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e,/e) Cr.lig Fishburn 20H lrcnch St. # 2

Bangor ,




.vdvcrtising Rates ...
d istribu rio!1, dC'rn()gr~lphics, and other marke-r information pk-asc call rile at' 2()7 {)(,) :V)W)...or

write to the c mail address

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Ccntral Ratc~ arc as foll{)\\'~.... };'ull Page S30.uO
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'l'A'I"I'OO &1I0J)Y

25 N. Main BREWER

MllINE :~rrllTl'OO


Award Winning Artist

- RandyBPiercing by


Jewelry Inc. (Body Jewelry Available)






MON.~SAT.l0A.M. - 6
Sun. NOON - 4 P.M.

10 Third Street
Ba~gor, ME 04401
(Off Union)


~I ,I,If't' 1111I , , , , , " " ." " ,III , W
89.3 . , ,



Games & Gaming Supplies I VVIZ;\I~US ortin C()/\ST I\>\' HIT EW 0 L F • \ 1i\ C leT I I !: C; 1\T H F RINC NOVV CARRYli'JC I RAINS I I 100/ OFF rr:« I /0 1499 Hammond St., Bangor 207-941-19441
\ViCnUplli) ...-_

Hr\SF OVEI\ S IO.PO now t h ru 1/31/(11
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of the planet,



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i want to shrink wrap the moon
put it in my pocket put it underground ....down or as the mirrior reads

"n w o d
""throwing bottles thru my window rs to be chased earth bound sing rockets in the interior hall nrunq the night all chaos ember now ...then ',"citric orange tang shivers iced it back to neon lights nd a dirty piece of paper


j want to burn the stairway

',' de the elevator to the basement .the tallest buildingW'f. !>uHt :; .uti irn here in tin can 4am

afford yourselves the lUxury of more is better and bigger yet more (more) fear god honor country and enjoy this destiny of plenty arm your children with empty heads and fast new cars arm your children with credit cards
and boob jobs

arm your children with automatic weapons and video game ,triger fingers

,.. ace your hand in a bowl of warm jello and think: "I am 95% water." Wiffle your fingers through the mush and think: "Even my thoughts are 95% water." Invite a friend into the jello with you. Touch your friend's belly and think: "Woo, 950/0water." Now, stick a microphone Into the jello and suck up some sound from the bottom of the bowl. Play it back into your friend's watery ear. Add reverb. Add oxygen, food, beer, weird things that get your blood moving like chicken wire, vast corporate injustices, and Motown bass riffs. Now think: "This is one really screwy continuum."
Nerve Circle-«


'~., :"~·'1~;,~· '



Sick To Ufe- collaborative effort ,

, Space Ghost Records

I Sick To Life is a collaboration consisting of Nathan ; Bradford, Shawn Ryan, Jessica Barker, and Dennis Witham. Rle this disc under anti-genre at your local record store. While apparently these cats are not a band they should be, this would be some interesting stuff live. Sick To Life is an elevator taking you through 16 floors of hip hop beats, industrial fuzz, whiskey tainted lounge, and slacker jazz. None of these songs sound the same, and none off them should. The lyrics on this album are golden, lines like "we live for talking heads albums when we are depressed, we live for 24 hour amateur teen bondage porn on the world wide web, we live for our dead, we have discovered a new society, the air smells like a toilet" and "I am not wearing shoes to! compensate for a lack of height" come across as smart, and honest. Where this album is lacking in production, it is made up for in content. This is what independent music is all about. All in all a refreshing glass of style in Bangor's refrigerator full of recycled hardcore and unoriginal jam bands. I'm not sure if the album is still available but you can write to Space Ghost Records at:.

Space Ghost Records 206 Jarvis Gore Dr. EddJngton, ME 04428


a hip localized online community ..... free email free chat .._,.., free classifieds free singles ads III 1111 free message boards I II free search II I II I free news II I I II free weather I freedom.

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the billboard art of ron english
these are not digitaly altered images. ron actualy gpesout and "tags" the billboards. for more of rons art visit

jf i visit

had·any sort of budget you could make these out. for full size color pics


road movies
( I.

road movies is lee ranaldo's first book, a small press publication of lee's poetry. It contains, as far as I can tell, only two poems that have appeared on sonic youth albums: in the kingdom #19, which was on sister, andjil/ and me, which steve does on the whitey album. this small black and white volume of poesy physically resembles ginsberg's pocket poets series edition of howl, one of my favorite works of all time. road movies Is published by soft .skull press In nyc, and features photography by leah :singer.

