78 46 54 00 Fax +47 78 46 54 01 Pb 84.no xfvw www.04.no / www. Porsanger 378 47 72 60 9 78 47 72 61 3918 24 156 9 78 47 22 88 378 47 52 67 9 78 47 52 10 378 47 33 77 3452 21 942 9 78 47 52 10 3416 13 983 9 78 47 57 07 3951 38 891 378 47 27 94 378 47 52 33 378 47 54 40 9 78 47 27 51 3481 74 156 3992 89 423 378 47 54 31 9 78 47 54 00 3957 78 211 3907 45 342 378 49 94 33 3951 18 700 378 46 54 00 3909 13 933 3977 05 035 3412 94 857 378 46 37 11 9 78 46 37 91 378 46 47 60 3950 31 959 378 46 13 77 9 78 46 13 95 '' '' ' ''' ' '' ''' '''' '' ' '' '''' ''' ' ''' ' '''' '''' '' 290/576 H 156 YH 30/60 FD 28/100 F.olderfjord. 01.no kxazfcletv kooh@dcpost.barentscabincruise.31. 01. R 10/40 C 7/27 R 3/17 D. meeting room.lakselvhotell. F.lakselvhotell. Nordkapp D9 Barents Cabin. rivers and lakes. N-9711 Lakselv. Cruise & Dining Walsøenesvegen 34.20.oterhals@hordafor. Pb 104. Nordkapp D9 Birdsafari AS Nygårdsvei 38. 01.no Wireless network included in the price.12.no zfvq / www.31.hihostels.01.lazzzy.11.no drkxflevqw^ post@olderfjord. Fully licensed.com aflv www. N-9700 Lakselv. Open all year round A home away from home 44 well-equipped rooms.15. We accept: VISA – EUROCARD – MAESTRO – DINERS CLUB AMERICAN EXPRESS Foreign currency exchange: 8am-11pm 93 © JOHAN WILDHAGEN / INNOVASJON NORGE .net www.01.20. 15.12. 01.no zfvjwy www. N-9711 Lakselv booking@lakselvhotell.30. M.10.nordkapp@rica. C.31. N-9700 Lakselv. N-9700 Lakselv J12 Olderfjord Hotell Russenes Camping AS N-9713 Russenes.05./Fax +47 78 43 40 22/+47 78 43 42 40 HHH www. Perfect base for tours to the North Cape and Sápmi in Karasjok. Porsanger M14 Stabbursdalen Feriesenter Stabbursnes.31. Cycle hire. Nordkapp C10 Kirkeporten Camping AS Storvannsveien 2.no www.01.31. Porsanger N15 Porsanger Vertshus Sentrum. E 60/115 H. N-9518 Alta Tel.no / lakselv@hihostels.10. Fishing in the fjord.12.com xazflevbpw www.10. 01. Porsanger N15 PSE Torget. N-9750 Honningsvåg. Nordkapp D11 Nordkapp Vandrerhjem Kobbhullveien 10. 01.no pse@trollnet.05. 01.30.nordkappcamping. C.09.31. L 14/55 YH 3/5 C 44/86 H 9/14 G 2/4 D 49/129 H.no drxacbw^ www. N-9700 Lakselv. R 1/6 R 7/28 D 8/29 F. N-9750 Honningsvåg. 01.31. restaurant.12. N-9750 Honningsvåg.fiskehytte.repvag-fjordhotell.no / kipo@kirkeporten.no zfvjwy / contact@barentscabincruise.no qw / post@lazzzy. D.08. 01. Good hiking terrain. Nordkapp C10 Nordkapp Turisthotell N-9763 Skarsvåg. Nordkapp J15 Bungalåven Vertshus N-9716 Børselv N16 Karalaks Leir og Utfartssenter N-9700 Lakselv G17 Kunes Opplevelse og Handel AS N-9742 Kunes N15 Lakselv Hotell Karasjokveien.12.no / post@northcapecabins. R 22/90 C.no Stenfossveien. 10.pettersen@c2i.no drkw^ / post@porsangervertshus.05.no www. sauna. D.01.altacamping. N-9765 Gjesvær.08. Nordkapp F12 Repvåg Fjordhotell & Rorbusenter AS N-9768 Repvåg. Booking: Tel. 01.birdsafari.com / olat@birdsafari.kirkeporten.06. 01.no www.no www.09. 01.01.09. Nordkapp F12 Repvåg Camping & Kafé N-9768 Repvåg.31.09.com www. D. Nordkapp D11 North Cape Cabins Skipsfjorden. Porsanger N15 Lazzzy Place Bed & Breakfast Sentrum.no drkxfvw / booking@nordkappturisthotell.06. 01.bungalaaven.hotel.karalaks.no drxafletvgbwy^ www.no xzfetv / bj.06.no 15.com dke dxzfce/ booking@bungalaaven.stabbursdalen.no / post@stabbursdalen. / post@nordkappcamping. N-9751 Honningsvåg. D.

+47 920 92 370 post@tirpitz-museum. riverboats and bus tours.09-30. N-9518 Alta Tel. Marvellous view of the entire Alta fjord. • Elvebakken Church R12 . The hotel is built along different themes every year./fax +47 417 56 330/+47 78 43 03 26 post@altamuseum. Follow the Finnmarksløpet and its two classes. "BUBBELEN" U8 – A NATURAL SPRING At the head of the Bognelvdalen valley in Langfjordbotn.no www. a subterranean spring comes to the surface. the world’s northernmost and Europe’s longest dog-sled race. The highest point in Finnmark is found on the Øksfjordjøkelen.00.0015.04. inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 2005. Lille Raipas: Access by cart road / trail.05-19. and has been on display at the Hennie Onstad Art Centre in Oslo.sorrisniva. Sat.06/25. daily 08.00. During World War II. the reindeer-herding culture and photos from Antarctica. Lodiken: great trip from Gargia on foot or on skis. The world’s first northern lights observatory was built here in 1899./fax +47 78 43 33 78/+47 78 43 34 65 info@sorrisniva. +47 78 44 50 50 post@northadventure.hails from the first church that was built on the Alta fjord towards the end of the 1600s. The race starts in Alta town centre on 12 March with over 1000 huskies on the starting line. the fjord and the surrounding mountains.no Season: 02.00-16. Show room for the 110 metre tall dam inside the mountain. GLACIERS . 02. GALLERY LANGFJORDBOTN U8 At Gallery Langfjordbotn you can see images of the Arctic and Antarctic.no Season: 15. Svartfjelljøkelen and Langfjordjøkelen. N-9518 Alta Tel. runs from Alta to Kirkenes and back. Photo exhibition featuring the northern lights. and our own collection of photos. art and jewellery. give courses of study.06-24. FINNMARKSLØPET AS (DOG-SLED RACE) S11 Løkkeveien 51-55 N-9515 Alta Tel. It is a marvellous walk across the mountain plains. 20.no 94 . +47 910 03 003 – post@kvenvikmoen. uniforms and objects from the war.no www. at Årøya. 904 m above sea level. Interior ad exterior made of ice and snow. N-9518 Alta Tel. Karasjok. 10./Sun. for instance. eat well. Museum and souvenir shop selling books. Germany’s biggest naval base was located in the Alta fjord. 20 km from Alta. Marvellous view from the top (286 m above sea level) overlooking the city of Alta.finnmarkslopet. inscribed on UNESCOs World Heritage List.no www. The hotel covers an area of over 2000 square metres and is decorated with beautiful works of art made by skilful sculptors. Not open to the public.08. • Talvik Church S10 . 500 km. Don’t miss this exciting contest with its wideranging international involvement where men and women compete side by side. approx. ALTA CANYON S14 Northern Europe’s biggest canyon. 1000 km. Mon. Learn more about the battleship “Tirpitz" and the many attempts the Allies made at sinking her. 11. beds and even the glasses in the bar.northadventure.LOPPA T6 There are 3 glaciers in Loppa – the Øksfjordjøkelen. or play a round of golf.no – www. Alta Golf Park is a 9-hole woodland course with facilities such as a driving range.no Season: 01. It is possible to walk to the canyon from the barrier at Tutteberget. Levajok. LILLE RAIPAS / LODIKEN S12 .WORTH A VISIT WORLD HERITAGE CENTRE FOR ROCK ART – ALTA MUSEUM S11 Altaveien 19. you can sleep in pleasant rooms. This trip may only be made on foot and takes about 3 hours.STRUVE’S MERIDIAN POINTS Two of the 34 points along Struve’s Geodetic Arc between the Black Sea and the Norwegian Sea. Open during the summer. Visit Norway’s northernmost and biggest ice hotel and ice bar. FOUR CHURCHES • Alta Church S10 located in Bossekop – wood and timberbuilt long-nave church with a gallery at the back.museum. +47 78 44 54 50 mail@finnmarkslopet.01-01.kvenvikmoen. 45 mins. The Læstadius exhibition is on the Nordkalottruta. a hiking trail across northern Scandinavia.built in 1964 as a long-nave church with an organ gallery at the back and an adjacent parish hall. and closed down in 1926.no www. Jergul and back to Alta. The dam and power plant may only be visited on guided tours.08-31. including the rooms.no www. TIRPITZ MUSEUM S10 Kåfjord.08.-Fri 08. Café with a panoramic view. approx.00-18.12. Situated east of the E6 in Kåfjord. They represent the enormous amount of work put in by Russia and Norway from 1816-1855 to determine the shape and size of the Earth. See the exhibition about German battleships. and the shorter. putting green and a 6-hole practice course.00. The rock carvings are between 6. The history of the church is closely linked to operations at the copper mines. Road closed by barrier. runs from Alta via Skoganvarre. © PAUL NILSEN North Adventure Tel. Our Heritage – World Heritage! Visit northern Europe’s biggest rock carving range (only visible when snow-free). HÁLDDETOPPEN/KÅFJORD T10 There is a permanent T-marked trail/cart road up to the Hálddetoppen. Originally built in 1858 in the English inspired neo-gothic style. • Kåfjord Church T10 (1836) is a long-nave church built in the English influenced neo-gothic style.06-15. You may also like to try the hike from Gargia to the river Altaelva’s canyon. and go fishing on the lake behind the hotel.01-01.00. Here. We wish you welcome! Exciting and exotic adventures in Finnmark – only 2 hours from Oslo Complete supplier of adventure packages for all types of groups and individual travellers.2002.tirpitz-museum.08. Tel.000 years old and illustrate the lives of prehistoric hunting peoples. on the eastern shore of the Alta fjord.no Welcome to the 31st Finnmarksløpet. where the longest.no Kvenvikmoen Hotel and Alta Golf Park The hotel and golf course are scenically situated just outside Alta town centre. Hiking. 7 km.0017. daily 08. This is Alta’s oldest remaining church and is open to the public in summer.00-20.05/01. SORRISNIVA IGLOO HOTEL S12 Sorrisniva 20.00.alta.

.isbjornklubben. the first development in the Barents Sea. We provide a brief account of the painter’s thoughts and ideas.gjenreisningsmuseet. Open off-season by prior arrangement.-Sun.1204 m above sea level. THE WARSHIP "MURMANSK" P3 Christmas Eve 1994.00.kommune. but the symbolism refers first and foremost to a triangle – the Holy Trinity. The glaciers are accessible from the Tverrfjorden. Coastal culture is the main theme at Måsøy Museum in Havøysund.0015. The project was led by the Russian scientist Friedrich Georg Wilhelm Struve. 11. and be tempted by the variety of souvenirs in our gift shop.12. You can also become a member of the Polar Bear Club and support a WWF project.-Fri. N-9715 Kokelv Tel.kommune.no Season: 01. New technology is what made it possible to realise Snow White. Mon. SÁMI CHURCH N11 at Áissároaivi. Location: Sennalandet.Hammerfest Church was inaugurated in 1961 and is known for its remarkable architecture. and an insight into the every day life of a painter in Finnmark. Our object is to preserve the history of Hammerfest as an Arctic city characterized by Arctic hunting.no Opening times: Mon.00. MÅSØY MUSEUM G8 Kirkeveien 3. Inaugurated in 1962./fax +47 78 41 62 80/+47 78 46 99 55 post@rdm.rdm.no Season: All year round.00. Church services.no www. anyone speaking ill of it does so at their own peril. send us an email at tourist@masoy.0016. STALLO – KVALSUND L9 The Stallo was a stone dedicated in honour of the gods: in the olden days it was used as a place of sacrifice and this continued up until the 1800s.-06. +47 78 41 01 60/+47 951 99 897 post@syvstjerna. is the arena for Snow White.syvstjerna. as the church bells were ringing./fax +47 78 41 31 00/+47 78 41 19 00 post@isbjornklubben.com for opening times and further information about what we have to offer. Eva Arnesen.12. between Alta and Kvalsund. 25 people). a natural gas venture here in the north. Bergsfjord. GALLERY SYVSTJERNA AS L8 Fjordaveien 27 N-9610 Rypefjord Tel. and Sat. the tiny island just off Hammerfest. We have many − Enjoy a view of the arctic shoreline with its isles and skerries − Travel through the world’s northernmost windmill park − Open June-August Visit www. GJENREISNINGSMUSEET L7 (THE MUSEUM OF RECONSTRUCTION) Museums of coastal culture and reconstruction. 02. and will gladly serve you a glass of wine as we do so. Legend says that pulling it down will bring ill fortune. 11.no www.08. Furthermore..00. Groups of over 10 people NOK 30 per person.jacobsen@masoy. Langfjordhamn and Sør-Tverrfjord. get to know our culture and the history of the city. N-9690 Havøysund Tel. then please don’t hesitate to contact us. SNOW WHITE (SNØHVIT) – A TRUE ADVENTURE L7 Melkøya.KOKELV SEA-SÁMI MUSEUM Kokelv. 10. where it watches over travellers making their way through the Kvalsund strait. Fri.no www. Sea-Sámi museum. The museum also tells the story of the indomitable population who resolved to return after the war and rebuild their towns and cities. on the RV 94 between Hammerfest and Kvalsund. N-9600 Hammerfest Tel. 3. THE ROYAL AND ANCIENT POLAR BEAR SOCIETY L7 Hamnegt. The Museum of Reconstruction tells the story of World War II in the northernmost part of Norway. and has in time become a landmark in its own right.-31. Nuvsvåg. You should also greet the Stallo politely when passing it in order to show respect.no www. If you want to create a distinctive setting for your event.arcticview.St. We invite you to a unique experience at 71º North! For further information about what you can experience in Måsøy.00 – 15.kystmuseene.01. Sweden and Norway was concluded in Hammerfest in 1852. CHURCHES L7 .no Season: 01.17. In autumn 1944. Farm from the time of reconstruction with an exhibition of culture and natural history. It was built in 1958. Drop in and visit our free exhibition. The Meridian Column was inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 2005. +47 78 42 37 66 bernt.00 – 16. THE MERIDIAN COLUMN – HAMMERFEST L7 This column was erected by King Oscar II in 1854 in memory of the first international calculation of the earth’s shape and size.07. The building that houses the museum collection was originally built as a vicarage in 1950.no Season: 27. 10.01. Without the help of surface installations. enormous amounts of natural gas will be brought ashore and cooled down for shipment at the world’s northernmost – and Europe’s first – production plant for liquid gas. 09.06. NOK 40 (children under 7 free).-14.no 95 © Roy Allan Hansen . We welcome groups when booked in advance (max. Her paintings reflect the changing moods of light and colour in Finnmark. Its form is inspired by the traditional fish racks of which previously there were many in Hammerfest. The 200 metre long cruiser is located just off the breakwater in Sørvær. RiddoDuottarMuseat J10 .-Thu. Located in the part of town known as Fuglenes. Finnmark and northern Troms were subjected to a scorched earth policy.-31. Exhibition of the works of the Finnmark painter. +47 78 40 29 30/ +47 78 40 29 40 post@gjenreisningsmuseet. the Russian cruiser "Murmansk" ran aground just off Sørvær. Open off-season by prior arrangement. Michael’s Church is the world’s northernmost Catholic church and parish. etc. The Stallo (the rock itself) is located in Kvalsundet.no www. Kirkegata 21 N-9600 Hammerfest Tel. This scientific collaboration between Russia. Tues. Otherwise by prior arrangement.00. Barn and boathouse.00.08.

rooms with permanent exhibitions like the lounge and kitchen from the 1920s and 30s, the baiter’s shed, the schoolroom, workshops and a range of others that are worth a story of their own. NATIONAL TOURIST ROUTES – HAVØYSUND J11 The national tourist route to Havøysund introduces tourists to the very best of Norwegian countryside. The road to Havøysund follows the shoreline and runs through desolate, stark mountains in wild and naked countryside. Visit www.turistveg.no HAVØYGAVLEN WINDMILL PARK G8 The world’s northernmost windmill park was officially opened in June 2003. It consists of 16 wind turbines that will provide approximately 120 GWh of electric power annually. This is the equivalent of the annual consumption of 5-6000 Norwegian households. NORTH CAPE HALL C9 The North Cape, N-9764 Nordkapp Tel./fax +47 78 47 68 60/+47 78 47 68 60 booking.nordkapphallen@rica.no www.visitnordkapp.net Season: 01.01.-01.12. The North Cape Hall is situated on the North Cape Plateau and offers a variety of facilities for visitors, including the Panorama cinema that screens a film about the four seasons at the North Cape, the gift and souvenir shop, the champagne bar with a panoramic view, and the coffee bar with waffles and historical exhibitions. NORDKAPPMUSEET D11 – THE NORTH CAPE MUSEUM Fiskeriveien 4, N – 9750 Honningsvåg Tel./fax +47 78 47 72 00/ +47 78 47 72 09 post@nordkappmuseet.no www.kystmuseene.no Season: 01.01.-30.12. The museum documents coastal culture and the fisheries in the county of Finnmark and is also local museum for the North Cape borough. Like to know more about what it was like to be a North Cape tourist in the old days? Then the North Cape museum is the place for you. Centrally situated in Honningsvåg, a couple of minutes from the quay and bus station.

