106' -~l'.

':rrext-,day. :U11s,et our CampL
ague bU'~_ eonsiderahle fevel'~'

'!l1Ie', r~<st~ .blie nig;h.t 1VRS uncamforh ... oj ble, a-s..the wind continued tl.u;l" remttinde:l.'· .~£ ·tl~~ night. &; all the

dist\ll~Ged the river so
-attends' '~be

ln~lch t~hatwe· were: obliged-.to. mQ"'~"\JlU' boat t9a ,s:d~' pai·t"of the llt~l'l!o'1JX ~rhts day I eJl:eap.eCl a fit of the -'

G,i the p,~in that


W~d,4:t}il·"tb,e\w.mds ~on ~hCil',e& viole:nt all the day' 'of eourse we lny:iwtnd bound=-> ~;[ajl' She,Jl~_d .~,e On
with ,his' p~·-ty ''Viz . Tupper &..:CU1h~·el'- '&-.4·ho'l'ses·--· I ~ont;l,tHiedtp 'go 'by land -'J.:pm this· ~-a the GI::arid Ril:eJ" with l~~j" Shep.ard we. rode to lfIr Parkers '&. lodged lib,ere f~ night- Wl~jd:l ·w~ win.·4r: ~le'~ll;' ex~~pisome ffjdllg .&.



$on~e!f\08t.nt the Grand River


7,j,hzur4aay ·$.th' 'Qct6b{jr~
This morning '~-he'Wind is fait 'OUI' bQat hea.vils in :sight- ~~ prejLJ:a;i'0 for gomg but heiBol'e. the ltorses' were. saddled. the- hoat· passed the; 'howe J-lnd_e.l' fll.le way'- we;'I'O$;d Jd Grand Riv~:t---'C~p~~-HaTJiffi itccom~ panied us-on "foot - ·'\("\I:e found the boa·t safe in·th~-riv~r_ took dinner & mO'Vf~(;lll\p S~'eanl &; ~:ri.9n:m,ped,a~9Ye:'t\l(f



rtidjan, s-ettltniien.ts 'on 'the west. side the laUer }J.\l:rtof the day was 'W.WTIl &; pleasant, T~t$ night -thel;e \\·'~l·,ethun~ dei' storm on either~ side lQ·f-·us,but there' was- not much. .., '. rain "..here 'we were. 1!riilay 6th - 'I'he- :m.oluing, was overcast, but cleared e),if il):..'t1ie £.CI1'e.:PY::tl't of :~he.r1!;1Y- The ·thi,€i,;~G.en~ tli~lilen ''''';('l ;!5,ee ·the o.ther day traveling t,,) Clea:veland: hailed LlS we ari$wet,ed & ~hen cali11e. to us, Their btw;!"" . l'l,t'$' wes to view 'liHrl. .C0U.6:tj:~f ~'S tItey ,,(!qntemplated '1)~ coming sett1S"1'swe furnished t'b-etn."\Ylthdl lOt~-£ 01' b~~~d


&1 hid. U)S goon by", Ca.pt.fI:8J:pel' ,,110 belonged t.o their ~tinll)lUly.we·tll~ with them .' . .~I~.;jQ); Sh,e:p'al~~d'wifh )'11" lTu,P£81' JOi' lli$ nssJ.stfi.~t went out to -explore 'rOwnsllip, N,o 'l~ 'in 6,th,Ra.:o·ge &

in two

!fQ:t;yris,hlp N~'

n.. iti5th l·t'nnget. weexpeet




thl'ee :dniys~ Mdj" Sp~ffQfd 'k EsqvV.fineD,


\riz Nil 1.1 in th:e',SUl

is, :explbii(l,g.·th~~

Ran~!.1. t.hevtetul'u QI,..



