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Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP): High-impact Technology - What You Need to Know: Definitions, Adoptions, Impact, Benefits, Maturity, Vendors

Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP): High-impact Technology - What You Need to Know: Definitions, Adoptions, Impact, Benefits, Maturity, Vendors

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MEAP - a Mobile Enterprise Application Platform is a development framework that provides tools and client/server middleware for mobile (targeting any mobile application on any device, ranging from a smartphone to a PC) and multichannel (highly device/OS- and network-adaptive) thick (offline) enterprise AD. Platform applications are best for companies that wish to deploy multiple applications on a single infrastructure, scaled to the size of their current mobile field force and available in an online and offline mode. These applications are often able to transfer seamlessly across the Mobile operating system, as a platform to launch applications upon. Mobile platforms provide higher level languages and easy development templates to simplify and speed the mobile application development timeframe, requiring less programming knowledge for mobile business application deployment.

This book is your ultimate resource for Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP). Here you will find the most up-to-date information, analysis, background and everything you need to know.

In easy to read chapters, with extensive references and links to get you to know all there is to know about Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) right away, covering: Mobile enterprise application platform, Field service management, Mobile application development, Mobile device management, Adaptxt, Adobe Flash Cast, Afaria, Allsport GPS, Android Market, Appcelerator Titanium, AviatorCalc, Betavine, BlackBerry App World, Bolt Browser, Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless, Brightkite, Canditv, City ID, Client–server model, Corona (software development kit), Doddle, DragonRAD, EQO, EveryWAN Mobility Manager, Exit Games, FOTA (technology), GetJar, Good Technology, Handheld video game, Hands-On Mobile, Illumination Software Creator, Imoblife, InnoPath Software, Internet Explorer Mobile, ISilo, ISiloX, Java Platform, Micro Edition, JavaFX, JOCA, July Systems, Kavapoint, KD Player, Kinoma, Lightweight User Interface Toolkit, List of digital distribution platforms for mobile devices, List of Google products, Loopt, Lovegetty, Lovegety, Mformation, MIDlet, MiKandi, MOAP, Mobi4Biz, Mobiflock, Mobile browser, Mobile business intelligence, Mobile dialer, Mobile e-mail, Mobile game, Mobile media, Mobile software platform, Mobile Sorcery, Mobile Virtualization, Mobile wallpaper, Mobile Web Server (Symbian OS), MobileIron, Mobinex, Mobiola, Mobiquant, Motoblur, Mpowerplayer, MXit, MyMobileWeb, N-Gage (service), Nellymoser, Nokia network monitor, Nokia Ovi Suite, Nokia Point & Find, Nokia Sports Tracker, Obigo Browser, Odyssey Software (Mobile Device Management), On-Device Portal, Oruxmaps, Ovi (Nokia), Ovi Maps, Palm App Catalog, Phunware, PicDial, Pokémate, Polaris Browser, Polaris Document Master, Python for S60, Qeep, QuickOffice, Radio Service Software, REVIVAL Mobile Management Suite, S60 (software platform), Secure Mobile Architecture (SMA), Sense Networks, Series 30 (software platform), Series 40, Series 80 (software platform), SHAPE Services, Skyfire (web browser), SmartCam, Smartface, Software Components OTA, Sonic Boom, Inc., Sony Ericsson Java Platform, Sybase unwired platform, SyncShield, System Center Mobile Device Manager, Tomytronic 3D, ToneThis, TouchPal, Tristit Browser, UAProf, UDigits, Universal Mobile Interface, UZard Web, Virtual Radio, Web Browser for S60, WebKit, WiDEN, WikiPock, Windows Marketplace for Mobile, Windows Phone Marketplace, WIPI, WMLScript, Worklight (company), Yahoo! Go, Zlango, Zozoc, Enterprise architecture, AGATE (architecture framework), Applications architecture...and much more

This book explains in-depth the real drivers and workings of Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP). It reduces the risk of your technology, time and resources investment decisions by enabling you to compare your understanding of Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) with the objectivity of experienced professionals.
MEAP - a Mobile Enterprise Application Platform is a development framework that provides tools and client/server middleware for mobile (targeting any mobile application on any device, ranging from a smartphone to a PC) and multichannel (highly device/OS- and network-adaptive) thick (offline) enterprise AD. Platform applications are best for companies that wish to deploy multiple applications on a single infrastructure, scaled to the size of their current mobile field force and available in an online and offline mode. These applications are often able to transfer seamlessly across the Mobile operating system, as a platform to launch applications upon. Mobile platforms provide higher level languages and easy development templates to simplify and speed the mobile application development timeframe, requiring less programming knowledge for mobile business application deployment.

This book is your ultimate resource for Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP). Here you will find the most up-to-date information, analysis, background and everything you need to know.

In easy to read chapters, with extensive references and links to get you to know all there is to know about Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) right away, covering: Mobile enterprise application platform, Field service management, Mobile application development, Mobile device management, Adaptxt, Adobe Flash Cast, Afaria, Allsport GPS, Android Market, Appcelerator Titanium, AviatorCalc, Betavine, BlackBerry App World, Bolt Browser, Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless, Brightkite, Canditv, City ID, Client–server model, Corona (software development kit), Doddle, DragonRAD, EQO, EveryWAN Mobility Manager, Exit Games, FOTA (technology), GetJar, Good Technology, Handheld video game, Hands-On Mobile, Illumination Software Creator, Imoblife, InnoPath Software, Internet Explorer Mobile, ISilo, ISiloX, Java Platform, Micro Edition, JavaFX, JOCA, July Systems, Kavapoint, KD Player, Kinoma, Lightweight User Interface Toolkit, List of digital distribution platforms for mobile devices, List of Google products, Loopt, Lovegetty, Lovegety, Mformation, MIDlet, MiKandi, MOAP, Mobi4Biz, Mobiflock, Mobile browser, Mobile business intelligence, Mobile dialer, Mobile e-mail, Mobile game, Mobile media, Mobile software platform, Mobile Sorcery, Mobile Virtualization, Mobile wallpaper, Mobile Web Server (Symbian OS), MobileIron, Mobinex, Mobiola, Mobiquant, Motoblur, Mpowerplayer, MXit, MyMobileWeb, N-Gage (service), Nellymoser, Nokia network monitor, Nokia Ovi Suite, Nokia Point & Find, Nokia Sports Tracker, Obigo Browser, Odyssey Software (Mobile Device Management), On-Device Portal, Oruxmaps, Ovi (Nokia), Ovi Maps, Palm App Catalog, Phunware, PicDial, Pokémate, Polaris Browser, Polaris Document Master, Python for S60, Qeep, QuickOffice, Radio Service Software, REVIVAL Mobile Management Suite, S60 (software platform), Secure Mobile Architecture (SMA), Sense Networks, Series 30 (software platform), Series 40, Series 80 (software platform), SHAPE Services, Skyfire (web browser), SmartCam, Smartface, Software Components OTA, Sonic Boom, Inc., Sony Ericsson Java Platform, Sybase unwired platform, SyncShield, System Center Mobile Device Manager, Tomytronic 3D, ToneThis, TouchPal, Tristit Browser, UAProf, UDigits, Universal Mobile Interface, UZard Web, Virtual Radio, Web Browser for S60, WebKit, WiDEN, WikiPock, Windows Marketplace for Mobile, Windows Phone Marketplace, WIPI, WMLScript, Worklight (company), Yahoo! Go, Zlango, Zozoc, Enterprise architecture, AGATE (architecture framework), Applications architecture...and much more

This book explains in-depth the real drivers and workings of Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP). It reduces the risk of your technology, time and resources investment decisions by enabling you to compare your understanding of Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) with the objectivity of experienced professionals.

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MEAP - a Mobile Enterprise Application Platform is a development framework that provides tools and client/server middleware for

mobile (targeting any mobile application on any device, ranging from a smartphone to a PC) and multichannel (highly device/OS- and network-adaptive) thick (offline) enterprise AD. Platform applications are best for companies that wish to deploy multiple applications on a single infrastructure, scaled to the size of their current mobile field force and available in an online and offline mode. These applications are often able to transfer seamlessly across the Mobile operating system, as a platform to launch applications upon. Mobile platforms provide higher level languages and easy development templates to simplify and speed the mobile application development timeframe, requiring less programming knowledge for mobile business application deployment. This book is your ultimate resource for Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP). Here you will find the most up-to-date information, analysis, background and everything you need to know. In easy to read chapters, with extensive references and links to get you to know all there is to know about Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) right away, covering: Mobile enterprise application platform, Field service management, Mobile application development, Mobile device management, Adaptxt, Adobe Flash Cast, Afaria, Allsport GPS, Android Market, Appcelerator Titanium, AviatorCalc, Betavine, BlackBerry App World, Bolt Browser, Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless, Brightkite, Canditv, City ID, Client–server model, Corona (software development kit), Doddle, DragonRAD, EQO, EveryWAN Mobility Manager, Exit Games, FOTA (technology), GetJar, Good Technology, Handheld video game, Hands-On Mobile, Illumination Software Creator, Imoblife, InnoPath Software, Internet Explorer Mobile, ISilo, ISiloX, Java Platform, Micro Edition, JavaFX, JOCA, July Systems, Kavapoint, KD Player, Kinoma, Lightweight User Interface Toolkit, List of digital distribution platforms for mobile devices, List of Google products, Loopt, Lovegetty, Lovegety, Mformation, MIDlet, MiKandi, MOAP, Mobi4Biz, Mobiflock, Mobile browser, Mobile business intelligence, Mobile dialer, Mobile e-mail, Mobile game, Mobile media, Mobile software platform, Mobile Sorcery, Mobile Virtualization, Mobile wallpaper, Mobile Web Server (Symbian OS), MobileIron, Mobinex, Mobiola, Mobiquant, Motoblur, Mpowerplayer, MXit, MyMobileWeb, N-Gage (service), Nellymoser, Nokia network monitor, Nokia Ovi Suite, Nokia Point & Find, Nokia Sports Tracker, Obigo Browser, Odyssey Software (Mobile Device Management), On-Device Portal, Oruxmaps, Ovi (Nokia), Ovi Maps, Palm App Catalog, Phunware, PicDial, Pokémate, Polaris Browser, Polaris Document Master, Python for S60, Qeep, QuickOffice, Radio Service Software, REVIVAL Mobile Management Suite, S60 (software platform), Secure Mobile Architecture (SMA), Sense Networks, Series 30 (software platform), Series 40, Series 80 (software platform), SHAPE Services, Skyfire (web browser), SmartCam, Smartface, Software Components OTA, Sonic Boom, Inc., Sony Ericsson Java Platform, Sybase unwired platform, SyncShield, System Center Mobile Device Manager, Tomytronic 3D, ToneThis, TouchPal, Tristit Browser, UAProf, UDigits, Universal Mobile Interface, UZard Web, Virtual Radio, Web Browser for S60, WebKit, WiDEN, WikiPock, Windows Marketplace for Mobile, Windows Phone Marketplace, WIPI, WMLScript, Worklight (company), Yahoo! Go, Zlango, Zozoc, Enterprise architecture, AGATE (architecture framework), Applications architecture...and much more This book explains in-depth the real drivers and workings of Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP). It reduces the risk of your technology, time and resources investment decisions by enabling you to compare your understanding of Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) with the objectivity of experienced professionals.

Mobile Enterprise Application Platform
Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP)

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High-impact Technology - What You Need to Know: Definitions, Adoptions, Impact, Benefits, Maturity, Vendors

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since it involves intelligent scheduling and dispatching of multiple technicians to different locations daily. reduces human error. and the technician performs the work. the job notes.a Mobile Enterprise Application Platform [1] is a development framework that provides tools and client/server middleware for mobile (targeting any mobile application on any device. Platform applications are best for companies that wish to deploy multiple applications on a single infrastructure."[2] . and attempts to avoid technician overtime all while [1] maintaining an acceptable level of customer service. This information is then sent to the relevant field technician's handheld PC. php?option=com_content& view=article& id=15& Itemid=29). The four critical areas of a FSM solution are: 1. 4. A customer management capability that includes account. technical support and customer portal End-to-end parts management Dispatching and workforce optimization Integrated mobile enterprise applications Field service software combines many of these functions into one unified solution. and parts information from the order are automatically updated in the systems dispatch and accounting applications. prioritizes work by service level agreement (SLA). appearnetworks. SAP. Retrieved 2011-05-26. Retrieved 2011-04-19. Field service management creates a mobile system that connects the field worker with the backend. enhances customer service. QuickBooks. and parts inventory. ranging from a smartphone to a PC) and multichannel (highly device/OS.and network-adaptive) thick (offline) enterprise AD. Mainpac. the customer contacts the call center. . 2. A call center representative enters a work order. Field service management Field service management (FSM). The dispatchers thus have real-time. inventory turnover etc. Retriever Communications. MYOB. FSM most commonly refers to companies who need to manage installs. service or repairs of systems or equipment. consider the availability of parts. scaled to the size of their current mobile field force and available in an online and offline mode. Once the work order is processed. Mobile platforms provide higher level languages and easy development templates to simplify and speed the mobile application development timeframe. while minimizing cost and maintaining good customer service. this type of software improves field worker productivity. In turn. as a platform to launch applications upon. References [1] "Mobile Middleware" (http:/ / www. also known as field force automation (FFA). 2011-05-26. 2010-02-22. In the case of a problem.[2] These applications are often able to transfer seamlessly across the Mobile operating system. assists with regulatory compliance. requiring less programming knowledge for mobile business application deployment. automates paper processes. matches technicians skills and certifications to the work. Proper scheduling maximizes work time. the technician can use the handheld device to communicate with the dispatch center directly. [2] "Technology" (http:/ / retrievercommunications. MFGPro etc. minimizes travel time. In this field power scheduling is often most important because it determines how effective field service management will become. billing. Oracle. accurate status information about any technician or work order. com/ index. "In the typical mobile field service scenario. access requirements. Many Field Service Management solutions integrate with other software such as accounting programs like IFS Applications. The software may also utilize databases containing details on customer premise equipment. . is an attempt to optimize processes and information needed by companies who send technicians or staff "into the field" (or out of the office. selling.Mobile enterprise application platform 1 Mobile enterprise application platform MEAP . com). 3.) Optimization is difficult. Appear Networks.

gartner. not including service revenue. Oracle and SAP) do not disclose software sales in the area of FSM. nsf/ CS/ JKIN-7WNLGE?OpenDocument& Site=software& cty=en_us [2] Robinson .A Available on-line in: http:/ / www-01.S.Marcia The Race to Mobility . [3] References [1] IBM. ibm. Software sales in the FSM market can only be approximated. Published on 09-Oct-2009.Field service management 2 Market Gartner estimates that market penetration for field service applications has reached 20% of the addressable market. NY 10589 U. IBM. at slightly less than $300 million in 2009 (expected to rise to $325 million by 2011). com Field Service Management Software is often referred to as: • • • • • • • • • • • • • Service Management System (SMS) CMMS Computerized Maintenance Management System Work Order Software Service Order Software Scheduling or Dispatch Software Expanded CRM Mini ERP Workforce management Field Force Automation Service Lifecycle Management Service Chain Management Mobile Field Service Field Service Automation . Retriever Communications help BP Australia speed data collection for faster analysis and decision-making. com/ software/ success/ cssdb. Infor. Published 10-Jun-2010 http:/ / www. Privately held vendors and some large vendors (for example. p 224` ISBN 0-07-138078-7 [3] Magic Quadrant for Field Service Management. Gartner research puts the revenue for packaged field service dispatch and workforce management software applications. © International Business Machines 2009 IBM Corporation Route 100 Somers.

iOS (iPhone). Windows Mobile can also be compiled to x86 executables for debugging on a PC without a processor emulator. C++ Yes Yes Visual Studio. The following table summarises the elements in each of the development environments. standalone debugging monitor available Emulator is available in corresponding IDE The native distribution format of each platform Commercial licenses available Android Java but portions of code can be in C. All native: XCode Android. Eclipse or XCode Debugger integrated in Eclipse. iOS (iPhone). Android. free for Indies to target iPhone alcheMo Java Debugger integrated in Visual Studio. Windows Mobile. OSX Visual Studio. or downloaded by customers from various mobile software distribution platforms.NET Framework. March 2009 apk Free . Palm webOS and iOS offer free SDKs and integrated development environments to developers.Mobile application development 3 Mobile application development Mobile application development is the process by which application software is developed for small low-power handheld devices such as personal digital assistants.x and desktop. Symbian. C++ Yes Eclipse. XCode Windows Mobile The native distribution format of each platform Commercial licenses available. and also supports the Portable Executable (PE) format associated with the . Palm webOS. Programming language Debuggers available Emulator available Integrated development environment available Cross-platform deployment Installer packaging options Development tool cost Airplay SDK [1] C. Platform development environment Each of the platforms for mobile applications also has an integrated development environment which provides tools to allow a developer to write. test and deploy applications into the target platform environment. Symbian OS. because of Dalvik VM. Samsung bada. Maemo. Palm/webOS. BREW. These applications are either pre-installed on phones during manufacture. Eclipse. and Windows Mobile support typical application binaries as found on personal computers with code which executes in the native machine format of the processor (the ARM architecture is a dominant design used on many current models). Machine language executables offer considerable performance advantages over Java. Undroid (plugin for NetBeans) Android only. Execution environments iOS. BREW. Windows Mobile 6. enterprise digital assistants or mobile phones.

iPhone. Visual Studio 2003 . Visual Studio 2005 Compile for the specific BREW version available on the handset OTA Related dev fees typically needed for Brew App Certification VeriSign annual fee for becoming a certified developer. Palm/webOS. Windows Mobile OTA deployment FeedHenry Yes Yes Apple iPhone & The native iPad.Mobile application development Appcelerator JavaScript Yes. has a simulator for the x86 testing code Visual Studio 6. translates to web or mobile as needed alx. commercial licenses available 4 Celsius [2] Java Yes Yes Eclipse. cod BlackBerry Java Debugger integrated in IDE None beyond a schema check Eclipse Yes N/A. Windows Mobile. Professional and Enterprise Plans available DragonRAD Visual drag & drop tiles HTML. The native BREW. translates to web or mobile as needed N/A. JavaScript Yes Uses 3rd party emulators Proprietary IDE Studio includes full IDE and Eclipse Plug-in Android. Android. BlackBerry planned The native distribution format of each platform Apache 2. currently in beta. Windows Mobile The native Commercial licenses distribution format available of each platform of a Java binary Commercial licenses available Bedrock Java Eclipse Yes Yes Java ME. Windows Phone 7 BlackBerry only. distribution format BlackBerry. distribution format Windows Phone 7. TRUE BREW testing fee for distributing the application. Nokia WRT. of each platform Blackberry. but with limited function and support). PSP. because of RIM API N/A.Can use Visual Studio to debug the x86 testing code No Emulator for the target ARM code. of each platform iOS (iPhone). DS. Samsung bada. the APIs are provided in C with a C++ style interface Combined config upload at Yahoo with self-hosted dynamic XML Any XML editor BREW Debugger support for the native ARM target code. Android. in Titanium Studio. any XML editor Free Blueprint XML routed through Yahoo Mobile servers and displayed in native browsers C. iPhone. BlackBerry. Realview ARM compiler for BREW (the free GNU C/C++ is available.NET. . Symbian.0 license.0. Android. NetBeans Java ME. Free & commercial licenses available Free. CSS. BlackBerry. Emulator is available using 3rd party tools Internal SDK Android. Symbian.

0). SymbianOS port in development Free Lazarus Object Pascal Yes. Tools are free for an Intel-based Mac. PRC files under Palm OS JMango JMango N/A JMango Flash Java ME. distribution format iPhone. of each platform Linux-based devices. comes with data management add-ins Internal SDK (Mono based) N/A Free for development only Moscrif [5] JavaScript N/A Bundled with Moscrif SDK All native: The native Android. iPod Touch Only via App Store. needs review and approval by Apple Inc. Simulator testing is free. iPhone MobiFlex N/A N/A. iPad. specific bugs mpowerplayer necessitating separate builds N/A Jad/Jar packaging. Samsung of each platform bada. WML (WAP 1. including integrated GUI designer and debugger Compiled The native language available distribution format for Windows CE. free but deployment or limited with MTASC OTA/IR/Bluetooth SWF files N/A Free Microbrowser XHTML based (WAP 2. BlackBerry. LMA Yes although Free emulator. The native IDE Bada. Xcode IDE integrated with Xcode IDE Xcode iPhone. Windows of each platform Mobile 6. Windows Phone 7 available soon Lazarus IDE. Windows Mobile Free & commercial licenses available . can debug in IDE via ActiveSync for Windows CE Uses the emulators of the platforms Free Macromedia Flash Lite ActionScript Yes Bundled with IDE Macromedia Flash MX2004/8. Eclipse Many Yes SIS / CAB Varies. runs on phone in seconds Web Portal [4] . iOS distribution format (iPhone). Android. Symbian.Mobile application development iOS SDK Objective-C Debugger Bundled with integrated in iPhone SDK.2) [4] Visual drag & drop tiles Many Yes Basic page rendering with per page customizations for different browsers Android. but installing on a device needs a fee for a developer signing key Free 5 Java ME Java Yes Eclipse. NetBeans many VM Sun Java Mobility Pack implementations Wireless Toolkit [3] have device .

commercial licenses available 6 Yes Yes . HB++ Most tools free. CodeWarrior. JAD. Windows CE. including PalmOS Windows Mobile (Pocket PC). OTA (iPhone). Pascal Yes OS 1. Windows CE. ActiveSync Free. 2005. or various commercial rapid-development frameworks PhoneGap HTML. Windows Mobile (Pocket PC). Android. 3rd party tools Add-on to Nokia Emulator PRC files. iPhone. BlackBerry.Mobile application development MoSync C. C++. 2003. Symbian. Smartphone The native distribution format of each platform Sis deployment with py2sis or can use Python Runtime MIT license Python Free Yes C# Resco MobileForms [6] Toolkit Visual Studio Yes Yes The native distribution format of each platform Free & commercial licenses available . Symbian. 3rd party tools Several. Blackberry (experimental) Windows Mobile. CSS. PocketStudio.0. PalmSource Installer (. VB. CAB files. Lua Eclipse. CAB. iOS (iPad.5. Windows Mobile Palm OS handhelds. GPL 2. Palm Interpreted language available natively only on Nokia Series60 (and desktops) though ports exist to other mobile platforms. iOS. Moblin. or commercial (CodeWarrior). including plugins for Eclipse iPhone. iPod Touch). or Windows Mobile with StyleTap emulator OTA deployment. C++. APK.4. OS 5. deployment Smartphone 2003.NET. Basic4ppc IDE OpenPlug ELIPS plugin for Adobe Flash Builder Palm OS Development System (Eclipse).0 .1: Free Emulator provided by PalmSource (Access). Symbian-based devices via third party tools Android. JavaScript Python Yes No. XML Yes Yes The native distribution format of each platform Palm OS C.4 Device-specific Simulators provided by Palm (palmOne) No. SIS. Basic4ppc Yes Free emulator. Visual Studio 2005 and later.NET Compact Framework C#. Symbian. MoBuild w/ text editors Android.0: . but commercial editions of Visual Studio needed for visual designers Free & commercial licenses available OpenPlug ActionScript. Android. source code available. Java ME.psi) Free (POSE or GCC for Palm OS). also bundled with IDE Visual Studio 2008. iOS JAR.

ActiveSync Windows Mobile. XML JavaScript. Palm only OTA deployment. Visual Studio. Precentral. CAB files. Palm OS. Mobile Windows 6.0) on iPhone and iPad. BlackBerry 4. Yes xCode or Eclipse. not needed Yes Smartface Designer The native distribution format of each platform Community licenses available Symbian Yes Free Emulator Many choices Eclipse Compile per target SIS deployment Android. Windows Mobile.0.CAB. . intelliJ IDEA and Amethyst IDE Eclipse The native distribution format of each platform Free development licenses. also bundled with IDE WinDev Mobile. supports iOS (incl. Objective-C. C and C++ through the PDK WLanguage Yes Uses emulator for corresponding mobile SDKs Works with Eclipse. Mobile apk. Android DSK Visual Studio 2010. BlackBerry Playbook. iOS through App store. jad.0 Standard. deb) Commercial and free tools available SDK is open source and free for desktop development.7. Free and Commercial deployment licenses webOS Free emulator Yes webOS. iPad). Commercial support available. HTML.ipk Android. BlackBerry. JavaScript.NET. C++ Yes Yes Free emulator (source code available). N/A. Windows Mobile 6.6. . webOS through App store. Windows Phone7 The native distribution format of each platform (cab.VB. Windows FU. PHP. 4.2 and 4. or in device emulators for supported platforms. 3. Windows OTA deployment.SIS. CSS. VM for target devices must be licensed TotalCross [7] Java Yes Yes WebORB Integration Server C#. RhoSync is under GPL or commercial. 6. Windows Phone 7. . Symbian planned Android. BlackBerry. or Visual Studio (Standard edition or better) Windows Mobile . .APK. 5.5 supported but database access is very slow on these devices). pdb/prc. iOS (iPhone. apk. eMbedded VC++ (free) Commercial licenses available Free command-line tools or eMbedded VC++. iOS (iPhone/iPad). Windows CE OTA deployment.0 (BlackBerry 4. 2008. CAB files. Java. ActiveSync Free WinDev Mobile Yes C.Mobile application development Rhomobile Ruby with HTML interface features compiled through an interpreter into native applications. . applications can run in Win32 runner.6 and higher Yes: Android. Symbian S60 OTA deployment. ActionScript. Web URL. Symbian and Android 1. on-demand RhoHub version includes full IDE Yes.1 Professional. Subscription for RhoHub 7 Smartface Platform Drag-and-drop tools and action editing C++ No.COD Rhodes is free and open source under the MIT License. J2ME. 2005.

com/ http:/ / www. airplaysdk. 2011 (http:/ / ipwatchdog. Data transfer and Operator interface. Inc webOS device users can download applications directly from the device or send a link to the application via a unique web distribution method. Patents There are numerous patent applications pending for new mobile phone apps. and native languages Bundled with the IDE Yes Eclipse-based plug-in Yes. Recently. commercial licenses available 8 Application stores Several initiatives exist both from mobile vendor and mobile operators around the world. CSS.Mobile application development WorkLight Mobile Platform Mix of standard web dev skills such as HTML. Most of these are in the technological fields of Business methods. com/ home. mobile operators such as Telefonica Group and Telecom Italia have launched cross-platform application stores for their subscribers. JavaScript. Inc have also created the Palm App Catalog where HP / Palm. com. worklight. com/ products/ sjwtoolkit/ http:/ / mobiflex. iOS The native distribution format of each platform Downloadable free evaluation version [8] . com Nowotarski et al. supports Android. superwaba. com/ http:/ / resco. mobile-distillery. [9] References [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] http:/ / www. Database management. br/ en/ tc_overview. April 6. asp http:/ / dev. me http:/ / moscrif. Most famous is Apple's App Store. sun. Application developers can propose and publish their applications on the stores. where only approved applications may be distributed and run on iOS devices (otherwise known as a walled garden). “Increasing Allowance Rates by Selectively Targeting Patent Class” IPwatchdog. BlackBerry. HP / Palm. net/ developer/ mobileformstoolkit http:/ / www. com/ 2011/ 04/ 06/ increasing-allowance-rates-by-selectively-targeting-patent-class/ id=16283/ ) . htm http:/ / java. being rewarded by a revenue sharing of the selling price.

similar to when a user requests a Windows Update. which runs on the handset and receives and implements the management commands. mobile printers. monitors. ruggedized mobile computers. scalability was a problem. in others client and server will come from different sources. data and configuration settings for all types of mobile devices. manages and supports mobile devices deployed across mobile operators. The management of mobile devices has evolved over time. mobile POS devices. and a client command. Numerous vendors help mobile device manufacturers.Firmware over the air updates Diagnostics Remote Configuration and Provisioning Security Backup/Restore Network Usage and Support Server Deployment Mobile Asset Tracking and Management Remote Lock and Wipe Device Provisioning Software Installation Troubleshooting and Diagnostic Tools Policy Application Logging and Reporting Remote Control and Administration GPS Tracking and 'Breadcrumb' Mapping . The intent of MDM is to optimize the functionality and security of a mobile communications network while minimizing cost and downtime. a single vendor may provide both the client and the server. smartphones. MDM functionality typically includes over-the-air distribution of applications. mobile monitoring is growing in importance. tablet computers. At first it was necessary to either connect to the handset or install a SIM in order to make changes and updates. an enterprise IT data center or a handset OEM can use an administrative console to update or configure any one handset. This obviously provides scalability benefits particularly useful when the fleet of managed devices is large in size. This applies to both company-owned and employee-owned devices across the enterprise or mobile devices owned by consumers. group or groups of handsets. including mobile phones. Central remote management. Implementation Typically solutions include a server component. service providers and enterprises. test and monitor the delivery of their mobile content. etc. applications and services. Central functionality includes:[4] [5] • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • FOTA . This testing of content is done real time by simulating the action of thousands of customers and detecting and correcting bugs in the applications.Mobile device management 9 Mobile device management Mobile Device Management (MDM) software secures. which sends out the management commands to the mobile devices. using commands sent over the air. is the next step. An administrator at the mobile operator. content portals and developers. One of the next steps was to allow a client initiated update.[1] [2] [3] With mobile devices becoming ubiquitous and applications flooding the market. In some cases.

[10] Sybase (Afaria product) Sybase Unwired Platform [11] FAMOC [12] Good Technology RIM (BlackBerry) SyncShield by Capricode [13] Nokia (Intellisync product) Nokia Siemens Networks . what imposes on SMS gateway providers to offer a high level of quality and reliability. and remote troubleshooting. The specification meets the common definitions of an open standard. which protects the data stored on the device when it is lost or stolen. meaning the specification is freely available and implementable.(NSN Device Management Solution [14]) The Institution .. Over the air Over-the-Air (OTA) capabilities are considered a main component of mobile network operator and enterprise-grade Mobile Device Management software. These capabilities include the ability to remotely configure a single mobile device. remotely lock and wipe a device. over-the-air capabilities are in high demand.Mobile device management 10 Device Management specifications The Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) specified a platform-independent device management protocol called OMA Device Management. Binary SMS is a message including binary data.0 product) Ibelem PushManager [17] MFormation Technologies [18] MaaS360 by Fiberlink [19] Xigo [20] Works Systems [21] . subsequently.(Athena product [16]) Symantec Mobile Security Suite Tangoe Mobile Device Manager Zenprise (MobileManager 6. Enterprises using OTA SMS as part of their MDM infrastructure demand high quality in the sending of OTA messages.[6] Mobile Device Management software enables corporate IT departments to proactively and systematically manage the growing universe of mobile devices used across the enterprise. such as PDAs and mobile phones. Vendors offering MDM solutions • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • AirWatch Keynote systems Amtelnet [7] (MDM) [8] MFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES Alepo's OMA-DM Server Product [9] BoxTone Inc. It is supported by several mobile devices. an entire fleet of mobile devices or any IT-defined set of mobile devices.(REVIVAL Mobile Management Suite product) Juniper Networks (Junos Pulse Mobile Security Suite product) McAfee Enterprise Mobility Management [15] Mobile Active Defense MECS MobileIron Odyssey Software . OTA commands are sent as a binary SMS message. send software and OS updates.

capricode. sms-wiki. com/ getdoc. alepo. innopath. odysseysoftware.00.2 (http://www. fancyfon.com/ solutions_mobile_device_management. mformation. aspx [17] [18] [19] [20] [21] [22] [23] http:/ / www. maas360.com/notifymdm/mdm_home/index.devicewire. com/ portfolio/ solutions/ device-management-solution [15] http:/ / www. com/ fiberlink/ en-US/ http:/ / xigo. com External links • Open Mobile Alliance Device Management Specifications 1. pdf) [6] http:/ / www. com [9] http:/ / www.html) • Symphony SMS Mobile Device Management Services (http://www. com [16] http:/ / www.com/mobile-wireless/163465/ how-mobile-device-management-works) .aspx) • Article on the Case for Device Management (http://blog. nokiasiemensnetworks. workssys. techtarget. com/ products/ mobileenterprise/ sybaseunwiredplatform [12] http:/ / www. com http:/ / www. com http:/ / www.itworld.a definition from Whatis. org/ mobile-device-management-overview) [3] A comprehensive article on mobile device management (http:/ / www. html [7] http:/ / www. jsp?containerId=207276) [5] Windows Mobile Device Management and Security Solutions (http:/ / download. com http:/ / www. amtelnet.symphonysms.aspx) • NotifyMDM (http://www.Document at a Glance (http:/ / www. org/ p_65-binary-sms. html http:/ / www. com/ en/ p/ softwares-584/ pushmanager-suite-4277. ibelem. com/ download/ d/ 7/ 8/ d786eeac-3014-4172-8ce7-6b9888a9d5e0/ Windows_Mobile_Device_Management_and_Security_Solutions.org/Technical/ release_program/ETS. org/ content/ view/ 20754/ 152/ ) [4] IDC . com [8] http:/ / www. mformation. com/ omadmserver.openmobilealliance. mobidm.com/blogs/devicewire/archive/2007/08/ 08/the-device-management-business-case.290660. sybase.sid40_gci1196634. shtml [10] http:/ / www. com/ sDefinition/ 0. devicemanagement.asp) • How mobile device management works (http://www.com (http:/ / searchmobilecomputing. html) [2] Mobile device management overview (http:/ / www.notifycorp. mobiledevicemanagement. com/ MDMPRODUCTS/ AthenaforMobileDeviceManagement/ AthenaConfigurationManager. idc. com/ http:/ / www. microsoft.Mobile device management • MobiDM (click here[22]) • Innopath iMDM (Innopath [23]) 11 References [1] What is mobile device management? . com [11] http:/ / www. MobileActiveDefense. boxtone. com [14] http:/ / www. com [13] http:/ / www.

Galician. business and finance.[2] A version for Symbian S60 smartphones was released in 2008. Swedish. The application is designed to improve text entry on mobile devices by making it faster and error-free. law. Estonian. Indonesian. All these features can now be found in the Symbian version of the product and most of them can also be found in the Windows Mobile version. KeyPoint also claims that Adaptxt users can type in any of the installed languages without changing their keyboard language or dictionary. developed by KeyPoint Technologies. English UK. Danish. This feature provides alternative suggestions for incorrect spellings. 20-key or QWERTY layouts. Turkish. thanks to an engine capable of recognizing the language in use. such as medicine. The following 38 languages and respective keyboard layouts are currently supported by Adaptxt: English US. The new words learnt are added to the personal dictionary and offered as suggestions during text entry. Hungarian. Serbian. History and Product Features Launched at a press conference in 2006. German. Greek. Brazilian Portuguese. Polish. multilingual text entry and a feature that learns new words and context while typing. Czech. European French. conversion from SMS language to standard English and vice versa. Russian. Croatian. including calendar entries. phonebook contacts. IT and telecommunications.[5] Adaptxt supports both touch-screen and hard-keyboard devices with 12-key. a UK-based software company. It is said to achieve this by predicting the next word as well as the word currently being typed. Automated correction of spelling mistakes were also made available. Romanian. European Portuguese. personal dictionary. Adaptxt was probably the first text entry application for mobile phones to provide features such as: context-based next-word suggestions. word completion. dynamic language detection. Catalan. . This feature is supposed to be an added value for users who are bi-lingual or occasionally type in a foreign language. KeyPoint also launched a new version of Adaptxt with error correction. Filipino. Ukrainian. Slovenian. where they can be edited. SMS and email inbox and sent items. Latin-American Spanish. Malay and Vietnamese. with an option to revert to the exact word entered by the user in case of unwanted corrections. Adaptxt offers both Multi-tap and Predictive entry modes.[4] Later that year.[3] In April 2009.[1] The application stores the new words in the user’s personal dictionary. Icelandic. Norwegian. Adaptxt initially supported Windows Mobile smartphones only. Latvian. An Android-compatible version of the application is due to be released in 2011. Lithuanian. Finnish. Basque. Canadian French.Adaptxt 12 Adaptxt Adaptxt is a predictive text application for mobile phones. continuously adapting to the user's personal writing style and vocabulary.[5] Users can download additional language and professional dictionaries from the product website directly to their devices. European Spanish. with improved support for third-party applications. The “Scan Facebook” feature learns words from the user’s Facebook profile. Bulgarian. Slovak. KeyPoint introduced a feature to scan personal data. On 12-key phones.[5] KeyPoint was also the first software company to introduce professional add-on dictionaries that provide industry-specific word and phrase suggestions related to a particular profession. Italian.

html http:/ / www. References [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] http:/ / news. co. gomonews. com/ 2008/ 04/ 01/ keypoint-releases-new-adaptxt-beta-for-s60/ http:/ / predictivetext. com/ kpt-identifies-351m-untapped-market-for-language-dictionaries-on-mobile-phones/ http:/ / www. blogspot. stm http:/ / www. adaptxt.[1] Keypoint also claims that Adaptxt has a wider language coverage than most competitors and assists business users by providing domain-specific vertical dictionaries.adaptxt. bgr. Adaptxt learning feature is said to improve accuracy of predicted words.Adaptxt 13 Comparison with other applications KeyPoint Technologies claims that Adaptxt has higher accuracy than traditional predictive text thanks to its context awareness and that can cut down keystrokes by up to 60% when compared to traditional text entry (multitap). uk/ 1/ hi/ scotland/ glasgow_and_west/ 6121806. bbc.com/) . com/ 2009/ 06/ adaptxt-for-nokia-s60-smartphone-beta. com/ External links • Adaptxt official website (http://www.

reliable. data-on-device encryption. Symbian.Adobe Flash Cast 14 Adobe Flash Cast Developer(s) Adobe Systems Website /mobile/solutions/flashcast/ [1] Adobe Flash Cast is an Adobe Systems product that delivers multimedia to mobile devices using the Adobe mobile application and provides authoring and web tools. data fading and lockdown. BlackBerry. adobe. Features • Device management features include over-the-air device provisioning. Palm. secure and encrypted. process automation and scripting. power-on password protection. which is a subsidiary of Sybase. anti-virus and firewall. inventory and configuration. It is intended to ensure that mobile data and devices are up-to-date. Windows Mobile. It was originally known as Macromedia FlashCast References [1] http:/ / www. software deployment and updating. iPhone. Android and Win 32. com/ mobile/ solutions/ flashcast/ Afaria Afaria is a mobile device management and security product from the company Sybase iAnywhere. This is the management component used with Sybase Unwired Platform. • Mobile security features include data backup. iPad. data backup and recovery. remote “kill” and data wipe • Supports many mobile devices including iOS 4. mobile remote control. Windows CE. • Afaria can help companies manage both personally-owned and corproate-owned devices and separate personal from enterprise data • It is also used to transfer and keep complex data and files up to date on mobile devices . • Support for Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) based provisioning Benefits • Management & security from a single console reduces overhead and complexity associated with using separate tools • Optimized for mobile computing in a remote wireless environment • Provides the capability of data movement and process automation to remote devices • Offers breadth of functionality on a wide range of devices Uses • Afaria is used in organizations of every size to maintain the reliability and security of mobile data and devices.

policy-based provisioning and lock-down.[3] The software continues to be updated periodically. over-the-air client deployment. Backup Manager. The user then straps the phone onto themselves or onto their bike. Smartphone support.Version 6. It is part of a trio of cell phone applications called Trimble Outdoors. Takes advantage of Apple's new Mobile Device Management (MDM) functionality allowing much deeper control of iPhone • 2010 (October) .Afaria 15 History • 1997 . The workout information uploads to the Allsport GPS website wirelessly. In 2007 Allsport GPS was released on Blackberry phones. The application is run on a GPS-enabled cell phone. or holds the phone for the duration of their workout. The Allsport GPS application was bought by Trimble in April 2006. time and distance.Afaria for handhelds released Palm and Windows CE support • 2000 – 2003 .XcelleNet acquired by Sybase. • 2009 (Nov) . rolled in to iAnywhere Solutions subsidiary • 2003 – 2005 .Initially created by XcelleNet • 2000 (May) . Symbian device encryption. It is owned by Trimble Navigation which was founded in 1978. In 2006 Allsport GPS introduced the ability to view workouts in the Trimble Outdoors Google Earth layer. mountain biking. .5 – New features included multi-tenant infrastructure. additional application control functionality. • 2010 (June) .Afaria Version 4 – New features included integration with SMS 2.New features included enhanced Afaria for iOS 4 support and Afaria for Android 2. • 2004 (May) . and walking.Afaria Version 5 – New features included Security Manager for Palm and PocketPC. • 2008 (Dec) – Afaria Version 6 – New features included Windows Mobile port control.0. Configuration Manager.2 support. Afaria SMS Integration Suite. This application is used for fitness training regimes and goal tracking.[1] It also allows the users to view their route overlaid on a map. Both platforms provide a client App portal to install enterrpise and App Store or Google Market apps over the air.Version 6. During the workout Allsport GPS supplies real time statistics such as calories burned. Patch Manager. road biking.Afaria for iOS 4 beta – Enables management and security for Apple iOS 4 devices in the enterprise. Allsport GPS started out as only available on limited phone models and carriers. including running. Symbian OS9 support. Byte-level differencing.[2] History Allsport GPS is a part of the Trimble Outdoors product family. It uses GPS to provide performance statistics and is run on a GPS-enabled cell phone.Afaria for iPhone – First version of Afaria that enables management and security for iPhone devices in the enterprise. outbound notification. device identification and search enhancements.[5] Functions The purpose of Allsport GPS is to support people who have an active lifestyle with their fitness and performance tracking. expanded Symbian support. jogging.6 . Allsport GPS Allsport GPS is a fitness tracking phone application combined with a website. DBCS support. and an expanded Windows Mobile Data Security Manager feature set. The GPS gives Allsport GPS a precise way of measuring statistics such as pace. The application is downloaded onto a GPS cell phone. It can be used for any type of workout. • 2009 (Nov) . Windows Mobile 6 support. support for Sybase SQL Anywhere database. speed. but this list has steadily been expanding since then. OMA CP.[4] Allsport GPS was released on AT&T phones in 2008. BlackBerry support.

Allsport GPS also has a map function. aspx?id=082806a http:/ / pdasoftwareaccessories. 16 Criticisms One criticism of this type of product is that carrying a mobile phone can be somewhat unwieldy for workout purposes. laptopmag. aspx http:/ / www. This enables the user to compare their times and distances multiple times over the same track.Allsport GPS time. as well as a trip calendar showing all workouts over time. The interface on the phone can seem a bit rough as well. cell-iphone-voip. The New York Times. com/ keyhole. com/ gen/ press-room?pid=4800& cdvn=news& newsarticleid=26284 [6] http:/ / www. com/ on-the-run-with-trimble-outdoors-allsport-gps/ [7] http:/ / www. the data is automatically uploaded wirelessly to the website. Retrieved 2010-04-23. The workout can be viewed on a map both on the phone and on the website.html • http://www. depending on what phone model is used. This can be solved by purchasing a carrier that can attach to a bike. but Allsport GPS says these are in the process of being fixed. directionsmag. trimble. Additionally. att. com/ slideshow/ 2007/ 12/ 04/ technology/ techspecial2/ 1205-ACCESS_5. aspx [9] "Gifts Ideas That Find Themselves" (http:/ / www. [10] http:/ / geocarta.trimbleoutdoors. com/ od/ mobilephonegps/ fr/ trimbleoutdoors. These statistics are updated every ten seconds. com/ 2007/ 03/ gps-gadget-of-week-allsport-gps.com GPS [11] and Laptop Magazine gave Allsport GPS 4/5 stars in 2007. The totals of the data can then be viewed.com/public/article/SB119265199498662338. This can be tempered by “turning off the application’s need to ping the network”. about.[8] The application can also drain the battery quickly. depending on what phone model is used. rcrnews. The user can do a trip search on the website and view other user’s shared workouts as well as workouts from Bicycling Magazine. . the display data during the workout is quite small and can be hard to read. These routes can be downloaded from the website and used. com/ pda/ blackberry-gps/ blackberry-gps-you-have-a-choice-of-using-internal-or-external-gps-receivers/ [5] http:/ / www. blogspot. nytimes. it can be heavier than other fitness devices such as Garmin Forerunner.[10] Both Fred Zahradnik from About. 2007-12-04. php?article_id=2335& trv=1 [8] http:/ / www. com/ article. htm External links • http://online.wsj. com/ news/ release.[1] The phone application does experience some software bugs.[9] In 2007 it was named GPS Gadget of the Week by GeoCarta. or purchasing an armband. The route can also be made public and shared with others. and elevation and speed profiles. allsportgps. html [11] http:/ / gps. although some still do not fasten the phone very securely.[6] After the workout finishes.[7] Also with a clamshell phone design. com/ article/ 20070618/ SUB/ 70618011 http:/ / www. geek. html). speed and distance.com . com/ review/ software/ trimble-outdoors-allsportgps. Reviews Allsport GPS has been received well in a variety of print and internet publications such as Men’s Health Magazine and The New York Times Online.[8] References [1] [2] [3] [4] http:/ / www. The phone application also has a race-against-yourself feature.

.Android Market 17 Android Market Android Market Developer(s) Initial release Stable release Google October 22. Users can also search for and read detailed information about apps from the Android Market website. 2008 2. hosted on Android Market.6 [1] Development status Online Operating system Size Android [2] 200. An application program ("app") called "Market" is preinstalled on most Android devices and allows users to browse and download apps published by third-party developers.000+ estimated apps Software store market.000+ apps officially [3] 360.3.com/ [4] Type Website Android Market is an online software store developed by Google for Android devices.android.

Other competitors. double the amount of Apple Inc.000 Comparisons to Apple App Store A report from analytics company Distimo in July 2010 said that the Android Market features the highest percentage of free apps.000 new apps.300 [7] Downloads to date December 2009 20.[11] .Android Market 18 History Introduction Google announced the Android Market on 28 August 2008. during the Google I/O. whereas Germany-based research2guidance forecasted Android apps to surpass Apple apps in August 2011 at 425.[5] with additional support from 29 countries on 30 September 2010.[13] As of May 1. such as Nokia's Ovi Store and Blackberry's App World had 26%. with Windows Marketplace only having 22%.[7] On May 10. Distimo forecasted that the number of Android apps would surpass Apple apps before the end of July 2011.000 apps. according to T-Mobile chief technical officer Cole Brodman.738 apps and the Apple App Store had 381.300 applications available for download from the Android Market. 2011.'s App Store. with over 57% being free to download. and made it available to users on 22 October 2008.[6] Applications and downloads On 17 March 2009. there were about 2.[2] The current Android Market on an Android phone Date March 2009 Applications 2.000[8] August 2010 May 2011 80. in which only 28% of apps are free.000 [9] [10] 1 billion [11] 3 billion [12] 294. whereas Apple had 11. They introduced support for paid applications from 13 February 2009 for US and UK developers.000 app milestone. 2011 the Android Market had 294. Google announced that the Android market reached the 200.000 new apps.062. but in April 2011 Android had 28.

[16] Market application restrictions The Android Market application is not open source.Android Market 19 New features In December 2010. we remove applications from the Android Market catalog that violate the terms of service of a carrier or manufacturer. and "Editors Recommendations". Android applications may be obtained from any source including a developer's own website or from any of the 3rd party alternatives to Market which exist and can be installed on Android devices alongside Market. Google's Eric Chu said the goal of this change was to "surface" as many apps as possible. 2011 Google presented a new web client providing access to the market via PC. except those inside the T-Mobile USA network:[26] On Monday. for example tethering apps. market for T-mobile users. [18] Carriers can also ban certain applications. with the remaining 30% distributed among carriers and payment processors.[25] Google later restored the applications for Android Market users.[26] As of 20 May 2010.[23] There is no requirement that Android applications be acquired from Android Market. "Top Developers". and developers may restrict their applications to particular carriers or countries for business reasons.[15] In May 2011 Google added new app lists to the Market. Easy Tether and Proxoid were all available in the U. Only Android devices that comply with Google's compatibility requirements are allowed to preinstall Google's closed-source Android Market app and access the Market.[14] On February 2. We have notified the affected developers. .[20] Revenue earned from the Android Market is paid to developers via Google Checkout merchant accounts. and today we have corrected the problem so that all Android Market users outside the T-Mobile US network will now have access to the applications.[17] The Market filters the list of applications presented by the Market app to those that are compatible with the user's device. "Trending" apps. Google updated the Market to add content filtering to the market and reduce the purchase refund window from 24/48 hours to 15 minutes.[21] Availability for users As of May 2011 users in 131 countries can purchase paid applications from the Android Market.[24] Banned applications On 31 March 2009.[19] Priced applications Application developers receive 70% of the application price. Availability for developers Developers in 29 countries can sell applications on the Android Market. Based on Android's Developer Distribution Agreement (section 7. Apps requested through the Market web page are downloaded and installed on the registered Android device. subject to entering into a licensing agreement with Google. including "Top Grossing" apps.2). several applications that enable tethering were removed from the Android Market catalog because they were in violation of T-Mobile's terms of service in the US. PDAnet. or via Google AdSense accounts in some countries.[22] Some carriers offer direct carrier billing for Android Market app purchases. Google pulled all tethering applications from the Android Market.S. We inadvertently unpublished the applications for all carriers.

[30] [31] [32] This is not a claim that the apps are actually malicious. The user may decide not to install an application whose permission requirements seem excessive or unnecessary. phone model. Once they have signed up. SMobile Systems. pirated versions of existing priced apps. In many cases. without a lengthy approval process. manufacturer. a trojan rootkit exploit.[29] Application security Android devices can run applications written by third-party developers and distributed through the Android Market or one of several other application stores. developers can make their applications available immediately.[33] These apps were downloaded more than 50. In early March 2011.[34] Google started remotely removing the malicious apps from infected devices on March 5. When an application is installed. Applications can be installed to the phone's internal storage. DroidDream.[27] However. although community-developed solutions for blocking some aspects of the exploit were also created. Google pulled the Grooveshark app from the Android Market due to unspecified policy violations. The exploit also installed a backdoor that allowed the hackers to download more code to the infected device. Possible app permissions include functionality like: • • • • • Accessing the Internet Making phone calls Sending SMS messages Reading and writing to the installed memory card Accessing a user's address book data Security software companies have been developing applications to help An example of app permissions in the Android ensure the security of Android devices. was released to the Android Market in the form of several free applications that were. The package manager can be seen directly if the user tries to download an APK file direct to their phone.3 "Gingerbread".000 times before Google took action and removed them from the Market. and does not require any special modifications to the Android device to run.[28] Sometime in the first quarter of 2011 the Android Market (at the request of the carrier) began blocking Easy Tether. for all Verizon Wireless Android phones. the . and service provider. user ID. and other tethering applications that do not require root access. but should not need to read messages or access the phonebook.Android Market On 5 April 2011. The Android Market does not install applications itself. and 5% of apps can make phone calls without the user's intervention. and can also be installed to the owner's external storage card under certain conditions. the app is still available for direct download via Grooveshark's website. the Android Market displays all required permissions. rather it asks the phone's PackageManagerService to install them. This exploit allowed hackers to steal information such as IMEI and IMSI numbers. claims that 20% of apps in the Android Market request permissions that could be used for malicious purposes. the only guaranteed method of removing the exploit from an infected device was to reset it to factory state. one such Market. for example. and also released its own app. A game may need to enable vibration. but rather that the potential for malicious activity exists. The exploit only affected devices running versions of AndroidOS earlier than 2. The user can then decide whether to install the application based on those permissions. in many cases. 20 Implementation details The applications themselves are self-contained Android Package files.

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Retrieved 13 May 2011. com/ 2011/ 05/ 05/ android-to-surpass-apples-app-store-in-size-in-august-2011-report-exclusive/ ?utm_source=feedburner& utm_medium=feed& utm_campaign=Feed%3A+ Techcrunch+ %28TechCrunch%29 [12] Leena Rao (14 April 2011). co. Hugo (10 May 2011). com/ appstats. android.3. [20] Eric Chu (22 October 2008).cnet. "Android Developers Blog: Android Market: Now available for users" (http:/ / android-developers.2 has new fonts for high-res displays" (http:/ / www. [23] Eric Chu (13 April 2011). Retrieved 2011-04-26. [8] "Android Market Going Strong. cnet. . blogspot.android. [13] "Google Android has double the number of free apps than Apple's App Store" (http:/ / techcrunch. com/ 2011/ 04/ 14/ google-3-billion-android-apps-installed-up-50-percent-from-last-quarter/ ).blogspot. html). Retrieved 17 May 2011.000 Apps" (http:/ / www. | Wireless .000 apps" (http:/ / www. in-app purchases coming soon (http:/ / www. androlib. android. . . T-Mobile Says" (http:/ / www. 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blogspot. Retrieved 2010-06-27. com/ 2011/ 03/ 02/ update-on-the-malware-monster-droiddream-is-an-android-nightmare-and-weve-got-more-details/ ). Tutorials" (http:/ / www. 2009-06-22. Retrieved 2011-03-22. smobilesystems. Googlemobile. pdf). .com/) • Appbrain. com/ 2011/ 03/ update-on-android-market-security. Retrieved 2010-06-27. . 2009-06-22. And We’ve Got More Details | Android News. Videos. lemonde. Steal Your Data. 2011-03-05. html). smobilesystems. Videos.com.com/market/) • Androidzoom. Games. Apps.com. And Open Backdoor | Android News. creators of popular Appbrain App Market (http://www. Le Monde. Android Police. [34] "[Update: Plug The Hole Yourself] Malware Monster: DroidDream Is An Android Nightmare.android.com/) • Androlib. Retrieved 2011-03-22. [32] "20 % des applications de l'Android Market demandent l'accès à des données personnelles" (http:/ / www.com. . html).com. Android Market mirror (http://www. com/ news-releases/ smobile-systems-analysis-of-android-app-store-reveals-massive-potential-for-malware-and-viruses-96896999. Games. Phones.Android Market [30] "SMobile Systems Analysis of Android App Store Reveals Massive Potential for Malware and Viruses" (http:/ / www. . Mods. Apps.com. com/ 2011/ 03/ 01/ the-mother-of-all-android-malware-has-arrived-stolen-apps-released-to-the-market-that-root-your-phone-steal-your-data-and-open-backdoor/ ). 22 External links • Android Market (http://www. Retrieved 2010-06-27. [31] "Threat Analysis of the Android Market" (http:/ / threatcenter.com/) . Android Market mirror with some added features (http://www. . [35] "An Update on Android Market Security . fr/ technologies/ article/ 2010/ 06/ 23/ 20-des-applications-de-l-android-market-demandent-l-acces-a-des-donnees-personnelles_1377745_651865.Official Google Mobile Blog" (http:/ / googlemobile. html).androlib.com. androidpolice.blogspot. prnewswire. Android Market mirror with some added features. Reviews. Android Police. Tablets. [33] "The Mother Of All Android Malware Has Arrived: Stolen Apps Released To The Market That Root Your Phone. Tablets. prnewswire. Tips. Reviews. Tips. androidpolice. Mods. .appbrain. Tutorials" (http:/ / www. Phones. Retrieved 2011-03-22.androidzoom. 2009-06-23. com/ wp-content/ uploads/ 2010/ 06/ Android-Market-Threat-Analysis-6-22-10-v1.

com [1] Appcelerator Titanium is a platform for developing mobile and desktop applications using web technologies. Appcelerator Titanium is developed by Appcelerator Inc. [9] Features The core features of Appcelerator Titanium include[7] : • Support for standards-based web technologies: HTML. Scriptaculous and others. Proprietary software www. and Android builds require the Android SDK and Mac. also offers cloud-based services for packaging.[6] Traditionally.[8] The company expanded its product line in January 2011 by acquiring Aptana. Mac and Linux. dialog boxes and alerts. MooTools. and was introduced in December 2008.[4] BlackBerry support was announced on June 2010[5] but it is still in closed beta.appcelerator. but it does not cross-compile. Python and Ruby for desktop platforms • Integrated support for popular JavaScript and AJAX Frameworks including jQuery. Appcelerator Titanium is frequently compared to Adobe Air for developing desktop applications for Windows. Inc. BlackBerry. Windows. 1. Mobile compilation is subject to additional requirements: iPhone builds require Mac OS X and the iPhone SDK. testing and distributing software applications developed on the Titanium platform. menus. Initially the Tablet SDK supports only Apple's iPad. In April 2010 Appcelerator expanded the Titanium product line with the Titanium Tablet SDK.2 / 19 April 2011 Operating system iPhone. The latest version of Appcelerator Titanium's cross-compiler was built using itself. or Linux.[2] Support for developing iPhone. • A platform-independent API to access native UI components including navigation bars. YUI. Inc.and Android-based mobile applications was added in June 2009.[7] Appcelerator Titanium includes a web-based. Windows.6. cross-compilation tool which requires internet access and a developer account. BlackBerry and Android. network and local database • API access to native mobile functionality like geolocation.Appcelerator Titanium 23 Appcelerator Titanium Appcelerator Titanium Developer(s) Stable release Appcelerator. Linux Type License Website Application framework Apache Public License v2. and native device functionality including the file system. sound. Mac OS. proprietary tools and specialized skills are required to develop native software applications for each computing platform. accelerometer and maps . Windows. Appcelerator. Android. Inc. The tool can deploy standalone applications for Mac. An open source command-line compiler is also available which is not subject to the same network and account requirements. It does this by submitting the source files to a proprietary server-side solution which then returns the binaries. Appcelerator Titanium is one of several phone web based application framework solutions allowing web developers to apply existing skills to create native applications for iPhone.[4] The Titanium Tablet SDK draws heavily from the existing support for iPhone but also includes native support for iPad-only user interface controls such as split views and popovers. and Linux from any of those platforms. a developer of open source tools for building web applications.[3] Support for developing iPad-based tablet apps was added in April 2010. CSS and Javascript on all platforms along with PHP.

Appcelerator. com/ 2011/ 01/ 18/ appcelerator-acquires-web-app-development-suite-aptana/ ). Inc. Retrieved 29 October 2009. com/ 2008/ 12/ 09/ appcelerator-raises-41-million-for-open-source-ria-platform/ ). InfoWorld. . com/ archives/ titanium-gets-hardened-with-new-beta-that-features-mobile-and-more). com/ [2] "Appcelerator Raises $4. com/ AviatorCalc AviatorCalc . [5] http:/ / blackberryrocks. 8 June 2009.. Retrieved 29 October 2009. [3] "Appcelerator enables iPhone. eWeek. com/ c/ a/ Application-Development/ Appcelerator-Takes-on-Adobe-AIR-with-Titanium/ ). com/ 2010/ 05/ 06/ appcelerator-announces-titanium-mobile-beta-support-blackberry-news/ [6] "Appcelerator Takes On Adobe AIR with Titanium" (http:/ / www. [9] "Appcelerator Acquires Web App Development Suite Aptana" (http:/ / techcrunch. 5 April 2010. techcrunch. Techcrunch. . Retrieved 6 April 2010. [8] "Appcelerator Network Cloud Services" (http:/ / www. Ajaxian. Android app dev" (http:/ / www. AppceleratorTitanium. 9 December 2008. Retrieved 24 February 2011. infoworld. eweek. . [10] http:/ / www. 9 June 2009.Appcelerator Titanium • Extensibility through open interfaces and licensing. com/ products/ cloud-services/ ). [4] "Appcelerator Simplifies iPad App Development" (http:/ / mashable.1 Million for Open Source RIA Platform" (http:/ / www. media codecs and device-specific functionality 24 External links • Appcelerator Web site [1] • Appcelerator Titanium Forum [10] References [1] http:/ / www. . appcelerator. com/ d/ developer-world/ appcelerator-enables-iphone-android-app-dev-655). Retrieved 29 October 2009. Retrieved 29 October 2009. . . com/ 2010/ 04/ 05/ titanium-tablet-sdk/ ). . allowing developers to introduce support for additional scripting languages. 9 December 2008. [7] "Titanium gets hardened with new beta" (http:/ / ajaxian. Retrieved 29 October 2009. TechCrunch. appcelerator.

Navigation Functions The Navigation module has such functions as Flight Plans generation. Information such as the radio frequencies.AviatorCalc 25 Introduction AviatorCalc is flight planning software which runs on popular mobile devices such as mobile phones or Personal Digital Assistants (PDA). Heading and Ground speed. The Flight Plan also shows the Morse Code identification for Radio navigation (RNAV) beacons. It also contains the UTC offset (timezone) for the airport. AviatorCalc has seven modules: • • • • • • • An E6B Flight Computer Emulator An Aircraft Database An Airport Datbase Navigation functions Weight and Balance calculator Online Weather enquiries GPS Position module E6B emulator The AviatorCalc E6B emulator has some thirteen functions which electronically duplicate the tasks typically carried out by a Pilot using the highly popular E6B Mechanical Flight computer. Each record contains both performance and aircraft limits information. It emulates the popular E6B Mechanical Flight computer used by both private and professional pilots alike. An AviatorCalc flight plan may be e-mailed from the mobile phone that has an Internet connection to any legitimate email address where it can then be printed or displayed. Critical point and Point of No Return (PNR). Beechcraft and Piper aircraft which can be loaded and modified accordingly to match the actual aircraft being flown. Mach number. Course Corrections (1 in 60 rule) and a sunrise and sunset calculator. a Holding pattern calculator. Crosswind calculator. Density altitude. a Waypoint database. Fuel calculations and a Speeds and Distances calculator. Airport Database The Airport Database allow details of airports to be stored using the four letter ICAO airport code. The email contains attachments with the flight plan in both plain text and Adobe PDF formatted output. . Mach to TAS. It is primarily intended for use by general aviation pilots. Navigation aids and airport elevation can be stored for each airport. a Rhumbline calculator. which is then used in the sunrise and sunset calculator. These functions include Leg Time. True Airspeed (TAS). It contains a selection of templates for popular light aircraft including Cessna. Endurance.[1] The AviatorCalc Crosswind Calculator running on a Nokia N97 Mini. Aircraft database The Aircraft Database allows creation and modification of Aircraft records for use with the other AviatorCalc modules. Pressure altitude. The latter is used by the AviatorCalc Weight and balance module to calculate Center of gravity of an aircraft and its Maximum Takeoff Weight (MTOW).

GPS position module For mobile devices that have Global Positioning System (GPS) capability.0 standards or later. Online weather service Pilots are able to download current weather information via the internet in the form of a Terminal Aerodrome Forecast (TAF) and Aviation Routine Weather Report (METAR). com/ manuals/ AviatorCalc. Micro Edition (Java ME) and runs on devices which comply to the MIDP 2. It is known to run on the Symbian. Sony Ericsson and the HTC Corporation.aviatorcalc. Siemens.AviatorCalc 26 Weight and Balance calculator The Weight and balance module takes information from the selected aircraft record and provides entry screens for passenger weights. The weather information comes from the NOAA web site. Windows Mobile and BlackBerry OS Operating Systems. The result of the Weight and Balance calculation can be displayed as either a text summary or a graphical display of a typical Weight and Balance Centre of Gravity (COG) graph. This allows it to run on many makes of mobile telephones such as Nokia.0 and CLDC 1. pdf) AviatorCalc User Guide External links • [AviatorCalc web site http://www. LG. References [1] (http:/ / www. Motorola. fuel loading and baggage. This facility requires an Internet connection. Samsung. AviatorCalc comes with an emergency GPS positioner which gives the current Latitude and Longitude of the aircraft plus a track and distance to the currently selected waypoint such as an airfield or Radio navigation beacon. aviatorcalc.com] . Platforms AviatorCalc is written in Java Platform. It fully supports modern touchscreen devices which are becoming ever more popular.

some for anyone who cares to enter. There are now a number of competitions on Betavine. and discuss topics in mobile. for example. testing and launching great new applications for mobile. download and play with any application." Vodafone Betavine also offers internships. The Betavine website allows developers to upload and profile their alpha-stage and beta-stage applications. The recently publicised Vodafone Mobile Connect Card Driver for Linux is hosted here.Betavine 27 Betavine Betavine URL Commercial? Type of site http:/ / www. We are platform agnostic and operating system agnostic. and collaborate on projects. Betavine also contains a growing resources section with technical topics and APIs. developing. Betavine The mission stated on the Betavine website is "to support the wider development community in imagining. created and managed by Vodafone Group R&D. some for students only. post projects. betavine. wireless and Internet communications. showcase your work and get useful feedback from other members.such as the Betavine Forge where developers can share code snippets. contribute to discussion threads and create or comment on blog entries. net No collaborative software development Available language(s) English Owner Created by Launched Revenue Current status Vodafone Group Vodafone Group 2007 not applicable Active Betavine is an open community and resource website. "externships" and competitions for students. provides interaction tools for members to share knowledge and give feedback on apps. The Betavine website was built using open source components so there are a number of resources for open source in mobile . for the mobile development community in order to support and stimulate the development of new applications for mobile and Internet communications. As a developer you can upload your own applications. and some are being run by partners of Betavine: • Student Competitions • Campus Life 2008 [1] • Nokia WidSets Challenge [2] • Vodafone Egypt Competition [3] • Guidelines [4] • Winners 2007 [5] • Partner Competitions • Mob4hire August 2008 [6] . Students should keep an eye peeled for great competitions and other opportunities. Everyone is welcome to register as a member.

betavine. Betavine launched a pilot with Vodafone Spain which links directly to betavine. and other resources for developers. The stated goal of launching betavine. using the . net [11] http:/ / forge. It's clear from the download figues on the main website www.net that this is having a huge positive impact on the number of applications being found.mobi from the Vodafone Live! Portal. betavine. betavine. net/ web/ guest/ resources/ competitions#mob4hireaugust http:/ / www. [8] The original Vodafone Connect Card linux driver for Linux has now been rewritten to interoperate with Network Manager. net/ web/ guest/ projects/ students#2 http:/ / www. betavine.Betavine Betavine launched a mobile internet site at the beginning of 2008. betavine.mobi domain convention.[7] In May 2008. net/ frs/ ?group_id=76 [10] http:/ / www. net/ web/ guest/ projects/ students/ competitions/ competition_submit http:/ / www.). betavine. net [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] . [9] External links • Vodafone Betavine [10] • Betavine Forge [11] References http:/ / www. licensed under the GPL • Betavine Connection Manager: GPRS/UMTS/HSxPA device manager for Linux written in Python. net/ web/ linux_drivers [9] https:/ / forge. betavine. a new version of the Vodafone Connect Card linux driver for UMPC (Ultra Mobile PCs) has been getting a lot of downloads. code snippets.betavine. net/ web/ guest/ projects/ students/ egypt_competition http:/ / www. and being given feedback. Some of the hosted projects are: • Vodafone Mobile Connect Card driver for Linux: GPRS/UMTS/HSDPA device manager written in Python. and renamed as 'Betavine Connection Manager'. betavine. licensed under the GPL • Vodafone MobileScript for Windows Mobile: common framework using a ECMAScript OS engine • Linux Environment for Mobile Networks: studies the possibility of remotely running applications over Mobile Networks Since the launch of the Asus EEEPC. Vodafone is one of the key backers of the dotMobi consortium (the informal name of mTLD Top Level Domain. which has been hugely popular. 28 Betavine Forge Vodafone Betavine runs a version of the GForge open-source collaborative development portal in order to host mobile open-source projects. betavine. betavine. and to help end-users find apps that are compatible with their mobile device by automatically detecting the device model and matching that with a database of technical specs. which is promoting the use of the . Ltd. net/ web/ guest/ projects/ students#1 http:/ / www. net/ web/ guest/ aboutus?p_p_id=bvblogs& p_p_action=0& p_p_state=normal& p_p_mode=view& p_p_col_id=column-4& p_p_col_pos=1& p_p_col_count=2& _bvblogs_struts_action=%2Fext%2Fbvblogs%2FviewPost& _bvblogs_postId=417& #p_bvblogs [8] http:/ / www. net/ web/ guest/ projects/ students/ winner07 http:/ / www. betavine.mobi domain name in order to increase consumer confidence that an Internet site or service will work on their mobile phones. downloaded.mobi is to make the downloading of mobile applications profiled on Betavine even easier.

respectively.999 apps [1] English. The service provides BlackBerry users with an environment to browse. and update third-party applications. German. [3] .00 by the Apple App Store and Android Market.1.BlackBerry App World 29 BlackBerry App World BlackBerry App World Developer(s) Initial release Stable release Written in Research In Motion Limited April 1.1. Spanish . 2009.480.2 / March 21. French.00 and $1.67 compared to $6.166. download. Brazilian Portuguese Digital distribution Proprietary Blackberry App World [2] BlackBerry App World is an application distribution service and application by Research In Motion (RIM) for a majority of BlackBerry devices. 2009 2.200. Of the three major app providers. it has the largest revenue per app at $9. The service went live on April 1. 2011 Java Operating system BlackBerry OS Platform Size Available in Type License Website BlackBerry 31. Italian.

credit card. Italian.000. at CTIA's trade show.[8] App World's main screen depicting a featured app On August 19. it was announced that an average of 1 million apps were being downloaded each day. 2010. BlackBerry App World 2. 2010. French.[4] It was also announced that the store was scheduled to be open in March 2009. In addition to BlackBerry ID.5. Applications are both free and paid from $0. On January 19.000 3. and only a web-based catalog would be accessible from non-BlackBerry devices. On April 1. RIM officially named the store "BlackBerry App World"[6] (previously called the BlackBerry Application Storefront). and Brazilian Portuguese. On December 3. RIM began accepting submissions of applications from developers. Research in Motion announced that daily downloads were 2 million apps per day. and would work in conjunction with PayPal's services.0 was released.[5] On March 4. BlackBerry App World 2.[9] Milestones Date July 30. $0 registration and submission fees for Developers. RIM announced that App World had gone live. 2010 . 2009.000 September 27.a single sign.99 USD in the U.[7] At the BlackBerry sponsored Wireless Enterprise Symposium (WES). It was also confirmed that the service would not initially be available for desktops.0 also introduced direct credit card billing and carrier billing for AT&T Wireless subscribers.0 or higher:[11] . 2010 [10] Downloads Per Day 1.000. account system that can be used on both the BlackBerry client and the BlackBerry App World desktop storefront. and Canada. The store is available for the following BlackBerry devices that are updated to BlackBerry OS version 4. List of countries where BlackBerry App World is available [12].500. Spanish. United Kingdom.000 [10] 1. 2011 March 22.BlackBerry App World is available in 113 countries and accepts payment in all 113 using a combination of PayPal.000 2.99-$999. 2009. 2010 February 14.[11] As of September 9. 2009. 2011 [10] [10] Pricing and availability RIM announced that the store would initially available in the United States. RIM announced at the BlackBerry Developer Conference that the company would open an application store for their devices. and carrier billing.000.S. German. 2008.BlackBerry App World 30 History On October 21. This new version introduced BlackBerry ID . The service is available in English.

txt). [6] Cha. [5] Meyer. blackberry.BlackBerry App World • • • • • • • • • • • • • • BlackBerry Torch 9800 . Retrieved 2010-03-19. mobile-ent. [12] http:/ / www. Retrieved 2011-01-13. Retrieved 2009-03-09.txt). Bonnie (2009-03-04). GSMA Mobile Apps Briefing. . [2] http:/ / na. jhtml?articleID=211300217). [9] unknown (December 3. blackberry. . "BlackBerry App World hits 2M daily app downloads" (http:/ / www. Stuart (2010-04-27). . . . berryreview.1" (http:/ / na.[13] References [1] RIM BlackBerry (May 8. . . David (2009-01-29). Retrieved 2009-03-09. informationweek. "BlackBerry App World Reaches 15. Research In Motion. mobilebusinessbriefing. com/ news/ personal_tech/ blackberry/ showArticle. [10] "BlackBerry App World Doubles Downloads in 6 Months" (http:/ / www. com/ eng/ services/ appworld/ [3] Eric Zeman (February 28. com/ 2011/ 03/ 23/ blackberry-app-world-doubles-downloads-in-6-months-3-million-downloads-a-day/ ). html?tag=mncol. "RIM Announces BlackBerry App Store" (http:/ / www. biz/ news/ read/ blackberry-app-world-generating-1m-downloads-a-day).Preloaded BlackBerry Style 9670 . 2011. Retrieved 2009-03-09. cnet. jsp). Bacononthego. Retrieved 2011-05-17. 2010). blackberry. CNET News. Macworld. Retrieved 2009-03-09. Retrieved May 5. com/ eng/ services/ appworld/ features. html [13] "New Features of BlackBerry App World 1. com/ eng/ developers/ appworld/ faq. Marin (2008-10-21). . . "BlackBerry App World open for bousiness" (http:/ / www. "BlackBerry App World Generates Highest Revenue Per App" (http:/ / bacononthego. 2011-03-23. com/ webstore/ category/ 12?lang=en). BerryReview. com/ article/ 139769/ 2009/ 04/ blackberryapp. com/ 2011/ 02/ 28/ blackberry-app-world-generates-highest-revenue-per-app/ ). "BlackBerry app store open for submissions" (http:/ / news. RIM Blackberry. CNET News. html?tag=mncol. Press Release. . cnet. Mobile Entertainment. html). com/ apps/ article/ blackberry-app-world-has-average-app-downloads-of-2m-per-day-). [8] O'Brien. 2011). Retrieved 2009-04-02. Retrieved December 3. com/ 8301-1035_3-10146991-94. macworld. 2011). 2011. Crave. [11] "BlackBerry App World FAQ" (http:/ / na. com/ app_includes/ devicesoftware/ appworld/ appworld_availability_en. InformationWeek. [4] Perez. jsp). .000 Apps" (http:/ / appworld. [7] Mies. "BlackBerry App World generating 1m downloads a day" (http:/ / www. .Preloaded BlackBerry Bold 9000/9700/9780/9650 BlackBerry Storm and BlackBerry Storm2 9500/9520/9530/9550 Blackberry Tour 9630 BlackBerry Pearl 3G 9100/9105 BlackBerry Pearl 8100/8110/8120/8130 Blackberry Pearl Flip 8220/8230 Blackberry Curve 3G 9300/9330 BlackBerry Curve 8900 Blackberry Curve 8520/8530 BlackBerry Curve 8300 8300/8310/8320/8330 BlackBerry 8800 BlackBerry PlayBook 31 Storage Apps can be archived on a MicroSD or on eMMC storage of certain BlackBerry smartphone models. blackberry. 2010. Ginny (2009-04-01). "RIM store crowned BlackBerry App World" (http:/ / news.com. blackberry. com/ 8301-17938_105-10188400-1. Retrieved May 8.

com/eng/) Jamie Murai (Feb 25.ciozone.html) Accessdate=2011-02-26 .blackberry. Blackberry Developer Relations. RIM": An aspiring RIM developer's experience with RIM's application development environment's registration procedure (http://blog. 2011).com/index.php/Mobile-and-Wireless-Video/ Interview-with-Mike-Kirkup-Director-Developer-Relations-RIM.com/eng/services/appworld/) BlackBerry official site (http://na.com/2011/02/you-win-rim/) Accessdate=2011-02-26 But see interview with a director.BlackBerry App World 32 External links • • • • App World official North American site (http://na.jamiemurai. rationale and aspirations (http://www.blackberry.com/eng/services/appworld/) App World official European site (http://eu. "You Win.blackberry.

