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Forest of Shadows


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Are you afraid of the dark? Gothic metal underground sensations Forest of Shadows talk about their music, and their perception of beauty in darkness.

The Gulag Machine


Virtually unprotected by federal law, minors have suffered and continue to suffer atrocities at bootcamps and behavior modification schools throughout the US. These are their stories. The Taste of PlasticAlice Moore A doll love affair in black and white. Fashion Photography Clothing by Nubunnydisco Personal Advertisements Place a short ad for free . Vegan Recipes for Spong Dandelions & Fiddleheads. Subterranean Underground

and others. ~

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Artwork by Dan Carriveau. Expect to see comic strips from Dan in future issues!

Whore-o-Scopes Strange forms began to appear within the crystal ball., The Troublesome Adventures Part one: Emily's early years. of Emily Gein



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Looking Glass I love your music. It is" so beautiful. Your song Wish is especially moving--It makes me want to cry! Niclas I'm flattered. I do hope that you want to cry because the music is beautiful and not that it makes you sad! Looking Glass What inspires your music? Niclas Lots of things. Personally, J guess I have alot of suppressed creativity that needs to get out of my mind. The music is mostly colored by emotional. experiences and of course the music I mainly listen to.

Find Forest of Shadows music and news at http://www.darkmetal.com/forestofshadows/ Look for their upcoming album, which will appear this fall!

Looking Glass The contrast of pain and beauty expressed in your music is ' absolutely stunning. Niclas I have always been totally into the aesthetics concerning beauty in darkness no matter if J have been depressed or not. It's some kind of perverted addiction you get when you live in a world where everything is pretty "nice" on the outside and where dark feelings are suppressed and considered unhealthy. Looking Glass Thank you for answering my questions. I admire your music so much. Niclas It's very nice to hear such words even though I must state that I'm not the only one involved. The only band where I am in 100% control is Doleful Shade and that band is still very much a project and doesn't really present my ideal form of music. Looking Glass Alright, thank you. Niclas Cheers.

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All across

in Amertoa'sboot camps
and bebavior modification schools,

teenagers' .human rights are beIng violated.
In some instituations, however,
treatment by statfmernbers has escalated mte ~bllse
and hOmiCide .









Itts time to ask.
.who will stand up for thechUdren?
©The Looking Glass 2003

A Prologue "[My daughter] had been in [Friendship Glen School, a behavior-modification boarding school] since April 1, almost four months. My daughter was a typical 'troubled teen' [...]. She was rebellious, depressed, and angry -- getting in trouble at school, drinking alcohol, hanging with the wrong crowd, seemingly out of control. [. ..] We hired one of school's recommended escort services, a man and a woman, who captured our daughter while she was at school in Santa Fe and led her away crying in handcuffs. She was kept in those painful handcuffs all the way to the airport. They lied to her about where she was going and what to expect once she got there." -- Patricia Wolff We've all heard the term "brainwashing" before, usually in the cheesy science fiction that we grew up on. I have vivid memories of watching an episode of Eerie Indiana (a cheesy rip-off of Goosebumps) in which rebellious kids were systematically kidnapped, brainwashed into "productive citizens", and then returned to society. I saw that same theme in numerous other places; in novels, in movies, and so forth ...but of course, that was all just fantasy ... right? I also heard things every now and then: hearsay about so-and-so who got sent off to a boot camp for buying Ecstasy. Once I got a letter from one of my cousins about how she was becoming a "productive member of society" and a "responsible adult" ...(She got sent off to boarding school because she got high and got in a car accident.) I heard things. A little while after that I saw a 60 Minutes expose about a kid who died in a boot camp. Apparently he was forced to stand naked in the Arizona sun; they covered him in sugar water and let bees loose on him. His autopsy revealed an enormous number of stings, as well as evidence of beating. The other kids at the camp tried desperately to alert the authorities, but of course no one listened to them. They were just a bunch of "juvenile delinquents" anyway, right? Well eventually someone did listen, because now the drill instructor responsible is in jail for murder. I had my suspicions ...and I always had a bad feeling that something was going on ...and now I know that there is.