,V '~h~pnt:q~' .ptl:rl;y came in hefo:l:'e night S'h.e.p:::tl.'d &I K'eUoggSiclt, he~lill;drun 1'0 n,!ilesJ;'~£Ql:e'he left his ,work . . ifu:riilafj 8i:lt 1""'1'7-, '£1 paJ:t)" stacted to day !lader :th~.cha..r.ge. of Phinehas 13,airkel' tbalntsh t~e work;'aUot~ 'ted to Sli~l>aj'dV~ GoO,dsel,]:Jftrker., &; C'ulirer ~ t,Key took 80 Ib Flour ~,o P~tk-/' qn> tb,~,:'Bl~ek1't::I:a:ra, 1b 'one 'Tfu::it' &c '. , I 'opene;d toe, !i~cond bllil'@ 9f' Pork nnd l~~~nd it 1U~fol: fh'S,t, yel'~r pf.)or ,-oo:nsistip.g·; ajml1st eb:til·ely 'bf th¢' h~1t(h"aDd legs; ~~'c~p't it had-an old '~()wshel!y 1m,O"A'11 ,by tIte .te~b, 2 inches 10ng:'& the, mettt' nJ:mCl$t. a.u_iucll th:~~k 'Mon,i/:ay ,9' Qt'i'efmr )lajo:!'> Shepard retu.nled. from' -. . exploi'ing'The cODl.mh·t¢·c,> ~ie$h~m;in~.d tnLQt ~ownship numher J_nl(!veJ:\ in. Ehe~Seventh Range &; to, ?LPi)TPI)riatJ;:, Ole.

'W;e ~ppl'opl'i~·h~.Gj:'and: Rive,i' township

Gm·e,·N,i')12 'in. th~,S,i~th R,ang.e '

as.~.ig~'ledhim ex:eept.ing R lihf' W bid.l h~ was '00 T1Ul thi'~ugE ~o 11.. '$,' 1{AI,~gewhidl threugh t:ui,s:talte fie

Rivet·, T.f.lwnslllp ']!1!tcsilay JOt!1( 'Slto.ddqii;1:s, :P,M':ty gbitt~.O!u),·~e,1;lcnmp~· nnnit'lJi, }ittl'e p(,'l£-ore-.y!Ul)S,et havi.ng completed the· \V~rk
(}il::tmd .,

lin:e' .~,ht9;Ughthis

started ¥t'l'O~gW edr~e*fhiy 111;h' ~St<5d,da'1'd ,veIlt, baek to run
t@wllVlz 'No 11~,8tJi. Ri.iJ),g'e;,-



be. in befol·e.,_nig~).t.


~:lr~ .Redfield,s.

ru.\':er ·il.bout .noooIillol'm;S that ~ir .Rctdfie.ld win


came into Oamp up fhe-

Tll#TS4,rl:y J.:.2th·,. Majot· Stjatfp'r~ &. M~l' 'Sb(!pa;Itd setouf on an Explol'mg expedition & were 'to niee't af .

Mes' It~d1le1d &. 'S.todc\anl tOOk out 5 P:rovis.ions.

6 4i1Y.s

:S. 'Nve Kcnl!~Y' E·ol.l'}C -

J. N"e:

Skld(l~~i'd J, Stodd.<J;l'd Ellhidg:e
·~rt'lith.. -

'l'hl.j) ~:e~eit':n.obn;. set o:ut i.Pl' Cbune(JugM w]tn )rlt~, I accompanied V;:'ith ]£sq. \Yarl'en .Col. Waite,., J.CI&·d~e~\o\rrnll8xk(~"_Eli Kellv·;gg. N.Doanc· .we C9.lllpe"d '8:[; the l'I.;Iotttli 'pi ~G-l"and 'River - ~r-,a;dia& She:p:"u~d&: R~y:p('l.h]!r w1t:b lIS as far as .H1ti1 -mi.t1dle of 'l'oM"n~hip No. 1.1 in t.he.-7th Range: where ''''~tlef't ~em J!'·rlila,.y. 'Ibe 1n;l~e is calmWe rowed b) the

S~nl. Ftlrbt"JiI

Sam. ,Sjpafl':otd Q. Clli.l'et lilaj.. S~I~p·~~. ~P~1!~~J 'rh!?!;!. ~!lpp.er , Ci1~bd£jd