Spanish. BOLT can be installed on Java-based handsets with Java MIDP 2 and CLDC 1. [4] BOLT was originally introduced into private beta on January 15. the company which previously produced the ThunderHawk for Mobile network operators and handset manufacturers. com/ The BOLT Browser is a web browser for mobile phones including feature phones and smartphones that can run Java ME applications. The BOLT Browser is offered free of charge to consumers and by license to Mobile network operators and handset manufacturers. can display web pages in languages with Latin or Cyrillic-based alphabets Development status Active Type License Website Mobile browser Proprietary http:/ / www. . 2010) [ +/− WebKit Java ME [2] [1] ] [3] English. Today.0 or higher support. 2009 and was made available to the public on February 16. BOLT was built using the WebKit rendering engine to display a full Web page layout as found on desktop web browsers. boltbrowser. February 16. 2009[5] when the public beta was announced at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. 2009 (October 6.[6] BOLT also has a specially optimized version for BlackBerry smartphones[7] and works with Windows Mobile and Palm OS devices that employ a MIDlet manager or Java emulator.04 Beta3 Developer(s) Initial release Stable release Engine Platform Available in Bitstream Inc. and Russian.. BOLT is produced by Bitstream Inc.Bolt Browser 33 Bolt Browser BOLT Browser Screenshot of BOLT Browser v1.

desktop-style web browsing on both high-end and low-end handsets • Streaming video capabilities to websites such as YouTube. video.com. The main features this release has were: • Fast. New features of this release include: • • • • • • • Copy and paste text Enter and edit text directly within online text boxes Upload files such as videos to YouTube or pictures to Photobucket Order favorites and arrange them into custom folders Toggle between viewing websites with or without images displayed Support for Cyrillic alphabets Addition of RuTube [11] to supported video websites . 2009.yahoo. New features of this release include: • Significantly improved BlackBerry scrolling speed and control • A new 3XL (extra large) magnification mode with content 33.3 percent bigger than in 2XL • Double tap approach to select links on touchscreen devices like the BlackBerry Storm (eliminates inadvertent clicks) • Wi-Fi auto-selection as default option when Wi-Fi is both enabled and available • Save and view pages locally on the phone • Support for folders in favorites • A new landscape viewing feature • Improved magnifier dragging in split screen mode on the BlackBerry Storm Beta3 Version 1.com • Support for XML.com.myspace. secure.86[8] BOLT browser was made available for public beta on February 16. ATOM and RDF formats of RSS feeds • Split screen and full screen modes for easy navigation and viewing • Easily add and select favorites and view browsing history • Intuitive keystroke shortcuts for easier navigation and content selection • 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption for secure access to web pages • Server filtering to protect users from spyware and other malware • Certificate error notification • Ability to clear history and cookies • Support for JavaScript and AJAX Beta2 Version 0. dailymotion. 2009. and metacafe.tv.94[9] BOLT browser was made available for public Beta 2 on April 1. 2009.Bolt Browser 34 Releases Introduced in public beta First beta release Version 0. blip.04 [10] BOLT browser was made available for public Beta 3 on June 29. vids.com.

5 Version 1.6 also includes a new password manager. for easier and faster online searches. for any length video. • Download Manager for easy download of files directly from BOLT and the ability to save them to specific folders on the mobile phone (requires JSR75 support on the device). • Enhancements for Touch Screen Devices such as simple volume controls for the BOLT media player which now offers volume controls on the screen. BOLT 1.7 Version 1. • Dedicated Search Bar on home page. New features of this release include: • • • • • Widgets Twitter integration Keypad shortcuts for zooming User interface can be set to Russian or Spanish languages Support for simultaneous downloads . • Video Wizard to assist users in configuring their device for optimal video playback. For all mobile data networks that support it.[12] New features of this release include: • Cache Support to speed users’ ability to move quickly back and forth between the currently and previously viewed Web pages through the use of backward and forward navigation. • Improved Ability to Manage RSS Feeds by allowing users to arrange and file feeds just as they do with their favorites and bookmarks. Version 1.6 Version 1. • Support for Streaming Videos of Any Length that overcomes limitations on some phones’ ability to stream videos of longer lengths. 2009. BOLT 1. 2010.5 This version of the BOLT browser was released on October 7.Bolt Browser 35 Commercial release Version 1. as well as incremental improvements driven by BOLT’s users. allowing usernames and passwords to be saved by the browser for easier and faster logins to users’ favorite websites and online applications.6 offers full socket-based connectivity which can increase the page rendering speed of BOLT by as much as 15 percent. New features of this release include: • • • • 100 percent score on Acid3 test Socket support Password manager Ability to set as default BlackBerry browser Version 1. • Enhancements for BOLT Servers in the cloud. 2009. which increase the already fast BOLT mobile browser by an additional 10 to 20 percent.7 [14] This version of the BOLT browser was released on February 15. The new approach ensures video clips will play on all devices.6[13] This version of the BOLT browser was released on December 7. This release of BOLT includes a number of important design enhancements.

2010. 2009: BOLT was introduced as a private beta.0 beta Version 2.BOLT 1.The biggest change is the inclusion of tabbed browsing[27] • May 24.1 commercial release This version of the BOLT browser was released on May 24.0 Beta Version announced by the developer Bitstream Inc [26].03 Faster widgets 2. 2009 – BOLT Beta3 released. Beta3 included major improvements. fixes to minor bugs and new features. and 7100 series devices) • On a Web page.1 Released. 2010. NV.[21] • April 1. 8200. and 7100 series devices) • Press T to move to the top of a Web page (feature not applicable for BlackBerry 8100.0[15] This version of the BOLT browser was released on March 23. New features of this release include: • • • • Tabbed browsing[16] Facebook integration WebKit upgrade to 4.[18] BlackBerry specific features Features available on the BlackBerry version of BOLT[19] • Press the Space key to insert a period (. and 7100 series devices) • Press B to move to the bottom of a Web page (feature not applicable for BlackBerry 8100. 2009: BOLT was made available via free public beta at Mobile World Congress. First commercial release marks end of beta testing. and 7100 series devices). 2009 – BOLT Beta2 was released at CTIA Wireless [22] 2009 in Las Vegas. 8200. 2009 . New features of this release include: • HTML5 video support[17] • Expanded Flash video support 2. This release included improvements.BOLT 2. 2010. fixes to minor bugs and new features.3 commercial release This version of the BOLT browser was released on October 6. 8200. History • January 15. press the Space key to move down a screen (feature not applicable for BlackBerry 8100.) in the URL address bar • Press the Escape key to move back to the previous Web page • On a Web page.Bolt Browser 36 Second generation 2.5 released.[25] • March 23. introducing support for HTML5 video[28] . BOLT lite announced.[20] • February 16.BOLT 2. 2010 .[24] • October 7.[23] • June 29. press the Space key and the Shift key to move up a screen (feature not applicable for BlackBerry 8100. 8200. 2010 .

Tamil.0 or higher support. Malayalam.BOLT (ver 0. speed and performance on resource-constrained systems with limited memory.3 billion people living in India and the surrounding regions.86) reviewed as only browser for feature phones that can stream video. 2009 .73) reviewed as the fastest mobile browser. Although some of BOLT's functionality is not included in the lite version (e.94). Telugu. the capability to perfectly render Indic text on a Web page. This lightweight version retains most of BOLT's feature set.Bolt Browser 37 Milestones • • • • • January 16. BOLT also runs well on Palm-powered devices with J2ME support. Android version BOLT is in the testing phase for Android. Kannada. BOLT lite has been optimized to install and run on entry-level mobile devices with limited memory and system resources.[35] Java version BOLT can be installed on nearly all Java-based handsets since the browser requires only Java MIDP 2 and CLDC 1.[33] BOLT variants BOLT Indic This version of the BOLT browser was released on November 29. Built on Bitstream's ThunderHawk browsing technology. 2009 . processing power. 2009 . specifically nine languages spoken as a first language by an estimated 1. 2009 .offering fast.[32] July 28. Videos support. 2010. The languages supported are Hindi (India’s official language). This first of its kind solution for handset manufacturers and mobile operators has Indic language user interfaces. and Oriya. Gujarati. 2009 . .94). and the ability to offer end users to input Indic text into the browser. BOLT's blazing fast download speed and PC-style layout are retained .04). Download Manager ). and the Beta release is scheduled for January 2011.1 in 6 BOLT users resides in India (current version Beta2 0. BOLT lite is the result of 5+ years experience developing mobile browsers that optimize usability. All of BOLT’s English language features are also available in its Indic language version.g. full-featured desktop style browsing to an even wider range of devices.BOLT surpasses 1 million end-user installs (current version Beta2 0. Gurumukhi.[30] May 29.[34] BOLT is the first complete mobile browsing solution to fully support Indic languages. and screen space.BOLT surpasses more than 100 million Web pages rendered (current version Beta3 1. System requirements BOLT Browser has the following system requirements. Bengali.BOLT private beta (ver 0.[31] June 23.[29] March 30. BOLT lite BOLT lite is a free downloadable web browser that offers an uncompromising browsing experience on even lower-end mobile phones. Inline Input.

This enables the user to view text written in Indic. Malayalam etc. Features The distinguishing features[36] of BOLT browser are: . thus providing a very fast browsing experience compared to native browsers and other client-server based mobile web browsers on very low memory phones such as Nokia 2626. as well as to write complex text in Indic. Low memory device support Bitstream’s BOLT is optimized for resource constrained devices.) on the device whether the device has support for it or not. on their device (even when the device does not supports that language). A magnification rectangle is available for scrolling over this area. User can view web content and input text in the language that they are comfortable with. However. Functionality Data centers for servers The proxy servers that BOLT cloud-based architecture uses are located in the United States.1 OS) and MOTO Q9h. BOLT does not support MOTO Q8 Windows Mobile device. thus providing a very fast browsing experience even on very low end phones.Bolt Browser 38 Blackberry version BOLT works well with BlackBerry devices. Blackberry users need to install the BlackBerry-specific version of BOLT. Nokia 6070. Split screen rendering Split screen rendering is a patented BOLT technology in which a compressed view of the desktop style page layout is visible in the upper 2/3 part of the screen. among others. MOTO Q9c (with Windows Mobile 6. Bitstream’s font rendering and layout engine is optimized for resource constrained devices. MOTO Q. regardless of whether the device supports it. A magnified view of the selected area is displayed in the lower 1/3 part of the screen. BOLT uses Bitstream’s font rendering and layout engine to provide rendering on mobile phones. This technology enables the user to view desktop style layouts of web pages without compromising readability on small screens.g. Hindi. Windows version BOLT runs well on selected Windows Mobile 6 devices including HTC Touch. Complex scripts rendering BOLT uses Patent pending technology to render complex Indic languages text (e. This is done using Bitstream Panorama technology on the server side to render the complex scripts. using Bitstream’s cloud computing infrastructure and patent pending font technologies. Samsung D600. This technology has been especially instrumental in providing “Indic support” (9 Indic languages are supported) in BOLT mobile browser.

BOLT offers support for Facebook chat and other web-based chat apps. It also supports expanded streaming flash video support.com.search and view videos directly in BOLT. bbc. The widget gallery features weather. Audio/video streaming BOLT supports HTML5 based audio and video streaming.com.post messages. .com. Wikipedia. Backup of favorites BOLT enables the user to backup favorites to the device's memory and restore them back through BOLT directly. mtv. Depending on your phone.com. Widget support Users can enjoy Twitter and Facebook widgets with BOLT's web app platform.google. Data compression The cloud-based servers compress the data reaching the device by as much as 24 times. and dictionary widgets.co. links or URLs from any page displayed in BOLT directly to the Facebook account without navigating away from the currently viewed page.uk. vids.com. video. cnn. video.com.yahoo. It also offers support for YouTube web apps . BOLT type (BOLT or BOLT Lite) and location. It supports many popular video sharing sites.myspace. Desktop-style layout BOLT provides a special mode for easing the view of web pages. its platform.youtube.com.tv. espn. blip. Backup the favorites to the user account at BOLT Space and restore them back regardless of device. bollywoodhungama.com. Advanced social media integration BOLT offers Facebook integration .se and mocospace.com. svtplay. BOLT offers superior video quality for devices with MPEG4 support.com.com. rutube.[37] Split-screen mode features a rectangular magnifier floating over a zoomed out mini-map of the entire Web page on the top 2/3 of the screen and a magnified view of the content under the magnifier on the bottom 1/3 of the screen. nick. or it may play it through your device's default media player.ru.Bolt Browser 39 Tabbed browsing Tabbed browsing experience enables the user to browse more than one site simultaneously. hungama. including www. The magnifier floating over the mini-map enables the user to quickly find information and navigate Web sites with ease. resulting in speeding up page load times by two to three times compared to other browsers. BOLT may play the video directly in the browser window.

video. a few platforms including Motorola P2K do not allow installation of signed builds.myspace.[41] These "signatures" enable the device OS to confirm BOLT's authenticity. WebKit rendering engine BOLT is built using the WebKit rendering engine to deliver the same web page layout as found on desktop browsers and includes high standards compliance such as AJAX and flash video support.).youtube.com. www. is also offered. mobile fonts and font rendering technologies speed content delivery enabling mass market deployments.x content — XHTML-MP with WCSS and ECMAScript-MP. and WAP 2. Signed applications enable you to use BOLT with fewer permission dialogs for file and network access from your device's OS. The Web pages that use timer related events are not currently supported.com. BOLT automatically displays the WAP (mobile) version of Web pages. provide access to secure device APIs. It offers unrivaled speed and desktop-style web browsing including the ability to stream video. • You can subscribe to your favorite feeds and get an automatic delivery of syndicated content to your mobile device. as well as non-J2ME environments though a C++ SDK. etc. and help ensure that BOLT is free from malware and/or viruses.[39] • BOLT provides ECMA Script 262 version 3 JavaScript support for Web site forms. To enable installation on these devices. applications and other information. . with no certificate. • If you enable Mobile View (from the Preferences page).Bolt Browser 40 Technologies The BOLT mobile browser is compatible with the majority of the world’s 4 billion mobile phones.x content — WML.[38] Web technologies • BOLT does not support Flash but it supports the FLV Format (as in streaming video Web sites including www. Bitstream’s client/server technology. BOLT’s underlying ThunderHawk mobile browsing technology supports both J2ME platforms. Split-screen view A patented split-screen viewing feature and intuitive keystroke shortcuts make navigating web pages simple. • BOLT enables viewing of AJAX pages that are written using ECMA-262 version 3/JavaScript 1.6 standard.[40] Security and privacy BOLT is signed with third-party certificates from VeriSign and Thawte. However. BOLT is built using Bitstream’s award winning and patented ThunderHawk mobile browsing technology. • BOLT supports WAP 1.google. improved readability and allowing BOLT to fit more information into smaller screens. an unsigned version of BOLT.com.

online fraud and spoof Web sites. Spanish. Uzbek. Kazakh. Swedish. Belarusian. BOLT with Indic support enables people on the subcontinent to communicate and create content using local Indic languages.[46] With the 3G spectrum opening up in India. Pop-up blocker A mechanism that provides you with a choice to view or block pop-up windows. and Indic. Moldovan. Localization and languages BOLT is available in English. Flemish. . Russian.Bolt Browser 41 128-bit secure (SSL) connection BOLT uses an encrypted protocol called Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to access secure Web pages. such as site preferences and the contents of shopping carts. Tajik.[42] Filtering Server filter protects you from spyware. Serbian. The BOLT server acts as a filter that protects you against common threats. Russian. Ukrainian. Standards BOLT browser passes the Acid3 test with a perfect 100% score. and many others that are fundamentally Latin-based. providing ease of use across Web sessions. BOLT maintains site-specific information about users. malicious or faulty add-ons. Dutch. The connection between the device and the BOLT server is also encrypted. Macedonian. Spanish. such as spyware or other types of malware. [44] BOLT supports viewing Web sites in all Latin-based languages including English. BOLT warns about certificate error when there is a problem with a certificate or the server's use of the certificate. Using the "Install Fonts" utility. German. French.[43] Acid3 is a test page from the Web Standards Project that tests how well a web browser supports certain web standards. you can also view Web sites in Cyrillic-based languages including Bulgarian. just like your favorite desktop browser. Certificate error notification A certificate is an electronic document that can help identify a Web site's owner and can help you make decisions about trusting the site with personal or financial information. Persistent cookies BOLT stores the cookies on BOLT’s servers.[45] BOLT is also available in the Indic languages. Tuvan and Mongolian. Bitstream offers BOLT with Indic language support to OEMs and network operators wanting to capitalize on these trends and open up new revenue streams. when browsing the Web. Kyrgyz. the Indian telecom industry is poised for unprecedented growth.

ru [1] [2] [3] [4] .2817. html#boltlang). Russia. .Bolt Browser 42 Licensing Allview has selected the BOLT mobile browser from Bitstream Inc. com/ faq. mobilecrunch. Bitstream has optimized the BOLT browser application and the WebKit-based. Bitstream Inc. 2010-03-24. com/ faq.[49] Co-branding and white labeling opportunities make BOLT especially attractive to OEMs and mobile network operators who will benefit from BOLT’s many advantages. as its official mobile browser partner. 2009 | 4 star rating (out of 5)[58] Notes http:/ / en.[51] Awards The BOLT browser has received numerous awards and mentions in the media.[47] KC Mobile.00. Bitstream Inc. com/ cms/ mobile/ bolt-joins-browser-wars-on-the-mobile-front-003978. Bitstream Inc. com/ faq. [10] "Bolt Beta 3 Browser Review" (http:/ / wapreview. boltbrowser. com/ faq. "Bitstream BOLT mobile browser goes into private beta . .2343107.. wirelessandmobilenews. 2009-02-16. and Asia. html#boltplat). The BOLT Mobile Browser has been named Runner Up in the 2010 Mobile Merit Awards in two categories: Best Overall Consumer Mobile Application and Best Service Delivery Platform.86 (beta)" (http:/ / www. . com/ blog/ ?p=4421). 2009-06-30. com/ 2009/ 01/ 15/ bitstream-bolt-mobile-browser-goes-into-private-beta-weve-got-invites/ ). . asp). [7] "BOLT Browser FAQ" (http:/ / www. [9] "Free App of the Day: BOLT Browser" (http:/ / www. 2009-01-15. Bitstream Inc. winning the SUPERSTAR award in the Consumer App: Web Browser category. cmswire. Wireless and Mobile News. Some of the important awards for the BOLT browser are: • Mobile Merit Awards | 2010 | Runner Up in Overall Consumer Application and Service Delivery Platform categories. "BOLT Browser FAQ: Language Support" (http:/ / boltbrowser..[48] The BOLT OEM edition is a major evolution of the company’s Thunderhawk mobile browsing technology and architecture. PC Magazine. . Europe. WAP Review. boltbrowser.[54] • Stevie Awards | 2009 | Finalist for Most Innovative Company of the Year[55] • CNET Webware 100 Award Finalist | 2009 | Finalist Browsing category[56] • Tech Awards Circle | 2009 | Bronze Award for Best Consumer/SOHO Software[57] • PC Magazine | December 29.. com/ 2009/ 04/ blackberry_storm_and_j2me_phones_free_app_of_the_day_bolt_browser. 2009-04-05. html#bbspecific). . . org/ wiki/ Template%3Alatest_stable_software_release%2Fbolt_browser?action=edit& preload=Template:LSR/ syntax "BOLT Browser FAQ: Platform Support" (http:/ / boltbrowser. MobileCrunch. and will preload BOLT on the entire line of Allview phones sold across Europe. 2009-02-16. [8] "BOLT 0. KC Mobile handsets are popular in China.000+ applications via a GetJar branded apps store link on the favorites page. [11] http:/ / rutube. 2010-03-24. Opera Mobile and Skyfire. 2009-03-13.we’ve got invites" (http:/ / www.[52] • CTIA E-Tech Awards | 2010 | First Place in Mobile Applications – Entertainment/Social Networking Category[53] • Mobile Star Awards | 2009 | Superstar Award in Consumer App: Web Browser category. CMS Wire. 2009-02-19.. html). a Korean-based manufacturer and leading provider of handsets for the Chinese cell phone market. will preload the BOLT mobile browser as the default Web browser in handsets to be distributed around the world. cloud-computing architecture that supports it to make the BOLT OEM edition the easiest way for handset manufacturers and wireless operators to offer their customers desktop style Web browsing on mobile phones of all types. wikipedia.[50] BOLT has partnered with GetJar. Subscribers gain immediate access to GetJar’s massive library of 70. com/ article2/ 0. [6] "BOLT Browser FAQ" (http:/ / www. html#boltplat). [5] "BOLT Joins Browser Wars on the Mobile Front" (http:/ / www. BOLT mobile browser took top honors in the eighth annual Mobile Star Awards program. . pcmag. South America. php). Other nominees in this category included Apple – Safari for iPhone. .

. Retrieved 7 January 2011. Retrieved 7 January 2011. [14] "Bolt 1. Retrieved 7 January 2011. [25] "Faster. html). lycos. [40] https:/ / registration. PC Magazine. [21] "Bitstream Launches Free Public Beta of the BOLT Mobile Browser" (http:/ / www. Bitstream. com/ corporate/ news/ press_2009/ th_091216_allview_europe_release. com/ wireless/ news/ press_2009/ bolt_beta-industry_02162009. html). html#security). [43] "BOLT passes Acid3" (http:/ / boltbrowser. CNET. . [16] "BOLT Browser 2.00. Retrieved 7 January 2011. WAP Review. Press Release. com/ corporate/ news/ press_2010/ th_100323_bolt_20_beta. HTML5 Trends. html). Press Release. [34] "BOLT is First Mobile Browser with Complete Indic Language Support" (http:/ / bitstream. Flash Video and Download Manager Enhancements" (http:/ / wapreview. Bitstream Inc. Bitstream Inc. com/ blog/ ?p=2657). com/ faq. Retrieved 7 January 2011. bitstream. Retrieved 7 January 2011. html).2357393. [20] "Bolt Browser News and Referral Codes" (http:/ / wapreview. . com/ blog/ 2009/ 05/ 29/ india-on-the-map-again-1-in-6-bolt-users-is-indian. . Bitstream. . Retrieved 7 January 2011. . [24] "Lightning Strikes a Third Time As Bitstream Releases Faster. com/ corporate/ news/ press_2010/ th_101129_bolt_indic. . com/ faq. Bitstream Inc. 2009-03-31. . [28] "Second Generation BOLT Mobile Browser Now Available to OEMs and MNOs around the World" (http:/ / www. FoneArena. . . pcmag. . Brings WebKit4 Rendering and More to your Browsing Experience" (http:/ / crackberry. html). Bitstream. . 2009-02-16. html). . 2009-06-29. [19] "Bolt Browser Beta3 Released . Bitstream. Retrieved 7 January 2011. 2010-05-24.com. Press Release. . html). Twitter Integration. com/ blog/ ?p=6411). Retrieved 7 January 2011.2817. html5trends. Retrieved 7 January 2011. . [45] "Web sites in different languages" (http:/ / boltbrowser. html#installation). [13] "BOLT 1. html#general). berryreview. bitstream. PDAStreet. More Fully-Featured BOLT Browser Blasts Out of Beta" (http:/ / www. 2009-01-19. Bitstream. php?m_PR=26& m_E=IZAExkNycS0GBjs09cN73gEedXXAzCaJK-lspuEQPEC08boadtzAVURxGGhsz1lcfHjgVBgwUwsEwBt_NIH66EbkdXQrNtPL [41] "BOLT Installation" (http:/ / boltbrowser. com/ faq.0 busts out tabbed browsing" (http:/ / www. [17] "New version of Bolt browser fully supports HTML5 video" (http:/ / www. fonearena. Bitstream. 2010-05-25. 2009-06-23. . GoMo News. 2010-03-23. [30] "First Look: Bolt Mobile Browser" (http:/ / cnettv.7 Adds Widgets. com/ corporate/ news/ press_2010/ th_100323_bolt_20_beta. html). Press Release. intomobile. Press Release. html#acid31). [29] "Bolt Web Browser for BlackBerry" (http:/ / www. Retrieved 7 January 2011. . . com/ login. 2009-10-07. [35] "BOLT browser platforms" (http:/ / boltbrowser. bitstream. asp). gomonews.6" (http:/ / www. com/ article2/ 0. Bitstream. com/ corporate/ news/ press_2009/ bolt_beta-industry_02162009. html#boltplat). com/ bolt-browser-beta3-released). bitstream. IntoMobile. [18] "Full Stream Ahead as BOLT Delivers Support for HTML5 Audio and Video Streaming" (http:/ / bitstream. Retrieved 7 January 2011. Bitstream Inc. [39] "Technologies supported" (http:/ / boltbrowser.Bolt Browser [12] "Faster. html#boltlang). com/ corporate/ news/ press_2009/ bolt_new-beta-release_04012009. com/ corporate/ news/ press_2010/ th_100524_bolt_21. More Fully-Featured BOLT Browser Blasts Out of Beta" (http:/ / bitstream. html). bitstream. Better BOLT Mobile Browser" (http:/ / www. Bitstream. 2009-05-29. [15] "Bolt 2. Tech Bottle. html#weblang). Bitstream. . Retrieved 7 January 2011. html). . . . . html [27] "BOLT Mobile Browser Invites People to Put Their Favorite Websites on Our Tabs" (http:/ / www. Bitstream. Bitstream. com/ corporate/ news/ press_2010/ th_101006_bolt_23. [42] "BOLT Security" (http:/ / boltbrowser. ctiawireless. com/ browsers/ new-version-of-bolt-browser-fully-supports-html5-video/ ).0 Beta Review" (http:/ / tbottle. 2009-04-01. Bitstream. com/ tb/ 2010/ 03/ 24/ blackberry-bolt-browser-2-0-beta-review/ ). Retrieved 7 January 2011. Bitstream. 43 . com/ faq. Bitstream Inc. Press Release. [47] "Allview Selects BOLT as Official Mobile Browser Partner for Mobile Phones across Europe" (http:/ / bitstream. html#supported). com/ faq. com/ [23] "Bitstream Releasees New Beta Version of BOLT Mobile Browser" (http:/ / www. html). 2010-02-15. [38] "Bitstream Launches Free Public Beta of the BOLT Mobile Browser" (http:/ / bitstream. com/ faq. 2009-12-29. CrackBerry. [26] http:/ / www. com/ bolt-mobile-browser/ 9742-1_53-50005630. . Bitstream. 2009-01-16. . . [36] "Features" (http:/ / boltbrowser. html). com/ corporate/ news/ press_2009/ th_091007_bolt_release. 2009-07-28. . . . com/ bolt-mobile-browser-renders-100-million-pages/ ). com/ faq. html#splitscreen). bitstream. html). [33] "Bolt Mobile Browser renders 100 million pages!" (http:/ / www. Bitstream Inc. bitstream. pdastreet. html). com/ corporate/ news/ press_2009/ th_091007_bolt_release. Retrieved 7 January 2011. 2010-03-23. html). [31] "India on the map again: 1 in 6 BOLT users is INDIAN!" (http:/ / www. Bitstream. [22] http:/ / www. html). 2010-03-24. com/ faq. 2009-06-29. com/ 2010/ 03/ 23/ bolt-2-0-busts-out-tabbed-browsing. [44] "Languages" (http:/ / boltbrowser. cnet. .Adds Copy and Paste. WAP Review. . com/ corporate/ news/ press_2010/ th_101129_bolt_indic. com/ articles/ 2009/ 6/ 2009-6-23-Fledgling-Mobile-Browser2. . com/ 2009/ 01/ 16/ bolt-web-browser-for-blackberry/ ). com/ corporate/ news/ press_2009/ th_090629_bolt_beta3. [37] "Split screen mode" (http:/ / boltbrowser. com/ faq. BerryReview. [32] "Bolt Mobile Browser Celebrates Milestone" (http:/ / www. . [46] "BOLT is First Mobile Browser with Complete Indic Language Support" (http:/ / bitstream.

[54] "2010 Mobile Star Awards" (http:/ / www. (http://www. com/ 2010/ 03/ ctia-e-tech-award-winners-pureness-samsung-i8530-bolt. Retrieved 7 January 2011.Bolt Browser [48] "KC Mobile Selects BOLT as Default Web Browser for Mobile Phones Worldwide" (http:/ / bitstream. wirelessandmobilenews. .000+ Free Apps Via GetJar" (http:/ / bitstream. Retrieved 7 January 2011. Brew MP is also known as the pseudo OS and it runs on Brew RTOS.2357392. cfm).6" (http:/ / www. it is a complete set of APIs that enables software development and applications in C. . 44 References External links • Official BOLT Browser website (http://www. htm). com/ corporate/ news/ press_2010/ th_100209_thunderhawk_bolt.bitstream. Retrieved 7 January 2011. Another signature verifies that an application has . One signature authenticates the developer. Retrieved 7 January 2011. com/ corporate/ news/ press_2010/ th_100805_bolt_getjar. Bitstream. It has a footprint of about 15900 K. techawardscircle. Retrieved 7 January 2011. html). html). [53] "CTIA E-Tech Award Winners. .2817. . . the Brew Simulator. CTIA E-Tech Awards.[1] For testing applications during the development process. . [49] "Expanded BOLT Mobile Browser OEM Edition Now Available" (http:/ / bitstream. html). Stevie Awards. [57] "Tech Awards Circle Winners Represent Best of Tech 2010" (http:/ / www. .00. Mobile Star Awards.1. Retrieved 7 January 2011. com/ awards. com/ html/ ww/ 100/ 2009/ about/ browsing. [58] "BOLT 1. mobilemeritawards. html). [51] "BOLT Mobile Browser Users to Get 70.com/) • Official [[Bitstream Inc. the SDK includes a Brew Emulator. . As a software platform that can download and run small programs for playing games. html). or starting with Brew Version 3. [56] "The Finalists" (http:/ / www. Retrieved 7 January 2011. [50] "Second Generation BOLT Mobile Browser Now Available to OEMs and MNOs around the World" (http:/ / bitstream.boltbrowser. Brew application development Software for the Brew MP enabled handsets can be developed in C or C++ using the freely downloadable Brew MP SDK. Bitstream.com/)] website] Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless Brew (Brew MP) is an application development platform created by Qualcomm. Brew MP acts between the application and the wireless device on-chip operating system in order to allow programmers to develop applications without needing to code for system interface or understand wireless applications. asp). html?tag=mncol). the main advantage of Brew MP is that the application developers can easily port their applications among all Brew MP devices. Bitstream. Samsung I8530 & BOLT" (http:/ / www. and sharing photos. Retrieved 7 January 2011. com/ winners. mobilevillage. com/ pubs/ women/ awards/ 414_2252_20190. Retrieved 7 January 2011. cnet. . . sending messages. Mobile Merit Awards. PC Magazine. pcmag. Bitstream. stevieawards. com/ index5. com/ article2/ 0. . C++ and Java and is supported (platform) by an ASIC. Retrieved 7 January 2011. html). Tech Awards Circle. com/ corporate/ news/ press_2010/ th_100524_bolt_21. Retrieved 7 January 2011. Pureness. It debuted in September 2001. html). CNET Webware. originally for CDMA mobile phones. com/ corporate/ news/ press_2010/ th_100112_bolt_kcmobile.5 and above. [52] "2010 MOBILE MERIT AWARDS WINNERS ANNOUNCED!" (http:/ / www. [55] "2009 Honorees" (http:/ / www. The Brew environment provides for multiple levels of application signatures. Software For software developers.

This is referred to as "Disable/Restore".[2] Business model implications Time to market can take longer with Brew than with Java ME because of Brew's rigorous certification requirements.bar. The individual telecommunications operators configure the handsets to either enforce or ignore the presence and verification of this second signature. Currently. while any other files remain in their original place. This certification process may be perceived as an advantage by established software developers because the difficulties associated with testing and development costs create a high cost of entry to developers with low budgets and little time. Qualcomm makes applications that have passed testing available to Brew enabled wireless network operators.mod.S. A Brew application contains several components which. The Brew Emulator (currently called Brew Simulator) does not emulate handset's hardware. while most Java ME carriers did not.sig files are deleted from the handset. resulting in less market dilution. a file which contains string and image resources if required. One of the initial advantages of Brew was that Verizon made it easy to purchase applications from the phone.bar. Because of this. and a file containing the application digital signature. or only Java ME. and is a requirement of the TRUE Brew Test Process. • Finally. The Disable/Restore process is only available to consumer users once the handset's memory is completely full. while Brew is primarily used in the U. . the least expensive digital signature package for developers costs 400 USD for 100 application submissions. Qualcomm and Adobe announced a partnership to integrate Adobe Flash Lite as a supported user interface on Brew.Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless passed TRUE Brew testing and is bestowed through Intertek. • Next.mod. During the "Restore" operation. developers of casual games run less risk of having to compete with freeware workalikes developed and self-published by hobbyists. On May 28. most carriers of Java ME . • After an application is written it takes two weeks per iteration of True Brew testing (each time the application fails the test). This includes the compiled binary file. the features it uses and permissions requested. applications cannot be tested for platform bugs related to memory alignment and various firmware related glitches without a Brew handset operating in test mode. negotiations with carrier(s) commence. For testing purpose. Brew Applications may be unloaded from a consumer handset to save handset memory space. Brew enabled handsets have a test mode that allows applications to bypass verification of the signature. the . and . 2008. Saved files are kept intact using Disable/Restore. cause the application to be automatically deleted on reboot. Java ME may offer a lower cost to market because most carriers allow non-certified Java ME applications to run on their phones. Brew applications can be transferred using a USB or serial cable to any Brew-compatible handset using Brew AppLoader from Qualcomm. Instead. . 45 Development fees Since March 2006. rolling out a new version means starting the process over again. However this comes as a cost to the end-user as there's less competition to develop the best solution for the cheapest price to the end user.S.. (if successful) the carrier will spend time retesting the application with their own tests on their network. all . a file which describes the application. Java ME is widely used in Europe. The operators are then able to choose which of these applications to make available to end-users on their catalog. Specifically. • Then. the Brew application is compiled to native code and linked with a compatible Brew runtime library. and Japan. and it is possible to re-load the application without paying for it again. Even in the U. if not present and valid. In a "Disable" situation.sig files are downloaded from the carrier's mobile store. and the previously disabled application will have full functionality remaining. and. However. Java ME phones have a larger market share than Brew enabled handsets. most developers choose to support both Java ME and Brew.

com/go-to-market/overview • https://developer. html External links • Brew MP (http://www. Amoi Samsung Mobile amongst others use Brew OS in some of their mobile phones and it is featured in Three UK phones such as the 3 Skypephone.com/resources • https://developer.co. This reduces the entry barrier to produce Brew applications by eliminating the need to develop two versions of the same application in both Java and C/C++.BREW Unit Test Framework Harness for C/C++ Unit Test.S. (http://sourceforge.asp?c=1266) • Adobe Flash Lite for BREW Datasheet (.pdf) (http://www.brewmp. Classic Brew Notes • https://developer. com/ tools/ sdk [2] http:/ / www. however most often the end-user does not know this since mobile phones running Brew most often lack any Brew OS branding and Brew runs in the background with the custom "skins" of the mobile phone manufacturer or operator on-top. 46 Usage Brew OS is used by some mobile phone manufacturers and mobile networks.com/forum • https://developer.adobe.com/reference/api-all • https://developer.pdf) • cxBrewUnit .brewmp. the UK and Australia on many mobile phones produced especially for their network. verisign.com/) • In-depth discussion of BREW and other mobile platforms from European market perspective (http://www. Brew OS is used by Sprint Nextel. brewmp.Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless phones now offer easy-to-access purchasing portals.brewmp. pocketgamer. INQ1 and Huawei u7510 (3 Touch). Manufacturers such as Huawei.brewmp.brewmp.com/blogs Heavily Branded Brew References [1] https:/ / developer.net/projects/ cxbrewunit/) .com/devices • https://developer.brewmp. Cellular and Verizon in the US and by the Three network in much of Europe. INQ Mobile. U. There are now commercial technologies to fully automate porting from Java ME to Brew. com/ products-services/ security-services/ code-signing/ brew-document-ids/ index.com/products/flashlite/brew/ flashlite_brew_datasheet.brewmp. metroPCS.uk/r/Mobile/feature.

[9] • The Mattress Factory Art Museum uses the Brightkite Wall in the museum lobby as a way to communicate with visitors. Users "check in" at places by using text messaging or one of the mobile applications and they can see who is nearby and who has been there before. Brightkite is available worldwide. In April 2009 Brightkite was acquired by mobile social network Limbo.[5] iPhone app The Brightkite iPhone app uses the iPhone's geolocation features to automatically locate the user. iOS (iPhone).[2] [3] Overview Brightkite allows registered users to connect with their existing friends and also meet new people based on the places that they go. browse their friend and nearby streams. Brightkite currently has applications for Android. they can post notes and photos to that location and other users can comment on these posts. while also having the option to share their geotagged photo posts to Flickr. send messages. and Symbian. post a note or photo. or keyword.[11] • Oscar Mayer uses Brightkite to track [12] their Wienermobiles across the country on their Hotdogger Blog.Brightkite 47 Brightkite Brightkite is a location-based social networking website that is available on any mobile device.[6] The Brightkite Wall The Brightkite Wall[7] is a visualization tool that shows real-time updates from a place. The service was created in 2007 by Brady Becker.[10] Related applications Brightkite has a public application programming interface (API) available to build websites and applications that augment the official website. Martin May and Alan Seideman who previously founded the SMS notification service Loopnote [1]. Users control the privacy of their updates and can choose to share them with their Twitter and Facebook accounts. Once a user "checks in" at a place. From the app a user can check in.[8] Users also have the option to display posts from Twitter containing a specific hashtag. user.[4] Android app The Brightkite Android app also uses the phone's GPS to locate the user and has many of the same features as the iPhone app.[13] [14] . and access their account settings. Notable additions include mapping and background notifications.

html) January 29. com/ 2006/ 12/ 10/ new-service-keeps-you-in-the-loop/ [2] Limbo (http:/ / www. 2008 Mashable [7] Brightkite Wall (http:/ / brightkite. blogspot. php) November 20. crunchbase. com/ 2008/ 10/ 16/ brightkite-iphone-app/ ) October 16.Brightkite 48 References [1] http:/ / www. com/ 2009/ 06/ 30/ brightkite-for-android-is-the-best-version-yet/ ) June 30. com/ 2009/ 02/ 23/ twitter-posts-in-brightkite-wall/ ) February 23. July 15. com/ wall) [8] "A New Backchannel For Live Events: The Brightkite Wall" (http:/ / www. com/ archives/ a_new_backchannel_for_live_events_brightkite_wall. com/ ) [14] Brightkite Blog (http:/ / blog. techcrunch. com/ 2009/ 04/ 07/ mobile-socializing-limbo-merges-with-brightkite-and-announces-9-million-funding-round/ ) April 7. 2009 [11] Brightkite API (http:/ / groups. techcrunch. 2009 TechCrunch [4] Brightkite. com/ 2009/ 01/ two-tweets-passing-in-night-screentxt. Inc. readwriteweb. com/ where-are-we/ [13] Hotdogger Blog (http:/ / hotdoggerblog. 2009 External links Official website (http://brightkite. 2009 Download Squad [6] "Brightkite’s iPhone App Highlights the Potential of GPS" (http:/ / mashable.com) . com/ 2009/ 07/ 15/ ketchup-with-the-weinermobile/ ). (http:/ / brightkite. brightkite. 2008 Read Write Web [9] Brightkite Blog (http:/ / blog. 2009 [10] Mattress Factory Blog (http:/ / artyoucangetinto. com/ ) [5] "Brightkite for Android is the best version yet" (http:/ / www. com/ group/ brightkite-api) [12] http:/ / hotdoggerblog. brightkite. com/ company/ limbo) [3] "Mobile Socializing: Limbo Merges With Brightkite and Announces $9 Million Funding Round" (http:/ / www. downloadsquad. google.

PenPod. This has advantages over standard mobile-phone web surfing by allowing a richer video display than is possible on a standard mobile phone display. By dialling a number that is displayed on screen. Pen2PC. Visualeyes. Staffordshire. games. Warehouse Management system WMS. . UK UK Kevin Griffiths. based in Stoke-on-Trent. Vehicle/Order tracking Solution. conference and events information. public service information or retail advertising. com Founded Founder(s) Headquarters Area served Key people Products Services Employees Website Canditv (candy-tv) is software developed by Data Driven Logistics. Kevin Taylor Stoke-On-Trent. transport management system (TMS) Canditv 21 (December 2008) http:/ / www. Staffordshire in the UK. Overview Canditv utilises a standard mobile phone to interact with content displayed on any public video display in order to deliver content to the customer.Canditv 49 Canditv Data Driven Logistics Type Industry Private Digital Media Mobile communications 2008 Kevin Griffiths. MobileYes. canditv. Kevin Taylor Canditv. the customer can interact with the displayed content via the appropriate keypress on their phone. This content could be tourism information.

BREWMP. org/ server. BREW. The database lists the locations where blocks of phone numbers with a given area code and exchange prefix were initially registered.Canditv 50 Study Canditv is currently being studied by students at Staffordshire University. 2008-12-08. . bcs. html). This database may be updated periodically over a communications channel using standard client-server application layer methods. Cequint assists these teams in integrating the City and State lookup and subscription management. Staffordshire. co. . com/ [6] http:/ / team. Retrieved 2008-12-10. 23497) [2] http:/ / www. canditv. uk/ business/ Mobile-marvel-hopes-tourists-control/ article-529823-detail/ article. The Sentinel. and Windows Mobile. jsp [3] "The Fourth Annual ICT Excellence Awards" (http:/ / www. U. UK. The particular position and font of the City and State text is determined by the cellular phone software team. Awards • Medallists for Project Excellence and Flagship Innovation at the BCS Industry Awards[1] [2] • Winner of the 2008 West Midlands ICT Cluster ICT Excellence Award for "Best Innovative Product"[3] [4] Sponsorship Canditv sponsors a British cycling (Pinarello canditv rt) team that saw much success during the tours of Britain and Ireland in 2008.S. These platforms include Blackberry. uk/ faculties/ comp_eng_tech/ news_and_events/ Prize_WinningProductFCET. thisisstaffordshire. City ID logo Caller information operation The City and State information is determined by referencing an area code and exchange (NPA-NXX) of a phone number from a database stored locally on the handset. wmictcluster. West Midlands ICT Cluster. As of March 2011. [5] http:/ / www. . Cellular and T-Mobile. AT&T[1] . Cequint has worked and continues to work with all major United States cellular carrier companies including Verizon Wireless. As part of a collaborative scholarship with Staffordshire University. com/ City ID City ID is a caller information software product created by Cequint Incorporated. pinarellort. staffs. [4] "Mobile marvel hopes to put more tourists in control" (http:/ / www. Canditv is being developed to create a new way to interact with the public. Android. Alltel. The City ID application returns the City and State results to the cellular phone's Operating System which displays this information on call screens. Cequint has integrated City ID with over 30 handsets spanning five cellular phone Operating System platforms. aspx). ac. City ID displays the North American city and state (primarily USA and Canada) of a calling phone number based upon the phone number's area code and exchange. 2008-11-20. php?show=conWebDoc. org/ news-media-pr/ events/ items/ 4th-annual-excellence-awards. JME.[5] [6] References [1] 2008 Project Excellence Award Winners and Medalists (http:/ / www. Retrieved 2008-12-10.

For the Android operating system. According to Cequint. jsp). att. Android Details City ID is pre-installed on Android phones from Verizon Wireless. In other words. . 2011. html). vzw. For land-lines phones this information is a reliable method for determining the phone's originating calling office or switch (the exchange). html Android Forum . Cheaper feature phones in North America are most often BREW-based mobile phones. a mobile phone caller with a phone number registered in city and state A may call from any location outside of city and state A. e. AT&T. so please be sure to select “No” upon the first expiration message to disable City ID. References [1] "See who's calling."How do you uninstall CityID" (accessed 3 Feb 2011) . "The way to disable City ID is to select “No” at the end of the free trial. with City ID®" (http:/ / www."[3] BREW Details City ID is pre-installed on many BREW (and the successor OS. The software is pre-installed and users cannot remove or disable it unless they have root privileges. If you select “Remind Me Later. which ends 15 days after you receive the initial free trial notification. Providing Customers With City And State Information For Incoming Calls" (http:/ / news. [3] http:/ / androidforums. "rooted" their phone. com/ news/ 2008/ 09/ pr2008-09-08e. com/ learn/ basics/ choosing-features-services/ city-id. The program only displays methods for extension and does not have an Opt Out option. users can force stop it from the Application Manager in the Settings menu. [2] "Verizon Wireless Introduces City ID.” or press the Back or End key (or a similar action) the trial expired message will appear after each incoming call (up to 10 times). wireless. Other operating systems may have some control through the Media Center. BREW and BREWMP phones usually do not have obvious branding like Android and Blackberry phones. the land-line phone location may have a variable distance from the calling office. However. Android removal CityID announces itself during calls or text messages via a popup advertisement that gives the user an option to either "download now" or "remind me later". The displayed city and state A will be irrelevant to the caller's current physical location. For mobile phones this information is much less useful because mobile phones often operate outside of their originally registered area code and exchange area.g. Verizon Wireless. Retrieved 25 March 2011. . BREW removal The Media Center should allow removal of the pre-installed City ID application. com/ incredible-support-troubleshooting/ 70786-city-id-how-do-you-uninstall-3.[2] The software has a 15 day free trial and then a subscription fee is required to continue the service. Retrieved Feb 3. BREWMP) phones from several carriers.City ID 51 Caller information limitation The limitation of this caller information method is the City and State information is only a lookup of the place wherein the phone number was registered.

In the peer to peer network.com/) • Alltel Wireless first carrier to introduce enhanced caller ID feature (http://www. So do the Internet's main application protocols. . are built on the client–server model.att. Specific types of clients include web browsers. which initiate requests for such services. but both client and server may reside in the same system. Functions such as email exchange. Users accessing banking services from their computer use a web browser client to send a request to a web server at a bank. that is where the term peer-to-peer comes from. name servers. Sequence diagrams are standardized in the Unified Modeling Language. called servers. Comparison to peer-to-peer architecture Peer-to-peer networks involve two or more computers pooling individual resources such as disk drives. and terminal servers. Clients therefore initiate communication sessions with servers which await incoming requests.alltel. but requests a server's content or service function. They are also cheaper to set up because most desktop operating systems have the software required for the network installed by default. While a client-server network involves multiple clients connecting to a single.com/corporate/media/ news/07/may/n411may2207a. and service requesters. application servers. database servers. called clients. SMTP. file servers.html) • Verizon Wireless Introduces City ID. Each computer acts as both the client and the server which means all the computers on the network are equals. print servers. That program may in turn forward the request to its own database client program that sends a request to a database server at another bank computer to retrieve the account information. These shared resources are available to every computer in the network.On the other hand client-server model works with any size or physical layout of LAN and doesn't tend to slow down with a heavy use. The server component provides a function or service to one or many clients. ftp servers. and online chat clients. A server machine is a host that is running one or more server programs which share their resources with clients.com/learn/basics/choosing-features-services/ city-id.City ID 52 External links • Cequint home page (http://www. high speed computer with a large hard disk capacity.cequint. CD-ROMs and printers.jsp) Client–server model The client–server model of computing is a distributed application structure that partitions tasks or workloads between the providers of a resource or service. The interaction between client and server is often described using sequence diagrams. Description The client–server characteristic describes the relationship of cooperating programs in an application. Specific types of servers include web servers. mail servers.html) • AT&T City ID feature explanation (http://www. central server. which in turn serves it back to the web browser client displaying the results to the user. Most web services are also types of servers. The client–server model has become one of the central ideas of network computing. web access and database access. Providing Customers With City And State Information For Incoming Calls (http://news.[1] Often clients and servers communicate over a computer network on separate hardware. such as HTTP. Many business applications being written today use the client–server model.The file server on a client-server network is a high capacity.vzw.com/news/2008/09/pr2008-09-08e. Telnet. The balance is returned to the bank database client. A client does not share any of its resources.wireless. a software applications can be installed on the single computer and shared by every computer in the network. and DNS. email clients.

The resources of the computers in the network can become overburdened as they have to support not only the workstation user. and ease of use. References [1] "Distributed Application Architecture" (http:/ / java. upgrade. Client/Server Networks . It is possible to set up a server on a desktop computer. which generally have far greater security controls than most clients. the server can become overloaded. It is also difficult to provide systemwide services because the desktop operating system typically used in this type of network is incapable of hosting the service.[2] [3] 53 Advantages • In most cases. . com/ developer/ Books/ jdbc/ ch07. the remaining nodes should still have the data needed to complete the download. • It functions with multiple different clients of different capabilities. • The client–server paradigm lacks the robustness of a good P2P network. resources are usually distributed among many nodes. to guarantee that only those clients with the appropriate permissions may access and change data. Even if one or more nodes depart and abandon a downloading file. Sun Microsystem. They also require a greater level of expertise to configure and manage the server hardware and software. but it is recommended that businesses invest in enterprise-class hardware and software. • Many mature client–server technologies are already available which were designed to ensure security. Contrast that to a P2P network. • Since data storage is centralized. clients’ requests cannot be fulfilled. or even relocate a server while its clients remain both unaware and unaffected by that change. but also the requests from network users.Where the client-server networks have a higher initial setup cost. updates to that data are far easier to administer in comparison to a P2P paradigm. a client–server architecture enables the roles and responsibilities of a computing system to be distributed among several independent computers that are known to each other only through a network. pdf). In the latter. for example. [2] Book: Computers are your future [3] Peer to Peer vs. Disadvantages • As the number of simultaneous client requests to a given server increases. which is time-consuming as there can be thousands or even millions of peers. friendliness of the user interface. not on the network as a whole. Under client–server. Retrieved 2009-06-16. since the P2P network's overall bandwidth can be roughly computed as the sum of the bandwidths of every node in that network. should a critical server fail. data updates may need to be distributed and applied to each peer in the network. In P2P networks. it is possible to replace. Servers can better control access and resources. sun. • All data is stored on the servers. where its aggregated bandwidth actually increases as nodes are added.Client–server model Peer-to-peer networks are typically less secure than a client-server networks because security is handled by the individual computers. This creates an additional advantage to this architecture: greater ease of maintenance. repair. For example.

[7] [8] This engine was used by a young eighth grader. . iPad. Ansca announced a beta for Corona Game Edition.1 was released with additional features. which will include a physics engine and other advanced features aimed specifically at game development. The following February.[2] [6] In April 2010. The SDK does not charge per-app royalty or impose any branding requirement. It allows software programmers to build mobile applications for the iPhone. the Corona SDK 1.1 / 5 February 2009 Operating system Mac OS (creation) iPhone/iPad (deployment) Android (deployment) Type Website Software development kit Game engine www. who developed a physics puzzle game called Bubble Ball. 2011. Corona lets developers use integrated Lua. Ansca launched Corona SDK 1. to build graphically rich applications that are also lightweight in size and quick in development time. The Corona SDK was released to developers running Windows XP and newer for PC based development. and Android devices.com [1] Corona is a software development kit created by Ansca Mobile. In June 2009. they released the first Corona SDK beta free for early adopters. layered on top of Objective-C. they were both mobile engineers who worked on Flash Lite.anscamobile. Icaza was the senior mobile engineering manager who led the Flash Lite team while Luh was the lead architect.0 for the iPhone. Corona 2. Later that month.0 features are expected to be rolled out gradually per Corona's subscription-based purchase model.0's definitive new feature was cross-platform support for the iPhone. 2010. and has a subscription-based purchase model that allows new features to be rolled out immediately to users.0 beta was released. additional 2.Corona (software development kit) 54 Corona (software development kit) Corona SDK Developer(s) Stable release Ansca Mobile 1.[9] [10] [11] As of January 25.[3] [4] [5] In December 2009.[2] [3] History Co-founders Carlos Icaza and Walter Luh started Ansca Mobile after departing from Adobe in 2007. and Android devices. At Adobe. which reached the top spot on the list of free games on Apple iTunes within the first two weeks after its release on December 22. Plans for additional platforms were also announced at this time. iPad. the Corona SDK 2.

Ansca Mobile Company Blog. tuaw.Ansca Mobile Company Blog. anscamobile. June 24. including sprites that animate at full GPU speed. . Retrieved 2011-01-28. video player.biz. com/ corona/ flash-developers/ ). . . April 23.org website (http://www. [7] "Ansca Mobile iPhone Authoring Tool Adds Android . . jhtml?articleID=224400157). com/ s/ zd/ 20110118/ tc_zd/ 259451).InformationWeek. April 14.The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW). [12] "Corona SDK Specs .[12] References [1] http:/ / www. com/ 2010/ 04/ introducing-corona-game-edition-3/ ). April 14. biz/ r/ PG. 2011).Corona (software development kit) 55 Features • Proprietary OpenGL-ES rendering engine allows for full hardware acceleration of graphics. Retrieved 2010-05-04. December 1. January 18. External links • Ansca Mobile website (http://www. Jan 18. Ex-Adobe Engineers Weigh In on Jobs’ Flash Attack . and keyboard input. 2011. 2011.[13] • Apps built with Corona start at under 400KB in size. [5] "Ex-Adobe engineers create Flash competitor Corona for the iPhone . com/ 2010/ 04/ 14/ 360idev-ansca-mobiles-corona-sdk). 2009" (http:/ / www. 2010" (http:/ / www. [4] "Adobe CEO. com/ article/ idUSTRE70J05W20110120). .PocketGamer. uk/ technology/ 2011/ jan/ 18/ angry-bird-bubble-ball-itunes).VentureBeat. [3] "Adobe vets build rival to Flash for iPhone apps . . reuters. com/ corona/ game-developers/ ). com [2] "Ansca Mobile Releases Corona For iPhone Development . Yahoo! News.coronaforums.Ansca Mobile Web Site" (http:/ / anscamobile. Retrieved 2010-05-04.dragonfiresdk. . Retrieved 2010-05-10. Retrieved 2011-01-28. [14] "360iDev: Ansca Mobile's Corona SDK . Retrieved 2010-05-14.com) • CoronaForums. pocketgamer.anscamobile. and/or GPS. magnetometer. . jhtml?articleID=222000116). anscamobile. April 30. .[2] • Subscription-based purchase model allows users to have new updates as soon as they are rolled out. informationweek. rotation.[12] • Transition library enables tweening of Corona-powered sprites' position. [8] "Introducing Corona Game Edition . accelerometer. Biz/ Corona/ news. June 23. The Guardian.Wired. 2009" (http:/ / venturebeat. Retrieved 2010-05-10. alpha. Retrieved 2010-05-17. 2010" (http:/ / blog.InformationWeek. com/ 2010/ 02/ corona-1-1-is-now-shipping/ ). [13] "Corona SDK Specs (Alt. com/ gadgetlab/ 2010/ 04/ adobe-flash-jobs/ ). wired. com/ news/ security/ app-security/ showArticle. . compass. 2009" (http:/ / www. [11] James Nelson (Jan 19.[14] • Full feature integration with device camera. com/ news/ personal_tech/ iphone/ showArticle. [10] "Angry Birds knocked off perch by Bubble Ball" (http:/ / www. multi-line fields. Retrieved 2010-05-14. 2010" (http:/ / www. . Reuters. or any other property. asp?c=14053). co. Retrieved 2011-01-28.com.1 is now shipping . February 5. . [6] "Corona 1.) . Retrieved 2010-05-17. AnscaMobile. yahoo. .Ansca Mobile Web Site" (http:/ / anscamobile. 2010" (http:/ / www. informationweek.com) . [9] "Eighth Grader's 'Bubble Ball' Is Most Downloaded Game on iTunes" (http:/ / news.[13] • Supports native iPhone and Android UI. guardian. Retrieved 2010-05-02. com/ 2009/ 06/ 23/ adobe-vets-build-rival-to-flash-for-iphone-apps/ ). 2010" (http:/ / blog. Retrieved 2010-05-10. ""Bubble Ball" iPhone app inventor is Utah eighth grader" (http:/ / www.org) See Also • DragonFire SDK (http://www. Developers can access the iPhone's native text features including all fonts.

video and audio industry related professionals to search for vendors and freelancers instantly with their interactive production guide throughout the U.[4] Producers can plan and manage their own workforce through the creation and instant distribution of their digital call sheets.S. in 2010. . by hiting a "hot button" in the doddle app from any page to take you right to the doddle‘s international film office listings. they are able to communicate and collaborate with that entity using all the technology the iPhone has to offer. doddleme. by principals and founders Richard Kwiat and Jim Robertson[1] . All call sheets will always remain synced together. Film Commission info is also available.[5] The Doddle call sheets function can be created on your smartphone as well as on the doddle online platform. com/ Doddle is an iPhone application that provides a mobile production guide to the video.1 May 2010 / 2010-04-12 Operating system iPhone OS Available in Website English http:/ / www.[2] Doddle offers a "recents" section to ensure you won‘t have to search all over again for listings you‘ve already looked at. History Doddle is a product founded by Mobile Imagination.[2] The Product Doddle allows a user to select from over 100 different listing(s) of their choice.[3] Doddle offers a customizable favorites list so you can organize all the companies and crew you prefer to work with. LLC. Doddle allows film.Doddle 56 Doddle Doddle Developer(s) Initial release Stable release Mobile Imagination April.[1] The application is available for download from the App Store and Doddle's website. film and audio production industries. 2010 1.

 1. tmcnet. 1. php?ref=420591/ ). eChannelNEWS [4] Macworld AppGuide Doddle Reference App (http:/ / www. 2010). NAB Show [6] http:/ / www. 12 2010). Pro Video Coalition. TMCNet: Mobility Featured Article [3] eChannelNEWS New Smartphone App Promises to Revolutionize Entertainment and Production Industry (http:/ / www. tmcnet. com/ ec_storydetail. ibxlifestyles. 1–3. Pro Video Coalition (April. com/ appguide/ app. doddleme. htm/ ). pdf). macworld. ibxlifestyles. com/ index. com/ [7] http:/ / itunes. iPod ouch. Macworld. pp. eChannelNEWS.Doddle 57 External links • • • • Doddle's official site [6] Doddle for iPhone. pp. TMCNet. php/ nabproduction/ story/ nab_video_doddle/ ). com/ topics/ mobility/ articles/ 81520-doddle-inspire-entertainment-production-industry. 20 2010). pp. and iPad on the iTunes App Store [7] Spring 2010 IBX Lifestyles Magazine [8] TMCNet: Doddle to Inspire Entertainment and Production Industry [9] References [1] Frank. Macworld AppGuide [5] Staff. TMCNet: Mobility Featured Article Doddle to Inspire Entertainment and Production Industry (http:/ / unified-communications. htm . pp. Dawson (April. April. April. 1. html?id=497189& expand=true). com/ topics/ mobility/ articles/ 81520-doddle-inspire-entertainment-production-industry. apple. 1. Dooley (April.Doddle (http:/ / provideocoalition. pp. com/ e107_files/ downloads/ ibx_lifestyles_spring_2010_final. / Spring 2010 IBX Lifestyles Magazine Smartphone App for Filmmakers Officers IBX Opportunity (http:/ / www. com/ page. / Spring 2010 IBX Lifestyles Magazine [2] Carolyn. com/ us/ app/ doddle/ id365398792?mt=8& ign-mpt=uo%3D6/ [8] http:/ / www. 12 2010. php?25/ [9] http:/ / unified-communications. IBX Lifestyles Magazine. e-channelnews. 10 2010. NAB Show NAB .

ERP.[2] DragonRAD is an evolution of SeregonMAP. and synchronization rules and workflow. Windows Mobile. Android. 2011. that adds many new features to the drag and drop enterprise application development platform. Oracle.DragonRAD 58 DragonRAD DragonRAD Developer(s) Stable release Seregon Solutions Inc. build native mobile applications quickly and easily in a visual drag and drop development environment. Windows Mobile. and BlackBerry PlayBook(Beta).com [1] DragonRAD is a cross-platform mobile development tool for building. event handlers. 4. database definitions. & Legacy Applications).[3] On January 12. Cross platform support for developing Android and Windows Mobile applications was added in October 2010. DragonRAD is developed by Seregon Solutions Inc. Microsoft. the company made a commitment to developers and the BlackBerry platform with their announcement to support the BlackBerry PlayBook. Features The core features of DragonRAD include: • Cross-platform support for BlackBerry. and was released in September 2010. Android. and deploy them to a wide array of mobile devices and operating systems including BlackBerry. Sybase • Native rapid application development • One-button publish for over-the-air application delivery • Powerful data triggers.0 / 28 November 2010 Operating system BlackBerry. a mobile enterprise application platform. and managing enterprise mobile applications across a variety of smartphones and tablets.DragonRAD. and BlackBerry PlayBook (Beta) • Easy-to-use drag and drop design environment • Seamless integration with IBM Lotus Domino and SQL databases including MySQL. deploying. Web Services.[4] DragonRAD allows software developers to connect to their enterprise backends (CRM. Android. Rapid Application Development www. DragonRAD includes a visual drag and drop development environment with GUI design. Windows Mobile. expanding its cross platform support to the tablet market. and push notification . BlackBerry PlayBook (Beta) Type Website Application framework.

DragonRAD. 27 September 2010.DragonRAD 59 External links • DragonRAD Web site [1] • DragonRAD PlayBook Beta [5] References [1] http:/ / www. [4] "Seregon Solutions Announces Support for BlackBerry PlayBook" (http:/ / www. 12 January 2011. com/ releases/ DragonRAD/ PlayBook/ prweb4960674. DragonRAD. . html?x=0& . Yahoo. com/ news/ C-O-R-R-E-C-T-I-prnews-1016362708. htm). mobilitywire. com/ [2] "Seregon Reduces the Time and Cost of Enterprise Application Development for BlackBerry Smartphones" (http:/ / www. . . v=1). Retrieved 12 January 2011. 6 October 2010. yahoo. Retrieved 17 December 2010. com/ playbook-beta . prweb. MobilityWire. com/ seregon-solutions/ 2010/ 09/ 27/ 2957). PRWeb. Retrieved 17 December 2010. [3] "DragonRAD Fires Up Cross-Platform Mobile Enterprise Application Development" (http:/ / finance. [5] http:/ / www.

Spanish. S60. BlackBerry and HTC. Samsung. RIM. Jeff Laporte and John Lieu founded EQO so that they could leverage the power of the Internet to make mobile communications more accessible to more people in more places. As of summer of 2009. French. Background Colin Quon. LG. Users can also invite friends to join the EQO network. EQO is partnered with platform and handset manufacturers including Nokia. Spanish. Mandarin and Cantonese. Meaning young male of great talent. . Windows Mobile and Sony Ericsson. Russian. EQO launched in February 2006[4] . Motorola.EQO. and mobile networking technologies to enable its solution to work even in low-bandwidth / high-latency wireless data networking environments. Portuguese.EQO 60 EQO EQO Developer(s) EQO [1] Operating system Java ME. Technology EQO’s product design leverages VoIP. SMS/text messaging Freeware www. German. Call signaling and incoming messages are able to flow adaptively over SMS and/or wireless data networks. Windows Mobile and BlackBerry Available in Type License Website English. EQO operates in more than 200 countries. the EQO service appears to be non-operational and the company's web site devoid of previously existing features. EQO’s founders set out to change the way people stay in touch while on the go. Italian. This allows EQO today to support even single-mode phones without wireless data plans over current generation mobile networks. Samsung. German.. Portuguese. Instant Messaging. is seamless for users on mobile devices. Cantonese. and the application is available in multiple languages including English. The sending and receiving instant messages and checking the presence and availability of contacts. low-cost mobile VoIP and free or low-cost text messaging to mobile phones from manufacturers such as Nokia. HTC. Russian. Italian. Sony Ericsson. French. Learning from friends at Skype who single-handedly changed the way people talk at home and at work. whereas voice communications are typically delivered over the existing mobile voice network. Symbian.com [2] EQO (pronounced “echo”)[3] is a downloadable mobile application that brings free instant messaging. Mandarin Mobile VoIP/instant messaging. Later given to an abbreviation of the words El Quaido.