'The little punk!' Guards drag Roland "Reno" Scott into the Savage Leadership Challenge for his second stay in less than a year. (Sun photo by Andre F. Chung)

Samantha and the Straights In 1981, Samantha Monroe, a typical 12-year old girl (with no history of drug use), was enrolled in a (Sarasota, Florida) branch of Straight Incorporated. Straight Inc. was, and still is, an extremely intense "drug rehab center" for teenagers. During the two years Samantha spent there, she was beaten, starved, and humiliated. Authorities there denied her access to the bathroom for days on end; even when her pants filled with urine, menstrual blood and feces, she was not allowed to change them for six weeks. On several occasions she was confined to a closet for days during which she "gnawed through her jaw" (according to a FOX news report by Radley Balko) ...hoping that she would bleed to death. She said that after she got pregnant (a male counselor raped her) "the wonderful state of Florida paid for and forced me to have an abortion." She is not the only one, apparently, according to investigations by Wes Fager. Fager is a member of the Oakton Institute for Cultic Studies and an independent journalist who once enrolled his son in one of Straight Inc.'s branches. After he discovered that the .school had made his son severely mentally ill, he decided to investigate the matter. He compiled the stories that he found "of suicides and attempted suicides, rapes, forced abortions, molestations, physical abuse, lawsuits, court testimonies, and extensive documentation of profound psychological abuse at Straight chapters all over the country" (Balko) into http://thestraights.com, which is, by the way, one of the most impressive anti-brainwashing websites I have ever seen.

,,[Straight Inc.] runs very close to really performing psychic murder."
Marge Robertson, executive director of Cincinnati chapter of ACLU, speaking of Straight Inc. from Cincinnati Post

Paul and Rite of Passage , Boy whose lip was split by a drill instructor.


Paul harassment







(while standing

in the hot Nevada desert sun)

finally snapped, becoming "combative" (Hoover). For the next ten minutes, counselors asphyxiated him in a full Nelson, uniii his breaihing became iabored, and the restraint finally stopped. Choy was first taken to a hosp;ta: iii ia::oii and later to V'v'ashoe fv1edical Center in Reno. On Paul Choy's 16th birthday, in 1992, he was pronounced brain-dead. The autopsy revealed evidence of anal rape. Not surprisingly, his "coaches" panicked, trying to rationalize what had happened. They said that it had all been an accident. They said he shouldn't have been put in Rite Of Passage, Nevada, because he never had the "athletic youth trainer at a juvenile facility ability" to sustain "restraint techniques." They said that Paul's death was not due to actual abuse, but to a "window of loss", implying that what happened was unavoidable, but rare. But just how rare can such a tragedy be, considering that there was a 1986 investigation by Representatives George Miller, D-Martinez, and Harry Reid based on allegations of physical and sexual abuse? It should also be noted that another charge of that investigation was that the camp was "unlicensed." phone calls only, communication with staff only, doing menial monotonous work or calisthenics several times a day L... j, [tne subject may wear]' pajamas or nighigown only, mattress on floor in room (that is ali)." In 1972 the Seed (which started in Florida) received funding from the federal government. Former White House drug czar, (and founding director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse) Robert L. DuPont, Jr., M.D. convinced the federal government to contribute 1.4 million dollars to the program. In 1976, Straight Incorporated (the descendant of the Seed) received $100,000 in grants from the LEAA (a branch of the federal government), in defiance of a congressional order not to do so. Extensive research shows that Betty and Mel Sembler, (Republicans) have had quite a cozy relationship with the Bush family. Once George Sr. even did a TV commercial for Straight Incorporated. These things are not surprising, considerinq that Straight has a long history of buying political influence. Joseph Zappala and Melvin Sembler (co-founders of Straight) contributed enormous sums of money to the campaign of George Bush Sr. In 1997, Betty and Mel Sembler, as well as three of their sons, contributed millions of dollars to several different campaigns in Florida. Most of those went to people who were running for Congress, including Boschwitz, Fox, Zimmer, Heintz, Pressler, and others, as well as one, Alexander, who was running for president. In 1982, Kathleen Wilde of the ACLU filed suit against an Atlanta branch of Straight, charging that it was operating without a license and abusing five teenagers, holding them against their will. Mrs Wilde said that the five were enduring "inhumane treatment [which created an] immediate danger to physical and mental health."