Copyright 1994 by lee ranaldo. Reprinted from

road movles- with the permission of soft skui! press.


yr happy alone you tore down the world and put up four walls yr bleeding from every pore yr screaming inside yr head and you can't get me out yr in there tonight marshalling thoughts you can kill the future you can kill the past but you can't climb out of yr sweaty shoes and walk away Richard: I never give you a thought you've holed up you're held up in suspension one too many failed tasks one too many open roads

New Condo
New condo up on the hill New Credo the rhythm method New feeling saved flat and free A new process inside rile We move but never speak We talk without thinking the hot air thick and stinking trash everywhere black stretch limos unable to park on these narrow streets New credo got a new condo got a microwave and a fashion model got a hot sock and a ten foot flagpole a new word . for everything now I'll name names


now I'll whisper a promise to your beautiful body I love you when your nipples are hard in the cool alc of my new condo on a beautiful gray carpet I love you when I'm high and inside you inside my new condo inside my limo with the smoked glass my record collection my fine paintings that trompe l'oeil is the only one of its kind The Japanese want my new condo they try to play my guitar but their hands are too small they move like carp they once bred sleek and careful full of thoughts

"new condo"
my new condo is free of thoughts it's an incredible empty space for me to fill with beuatiful bodies and tasty drinks 36 inch TV's air fresheners these windows don't open this door has three locks with three diffemet keys what a pain in my pocket what a hard on I have, for love love: the idea Jove: the notion love: the good life Jove: the ocean Jove your hairdo, baby Jove those shoes are they Susan Bennetts? is that real silk? or J.C. Penney's?



road movies is available $6 soft skull press 50 east third street #5A new york, new york 10003

don't you just love the beautiful blue sky up here? a penthouse sky is always the bluest, truest, sky the air seems so rich up here so far from the street Put on some lipstick bitch you look like hell you just ruin this place looking like that my new rug covered in blood my new windows smudged my new condo shattered my new suit my CD player get your stuff and get out gimmeback that set of keys and my beeper take your name off the mailbox and the charge card this is my new condo mine the red wine al mine don't waste my time it's my dime bitch Jeesus! lemme get a drink and make a call.

A fragrance for her

crack kills

mv friend is on the airwaves staic buzz like faraway shot up the big one this time traced it round into the hall on the junk carpet am sick field plugged into something not really close to home not really you at all fading isnt dreaming when yourdieing and dieing on ceiling brings you down closer to the carpet

S1(o Seven
"A Most Unusual Bookstore"
Specializing In ... Metaphysical·:· Spiritual·:· New Age New & Used Books, Music, Gifts, Jewelry Magazines, <00 Readings (Tarot & Psychic)

7 Bomare Rd. Bangor ME 04401-2623 00- .:.·:· 10-6 Mon-Frl; 11-7 Sat & Sun Bangor Area 942·5590 ·:·Toll Free 1-877·Go SII07

Audio Components

Home Theater New & Used CD's
195 State St Bangor. ME 04401 (207) 947·4434

Americ~n RetrQ

.'i~;~·:,,;~¢,ti~.~:'"i"iJi\~:i~:·~d{~;;:t:~~~(~~~~r'~~~'?;~~~(f~:(¥~~ ~.'~. ,~ , .

38 Maln·Street, Bangor. ME , 04401


"In a scene where nobody with any ambition is really what he appears to be, there is not much risk in acting like a king-hell freak" -Hunter s. Thcmpson

got gona?

www. turnoffthetvandgoplaywithyourkids, con


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eQ.'::~;tt!",jJ?~~u,I~ ~

the Vinegar,way. • .

;"Suddenly your b~ with new' vigor and nature'S most pow.e: with vinegar to tnt! helping the body to

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tiy Eric J. Rankin

'(~I' .






I,A Better Version Of Me"


I know myself among many other fans of Caithlin De Marrais, William Kuehn, and Kyle Fisher, have been awaiting the new Rainer Maria release like no other. Upon first listen I thought this CD was going to beawfuU because it has a completely different sound than their last full length album, 1998 s "Look now, Look Again", with fastly picked guitar parts and not so tight structure. But , upon more listens, "A Better Version of Me" is quite a gem. Special moments on this newbie include "Artificial Light" and "The Contents of Lincolns Pockets". Thats right. ..they wrote a song about fucken history (more or less), but they pull it off with greatnes~.

For more info visit

InTheN eXt IssUe
Maggi Pierce, & :EJ

An Interview with Portland Artist Eric Higgins Jets To Brazil

20 QuestionsW,ith 'The Guy That Works At 7·,11
Bumstock 2001 Local Music Reviewd

Crosby's Guitar Shop




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Authontzed Dealer for Jackson ESP Heritage Laney G&t National Schecter Godin Cort


Custom Guitar Painting & Graphics! Custom Amp Repairs & Modifications! Complete Guitar Repair On All Brands!
Mon-Wed: 9:30am-6:00pm

39 North Main

st. Brewer ME 04412

Thur-Sol: 9:30am-7:00pm

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