ICQ. VoIP monitor. voipmonitor. Google Talk. AIM and XMPP SMS and in-client messaging Real time presence indication Call history Mobile Roaming feature while traveling[5] . techvibes. . com/ 2007/ 05/ 23/ eqo-launches-mobile-voipchatmessaging-client/ ). com/ company/ eqo). . [6] http:/ / www. com http:/ / www. Changing Global Mobile Calling Landscape References [1] [2] [3] [4] http:/ / www. Retrieved 2008-04-01. . . e-mail to EQO support remains unanswered • 09/01/09 EQO service appears to be non-functional • 10/09/08 EQO downsizes from 35 to 12 employees [6] • 04/29/08 EQO Mobile EQO Mobile for Symbian OS • 04/01/08 EQO launches mobile roaming feature • 02/11/08 EQO Expands its mobile VoIP service globally • 10/31/07 EQO launches EQO Mobile WinMO version • 08/22/07 EQO Co-Founder Jeff Laporte Named Technology Review's Prestigious TR35 List of Top Young Innovators • 05/02/07 EQO announces as a 2007 Red Herring 100 Winner!] • 04/17/07 EQO Named one of Canada's Top "Up and Comers" by Branham Group • 05/23/06 EQO Communications Launches EQO Mobile. Retrieved 2008-06-25. External links • EQO Official Website (http://www. TechCrunch.EQO 61 Features • • • • • • Mobile VoIP communication IM aggregation: live chat between MSN Messenger. QQ. EQO. [5] "EQO Traveler Feature Launched at CTIA Wireless 2008" (http:/ / www. Yahoo Messenger.eqonetwork.com) . Retrieved 2007-05-23. "EQO Launches Mobile Voip-Chat-Messaging Client" (http:/ / www. Crunchbase. crunchbase. . net/ 2008/ 04/ 01/ EQO+ Traveler+ Feature+ Launched+ At+ CTIA+ Wireless+ 2008. Nick Gonzales. techcrunch. Major events • 10/09/09 EQO web page becomes devoid of important features such as access to user accounts. EQO. com/ "Company Profile" (http:/ / www.com) • EQO Network (http://www. com/ blog/ and-then-there-were-twelve. aspx).EQO.

fr/ actualites/ videos/ 0. EDS.Sparus. lemondeinformatique. fr/ actualites/ lire-le-prix-ie-club-distingue-les-pme-kxen-et-sparus-software-23184. Sparus Software is the company developing the EveryWAN Mobility Manager software. and has offices in Paris. smartphonemag. 107726 [7] http:/ / www.39051288.Encyclopedia for EveryWAN Mobility Manager [3] EveryWAN Mobility Manager . html . fr/ entreprises/ communication/ informatique--electronique/ 20081023trib000224533/ les-trophees-de-linnovation-2008--sparus-eds-evodia-atos-worldline-et-praxedo-recompensees.Mobile Device Management [4] Le Monde Informatique . zdnet. htm [8] http:/ / www.EveryWAN Mobility Manager 62 EveryWAN Mobility Manager EveryWAN Mobility Manager is a Mobile Device Management platform that acts as a centralized control center to enable management of large numbers of mobile handheld devices.Sparus. United Kingdom.Sparus wins 2007 Innovation Trophy (http:/ / www.00. latribune. sparus-software. [1] and the 2007 Sources • • • • • • Smartphone & Pocket PC Magazine . fr/ entreprises/ communication/ informatique--electronique/ 20081023trib000224533/ les-trophees-de-linnovation-2008--sparus-eds-evodia-atos-worldline-et-praxedo-recompensees. com/ cms/ encyclopedia/ software/ everywan-mobility-manager [4] http:/ / www. html) [3] http:/ / www. php?titre_actu=Sparus-Software-gagne-le-Grand-Prix-des-Trophees-de-l Innovation-2008-d Orange-Business-Services-& -Syntec-Informatique& id_actu=3703) [2] La Tribune . usinenouvelle. com/ article/ sparus-ubiquick-et-quescom-espoirs-2007-de-l-ie-club. html [6] http:/ / www. com/ actualites.39384565. France and Wantage.Atos and Praxedo recognized as innovative companies [8] Notes and references [1] Syntec . com/ management/ device/ mobile [5] http:/ / www.Sparus wins Innovation Grand Prize 2008 (http:/ / www. programmez.Sparus and Kxen win the Internet Entrepreneur Club's prize [5] L'Usine Nouvelle .EveryWAN Mobility Manager video [7] La Tribune .Evodia. EveryWAN Mobility Manager has won awards like the Syntec Innovation Grand Prize 2008 Innovation Trophy [2] from La Tribune. Ubiquick and Quescom software companies [6] ZDNet . latribune.

NET.Exit Games 63 Exit Games Exit Games. Income comes through professional services. Since all libraries connect to the same backend using the same commands and logics.NET Award" in the category "Best Mobility Solution"[2] and in 2006. In April 2007. Technology Exit Games provides MMOG middleware technology. PC and consoles. code samples and documentation. Originally running on mobile platforms such as Java ME. cross-platform interactivity is possible. In 2004. including mobile. Flash Lite. Exit Games won the third price of the "Microsoft . The core of Exit Games' technology is the multiplayer engine "Neutron" enabling the most common multiplayer features such as matchmaking. In May 2007. CEO and CTO www. Co-founder. founded in 2003.com [1] Website Exit Games is a German venture capital financed company. with offices in Hamburg and Portland offering a multiplayer engine for multiplayer games and massively multiplayer online games (MMOGs) on various technological platforms.e.. Objective-C and Flash. turn synchronisation. . Abandon Entertainment chose Exit Games Neutron as a platform for their brower-based MMOG Freaky Creatures[5] . i. Exit Games offers Neutron as a managed service including hosting. Exit Games Neutron libraries have also become available for Win32. Germany Key people Chris Wegmann. World Golf Tour chose Exit Games Neutron as a platform for their high-definition browser-based Golf game[4] . Win Mobile. This is offered as client and server SDKs which include libraries for various platforms. Android and iPhone. PC. but has also engaged in custom game server development. custom development. console). profiles and friends lists. Exit Games won the "3G CDMA Industry Achievement Award" in the category "Innovative Entertainment Technology Development"[3] Business model Exit Game provides its technology cost-free for development. Java SE. Type Industry Founded Private Online games February 2003 Headquarters Hamburg.exitgames. revenue-sharing or seat licensing. highscores. . communication between different variants of an application running on various platforms (mobile. Inc. BREW.

Red Bend Software also provides a list [2] of hundreds of mobile phone models that have FOTA software. com/ index?content=news& id=1949) External links • Exit Games (http://www. which helps reduce customer support costs and increase consumer satisfaction. Kyocera. Insignia (acquired by Smith Micro) and Red Bend Software. estimates that globally. All of these vendors provide client-server FOTA delivery and update technology. the firm forecasts that 50% of all handsets shipping will be FOTA-enabled. In its report. html) Exit Games' Neutron Platform selected by Abandon Mobile for multiplayer game freaky creatures (http:/ / www. you can instead download the firmware upgrade over the air directly from your mobile phone service provider. The feature goes by several names including Software Update. exitgames. midlet-review. most mid-range and high-end handsets shipping will be FOTA-capable. with the exception of Red Bend Software which focuses on client-side software.wgt. and therefore the majority of mobile phone manufacturers and operators have now adopted FOTA technology for their handsets. It also allows manufacturers and operators to "push out" firmware upgrades to ensure that mobile consumers have the latest software improvements. They usually list which handset models support over-the-air software updating (via FOTA) or which ones still require use of a cable-PC connection.com) • Freaky Creatures (http://www. Or some phone models can be upgraded by connecting your phone via a cable to your PC.exitgames. com/ http:/ / mobilegd. But both methods are considered inconvenient by consumers and also depend heavily on consumers to seek out the upgrade. Sony Ericsson. in addition to a few low-end devices. Open Mobile Alliance has released a testing process specification on Firmware Update Management standardize testing methods for FOTA. Normally you have to go to a specific service center (every mobile brand has their own) to get a firmware upgrade.0 Multiplayer Service (http:/ / yuzle. InnoPath.Exit Games 64 References [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] http:/ / www.com) • World Golf Tour (http://www. ARCchart reports that a number of vendors offer firmware update capable server and client technology. com/ news/ game/ 363. a UK-based analyst firm. The process typically takes between 3 and 10 minutes. Motorola.myfreakycreatures.com/) FOTA (technology) FOTA is an acronym for Firmware Over-the-Air. Toshiba and others. Nokia. at least 230 handset models have been released between 2003 and October 2006 that include FOTA support. You can check to see if your mobile phone supports FOTA by searching through your phone's menu. NEC. Sanyo. Of that figure. ARCchart. Sharp. Most major mobile phone manufacturers provide information about software updating on their websites. [1] which . com/ 2004/ 10/ 26/ exit-games-microsoft-net-award-finalist-in-the-category-best-mobility-solution http:/ / www. org/ news/ events/ awards/ awards_2006. depending on the size of the upgrade file and the speed of your wireless connection. typically in their customer support section. Firmware Update or Device Management. asp World Golf Tour Signs Neutron 4. These can be categorized into three tiers: • FOTA update technology suppliers: HP. It is used for upgrades to mobile phones and PDAs. By 2008. If the mobile phone has FOTA capability. Current phone manufacturers that produce FOTA capable phones include LG. cdg.

InnoPath and Mformation which offer FOTA delivery (and in some cases firmware lifecycle management) as part of a much broader MDM application suite. redbend. org/ technical/ release_program/ docs/ ets/ oma-ets-fumo-v1_0-20061215-c. Padding Padding involves adding excess memory or ‘pads’ around firmware blocks that may be replaced. which points to the replacement block. which makes the approach impractical for non-sequential updates. The drawback is that the updated image is not bit-for-bit identical to the original target version and requires excessive amounts of memory in real-world firmware deployments. The replacement block is appended to the image in a free expansion area. com/ enterprise/ cache/ 587632-0-0-225-121.FOTA (technology) • Firmware delivery server vendors: HP. In addition. pdf [2] http:/ / www. supports non-consecutive version upgrades and unlimited updates per device. yet produces a bit-for-bit exact images. Patching Patching involves inserting a jump instruction in the beginning of the block to be replaced. Computation Computation processes the output from the software compiler and linker to generate optimized update instructions. memory blocks which are not padded cannot often be updated. padding. • MDM server vendors and integrators: Gemalto. The computational approach allows for predictable firmware update sizes. The challenge here is that it requires additional 10-20% of memory and introduces planning overheads in the manufacturer development process. html . The major competitors in the FOTA client market are: • • • • Bitfone (acquired by HP in 2007 and is now HP Mobility Solutions) [3] InnoPath Mformation Technologies Red Bend Software 65 Approaches There are three fundamentally different technological approaches to generating delta files and applying these files to the firmware image: patching. www7. openmobilealliance. com/ devices/ [3] http:/ / h71028. and computation. External links • Open Mobile Alliance's FUMO Test specification [1] References [1] http:/ / www. HP and WDSGlobal who integrate or repackage firmware management server products from other vendors. This approach does not interfere with the development process. hp.

Symbian.com [11] ] References [1] (http:/ / www. mobilebusinessbriefing.[5] The company was founded by Ilja Laurs in 2004.net [7] (http:/ / www. GSMA Mpbile Business Briefing [6] Mobile Developer Community Site GetJar Gets Funding From Accel (http:/ / moconews. checked on 16th August 2010 .getjar.[3] GetJar allows software developers to upload their applications for free through a developer portal. The Independent [5] http:/ / www. meffys. Past Award Winners. com/ 8301-30686_3-10392095-266. com/ aboutus/ contact) GetJar. checked on 29th December 2010. html). Lead investor is Accel Partners. [2] GetJar: The unknown app store leader (http:/ / news. cnet. com/ article/ getjar-claims-3m-daily-downloads-names-facebook-as-most-popular-app GetJar claims 3M daily downloads. "D2C service" winner[7] TiECON50 2009. mocoNews.05 billion downloads.[6] Awards • • • • Meffys 2009. the World Economic Forum announced the company as a Technology Pioneer for 2011. com/ about/ past-award-winners) Meffys.[10] External links • www. co. About 300. cnews. uk/ news/ media/ getjar-smartphone-app-shop-closes-in-on-a-billion-downloads-1864736. The rate is currently at 3 million downloads per day. Lithuania and San Mateo. Best Mobile Service[9] On September 1. independent. asp) TiECON50. Windows Mobile and Android.GetJar 66 GetJar GetJar Initial release Operating system Type Website 2004 Multiple Software store http:/ / getjar. htm). "Wireless" winner[8] Mobile Excellence Awards 2009. BlackBerry. net/ Winners/ Nominations2009.com [3] GetJar offers non-smartphone owners app ability (http:/ / www. names Facebook as most popular app].000 software [4] developers have used this service resulting in over 1. reaching more than 15 million consumers. getjar. California.[1] [2] The company provides more than 75. checked on 16th August 2010 [8] (http:/ / www. com/ tech/ columnist/ edwardbaig/ 2010-02-11-Baig11_ST_N. with offices in Vilnius. 2010. net/ article/ 419-mobile-developer-community-site-getjar-gets-funding-from-accel/ ). usatoday. com/ GetJar is an independent mobile phone application store founded in Lithuania in 2004. contact info. USA Today [4] GetJar smartphone app shop closes in on a billion downloads (http:/ / www. who remains CEO of the company. TiE50 2009.000 mobile applications across major handset platforms including Java ME. html). tie50.

A secure e-mail. Good for You . On May 27. Visto. 2009 Good Technology announced its support iPhone and Android devices [3]. It later offered its own device to provide wireless email access to corporate users.A mobile e-mail. org/ en/ media/ Latest News Releases/ NR_TP2011) [11] http:/ / www. as well as a variety of other mobile management. On February 23. Motorola acquired the then privately held company. The company markets its Good Mobile Messaging software and service. Service products According to their advertising materials.GetJar [9] (http:/ / www. mobilexawards.Same as Good for Enterprise. weforum. Good for Government . It includes three main components: Good Mobile Control. On November 10. The company started out building an MP3 attachment to the Handspring Visor under the brand of SpringThings. social networking and instant messaging solution targeted at individuals . but with added security of S/MIME messaging and Common Access Card support. 2009. targeted for governments. Visto announced that it had renamed itself Good Technology effectively taking the name of the former independent company. and Intranet-Internet proxy server solution targeted for companies. getjar. 2006. [1] During CTIA Wireless 2009. for device management and security. [2] to satisfy customers’ demand for social networking capabilities. for synchronizing corporate email and PIM data on a variety of devices. On December 7. 2009 Winners & finalists. com 67 Good Technology Good Technology is a company providing Push e-mail and mobile device management and security products for mobile phones. 2009 Good Technology acquired Intercasting Corporation. Good Mobile Messaging. for secure email and PIM access. checked on 16th August 2010 [10] Thirty-One Visionary Companies Selected as Technology Pioneers 2011 (http:/ / www. formerly known as GoodLink. personal calendaring. com/ finalists/ past/ 2009/ ) Mobile Excellence Awards. mobile device management. Good Technology provides the following mobile e-mail products: Good for Enterprise . security and access products targeted at the mobile enterprise worker. Motorola announced that it has agreed to sell Good Technology to rival push email provider. and Good Mobile Access for secure mobile access to enterprise networks and applications.

0 product) External links • Company Website [4] • Asia Pacific Representatives [5] • Intercasting Website [2] loko goods are all things that you make off of something.Good Technology 68 Competition • • • • • • • • • • • • • Research In Motion / RIM (BlackBerry product) Nokia (Intellisync product) Seven AetherPal Smart Remote Control Juniper Networks (Junos Pulse Mobile Security Suite product) McAfee Enterprise Mobility Management Mobile Active Defense MECS MobileIron Odyssey Software (Athena product) Sybase (Afaria product) Symantec Mobile Security Suite Tangoe Mobile Device Manager Zenprise (MobileManager 6. goodaustralia. com http:/ / www. com/ news/ press-releases/ 091207a http:/ / www. php?id=406 http:/ / www. good. good. com . com/ corp/ int_about. com/ index_full. php http:/ / www. intercastingcorp. References [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] http:/ / good. loko severses are thing to make to get around like jumping or cars.

For games on mobile phones. see handheld electronic games. mobile games have become popular in calculators. this primarily meant handheld game consoles such as Nintendo's Game Boy line. this results in games that cannot be as complex. personal digital assistants (PDA). History Handheld video games grew out of handheld electronic games that were popular from the 1970s through the mid 1990s. In the past. In more recent history. More complex game types. consumers prefer less time-consuming titles. Nintendo DS) Columns (Sega Game Gear) Lumines (PlayStation Portable 2005) Bejeweled (cellphone) Meteos (Nintendo DS) . are less popular.Handheld video game 69 Handheld video game A handheld video game is a video game designed for a handheld device. thanks to the Game Boy released in 1989. Popular genres Due to the portable nature of the platform. the average gametime duration is much shorter. even with the capability to save games. Hence games that are quick to play. Typically due to the limited time that most users have when on the go. This is partly due to a constant game of technological catchup for handhelds. disks. so there are much fewer controls on handhelds than on other systems. and other similar portable gadgets. MP3 players. On the whole. or are not reprogrammable. etc. The key factors in contributing to the advance of handheld video games were the increase in processing power. Tetris was considered the "killer app" for the console. there is a demand to keep the device small. they are usually about 1-2 generations behind in terms of graphic capabilities than their AC-powered brethren.. In the past decade. see mobile games. Puzzle • • • • • Tetris (Nintendo Game Boy 1989. such as adventure or first person shooters. and the reduction of power requirements. whether it be in the form of a memory card. It is important to note that there is solid-state storage for handheld titles. In addition.[1] For dedicated handheld games that do not have interchangeable cartridges. handheld video games currently have become a major sector of the video game market. an 11% increase from the previous year. or EEPROM. mobile phones. technological advances in liquid crystal displays (LCDs). the game genres that are popular on video game consoles are not necessarily the same genres that are popular on handhelds. Handheld video games grew immensely in popularity. and popularized the action puzzle genre. In 2004 sales of portable software titles exceeded $1 billion in the United States for the first time. such as sidescrolling platformers and action puzzle games are very popular. cellphone.

menu driven RPG. and Solitaire are extremely popular on cellphones and PDAs. Game Boy Advance and Game Boy. Nintendo DS Lite. Strategy games Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (a tactical RPG) and the Advance Wars series are examples of strategy games that has shown popularity for the genre on handhelds. even old DOS games have gone handheld on the GP2X on GP2X's version of DOSBox. the Nintendo e-Reader for the Game Boy Advance allowed a small library of classic NES titles to be played on the handheld. Subsequent to that. only supports homebrew and emulation to a minor extent. For example. classic games have gone handheld. Nintendo has reported that over 15 million dollars in sales have been generated by the Pokémon franchise. Afterburner and Pac-Man. Classic Due to the simplistic nature of the video and arcade games of the 1980s. and Age of Empires: The Age of Kings popularized strategy games for handhelds even further on the Nintendo DS thanks to its touch screen interface. Heroes of Mana. such as the Intellivision game library and arcade classics including Galaga. And that its market share in the homebrew community has been slashed after the release of GP2X. they have often found homes on handheld systems. card games such as Texas Hold 'Em. Classic games have also been released for cellphones. Since many emulators and interpreters for classic computer games have been written for GP2X. Later. the GBA Movie Player was released to allow NES games to be played on the GBA via PocketNES emulator. e-Reader titles included Excitebike and Ice Climber. homebrew and emulated gaming for games previously only playable on living room consoles have magically transformed standard console games from the past into handheld ones. The PSP however. the GP2X has been released. Since the release of the GP32. many classic titles have been re-released in handheld form. Blackjack. . The Apple iPod features two games from the late 1970 and early 1980s: Breakout and Parachute. These bundles had the game systems in exclusive colors (such as Pikachu yellow) and were bundled with the popular game of the time. Card games While not particularly popular on handheld game consoles. often based on a console RPG. Other games such as Luminous Arc. Nintendo DS) Megaman Battle Network Dragon Ball Z Yu-Gi-Oh series The Pokémon series has met with so much success that Nintendo has released special editions of the Nintendo DSi. Those games that have met with the most success have been collection-centered or anime-based RPGs such as: • • • • Pokémon (Nintendo Game Boy] Game Boy Advance.Handheld video game 70 Platform • Super Mario Land series (Game Boy) • Super Mario Advance series (Game Boy Advance) RPG Due to the low technical demands of the turn based.

the Game Boy Advance can be linked to the Nintendo GameCube with the Nintendo GameCube Game Boy Advance cable. The N-Gage introduced wireless connectivity via Bluetooth. Dedicated handheld video games have a specific set of software are almost always bundled with the hardware unit. The Game Boy Advance. there are two subcategories of systems. or new systems and platforms that are exclusively designed and use portable media types. cannot fit in your pocket). the operating system will interrupt the gaming session with something like an incoming call. emulates popular consoles entirely through software and connects to the TV for unsurpassed versatility as a handheld/console. In terms of handheld game consoles. . the Sega Game Gear. the PSP can connect wirelessly to the PlayStation 3 and to the PS2. the Game Boy Advance was built largely upon the Super Nintendo system architecture and that the Sega Game Gear is a retooled version of the Sega Master System. and the Turbo Express are good examples of re-engineered portable systems. but only with a cable. it is important for the game running to not be the highest priority of the hardware/software system. However. Availability Gaming platforms As with traditional video game systems. ones that are a re-engineered portable version of a set-top console that are compatible with existing cartridges. however the PSOne is only semi-portable (i. a low-battery warning.e. and Neo Geo Pocket are examples of entirely created platforms. allowing Pokémon from the Game Boy game to be used in Pokémon Stadium for the N64. Likewise. Linking to console games Nintendo's Transfer Pak allows transfer of data from compatible Game Boy cartridges to their Nintendo 64 counterparts: e.g. etc. This feature allows both multiplayer gaming and other uses such as item or data transfer between cartridges.g. This was also a feature in the Nintendo DS and PSP. the PSOne. On these devices. The GP2X on the other hand.Handheld video game 71 Features unique to handheld gaming Linking to other handhelds Most handheld systems are capable of linking to others of the same type via a cable that connects two or more handhelds. The Atari Lynx supported connectivity for up to 17 units at once. the release of the GP2X has blurred the difference between "dedicated" and "handheld" since high-capacity user-rewritable solid state memory cards (e. allowing multiplayer games between handhelds with no cable. Similarly. such as Cellphones. However. a scheduling alert. SD card) can store ROM images to emulate on emulators ported to the GP2X and that TV-out can be done with the GP2X. Multi-tasking On non-dedicated gaming platforms. usually to a maximum of 4. The Sega Nomad. The Nintendo DS can wirelessly link with the Wii console. using the Wi-Fi standard. there are dedicated and console systems. which allows the GBA to be used as an extra controller with a second screen.

References [1] "U. London and Manchester (UK). 2004 Video Game Annual Report" (http:/ / www. French. The company develops. Senior officers • Judy Wade. allows users to download new games from the iTunes Store. has created a much larger market for gaming on the iPhone OS. and World Poker Tour. Paris (France). Spanish. It has further offices in San Diego. T-Mobile. Graphing calculator gaming is popular among college and high school students. Draper Fisher Jurvetson.S. Czech. Notable Media partners Activision. such as the Timex Datalink are capable of playing games. Published applications • 3-in-1 Sudoku Garden . The popular Apple iPod mp3 player includes several bundled games. link goes to an archived page) was dedicated to listing all the portable devices currently capable of playing the popular first person shooter. com/ Hands-On Mobile Established in 2001. itplaysdoom. for the devices.Handheld video game 72 Multipurpose gaming platforms With the increasing convergence of electronic peripherals made possible by rapid technology advancements. Even some watches. handheld video games are now available on a wide variety of platforms. and Sao Paulo (Brazil). org/ web/ 20070320131602/ http:/ / www. Billboard. Beijing and Shanghai (China). US Cellular. Hands-On Mobile is a wireless entertainment company. Game publisher and developer companies such as Tapulous and Ngmoco have created their themselves with the specific focus of gaming on the platform. General Catalyst Partners. CEO Partners Notable customers AT&T. Retrieved 2005-09-26. Portuguese. German. PDAs. Hands-On Mobile's investors include eFund. The website It Plays Doom [2] (now no longer online. and WAP in English. Italian. this ever-growing list includes PDAs. NASCAR. Verizon Wireless. Some mp3 players that do not play games out of the box could be made to do so by installing Rockbox or other alternative firmware. and clever enthusiasts have been modifying the software to allow for further gaming utilization. Krakow (Poland). CBS. Chinese and Korean. SMS. [2] http:/ / web. html). MMS. California. had many games. All modern cellphones include and run gaming software. Institutional Venture Partners and Bessemer Venture Partners. It offers its content in or via Java ME. Alltel. although not a gaming platform. Bell Mobility. Apple's App Store along with the iPhone SDK. Hands-On Mobile is a private company headquartered in San Francisco. com/ press/ releases/ press_050119. and cellphones. publishes and distributes mobile content via network operators and portals. NBA. usually Java or BREW based. digital cameras. npd. Munich (Germany). Madrid (Spain). BREW. ports or exclusively designed. archive. Sprint/Nextel. not just exclusive gaming ones. .

Hands-On Mobile • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Amazing Spider-Man Webslinger Astrology Zone Astrology Zone Premier Barry Bonds Home Run History Benchwarmer Personalization Billboard Mobile Blade Trinity California Games California Sexy Exposed California Sexy Poker Call of Duty Call of Duty 2 Call of Duty 3 CBS Baseball 2005 CBS Baseball Game Center CBS Basketball Game Center CBS Fantasy Baseball Companion CBS Fantasy Football Companion CBS Football Game Center CBS SportsLine Mobile CBS Track and Field Chip's Challenge Connect 4 Connect 4 Challenge Crystal Quest Darkest Fear: Grim Oak’s Hospital Ducati Extreme Duckshot Elektra: Assassin EPYX Summer Games EPYX Winter Games Fantastic 4 Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer Fieldrunners Flirting by Blind Date Ghost Rider Guitar Hero III Mobile Gumball 3000 IHRA Drag Racing IHRA Drag Racing 2 Impossible Mission The Incredible Hulk The Incredible Hulk: Rampage Iron Man IQ Academy LEGO Bricks LEGO Brick Breaker 73 .

In 2008 Hands On sold its Korean operations to EA. mobile technology company). Then in 2010 Hands On sold its US applications business to GoTV. and two mobile entertainment content development companies in China.Hands-On Mobile • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • LEGO Racers LEGO World Soccer Marching Martians Marvel Personalization Milton Bradley Operation Milton Bradley Game Pack Monopoly Tycoon Monopoly Tycoon 2007 NASCAR Sprint Cup Mobile NBA 2 Go NCAA Football NFL Fantasy Companion Popeye Kart Racing Pro Bowling Pro Bowling 2 Scratch City Pool Star Trek Nemesis Sudoku Garden The Elder Scrolls Travels Stormhold The Italian Job Thunder From Down Under Personalization Top Gun: Air Combat Top Gun: Air Combat II Top Gun 3: Gulf Crisis True Crime: New York City True Crime: Streets of LA Ultimate Spider-Man Universal Monsters Vacation Solitaire Venus Williams Tour Championship Tennis Winter Games Woody Woodpecker World Poker Tour 7 Card Stud World Poker Tour Texas Hold 'Em World Poker Tour Texas Hold 'Em 2 X-Men 2 X-Men Legends 2: Rise of Apocalypse X-Men 3: Mind Maze X-Men 3: The Last Stand 74 History Hands-On Mobile was founded by Daniel Kranzler.S. Mobilemode Ltd European operations. . a wireless industry executive and entrepreneur. Hands-On Mobile grew organically as well as through business combination when it acquired several leading mobile entertainment developer and technology companies: nGame Ltd and Blue Beck of the UK. FingerTwitch (a U. and sold its European operations to Connect 2 Media.

com/ . handson.Hands-On Mobile 75 External links • Hands-On Mobile Official Site [1] References [1] http:/ / www.

2[8] support for building what are called "Custom Blocks" was added to allow developers to expand the functionality of their projects as needed using traditional programming languages (such as Java. Illumination Software Creator supports creating Python (programming language) (PyGTK) applications as two distinct targets: Desktop and Maemo Tablet. Maemo powered devices and Adobe Flash powered websites.1[7] support for building Android applications was added. Mac OS X Type License Website Programming Payware Radical Breeze Website [1] Illumination Software Creator (Illumination) is a tool for visually designing and developing software. At version 2.Illumination Software Creator 76 Illumination Software Creator Illumination Software Creator Developer(s) Stable release Radical Breeze 3. For version 3. Software developed with Illumination runs on Microsoft Windows. Linux and Mac OS X. Android (operating system) powered devices. and first released in May 2010. As of 2. and only serve to structure the flow of the application. Within Illumination each "Block" is a self contained piece of functionality[5] . History Illumination was created by Bryan Lunduke. IOS_(Apple) powered devices (including IPhone and IPad).[3] Features Illumination works by arranging "building blocks"[4] in order to visually describe the functionality of a software application.0[9] support for building IPhone and IPad applications was added. Microsoft Windows.0[6] . 2010 episode of The Linux Action Show!. Illumination does not require any code to be written by hand in order to develop software. In version 2. . Blocks are tied together via "inputs" and "outputs" which pass no data.[2] The earliest known public mention of Illumination was on the April 11. Linux.1 / 7 April 2011 Operating system Linux. Mac OS X. Illumination also contains a "Window Editor" to allow for the building of applications with simple user interfaces. Python and ActionScript). and a corresponding Visual programming language that is available for Microsoft Windows. Like many other Visual programming languages. Illumination is developed and sold by Radical Breeze. And also supports creating Adobe Flex based rich Internet applications that run on the Adobe Flash platform.

com/ blog/ novell-names-its-first-annual-dister-award-winners-with-cash-prizes). creators of Illumination Software Creator Radical Breeze Blog [14] and press release archive. 2010.0 announcement" (http:/ / lunduke. com/ ?p=1141). radicalbreeze. Episode 7" (http:/ / www.Disters Award" (http:/ / ostatic. novell. radicalbreeze. com/ blog/ open-source/ roll-your-own-linux-distribution-with-novells-suse-studio/ 7972).Illumination Software Creator 77 Illumination Software Creation Station The Illumination Software Creation Station[10] is an Opensuse based Linux distribution. [13] "Novell .0 [16] from MeeGo. Illumination Software Creator Support Forum [15] Review of Illumination Software Creator 2. com/ ?p=51). that provides a pre-setup system for testing and using Illumination Software Creator as a Live-CD or VMWare virtual machine. com/ [15] http:/ / www. . [8] "2. [11] "ZDNet . .Linux Action Show . radicalbreeze. com/ ?p=107). radicalbreeze. the Illumination Software Creation Station won the first annual Novell Disters award for best software appliance built with Susestudio. [3] "Public Announcement . [6] "2.2 press release" (http:/ / blog. de/ news/ 706-illumination-software-creator. requires registration to view References [1] http:/ / www. [14] http:/ / blog.0 Press Release" (http:/ / radicalbreeze. . . com/ ?p=1814). com/ ?p=1270).0 Beta 1 announcement" (http:/ / lunduke. . zdnet. .Season 11. com/ a/ aUkeyz/ illumination-software-creation-station). . radicalbreeze.De Video Tutorial of Illumination Software Creator [17] from the Lubuntu Linux distro. [9] "3. net/ blog/ lubuntu-screencast-easy-programming-illumination-software-creator . com/ ?p=188). com/ ?p=1533). [7] "2. .Disters Award Winners" (http:/ / www.1 announcement" (http:/ / lunduke.Disters Award" (http:/ / www. html [17] http:/ / lubuntu. [10] "Illumination Software Creation Station" (http:/ / susegallery. jupiterbroadcasting.0 press release" (http:/ / blog. . . . com/ forum [16] http:/ / meego. com/ promo/ suse/ the-disters-contest-winners.[11] [12] [13] Other Programming Languages • Comparison of programming languages External links • • • • • Radical Breeze [1]. [4] "1. com/ ?page_id=168). [12] "OSTATIC . On Dec 16th. com/ [2] "1. . [5] "Illumination Tutorial" (http:/ / radicalbreeze. html). built with Susestudio.

view online pictures. South Korea. Norway. FinanceNews is developed based on RssNews! Features MobFinance Worldwide allows users to monitor portfolios by retrieving stock quotes and live charts of 57 exchanges from the United States. Spain. ASP. RssNews! is a mobile RSS news reader which enables you to read news and blogs directly from mobile phone. IMoblife’s products includes MobFinance. RssNews!. It is headquartered in Beijing. AISIP and OISV. Germany. China. which can change your brain frequency towards the desired state. Austria. Indonesia. and access live stock quotes. Portugal. Mexico. Denmark. France. Singapore. which was founded in 2005. browse news and blogs. Argentina. Netherlands. Canada. the United Kingdom. New Zealand. Brainwave Tuner is a brain wave stimulation application that generates tones with binaural beats. Brazil. and FinanceNews. India. be it relaxation or enhanced attention. futures and ETFs through their handhelds. Memory Checker is an interesting mobile puzzle game that checks your short-term memory. with five offices in North America and the European Union. Australia. BlogLive. China.Imoblife 78 Imoblife IMobLife is a joint venture corporation. Israel. It mainly develops mobile software to help cellular phone users access online information. Italy. mutual funds. IMobLife is also member of Emobistudio. Bloglive is a mobile blogging application that enables you to update your online blog directly from your BlackBerry. Sweden and Switzerland. Products MobFinance is a real-time stock tracking software and mobile stock portfolio management software that enables an investor to monitor portfolios by retrieving stock quotes and live charts directly to mobile phone. code A1 A2 A3 B1 B2 CA1 CA2 CB1 CB2 D1 F1 G1 G2 G3 G4 G5 G6 country Argentina Austria Australia Brazil Belgium Canada Canada China China Denmark France Germany Germany Germany Germany Germany Germany exchange Buenos Aires Stock Exchange Vienna Stock Exchange Australian Stock Exchange São Paulo Stock Exchange Brussels Stock Exchange Toronto Stock Exchange TSX Venture Exchange Shanghai Stock Exchange Shenzhen Stock Exchange Copenhagen Stock Exchange Paris Stock Exchange Berlin Stock Exchange Bremen Stock Exchange Düsseldorf Stock Exchange Frankfurt Stock Exchange Hamburg Stock Exchange Hanover Stock Exchange . Ireland. Belgium.

A.S. Madrid Stock Exchange Stockholm Stock Exchange Swiss Exchange Virt-X Taiwan OTC Exchange Taiwan Stock Exchange London Stock Exchange 79 United States of America American Stock Exchange + NASDAQ Stock Exchange + New York Stock Exchange + BATS Trading United States of America Chicago Board of Trade United States of America Chicago Mercantile Exchange United States of America New York Board of Trade United States of America New York Commodities Exchange United States of America New York Mercantile Exchange United States of America OTC Bulletin Board Market United States of America Pink Sheets UB2 UB3 UB4 UB5 UB6 UB7 UB8 .Imoblife G7 G8 G9 H1 IA1 IA2 IB1 IC1 ID1 IE1 M1 NA1 NB1 NC1 P1 S1 S2 S3 SA1 SA2 SA3 SA4 SA5 SB1 SC1 SC2 T1 T2 UA1 UB1 Germany Germany Germany Hong Kong India India Indonesia Israel Italy Ireland Mexico Netherlands New Zealand Norway Portugal South Korea South Korea Singapore Spain Spain Spain Spain Spain Sweden Switzerland Switzerland Taiwan Taiwan United Kingdom Munich Stock Exchange Stuttgart Stock Exchange XETRA Stock Exchange Hong Kong Stock Exchange Bombay Stock Exchange National Stock Exchange of India Jakarta Stock Exchange Tel Aviv Stock Exchange Milan Stock Exchange Dublin Stock Exchange Mexico Stock Exchange Amsterdam Stock Exchange New Zealand Stock Exchange Oslo Stock Exchange Lisbon Stock Exchange Korea Stock Exchange KOSDAQ Singapore Stock Exchange Barcelona Stock Exchange Bilbao Stock Exchange Madrid Fixed Income Market Madrid SE C.T.

tv/ pitch/ show/ imoblife http:/ / download. com/ releases/ 2007/ 01/ prweb496514. Vodafone. TDC Mobile. Cellular.Imoblife 80 Carriers Coverage • United States: AT&T Wireless. com/ mobile/ imoblife/ 3260-20_4-6285864. Hutchison 3G. O2 (Telefónica Europe). cnet. • Sweden: TeliaSonera. Virgin Mobile. Verizon Wireless. com/ releases/ 2006/ 09/ prweb432780. Yoigo. Sprint Nextel. • Belgium: Proximus. T-Mobile. Tele2. TMN (Telecomunicações Móveis Nacionais). Vodafone. Hutchison 3G. Sonofon. References • • • • • • • • iMoblife Announces Customized Service [1] Stock Portfolio Management Software [2] iMobLife Releases New Version of MobFinance Covering 10 US Major Exchanges [2] Tracking Portfolios from 14 Euro Markets with MobFinance European Edition [3] New Product of IMOBLIFE Release: Mobfinance-Mobile Finance Assistant for Symbian & Blackberry [4] IMOBLIFE . • Germany: T-Mobile. Hutchison 3G. Bouygues Télécom. • United Kingdom: Vodafone.Expedite Mobile Life for Fun [5] IMOBLIFE Company Profile [6] IMOBLIFE-software publisher profile [7] External links • iMobLife Homepage [8] [9] • iMobLife Sponsor's Homepage References [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] http:/ / www. Hutchison 3G. • Norway: Telenor. prweb. Telenor. T-Mobile. Cellular One. emobistudio. T-Mobile USA. com/ releases/ 2006/ 10/ prweb451037. • Portugal: Sonaecom. htm http:/ / www. • Netherlands: KPN Mobile. com http:/ / www. htm http:/ / www. TDC Mobile. Boost Mobile. • Switzerland: Swisscom. Meteor (mobile network). Netcom. prweb. com/ releases/ 2006/ 12/ prweb493002.S. prweb. Vodafone. Virgin Mobile. • Ireland: Vodafone. Vodafone. prweb. com/ releases/ 2007/ 05/ prweb522862. O2. • Spain: Movistar. Orange España. E-Plus. O2 (Telefónica Europe. htm http:/ / vator. htm http:/ / www. html http:/ / www. BASE (mobile). • Denmark: TDC Mobile. U. imoblife. Mobistar. Tele2. htm http:/ / www. • France: Orange SA. Orange SA. com . SFR. prweb. Orange UK.

Business Development Jeff Pool . the focus is more on mobile device management. History InnoPath was founded in 1999 as DoOnGo Technologies.Vice President. configure. InnoPath is also a member/participant of the following industry organizations: LiMo Foundation. InnoPath Japan Fooming Hoh . London. Japan. Richmond.innopath. Americas Shinichi Sawai .President & Chief Executive Officer Greg Walker . and through these associations has donated more than 70 submissions of proprietary source code. InnoPath is a founding member of the Open Mobile Alliance and part of the OMA Device Management Working Group. USA (2003) www.com [23] InnoPath Software is a software company that provides mobile device management technology to wireless operators and mobile device manufacturers. China. It relaunched in 2003 as InnoPath with FOTA deployments in Japan. and the Symbian Foundation. GSMA/Mobile World Congress.Chief Financial Officer Adrian Chan . Engineering Eric King .InnoPath Software 81 InnoPath Software InnoPath Software Type Private Industry Device management software Founded Website Sunnyvale. EMEA . Sales. APAC Mark Banfield . InnoPath was the first company to deploy FOTA commercially. Sales. USA. the Wireless Informatics Forum.Vice President. Japan & President. California. Today.Managing Director. In fact. California. and Seoul. Locations InnoPath is headquartered in Sunnyvale. The technology enables operators to remotely connect. Sales.Vice President. Sales. soon spreading to Tier 1 operators in North America.Vice President. with international offices worldwide. troubleshoot and secure end-user mobile devices.Vice President. WiMAX Forum. United Kingdom. Beijing. Korea. including Nacka.The Wireless Association. CTIA . Sweden. Management John Fazio . Tokyo.

LG and Pantech. China Unicom. html http:/ / www. html . T-Mobile.InnoPath Software 82 Products InnoPath device management clients have been deployed on over 170 million devices worldwide by manufacturers including Samsung. Verizon and more. openmobilealliance. limofoundation. Nokia. com/ software/ news/ telecom_managing_mobile_enterprise_2/ index2. com/ article/ 08/ 07/ 11/ Apple-turns-its-back-on-mobile-standards_1. infoworld. External links • Open Mobile Alliance website [1] • InnoPath website [23] • LiMo Foundation website [2] External references • InnoPath in Telephony [3] • InnoPath in InfoWorld [4] References [1] [2] [3] [4] http:/ / www. InnoPath launched ActiveCare in February 2009 with the tagline “the reinvention of customer care”. InnoPath servers have been deployed internationally at Tier 1 operators including AT&T. KDDI. org http:/ / www. They claim it provides a solution to address one of an operator’s largest operational expenses – customer care. org http:/ / telephonyonline.

Developer(s) Operating system Type License Website Microsoft Windows CE. IE Mobile comes loaded by default with Windows Phone 7 and Windows CE. however. are not based on the same layout engine. Windows Phone 7 Mobile browser Proprietary Internet Explorer Mobile Website [1] Internet Explorer Mobile (formerly named Pocket Internet Explorer. based on versions of the Trident layout engine. The current Internet Explorer Mobile version is based on the desktop version of Internet Explorer.Internet Explorer Mobile 83 Internet Explorer Mobile Internet Explorer Mobile The latest version of Internet Explorer Mobile in Windows Phone 7 displaying Wikipedia zoomed completely out. . commonly abbreviated to IE Mobile)[2] is a mobile browser developed by Microsoft. called Pocket Internet Explorer. older versions.

and Zune HD platforms. Platforms Internet Explorer Mobile is available both for Windows CE. Internet Explorer Mobile Internet Explorer Mobile 6 On July 8. resizing images to fit to screen. Pocket Internet Explorer 4 Pocket Internet Explorer 4 was the first to support ActiveX.0 added support for IFrames. and SSL.0. is based on the IE7 Trident rendering engine with improvements borrowed from IE8's version of Trident. though the first is more feature-rich. released in November 1996. CSS. introduced in July 1998 with Windows CE 2. added many new features: offline browsing.0. Version history Tabs in Internet Explorer Mobile 7 Pocket Internet Explorer Pocket Internet Explorer 1 Pocket Internet Explorer was first introduced in Windows CE 1. IE Mobile can display websites in both "mobile version" and "desktop version". included with Windows Mobile 6. Internet Explorer Mobile 6.0. and richer HTML support. Andy Lees. cookies and animated GIFs among other features. and is included with Windows Phone 7 and Windows CE 7. Internet Explorer Mobile 7. Pocket Internet Explorer 2-3 Pocket Internet Explorer 2.1 was later released that supported cookies.[3] It does not derive from the Internet Explorer code and was written from scratch for being as light-weight as possible. including framesets and tables. PIE 1.[4] [5] It was shown running briefly during Microsoft's 2009 CES Keynote on a Palm Treo .Internet Explorer Mobile 84 Features The latest version of Internet Explorer Mobile includes tabbed browsing. Bing Search is tightly integrated with Internet Explorer Mobile.5 and Zune HD is based on the IE6 Trident rendering engine with improvements. Microsoft's senior vice president of mobile communications business said that Internet Explorer Mobile 6 was going to be a full version of Internet Explorer 6 on Windows Mobile. PIE 3. HTTPS. The web browser supports FTP. Windows Mobile. Windows Phone 7. added support for JScript and various secure protocols.10.0. Microsoft announced Internet Explorer Mobile 6 for their next version of Windows Mobile. Internet Explorer 6. The previous version. released in September 1997 with Windows CE 2. The latest version. XSLT. 2008 at the annual Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference. and also the ability to browse WAP sites – a feature not present in Internet Explorer for PC. Pocket PC 2002 version of PIE brought limited support for DHTML and XML. VBScript as well as further extending support for HTTPS and advanced HTML features. The browser support multi-touch gestures including pinch-to-zoom as well as tap-to-zoom.

2010 Microsoft unveiled its next-generation mobile operating system.[10] [11] however according to Gizmodo and Engadget it doesn't render pages as well as does Opera Mobile and browsers based on Webkit.Internet Explorer Mobile Pro.[15] According to Engadget and Gizmodo. including FishIE Tank.1. like its desktop counterpart. which has Qualcomm's Snapdragon processor. independently of the new Windows Phone Update system in Windows Phone 7. Microsoft shown many HTML5 demos. rendering speed and quality has significantly improved and is now on par with those of competing mobile browsers based on WebKit.[20] Internet Explorer Mobile 9.7 from Internet Explorer 8) and support for Adobe Flash Lite 3. and a hybrid rendering engine of the Internet Explorer 7 and Internet Explorer 8 desktop versions.[13] With it. Microsoft can automatically update the layout engine and add features.[7] Internet Explorer Mobile 6 was released as part of Windows Mobile 6.0 for Handheld PC Pocket Internet Explorer 4 in Pocket PC Internet Explorer Mobile 6 in Windows Mobile 6. New features include enhanced Javascript and AJAX support (Jscript v5. came a new version of the Internet Explorer Mobile browser.[16] [17] [18] [19] Internet Explorer Mobile 9 At Mobile World Congress 2011 on February. Windows Phone 7. smooth zoom in/out animations. on the browser. new features for the browser include multi-touch gesture support. Gallery 85 Pocket Internet Explorer 3 in Windows CE 3. Microsoft unveiled a major upgrade to Internet Explorer Mobile based on the rendering engine of Internet Explorer 9. a new UI.5 Internet Explorer Mobile 6 in Zune HD Acid3 shown on Internet Explorer Mobile Internet Explorer Mobile 7 in Windows Phone 7 Tabs in Internet Explorer Mobile 7 Internet Explorer Mobile 9 in Windows Phone 7 .[9] [10] [11] Overall rendering quality and speed are also improved with this version. So far. features full hardware acceleration.5. tabbed browsing.[10] [11] [12] Internet Explorer Mobile 7 On February 15.[6] and again in an official video for Toshiba's TG01 phone.[14] One unique feature of this version of IE Mobile for Windows Phone 7 is that. 2011.[8] The browser also has a redesigned finger friendly Graphical user interface. Security has also been enhanced with the port of SmartScreen Filter.

. Microsoft Developer Network. Retrieved 2010-02-28.5 review" (http:/ / www. html) on 1 May 1999. . CNet. 15. wmexperts. msdn. Microsoft. com/ windows-phone/ exclusive-windows-phone-7-web-browser-comparison [19] http:/ / gizmodo. html). Mozilla/4. Retrieved 2010-02-28. the unwired. Arne (2008-09-25). 11 November 2008. . Archived from the original (http:/ / browserwatch. com/ 5590327/ windows-phone-7-in-depth-a-fresh-start [20] http:/ / www. [10] "Windows Mobile 6. com/ news/ story/ microsoft94.1. 6 October 2009. 2008. 2005). Dave (19 November 1996). ZuneWP7) References [1] http:/ / www. com/ news/ story/ microsoft94. com/ iemobile/ archive/ 2005/ 10/ 04/ Randal.5 Review:It Still Sucks" (http:/ / www. com/ windows-phone-7-browser-surprisingly-good/ [18] http:/ / pocketnow. "Microsoft Keynote Outs Sprint Treo Pro on the Sly" (http:/ / www. [8] "Internet Explorer Mobile 6" (http:/ / blogs. [7] "Official Toshiba TG01 promotional video" (http:/ / wmpoweruser. [12] "Windows Mobile 6. CNet. Windows Phone OS 7. . microsoft. 2009." (http:/ / web. mobilecrunch. aspx). theunwired. . .0.0 (compatible. internet. Engadget. com/ windowsmobile/ archive/ 2008/ 11/ 11/ internet-explorer-mobile-6. Microsoft. aspx). Retrieved 2010-02-28. "Hey. com/ 8301-13860_3-10452710-56. com/ presspass/ press/ 2010/ feb10/ 02-15MWC10PR. Retrieved 27 February 2010. Randy (October 4. 6 October 2009. [9] "IE 6 for Windows phones: Interface improved" (http:/ / reviews. Internet.. MobileCrunch. com/ windowsphone/ en-us/ features/ default. Retrieved 14 January 2010. February 4. . Ina (2010-02-15). .com. . . msdn.1. com/ 8301-12261_7-10367686-10356022. <DeviceModel>) The UA string in desktop view looks almost similar to that of the Internet Explorer 7 running on Windows 7 with some additional identifiers. Retrieved 2010-02-28.0. com/ microsoft-keynote-outs-sprint-treo-pro-sly). [4] "Andy Lees: Worldwide Partner Conference 2008" (http:/ / www. [13] Microsoft (Feb. [15] http:/ / wpcentral. "BROWSER: Microsoft's Internet Explorer Mobile 6 aka 6 on 6 is real and shows its face" (http:/ / www. "IE Mobile blog" (http:/ / blogs. mspx). <DeviceManufacturer>. "Microsoft hits redial in phone effort (Q&A)" (http:/ / news. aspx#internet-explorer [2] Ramig. Retrieved 13 January 2010. Trident/3.0. Retrieved 13 January 2010. com/ ?p=2719). [14] Fried. com/ mobile-ie-upgradeable-independent-windows-phone-7 [16] http:/ / www. MSIE 7.0 (compatible. . mspx). cnet. engadget. Microsoft Windows Mobile Team Blog. . [3] Garaffa. com/ 2011/ 02/ 14/ microsoft-shows-off-windows-phone-7s-future-with-multitasking/ . html). microsoft. microsoft. html). com/ presspass/ exec/ lees/ wpc2008. cnet. [5] Hess. Retrieved 2010-02-28. [11] "Windows Mobile 6. com/ 2009/ 10/ 06/ windows-mobile-6-5-review/ ). Is That A Browser In Your Pocket Or. Retrieved 13 January 2010. Windows NT 6.5 Review: There's No Excuse For This" (http:/ / gizmodo. [6] Bohn.. WMExperts. WMPower User. engadget. Gizmodo. internet. 6 October 2009. net/ ?item=browser-microsoft-s-internet-explorer-mobile-6-aka-6-on-6-is-real-and-shows-its-face). the UA string of Windows Phone 7 is given by: Mozilla/4. Dieter (Jan 8. 6 October 2009. engadget. XBLWP7. "Microsoft Unveils Windows Phone 7 Series" (http:/ / www. Press release. 2010). IEMobile/7. 2009). com/ 2009/ 10/ 06/ windows-mobile-6-5-review-it-still-sucks/ ). Retrieved 2010-02-28. When in mobile view. com/ 2010/ 10/ 20/ windows-phone-7-review/ [17] http:/ / wmpoweruser. .0. archive. MSIE 7.Internet Explorer Mobile 86 User agent Internet Explorer Mobile 7 on Windows Phone 7 can be set to either "mobile view" or "desktop view". July 8. org/ web/ 19990501193416/ browserwatch. com/ 5374876/ windows-mobile-65-review-theres-no-excuse-for-this).

x document format with extended capabilities supported by and to be supported by iSilo 4. Retrieved November 16.x. 2007.x[3] : The iSilo 2.com/iemobile) iSilo iSilo is a document reader available for Palm OS. com) [2] iSilo. References [1] iSilo website (http:/ / www.x[3] : The iSilo 3. Retrieved November 16.com/windowsphone/en-us/features/default. isilo. and Windows CE Handheld PC handhelds. iSilo 3.[2] iSilo Document Types iSilo 4.x document format builds on the iSilo 3. and plain text files (. Its new architecture provides a flexible and powerful foundation for growth in features and functionality into the foreseeable future. Documents in the iSilo 4. aspx#internet-explorer) • IE Mobile Team Blog (http://blogs. com/ [3] iSilo Features.Internet Explorer Mobile 87 External links • Internet Explorer Mobile (http://www. isilo.com/) . iSilo 3. Symbian S60.x document format was at the forefront of providing second generation document display for Palm OS handhelds and still does remain a viable platform for doing so.microsoft. Windows Mobile Smartphone.msdn.x. Symbian UIQ.com/) . from iSilo web site: http:/ / www. from iSilo web site: http:/ / www.x. the Apple iPhone. 2007.isilo. . htm#documentTypes External links • iSilo (http://www.[1] iSilo has direct support for reading these document types: iSilo 4.txt). • iSiloX (http://www.x[3] : The iSilo 4. as well as for Windows computers. iSilo 2.x.x document format was designed from the ground up for efficiency with the needs and limitations of handheld devices in mind. and the Android platform. com/ info/ features. iSilo 2. Pocket PC.x document format can also be opened and read by iSilo 3. Palm Doc.iSilo official website.x.isilox. isilo.iSiloX official website.

com/) .iSilo official website. com/ External links • iSiloX (http://www.isilox. JPEG. with the C denoting the command-line capability.[1] The X in the name iSiloX represents the "transformation" of content functionality provided by iSiloX. Retrieved November 16. Supported file formats include HTML. from iSiloX web site: http:/ / www. Palm Doc.[1] References [1] iSiloX.iSiloX official website. iSiloXC. and PNG. 2007. It's made by DC & Co company. on the other hand. BMP.isilo. GIF. text.iSiloX 88 iSiloX iSiloX is an application desktop that converts web and file content to the iSilo document format. isilox. stands for the command-line version of iSiloX.com/) . CSS. . • iSilo (http://www.

and is released under the project name phoneME. or Java ME. Micro Edition 89 Java Platform. .[1] There are more than 2. rather relying on third parties to provide their own. PersonalJava. now a subsidiary of Oracle Corporation. it will entail extra work on the part of all platform vendors to update their JREs. Micro Edition Java editions Java Card Micro Edition (ME) Standard Edition (SE) Enterprise Edition (EE) PersonalJava (discontinued) Java Platform. Profiles are subsets of configurations. Should Oracle ever declare a new round of Java ME configuration versions that support the later class file formats and language features.5 or 1.1 billion Java ME enabled mobile phones and PDAs. and the Personal Profile aimed at consumer products and embedded devices like set-top boxes and PDAs. but has tended not to provide free binary implementations of its Java ME runtime environment for mobile devices. iPhone. Sun provides a reference implementation of the specification. Micro Edition. Micro Edition (J2ME). the platform replaced a similar technology. such as cell phones.3 features and use that version of the class file format (internally known as version 47. As of 22 December 2006. Android. of which there are currently two: the Connected Limited Device Configuration (CLDC) and the Connected Device Configuration (CDC). all Java ME platforms are currently restricted to JRE 1. generics).[2] but it is becoming old technology as it is not used on any of today's newest mobile platforms (e. MeeGo. Java ME devices implement a profile. As of 2008.g. Target devices range from industrial controls to mobile phones (especially feature phones) and set-top boxes. Originally developed under the Java Community Process as JSR 68. BlackBerry's new QNX). Windows Phone 7.6 (notably. The most common of these are the Mobile Information Device Profile aimed at mobile devices.0). the Java ME source code is licensed under the GNU General Public License. Java ME was formerly known as Java 2 Platform. such as those corresponding JRE 1. the different flavors of Java ME have evolved in separate JSRs.Java Platform. is a Java platform designed for embedded systems (mobile devices are one kind of such systems) . Java ME was designed by Sun Microsystems.

"headless" devices such as vending machines. Almost all new cell phones come with a MIDP implementation.microedition. This specification was developed under the Java Community Process.lcdui. IMP 1. and it is now the de facto standard for downloadable cell phone games. security systems. A key design goal of MIDP3 is backward compatibility with MIDP2 content. expanding upon the functionality in all areas as well as improving interoperability across devices. the Connected Limited Device Configuration gives developers a solid Java platform for creating applications for consumer and embedded devices.0 includes a basic 2D gaming API. leveraging MIDP 2.0's new security and networking types and APIs.0 is a strict subset of MIDP 1. Foundation Profile The Foundation Profile is a Java ME Connected Device Configuration (CDC) profile. Originally introduced by Siemens Mobile and Nokia as JSR-195.0 except that it doesn't include user interface APIs — in other words. It is richer than CLDC. Typical implementations will use some subset of that API set depending on the additional profiles supported. JSR 271: Mobile Information Device Profile 3 (Final release on 09 Dec. Micro Edition 90 Connected Limited Device Configuration The Connected Limited Device Configuration (CLDC) contains a strict subset of the Java-class libraries. This document describes the facilities that the Foundation Profile provides to the device and other profiles that use it. Standard Edition API. many cellphones can run only those MIDlets that have been approved by the carrier. and a data storage API. and similar devices with either simple or no display and with some limited network connectivity. However. JSR-228. 2009) specified the 3rd generation Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP3). Applications written for this profile are called MIDlets. When coupled with one or more profiles. . especially in North America. but again it doesn't include UI APIs. it doesn't include support for the Java package javax. is IMP's next generation that is based on MIDP 2.Java Platform. and other APIs such as PushRegistry and platformRequest(). A configuration provides the most basic set of libraries and virtual-machine features that must be present in each implementation of a J2ME environment. and is the minimum amount needed for a Java virtual machine to operate. also known as IMP-NG. the Mobile Information Device Profile includes a GUI. containing almost all the libraries that are not GUI related. and MIDP 2. nor the game Connected Device Configuration The Connected Device Configuration is a subset of Java SE. industrial embedded applications. Mobile Information Device Profile Designed for mobile phones.0. Information Module Profile The Information Module Profile (IMP) is a profile for embedded. CLDC is basically used for classifying myriad devices into a fixed configuration. This profile is intended to be used by devices requiring a complete implementation of the Java virtual machine up to and including the entire Java Platform.

1 [15] MIDP 3.0). despite an open-letter campaign to Sun to release a rumored internal implementation of PersonalJava known by the code name "Captain America".[5] MicroEmulator [6] provides an open source (LGPL) implementation of MIDP emulator. Implementations Sun provides a reference implementation of these configurations and profiles for MIDP and CDC. Starting with the JavaME 3. available at project download page [7] • NetBeans Mobility Pack. Getting started • Java ME SDK (3. Sun does not provide any binaries for the platforms of Java ME targets with the exception of an MIDP 1.x MIDP 1. This is the platform that BD-J is built upon. but is not certified as such (certified implementations are required to charge royalties. The latter company was purchased by Sun in April 2007 and now forms the basis of Sun's JavaFX Mobile.0 .[3] Sun provides no J2ME JRE for the Microsoft Windows Mobile (Pocket PC) based devices. and by SavaJe as SavaJe OS.x [14] CLDC 1. Consequently devices which use this implementation are not allowed to claim JavaME CDC compatibility. This is a Java Applet based emulator and can be embedded in web pages. When baremetal. The company IS2T provides Java ME virtual machine (MicroJvm). available at project home page [8] • Eclipse Mobile Tools for Java. In contrast to the numerous binary implementations of the Java Platform built by Sun for servers and workstations. the virtual machine is the OS/RTOS: the device boots in Java.0 Description 118 139 271 [13] MIDP 2.[4] Third Party VM's like JBlend and JBed are widely used by Windows Mobile vendors like HTC and Samsung Operating systems targeting Java ME have been implemented by DoCoMo in the form of DoJa. for any RTOS and even with no-RTOS then qualified as baremetal.0 SDK. which is impractical for an open-source project).0 JRE (JVM) for Palm OS. Micro Edition 91 Personal Basis Profile The Personal Basis Profile extends the Foundation Profile to include lightweight GUI support in the form of an AWT subset. a Netbeans-based IDE will support them in a single IDE. The open-source Mika VM aims to implement JavaME CDC/FP. available at project home page [9] JSRs Foundation JSR # 68 30 37 [10] [11] [12] Name J2ME Platform Specification CLDC 1.Java Platform.

0 General MMAPI extensions . to-do 120 135 172 177 179 180 184 185 205 211 226 229 234 238 239 248 256 287 [19] Wireless Messaging API (WMA) [20] Mobile Media API (MMAPI) [21] Web Services [22] Security and Trust Services [23] Location API [24] SIP API [25] Mobile 3D Graphics High level 3D graphics Audio. Micro Edition 92 Future JSR # 297 Name Description [16] Mobile 3D Graphics API (M3G) 2. contacts. video. multimedia [26] Java Technology for the Wireless Industry (JTWI) General [27] Wireless Messaging 2. calendar.0 Main extensions JSR # 75 82 [17] [18] Name File Connection and PIM Bluetooth Description File system.0 (WMA) [28] Content Handler API [29] SVG 1.Java Platform.0 [30] Payment API [31] Advanced Multimedia Supplements (AMMS) [32] Mobile Internationalization API [33] Java Bindings for the OpenGL ES API [34] Mobile Service Architecture [35] Mobile Sensor API [36] SVG 2.

Look and Feel Designers and Application Designers. consumer. some input sensors and potentially some sound rendering capabilities. Compiling against CLDC1. org/ en/ jsr/ detail?id=211 [29] http:/ / www. Micro Edition 93 ESR The ESR consortium is devoted to Standards for embedded Java. org/ en/ jsr/ detail?id=120 [20] http:/ / www. org/ en/ jsr/ detail?id=179 [24] http:/ / www. com/ mobility/ midp/ articles/ palm/ ) January 2002 [4] CDC and Personal Profile . sun. MicroUI defines an enhanced architecture to enable an open. immortal and regular (mortal) objects. org/ en/ jsr/ detail?id=271 [16] http:/ / www. jcp. Typical applications domains are industrial control. e-metering. CDC. This specification spans a potentially wide set of devices. jcp.) allowing for true ubiquity of applications across product lines (ME. com/ javame/ technology/ ) [2] About Java (http:/ / www. jcp. EE). com) [6] http:/ / www. jcp. org/ en/ jsr/ detail?id=205 [28] http:/ / www. jcp. home automation. jcp. jcp.. application development environment for embedded HMI devices. medical. org [7] http:/ / java. ECLASSPATH unifies CLCD. org/ en/ jsr/ detail?id=30 [12] http:/ / www.0: Developing Java Applications for Palm OS Devices (http:/ / developers.Java Platform. jsp [8] http:/ / www. jcp. PC. org/ en/ jsr/ detail?id=297 [17] http:/ / www. is2t. . SE.. jspa?threadID=408223) 2003 [5] IS2T (http:/ / www. MWT allows same binary HMI application to run the same on all devices that provide a compliant MWT framework (embedded devices. org/ en/ jsr/ detail?id=226 [30] http:/ / www. jcp. eclipse.Open letter to SUN to produce a Personal Java JRE for Pocket PC (http:/ / forum. jcp. org/ en/ jsr/ detail?id=82 [19] http:/ / www. org/ en/ jsr/ detail?id=234 .1/ECLASSPATH makes binary code portable across all Java execution environments. cellphones. org/ en/ jsr/ detail?id=184 [26] http:/ / www. human-to-machine-interface. Especially cost effective Standards. com/ en/ about/ ) [3] MIDP for Palm OS 1. Foundation. java. jcp. org/ dsdp/ mtj/ [10] http:/ / www. Such devices typically have some form of display. jcp. org/ en/ jsr/ detail?id=135 [21] http:/ / www. third-party.. jcp. org/ en/ jsr/ detail?id=75 [18] http:/ / www. SE. EE execution environments with a set of around 300 classes API. sun. setopbox-TV. jcp. microemu. ESR # 001 [37] 002 [37] Name Description B-ON (Beyond CLDC) MicroUI B-ON serves as a very robust foundation for implementing embedded Java software. org/ en/ jsr/ detail?id=229 [31] http:/ / www. org/ en/ jsr/ detail?id=139 [15] http:/ / www. jcp. com/ thread. etc. and 3 kind of objects: immutable. jcp. netbeans. com/ javame/ sdk/ index. html [9] http:/ / www. org/ en/ jsr/ detail?id=185 [27] http:/ / www. jcp. java. machine-to-machine. sun. jcp. jcp.. jcp. org/ en/ jsr/ detail?id=68 [11] http:/ / www. org/ en/ jsr/ detail?id=177 [23] http:/ / www. MWT defines three distinct roles: Widget Designers. 011 [37] MWT 015 [37] ECLASSPATH Notes [1] Java ME Technology (http:/ / java. jcp. It specifies a reliable initialization phase of the Java device. org/ en/ jsr/ detail?id=118 [14] http:/ / www. jcp. org/ en/ jsr/ detail?id=180 [25] http:/ / www. org/ en/ jsr/ detail?id=172 [22] http:/ / www. org/ features/ index. sun. org/ en/ jsr/ detail?id=37 [13] http:/ / www.

jcp. apress.).com/) Samsung Mobile Developer's site (http://developers.org) Nokia's Developer Hub Java pages (http://www. 480. jcp. pp. Apress. e-s-r. org/ en/ jsr/ detail?id=256 http:/ / www. Knudsen. jcp.org/en/jsr/detail?id=232) An advanced OSGi technology based platform for mobile computing • JSR 291: Dynamic Component Support for Java SE (http://www.). net/ en/ esrlist. org/ en/ jsr/ detail?id=248 http:/ / www.samsungmobile. Jonathan (January 8. External links • • • • • • • • • • • • • Sun Developer Network.Symmetric programming model for Java SE to Java ME JSR 232 Bibliography • Hayun.html) (1st ed.Mobile Phone Programming using Java ME (J2ME) (http://www.com/) Sprint Application Developer's Website (http://developer.com/) J2ME Authoring Tool LMA Users Network (http://hotlavasoftware. 432.com/javame/index. Wiley. Java ME on Symbian OS: Inside the Smartphone Model (http://eu. 2005).jbenchmark. jcp.j2megame.com) Book .s60. Prentice Hall. jcp.jcp.jsp) J2ME Game Developer Network (http://www.com/) Microjava. Jonathan (April 25.Java Platform. pp.com) Motorola Developer Network (http://developer.aspx?isbn=9780321463425) (1st ed. ISBN 0470743182. • Knudsen.openclassworld. Beginning J2ME: From Novice to Professional (http://www.com/java) Nokia S60 Java Runtime blogs (http://blogs.jcp. org/ en/ jsr/ detail?id=238 http:/ / www.com/store/product.org/javame) .sonyericsson. Kicking Butt with MIDP and MSA: Creating Great Mobile Applications (http://www.sprint. Sing.motorola. Java ME (http://java. • Li.org/en/jsr/detail?id=291) .com/book/view/9781590594797) (3rd ed.com (http://archive. com/WileyCDA/WileyTitle/productCd-0470743182.microjava. pp.sun.nokia. php 94 • JSR 232: Mobile Operational Management (http://www.wiley.com) Performance database of Java ME compatible devices (http://www. Roy Ben (March 30. ISBN 1590594797.forum.informit. 482. org/ en/ jsr/ detail?id=239 http:/ / www.com/java) Sony Ericsson Developer World (http://developer. 2009). org/ en/ jsr/ detail?id=287 http:/ / www.com) MicroJvm : Real-time J2ME platforms for embedded systems (http://www. Micro Edition [32] [33] [34] [35] [36] [37] http:/ / www.). ISBN 0321463420. 2008).is2t.

com/ JavaFX is a software platform for creating and delivering rich Internet applications that can run across a wide variety of connected devices. Oracle has released beta versions for Linux and OpenSolaris.2. and proprietary real-time operating systems. This behavior is enabled out-of-the-box by the Java applet mechanism and is leveraged by JavaFX from the underlying Java layer. the current release supports Windows XP. . Sun touts “Drag-to-Install” as opening up of a new distribution model and allowing developers to “break away from the browser”. To build JavaFX apps developers use a statically typed. 2010 Operating system Java Runtime Environment Platform Available in Type License Website Cross-platform JavaFX Script Rich Internet applications EULA http:/ / javafx.JavaFX 95 JavaFX JavaFX Developer(s) Stable release Sun Microsystems 1. Technical highlights Common profile. From the point of view of the end user “Drag-to-Install” allows them to drag a JavaFX widget (or application residing in a website and is visible within the browser window) and drop it onto their desktop. Drag-to-Install. Java code can be integrated into JavaFX programs. Apache Pivot. graphics assets and content between desktop and mobile versions. Commentators have speculated JavaFX will compete on the desktop with Adobe AIR. An application can also be re-launched by clicking on a shortcut that gets created automatically on the user's desktop. The application will not lose its state or context even after the browser is closed. Windows Mobile. JavaFX is compiled to Java bytecode. so JavaFX applications run on any desktop and browser that runs the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) and on top of mobile phones running Java ME. Beginning with JavaFX 1. OpenLaszlo and Microsoft Silverlight. This approach makes it possible for developers to use a common programming model while building an application targeted for both desktop and mobile devices and to share much of the code.3. TV set-top boxes. including Symbian OS. To address the need for tuning applications on a specific class of devices. Blu-ray players and other platforms are planned. JavaFX is based on the concept of a “Common profile” that is intended to span across all devices supported by JavaFX. The current release (JavaFX 1. April 2010) enables building applications for desktop.[1] On mobile. gaming consoles. On desktop. JavaFX is capable of running on multiple mobile operating systems. the JavaFX 1. declarative language called JavaFX Script. Windows Vista and Mac OS X operating systems. browser and mobile phones.3 / April 22. For example JavaFX Desktop profile includes Swing and advanced visual effects.1 platform includes APIs that are desktop or mobile-specific.

1 JavaFX for mobile development was finally made available as part of the JavaFX 1. The JavaFX SDK: JavaFX compiler and runtime tools. 2008 Sun released JavaFX 1.JavaFX Integrating graphics created with third-party tools. JavaFX platform components Current release of JavaFX platform includes the following components: 1.2 was released at JavaOne on June 2.k. On December 4.a.1. Media Factory) that allows for importing graphics and previewing assets after the conversion to JavaFX format.2 JavaFX 1. masking differences between desktop and mobile devices. The font family was designed by mobile user interface design specialists Punchcut and is available as part of the JavaFX SDK 1. the scripting component of JavaFX. Since end of July 2008. effects and animations plus set of samples and best practices. and rich text libraries 2. Built-in controls and layouts. In May 2008 Sun Microsystems announced plans to deliver JavaFX for the browser and desktop by the third quarter of 2008. There is also an SVG graphics converter tool (a. developers could download a preview of the JavaFX SDK for Windows and Macintosh. Production Suite): Plugins for Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator that can export graphics assets to JavaFX Script code.[2] Sun Microsystems first announced JavaFX at the JavaOne Worldwide Java Developer conference on May 2007. Sun also announced a multi-year agreement with On2 Technologies to bring comprehensive video capabilities to the JavaFX product family using the company's TrueMotion Video codec. NetBeans IDE for JavaFX: NetBeans with drag-and-drop palette to add objects with transformations.1 release announced officially on February 12. The plug-ins generate JavaFX Script code that preserves layers and structure of the graphics.0. JavaFX 1. and JavaFX for mobile devices in the second quarter of 2009. For Eclipse users there is a community-supported plugin hosted on Project Kenai 3. 2009. Windows Mobile Runtime with Sun Java Wireless Client. Speed improvements. This release introduced:[3] • • • • • • • Beta support for Linux and Solaris. . JavaFX I/O management.3 Release. began life as a project by Chris Oliver called F3. tools to convert SVG graphics into JavaFX Script code and preview assets converted to JavaFX from other tools History JavaFX Script. 2009. 96 Design highlights Sun Microsystems licensed a custom typeface called Amble for use on JavaFX powered devices.a. Built-in chart widgets. Skinnable CSS controls. Developers can then easily add animation or effects to the static graphics imported.k. JavaFX includes a set of plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator that enable advanced graphics to be integrated directly into JavaFX applications. Tools and plugins for creative tools (a. as well as the JavaFX plugin for NetBeans 6. Graphics. media web services. JavaFX 1.