ARCTIC SUVENIR AS Fiskeriveien 4 D11 N-9750 Honningsvåg arcsuve@online.no Tel./Fax +47 78 47 37 12/ +47 78 47 27 61 Welcome to our popular souvenir shop on the quayside in Honningsvåg. When tourist ships call we stay open till late at night. Excellent assortment of Norwegian souvenirs, T-shirts, books, knitwear, pewter and telephone cards. Tax-Free. Internet hotspot. Opening times: 01.05.-30.09., Mon.-Sat. 09.00-20.00 or later, Sun. 12.00-20.00 or later. Location: Honningsvåg town centre. ARCTANDRIA AS D11 Holmen Senter, N-9750 Honningsvåg ar.dria@online.no Tel./Fax +47 78 47 27 60/+47 78 47 27 61 Take a closer look at our tasteful assortment of souvenirs and gifts. Norwegian glass, jewellery, trolls, books, etc. Passport photos. Tax-free. Credit cards and foreign currency accepted. Season/opening times: Open all year round. Mon.-Fri. 09.00-16.00 or later. Sat. 10.0014.00 or later. Sun. (May-Sept. 12.00-15.00 or later. Location: Honningsvåg town centre. NORDKAPP JUL & VINTERHUS (NORTH CAPE CHRISTMAS AND WINTER HOUSE) C10 N-9763 Skarsvåg Tel. +47 78 47 52 89/+47 402 45 716 post@julehuset.no www.julehuset.no Season: 01.01.-30.12. Open to visitors all year round. Authentic Christmas atmosphere and traditions. Home-made “gløgg" (mulled wine), waffles and cloudberries. Norwegian products only, hand-made Christmas items. Cosy atmosphere, guided tours of the fishing village and visits to the harbour. Stockfish. BIRDWATCHING SAFARI D8 - GJESVÆRSTAPPAN CLIFFSIDE NESTING COLONY Nygårdsveien 38, N-9765 Gjesvær Tel. +47 78 47 57 07 olat@birdsafari.com www.birdsafari.com Season: 01.05.-31.08. Birdwatching safari on a big boat with spacious deck. We take you to Gjesværtappan cliffside nesting colony, one of the biggest in Europe, where thousands of seabirds nest every summer. Welcome to an unforgettable nature experience. Attraction No.2 at the North Cape.

CLEARLY MARKED HIKING TRAIL TO THE KIRKEPORTEN MOUNTAIN FORMATION C10 from Kirkeporten camping AS Storvannsveien 2, N-9763 Skarsvåg Tel. +47 78 47 52 33 /+47 909 60 648 kipo@kirkeporten.no www.kirkeporten.no Season: 01.05.-15.09. There is a marked trail from the world’s northernmost camp site to this mountain formation shaped like a church doorway, or “Kirkeport". The walk from the camp site takes about 20 minutes. Panoramic view of the midnight sun, Mount “Hornet" and the North Cape. Easily accessible and clearly marked. GALLERY “EAST OF THE SUN" C11 Duksfjordveien 4, Kamøyvær, N-9750 Honningsvåg Tel. +47 78 47 51 37 evart@evart.no www.evart.no Season: 01.06.-31.08. daily 12.00-21.00. Off-season by prior arrangement. This small gallery is situated in the centre of the idyllic fishing village of Kamøyvær. Here you will find art and handicrafts from the surrounding district. The owner of the gallery, Eva Schmutterer, works as an artist and writer in the same building and presents the exhibition and her studio in person. KNIVSKJELODDEN POINT C9 The northernmost point in Europe (71°11’08"). Marked trail, 18 km there and back from the E18. Excellent view of the North Cape plateau. If you follow the world’s northernmost hiking trail to Knivskjelodden point, you can enter your name in the Rambling Society’s register there and buy a certificate at the tourist information centre or at Nordkapp Camping to prove that you have visited Knivskjelodden point and the millennium cairn. HORNVIKA/HORNET C10 (THE HORN) Approx. 2.5 km east of the North Cape plateau we find remnants of buildings and dock facilities from World War II. These were used as the landing stage for tourist ships before the North Cape road was opened in 1956. Today, you can still climb the 307 metres to the top on the remains of the about 1008 steps that were built in the 1880s. “Hornet" is a rocky promontory shaped like a horn. In pre-Christian times, “Hornet" was a holy place to the Sami population of Magerøya, and was seen as the home of the gods. The “horn" can only be seen from a distance. GJESVÆRSTAPPAN NESTING COLONY D8 A group of almost a hundred isles and skerries where seabirds nest. Here we find one of the biggest puffin colonies in Northern Norway. Other species include gannets, white-tailed eagles, razorbills, eider ducks, cormorants, fulmars and arctic skuas. Altogether, there are about 2 million nesting birds there. NORDKAPPKLIPPEN C9 – THE NORTH CAPE CLIFF The North Cape Cliff has always been a well-known and important landmark for shipping in the north. In 1553, an

English expedition under the leadership of commander Richard Chancellor set off to find the north-eastern passage to China. They didn’t find it, but on old sea charts made after the expedition, the name North Cape turns up for the first time. The North Cape is 307 m above sea level. The highest point on the plateau itself is 309 metres above sea level and is now located inside the North Cape Hall. The cliff is 500-600 million years old and consists of slate, sandstone, quartzite and mica. STABBURSNES NATURHUS AND MUSEUM M14 Stabbursnes, N-9710 Indre Billefjord Tel./fax +47 78 46 47 65 / +47 78 46 47 32 stabburs@online.no www.stabbursnes.no Season: 01.01.-31.12. Information centre for Stabbursdalen National Park and for nature and culture in Finnmark. Exhibition, video show, sale of souvenirs, hunting and fishing permits. Location:15 km north of Lakselv. Info on opening times / admission fees at www.stabbursnes.no RiddoDuottarMuseat U17 - PORSANGER MUSEUM Skoganvarre, N-9700 Lakselv Tel./fax +47 78 46 99 50/+47 78 46 99 55 post@rdm.no www.rdm.no Season: 28.06.-07.08. Sámi, Kvenish (Finnish origins) and Norwegian museum. Cultural history and war historical exhibitions. Admission: NOK 40 (children under 7 free). Groups of over 10 people, NOK 30. Opening times during the season: Tue.-Sun. 1100-1600. Off-season opening by prior arrangement. THE TROLLS OF K14 TROLLHOLMSUND – PORSANGER The white dolomite formations found there have given the place its name. According to an old Sámi legend they are a group of trolls that came wandering across the Finnmarksvidda plain. They tried to dig a hole in the rocks in Porsanger, but none of the holes were big enough. They moved on and tried to cross the fjord, but before they managed to find shelter, the sun rose and the trolls were turned to stone. Marked hiking trail from the car park down to the "trolls", approx. 15 minutes walk. Location: 35 km north of Lakselv on the E6 towards the North Cape. RODDINES L15 – GEOLOGICAL NATURE TRAIL The geological nature trail is found in Roddnes Nature Reserve on the eastern banks of the Porsanger fjord. The area is rich in geological deposits and the surrounding scenery is excellent for hiking. The trail is 2.6 km long. Location: approx. 20 km north of Lakselv on the Rv 98 towards Børselv. THE SILFARFJELLET MOUNTAINS I15 A Sámi sacrificial site is found here between two stone columns, Lalla and Kristoffer. The site is situated on the eastern side of the Silfar Canyon. Location: 55 km north of Lakselv, past Børselv.

The Royal North Cape Club
Visit the North Cape and join the Royal North Cape Club, the world's northernmost and most exclusive club. Membership cards allow free admission to the North Cape next time you visit. info@northcape.no


S11 Alta Adventure 378 43 40 50 Alta, Kunnskapsparken 3 etg. / post@alta-adventure.no S11 Alta Event 3900 23 900 Alta, Heitmannsåsen 21 / stig@altaevent.no S11 Alta Golf Park - Kvenvikmoen Hotell 3910 03 003 Alta, Kvenvikmoen / post@altagolf.no S11 Boazo Sami Siida AS 3414 73 405 Alta, Øvre Alta / post@sami-siida.no S13 Gargia Fjellstue (Mountain Lodge) 378 43 33 51 Alta, Gargiaveien 96 / post@gargia-fjellstue.no S11 Visit Holmen Dog Centre (Holmen Hundesenter) Alta, Holmen 48 / post@holmenhundesenter.no / 3905 30 983 S12 Riverboat tours with Sorrisniva 378 43 33 78 Alta, Sorrisniva 20 / info@sorrisniva.no P4 Krane Brygge (fishing camp) 3926 68 911 Sørøya, Breivikbotn / tkrane@trollnet.no Guided deep-sea rafting tours in the Alta fjord. Min 4 persons. 9 hole woodland golf course with facilities such as a driving range, putting green and 6 hole practice course. Spend the night at the hotel! Visit our Sámi settlement at Alta River Camping. Guided tours, live reindeer and Sámi history. 15.00–23.00 Join us for fishing in rivers, lakes and sea. We also offer canoeing and hiking, e.g. to the Alta Canyon. Visit our husky kennel and get to know our dogs, or try a ride on a dog cart together with our guide. Tue.-Sun. 17.00–21.00

See legend on page 9 Adventures in Finnmark and on the island of Seiland, an hour’s boat ride out 01.01.in the Alta fjord. Please contact us for an offer. 31.12. www.alta-adventure.no www.altaevent.no www.altagolf.no www.sami-siida.no www.gargia-fjellstue.no

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vHLJUOb }0 [ www.holmenhundesenter.no

Skilled boatmen provide you with a fantastic experience on a riverboat down 01.06.waterfalls and rapids in the Altaelva River. 31.08. www.sorrisniva.no Deep-sea fishing camp with the chance of a major catch. Apartment, boats, 20.02.gutting facility, wash and dry room, freezer. 30.10. www.kranebrygge.no www.havcruise.no

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P3 Sørøya Havfiskecruise (deep-sea fishing cruises) Specialists in adventure tours at sea / deep-sea fishing on a catamaran. Sørøya, Sørvær, Holmeveien 15 / post@havcruise.no / 3948 47 500 Sleeping accommodation for 10 passengers. J10 Kokelv Sjøhus 3413 26 136 Kokelv, Masterelv / resepsjon@kokelv-sjohus.no L7 Hammerfest Turist AS 378 41 21 85 Hammerfest, Hamnegt. 3 / post@hammerfest-turist.no Deep-sea fishing, boat rental and self-contained apartments. Salmon fishing, trout, char. Scenic adventures. We organise your summer activities in the Hammerfest area, especially hiking, deep-sea fishing, boat trips. www.kokelv-sjohus.no www.hammerfest-turist.no www.repvag-fjordhotell.no

F12 Fishingland North Cape. Repvåg Fjord Hotell & Rorbusenter AS Fishingland North Cape – unforgettable experiences 80 km from the North North Cape, Repvåg / post@repvag-fjordhotell.no / 378 47 54 40 Cape. Boat rental, fishing/deep-sea rafting, kamchatka crabs. D11 Arctic Guide Service AS - North Cape 3479 31 054 Honningsvåg, Fiskeriveien 4 / northcape@arcticguideservice.no D11 Artico Ice Bar 378 47 15 00 North Cape, Honningsvåg, Sjøgata 1A / artico@articoicebar.com D11 Destinasjon 71˚ Nord AS 3472 89 320 North Cape, Honningsvåg, Sjøgata 2b / mail@71-nord.no D11 North Cape Sailboat Charter 378 47 29 42 Honningsvåg, Porsangergt 23 / g.k.p@c2i.net D11 Top Adventures 3901 444 67 North Cape, Magerøya / info@topadventures-nordkapp.no Guided tours to the North Cape, photo/birdwatching safaris, Sámi adventures, Kamchatka crab, hiking, package tours. The world’s northernmost ice bar. Everything is made of ice. Experience ice and snow in the summer. Open April to September. www.arcticguideservice.com www.articoicebar.com

We will take you and your friends on a spectacular and memorable Finnmark 01.01.adventure. 31.12. www.71-nord.no Sailing yachts for hire, with or without a skipper/guide. Sailing classes, corporate excursions. Experience the North Cape in a new and different way. Activities, overnight accommodation and food. Basic packages. www.northcapesail.no www.topadventures-nordkapp.no www.barentscabincruise.com www.birdsafari.com www.stappan.com

D9 Barents Cabin, Cruise & Dining - North Cape 3481 74 156 Experience millions of seabirds. Bird cruises, 106 isles and skerries, deepGjesvær, Walsoenesvegen 34 / contact@barentscabincruise.com sea fishing, food from our little kitchen. D9 BirdSafari AS 3416 13 983 North Cape, Gjesvær, Nygårdsveien 38 / olat@birdsafari.com D9 Stappan Sjøprodukter AS 3950 37 722 North Cape, Gjesvær, Kobbenesveien 8 / ro71no@stappan.com Birdwatching safaris on a big boat. We invite you to an unforgettable experience. North Cape attraction No. 2. Come and experience the most fantastic sea and food adventures. We have gathered together the best all in one place.

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N15 Porsangerfjord Travel AS 3974 12 357 We offer and book exciting culture and adventure packages for you. Lakselv, Smørstadbrinken 1 / firmapost@porsangerfjordtravel.no N15 PSE - Fishing/hunting 3412 94 857 Lakselv, PSE torget / pse@trollnet.no M14 Stabbursdalen Resort 378 46 47 60 Stabbursnes, Lakselv / post@stabbursdalen.no The cabins are situated by salmon rivers or lakes. Boats available on site. A world class fishing and hunting eldorado. The world’s northernmost pine forest and bird sanctuary. www.porsangerfjord.com 10.0601.11. www.fiskehytte.no

gHLSK{E|Mb zLJ[q cvgFLJ{SMb www.stabbursdalen.no

KIRKEPORTEN CAMPING, SKARSVÅG • Cabins with or without a bathroom • Camper vans, caravans, tent sites • Food and drink • Free wireless internet for our guests Welcome!
Tel. +47 78 47 52 33 Fax +47 78 47 52 47 kipo@kirkeporten.no www.kirkeporten.no

Best in town!
Open (peak season) Mon-Sat 9am-8pm or later Sun 12 noon-8pm or later

Most credit cards and foreign currency accepted • Tax-free • Excellent parking facilities • Wheelchair access • Internet access/hot spot

Pb 500, N-9751 Honningsvåg Tel. +47 78 47 37 12, Fax +47 78 47 27 61 arcsuve@online.no


S11 Alta Adventure 378 43 40 50 Alta, Kunnskapsparken 3 etg. / post@alta-adventure.no S11 Alta Event 3900 23 900 Alta, Heitmannsåsen 21 / stig@altaevent.no S11 Kvenvikmoen Hotel & Golf 3910 03 003 Kvenvikmoen, Alta / post@kvenvikmoen.no S13 Gargia Fjellstue (Mountain Lodge) 378 43 33 51 Alta, Gargiaveien 96 / post@gargia-fjellstue.no S11 GLØD 3997 94 256 Alta, Vesterhaugveien 1 / trygve@glod-alta.no S11 Dog-sledding at Holmen Dog Centre(Holmen hundesenter) Alta, Holmen 48 / post@holmenhundesenter.no / 3905 30 983 S12 Northern Lights Husky 3458 53 144 Alta, Gargiaveien 29 / trinelyrek@hotmail.com S12 Sorrisniva 378 43 33 78 Alta, Sorrisniva 20 / info@sorrisniva.no P4 Krane Brygge (fishing camp) 3926 68 911 Breivikbotn, Hasvik, Strandgata 17 / tkrane@trollnet.no L7 Hammerfest Turist AS 378 41 21 85 Hammerfest, Hamnegt. 3 / post@hammerfest-turist.no Adventures in Finnmark and on the island of Seiland, an hour’s boat trip in the Alta fjord. Please contact us for an offer. Guided snowmobile tours on the Finnmark mountain plain with accommodation in a Sámi tepee or tent. Min. 4 persons.

