usually without your permission or knowledge. . In general terms they have an infection phase where they reproduce widely and an attack phase where they do whatever damage they are programmed to do (if any). There are a large number of virus types.A virus reproduces.

e.  Some viruses use a variety of techniques to hide themselves.. the first thing a virus does is to reproduce (i. but all viruses steal system resources and often have bugs that might do destructive things. infect).  On some defined trigger. viruses will then activate. Generally.A virus is a program that reproduces its own code. . some  Not all viruses activate.

It's not easy nor How Serious Are Viruses? Worms spreading due to user inattention are a serious threat.Number of Viruses: Lots and lots. Consider some hardware problems &software problems . Virus Names: standardized. Hardware& Software Threats: Viruses are not the only things that can cause damage.

Because they are so common.Viruses come into different categories based on their characteristics. We're going to describe two different types of category systems: what they infect and how they infect. .

These include: System Sectors Macros Batch Files .What They Infect? Viruses can infect a number of different portions of the computer's operating and file system.

They can also be "dropped" by some file infectors. These boot viruses use all of the common viral techniques to infect and hide themselves.SYSTEM SECTORS: System sectors (MBR and DBR) are often targets for viruses. .

 Be careful of E-mail programs that use other programs with macros to display or create incoming mail.  .MACRO VIRUSES: With macro languages the line between pure data files and executable files is blurring.  An infected file might be attached to an E-mail. Don't automatically run attached files.

@ECHO OFF :[ a label of specific form I won't mention ] COPY %0. .Batch files: Batch files can be used to transmit binary executable code and either be or drop viruses.COM>NUL C:\Q [ binary data ] To detect these viruses look for two signs:  An odd label at the start of the batch file  A batch file that is too large for the text in it.BAT C:\Q.

Fast and Slow Infectors Viruses infect in a particular way to try to avoid specific anti-virus software.HOW VIRUSES INFECT Viruses are sometimes also categorized by how they infect. . Stealth Viruses Viruses try to actively hide themselves from anti-virus or system software. These categories include: Polymorphic Viruses Viruses change their characteristics as they infect.

Camouflage Viruses Viruses that attempted to appear as a benign program to scanners. NTFS ADS Viruses Viruses that ride on the alternate data streams in the NT File System.Multipartite Viruses Viruses that may fall into more than one of the top classes. . Cavity (Spacefiller) Viruses Viruses that attempt to maintain a constant file size when infecting. Tunneling Viruses Viruses that try to "tunnel" under anti-virus software while infecting.

because of technical difficulties.  A Trojan program that installs a virus onto your system is called a dropper. . when run will attempt to install a regular virus onto your hard disk.  Fortunately. droppers are hard to program and therefore rare.SPECIAL TYPE: VIRUS DROPPER A dropper is a program that.

VIRUS PROTCTION Anti virus software using techniques of: Scanning Integrity Checking Interception helps .

Scanners allow you to check programs before execution. That is their main advantage. This is done by recognizing some sort of signature that represents the virus or some program characteristic that indicates a virus may be present.SCANNING: Scanning depends on prior knowledge of a virus in order to detect it. .

Integrity checking: Integrity products record information about your system for later comparison in order to detect changes. the detection must have some "intelligence" behind it to avoid confusion. Just detecting changes is not enough. . however.

but such monitoring is fairly easily bypassed. .Interception: Monitoring for system-level routines that perform destructive acts can help. Do not depend on it alone.

Then. Do research on specific products before purchase. understand how your antivirus product works. start with a known-clean computer and follow specific steps to assure good virus detection/protection. .BEST AV PRODUCT First.

Disable Scripting The Windows Scripting Host is used by few but makes many avenues of mischief available to malicious software. Consider removing or deactivating it. .

Conclusion: Mostly I conclude updating our ANTIVIRUS is important because viruses are increasing day by day. understand how your antivirus product works. First. Then. start with a known-clean computer and follow specific steps to assure good virus detection/protection. .

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