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THIS TENANCY AGREEMENT made on the day of March 2011

BETWEEN: Ntwali Ivan represented (hereinafter called the “Landlord”) which expression shall
where the context so admit include his/her legal representatives, agents, nominees in title and
assignees) of the one part;

AND: .....................................
(hereinafter called the “Tenant”) which expression shall where the context so admits include
his/her successors in title and assignees) of the second part:

WHEREAS the Landlord as the registered owner of a house situated at Plot 56-KENETH DALE
DRIVE, Kamwokya is desirous of letting and the Tenant is desirous of taking on rent of the house
(hereinafter referred to as the Demised Premises) on the terms and conditions hereinafter contained:


The Landlord hereby LETS and the Tenant hereby takes all the premises known as Plot Keneth
Dale Drive, Kamwokya (Hereinafter called “the premises”) TO HOLD unto the Tenancy for a term
of ….months commencing on the th March 2011 paying the sum of Ugx 1,300,000 (One million
three hundred thousand) per month, to be paid six months in advance, each half.


(1) (i)To pay the said rent at the times and in the manner aforesaid.

ii) To deposit the equivalent of 1 (one) month’s rent at the commencement of the term of

a) as compensation to the Landlord for any damages caused to the

demised premises by the tenant during the period of tenancy,
b) as payment of rent in the event of non payment for the period as
agreed between the parties,
c) as payment in lieu of notice by the tenant or to cover one month after
notice of termination.

Provided that if this amount is wholly or partly used by the tenant during the time of
Tenancy, the tenant shall replenish it to the same level and that the Landlord shall
furnish the tenant with details supporting the costs involved.

(2) To use the premises for business purposes.

(3) To discharge all future electricity, and water charges whatsoever incurred and charged
upon the occupiers of the demised premises.
(4) To keep the interior of the demised premises and doors, including floors, walls, doors,
and all fittings and fixtures thereof in good and tenantable repair (reasonable wear and
tear expected).
(5) Not to do or permit or suffer to be done on the said premises any act or thing which may
be an annoyance or a nuisance to the Landlord, his other tenants or occupiers of any
adjoining premises.

(6) Not to assign underlet or part with the possession of the said premises or any part thereof
without the previous written consent of the Landlord.

(7) Not without the consent in writing of the Landlord to use the demised premises or any
part therefore for any other purpose other than the permitted usage under this

(8) To permit the Landlord or his authorised agents at all reasonable times, during the said
term upon giving two (2) days prior notice in writing [except in cases of emergency] to
enter upon the demised premises or any part thereof to inspect and to give or leave on
the demised premises notices in writing addressed to the Tenant of all defects found and
requiring the Tenant to make good all such defects.

PROVIDED THAT the exercise of the right of entry into the demised premises by the
Landlord and/or his authorised agents provided for above shall not be done in any way
that will compromise the security interests of the Tenant with respect to its business and
that both parties shall first agree on the best modalities to use in a given situation.

(9) Not to pull down or alter or in any manner, interfere with the construction or arrangement
of the premises or cut, alter and injure any of the walls, partitions, joints, floors, doors or
windows of the demised premises without previous written consent of the Landlord.

(10) To pay to the Landlord a penalty on any dishonoured cheques of Ushs. 75,000= and it is
clearly agreed by and between the parties that the obligation to pay a penalty on
dishonoured cheques in no way shall detract or effect adversely all the rights and
remedies of the Landlord to effect recovery of rent and other sums due from the Tenant
to the Landlord including right to levy distress or re-enter the leased premises and take

(11) To comply with all such reasonable regulation as the Landlord may from time to time
make for the management of the building of which the leased premises form part.

(12) Not to permit any open internal combustion fires to be burned in the demised premises.

(13) To comply with the provisions or any Legislation, Regulation, Bye-Law and notice or
direction made hereunder so far as the same shall affect the demised premises.

(14) To provide adequate security for the premises and its property at its own cost.

(15) At the end of the term created herein to hand over the premises properly upheld,
repaired, cleaned, maintained and kept in accordance with the covenants in that behalf
herein contained.


(16) At all times to pay all future rates, taxes, assessments and outgoings chargeable upon
the premises during the tenancy hereby created.

(17) At all times during the said term, to keep in good and substantial repair all the main
external walls and timbers, the roof and exterior of the premises and water pipes (except
as regards damage caused by or resulting from any act or default or negligence of the
Tenant and/or their agents).

(18) That the Tenant paying the rent hereby reserved and performing and obeying the
covenants and conditions herein contained on the part of the Tenant to be performed and
observed, shall peacefully hold the premises (subject to the exceptions and reservations
herein contained), during the said term without any interruption by the Landlord, or any
person claiming under or in trust for him.

(19) a) i.That if the rent herein before reserved or any part thereof shall at any time be in
arrears and unpaid on the 1st day of the month for which the same shall have
become due (whether legally demanded or not),
ii. or if the Tenant shall at any time fail or neglect to perform or observe any of
the covenants or conditions herein contained and on the Tenant’s part to be
performed and observed,
iii. or if the Tenant for the time being shall become bankrupt or being a company
shall enter into liquidation whether compulsory or voluntary (other than for the
purpose of reconstruction or amalgamation),
iv. or if the Tenant for the time being shall enter into any arrangement or
composition for the benefit of the Tenant’s creditors or shall suffer any
distress or execution to be levied on the Tenant’s goods,
then and in any such case, it shall be lawful for the Landlord or any persons duly authorized by
the Landlord in that behalf, WITHOUT recourse to any court process whatsoever, to re-enter into
and upon the demised premises or any part thereof and thereby determine this tenancy
absolutely and the landlord shall be entitled to reposess and enjoy the demised premises as its
former state.
For avoidance of doubt the Landlord shall within fifteen days before the rent falls due give a
demand notice to the tenant.

b) The Landlord may on re-entry on seeking recovery of arrears of rent engage an

advocate and bailiff to effect re-entry and such recovery and the tenant shall in
addition to the arrears of rent pay 10% interest thereof to cover the advocates and
bailiff’s costs.

.(20) Either party may terminate their tenancy hereby created by giving one (1) month’s
previous notice in writing to the other but so that in the case of termination by the
Landlord, the Tenant shall not be required to vacate the premises until refund of any rent
paid in advance has been made by the Landlord to the Tenant.

(21) Any notice under this agreement shall be in writing.

(22) Any notice to the Tenant shall be deemed duly served if addressed to the Tenant and left
at the premises or if sent by registered post to the last known address of the Tenant.

(23) Any notice to the Landlord shall be deemed served if left addressed to the Landlord and
left at his representative office (Avarts Housing Ld) or if sent by registered post to the last
known address of the representative’s office.

(24) Proof of posting to either the Tenant or the Landlord shall be proof of service.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF both the Landlord and Tenant have hereunto set their respective hands
and common seals on the day, month and year first above written.



SIGNED BY THE SAID } ...............................

...................................... TENANT

Drawn by:
Kongai & Co. Advocates
Plot 1 Wilson Road
1st Floor Kapasi Building
P.O. Box 4856