See legend on page 9 www.alta-adventure.no www.altaevent.no

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All activities start on the hotel doorstep. Perfect for Northern Lights trips due 03.01.to its location outside the town centre. 18.12. www.kvenvikmoen.no Boat trips beneath the Northern Lights, ski and snowshoe tours. We adapt the level of our activities in accordance with the preferences of our guests. Join GLØD on a Northern Lights expedition. We help you take your own Northern Lights photos. Drive your own dog-team along the Altaelva river. Scheduled departures at 10.00 and 17.00. 2.5 hours duration. Longer trips also available. www.gargia-fjellstue.no www.glod-alta.no www.holmenhundesenter.no

Learn about dogs and dog-sledding. Harness your own team. Trips from 2.5 15.12.hours duration, longer trips available. 15.04. www.northernlightshusky.no Snowmobile safari, ice hotel and ice bar, dog-sledding trips in magnificent scenery. Discover Alta in a unique way. Deep-sea fishing camp with the chance of a big catch. Apartment, boats, gutting shed, wash and dry room, freezer. We organise your winter activities in the Hammerfest area. www.sorrisniva.no

;}540b HF6b| F7=S]I KHF5b1 : ;Kb1 www.kranebrygge.no www.hammerfest-turist.no www.repvag-fjordhotell.no

F12 Fishingland Repvåg/Sarnes - Repvåg Fjord Hotell & Rorbusenter AS Fishingland North Cape. Sarnes, 40 km from the North Cape. Kamchatka North Cape, Sarnes / post@repvag-fjordhotell.no / 378 47 54 40 crab safari, deep-sea fishing, team building and diving. D11 Arctic Guide Service AS, North Cape 3479 31 054 Honningsvåg, Fiskeriveien 4 / northcape@arcticguideservice.no D11 Destinasjon 71˚ Nord AS 3472 89 320 North Cape, Honningsvåg, Sjøgata 2b / mail@71-nord.no C10 Nordkapp Jul & Vinterhus (Christmas and winter) North Cape, Skarsvåg / post@julehuset.no / 378 47 52 89

Guided tours to the North Cape, city tours on kicksleds, the Christmas House, www.arcticguideservice.com kick-off, incentives, package tours. We will take you and your friends on a spectacular and memorable Finnmark www.71-nord.no adventure. The “Home of Christmas" – cosy atmosphere, Norwegian products, North Norwegian traditions, www.julehuset.no “gløgg" (hot mulled Christmas drink), homely fireplace, cloudberries, waffles, kicksleds. www.porsangerfjord.com www.stabbursdalen.no

N15 Porsangerfjord Travel AS 3974 12 357 Come and join us! Get involved and be challenged by the arctic winter. Lakselv, Smørstadbrinken 1 / firmapost@porsangerfjordtravel.no We book and take care of your arrangements. M14 Stabbursdalen Resort 378 46 47 60 Stabbursnes, Porsanger / post@stabbursdalen.no Rough and rugged winter climate with lots of Northern Lights. The realm of peace and quiet and wilderness.

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Olderfjord Hotel, Russenes Camping
Located on the banks of the Porsangerfjord, with both the ocean and mountains on our doorstep!
• Accommodation in hotel, motel, cabins and campsite, all at reasonable prices! • Own cafe, souvenir shop, convenience store and barbeque area. • Good toilets and shower, waste deposit site for camper vans and campers. • Fishing, hunting, hikes by the fjord, in the mountains and over the plain. • Visit attractions such as Kistrand church and the Coastal Sami Museum. Only a 1.5 hour drive to the North Cape, Alta (rock carvings), Hammerfest (Snøhvit), Havøysund (Arctic View) and Lakselv (Trollholmsund).

The gateway to the North Cape
Welcome to a memorable stay with us! Tel./Fax +47 78 46 37 11/ +47 78 46 37 91 post@olderfjord.no www.olderfjord.no

Class 1: < 6 m / < 3.5 t. For class 1, a caravan/ trailer is included in the price ..................................NOK 145 Class 2: 6 - 12.4 m ..............................................NOK 460 Class 3: 12.4 - 24 m ............................................NOK 775 Class 4: Motorbike / Moped .................................NOK 70 Class 5: Adult ........................................................NOK 47 Class 6: Child ........................................................NOK 24 Discount for vehicles .................................. 40 trips = 40% Discount per person ................................... 20 trips = 20% Discount per person ................................... 40 trips = 40% (May be subject to change without notice.)

Welcome to the North Cape!
Facts about the North Cape tunnel:
Length: ........................................................................ 6.8 km Depth: .............................................. 212 m beneath sea level

Pb 279, N-9751 HONNINGSVÅG www.nordkappbompengeselskap.no
Nordkapp Bompengeselskap AS (Ltd.) is intended to raise approx. NOK 200 million. The company is responsible for the toll station and the collection of tolls and the process is expected to take 15 years (approx. 2012). Tolls are payable by vehicles and pedestrians in both directions. Tolls and terms of payment apply to locals and visitors alike.


Storgata 8 C10 Kirkeporten Camping AS 378 47 52 33 North Cape.10.no r+ www.no r+ www. % 11.no .04.00 www.com S11 Restaurant Haldde . Cars delivered at hotel.30.00 01.00-17.no . Lounge with fireplace. reindeer meat. Restaurant 378 47 72 50 North Cape.olderfjord.-20.+* www.00 TRANSPORT (3+47) S11 Arctic Tours .altafjordgs.01.- r+ www.nordkapplandet. Sun. Fogdebakken 6 the hotel.alfaomega-alta. % Mon-Fri. We also offer one-way hire. Welcome! 03. % 11. Bekkefaret 3 Fantastic view of the Alta fjord and good food in which local ingredients always go without saying.. trout. % 08.no. Skarsvåg J12 Olderfjord Hotell Russenes Camping Russenes.porsangervertshus.06. 01. D11 Restaurant Bauen .stabbursdalen..30 Pizza pub with pizza and light meals on the menu.rica.no r+* www.no 1998 VW golf + trailer with canopy for hire.00 S11 Alfa Omega AS 378 44 54 00 Alta.00-22.08. www. New.05. Daily.corner. The menu includes dishes with a taste of Hammerfest. food and drink. kamchatka crab and cloudberries. www.nordkappbilservice. Sorrisniva 20 L11 Skaidicenteret 378 41 61 23 Kvalsund.P . Gargiaveien 96 S12 Laksestua . 150 offices in Norway.-Sat.no S11 Rent-a-wreck Alta (car hire) 378 43 39 45 Alta / alta@rent-a-wreck.-31.no Advance orders of breakfast. snacks.-31. 16. Honningsvåg.-Sat. North Cape. Porsanger / 378 46 37 11 M14 Stabbursdalen Resort 378 46 47 60 Stabbursnes.-01.01.avis.09 % 09.-31.08.rica.+ www.01-31.no r.30 Sámi food . Markedsgt 16.12.no Touring bus agency based in Alta.00.no r. safe cars.Rica Hotel Hammerfest Cosy à la carte restaurant with an open-planned grill bar. Storvannsveien 2 C10 Nordkapp Turisthotell AS 378 47 52 67 North Cape.skaidicenteret.rica. halibut.-31. Porsanger Magnificent setting with a marina and an excellent view of the sea.no rk+* www. Sat.com Breakfasts.06-15. 15. Fri. Lakselv / pse@trollnet. Langfjord bygdetun / 3454 05 257 bakery. We always have reindeer meat and fish on the menu.no D11 AVIS North Cape .01. 01.00-23.sixt. 01. D11 Rica Bryggen Hotel.00 Restaurant Alta serves light meals and á la carte dinners with local fare such as reindeer meat. New and safe cars.00-21.bidos.rent-a-wreck.no r+* + www.Rica Hotel Honningsvåg Evening buffet with local food and arctic ingredients.+ www. Honningsvåg. Øvre Alta S11 Restaurant Alta . 03. of course.-31. Sun. Nordkappveien 14 / avis@seppola.00 (during peak season) We serve local food such as salmon.12.12.01. Storengeveien 26 / alta@sixt. Kiosk. weekend. www. Chef of the Year 2009.00-16. lunches. closed. % Mon.arctictours.12 % 10.Rica Hotel Alta 378 48 27 00 Alta.09. Nordkappgt 4 / 378 47 72 20 Location: the harbour. July 11. Skaidi International cuisine prepared in our own way.no r+ www.-14. Honningsvåg. Porsanger N15 Porsanger Vertshus 378 46 13 77 Stabbursnes.00.30. otherwise book in advance The bistro maintains a wide-ranging international menu. Skarsvåg.01. Campfire. pizza. % June/August 12. 01. cakes and local lunch and dinner dishes at reasonable prices. 01.no r.no N15 PSE utleie (hire) 3412 94 857 PSE torget. 16.00 D11 Corner 378 47 63 40 North Cape. 01.-23. Pleasant atmosphere.-22.00-21.sami-siida. food/drink. Cars of all sizes.09. Restaurant/café serving coffee.09.gargia-fjellstue. We deliver the car where you are.00/11. 01. Vågen 1 D11 Tre Kokker 378 47 50 00 North Cape.06. Honningsvåg. Advance booking.00-23.00-22. Modern and comfortable coaches for chartered tours of Finnmark and northern Scandinavia. % 08.rica. Send us an email or call for an offer.00-22.no r. % 16. www.12. 01.00.09.Seppola Auto (car hire) 378 47 62 22 Focus on our customers. 11.-31. 02.05. Honningsvåg.no r+* www.no Fully licensed bar.Rica Hotel Alta 378 48 27 00 Alta.no r+ www.com Scandinavia’s cheapest car hire chain.00-18.30 Traditional Sámi fare with reindeer meat and salmon.-31. % 16.00.kirkeporten.09.no AVIS Alta/Hammerfest 3907 49 000 Alta S11 /Hammerfest L7 / alta@avis.10 -30.nordkappturisthotell.00-22.rica. Løkkeveien 61 S11 Nordlysbaren .thonhotels. Sørøygata 15 / 378 42 57 00 local arctic fare. 01.+ www.Rica Hotel Alta 378 48 27 00 Alta. % 09.08 % 10.FOOD AND DRINK (3+47) S11 Altafjord Gjestegaard og Spa AS 378 43 19 60 Alta.altafjordgs. station wagons and vans. Overnight accommodation. piano bar and live music.00-22.Thon Hotel Vica 378 48 22 22 Restaurant Haldde offers an à la carte menu with focus on local food traditions.00-23.08.01. weekly and monthly rates. Alta. kamchatka crab and. 15. shops.+ www. 12.00-03. 16. Løkkeveien 61 S13 Gargia Fjellstue (Mountain Lodge) 378 43 33 51 Gargia. garage.00 L7 Skansen Mat og Vinstue . auto accessories. Dish of the Day in May and September.06.+ www.corner.00-22. Good service.00-20.coach hire services 378 43 04 85 Alta. 15. 01. offers unique food experiences made with local ingredients. 01.Sorrisniva 378 43 33 78 Alta.no r+ www. 10.00-22. 99 .sorrisniva. Løkkeveien 61 S11 Boazo Sami-siida (Sámi village) 3414 73 405 Alta.no r+ www.30 www. char. % 10. Nordkappvn.12. Honningsvåg. % 08.bungalaaven. Football matches on a big screen.-30.12. Bossekopveien 19 S11 Nordlys Hotell Alta AS 378 45 72 00 Alta. Reindeer meat is on the menu for large parts of the year. Wines and beer.-Thurs. lunch and dinner with dessert for guests staying at Bungalåven.12. 01.+ r+ www.-30. The Chef recommends Dish of the Day.01.no r. quayside.12.00 See legend on page 9 U8 Porten til Finnmark kaffebar og gårdsmat (coffee bar and farm fare) Our speciality is good coffee with milk from Finnmark’s farms and carrot cake and bread from our own Langfjordbotn.no www. 80 / lene@nordkappbilservice. Storengveien 17 / epost@arctictours.+ www.06. www.12. 01.01.-15.no We offer flexible rental conditions and bring the car to wherever you wish.01.no/vica r. reindeer meat.no S11 Sixt bilutleie Alta (car hire) 3993 00 110 Alta.04 Bistro.00 www. Genuine Finnmark food. Porsanger J15 Bungalåven Vertshus 3957 78 211 Børselv.-31. 11. % 15. % Mon.no k r. Alta. 01. There is also a bar at Alta.no D11 Nordkapp Bilservice AS (car hire) 378 47 60 60 (press 1) Shell service station 2 km from town centre.01.trekokker.00-23. coffee and cake.00-24.-22. Visit: www. dinners: local fish or meat dishes.avis.00. Fiskeriveien 2a From our arctic menu you can choose local specialities with fish or meat.06-15. Johnny Trasti. etc.05. 01.00-23. gågata S11 Alten P. souvenirs and fuel.rica.06.no Sixt Car Hire Service Alta.no www.-15. Known for our high quality home-made food. meatballs.00-21.12.-31. Fully licensed.00-22.

com Several thousand visitors every year since 1992 Attraction number two at the North Cape The best place to see puffins. You are guaranteed a big fish in the light of the midnight sun. but they taste delicious.no Kamchatka Crab Safari – Destination 71° North We will take you on an unforgettable deep-sea rafting trip on the Sames fjord.Artico Ice Bar D . North Cape post@repvag-fjordhotell. and other hikes.no Opening times: 1 June – 31 August.birdsafari.Birdwatching safaris TopAdventures-Nordkapp.articoicebar.no mail@71-nord.no Hiking trip to the real northernmost point.Gallery B . +47 416 13 983 A . +47 901 44 467/+47 909 93 259 .00. • Daily departures by boat • Overnight accommodation (rooms/rorbu cabins) www. Sjøgata 1 A. +47 47 28 93 20 Fax +47 78 47 17 00 www.no – www. daily 12. The crabs may be ugly to look at. The coast of Finnmark is one of the best fishing grounds in the world. • Hotel / Rooms • 8 Rorbu cabins / Apartments • Souvenir shop with fishing specialities • Live kamchatka crab in a fish tank • Fish restaurant with crab specialities We also arrange: • Kamchatka crab safaris • Boat hire • ATV Safaris • Deep-sea rafting • Birdwatching safaris Tel.no www. gannets and white-tailed eagles in Europe Tel. N-9750 Honningsvåg Tel.Kamchatka Crab Safaris E .Deep-sea fishing C .no Tel.00 – 21. the kamchatka crab. +47 78 41 51 37 / evart@evart.Knivskjelodden Point F . Off-season: open by prior arrangement Tel.evart.com • Souvenirs Tel.no info@topadventures-nordkapp. +47 78 47 15 00 / +47 93 87 06 03 • +34 60 90 16 551 Fax +47 78 47 15 01 • www.71-nord. + 47 78 47 54 40 – N-9768 Repvåg.repvag-fjordhotell. We haul aboard the crab pots and get a close look at this monster from the deep. then Repvåg and Sames is the perfect destination.Repvåg Fjord Hotell & Rorbusenter DEEP-SEA FISHING AT THE NORTH CAPE If you dream about catching a really big fish.

nordkapphallen@rica. all of them enticed by the amazing natural surroundings. a cinema screening the North Cape Panorama film. opening times and other information about the North Cape. the world's northernmost ecumenical chapel.© RICA HOTELS / PEDER AUSTRUD Nature Adventures on the North Cape Plateau © RICA HOTELS / PEDER AUSTRUD © RICA HOTELS / PEDER AUSTRUD © RICA HOTELS / PEDER AUSTRUD For over 300 years. a large gift and souvenir shop. The North Cape Hall is a service centre with a wide variety of facilities for all our guests. people from all over the world have made their way to the North Cape to experience the northernmost point on the European mainland. For reservations. visit us at www. we welcome you to the North Cape. +47 78 47 68 60 Operated by: .no Tel.visitnordkapp.net booking. Whether you are a king or an adventurer. We offer a number of cafés and restaurants. historical tableaux and a Thai museum.

National Park .INNER FINNMARK AND SÁPMI European Main Road Regional Road Gravel road Farm track Municipal Border 102 Hurtigruten Coastal Voyage Ferry Hiking Trail Lighthouse Tourist Information Nesting colony Mountain lodge Airport Highway No.

