Adding a BTS

1. Open BSSM& login to the respective server ( BTS ) IP by using secureCRT. 2. In the BSSM you can see all the existing BTS’s under each eBSC. 3. To add a new BTS we need to open the “metroinv” under bsmci. This we can do using secureCRT or we can open a bsmsi cli from BSSM.

Type “list all” to see all the existing BTS’s with the parameters.4. In this window we can open the metroinv using “table metroinv”. . 5.

All the active BTS’s will be in colour boxes according to the type of alarms they have. By adding a BTS we just add all the default sub-subsystems only . but the new BTS will be either in a white colour box or with no colour. 10.6. For adding through the “metroinv” we can see an example given below add MC800BTS8486_0_480_510_404448_gyandev 1 DISCO METROCELL eDCG 13 5 36 (800) 1 Split0 none T T RBSA_QUEUEDCONFIGURABLE 10 BBF1 T 1 bts160ci. For adding a new BTS we can either use the “patch files” or we can write the commands in the “metroinv”.cat bts160ci. 7. After adding a BTS we can see a view as below METROCELL_CMO T1E1 the parameters are as under METROCELL NUM CONNTYPE BTSTYPE CMTYPE TRAFFICRANGE PORTNUM SYSNUM BAND GPSTM SMODE SMATE DAYLT FREQBPGE RRMBSALG RRMBSCFG BBFORMAT ACRE PRIMARYT1E1 BASECAT UPGRADECAT PLATFORMTYPE BCKHTYPE 8.

Below are the list of the other elements which we need to use. pdb 12. a. radiosector b. ceminv d. We can see one scenario for “radiosector” . So to add other parameters we need to use the patch files again or we can type the commands in the “bsmci”. t1e1inv e. msector c.11.

a. exit from “metroinv” and goto “radiosector” using “table metrosector” b. After entering we can add a radiosector using “add <parameters>” using the below given parameter list add <CELLNAME NUM RFMNUM PMSECTORID BAND R0ATTOFF R1ATTOFF RXAUTOCALEN MFRMFIBLEN HIGHPOWCAR FREQ PERPOW CARPLB MODULETYPE> .

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