A notable change in this release is that the Oracle will introduce a new set of Java APIs that will open JavaFX capabilities to all Java developers. • Custom progress bar for application startup.3. Jeet Kaul.[6] • The JavaFX compiler[7] and an older version of the 2D Scene graph[8] are released under a GPL v2 license.[10] . the scene graph will be designed to allow scenes to be constructed on background threads and then attached to "live" scenes in a threadsafe manner.3 JavaFX 1. Java APIs for JavaFX Script like binding will be made available in JavaFX 2. and partial bind re-evaluation. and the requirement to have a callback interface and Java implementation class are no longer necessary).e. [5] License There are currently various licenses for the modules that compose the JavaFX runtime: • The core JavaFX runtime is still proprietary software and its code has not yet been released to the public.0. This release introduces[4] : • Performance improvements • Support of additional platforms • Improved support for user interface controls Current release JavaFX 1. • The NetBeans plugin for JavaFX is dual licensed under GPL v2 and CDDL. bound sequence expressions. Future JavaFX 2.3 was released on April 22.JavaFX 97 JavaFX 1. The Task APIs will be updated to support much more concise threading capabilities (i. Sun's Vice president for Client Software. without the need for them to learn a new scripting language. Sun explained they will roll out their strategy for the JavaFX licensing model for JavaFX first release.[6] During development. the JavaTaskBase class is no longer necessary since all the APIs are in Java.0 JavaFX 2.[9] After the release.0 has been scheduled for release in the second half of 2011. binding expressions. This includes support for high performance lazy binding. and decouple this core from the proprietary parts licensed by external parties. 2010. In addition. Various improvements will be made within the JavaFX libraries for multithreading. explained that they will soon publish a specification for JavaFX and its associated file formats. Features: • Quick startup time of JavaFX application.1 This version is an updated version of JavaFX released on 21 Aug 2010 . and will continue to open source the JavaFX runtime.

Retrieved 2010-04-25. ISBN 013701287X. 332. pp.. . • Topley. Stephen. pp. Dean (January 11. . Anderson. Lucas (December 17. 300.apress. JavaFX: Developing Rich Internet Applications (http:/ /www. 2009). Essential JavaFX (http://www. net/ ). com/javafx-1-2-application-development-cookbook/book). 360. Addison-Wesley Professional.com/book/view/9781430226239).com/store/product. "JavaFX . 2010-04-22. Currently the JavaFX compiler. Gao. aspx?isbn=0321648978). Improves User Experiences" (http:/ / blogs." Bibliography • Vivien. sun. Desktop and Mobile RIA with Java Technology (http://www. 384. Paul (June 15.2" (http:/ / weblogs. 200. com/ javafx/ entry/ javafx_1_3_released_delivers). ISBN 1430226234. JavaFX Developer's Guide (http://www. This fall we will be rolling out our open source strategy for JavaFX technology concurrent with the release of version 1 of JavaFX Desktop" [10] Kaul. aspx?isbn=0137042795). ISBN 1590599454. Desktop. Joshua (2009-06-09). [7] "OpenJFX Compiler Project" (https:/ / openjfx-compiler. Jeet (2008-12-16). JavaFX in Action. Gail. Prentice Hall. • Weaver. ISBN 0137042795. . ISBN 0321601653. Prentice Hall. • Jordan. ISBN 1933988991.3 Released. java. Apress. html). We are working towards decoupling the dependencies so that the non-proprietary portions can be open sourced. [2] Project name F3 (http:/ / blogs. Apress. pp.2 Application Development Cookbook (https://www. "Top 5 Most Important Features in JavaFX 1.apress. java. [9] "Will JavaFX technology be released in open source?" (http:/ / java. Packt Publishing. sun. [5] http:/ / javafx.JavaFX 98 References [1] "Software and System Requirements for JavaFX Technology" (http:/ / java. . and Game Elements (http://www. sun. Apress. James L.. "Sun will continue to engage the OpenJFX community as we release JavaFX products. • Anderson. Bruno. 500. Dean (June 22. 2010). Netbeans JavaFX plugin and Eclipse JavaFX plugin are already being developed in the open source. ISBN 1847198945. java. Chin. 2009). pp. 2009)..informit. (May 4. Retrieved 2008-06-07. . . • Clarke. and specifications are coming soon(. Weiqi. pp. Simon (November 23. net/ blog/ joshy/ archive/ 2009/ 06/ top_5_most_impo. com/ meetjeet/ entry/ javafx_the_road_ahead). Stephen.apress. . • Weaver. Gao. 375. ISBN 1430268727. 640. html). java. JavaFX Special Effects: Taking Java RIA to the Extreme with Animation.com/book/view/1590599454).. com/ javafx/ faqs.the road ahead" (http:/ / blogs. Connors. com/ chrisoliver/ entry/ f3) [3] Marinacci. Apress. • Weaver. JavaFX Script: Dynamic Java Scripting for Rich Internet/Client-side Applications (http://www. dev. Pro JavaFX Platform: Script. Weiqi.com/store/product.informit. Retrieved 2008-06-07. Jim. net/ ).com/book/ view/1430268727). Iverson. sun. html#javafxsdk).com/book/view/1430218754). dev. Eric (June 15.apress. and Mobile RIA with Java Technology (http://www. Jim. James L. [8] "Project Scene Graph home" (https:/ / scenegraph. . dev. pp. Vladimir (August 25. 2009). 2009). sun. Chin. • Morris. Retrieved 2009-01-03. 2010). Iverson. ISBN 1430218754. Multimedia. The scene graph is out in the open. Pro JavaFX 2 Platform: A Definitive Guide to Script. jsp#2). Kim (October 12. Retrieved 2008-06-07. James L. We will put the core runtime out in the open over time. net/ downloads. 2009). pp. "Sun is committed to open standards and open source. pp. Retrieved 2009-06-12.com/store/product.informit. pp. 2009).)There are some dependencies on licensed code that cannot be open sourced. Manning.packtpub. .aspx?isbn=0137013531). [4] "JavaFX 1. com/ roadmap/ [6] "JavaFX Downloads" (https:/ / openjfx. com/ javafx/ 1/ reference/ system-requirements-1-2. JavaFX 1. Retrieved 2008-06-07. 500. J.

sys-con. .java.dev.net/) Ellison at JavaOne: Myths About JavaFX. Android.com/blog/2009/06/04/ dierks-talk-at-j1-javafx-groovy-beauty-productivity/) JOCA JOCA is a freeware mobile phone application based on Java ME. JOCA features an online Wikipedia browser (English and German). mobile lottery. g. radio playlists.com/node/994363) A JavaOne 2009 talk about JavaFx + Groovy (http://canoo.com/) OpenJFX website (https://openjfx. a television EPG. music sales etc.JavaFX 99 External links • • • • Official website (http://http://www. weather forecasts. Certain content is being preprocessed/compressed by a proxy server system and exchanged via GPRS (UMTS not being required) with the mobile application. and J2ME (http://java. JOCA is being developed and enhanced by InteracT!V and on air since early 2005. traffic information.).javafx. horoscopes as well as commercial content (e. a programmable RSS reader.

This improves and increases consumer engagement with the mobile portal.July Systems 100 July Systems July Systems Type Industry Founded Private Mobile media. carrier decks.the Mi Platform is said to provide 'live. Products July Systems’ Mi . California Offices in New York. and ad inventory monetization on mobile. entertainment. India.mobile web. . making it sticky for repeat user visits.com [1] July Systems. Personalization & User Management. India Products Website Mi Platform . and include several well known US and India media houses. For consumers. and Bangalore.mobile web and applications . and sports brands – it enables them to distribute simultaneously to the mobile web. It includes a monetization program for mobile portals that comprises the technology platform. user management & personalization. Mobile Internet. The July Systems publishing platform comprises editorial and management tools that enable media brands to produce and manage content across their mobile properties. July Systems is headquartered in Los Angeles with offices in New York City. Mi box is a personalized notification service for users on mobile internet services over multiple delivery channels. Ad Management www. news. application stores.Platform helps brands publish and distribute on the mobile internet. personalized.Publishing & Distribution.interactive and multi-media' experiences. and mobile app stores.0 publishing platform for media. July enables publishing.julysystems. and personalize services for consumers. was co-founded in 2001[2] by the technology entrepreneur Rajesh TS Reddy[3] .a mobile media company. Its customers are primarily in the United States and India markets. July Systems' mobile internet offerings comprise: Publishing & Distribution to produce and distribute content on the mobile internet . The company's primary business is powering mobile internet channels . Ad Management that is centralized with consolidated reporting across ad providers and distribution channels. NY. A Mobile 2. These user-centric mobile internet channels are said to result in increased usage. and an engaged opportunity for advertisers. Mobile 2.Mobile Internet. USA and Bangalore. management tools and business relationships required to increase revenues from mobile inventory. distribution. monetize inventory. advertising inventory for publishers. Personalization & User Management to engage with consumers and build a user base.0 2001 Headquarters Los Angeles. A partner program also enables advertisers to use advertising inventory across July powered mobile properties.for media brands.

emediawire. In addition to Web 2.129.htm) April 2. References • Mobile Internet has high potential in India | July Systems Hosts MIA'09 (http://www.php)April 18. com/ [2] "July Systems. and ad networks. businesswireindia. January 30.com/ headlines/y2k9/apr/apr203.am: July Systems Debuts Mi for Smartphones (http://technews.com/ newsitem.html). businessweek.com/newsitem. July 2009. interactive and multi-media experiences. February 19. 2009 • July Systems Launches Network 18’s IBNPolitics.0 attributes like social networking and interactivity it includes mobile centric characteristics like personal and real-time notifications. NBA Digital data sources: Turner internal metrics measured by July Systems for wireless.indiaprwire. asp?privcapId=1997546). For consumers. Mobile 2. Forbes Magazine. 101 Notes [1] http:/ / www. 85. julysystems.asp?ID=34795) March 31. Inc. instant phone-to-phone sharing and always-on. the Mi Platform enables brands to establish a long-term relationship with their consumer on the mobile web. NBA Digital Showcase NBA All-Star with Record-Breaking Multi-Platform Coverage | NBA on Mobile Powered by July Systems (http://sportsmedianews. com/ research/ stocks/ private/ snapshot.sportsbusinessjournal. powered by July Systems’ industry-leading Mi Channel platform (http://www. 2009 • Mobile Marketer: Audi sponsors CBS Sports’ new iPhone app | Built by July Systems (http://www.minonline. 2009 • TechNews.com/cms/news/advertising/2836.132/search?q=cache:eNyGTo_aNw4J:www.html) March 17. .htm) March 27. in.ciol. Typical customers that use July's mobile platform and services are media companies in news. Business Week. 2009 • Steve Smith's Top 5 b2b Mobile Sites | WWD Mobile Powered by July Systems (http://www. news and business. [3] "There's Something About Rajesh" (http:/ / business. live.com/News/ News-Reports/Mobile-Internet-has-high-potential-in-India/21709122569/0/)July 21.asp?b2mid=18718)April 18.cbssports. 2009 . socially networked.indiantelevision. personalized.0 Mobile 2. 2009 • Sports Business Journal: Mobile Apps We Like | CBS Sports iPhone Application by July Systems (http://209.com/ news/9816.0 is the next generation of the mobile internet. entertainment.com/ releases/2009/4/prweb2295824. it is characterized by user-centric. 2009 • July Systems Launches Smartphone Edition of Mi 'Mobile Internet' Platform (http://www.insideindianabusiness.July Systems Per the company.asp?ID=35686)May 19. 2009 • Turner Sports.am/conversations/ mobile-content-today/july_systems_debuts_mi_for_smartphones) April 3. 2009 • CBS Sports Mobile Announces Launch Of Official CBS Sports iPhone Application | The CBS Sports Mobile iPhone Application built by July Systems (http://www." (http:/ / investing.insideindianabusiness. besides mobile advertising companies.com/info/about/press/2009/cbssportsapp09) March 16. mobilemarketer. 2009 • July Systems Mi Channels Program Launches Zoom TV on the Mobile Internet (http://www. 2009 • Inside Indiana Business: Updated IndyCar Mobile service in 2009. com/ article/ work-in-progress/ theres-something-about-rajesh/ 2372/ 1).com/02/ turner-sports-nba-digital-showcase-nba-all-star-with-record-breaking-multi-platform-coverage). 2009 • IndyCar Introduces iPhone App | Developed by July Systems (http://www.com on Mobile for Elections Coverage (http://www.com/PressRelease. .com/article/62691+sports+ business+journal+mobile+apps+we+like&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk)June 1.com/ pressrelease/internet/2009032722274. 2009 • Network 18 selects July Systems for Election Coverage on Mobile (http://www.

technologyreview. October 20. com/content/network18-unveils-mobile-version-its-cricket-portal-cricketnextcom) • Financial Express on Mi Channel and Cricketnext.amazon.asp?b2mid=17064) • July Systems' Mi Channel Gives Network 18's Moneycontrol. January 10. December 8. NDTV Convergence to Launch Mi SMS (http://www.businesswireindia. businesswireindia.com/2008/12/16211339/Season-of-plenty-for-your-iPho.julysystems.Businessweek Listing (http://investing.financialexpress.html) • Rajesh TS Reddy (http://www.com) .com/TR35/Profile.com/PressRelease.com/2008/11/ 223-malayalam-mathrubhumi-mobile-mobshare).html).com on Mobile (http://www.com/news/ july-systems-mi-channel-powers-network-18s-cricketnext.NDTV Active Powered by July Featured Among the Best Apps for iPhone (http://www.com/PressRelease. 2008 102 • Alootechie: Network18 unveils mobile version of its cricket portal CricketNext.aspx?Cand=T&TRID=386) • July Systems . January 1.medianama.businessweek.Cricketnext. businesswireindia.com Launches Mobile Version In Partnership With July Systems (http://www. livemint.com/research/stocks/private/snapshot.0 Upgrade (http://www.com/solutions/ case-studies/july-systems/).htm).com/releases/2008/12/prweb1700844.cfm?PRID=27964) • July Systems’ Mi Channel Powers Wall Street Journal Partner Mint’s Mobile Portal (http://www. Sports. November 3.prweb.July Systems • 'Mobile is a Smart Business Product' | WWD Mobile launched by July Systems (http://www. 2008 • July Systems in Medianama Tech Blog (http://www.mia-india.com-on-mobile/376047) • July Systems’ Mi Channel Powers Network 18’s Cricketnext. com/PressRelease. January 22. 2008 • WATBlog. watblog. asp?privcapId=1997546) External links • Official website (http://www.alootechie.asp?b2mid=16881) • July. 2009 • Amazon Web Services Case Study: July Systems | AWS web site (http://aws.com a Mobile 2. 2009 • HT Media's Mint .minonline. and Business Portals (http://www.asp?b2mid=17234) • Mi Channel from July Systems Powers NASCAR Mobile Portal (http://www.com/2008/10/20/cricketnextcom-launches-mobile-version-in-partnership-with-july-systems). 2009 • July Systems Chooses Amazon Web Services for Mi Channel on Mobile News.com (http://www.com .com/India/News/ July_NDTV_Convergence_to_Launch_Mi_SMS/551-90955-613.com/pr/ pressrelease.fastpitchnetworking.com/ news/9732.com/) • Mobile Internet & Advertising Conference 2009 (http://www.techtree.html?pg=1).com (http://www.

2009 [13] Pet Health: #36 on January 10.com.[2] Kavapoint was founded in May 2009 to develop mobile applications.[9] • November 2009 . 2009 – Kavapoint introduced iEmergency PRO [7] [8] which became #58 on December 7. It reached #17 in the medical category on July. United States Area served Products Website Worldwide Mobile app http:/ / www. They are based in the San Francisco Bay Area with the mission to develop products that reduce stress and improve lives. 2010 [13] [14] ICU Pearls: #11 on September 2. 2009. kavapoint.Kavapoint 103 Kavapoint Kavapoint.[11] It has been listed as one of the top healthcare smartphone apps to get [12] Kavapoint has had a number of other apps reach the top 50 in the medical category including the following: • • • • Drugs & Medications PRO: #12 on May 25.Kavapoint introduced “Drugs & Medications” [10] which rocketed to #1 by February 2010 and has been in the top 5 spot since that point.[6] • September. 2010 [13] .[3] Applications Kavapoint focuses primarily on medical and health iPhone applications and have had a string of successes in this area.[4] It was the first In Case of Emergency app to reach the top 25 in the medical area. Their tagline is “We make Apps to Make Life Better” and represents the company belief that making money and helping people don’t have to be mutually exclusive. 2010 [13] Daily Bible Verses: #10 on March 25. com [1] Kavapoint is a leading developer of mobile iPhone applications.[5] It has been listed as a top 10 useful iPhone app by masterofhealthadministration. • June 2009 – Kavapoint introduced an "In case of emergency" (ICE) app called iEmergency+. Inc. 29 2009. Type Industry Corporation Computer software Headquarters SF Bay Area.

insomnia.Kavapoint 104 Company Name Kava is an herb that is used against stress. [11] "topappcharts. kavapoint. prmac. . masshightech. Kavapoint (2009). com/ article. cfm?id=medical-apps-regulation).com Drugs & Medications ranking" (http:/ / topappcharts. html). . com/ press-release/ kavapoint-extends-their-line-of-medical-iphone-apps-with-the-introduction-of-drugs-medications-124784. .com iEmergency Pro ranking" (http:/ / topappcharts. htm ). com/ press-release/ kavapoint-introduces-iemergency-ice-family-pro-for-the-iphone-116845. com/ parenting_articles/ 2009/ 09/ kavapoint-introduces-iemergency-ice-family-pro-for-the-iphone-116845. topappcharts. [8] "Parenting News" (http:/ / parentingnewsarticles. [12] "Mass High Tech Mobile Computing" (http:/ / www.com iEmergency ranking" (http:/ / topappcharts. .[15] Humanitarian Efforts In addition to participating in multiple fundraisings. It is also thought to treat some cancers. . com/ index. [16] http:/ / www. "topappcharts.[16] References [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] http:/ / www. 24-7pressrelease. and anxiety. [15] Steiner GG (November 2000). PMID 11149250. com "Scientic American" (http:/ / www. 24-7pressrelease. . "24-7 Press Release" (http:/ / www.com . php). "The correlation between cancer incidence and kava consumption". kiva. Kavapoint participates in micro-lending via Kiva and regularly lends out to entrepreneurs around the world in hopes to lend to end poverty. scientificamerican. [10] "24-7 Press Release" (http:/ / www. . php). [14] "ZDNet" (http:/ / www. kavapoint.kavapoint. [9] "topappcharts. "10 useful iphone apps" (http:/ / masterofhealthadministration. co. Hawaii Med J 59 (11): 420–2. . com/ 317958642/ app-details-iemergency-in-case-of-emergency-. com/ 330058211/ app-details-iemergency-ice-family-pro. [13] "topappcharts" (http:/ / www. . com). .com Press Release" (http:/ / prmac. zdnet. php/ about/ "June 2009. com/ 330058211/ app-details-iemergency-ice-family-pro. php/ ). php). htm). php). com/ 2009/ 10-useful-iphone-apps-that-track-disease-outbreaks/ ). org/ team/ kavapoint External links • http://www. uk/ downloads/ educational-software/ 2010/ 05/ 03/ drugs-and-medications-pro-for-the-ipad-11-39803442/ ). http:/ / www. com/ release-id-6258. . . com/ stories/ 2010/ 04/ 26/ weekly14-Health-care-providers-rely-on-mobile-computing.

The program can play back audio files that are supported by the phone model.ru [2] KD Player is a free skinnable Java ME-based media player created by Russian developer Knyzhov Dmitry. shuffle and repeat in which playlist repeat and single track repeat are supported. The applications also hosts its own volume control which is separate to the volume of the mobile phone device it is running on. KD Player supports full reading of ID3-tag data (v1 & v2) in common mp3 files. The author saw the need to further develop the application as the demand for a choice alternative media player grew from online mobile phone forum members. An image file supported by KD Player (jpg. The current screen displays available are 128×160. It is designed for mobile phones running Operating System Embedded platforms.56. 208×208 and 240×320 for different screen displays. fast forward. 0. KD Player also supports the reading and display of album art as one of its primary features. Functionality Playback options are as what can be found on any media player and are play. png. For the updating of the library to work the user must first select all necessary folders where desired and supported audio file formats are located. Scanning of subfolders can be enabled and disabled in the 'preferences' option. bmp) has got to be already made available in the folder of corresponding audio files which will serve as the album art image that is displayed. The earliest version. 176×220. In some models particularly Sony Ericsson JP-7 and later based phones. History KD Player (Knyzhov Dmitry Player) was developed with the idea of an option for mobile phone users to replace the standard audio player with a sufficient and customizable player as translated from the author's description. KD Player can be downloaded depending on the screen display that a mobile phone would support. KD Player can be comparable to the Walkman software player found on specific Sony Ericsson mobile's.net.easter-eggs. The application can use the number keys on a phone for operation in playback and menu selection. wma and wav audio files. however unlike the Walkman player the user must manually update the music library by the selecting the feature 'update library' whenever music is added or removed from the mobile phone. most commonly MP3. The user can specify which folders to scan on either the mobile phone's in built memory or inserted memory card of the mobile phone.96 at 176×220 (default skin) Developer(s) Knyzhov Dmitry Platform Available in Type License Website Java ME [1] Various Media player Proprietary www. rewind. the player can be minimized and left working in the background.KD Player 105 KD Player KD Player KD Player 0. such as 5 for play/pause/select in menu and 6 for fast forward/next track/go right in menu in menu with all other number keys with a use. The reading and displaying of embedded metadata album art is also . was released in the earliest of 2007 just as a small project to demonstrate the use of basic audio and video playback within the boundaries of Java ME. KD player stores the scanned folders in a music library from which the user can further read and create playlists and similarly create bookmarks to audio files.

2008-01-14.png file) with all the necessary image elements for the skin. Skin's created are screen display dependent. To utilize the player efficiently. org/ web/ 20071129232157/ http:/ / www.kdi' is a simple image file (typically a . Customability One of the most sought after features of KD Player is the ability to custom change the theme design by the use of designed skins created by users to enhance the player's visual look._Micro_Edition . net. skins that will support Nokia phones have "Nokia: Yes" under the preview. On KD Player's official website. The entire skin consists of a kdi and a kds in order for the skin to be used. htm). easter-eggs.php http://en. The prompts for file access can simply be disabled on most phones for example. . Skins for KD Player have shown that the album art can be made bigger depending on the skin's layout. The '.95 the inclusion of an equalizer has been made as to being a much requested feature from its users. easter-eggs. The '. The creation and management of playlists is supported. archive.ru/KDPlayer/Other_Languages. It had been speculated that skins using any form of transparency will fail to load on a Nokia phone. net. selecting 'Never Ask' for the application permissions on a Sony Ericsson K810. the user must fully enable file access rights that KD Player will request when any attempting to play or search for files.org/wiki/Java_Platform.net. A full tutorial for creating skins.kds' is text file that contains markup code which controls all the image layouts of the kdi in addition to font sizing with RGB colour. that is written in Russian. Retrieved 2008-01-14. [2] http:/ / www. php http://www. ru/ KDPlayer/ Other_Languages. 106 Translations KD Player supports UTF-8 text encoding and has been translated into several languages including the foremost English by the contribution of its users. ru/ KDPlayer/ Other_Languages. Requirements KD Player requires the presence of JSR-75 also known as File Connection API as well as the JSR 135 or the Mobile Media API (MMAPI) on phone devices in order to both search for files able and playback audio files.KD Player supported.easter-eggs.wikipedia. The skins are available to download for free on KD Player's website as contributed by its users. net. References [1] "KD Player translated into other languages from Russian" (http:/ / web. Archived from the original (http:/ / www. Skins made for KD Player are known to have conflicting support issues with Nokia phones although this has not been clearly explained. htm) on 2007-11-29. The equalizer is only accessible on certain phones with newer compatible Java ME platforms (JP-8). ru/ KDPlayer/ EN_Versions. Since version 0. is available on the website also. easter-eggs.

net.easter-eggs.php?showtopic=10526) • Skins For KD Player (Official Site) (http://www.5 user reviews . easter-eggs..wordpress.Russian and English (http://www.net.Softpedia (http://handheld.scribd.net.softpedia.com/progViewOpinions/ KD-Player-58140. php) • A list of significant changes made to KD Player since version 0.net/index.ru/KDPlayer/ EQ.txt) • KD Player for non-os mobile phones (http://xpressmusic.ru/Forum/viewtopic.html) • KD Player Skinning tutorial written by Sriram Krishnan in PDF format (http://www.php?f=19&t=131) • List of compatible phones that will allow the use of the equalizer (http://www.SE-NSE (http://forums.KD Player 107 External links • KD Player's Official website .ru/KDPlayer/EN_Versions.net.81.com/doc/7388740/ KD-Player-Skinning-Tutorial) .easter-eggs. translated from Russian (http://www.easter-eggs.com/2007/08/12/ kd-player-working-media-player-for-nokia-s40-3rd-edition/) • Skins For KD Player .9.ru/KDPlayer/Skins/) • KD Player 0.se-nse.

Kinoma Media Embedded is used as the Sprint TV player. Sling Media's SlingPlayer Mobile for Palm OS is based on Kinoma's core technologies. YouTube. and is included with every Treo. Co-Founder 15 (2008) kinoma.Kinoma 108 Kinoma Kinoma Type Industry Founded Private Software Engineering (2002) Headquarters Palo Alto. iPod and PSP. Kinoma Play was introduced for Windows Mobile on August 25. it can play video. On February 14.com/ [1] Employees Website Kinoma is a privately-held company founded in 2002 by ex-Apple employees Peter Hoddie. For example. and Elizabeth Dykstra-Erickson to design and build mobile media products. Brian Friedkin. audio and pictures directly from built-in services like Flickr. It is ad-supported and supports a subset of Kinoma Play features. All four founders worked together in Apple's QuickTime team. Audible and Live365. 2008. USA Key people Peter Hoddie. Kinoma has stated that support for Symbian and other popular mobile OSs is underway. Kinoma Player 4 EX is Kinoma's retail Palm OS player. 2011 Marvell announced they had acquired Kinoma. Kinoma is created a media player for Palm OS. Kinoma Media Producer is a Windows/Mac OS encoding application focused on creating files for playback on the Palm Treo. California. CEO Brian Friedkin. Additionally. search and stream over a half terabyte of mobile-ready content. Every Palm OS-based Treo currently shipping includes some edition of Kinoma Player. Kinoma Media Embedded is a streaming-only version of their retail product. Kinoma FreePlay is the free edition of Kinoma Play. since its feature set goes beyond capabilities traditionally associated with "players" traditionally available for mobile phones. Additionally. . the built-in Kinoma Guide content discovery system allows users to browse.[2] Kinoma Play Kinoma Play is described as the first "mobile media browser". Michael Kellner. Co-Founder Michael Kellner.

marvell.com/ article/SB121977962277773693.kinoma. com/ [2] "Marvell Introduces Kinoma . External links • Kinoma (http://kinoma.com/) • Kinoma's blog (http://blog. .Revolutionary Open Software Platform to Unify Applications" (http:/ / www. html?releaseID=1468).html?mod=googlenews_wsj) .com/) • Wall Street Journal review of Kinoma Play: "Better Media Navigation for Your Mobile" (http://online. com/ company/ news/ press_detail.wsj.Kinoma 109 References [1] http:/ / kinoma.

com/ 2008/ 05/ its-been-long-couple-of-years-i-still. following the announcement the project was made open source by Sun under the GPL with ClassPath Exception license and gained wide acceptance within the community. techsoftcomputing. 2010 Operating system Cross-platform Available in Type License Website Java Widget Toolkit GPL linking exception https:/ / lwuit. jspa?forumID=139& start=0) . [1] Architecture . [3] LWUIT is based on a Component/Container hierarchy composite architecture. etc. blogspot. The project grew at which point Shai Almog joined the project which was announced at JavaOne 2008. [2] Community LWUIT is constantly ranked as one of the most active java. However features such as MVC. html) [2] LWUIT is inspired heavily by Swing in its architecture although it is much smaller and arguably simpler (http:/ / www. net/ Lightweight User Interface Toolkit (LWUIT) is a Widget toolkit developed by Sun Microsystems to enable easier Java ME user interface development for existing devices. Components can be styled both via external styles/themes and programmatically by developers. java. History LWUIT was created by Chen Fishbein of Sun Microsystems Israel development center (SIDC) who started developing LWUIT for an internal project. where the word lightweight is used as it is used in Swing to indicate a component model that performs all of its own rendering/event handling. renders and the EDT are directly related to Swing. LWUIT is known as the Lightweight UI Toolkit. painters. net/ ) [4] LWUIT forums (http:/ / forums. etc. java. net/ jive/ forum. com/ LWUIT/ chapter1. dev. LWUIT is inspired by Swing and supports many of its features including pluggable look and feel. java. html#d0e638) [3] LWUIT home page at java. layout managers.net (http:/ / lwuit. Containers are Components and can be nested to create elaborate layouts.Lightweight User Interface Toolkit 110 Lightweight User Interface Toolkit Lightweight User Interface Toolkit (LWUIT) Developer(s) Stable release Sun Microsystems 1. [4] References [1] Chen's blog post describing LWUIT's foundations (http:/ / lwuit.4 / August 5.net projects and its forums are some of the most active forums in the community. animations. LWUIT is very different from Swing and has taken on features unavailable in Swing such as themeing. layout managers. dev.

2008 Live [14] Apple 400000 (May [15] 2011) 10 billion(Jan [15] 2011) 160 million(Jan [15] 2011) iOS [16] Yes 70% US$99/year [17] iOS SDK.dat/LWUIT Developer_Guide. Xcode No (Xcode 4 $4.html) LWUIT Developer Guide (https://lwuit.com/) LWUIT Tutorial (https://lwuit.com (http://www.net/) The LWUIT blog (http://lwuit. For cross-platform development see multiple phone web-based application framework. Windows Mobile Yes 60% Unknown Unknown N/A App Store July 10.net/nonav/tutorial/index.techsoftcomputing. The article mobile software contains other general information.LWUIT (http://java.html) List of digital distribution platforms for mobile devices This list of digital distribution platforms for mobile devices includes digital distribution platforms that are intended to provide mobile software to mobile devices.com/javame/technology/lwuit/) LWUIT developer page on Java.blogspot. 2008 Live [2] Google 200.dev.6 million [8] (Jul 2010) [9] webOS Yes 70% [10] [10] Free Mojo SDK Yes Software Store (Palm) December 16.000 (May [3] 2011) estimated 360.dev. 2009 Live [6] Palm/HP 106 million(Mar [7] 2011) 2.Lightweight User Interface Toolkit 111 External links • • • • • Java ME Technology .99 or free with developer program) . 2008 Closed [11] Palm 5000 (Dec [12] 2008) Unknown Unknown [13] Multiple Palm OS. For a comparison of development capabilities of each mobile platform can be found in the article mobile development.java. Name Established Status Owner Available apps Download count Installed base [1] Device platform Allows individual Developer's developers cut per sale to publish Developer fees Development tool(s) Free IDE? Android Market October 22.sun. Operating system-native platforms These application market places are native to the major mobile operating systems.net (http://lwuit.dev.pdf) • LWUIT developer page on Techsoftcomputing.5 billion(May 100 million(May Android [3] [3] 2011) 2011) Yes 70% US$25 Android SDK Yes App Catalog June 6. For information on each mobile platform and its market share see the operating systems section of mobile operating system and smart phone.java.net/files/documents/8797/95067/file_95067.com/LWUIT/index.java.000 2011) (May [4] 6405 (Mar [7] 2011) [5] 4.

iOS. Symbian. iOS Free Appitalism 2010 [39] Live Appitalism. 2009 RIM 30000 (May [18] 2011) Nokia Live [24] 54024 (Mar 2011) [25] ~3 million daily(May [19] 2011) 46 million BlackBerry [20] [21] (July 2010) OS 70% 112 [22] US$200/10 application [23] submissions 70% Yes 1€ BlackBerry SDK Yes Live [2] Yes Ovi Store May 26. Java. S60 SDK Windows Phone Developer Tools. Archos BloomWorlds 445 (October 20. includes Symbian.List of digital distribution platforms for mobile devices App World April 1. Inc.5 million(Mar 2011) [28] [29] (plus possible certification costs) 70% US$99/100 application submissions Nokia Qt [30] . BlackBerry OS. Windows Mobile [42] Free Unknown AppsLib August 2009 July 2010 Live [43] AppsLib. SDK Series 40 SDK. Java. Java ME AndSpot App Center Live [37] Unknown Android Free Live [38] Unknown Unknown Unknown Multiple Android. Expression Blend Yes Third-party platforms Name Established Status Organizations Available Download apps count Install base Device platform Developer's cut per sale Android Unknown Unknown Windows Mobile Unknown [5] Developer fees Development platform(s) US$99/year Android SDK Amazon Appstore AmmApp March 2011 Live December 2009 June 2010 January 2011 [35] Amazon. Mobile Streams. 2009 ~710 million 825 million(Apr Multiple [26] [27] (Nov 2010) 2011) 5 M/day [27] (Apr 2011) 3. 2009) Unknown Unknown Unknown Android [5] 70% Free Android SDK Android SDK BloomWorlds Private Beta [44] Unknown Unknown Android [5] varies $99/year . 2010 Microsoft 20035 (May 28 2011) [32] 12 per person a month (Mar 2011) [33] Windows [34] Phone 7 Live [31] Yes specialty versions of Microsoft Visual Studio. 1500 (September Unknown 2010) Unknown Unknown Unknown 80% 100% Free Unknown Android SDK Android SDK. Palm OS. Simon Buckingham 1500 3 million (April [40] 2011) Unknown [41] Multiple Android. Apple Xcode/iOS SDK Android SDK. Maemo Yes Windows Phone Marketplace October 21.com 3800 (March 2011) 70% Live [36] General Software AndSpot Nukona.

Java.List of digital distribution platforms for mobile devices Cellmania June 1999 Live [45] 113 Multiple Android. Windows Mobile [59] Multiple Android. iOS. Java. Palm OS. BlackBerry OS. Palm OS. BlackBerry OS. 2009 Live [60] LG 1400 (July [61] 2009) Unknown Unknown Unknown Windows [62] Mobile [65] Android Unknown Unknown Unknown MiKandi November 29. Symbian. Windows Mobile [56] Multiple Android. Java. iOS. Windows Mobile [41] Multiple Android. iOS. Java [41] Multiple Android. Symbian. iOS. Symbian. BlackBerry OS. Windows Mobile [51] Multiple Android. Symbian. PSP. Java ME Handmark 2000 [52] Live Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Mobango Mobango Unknown Live [53] Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Handango 2000 [54] PocketGear 190.000 (April [46] 2011) Unknown Unknown varies according to operator deployment Free Unknown GetJar 2004 GetJar. Palm OS. webOS. iOS.000 [55] Yes Unknown ≈42% Live Free N/A explorePDA. BlackBerry OS.000 300 million Entertainment (December (December [51] [51] Unknown 2010) 2010) Handmark [42] Free N/A Android SDK. Palm OS.com 2004 explorePDA 1500 Live [57] 10 million 120 million (May (May [58] [58] 2010) 2010) 75% [58] Free Java ME. S60 LG Application Store July 13. Java. BlackBerry OS. Windows Mobile [49] Multiple Android. Windows Mobile General Software 200. Palm OS. Symbian. 2009 Live [63] MiKandi Unknown 80. Accel Partners Live [47] 68625 600 million (May (September [48] [49] 2010) 2009) Unknown ~11k DLs/app [49] Free N/A Unknown MobileRated 2006 Live [50] Kalador 55. Symbian. BlackBerry OS. Flash Lite. webOS.000 (December [64] 2009) Unknown Unknown Unknown . Java. BlackBerry OS. Flash Lite.

Palm OS. Live [70] Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Mobile2Day. Unknown 2011) 9000 (March 31. Palm. Symbian. then [91] US$150/platform Unknown . Palm OS. Handmark Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Yes Yes Yes Yes Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown ≈55% ≈55% ≈55% ≈55% [82] 70% Free Free Free Free [83] [84] US$1 N/A N/A N/A N/A Samsung Mobile Innovator Live [80] Unknown Unknown Unknown SlideME April 2008 Live [85] SlideME 8370 (March 31. Windows Mobile Varies US$750/app per update. Palm OS. 1st platform included. Windows Mobile. [89] 2009) BREW. smartphone.List of digital distribution platforms for mobile devices MobiHand [66] 2004 114 BlackBerry. Intertek Unknown MultipleBlackBerry OS. 2009 Live Live Live Live [76] [77] [78] [79] PocketGear PocketGear PocketGear PocketGear Samsung. [68] 2009) 60-80% Free Unknown Unknown Unknown Mobspot 2009 Mobspot.net 1999 Live: mobile2day. Unknown Android [5] 70% Free Software Store (Sprint) VZAppZone Get It Now 2006 Live [87] Sprint Nextel. BlackBerry. Java. Windows Mobile Live [67] MobiHand. 5000 (June 3. Smartphone. Windows Mobile Android Symbian OS. Unknown 2011) Unknown Unknown Android [5] ≈95% Free Android SDK Android SDK Nduoa Market May 2010 Live [86] Ndoo Inc. Symbian.net [73] PocketGear 140.000 Yes Unknown Symbian OS. Java. BlackBerry OS. Windows Mobile 60% Free N/A PocketGear 1999 Live [74] PocketGear 140000 (June [75] 2010) ≈55% Free N/A Yes Unknown AndroidGear SymbianGear RimGear PalmGear Samsung Application Store 1999 1999 1999 1999 September 14. Palm OS. Android. Windows Mobile and [69] Android [71] Multiple Android. webOS Multiple Android. Unknown Windows Mobile Unknown Unknown Unknown Live [88] Unknown Unknown [90] 86. Inc. JavaME.6 million Multiple (April BlackBerry OS. Symbian. Symbian. Java. BlackBerry OS. webOS [81] Multiple bada. iOS. webOS. JavaME BlackBerry Palm OS. Inc.de [72] . Handmark Unknown Verizon Wireless.

html [4] "Android Market Statistics" (http:/ / www. net/ article/ 419-blackberry-takes-larger-cut-of-developer-revenues-in-updated-app-world/ [23] "BlackBerry App World FAQ" (http:/ / na. palm. com/ en-US/ ) [35] http:/ / www. xhtml [28] http:/ / developer. action) [17] https:/ / developer. com/ Press_Events/ Press_Releases/ 2010/ 9/ comScore_Reports_July_2010_U. [2] http:/ / www. 15 May 2011.net" (http:/ / www. Brad (2008-12-16). mobilerated. blogspot. . nokia. App Store. apple. [13] Developer Guide (http:/ / software. . com/ aboutus/ [47] http:/ / www. appitalism. Actual installed base is likely to be lower than this. com/ [38] https:/ / www. asp?c=28631 [20] http:/ / www. com/ us/ products/ software/ mobile-applications. com/ [33] http:/ / mashable. blackberry. android. com/ programs/ ios/ [18] http:/ / appworld. intomobile. com/ dev/ [42] http:/ / www. com/ eng/ developers/ appworld/ faq. Retrieved 2009-07-11. com [25] http:/ / www. com/ [44] http:/ / bloomworlds. com [29] https:/ / publish. com/ [51] http:/ / www. 148apps. com/ [48] http:/ / www. getjar. palm. Download Squad. html) [6] http:/ / www. "Palm launches App Store for PalmOS. palm. cellmania. . appitalism. getjar. Retrieved 2009-07-14. com/ news/ item/ 12304_Ovi_Store_posts_strong_numbers. com/ login [30] http:/ / www. Mobile Subscriber Market Share" (http:/ / www. html [52] http:/ / www. allaboutsymbian. . itunes.S. microsoft. [5] Android Developers (http:/ / developer. com/ appstore/ developers) [14] http:/ / www. php [27] http:/ / www. com/ market/ [3] http:/ / googleblog. and Windows Phone Marketplace are given as cumulative sales. Research In Motion. Retrieved 2010-06-04. ammapp. com/ us/ mobile/ [12] Linder. [8] "comScore Reports July 2010 U. jsp). com/ appstats. com/ appstores/ stores/ view/ 21-Nokia_Ovi_Store/ [26] http:/ / www. distimo. . nokia. [9] Palm Developer Network (http:/ / developer. com/ news/ app-store-milestone-500000-applications-approved/ [16] iOS Dev Center (http:/ / developer. wp7applist. com/ index. com/ devcenter/ ios/ index. ovi. com/ index. android. html [7] "Official App Catalog App Gallery : Precentral. palm. _Mobile_Subscriber_Market_Share). androlib. handmark. [24] http:/ / www. appitalism. com/ [43] http:/ / AppsLib. . AndroLib. com/ ) [10] "Developing and Distributing with Palm: Developer Program Details" (http:/ / developer. com/ windowsphone/ en-us/ apps/ default. com/ corporate/ distribution. nukona. precentral. com/ webstore/ category/ 0?lang=en/ [19] http:/ / www. appitalism. downloadsquad. aspx [32] http:/ / www.List of digital distribution platforms for mobile devices 115 Notes [1] Numbers for the installed base of Android Market. com/ appslist/ platform/ all/ all/ [41] http:/ / www. nokia. net/ app_gallery-app_catalog). com/ [40] http:/ / www. com/ appstore [36] http:/ / site. com/ Distribute/ Ovi_Store_statistics. php?option=com_content& view=article& id=1840& Itemid=34). com/ . com/ site/ Developers [50] http:/ / www. com/ appstore/ [15] http:/ / www. com/ site/ info [49] http:/ / my. ovi. pocketgamer. Windows Mobile apps" (http:/ / www. com/ [46] http:/ / www. aspx). msdn. biz/ r/ PG. blackberry. com/ eng/ developers/ appworld/ ) [22] http:/ / moconews. Biz/ BlackBerry+ App+ World/ news. com/ Tools_Docs_and_Code/ Tools/ [31] http:/ / www. com/ 2011/ 03/ 31/ microsoft-wp7-stats/ [34] Windows Phone 7 (http:/ / create. amazon. forum. Retrieved 2011-1-22. palm. com/ 2008/ 12/ 16/ palm-launches-app-store-for-palmos-windows-mobile-apps). apple. [11] http:/ / software. ru/ [37] http:/ / andspot. kalador. com/ 2011/ 05/ android-momentum-mobile-and-more-at. getjar. Retrieved 2010-09-15. blackberry. com/ 2010/ 06/ 25/ rim-q1-2010-results-100-millionth-blackberry-served-24-revenue-increase-year-over-year/ [21] BlackBerry App World Vendor Support (http:/ / na. com/ [39] http:/ / www. forum. cellmania. com/ [45] http:/ / www. S. comscore.

com/ [54] http:/ / www. Palm. com/ about.List of digital distribution platforms for mobile devices [53] http:/ / www. Reuters. mobihand. mikandi.000 apps. Retrieved January 10 2010. com/ [55] http:/ / assets. Retrieved 2009-09-01. explorepda. as?sellerType=01 [84] https:/ / seller. nduoa. Inc (2004-2010). com/ [87] http:/ / softwarestore. Retrieved January 10 2010. handango. de [73] http:/ / www. com/ ). Press release. mobile2day. [62] LG Mobile Developer Network (http:/ / developer. qpqa. as?sellerType=02 [85] http:/ / SlideME. com/ [58] http:/ / www. mobihand... vzw. handango. Biz/ MiKandi/ news. pocketgear. net [74] http:/ / www.. vzwdevelopers. com/ [64] Jordan. . Pocket Gamer. smartphone. [83] https:/ / seller." [70] http:/ / www. Retrieved 2009-07-18. Symbian and Android. Chris (November 29. "About Us" (http:/ / corporate. Retrieved 2009-09-01. com/ article/ technology-media-telco-SP/ idUSSEO35932120090713). html [90] The ZON (http:/ / www. mobspot. [66] MobiHand. com/ marketing/ collateral/ HandangoOverview. including BlackBerry. . 2009). com [75] http:/ / corp. html). com/ developers [72] http:/ / www. pdf [56] http:/ / www. com [77] http:/ / www. com/ news/ 2009/ 04/ pr2009-04-27. [82] "Application Store: Seller Office / Terms and Conditions" (http:/ / seller. com/ vzappzone/ VZAPricing. "our rapidly growing catalog of over 5. palmgear. pocketgear. com/ 8301-17852_3-10405884-71. reuters. 2010. biz/ r/ PG. as). sprint. Retrieved April 7. vzw. com [78] http:/ / www. [65] Matyszczyk. . samsungapps. . cnet. html [76] http:/ / www. . Retrieved April 7. . Inc (June 3 2009). com/ [88] http:/ / products. jsp?storeId=2218 [57] http:/ / www. Windows Mobile. 2009-07-12. androidgear.. . com/ [71] http:/ / www. lgmobile. do 116 References External links . mobihand. "Droid does. com/ [81] "Application Store: Seller Office" (http:/ / seller. com/ join/ signUp. com/ [61] "LG launches app store. asp [68] MobiHand. samsungapps. com/ join/ signUp. Samsung. samsungapps. mobango. asp). handango. pocketgamer. CNET. Jon (December 9. com/ default. symbiangear. org/ [86] http:/ / www. de [80] http:/ / www. com [59] http:/ / www. explorepda. iPhone doesn't: The porn app store" (http:/ / news. asp?c=17206MiKandi). rimgear. "MobiHand Unveils On-Device BlackBerry App Store with Version Tracking" (http:/ / corporate. 2009). Samsung. com/ press_release_2009_06_03. "MobiHand was founded in 2004" [67] http:/ / corporate. com/ developer/ [60] http:/ / www. asp). Press release. 2010. "Android adult-only app store MiKandi launches on a natural high" (http:/ / www. mobspot. com [79] http:/ / www. com/ company.distributor of software and content for a wide range of mobile devices. com) [63] http:/ / www. com/ ) [91] http:/ / aws2. samsungapps. com/ help/ termsAndConditions. com/ info/ Partner. explorepda. initial focus on Asia" (http:/ / www. samsungapps. com/ [89] http:/ / news. lgapplication.

Google Desktop (Mac OS X. aerial photography. Picasa. photos. IPad.1 Desktop Google appliance as shown at RSA Conference 2008 Standalone applications AdWords Editor (Mac OS X. music. 7. Google Earth (Linux. Vista. Windows 2000. iPhone. Mac OS X. which displays images sourced from a hard disk. Mac OS X) Web browser. XP. Photos Screensaver Slideshow screensaver as part of Google Pack. This list also includes prior products. XP) Alerts users to new messages in their Gmail account. Windows 2000. 7) Photo organization and editing application. Linux. Windows 2000 SP3+. Google Pack (Windows XP. Picasa (Mac OS X. mobile and online products released or acquired by Google Inc. and Google Chrome). or through RSS and Atom Web feeds. GIS from Google's repository. Vista. Linux) Desktop search application that indexes emails. 7) Collection of computer applications—some Google-created (including Google Earth. Windows 2000 SP3+. are not listed. Google Chrome (Windows XP. Vista. XP. it lets users make changes to their account and advertising campaigns before synchronizing with the online service. chats. It allows the installation of Google Gadgets. providing photo library options and simple effects. Vista) Desktop application to manage a Google AdWords account. 7. Windows 2000. such as web search features. discarded or renamed.List of Google products 117 List of Google products This list of Google products includes all major desktop. that have been merged. GNU/Linux. They are either a gold release. Vista. Picasa Web Albums Uploader (Mac OS X) . XP. documents. XP. Web history and other files. or part official of the Google Labs initiative. Features within products. In-Store TV Google TV Hardware can watch TV and go on the internet. as known as Internet TV with Adobe Flash Player 10. Vista. Google Talk. some not. Gmail/Google Notifier (Mac OS X. 7. Google Desktop. Also includes Facial Recognition and GeoTagging features. in beta development. Android) Virtual 3D globe that uses satellite imagery.

. Windows 2000. to Chinese characters. Picasa and Flickr. XP. Toolbar (Firefox. Send to Mobile (Firefox. Internet Explorer and Safari) A browser plug-in that enables development of off-line browser applications. XP. Talk (Windows 2000. XP) VPN client for Google WiFi users. which allows easily viewing installed applications or performing online searches. Mac OS X Leopard+) (Google Japan) Japanese Input Method Editor. Firefox. which can be entered on Western-style keyboards. Vista) (Google India) Input Method Editor that is used to convert Indic characters.List of Google products An application to upload images to the "Picasa Web Albums" service. Gears (Google Chrome. Vista) (Google China) Input Method Editor that is used to convert Chinese Pinyin characters. Blogger and Search History. 118 Desktop extensions These products created by Google are extensions to software created by other organizations. Server 2003. Visigami (Mac OS X Leopard) Image search application screen saver that searches files from Google Images. 7) Application for VoIP and instant messaging. Vista SP1+. Pinyin Input Method (Windows 2000. Internet Explorer) Web browser toolbar with features such as a Google Search box. Mac OS X) A search box. discontinued. based on Quicksilver. and Google Chrome) Allows users to send text messages to their mobile phone about web content. which uses the XMPP protocol. Vista. It consists of both a service and a client used to connect to the service. Japanese Input (Windows XP SP2+. XP. which can be entered on Western-style keyboards. It consists of both an iPhoto plug-in and a stand-alone application. Secure Access (Windows 2000. Vista. to Indian Language characters. pop-up blocker and ability for website owners to create buttons. 7. 7) Modeling application to sketch simple 3D structures for integrating into Google Earth. Google Indic Input Method (Windows 2000. Blogger Web Comments (Firefox only) Displays related comments from other Blogger users. Quick Search box (Windows. Dashboard Widgets for Mac (Mac OS X Dashboard Widgets) Collection of mini-applications including Gmail. XP. whose equipment does not support WPA or 802.1x protocols SketchUp (Mac OS X.

Gmail Access a Gmail account from a mobile device using a standard mobile web browser. iGoogle Mobile version of iGoogle that can be easily customised with modules. [1] Blogger Mobile Available on some US networks only. User must now provide phone number to verify account. Reader Displays Google Reader on a mobile device. The services will combine coupons and discounts and payments at the time people buy things through their phone. Mobile search Search web pages. Picasa Web Albums Allows viewing. Allows updating Blogger blog from mobile devices. Documents View documents on a mobile device. images. 2010. users can quickly add events to personal calendars. sharing photo albums that are stored online on Picasa. 2011. Calendar Displays a list of all Google Calendar events on a mobile device. Google Mobilizer Optimizes web pages for mobile web browsers. Mobile view is enabled by default. Alternatively.List of Google products 119 Mobile Online These products can be accessed through a browser on a mobile device. Google Latitude Google Latitude is a mobile geolocation tool that lets friends know where users are via Google Maps. Google introduced Google Wallet at an event in New York City. Google Maps Navigation (Android only) . News Allows user to access Google News in a mobile-optimized view. Buzz Buzz is a social networking service built into Gmail. Google Wallet & Google Offers On May 26. local listings and mobile-specific web pages through the Google search engine. Product Search Updated version of the prior Froogle Mobile that allows users to easily search for information about a product. Orkut Connect and share with friends on the go. Google provides a specific mobile application to access and download Gmail messages quicker. It was released on February 9.

It is currently available in the United States. control television volume and essentially do everything the YouTube Leanback product supports. France. from Google Labs) A downloadable application that uses image recognition to trigger searches based on pictures taken with a device's built-in camera.S. Switzerland and Belgium. iPhone) (available in U. Palm WebOS. Ireland. product barcode) causes searches for information on them. Mobile.[2] 120 Downloadable Some of these products must be downloaded and run from a mobile device. iOS) VoIP and text application for smartphones. Italy. Talk (Android. Symbian. iOS. from Google Labs) A downloadable application for subscribing to and streaming podcasts and Web audio. Sky Map (Android. voice guided turn-by-turn navigation and automatic rerouting. taking pictures of things (examples: famous landmark. Reader (Android) A downloadable RSS application that supports unread counts. liking. YouTube Remote (Android) A downloadable application to view YouTube videos. and J2ME) A mobile application to view maps on mobile devices. friends. Sync Synchronizes mobile phones with multiple Google calendars and contacts using a Google Account. UK. Spain. iOS) A downloadable application that makes shopping easier and smarter. The device must have either a specific application to use Google maps or any phone with a properly configured Java Virtual Machine. iOS. Palm OS.List of Google products An Android navigation application for GPS-enabled mobile devices (such as Google Nexus One) with 3D views. BlackBerry. Canada. it can use user geolocation and show current location on the map. Austria. Requires a properly configured Java Virtual Machine. Teamed with a GPS. which is not available by default on some platforms (such as Palm Treo). Denmark. Lets users find addresses and plot directions. Voice (Android. and starring.[6] [3] . The Android version is text only and lacks the VoIP function of BlackBerry version. Windows Mobile. only) A downloadable application for accessing Google Voice functions on selected devices.[5] Shopper (Android. Gmail A downloadable application that has many advantages over accessing Gmail through a web [interface] on a mobile such as the ability to interact with Gmail features including labels and archiving. Maps (Android. sharing. BlackBerry. Blackberry. Goggles (Android. but from their mobile handset. Netherlands. Users can also share current locations with friends through Latitude. Mobile) Augmented reality program displaying a star map which is scrolled by moving the phone. it lets users browse and play videos. YouTube A downloadable application to view YouTube videos on selected devices. Germany.[4] Listen (Android.

List of Google products Books (Android. by invitation. Advertising Ad Planner An online tool that allows users to view traffic estimates for popular web sites and create media plans. legal lyric downloads.S. The archive is provided by Top100. AdWords offers pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. iOS) Allows users to translate conversations instantly. this service does not search the whole Internet) and is available in mainland China only.e. iOS) (available in U.cn (i. and main source of revenue. Account management Dashboard Dashboard is an online tool that allows Google Account holders to view all their personal information Google is storing on their servers. allows reading one book on a variety of devices.[9] 121 Web These products must be accessed via a Web browser.[7] Translate (Android. Ad Manager A hosted ad management solution AdMob Mobile advertising provider AdSense Advertisement program for Website owners. AdWords Google's flagship advertising product. only) A downloadable application that allows users to buy and download books and keep them stored on remote servers. . and site-targeted advertising for both text and banner ads. and adverts shown are from AdWords users. invitation only) Music Beta is available now for free for a limited time. Music Beta by Google (beta. Adverts generate revenue on either a per-click or per-thousand-ads-displayed basis. in order to gain to the most successful advertising campaigns. providing AdWords qualifications to agencies that pass exams and other criteria AdWords Website Optimizer Integrated AdWords tool for testing different website content. Music (Google China) A site containing links to a large archive of Chinese pop music (principally Cantopop and Mandopop). Google Advertising Professionals Google's AdWords partner certification program. including audio streaming over Google's own player. depending on which adverts are relevant.. and in most cases legal MP3 downloads.[8] Will be an online music store that is scheduled to start operations in 2011.

Blogger Weblog publishing tool. locations (including buildings) and vehicles created in Google SketchUp by the aforementioned application's users. Docs Document.List of Google products Audio Ads Radio advertising program for US businesses. This service was discontinued. photos. featuring Gmail and other Google products. group blogs. Users can create custom. spreadsheet and presentation application. Boutiques [10] Boutiques is a personalized shopping experience that lets users find and discover fashion goods. calendar sharing. videos and more at once. and a unique "quick add" function that allows inserting events using natural language input. Buzz Integrated with Gmail service allowing to share updates. Grants Scheme for non-profit organizations to benefit from free Cost-Per-Click advertising on the AdWords network. DoubleClick Internet ad serving provider. It also allows users to connect with their friends on different websites that have implemented Google Friend Connect on their website. Friend Connect Friend Connect is an online service that empowers website and blog owners to add social features to their websites. It is similar to those offered by Yahoo! and Windows Live. The models can be downloaded into Google SketchUp by other users or Google Earth. TV Ads CPM-driven television advertising scheme available on a trial basis. . Google began to roll this product out on 15 May 2007 through its existing AdWords interface. It lets users make conversations about things they find interesting. however has been discontinued. hosted blogs with features such as photo publishing. currently aimed towards professional advertisers. FeedBurner News feed management services. blogger profiles and mobile-based posting with little technical knowledge. with document collaboration and publishing capabilities. including feed traffic analysis and advertising facilities. Calendar Free online calendar. includes Gmail integration. enterprise and education. agencies and partners. Apps Custom domain and service integration service for businesses. 122 Communication and publishing 3D Warehouse Google 3D Warehouse is an online service that hosts 3D models of existing objects. Click-to-Call Calling system so users can call advertisers for free at Google's expense from search results pages. comments.

replaced with Docs) Web clipping application for saving online research. images. to other Google users. In November 2006. iGoogle (was Google Personalized Homepage) Customizable homepage. Picasa Web Albums Online photo sharing. and links from pages while browsing. Chinese. newcomers are offered to try other services such as Google Docs and Google Bookmarks. Google recently stopped development on Notebook and no longer accepts sign-ups. access them from any computer. Google has not yet stated what it will do with the product. Launched on June 26. used internally by Google's employees. While old users can still access their notebooks.List of Google products Gadgets Mini-applications designed to display information or provide a function in a succinct manner.[11] Orkut Social networking service. Picnik Online photo editing service. Available in Universal or Desktop format. create relationships amongst friends and join communities of mutual interest.[12] Reader Web-based news aggregator. Notebook (unsupported by Google. Panoramio Photos of the world. Google acquired the software from creator Marratech on April 19. Google opened Orkut registration to everyone. 2007 that allows users to ask and answer questions posed by other users. Thai) Community-driven knowledge market website. Questions and Answers (Arabic. Gmail (also termed Google Mail) Free Webmail IMAP and POP email service provided by Google. 2004. It was first released in an invitation-only form on April 1. Mobile access and Google Talk integration is also featured. capable of reading Atom and RSS feeds. known for its abundant storage and advanced interface. Knol Knol is a service that enables subject experts and other users to write authoritative articles related to various topics. and share them with others. save them online. The tool permits users to clip text. launched in May 2005. 2007 (was used internally by Google). The service also embeds audio enclosures in the page. import and subscribe to feeds. It lets users search. It was renamed to iGoogle on April 30. Major revisions to Google Reader 123 . where users can list their personal and professional information. instead of being invitation only. Russian. with integration with the main Picasa program. 2007. Marratech e-Meeting Web conferencing software. Profiles Allows controlling how users appear and present themselves on Google products. micro-blogging and lifestreaming service comparable to Twitter. which can contain Web feeds and Google Gadgets. Jaiku Jaiku is a social networking. and tell others a bit more about who they are.

OpenSocial A set of common APIs for building social applications on many websites. YouTube Free video sharing Web site which lets users upload. In October 2006. It also features a unified voice mail service. videos. Google. went online on September 23. allows users to create and subscribe to channels over SMS. The deal closed on 13 November 2006. Code Google's site for developers interested in Google-related development. Voice (United States only) Known as "GrandCentral" before 2009-03-11. a tweet is automatically posted on Twitter with a link to the voice message stored on Google's SayNow. and more. maps.List of Google products were made in October 2006. photos. Wave (unsupported by Google) Google Wave is a product that helps users communicate and collaborate on the web. Inc. this is a free voice communication system that includes a POTS telephone number. SMS and free outgoing calls via Google's "click2call" and 3rd party dialers.65 billion USD in Google's stock. Google Sidewiki A browser sidebar and service that allows contributing and reading helpful information alongside any web page. Channels can be based on RSS feeds. debugging. syntax highlighting. 2009) Web Mashup creation with publishing facilities. 124 Development Android Open Source mobile phone platform developed by the Open Handset Alliance App Engine A tool that allows developers to write and run web applications. 2009‎. .. The site contains Open Source code and lists of their API services. for both personal and corporate use. A "wave" is equal parts conversation and document. announced that it had reached a deal to acquire the company for $1. SMS Channels (Google India only) Launched September 2008. Speak To Tweet Telephone service created in collaboration with Twitter and SayNow allowing users to phone a specific number and leave a voicemail. It includes a follow-me service that lets users forward their Google voice phone number to simultaneously ring up to 6 other phone numbers. and share video clips. Subscribed Links Allows developers to create custom search results that Google users can add to their search pages. Also provides project hosting for any free and open source software. Sites (was Jotspot) Website creation tool for private or public groups. view. where users can almost instantly communicate and work together with richly formatted text. Mashup Editor (deprecated as of January 14.

Become a citizen cartographer and help map the world. Sky Map An Internet tool to view stars and galaxies. Transit . Map Maker Edit maps in more than 100 countries and watch the edits go into Google Maps. visible imagery and infrared imagery can be shown. the anniversary of the birth of astronomer Percival Lowell. concurrent programming language developed by Google. Google Go A compiled. Building Maker Web based building and editing tool to create 3D buildings for Google Earth. Mars Imagery of Mars using the Google Maps interface. Google Body A 3D anatomical model of human body. including query statistics and robots. Moon NASA imagery of the moon through the Google Maps interface. 1969. Renamed from Google Sitemaps to cover broader features. providing driving directions and local business search. 125 Mapping City Tours An overlay to Maps that shows interesting tours within a city Maps Mapping service that indexes streets and displays satellite and street-level imagery. Google Closure Tools Javascript tools used by Google products such as GMail. Discontinued as of October 2009. Elevation.List of Google products Webmaster Tools (was Google Sitemaps) Sitemap submission and analysis for the Sitemaps protocol. 2005. Ride Finder uses the Google Maps interface and cooperates with any car service that wishes to participate. Google Chrome OS An Operating System utilizing the Linux kernel and a custom Window manager. Google Docs and Google Maps Page Speed A tool for helping developers to optimize the speed of their webpages.txt analysis. limousine and shuttle search service. It was launched on July 20. can be used via browser version of "Google Sky". in honor of the first manned Moon landing on July 20. using real time position of vehicles in 14 US cities. Ride Finder Taxi. Web Toolkit An open source Java software development framework that allows web developers to create Ajax applications in Java. It was released on March 13. 2006.

whenever there are new results. Checkout Online payment processing service provided by Google aimed at simplifying the process of paying for online purchases. it is now a standalone service that allows searching of words and phrases from over 22 languages. specifically for Chinese users. that enables content owners to submit content. It uses people's claimed expertise to match askers with good answerers. Fast Flip Online news aggregator that mimics the experience of flicking through a newspaper or magazine. and video. not just those published through Blogger. . Google scans and stores in its digital database. Accessible Search Search engine for the blind and visually impaired. now fully integrated with maps. Released on December 7. Results include all blogs. with a continuously-updated search index. so users incur minimal distractions when browsing. 2005. ranging from short extracts to entire books. Dictionary Once part of Google Translate. Blog search Weblog search engine. (For Google Earth.List of Google products Public transport trip planning through the Google Maps interface. The content that is displayed depends on the arrangement with the publishers. which sends alerts based on chosen search terms. including Timeline views and keyboard shortcuts. Code Search Search engine for programming code found on the Internet. Base Google submission database. but are sorted using PageRank. Experimental Search Options for testing new interfaces whilst searching with Google. Results can be viewed and filtered by date. allowing visual search of stories in manner similar to microfiche. Directory (Google China) Navigation directory. Webmasters can choose to implement Google Checkout as a form of payment. Groups results news. It prioritises usable and accessible web sites in the search results. Alerts Email notification service. Books (was Google Print) Search engine for the full text of printed books. Alerts include web results. The links and their categorization are from the Open Directory Project. Information within the database is organized using attributes. see "Standalone applications") 126 Search Aardvark Social search utility which allows people to ask and answer questions within their social networks. have it hosted and make it searchable. Directory Collection of links arranged into hierarchical subcategories.

In January. Red. Brown. Patent Search Search engine to search through millions of patents. Black. Scholar Search engine for the full text of scholarly literature across an array of publishing formats and scholarly fields. New features include the ability to create customised pages and share files. with results based on the filename of the image. interactive charts. Movies A specialised search engine that obtains show times of films near a user-entered location and provides reviews of films compiled from several different websites. Blue. Yellow. opinion. track their favorite topics. discussion groups and a portfolio. the sites included are selected by human editors. White. blog search. recipes and housing. including one that allows users to translate text or web pages from one language to another. Groups Web and email discussion service and Usenet archive. News Archive Search Feature within Google News. including auctions. for products. Orange. Sets Generates a list of items when users enter a few examples. Life Search (Google China) Search engine tailored towards everyday needs. Image Labeler Game that induces participants to submit valid descriptions (labels) of images in the web. Features include company-specific pages. Google Hotpot is a search that allows people to rate restaurants. make a group. Product Search (was Froogle) Price engine that searches online stores. Image Search Image search engine. Today. For example. While the selection of news stories is fully automated. Language Tools Collection of linguistic applications. including drawings. a thumbnail of each matching image is displayed. Red" emits the list "Green. that allows users to browse articles from over 200 years ago. the link text pointing to the image and text adjacent to the image. When searching. News Automated news compilation service and search engine for news. and another that allows searching in web pages located in a specific country or written in a specific language. write a set of group web pages updatable by members and share group files. claims and citations. the index includes virtually all peer-reviewed journals available online. version 3 of Google Groups was released. hotels etc. Purple. publish posts. such as train times. and share them with friends. in order to later improve Image Search." 127 . Purple. Users can join a group. There are versions of the aggregator for more than 20 languages. executives information. each result with its own page.List of Google products Finance Searchable US business news. entering "Green. and financial data. 2007.

Google released Search History in April 2005. see List of Google domains 128 Statistics Analytics Traffic statistics generator for defined websites. Voice Local Search Non-premium phone service for searching and contacting local businesses Web History (was Google Search History. It receives 1 billion requests a day and is the most used search engine on the Internet. U. Trends . based on the statistics that are given. Analytics is based on the Urchin software and the new version released in May 2007 integrates improvements based on Measure Map. India and China and formerly the UK. providing insights into the search terms people have been entering into the Google search engine. coming out of beta on September 21.S.[13] later expanding and renaming the service to Web History in April 2007. Google's main video partnerships include agreements with CBS. Daily Motion. with no premium charge for the service. Gapminder Data trend viewing platform to make nations' statistics accessible on the internet in an animated. Japan. Canada. interactive graph form. Webmasters can optimize their ad campaigns. Web pages. Personalized Search) Web page tracking.[14] Web Search Web search engine. It also includes Bookmarks. which records Google searches. Google Also offers Regional search by its regional level domains. when it began to record browsing history. 1999. which is Google's core product. with strong AdWords integration. It was the company's first creation.gov TLD. search trends and item recommendations. and other popular video hosting sites. music and more. Government Search Search engine and Personalized Homepage that exclusively draws from sites with a . Video Video search engine and online store for clips internally submitted by companies and the general public. videos. The results are sent as a reply. and remains their most popular and famous service. NHL and the NBA. Germany and Spain. Insights Google Insights for Search is a service by Google similar to Google Trends. Squared Creates tables of information about a subject from unstructured data Suggest Auto-completion in search results while typing to give popular searches. University Search Listings for search engines for university websites.List of Google products SMS Mobile phone short message service offered by Google in several countries. it has 189 different regional domains. images. It allows search queries to be sent as a text message. Also searches videos posted on YouTube. Metacafe. including the USA.

Has "Google Trends for Websites" sub-section which shows popularity of websites over time. An annual Zeitgeist summary for the US and other countries is still produced. allowing users to pay researchers to answer questions. Previous Applications that have been discontinued by Google. monthly and yearly lists. There used to be weekly. Nexus S Smartphone running the Android open source mobile operating system. Hardware Google Search Appliance Hardware device that can connect to corporate intranets to index/search company files. secure. lower cost version of the Google Search Appliance. showing the popularity of particular search terms over time. Labs A website demonstrating and testing new Google projects. Multiple terms can be shown at once. region or language. which covers ongoing and past disasters. Fusion Tables Tool for gathering and visualizing arbitrary data. Results can also be displayed by city.List of Google products Graph plotting application for Web Search statistics. Browser Sync Saved browser settings for backup and use on other installations of Mozilla Firefox. Zeitgeist Collection of lists of the most frequent search queries. version 2. or through lack of support. Google Public DNS A publicly accessible DNS server run by Google. All past discussions have been publicly archived. Google announced the close of service on November 28. and free. Services Google Crisis Response A public project. 2006. . Nexus One Smartphone running the Android open source mobile operating system. claims to be safe. Answers Question and answer service. turmoils and other emergencies.3 "Gingerbread". and topic and country specific lists. either because of integration with other Google products. Related news stories are also shown. 129 Other Health Lets users control and organize all of their health information in one place. a dynamic feature in Google Trends". Google Mini Reduced capacity. Closed 22 May 2007 and replaced by "Hot Trends.