1409 km² TOURIST INFORMATION CENTRE I13 Karasjok tourist information centre. Karasjok and Kautokeino. Here you can witness the World Reindeer Racing Championships. 09.00-19. the sky seems so much bigger! Here you will find the central areas of the Sámi people. www. ice fishing and lots more. +47 78 46 78 80 www. +47 78 46 91 16 Ravnastua Tel.-26. 3 78 46 88 00 3 78 48 70 00 Karasjok / sapmi@sapmi.00-19.00..State-owned Mountain Lodges Jotkajávri Tel.sapmi.no 103 © KARASJOK OPPLEVELSER On the Finnmarksvidda mountain plain.00-19.no / www.00-16.. combine it with a visit to one of the state-owned Mountain Lodges. the Sámi culture park. provisions/meals. off-season 10. shower/sauna. NATIONAL PARK: Øvre Anárjohka National Park.-15.04.12. where about 90% of the population have the Sámi language as their mother tongue.no Offering accommodation.reindrift. . Summer 20. Peak season 01. There are also many marked trails. Leavnnjageaidnu 1 TEL (+47) SEASON/OPENING TIMES 01.01.INNER FINNMARK AND SÁPMI – Sámi culture at close quarters KARA­ SJOK KAUTO­ KEINO AIRPORTS: Nearest ones are Alta and Lakselv. Ride a dog-team out onto the Finnmarksvidda plateau or visit Juhl’s Silvergalley in Kautokeino – an oasis on the mountain plain. Thon Hotel Kautokeino Kautokeino / kautokeino@thonhotels. The Easter Festivals in Karasjok and Kautokeino have long-standing historical traditions. Sit down by the fire in a lavvo (Sámi tepee) and learn more about the reindeer herding culture and the joik (Sámi chant). Easter 15.- 10.ravnastua.. Here.06. The Finnmarksvidda mountain plain was made for hunting and fishing.08. concerts.no / www.04. indigenous culture and the modern world converge. The Finnmarksvidda Plain and the rest of the plains area are perfect for those seeking an authentic wilderness adventure! Welcome to Statens Fjellstuer . 10.no/kautokeino Tours on the Finnmarksvidda plain Arrange your own tour on the plain. +47 78 43 45 54 Mollisjok Tel. Visit the Sámi Parliament in Karasjok or Sápmi.no U8 Kautokeino tourist information centre. in the heart of Sápmi.-31.06.thonhotels.

Today. N-9730 Karasjok Tel. 09. Located by Karasjok old church.karacamp. T 14/39 C 65/130 H 15/33 M.-Fri.no www.31.kauto. yet fragile glass products. S = Seaside cabin/building.no / post@denhviterein. N-9730 Karasjok L11 Jergul Asttu Jergul.12. The name is an abbreviation of Mázejohkka.J12 OG FRILUFTSSTI (CULTURE AND NATURE TRAIL) – KARASJOK 3. Admission: NOK 75 (children under 7 free). built up over a period of 50 years.no Season: 01. Accessible to the disabled.00. not least. Opening times in peak season: Mon-Sat.com PRICE RANGE ■ Under NOK 500 a night ■ NOK 500-749 a night H = hotel.12.06.12.no / samicamp@me.31.INNER FINNMARK COMPANY CONTACT DETAILS U8 Arctic Motell & Camping Suoamaluodda 16./fax +47 78 46 88 00/+47 78 46 88 01 sapmi@sapmi. N-9520 Kautokeino U8 Thon Hotel Kautokeino Biedjovaggeluodda 2. SAMISK KUNSTNERSENTER (SÁMI ARTISTS’ CENTRE) I13 Jeagilvármáddi 54. Admission NOK 40 (children under 7 free). An architectural gem . 01.bobleglass.rdm. N-9730 Karasjok I13 Sápmi Motell / Overnatting Deanugeaidnu 40.12.00. indoor and outdoor departments with time-honoured buildings.personal.no Season: Open daily 09. ÁSSEBÁKTI KULTUR.M.31. The atmosphere and harmony that arise as a result of contrasting elements simply has to be experienced. M = motel.00 After hours by prior arrangement. Sámi artists’ centre presenting about 10 exhibitions of Sámi contemporary art a year. the Yugoslavian garden of remembrance. celebrated weddings. N-9520 Kautokeino U8 Adventurecamp v/Wenche’s salong og Camping Suomaluodda 12. +47 78 48 71 95 post@rdm.01.01. 800 km long marked trail. 01.com www. Juhls. F = rooms.12. and the water would have reached a height of two metres above the church spire. 104 . F./fax +47 957 91 331/+47 78 46 88 01 bobleglass@gmail. At Boble Glasshytte you can watch as the red hot mass of living glass is worked by skilful glassblowers into beautiful hard. Closed 24 December – 3 January.01. the magical theatre and “Siida".00-15.an event with long-standing historical traditions. MONUMENTS I13 • Stone monument commemorating the fallen of World War II. Open during the season: 09. look for signposts along the road (RV92). N-9520 Kautokeino I13 Den Hvite Rein Ávjuvárgeaidnu 9. 01.08. sale of our own jewellery products and other handicrafts. L = apartment.01.KAUTOKEINO FOLK MUSEUM Boaronjárga.engholm.0020. NORDKALOTTRUTA U7 (THE LAPLAND ROUTE) The Lapland route (Nordkalottruta) is an approx.no ey bmtapio@online. N-9520 Kautokeino Tel.sapmi.31. 12. Hunting pits.no / halonen@online. 09. a glassblower’s workshop where they sell unique hand-made glass.no www. 01. the meandering river.31. located in Sápmi Park.12. D.no aw www. an exotic encounter with Sámi culture.12. about 350 people live there.00-18. Groups of over 10 people.samiskkunstnersenter. 01.01. 03. near the sports hall • Monument commemorating the accident that occurred during mine clearance after World War II. RiddoDuottarMuseat .no drkxazfebqwy^ jergulas@online. • “Serbergrav". 01. Sweden.no Season: 01.12. but also include cultural events like the Sámi Grand Prix Song Contest. G = guesthouse/boarding house. Open air museum. exciting and surprising.31. ML = mountain lodge See legend on page 9 NB: Rates for overnight accommodation are given per cabin/accommodation unit.no / drxaqw^* www.-31.no www.no / www. the World Reindeer Racing Championships.no kfvq kfvbq ravnastua@trollnet. T = tepee/tent. RiddoDuottarMuseat U8 ./fax +47 78 46 99 50/+47 78 46 99 55 post@rdm.com www.no drxafvbqw^ www. Y = lighthouse. and Mrs.01. Groups of over 10 people. 01. ML 25/84 C. N-9730 Karasjok I13 Engholm Husky Design Lodge Engholm Husky.00. Open MondaySaturday. King Harald’s and H.no dxeqwy^ www.12.no / rica.00-15.05.M. D. N-9730 Karasjok TEL.31.01.no Season: 13.01.hotel.12.denhviterein. Location: 16 km west of Karasjok. when people celebrated the end of a long winter. D. Today’s Easter celebrations still involve religious festivities. Familiarize yourself with Sámi handicrafts and silverwork. C = camping.no Season: 01.no www. MÁZE/MASI O7 Located midway between Alta and Kautokeino on the RV 93.5 km long trail that allows you to become better acquainted with the prehistory of Sámi culture.06. NOK 30.00-18.12. art./fax +47 78 46 90 02/+47 78 46 70 62 post@samiskkunstnersenter. Otherwise by prior arrangement. N-9730 Karasjok Tel. BOBLE GLASSHYTTE (GLASSBLOWER’S) I13 Sápmi Park.-14.31. 01.thonhotels.no / kautokeino@thonhotels.ACCOMMODATION . www. 09.-14. ■ NOK 750-1000 a night ■ Over NOK 1000 a night LEGEND '''' ''' ' '''' ''' '' ''' ''' ' ' '' '' 25/85 M.01. N-9730 Karasjok H14 Grensen Hytteutleie Grensen.01. This particular nature adventure starts in Kautokeino and ends up in Kvikkjokk. Visit Boble Glasshytte. Workshop and gallery/exhibition of unique hand-made glass designed and blown on site. YH 4/32 D 10/27 M. N-9730 Karasjok Tel. E = holiday home. C. and in Sulitjelma on the Norwegian side of the border.08. history and mythology.01. Sun.-Fri./FAX (+47) 378 48 54 00 9 78 48 75 05 3908 98 290 378 48 70 00 9 78 48 70 01 378 46 74 46 3975 080 16 3915 86 625 378 46 81 61 9 78 46 81 47 378 46 91 00 3917 20 686 378 46 61 35 9 78 46 66 97 378 46 91 16 378 46 78 80 378 46 88 60 9 78 46 88 61 378 46 64 32 3901 25 939 PRICE CAPACITY RANGE TYPE FACILITIES WEB / E-MAIL SEASON 01.samieasterfestival.19.adventurecamp. F.12.no drzfclevbqwy^ www. The village was intended to be flooded when the Alta/Kautokeino river was dammed up in 1970.DE SAMISKE SAMLINGER (SÁMI MUSEUM) I13 Mari Boine geaidnu 17.01.01.lapland-lodging.karasjokfestivaler. 09.01. history and present day life. Sápmi Park. EASTER FESTIVALS IN KAUTOKEINO U8 AND KARASJOK I13 . N-9730 Camping AS K8 Mollisjok Fjellstue N-9730 Karasjok J10 Ravnastua N-9730 Karasjok I13 Rica Hotel Karasjok Leavnnjageaidnu 1.00-18./fax +47 78 48 43 30/+47 78 48 43 39 sunniva@juhls. YH = Youth Hostel.no SÁPMI PARK – KARASJOK I13 Leavnnjageaidnu 1.karasjok@rica.juhls. NOK 50 per person.09.-01. We offer guided tours of our gallery for individual visitors and groups.com www.31. Erected by the Sisters of Mary from Germany. closed on Sundays.12.18.no / post@engholm. Exhibitions of Sámi culture. D 20 ML 30 ML 56/115 H 9/11 M xaleqy www. D = cabin. 01. Finnmark’s first silversmith’s. Queen Sonja’s visit to Karasjok in 1992.no Season: 20.ravnastua. Experience “Stàlubàkti".no www. N-9730 Karasjok I13 Karasjok Camping AS Ávjuvárgeaidnu. R = rorbu (fisherman’s cabin).31. • At Valjok in Karasjok the municipal councils of Porsanger and Karasjok have erected a memorial stone in gratitude to the people of Valjok for their compassion and assistance in the autumn of 1944 and winter/spring of 1945 • The King’s Stone with the monograms of the King and Queen at Karasjok town hall was erected during H.00 Off-season opening times: Tue. 98% of them are Sámi and 50% of them are reindeer herders. Workshop.00 – 18. FL 5/18 D. took part in the religious feasts and. Along the trail you will find over a hundred cultural monuments from ancient times.no xacletqw www.-31.com flebwy/ wenchemsara@hotmail. the Sámi settlement and way of life.12.00. 01. the Finland road. and from the lowest priced single room to the highest priced double room.rdm. Sámi museum and cultural history exhibition. Off-season opening times: Tues. Main season from 26 June – 5 August. The lifework of Mr. N-9730 Karasjok Tel.00. concerts. theatre performances and exhibitions. WORTH A VISIT JUHLS’ SILVERGALLERY N-9521 Kautokeino U8 Tel.rica. Free admission and guided tour.

special and unique setting. exciting and surprising.00 Kautokeino Tel. International art and handicrafts are presented in a beautiful.JUHLS’ SILVERGALLERY Since 1959 Finnmark’s first silver workshop offers traditional and exclusive modern jewelry made on the premises.no Showrooms also in: Bergen at Bryggen 39 Tel. Free admission and tour.00-18. An architectural gem: personal.juhls. +47 55 32 47 40 105 . An oasis on the plains. +47 78 48 43 30 www. which reinforces the experience of the arctic landscape through art and design. Open every day 09.

www.no Watch glass being made in our glass blower’s workshop. www. Suomalodda 16 / samicamp@me. Jergul I13 Samipath 3477 51 412 Karasjok.com WINTER ACTIVITIES (3+47) O7 Cavzo Safari 3959 73 963 Masi/Maze.00 www.02. Lavvo Hotel.31.no :S0 U8 Thon Hotel Kautokeino 378 48 70 00 Magnificent areas for winter activities such as snowmobiling.no I13 Engholm Husky Tours and Expeditions 3915 86 625 Karasjok.Guided tours and demonstrations in the husky kennel.no/kautokeino Visit the dogs and camp on our own island.12. 09. www.01. Please contact us.no 01.15.05.no 01.01.31.no/kautokeino www.ravna. Hunt moose and grouse.04. www. Engholm Husky design Lodge / post@engholm.thonhotels.no/kautokeino 01. Hirsaluohka / post@cavzo.01.00-23.samipath. 31.12.04.SUMMER ACTIVITIES (3+47) U9 Arctic Motell & Kautokeino Camping 378 48 54 00 Kautokeino.com O7 Cavzo Safari 3959 73 963 Masi/Maze.31. Sápmi Park / bobleglass@gmail.01. www.open fire in our spacious lavvo (tepee).30. www.10.no Sámi adventures and reindeer racing. Niittosjogas 27 01. or Sámi tepee. a riverboat trip.gaup@gmail.12. Guided tours and “joiking" (Sámi chanting). Easy access to rivers.no L11 Jergul Asttu 378 46 91 00 Karasjok. 01. lassoing.kb-siida.01. Engholm Husky design tun / post@engholm.thonhotels.samitour.12.com L13 Jergul Asttu 378 46 91 00 Karasjok. Sápmi Park / bobleglass@gmail.samitour.00 Unique Sámi inspired restaurant where you will be served traditional Sámi fare around an open fireplace.no FOOD AND DRINK (3+47) U8 Thon Hotel Kautokeino 378 48 70 00 Kautokeino L11 Jergul Asttu 378 46 91 00 Karasjok. Kautokeino.31.bobleglass. Catch char and grayling.01. % 17. Refreshments in a Sámi tepee (lavvo).no sledding and ice fishing.no rd rkd rd* rd TRANSPORT (3+47) U8 Odd's Turbusser .31. . Biedjovaggeluodda 2 / kautokeino.12. 01.01. Leavnnjageaidnu 1 / 378 46 88 60 Breakfast.rica.no 20. www.01. www.01. Experienced guides.01.no Sámi adventures incl.-22.rica.bobleglass.coach hire services Kautokeino / vuollot@nordtroms.01. Experience genuine Sámi culture at close quarters: reindeer sledding.sautso. Long-established Sámi mountain lodge with exciting winter adventures.-31. Make an appointment to try glass blowing yourself.no 01.no www. Cosy á la carte restaurant at Rica Hotel Karasjok.engholm. Guided tours. 01. Jergul I13 Rica Hotel Karasjok 378 46 88 60 Karasjok. 106 © CHRISTIAN HOUGE / INNOVASJON NORGE . 01. reindeer Kautokeino. We welcome all kinds of assignments.15. Genuine wilderness adventures.12.09.no 15.net / 3907 68 019 Our buses have 10-25 seats.thonhotels.no S0 S[O0 LJ[UBq }AVFJU|OB FLJS[UBq VFLJ[ U8 Thon Hotel Kautokeino 378 48 70 00 The mountain plain right outside your door. Scheduled departures or by appointment. Make an appointment to try glass blowing yourself.12. Kautokeino. Wilderness trips with pack dogs. Dog-sledding with top trained dogs.booking@thonhotels. “joik" (Sámi chanting) and Sámi history. www.Rica Hotel Karasjok Karasjok. lunch and á la carte meals at restaurant Duottar.com Watch glass being made in our glass blower’s workshop. www. Serves traditional Sámi fare to suit your requirements.no 01. Sámi food in a tepee (lavvo).samitour.6:S0Bq S0 01.sautso.06.12.booking@thonhotels. 01.no www. Jergul I13 Kirsten Berit-siida 3418 55 018 Karasjok. and on request % 11.06.kauto. I13 Boble Glasshytte (glassblower’s) 3957 91 331 Karasjok.com I13 Engholm Husky 3915 86 625 Karasjok.00-22. See legend on page 9 Every evening throughout the summer. we invite our guests to coffee over an 01. www.engholm. reindeer racing in the winter. Hiking arrangements. Kautokeino.-20. www. 01. Ravdojohka / anna. “joiking" (Sámi chanting) and Sámi fare in a “lavvo.12. 31.no I13 Boble Glasshytte (glassblower’s) 3957 91 331 Karasjok.11. Leavnnjageaidnu 1 I13 Storgammen Restaurant . mountains and adjacent fishing lakes. www.12.6=S0B }6=>5SVB .01.-31. Biedjovaggeluodda 2 / kautokeino. Hirsaluohka / post@cavzo.30. The Aja bar is fully licensed.08.

sapmi. N-9730 Karasjok. hand-made glass. • Sámi film festival • Water Drag Racing • Music festivals • Powan festival www. • Get to know duodji – Sámi handicraft and the local silversmith's 107 .no – www.engholm.samieasterfestival. and “Siida" .no © JOHAN WILDHAGEN / INNOVASJON NORGE © RICA HOTELS / PEDER AUSTRUD © BJØRN MOHOLDT © TERJE RAKKE / NORDIC LIFE / INNOVASJON NORGE Welcome to Sápmi Park.no (+47) 915 86 625 post@engholm. Tel.com ENGHOLM HUSKY DESIGN LODGE KARASJOK www. • Visit Boble Glasshytte – a glassblower's workshop selling unique. an exotic encounter with Sámi culture.a Sámi settlement. Leavnnjageaidnu 1./Fax +47 78 46 88 00/+47 78 46 88 01 sapmi@sapmi.Visit Guovdageaidnu – Kautokeino The heart of Sápmi. history and mythology • Experience “Stálubákti" – the magical theatre.no – a Sámi culture park Sápmi Park.

