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The Easy Step by Step Guide to Being Positive and Staying Positive 0953985660

The Easy Step by Step Guide to Being Positive and Staying Positive 0953985660

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Published by Bogo Adi

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Published by: Bogo Adi on Jun 07, 2011
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Self-esteem is forged at a very young age. It is the
picture we form of ourselves through the eyes (and
subsequently through the words and actions) of oth-
ers: our parents, our relatives, our teachers and friends.
It is the value we place upon ourselves.

To enable children to have a high self-esteem it is im-
portant that they experience rewards for good
behaviour, that they are treated fairly and are heard
and respected by their parents, teachers and other
adults. The discipline they receive should be fair and
not erratic.

Girls generally have naturally lower self-esteem than
boys. Some girls are uncomfortable in a superior role;
they tend to underestimate their abilities and are pre-
pared to accept second best. Girls also tend to set them-
selves lower goals in life than boys. They will repress
their successes when with boys. This can continue into
adulthood and indeed into the workplace where of-
ten women will put down their successes with a mod-
est ‘It was nothing’ even when they have spent a great


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Being Positive and Staying Positive


deal of energy completing a very difficult and complex
task successfully. Men are generally much better at tell-
ing others how well they have done or are doing.

Of course there are men, perhaps reading this book,
who are suffering from this same low self-esteem and
false modesty as their female counterparts and there
could be very confident women reading this book who
have no difficulties in expressing their views, opinions
and telling others of their successes.

For others to appreciate you, you first need
to appreciate yourself.

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