"If I can't make a kid puke or piss in his pants on his first day, I'm not doing my job. "

Straight Incorporated

and the Republican


"We have appealed to the U.S. Senate various times. We have requested individual State investigations. We have appealed to the governors of various states in the United States. We have requested investigations by various state agencies. We are convinced and have documents confirming that Melvin Sembler (United States Ambassador to Italy) has hindered and or pressured various agencies and officials into ensuring that these centers are allowed to continue to operate. Although our efforls have fac;i1itated the closing of some of these centers, these centers were often allowed to open under different names and literally across the street from the old facilities. " -- Formal complaint from the International Survivors Action Committee to the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Before Straight Incorporated, there was the Seed. The Seed was an experimental drug rehab program endorsed by the Reagans and funded by the government. Its purpose was to turn rebellious kids into straight-laced productive citizens, not unlike the purpose of its descendant. In 1975, the US Senate, under the leadership of Senator Sam Ervin, likened its methods to Communist brainwashing techniques. The study they published, titled "Individual Rights and the Role of the Federal government in Behavior Modification," said that the Seed was "based on a similar philosophy," and that it "seeks to restructure personality through artificially applied techniques." The study also described the ways in which the subject would be punished. "Emergency

"According to sworn testimony, Straight often left restrained group members sifting in their own urine, feces or vomit until suitable concessions were extracted. "

-Dr. Barry Beyerstein, a leading Canadian researcher on opiates and brain functioning who operates a laboratory at Simon Fraser Universitv in British Columbia. Canada.

"Staff members directed me to physically batter and verbally assault other clients. They gave me this direction when I was a client and when I was a Staff Trainee. I carried them out. So did hundreds if not tens of thousands of other kids ... As hard as it has been to live with the reality of being Clinically abused for nearly two years, it cannot compare with the complete nightmare of living with the fact that I abused other people repeatedly in the name of a thought control cult. It cannot compare with the nightmare of knowing that some of the people I abused have ended up in jail, or dead, and that I contributed to the destruction of their lives. " --James, a former student at Straight-Atlanta turned staff member

A Makeshift Anthem There is so much I could say. There are so many stories I could tell, but I won't. This conspiracy against my generation is simply too complex, too deep to fully explain in this brief article. Maybe you believe what I have said, dear Reader, and maybe you do not. I hope that you will look into this on your own. I hope that you will do your own research and make your own conclusions. Don't believe everything that you are told. Don't settle down in the suburbs into a nice monotonous easy life, oblivious to the world...because whether you ignore politics or noLpolitics won't ignore you. This is a message to my generation. This is a message to drug addicts/users, rebels, misfits, sexual deviants, car thieves, and runaways. wake up. i want you all to know that you are not safe. I want you all to know that at any time (until you reach the age of eighteen), and for any reason at all, your parents can send you to bootcamps, behavior modification schools, or mental hospitals. Armed escorts will kidnap you, handcuff you, and take you into custody. In Missouri, Baptist boarding schools like Mountain Park and Heartland are not even regulated by the state on the grounds that such regulation would infringe upon their "freedom of religion." ...convicted, imprisoned criminals have more rights then these kids. They are starved, beaten, humiliated, and broken down psychologically. They are not allowed any contact with the outside world, and all their mail is censored. You might think that if you were ever faced with this, you could beat the system alone-but you can't. Those you would be fighting have the backing of the Republican Party, the Moral Majority, the entire Bush family (yes, I mean Jeb, George and George), the Reagans, Jerry Fallwell, etc. They have money, they have power, they have lawyers, and they have influence. If you're going to fight the system, great. But it will take a concerted effort by many people to bring about change. Revolution can be any number of things, from a Coca-Cola jingle to the overthrow of an entire political/economic system. Society is, obviously, separated into many different ethnic groups, cultures and subcultures. Each group has its own interests, and thus, its own idea of what a revolution should be. Most of these groups (African Americans, Feminists, Indians, Mexicans) already had their revolutions in the 60's and 70's. Cezar Chavez liberated the Mexican people, for the most part. Martin L. King spoke out and effected change for his people; Gloria Steinem liberated women. Feminism has lost momentum, for the most part, because, frankly, there is not an enormous need for it anymore. While there will always be isolated pockets of sexism in the country, the nationalpatriarchy network has been weakened. Females in the US are becoming more and more powerful all the time. The same is true for black people. Though there will always be isolated pockets of racism in the world," Racism as a global network has been severely weakened. What I'm getting at here is that my generation never had a revolution like that; ...its like we've been left behind. Everyone has had a revolution but us.
" We are the middle children of history, raised by television to believe that someday we will be movie stars and rock stars; but we won't, and we are just waking up to this fact, so don't fuck with us.' " --from Fight Club

