Bernat Lafuente i Federico 28/10/10

When Sir Charles Baskerville is found dead on the Alley after the gate which separated the house of the moor, Dr. Mortimer goes to London to seek help from Sherlock Holmes to protect the new inheritor . Holmes reads a manuscript about the curse of the Baskervilles, that began with Hugo Baskerville, killed by a hound hell as punishment for their evil. After that, Dr. Mortimer tells her about the footprints of hound found a short distance from the body. Dr. Charles told Holmes how they had found the body, and also descrived him Alley. Dr. Charles and Henry Baskerville arrived at Holmes house, and showed him a letter. They thought that the letter may was made with newspaper pieces. Holmes analized the letter and asked Henry if he had anything to told them, and Henry told that he lost a new boot. After then Dr. Mortimer and Henry Baskervilles lest and Holmes and Watson followed him, and discovered that a man with a black beard has following Henry and Dr. Mortimer. Dr. Mortimer said that Barrymore had a black beard, and they decided to send him a telegram. Also spoke about inhertance. Definitly Holmes dicided to sent Watson with Dr. Mortimer and Henry Baskerville. Before Holmes interrogated the taxi driver who drived the taxi which man with black beard had went. Dr. Mortimer, Henry and Watson arrived in the Baskerville Hall, and they abserved the house, it was dark. Three days ago, Selden, who was aterrible murderer, was escaped of the prision and the police had shearching. The following day, Sir Henry asked about the crying that he heard at the night, but Barrymore, the butler, said that nobody cried at night. Watson spoke with Stapleton and went to the Pen House. While Stapleton was hunting a butterfly, Miss Stapleton warn Watson that he shoul to returned at his home. At the night, Watson heard a noise and woke up, he followed Barrymore and after, Watson, went to tell Sir Henry, that Barrymore woke up, and went to moor. Definitly, Watson and Henry discovered that Barrymore was Selden's brother.

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