EAST FINNMARK AND KIRKENES European Main Road Regional Road Gravel road Farm track Municipal Border 108 Hurtigruten Coastal Voyage Ferry Hiking Trail Lighthouse Tourist Information Nesting colony Mountain lodge Airport Highway No. National Park .

-15. Hindberggata 19 Båtsfjord / frivillig@batsfjord.varanger.no 20. every day 10.00-20..no / www.no D10 Båtsfjord Tourist Information. Vardø Airport.00 Rest of the year Mon.no 109 © JOHAN WILDHAGEN / INNOVASJON NORGE .com I17 Kirkenes Tourist Information.no / www.-12.com / www. 09.no/turistinformasjon D11 Syltefjord Tourist Information.-Fri. Infobygget.09.Vadsø Council (+47) 78 94 23 00. Strandvn. TOURIST INFORMATION CENTRE G2 Kjøllefjord Tourist Information.no J4 Lebesby Tourist Information.no / www. Vardø.00-16.lebesby. Gamvik / post@northernnomad.com / www.00-16. AIRPORTS: Mehamn.06.no / www. Vardø Havn / vardo@varanger.00 01.06.06.-31.com I11 Nesseby Tourist Information.00-18. Varanger Samiske Museum Varangerbotn / www. NATIONAL PARKS: Varangerhalvøya National Park. Rest of the year 10.00 3 954 93 464 3 954 93 464 3 78 49 61 18 Kjøllefjord / turistinformasjon@lebesby.-11.kirkenesinfo.30 01. The Varanger landscape meanders along seabird nesting colonies.12.-31. postmottak@vadso. 05.00.08. Find peace and quiet in Berlevåg or Båtsfjord. East Finnmark is an adventure – all year round. Tana and Nesseby offer excellent hunting and fishing country. study the bird life or enjoy the view at Ekkerøy.. fishing grounds and jagged cliffs.08..no J9 Tana Tourist Information: Tanatorget square. Båtsfjord.-30. and much more.12.no D7 Berlevåg Tourist Information.00-15. 10.10.00.-Fri. Kjøllefjord Town Centre TEL (+47) SEASON/OPENING TIMES 06. every day 10.00.varanger.. Rest of the year .: The Information Building. Base Camp Vardø/Air Service AS Vardø. 09. Kirkenes is the turning point of the Hurtigrute ships.no B14 Vardø Tourist Information.00 01. Tana bru / Ildtoppen Austertana / Ifjord Camping post@visittana. Båtsfjord.-05. Sat. in East Finnmark.-20.00-18.10.05. 1804 km² Øvre Pasvik National Park. Mon.00-16. 119 km² Gigantic Kamchatka crabs.08.00-20.kommune. 15.00. and shares its borders with both Russia and Finland. Berlevåg. Gamvik Museum Brodkorbbruket. Torget Kirkenes / turistinfo@svk. 8 3 78 98 16 10 3 78 98 34 00 3 91 71 33 42 3 78 98 69 07 3 78 94 04 44 3 78 95 99 20 3 78 97 17 77 Berlevåg / touristinfo@berlevag-pensjonat.10.-20.varanger.: Enquiries Office.00.. Frivilligsentralen. Vadsø and Kirkenes.09.00-17.06. Vadsø and Kirkenes.-Sat.00-16.-12. Mehamn.kommune.04.08.06.lebesby. fishing villages.00 01. vast mountain plains and an exciting encounter with our great neighbour in the east.00-18. Visit exotic fishing villages in Nordkyn. 15.kommune. You will find this.-Sun.-30.. Berlevåg.kommune.08.00-16.no / www.visittana. 94. haul up crab pots or experience the wintry mountain plain on a snowmobile.-01. 20.00-16. Vadsø sentrum Vadsø / vadso@varanger. 22.kommune. listen to the wind and feel the force of the ocean.01.no D4 Gamvik Tourist Information.com G13 Vadsø Tourist Information.northernnomad..06.08. Vardø Harbour. Lebesby Church Lebesby / turistinformasjon@lebesby. Mon.30 16. 10. Shop opening times.06.batsfjord. 01.-15. Syltefjord skole Båtsfjord / rand-sae@online.08.EAST FINNMARK AND KIRKENES – Cultural diversity by the Arctic Ocean LEBESBY GAMVIK TANA BERLEVÅG BÅTSFJORD VARDØ VADSØ NESSEBY SØRVARANGER PORTS OF CALL FOR HURTIGRUTE SHIPS: Kjøllefjord. or in the Kvenish capital of Vadsø. 09.08.kommune. Visit the fortified town of Vardø. Vardø.kommune. 11.01. Havnegt. 10.no / www. go out fishing. 01. L 5/20 ML 21/90 G. 01.31.berlevag-pensjonat.30.no afAqw / svborge@online. N-9790 Kjøllefjord K5 Ifjord Camping og Cafe Ifjord. 01. Gamvik D4 Mehamn Arctic Hotell AS Værveien 54.01. 01.varangerfjellstue.12.11. ML = mountain lodge See legend on page 9 110 NB: Rates for overnight accommodation are given per cabin/accommodation unit. C.levajok. 01.12. Levajok.no / finnmark@ue. N-9770 Mehamn.no / rica.birkhusky.31.09. N-9950 Vardø G14 Ekkerøy Feriehus Ekkerøy. N-9845 Tana D7 Berlevåg Pensjonat & Camping Havnegt.kbhotel. R.09.31. 01.com drxfevbqw^ www.com aes / info@kbhotel.31.01.rica.12. 01. F.no www.no fetvq / www.no xafAetvwyi www.polmakmoen-gjestegard. T = tepee/tent.01.12. R = rorbu (fisherman’s cabin).30. G 7/40 F.12.hoteltana.com dxfletq tana@famcamp. YH = Youth Hostel.no dxzA / post@arctic-cabin.30. N-9740 Lebesby D4 Gjestegården «Nordpolen Neste» Strandv. T 12 ML 15/44 H 43 S.01.no www. N-9845 Tana L10 Polmakmoen Gjestegård Polmak. N-9775 Gamvik D4 Adventure Camp Mehamn (Mehamn Brygge og Rorbuer) Havna. YH 16/33 H 43/100 H. L 68/114 H 5/12 G.hotel. Nesseby. 01.12. N-9800 Vadsø G13 Rica Hotel Vadsø Oscarsgt.01. H.12. 4.foldalbruket.31.grasbakken. Kirkenes TEL. N-9915 Kirkenes L18 BIRK Husky AS Melkefoss. C = camping. 01.05.01. 01. E drkxafAlvwy^ www. N-9840 Varangerbotn I17 Barents Frokosthotell Presteveien 3. 01.com tanabredden@gmail. D. N-9845 Tana P7 Levajok Fjellstue Tanadalen.01.01. N-9845 Tana P7 Storfossen Camping Storfossen.31. 01. 01. 01. N-9950 Vardø B14 Vardø Hotel AS Kaigata 8.12.net zfAvqy www. 01.no drxaqwy* www.31. D 17/66 C 3/12 D. 01. Vadsø J10 Grasbakken Hytte & Båtutleie Grasbakken. LEGEND ''' ' ''' '' ''' ' ' '' '''' ' '''' ' '' '''' '' ' ' '' ' ' ' ''' ' '' '' ' ''' ' '' '' '''' 24/40 H 8/32 R 24/61 F. Gamvik J9 Hotel Tana Tanabru. N-9925 Svanvik. D = cabin.01.01.mehamn.arctic-cabin.01.no drxawy^ / aaswi@online.05.no / booking@hoteltana. 15. 72.utleie-havfiske. Berlevåg D7 Kjølnes Fyr Kjølnes.polmakmoen-gjestegard.12. N-9740 Lebesby K5 Ifjord Fjellstue Ifjord. 01. 01.no / post@birkhusky.31.12.no www. N-9950 Vardø B14 Skagen Bo & Havfiske Peder Holtsgt.no / estherutsi@yahoo. 01. 01.no drk* www.no drxafAevqwy^ www.12.vardohotel.tanabredden.com drqwy^ www.no / post@vardohotel. L 24/48 H 5/9 G 3/6 F 41/83 H 3/16 E.01. N-9800 Vadsø G13 Vadsø Apartments Tibergveien 3. .no fvbqs www. 15.31. N-9770 Mehamn.31. Sentrum.EAST FINNMARK COMPANY CONTACT DETAILS G2 Hotel Nordkyn Strandveien 136.no / s.09. D 3/8 D 14/28 H 4/17 D.12.ekkeroy.no dkr www.06.31.01.no / contact@polarhotel. N-9845 Tana L10 Tanabredden opplevelser Polmak.no PRICE RANGE ■ Under NOK 500 a night ■ NOK 500-749 a night ■ NOK 750-1000 a night ■ Over NOK 1000 a night 01. L.06.31.11. 01. N-9980 Berlevåg D11 Arctic Cabin AS Hamna/Syltefjord. N-9845 Tana J10 Tana Familiecamp Skippagurra. L = apartment.no / bo_a@online. C 13/31 G.01./FAX (+47) 378 49 81 51 9 78 49 99 07 3918 16 075 3908 82 814 378 49 98 17 3992 41 234 3904 77 878 3974 21 900 378 49 67 00 9 78 49 67 01 378 92 81 98 9 78 92 80 05 378 92 87 14 3932 51 015 378 92 89 90 3481 74 755 3906 28 565 3995 41 903 378 92 86 30 9 78 92 86 31 3917 33 826 3913 29 813 378 98 16 10 378 98 10 00 3901 76 550 3481 74 755 3916 42 441 3481 26 392 378 98 31 00 9 78 98 39 18 378 98 75 29 3957 73 889 3416 75 777 378 98 77 61 9 78 98 83 97 3908 91 558 378 95 52 50 9 78 95 52 51 3905 41 041 3920 68 603 3414 31 354 3913 65 856 378 95 60 64 3934 99 166 378 99 32 99 9 78 99 30 96 3909 78 248 3900 32 249 PRICE CAPACITY RANGE TYPE FACILITIES WEB / E-MAIL SEASON 01.01. and from the lowest priced single room to the highest priced double room.kongsfjord-gjestehus.31.01.no zfq^ www. E 12/22 G 14/56 C. F 6/14 G.31.no / fjellstua@levajok.jankila@imf.08.01.no kxafAletvgqw^ www. 8.hotelnordkyn.com / per-si@online. drkfetvqw halvdanhansen@hotmail.no zfvbqy www.15.20. M = motel.30.30.12.storfossen.no / post@nordicsafari.31. Kongsfjord.12. N-9790 Kjøllefjord G2 Foldalbruket Kystkultursenter Strandveien 41. L.31.no / post@hotelnordkyn.no www.31. N-9980 Berlevåg D8 Kongsfjord Gjestehus Veines.net / post@horisontvaranger.no fqw www.01.12.com kafw^ / ifjordfj@online.01. Y = lighthouse. N-9990 Båtsfjord B14 Gjestegården Strandgt.vj-camping. 01.com www. 01.polarhotel.ifjord-fjellstue.31.31. 01.31.no / njarga@online. C. D. Vadsø H12 Vestre Jakobselv Camping N-9802 Vestre Jakobselv. N-9800 Vadsø H12 Varanger Fjellstue N-9802 Vestre Jakobselv.12.ACCOMMODATION .no / post@foldal.no drzfAvbqwy^ www.12.12.no drkzflevbqwy^ www.vadsoe@rica. 01.no drxazfAetjbqw^ www. G = guesthouse/boarding house.no w akloghhe@online. C 20/8 ML.no drxa / mearthot@online.no www.com dkxfAevjw^ nordpolenneste@igamvik.20. F = rooms. N-9990 Båtsfjord D10 Polar Hotell AS Valen 2.31.01. E = holiday home.bugøynes. N-9980 Berlevåg D8 Kongsfjord Landhandel & Cafe N-9982 Kongsfjord.no zfqy / annliel@online. Kirkenes H14 Bugøynes Opplevelser AS N-9533 Bugøynes. S = Seaside cabin/building.no dkfvw www.12.12.nordicsafari. 34.12. 01.no / estherutsi@yahoo. YH 6 R 24/12 Y 5/22 D.no / post@berlevag-pensjonat. D.no www. H = hotel.01.kongsfjordlandhandel.01.

WORTH A VISIT VISIT NORDKYN G2 Kjøllefjord Brygge N-9790 Kjøllefjord Tel. 1-3.067 m above sea level) towers up majestically with its twin peaks.no www. N-9912 Hesseng I17 Kirkenes kortidsleie Stubben 4B.com www. to the time when the fish factory was reconstructed.THE COASTAL MUSEUM IN KJØLLEFJORD Strandveien 41 N-9790 Kjøllefjord Tel.no draAeqwy^ www.no / post@kirkenescamping.no www.01. 01.Horses and dogs . Groups by prior arrangement.31. +47 932 51 015/+47 78 92 87 14 fjellstua@levajok.kirkenessnowhotel. +47 918 16 075 post@foldal.rica.Mountain hiking .12.kystmuseene. LEVAJOK – EXPERIENCE HARMONY AND WELL-BEING Magnificent countryside . Whaling in Finnmark was for the most part run from land-based stations like the one in Oksvågen. Slettnes is the world’s northernmost mainland lighthouse. The history of the Folldalbruket is presented here.no Season: 15.no www. Where nature rules.01.no 111 .01. There is fantastic hiking and skiing terrain all over Nordkyn.Sauna Levajok Fjellstue as.net www.12. the wide open spaces and the horizon for the rest of your life. Most of the trails are marked.samitour. today it is a favourite spot for outings only 15 km from the E6. tourists. the Sámi considered this a holy mountain.no/norsk/neiden – fjellstua@c2i. The Tanaelva is unique for its traditional fishing methods using enclosure nets and drift nets.kystmuseene. KONGSFJORD LANDHANDEL COUNTRY STORE & CAFE D8 N-9982 Kongsfjord Tel.05. Off-season opening can also be arranged.01.no / kirkenes@thonhotels.01.no / booking@kirkenes-kortidsleie.-31.12. N-9845 Tana Tel.12.no drkxafvgwy^ www.02. Open during the summer.Arctic menu . N-9980 Berlevåg Tel. +47 951 16 149 charlotte@visitnordkyn.30.12.kirkenescamping. D. in which coastal culture and the fisheries are of major significance.com Open: Regular office days/hours. Learn about the history of Gamvik.com dkxazflevbqwy www. There is a hiking trail leading from a picnic spot with an information board. T 1/5 L 20/45 H 14/64 H 90/166 H 61/103 H 38/60 L.hotel. N-9900 Kirkenes I17 Kirkenes SnowHotel Andrevann. The local inhabitants have strong bonds with the Tanaelva river. You will remember the tranquillity.Demonstrations in the studio. Teno (the big river).01. FOLDALBRUKET G2 . Charming country store and café with much of the authentic interior furnishings and exterior from the 1930-40s still intact.arctic.no drxzfvbqwy^ www.kirkenes@rica. 01.com Season: 01. and there are viewpoints at various different places.08.kystmuseene.31. N-9900 Kirkenes I17 Sollia Gjestegård Storskog. from when the first inhabitants settled here 10. +47 78 98 13 66 berlevag@kystmuseene.Located in "Villa Borealis" in Berlevåg town centre. In former times. The fact that the museum is housed in a former fish factory creates a distinctive setting for the local history. from the Viking Age and up until the present day.31. Certificates can be purchased at Levajok mountain lodge. SLETTNES FYR LIGHTHOUSE D3 N-9775 Gamvik Tel. THE RIVER TANAELVA J9 In the Sámi language the river is known as Deatnu and in Finnish. N-9900 Kirkenes I17 Thon Hotel Kirkenes Johan Knutzensgate 11.rica. F. +47 78 49 79 49 gamvik@kystmuseene.hotel@rica.-23. 20.08. birdwatchers and the locals.Sale of own glass creations in our bright and stylish shop. . D 144/288 H kf www. BERLEVÅG HAVNEMUSEUM (HARBOUR MUSEUM) D7 Havnegata.31.I17 Kirkenes Camping Maggadalen. MOUNT RASTIGAISSA P6 East Finnmark’s highest mountain (1. The northern lights and midnight sun add magic to the natural surroundings.kongsfjordlandhandel. especially when it comes to salmon fishing. +47 78 49 79 49 gamvik@kystmuseene.no / rica. In light of this.no / post@storskog.31. the Tanaelva is Europe’s biggest salmon river when it comes to the amount of salmon caught. N-9900 Kirkenes I17 Rica Hotel Kirkenes Pasvikveien 63.000 years ago. Over the past 10 years an average of about 130 tonnes of salmon have been caught here every year. Levajok.no www.12. and you are invited on a tour that will take you 50 years back in time.no Season: 01. 01.net drxaAepbqwy^* www.20. Meeting place for sport fishermen. +47 78 98 11 55 post@arcticglasstudio.01.no www. the lighthouse is located as far north as it is possible to drive on the European continent.no drkafqwy www.-31. The most important species in the Tanaelva is the Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar).Fishing .09.no Aw www. N-9930 Neiden I17 Rica Arctic Hotel Kongensgt.kirkenes-kortidsleie. OKSVÅGEN WHALING STATION Oksvågen’s more recent history is associated with whaling. Our cultural-history gallery will also give you an account of the history of Finnmark.com / info@radius-kirkenes. The Foldalbruket fish factory was listed for protection by the Inspectorate of Ancient Monuments and Historic Buildings in 1994. 14. 15.-31. About a third of Norway’s wild salmon stocks are associated with the Tanaelva. Surrounded by magnificent scenery and with an exciting and dramatic history.-31.no Season: 01. providing a view of seven different parishes.01.no www.04.no / rica. N-9915 Kirkenes K15 Neiden Fjellstue og fiskecamp Øvre Neiden. GAMVIK MUSEUM D4 Strandveien 93 N-9775 Gamvik Tel.levajok.thonhotels.arcticglasstudio.-30. Welcome to Nordkyn. Local applied arts firm where glass products inspired by the typical colours and contours of the Finnmark countryside are designed and made.12.01. . N-9900 Kirkenes 378 99 80 28 9 78 99 23 03 3984 42 813 378 97 05 40 9 78 97 05 41 378 99 61 41 3995 51 517 378 99 59 00 9 78 99 59 01 378 99 14 91 378 99 13 56 378 99 08 20 9 78 99 07 61 378 97 10 50 9 78 97 10 51 '''' '' ' ''' ' '' '''' ''' 18/82 C.storskog. N-9980 Berlevåg Tel.High standard cabins .visitnordkyn. Svend Foyn. .12. through the world’s northernmost birch wood to Oksvågen whaling station. until the kamchatka crab came onto the scene towards the end of the 1990s.no Season: 01.foldalbruket.12.no 01. and the whaling legend.06.no Season: 01. +47 901 76 550 per-si@online.12. ARCTIC GLASS STUDIO D7 Storgt. Marked hiking trail. 01. Contact Gamvik Museum well in advance.