[15] Local Local listings service. However. version 5. Joga Bonito Soccer community site. but only for Google Mobile Search. 2008. Google Inc. The last release. which was further renamed to Google Maps due to popular demand. Public Service Search Non-commercial organization service. and could join groups based on shared interests. Lively (Windows XP. It was discontinued when a very similar feature was added to Google desktop. to focus on another Google Webpage-publishing service called Google Sites. 2008 and closed December 31. Some users preferred Deskbar for its ability to add custom search and the minibrowser so there was no need to open another window.[17] [18] Related Links 130 . The service allowed a user to meet other fans. and watch and upload video clips and photos. similar to Google Zeitgeist.95. create games and clubs. now fully merged with Google Accounts and Web History. Google MK-14 A 4U rack mounted server for Google Radio Automation system. Free to set up Google Co-op renamed Google Custom Search. had a . Free Search Free code to embed either web search or site search into another website. access athletes from Nike. part of Google Labs. similar to services such as MySpace. Hello Allowed users to send images across the Internet and publish them to blogs. Winamp. Trends were generated by Google Talk's "share your music status" feature. As of 2010. Discontinued in February 2007 and re-directed to Google Co-op. which can be used to create pages and to host them on Google's servers.[16] Music Trends Music ranking of songs played with iTunes. has sold its Google Radio Automation business to WideOrbit Inc. traffic reports and unlimited search queries. Personalized Search Search results personalization. Windows Media Player and Yahoo Music. Deskbar User desktop bar with a built-in minibrowser. Page Creator Webpage-publishing program.List of Google products Co-op Search can be defined to specified web sites or areas of a site. which included free SiteSearch. Vista) 3D animated chat program launched on July 9. new sign-ups are no longer accepted since 2008.NET plugin. in that each member had a profile. The merged service was then called Google Local. And all existing content on Page Creator has been transferred to Google Sites in 2009. Google Local still exists. Discontinued in favour of Google Co-op Custom Search Engine. Rebang (Google China) Google China's search trend site. before it was integrated with mapping.

incorporating a Share bookmarklet to share pages. through embedded code. who were acquired by Google on March 9. XP.600 print catalogs. Writely was merged into Google Docs & Spreadsheets. friends' friends and interesting venues nearby. Discontinued November 2008. using a Mac OS style interface. 131 . Shared Stuff Web page sharing system. Web Accelerator (Windows 2000 SP3+. Users text their location to the service. but was removed the following day for undisclosed reasons. Voice Search Automated voice system for searching the Web using the telephone. 2009. Discontinued in July 2007. Spreadsheets Spreadsheet management application. Google X Re-designed Google search homepage. including pages. before it was integrated with Writely to form Google Docs & Spreadsheets. friends. which are acquired through optical character recognition. 2006. SearchMash Search engine that means to "test innovative user interfaces. there is no Google branding on the site. it is currently integrated on the Google Mobile web site. GOOG-411 Google's directory assistance service." Among its features are the ability to display image results on the same page as web results. which can be used free of charge from any telephone in the US and Canada. Dodgeball Social networking site built specifically for use on mobile phones. 2006. and continuous scrolling results. Video Player (Mac OS X. Discontinued January 2009. on the owner's Website. Windows 2000.us or Facebook. Google Notebook View and add notes to an online notebook. Pages can also be shared through third party applications. searches and videos. It appeared in Google Labs. It was announced on 6 June 2006. which then notifies them of crushes. 2010. Now called Google Voice Local Search. Discontinued on March 30.List of Google products Script that places units for related Web content. Discontinued January 2009. Vista) Uses various caching technologies to increase load speed of web pages (no longer available for download). feedback about features. Aside from its privacy policy and terms of service. and a page to view the most popular shared items. Discontinued January 2009. Catalogs Search engine for over 6. Discontinued as of November 12. Writely Web-based word processor created by software company Upstartle. such as del.icio. Google Latitude now provides most of Dodgeball's functionality integrated into the Google Maps service. On October 10. XP) Standalone desktop application that allows viewing videos from Google Video.

php/ products/ wo-automation-for-radio. com/ support/ boutiques/ [11] "google notebook blog: stopping development on google notebook" (http:/ / googlenotebookblog." May 26.google. Retrieved May 26.blogspot.com/pub?key=ty_BGDs9hnuBMRvj3AFeB2g& output=html) .com/corporate/history. com/ 2010/ 11/ 09/ youtube-remote/ )] on Your TV] [5] Google Goggles (http:/ / www. 16 November 2010. com/ 2005/ 04/ from-lost-to-found. wideorbit. html). google. com/ 2010/ 11/ android-google-reader-app-is-here. com. hk/ ggblog/ googlechinablog/ 2010/ 07/ google_20.com) Official Google Blog (http://googleblog. google. com.List of Google products 132 References [1] Erica Ogg. guardian. html) [12] Официальный блог . com/ 2009/ 01/ stopping-development-on-google-notebook. blogspot. (http:/ / googleblog. com/ mobile/ goggles/ ) [6] The Android Google Reader app is here! (http:/ / googlereader. html) [18] 有 关 Google中 国 产 品 的 更 新 情 况 : “在 中 国 , 热 榜 和 生 活 这 两 个 产 品 没 有 受 到 中 国 用 户 的 广 泛 欢 迎 , 因 此 , 我 们 决 定 关 闭 这 两 个 产 品 。 ” (http:/ / www. blogspot.about. [4] New Android App Controls[[YouTube (http:/ / mashable. yahoo.com/od/googlereviews/) An exhaustive Google product list (http://spreadsheets. blogspot.google. coupon service (http:/ / news. html) [17] About Google Rebang Service (http:/ / www.com/) Official History of Google Products (http://www.html) About. com/ index. html) [7] Google opens e-book store in challenge to Amazon (http:/ / news.google. co. html) [16] Radio Station Automation Software | WideOrbit (http:/ / www. 2011. cnet. com/ 2008/ 11/ lively-no-more. html?part=rss& subj=news& tag=2547-1_3-0-20). blogspot. google. html) [13] "From lost to found" (http:/ / googleblog. uk/ technology/ 2011/ feb/ 16/ google-music-itunes-competitor-android)]' service will form part of new version of Android operating system designed specifically for tablet devices] 2011-02-16 [10] http:/ / www. blogspot. html) External links • • • • • Official website (http://www. [2] Google Maps Navigation Now Works in Canada and Most of Europe (http:/ / mashable. com/ wideorbit. com/ 2007/ 04/ your-slice-of-web. 2011. google. com/ 8301-31021_3-20066478-260. blogspot. com/ 2010/ 11/ google-voice-for-iphone. com/ 2010/ 06/ 09/ google-maps-navigation-canada-europe/ ) [3] Google Voice Blog: Google Voice for iPhone (http:/ / googlevoiceblog. html) [15] "Lively No More" Official Google Blog. com/ s/ ap/ 20101206/ ap_on_hi_te/ us_tec_google_books) [8] About Music Beta by Google (http:/ / music. com/ 2007/ 06/ google. com/ about/ ) [9] Google will launch iTunes music store competitor with upgrade to Android: '[[Google Music (http:/ / www. html) [14] "Your slice of the web" (http:/ / googleblog. google.com reviews of Google products (http://google. CNET. blogspot. hk/ intl/ zh-CN_cn/ rebang/ error.Google Россия: «Вопросы и ответы» Google (http:/ / googlerussiablog. " Google unveils mobile payments.

United States. Loopt has completed Series A and B financing led by Sequoia Capital[3] and New Enterprise Associates.[8] Loopt received US$8. Boost Mobile featured Loopt in a series of commercials that are most known for the “Where you at?” tag line[7] In August 2007.[6] a venture firm specializing in early stage startups. Android and Windows Phone. The Loopt services have more than five million registered users and partnerships with every major U. In addition to the core features of Loopt. Loopt expanded the service to select Sprint phones. Inc. to Verizon. At Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference in June 2008. and in June 2008. Type Industry Founded Private (venture-backed) Geosocial networking. Rick & Tom Pernikoff.loopt. 2008.[5] History Loopt began with seed funding from Y Combinator.Loopt 133 Loopt Loopt. . and find and enjoy the friends. including Facebook and Twitter. The application is not yet available in other countries.25 million in Series B funding in July 2007.com [1] Loopt is a company based in Mountain View. 2008.S. They were later joined by Alok Deshpande as well as two of Sam’s childhood friends. which uses location-based services to enable iPhone users to find and meet new people nearby. Loopt released an opt-in feature in Loopt's iPhone application called. mobile phone carrier. Loopt applications offer a variety of privacy controls. CEO www. Loopt produces mobile Location-based services that allow users to discover the world around them. Location-based services 2005 Headquarters Mountain View. California.com's The Middle Show with host Dave Price. Loopt Mix. Loopt announced support for most GPS-enabled Blackberries on June 13. Phones supportes Loopt include iPhone. California Key people Website Sam Altman. Loopt and CBS did a deal to deliver location based advertising.Blackberry. In February 2008. Stanford sophomores Sam Altman and Nick Sivo worked to build the first prototype of Loopt. Sam Altman presented the Loopt application for the iPhone. users also have the ability to integrate Loopt with other social networks. Loopt for the iPhone became available to US customers of the Apple iTunes App Store on July 11.[4] Loopt board members include TiVo-founder Mike Ramsay and Greg McAdoo of Sequoia Capital.[10] In the summer of 2008. places and events around them. That summer. Loopt sponsored Black20.[2] Loopt received US$5 million in Series A funding from Sequoia Capital and New Enterprise Associates and struck a deal to launch the service on Boost Mobile devices in September 2006.[9] Seven months later. [2] The company was founded in 2005 and received initial funding from Y Combinator.

Mobile application: the Loopt software provides real-time location updating (with the exception of the iPhone until OS4.0 Announcements . Loopt Star was removed from the iPhone App Store and Android Marketplace Privacy Loopt is permission-based and users share location information only with their selected friends. similar to the likes of whrrl. In December 2010. It is available on select devices across Sprint/Nextel. and Bing. making it the first service since SMS available across all major networks. Internet Education Foundation. exclusively designed for the iPad.[15] The upgraded version includes the same places and events upgrade previously launched in March 2010 for iPhone users.see below). Android and the BlackBerry. Progress & Freedom Foundation's Center for Digital Media Freedom. Loopt users can turn location-sharing on or off at any time on a friend-by-friend basis or for all friends at once. Verizon. • Loopt Star is a mobile game that rewards people for frequently checking in to particular places. With Loopt. discover places and get rewards/deals. as well as the iPhone. • Twitter and Facebook integration: Status updates with a location link can be sent via Loopt to a user's Twitter status or Facebook status.[16] In April 2010. AT&T.[14] In April 2010. National Network to End Domestic Violence. Apple's OS 4. and Cyber Safe California by the California Office of Privacy Protection (member.0 ships . Zagat.[12] In February 2009.org. Loopt launched Loopt version 4. all Loopt Star functionalities were rolled into the core Loopt app on the iPhone and Android [19] (accordingly. which will allow background real-time location updating on Loopt iPhone app. Loopt launched an upgraded version of its iPhone app. and brightkite. bringing in content from ZVents. and services. Loopt launched a product called Loopt Pulse. Boost Mobile. advisory committee). . Loopt has indicated they will support this as soon as Apple ships OS4. Loopt launched an upgraded version of its BlackBerry app. and SonicLiving. • Facebook application: The application was developed in 2008 for users to share location with friends in the Facebook network.0 for the iPhone ships in summer 2010.[18] In late 2010. Ponemon Institute. you can find friends.0. Loopt is currently supported on over 100 different phones across all major carriers. networks. Loopt sits on the CTIA's WIC Leadership Council and was an active participant in the creation of the CTIA LBS Best Practices. Loopt works regularly with select organizations that focus on privacy & security including: The Family Online Safety Institute (board member). Metromix.Loopt's Perspective [17] • Loopt for the iPhone and Android: This is Loopt's core application—the most updated and versatile.[13] incorporating place and event information to its Pulse database.[11] The case was dropped by Earthcomber in March 2009.0. Loopt expanded service again to select AT&T phones. These are added to existing content partnerships with Citysearch. show users where friends are located and what they are doing via maps on their mobile phones. Electronic Frontier Foundation. In March 2010. • Website: Loopt provides a web portal which is synchronized with the mobile version of the service. Loopt was sued by Earthcomber for patent infringement. buzzd. In March 2010. and MetroPCS. Users can update location and status and share with friends.Loopt In October 2008. which featured a completely updated design 134 Products and services Loopt's geosocial networking services. Apple announced iOS4. ConnectSafely.

techcrunch. "Boost Loopt Commercial" (http:/ / www. . .html?_r=3&ref=technology&oref=slogin&oref=slogin&oref=slogin). . 2008. [10] "Loopt in Oz" (http:/ / getsatisfaction." (http:/ / www. "Phones Will Soon Tell Where You Are" (http://online.[23] and on July 17. com/ company/ loopt/ ). "I'm getting SMSs from Loopt users asking me to be their friend or whatever. looptblog. com/ 2010/ 04/ apples-os4-announcements-loopts-perspective. [17] http:/ / www. New York Times. com/ phones). nea. nytimes." On July 14.wsj. More upsetting. 2008. [19] http:/ / about. SMSs cost money. . . loopt. html).com/2008/02/ 06/technology/06mobile." (http:/ / www. the software quickly gained notoriety for sending Short Message Service (SMS) invites to users' address books without. com/ 2008/ 10/ 03/ earthcomber-cries-patent-infringement-against-loopt/ ) [12] "Earthcomber drops patent lawsuit against TechCrunch. . however. [13] "Looking for something fun to do? Try the new Loopt Pulse. [24] "Loopt In: Get new version of Loopt for iPhone now!" (http:/ / www. Wall Street Journal. Loopt posted to its blog that the mass invites could be attributed to a confusing user interface. [6] "Crunchbase Profile of Loopt" (http:/ / www. com/ 2009/ 03/ 23/ earthcomber-drops-patent-lawsuit-against-techcrunch-loopt/ ). Mobile Ads Find Users" (http://www. com/ 2010/ 04/ plan-your-next-move-with-the-new-pulse-on-loopt-for-blackberry. [16] including "Loopt Supported Phones" (http:/ / www. com/ loopt/ 2008/ 07/ sorry-everyone. html). loopt. html). html?hpw).html?mod=googlenews_wsj). Loopt" (http:/ / www. html). com/article/SB120666235472370235. html). com/ 2010/ 03/ looking-for-something-fun-to-do-try-the-new-loopt-pulse. Loopt's privacy notice states that users can control who receives geo-location information via privacy settings. com/ about/ privacy-security). The comments. looptblog. looptblog. [21] "getsatisfaction. and date of birth. • Laura M. [22] "Loopt In: iPhone Invite Confusion" (http:/ / loopt. loopt. html [18] "Cellphone in New Role: Loyalty Card" (http:/ / www. [9] "Loopt and CBS Mobile Partner for GPS Location-Based Ads" (http:/ / mashable. informationweek.nytimes. • Amol Sharma and Jessica Vascellaro (2008-03-28). Respect for STOP was announced July 15. com/ 2010/ 12/ 06/ loopt-advances-communication-and-discovery-tools-re-designs-application/ [20] "Loopt Privacy Policies" (http:/ / www.[24] References [1] http:/ / www.[21] Merlin Mann complained. com/ 2010/ 04/ the-vision-behind-looptpulse-for-the-ipad. com/ 2010/ 06/ 01/ technology/ 01loopt.[20] 135 SMS invitation issues Users of Loopt must register their cell phone number. 2010-05-31. [4] "New Enterprise Associates provides funding to Loopt" (http:/ / www. com/ PortfolioCompanies/ IT/ ConsumerTechnology/ ). loopt.. [5] "Loopt Board of Directors" (http:/ / www. . com/ about/ board). . . . Retrieved 2008-06-10." (http:/ / www. . com/ loopt/ topics/ loopt_in_oz). loopt. . full name. including. com/ [2] "Loopt: How it all began. com/ loopt/ 2008/ 07/ iphone-invite-c. looptblog. . com/ 2008/ 02/ 06/ loopt-cbs-mobile/ ). loopt. "In CBS Test. . The New York Times. 2008. and they are working on an improved invitation flow. point out they continue to ignore STOP messages[22] (a command that automated text-message services use which is supposed to allow people to control whether they receive messages). com/ 2008/ 06/ loopt-is-now-su. youtube. looptblog. [23] "Loopt In: Improved iPhone Invites" (http:/ / loopt. Loopt released an updated version which addressed the issues with the confusing user interface. typepad. 2008. . sequoiacap. html). looptblog. . com/ company/ loopt). . . it seemed. [7] .. When Loopt released its native iPhone application on July 10. Holson (2008-02-06). com/ 2008/ 07/ get-new-version.com: How can I never receive another Loopt SMS invitation ever?" (http:/ / www. crunchbase. the user's knowledge. com/ blog/ main/ archives/ 2008/ 07/ loopt_social_ne. .Loopt More details are on Loopt's privacy pages. Retrieved 2008-06-10. html). [15] "Plan your next move on the new Pulse on Loopt for BlackBerry." (http:/ / www. [11] Earthcomber Cries Patent Infringement Against Loopt (http:/ / www. . html). com/ watch?v=ew94okDkCwU). [8] "Loopt now supports Blackberry" (http:/ / www. typepad. the SMS service failed to respond to the industry required STOP message. [3] "Sequoia Capital provides funding to Loopt" (http:/ / www. techcrunch. com/ about/ history). [14] "The Vision Behind Loopt Pulse. I never asked for this.

"The Cheaper.Loopt • Josh Quittner (2008-06-09). Mr. TechCrunch. com/ culture/ lifestyle/ news/ 1998/ 06/ 12899 [2] http:/ / www.com/ story/54244. Retrieved 2007-01-12.8599. "Location Technologies Primer" (http://www. Retrieved 2007-01-12. discovers a user with a "matching" profile. • Eric Carr. com/ releases/ 1998/ 6/ prweb4949. htm .1812954.com/Mobile+ phones+that+track+your+buddies/2100-1039_3-6135209. spontaneous matchmaking service that originated in Japan in 1998. • May Wong (2006-11-14).com/time/business/article/ 0. "Start-Up Offers Cell Phone Mapping Service" (http://www.time. "New Ways to Keep in Touch by Cell Phone" (http://tech.com/products/article. Time.html).com. with a limited wireless communications range. Retrieved 2007-01-12. News. External links • Article on Wired "Love: Japanese Style" [1] • Article on PRWeb "Newest craze will soon be sweeping across America!" [2] References [1] http:/ / www.loopt. see Bluedating.00.com.technewsworld.html). 2006-11-14. • "Startup Offers Cell Phone Mapping Service" (http://www. TechNewsWorld. • May Wong.techcrunch. • Marguerite Reardon (2006-11-14).html). "Mobile phones that track your buddies" (http://news. LoveGety was the inspiration for countless bluetooth-enabled matchmaking services for mobile phones.au/news/Technology/ New-service-tells-buddies-locations-on-a-cell-phone/2006/11/14/1163266537262. Faster iPhone" (http://www.com.Takeya Takafuji and his friends created Lovegety.smh. PC World. Retrieved 2008-06-10. LoveGety notifies the user that their matched partner is nearby.html). 136 External links • Official website (http://www. Users enter their profile of interests into the device and when the device. aspx?cp-documentid=922748).com/2008/06/04/ location-technologies-primer/).com/) Lovegetty Lovegety is a wireless-enabled. Sydney Morning Herald. wired. prweb.msn. Notification is done via device vibration. Retrieved 2006-01-12. Retrieved 2008-06-09.

These include “let’s just chat”. which allows users to find potential dates that match their personal preferences in the vicinity.com/culture/lifestyle/news/1998/06/12899) • Article on PRWeb "Newest craze will soon be sweeping across America!" (http://www. Rheingold states that ‘loss of privacy is perhaps the most obvious shadow side of technological cooperation systems’[2] References [1] Lookin' For Love in New Cyber Spaces (http:/ / web. org/ web/ 20091027114257/ http:/ / www. com/ Pentagon/ Bunker/ 5921/ lovegety. archive. geocities.Lovegety 137 Lovegety Lovegety is a matchmaking device available only in Japan.prweb. “let’s go sing some karaoke” and “get2” modes. Howard (2002) Smart Mobs: the Next Social Revolution. The devices can be set to interact with each other when a potential mate is within close proximity (15 feet) or to simply notify a user of others who are currently set to the same mood.htm) .[1] There are three modes users can pre-select on their device that reflect the mood they are currently in and hence what kind of partner they are looking for. Massachusetts External links • Article on Wired "Love: Japanese Style" (http://www.000 of these units sold in Japan at an approximate price of $21. Howard Rheingold reflects on technologies such as the Lovegety in his work and urges that as consumers we think carefully about the social implications of these technologies. html) [2] Rheingold. Perseus. There have been over 600.com/releases/ 1998/6/prweb4949.wired. Cambridge.

USA (1999) MFORMATION SERVICE MANAGER Suite MFORMATION SERVICE MANAGER for WiMAX [8] www. including Windsor. Japan. control and secure the mobile devices of their consumer and business customers.Mformation 138 Mformation Mformation Technologies Inc. just as they do cellular devices and services. MFORMATION SERVICE MANAGER. and Victoria. Tokyo. Northern Ireland. . Beijing. security management. software/application management. Products Mformation's flagship product line. Currently. India. UK. USA. Founder Dr. configure. extend and improve the standards for remote device management. Australia. enabling operators and service providers to activate. The MFORMATION SERVICE MANAGER for WiMAX product. with offices and subsidiaries around the globe. which works to support. This product is part of Sprint’s 2008 launch of its Xohm WiMAX service. China. provides OMA DM-based WiMAX device management. Todd DeLaughter is the current CEO. firmware management (FOTA). Mformation has been delivering device management solutions since it was founded in 1999. Kuala Lumpur.mformation. New Jersey. Malaysia. and customer experience monitoring. service providers and enterprises remotely activate.com Mformation Technologies is a software company that provides a suite of mobile device management (MDM) software products that helps mobile operators. remote device and service diagnostics. The suite includes separate products for GSM configuration management. the company offers an enterprise management product as part of the MFORMATION SERVICE MANAGER suite that enables mobile operators to provide their enterprise customers with a customized self-care environment via a SaaS (software as a service) delivery model. Bangalore. Belfast. manage. Type Private Industry Device management software Founded Products • • Website Edison. The company's original focus was on the management of wireless devices for enterprises. New Jersey. Mformation is a member of the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA). Locations Mformation is headquartered in Edison. Rakesh Kushwaha currently serves as the company's CTO. introduced in 2008. CDMA configuration management. and smartphones) and the data on them. is a comprehensive suite of mobile device management (MDM) software that is designed to help mobile operators remotely manage and control a variety of mobile devices (including cellular phones. provision and manage WiMAX-capable devices and services remotely. PDAs. with software solutions that were sold directly to enterprises.

Simple example The example code shows the three methods that must be implemeted to allow the application manager to control a MIDlet. Many simply state goals and prerequisites briefly. and destroy the application. • destroyed . This one provides the basic content directly.The MIDlet is active.[2] Technical information A MIDlet is a set of classes designed to be run and controlled by the application management software. The MIDlet Life-Cycle learning path is a bit different from others in format. Typical applications include games running on mobile devices and cell phones which have small graphical displays. then provide links to the content. start. openmobilealliance. the MIDlet is activated and its state changes from paused to active. • active . The application manager controls the activities of multiple MIDlets within the Java ME environment on a device and can select which MIDlets are active at a given time by starting and pausing them individually. When the MIDlet is terminated its state changes to destroyed from either active or paused.The MIDlet instance has been constructed and is inactive.midlet. public class Application extends MIDlet { public Application() { } // Called when the MIDlet is created or re-started public void startApp() { } . At some point after creation. There are three possible states in a MIDlet's life-cycle: • paused . simple numeric keypad interfaces and limited network access over HTTP. and along the way furnishes links to other resources. in the paused state. org/ MIDlet A MIDlet is an application that uses the Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP) of the Connected Limited Device Configuration (CLDC) for the Java ME environment.Mformation 139 External links • Mformation Web site [8] • Open Mobile Alliance Web site [1] References [1] http:/ / www.[3] The methods in this class allow the application manager to create.MIDlet class. such as incoming phone calls.[1] MIDlet life-cycle MIDlets are managed by application manager software built into the device because a running application may be interrupted at any point by outside events.The MIDlet has been terminated and is ready for reclamation by the garbage collector. The MIDlet must contain a class that extends the javax. typically in response to a user request.microedition. pause. The application manager creates MIDlets.

There are also restrictions on the size of . Retrieved 3 March 2010. As well as the Java classes.jad file and installs the MIDlets they require. html [3] javax. sun. incomplete class verification.MIDlet API http:/ / java. [2] Understanding J2ME Application Models http:/ / developers. sun. 46–47. The user downloads the . com/ mobility/ midp/ articles/ deploy/ .[4] [5] The . The resulting bytecodes are valid bytecodes because the annotations are using attributes of the bytecode to make the notes for the Mobile VM to read in doing its final incomplete class verification.MIDlet // Called to pause the MIDlet public void pauseApp() { } // Called to terminate the MIDlet public void destroyApp(boolean unconditional) { } } 140 Application deployment MIDlets are packaged together in suites inside a . Kim (2002). com/ books?id=ieBA3-Q-V6sC& pg=PA49). the class verifier in the Mobile VM is much smaller and only performs a fast.[6] Local deployment requires the MIDlet files to be transferred to the device over a non-network connection. html [4] Retrieving MIDlet Attributes http:/ / developers. A . sun. Restrictions Unlike a Java applet. O'Reilly Media. The bytecode for the MIDlet classes must therefore be pre-verified by using a preverifier to annotate the class files to enable the Mobile VM to then run the resulting bytecodes.midlet.jad file contains the location of the .microedition.jar files and the number of concurrent HTTP connections based on the MIDP specification. .jar file can contain other resources such as images or sound files. com/ mobility/ midp/ articles/ models/ index. sun.jad file describing a MIDlet suite is used to deploy the applications in one of two ways. com/ mobility/ midp/ articles/ ota/ [7] Deploying Wireless Java Applications http:/ / developers. a MIDlet is limited to use of the LCDUI rather than the more familiar widgets of AWT and Swing. sun. sun. com/ mobility/ learn/ midp/ lifecycle/ [6] Introduction to OTA Application Provisioning http:/ / developers. References [1] Topley.jar file with a Manifest file indicating which classes implement which MIDlet. J2ME in a Nutshell (http:/ / books. such as Bluetooth or IrDa and may involve device-specific software. Over the air (OTA) deployment involves uploading the . html [5] MIDlet Life Cycle http:/ / developers.jad and . ISBN 9780596002534. com/ javame/ reference/ apis/ jsr118/ javax/ microedition/ midlet/ MIDlet. com/ mobility/ midp/ ttips/ getAppProperty/ index.[7] MIDlet security Bytecode verification Due to the memory and processing power available on a device. google. pp.jar files to a Web server which is accessible by the device over HTTP. the .jar as well as the list of MIDlets in the suite and other attributes.

On March 24. followed by a second application.[5] [6] Criticisms leveled at MiKandi include its lack of content and its lack of availability on other types of phones.[4] [5] MiKandi applications are aimed at an adult demographic and contain explicit adult content. mikandi. a co-founder of MiKandi. 2009 and developed by MiKandi. the full uncensored application was briefly distributed in the Android Market before it was removed in 2011. iTouch Her. 2010.MiKandi 141 MiKandi MiKandi Developer(s) Initial release MiKandi November 29.[9] Infamously banned from the Apple App Store in 2008[10] . 2009 launch. launched their first application in March 2010.[5] MiKandi is currently only available for the Android operating system.[7] Applications In an interview with Northwest Cable News. for its iPhone and Google's Android Market by releasing the third party application store on Google Android’s open source operating system. Early adopter. com MiKandi (pronounced as "my candy") is an online adult software store launched on November 29. in January 2011. MiKandi is the world's first mobile porn app store for a mobile device.[4] On December 9. launched its official application in the MiKandi App Market. the developers of the application reported that AdMob had stopped serving ads to the ad-supported application. noted that all applications would be accepted as long as they were legal. for Android devices. a subsidiary of Private Media Group. Jennifer McEwen. censored version of the app is still available in the Android Market. Since their launch. Pink Visual. . 2009 Operating system Android Size Type Website 732 KB Software store http:/ / www. Online sex and swinger personals community website Adult FriendFinder also released an official application in the market in February 2011.000 times onto Android devices since their November 29. the controversial application iBoobs was released in the MiKandi App Market. although it is being developed for use on Windows Mobile and BlackBerry.[1] [4] The company attributes its lack of content to the infancy of the adult mobile app market. Gamelink. 2009 MiKandi reported that the market had been downloaded over 80. a Seattle-based company. Although the free.[1] ZDNet's Jason Perlow suggested that adult content from stores such as MiKandi could be the driving force behind sales of Android phones.[1] [2] [3] The store seeks to get around restrictions placed on adult content by Apple Inc. On November 23. prominent adult brands have launched official uncensored applications in the app market.[8] Although MiKandi has the potential to have high quality adult applications. 2011. many early applications have been criticized as simply packages of pictures and short videos.

MiKandi 142 Apple Controversy During a 2010 iPhone 4. Reney San (December 7. References [1] Matyszczyk. NWCN. 2010. Biz/ MiKandi/ news. org). Spanner (November 26. Retrieved April 7. 2009). 2010. the company was pushed in the spotlight when Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs noted that a “porn store” existed on Android — referring to MiKandi without using its name. 2009). “It’s not worth it for us to fight Apple’s legal team over this by ourselves. com/ #!5116493/ nsfw-boob-app-on-the-iphone-is-obviously-called-iboobs-obviously-not-approved [11] http:/ / www. html). pocketgamer. 2009). [4] Perlow. com/ 2010/ 11/ 23/ androids-app-store-for-porn-mikandi-adds-support-for-paid-applications/ [14] http:/ / blog. pocketgamer. MiKandi received a cease-and-desist request from Apple in March 2011 for the market’s use of the term ‘app store’. . [2] Hannaford. in which the app store released a complete design overhaul. 2011 MiKandi released full in-app billing support to Android developers two days before Google Android[14] . 2010. html). Maybe we can file an amicus brief to Microsoft’s case. com/ 2011/ adult-app-store-mikandi [13] http:/ / techcrunch. com/ all-entries/ news/ banned-from-apple-and-google-mikandi-welcomes-iboobs/ [10] http:/ / gizmodo. support that has long been anticipated in the Android developer community. 2009). Retrieved April 7. "Will the Adult Industry Drive Android Adoption?" (http:/ / blogs. asp?c=16947). com/ 2009/ 12/ top-three-user-questions-answered/ ). . 2010. 2010. The new design also indicates that the app market will allow customers to earn virtual currency by completing an offer wall. Retrieved April 7. ZDNet. [3] "Mikandi: First Store For Porn Apps Launches (UPDATED. . biz/ r/ PG. mikandi. biz/ r/ PG. 2009). 2009). MiKandi released a new product called MiKandi Theater which can be accessed in the app market. MiKandi Gold. .000 times in 12 hours after Jobs’ statement. Biz/ MiKandi/ news. MiKandi. com/ 5414043/ mikandi-the-worlds-first-porn-app-store-for-android). HTC Imagio review" (http:/ / www.” Co-founder and president Jesse Adams suggests that the company may support Microsoft’s challenge to Apple’s trademark. smartphonesex. 2010. . Retrieved April 7. [5] Jordan. . cnet. Jon (December 9. Says Adams." (http:/ / www. mikandi. "Android adult-only app store MiKandi launches on a natural high" (http:/ / www. "Talkin' Tech: MiKandi for smartphone sex apps. Kat (November 27. "MiKandi Blog.[13] During this time. [8] Miguel. Jason (November 29. November 28. On March 28. geekwire. mikandi. Retrieved April 7. blog. Pocket Gamer. com/ 2009/ 11/ 28/ mikandi-porn-app-store-la_n_372719.0 OS event. . com/ 8301-17852_3-10405884-71. [6] Spencer. com/ all-entries/ news/ mikandi-news/ mikandi-releases-in-app-billing-on-android/ . Gizmodo. com/ perlow/ ?p=11685). engadget. 2009). Retrieved April 7. The most notable update was on Thanksgiving Day 2010. 2009. CNET.[11] MiKandi reports that the app market was downloaded approximately 10. Chris (November 29. Retrieved April 7. Retrieved May 7. com/ 2010/ 04/ 08/ live-from-apples-iphone-os-4-event/ [12] http:/ / www. Top three user questions answered. MiKandi has since changed all terms on its websites and mobile client to read ‘app market’ and now bills itself as “The World’s First App Market for Adults. VIDEO)" (http:/ / www. [9] http:/ / blog.”[12] Market Updates and Product Launches MiKandi launched a number of updates to the app store in 2010. [7] MiKandi (December 8. huffingtonpost. The Huffington Post. zdnet. iPhone doesn't: The porn app store" (http:/ / news. "MiKandi launches first adult app store for Android" (http:/ / www. and introduced paid app support using the app market’s own virtual currency. 2010. 2010. . Pocket Gamer. asp?c=17206MiKandi). "MiKandi: The World's First Porn App Store for Android" (http:/ / gizmodo. "Droid does.

• MOAP(L) is supported by Linux-based phones from Panasonic and NEC. Mobi4BIZ allows users to customize the application.com [3] • CTIA first look: MobiTV’s Mobi4BIZ [4] • Facebook Mobi4Biz Fan Page [5] References [1] "MobiTV turns on Mobi4BIZ" 10 September 2008 (http:/ / www. com/ 2008/ 09/ ctia-first-look-mobitvs-mobi4biz [5] http:/ / www. Mitsubishi. co. the Mobi4BIZ application is only available through AT&T and exclusively on the Blackberry Bold device. Fox Business. blackberrycool. MOAP(S) is not an open development platform. as well as Bloomberg Television. com/ 4biz [4] http:/ / www. References [1] NTT DoCoMo Glossary (http:/ / www. including company-specific VOD content. 2008 at CTIA[2] . html) [2] Expansion of "MOAP" Software Platforms for Mobile Terminals. com/ 2008/ 09/ ctia-first-look-mobitvs-mobi4biz/ ) [3] http:/ / www. facebook. As of January 5. jp/ english/ binary/ pdf/ corporate/ technology/ rd/ tech/ main/ platform/ vol8_1_15en. financial graphs. blackberrycool.MOAP 143 MOAP MOAP (Mobile Oriented Applications Platform) is the software platform for NTT DoCoMo's FOMA service for mobile phones. pdf) Mobi4Biz Mobi4BIZ is a mobile finance application owned and created by MobiTV. NTT DoCoMo Technical Journal Vol. to receive alerts and detailed financial data on their portfolio as well as personalized stock tickers. video-centric application that offers stock data. com/ glossary/ m/ MOAP. with up-to-the minute stock market data from the CNBC ticker. analysis and tools[1] . other platforms based on Symbian. MOAP(L) is also not an open development platform. [1] Versions There are two versions of MOAP: [2] • MOAP(S) is supported by Symbian OS based phones from a number of manufacturers such as Fujitsu. Mobi4BIZ's content is pulled from CNBC. Mobi4BIZ debuted September 11. Sharp and others. and TheStreet. External links • Mobi4BIZ Official Page on MobiTV. Sony Ericsson Japan. fiercewireless. 1 (http:/ / www. com/ ctialive/ story/ mobitv-turns-mobi4biz/ 2008-09-10) [2] "CTIA first look: MobiTV’s Mobi4BIZ" 11 September 2008 (http:/ / www. 8 No. 2009.com. Mobi4Biz is a fee-based. com/ pages/ Mobi4Biz-for-the-Blackberry-Bold/ 51527643896 . nttdocomo. nttdocomo. MOAP(S) is released as opensource from Symbian Foundation under EPL. Unlike Series 60 and UIQ. business news and related information. mobitv.

[2] It currently only operates on newer Nokia Symbian handsets. their child's age and their child's personality. sexting or sexual grooming. Location services using GPS technology allows the parent to see the current location of the phone. as well as where the child has been in a certain time period. with other operating systems such as Android and BlackBerry Rim to be launched soon. References [1] http:/ / www. such as mom. com/ company/ mobiflock External Links • Official website (http://http://www. Mobiflock also has some excellent resources for parents who want to know more about the online threats their children might face. text messages. It allows parents to keep their children safe on their smartphones by monitoring and blocking dangerous activity. Patrick Lawson. Calls. com/ 2011/ 05/ mobiflock-helping-parents-keep-an-eye-on-kids-mobile-habits/ [3] http:/ / www. Parents can adjust the Mobiflock security settings according to their family's culture. Mobiflock is the brainchild of South African mobile entrepreneur. Mobiflock also sends parents alerts via email and/or text message to warn them of particularly harmful activity such as cyber-bullying.[1] Mobiflock was launched as a beta service in April 2011. or at school or other places where cell phone use might be inappropriate.Mobiflock 144 Mobiflock Mobiflock is a parental control service designed specifically for smartphones. [3] Founders include Donald Jackson and Vanessa Clark. bandwidthblog. In emergencies. web browsing. location.mobiflock. dad etc. children can always contact their VIP contacts. com/ 2011/ 05/ 11/ want-to-make-your-kids-phone-safe-try-mobiflock/ [2] http:/ / memeburn.com) . A timetable can limit phone use late at night. applications and time spent on the phone are monitored. crunchbase.

History The first mobile browser for a PDA was PocketWeb [3] [4] [5] for the Apple Newton created at TecO in 1994. DoCoMo defined the i-mode service based on i-mode HTML.[6] The so-called microbrowser technologies such as WAP. for example this one [2].0.[7] [8] A British company. i-mode HTML. but as of 2006 some mobile browsers can handle more recent technologies like CSS 2.1. The first deployment of a microbrowser on a mobile phone was probably in 1997 when Unwired Planet (later to become Openwave) put their "UP. or wireless internet browser (WIB). Newer microbrowsers are full-featured Web browsers capable of HTML. Typically they were stripped-down web browsers. followed by the first commercial product NetHopper released in August 1996.Mobile browser 145 Mobile browser A mobile browser. In Japan.. In 1999 STNC was acquired by Microsoft[9] and HitchHiker became Microsoft Mobile Explorer 2. or cHTML. JavaScript. minibrowser.[1] They may automatically create "mobile" versions of each page. or increasingly via Wireless LAN. using Web Browser for S60 is an example of a mobile browser. This was a single core platform. which is an extension of Compact HTML (C-HTML). HitchHiker is believed to be the first microbrowser with a unified rendering model. NTTDocomo's i-mode platform and Openwave's HDML platform fueled the first wave of interest in wireless data services.0). standard HTTP over TCP/IP and displays web pages written in HTML. and wireless data connection called WAP. Mobile browser software must be small and efficient to accommodate the low memory capacity and low-bandwidth of wireless handheld devices. subsets of the W3C's standard XHTML and CSS with minor mobile extensions.[10] not related to the primitive Microsoft Mobile Explorer 1. Mobile browsers are optimized so as to display Web content most effectively for small screens on portable devices. is a web browser designed for use on a mobile device such as a mobile phone or PDA. and Ajax. Underlying technology The mobile browser usually connects via a cellular network. WAP 2. STNC Ltd. or WML (which evolved from HDML). Websites designed for access from these browsers are referred to as wireless portals. WML and HDML are stripped-down formats suitable for transmission across limited bandwidth.Browser" on AT&T handsets to give users access to HDML content. POP3 and IMAP mail in a single . The demonstration platform for this microbrowser (Webwalker) had 1 MIPS total processing power. developed a microbrowser (HitchHiker) in 1997 that was intended to present the entire device UI. a simple subset of HTML. running the GSM stack on the same processor as the application stack. handling HTML and WAP along with ECMAScript. as well as mobile technologies such as WML. XHTML Mobile Profile (WAP 2. ECMAScript. CSS. also called a microbrowser.0 specifies XHTML Mobile Profile plus WAP CSS. WMLScript.0.

Amazon. Although it was not used. A freeware (although later shareware) browser for the PalmOS was Palmscape.7.0) Webkit (ver 6. GNU LGPL 2.[13] 146 Popular mobile browsers Distinct from a mobile browser is a web-based emulator.6. CMD-Z7. 5.No longer supports Windows Mobile or Linux - . Although Mobile Explorer was ahead of its time in the mobile phone space. This code formed the basis for MME3. Released in 2001.5. The Opera web browser is able to reformat regular web pages for optimal fit on small screens and medium-sized (PDA) screens.0 and GPL v2 proprietary Notes - No Yes proprietary MPL 1. Some mobile browsers are really miniaturized Web browsers.0. Still in limited use as late as 2003. Default browsers used by major mobile phone and PDA vendors Browser Android browser BlackBerry Browser Blazer Creator Google Research in Motion Palm Mozilla FOSS Yes No Current layout engine WebKit Mango (ver 4. development was stopped in 2002.1 on Windows Phone 7 Torch Mobile Inc. CMD-J7 and CMD-J70. GNU GPL 2. it was possible to combine HTML and WAP in the same pages although this would render the pages invalid for any other device. Mobile Explorer 3. MME3.0 implemented OTA database synchronisation. The cancelled Sony Ericsson CMD-Z700 was to feature heavy integration with MME3. Also in 2002. It was also the first widely available mobile browser to support Ajax and the first mobile browser to pass ACID2 test.com ? No WebKit NetFront proprietary proprietary Acquired by Research in Motion .[12] By imaginatively combining these proprietary schemes with WAP protocols.1 or later. so some mobile browser companies also provide browsers for desktop and laptop computers. this was powerful enough to be the operating system for certain embedded devices.0 or later. Inc. CMD-MZ5. push information clients (not unlike a 'Today Screen') and PIM functionality. implemented either in Java or as an HTML transcoder. push email. One such device was the Amstrad e-m@iler [11] and e-m@iler 2.0 was available on the Benefon Q. which uses a "Virtual Handset" to display WAP pages on a computer screen. CMD-J6.1 or later proprietary installed on all newer Palm Treos and PDAs Currently released for Nokia Maemo and in development for Android Firefox for mobile Internet Explorer Mobile Iris Browser Kindle Basic Web Gecko Microsoft No Trident 3. Mobile Explorer 2. The following are some of the more popular mobile browsers. With the addition of a messaging kernel and a driver model. 4. Opera Software pioneered with its Small Screen Rendering (SSR) and Medium Screen Rendering (MSR) technology. offered Web Pro on Tungsten PDAs based upon a Novarra browser.0+) NetFront [14] Software license Apache 2. 4. who went on to found Ilinx. written in 1998 by Kazuho Oku in Japan. CMD-J5. Palm.Mobile browser client. Sony CMD-Z5.0 added iMode compatibility (cHTML) plus numerous proprietary schemes.

6. Palm Creator No MoRDAC (Mobile oriented Remote Display and Control) Webkit Current layout engine proprietary No FOSS proprietary Software license User-installable microbrowsers Browser Creator Current layout engine WebKit Platforms Software license Notes BOLT browser Deepfish Dolphin Browser Firefox for mobile ibisBrowser JOCA Bitstream Inc.X) [15] WebKit (ver 9) NetFront [16] 147 proprietary Acquired from Openwave in 2008 Myriad Browser NetFront Nokia Series 40 Browser Obigo Browser Opera Mobile PlayStation Portable web browser Polaris Browser Series 60 web browser Safari Skyfire Mobile Browser ACCESS Co. China. iPod Touch and iPad Renders Flash 10.x.Mobile browser Myriad Group No Magellan (ver. etc on Series 60 phones (predominantly Nokia) on iPhone. Ltd.. BlackBerry Windows Mobile Android Proprietary Proprietary Proxy-rendering browser (Discontinued) Mozilla Foundation ibis inc. LG Electronics and other smartphones and cellular phones in Korea Notes Nokia Apple Inc Skyfire ? No No BSD licenses proprietary proprietary uZard Web WebOS Browser Browser Logicplant Co.Symbian S60 3rd & 5th Edition platforms (Touch/Non-Touch) and Android.. Currently supports Windows Mobile 5/6. LG Electronics. KYOCERA and other Smartphone and cellular phone in USA. [17] No Lumi (Ver. 6.X) Fugu (ver 7. Ajax and Silverlight content. Android Java enabled phones. on Samsung.X) WebKit WebKit Webkit proprietary Nokia. Korea. InteracT!V Gecko Maemo. installed on many phones WebKit WebKit (to be released) Presto NetFront Infraware Inc. 7.X) WebKit (Ver. Microsoft Java ME. Windows Mobile Java ME MPL/GPL/LGPL Proxy-rendering free software . Ltd. Nokia Obigo AB Opera Software Sony No No No No No proprietary proprietary proprietary proprietary proprietary 100% owned by Teleca AB Capable of reading HTML and reformat for small screens. Samsung.

Windows Mobile. Others Android. As of 2010-12-31. iOS Supports Flash and Ajax. requires custom firmware Discontinued 148 Links Minimo Linux. BREW Proprietary Freeware Proprietary Proxy-rendering Novarra Winwap Technologies Creator Current layout engine Windows Mobile Platforms Proprietary Software license Notes . Windows CE MPL/GPL/LGPL Linux. Windows Mobile Java ME. it no longer supports Symbian OS or Windows Mobile Discontinued Proprietary Freeware Android Java ME Java enabled phones. BlackBerry UC Browser Vision Mobile Browser WinWAP Browser UC Mobile S60. WebKit Presto PlayStation Portable GPL Unofficial port. Android. Android. Has advanced Small Screen Rendering that adapts regular pages to small screen (proprietary) Opera Mobile Opera Software Presto Pixo Skweezer Skyfire Steel Teashark Tristit Sun Microsystems Skyfire Labs. Others Java ME. S60. Android. but can run on less capable phones by offloading memory-intensive rendering to proxy server (based on Opera Mobile running on a server) supports all modern web standards supported by desktop browsers. iOS. Inc.Mobile browser Twibright Labs Mozilla Foundation ACCESS Co. including XHTML. S60. iOS. WebKit (ver 2.x) WebKit Android. Gecko (ver 1. BlackBerry. Maemo. CSS2 and Ajax.x+). BREW. Opera Software Gecko NetFront. BREW. Java ME. Windows Mobile. S60. Ltd.. Windows Mobile Proprietary NetFront Opera Mini Supports most features of stand-alone Opera.

t=wireless+ portal& i=54781. com/ Technology_Topics/ Device_Platforms/ Series_40/ ). forum. doi. Pcmag. . Retrieved 2010-07-29. The following are several leading mobile transcoding services. . Retrieved 2010-12-15. com/ news/ press/ ACCESS/ 2004/ 20041208. kr External links • W3C Mobile Web Initiative (http://www.00. asp). S.com . Retrieved 14 April 2011. .2542. Miva. 2009. W3C Director and inventor of the Web.php) November 2010 mobile browsers comparison/speed test by Steve Litchfield of Allaboutsymbian. Retrieved February 26. [13] http:/ / www. October 1994. [10] Microsoft (8 December 1999). A.w3. Interactive Distributed Multimedia Systems and Telecommunication Services. explains Tim Berners-Lee. uk/ acid/ [14] "palmOne Selects ACCESS NetFront Browser Engine to Power New Blazer 4. Ltd.w3. . JumpTap. Retrieved 2010-06-13. 2009. org/ 10. pcmag.. 2009. pencomputing. 2006. and others Teashark Opera Mini References [1] "Wireless portal Definition from PC Magazine Encyclopedia" (http:/ / www. com/ about/ pr/ news. mspx). Chicago. . 1016/ 0169-7552(95)00093-6) Proc.. [15] "Myriad -Mobile browsers" (http:/ / www. of Mosaic and the Web Conference. teco. openwave. org/ 10. [11] http:/ / www. 1997. 2010. . nokia. access-company. Press release. Press release. [5] Markus Lauff. The Weather Underground.allaboutsymbian. com/ presspass/ press/ 1999/ Jul99/ STNCpr. com/ Device-Manufacturers/ Mobile-Browsing. Medio. com/ emailer. Retrieved 14 April 2011. Forum Nokia. . "Multimedia client implementation on Personal Digital Assistants" (http:/ / dx. 2004-12-08. 1994-12-01. [8] "The Weather Underground brings weather service to mobile phone user" (http:/ / www. html).org/TR/ 1998/NOTE-compactHTML-19980209/) • Open Mobile Alliance (http://www. wunderground. Openwave. "PDAs as mobile WWW browsers. microsoft.org/Mobile/) — “The Mobile Web Initiative's goal is to make browsing the Web from mobile devices a reality”. doi. co. com/ presspass/ press/ 1999/ Dec99/ MobileExplorerPR. Etisalat. Expand Collaboration" (http:/ / www. Retrieved 2010-07-29.blackberry. PenComputing Magazine. html [12] Microsoft (19 February 2001). Myriad Group. com/ archive/ PCM_11/ nethopper." (http:/ / dx. [9] Microsoft (21 July 1999). 2010-06-04. 1997 [6] "NetHopper 2. com/ encyclopedia_term/ 0. Retrieved February 26. • • • • Vision Mobile Server Skweezer .com. Kotulla.0 Provides Tomorrow's WAP 2. "Microsoft Introduces Microsoft Mobile Explorer" (http:/ / www. [7] "About Openwave" (http:/ / www. edu/ pocketweb/ [4] Gessler. myriadgroup. . • Compact HTML for Small Information Appliances — W3C NOTE 9 February 1998 (http://www.org/) • Blackberry Browser Developer site (http://na. howtocreate. a Leader in Digital Cellular Software" (http:/ / www.openmobilealliance. ACCESS Co. "Microsoft Mobile Explorer 3.com/eng/developers/browserdev/) • Mobile_browser_comparison (http://www. 2009. m.0 First true web browser for Newton" (http:/ / www.0 Mobile Browser.. [16] "Series 40 Platform" (http:/ / www. microsoft. 1007/ BFb0000360). . "Microsoft Acquires STNC. asp?date=19970513). wikipedia. org/ wiki/ Mobile_browser [3] http:/ / www. Press release. [17] http:/ / infraware.com/features/item/ 12323_Mobile_browser_comparison_Nove. Retrieved October 13.used by Orange. [2] http:/ / en. html).Mobile browser 149 Mobile HTML transcoders Mobile transcoders reformat and compress web content for mobile devices and must be used in conjunction with built-in or user-installed microbrowsers. Hans-Werner Gellersen. mspx). com/ us/ about_openwave/ ). aspx). amstrad. co.0 Functionality Today"..

[5] . especially in the field of BI. mobile devices such as pagers and mobile phones received pushed data using a short message service (SMS) or text messages.[3] History Information delivery to mobile devices The predominant method for accessing BI information is using proprietary software or a Web browser on a personal computer to connect to BI applications.. By the mid-2000s. and delivery of real-time bi-directional data access to make decisions anytime and anywhere. This change has been partly encouraged by a change from the ‘wired world’ to a wireless world with the advantage of smartphones which has led to a new era of mobile computing. time spent looking for information). including email and mobile devices.g. a handheld computer integrated with a mobile phone. BI systems offered alternatives for receiving data. similar to desktop computer. better and faster decision making. The BlackBerry smartphones eliminated the obstacles to mobile business intelligence. The small screen space.[2] According to the Aberdeen Group. Symbian) and data access methods. The BlackBerry offered a consistent treatment of data across its many models. Data access via a mobile browser The mobile browser on a smartphone.[4] provided a means to read simple tables of data. provided a much larger screen for viewing data. the early mobile BI applications were expensive to design and maintain while providing limited informational value. Static data push Initially. and slow data transmission could not provide a satisfactory BI experience. better customer service. and analyzing business data. and allowed user interactivity via the thumbwheel and keyboard. and • to create a native application designed specifically for the mobile device.Mobile business intelligence 150 Mobile business intelligence Mobile Business Intelligence (Mobile BI or Mobile Intelligence) refers to the distribution of business data to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. Research in Motion’s BlackBerry had solidified its hold on the smartphone market with both corporate and governmental organizations. These applications were designed for specific mobile devices. and garnered little interest. and provided no data interactivity. Wireless e-mail proved to be the “killer app” that accelerated the popularity of the smartphone market.[1] Although the concept of mobile computing has been prevalent for over a decade. BI vendors re-entered the market with offerings spanning different mobile operating systems (BlackBerry. Research in Motion released the first BlackBerry smartphone optimized for wireless email use. improvement in employee productivity (e. Mobile client application In 2002. immature mobile browsers. The two most popular data access options were: • to use the mobile browser to access data. contained minimal amounts of information. such as sales revenue by products and/or departments or associated costs and incomes. Mobile BI has shown a momentum/growth only very recently. digging-out. a large number of companies are rapidly undertaking mobile BI owing to a large number of market pressures such as the need for higher efficiency in business processes. Starting in the late 1990s. Business intelligence (BI) refers to computer-based techniques used in spotting. Windows. As a result. These BI applications request data from databases.

while another 31% indicated that they plan to implement some form of mobile BI in the next year. the advent of the Apple iPhone has radically changed the way people use data on their mobile devices. Little additional effort is required to display data but mobile browsers can typically only support a small subset of the interactivity of a web browser. This approach . anywhere access to BI is leading to a number of custom mobile application development. The Apple App Store now has over 250. thin client. Data is viewed just as it would be over a browser from a personal computer. This includes mobile BI. up/down/left/right arrows for Palm. these apps are static and provide little data interactivity. Apple sold over 33.[12] Businesses have also started adopting mobile solutions for their workforce and are soon becoming key components of core business processes. Demand Gartner analyst Ted Friedman believes that mobile delivery of BI is all about practical.[7] Both devices feature an interactive touchscreen display that is the de facto standard on many mobile phones and tablet computers. which have shown an ever increasing growth over the past few years.[13] In an Aberdeen survey conducted in May 2010. and have them instantly delivered to any iPhone or iPad. In other words provide information specific to the screen size. Others were quick to replicate Apple’s success. More importantly. These native applications can give the user a robust. tactical information needed to make immediate decisions – "The biggest value is in operational BI — information in the context of applications — not in pushing lots of data to somebody's phone.[14] Definitions Mobile BI applications can be defined/segregated as follows: • Mobile Browser Rendered App: Almost any mobile device enables Web-based. In the first three years. Examples of these include thumb wheel or thumb button for BlackBerry. easier-to-read and easier-to-navigate experience.[8] Mobile BI applications have evolved from being a client application for viewing data to a purpose built application designed to provide information and workflows necessary to quickly make business decisions and take action. optimize usage of screen real estate. Business intelligence applications can be used to transform reports and data into mobile dashboards. the desktop Internet. However. and enable device-specific navigation controls.Mobile business intelligence 151 Purpose-built Mobile BI apps Apple quickly set the standard for mobile devices with the introduction of the iPhone. IDC expects the US mobile workforce to increase by 73% in 2011. gestural manipulation for iPhone." [9] Accessing the Internet through a mobile device such as a smartphone is also known as the mobile Internet or mobile Web.75 million units. Apple published the SDK for which developers can build applications that run natively on the iPhone and iPad instead of Safari based-applications.000 apps. In 2008. enabling companies to deliver knowledge to their mobile workforce to help them make more profitable decisions. 23% of companies participating indicated that they now have a mobile BI app or dashboard in place.[10] Morgan Stanley reports the mobile Internet is ramping up faster than its predecessor. Apple sold over 1 million iPads in just under three months. HTML-only BI applications. • Customized App: A step up from this approach is to render each (or all) reports and dashboards in device-specific format. The Android Market now has over 80.[6] Similarly in 2010. giving the Apple mobile devices a decided advantage. a constant demand for anytime.[11] Applications Similar to consumer applications.000 apps available for the mobile devices running the Android operating system.

• Mobile Client App: The most advanced. However. the data visualizations are limited and cannot be extended to beyond what is available. especially concerning data display rendering and user interactivity. modify. Using graphical BI development tools allows faster mobile BI app development while providing the flexibility needed to address specific business requirements.[15] Companies across all verticals. Mobile BI App development has traditionally been a time-consuming and expensive effort requiring businesses to justify worth the investment for the mobile workforce. the client app provides full interactivity with the BI content viewed on the device. the iPhone apps require coding in Objective-C while Android apps require coding in Java.[12] Custom-coded Mobile BI Apps Mobile BI applications are often custom coded apps specific to the underlying mobile operating system. Apps can be developed without coding.Mobile business intelligence requires more effort than the previous but no additional software. they need information customized for their line of work which they can interact with and analyze to gain deeper information. from retail[16] to even non-profit organizations[17] are realizing the value of purpose-specific mobile applications suited for their mobile workforce. They do not only require texting and alerts. The advantages including the following: 1. the app must be coded to work with the supporting server infrastructure required to serve data to the mobile BI app. eliminating the need for specialized server infrastructure since it is provided by the BI platform. The mobile BI app cannot be customized for specific business workflows or branded to the customer’s needs. Graphical Tool-developed Mobile BI Apps Mobile BI apps can also be developed using the graphical. This option offer fixed-formed data visualizations such as charts and tables. Apps can be easily modified and maintained using the BI platform change management tools. In addition. and The BI platform provides the server infrastructure. Fixed-formed Mobile BI Apps Business data can be displayed in a mobile BI client that serves as a user interface to existing BI platforms. Apps can incorporate specific business workflows. . 2. Apps can use any range of data visualizations and not be limited to just a few. For example. 4. In addition to the user functionality of the app. 152 Development Developing a native mobile BI app poses challenges. this approach provides periodic caching of data which can be viewed and analyzed even offline. the specialized software coding expertise and infrastructure can be expensive to development. 3. 5. drag-and-drop development environments of BI platforms. and maintain. While custom coded apps offer near limitless options.

This can be done using AES or Triple DES with an encrypted SSL tunnel.Mobile business intelligence 153 Security Considerations for Mobile BI Apps High adoption rates and reliance on mobile devices makes safe mobile computing a critical concern. As data is trafficked beyond the enterprise firewall towards un-known territories. Towards this.[23] A secure data transmission should enable the identity of the sender and receiver to be verified by using a cryptographic shared key system as well as protect the data to be modified by a third party when it crosses the network.[19] A comprehensive mobile security solution must provide security at these levels:[20] • Device • Transmission • Authorization. traffic analysis. BI software platforms must extend the authentication options and policy controls to the mobile platform. and remote management which includes the ability to wipe contents if device is lost or stolen. proper authentication of user connections. as well as remote management which includes the ability to wipe contents if device is lost or stolen. there is no local copy to lose if the mobile device is stolen and the data can reside on servers within the data center with access permitted only over the network. .[20] Authorization. [27] Role of BI for Securing Mobile Apps To ensure high security standards.[21] Most smartphone manufacturers provide a complete set of security features including full-disk encryption. Administrative control of password policies should allow creation of security profiles for each user and seamless integration with centralized security directories to reduce administration and maintenance of users.[25] Network security refers to all the provisions and policies adopted by the network administrator to prevent and monitor unauthorized access. The mobility adds to unique security challenges. ensuring that it is handled safe is of paramount importance. email encryption. centralized access control (like LDAP Directory). and Network Security Device Security Senior analyst at the Burton Group research firm recommends that the best way to ensure data will not be tampered with is to not store it on the client device (mobile device). email encryption. some devices also have embedded third-party antivirus and firewall software such as RIM’s Blackberry. and Network Security Authorization refers to the act of specifying access rights to control access of information to users.[20] Manufacturers provide a set of security features. misuse. iSeries™ Access for Windows®. Encrypted data transfer mechanisms can be implemented.[22] These measures include Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Business intelligence software platforms need to ensure a secure encrypted keychain for storage of credentials. Authentication.[20] Transmission Security Transmission security refers to measures that are designed to protect data from unauthorized interception. which can include full-disk encryption. Authentication. or denial of the computer network and network-accessible resources. and virtual private network (VPN) connections.[26] . and imitative deception.[24] Authentication refers to the act of establishing or confirming the user as true or authentic.[18] The Mobile Business Intelligence Market Study discovered that security is the number one issue (63%) for organizations. modification. As such.[20] Also.

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GPRS or Hot Spot. Newer mobile dialers also allow users to originate a Voice Call or SMS using their mobile handset. Consumers may switch to VoIP as it offers international calling at affordable rates.Mobile dialer 155 Mobile dialer Mobile Dialer is a software application installed and used on mobile phones. Mobile Dialer allows users to use VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol on their mobile phones with great ease. How the Mobile Dialer Works The Mobile Dialer or Mobile VoIP Dialer. cooldialer. then can be used for making VoIP calls directly from Mobile handset. the dialer requires data connectivity to work. They are used to make VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) calls from a mobile hand set. In many countries. 3G and Wi-Fi connections which makes it easy to make VoIP calls from any place in cheaper rate. which is pre-mapped to a Softswitch. External links • Mobile Dialer [1] References [1] http:/ / www. Making calls from the mobile phone is most preferred way of calling. Once installed in a Compatible Mobile Handset. can be easily installed in a compatible handset. Windows and Blackberry. VoIP is considered as "illegal Business" and is banned by the government. 3G. Few Mobile Clients or Dialers are compatible with Android Operating System as well. com/ . The "Mobile Dialer" or "Mobile VoIP Dialer" uses SIP signaling and can be mapped to a Softswitch or an IP device to work a device for voice communication. 4G. Various software solution providers offer branded mobile dialers. General data connectivity options are Wi-Fi. The Mobile Dialer. Mobile Dialer application can run behind network address translation (NAT) and on private IP and can pass through firewalls or blocked networks when combined with tunneling software. Mobile dialer removes the traditional VoIP limitation of using computer or other VoIP devices restricted to home environment. Most popular Mobile Dialer Operating Systems are Symbian. In that case. users need to install a supportive mobile dialer into their handset. New generation mobile phone users have access to varieties of internet services like GPRS. 2G. The Dialer runs on an Operating System based mobile phone.

cellular phones started to modernize. For networked games. and could not be copied off or removed. there are non networked applications.Mobile e-mail 156 Mobile e-mail Mobile email is the function of reading.[1] Snake and its variants have since become the most-played video game on the planet. or they may be embedded on the handheld devices by the OEM or by the mobile operator. Mobile game A mobile game is a video game played on a mobile phone. there are various technologies in common use. they may be side loaded onto the handset with a cable. which usually have to be purchased. This of course also meant that companies could make a profit off these . one was easily impressed with the fact that the phone required no cables. Cell phone games were among the many new features that could be expected in this new type of cell phone. cell phones started to become a lot more common. that simply use the device platform to run the game software. handheld computer or portable media player. With the introduction of the "candy bar" style cell phone. with over a billion people having played the game. Mobile games are played using the technologies present on the device itself. This does not include games played on handheld video game systems such as Nintendo DS or PlayStation Portable. however unified messaging specialists like ForgetMeNot Software can enable mobile telecoms providers to offer mobile email on any device without the use of Internet access. The games may be installed over the air. Unlike today's cell phone games. these games came pre-installed on the cell phone. and forwarding emails using mobile devices. replying to. Mobile games are usually downloaded via the mobile operator's radio network. but in some cases are also loaded into the mobile handsets when purchased. via infrared connection. Older cell phone games were not as expansive or as popular as console games. However. The storage and graphic capabilities on these new phones were a lot better than the older candy bar style phone. smartphone. PDA. Examples include text message (SMS). Mobile email solutions synchronise in real time between an email server and a mobile device the following services: • Email • Calendar • Personal Contacts Traditionally mobile email is accessed by a Smartphone such as an iPhone or BlackBerry. as the phone's hardware was not suited to high-color screens or sounds beyond differently pitched beeps. which meant that higher quality games could be created. The first game that was pre-installed onto a mobile phone was Snake on selected Nokia models in 1997. multimedia message (MMS) or GPS location identification. or memory card. towards the end of the 20th century. History With the creation of the cell phone. When the camera phone was introduced to the public. and people wanted more out of their cell phones. However. Bluetooth. A good example of an early cell phone game is Snake. the appearance of a cell phone as well as its features and calling capabilities became a lot more important to people. The games were usually animated with black squares.

6 billion in 2005 by Informa Telecoms and Media. Assault Team 3D.[2] Different platforms Mobile games are developed using platforms and technologies such as Windows Mobile. Virtual love games belong to both of singleplayer and multiplayer games. After the huge success of Tournament Arena Soccer 3D by Mobilenter with getting over 35 millions of downloads in only 1 week before World Cup 2010. Edge. Sun's Java ME. NTT DoCoMo's DoJa. Adobe Flash Lite. a natural extension of the mobile phone’s connectivity. Qualcomm's BREW. Mobile Games are mainly sold through Network Carriers / Operators portals and this means there are only a few lines of text and perhaps a screen shot of the game to excite the customer. the MMORPG boom seems to hit the world of mobile games. Still. but less common. due to the lack of processing power of the client devices. 157 Industry structure Total global revenue from mobile games was estimated at $2. Multiplayer games are quickly finding an audience. According to their . Ongame the founders of PokerRoom developed in 2005 a working mobile version of its poker software available in both play money and real money. Palm OS. Recent innovations in mobile games include Singleplayer. however its performance limits lead to the adoption of various native binary formats for more sophisticated games. Common limits of mobile games Mobile games tend to be small in scope and often rely on good gameplay more than flashy graphics. Today. Apple iOS or Google Android. There were hardware issues as well. After the integration of 3D APIs into mobile platforms. Java is the most common platform for mobile games.Mobile game games. WIPI. The player can play the game in a singleplayer or multiplayer mode for real or play money. Labyrinth and Tournament Arena Soccer 3D were the first 3D games who became the sectoral well-known brands. certain games such as "Tetris" and "Solitaire" are somewhat popular cell phone games. Many users complained of having to talk on the phone 'taco-style' by tilting it sideways in order to speak and hear. support for the platform was anemic. Their graphics are about the same as you would expect on a 4th or 5th generation game console (which may not seem like a very big improvement yet is considered one because the game is being played on a cell phone). cell phone games have come a very long way. as developers take advantage of the ability to play against other people. With the recent internet gambling boom various companies are taking advantage of the mobile market to attract customers. Two strategies are followed by developers and publishers to combat this lack of purchasing information. Cell phone games now tend to take up a large amount of memory on cell phones. One major problem for developers and publishers of mobile games is describing a game in such detail that it gives the customer enough information to make a purchasing decision. Multiplayer and 3D graphics. firstly there is a reliance on powerful brands and licenses that impart a suggestion of quality to the game such as Tomb Raider or Colin McRae and secondly there is the use of well known and established play patterns (game play mechanics that are instantly recognisable) such as Tetris. Other platforms are available. Crash Arena 3D. the mobile gaming world started to launch its own brand games. Symbian. and though some quality games came out. the convergence of a cell phone and a handheld gaming platform did not mix.8 billion. Total revenue in 2008 was $5. the 3D game development became the primary area of mobile game development and mobile gaming became one of the most important gaming platforms. As well. Both these strategies are used to decrease the perceived level of risk that the customer feels when choosing a game to download from the carrier’s deck. at the time. Space Invaders or Poker. Nokia tried to create its own mobile gaming platform with the N-Gage in 2003 but this effort failed mainly because. Currently. Real Soccer.

In other words: while it does not matter for a normal mobile game where exactly you are (play them anywhere at anytime). which can be played on any mobile device with integrated or external GPS receiver. .Mobile game website CipSoft has developed the first MMORPG for mobile phones. Infrared Older mobile phones supporting mobile gaming have infrared connectivity for data sharing with other phones or PCs. 158 Location-based games Games played on a mobile device using localization technology like GPS are called location-based games. Multiplayer mobile games A multiplayer mobile game is often a re-branding of a multiplayer game for the PC or console. Often trivia or quiz games will run out of questions on mobile devices. This connectivity is not practical as any disturbances in the infra-reds line of sight could cause loss of connection. Such games typically have limited graphical content so that they can run on a cellphone. Bluetooth Mobiles are connected through a wireless protocol called Bluetooth using special hardware. Multiplayer functionality is achieved through: • • • • • • • • Infrared Bluetooth GPRS 3G Wi-Fi AI MMS Wireless LAN Some "community" based games exist where players use their cellphones to access a community website where they can play browser-based games with thousands of players. More and more mobile phones with integrated GPS are expected to come. These are not only played on mobile hardware but also integrate the player's position into the game concept. Most mobile games are single player mobile games perhaps with artificially intelligent opponents. hence this technology was seldom used in mobile games. the player's coordinate and movement are main elements in a location-based game. The games are designed to communicate with each other through this protocol to share game information. Besides Geocaching. and the games focus on the interaction between a large number of participants. there exist several other location-based games which are rather in the stage of research prototypes than a commercial success. called TibiaME. The basic restriction is that both the users have to be within a limited distance to get connected. A bluetooth device can accept up to 7 connections from other devices using a client/server architecture. Some publishers like MobileQs will offer expansion packs to the original game to get around this problem. The best-known example is the treasure hunt game Geocaching. External GPS receivers are usually connected via Bluetooth.

Some developers have achieved cross platform games.a game binary file is loaded onto the phone while connected to a PC. Currently. such as Orange and Vodafone. there are a lot of multiplayer mobile games entering the market. the game communicates with a global server which acts like a router between the mobile phones. as the US based carriers use a 'walled garden' approach to their business models. allowing a mobile player to play against a PC. HSDPA A GPRS connection which is common among GSM mobile phones can be used to share data globally. Distribution Mobile games can be distributed in one of four ways: • Over the Air (OTA) . Third party. Altel. third party stores such as Jamba. Google Android. • Pre-installed .[3] In recent years. the majority of mobile games are sold by the US wireless carriers. . UMTS.a game file (typically Adobe Flash Lite) is downloaded directly from a mobile website. Ownership of a smartphone alone increases the likelihood that a consumer will play mobile games. games are distributed equally between carriers. and Microsoft Windows Mobile 7. and projected annual growth of over 40%. there has been a move towards mobile games which are distributed free to the end user. paid advertising. Over 90% of smartphone users play a mobile game at least once a week. the mobile OS developers themselves have launched digital download storefronts that can be run on the devices using the OS or from software used on PCs. In Europe. Faster connections like UMTS and HSDPA allow real time multiplayer gaming though speeds will still give some level of lag. Sprint and T-Mobile.a game binary file is preloaded onto the device by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). • Mobile browser download . In the US.a game binary file (usually BREW or Java) is delivered to the mobile device via wireless carrier networks. The popularity of mobile games has increased in the 2000s. With the rise of mobile OS platforms like Apple iOS. These storefronts (like Apple's iOS App Store) act as centralized digital download services from which a variety of entertainment media and software can be downloaded. Wi-Fi is often used for connecting at home. GPRS. and off-deck. (Most of the counties have a weak GPRS speed in their carriers. such as ATT. Not every mobile device allows games to use the Wi-Fi connection. as over $3 billion USD worth of games were sold in 2007 internationally. off-deck game stores have not yet taken off (as of 2007) in the US. either via USB cable or Bluetooth.Mobile game 159 WAP. • Sideloaded . Kalador and Gameloft. Developers can connect mass numbers of mobile games with one server and share data among the players. Verizon. In these types of games. including games. WAP and GPRS best supports turn based games and small RPG games. but carry prominent. 3G and Wi-Fi 3G allows in most cases realtime multiplayer gaming and is based on technologies faster than GPRS. Jamster.

downloadable ring tones and mobizines. walkmans. Device Mobile Phone Digital Video Media Type "Within 3rd generation (3G) phones (the ones best enabled for media content currently) there are two competing standards of media format. audio. video. or as Paul Levinson calls it in his book Cellphone. These devices and their corresponding media technologies and play an increasingly important role in the everyday lives of millions of people world wide." Uses MPEG-4 video but needs to be encoded and placed in the correct directory to run.[2] Today. PDA. MediaFLO a division of Qualcomm is already offering broadcast Mobile Media on UHF digital channel 55 across the United States. digital cameras. transistor radio. Films made with the medium of the Internet and it's constraints in mind .Mobile game 160 References [1] Nokia .[3] Levinson in his book goes on to state that the book. more or less forever”. com/ A4303014) [2] Global mobile game industry turnover reaches $2. ipods. Media can be downloaded onto the device by podcasting or can be streamed over the web. the reduction in size and portability of the camera allowed people to capture what they saw no matter where they were and the internet meant that people could talk to anyone and use on demand information. streamed media. An example of such a film would be the short [7] film 'Distance Over Time' PlayStation Portable Web Film . in regard to their size and shape) the need and desire to access and use media devices regardless of where we are in the world has been around for centuries. led logically and eventually to telephones that we carry in our pockets”. Mobile phones. com/ archives/ 10608 Mobile media The mobility and portability of media. Mobile media includes a number of portable media devices. laptops.6 billion by 2005 (http:/ / www.Snake is born:a mobile gaming classic (http:/ / www. nokia. AVI. Digital applications include gaming. “the media-in-motion business”[1] has been a process in the works ever since the “first time someone thought to write on a tablet that could be lifted and hauled – rather than on a cave wall. Kodak camera are also bearers of portable information. Game Boys and so on consume much of our daily lives. AT&T and Verizon are offering this fee based service in their handset packages. uk/ PR/ May2005/ 1459. htm) [3] http:/ / www. a cliff face. Indeed Paul Levinson remarks in regard to telephonic communication that it was “intelligence and inventiveness applied to our need to communicate regardless of where we may be. Also runs Universal Media Disc (UMD) disks with feature films. Flash [6] Notes Many mobile phones are now being equipped with web browsing so would be able to also view a Web film. co. 3g. A number of mobile operators are also investigating the viability of Mobile TV. And that it is thanks to the printing press that information became available to a mass audience. [4] 3GPP and the confusingly named 3GPP2. MPEG-4 and AVC video formats are also [5] compatible with PlayStation Portable. a monument that usually was stuck in place. While mobile phone and PDA’s independent technologies and functions may be new and innovative (in relation to changes and improvements in media capabilities in respect to their function what they can do when and where and what they look like. marketingforecast. mobile media devices such as mobile phones and PDA’s are the primary source of portable media from which we can obtain information and communicate with one another.

