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Origin of Thought

Origin of Thought

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Published by SaVanTx
A little essay on belief & truth...
A little essay on belief & truth...

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Published by: SaVanTx on Jun 07, 2011
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I'm not entirely sure if this is going to have any real point, but here goes...

These are just perceptual observations that I've collected, both past & present. I believe in a higher power, always have. This higher power, I refer to as "Awe" and I've had this very nickname for "it" since I was a very small child. This use to be my little secret, and NObody knew about it until very recently... "Awe" is certainly not the version of God that traditional religions tried to shove down my throat during my lifetime. Awe is the everything & the nothing, the many that will bring about the universal one. Religions, as I've suspected since my early teens, are like politics or even cults... all designed to convert & keep people separated, locked in fear, thus keeping them loyal and with unquestioning belief. Like good little sheep ^_^ Fear, it seems, is the BEST motivator to get masses of people to do whatever one wants. Just read any psychology or mind control book. It's what dictators do to gather followers. It's what organized "denominations" of religion & their doctrines use to collect the MASSes. And if life is an illusory dream, then death is an illusion, as well. The universe, has no beginning nor end. So what's there to fear and does ANY of this shit really even matter? (Matter: "stuff" of the universe having MASS) But, do we ever live? We share a universal consciousness of one, meaning that we are all forever connected as one. Organized religions do nothing but keep the people divided & the marvelous illusion going. NECESSARY. Like one giant living organism floating through the vastness of space, the planet we call Earth spins with all of us on it. It appears as though our giant cell has cancer. Cells become cancerous when they lose the ability to communicate. Perhaps that is what's happening to Earth. And it most definitely should, because it's supposed to. Let's just observe it, shall we? Without the illusion, the dream... what else is there? What is left? Is it a silent, deep, dark, eternal peace that I cannot yet fathom? The dreamer must continue to dream if these concepts that we call life & death are to continue. It's a never-ending story that you wrote, that

you direct, and that you play the main character in. I am that I am, and I believe what I believe. And that keeps me in Awe...

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