at the end of the road KONGSFJORD GENERAL STORE AND CAFÉ ■ Pay a visit to our general store from the 1930-40s.01. Listed for protection by the Inspectorate of Ancient Monuments and Historic Buildings. SANDFJORDEN D8 Protected landscape area characterized by a steep mountain ridge and a long beach with sand dunes and distinctive vegetation.08. together with natural history and the witch hunt in Finnmark./Sun. fishing.com 112 . The fort is run by a Commandant. The museum is responsible for documenting the so-called ’Pomor’ trade with Russia and is also Vardø’s local history museum. The landscape is characterized by solid mounds along the beach and a pattern formed by old coastlines that are a result of the rising of the land after the last Ice Age. N-9950 Vardø Tel.Local museum with interesting exhibitions about the development of the harbour. World War II and more.00. The cliff is a protected nature reserve. starshaped fort that was completed in 1738. shipping. the Nordkyn peninsula and the plateau landscape to the south-east. +47 909 22 813 Season: 01.kongsfjordlandhandel. Handicrafts and art from home and abroad. Located 9 km west of Berlevåg at the mouth of the Tana fjord. a diver’s eldorado with a number of shipwrecks and a strong sea current that leads into the fjord and the rocks where grey seals and common seals are found all year round.no www. The history of the city of Vardø is presented at Lushaugen.no www. There is also a colony of about 250 grey seals there.01. gallery. WITCH HUNTS – VARDØ B14 The biggest witch hunt in Norway took place in Vardø in the 1600s. etc.livskunstsenter. The Revnes breakwater near Berlevåg quay is easily accessible. dressmaker’s. MOUNT TANAHORN D6 Steep mountain top (270 m above sea level) referred to as a former Sámi sacrificial site. decorations and utility articles. film. Opening times:15. It is slightly oval in shape and was built of rock. the Tana fjord. along The world’s northernmost mainland lighthouse Slettnes Lighthouse 71° 5’ N . Easily accessible hiking country with panoramic views of Heløy. The theme of the trail is the building of the breakwater which took place between about 1913 and 1974. Marked hiking trail from the road to Store Molvik. In Finnmark about 90 people were found guilty of witchcraft and sentenced to be burned at the stake.06.no Season: 01. +47 78 98 13 66 berlevag@kystmuseene. 10. This is the third fort in Vardø.-Fri. +47 959 65 776 www.12. south-west of Berlevåg. there are clearly visible geological traces of the tectonic mobility of the Earth’s crust. earlier seabeds and shorelines. The world’s northernmost and Europe’s oldest “active" fort – an octagonal.-14.no Season: 01.12.08 Mon. N-9950 Vardø Tel.00-18.12. On the way to the abandoned fishing village of Hamningberg. VEINES AND KONGSFJORD D8 Peninsula with challenging and delightful coastal countryside. There are 15 information boards with text and photos on the way. 1000-1800 and Sat./fax +47 78 98 80 75/+47 78 98 77 06 vardo@varangermuseum.varangermuseum.06-15.00-15. Accessible all year round.01. All motorised traffic and camping are prohibited. most of them in Vardø.no Season: 01.01. Clothing and jewellery. and the second in about 1460. VARANGER MUSEUM. Nordkyn. SACRIFICIAL CIRCLE AT LAKE SYLTEVIKVANN C12 About 7 km west of Hamningberg lies Lake Syltevikvann. Mob. The ruins of a German coastal fort from World War II are found at the top of the peninsula. The burnings took place at Steilneset. Kongsfjorden is close by. GURO’S ATELIER B14 Strandgata 30. Kongsøy and Skarholmen bird sanctuary. The heights are perfect for observing the northern lights and the stars. It is about 6-7 metres in diameter and is situated on a mound on the shore with an unimpeded view of Lake Syltevikvann. The building of the breakwater is documented by a 20 min. Service boat and locomotive on display in separate buildings. SVARTOKSMOLOEN/REVNESMOLOEN (BREAKWATERS) D8 Impressive harbour protection constructed with thousands of 4-armed concrete blocks.-31. 32. so-called tetrapods. SYLTEFJORDSTAURAN C11 Cliffside nesting colony with a number of different species of birds including gannets and puffins. STORE MOLVIK E6 Abandoned fisherman-farmer community with pre-World War II buildings.-31. Shop. museum and gallery Gamvik. The Pomor Museum presents the ‘Pomor’ trade and multi-cultural associations in the northern areas. 16 km from Berlevåg on the RV 890. Location: approx. also to the disabled. and further on to the foundry at Revnes. Welcome! THE VARDØ– C13 HAMNINGBERG ROAD This road is quite an experience to drive along and its distinctive lunar landscape makes it an attraction in its own right. where there is an old Sámi sacrificial circle. The Partisan Museum in Kiberg presents the work of the partisans during World War II.00. Fantastic view of the fishing grounds. N-9980 Berlevåg Tel. VARDØHUS FORT B14 Festningsgata 20 N-9950 Vardø Tel. 13.-Fri. one of Northern Norway’s best preserved general stores ■ Sale of natural products from Norwegian Lapland ■ Café. The first one was built in about 1300. Admission: NOK 40/10 KULTURMINNELØYPE D7 “MOLOBYGGING" CULTURAL MONUMENT TRAIL: THE BUILDING OF THE BREAKWATER Havnegata. Mon.-31. VARDØ BRANCH B14 Per Larssensgt. the work of the ice during the various ice ages. Located in beautiful natural surroundings by the Tana fjord. 16. Further details: Berlevåg Harbour Museum. +47 901 76 550 • per-si@online.-31. The 4-5 km long trail starts at Berlevåg Harbour Museum and proceeds along the old railway line up to the quarry.12.

what is now the culture trail where a monument to these innocent victims of the witch hunt, most of them women, will be erected. Further details of this topic are available at Varanger Museum’s Vardø branch. KIBERG C15 Kiberg has been of major importance to Northern Norway’s contact in the east: the so-called ‘Pomor’ trade with Russia, fishing in Russia and the activities of the partisans. A culture trail leads from the Partisan Museum, through the fishing village and up to “Fort Kiberg" at Kibergsnesset point, where you will also find an artillery emplacement from World War II. HORNØYA / VARDØ LIGHTHOUSE B14 Norway’s easternmost nature reserve for seabirds where 73,000-88,000 pairs nest. Reference point for stock development. Traffic limitations apply to Hornøya, and people are only allowed to access certain parts. VARANGER MUSEUM, VADSØ BRANCH. RUIJA - THE KVEN (FINNISH) MUSEUM G13 Hvistendalsgt. 31, N-9800 Vadsø Tel./fax +47 78 94 28 90/+47 78 95 13 99 vadso@varangermuseum.no www.varangermuseum.no Season: 01.01.-31.12. Local museum covering the borough of Vadsø and Kvenish (Finnish) history in Finnmark. Consists of the Esbensengården trading company, Tuomainen farm and the Bietilægården farm and quay, Vadsøya Culture Park, the exhibition of airships and boats at the Hurtigrute docks and the Kjeldsenbruket fish factory in Ekkerøy with its cafe which is open all through the summer. I GALLERI (GALLERY) G13 Idrettsveien 15, just behind Statens hus (the government admin. Building) N-9800 Vadsø Tel. +47 928 32 926/+47 901 10 906 galleri@gallerii.no www.gallerii.no Season: Open all year round. Mon.-Fri. 10.00-16.30, Sat. 10.00-15.00. Longer opening hours during festivals and before Christmas. Here you will find art and quality goods from Finnmark. Our abundant gift shop is full to the brim with arctic chocolate, sweets and food products, art, ceramics,

glass, books and music. We also frame pictures. Varying exhibitions in the gallery all year round. Welcome to art and fun in Vadsø. EKKERØY CLIFFSIDE G14 NESTING COLONY AND NATURE RESERVE Visit one of Europe’s biggest cliffside bird colonies with over 50 species of birds and 40,000 nesting kittiwakes. This is the only nesting colony in Finnmark where you can drive almost all the way there. The nesting cliffs and nature reserve are only a five minute walk from the car park. There is also a marked nature and culture trail here with fascinating information about birds and wildlife, local history and cultural monuments. IMMIGRATION MONUMENT – VADSØ G13 Erected in 1977 in memory of the considerable Finnish/Kvenish immigration to Finnmark in the 1800s, which has given Vadsø the nickname of "The Kvenish Capital". VADSØ CHURCH AND THE KING’S STONE G13 The church, which was built in 1958, is the fourth in a row in Vadsø. The architect Magnus Paulsson called the it an Arctic Church because of its two towers that resemble large icebergs. The King’s Stone from 1977 is just outside the church. MORTENSNES I12 KULTURMINNEOMRÅDE CULTURAL MONUMENT PARK This is one of the most comprehensive and distinctive cultural monument areas in Scandinavia. Specially adapted paths with new and informative signposts and information boards (2008) lead you to the cultural monuments which bear witness to continuous human settlement here for over 10,000 years. You can find traces of Stone Age settlement here, Sámi sacrificial sites and graves. Location: Mortensnes, approx 20 km along the road to Vadsø. ØVRE PASVIK NATIONAL PARK INFORMATION CENTRE K18 Bioforsk Svanhovd, N-9925 Svanvik Tel./fax +47 464 13 600/+47 78 99 56 00 svanhovd@bioforsk.no www.pasvik.no Season: 01.01.-31.12. Bioforsk Svanhovd is an information centre for Øvre Pasvik National Park and

other protected areas in the region. An exhibition and a variety of films present the unique countryside, culture and history of the Pasvikdalen valley. There is also a botanical garden there. Svanhovd is approx. 40 km south of Kirkenes, and overnight accommodation is also available there. VARANGER MUSEUM IKS, I17 SØR-VARANGER BRANCH - GRENSELANDMUSEET Førstevannslia, N-9900 Kirkenes Tel./fax +47 78 99 48 80/+47 78 99 48 90 svm@varangermuseum.no www.varangermuseum.no Season: 01.01.-31.12. The exhibitions present history and crossborder cultural encounters between people in Norway, Finland and Russia. Permanent exhibitions: War in the Border Areas, The Sydvaranger Industrial Adventure, the Country between Countries and the Art of Kaare Espolin Johnson. ANDERSGROTTA CAVE I17 – RADIUS KIRKENES Kirkenes town centre, N-9915 Kirkenes Tel./fax +47 78 97 05 40/+47 78 97 05 41 info@radius-kirkenes.com www.radius-kirkenes.com Season: 01.06.-31.08. Andersgrotta cave is an air raid shelter in Kirkenes. The cave was excavated during World War II and named after the engineer Anders Elvebakk who led the work. Guided tours and film. Daily screenings at 10.30 and 11.00. Also available to groups by prior arrangement. BUGØYNES H14 Small, picturesque and vibrant community with shops, post office and school, approx. 95 km west of Kirkenes. The village is one of the few places in the borough that was not burned to the ground during World War II. For this reason it has maintained its Finnish style of architecture from the time of immigration in the 1800s. Many of the inhabitants still speak the old Finnish language. This is the only fishing village in the borough, and they fish kamchatka crab. The old coastal culture in Bugøynes can be seen on Pleym Quay. Lassigården is a commercial building dating back to 1850. Ranvika nesting cliff is a 90 min. walk from Bugøynes. The path is marked. MALMGRUVENE J17 – THE IRON MINES At Bjørnevatn, approx. 10 km outside of

Kirkenes, you will find the iron mines, which are the basis of the borough’s industrial history. The tunnel where the local inhabitants sought refuge during the air raids of World War II is found in the same mining area. The navvy monument and music pavilion are the pride of the city and are situated in the heart of the town. Mining operations were recommenced in 2009. GRENSE JAKOBSELV G18 60 km outside of Kirkenes there is a small hamlet, outermost on the coast of the Arctic Ocean. Here, King Oscar II’s stonebuilt chapel was erected in 1869. On warm summer days the beaches attract many locals and visitors alike. On the way to Grense Jakobselv you also pass Storskog border station, Norway’s only official border crossing to Russia. PASVIKDALEN/ØVRE PASVIK NATIONAL PARK P18 In scenic surroundings, the Pasvikdalen valley stretches southwards through the borough. The valley is inhabited all year long, both by the local inhabitants and by Norway’s biggest brown bear population. Farthest south lies Øvre Pasvik National Park. TRERIKSRØYSA (THE THREE NATIONS CAIRN ) P19 Marks the point where the national borders between Norway, Finland and Russia meet. Walking round the cairn is prohibited, because it would involve crossing national borders. NEIDEN K15 50 km west of Kirkenes, just by the Norwegian-Finnish border, there is a tiny rural community called Neiden, wellknown for its salmon river, the annual Käppalä Fishery (a traditional eastern Sámi casting net fishery) in Skoltefossen falls, and the Russian orthodox St. George’s chapel (annual outdoor fair on the last Sunday in August). You pass Neiden chapel on the way to Mikkelsnes, together with a well visited bathing spot and outdoor recreation area used during the summer. THE FINNMARKSLØPET DOG-SLED RACE I17 The world’s northernmost and Europe’s longest dog-sled race reaches its turning point in Kirkenes in March. www.finnmarkslopet.no



D4 Gjestegården «Nordpolen Neste» 3904 77 878 Gamvik, Strandv. 78 D3 Mehamn Arctic Hotell AS 378 49 67 00 Mehamn, Værveien 54 / mearthot@online.no D3 Adventure Camp Mehamn 3974 21 900 Mehamn, Mehamn brygge og Rorbuer / post@nordicsafari.no D3 Red Tree - Expedition Earth Outdoor & Adventure Mehamn, Værveien 88 / info@expedition-earth.com / 3415 75 538 J9 Tana Husky 3988 996 65 Tana, Masjok / post@tanahusky.no D7 Berlevåg Pensjonat & Camping 378 98 16 10 Berlevåg, Havnegt. 8 / post@berlevag-pensjonat.no D8 Kongsfjord Landhandel & Cafe 3901 76 550 Kongsfjord, Berlevåg / per-si@online.no D8 Sealife Adventures 3400 57 046 Kongsfjord, Berlevåg / jorn.o.johansen@gmail.com D14 Arctic Tourist AS 3951 08 638 Nordfjord, Syltefjord, Båtsfjord / orjhan@bluezone.no B14 Boat trips to nesting colonies / deep-sea fishing - Vardø Havn Vardø, Havneterminalen / vardhavn@online.no / 378 98 82 77 I17 Pasvikturist AS 378 99 50 80 Kirkenes, Dr. Wesselsgt 9 / firmapost@pasvikturist.no I17 Barents Safari 3901 90 594 Småbåthavna, Kirkenes / hhatle@online.no I17 Gabba Reinsdyr og Husky Park (Reindeer and Husky Park) Kirkenes, Andrevann / info@radius-kirkenes.com / 378 97 05 40 I18 Arctic Adventure Resort AS 3951 50 755 Kirkenes, Jarfjordbotn / info@arctic-adventure.no H14 Nor Adventure-Norway 3916 42 028 Bugøynes, Egnebuloftet / adventure@getmail.no L18 BIRK Husky AS 3909 78 248 Svanvik, Melkefoss / post@birkhusky.no K15 Neiden Fjellstue og fiskecamp (Mountain Lodge and Fishing Camp) Neiden, Øvre Neiden / fjellstua@c2i.net / 378 99 61 41 I18 Grenseløs AS 3901 90 347 Kirkenes Harbour, MS Svenner II / grenselos.as@gmail.com Visit the northernmost point on the mainland and have the chance of amazing nature and culture experiences. Kamchatka Crab fishing, boat trips, Slettnes lighthouse.