Execution environments iOS. plugincinema. org/ wiki/ PlayStation_Portable#Multimedia_playback Kronschnabl.NET Framework. and also supports the Portable Executable (PE) format associated with the . Palm webOS and iOS offer free SDKs and integrated development environments to developers. Maemo. htm [7] The film 'Distance Over Time ' can be found on plugincinema. Martin's. enterprise digital assistants or mobile phones. htm#f28 Mobile software platform Mobile application development is the process by which application software is developed for small low-power handheld devices such as personal digital assistants. com/ plugin/ articles/ 3gpmobilefilms. Windows Mobile can also be compiled to x86 executables for debugging on a PC without a processor emulator. Martin's. Palm/webOS. or downloaded by customers from various mobile software distribution platforms. Palgrave/St. Palm webOS. BREW. London:Marion Boyars. 2004.com . OSX The native distribution format of each platform Commercial licenses available. These applications are either pre-installed on phones during manufacture. Paul (2004)Cellphone. All native: XCode Android.http:/ / en. Windows Mobile 6. free for Indies to target iPhone .x and desktop. The following table summarises the elements in each of the development environments. plugincinema. New York Levinson. com/ plugin/ about_us/ plugin_book. Paul (2004)Cellphone. iOS (iPhone). Platform development environment Each of the platforms for mobile applications also has an integrated development environment which provides tools to allow a developer to write. Windows Mobile. Palgrave/St.Mobile media 161 Notes and references [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] Levinson. C++ Yes Yes Visual Studio. http:/ / www. Machine language executables offer considerable performance advantages over Java. T.http:/ / www. Programming language Debuggers available Emulator available Integrated development environment available Cross-platform deployment Installer packaging options Development tool cost Airplay SDK [1] C. test and deploy applications into the target platform environment. Samsung bada. "Plug In & Turn On: A Filmmakers Guide to the Internet. com/ plugin/ plugin_cinema/ index. New York Levinson. A & Rawlings. Palgrave/St.http:/ / www. Paul (2004)Cellphone. and Windows Mobile support typical application binaries as found on personal computers with code which executes in the native machine format of the processor (the ARM architecture is a dominant design used on many current models). htm More on PSP video on the PSP wikipedia page . plugincinema. wikipedia. Symbian OS. New York plugincinema’s 5 Minute Guide to 3GPP/2 . Symbian. Martin's.

iOS (iPhone). Windows Phone 7 BlackBerry only. translates to web or mobile as needed alx. Android. Eclipse. iPhone. XCode Windows Mobile The native distribution format of each platform Commercial licenses available 162 Android Java but portions of code can be in C. because of RIM API N/A. Windows Mobile The native Commercial licenses distribution format available of each platform of a Java binary Commercial licenses available Bedrock Java Eclipse Yes Yes Java ME. standalone debugging monitor available Yes. March 2009 apk Free Appcelerator JavaScript Emulator is available using 3rd party tools Internal SDK Android. translates to web or mobile as needed N/A. iPhone. Samsung bada. Android. Emulator is available in corresponding IDE Visual Studio. DS. BlackBerry. distribution format BlackBerry. Palm/webOS. cod BlackBerry Java Debugger integrated in IDE None beyond a schema check Eclipse Yes N/A. of each platform iOS (iPhone).Mobile software platform alcheMo Java Debugger integrated in Visual Studio. any XML editor Free Blueprint XML routed through Yahoo Mobile servers and displayed in native browsers Combined config upload at Yahoo with self-hosted dynamic XML Any XML editor . in Titanium Studio. The native BREW. Undroid (plugin for NetBeans) Android only. commercial licenses available Celsius [2] Java Yes Yes Eclipse. because of Dalvik VM. Android. C++ Yes Eclipse. NetBeans Java ME. currently in beta. Symbian. Eclipse or XCode Debugger integrated in Eclipse. PSP. Symbian. BlackBerry planned The native distribution format of each platform Apache 2.0 license. Windows Mobile. BREW.

0. needs review and approval by Apple Inc. Professional and Enterprise Plans available 163 DragonRAD Visual drag & drop tiles HTML. Visual Studio 2003 . iOS SDK Objective-C Debugger Bundled with integrated in iPhone SDK. specific bugs mpowerplayer necessitating separate builds N/A Jad/Jar packaging. including integrated GUI designer and debugger Compiled The native language available distribution format for Windows CE. Simulator testing is free. BlackBerry. Windows of each platform Mobile 6. Windows Phone 7 available soon Lazarus IDE. distribution format Windows Phone 7. has a simulator for the x86 testing code Visual Studio 6. Windows Mobile OTA deployment FeedHenry Yes Yes Apple iPhone & The native iPad. of each platform Blackberry. JavaScript Yes Uses 3rd party emulators Proprietary IDE Studio includes full IDE and Eclipse Plug-in Xcode Android.Can use Visual Studio to debug the x86 testing code No Emulator for the target ARM code. Realview ARM compiler for BREW (the free GNU C/C++ is available. TRUE BREW testing fee for distributing the application. but with limited function and support). of each platform Linux-based devices. LMA Yes although Free emulator. distribution format iPhone. CSS. PRC files under Palm OS JMango JMango N/A JMango Flash Java ME. Nokia WRT.Mobile software platform BREW C. can debug in IDE via ActiveSync for Windows CE Uses the emulators of the platforms Free . NetBeans many VM Sun Java Mobility Pack implementations Wireless Toolkit [3] have device . Android. BlackBerry. The native IDE Bada. iPad. the APIs are provided in C with a C++ style interface Debugger support for the native ARM target code.NET. Android. iPhone. but installing on a device needs a fee for a developer signing key Free Java ME Java Yes Eclipse. Xcode IDE integrated with Xcode IDE Tools are free for an Intel-based Mac. SymbianOS port in development Free Lazarus Object Pascal Yes. Visual Studio 2005 Compile for the specific BREW version available on the handset OTA Related dev fees typically needed for Brew App Certification VeriSign annual fee for becoming a certified developer. iPod Touch Only via App Store. Free & commercial licenses available Free.

Basic4ppc IDE OpenPlug ELIPS plugin for Adobe Flash Builder Palm OS Development System (Eclipse). iPhone.4 Device-specific Simulators provided by Palm (palmOne) No. WML (WAP 1. SIS.NET.Mobile software platform Macromedia Flash Lite ActionScript Yes Bundled with IDE Macromedia Flash MX2004/8. APK. or commercial (CodeWarrior). source code available. iPod Touch). Blackberry (experimental) Windows Mobile. JAD.4. MoBuild w/ text editors Free. Visual Studio 2005 and later.0: . Pascal Yes OS 1. or various commercial rapid-development frameworks PhoneGap HTML. C++.0). Windows Mobile (Pocket PC). deployment Smartphone 2003. Eclipse Many SIS / CAB Varies. iPhone MobiFlex N/A N/A. Palm The native distribution format of each platform MIT license . 3rd party tools PRC files.psi) Free (POSE or GCC for Palm OS). Samsung of each platform bada. OS 5. iOS distribution format (iPhone). Java ME. CSS. CodeWarrior. Symbian.1: Free Emulator provided by PalmSource (Access). also bundled with IDE Visual Studio 2008. VB. Symbian. Basic4ppc Yes Free emulator. Windows CE. Windows Mobile Palm OS handhelds. GPL 2. Symbian-based devices via third party tools Android. 2005. runs on phone in seconds Web Portal [4] . CAB files. or Windows Mobile with StyleTap emulator OTA deployment. 3rd party tools iPhone. XML Yes Yes The native distribution format of each platform Palm OS C.2) [4] Visual drag & drop tiles Many Yes Basic page rendering with per page customizations for different browsers Android. comes with data management add-ins Internal SDK (Mono based) N/A Free for development only Moscrif [5] JavaScript N/A Bundled with Moscrif SDK All native: The native Android. PalmSource Installer (. Lua Yes Yes Eclipse. C++.NET Compact Framework C#. but commercial editions of Visual Studio needed for visual designers Free & commercial licenses available OpenPlug ActionScript. CAB.5. BlackBerry. commercial licenses available . 2003.0. OTA (iPhone). ActiveSync Free & commercial licenses available MoSync C. iOS (iPad. Symbian.0 . Android. Symbian. Windows Mobile Android. Moblin. HB++ Most tools free. iOS JAR. free but deployment or limited with MTASC OTA/IR/Bluetooth SWF files N/A Free 164 Yes Microbrowser XHTML based (WAP 2. JavaScript Yes No. PocketStudio.

Objective-C. webOS through App store.6. C and C++ through the PDK Yes Uses emulator for corresponding mobile SDKs Works with Eclipse. BlackBerry. deb) Commercial and free tools available SDK is open source and free for desktop development. BlackBerry. Palm only OTA deployment. ActionScript. intelliJ IDEA and Amethyst IDE Eclipse The native distribution format of each platform Free development licenses.COD Rhodes is free and open source under the MIT License. XML JavaScript. or in device emulators for supported platforms. Visual Studio. JavaScript.0. Precentral. Web URL. on-demand RhoHub version includes full IDE OTA deployment. Windows CE. RhoSync is under GPL or commercial. Commercial support available. iOS (iPhone. Windows Mobile.0) on iPhone and iPad. BlackBerry Playbook. VM for target devices must be licensed TotalCross [7] Java Yes Yes WebORB Integration Server C#. Android. iOS through App store. . 6.CAB. CSS. supports iOS (incl.SIS.1 Professional. including PalmOS Windows Mobile (Pocket PC). . iPad).APK. Subscription for RhoHub Smartface Platform Drag-and-drop tools and action editing C++ No. apk. BlackBerry 4. J2ME.0 (BlackBerry 4. pdb/prc.Mobile software platform Python Python Add-on to Nokia Emulator Several.6 and higher Yes: Android. 3.ipk Free . 4.5 supported but database access is very slow on these devices). PHP. N/A. Smartphone Yes.0 Standard. Symbian and Android 1. 5. Mobile Windows 6. . not needed Yes Smartface Designer The native distribution format of each platform Community licenses available Symbian Yes Free Emulator Many choices Eclipse Compile per target SIS deployment Android. Java. HTML. jad. iOS.NET.VB. . Yes xCode or Eclipse. Windows Mobile 6. . Symbian planned Android.2 and 4. Symbian S60 Sis deployment with py2sis or can use Python Runtime Free 165 Yes C# Resco MobileForms [6] Toolkit Visual Studio Yes Yes The native distribution format of each platform Free & commercial licenses available Rhomobile Ruby with HTML interface features compiled through an interpreter into native applications. Palm OS. Free and Commercial deployment licenses webOS Free emulator Yes webOS. iOS (iPhone/iPad). applications can run in Win32 runner. Windows Phone7 The native distribution format of each platform (cab.7. Windows Phone 7. including plugins for Eclipse Interpreted language available natively only on Nokia Series60 (and desktops) though ports exist to other mobile platforms.

Recently. iOS The native distribution format of each platform Application stores Several initiatives exist both from mobile vendor and mobile operators around the world. “Increasing Allowance Rates by Selectively Targeting Patent Class” IPwatchdog. Inc webOS device users can download applications directly from the device or send a link to the application via a unique web distribution method. ActiveSync Windows Mobile. mobile operators such as Telefonica Group and Telecom Italia have launched cross-platform application stores for their subscribers. where only approved applications may be distributed and run on iOS devices (otherwise known as a walled garden). 2008. also bundled with IDE Bundled with the IDE Yes WinDev Mobile. Windows FU. CAB files. HP / Palm. com/ 2011/ 04/ 06/ increasing-allowance-rates-by-selectively-targeting-patent-class/ id=16283/ ) . C++ Yes Yes Free emulator (source code available). Inc have also created the Palm App Catalog where HP / Palm. Mobile apk. Android DSK Visual Studio 2010. CAB files. being rewarded by a revenue sharing of the selling price. commercial licenses available 166 Windows Mobile WorkLight Mobile Platform Mix of standard web dev skills such as HTML. BlackBerry. Patents There are numerous patent applications pending for new mobile phone apps. Data transfer and Operator interface. ActiveSync Commercial licenses available Free command-line tools or eMbedded VC++.Mobile software platform WinDev Mobile WLanguage Yes C. Database management. Most famous is Apple's App Store. [1] References [1] Nowotarski et al. Most of these are in the technological fields of Business methods. CSS. or Visual Studio (Standard edition or better) Downloadable free evaluation version [8] . supports Android. JavaScript. April 6. 2005. and native languages Yes. eMbedded VC++ (free) Eclipse-based plug-in Android. 2011 (http:/ / ipwatchdog. Windows CE OTA deployment. Application developers can propose and publish their applications on the stores. Windows OTA deployment.

CTO Alex Jonsson. Sweden (2004) Headquarters Stockholm. techcrunch. Head of Services MoSync 15 http:/ / www. stingcapital. com/ [3] (http:/ / eu. Head of Marketing Antony Hartley. Products MoSync Financial information MoSync first raised fund from STING Capital [2] in 2006. mosync. Sweden and has representation in Singapore. The company is located in Stockholm. MoSync was founded in late 2004[1] by an international team of mobile entrepreneurs.com) . com/ EN/ 271/ mobile-sorcery-ab/ ) STING Stockholm Innovation & Growth | Mobile Sorcery AB [2] http:/ / www. MoSync is privately held.[3] References [1] (http:/ / stockholminnovation. CEO Henrik von Schoultz.mosync. com/ 2009/ 09/ 02/ mysql-founders-invest-in-swedish-mobile-tech-startup-mobile-sorcery/ ) MySQL founders invest in Swedish mobile tech startup Mobile Sorcery External links • Official site (http://www.Mobile Sorcery 167 Mobile Sorcery MoSync AB Type Industry Founded Privately Held Software Stockholm. mostly from MySQL founders David Axmark and Michael Widenius. com Products Employees Website MoSync develops systems to develop mobile applications over a broad range of devices and platforms. Sweden Key people Tomas Uppgård. The company recently raised an early-stage investment round.

retrieved 2009-05-21 [5] "ARM Unveils Cortex-A15 MPCore Processor to Dramatically Accelerate Capabilities of Mobile. arm. which shortens development time. In the connected world where devices with legacy operating systems such as televisions and entertainment systems are looking to be connected to the internet. 2010.[1] With mobile virtualization. businessweek. . com/ products/ processors/ cortex-a/ cortex-a15. With mobile virtualization. TMCnet . VisionMobile Blog . and the mobile operator can separately manage the other domain (in a virtual machine)[4] . In September 2010. .[2] Semiconductor vendors such as ST-Ericsson have adopted mobile virtualization as part of their low-cost Android platform strategy. htm?chan=technology_technology+ index+ page_top+ stories). so that the enterprise IT department can securely manage one domain (in a virtual machine).February 18. retrieved 2010-09-08 [6] http:/ / www. Consumer and Infrastructure Applications" (http:/ / www. tmcnet.Mobile Virtualization 168 Mobile Virtualization Mobile virtualization is a technology that enables multiple operating systems or virtual machines to run simultaneously on a mobile phone or connected wireless device. mobile devices can be manufacturered more cheaply through the re-use of software and hardware. One such example is using mobile virtualization to create low-cost Android smartphones. It uses a hypervisor to create secure separation between the underlying hardware and the software that runs on top of it. Today. . netbooks and machine-to-machine (M2M) modules. Bloomberg BusinessWeek . .September 8.May 21. Mobile virtualization can support mobile devices using a single-core or a multi-core processor. . ARM News Release . 2010. One of the benefits of mobile virtualization is that both operating systems can coexist in a seamless manner to the user. com/ topics/ mobile-communications/ articles/ 76086-virtuallogix-vlx-virtualization-software-selected-st-ericsson-low. visionmobile. php). the mobile industry became interested in using the benefits of virtualization technology for cell phones and other devices like tablets.April 22. php . retrieved 2010-02-18 [4] "VMware foresees mobile virtualization in 2010" (http:/ / news. many consumers carry two mobile phones: one for business use and another for personal use. 2008. htm). com/ about/ newsroom/ arm-unveils-cortex-a15-mpcore-processor-to-dramatically-accelerate-capabilities. retrieved 2008-04-22 [2] "Low cost Android: crossing the $100 barrier" (http:/ / www. Android) to coexist on the same hardware. References [1] "Virtualization Goes Mobile" (http:/ / www. com/ blog/ 2010/ 02/ low-cost-android-crossing-the-100-barrier/ ). For example pressing one button on remote control will access a feature that is part of the legacy OS and pressing another button will access the web. cnet. com/ technology/ content/ apr2008/ tc20080421_235517. ARM announced[5] that it would support a mobile virtualization extension in its ARM Cortex A-15 [6] processor.g. 2009. html). Virtualization technology has been used widely for many years in other fields such as data servers (storage virtualization) and personal computers (desktop virtualization). mobile phones can support multiple domains/operating systems on the same hardware.February 7. 2010. arm. Cnet News . retrieved 2010-02-07 [3] "VirtualLogix VLX Virtualization Software Selected by ST-Ericsson for Low-Cost Android-Ready Smartphone Platform" (http:/ / fixed-mobile-convergence. com/ 8301-1001_3-10246338-92. mobile virtualization will enable both the legacy OS and the web-focused OS (e. In 2008.[3] Another use case for mobile virtualization is in the enterprise market.

redbend.M65. 5140.com/) VirtualLogix (http://www.SL75 320x320 120x160 132x176 240x320 360x480 Most smartphones.Mobile Virtualization 169 External links • • • • • • Green Hills Software (http://www. 7250i Sagem myV-65 SK IM-5400 Sony Ericsson T610.CX70(emoty). 535. X600.50[1] per wallpaper. C65. 7250. Z600 Trium M320 Siemens AF51.ok-labs.net/tag/mobile/) at Virtualization. Siemens C75. with Virgin Mobile Canada charging CAD $2.net Mobile wallpaper A mobile wallpaper is a computer wallpaper sized to fit a mobile device such as a mobile phone.C100. 6230. S307. S100. 7650 Siemens SX1.virtuallogix.T100. 6220. 5100. G5310. 3650. N21i Philips 530 Samsung S300. 735 LG G5300i.com/) VMware (http://www. 6820. CF65. 3660. 7020 NEC N22i. • BlackBerry Storm . 6810. 6610.S75.SK65. CF110 Motorola i670 Samsung SGH-i780 LG SD810 Samsung SPH-x4900 Nokia 3650.ghs. Wallpapers can be expensive if purchased from the phone service provider. N-GAGE. 6600.S65.com/) Mobile Virtualization News (http://www. 7200.CX65. X100. 5300. 7210.M75. Screens range in size from 128x128 to 640x360 (for the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic) and the height is often greater than or equal to the width. 7650. personal digital assistant or digital audio player. N400 Nokia 3100.vmware. SL65.virtualization. 3300. 6100.com/) Red Bend Software (http://www. S300m. but wallpapers can be downloaded from a computer through a data cable (using software such as BitPim if necessary) at no cost. 7000.com/) OK Labs (http://www. Aspect Ratio Width x Height 128x128 • • • • • • • • • • 130x130 • • • • • • • Phone models 1:1 Alcatel 531. 6800.CX75. 3200.

7650. T720i. A925 Sony Ericsson P800. 3330 Samsung X780. G7110 Motorola E365. E250. P400. MC60.Mobile wallpaper 128x168 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 208x320 • • • • • • • • • • LG G5400. K700 SPV E100 Benq P30 Motorola A1000. myX-5m Siemens S55. V600 Samsung T509. myX-5. 8910i Panasonic GD67 Sagem myG-5. G7070. A830. G5410. 3586i. X400 Sharp GX10. E398. myX-5d. 3530. P900 LG KU990 (Viewty) Nokia 9210 iPhone. N-gage QD. 176 208 Motorola C350 Nokia 3510i. A630. D720 Sony Ericsson Z1010. T68. E170. C60. T68i Toshiba TS21i Mitsubishi Trium Eclipse Audiovox SMT5600. E700. T725. 6600 Panasonic x700. myV-65 Samsung E100. G7100. HTC E100 SPUX Motorola 8380. GX10i. E1700. virginmobile. GX10m Sony Ericsson T630 LG 8110 Nokia 7610. A920. A840. 6015. V300. SL55 Sony Ericsson T300. T100. S300. T200. V975. 8835. MPx200. V500. 6650 Nokia 7600 Sagem myX-6. T720. 6630. G7050. M55. ca/ content/ web2/ dyn/ products?r=9423& mod=id_ModProductsList& act=page& page=0) . D410. C975. E680. V400. 6620. 3595. V200. V80. 3650. iPod Touch Blackberry 9000 BlackBerry Bold 9700 (Onyx) Nokia 5800 XpressMusic iPhone 4 170 176x208 Others 96x65 101x80 120x143 176x220 240x400 462x200 320x480 480x320 480x360 640x360 640x960 References [1] (http:/ / downloads. A835. S100.

Maintain a blog Share presence status Online chat Manage access rights Start mobile site from the web or Settings Share mobile site content via RSS feeds . Symbian OS. 2008 C. As of January 2010.Mobile Web Server (Symbian OS) 171 Mobile Web Server (Symbian OS) Mobile Web Server Original author(s) Robert McCool Developer(s) Initial release Stable release Written in Operating system Available in Type License Website Apache Software Foundation.net [2] The Mobile Web Server software is an Open source software port by Nokia of the Apache HTTP Server to the Symbian OS S60 mobile software platform. Java All POSIX (Linux/BSD/UNIX-like OSes). The Mobile Web Server components include a gateway application that runs on a computer on the Internet and a connector application. Features • • • • • • • • • • • • Manage phone's address book Send SMS messages using a web browser Browse phone's calendar Browse camera phone's image gallery via computer View received and missed calls Get instant messages sent to your phone screen.0 mymobilesite. C++. S60 platform English Web server Apache License 2. The gateway and the connector applications with a valid DNS configuration can provide a mobile device with a global web address (URL). Nokia Research October 23. the Web Server had been discontinued by Nokia[3] . that runs on the remote mobile device.5 / November 18. 2007 [1] 1. The S60 Mobile Web Server enables connectivity for HTTP traffic to a mobile device from the Internet.

Mobile Web Server (http://research.allaboutsymbian.forum. com/ A4136001?newsid=1161556) [2] http:/ / mymobilesite.com/projects/Mobile_Web_Server) Nokia Forum .html) • Nokia Developer Discussion Boards .Mobile Web Server (http://wiki.Mobile Web Server (http://discussion.com/forum/ forumdisplay.Mobile Web Server Documentation (http://www.php?f=129) • SourceForge .com/features/ item/Previewing_Nokias_Mobile_Web_Server.com/research/projects/mobile-web-server/) Nokia Wiki .opensource.Previewing Nokia's Mobile Web Server (http://www.net/projects/raccoon) • All About Symbian .php) • • • • • . com/ blog/ 2010/ 01/ 12/ mobile-web-server-beta-archived) External links • Official links Mobile Web Server (http://mymobilesite. nokia.Mobile Web Server (http://opensource.Mobile Web Server (Symbian OS) 172 References [1] Nokia Press Release .Nokia reveals glimpses of the mobile future (http:/ / www.nokia.forum.com/main/resources/ technologies/mobile_web_server/mws_documents.nokia. nokia.com/projects/mobile-web-server/) Nokia Research .nokia.Mobile Web Server (http://sourceforge.net/) Nokia Open Source .Mobile Web Server Beta archived (http:/ / betalabs.nokia. net/ [3] .nokia.

integrating MobileIron data with applications in the enterprise[11] • MobileIron Sentry Allows IT personnel to identify unauthorized devices. policy enforcement.mobileiron.and employee-liable devices. Symbian. provides mobile device management and security to large enterprises. Inc. security and analytics.com [1] MobileIron. which was acquired by Cisco in 2005 for $450 million.[10] • Partner API Carriers and partners can build proprietary applications for mobile device management. California. Storm Ventures and Foundation Capital. Suresh Batchu and Bob Tinker Headquarters Mountain View.[3] Ajay Mishra previously founded Airespace.[7] and has offices in the Netherlands and Hyderabad. Type Industry Founded Founder(s) private Mobile Device Management 2007 Ajay Mishra. support corporate. Android BlackBerry. MobileIron emerged from stealth mode and began shipping products.[2] History MobileIron was founded in 2007 by Ajay Mishra. device status. including remote provisioning. webOS and Windows Mobile. and network access control. and create a private applications store for company employees.[9] • Multi-OS clients Management of multiple mobile operating systems: iOS.MobileIron 173 MobileIron MobileIron.[12] Key features include: . remote lock and wipe. India.and employee-owned mobile devices.[7] • Enterprise app store Companies can create a private repository of IT-approved mobile applications. U.[5] In August 2009.[6] MobileIron is headquartered in Mountain View. enforce cost control.[8] Products • Virtual smartphone platform Management and security of both corporate. California. Key people Employees Website Bob Tinker (CEO) 100+ www. The MobileIron Virtual Smartphone Platform lets companies manage multiple operating systems at a granular level.[4] The company has raised $36 million in funding from Sequoia Capital. Suresh Batchu and Bob Tinker to solve the challenges enterprises face in adopting mobile devices.S. Inc. Norwest Venture Partners. block their access and enforce company policies via iPad.

Herman. enterprisemobiletoday. "Deal Radar: MobileIron" (http:/ / www. com/ blogs-op-ed/ client-devices/ 222002446/ cool-emerging-vendors-from-a-to-z-mobileiron. San Francisco Business Times. "MobileIron introduces the enterprise app store" (http:/ / connectedplanetonline. [4] "Crunchbase: Airespace" (http:/ / www. [11] Mehling.0 Enhances Multi-OS Smartphone Management Software" (http:/ / www. December 9. Sramana. NetworkWorld. Connected Planet. September 9.[13] • Integration with Research in Motion’s BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) for client deployment. htm). "Vendor Profile: MobileIron" (http:/ / idcdocserv. com/ features/ management/ article. networkworld. distributing BES policies and service books. September 9. August 3. com [2] "Gartner research" (http:/ / www. 2010. "Vendors target escalating enterprise mobile data costs" (http:/ / connectedplanetonline. sramanamitra. CIO Update. Sean and Stacy Crook. com/ technology/ media-products/ reprints/ mobileiron/ 174960. html). apple. [12] Wexler. April 6. 2010. [9] Ryan. "Securing the iPad with an iPad" (http:/ / www. NetworkWorld. com/ 2010/ 08/ 26/ deal-radar-mobileiron). "MobileIron 3. 2010. Jeff. 2010. CRN. php/ 3902581/ MobileIron-30-Enhances-Multi-OS-Smartphone-Management-Software. com/ newsletters/ wireless/ 2010/ 040510wireless2. 2009. networkworld. com/ mobile-apps/ news/ mogileiron-enterprise-app-store-1209/ ). 2010. Enterprise Mobile Today. html). com/ trends/ article. 2009. "5 Promising Startups Make Smartphones Enterprise Friendly" (http:/ / www. php/ 3861716/ 5-Promising-Startups-Make-Smartphones-Enterprise-Friendly. Mike. [10] Fitchard. MoCo News. htm). com/ ipad/ business/ profiles/ rehabcare/ ) [16] http:/ / mobileiron. "New version of mobile management released by MobileIron" (http:/ / www. com/ mobile-apps/ news/ mobileiron-openet-mobile-data-costs-0805/ ). mobileiron. Kevin. Steven. August 3 2010. December 17. com/ sanfrancisco/ stories/ 2010/ 08/ 02/ daily24. com/ news/ 2010/ 090910-new-version-of-mobile-management. com/ company/ airespace) [5] Brown. Kevin. July 2010. "Cool Emerging Vendors From A To Z: MobileIron" (http:/ / www. [7] Hamblen. html). August 5. htm). "MobileIron raises $16 million" (http:/ / www.MobileIron • Cost control via real-time monitoring of voice and data usage. Joanie. com . cioupdate. 2010. html). [15] "Apple Business Profile: RehabCare" (http:/ / www. August 26. [13] Follett. Jennifer. com/ 224123_MobileIron_Private_Vendor_Watchlist_Profile). IDC. [8] Duyree.com [16] References [1] http:/ / www. [6] Fitchard. One Million by One Million. [14] Vance. Tricia. Gartner. crunchbase. Connected Planet. and remotely locking and wiping devices[11] 174 Customers and Partners Customers include: • • • • • • • • • • Fenwick & West Netgear Windsor Foods[14] RehabCare[15] manageNET Paragon Development Systems Vodafone AT&T Mission Critical Wireless Korea Telecom Partners include: External links • mobileiron. January 29. gartner. crn. net/ article/ 419-mobileiron-raises-16-million-to-manage-smartphones-in-the-enterprise/ ). 2009. "MobileIron Raises $16 Million To Manage Smartphones In The Enterprise" (http:/ / moconews. [3] Mitra. bizjournals.

2002 . Corporate history The company was founded by Osman Celik (COO) and Murat Bahar (Co-Founder) on May 15. 2009 .Smarface Platform started facilitating in Banking Sector by integration with OTP Providers 2010 .The solution “Push to Talk Plus” acquired by Telsim (Vodafone Turkey)[8] 2004 . dedicated to increasing the revenues of mobile operators.Smartface Platform chosen by Banks for their operations in mobile channels[10] [11] [12] 2010 .Mobinex 175 Mobinex Mobinex Type Industry Founded Private Mobile application development Istanbul. Turkey Area served Key people Worldwide [1] Semih Arslanoğlu (CEO) [2] Osman Celik (COO) [3] Murat Bahar (Co-founder) [4] Ümit Muzaffer Demir (CTO) Smartface Platform 30 (2010) Mobinex. Turkey May 2002 Osman Celik. content providers. Company's flagship product Smartface Platform is a drag-and-drop cross-platform mobile application development and management tool which enables fast publishing of mobile applications across different operating systems[7] .Mobinex launched Smartface Platform 2006 .Smartface Platform selected by operators for their value added services operations. Istanbul.Mobinex founded by Osman Celik [2] & Murat Bahar [3] 2002 .Mobinex unveils Smartface Designer Community Edition[13] [9] . Murat Bahar Founder(s) Headquarters Uskudar. 2002. It was initially focused developing Smartface Platform. media companies and enterprises since 2002[6] .biz [5] Products Employees Website Mobinex is a provider of mobile applications and on-device solutions. cross mobile application development and management tool.Mobinex launched its first solution “Push to Talk” 2003 .

Smartface Server the other component of the platform provides an application life-cycle management system.smartface. internet. 2010-02-24.mobinex. tr/ Haber/ garanti-smartface-platformu-secti/ 38b60ce8-4cfd-4652-b39c-0321b7ee9686. the component of Smartface Platform enables visual development of mobile applications with drag-and-drop actions and interactive wizards. html). org/ 10400277). References [1] http:/ / www. turk.biz . [9] "Rotana selects Mobinex" (http:/ / prlog. [12] "Kuveyt Turk chose Smartface Platform for developing Mobile Applications" (http:/ / www. org/ 2008/ 02/ mobile-world-congress-side-events-update. com/ profile/ view?id=1491025 [4] http:/ / www. php?yaziid=11156). 2010-08-26. com/ news-and-events/ news/ 220-mobile-world-congress-2010-report).Garanti Bank Decided On Smartface Platform to Develop Mobile Applications" (http:/ / www. linkedin. 2010-01-14. aspx?NewsID=148). External links • http://developer. com/ news-garantibank-decided-on-smartface-platform-to-develop-mobile-applications-1263999820. 2010-08-26. kuveytturk. 2009-04-11.Mobinex 176 Products Push to Talk Plus (PoC+) Push to Talk Plus. using a momentary button to switch from voice reception mode to transmit mode. m-trends. com. [11] "Free-press-release . html). com/ portal/ yazigoster. 2004-07-26. tr/ tr/ NewsDetail.biz • http://www. [13] "Smartface licenses" (http:/ / developer. 2010-01-1. com/ profile/ view?id=8382354& authType=name& authToken=v0-E& trk=tyah [5] http:/ / www. cartagena-capital. smartface. php?id=13077). It uses a service option for a cellular phone network which permits subscribers to use their phone as a walkie-talkie with unlimited range. com/ profile/ view?id=16599556& authType=name& authToken=v21_ [3] http:/ / www. Smartface Platform Smartface Platform is drag-and-drop cross-platform mobile application development and management tool and first released on 2006. com. digitalage. linkedin. [10] "Garanti Decided to use Smartface Platform to Develop Mobile Applications" (http:/ / www. 2008-02-7. mobinex. free-press-release. php). biz/ [6] "Mobile world congress 2008 events" (http:/ / www. Smartface Designer. linkedin. linkedin. tracking. with capabilities of distributing. also known as PoC+. [8] "Telsim will use Bas Konus(Push to Talk Plus)" (http:/ / aksiyon. One significant advantage of PoC+ is that it allows a single person to reach an active talk group with a single button press. users need not make several calls to coordinate with a group[14] . promoting and advertising of applications. [14] "Mobinex Pust to Talk Plus" (http:/ / www. including two-way radio. aspx). biz/ licensing. com/ profile/ view?id=193338& authType=NAME_SEARCH& authToken=l3UE& locale=en_US& srchid=1509fd3d-4398-4cc7-a064-9a02779519a4-0& srchindex=1& srchtotal=1& pvs=ps& pohelp=& goback=%2Efps_semih+ Arslano%C4%9Flu_*1_*1_*1_*1_*1_*1_*51_*1_Y_*1_*1_*1_false_1_R_true_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2 [2] http:/ / www. biz/ detay. 2004-03-18. [7] "Mobile world congress 2010 report" (http:/ / www. is an application that uses a method of conversing on half-duplex communication lines.

mobiola. . Windows Mobile. avi. Users of Mobiola Web Camera can use their phones as web cameras and receive video stream in various applications and services on PC such as Skype. aac. YouTube. Android. BlackBerry. YouTube. It also supports live radio stations. Symbian. DVDs. YouTube. and Sony PSP devices. • Mobiola Message Ringtone sets a custom ring tone individually for each contact. podcasts. These parts can be connected via Bluetooth. iPad. MSN/Windows Live. MagicJack and other VoIP application calls and transforms iPhone. Yahoo!. Metacafe.0. themes. • Mobiola Headset allows recording of Skype. BlackBerry Inbox integration and push notifications. Java MIDP 2. Overview • Mobiola Video Studio is a video converter of movies. mp4. Palm. AOL IM. • Mobiola Web Camera is a mobile software that transforms BlackBerry. • Mobiola Snapshot allows to make snapshots of BlackBerry screen in most applications. iPod Touch or iPad. com/ Mobiola is a wide range of software by SHAPE Services. Users must install Mobiola Headset Desktop to Windows PC which connects through Wi-Fi the Mobiola Headset app on iPhone. wmv file formats. Mobiola Web Camera is a two-part application. incoming SMS or e-mail on BlackBerry. mid. Mobiola Video Studio supports automatic discovery of mobile device model and drag-and-drop of videos from DVD or browser to device. Google Talk.Mobiola 177 Mobiola Mobiola Mobiola Webcam screenshot Developer(s) SHAPE Services Operating system Microsoft Windows BlackBerry Windows Mobile Symbian Type Website Web camera http:/ / www. cable USB or Wi-Fi connection. Google Videos to the video format appropriate for the iPhone. ICQ. Yahoo!. iPod Touch. m4a. iPod Touch into a PC headset. ICQ and others. MSN/Windows Live. 3gp. Windows Mobile. amr. • Mobiola xPlayer is a multimedia player for BlackBerry with the support of mp3. wma. and the other part onto BlackBerry. Windows Mobile or Symbian smartphone. wav. Symbian smartphones into a mobile wireless webcam. Options allow to choose the image quality and format. AOL IM. One part must be installed onto a Microsoft Windows compatible PC.

com/ [2] http:/ / www.Mobiola 178 External links • Mobiola homepage [1] • Mobiola apps on Handango [2] References [1] http:/ / www. jsp?storeId=2218& platformId=40& productId=250651& developerId=127444 . mobiola. com/ catalog/ SoftwareCatalogByDeveloper. handango.

com/ RHE2010/ pastwinners/ RHE2009/ RHE2009html. mobiquant. The technology enables enterprises and operators to managing security. Italy Roma and Milano. html . Spain Barcelona Management Reda Zitouni. United Kingdom. VP of Business Strategy & Co-founder Remi Blondeel – R & D Operations Manager External links • Mobiquant website [1] • RedHerring top 100 2009 Winner [2] References [1] http:/ / www. London. Locations Mobiquant is headquartered in Toulouse. applications & remote support services for Smart Phones and mobile devices across mobile platforms. com [2] http:/ / www. CEO. CTO & Co-founder Deven Pravin Shah.mobiquant.com [1] Mobiquant Technologies is a software company that provides mobile device management technology to enterprises and mobile operators . herringevents. California USA. France Orange County. with offices worldwide. France.Mobiquant 179 Mobiquant Mobiquant Technologies Type Private Industry Device management and security software Founded Toulouse. in Orange County. USA Products Mobile NX Enterprise Suite Website www.

com/ technology-news/ 2010/ 08/ 09/ a/ 675652447-motorola-8220-motoblur-will-not-be/ . MotoBlur" (http:/ / www.[4] Motorola have announced that Motoblur will not be their focus running. Backflip. thestreet. Droid 2 and DEFY are toned down and intended to be less intrusive than previous [3] versions. Flipside. com/ technology-news/ 2010/ 08/ 09/ a/ 675652447-motorola-8220-motoblur-will-not-be/ ). as the latest Android builds are making custom skins largely redundant.[2] Motoblur is currently on Motorola's Atrix 4G. and Twitter as well as other services (news or weather reports) all in one place. User account information is stored on Motorola's servers for access from web browsers and future phones. denying access to the main screen until the account is established. [4] "MotoBlur . thestreet.[3] References [1] http:/ / www. com). IntoMobile (http:/ / www. Feeds and data are regularly pushed to these widgets. [5] Taylor Wimberly (9 August 2010).. DEFY. “MOTOBLUR will not be our focus going forward”" (http:/ / business-news. intomobile. MySpace. thestreet..Motoblur 180 Motoblur Motoblur Company / developer Motorola OS family Source model Official website Android Proprietary Motoblur [1] Motoblur (often stylized as MOTOBLUR) is an Android UI replacement and push-based service focused on social networking developed by Motorola.[5] However. . TheStreet. The newer devices allow users to defer Blur services for a later registration and has more filtering options and better battery management to optimize the Blur service experience. Devour. motorola. . au/ MobilePhones/ MotoBlur). com/ link/ ?http:/ / androidandme.http:/ / business-news. When first turned on. com/ Consumers/ US-EN/ Consumer-Product-and-Services/ MOTOBLUR/ Meet-MOTOBLUR [2] Motorola MOTOBLUR (http:/ / www. It aims at functional similarity to Palm's Synergy.com (http:/ / www. including such features as Remote Wipe. Droid X and ((motorola bravo)) Droid 2. com/ Consumers/ US-EN/ Consumer-Product-and-Services/ MOTOBLUR/ Meet-MOTOBLUR) [3] "Motorola Droid 2 to rock Android 2. First generation Motoblur-based phones force a new user to create a Motoblur account. Flipout. CLIQ/DEXT. com).. com. . com/ 2010/ 07/ 20/ motorola-droid-2-to-rock-android-2-2-motoblur/ ). au). com.2.An Introduction (& How it Helps)" (http:/ / mobile-phones. Droid Pro. . thestreet. "Motorola. com/ 2010/ 08/ news/ motorola-motoblur-will-not-be-our-focus-going-forward/ .http:/ / business-news.. smh. motorola. Droid Pro. Charm. the recently released Atrix. Motoblur includes a variety of widgets which combine various social networking portals such as Facebook. smh. The Sunday Morning Herald (http:/ / www. Droid 2 and Droid X do feature the UI skin. intomobile. although the version found on the Droid X.

Retrieved 2008-09-28. . . the Center for Innovative Technology GAP Fund and LaunchBox Digital[8] . .5M" (http:/ / venturebeat. Retrieved 2008-09-28. Customers include Sprint-Nextel[2] . Retrieved 2008-09-28. mpowerplayer. com/ 2008/ 8/ east-coast-incubator-launchbox-digital-s-first-class-graduates).. reuters. [3] "Mpowerplayer Raises $2. Retrieved 2008-09-28. IGN. com/ blogs/ 24878). References [1] "Contact Us" (http:/ / mpowerplayer. . Silicon Alley Insider. 2008-05-08. Retrieved 2008-09-28. Reuters. com/ article/ pressRelease/ idUS169460+ 14-May-2008+ PRN20080514). 2008-09-10. com/ ?page_id=1554).[6] [7] on 11 September 2008 it was announced that mpowerplayer had raised $2. Red Herring. . Retrieved 2008-09-28. com). External links • mpowerplayer site (http://www. 2008-09-28. mpowerplayer. Retrieved 2008-09-28. [6] "LaunchBox Unleashes Its First Nine Startups" (http:/ / www.5 million in its first round of funding[8] . Venture Beat. mpowerplayer. com/ 2008/ 08/ 05/ launchbox-unleashes-its-first-nine-startups/ ). 2008-05-14. Funding Following its launch from tech incubator LaunchBox Digital. [8] "Mobile gaming startup Mpowerplayer raises $2. Virginia. [4] "Mpowerplayer Wins Coveted Duke's Choice Award at JavaOne Developer Conference" (http:/ / wireless.5M" (http:/ / www. dmwmedia. alleyinsider. 5-million-online-mobile-game-demos). EA Mobile[3] and Sega Mobile[3] . 2008-09-11. [7] "East Coast Incubator LaunchBox Digital's First 'Class' Graduates" (http:/ / www. Retrieved 2008-09-28.com.com/) .5 Million for Online Mobile Game Demos" (http:/ / www. Technically mpowerplayer's platform is a Java ME emulator for devices capable of running Java SE. D.[1] just outside Washington.spire Client Mpowerplayer Wins Duke's Choice Award" (http:/ / www. the company was awarded with the Duke's Choice Award in the mobile gaming category from Sun Microsystems[4] [5] . The company plans to use the funding to expand their presence and their widget-based mobile game catalog on more social networking sites[9] . Digital Media Wire. 2008-08-05.mpowerplayer. In May 2008. com/ articles/ 872/ 872508p1. [5] "INC. The company offers a solution for the video game industry (game publishers and mobile operators) to enable their customers to browse and demo mobile games on their web browser before buying them[2] . [9] "Mpowerplayer Rings Up $2. ign. 2008-09-28. com/ news/ 2008/ 09/ 10/ mpowerplayer-raises-$2. Funding comes from New Atlantic Ventures. [2] "mpowerplayer" (http:/ / www. com/ 2008/ 09/ 11/ mobile-gaming-startup-mpowerplayer-raises-25m/ ). 2008-09-10. html). . techcrunch. . . 2008-08-05.mpowerplayer 181 mpowerplayer mpowerplayer is a technology-startup company based in Reston. redherring. Retrieved 2008-09-28.C. . TechCrunch.

with 40 000 new subscribers joining every day. Herman Heunis established Swist Group Technologies and focused primarily on the mobile telecommunications industry. BlackBerry OS Instant Messenger Freeware [1] MXit [2] MXit Lifestyle MXit (pronounced "mix it") is a free instant messaging application developed by MXit Lifestyle (Pty) Ltd. ICQ. developed a Massive Multiplayer Mobile game named Alaya.[3] MXit currently has 27 Million subscribers. Mac OS X.[7] . In 2003 the game was reassessed and the MXit concept was conceived by Herman that same year. AIM. it can connect to Yahoo.[6] In January 2007. or Windows Live Messenger contacts as well. Google Talk. a research and development division of Swist Group Technologies. Java ME. a university town in South Africa. media giant Naspers acquired a 30% stake in the company for an undisclosed amount. Windows Mobile. Linux. Android OS. MXit has evolved to become a major IM player in the South African arena thereafter. developing software and providing system support to large Telco's. iPhone OS. In 2000 Clockspeed Mobile. Facebook.[5] In April 2004 Clockspeed Mobile became independent and on the 1 July 2006 became MXit Lifestyle (Pty) Ltd.[4] History MXit originates from Stellenbosch. 2003 See → Current Versions Development status Active Operating system Type License Website Microsoft Windows.MXit 182 MXit MXit Developer(s) Initial release Stable release MXit Lifestyle (Pty) Ltd. The game was SMS based and was not successful due to the high cost of SMS since GPRS was still not widely implemented. in South Africa that runs on multiple mobile and computing platforms. Along with its own standard protocol. making it the largest social network in Africa. In 1997.



MXit allows users to send and receive one-on-one text and multimedia messages to and from other users, as well as in general chat rooms. MXit also supports gateways to other instant messaging platforms such as MSN Messenger, ICQ and Google Talk. MXit does not charge for one-on-one messages though mobile operators may charge for data usage. There are also a number of pay-services, including chatrooms. MXit has a registered userbase of over 19 million,[8] about 20 million log-ons per day and over 250 million messages sent and received per day - around 35 000 messages per second during peak times.[9] The application is distributed internationally and used by users in over 120 countries daily, but the bulk of its userbase is in South Africa and Indonesia with fast growth in 123 other countries.[10] MXit was first released as a mobile phone IM client. Available on a variety of phones, MXit requires Java and internet connectivity via CSD, GPRS, 3G or wifi to run. Tailored versions have also been released for the Apple iPhone (via the iTunes App Store), Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile devices.[11] MXit Lifestyle have also released a Windows client, MXit EVO PC.[12] MXit features some of the standard functions of a modern instant messaging client, such as a contact list, file transfers and photo sharing via a cellphone's built-in camera. MXit also supports profile photos, tabbed conversations and message formatting. Contacts are added by entering their cellphone number and, as of recently, a username. Users are able to change their presence and mood via a menu on the client. Further features include support for themes, emoticons, and group chat, called MultiMX. On 1 April 2009, MXit released an open-source plug-in for the libPurple library.[13] This allows applications using the libPurple library such as Pidgin and Adium to connect to the MXit network. The coincided with the release of the MXit Developer Zone web-site and documentation on the MXit client protocol.[14] MXit has been included as a standard protocol in Pidgin since version 2.6.4.[15]

Supported Platforms
MXit is available on a variety of mobile and Computing platforms, each independently developed for the platform. These are: • • • • • • • • Java ME BlackBerry OS iPhone OS Android OS Windows Mobile Linux using Pidgin Microsoft Windows using Pidgin and MXit EVO Mac OS X using Adium

Current versions



Platform Java ME Blackberry iPhone Android Windows Mobile Linux

Current Version 5.9.8 5.9.4 1.6 1.5.2 1.4.1 2.7.3 (Pidgin)

Release Date 15 September 2010 02 November 2010 04 March 2011 30 December 2010 05 November 2010 11 August 2010 No No No No No

Third Party

Yes Pidgin only (Bundled Plugin)

Microsoft Windows 2.7.3 (Pidgin) 2.0.1 (MXit Evo) Mac OS X 1.0

11 August 2010 (Pidgin) Yes Pidgin 13 December 2010 (MXit Evo) (Bundled Plugin) 31 August 2009 Yes Adium Only [16] (Separate Plugin)

MXit EVO [17] is a suite of products that extends MXit's reach beyond the mobile IM space, by providing a PC client and a webchat client. It was released in January 2010. • MXit EVO PC MXit EVO Instant Messenger allows you to connect to the MXit network from a Windows PC. It is developed using Microsoft's Windows Presentation Foundation framework. As of version 2.0, MXit EVO requires .Net 4.0 to be [18] installed. • MXit EVO Webchat MXit EVO Webchat is a Microsoft Silverlight application that can be embedded on any website (e.g. a blog). It allows the embedder to customise the look and feel of the application. • MXit EVO Agent MXit EVO Agent is a web widget using JavaScript which can be embedded on any website. It allows a visitor to a web-site to chat with another user in real-time when logged into MXit. The EVO Agent is a light-weight, cross-browser and cross-platform compatible, and is free to use.[19]

MXit services
Tradepost lets you know about current competitions and the latest gadgets available to MXit users. Tradepost is also central to finding downloads like skinz, chatrooms, music, news, hot gossip, movie info, greeting cards etc. These are bought using Mxit's official currency, Moola.[3]

Moola is the currency used by MXit and its users. One Moola is the equivalent of one South African cent. Moola is used for services as provided in the Tradepost as well as to chat in the chat rooms (one-on-one messaging is not charged for). Moola is purchased in Rand either via credit card or via a premium rate SMS service.[20] [21]



MXit Music
MXit Music is an initiative to support the growth of South African music whereby artists can expose their music to the MXit community. MXit Music is available to users via Tradepost on the MXit client, and well as the MXit Music website.[22] After adding the MXit Music contact, users can access the MXit Music charts and a host of bands. Users can preview tracks for free and download full tracks at a cost of 250 Moola (R2.50) each. Users can also cast votes for their favourite bands and access band blogs. Votes are logged in real time, and tracks are ranked within the MXit Music charts based on the number of votes received.[23]

Chat Zones
MXit Chat Zones are available for ages fourteen and up. Certain Chat Zones are dedicated to specific age groups, The age restrictions on Chat Zones are decided by MXit Chat Zone Admin. All Chat Rooms have commands to assist users in ease of use. Chat Zones are also Moderated by MXit Magi Team to assist in the safety of the users. Chat Rooms charge 2 moola per message.[24] [25]

International Presence
MXit operates in many international markets. MXit is officially supported in Malaysia, India, Indonesia, United Kingdom, United States, Nigeria, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal and Spain. In August 2007 MXit commissioned their European Data Centre located in Frankfurt, Germany. The purpose of this server farm is to take over most of the international traffic from the South African servers.[26] In September 2010, MXit launched in Kenya , making it the first country outside of South Africa to have access to the full MXit experience. (Until then, anyone outside of South Africa only had access to the MXit's "Chat" function.)

Media Coverage
Articles in the 27 July 2006 editions of YOU and Huisgenoot magazines indirectly implied that MXit enables access to pornography and allows paedophiles to contact minor users, often by pretending to be minors themselves. On 30 July 2006, the M-Net actuality program Carte Blanche broadcast an insert in which a young girl explained how an alleged paedophile contacted her via MXit. The girl, however, admitted that she violated the MXit rule not to share personal contact details with other users.[28] The creators of MXit have since aligned themselves with South African law enforcement to further secure minors' safety when using MXit.[29]

Exam Results
Numerous news agencies and papers have placed articles in which they quote parents from all over South Africa who claim that MXit is having an effect on their children's school work. Parents argue that their children fail to communicate properly and find themselves in their own world of mobile chatrooms. This has led to parents starting to confiscate their children's phones.[30]

Reactions to criticism
MXit has taken the following steps and provisions to improve online safety: • The chat rooms are moderated up to 14 hours a day. • MXit recently launched its chatroom blocking feature that allows parents to block the chat capability on MXit. • Users are encouraged to report any abuse they may have experienced on MXit. This can be done on MXit by sending a “.rat” command to MXit. This command gives MXit the authority to see the last 30 string of this conversation from reporting. A moderator will then intercept within 6 to 12 hours of reporting.

MXit • Chat rooms contain profanity filters, and most are age restricted too. You can also set up your own chatroom, and password protect it, so the only way that someone can gain access to a chat room is if the user invites them in. • Every time a user enters a chat zone he or she is reminded to keep all personal details private. • A user’s identity remains anonymous when he or she is in a dynamic chat zone. • MXit suspends or bans users that abuse its technology and will continue to assist authorities to stop abusers of its network.[31]


http:/ / www. mxit. com http:/ / www. mxitlifestyle. com http:/ / www. mxitlifestyle. com/ getting-started Africa's Largest [[Social Network (http:/ / www. webaddict. co. za/ 2010/ 10/ 22/ mxit-africa-largest-social-network/ )] - MXit | Web AddiCT(s)] [5] http:/ / www. mxitlifestyle. com/ about-us [6] MXit Forum • View topic - MXit Lifestyle (Pty) Ltd (http:/ / forum. mxit. com/ viewtopic. php?f=99& t=1880) [7] "Naspers acquires a 30% share in MXit" (http:/ / web. archive. org/ web/ 20070711020905/ http:/ / www. naspers. co. za/ English/ press_mxit. asp). Naspers. 2007-01-26. Archived from the original (http:/ / www. naspers. co. za/ English/ press_mxit. asp) on 2007-07-11. . Retrieved 2007-08-15. [8] Mxit declares war on porn (http:/ / mybroadband. co. za/ news/ cellular/ 11904. html) [9] MXit registrations surpass 14 million (http:/ / mybroadband. co. za/ news/ Cellular/ 8785. html) [10] MXit to flex its muscle (http:/ / www. itweb. co. za/ sections/ business/ 2009/ 0901291031. asp?S=Cellular& A=CEL& O=FRGN) [11] "MXit Blackberry" (http:/ / www. mxit. com/ web/ mxitbb. htm). MXit Lifestyle. . Retrieved 2009-06-22. [12] "MXit EVO PC" (http:/ / evo. mxit. com/ pc/ setup. exe). MXit Lifestyle. . Retrieved 2009-06-22. [13] "MXit Pidgin Plugin" (http:/ / devzone. mxit. com/ libPurple/ ). MXit DevZone. . Retrieved 2009-08-28. [14] "MXit DevZone" (http:/ / devzone. mxit. com/ ). MXit Lifestyle. . Retrieved 2009-08-28. [15] MXit Forum • View topic - Pidgin 2.6.4 - now with MXit included (http:/ / forum. mxit. com/ viewtopic. php?f=3523& t=22859) [16] MXit Forum • View forum - Version Support (http:/ / forum. mxit. com/ viewforum. php?f=191) [17] http:/ / www. mxitlifestyle. com/ about_evo [18] MXit Forum • View topic - MXit EVO version 2 Released (http:/ / forum. mxit. com/ viewtopic. php?f=3553& t=25937) [19] "MXit EVO Agent Tutorial & Howto Use Guide" (http:/ / www. loubser. co. za/ pieter/ mxit/ mxit_evo_agent_tutorial/ ). MXit EVO Agent. . Retrieved 2010-04-13. [20] MXit Forum • View topic - Buy Moola Via These Premium Rated Numbers (http:/ / forum. mxit. com/ viewtopic. php?f=25& t=11587) [21] MXit Forum • View topic - Moola Purchase via Credit Card (http:/ / forum. mxit. com/ viewtopic. php?f=25& t=15445) [22] "MXit Music" (http:/ / www. mxitmusic. com). MXit Lifestyle. . Retrieved 2009-03-18. [23] http:/ / www. mxitmusic. com/ music/ faqs. seam [24] http:/ / www. mxitlifestyle. com/ chatzones [25] MXit Forum • Information (http:/ / forum. mxit. com/ viewtopic. php?f=71& t=16664) [26] MXit Forum • View forum - MXit International (http:/ / forum. mxit. com/ viewforum. php?f=91) [27] http:/ / www. wikenya. com/ [28] "MXit Safety Guidelines" (http:/ / www. mxit. co. za/ pdfs/ safetext_smaller. pdf). MXit.co.za. 2006-10-19. . Retrieved 2006-10-19. [29] Rondganger, Lee (2006-10-19). "MXit teams up with police to improve security" (http:/ / www. iol. co. za/ index. php?from=rss_News& set_id=1& click_id=& art_id=vn20061019033513414C680652). The Star (Independent Online). . Retrieved 2006-10-19. [30] "MXit blamed for exam results" (http:/ / www. news24. com/ News24/ South_Africa/ News/ 0,,2-7-1442_2024787,00. html) [31] http:/ / www. mxitlifestyle. com/ online-safety [1] [2] [3] [4]



External links
• • • • • MXit Home Page (http://www.mxit.com/) Developer Home Page (http://www.mxitlifestyle.com/) MXit Forum (http://forum.mxit.com/index.php/) MXit Developer Zone (http://devzone.mxit.com/) Terms & Conditions (http://www.mxitlifestyle.com/terms-and-conditions)



MyMobileWeb Mobile Web Framework
Developer(s) Stable release Morfeo Open-Source Software Community 3.4.1 / March 27, 2009

Operating system Cross-platform Type License Website Mobile Web LGPL [1]

MyMobileWeb is an open source product that simplifies the development of adaptive mobile web applications and portals, providing an advanced content & application adaptation environment. It is based on open-standards, Java and Java EE technology.

Mobile Web interfaces designed with MyMobileWeb are defined once for all kind of devices. At runtime MyMobileWeb renders such interfaces in accordance with the characteristics and restrictions of the device and web browser used. Such characteristics are provided by a Device Description Repository such as WURFL or Device Atlas. The pages are defined in a declarative language (based on Web Standards) made up with abstract visual controls and containers . Binding with structured sources of data is supported via the JSP 2.0 Expression Language. Automatic pagination is performed when necessary. JSR 170 API is also supported for content organization and storage, thus enabling the reuse of deployed Web contents stored on a JSR 170 compatible content repository. The appearance is controlled through W-CSS and can be defined by configurable families of devices. Other features of MyMobileWeb are an off-the-shelf internationalization support, an automatic validation framework that automatically generates scripting code when supported and an image transcoder. A more detailed description of [2] its features can be found on the project features page .

Eclipse plugin
In order to facilitate the development of mobile web pages using MyMobileWeb an Eclipse plugin has been developed. This plugin is composed by a set of wizards and templates that prevent the developer from making tedious chores and automatically compiles and deploys the developed pages.

MyMobileWeb is an open source R&D project under the Morfeo Open-Source Software Community. The project is founded by the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce under the Avanza Plan, and has been designated as a CELTIC flagship project of the CELTIC EUREKA Cluster.

N82. w3. N-Gage 2. php/ MyMobileWeb_Getting_Started http:/ / www. N-Gage is a part of Nokia's Ovi initiative.g. games developed for this next-gen N-Gage platform do not work on the original N-Gage nor N-Gage QD. morfeo-project. org/ wiki_en/ index. N81 8GB. org/ TR/ 2008/ REC-DDR-Simple-API-20081205/ N-Gage (service) The N-Gage service was Nokia's mobile gaming platform that is available for several Nokia S60 smartphones. morfeo-project. and the N-Gage service had ceased at the end of 2010. Similarly. it took a little more than a year before Nokia actually started showing off next-gen titles such as System Rush: Evolution and Hooked On: Creatures of the Deep. . phone built for gaming). Working behind closed doors. Mile High Pinball). org/ http:/ / mymobileweb. A public beta test of the N-Gage application took place from February 4. On October 30. org/ TR/ dial/ http:/ / www. It is a follow-up to the N-Gage handheld game console. N95 and N95 8GB. saw a change in concept as Nokia explained to the world during E3 2005 that they were planning on putting N-Gage inside several of their smartphone devices . aren't binary-compatible with older S60 devices and vice-versa. Overview The new N-Gage. System Rush: Evolution) or a remake/port (e. org/ mymobileweb/ mymobileweb-key-features/ lng/ en http:/ / forge. adding to the fact that newer S60 software. 2008 to March 27. with the fighting game ONE perhaps being the most visually impressive . including the N-Gage client and games. where Nokia users can access the Ovi Store to download games and other content. 2009. also referred to as N-Gage Next Generation.[1] Nokia will continue its gaming efforts on Ovi. w3.0 or the N-Gage platform/application. 2008[2] and the client was then released on April 3 the same year for the Nokia N81.[3] though some games are making a comeback in form of a sequel (e. morfeo-project. the first generation MMC games are not compatible with the new platform. The new N-Gage logo.g.even making use of motion capture. Nokia announced that no new N-Gage games will be produced.MyMobileWeb 189 External links • • • • Morfeo's MyMobileWeb Mobile Web development platform [1] Getting Started guide [3] W3C's Device Independent Authoring Language (DIAL) [4] (W3C Working Draft 27 July 2007) W3C's DDR Simple API [5] (W3C Recommendation) References [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] http:/ / mymobileweb.rather than releasing a specific device (although their N81 model with its two dedicated gaming-buttons next to the screen is being marketed as a The application running on a Nokia N81. Compatibility Because N-Gage is a software based solution.

thus removing N81-only limitation. System Rush: Evolution [17] and Space Impact Kappa Base [18].[11] Nokia 5630 XpressMusic [12] and Nokia 5730 XpressMusic [13] Due to memory issues. Shortly after being released to the public. We know it's not perfect yet and there are some features people want more of. 2008.[15] First access On February 4. N-Gage has since been reported working on other Nokia N-series devices ." . the N-Gage installation file was unpacked into components. Nokia also released Tetris [19]. where N81 users shared their thoughts on what was good and what could've been made better .[5] 6710 Navigator. A lot of players have also been reporting connection issues. In order to experience the full game . While not the final version. E52.regarding both the launcher itself and the games currently available. N85. Jaakko Kaidesoja had this to say to Pocket Gamer in an interview on February 21. after several delays ever since the beginning of 2007. such as N73 and N95. In response. hinted in an interview in February 2008. On March 20.[8] N86. This period of time was referred to as "First Access" and only a public test of the client which could be downloaded for free from the N-Gage website. N95-1.[7] E55. None of the games are entirely free but all offers a limited trial for testing purposes. The biggest issues at that point was that of players not being able to "activate" a purchased game but still having only the trial version to play. N82-1. the N-Gage blog [22] Reception There have been a lot of hands-on articles with the First Access client and they all generally reflect both the positive and negative feedback of the official First Access forum [23]. N81 8GB. the user had access to most of the features that the new application had to offer along with three games to try out: Hooked On: Creatures of the Deep [16]. the N-Gage website lists the following devices as compatible with the new N-Gage platform: Nokia N78.[9] N97.which occurred on April 3.N-Gage (service) 190 Devices So far. 2008 when asked about what early feedback they had received[24] : "The feedback has been positive and well received within the company and some critical comments were well received as well. E75. Those are the things we want to check and get on the roadmap.[10] Nokia 5320 XpressMusic.it has to be either purchased or rented. N79. Head of New Experience. Nokia released an advisory asking users not to install this unsupported version as it could cause errors or other issues. which can be then installed separately. Nokia 6210 Navigator. N93 and N93i was cancelled.[4] N86 8MP. N95-2 8GB. N96.though limited only to users of Nokia’s N81 device. the new N-Gage platform was released to the public .[14] support for the Nokia N73.[6] 6720 Classic. Eventually. though all downloaded games at that time would still be playable through the application until the updated version was released . Nokia Play.[4] N81. reported that First Access would come to an end on March 27. Block Breaker Deluxe [20] and World Series of Poker: Pro Challenge [21] for the users to try out.

80/100 Block Breaker Deluxe [26] • Pocket Gamer .8/10 System Rush: Evolution • Pocket Gamer .8/10 • All About N-Gage .7/10 • All About N-Gage . The sixth game that was postponed was Space Impact Kappa Base [18]. Asphalt 3: Street Rules [25] • Pocket Gamer . Space Impact Kappa Base.N-Gage (service) 191 Game reviews The games themselves have received an overall good reception all over the Internet ever since the First Access beta. though only five phone models are compatible to begin with.[14] The launch titles also changed from six to only five: Asphalt 3: Street Rules [25]." Four days later. with several members from the N-Gage team attending to answer any questions asked. and at which point FIFA 08 [31] also became available for purchase. Players logged onto the website could now also see their Reputation level. With this release.8/10 • All About N-Gage . Some hours after the launch. Brain Challenge [28].86/100 • Mobile Game FAQs . N-Gage level.Nokia posted their official press release[30] commenting on the release of their new mobile service. These should be available in the showroom next week or two.92/100 Space Impact Kappa Base [18] • Pocket Gamer .8/10 World Series of Poker: Pro Challenge • Pocket Gamer . This probably has to do with the older models being less powerful as was pointed out in an interview earlier the same year whereas an N-Gage representative mentioned some memory issues with the N73. on April 7 . with Hooked On: Creatures of the Deep standing out as the most successful title.78/100 Hooked On: Creatures of the Deep [16] • Pocket Gamer . a tab for support on both the application itself and N-Gage compatible devices and much more. A few t-shirts were randomly handed out during the three . an event calendar. Ikona (the man behind the official N-Gage blog [29]) had this to say about the delay: "We are currently ensuring Block Breaker Deluxe. and gathered N-Gage points. and Tetris are running smoothly with our new application. There was also a release party held at the N-Gage chat room shortly after the release. Hooked On: Creatures of the Deep [16] System Rush: Evolution [17]. 2008 through the N-Gage official website [27].5/10 Launch After numerous delays and many vague release dates.9/10 • All About N-Gage .85/100 Tetris [19] • Pocket Gamer . The first two weren't even on the original list but Block Breaker Deluxe [26] and Tetris [19] instead. and World Series of Poker: Pro Challenge [21]. the website also saw a small change in appearance with price tags added to all games available for download. the N-Gage platform was finally (and also quite suddenly) released to the public on April 3.

As expected. and the showroom . The ones that are trial versions have a pink stripe that says "TRIAL" to the far right of the game icon. the number of friends you have enlisted.but also show how well your friends are doing with the same game. My Games This screen shows all the games that are currently installed on the phone . overlapping what looks somewhat like a battery meter that. the launch was not problem-free but numerous people reported having trouble downloading. Games that are not paid for will show a pop-up every time you play it . . More on this below.be it a Trial version or the full game (purchased or rented). as well as write a small verdict on it. your reputation level (ranging between 1-5 stars). enter an unlock code (purchased or given through promotions). users are also able to look at what achievements have been unlocked . N-Gage Point Level. the user may also rate any of the games downloaded from 1 to 5 stars. progress (score table). purchasing and activating games. online or away . profile. and a list of what games you have played (Gaming History). These represent your games library. and your Inbox for messaging within the launcher. Home The launcher welcomes the user with a Home screen where the last game played is shown along with some quick links to your friends. Selecting one will not only display how many points you’ve gathered within the chosen game .all as explained thoroughly below. and your chosen avatar/picture to represent you (will display a white silhouette of a person with an orange background per default). the Featured Game that Nokia wants to "highlight" for this week. illustrates your progress with that game. once you pay for the game. From here. friends list. 192 The N-Gage application With a user interface that resembles Microsoft’s Xbox Live service. at the top of the N-Gage launcher there are five icons that can be navigated through by simply pressing left and right on the phone’s thumb pad. Further down is your current status (offline. or rent the game. At the bottom of the list of installed games is a quick link (Get More Games) that takes you to the showroom. From this screen.N-Gage (service) hour long event and everyone was also promised a few N-Gage points for coming to the "party".asking whether you’d like to try the free trial or either purchase. installing the application and logging on to the N-Gage Arena. My Profile The next tab is your profile which shows how many N-Gage points you’ve scored so far from playing.the last two can each be assigned with a personal message).or Point Pickups as they’re called.

send them a message. and rate the player. • On some devices.010_131. or just in alphabetical order. Two out of three N-Gage 2. This issue has been addressed. Messages can be sent regardless of whether the player is currently online or not and your friends list can be sorted by name. Games can be downloaded directly to the phone over the air (by GPRS or WiFi). the games are tied to the user’s account and can be re-downloaded if deleted for some reason. • An issue where Snakes Subsonic on certain devices would exit unexpectedly when hosting a Bluetooth multiplayer match has been addressed • An issue where Blockbreaker Deluxe would exit with an error when a user activated Bluetooth has been addressed .where you only need to pay a few euro or dollars in order to get full access for a limited time of either 24 hours or a whole week. Payment can be made by either using a credit card or paying through the phone bill (network operator).N-Gage (service) 193 My Friends This is where you go to add a friend to your friends list as well as check them all out. Awards Several of the N-Gage 2. Here you may also read what other players think of the game and view their ratings. the number of supported players.0 games were nominated for International Mobile Gaming Awards in 2007. Select a game and you’re able to read a small (though maybe not very informative) description of it along with details on how big it is. Once highlighted. there’s also an option of renting one .000 N-Gage Points. latest arrivals. or N-Gage points gathered. Showroom The Showroom displays all games that are available for download as well as Game Extras for expanding a game with extra content. you may choose to view recent conversations with the player. Dubbed as v1. Games may be browsed by genre. estimated time for downloading the game. if a user had close to fifty friends the application would behave unexpectedly. this update included the following major changes: • There was an issue that occurred when a user reached 10.[1] Nokia released updates for the N-Gage application on a regular basis and the first update was made available on October 2. Apart from actually purchasing a game. or the user may choose to download it to a computer and then install it onto the phone using a USB-cable and Nokia PC Suite.[33] [16] won a Games Award during the 2008 Meffy Awards in Updates Piror to the closure of N-Gage service. the application would exit unexpectedly and refuse to re-start. 2008. Hooked On: Creatures of the Deep Cannes. view his or her profile. When purchased. such as downloading new episodes/adventures for the adventure game Dirk Dagger. availability/status. This issue has been addressed. 2008. who the publisher is etc.0 titles received an award:[32] ONE by Digital Legends • won the Best 3D award Dirk Dagger and the Fallen Idol by Jadestone • won the Best Gameplay award Hooked On: Creatures of the Deep [16] by Infinite Dreams • was nominated for Best Gameplay but did not receive the award On May 8.

