4-Letter Word

A thinking, fast-action game for large groups (30-50+).



Before introducing 4-Letter Word, obtain a pack of 3"x5" blank file cards (scratch paper works fine). Print the alphabet one letter per card on the cards. Print additional cards for those letters used most often in word makeup. A Scrabble game, is a good guide of which letters are used most often. For example, AEIOU should have at least 3 cards per letter; X and Z, only one. Ask each person in the group to take a card. If the group is small (25-30), have each person take two cards. Mark the corners of a J card and use it as a joker (wild card). Announce that the task is for each lettered person to get together with other people in the group (on a signal), and form a proper 4-letter word within 45 seconds. If card-carrying players are still fumbling at the end of that time, or: are simply without letter partners, they and the other fumblers may become observers. Continue until only the last four 4-letter Word participants remain the champs. Alternate 3,:5, and 6 letter word requirements, occasionally, to add variety. The rules are up to you, but using Scrabble guidelines for allowable words is acceptable to most players. Real you-know-what-I-mean 4-letter words are obviously not allowed.

I usually don’t eliminate non-spellers but get them in the mix on the next turn. Maximize involvement is the idea. Also remember acronyms can be a tremendous amount of fun.
Originally taken from Karl Rohnke's book Cowtails & Cowbras with his personal permission.

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