See legend on page 9 nordpolenneste@igamvik.no www.mehamn.no


Deep-sea fishing, boat rental, kamchatka crab safari, halibut fishing, salmon 01.01.fishing, trout and char fishing. 31.12. www.nordicsafari.no Everything under one roof. Tourist information and shop, reasonably priced accommodation, outdoor activities and courses. www.expedition-earth.com

Dog-sledding. Short round trips for groups. Longer trips for up to 4 persons. 20.05.Prices from NOK 250. 31.10. www.tanahusky.no Coastal adventures: hiking, boat trips, deep-sea fishing, culture trail. The north and southbound Hurtigrute ships meet here every evening. 3 km from the Kongsfjordelva river. Mountain plain in near vicinity: hiking, berry and mushroom picking and fishing. For those who like to get close to the elements. Arctic Tourist is an adventure centre specialising in arctic nature, local history and hospitality. Daily, scheduled departures landing at Hornøya Nature Reserve. Deep-sea fishing: Boat for 10 passengers. Excursions, packages and overnight accommodation. When staying in Kirkenes Pasvikturist is your total supplier, and an expert on Russia. Daily riverboat trips to the Russian border at Boris Gleb. Food and drink. 01.06.-30.09., at 10.00 and 14.00 or by appointment. Encounter reindeer and huskies in Gabba Park. Restaurant serving lunch and dinner, only 20 minutes walk from the town centre. MICE specialist. Complete group events for discerning guests, all inclusive. 10 years of experience. Team Building/company trips. Hire of small boats for fjord fishing (with guide). Marina for visiting pleasure boats, kamchatka crab aquarium in the café. www.berlevag-pensjonat.no

AVHK{\O HLv HK{| HK{ H{ www.kongsfjordlandhandel.com www.sealife-adventures.no www.arctictourist.no www.vardoport.no www.pasvikturist.no

VLSK[]IO []O SKXQ www.barentssafari.no www.radius-kirkenes.com www.arctic-adventure.no www.adventure.oslo.no



Guided tour to the beautiful Pasvikdalen valley, kennel visit, local history and 01.06.food served in our unique Viking house. 31.08. www.birkhusky.no Excellent fishing and nature adventures on the Arctic Ocean, in the mountains and at Neidenelva river. Deep-sea fishing boat. Guides.

}VL{S[ObQ VFLJSKMbq HK{]|M www.samitour.no/norsk/neiden

Comfortable fjord tours in magnificent natural surroundings. Catch and taste Kamchatka crab. Daily departures, min. 10 passengers.

D4 Gjestegården «Nordpolen Neste» (Guesthouse) 3904 77 878 Experience arctic conditions, rugged weather conditions and the Barents Gamvik, Strandv. 78 Sea in free expression. Excellent skiing, and an eldorado for fishing. D3 Adventure Camp Mehamn 3901 47 509 Mehamn / post@nordicsafari.no D3 Red Tree - Expedition Earth Outdoor & Adventure Mehamn, Værveien 88 / info@expedition-earth.com / 3415 75 538 J9 Tana Husky 3988 99 665 Tana, Masjok / post@tanahusky.no D7 Berlevåg Pensjonat & Camping 378 98 16 10 Berlevåg, Havnegt. 8 / post@berlevag-pensjonat.no I17 Pasvikturist AS 378 99 50 80 Kirkenes, Dr. Wesselsgate 9 / firmapost@pasvikturist.no I17 Kirkenes SnowHotel 378 97 05 40 Kirkenes, Andrevann / info@radius-kirkenes.com I17 Sollia Gjestegård 378 99 08 20 Storskog, Kirkenes / post@storskog.no I18 Arctic Adventure Resort AS 3951 50 755 Kirkenes, Jarfjordbotn / info@arctic-adventure.no L18 BIRK Husky AS 3909 78 248 Svanvik, Melkefoss / post@birkhusky.no K15 Neiden Fjellstue og fiskecamp (Mountain Lodge and Fishing Camp) Neiden, Øvre Neiden / fjellstua@c2i.net / 378 99 61 41 I18 Grenseløs AS 3901 90 347 Kirkenes Harbour, MS Svenner II / grenselos.as@gmail.com Northern Lights and snowmobile safaris, kamchatka crab fishing, sea and ice fishing, cross-country skiing, snowshoe hikes, etc. Everything under one roof! Tourist information and shop, reasonably priced accommodations, outdoor activities and courses. Dog-sledding. Duration from 10 minutes to day trips. Tours in the winter light. Peace and quiet. Prices from NOK 250. Snowshoe tours on the arctic coast: see the wild and wonderful winter countryside in the company of your guide on a long weekend. Excursions, packages and overnight accommodation. When staying in Kirkenes Pasvikturist is your total supplier, and an expert on Russia. Snow hotel with over 20 rooms, ice bar and magnificent ice sculptures. Snowmobile and husky safaris. Authentic, rough and natural winter fun in the border country – Sollia Gjestegård guesthouse. Also offers expeditions. MICE specialist. Complete group events for discerning guests, all inclusive. 10 years of experience. Team Building/company trips. Specialists in individual dog-sledding tours, day trips, evening outings and overnight stays. Accommodation in an igloo. If you are looking for a winter adventure in Finnmark, then you are welcome here. We custom-make your itinerary. nordpolenneste@igamvik.no www.nordicsafari.no

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;}K654 ;}K6=>:5S4 ;}K6=>:5B KH\Eb ;}6=5S0B ;KL6>5S0B1 K5 www.radius-kirkenes.com www.storskog.no www.arctic-adventure.no www.birkhusky.no www.samitour.no/norsk/neiden

Comfortable fjord tours in magnificent natural surroundings. Catch and taste Kamchatka crab. Daily departures, min. 10 passengers.


D3 Adventure Camp Mehamn (car hire) 3974 21 900 You can hire a car here for your stay in Nordkyn. Mehamn, Havna post@nordicsafari.no / www.nordicsafari.no D10 Båtsfjord Reiseservice AS 3948 85 740 Båtsfjord, Båtsfjord Lufthavn Local travel agency where you can find information and book air, boat and bus tickets. We also book hotels and hire cars. majken.holmgren@wideroe.no

I17 Pasvikturist AS (bus and coach hire) 378 99 50 80 Minibus transport all over Northern Norway, and to Finland and Russia. Guide service. Kirkenes, Dr. Wesselsgate 9 firmapost@pasvikturist.no / www.pasvikturist.no

I8 Ifjord Camping og Cafe 3908 82 814 Ifjord, Lebesby Good food and drink, kiosk, fuel and internet. The Laksefjordvidda mountain plain and Ifjordfjellet mountains are nearby. 01.06.-31.08. % 09.00-21.00 Our café serves lunches and dinners based on local ingredients. Our speciality is “Boknafisk" (lightly cured cod). 01.01.-31.12. % 11.00-24.00 Fish restaurant, kamchatka crab and local food. 01.01.-31.12. % 08.00-23.00 Local food made from local ingredients in the way it has always been done here. 01.01.-31.12. We serve delicious fish soup, ranked by some as the best in the country. Fresh waffles and homebaked cakes. 01.06.-30.08. % 09.00-20.00 We serve dishes based on local ingredients. Our speciality is fish and kamchatka crab. All year round when booked in advance. Summer café from 15.06.-15.08. 01.01.-31.12. Good view of life in the harbour. We serve local fresh fish and kamchatka crab. New fish dishes daily. 15.03.-15.12. % Summer 14.00-22.00, winter 16.00-21.00 Á la carte restaurant serving light meals and daily specials. Local ingredients on the menu. 01.01.-31.12. Lunch dishes, local fish and meat dishes. Located in Vadsø town centre. Fully licensed. % Mon-Fri. 10.00-17.00, Sat. 10.00-15.00, Sun. closed We serve excellent, high quality local fare. Always fresh cakes. Welcome! 01.01.-31.12. % 12.00-20.00 (22.00) Local specialities like fish and chips, reindeer meat, kamchatka crab. Local fish dishes. 01.04.-01.11. % 11.00-18.00 (autumn/spring) 10.00-22.00 (Fri./Sat. -02.00) G2 Hotel Nordkyn 378 49 81 51 Kjøllefjord, Strandveien 136 D3 Adventure Camp Mehamn 3974 21 900 Mehamn D4 Gjestegården «Nordpolen Neste» 3904 77 878 Gamvik, Strandv. 78 D8 Kongsfjord Landhandel & Cafe 3901 76 550 Kongsfjord, Berlevåg D8 Kongsfjord Gjestehus AS 378 98 10 00 Kongsfjord, Veines, Berlevåg D10 Polar Hotell AS 378 98 31 00 Båtsfjord, Valen 2 B14 Vardø Hotel AS. Restaurant Arctic 378 98 77 61 Vardø, Kaigata 8 G13 Oscar Mat og vinhus - Rica Hotel Vadsø Vadsø, Oscarsgt. 4 / 378 95 52 50 G13 Pål's Matopplevelser (Pål's culinary adventures) Vadsø, Hvistendalsgt 6B / 378 95 33 84 J10 Ruitu AS 3466 38 608 Varangerbotn, Nesseby J14 Egnebuloftet Kafe & Pub 3916 42 028 Bugøynes, Kaianlegget

See legend on page 9

.,+ halvdanhansen@hotmail.com ,+ www.hotelnordkyn.no .,+ www.nordicsafari.no ,+ nordpolenneste@igamvik.no ,+ www.kongsfjordlandhandel.com .+ www.kongsfjord-gjestehus.no .+ www.polarhotel.no .+ www.vardohotel.no .+ www.rica.no .,+ www.paalsmat.no .,+ www.ritu.no ,+ www.adventure.oslo.no ,+ www.samitour.no/norsk/neiden + www.rica.no .+www.rica.no .+ www.rica.no .+ www.thonhotels.no/kirkenes , www.varangermuseum.no .,+ www.radius-kirkenes.com .+ .+ www.birkhusky.no

K15 Neiden Fjellstue AS (Mountain Lodge) 378 99 61 41 Excellent meals of fish and meat from Finnmark. We also welcome groups to a cosy meal in our lavvo Neiden, Øvre Neiden (Sámi tepee). 15.02.-30.09. Reservations necessary off-season. I17 Arctic Restaurant & Bar - Rica Arctic Hotel Kirkenes, Kongensgt 1-3 / 378 99 59 00 I17 Arctic Restaurant & Bar - Rica Arctic Hotel Kirkenes, Kongensgt 1-3 / 378 99 59 00 I17 Brasseriet Restaurant - Rica Hotel Kirkenes Kirkenes, Pasvikveien 63 / 378 99 14 91 I17 Thon Hotel Kirkenes 378 97 10 50 Kirkenes, Johan Knutzensgate 11 I17 Varanger Museum IKS, avd. Sør-Varanger Kirkenes, Førstevannslia / 378 99 48 80 I17 Gabba restaurant 378 97 05 40 Kirkenes, Andrevann I18 Gapahuken Restaurant 378 99 08 20 Storskog, Kirkenes L18 BIRK Husky AS 3909 78 248 Svanvik, Melkefoss Fully licensed bar. 01.01.-31.12. % 12.00-24.00 Á la carte restaurant with arctic ingredients and local fare on the menu. Fully licensed bar. 01.01.-31.12. % 11.00-22.30 Á la carte restaurant with arctic ingredients and local fare on the menu. Fully licensed bar. 01.01.-31.12. % 17.30-20.30 Finnmark’s best restaurant with focus on local ingredients like reindeer and kamchatka crab. Sea view inside and out. 01.01.-31.12. % 24/7 Always Basic café serving coffee and snacks in pleasant surroundings. 01.01.-31.12. % 10.00-14.00 Local food prepared over an open fire. “Wilderness slow food" restaurant. Welcome! 01.01.-31.12. Reservations.

Food, activities and a decent bed in idyllic surroundings. Sollia Gjestegård – Genuine Arctic Hospitality 15.06.-31.08. % 15.00-22.00 www.storskog.no BIRK – genuine local food experiences in our Sámi turf lodge or at our unique Viking house in Pasvikdalen valley. Open for drop-in customers from June-August % Advance booking: any time all year round



the Pomor trade with Russia.Varanger Museum consists of branches in Vardø.no www.com www.no FURTHER INFORMATION www.botanical gardens . +47 464 13 600 svanhovd@bioforsk.kongsfjordlandhandel.berlevag-batsfjord.talks and presentations We custom-make conference packages with activities and adventures together with our local associates. www. Bioforsk Svanhovd N-9925 Svanvik Tel.no Båtsf jord www.arctictourist. the Kvenish people of Finnish descent.no / +358 40 7780 719 www.arctic-cabin. International collaboration on a number of projects in the north.no www. and the area's local history.conference centre with an auditorium and several meeting rooms .no T H E R O A D T O T H E A R C T I C O C E A N Where sea and wind form the open landscape DESTINATION BERLEVÅG AND BÅTSFJORD Kongsf jord Syltef jord www.no Art Chocolate Gifts Frames Food from the north Bioforsk Svanhovd – your starting point in Pasvikdalen .no baatsfjord@wideroe. Sør-Varanger and Vadsø.local food . Records and presents the history of Norway's north-eastern border area.polarhotel.no 116 .pasvik.sealife-adventures.overnight accommodation .kongsfjord-gjestehus.varangermuseum. © TRYM IVAR BERGSMO Knowledge centre for the history of the Norwegian-Russian border.com sinikka@linken-nh.national park centre .com www.

no . local food on the menu and free internet access. +47 78 48 27 00 Rica Hotel Hammerfest Tel.rica. +47 78 95 52 50 Rica Hotel Kirkenes Tel. +47 78 47 72 60 Rica Hotel Vadsø Tel. +47 78 42 57 00 Rica Bryggen Hotel Tel. Rica Hotel Alta Tel.© RICA HOTELS / PEDER AUSTRUD Welcome to Rica Hotels – your perfect hosts Always a comfortable bed. +47 78 47 72 50 Rica Hotel Honningsvåg Tel. +47 78 46 88 60 www. +47 78 47 72 20 Rica Hotel Nordkapp Tel. big breakfast buffet. +47 78 99 59 00 Rica Hotel Karasjok Tel. +47 78 99 14 91 Rica Arctic Hotel Tel.

