This poster is about the effect of cane toads on the Australian environment. We will go over a variety of subjects including why they were introduced and the problems the cause. I hope you enjoy this poster.

Why Cane Toads Were Introduced?
Cane Toads were introduced in 1935, before this time Australia didn¶t have any toad species of its own. 101 Hawaiian Toads were introduced to Australia. The government kept the toads in captivity for a while to breed then released them into the wild. The cane toads were introducedto combat the Cane Beetle but the toads didn¶t work as well in Australia as it did in other countries like Hawaii.

The Cane Beetle
The reason the Australian government wanted to combat the beetles with the Cane Toads was that the beetles were a pest to the sugar cane farmers. Even though the beetle is native to Australia they still wanted to eradicate it.

Problems With The Cane Toad

y The time of year when the beetles larvae emerges from the ground there are no toads around y Each pair of toads lay around 33 000 eggs each spawning so the population grows fast y The toadpoles grow a lot faster than Australian frogs so majority of the population are the destructive adult toads y They are resistant to herbicides and eutrophic water that would kill native frogs and tadpoles y They are poisonous in all stages of its life cycle y They have no natural predators due to their poison y They not only eat the food of native frogs they eat the frogs as well y Native fish and animals eat them and die . The Spread Of The Toad Since being released in 1935 .This is a list of all the problems the Cane Toad Causes y They can¶t jump very high so they can¶t reach the Cane beetles on the top of the sugar cane. there poison caneven kill a crocodile y Domestic animals lick or eat them and get very sick or die y They eat as much food as they can find in one area y The toads are responsible for the reduction of many native species.

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