• Some localization issues with Spanish and French have been addressed. could not select the 'Cancel' button. On August 18. Updating the application may be done through the app itself . 2009 but didn't do much more than eliminate a few bugs. Version 1. nokia. forum.40(1557) introduced a new start-up icon. 194 Technical details N-Gage games are packaged differently than normal symbian apps and have the extension ". • An issue where the application would freeze unexpectedly when the device is left idle on the N-Gage Arena terms and conditions page has been addressed. Games library As of October 23rdth. and during the 'Attempting Login' screen. As of yet. there are currently 49 games released officially on N-Gage. welcoming screen. The N-Gage API is in fact an extension of the RGA API available in the Open c++ plugin (http:/ / www. Others games are being cancelled with the closing down of N-Gage service[1] (see further down). • A problem with password retrieval has been addressed.com/main/resources/tools_and_sdks/openc_cpp/index. and way of breaking down the installed games. instead they use a proprietry API from the N-Gage SDK. • There was an issue where a user would launch a game. They cannot use any native Symbian APIs. • There was an issue where certain games would exit unexpectedly if a user selected 'Cancel' during the Get License. This error has been addressed.by using the "Check for Updates" function on the device.html). or it can be downloaded in the "Get N-Gage" section on N-Gage.N-Gage (service) • There was an issue where the WiFi connection changed to a GPRS connection during Operator Billing. Only select companies are allowed access to the N-Gage SDK. To gain access they first must be approved by Nokia and sign a NDA. • There was an error where the N-Gage Arena Rankings could not be accessed using WLAN when the device is in Offline Mode. there have been no efforts to eliminate the BiNPDA SecMan exploit through a firmware update. Currently released titles are: • Age of Empires III [34] • • • • • • • • • • • • AMF Bowling: Pinbusters! [35] Asphalt 3: Street Rules [25] Asphalt 4: Elite Racing [36] Block Breaker Deluxe [26] Boom Blox [37] Bounce Boing Voyage [38] Brain Challenge [28] Brothers in Arms [39] Cafe Hold Em Poker [40] Café Solitaire 12-Pack [41] Café Sudoku [42] Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D . This issue has been addressed.20(1459) was released on May 13. This issue has been addressed. 2009.com.n-gage" and can only run via the N-Gage application. The speed of the application itself was slightly improved as well. 2009. version 1. The game resources are protected by DRM.

Other games that were reportedly in development but are cancelled includes: • • • • • • • • • Blades & Magic [73] Creebies [74] Galaxy on Fire [73] Rally Master Pro [73] Snowboard Hero [73] The Dark Knight (based on the film of the same name) [75] [76] Midnight Poker [77] Speed Racer (based on the film of the same name) [75] [76] Super Mah Jong [77] .N-Gage (service) • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Dance Fabulous [43] Dirk Dagger and the Fallen Idol [44] (also referred to as Dirk Spanner and the Fallen Idol [45] [46] ) Dirk Dagger and the Nuclear Zeppelin [47] Dogz [48] Ducati Moto [49] FIFA 08 [31] FIFA 09 [50] Guitar Hero World Tour Mobile [51] Hooked On: Creatures of the Deep [16] Mega Monsters [52] Metal Gear Solid Mobile [53] Midnight Pool 3D [54] Mile High Pinball [55] Million Dollar Poker feat. Gus Hansen [56] MONOPOLY Here & Now: The World Edition [57] Need for Speed Undercover [58] ONE Pandemonium Powerboat Challenge [59] 195 • Worms World Party [72] Prince of Persia [60] Pro Series Golf [61] Reset Generation (formerly known as Project White Rock [62] ) Real Football 2009 [63] Resident Evil Degeneration [64] Snakes Subsonic [65] Space Impact Kappa Base [18] SPORE Origins [66] Star Wars: The Force Unleashed [67] System Rush: Evolution Tetris [19] The Sims 2 Pets [68] The Sims 3 [69] Tiger Woods PGA Tour [70] Tomb Raider: Underworlds [71] World Series of Poker: Pro Challenge [21] Some of these games are sequels or remakes/ports of the first generation N-Gage MMC games.

2008 AMF Bowling: Pinbusters! Asphalt 4: Elite Racing Asphalt 3: Street Rules Block Breaker Deluxe BOOM BLOX [36] [25] [26] [37] [38] Bounce Boing Voyage Brain Challenge Brothers in Arms [28] [39] [40] Café Hold’ Em Poker Café Sudoku [42] Café Solitaire 12-Pack Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D Dance Fabulous [43] £6 / €10 December 22. Hooked On: Creatures of the Deep. 2009 January 27. 2008 September 18. System Rush: Evolution and World Series of Poker: Pro Challenge. 2009 April 7. with the possibility of one or two more being added. Available games The following list summarizes what games are available for download and purchase as of October 23. 2009 August 19. but only five made it to the launch: Asphalt 3: Street Rules. Title Age of Empires III [34] [35] Price £8 / €10 £6 / €7 £6 / €10 £4 / €7 £4 / €7 £4 / €7 £4 / €7 £4 / €7 £4 / €7 £6 / €7 £4 / €7 [41] [79] £4 / €7 Release Date April 28. 2009 June 17. 2008 August 25. 2008 October 23. 2009 April 3. 2008 December 3. 2008 April 25. 2008 Dirk Dagger and the Fallen Idol [44] [44] £4 / €7 £4 / €7 £4 / €7 £4 / €7 £4 / €7 Dirk Dagger and the Nuclear Zeppelin Dogz [48] [49] Ducati Moto FIFA 08 FIFA 09 [31] [50] [51] [16] £8 / €10 November 18. 2009 January 20. 2008 £4 / €5 June 9. 2009 October 21.N-Gage (service) • Super Slam Ping Pong! [75] [76] • World Rally Championship (FIA WRC official licence) [77] • Yamake [78] 196 Launch titles Six games were originally planned to be available for purchase when the service launched. 2009. 2008 July 15. Brain Challenge. 2009 April 3. 2008 April 3. 2008 August 7. 2008 £4 / €7 £6 / €7 £8 / €10 September 18. 2008 April 23. 2009 Guitar Hero World Tour Hooked On: Creatures of the Deep Mega Monsters [52] . 2008 October 15.

2008 April 25. 2008 197 MONOPOLY Here & Now: The World Edition Midnight Pool [54] [55] [56] [58] Mile High Pinball Million Dollar Poker Need for Speed Undercover ONE [80] Pandemonium Powerboat Challenge Prince of Persia Pro Series Golf [60] [61] [63] Real Football 2009 Reset Generation [82] Resident Evil: Degeneration Snakes Subsonic [65] £8 / €10 December 18. 2008 £6 / €7 £4 / €10 £4 / €5 £6 / €7 £6 / €10 £6 / €10 [81] [59] £6 / €7 £4 / €5 £6 / €10 £6 / €7 £6 / €10 £4 / €5 [64] March 3. 2008 May 20. 2009 March 17. 2009 October 23. 2008 £4 / €5 May 22. 2009 August 4. 2008 April 19. 2009 August 25. 2009 October 23. 2009 Space Impact Kappa Base Spore Origins [66] [18] £4 / €5 £6 / €7 Star Wars: The Force Unleashed System Rush: Evolution Tetris [19] [68] [67] £6 / €7 £6 / €7 £4 / €5 £4 / €7 £6 / €7 [17] The Sims 2 Pets The Sims 3 [69] [70] [71] [21] Tiger Woods PGA Tour £8 / €10 £6 / €7 £8 / €10 £8 / €10 Tomb Raider Underworld World Series of Poker: Pro Challenge Worms World Party [72] . 2009 September 16.N-Gage (service) Metal Gear Solid Mobile [53] [57] £8 / €10 December 11. 2009 July 3. 2008 April 3. 2009 October 28. 2009 June 27. 2008 June 18. 2008 July 14. 2008 June 30. 2008 March 31. 2008 May 6. 2009 March 11. 2008 May 6. 2009 April 3. 2008 April 7.

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GameDetail. . 268. which includes purchasing of games and various online features. co. n-gage. html [19] http:/ / www. n-gage. n-gage. com/ ngi/ ngage/ web/ g0/ en/ showroom/ gamedetail. GameDetail. 217. n-gage. html [43] http:/ / www. com/ 2007_nominees. n-gage. n-gage. n-gage. GameDetail. html). com/ nokiaworld/ assets/ pdf/ Data_Sheet_Nokia N97. html) [6] http:/ / blog. com/ ngi/ ngage/ web/ g0/ en/ showroom/ gamedetail. n-gage. n-gage. 267. 203. html [21] http:/ / www. co. n-gage. asp?c=5917) [15] http:/ / forums. com/ archive/ n-gage-family-grows-with-nokia-5730-xpressmusic/ The N-Gage family grows with Nokia 5730 [14] N-Gage boss Jaakko on memory issues with the N73 (http:/ / www. 544. GameDetail. uk/ r/ N-Gage/ N-Gage+ (next+ gen+ platform)/ news. GameDetail. html . IMGAwards. pocketgamer. n-gage. 343.N-Gage (service) 198 Closure of N-Gage On October 30. n-gage. 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GameDetail. n-gage. com/ ngi/ ngage/ web/ g0/ en/ showroom/ gamedetail. n-gage. 210. com/ ngi/ ngage/ web/ ua/ en/ get_ngage/ devices/ e52. com/ ngi/ ngage/ web/ se/ en/ showroom/ gamedetail. n-gage. n-gage. html [18] http:/ / www. nokia. com/ ngi/ ngage/ web/ g0/ en/ get_ngage/ download. html [42] http:/ / www. com/ ngi/ ngage/ web/ g0/ en/ showroom/ gamedetail. while Ovi Gaming[84] cited poor implemention and support that Nokia provides.g. com/ ngi/ ngage/ web/ g0/ en/ showroom/ gamedetail. com/ ngi/ ngage/ web/ g0/ en/ showroom/ gamedetail. html [29] http:/ / blog. html [35] http:/ / www. n-gage. 283. php?id=969) [34] http:/ / www. Nokia announces that no new N-Gage games will be produced. com/ nokia/ board?board. GameDetail. html [17] http:/ / www. GameDetail.

com/ ngi/ ngage/ web/ g0/ en/ showroom/ gamedetail. 504. uk/ r/ N-Gage/ feature. GameDetail. Nokia. 264. html [53] http:/ / www. GameDetail. GameDetail. [78] http:/ / www. html [60] http:/ / www. GameDetail. 484. com/ ngi/ ngage/ web/ g0/ en/ showroom/ gamedetail. . n-gage. php 199 . 608. com/ A4136001?newsid=1175532). com/ ngi/ ngage/ web/ g0/ en/ showroom/ gamedetail. com/ ngi/ ngage/ web/ g0/ en/ showroom/ gamedetail. nokia. 604. pocketgamer. asp?c=3499). GameDetail. allaboutngage. [75] "GDC: Glu Games for N-Gage" (http:/ / blog. Retrieved 2007-12-17. html [61] http:/ / www. . n-gage. . html [64] http:/ / www. archive. html [79] http:/ / www. n-gage. html [70] http:/ / www. GameDetail. n-gage. n-gage. n-gage. 588. GameDetail. html [57] http:/ / www. html [72] http:/ / www. 215. html [80] http:/ / www. html [52] http:/ / www. com/ ngi/ ngage/ web/ g0/ en/ showroom/ gamedetail. N-Gage Blog. GameDetail. co. [46] "Mobile detective adventure begins on N-Gage" (http:/ / www. 586. GameDetail. 270. com/ ngi/ ngage/ web/ g0/ en/ showroom/ gamedetail. com/ ngi/ ngage/ web/ g0/ en/ showroom/ gamedetail. com/ ngi/ ngage/ web/ g0/ en/ showroom/ gamedetail. com/ ngi/ ngage/ web/ g0/ en/ showroom/ gamedetail. Nokia. html [66] http:/ / www. . GameDetail. n-gage. GameDetail. com/ archive/ glugames/ ). n-gage. 423. 384. pocketgamer. com/ ngi/ ngage/ web/ g0/ en/ showroom/ gamedetail. html [81] http:/ / www. 212. html [71] http:/ / www. html [73] http:/ / www. n-gage. n-gage. com/ features/ item/ What_will_Nokia_learn_from_the_Failure_of_N-Gage. 383. html [56] http:/ / www. com/ ngi/ ngage/ web/ g0/ en/ showroom/ gamedetail. [76] "Glu Mobile unveils initial line-up of titles coming to Nokia N-Gage" (http:/ / www. 363. n-gage. html [48] http:/ / www. com/ ngi/ ngage/ web/ g0/ en/ showroom/ gamedetail. n-gage. html [82] http:/ / www. GameDetail. n-gage. Retrieved 2007-04-07. Retrieved 2007-02-18. GameDetail. com/ ngi/ ngage/ web/ g0/ en/ showroom/ gamedetail. com/ archive/ creebies/ ). 870. GameDetail. 211. com/ ngi/ ngage/ web/ g0/ en/ showroom/ gamedetail. html [54] http:/ / www. n-gage. n-gage. html [69] http:/ / www. . GameDetail. 565. html [67] http:/ / www.N-Gage (service) [44] http:/ / www. GameDetail. nokia. com/ ngi/ ngage/ web/ g0/ en/ showroom/ gamedetail. com/ ngi/ ngage/ web/ g0/ en/ showroom/ gamedetail. [47] http:/ / www. html [55] http:/ / www. n-gage. n-gage. html [83] http:/ / www. com/ ngi/ ngage/ web/ g0/ en/ showroom/ gamedetail. n-gage. 689. n-gage. com/ A4136001?newsid=1176524). GameDetail. Retrieved 2007-09-08. 205. GameDetail. com/ ngi/ ngage/ web/ g0/ en/ showroom/ gamedetail. GameDetail. GameDetail. n-gage. 690. 850. . N-Gage Blog. com/ ngi/ ngage/ web/ g0/ en/ showroom/ gamedetail. html [58] http:/ / www. Nokia. n-gage. html [59] http:/ / www. n-gage. n-gage. Dirk Spanner for N-Gage" (http:/ / web. Retrieved 2007-12-15. Pocket Gamer. nokia. GameDetail. 810. 587. com/ ngi/ ngage/ web/ g0/ en/ showroom/ gamedetail. co. n-gage. ovigaming. 219. 216. net/ en/ press_releases/ fishlabs-and-nokia-sign-n-gage-agreement?year=2009& page=0 Fishlabs and Nokia sign N-Gage agreement [74] "Create and care for your own virtual pet on your Nokia device" (http:/ / www. 794. com/ ngi/ ngage/ web/ g0/ en/ showroom/ gamedetail. n-gage. GameDetail. n-gage. html [50] http:/ / www. com/ ngi/ ngage/ web/ g0/ en/ showroom/ gamedetail. GameDetail. com/ archive/ creebies/ ) on 2008-01-16. com/ A4136001?newsid=1192753). html [62] "Exclusive: Nokia goes multi-format with secret next-gen N-Gage title" (http:/ / www. n-gage. Archived from the original (http:/ / blog. com/ ngi/ ngage/ web/ g0/ en/ showroom/ gamedetail. php). com/ ngi/ ngage/ web/ g0/ en/ showroom/ gamedetail. 214. 970. 285. n-gage. GameDetail. n-gage. 626. asp?c=17517 [84] http:/ / www. GameDetail. com/ ngi/ ngage/ web/ g0/ en/ showroom/ gamedetail. GameDetail. Retrieved 2007-02-18. Retrieved 2007-09-24. com/ news/ item/ 5829_Next_Gen_N-Gage_games_revealed. . All About N-Gage. n-gage. GameDetail. com/ ngi/ ngage/ web/ g0/ en/ showroom/ gamedetail. [63] http:/ / www. n-gage. com/ ngi/ ngage/ web/ g0/ en/ showroom/ gamedetail. com/ ngi/ ngage/ web/ g0/ en/ showroom/ gamedetail. n-gage. html [68] http:/ / www. GameDetail. html [51] http:/ / www. n-gage. org/ web/ 20080116155723/ http:/ / blog. html [45] "Creebies. fishlabs. GameDetail. com/ ngi/ ngage/ web/ g0/ en/ showroom/ gamedetail. 284. GameDetail. com/ ngi/ ngage/ web/ g0/ en/ showroom/ gamedetail. html [49] http:/ / www. n-gage. GameDetail. html [65] http:/ / www. [77] "Next Gen N-Gage games revealed" (http:/ / www. com/ ngi/ ngage/ web/ g0/ en/ showroom/ gamedetail. uk/ r/ N-Gage/ Project+ White+ Rock+ (working+ title)/ news.

get-out-and-play. owned by Nokia Feedback Forum (http://ngage. an N-Gage promoting website.N-Gage (service) 200 External links • • • • N-Gage’s official website (http://www.com) Nokia’s official website (http://www.uservoice.com/pages/general). an official website for suggesting ideas and improvements towards the N-Gage service and application .com/).n-gage.nokia.com) Get Out And Play (http://www.

Nellymoser powered various mobile media services including MTV Network's Comedy Central Take Out [7] and VH1 Mobile Junk 20 [8].3 million round of funding by Softbank Capital. It subsequently moved into delivering mobile 2. 2000 Arlington. Corporate history The company was founded by John Puterbaugh (Founder & Chief Strategist) on March 1. United States CEO: John Puterbaugh Nellymoser Platform Media On-Demand Infotainment On-Demand Speech and audio codecs N/A Revenue Operating income N/A Net income Employees Website N/A 55 (November 2006) www.0 services.Microsoft and Macromedia licensed Nellymoser codecs for Xbox and Flash. It was initially focused on speech and audio compression technology for resource-constrained devices such as game consoles and toys. Type Industry Founded Headquarters Key people Products Private Mobile Computing March 1. 2002 .[2] [3] 2004 . .Nellymoser 201 Nellymoser Nellymoser.0 of its platform and powered one of the first US mobile music streaming services with Warner Music Group [6]. Music Companion & Infotainment On-Demand Mobile Advantage Packs. 2005 . 2006 . and by IDC as one of Ten Emerging Wireless Players to Watch in 2007 [11].Nellymoser was awarded the Frost and Sullivan Award Best Mobile Music Interactivity Solution Of The Year [4] and Best In Show Mobile Music Solution at CTIA [5].Nellymoser closed a US$ 5.0 of its platform and was selected by AlwaysOn Media as a Top 100 Private Company Award Winner [10]. 2007 . 2000. Massachusetts.com [1] Nellymoser. The same year Nellymoser released V2.Nellymoser released V3. Its main products include the Nellymoser Platform and Media On-Demand.nellymoser. and Hachette Filipacchi Media US Car and Driver Mobile [9]. Inc. Inc. is a privately held company that specializes in mobile computing.

Archive.[12] The Asao product family is based on Nellymoser's proprietary Scalable Projective Transform Coding technology (SPTC). jsp?containerId=205858 [12] Nellymoser Inc. nellymoser. Retrieved on 2009-08-12 [3] Nellymoser. Archive.org. Archive. navigate. (2002-03-04) Macromedia Selects Nellymoser's Asao Compression Technology for FlashMX (http:/ / web. com/ features/ 12278/ car-and-driver-mobile. html). network operator infrastructure. Retrieved on 2009-08-12 [4] http:/ / www. com/ permalink/ post/ 8813 [11] http:/ / www. Inc. archive. idc. com/ masshightech/ stories/ 2004/ 08/ 16/ story9. archive. html/ [10] http:/ / alwayson. Speech codecs originated from MIT's Lincoln Labs and were based on McAulay and Quatieri's sinusoidal transform coding model. nellymoser.org. htm). archive. archive. nellymoser. pag?id=32165134 [5] http:/ / www. htm [8] http:/ / www. information and entertainment to end-users. (2001) Speech and Audio Compression (http:/ / web. The platform plugs into existing content management systems. (2003) Asao (http:/ / web. Archive. Infotainment On-Demand The Infotainment On-Demand Mobile Advantage Pack (MAP) is a managed mobile service from Nellymoser that delivers interactive news. pl?ACCT=104& STORY=/ www/ story/ 04-01-2004/ 0002139230& EDATE= [6] http:/ / masshightech. Retrieved on 2009-08-12 [13] Nellymoser Inc.Nellymoser 202 Products Nellymoser Platform The mobile media services platform is geared towards media companies and network operators so that they can deliver interactive. nellymoser. com/ usubmit/ 2006/ 04/ 04/ 1536972. org/ web/ 20030719004459/ www. jhtml [9] http:/ / www. frost. tour information and new tracks of interest. (2002-07-09) Microsoft Selects Nellymoser's Masquerade Speech Technology for Xbox Live (http:/ / web. org/ web/ 20010814192955/ http:/ / www. caranddriver. com/ company/ news-macromedia. org/ web/ 20030629213736/ nellymoser. html?page=1 [7] http:/ / www. Media On-Demand The Media On-Demand Mobile Advantage Pack (MAP) is a managed mobile service from Nellymoser that allows end-users to browse. com/ getdoc. and choose audio and video streams from pre-programmed channels.org. com/ 01_what/ ct01. offering an individual. vh1. com/ prod/ servlet/ meawardsevent. prnewswire. com/ company/ news-microsoft. Speech and audio compression Notable codecs produced by Nellymoser include the Nellymoser Asao Codec used in Adobe Flash. speech codec used in Microsoft's Xbox Live.[13] References [1] http:/ / www. playlists. org/ web/ 20030724233145/ www. com/ mobile/ games/ MJ20/ MJ20_howto. goingon. billing systems and advertising networks. htm). Inc. Music Companion The Music Companion Mobile Advantage Pack (MAP) is a managed mobile service from Nellymoser designed and built with the music fan in mind. bizjournals. minimizing the number of clicks to relevant content. com/ [2] Nellymoser. Music Companion presents news. tailored experience for each user. com/ products/ audio_compression_asao_fst. com/ cgi-bin/ stories. tmcnet. charts.org. htm). Retrieved on 2009-08-12 . rich mobile experiences to the broadest audience. video lineups and audio programming.

or MBUS cable. or in some cases over infrared. Additionally there are measurements for phone and battery temperature and other phone specific measurements and tests. To activate.com/article_m. The first step is to select a Nokia Phone like Nokia 3310 that has network monitor then activate the monitor.php?p=article&id=2) Nokia network monitor Nokia network monitor or Monitor Mode is a hidden mode on most Nokia cell phones used to measure network parameters. as it is already present.Nellymoser 203 External links • Nellymoser's company page (http://www.nellymoser. The mode can only be activated over a special FBus. html http:/ / www. Free software exists on the internet that allows one to activate this mode. htm http:/ / www. zip http:/ / www. com/ gsm/ netmon/ faq_net0. uk/ help/ Tools/ NetMon. co. External links • • • • "The Nokia Network Monitor" [1] by Nuukiaworld. download software such as Gnokii. logomanager. In Nokia phones you just activate the monitor and not upload it to the phone. panuworld. net/ nuukiaworld/ misc/ netmon/ index. logomanager. htm#4 . a good starting point Download N-Monitor by Anderas Schmidt [2] Description by Logomanager [3] FAQ [4] References [1] [2] [3] [4] http:/ / www.com/) • Nellymoser vs Speex for flash (http://askmeflash. aschmidt. mwiacek. or N-Monitor by Anderas Schmidt and connect the mobile with a FBus cable. de/ nmon.

Norwegian and Spanish Freeware /suite [2] Nokia Ovi Suite is an application for Nokia users to connect their devices with Microsoft Windows. . Nokia Ovi Suite lets you download free country maps to your Nokia device. Usage Nokia Ovi Suite allows users to sync contacts.91 / 15 April 2011 [1] Development status Active Operating system Platform Size Available in License Website Microsoft Windows IA-32 87. tethering[4] (device acts as a modem to connect the computer to the Internet).1. Malay. updating the device software[5] . calendar. Additionally.Nokia Ovi Suite 204 Nokia Ovi Suite Nokia Ovi Suite Nokia Ovi Suite 2 device connection wizard Developer(s) Stable release Nokia 3. Hungarian.0. German. French. Filipino. Dutch.6 MB English (both American and British). backup the contents of their devices to the PC[3] . among other things. videos and music with Nokia device. Italian. photos. messages. Nokia Ovi Suite is replacement for Nokia PC Suite[6] and is integrated with the Ovi brand of services.

1. Nokia. com/ support/ download-software/ nokia-ovi-suite/ howto/ synchronise-and-back-up-your-information). and has now been introduced. like the open-source software NBU Explorer [7] and the shareware Noki.47 Beta was released via Nokia Beta Labs on 25 March 2011 which offers a number of minor new features and improvements. Nokia Europe website.84 by using Nokia Ovi Suite's own update mechanism (Tools > Software updates). nokia. com/ apps/ nokia-ovi-suite-beta).FAQ" (http:/ / europe. [4] "Connect your computer to the web with Nokia Ovi Suite" (http:/ / europe.1. .nbu file extension." [2] http:/ / www.0. This feature was being requested since the first versions of the application by the community. . You can also download it directly from www. com/ support/ download-software/ nokia-ovi-suite/ howto/ download-and-install-new-software). As of version 3. However.Nokia Ovi Suite 205 Features Nokia Ovi Suite has the following features: • • • • • • • Music Photos & Videos Maps Messaging Contacts Software Updates Phone Backup and Restore Nokia Ovi Suite can perform a complete backup of the phone contents to a single file. "Please update to Nokia Ovi Suite 3. Nokia Europe website. [6] "Nokia Ovi Suite . nokia. when a text message is sent from Nokia Ovi Suite.1 Beta" (http:/ / betalabs. .com/ovisuite. The only official way to gain access to the contents of the backup is to restore it to the phone using Nokia Ovi Suite. nokia. Nokia. com/ support/ download-software/ nokia-ovi-suite/ faq#00). Retrieved 7 December 2010. com/ suite [3] "Synchronise and back up your information" (http:/ / europe. 15 April 2011. SourceForge. References [1] "Nokia Ovi Suite 3. [5] "Download and install new software and applications" (http:/ / europe. Nokia. Version 3.1. Nokia Beta Labs. SourceForge. . the delivery report is available on the cell phone. Retrieved 7 December 2010.ovi. nokia. Nokia Europe website. Nokia.0. net/ projects/ nbuexplorer/ ). Retrieved 7 December 2010. Retrieved 8 May 2011.84. .0. Retrieved 7 December 2010. [7] "NBU Explorer" (http:/ / sourceforge. . com/ support/ download-software/ nokia-ovi-suite/ howto/ connect-your-computer-to-the-web-with-nokia-ovi-suite).com/suite) . Nokia Europe website. This file uses the . Nokia. External links • Official website (http://http://www. nokia. ovi. and this file format does not appear to be open/documented.ovi. Retrieved 7 December 2010. there are third-party programs that can read these files with some success. You do not have to uninstall older versions before installing 3.

Nokia charges third-party publishers to create their own Point & Find content. creating the possibility of real-time mobile discovery. 5230 and X6. via a content management system provided by Nokia Point & Find. Restrictions Point & Find is only available for limited Nokia smartphones including the N97.[2] For example. barcode scanning for comparison shopping and 2D barcode scanning and finding information related to products and services based on content provided by third party publishers.[2] . one can use the application to find information on movies by pointing the camera at movie posters and then view reviews. Nokia Point & Find retrieves information about product pricing and availability.[6] Current Uses Shopping By pointing the camera at a barcode. 5800 XpressMusic. N97 Mini. City Guide When a Nokia Point & Find user points their device at a building they may see tags that were added by other Point & Find users. images and places in the physical world in real-time. which lets you point your Nokia smartphone camera at objects and images you want to know more about. This could be useful for travel and exploration of new cities. An Internet connection is required to make use of the application.[3] Current uses include city landmark tagging. Nokia Point & Find is based on real-time image processing and object recognition technology.[2] [4] The Point & Find application is limited to a specific set of Nokia smartphone devices. Advertising and Branding Publishers and advertisers are currently able to create and publish their own content. to find more information.[1] It is a visual search technology that uses the phone's camera to obtain information by using image recognition to identify objects.Nokia Point & Find 206 Nokia Point & Find Nokia Point & Find is a mobile application. Mixed Reality is a combination of Augmented Reality (AR) and Augmented Virtuality as described in the Virtuality Continuum. It enables the user to tag a building and for any Nokia Point & Find user to retrieve the information at a later date.[4] The content published in these third-party “worlds” can be retrieved and accessed by Point & Find users when pointing their camera phone at specific products. images or buildings.[5] Technology Nokia Point & Find makes use of the Mixed Reality (MR) platform. 5530 XpressMusic. or find tickets at nearby theaters.

References [1] "5 Features The Apple iPhone 4G Needs" (http:/ / experts.co. upload and share your workouts. Retrieved 1 June 2010. As of August 2010 the mobile software is available to record your workouts and the website is open to register.nokia.nokia.Nokia Point & Find 207 Hardware Limitations Nokia Point & Find depends on extensive use of the on-board camera and GPS. Retrieved 1 June 2010. [5] "Nokia Point & Find Support" (http:/ / pointandfind. thelink. Internet2go. The new company. time and route Upload routes to an associated web site to share them with other users Automatically associates photos and videos taken during a trip with its route details Pedometer on phones with a Accelerometer sensor. now to be called Sports Tracker. Pointandfind. speed and timings while engaging in a sport activity such as running. Thelink. . nokia. Retrieved 1 June 2010. Sports Tracking Technologies Ltd have announced plans to develop the software to be used on non Nokia mobiles. [6] "Nokia Point & Find For Partners" (http:/ / pointandfind.uk.[1] Features • • • • • • Track distance. com/ partners). Retrieved 1 June 2010. "Will ‘Point & Find’ Get Nokia Back in the Game?" (http:/ / internet2go. Ionut (28 April 2010).com.net. com/ news/ Nokia-Updates-Point-Find-140783. Retrieved 1 June 2010. The Polar for Nokia monitors your heart rate [3] . com/ support). This can cause a substantial decrease in battery life. 19 February 2010. net/ news/ local-search/ will-point-find-get-nokia-back-game). [2] Sterling. nokia. Energy expenditure [2] Heart rate monitoring. or bluetooth phones with the addition of a bluetooth-compatible GPS receiver) that allows its user to track their route. softpedia. . Retrieved 1 June 2010. . uk/ 2010/ 02/ 19/ 5-features-the-apple-iphone-4g-needs/ ). Sports Tracker It was later announced that 3 people from the team behind Nokia Sports Tracker have agreed to continue with the development. [3] Arghire. Nokia Sports Tracker Nokia Sports Tracker is a piece of software for Symbian Series 60 phones (particularly those that include a GPS facility such as the popular Nokia N95.com. Pointandfind. Greg (13 December 2009). co. Softpedia. speed. . . shtml).nokia. jogging or cycling.com. Pointandfind. . "Nokia Updates Point & Find" (http:/ / news.com. nokia. [4] "Nokia Point & Find For Publishers" (http:/ / pointandfind. Closure Nokia has announced that Nokia Sports Tracker is to close as of 30th June 2010. com/ publishers). .

nokia. pocket-lint. co.tv. [2] "Nokia Sports Tracker . aspx).com/mobile-gadgeteer/?p=315) Engadget review (http://www.co.zdnet. . External links • • • • Sports Tracker (http://www.uk.com) ZDNet review (http://blogs. tv/ blogs/ sport/ archive/ 2008/ 06/ 26/ nokia-sports-tracker.Nokia Sports Tracker 208 References [1] "Nokia Sports Tracker review" (http:/ / stuff.Looking for a personal trainer?" (http:/ / www.com/2007/11/24/nokia-sports-tracker-takes-to-the-web/) . pocket-lint.engadgetmobile. Stuff.com) Sports Tracker Beta site (https://sportstracker. nokia. uk/ reviews/ review. com/ nts/ main/ n79_polar. do). . .sports-tracker. [3] "Nokia N79 Polar package" (http:/ / sportstracker. Haymarket Media Group. phtml/ 3324).

S60 and BREW.1 browser. Obigo is the second mobile browser to pass the Acid2 test. uk/ acid/ #obigo . howtocreate. Obigo MIC became part of Obigo C-line (Mobile Suite 1. the Mobile Internet Client was the first multi-content and dual stack mobile browser. smartphones and other Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs) developed by the Obigo company. History Obigo Browser has been around since 1999. com/ ?no=23 [2] http:/ / www. 2009 Platform Type License Website Cross-platform Microbrowser Proprietary Obigo Browser [1] Obigo Browser is a WEB/WAP browser for mobile phones. but its development process started in 1997. In 2005. and in 2001. obigo.1 browser.3-1. Obigo Browser handled Internet browsing from mobile devices.Obigo Browser 209 Obigo Browser Obigo Browser obigo Developer(s) Obigo Stable release Q7. when the Q-line (Mobile Suite 2. Obigo browser can run on various mobile platforms such as Windows Mobile.2 / January 30.2. External links • Obigo Official Web • Obigo pass Acid2 [3] [2] References [1] http:/ / www. obigo.0) in 2003. In 2000. com [3] http:/ / www. when it was the world's first WAP 1.0) Obigo Browser appeared as well and the Obigo brand was launched. co. AU-System launched the world’s first WAP 1.

However. such as smartphones and ruggedized handhelds.[7] . U. Its technology allows companies to manage multiple mobile operating systems at a detailed level. knowledge. software management. including functions such as inventory collection. and MSMQ (Microsoft Message Queuing) — to the mobile application environment. Key people Mark Gentile. deploy. MTS (Microsoft Transaction Services). business logic.Odyssey Software (Mobile Device Management) 210 Odyssey Software (Mobile Device Management) Odyssey Software.S. New York. and manage enterprise applications for managing mobile and embedded devices as well as mobile device management solutions it can deliver to enterprises directly.odysseysoftware. Founder Greg Siembor. and device configuration. CFO Tom Robinson. Products • Athena : device management software that extends Microsoft System Center solutions. EVP Sales and Marketing James Sullivan. and control mobile and embedded devices.[4] • AppCenter : an application manager that restricts end-user activity to a set of “authorized only” applications.[6] • CEfusion : a set of mobile and wireless application data access infrastructure for rapidly building and deploying rich mobile enterprise applications. EVP Technology ~40 (2010) [2] [3] Employees Website www. support. History Odyssey Software was founded in 1996 by Mark Gentile [1] and originally focused on building software development tools. preventing non-productive or unauthorized device utilization.[5] • ViaXML : a mobile and wireless application infrastructure that enables web services (which provide access to data.com Odyssey Software provides mobile device management and software development tools to enterprise companies either directly (primarily through its Athena product) or through partner solutions. build. it now focuses on developing software products that enable developers to architect. Inc. Type Industry Founded Private Mobile Device Management 1996 [1] Headquarters West Henrietta. adding the ability to manage. remote control. President and CEO. HTTP and HTTPS. It extends the core Windows DNA data access technologies — ADO (ActiveX Data Objects). and application components) to be exposed and called over the Internet and corporate intranet using open Internet standards – XML.

Y. odysseysoftware. odysseysoftware. odysseysoftware. software management.Odyssey Software (Mobile Device Management) 211 Technology • Mobile Device Management capabilities such as remote provisioning.WEST HENRIETTA. Conceivium. 2010 /PRNewswire/ (http:/ / www.Athena (http:/ / www. com/ PRODUCTS/ Athena/ AthenaConfigurationManager. Windows Phone 7. AirWatch. html) [11] YouTube .Symbol Technology Center (http:/ / software. N. linkedin.Company Profile | LinkedIn (http:/ / www. remote control. asp?sid=& nm=& type=MultiPublishing& mod=PublishingTitles& mid=B4771C6F22F34E4CA3FFFDA61E0EA2C5& SiteID=A21CA82741174E568C7FEBCDBB5AA3D0& tier=4& id=99EC7106E76D4FDE940C3C58EE7F06A0 [10] Odyssey Software Enables New Coca-Cola Freestyle Fountains to Phone Home . com/ CEfusion+ Enterprise+ Extends+ e-Warehouse+ to+ Windows+ CE-based+ Devices. CloudSync. such as iOS.[11] Partners Motorola. Microsoft. OfficeMax. Windows Embedded. windowsitpro. and restricting the use of certain functions of the Operating System. symbol. com/ ME2/ Sites/ dirmod. device lock. com/ news-releases/ odyssey-software-enables-new-coca-cola-freestyle-fountains-to-phone-home-111373364. others. aspx) [2] Odyssey Software . com/ COMPANY. thefreelibrary. 6. youtube. others. HTC MobilityNow. Optical Phusion. such as those of its partners (see below). JCPenny. Dec. • Support for a wide range of mobile operating systems. and Palm webOS. com/ Business/ US-EN/ Business+ Product+ and+ Services/ Software+ and+ Applications/ Mobility+ Software/ Mobile+ Application+ Utilities/ AppCenter_US-EN [6] ViaXML™ . odysseysoftware.Free Online Library (http:/ / www. controlling the availability of applications on a device. . Symbian. remote wipe. -a060003246) [8] Remote control software for Mobile Device Management | Odyssey Software : Configuration Manager 2007 + Athena (http:/ / www. com/ [4] Odyssey Software's Athena Continues to Improve Mobile Device Management (http:/ / www. cfm?prod=1254) [7] CEfusion Enterprise Extends e-Warehouse to Windows CE-based Devices. motorola. device configuration. aspx) . Trust Digital. com/ watch?v=oZiLOQxnCoE) [12] Remote control software for Mobile Device Management | Odyssey Software : Partners (http:/ / www. Windows Mobile. • The ability to easily integrate with and help power most device management solutions (including BlackBerry Enterprise Server[9] ). com/ detail.[8] • Management of multiple mobile operating systems through pre-defined or administrator-defined device groups..[12] External links • Odyssey Software homepage [3] References [1] Remote control software for Mobile Device Management | Odyssey Software : Company (http:/ / www. DHL. and Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync management. Stay-Linked.[10] Wegmans. inventory collection (including location based data).[5] Customers CocaCola (Freestyle). Android. com/ company/ odyssey-software) [3] http:/ / www. Blackberry. • Application management capabilities such as restricting end-user activity to enterprise-approved applications. JANAM. Intel. prnewswire. com/ article/ mobile-and-wireless2/ odyssey-software-s-athena-continues-to-improve-mobile-device-management. aspx) [9] http:/ / www. automatically launching applications. com/ PARTNERS. aspx) [5] http:/ / www. mobileenterprisemag.

On-Device Portals can be targeted to a specific mobile operating system or provide multi-platform support allowing operators to achieve a consistent. including a pre-blackberry email service that used Bluetooth in buildings. Virtuser developed many trials of these. On-Device Portals generally offer the following applications: Offline portal. In 2002. One.A dashboard function of the ODP client that replaces the handset’s home screen to provide zero click access to customized mobile content and services. On-Device Portals are not intended to replace the operating system (OS) or other aspects of the phone’s interface. In 2005.A client-server application enabling the user to discover.[1] By enhancing the user experience. reduce churn and in turn. Carriers expected the launch of High-Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA). Sonofon and ONE began to deploy ODP solutions. Action Engine and Trigenix .[2] The term On-Device Portal was coined by the London-based ARCchart Research in 2001.On-Device Portal 212 On-Device Portal On-Device Portals (ODPs) allow mobile phone users to easily browse. Since 2003. BREW (Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless). TV and video. before accessing it via a WAP link. • Home-Screen Replacement . branded experience across of all devices whether they run on Symbian (Symbian OS). ODPs improve customer satisfaction. • Store Front . In 2003. In March 2003 at CeBIT O2 demonstrated an ActiveSky powered O2 branded On-Device portal that was both user and operator (remotely) reconfigurable. On-Device Portal technology has been embraced by mobile operators across the world[1] to compliment WAP-based mobile data services and help operators deliver on the promise of mobile data services. store front. as a more cost effective and customer-centric alternative to handset software variants or SIM toolkits. it was central to many MVNO solutions. refine and improve the delivery of data services by providing visibility into the way subscribers use and interact with their mobile devices. deep links to WAP portals. Java or Research in Motion (RIM) platforms. An ODP platform enables operators to provide a consistent and branded on-device experience across their broadening portfolio of services and typically provides on-device catalogs of content for purchase. home-screen replacement and reporting function: • Offline Portal . to drive robust average revenue per user (ARPU) growth.An application that allows the user to browse content categories and preview content free of charge through pre-cached content that doesn’t require a WAP connection and creates a mobile environment that blurs offline and online experiences.Tel launched smart on device applications using a combination of Java and SIMtoolkit technology in May 2000.began developing ODP offerings. drive higher data revenues. A key benefit of on-device portals is the ability to target the user rather than the device itself. SurfKitchen. operators including O2. purchase and use mobile content and services. as operating systems and Java were beginning to be deployed on mobile handsets. the mobile data services market still . Microsoft (Windows Mobile). • Reporting Function . History of On-Device Portals On-Device Portal technology emerged in 2000. This personalized service delivery. preview and select cached content offline. ARCchart estimated 10 million ODP-enabled units were in the marketplace. coupled with the ability to be updated on a frequent basis by the operator – refining services or adding new content – makes ODPs an attractive proposition that has already proven successful in encouraging users to access mobile content. But despite this investment. From 2001 to 2005. four vendors — ActiveSky. that same year KDDI deployed an ActiveSky based solution.User analytics that allow operators to measure. customer care functionality and rich media services such as full track music. Some vendors have server-side components to their On-Device Portal offerings which are tied into operator billing systems that deliver features such as usage tracking and lifecycle management. in which they had invested heavily.

transaction and advertising driven) will become imperative for all ODP solutions.”[4] Data is still being collected as companies analyze how effective greater emphasis on user experience proves to be for operators. BeBo. WAP’s structure. which differs from HTML. This shift in operators online portal strategies increases the emphasis on operators being able to quickly launch.[5] On-Device Portal User Categories On-Device Portals target four main user categories: • • • • • Consumers. Orange Group.0 by being able to offer a broader and more personalized range of services to the user. “When done properly. measure and refine services. and updating major components is not just a case of re-publishing. MySpace etc. Separately. it has focused on technology until early 2008. Flikr mobile etc. for example. but poor user experience. who want technology frameworks to help customize handsets for their customers Consumers who want to extend their web based social networking experience onto the mobile device (Facebook. portals need to be tested on nearly every handset which will be expected to use the on-device portal. while it is generally easy to test web content on a handful of browsers. the environment. these experiences understand the task.) or share / back-up content from their mobile device to the web (Nokia Ovi.1 billion by 2009.[5] As the ODP market matures it is expected to move beyond mass market services such as mobile TV. The browser-based mobile experience is considered difficult and complex. music and content catalogs to provide an experience where the subscriber can choose from a broad range of services and content. . 213 Mobile User Experience for On-Device Portals As the market for mobile services has emerged. is widely acknowledged as one of the leading reasons.On-Device Portal only represented 19% of global mobile service revenue in 2007. At the same time. Some vendors have started to incorporate the kind of functionality needed to support mobile Web 2. who demand an improved interface for their mobile experience Operators.[3] Several factors have been cited for the slow uptake in data services. who want to improve ARPU with richer media content Content and media providers who want to monetize their offerings in the mobile world Handset manufacturers. based on older browser-based WAP technology. idle screen access. The On-device portal is also not without complications.0[6] and as the market matures.) The Future for On-Device Portals ARCchart expects that number of On-Device Portals licenses to grow to 1. This change is being driven by operators’ desires to emulate the success of Web 2. and the audience. has made it difficult for content developers to build efficient content channels. mobile widget platforms and the ability to support a broad range of operator business models (subscription. personalized to their needs. while offering users an intuitive way of browsing and searching a large catalogue of services. supporting wide handset lists is a lot harder to manage than mobile web content. often requiring a user to click multiple times in order to navigate from browsing to downloading or purchasing content. But handset vendors and operators are moving quickly from technology to focus on the user experience as the best way to improve market penetration. doubled its download data ARPU after deploying a portal on its Signature devices. but of redistributing applications.

Principal Designer. John Ulm. Qualcomm (uiOne) RefreshMobile Streamezzo SurfKitchen Virtuser Widgem mPortico Mobisy Samsung References Operators in fresh effort to promote mobile surfing. Dan Locke. [8](US) MobileScope mobileFX Mobinex Nellymoser Nokia Content Discoverer OnMobile Openwave Opera Platform on-deviceportal. SurfKitchen whitepaper) [6] SurfKitchen finally gets very very sexy – demo with CTO Dave Evans. Mobile and Devices. Financial Times' Digital Business Supplement.. surfkitchen. April 18.com Planet41 Mobi-Venture Ltd. 31. pdf Walking the Mobile Advertising Tightrope. com [8] http:/ / www. April 2. Adobe. com/ downloads/ Nov07_SurfKitchen_Mobile_Advertising_Paper. 2008 [7] http:/ / www. 2008 Designing Engaging Mobile Experiences. embience. 2007 (http:/ / www. [7] (India) Embience Inc. Experience Lead. January 2006 Mobile data revenue will double by 2012. 2007 On-Device Portals. Analyst. Ltd.On-Device Portal 214 On-device portal vendors • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • ARCchart Research Abaxia Adobe Systems Macromedia FlashCast Aradiom Aricent Celltop Cibenix Mastmobile Media Pvt. Pyramid Research. GoMo News. mastmobilemedia. ARCchart Ltd. Jan. com [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] . April 14.

External heart rate Bluetooth device support for hikers. Track Log: Record tracks (gpx.oruxmaps. External Bluetooth GPS support. driving. to seamlessly move between map tiles.). Features Version 3. flying. Display coordinates. hiking. etc. Map auto-load.4.Oruxmaps 215 Oruxmaps OruxMaps Developer(s) Preview release Operating system Size Type Website Jose Vazquez v3. Analyze tracks/routes. View old tracks/routes (gpx and kml format).4. . boating and walking navigation with auto-cached moving maps. This app is one of a few free Android navigation apps that are rapidly increasing in popularity[2] (2. Mapping data can be preloaded from offline maps. Offline layered maps. altitude. Additional sub-features for walking. kml format).000 installs)[3] by adding advanced online and offline GPS capabilities to Android devices.com website.000-500. cycling. tablets and smartphone multimedia devices.com website. heading. Live Tracking with the MapMyTracks.0 of OruxMaps includes: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Driving. Zoom map views. Map orientation options (North Up. It includes moving-map GPS navigation with many additional features using a variety of online and offline maps in a variety of languages.9MB Web mapping www.0 Android 2. Save and edit Waypoints. Offline map viewer application. Frequent beta updates with new features on the developer's website.689 user reviews from 100. boating and aviation. Upload/download Tracks from the Everytrail.com [1] OruxMaps is a free map viewing app developed by Andrea D'Alessandro for Android mobile phones. speed. Map Creator application.

Plazes and others.0 event in San Jose. enabling third-parties to make use of Nokia's Ovi services. Ovi is the Finnish word for "door". Media. 2009. com/ index_en. allowing web developers to embed Ovi Maps into a website using JavaScript.com/details?id=com. oruxmaps AppBrain review [3] https:/ / market.orux. Acquired IP. Other components have been developed internally. appbrain. The transition will begin in July 2011 and Nokia said it intends to complete the rebranding of the Ovi services by the end of 2012. where head-on competition with Microsoft.openstreetmap. oruxmaps. html [2] http:/ / www. orux. Nokia announced the release of the Ovi Maps Player API. CA. com/ details?id=com. Maps.oruxmaps&feature=search_result) • Android Must-Have Apps (http://www. Nokia announced that the Ovi brand will be discontinued and the services rebranded under the main Nokia brand. It has some significance in that Nokia is moving deeper into the world of Internet services. orux.[5] The word "ovi" means "door" in Finnish. com/ app/ oruxmaps/ com.android.html) Ovi (Nokia) Ovi by Nokia is the brand for Nokia's Internet services.[4] . oruxmaps& feature=search_result Android Market External links • OpenStreetMaps' OruxMaps page (http://wiki. Nokia has started to evolve their services into a platform. patents include companies such as Starfish Software.[3] As of April 2011 there were exactly 5.0 million downloads every day. Gate5. Nokia's aim with Ovi is to include third party developers. Nokia has acquired key building blocks for Ovi over time. Google and Apple is inevitable.Oruxmaps 216 References [1] http:/ / www. such as operators and third-party services like Yahoo's Flickr photo site.org/wiki/OruxMaps) • Android Market (https://market. The public beta was released on August 28.com [1]). NAVTEQ.[2] . also 158 developers reached over 1 million downloads for their Applications. USA. These include intellectual property (IP). at the Where 2. On May 16. On May 20. 2011. computer (through Nokia Ovi Suite) or via the web (Ovi. History Ovi was announced on August 29.de/forum/android_forum/ 155075-android_must_have_apps. Intellisync. 2008. Nokia focuses on five key service areas: Games. android. 2007 at the Go Play event in London. patents and core components such as synchronization.handy-faq. With the announcement [2] of Ovi Maps Player API. The Ovi services can be used from a mobile device. Messaging and Music.

one needs to have either Microsoft Windows XP/Vista with Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 and later or Mozilla Firefox 3 or later. It can be used to backup data. This allows customers to save time and money as little data is . wallpapers.0 application (formerly known as Nokia Maps) is installed to your compatible Nokia mobile device.com. The current commercial version of Nokia Ovi Suite is 3. others can be purchased using credit card or through operator billing in selected operators.0. It is the next generation of Nokia PC Suite and eventually Nokia Ovi Suite will become the only computer application offered by Nokia.290.[12] Ovi Store replaces the older Nokia services. plan trips. customers can download mobile games. Nokia offers a self-service tool to bring their content to the Ovi Store. Ovi Maps for web can be used on any browser and any operating system for PC or Mac. and more for Nokia Series 40 and S60 devices and also Symbian^3.0. The content in Ovi Store is sorted into the following categories: • • • • • Featured(earlier Recommended) Games Personalise Applications Audio & video Ovi Store is intended to offer customers content that is compatible with their mobile devices and relevant to their tastes and locations. There are 40. Ovi store will still be available to present and future Symbian phones. Nokia offers a 70% revenue share of gross sales.[8] Ovi Sync Ovi Sync allows customers to sync contacts. whereas Ovi store and Windows Phone 7 Marketplace will be merged on the Windows Phone 7 platform.000 apps as of April 2011. you can synchronise places. Download!. applications. widgets. themes. Using Nokia Ovi Suite or Nokia Map Loader on Microsoft Windows XP or Vista. and routes between Ovi Maps and your mobile device. ringtones. You need to have a Nokia account to be able to synchronise. less applicable taxes and. net of refunds and returns. and save them on Ovi. search for addresses and points of interest.[13] The daily number of downloads reached 5 million in April 2011. To install the Ovi Maps plug-in that enables more features. images. Flash applications. or to edit files from a phone on a computer and then send it back to the phone.Ovi (Nokia) 217 Services Nokia Ovi Suite Nokia Ovi Suite allows Nokia mobile users to organize and share their photos and PIM data between their PC and their handset.[7] Instead. and has been "expected soon" ever since. and MOSH. where applicable. Customers can share recommendations with their friends. Ovi Maps With the Ovi Maps internet service. calendar events and notes to ovi. customers can browse places from all over the world. and let them see items of interest. Nokia phones can connect with Mac computers via Apple's iSync application. see what they are downloading. or Apple Mac OS X with Safari 3 and later.[9] Ovi Store The Ovi Store was launched world wide in May 2009.[11] For content publishers.[6] A Mac OS X compatible version was announced in November 2008. Supported content types include: Java ME.[10] Here. fixed operator billing costs. and ringing tones to their Nokia devices. Despite the recent decision for Nokia to use Windows Phone 7 as their primary Operating system. There is no auto-sync yet. If the Ovi Maps 3. Some of the items are free of charge. Widsets. videos. users can download and preload map data and navigator voices to their mobile device. collections.

[16] Over 35 different S40 and S60 phone models support Ovi Mail. etc. Indonesian. 2010. Instant Messaging Newer Nokia phones ship with instant messaging (IM) software. Portuguese (Portugal) and Spanish (Spain). Map data can also be downloaded without Nokia Ovi Suite or Nokia Map Loader by pointing a web browser to the map file locations. or can alternatively use their PCs.[20] The service closed on October 15th. Ovi Mail is popular in Indonesia. The web mail works with standard browsers such as Opera. a user may also use his Ovi account to send and receive instant messages to and from other Ovi users. 2009. connecting to the Internet from the mobile phone.[15] According to the Ovi Mail website. Users can upload media directly from Nokia mobile phones through the Share Online 3. IE 7. It has some annoying limitations.. Originally called Twango. 1 million accounts were activated in its first six months. send. Apart from using accounts with other popular IM service providers (e. Ovi Files was made free of charge in July 2009. for instance. for the ICQ network). and became available to all Ovi users on February 20. Ovi Share Ovi Share is a media sharing website. 650. in 05 December 2007. Supplemental features enabled users to upload content to their remote computer and preview Microsoft Office and Adobe PDF documents without the need for a browser plug-in or locally installed application. and create an online mirror of files stored on their Windows PC and Macintosh computers from any mobile or computer web browser.000 on mobile devices.Chinese(Simple).g. Malay. using instant messaging can prove to be either significantly cheaper (volume-based data plan) or significantly more expensive (time-based data plan). Italian.[14] 5 million accounts were activated in its first year. the site allows the upload and storage of photos. videos. German.[17] Depending on the user's tariffs for sending SMS text messages vs. Brazil and India. UK English.US English.Ovi (Nokia) required to be downloaded over-the-air during operation. 218 Ovi Mail Ovi Mail is an email address designed for access from Nokia mobile devices and compatible desktop browsers. French. The beta phase started on December 2008.0 application. South Africa. Portuguese (Brazil). which Nokia acquired [19] . Filipino (Tagalog). Originally a premium service.[21] Ovi Files was based on the "Access and Share" service created by Avvenu Incorporated. Mexico. Hindi. it is only possible to have the temperature in degrees Celsius if distances are measured in kilometres (in some markets a mixture of SI and Imperial units are required) and notifications (such as those warning of roaming) pop up and block the maps and halt navigation requiring a user reset. Firefox 2 and Firefox 3 and Google Chrome and is currently available in 15 languages . Bengali.[18] Ovi Files Ovi Files was a service that allowed users to remotely access. IE 6. the Philippines.

Turkey. Poland. Mexico. Download of Nokia Ovi Player is available from http:/ / oms. exe) [7] The scoop on Nokia Ovi Suite for Mac (http:/ / conversations. Brazil. previously known as Nokia Music PC Client. Portugal. Java and Flash lite applications must be Symbian signed. Netherlands. com/ support/ download-software/ mac-support/ faq [9] Reload this Page Ovi Sync now available. New York Times. ovi. nokia. Germany. html?ref=technology). Symbian. reuters. eweek. may join the Ovi programme for a fee of 1 €.ovi. com/ news/ 010/ 03/ ovi_store_stats. nokia. com/ press/ press-releases/ showpressrelease?newsid=1333919) [15] CES: Nokia CEO says 4. 5 mln Ovi email users (http:/ / blogs. Sweden. Singapore. Austria. South Africa. com/ files/ support/ global/ phones/ software/ Nokia_Ovi_Suite_webinstaller_ALL. ovi. Switzerland. Nokia Corporation. php) [10] MWC: Nokia Announces 'Smart Store' Ovi (http:/ / www. and South Africa.[26] [27] References [1] http:/ / www. ovi.6 bln mobile users. htm [5] Nokia: Go Play press pages (http:/ / www. com/ [2] "Nokia shapes the future of social location with enhanced Ovi Maps and the release of the Ovi Maps Player API" (http:/ / www. Italy. com/ news/ item/ 7923_Ovi_Sync_now_available_Ovicom_.[23] Ovi Player Nokia Ovi Player. Finland. Turkey. symbian-freak. Brazil. James (December 4. html) [8] http:/ / europe. com/ press/ press-releases/ showpressrelease?newsid=1316780). Austria. the United Kingdom. Switzerland. com/ idg/ IDG_002570DE00740E18002573A70046F2EF. Retrieved 2009-07-27. com/ services/ support/ subpage?id=support_about_store) [12] Ovi Store publishing (http:/ / publish. Mexico. Singapore. ovi. Nokia Ovi Player supports Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) and will be able to transfer audio tracks to any phones or MP3 players supporting MTP over standard USB. nokia. However. India. Nokia Ovi Player allows user to download tracks from the music stores and provides easy transfer of tracks to supported Phones and MP3 Players. [25] Symbian Signed is the signing programme administered by the Symbian Foundation. the United Arab Emirates. com/ 2009/ 04/ 29/ widsets-moves-into-ovi-store/ [14] Ovi Mail by Nokia hits 1 million mark (http:/ / www. Ovi. com/ c/ a/ Mobile-and-Wireless/ MWC-Nokia-Announces-Smart-Store-Ovi/ ) [11] About Ovi Store (http:/ / www. Finland. Publishing content Publishers of content. com) [17] http:/ / europe. Italy. com/ mediafile/ 2010/ 01/ 08/ nokia-ceo-says-4-6-bln-mobile-users-5-mln-ovi-email-users/ ) [16] Ovi Mail (http:/ / mail. "Nokia Lays Plan for More Internet Services" (http:/ / www. ovi.com/ The store is currently available in Australia. nokia. and the United Kingdom with more countries launching regularly. com) [19] Nokia completes the Avvenu acquisition (http:/ / www. nokia. [3] Niccolai. . Sweden. if the product is purchased using Operator Billing. com/ ) [13] http:/ / www. or Independent Software Vendors (ISVs).[24] Content which the publisher develops will be reviewed by Nokia before publication. Nokia keeps 30% of the developers' revenue from sales of their product. allaboutsymbian. It contains over 11 million tracks. com/ in/ en/ .com gets personal (http:/ / www. then between 40%-50% of the price paid by the consumer is first given to the operator. 2007). Download of Ovi Player software for PC is available from http://music. Spain. com/ home/ 2008/ 11/ the-scoop-on-no. [4] http:/ / www. is the music management and playback software for PC. com/ press/ press-releases/ showpressrelease?newsid=1173253) . Retrieved 2007-12-09. nokia.Ovi (Nokia) 219 Ovi Music Store Ovi Music Store allows purchasing of music directly on a mobile device or via PC. nokia. Click on "Download Ovi Player" in the "Nokia Ovi Player" section. France.[22] Nokia Comes With Music is currently available in Australia. nokia. Ireland. Russia. Applications can be signed for free as part of the Ovi programme. Saudi Arabia. Spain. Germany. ovi. widgetslab. Norway. . com/ ovi-services-and-apps/ email/ instant-messaging [18] Files on Ovi (http:/ / files. nytimes. com/ A4486939) [6] Nokia Ovi Suite Download (http:/ / nds1.

retrieved May 2010 http:/ / blogs. com/ info/ ).com) Ovi Blog (http://blog.ovi. com) http:/ / www.ovi. retrieved April 2010 Ovi Publishe's Guide (https:/ / publish.com) Ovi magazine (http://issuu. nokia. comeswithmusic. com/ Nokia|Comes With Music Ovi Terms and Conditions (https:/ / publish.com/services/support?lid=supporttprtnav) . ovi.com/steel_media/docs/ovi_guide_01_en) Ovi Online Support (http://www. com/ 2009/ 07/ 21/ set-your-ovi-files-free/ ) http:/ / www.ovi. ovi. . Nokia.Ovi (Nokia) [20] [21] [22] [23] [24] [25] [26] [27] Ovi Blog: Set your (Ovi) Files Free (http:/ / blog. Nokia. . nokia. com/ m/ p/ ovi/ files/ en Nokia Music (http:/ / music. forum. com/ nordicblog/ news/ sign-your-symbian-apps-for-free/ 220 External links • • • • Ovi homepage (http://www. com/ blog/ nokia-developer-news/ 2010/ 08/ 16/ nokia-now-signing-symbian-apps-for-free http:/ / blogs. ovi. comms. ovi. com/ info/ terms. html). nokia.

[8] [9] [10] [11] Maps is part of the Ovi brand of Nokia's Internet based online services. Nokia E72.06 Windows.ovi.Ovi Maps 221 Ovi Maps Ovi Maps Ovi maps A screenshot of Ovi Maps with terrain layer Developer(s) Initial release Operating system Platform Type License Website Nokia v3. By the end of 2011 the market is expected to be getting toward 200 million. Nokia N97 mini.03) that allowed free turn-by-turn navigation for the following cellphones (as of January 31. Ovi Maps provides offline maps which have the advantage of not requiring an active data connection or even network coverage on the handset. to build further on their smart2go mapping application. Nokia E55. initially came into existence after Nokia made the smart2go application free to download when it acquired the German route planning software company Gate5 in August 2006. Inception The Nokia Maps product Smart2Go. Nokia 6710 Navigator. Ovi Maps includes voice guided navigation for both pedestrians and drivers for 74 countries in 46 different languages and there are maps for over 180 countries. which is expected to double. Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition. Nokia 6730 classic. Nokia 5230 [14] and (without turn-by-turn navigation for the) Nokia N900 [15] Nokia will add more smartphones to the compatible devices list and E66. E71 and Nokia N97 has been added to the list. Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic. Maemo Web mapping Proprietary maps. 2010): Nokia X6. On January 22 2010. Nokia released a new version of Ovi Maps (v3. Nokia E52. Nokia has over 84 million GPS-enabled devices in the market. when Nokia acquired Chicago-based digital map supplier NAVTEQ Corp. Nokia has established one of the largest audiences for mobile location-based services. Maps can be loaded onto the phone with Nokia Ovi Suite[12] (for Microsoft Windows only) or through a web browser[13] (on any operating system). Mac OS X [1] Symbian OS S60. later renamed Nokia Maps and now Ovi Maps.com [2] Ovi Maps (Ovi meaning "a door" in Finnish) is a free mapping product and service by Nokia for its mobile phones and smartphone multimedia devices. Nokia Ovi Maps have currently 27 million users.[3] [4] [5] [6] [7] Nokia Maps was expanded later. .

com/) . com%2Fn900%2F& ei=Am1qTLiPPNfPjAea6sF2& usg=AFQjCNEexh0gj1rAwrVnfIiFIrqTg3IOMw& sig2=7Ho4HIFSEg9DSRBNB8AbRw [15] .Nokia to buy Navteq for $8. nokia.Nokia Delivers Free Downloadable Maps to the Mobile World (http:/ / www. theinquirer. bbc. com/ support/ download-software/ nokia-ovi-suite) [13] .Nokia Ovi Suite (http:/ / europe. com [3] Nokia Press Release . nokia.Nokia to Buy Navteq for $8. nokia. html) [10] BBC News . html) [9] InfoWorld .Nokia to offer free mapping software (http:/ / www. co. com/ A4136001?newsid=1105508) [5] Register Hardware . google. php) [7] The Inquirer .Nokia announce free Maps (smart2go) solution (http:/ / www. uk/ 1/ hi/ business/ 7022527. com/ explore-services/ ovi-maps) External links • Nokia Maps (http://maps. com/ article/ 07/ 10/ 01/ Nokia-buys-mapping-service-for-8. com/ news/ item/ 4875_Nokia_announce_free_Maps_solut. com/ apps/ news?pid=20601087& refer=home& sid=aofyAChPI4TM) [12] . stm) [11] Bloomberg.com .Nokia Ovi Maps (http:/ / maps. com/ betalabs/ maploader-mac) [2] http:/ / maps.Nokia to buy digital map company (http:/ / news. nokia. net/ en/ inquirer/ news/ 2007/ 02/ 08/ nokia-to-offer-free-mapping-software) [8] Cnet News . nokia. co. com/ Nokia-to-buy-Navteq-for-8. uk/ 2007/ 02/ 08/ nokia_frees_smart2go/ ) [6] AllAboutSymbian . co.Nokia to free route-planning app. com/ A4136001?newsid=1103306) [4] Nokia Press Release . allaboutsymbian.Nokia buys mapping service for $8. info) [14] http:/ / www.1 Billion. nokia.nokia. cnet. site666. bloomberg.ovi.1 billion (http:/ / www.Run on Nokia's mapping and navigation application smart2go (http:/ / www.Nokia Maps direct download links (http:/ / nokiamaps. 2011) Night View 3D buildings References [1] Nokia Map Loader for Mac (http:/ / www.Ovi Maps 222 Features The latest version of Ovi Maps includes: • • • • • • • Driving and walking turn-by-turn with international voice guidance Third-party content such as ViaMichelin and Lonely Planet Location-aware social networking Mapping data can be preloaded Weather service (temporarily removed on May 1st. uk/ url?sa=t& source=web& cd=3& ved=0CB0QFjAC& url=http%3A%2F%2Fmaemo. Take on TomTom (http:/ / www.1 billion (http:/ / news. maps (http:/ / www. ovi. 1-billion/ 2100-1039_3-6210911. 1-billion_1. reghardware. infoworld.com/) • Ovi Maps (http://maps.

Milestones Date 6 June 2009 17 June 2009 27 June 2009 13 July 2009 16 July 2009 29 July 2009 25 August 2009 7 November 2009 Available Applications 18 30 30 30 official. Apple's App Store for the iOS and Google's Android Marketplace for Android.Palm App Catalog 223 Palm App Catalog Palm App Catalog Developer(s) Initial release Palm June 6. The App Catalog is similar to Nokia's Ovi Store. the App Catalog featured 18 applications. 2009 Development status Current Operating system Type Website webOS Software store webOS developers site [1] The Palm App Catalog is an online marketplace for applications for Palm mobile devices running webOS but not Palm OS.8 million [5] [2] 1 million [3] Cumulative Downloads Launch 356 official 28 December 2009 ??? 1 January 2010 27 July 2010 1000 official 3000 official [11] 29 September 2010 4000 official[12] . 31 unofficial 30 official 32 official 41 official [6] [7] [8] [9] Beta Tag Removed [10] [4] 1. At the time of the Palm Pre launch.

com/ leisure/ 2010/ 08/ 27/ best-ipad-travel-apps/ [3] http:/ / www. precentral. net/ webos-surpasses-5000-apps Phunware Phunware is a branded mobile app development firm based in Austin. net/ app-catalog-hits-1000-apps [11] http:/ / www. com/ blog/ 2009/ 06/ 24/ palm-pre-app-catalog-reaches-1-million-downloads/ [4] http:/ / www. Apple featured this application in their Dog Lover prime-time commercial that aired on April 19. com/ watch?v=QOSSz5G41zI& feature=player_embedded External links • http://www. medialets. phunware.youtube. com/ 2009/ 07/ 21/ apple-q3-2009-conference-call/ [6] http:/ / www.html?id=409110 . foxnews. webosroundup. com/ 2009/ 08/ 24/ palm-pre-app-list-growing-word-ace-rocks/ [8] http:/ / www. com/ blog/ 2009/ 06/ 18/ palm-pre-prepared-for-the-spotlight/ [3] http:/ / www. youtube.com/appguide/app. net/ new-app-catalog-7-november-2009 [9] http:/ / www.com/watch?v=QOSSz5G41zI&feature=player_embedded • http://press. com/ [2] http:/ / www. net/ webos-135-now-available-download#comment-49997 [10] http:/ / www. com/ home/ 2009/ 7/ 29/ breaking-news-2-new-apps-on-app-catalog. precentral. html [2] http:/ / www.[1] FOXNews.com listed Phunware's Undercover Tourist app for the Apple iPad as the "best app for taking on Walt Disney World" in an article titled "The Best iPad Travel Apps. net/ palm-pre-homebrew-31-apps-official-app-catalog-30 [5] http:/ / www.Palm App Catalog 224 References [1] http:/ / developer.com/us/discovery-digital-media/press-releases/2010/ petfindercom-app-now-available-app-store/ • http://www. precentral. com/ company." [2] Phunware is the mobile application software company that developed the Petfinder. medialets.[3] References [1] http:/ / www.discovery. theiphoneblog.com mobile application for the Apple iPhone. com/ 2010/ 07/ app-catalog-over-3000/ [12] http:/ / www. html [7] http:/ / jkontherun. prethinking. precentral. 2010 and for several months thereafter.macworld. precentral. palm. Texas and Newport Beach. CA.

When a user changes their picture (and status message).S. PicDial provides users with the ability to automatically see friends' Facebook and MySpace pictures and status messages as Picture Caller ID on their mobile phone. including the Samsung Eternity II and Samsung Flight II[7] . The software is compatible with BlackBerry. Sprint Nextel.com [1] Website PicDial is a mobile service created by IQzone.[3] AT&T. President COO www.PicDial 225 PicDial IQzone." a visual grid that allows users to call or text by selecting a friends social networking profile picture. Java. The application also enables users to determine which picture will display when a call is made to a PicDial friend. This defined picture can either be taken from the users camera on the phone. Cellular. iPhone. or pulled from their profile pictures on Facebook or MySpace. This Mobile social address book platform allows users to link multiple social networks. . Android. It can be downloaded from various off deck sites. Inc. United States. Arizona. 2010. The service also backs up contacts that reside on the mobile phone.picdial. BlackBerry App World[5] . Inc. The software automatically keeps contacts social networking information current. Verizon. Apple Inc.'s App Store[4] . T Mobile. Symbian and Windows Mobile devices. CEO Jim Wolfinger. set to launch in AT&T stores August 19. Type Industry Founded Private Social Networking 2006 Headquarters Scottsdale Key people Michael Bates. The PicDial application provides users with a "Favorites Screen. including Android Market. and U. and based in Scottsdale. Cellular South. this new image will be updated to their friends' phones. Additionally. Boost Mobile. and GetJar[6] . PicDial has been pre-loaded on a number of AT&T devices. giving the user control over the picture seen by friends. If the phone is lost or stolen. allowing the most recent profile pictures and status messages to be displayed on incoming and outgoing calls[2] . PicDial subscribers have the capability to retrieve contact information. PicDial is available for download on all the major US mobile networks.

picdial. html#catName=Social Networking & IM& displayType=0& catID=359770& displayDriver=522). wireless. Shortly thereafter. picdial. com/ sf/ storefront/ endUserHTMLMoreInfo. uspto. . "PicDial Supported Phones" (http:/ / www.[12] More details on Terms of Use and Privacy Policy can be found under the legal section on PicDial's privacy policy pages. com/ en-US/ privacy. "AT&T Media Mall" (http:/ / mediamall. boostmobile. com/ webstore/ content/ 5019/ ). IQzone's flagship product. .PicDial 226 History IQzone. picdial. . com/ "Mobile App Functionality" (http:/ / www. jsp?st=jt& dc=0& refcode=& c1=& prodId=CF205289& SKU=CF205289a212939v18). . . of the contacts contacted most • update Facebook or MySpace status message from within the application • Call. PicDial. that was founded in 2006 by a team of mobile veterans and entrepreneurs. "Samsung Eternity II and Samsung Flight II coming to AT&T" (http:/ / www. . html). PicDial launched with a number of carrier storefronts. aspx). gov/ ). [13] "PicDial's Privacy Policy" (http:/ / www. text. 2010. blackberry. com/ mobile/ 32442/ picdial-facebook-myspace-pic-caller-id/ ). . Inc. is a privately held company[8] . giving them the capability to: • see friends Facebook and MySpace profile pictures and status message on both incoming and outgoing call screens • create a Favorites Screen. apple. "IQzone Capital raised" (http:/ / www. . "PicDial GetJar" (http:/ / www. Inc. [11] "Boost Mobile Apps" (http:/ / content. . com/ news/ item. att. aspx). . "PicDial Blackberry" (http:/ / appworld. including the Verizon V Cast Apps Store[10] and Boost Mobile[11] . sec. com/ info/ 2010/ 08/ 09/ 150640. . and/or e-mail contacts from the Favorites Screen • sync a users address book with pictures from Facebook and MySpace • Define the picture friends see when they call • back up their mobile contacts online Privacy PicDial is a registered mark of IQzone. gov/ Archives/ edgar/ data/ 1391146/ 000139114609000003/ xslFormDX01/ primary_doc.[13] References [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] http:/ / www. php?n=6412& su). [10] "Verizon V Cast Apps" (http:/ / mediastore. com/ onlineContentStore/ index. com/ en-US/ supportedphones. phonescoop. getjar. "PicDial iTunes" (http:/ / itunes. mobiletechnews. xml). com/ boostwebapp/ boostdefault. [12] "PicDial Registration" (http:/ / tess2. The mobile application was first launched with wireless carrier AT&T on the AT&T Media Mall website [9] . officially launched in July. do#4). or visual speed dialer. . Services PicDial's Mobile social address book platform creates a social community among PicDial users. verizonwireless. . com/ us/ app/ picdial-tm/ id379968830?mt=8).

apple.com/apps/application.picdial.facebook.com/en-US/supportedphones.com/) Official Facebook Page (http://www.PicDial 227 External links • • • • • • Official website (http://www.com/webstore/content/5019//) Page about supported phones at PicDial (http://www.com/iphone/apps-for-iphone//) .com/PicDial/) Page for getting PicDial for Blackberry (http://appworld.blackberry.php?id=60427324209) Official Twitter Page (http://twitter.picdial.aspx/) Page for getting PicDial for iPhone (http://www.

and the option to purchase more Poké Balls for additional fees. with the site available through January 2008. the player can only catch three. but to receive more Pokémate. The application allows players to care for Pokémon and communicate with friends. the player is given one random Pokémon and 10 Poké Balls with which to catch other Pokémon.[2] The subscription grants the player five more Poké Balls. information about captured Pokémon is available in Pokédex entries. a monthly subscription price of 210 yen is required for the "formal service edition".[5] Catching a Charizard in Pokémate . randomly-chosen Pokémon.[2] The game was only released in Japan.[4] The Pokémon caught in the game Pokémon are stored in an application system similar to the storage boxes in Game Boy Advance Pokémon games. and other media. multiplayer. 2006 [1] Virtual pet/messaging Single-player. Without a monthly subscription.Pokémate 228 Pokémate Pokémate Developer(s) Publisher(s) Platform(s) Release date(s) Genre(s) Mode(s) Media/distribution Square Enix Nintendo Mobile phone • JP December 31. they do not level up or fight like a role-playing game. more available Pokémon to capture. the Pokémon in Pokémate are meant to be taken care of. The application is initially free. From the storage area. When the game is accessed for the first time. online multiplayer Phone application [2] System requirements NTT DoCoMo FOMA 90Xi or compatible phone Pokémate (ポ ケ メ ~ ト ) is a Pokémon-themed application for NTT DoCoMo FOMA 900i series mobile phones developed by Square Enix. similar to a virtual pet simulation.[3] Gameplay Unlike in other Pokémon games. Poké Balls.