Where is our Martin luther King? If adults or ethnic minorities were treated this way, it WOUld,understandably, cause a massive uproar. If sexist husbands could send their feminist wives off to boot camps to be brainwashed, the country would erupt into riots. So what about OUR revolution? What about the thousands of teenagers who are being systematically kidnapped, brainwashed, tortured, and humiliated every day? Who is going to liberate us? • IN MEMORIAM: The martyrs of my generation.
Michelle Sutton, dead at age 15, Summit Quest! Kristen Chase, dead at age 16, Challenger! Paul Choy, dead at age 16, Rite of Passage! Aaron Bacon, dead at age 16, Northstar! DawnneTakeuchi, dead at age 18, VisionQuest! Lorenzo Johnson, dead at age 17, Arizona Boys Ranch! Carlos Ruiz, dead at age 13, VisionQuest/ Mario Cano, dead at age 16, VisionQuest! John Vincent Garrison, dead at age 18, VisionQuest! Bernard Reefer, dead, VisionQuest! Robert Zimmerman, dead, VisionQuest! Charles Lucas, dead, VisionQuest/ James Lamb, dead, VisionQuest/ Tammy Edmiston, dead, VisionQuest/ Leon Anger, dead, VisionQuest/ Charles Collins, Jr., dead at age 15, Crossroads for Youth! Jamie Young, dead at age 13, Ramsey Canyon! John Avila, dead, Rocky Mountain Academy! Danny Lewis, dead at age 16, VisionQuest/ Nicholas Contreras, dead at age 16, Arizona Boys Ranch! Edith Campos, dead at age 15, Desert Hills! Matt Toppi, dead at age 17, Robert Land Academy! Chirs Brown, dead at age 16, Robert Land Academy! Eric David Schibley, dead at age 17, VisionQuest! Chad Andrew Frenza,dead at age 16, Polk County Boot Camp! Robert Doyle Erwin, dead at age 15, VisionQuest! Lyle Foodroy, dead, VisionQuest! Gina Score, dead at age 14, State Training School (South Dakota)! Bryan Dale Alexander, dead at age 18, Texas Correctional Services! Michael Wiltsie, dead at age 12, Eckert youth Alternatives! Tristan Sovern, dead at age 16, Charter Behavioral Health System! Robert Rollins, dead at age 12, Devereaux School/Andrew McClain, dead at age 11, Elmcrest Psychiatric Hospital/ Anthony Haynes, dead at age 14, American Buffalo Soldiers Boot Camp! Ian August, dead at age 14, Skyline Journey ...and counting.
(Memoriam compiled by Jordan Riak. Lecturer in Photography at Sydney College of the Arts; Executive Director of Parents and Teachers Against Violence in Education)

If you'd like to read more about this subject or join in th fight against injustice, keep reading for a list of resource



An American Gulag: Secret P.O.W. Camps for Teens, by Alexia Parks (2000). Available from The Education Exchange Network, Box K, EI dorado Springs, CO 80025 Federal Documents used:


How to Cook Dandelions Greens A Vegan side dish for Springtime You'll Need: Dandelion greens Water Extra-virgin olive oil Sea Salt Fresh ground black pepper Shoyu, apple cider, or balsamic vinegar, or lemon juice Gather dandelion greens where you are certain there have been no pesticides, , herbicides, manures, or other substances that are potentially unhealthy. Cut plants just below the whorl of leaves, before the buds open. Shake out any dirt; trim away root and any brown leafy material, but try to keep the whorl intact. Rinse thoroughly till the water runs clear. Place greens in a large kettle. Add about 1/2 inch water. Bring to boil, then lower heat and steam about 20 minutes. Turn gently to prevent burning. Drain well. Place on platter and cut into "blocks". Sprinkle with oil, salt, and pepper and pass the shoyu, vinegar, or lemon juice. By Jean Ann Pollard; Rpt. from Favorite Recipes from Friends of Edith Patch How to Cook Fiddleheads The young fern stalks are best picked when about 4 inches above the ground (3 . inches of stem and a tightly curled fiddlehead.) Rub the dry scales from the tips and stalks and wash well. Sprinkle lightly with salt and cook covered in a small amount of water until tender. Drain and serve with melted butter, with. seasoned hot cream as a dressing, or on toast with a cheese sause (like with asparagus). From Page Farm and Home Museum at the University of Maine in Orono. Rpt. from Favorite Recipes from Friends of Editil..Eil1ch...