SVALBARD NORDKAPP SJUØYANE Nordenskiøldbukta STORØYA KVITØYA de NORDAUSTLANDET Wij de f Hi W oo df jor n nl jord en op en St NORDVESTSPITSBERGEN NASJONALPARK INDRE WIJDEFJORDEN NASJONALPARK re te t KAPP MOHN Kongsfjo rden Eidsvollfjellet 1454 m Er i Newtontoppen 1717 m WILHELMØYA k ks Er i en str e te t KONGSØYA Ri Ny Ålesund r Fo FORLANDET NASJONALPARK ABELØYA va SPITSBERGEN NORDRE ISFJORDEN NASJONALPARK le n su nd et SVENSKØYA SASSEN-BÜNSOW LAND NASJONALPARK Grumantbyen Barentsburg Kapp Linné NORDENSKIØLD LAND Sveagruva NASJONALPARK EDGEØYA rden S torfjo European Main Road Regional Road Gravel road Farm track Municipal Border la n ds un de t BARENTSØYA I or sfj n de Ol g as t re Longyearbyen te t Bell su n de t SØR-SPITSBERGEN NASJONALPARK Tj f uv jo rd en HALVMÅNEØYA TUSENØYANE Tonefjellet 933 m Hornsundtind 1430 m SØRKAPPØYA HOPEN 118 Hurtigruten Coastal Voyage Ferry Hiking Trail Lighthouse Tourist Information Nesting colony Mountain lodge Airport Highway No. National Park .

N-9171 Longyearbyen O5 Spitsbergen Guesthouse P. Svalbardporten Longyearbyen / info@svalbard. 13286 km².O. F = rooms. 2955 km². Originally a small mining and hunting community.12. kayaking. STRØM Svalbard is a 61. NATIONAL PARKS: Forlandet National Park. WORTH A VISIT EXPLORE SVALBARD Pb 877.Box 500.. and from the lowest priced single room to the highest priced double room.no/ guesthouse@spitsbergentravel.O. snowmobiling. N-9171 Longyearbyen O5 Spitsbergen Hotel P.com dravqwy^s* www.31.01.01. SVALBARD CHURCH The spacious and cosy church lounge with a fireplace is open daily. YH = Youth Hostel. Its diversity is revealed in its variety of cultural offerings like art. T = tepee/tent.spitsbergentravel.Box 544.longyearbyen@radissonblu. 10. 12.12. The archipelago can boast of an abundance of animals and birds. 01. G = guesthouse/boarding house. 4627 km².12.O. 01.09.no Season: 01.no www. 01. 9914 km².spitsbergentravel. C = camping. Svalbard has a lot to offer. Nordre Isfjorden National Park.net TEL (+47) SEASON/OPENING TIMES 01. Explore Svalbard offers custom-made trips and adventures for individuals and groups of all sizes. The idea is to give customers the particular adventure they are looking for.-31.Box 316.spitsbergentravel.022 square kilometre archipelago in the Arctic Ocean between latitudes 74 and 81 degrees North.00 3 79 02 55 50 ACCOMMODATION . Sør-Spitsbergen National Park. +47 992 34 972 post@explorenordland.-30. N-8001 Bodø Tel. boat trips and dog-sledding.01. Y = lighthouse.com dvwy www.net / www./FAX (+47) 379 02 46 00 9 79 02 46 01 379 02 34 50 9 79 02 34 51 379 02 63 00 9 79 02 63 01 379 02 62 00 9 79 02 62 01 PRICE CAPACITY RANGE TYPE FACILITIES WEB / E-MAIL SEASON 01. The church is easily visible from all over town. 01.-30.no PRICE RANGE ■ Under NOK 500 a night ■ NOK 500-749 a night ■ NOK 750-1000 a night ■ Over NOK 1000 a night H = hotel. Guided glacier tours are also very popular.SVALBARD COMPANY CONTACT DETAILS O5 Basecamp Fangstmannshotell P.04. E = holiday home.03. The biggest island is Spitsbergen. R = rorbu (fisherman’s cabin).09.basecampexplorer. Nordenskiöld Land National Park. sea and mountains.com www. and this is also where we find the vast majority of permanent residences and human activity. music. 1362 km².31. Indre Wijdefjorden National Park. One night a week you can buy coffee and waffles there and read the latest newspapers. Svalbard offers hiking. The uniquely distinctive and characteristic countryside makes Svalbard a very exciting destination.05.svalbard. N-9171 Longyearbyen O5 Radisson Blu Polar Hotel P. Nordvest-Spitsbergen National Park. 1127. S = Seaside cabin/building.000 roaming polar bears – a fact which makes weapons a necessity when venturing beyond the boundaries of the settlement. TOURIST INFORMATION CENTRE O5 Svalbard tourist information centre.SVALBARD – An arctic adventure LONGYEARBYEN / SVALBARD AIRPORTS: Longyearbyen Airport and Ny Ålesund Airport.00-17. D = cabin.12.10.O.no dravqwy^s* www.18 km².11. ML = mountain lodge See legend on page 9 NB: Rates for overnight accommodation are given per cabin/accommodation unit.01. 1230 km².Box 500.no / reception. special food experiences. THE SUNDIAL A sundial is a simple instrument showing 119 © HILDE F. .01.exploresvalbard.00 01. Sassen-Bünsow Land National Park.-31. N-9171 Longyearbyen TEL. M = motel. history. L = apartment. the island has developed into a colourful constellation of about 40 different nations.no / hotel@spitsbergentravel.00-17.01. LEGEND ' ' ' ' 16/44 H 95/217 H 75/141 G 88/164 H dxcvwy^ / svalbard@basecampexplorer.02. including 3.

no .svalbard. midway between the North Cape and the North Pole.spitsbergentravel.20. Longyearbyen.02. +47 79 02 46 00.no .basecampexplorer. and choose from an extensive. Local ingredients. THE SEED VAULT Svalbard Global Seed Vault is the name given to a storage plant deep inside a mountain not far from Longyearbyen in Svalbard.12. 01.com/svalbard.5 kilometres from Longyearbyen. The archipelago.31. Polarsenteret / info@spitsbergentravel. GLACIERS A major part of Svalbard is covered by glaciers (60%).norway Tel. www.+* www. Vei 300-6 Enjoy food from fantastic menus or á la carte. The three seed vaults are located a good 120 metres inside the Platåberget in Svalbard. 01. +47 79 02 55 50 info@svalbard. % 11.com TRANSPORT (3+47) O5 Svalbard Busservice AS (buses/coaches) 379 02 10 52 Svalbard’s biggest and oldest bus company.spitsbergentravel.com O5 Spitsbergen Travel AS 379 02 61 00 Longyearbyen.00 Gourmet restaurant on historical premises with a variety of menus and wines.basecampexplorer.com www.no Basecamp offers arctic adventures in the form of snowmobile safaris and dog-team tours of several days duration.basecampexplorer. Don’t forget that when outside of town..no Airport service. Fax +47 79 02 46 01 svalbard@basecampexplorer.11. approximately 2.huset.00-23. Café 16. We offer a wide range of activities for all age groups and custom-make arrangements for groups.spitsbergentravel. The sundial is located at “Skjæringa" in the vicinity of the District Governor’s office in Svalbard. 01. dog-carting.+* www.com O5 Spitsbergen Travel AS 379 02 61 00 Longyearbyen. % Restaurant 19. Radisson Blu Polar Hotel Spitsbergen O5 Funktionærmessen Restaurant 379 02 62 00 Longyearbyen.com SVALBARD REISELIV AS Tel. SUMMER ACTIVITIES (3+47) O5 Basecamp Spitsbergen AS 379 02 46 00 Longyearbyen Sentrum / svalbard@basecampexplorer.+* www.00-22. We have considerable capacity for shuttle services. On the north side of the Isfjorden you can see the glaciers one after the other.com 120 . you must be armed for protection against polar bears. www.00-22.10. is located on the northeastern side of Svalbard and is about 8492 km².05. 01.no See legend on page 9 We offer arctic adventures including overnight accommodation. www. 30.00 Gastronomic adventures in historical surroundings.06. the Austfonna. Europe’s biggest glacier.06. is one of Norway’s most exotic and exciting destinations.-31.}<7=>:540 FOOD AND DRINK (3+47) O5 Brasseri Nansen 379 02 34 50 Longyearbyen. % 18.}<>5 .the time of day based on the position of the sun in the sky.-31. appetizing and varied wine list.arrangements for groups.facebook. excellent service and an extensive wine and champagne list.09.12. www.no AV{IO} V@{UER]I|O WINTER ACTIVITIES (3+47) O5 Basecamp Spitsbergen AS 379 02 46 00 Longyearbyen Sentrum / svalbard@basecampexplorer. It can also show the date based on the height of the sun at any given time.boat trips and excursions that last for several days.com We offer a wide range of activities for all age groups and tailor-make special 01. Goosepimple experiences at the world’s northernmost accessible destination leave lasting impressions.01. Polarsenteret / info@spitsbergentravel.05. www.no . You can fly to Svalbard from Tromsø or Oslo. Spitsbergen Hotel O5 Huset Restaurantdrift AS 379 02 25 00 Longyearbyen. sightseeing and chartered tours. 30. Sjøområdet / buss@lns.-01.00 .00-23. 01.11.net www.

including transport and overnight accommodations.visitnorthernnorway. so that you will easily find photographs of the places you wish to visit in Northern Norway. Log in and search for VISIT NORTHERN NORWAY 121 . Keep up with developments at Find your dream destination We have established a dedicated free photo and film bank where you can find inspiration and see many wonderful motifs from all over Northern Norway and Svalbard. With this brochure. and find the things that suit you best. VisitNordland. Download the application by searching for VISIT NORWAY Be friends with us on Facebook Keep up to date with the latest news. Share your story with us and your friends. With our free application.com All our photos and film clips will be uploaded to the site.no and our “Campaign Web» will be merged into one joint web portal for the whole of Northern Norway. You can also TRAVEL BY MAP and read travelogues. Most of them are geotagged on maps.NORTHERN NORWAY ON THE INTERNET Before you set off Plan your trip to Northern Norway carefully. Completely FREE for iPhone and Android. look at photographs and find products using the GeoWeb map.no. In 2011 our county web portals Finnmark. we provide you with a practical overview. photos and adventures from all over Northern Norway. you will have Northern Norway right in your pocket. VisitTroms. www.com Make things easier while travelling Now you can find your way in Northern Norway quickly and easily.visitnorthernnorway. You will find it at fotobank. com.

TABLE OF DISTANCES Distances (in km) have been established with the help of "Visveg". Quickest routes (in Norway) are indicated. the Norwegian Public Roads Administration travel planner. ALTA ALTA ANDENES 735 ANDENES BARDUFOSS 393 343 BARDUFOSS BERLEVÅG 513 1244 902 BERLEVÅG BODØ 824 400 431 1332 BODØ BRØNNØYSUND 1186 762 794 1694 486 BRØNNØYSUND BÅTSFJORD 485 1216 874 91 1304 1666 BÅTSFJORD EVENES 522 217 128 1028 319 681 1000 EVENES FAUSKE 762 338 370 1270 62 424 1242 257 FAUSKE FINNSNES 644 GRYLLEFJORD 628 HAMMERFEST 196 683 695 679 496 1078 143 439 1136 1148 1132 1455 1111 MO I RANA 526 1223 1235 1219 1542 1198 118 800 229 342 971 82 103 786 766 653 420 855 482 248 393 506 517 198 323 174 124 249 464 677 478 873 853 740 507 551 211 1313 1400 825 764 392 279 1380 1467 229 1331 1417 983 592 679 71 169 357 1055 1066 1051 1373 1030 541 1239 1250 1235 1557 1214 409 389 276 75 169 936 301 431 381 442 507 518 503 363 375 181 881 892 876 1199 142 836 848 832 1155 811 483 495 479 802 458 370 382 366 689 345 418 429 414 736 393 346 1095 530 1279 359 338 225 195 239 885 250 953 903 354 1455 1542 1027 458 411 524 877 921 404 547 471 422 546 367 1053 418 429 413 736 392 719 806 291 458 530 541 526 849 505 606 693 179 209 34 267 546 193 1177 1264 749 NORDKAPP 570 NORDKJOSBOTN 113 OLDERDALEN 525 709 180 160 47 306 351 707 71 774 724 849 479 637 1053 POLARSIRKELEN 821 955 67 1757 47 1737 66 1623 419 1391 463 1435 90 1648 905 1654 1084 1196 496 184 SANDNESSJØEN 705 685 572 339 383 596 560 888 SKJERVØY 868 755 522 566 594 2283 1231 1415 779 662 2351 1299 1482 612 2301 1249 1433 736 2426 1374 1557 591 1563 511 694 48 STORSLETT 133 486 530 594 157 662 612 737 658 113 SKIBOTN 466 510 547 137 614 565 689 638 709 720 705 1027 684 426 513 NARVIK 88 MOSJØEN 734 152 164 74 353 LAKSELV 505 517 323 KIRKENES 658 658 1081 745 1167 230 724 153 266 576 760 1183 333 313 200 358 402 860 153 927 878 496 1078 953 530 372 954 421 1004 451 354 825 781 427 315 362 999 362 474 208 653 217 755 227 238 KARASJOK 179 771 180 HONNINGSVÅG 168 759 HAVØYSUND 704 HARSTAD 424 419 386 44 927 474 636 899 171 412 FINNSNES GLOMFJORD 925 502 533 1433 139 310 1405 420 163 576 GLOMFJORD GRYLLEFJORD 486 454 112 995 542 904 967 238 480 68 HAMMERFEST 141 876 535 489 965 1327 461 661 903 560 1066 HARSTAD 562 170 170 1071 323 685 1043 44 261 128 HAVØYSUND 197 932 590 499 1021 1383 471 717 959 616 1122 HONNINGSVÅG 208 943 602 510 1032 1394 482 728 970 627 1133 KARASJOK 198 928 586 316 1016 1379 288 713 955 611 1118 KIRKENES 184 272 411 592 704 238 221 772 752 639 406 450 663 663 1135 1558 520 1250 909 276 1339 1701 248 1035 1277 934 1440 1002 LAKSELV 172 907 565 346 995 1358 318 692 934 590 1097 MO I RANA 939 516 547 1448 240 247 1420 435 178 590 MOSJØEN 1026 603 634 1535 327 161 1507 522 265 677 NARVIK 512 290 120 1020 310 672 992 75 248 162 NORDKAPP 237 972 631 539 1061 1423 511 757 999 656 1162 NORDKJOSBOTN 333 402 60 842 490 853 814 187 429 86 OLDERDALEN 221 515 173 729 603 965 701 299 541 198 OSLO 1910 1487 1518 2419 1210 868 2391 1405 1148 1561 1156 1629 2051 1410 2107 2118 2103 2425 2082 885 1398 2147 1577 1690 OSLO POLARSIRKELEN 858 434 466 1366 158 328 1338 353 96 509 SANDNESSJØEN 1042 618 650 1550 342 92 1522 537 280 692 SKJERVØY 221 582 240 729 670 1033 701 367 609 265 STORSLETT 174 562 220 682 650 1012 654 347 588 245 SKIBOTN 286 449 107 795 537 899 767 234 475 132 SORTLAND 639 101 247 1148 304 667 1120 121 243 290 353 SORTLAND 397 118 462 1264 1244 1131 115 SVOLVÆR 660 1013 1057 TANA BRU 377 898 422 727 1080 1125 678 1031 1075 802 1155 1199 525 243 684 TROMSØ 942 1790 1155 TRONDHEIM 68 18 143 129 1185 751 1858 VADSØ 701 1808 826 1932 50 VARANGERBOTN 75 125 VARDØ 550 1070 1253 1203 1327 Å I LOFOTEN SVOLVÆR 684 211 292 1192 349 711 1164 165 287 334 TANA BRU 378 1109 767 135 1197 1559 107 893 1135 792 1298 TROMSØ 310 473 132 819 562 924 791 258 500 157 TRONDHEIM 1417 993 1025 1925 717 375 1897 912 655 1068 916 1614 1625 1610 1932 1589 VARANGERBOTN 396 1126 578 785 152 1215 1577 124 911 1153 810 1316 VARDØ 521 1251 909 277 1339 1701 249 1036 1277 934 1441 1002 Å I LOFOTEN 812 339 423 1320 477 839 1292 297 415 462 297 1009 1020 1004 1327 LOFOTEN © FRITHJOF FURE / INNOVASJON NORGE VADSØ 446 1176 834 202 1265 1627 174 961 1203 860 1366 N A .

com .com FOR GENERAL INFORMATION ABOUT NORWAY: Innovasjon Norge / Innovation Norway Pb 448.com www.no www.NORTHERN NORWAY AND SVALBARD NORDKAPP/ NORTH CAPE SVALBARD TRAVEL GUIDE NORTHERN NORWAY AND SVALBARD 2011 ALTA TROMSØ KIRKENES LOFOTEN BODØ FOR GENERAL INFORMATION ABOUT NORTHERN NORWAY: NordNorsk Reiseliv AS / Northern Norway Tourist Board Pb 23 N-9251 Tromsø 3 +47 77 60 80 40 tromso@northernnorway.visitnorway. Sentrum N-0104 Oslo 3 +47 22 00 25 00 webmaster@visitnorway.northernnorway.