M·aj. Sp~(i:r.d~


J?hh~s~ .BlUkm •

'to:gutl·rd stores _"

pl~ce: whm~ we _Wif~; leaVe . ahiB:p~l'~d R'e}"n'91dS ~,~ &
ll/2 Bal'N~hr of Pork censisting mos.t1y (If lJ.e·~ds ,& b:gs:- & lJA: Barrel ·Qf flour with some: small matters·-. ·'V-e'"weI\t n~l'h~ps: .B In;ile fru~tb:eI' '& (lal.m.pcf{ :on }h;G beach this aftel\iiJoonwe passed the Burning, Spr.ing~, I matil~·'4n.~p'~imeiQt QID rne '0£ tJ:le.ill- I fil~$.t. il;ljg~~,ted :8, C'ahdle &. b~Ol1,:l';ght it "er~r near -the water and :a:s tIle. ,bqhble~ of ,.li~ 'a.J'OS~ theY' '~v()1J!ld:Hash I-il~e',sp"i'l'i:~SI et«(ln s tir'e This I ':rerr¢"(tt~a 3' t:itites what nl,Y e:ap.tn¢'~ent 0-1~ 'by 'means elf some 'water spatter on the' wick Ianded 'the'stores··V'iz·.-·

Pl1id;qy 13}'h 1;'i_fj7'

Tgrt~~ship N« 6 _- lJ2" Rl1llltl-,.t1 'OCt(ih.~7'



,(lay, when.VI~_:eaID¢ -a:sho1-'e ilmded w
jn, the

The ,'vWd wa$ 'but oK:sn.1aJl t:Qllsetim:uce to us thi~
the-small baggage

- but were not-able to chitw the. bnat Em' en the' oeachnigbt the s'\vaLs il·:qe·~tjed·:~ncl'lookedlikely for a .storm we.onladed the 'hotd; & .hauled it up .~61ilew:~you

larid &·wa~ched. b;~('tmnuntill day .:night but no wind -

there was some

l'ajl;} this

8alrw~,rZa1j bet ..1"41;&the' wir~d'this n'1o:n:ting :SP.l'rulg ~Jl)'·1t£,r~~~fl.'om. thcl: L,l1k~ 8:1;1;(;] blew __ directly on Land & '~nnninQreased to tha. t degree .tna,t it W'tl~ in1-PiSSib~~~tfl proceed witJl, 'bb~trC?at - 'The winds continued to blow vlolent1y all day. & '~heniglrt rollmvID,ll' ffhi_~ d:ay Chm'dy but no I'run of any note ~'tT)mita:y Oc·t 15th 'r he;'~ind ~r0m the North· ,a,ud n


high, untUl Hie middle. of the .LUternoon whefcL it, rnoder'atedJul:d the wates-·.g'~·a.~uany.s,bJlisid,e:ll. · iqg ,calm we.loa'd;eq tlieJro·:at

13.11(1&'·~.nlo&liil::dtJ:ie l~g}~tv.l' kind .01 b?gguge .:__ w~ h"IIY ,';Hid bOUliH the rest. rifthe, da;y - we connected the 5th Meridian b-y lrtea:~Ul'in:g -eI'Om~) Creek on e-M1i side' c~' the. IAn¢----- "w,eJjeg.?ri :a;~.th~_G)e.ekneer our CM'lP ~.*" , *-~. 7_'u,t59[li)ll we :St.il'~~d them.Dttiiug· ULe wind "being .in off L~\lld & by the.help of the sail & Oars. we- ltmd.got. -ne'.~ Hie l:\:!!ht:i.bula \-"+l,~n, h~a:.vy Wil)d \PJ.'OlU the ~rest 3 :m,c.C(jn:J:p~;_in,i~d by Ia:l;ge- S'WeUobliged to: 'run the huat on the ·beaclr just. west .(If·tn,~·~m~uthX 'A~htriJ:ml~" we' lind o the s:lliOl\~S $t. Baggagtl ai'.ld 'hauled .the. boat an fa Ute Beach -. the wind the .re.;>.t qr t1re dat was y~;y viqlel1t; I'!-lso. all fllft -tlight"follo.w.iu.g-· .