Individual Rights and the Federal Role in Behavior Modification at http://thestraights.com/images/seed-Ervin-brainwash.gif Excerpts from Grant Request By The Seed To The Department Health Education and Welfare at http://thestraights.com/imageslseed-funding.gif Sources http://wwN.thestraights.com/ http://wwN.teenliberty.orgl http://wwN.mountainparksurvivors.com/ http://wwN.nospank.comlboot


"Boot Camp Official Pleads Guilty To Negligent Homicide In Teen's Death"; Foster Klug, Associated Press Thursday, February 21, 2002 "Arcadia Religious Reform School Accused of Abuse in Lawsuit",The Associated Press, The Herald Tribune, July 10, 2002 "Texas Teenager Dies in Utah Wilderness Program" By Rich Vosepka, Associated Press The Daily Camera, July 16, 2002 "Straight Talk _ Drug War Casualties"; May 23,2002 Radley Balko; FOXNews.com,

"Ariz. To Appoint Boot Camp Task Force" The Associated 21,2001

Press, July

"Are Boot Camps Too Extreme?" By Bryan Robinson http://abcnews.go.com/sections/us/DailyNews/bootcamps010712.html "DEADLY RESTRAINT" By Jordan Riak. Lecturer in Photography at Sydney College of the Arts Executive Director of Parents and reachers Against Violence in Education December 1999, revised January 2003 "Boy in coma after scuffle at camp for troubled youths" San Francisco Chronicle, By Ken Hoover, Chronicle Staff Writer, February 13, 1992 "Mel Sembler: The Teflon Ambassador, a Crack in Bush's Golden Egg?" by Wesley M. Fager Oakton Institute for Cultic Studies, Oakton, Virginia February 19, 2003 ©2003, http://www.thestraights.com/news/editorials/un_charges.htm

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Expect nothing this month but what you News will come fast this month. How can dredge up from the abyss of your own soul. No you handle it is the key. Sort out what is important one else will throw you a bone: this one's going to now, and what can be dealt with later, and don't be up to you. Are you up to it? confuse the two in the heat of the moment, Others may confuse your strategizing for heartlessness; The fantastic is coming. Can you feel it don't let that affect you. They are struggling, and growing inside you? The one you are searching for simply jealous that you're not. Maybe you could is waiting, on the other side of the wall. A help out with a few wise words. supernatural occurance will direct you towards your heart's deaire; Be aware of everything. Little creativity is available this






Something dreadfully simple will threaten everything this month; all you need to win out is a clear head. Don't be pulled out of line by distractions; what you seek is valid, and warrants no shame. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Your intution should rule this week.


month, so don't force it. it's just not the right time. You might feel restless and flighty. The same emotional instability that leads you to seek out casual sex or cheap romanticism will cause you hurt later, so keep 1he end result in mind, and try to keep your idealism in check.


Don't let your worries tempt you into their cages. Arguments within yourself may be firey this week; nevertheless, it is only useless bickering and should be ignored. Keep moving onward; don't look back.

Cat1riCorn Watch

birds. They have a secret lesson to teach you about the beauty of intermittancy, and maybe they can even help you to change your attitude about life. You just have to watch carefully.

Leo A friend appears to backstab you; but watch


New people are pouring in, and they seem better equipped than you, even though carefully. This person has a motive which has little you've been at this scene for a long time. Don't be or nothing to do with you. Perhaps forgiveness too put off; maybe you're just more honest about would be the appropriate path to take. your insecurities than they. Physical activity can make you feel excellent this month, especially if its outdoor activity. Keep a journal, and write in it in A little clumsy and desperate this month, you are tripping all over yourself. It can't be avoided, interesting outdoor locations, to give your mind and so just be prepared. You might be tempted into a body a new canvas. romantic situation in order to feel a little more strong Fixing broken things is important, so and dynamic. Carry condoms and safety pins--but don't put it off. That goes for friendships too. Do not in the same pocket. some spring cleaning, and then make yourself Let yourself be a little more truthful--it will be some pasta and eat it alone. Put peanuts outside better recieved than you expect. This month is a for the squirrels, and maybe a birdfeeder too, for time to cultivate your inner gardens, and this might chickadees. Live life deliberately and peacefully; be best done by pursuing peace around you. Tell it mend everything you've broken during darker like it is, but never cruelly. And buy some seeds, times.• because spring is here.





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