Woodleigh Athletics 2011 A note to all staff: The High Jump starting heights are as follows: U13 Boys

– 1m U13 Girls – 0.90m U11 Boys – 0.80m U11 Girls – 0.75m Children may enter the high jump at whichever height they wish but three no jumps will eliminate them and of course, they will not be able to go back. Long Jump – Two jumps each then the top 10 a third jump. Throwing Events – Two throws each then the top ten a third throw. Points are as follows: 1st – 10 7th – 4 2nd – 9 8th – 3 3rd – 8 9th – 2 4th – 7 10th – 1 5th – 6 6th – 5

Relays = Double Points. Any children can run in the relays even if they have filled their quota of events.

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