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Malaysian Airlines Service Quality Strategy

Malaysian Airlines Service Quality Strategy

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Published by: Omphile Ramantsi on Jun 07, 2011
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Kuala Lumpur International Airport Mission . efficiency and quality of service Vision : To be ´The Airline of excellenceµ .To make MA one of the leading bearers for airline industry in terms of safety.BACKGROUND Operates flights from its home base.

FACTORS AFFECT THE SERVICE QUALITY Individual in an organisation Managerial Effectiveness Organisational Productivity Non-human side of the organisation .

SERVICE QUALITY STRATEGY To reinforce the Total Quality philosophy in the company through Total Quality Management. . To improve customers· perceived quality of the company.

IBM and SHELL Training Programmes .REINFORCING CORPORATE CULTURE TO FOSTER CHANGE DSE (Destination service Excellence) Programme Conventions .Remind workers of top quality services External Speakers .Management speeches In-house Newsletter .

COMMUNICATION EXTERNALLY WITH THE CUSTOMER Advertising Campaigns The Care ‡Aimed at local market ‡Caring for needs of customers ‡ Extensive network served by Malaysian Airlines The Mulu The Vision ‡The stature of Malaysian Airlines .

PROFICIENCY IN FOREIGN LANGUAGES Multi-racial local crew ‡ Languages: Mandarin and Indian Hire crew from other nationalities ‡ South Africa. Japan etc . Mexico.

TAKING ADVANTAGE OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY ‡ Training and Development Symposium ‡ Training and Development Qualification Programme ‡ $42 million Training Centre ² Computer Centre and hostel Investment in training technology Computerisation of Catering Operation ‡ Menu Planning System Catering Update Information Introducing Necessary Effectiveness (CUISINE) .

MEAL SERVICES Quality Meals Flexible Menu Policy ‡Presentation of bar services ‡Branded quality utensils and cutlery ‡Presentation of food ‡Hotel cuisine standards ‡Constant changing menu ‡Exotic cuisines .

OTHER AREAS ADDRESSED Aesthetics ‡ New Uniform for front line employees Speed of services ‡ Quick meal options for First class and Golden Club Class passengers ‡Interior Décor (lounges and staff cabins) .

CONCLUSION No compromise was taken in the quality strategy The customer was the number 1 priority Managing the service quality would be the next step to achieve the vision of being ´The Airline of Excellenceµ .

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