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will want to experiment position,

with hip-firing.

'The shooter assumes. a crouching

with the forearm of the hand a new grip


If the shooter has a correct grip, it will recoil straight back
to twist in the hand, requiring It may be n'ecessary for some student') to exercise in to perfect their grip. If this is so,

and will not have a tendency with each shot'.

order to develop the muscles needed more time will be. needed progress in learning to acquire

s~il1, but it will not hamper the
The tightness of the grip the inside of feet are

the other fUI),damentals.

will depend, to some extent, on therecoil firm enough to control the recoil,


A grip should be just' the student's

His butt is held between

the forearm and the hip. In the croucheeJ position, '. spl:ead eighteen forward, to' twenty-four

inches apart, and h(~ Jeans 'slightly 1 11 not .ie natural.

his head erect.


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