Foster Care Performance Indicators – A Comparison

Summary: Catholic Charities perform better than all comparison groups on all three current performance indicators/matrices monitored by the State.
1. FY’10 Agency Performance Ranking Report: the higher the score the better the overall performance. Performance is based on 7 different indicators (permanency, stability, frequency of face to face client contact, frequency of child and family team meetings, supervision of case workers, child education, and casework on reunification cases) : • State Average Score - 88.1 • Downstate Average Score – 91.8 • DCFS Downstate Average Score – 84.6 • Catholic Charities Average Score - 96.4 2. FY’10 Positive Outcomes: the higher the score, the better the performance in terms of % of children discharged to permanency (returned home safely, adoption, guardianship, etc.) during the fiscal year. • Statewide Score – 48.6 • DCFS Downstate – 54.5 • POS Downstate – 58.6 • DCFS & POS Combined Downstate Score – 57.9 • Catholic Charities – 60.0 3. Home of Relative Foster Home Licensing: Relative foster homes are not required to be licensed, but licensed homes are shown to be safer for children and Illinois gets higher federal claiming when relatives are licensed. Percentage of relative homes that are licensed based on the Scorecard as of 03-13-2011. The licensure rate for: • • • • DCFS supervised HMR homes is 44.91% POS is 57.51% Statewide DCFS & POS Combined total of 56.21%. Catholic Charities is 60.07%

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