<»m¢l. _n'ot.wo:rk

J-Iom1-flY October l(it~.This niol'l)·il1g. tbe Lake.be&; :rowed to the mouth of a, small cr.e.ek (now ch(}a~(edupthe late ~rOl). we Laritileil :1'brmt neon '~hf?' ind ,hei;ng Wi,riatl fl.:nd.so 'stl'O'ngthat we w

H~C3 tbo.d .ahead

we hauled

tb~: bm~j; t~,

W edifl,e~d'r!ij 18"tf1.-.-.(lciQber-, ;-rne "rinds fl;o!J1 the W~$t:-<ttucYYt::l~V' hetlV~~ tlul -fore- pa;d of th:~-d.a,y ,a little be-~ tore r~lght iwe 'Io,~d~d' tA~' boat and s.~arH:a", the ~r~d for.ile"d {lit sunset hut w:as ~O:pJj:·succe~dedfl}f a- ;r~'lltxlen\t~, LaJTJ.d 1Jree~e, ·'ve.i'Qw~d ··al,1d s~iil~ci until -w'e"h~d' got, ·within a.bout·-2lfi of fl" ~iiieb£ Connect Creek ","-;heu -t:he< ... wind f)l;'Ij,m~~he E::Jist Obliged us .tQJJe;:a-eh tli# boat - we-stI':v.ek nre.,& ~qT .dbw~l J'oi ~le~pabout l1idlJigbtlJ.y'vm'sitall ,t:9 ·th - L:oa.decl tb¢ hoat the I. ak~ Ibdj1Ht calm ,& l'p"'·,ea· 'to 90Dlleo'i;- s130n 8.,ttliir 'we got tllere the ~iJ'lxl£' sp'l'!-l,ng up f'resb YI'.Qij): th,!3. N:B~ &00p:tinueil ~b~, rest or'.t,he day here ~we··lear.ned·hat- ~iaJ.SpaifolNlha(l t got in & In.ad.~liis'holUlJ;! fit the G..:m house t11JQUt -;1l n:UJe tip th:c ·:lbyel.'-·' E S(TIt ,,\r:tl;J.·r~n,..Mli:dmys~lf 'l'Te~rt UJ? RJ tl'l'e_. hous,e &; ~!(tu114 l\laj~ ~p~atfol'd I'ltaj. S,hepin''i-' we &' -t(')t~k;~be oat-:u:p-,the Rivet:' to th~ 11til)J[~.&·n the- AJtel" b i noon went =ib()u~,tM ~lppri.sal F't'idal1 itdth,:r'be _.Cop:utliHoo ate, bu.sh;;iI in fl,te .~~ pri$:a.I ~)&".t\ pprop1'ia.tiQB._ r)i- the Land _' -,w~lic:h t.hes. nnisb.tld _. ljl#1!'l~(1a,fj _2.l - 'Samuel:cSl;uiiJord_llp,d :P~vid Clalk .s¢t out, £1'0111 our cluait.e'r~w·it.h. diBp:a.tcb.es tQ ':&!1~l:bft & torthe Su:t-i,re:VQJ's~' with Iusttuctio'n ~how to: Lot. No 1:". . .. in the<-,5.th Range N_9- 13 in t.he 4th Raflge-,~~d' IlJ'jt\! ~¢

the -'-Sd lt~tlgl;-

:~;U'11.d:a'!J 2~'-·

)!t Y 81Jhgs .·caned. on us:'-=- he;: informs U$ of the. deatI1o·f! Joseph -Tink~.Piere~-& Capt. E'dwai'ds-w ,~el(~ (trdw.m~~''t~je3d Jnstat l;d~ght:- near Slm.,d1'lauqua -by--n v-iolel1t·,.g~le_ (nr~~'s.et:ting, bnat wh'cli: tJtey w~_._:t the t :e·§~tR¢'d but oou1d gi.~ in. one .. od l:Ia.wley -:fo!i:ClInat¢h T but ·a_,rlin0,cjt're;(~t_ 3,fi!,3q~t bow it ha'pp~iled Th:e hl1i helo:ngc_d. 'be:) l:fl' Abbot-who h.al:t1~ens_·.liot. he a,lJb.~~ to

Rainy :thk mqst -o.f tbe·day ~

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