. jp/ mobile/ communication/ pokemate/ ).gamespy. com/ k_tai/ news/ 2006/ 06/ 05/ 607. Famitsu. com/ wireless/ pokemate/ ). Square Enix. Serebii. serebii.フ ァ ミ 通 . Serebii. . .1149476771.0. html).Games News at IGN" (http:/ / games. [6] "ス ク エ ニ と ポ ケ モ ン 、 コ ミ ュ ニ ケ ー シ ョ ン iア プ リ 「 ポ ケ メ ・ト 」 " (http:/ / k-tai. serebii. . Retrieved 2011-02-21.square-enix.[7] Development Pokémate was showcased at Tokyo Game Show 2006 along with a playable demo at the Square Enix lineup. co. Retrieved 2011-02-21. impress. Serebii. September 14.com" (http:/ / www. net/ pokemate/ #storage). .net. . Retrieved 2011-02-21.[9] [10] The interface appears designed for easy use. square-enix.net. Retrieved 2011-02-21.co. co. famitsu.com. .0. K-tai. [4] "Basic Gameplay information" (http:/ / www. co. [9] "Games of TGS: The Official List .com" (http:/ / www. [5] "Storage Application info" (http:/ / www.co. [10] "東 京 ゲ ー ム シ ョ ウ 2006" (http:/ / www.impress.0. square-enix. net/ pokemate/ #chat). .net-Pokémate (http://www. [2] "ス ク ウ ェ ア ・エ ニ ッ ク ス と ポ ケ モ ン が ケ ー タ イ 分 野 で 提 携 ! .watch. famitsu. Retrieved 2011-02-21. watch. serebii. html).jp. html).co. [11] "ス ク ウ ェ ア ・ エ ニ ッ ク ス と ポ ケ モ ン 、 携 帯 コ ン テ ン ツ で 提 携 。 コ ミ ュ ニ ケ ー シ ョ ン ツ ー ル 「 ポ ケ メ ・ト 」 を 今 夏 配 信 " (http:/ / game.net. Famitsu. .square-enix. The "Hiroba" mail feature allows the player to send e-mails or messages to other users of the application. jp/ docs/ 20060424/ poke.net/pokemate/) Where Legends Come To Life (English) • Press release (http://www.0. [3] "サ イ ト 終 了 の お 知 ら せ " (http:/ / www.1145851704. . html). Square Enix. co.[2] [6] [7] Captured Pokémon can be displayed as the player's avatar when chatting with other users. com/ game/ news/ 2006/ 04/ 24/ 103.[11] The chat feature in Pokémate References [1] "Release Date (Japan)" (http:/ / wireless.jp.com/jp/company/j/news/2006/download/release_060424. Retrieved 2011-02-21. [8] "Info. jp/ cda/ article/ news_toppage/ 28884. htm).jp/tgs06/titles/pokemate/) at Square Enix (Japanese) • Serebii.com. Retrieved 2011-02-21. on Pokémon avatars" (http:/ / www. jp/ tgs06/ titles/ pokemate/ ). ign. External links • Pokémate (http://www.54366.serebii. .フ ァ ミ 通 . com/ articles/ 732/ 732687p1. Retrieved 2011-02-21.impress. Retrieved 2011-02-21. Wireless. Game. 2006.pdf) . net/ pokemate/ ).Pokémate 229 Chat and messaging application The chat room application allows the user to chat with up to 16 friends respectively or send "Poketoku" voice mail to any other users.com.[8] The avatar's expression changes in reaction to messages. Retrieved 2011-02-21. gamespy. Retrieved 2011-02-21. impress. [7] "ポ ケ モ ン を 使 っ て メ ー ル や チ ャ ッ ト が で き る 『 ポ ケ メ ・ト 』 ! 無 料 お 試 し 期 間 も !! .52168.

2 standards including XHTML and CSS MP standards • Polaris Browser 6 series : WEB/WAP browser based on Lumi layout engine • Polaris Browser 7 series : WEB/WAP browser based on Webkit engine Competitors • Opera Mobile • Obigo Browser • uZard Web .Polaris Browser 230 Polaris Browser Polaris Browser Polaris Browser 7. Windows Mobile and BREW including RTOS. Polaris browser can run on various mobile platforms such as Android (operating system).2 Platform Type License Website Cross-platform Mobile web browser Proprietary www. Polaris Browser advanced its technical specification to WEB browsing from mobile devices. initially named EmbiderTM WAP Browser. Polaris Browser 6 series[3] supporting Web 2. Overview Polaris Browser has been around since 2002. CSS3 and DOM3.kr [1] PolarisTM Browser is a WEB/WAP mobile browser for feature phones.2 standards with compatibility of WAP 2. smartphones and other Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs) developed by the Infraware Inc. Product line • Polaris Browser 5 series : Mobile WAP browser supporting Open Mobile Alliance(OMA) 2.0[2] supports Open Mobile Alliance(OMA) 2.0 including AJAX and RSS.0 and 1. Polaris Browser 5. Stable release Polaris Browser 7.0 screenshot Developer(s) Infraware Inc. In 2007.infraware. Updated version Polaris Browser 7 series [4] based on Webkit engine supports WEB/WAP protocols with Web standards as HTML5.x.co.

asp https:/ / www.kr/kor/01_product/product16. kr https:/ / www. infraware. co. co. infraware.co. co. kr/ eng/ 01_product/ product16. infraware. asp External link' • Official Website (https://www. asp https:/ / www. kr/ eng/ 01_product/ product01.asp) . infraware.Polaris Browser 231 References [1] [2] [3] [4] http:/ / www. co. kr/ eng/ 01_product/ product12.infraware.

doc & . and decompressing ZIP files. and a file viewer. JPEG.hwp) Image files (Bitmap. is an office suite that runs on mobile platforms such as Android and Windows Mobile.kr [1] Polaris Document Master by Infraware Inc. 2002-2003 (.0. 3. Supported formats • • • • • • • • • Microsoft Word 97-2007 (. and WMF) Zip archives . GIF.0 / April 14.txt) Web pages (. presentation editor. The suite is divided into a word processor. viewing PDF and image files.docx) Microsoft Excel 97-2007 (.infraware.co.html) Hansoft Hangul 97-3. PNG. spreadsheet editor.Polaris Document Master 232 Polaris Document Master Polaris Document Master Polaris Document Master Mobile Application Developer(s) Stable release Platform Type License Website Infraware Inc.xls & . WBMP. 2010 Android & Windows Mobile Office Suite Proprietary www.xslx) Microsoft PowerPoint 97-2007 (.pptx) Adobe PDF Text (.ppt & . It is capable of reading and exporting in Microsoft Office file formats.

1.11.maemo. a developer Python Shell on Nokia 6120 Classic version. [3] 2010.0.5. 2008. originally based on Python 2. The latest final version. functional 2006 Guido van Rossum Python Software Foundation 2.1. released on February 11. 2005 on Forum Nokia.5. Its core is based on Python 2.5. On December 24. 2010) Implementation language C++.0. 2008. Python OS License Website Symbian OS.9. it featured a relatively small set of modules and functions. was released on December 3. the main of which was a new core based on Python 2. .2 from 2002. the last non-opensource release and the second version of PyS60. Version 1.4. 2010 updates the python core to version 2.4.0 (February 11.[2] The latest final version. PyS60 had the advantage of a strong and dedicated community that could actively contribute to improving it. is Nokia’s port of the general Python programming language to its S60 software platform. imperative.0. The milestone release was Version It featured several improvements. S60 platform Apache license.org/projects/pys60 [1] The Python for S60 also called PyS60 (Unix name).0. 2.3.Python for S60 233 Python for S60 Python for S60 Paradigm Appeared in Designed by Developer Stable release multi-paradigm: object-oriented. The final version to support[4] S60 2nd Edition platform. was released on February 11. Python Software Foundation License garage. After becoming open source. was released. PyS60-2. brought many improvements and was made available on October 21.[3] Release history First released in 2005.

Python Applications and Games (http://www.Python for S60 (http://wiki.opensource.com/projects/Python_for_S60) Python .htm) • PyS60 tutorials at Croozeus. nokia.Category:Python (http://wiki.nokia.nokia. maemo.forum.com/index.Nokia to Release Python for S60 Source Code to Open-Source Software Developer Community (http:/ / press.htm) • Python on Symbian complete online book by Pankaj Nathani and Bogdan Galiceanu (http://wiki. org/ 5wTqofTsi) February 13.com (http://croozeus. [3] Download:Ensymble v0. com/ PR/ 200601/ 1032017_5. 2011 at WebCite External links • • • • • • • • Nokia Research Center . org/ projects/ pys60/ [2] Nokia . gz) [4] Python for S60 version history (http:/ / wiki.com/projects/pythonfors60/) Maemo Garage .29 -.net .Garage .forum. tar.Python for S60 (https://garage. org/ */ http:/ / web. webcitation. archive. nokia.symbian-freak. com/ p/ ensymble/ downloads/ detail?name=ensymble-0.php/Python_on_Symbian) also hardcopy ISBN 978-1-4537-4799-5 .org/projects/pys60/) SourceForge. opensource.Python for S60 . html) Archive copy (http:/ / web.com/forum/forumdisplay. com/ PR/ 200601/ 1032017_5.Developer Discussion Boards (http://discussion.nokia.mobilenin. org/ web/ 20070518052247/ http:/ / press. nokia.Python for S60 234 References [1] https:/ / garage.php/Category:Python) Maemo .maemo.forum. html) at the Wayback Machine.Now a distutils package (http:/ / code.org/frs/?group_id=854) Tutorials • Python for Series 60 tutorial by Jurgen Scheible (http://www.com/pys60/menu.Python for S60 Nokia Wiki .Python for S60 (http://opensource.com/ downloads/freeware/cat_s60_3rd/python.maemo. com/ projects/ Python_for_S60#Latest_news) Archived (http:/ / www. google. archive. com/index.nokia.php?f=102) Forum Nokia Wiki .Project Filelist (https://garage.com) • SymbianFreak freeware collection .nokia. 29.

qeep was first released in beta in 2006. qeep. Thus the qeep photoblog system operates along a similar model to online photo sharing networks.[9] Features Qeep essentially operates as a self-contained software bundle of interactive features. Message content is compressed by a proxy server system and exchanged via GPRS or UMTS within the mobile application. QMS The qeep messaging service is a short message service internal to the qeep network. it does permit mobile phones with built-in camera to take and store pictures within the qeep database. nor can those messages be read outside of the qeep program.[6] [7] Funding was also earmarked for increasing the number of handsets on which the program functions and to launch in additional key European markets. net/ qeep is an English[1] social network for mobile phones. .80 / March 31. 2009 Java Operating system mobile phone Type License Website Social Network License free http:/ / www. This greatly reduces the expense of sending messages. with the exception of invitations sent to new members.[2] Though qeep was originally only available in German.Qeep 235 Qeep Qeep Developer(s) Stable release Written in Blue Lion mobile GmbH 1. These photos are organized in individual user’s photoblogs. its parent company released an English version in January 2008. qeep’s parent company. essentially leaving the accompanying data transfer rate as the only remaining cost. such as News Corp’s MySpace.[7] Bertelsmann’s support of qeep is an example of their recent efforts to compete with social networking giants. However. A license-free application. Photoblogging While qeep does not offer any sort of digital photography software per se.images that might be considered obscene frequently occur.[11] This simultaneously offers the user near-limitless storage space while also limiting photo access to within the qeep program.[5] In June 2007. QMS cannot be sent to mobile phones outside of [10] qeep’s network. was founded in the summer of 2006 for the specific purpose of developing and marketing qeep. qeep has a membership of over 3 million users. Blue Lion received a seven-figure Series-A funding package from Bertelsmann Digital Media Investments to further develop and distribute the product. There is no immediate censoring of images .[8] As of December 2009.[3] [4] History Blue Lion mobile. which are preserved in the qeep database rather than on the mobile itself.

com/ bertelsmann-invests-in-mobile-social-networking-qeep-site-t2301. 2007. com/ news/ article. bluelionmobile. 2008. marketwirecanada. [13] “Qeep launches multi-player gaming” (http:/ / www. Mark.[12] [13] is based upon the classic game of similar name. de/ blog/ ?p=50) qeep blog. while “Quadrix” is a Connect Four equivalent.” the first game released on qeep. December 17. Accessed March 11. 2008. [6] “Bertelsmann invests in Mobile Social Netowrking QEEP site” (http:/ / mb. html). com/ fileadmin/ template/ media/ Press_Release_-_Mobile_multiplayer_gaming_on_the_rise_-_qeep_celebrates_3_million_users_with_its_new_game_FlipChip_17122009. Accessed March 31.qeep’s New Game in Version 1. “Bertelsmann invests in Mobile Social Networking QEEP site (http:/ / mb. Internet Dating Conference. pdf). html). BLUE LION mobile GmbH. qeep. [3] “Qeep launch English version of mobile community software” (http:/ / www. pdf) [10] “Qeep launches PC-to-mobile SMS Sending” (http:/ / www. Marketwire. depending on how confident they are in their skills. 2007.German mobile IM+Social+Gaming startup gets funded (http:/ / startupsquad. 2008. com/ mw/ rel_ca. 2008.Qeep 236 Games As of December 2009. “qeep goes international!” (http:/ / www.[15] FlipChip. bluelionmobile. telecompaper. [9] BLUE LION mobile GmbH. March 11. a Reversi equivalent. 2008. March 31. internetdatingconference. June 7. 80_comes_out_with_version_1. 80_comes_with_Crazy_8s_and_new_features_for_users_and_adver. Accessed March 11. [11] “Mobile photo-blogging” (http:/ / www. “Bertelsmann Invests in Mobile Social Company Qeep” (http:/ / www. [12] (In German) “Schiff versenkt: Online-Spiele auf dem Handy (http:/ / www. is qeep's fifth game and was released in December 2009. Internet Dating Conference. Accessed December 17. Accessed March 26. 2007. 2008.de. html?& L=1). net/ entry/ 419-bertelsmann-invests-in-mobile-social-company-qeep/ ). 2009. 2008. December 17. 2008. Since a number of these sounds are meant to be humorously vulgar or inappropriate. aspx?id=207041& yr=2008).[18] Additional listings have also been included for special occasions. com/ bertelsmann-invests-in-mobile-social-networking-qeep-site-t2301. The sound file is then played on the recipient’s phone automatically. 2009. (http:/ / www. moconews. Accessed April 1. 2008. June 5. . August 13. Blue Lion mobile. January 17.[17] Sound attacks Sound Attacks are mp3 audio files built into the qeep network. net/ blog_en/ ?p=130). Blue Lion mobile. Accessed March 25. qeep became the first mobile application to offer paid skill gaming to its users. as its fourth game. Blue Lion mobile. 2008. qeep’s application package includes five turn-based live games. “Qeep. this unprovoked sound is essentially an “attack” on the recipient’s phone. telecompaper. 0. The games on qeep can all be played solo or in real time against another qeep user. Chip. html?& L=1). Accessed March 25. [7] Pearce. com/ fileadmin/ template/ media/ Press_Release_-_Qeep_1. [14] "TicTacToe .net.[14] In March 2009. such as the Christmas season. internetdatingconference. Telecompaper (subscription required).[16] In June 2009. Players have the option to place small wagers on their games. 2009. bluelionmobile. Manuel.80 comes with Crazy 8’s & new features for users and advertisers” (http:/ / www. December 22. qeep. 2008. A specialized version of Tic-tac-toe was introduced in October 2008. [8] Lesnick. bluelionmobile. [4] Nordmann. [5] “Mobile Social Messenger “Qeep” Receives Series A Funding from Bertelsmann Digital Media Investments” (http:/ / www. James Quintana. com/ 22. 2008. April 10. jsp?id=739695& k=).[19] Notes [1] english [2] Vivek. Users send messages to one another's phones. chip. 2008. qeep blog.com. 2009. de/ news/ Schiff-versenkt-Online-Spiele-auf-dem-Handy_28397849. January 29. October 29. 2009. html). 2008. qeep released Crazy 8's. a strategic card game. 2007. 2007. 0. moconews. Accessed March 26. activating the appropriate sound on the recipient's handset. 2007. aspx?id=199653& yr=2008) Telecompaper (subscription required). com/ 23. Blue Lion mobile. com/ fileadmin/ template/ media/ Press_Release_-_Mobile_multiplayer_gaming_on_the_rise_-_qeep_celebrates_3_million_users_with_its_new_game_FlipChip_17122009. June 9. June 7. [15] “Qeep 1. June 7. Accessed March 26. [16] “Mobile multiplayer gaming on the rise – qeep celebrates 3 million users with its new game “FlipChip”” (http:/ / www. and win money. 2007. “Battleships. 2009. 2006. Accessed March 25. com/ news/ article. Accessed March 26.66" (http:/ / www. com/ 2007/ 06/ 07/ qeep-english-mobile-imsocialgaming-startup-gets-funded/ ). Accessed April 1. pdf). Accessed April 3. StartupSquad. bluelionmobile. 2008. “Mobile multiplayer gaming on the rise – qeep celebrates 3 million users with its new game “FlipChip”.

Accessed March 25. Ryan (October 26.quickoffice. "Is Barnes and Nobel about to steal the low-end tablet market with the NOOKcolor?" (http:/ / www.[1] Quickoffice is commonly used in smartphones and PDAs. [18] (in German) “Qeep: Sound-Attacken auf andere Handys” (http:/ / www. xonio.com. create and edit text files. [2] Fass.. chip. bluelionmobile. 2007. itworld. Blue Lion mobile. pdf). IT World (The IDG Network). [19] (In German).Qeep [17] “Skill Gaming an Internet Hit for Millions of People – Qeep Introduces the Concept to the Mobile World” (http:/ / www. de/ news/ Qeep-Sound-Attacken-auf-andere-Handys_29729789. 2009. Quicksheet (a spreadsheet) and QuickPoint (a presentation program program).de. QuickOffice website. It consist of Quickword (a word processor). 2007. . Inc. Accessed June 23. quickoffice. 237 External links • Qeep Homepage (http://www. html). 2008. a more advanced version of their Nook electronic reader. 2007. Retrieved March 14.com) . com/ mobile-amp-wireless/ 125427/ is-barnes-and-nobel-about-steal-low-end-tablet-market-nookcolor). Accessed March 19.net) • Qeep Mobile Homepage (http://m. Chip. External links • Official website (http://http://www. Quickoffice. Retrieved 13 February 2011. html). com/ fileadmin/ template/ media/ Press_Release_-_Skill_Gaming_an_Internet_Hit_for_Millions_of_People_-_Qeep_Introduces_the_Concept_to_the_Mobil. com/ news/ Qeep-Sound-Attacken-auf-andere-Handys_29729796.net) QuickOffice Quickoffice is a productivity suite for mobile devices which allows users to view. 2010). It is also available on Barnes and Noble's new NOOKcolor. The programs are compatible with Microsoft Office.[2] References [1] "Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite for iPad" (http:/ / www. June 23. presentations and spreadsheets. December 6. June 12.qeep. 2009. “Qeep: Sound-Attacken auf andere Handys” (http:/ / www. xonio. . 2011.qeep. com/ quickoffice_connect_suite_ipad).

It is also used to facilitate in handling. a Windows-based version of the package used for some of Motorola's newer radio models. On July 17. The license does not permit resale of the software.Radio Service Software 238 Radio Service Software Radio Service Software (RSS) is a software package used to program commercial Motorola two-way radios and cellular telephones. configuration and handling Location based reporting [3] . using and updating mobile phones. Licensing RSS (the Carrier and Super Agent forms) is available to authorized professionals from Motorola.[1] One of the biggest organizations connected to REVIVAL today is “SJ”. It's features include: • • • • • • Inventory and asset control Remote control of display. Swedish Railways. References [1] South Florida Business Journal (http:/ / www. Some users have started exploring the use of hexadecimal editors to modify the radios themselves without the RSS software. bizjournals.[1] Limbo Despite Motorola's well publicized stance regarding RSS software. IBM Lotus Notes. 2000 Motorola filed a lawsuit against five individuals accused of selling copies of RSS through E-Bay. Android. html). Symbian and OMA-DM devices.[1] [2] [3] REVIVAL Mobile Management Suite can be installed on-site at the customer’s facilities or it can be hosted by a selected hosting partner. com/ southflorida/ stories/ 2000/ 07/ 31/ daily7. Windows Mobile. as well as legal action by Motorola. including iPhone. current users have been left to question if this is still in effect. Nitrodesk Touchdown among others Application deployment. Unauthorized possession and use of RSS can lead to criminal charges and prosecution. REVIVAL has been developed to support a range of mobile operating systems. with a research and development office in Hong Kong. A search of the Motorola site notes that RSS manuals and information are no longer available.[4] Technology The main purpose of this technology is to oversee diverse mobile device populations by securing and storing mobile phone data. REVIVAL Mobile Management Suite REVIVAL Mobile Management Suite is a mobile device management tool developed and provided by The Institution. An update of RSS is CPS. file systems and more Support cases management Mail settings for MS Exchange. No FAQs exist for more information.[1] [2] The Institution was founded in 2006 and is based in Stockholm.

left and right soft keys and a clear key.6% of the sector’s total sales. such as a menu key. se/ 2. Freescale Semiconductor. The S60 software is a multivendor standard for smartphones that supports application development in Java MIDP. Samsung Electronics • Operators such as Vodafone and Orange who develop and provide S60-based mobile applications and services • Software developers and independent software vendors (ISVs). Originally. idg. Unlike a standard desktop platform. Mobica. Atelier. 351122/ smarta-telefoner-it-avdelningarnas-huvudvark http:/ / computersweden. the built-in apps are rarely upgraded by the vendor beyond bug fixes. se/ 2.tm • Semiconductor companies Texas Instruments. 342382/ de-ger-battre-koll-pa-mobilen http:/ / www. Digia. It was created by Nokia. WP7 or iOS systems. telekomidag. 2683/ 1. the most distinguishing feature of S60 phones was that they allowed users to install new applications after purchase.se/) S60 (software platform) The S60 Platform (formerly Series 60 User Interface) is a software platform for mobile phones that runs on Symbian OS. telekomidag. Symbian is the most popular smartphone OS on the market by 37. Screenshot of a typical Nokia S60 user interface. however.6m handsets sold in year 2010.[1] Sony co-created the software with Nokia. Broadcom. New features are only added to phones while they are being developed rather than after public release. It is intended to power fully-featured modern phones with large colour screens.[2] In addition to the manufacturers the community includes: • Software integration companies such as Sasken. a four way joystick or d-pad. C++. personal information manager (PIM) tools. Teleca. and Helix-based multimedia players. STMicroelectronics. se/ nyheter/ artikel. Panasonic and Samsung. such as telephony. Years ago. S60 consists of a suite of libraries and standard applications. S60 was among the most-used smartphone platforms in the world but now lies far behind the Android. Python[3] and Adobe Flash. php?id=32645 http:/ / www.REVIVAL Mobile Management Suite • • • • Backup. Certain buttons are standardized. LG Electronics. 1085/ 1. Sony. with 111. which are commonly known as smartphones. Elektrobit. se/ nyheter/ artikel. restore and migration [1] Remote wipe Mobile activity logging [1] Security 239 References [1] [2] [3] [4] http:/ / www. . php?id=27675 External links • Official website (http://www. who made the platform open source and contributed it to the Symbian Foundation. idg. S60 has been used by mobile device manufacturers including Siemens mobile.theinstitution. Lenovo.

1). S60 5th edition idle screen. because the number four means bad luck in some Asian cultures). The first edition of Symbian. S60 5th Edition was launched. Its assets along with Symbian OS. which has mandatory code signing. The logotype can be used with conforming programs (Symbian or Java) S60 5th Edition In October 2008. text messaging. In 2006. "S60 3rd Edition" (2005) and "S60 5th Edition" (2008). S60 2nd Edition Since 2nd Edition Feature Pack 3. This makes software written for S60 1st Edition or 2nd Edition not binary-compatible with S60v3.4. UIQ and MOAP(S) have been used as a base for Symbian. a user may install only programs that have a certificate from a registered developer. unless the user disables that feature or modify the phone's firmware through third-party hacks that circumvent the mandatory signing restrictions. all S60 devices had a button-based user interface.0 with S60-specific ActionScript extensions that give Flash Lite developers access to phone features like contacts. and the Nokia E90 with its wide 800×352 inner display. Basic (176×208). a "Designed for S60 Devices" logo program for developers was launched. Series 60 supports multiple resolutions. Bottom left "button" brings up a virtual number pad. have non-standard resolutions.e. Some devices. S60 1st Edition In Series 60 1st Edition. with 176×220. S60 3rd Edition (S60v3) uses a hardened version of Symbian OS (v9.S60 (software platform) 240 S60 editions There have been four major releases of S60: "Series 60" (2001). . an open source operating system being developed by the Symbian Foundation. S60 5th Edition runs on Symbian OS version 9. The S60 5th Edition is the last edition of S60. uses S60 5th Edition on top of Symbian OS 9. S60 5th Edition also integrates standard C/C++ APIs and includes Adobe Flash Lite 3. In S60v3. Nokia N90 was the first S60 device to support a higher resolution (352×416). Nokia 5500 Sport has a 208×208 screen resolution. to compensate for removal of actual numerical keys. however.[5] The major feature of 5th Edition is support for high-resolution 640×360 touchscreens. "Series 60 Second Edition" (2003). the devices' display resolution was fixed to 176×208. and Double (352×416). like the Siemens SX1. i.4 as its base. Symbian^1. sensors and device location information (GPS). before 5th Edition. (Nokia decided to move from 3rd Edition directly to 5th [4] Edition "as a polite gesture to Asian customers".

The table lists devices carrying each version of S60 as well as the Symbian OS version it is based on.0s 7.1 6.8 3. Feature Pack 2S60 2nd Edition. Feature Pack 3S60 3rd EditionS60 3rd Edition.1 9.1a 9.0 3. Feature Pack 1S60 3rd Edition.2.2 [9] 5.5[10] 9.2 9.0 on Symbian OS v9.1 7.9 on Symbian OS v6.1 2.2 2.5 Devices[6] [7] [8] • Nokia 7650 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Nokia 3600 Nokia 3620 Nokia 3650 Nokia 3660 Nokia N-Gage Nokia N-Gage QD Sendo X Sendo X2 Siemens SX1 Nokia 6600 Panasonic X700 Panasonic X800 Samsung SGH-D720 Samsung SGH-D728 Samsung SGH-D730 Samsung SGH-Z600 Nokia 3230 Nokia 6260 Nokia 6620 Nokia 6670 Nokia 7610 Lenovo P930 Nokia 6630 Nokia 6680 Nokia 6681 Nokia 6682 • Nokia N70 • Nokia N72 • Nokia N90 .0 5. Feature Pack 1S60 2nd Edition. S60 edition S60 1st EditionS60 1st Edition.S60 (software platform) 241 S60 versions and supported devices Many devices are capable of running the S60 software platform with the Symbian OS.4. Feature Pack 1S60 2nd EditionS60 2nd Edition.0 2.9 1.[8] In Symbian^3 the version of the revised platform is v5.1. Devices ranging from the early Nokia 7650 running S60 v0.4 9.0s 8.1 3.6 2. Feature Pack 2S60 5th Edition (Corresponds to Symbian^1)Symbian^2Symbian^3Symbian Anna S60 version number 0.3 9.0a 8.[6] [7] to the latest Samsung i8910 Omnia HD running S60 v5.2 5.2 Symbian OS version number 6.

S60 (software platform) • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Nokia 3250 Nokia 5500 Sport Nokia E50 Nokia E60 Nokia E61 Nokia E61i Nokia E62 Nokia E65 Nokia E70 Nokia N71 Nokia N73 Nokia N75 Nokia N77 Nokia N80 Nokia N91 Nokia N91 8GB Nokia N92 Nokia N93 Nokia N93i Samsung SGH-i570 LG KS10 LG KT610 LG KT615 Nokia 5700 XpressMusic Nokia 6110 Navigator Nokia 6120 Classic Nokia 6121 Classic Nokia 6124 classic Nokia 6290 Nokia E51 Nokia E63 Nokia E66 Nokia E71 Nokia E90 Communicator Nokia N76 Nokia N81 Nokia N81 8GB Nokia N82 Nokia N95 Nokia N95 8GB Samsung SGH-G810 Samsung SGH-i400 Samsung SGH-i408 Samsung SGH-i450 Samsung SGH-i458 Samsung SGH-i520 Samsung SGH-i550 242 .

S60 (software platform) • Samsung SGH-i550w • Samsung SGH-i560 • Samsung SGH-i568 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Nokia 5320 XpressMusic Nokia 5630 XpressMusic Nokia 5730 XpressMusic Nokia 6210 Navigator Nokia 6220 Classic Nokia 6650 fold Nokia 6710 Navigator Nokia 6720 Classic Nokia 6730 Classic Nokia 6760 Slide Nokia 6790 Surge Nokia C5-00 Nokia E5-00 Nokia E52 Nokia E55 Nokia E71x Nokia E72 Nokia E75 Nokia N78 Nokia N79 Nokia N85 Nokia N86 8MP Nokia N96 Nokia X5 Samsung GT-i8510 (INNOV8) Samsung GT-I7110 Samsung SGH-L870 Nokia 5228 Nokia 5230 Nokia 5233 Nokia 5235 Nokia 5250 Nokia 5530 XpressMusic Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition Nokia C5-03 Nokia C6-00 Nokia N97 Nokia N97 mini Nokia X6 Samsung i8910 Omnia HD[8] 243 • Sony Ericsson Satio • Sony Ericsson Vivaz • Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro .

com/ Resources_and_Information/ Tools/ Runtimes/ Python_for_S60/ ). S60.S60 (software platform) • • • • • • • • DoCoMo F-07B DoCoMo F-08B DoCoMo F-06B DoCoMo SH-07B Nokia C6-01 Nokia C7-00 Nokia E7-00 Nokia N8 244 • Nokia X7 • Nokia E6 Symbian is now progressing through a period of organisational change to metamorph into an open source software platform project. Symbian OS originally provided no user interface (UI).com. As an OS. Nokia announced Symbian Anna as a software update to the Symbian^3 release. As a part of this plan. References [1] Licensees (http:/ / www. com/ s60blogs/ index. 3rd comment [5] "is now closed" (http:/ / www. Series 90 and UIQ. search-integrated address field. Retrieved 2011-03-13. Timelines for transitions are still not clear. Examples of Symbian UIs are MOAP. Nokia. . nokia. Nokia announced on April 29 2011. Nokia announced a partnership with Microsoft to integrate Windows Phone 7 as their Primary OS. Mashable.2. Qt Mobility 1. to transfer symbian activities to Accenture along with 3000 employees. the visual layer that runs atop an operating system. (Announcements made in March 2009 indicated this would be the S60 5th edition with feature pack 1). com/ pdfs/ getPdf. [2] Gartner: Symbian Is Still the Number One Smartphone Platform [Report (http:/ / mashable. s60. • Updated Ovi Maps (search public transport .1 and Qt4. Symbian Anna On April 12 2011. This separation of UI from underlying OS has created both flexibility and some confusion in the market place. Symbian Anna will be available as a Software Update for Symbian^3 based devices as well. Series 80. download full country maps via WLAN or Nokia Ovi Suite. php/ 2008/ 10/ 02/ s60-5th-edition-and-the-nokia-5800-xpressmusic-are-here/ #comment-2107). Series 60. check-in to Facebook. nokia. Most Significant updates that come with "Anna" are • Portrait QWERTY with split-view data entry • New Icon Set • New internet browser with an improved user interface. • Java Runtime 2. com/ 2011/ 02/ 10/ symbian-number-one-gartner-report/ )]. Possible Ending In February 2011. The new Symbian Foundation has announced its intent to unify different Symbian UIs into a single UI based on the S60 platform.7. forum. Twitter and Foursquare). leaving further Symbian development in question. The Nokia purchase of Symbian was brokered with the involvement of the other UI developers and all major user interface layers have been (or have been pledged to be) donated to the open source foundation who will independently own the Symbian operating system. . Two new devices (X7 and E6) were announced which will have Symbian Anna pre-installed. com/ life/ thisiss60/ S60forbusiness/ licensees). faster navigation and page loading. This was implemented separately. s60. [4] S60 5th Edition and the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic are here! (http:/ / blogs. do?handle=dfb1ff95-77de-4f3b-98a4-4407c519828c-1790878959). S60. [3] Python for S60 (http:/ / www.

Secure Mobile Architecture (SMA) grew from work in The Open Group's (TOG) Mobile Management Forum (MMF). Mobile computing is less well established than mobile telephony. forum.com . Motorola. Lockheed-Martin. secure directories. Its central features were the use of the Host Identity Protocol (HIP).5 (http://www.ini and platform. and location to make policy-based information about users and the network available to applications.nokia. publishing in February 2004.com/2011/02/11/ open-letter-from-ceo-stephen-elop-nokia-and-ceo-steve-ballmer-microsoft/) Secure Mobile Architecture (SMA) Mobile telephony (cellular) has become a commonplace aspect of modern life. This business scenario described the requirements for directories to support mobile computing.html) • Open Letter from Nokia CEO to Microsoft CEO (http://conversations.forum.nokia.pdf. a secure mobile architecture specification is needed to allow businesses and individuals to maintain secure connections when moving or mobile.nokia.S60 (software platform) [6] Forum Nokia Device Specifications for S60 models (http:/ / www. com/ cws/ corporate/ press/ pressreleases/ pressreleasedetails/ satiopressreleasefinal-20090528) (information about S60 version) [8] Samsung OMNIAHD Dazzles at Mobile World Congress with Its HD Brilliance (http:/ / www. sonyericsson. management systems.com/series60) • Forum.txt files from Nokia N8 internal firmware 245 External links • Nokia embracing Windows Phone 7 (http://www. samsung.html) • Forum Nokia Russia .S60 developer site (http://www. The architecture described in the SMA Vision and Architecture was developed by a team of Boeing. which was given at The Open Group Conference in Berlin.s60.forum. The SMA activity became a task group in The Open Group and the participants developed the Secure Mobile Architecture (SMA) over a three year period.com/id/571b3f5a-a71a-46d7-958e-79c8081b95c7/ S60_2nd_3rd_Ed_Differences_in_Features_v1_5_en.The official S60 Blogs by Nokia (http://blogs. and intelligent network components.forum. partly because of the lack of a common standard infrastructure for secure seamless mobile computing for the Internet.gsmarena. The Open Group then worked on a Challenge to vendors of directories and related products to provide support for mobile computing.com/info/ sw.S60 developer site (http://www. com/ uaprof/ NN8-00r100-3G. With the increasing number of mobile workers.php) • Official links • S60 Blogs . cryptographic identities. html)(operating system information) [7] Sony Ericsson Satio Press Release (http:/ / www. com/ devices/ matrix_s60_1. NetmotionWireless. nokia. com/ uk/ news/ newsPreviewRead. This led to the development by the MMF together with The Open Group Directory Interoperability Forum (DIF) of the Business Scenario – The Executive on the Move. A directory schema appropriate for this purpose was developed and worked out in detail. nokia. IBM. and the University of St Thomas.com) • Forum Nokia . The MMF developed a demonstration of proprietary seamless secure session management across different networks.Nokia. April 2001.nokia.com/ nokia_embraces_windows_phone_7_as_its_primary_mobile_os-news-2314. do?news_seq=12421) [9] Nokia N8 User Agent Profile (http:/ / nds. Hewlett-Packard. Secure Mobile Architecture Components: .S60 2nd/3rd Edition: Differences in Features v1.nokia.ru/Tehnologii_Nokia/ Device_Platforms/series_60. xml) [10] deviceattributes.

org/proceedings/01mar/slides/hip-1/index.amazon. Secure Directory: retains information about the user. and other policy relevant information. the owner. Public Key Infrastructure (PKI): provides cryptographic identities for the HIP protocol.htm Host Identity http://www3. Boeing developed an SMA implementation for its Intranet-connected moving production lines and its secure mobile computing requirements. An SMA Alliance is being considered to expand the broadened use of SMA for enterprises or any organization in need of a secure seamless mobile computing infrastructure. The intent is to provide the Boeing implementation of SMA as an open-source.org/bookstore/catalog/e041.com/ Beyond-HIP-Hacking-Know-ebook/dp/B0031U06H8/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=digital-text& qid=1262534916&sr=1-1 • • • • .htm Host Identity Protocol(HIP) book: http://www. The Open Group is envisioned to be the holder of that implementation.com/ Beyond-HIP-End-Hacking-Know/dp/1439256047/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1262533140&sr=1-1 • Beyond HIP: The End to Hacking As We Know It Kindle book: http://www.ietf.amazon.htm Executive on the Move Business Scenario http://www.Secure Mobile Architecture (SMA) Host Identity Payload (HIP): provides a mechanism by which the identity of the equipment or its user is carried securely in every packet.org/bookstore/catalog/k021. open-standards approach to secure mobile computing. Starting in 2004.opengroup.com/Host-Identity-Protocol-HIP-Communications/dp/ 0470997907/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1262535050&sr=1-1 • Beyond HIP: The End to Hacking As We Know It book: http://www.opengroup. 246 References SMA Vision and Architecture http://www.amazon. Location: the location of the user or computing device is an integral part of the secure and mobile architecture. the machine.

and taxicabs.Sense Networks 247 Sense Networks Sense Networks.[7] Sense Networks investors include Intel Capital. United States Worldwide Alex Pentland (CPO) Tony Jebara (Chief Scientist) Christine Lemke (COO) Mikki Nasch (EVP BD) Indexing the real world using location data for predictive analytics February 2006 Slogan Launched Current status Active Sense Networks is a New York City based company with a focus on applications that analyze big data from mobile phones. New York. Type Founded Founder Headquarters Area served Key people Private (venture backed) New York City. System and Method of Performing Location Analytics (US 20090307263).[11] . and Kenan Altunis. Tony Jebara.[9] Founder Greg Skibiski was pushed out by lead investor Intel Capital[10] in November 2009 following the company's B round of financing. and Christine Lemke. Massachusetts. USA Greg Skibiski New York City. New York City near Silicon Alley. The company has three published patent applications for analyzing sensor data streams.[5] History Sense Networks was founded by Greg Skibiski in February 2006 near his home in Northampton. carrier networks.[6] The company won the Emerging Communications Conference "Company to Watch" Award in November 2009.[1] [2] [3] [4] In 2009. New York. particularly by using machine learning technology to make sense of large amounts of location (latitude/longitude) data. After establishing an office in NoHo. Associate Professor and Head of the Machine Learning Laboratory at Columbia University. who would later become co-founders. Sense was named one of "The 25 Most Intriguing Startups in the World" by Bloomberg Businessweek. and Anomaly Detection in Sensor Analytics (US 20100082301). Javelin Venture Partners [8]. Skibiski recruited Alex Pentland. Inc. Director of Human Dynamics Research and former Academic Head of the MIT Media Lab. Comparing Spatial-Temporal Trails in Location Analytics (US 20100079336).

net/ index. Retrieved on 2010-05-12. Barrett. nytimes. com/ press/ mit-tech-insider. The Numerati. Stephen. aspx). com/ external/ readwriteweb/ 2009/ 12/ 08/ 08readwriteweb-top-10-internet-of-things-products-of-2009-74048. Richard. Newsweek. MIT Technology Insider. Press Release. businessweek. What About Privacy?" (http:/ / www. 22 June 2008. nytimes. Retrieved on 2010-05-14. html?_r=2& scp=1& sq=sense+ networks& st=nyt& oref=slogin). Retrieved on 2010-05-16. [6] Junietz. com/ 2010/ 04/ 03/ nyregion/ 03icab. The New York Times. Mobile Internet" (http:/ / www. [5] Ante. New York. com/ 2008/ 06/ 22/ technology/ 22proto. "Mapping a New. launched in March 2010. New York. [2] Sheridan. References [1] Fitzgerald. Retrieved on 2010-05-12. Stephen. Retrieved on 2010-05-12. cfm?postID=489). that shows the best place to catch a New York City taxicab based GPS data from the vehicles. com [9] "Press Release: Sense Networks Secures Series B Funding for Location Analytics. Retrieved on 2010-05-12. Intel Capital. New York. com/ 2008/ 11/ 30/ business/ 30privacy. uk/ wired-magazine/ archive/ 2009/ 06/ features/ the-hidden-persuaders-mining-your-mobile-phone-log. com/ viewer?a=v& q=cache:hKKbZBAfYHYJ:www. com/ magazine/ content/ 09_10/ b4122042889229. htm). php).sensenetworks.[12] was named by ReadWriteWeb (in The New York Times) as "Top 10 Internet of Things Products of 2009". [12] Silver. nytimes. "Data correlation: Used-car customers drop cell-phone service?" (http:/ / thenumerati. wired. Boston. com/ pr_11022009. The New York Times. [3] Baker.Sense Networks 248 Products and services The Citysense consumer application. sensenetworks. [7] "Sense Networks Wins the Emerging Communications Conference & Awards Inaugural "Company to Watch" Award" (http:/ / www. New York. "You're Leaving a Digital Trail. [4] Markoff. "The World's Most Intriguing Startups" (http:/ / images. Retrieved on 2010-05-12. Bloomberg BusinessWeek. Erika.citysense. [14] Grynbaum.cabsense. [13] Macmanus. Retrieved on 2010-05-16.com) • CabSense website (http://www. 29 November 2008. google. html?scp=2& sq=Greg+ Skibiski& st=nyt). New York. com/ ss/ 09/ 11/ 1112_most_intriguing_companies/ index. London. businessweek. Retrieved on 2010-05-14. 30 June 2009. com/ capital/ news/ releases/ 090630. New York. Michael. New York. 12 November 2009. Michael. 2 April 2010. pdf+ skibiski+ idea+ created& hl=en& gl=us& pid=bl& srcid=ADGEESheMj8iT2tzutepbEVsOwFl3_EAsOKF-hZSF2RwUWQzE12nAX8N7-iUegcn_ooA1VchAzO_42c7qaDJcXIsQ1qBTV8H-1JUKdHyI1tj68FgQ5A sig=AHIEtbT2N32A-ERj0s16J8Fx0LSD30FxZg). 28 Feb 2009. htm). The New York Times. 8 January 2010. uspto. nytimes. James. "A Sense of Place" (http:/ / docs. Led by Intel Capital" (http:/ / www. Retrieved on 2010-05-12. 8 December 2009. "A Trillion Points of Data" (http:/ / www. The New York Times. New York. 22 June 2009. External links • Sense Networks website (http://www. New York. 26 February 2009. intel. Retrieved on 2010-05-13. Bloomberg Businessweek. "Need a Cab? New Analysis Shows Where to Find One" (http:/ / www. that shows hotspots of human activity in real-time from mobile phone location and taxicab GPS data. August 2008. html). [10] Baker. newsweek. com/ id/ 186970/ page/ 1). "Predicting Where You’ll Go and What You’ll Like" (http:/ / www. Spencer. John. [11] US Patent & Trademark Office (http:/ / appft. "Top 10 Internet of Things Products of 2009" (http:/ / www.[14] The Macrosense platform is for mobile application providers and mobile phone carriers to analyze billions of customer location data points for predictive analytics in advertising and churn management applications. Retrieved on 2010-05-13. html& r=0& f=S& l=50& TERM1=skibiski& FIELD1=& co1=AND& TERM2=& FIELD2=& d=PG01). [8] http:/ / javelinvp.[13] The CabSense consumer application. 2 November 2009. Retrieved on 2010-05-12. html).com) . sensenetworks. "The Hidden Persuaders" (http:/ / www.com) • CitySense website (http://www. Wired Magazine. htm). co. New York. gov/ netacgi/ nph-Parser?Sect1=PTO2& Sect2=HITOFF& p=1& u=/ netahtml/ PTO/ search-bool.

com/ find-products/ devices/ nokia-2330-classic/ specifications) [3] Nokia software platforms (http:/ / www. html) The Nokia 1600. if not all of Nokia's no-frills phones such as the Nokia 1600. External links • Nokia Series 40 Developer Platform (http://www.Series 30 (software platform) 249 Series 30 (software platform) The Series 30 software platform is an application user interface used on Nokia's broad range of entry-level mobile devices. filesaveas. although some now use the more advanced Series 40 interface[2] . Most. References [1] Nokia 5030 spec sheet (http:/ / www. com/ nokia. maps. maps. com/ find-products/ devices/ nokia-5030/ specifications) [2] Nokia 2330 spec sheet (http:/ / www. an early Series 30 phone released in 2002 was equipped with Series 40 capabilities to gain Java ME and [3] polyphonic MIDI sound experience .html) . nokia. albeit lacking some certain features common on mid-range Series 40 phones. The Nokia 3510i.nokia. nokia. Nokia 2310 and Nokia 5030 XpressRadio run on the Series 30 platform[1] .com/main/platforms/s40/index. Later Series 30 devices dropped some of the said features in favor of embedded content and less emphasis on extra features such as Internet connectivity. which runs on the Series 30 platform.forum.

introduced a new browser based on the WebKit open source components WebCore and JavaScriptCore. media. and phonebook and other personal information management (PIM) applications such as calendar and tasks.[2] Features Applications It provides communication applications such as telephone.5. as of the end of 2010. Series 40 can run the Opera Mini web browser to enhance the user's web browsing experience. Synchronization Support for SyncML synchronization with external services of the address book. CSS2. JavaScript 1. and Ajax. Java MIDP and CLDC technology.[3] Web browser The integrated web browser can access most web content through the service provider's XHTML/HTML gateway. is Series 40-based Nokia 6300 provided in the Applications and Gallery folders and subfolders. Technical Software platform Series 40 is an embedded software platform that is open for software development via standard or de-facto content and application development technologies. Basic file management. but mostly used for screensavers. like in Series 60.Series 40 250 Series 40 Series 40 is a software platform and application user interface (UI) software on Nokia's broad range of mid-tier mobile phones. Analyst estimates place the total number of devices shipped with S40 close to 1. However with many S40 phones. called Series 40 6th Edition. music/video player and FM radio. communication. as well as on the Vertu line of luxury phones. and graphics capabilities. It supports Java MIDlets. calendar and notes is present. Also. Flash Lite applications are also supported.5 billion. It is the world's most widely used mobile phone platform and found in hundreds of millions of devices. like the higher-end Series 60.e. Gallery is also the default location for files transferred over Bluetooth to be placed. which provide location. The new browser delivers support for HTML 4. i. messaging. The latest version of Series 40. video recorder. messaging. email client with POP3 and IMAP4 capabilities and Web browser.[3] . media applications such as camera. User-installed applications on Series 40 are generally mobile Java applications. these synchronization settings must be sent via an OTA text message. internet telephony (VoIP).[1] .[4] S40 also supports Flash Lite applications.01.

nokia. Addison-Wesley.Nokia Series 40 Platform" (http:/ / www. com/ devnet/ devices/ articles/ nokia_series40_pt1_print. .[6] It is possible to customize the look-and-feel of the UI via comprehensive themes. . nokia. com/ info/ sw. org/ web/ 20080518220200/ http:/ / www. archive. forum. [5] "Comparing Series 40 against S60 (as of 2007) – All about Symbian" (http:/ / www. Nokia. forum. [8] "Series 40 Platform SDKs" (http:/ / www. [2] "100 Million Club H2 2010" (http:/ / www. its user interface may appear to be more responsive and faster than other Nokia platforms. [7] "Carbide. A Guide for Java Developers" (http:/ / www. php). Retrieved 2008-09-26. Retrieved 2008-09-26. Retrieved 2010-10-27. pearsoned.[7] A list of all Series 40 devices can be found on the Nokia web site. ui/ ). Retrieved 2011-05-16. com).[8] References [1] "Forum Nokia . nokia. Over the years. Retrieved 2011-05-24. Nokia. Adobe Systems.ui Theme Edition (can be used to create S40 themes) – Forum Nokia" (http:/ / www.Series 40 251 Operating system Series 40 is a simpler operating system variant than the higher end S60 (which is based on the multi-tasking Symbian OS). com/ id/ 73e935fe-8b59-43b2-ab3e-1c5f763672db/ Series_40_UI_Style_Guide. forum. Retrieved 2010-09-19. [4] "Developing Scalable Series 40 Applications. asp?item=100000000075919). com/ devnet/ devices/ articles/ nokia_series40_pt1_print. [6] "Series 40 UI Style Guide – Forum Nokia" (http:/ / www. com/ Devices/ Series_40/ ). Nokia. Archived from the original (http:/ / www. Retrieved 2008-09-26. forum. . nokia. The third generation of Series 40 that became available in 2005 introduced support for devices with resolutions as high as QVGA (240x320). html) on 2008-05-18. html). adobe. 100millionclub. com/ Library/ Tools_and_downloads/ Other/ Series_40_platform_SDKs/ ). . . allaboutsymbian. the S40 UI has evolved from a low resolution UI to a high resolution color UI with an enhanced graphical look. . . . com/ Library/ Tools_and_downloads/ Other/ Carbide. [3] "Working with Nokia Series 40 Flash Lite content – Adobe Developer Center" (http:/ / web. html). VisionMobile. com/ features/ item/ Series_40_vs_S60. adobe. Nokia.[5] History The first Series 40 devices (introduced in 2002) had only 128x128 pixel large displays with lower color capabilities. uk/ BOOKSHOP/ detail. Because S40 devices do not support true multi-tasking and do not have a native code API for third parties. . nokia. Retrieved 2008-09-26. co.

0) Nokia 9300i (S80 v2.0) Nokia 9500 (S80 v2.Series 80 (software platform) 252 Series 80 (software platform) The Series 80 (formerly Crystal) was a short-lived mobile software platform for enterprise and professional level mobile phones made by Nokia.) [2] • Symbian EMU games for Turkish [3] External links • Nokia .Series 80 Platform [4] References [1] [2] [3] [4] http:/ / koti. etc. but needed separate development for a relatively small market. The operating system on the E90 is closely related to that used on phones with smaller screens.0) Nokia 9300 (S80 v2.0) Nokia 9210i (S80 v1. html http:/ / scummvm.0) Nokia 9290 (S80 v1. Common physical properties to this Symbian OS user interface type is a screen resolution of 640×200 pixels and a full QWERTY keyboard. It uses the Symbian OS. and does not take full advantage of the large screen. fi/ mertama/ index. nokia. org/ http:/ / mobildepo.0) Future of Series 80 Nokia does not use the Series 80 platform in its latest Communicator mobile phone. Game emulators for S80 phones • Doom emulator for S80 [1] • SCUMM emulator for S80 (allows you to play games like Monkey Island. forum. mbnet. Series 80 used the large size of the Communicator screens to best effect. the Nokia E90. com/ http:/ / www. com/ main/ platforms/ s80/ . Features • • • • • • Support for editing popular office documents Full QWERTY keyboard Integrated mouse for navigation SSL/TLS support Full web browser based on Opera VPN support Devices • • • • • • Nokia 9210 (S80 v1.

a multiclient multiplatform mobile instant messenger. social networking. • GPSed .[8] • RDM+ . Germany and other offices in the United States. entertainment. In 2008 SHAPE acquired Warelex LLC. map and share trips. Supports motion detection alerts sending over email. Mobiscope. edit documents. utilities. GPSed. IM+ Talk. About the company SHAPE Services is a worldwide operating company with headquarters in Stuttgart. Business. Android.an utility that scans business cards and saves the contacts in address book.a multiclient web instant messenger.[5] SHAPE is the only company with apps reaching top ranks in four Apple App Store categories: Social Networking.a remote access app working through NAT and Firewall from mobile devices.[7] • Business Card Reader .com [1] SHAPE Services GmbH is a cross-platform independent software vendor and web-based services provider. the only instant messaging application with voice-to-text recognition.[2] iPod Touch and iPad.a survelliance tool that offers real time webcam video and audio streams on mobile device.[6] • IM+ Web . Business Card Reader. Users can send and receive emails.SHAPE Services 253 SHAPE Services SHAPE Services SHAPE Services logo Industry Mobile software Headquarters Stuttgart. VR+.[4] Windows Mobile. Utilities and Productivity. Current products The company's best-known software products include: • IM+ . UIQ. the US developer of multimedia applications and technologies for mobile devices. The company was founded in 2002 and as of 2010 has more than 60 employees.[3] RIM BlackBerry. . surf web. • iDisplay . Europe and Asia. manage files and folders. media and LBS applications for Apple iPhone. Symbian S60. iDisplay Shapeservices. J2ME.makes a second display from iPad and iPhone for Windows and Mac computers. xPlayer.an app that allows to track. • Mobiscope . Germany Area served Products Website Worldwide IM+. Barcode reader. productivity. and Palm webOS mobile platforms. RDM+. The company develops instant messaging.

shapeservices. uk/ cgi/ news/ release?id=226818) GearDiary.mobiscope.warelex.SHAPE Services 254 References [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] http:/ / www. geardiary. com/ 446/ shape-services-bestsellers-ported-to-ipad-adds-idisplay-app-for-ipad) Blackberry Cool. wirelessweek. com/ 8301-27076_3-20013758-248.com (http:/ / www.com/) Mobiola homepage (http://www. cnet. com/ 2010/ 04/ 01/ ipad-apps-from-shape-services-that-are-on-the-way) news.com/) IM+ Web homepage (https://plus.com/) Mobiscope homepage (http://www.com (http:/ / www. co. html) Wireless Week (http:/ / www. com/ 2009/ 12/ 31/ business-card-reader-for-blackberry-by-shape-services) (http:/ / www. blackberrycool. com/ 2007/ 08/ 13/ shape-services-brings-skype-to-apples-iphone) Ipadmodo. shapeservices.com/) Warelex homepage (http://www.cnet.com (http:/ / ipadmodo.com (http:/ / www. com/ Reviews/ 2009/ 12/ Business-Card-Reader-Share-Services) External links • • • • • • SHAPE Services homepage (http://www. com/ Engadget.com/) RDM+ homepage (http://www.rdmplus. engadget.mobiola.com (http:/ / news. prnewswire.im/) .

1. similar to the operation of a thin client. and QuickTime are usable without additional plug-ins on the device. the browser is able to use features from a full desktop web browser without the need to have a powerful mobile device.[6] Downsides include that the user experience can be adversely affected by the abilities of the Skyfire server.0. Since then.[3] This approach is also used by Opera Mini.5.com] Available in Type License Website Skyfire is a mobile web browser which renders requested web page on a proprietary server and relays it to the browser on the end user's mobile phone which displays the content. Silverlight. Until December 2009. 4. Skyfire currently runs on Android and iOS. The output is sent as images annotated with interactive items such as links and text-fields. 4.Skyfire (web browser) 255 Skyfire (web browser) Skyfire Developer(s) Stable release Skyfire Labs.[2] Skyfire comprises two distinct generations of mobile browser technology. Skyfire's second generation (2. using a conventional rendering of Web pages on the handheld device.skyfire.[4] Features Skyfire is a web browser which operates by rendering requested web page on a proprietary server.2 iOS 3. a user with an excellent 3. Consequently.0. November 22. Rendered output is relayed to the browser (running on the end user's mobile phone). For example. Features such as Adobe Flash.5G or Wi-Fi connection may still experience slow page loading and unwatchable video.com www. November 22. a web page is fully rendered by a server separate from the mobile device. 2. Skyfire 1.x In Skyfire's first-generation browser. the browser's performance has degraded significantly for users of Skyfire 1.x) browser employs a hybrid approach. 4.1 (iOS).2 (Android). 1. 2010 Development status Active Operating system Android 1. 2. which displays the content.5. In Skyfire's first generation ( English Mobile browser Freeware [www. and can be easily updated server-side without the need to update millions of individual client installations. it no longer supports Symbian OS or Windows Mobile.[7] [8] [9] .skyfire.0. Skyfire's servers demonstrated few symptoms of limits.x) browser.3.[1] As of 31 December 2010. Inc. 2010 2. 2. but streaming video from Skyfire's servers. all content is rendered at Skyfire's servers using the Gecko rendering engine[5] before sending the rendered output to the browser.

as of 2010 users worldwide had installed and run the browser. • Share – Easily share websites. Unlike 1. pictures. videos. Devices with Android 1.x is available for Android and iOS devices. On July 1. and check in with the Twittersphere without leaving the Skyfire browser. is rendered at Skyfire's servers. • Groupon – Lets SkyBar deliver nearby deals so users can quickly check on the deal of the day at all times. Flash video. articles. Skyfire 2.x The browser is supported on devices of various resolutions. 1. and WVGA resolution screens. • Sports.6. all new customers must download the $2.0. or iOS. Use it to enable.0 or above. are rendered on the phone.3. re-encoded to a device-compatible video format. Tweet. search.[12] Skyfire 2.5. Web page text and images.x and Skyfire Video License Key Version 4. 2. Watch videos shared on Twitter with one click. Android 1. With the new scrollable SkyBar. Also.[11] Although Skyfire 1. • Google Reader – Keeps up with feeds from favorite sites. 2010.3. and others. users now have access to fourteen Skyfire features and have the ability to enable. but only for content that cannot be effectively processed at the handheld. • Settings – Can be considered a customize button.x Skyfire 3.x is currently available for devices running Android 2.0 was made available for Android on April 21. QVGA. on the other hand. disable or position SkyBar features to personal preferences. It runs on touch and non-touch phones.x is 2. It is distributed via the Android Market. feature previously accessible through the Skyfire menu. Finance – Bring one-touch access to recent events. the SkyBar toolbar is now configurable and expandable. eight new feature buttons were added into the SkyBar. VGA.[10] Skyfire 2. Skyfire implemented restrictions to prevent use from most unsupported areas. Skyfire 4.x is not actively limited to a supported area.5 or 1. News.6 can still use Skyfire 2. keeps users informed by constantly checking selected news sites and blogs for new content.1. The iOS version supports any iPhone or iPod Touch running iOS 4 or above.0. Also. Silverlight. Flash video is currently supported with plans to add support for Windows Media.2 phones are supported. The current version is Skyfire 2.x builds on the open source WebKit layout engine. and portions of Western Europe. Canada. enabling users to customize their Skyfire experience.99 Skyfire Video License Key to use the video feature after a 3-day trial.x Skyfire 2. 2. Availability Skyfire 1. then relayed to the phone.[13] Skyfire 3.Skyfire (web browser) 256 Skyfire 2. including 240x240. QuickTime.x has never been officially available outside the US. and 2. 320x320. with this version.x.x Skyfire's second generation browser uses the same three-tiered technology. Starting with 4. • Twitter – Login here to have one-touch access to Twitter streams. 2011. WQVGA. disable and position each button as desired. . for example.

Skyfire (web browser)


Performance and other issues

Skyfire text rendering example 1

Skyfire text rendering example 2

Although the recently-added Android version of Skyfire has been updated to 2.0, Symbian and Windows Mobile are limited to version 1.5. Skyfire 1.5 users have, for more than six months, registered complaints regarding slow page loading and the inability to view web videos without severe frame rate and audio glitches. Though since skyfire has implemented restrictions to prevent use from most unsupported countries, page loading and viewing web videos has improved. Other complaints center on a text-rendering feature that enlarges some text several times its normal size. The original intent was to remove the need for the user to "zoom in" to the text of articles. However, the fragmented and seemingly random nature of the feature requires repeated zooming in to read captions, view pictures, find links and navigate a given website, then zooming out to read an article. The large, pixellated characters thus make even casual browsing (according to one editor's opinion) an awkward proposition. Unlike in prior versions of Skyfire, the text-rendering feature is locked in with no option to turn it off.[14] [15] [16] [17] [18] A new concern has cropped up as of early June: in conjunction with virtually unplayable video, standard web pages can take between two and three minutes to load.[19]

Skyfire (web browser)


Windows Mobile support
In November 2010, Windows Mobile users began reporting that Skyfire would immediately close upon opening, stating "Sorry: Due to strong demand we cannot provide service at this time. Please try again later."[20] Several days later, the Skyfire developers announced that they would be ending support for Symbian and Windows Mobile,[21] and possibly releasing Skyfire 2.x for the Windows Phone 7 and MeeGo platforms at a later date.

Potential security risks
When Skyfire is used to browse websites that use the https encryption protocol, Skyfire decrypts this traffic on their servers. Even though they re-encrypt it before the data is passed to/from the mobile device, this breaks the end-to-end security that https is meant to provide. This causes a potential breach of security,[22] and should thus be avoided when using services that should be kept secure, such as online banking. Adding to the problem is the fact that Skyfire in its latest Android-version fakes its user agent, and claims to be a desktop browser on an Intel Macintosh. This faking of the user agent string can avoid blocking of the web browser for use on sites such as Hulu, but it also makes it difficult to block the browser for administrators of other sites where tight security is needed, such as online banks and sites that contain sensitive business information. From an administrator point of view, such behaviour could be considered dangerous or even harmful. The user is given no choice to opt-out of Skyfire's https-decryption, and is not notified of the practise, except for a small note in the EULA which does not explicitly mention https.

Future development
Development of Skyfire 1.x has ceased, with future development concentrated on further developing Skyfire 2.x.[23]

• 2008 Read Write Web's one of six must have applications for Windows Mobile • 2008 Laptop Magazine's Mobile Maverick Award • 2009 Webby People's Voice Award for Best Mobile Application

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Skyfire (web browser)
[18] Skyfire Forums - Skyfire.com - Text Size "feature"? (http:/ / support. skyfire. com/ forums/ index. php?showtopic=5432& hl=) [19] Skyfire Forums - Skyfire.com - Trouble Loading Web Pages (http:/ / support. skyfire. com/ forums/ index. php?showtopic=5809) [20] Skyfire Forums - Skyfire.com - Not Working Due To Strong Demand (http:/ / support. skyfire. com/ forums/ index. php?showtopic=5992) [21] Retirement of Legacy 1.0 Product (http:/ / skyfire. com/ press/ blog/ 72-retirement) [22] Tom Godber (2009). "How Do Transcoders Affect HTTPS?" (http:/ / blog. masabi. com/ 2009/ 01/ 23/ how-do-transcoders-affect-https/ ). . Retrieved May 8, 2010. [23] Focus, Geography, and Skyfire 1.0 (http:/ / www. skyfire. com/ focus-geography-and-skyfire-1-0/ )


Further reading
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Skyfire (web browser)


External links
• Official website (http://www.skyfire.com)

Developer(s) Initial release Written in Ionut Dediu (programmer) ? C++, Java

Operating system Microsoft Windows Symbian OS Linux Available in License Website ? GNU General Public License [1]

SmartCam is a piece of open source software developed to allow Android, Symbian S60, Samsung Bada and Windows Mobile phones, with Bluetooth or WiFi connectivity, to use their integrated cameras as a webcam for use with a compatible PC. PC versions available for both Windows and Linux.

[1] http:/ / sourceforge. net/ projects/ smartcam/



Smartface Platform
Developer(s) Written in Mobinex C++, Java, ASP.NET

Operating system Microsoft Windows Available in Type License Website English Cross-Platform Mobile Development Platform Community, Professional, Enterprise developer.smartface.biz [1]

Smartface Platform is drag-and-drop cross-platform mobile application development and management tool from Mobinex[2] , and first released on 2006. Smartface Designer, the component of Smartface Platform enables visual development of mobile applications with drag-and-drop actions and interactive wizards. Smartface Server the other component of the platform provides an application lifecycle management system, with capabilities of distributing, tracking, promoting and advertising of applications.

Smartface Platform Components
Smartface Designer Smartface Designer helps visual designers to develop mobile applications, which create new revenue opportunities for mobile operators or application developer companies. It enables the creation of custom user experiences for mobile devices without having to invest in teams of high skilled developers. Smartface Designer is designed for rapid interface development across a wide range of handsets. It supports the entire development life-cycle while offering designers a fully flexible interface design environment. Smartface Server Smartface Server, as being the core component for Smartface Suit of products, enables managing the screen experiences in a large population of mobile devices. Built on Microsoft .NET server platform, Smartface Server manages segmented delivery of software, updates to the handsets, and manages the runtime content and data services. Smartface Enterprise Manager, which is a web based management module for Smartface Server, enables role-based management with advanced reporting capabilities. Smartface Player Smartface Player is a kind of layer between Smartface Application and the mobile device’s operating system. It may be considered as a Sub-Operating System, which is installed to run the Smartface Applications. During the Update process, Smartface Player is also updated. It must be noticed that Smartface Player’s version does not increase as a Smartface project’s version. When a new version is introduced in the server, it is automatically updated.

Smartface Developer does not require programming to build mobile applications. It allows using its widgets by drag-and-drop to the development field, and assigning actions to these widgets. Smartface Developer also allows using devices resources like phone book, pictures, videos. Smartface Designer also has an built-in device simulator

Smartface which simulates a mobile device for debugging and testing purposes. Smartface Developer creates XML based reference files and uses platform spesific players(Libraries for reference files) to build mobile applications. Smartface Platform supports Symbian S60[3] , J2ME, BlackBerry, Android(expected with version 3.0) which means Smartface Developer can create installation files for each of these platforms with every publish. Smartface Designer can either publish installation files to localhost or to Smartface Server. Smartface Server can deploy these installation files, log downloads, successes, fails, and saves MSISDN info of the user. Smartface Server can also deploy non-Smartface applications, and supports deploying Windows Mobile applications. Download links are unique to users and same download link cannot be created more than once. Smartface Server deploys the applications by either sending SMS or WAP messages that contains download link of the application, or via a static-download link.


Current Version of Smartface Platform is 2.5.6, which was released on January 2011. With version 2.5.6, users can Self Sign their applications, use Touchscreen abilities, and set ETag headers for their contents. Next release(2.5.7) is expected to be released on March 2011, which will add Android Platform , Symbian S60 5th Edition, Symbian^3, BlackBerry OS 6.0 support and will allow using custom animations for all UI components. Iphone support is expected with version 3.5 and announced to be released on late 2011[4] .

Main partners and customers of Smartface Platform: • • • • • • • • • • Garanti Bank[5] [6] Kuveyt Turk[7] BAB VMG Zain[8] [9] Symbian Nokia BlackBerry Ericsson Turkcell[10]

[1] http:/ / developer. smartface. biz [2] "Mobile World Congress 2010 Report" (http:/ / www. cartagena-capital. com/ news-and-events/ news/ 220-mobile-world-congress-2010-report). 2010-02-24. [3] "Mobinex" (http:/ / www. symbian. org/ users/ mobinex). 2006-07-22. [4] "Smartface Designer Development Roadmap" (http:/ / developer. smartface. biz/ roadmap. php). 2010-08-21. [5] "digital age : dijital iş ve kültür dergisi" (http:/ / www. digitalage. com. tr/ Haber/ garanti-smartface-platformu-secti/ 38b60ce8-4cfd-4652-b39c-0321b7ee9686. aspx). 2010-01-01. [6] "Free-press-release - Garanti Bank Decided On Smartface Platform to Develop Mobile Applications" (http:/ / www. free-press-release. com/ news-garantibank-decided-on-smartface-platform-to-develop-mobile-applications-1263999820. html). 2010-01-14. [7] "Kuveyt Turk chose Smartface Platform for developing Mobile Applications" (http:/ / www. kuveytturk. com. tr/ tr/ NewsDetail. aspx?NewsID=148). 2010-08-26. [8] "Zain selects Mobinex’s Smartface Platform to empower mobile data services" (http:/ / www. prlog. org/ 10050885-zain-selects-mobinex-smartface-platform-to-empower-mobile-data-services. html). 2008-02-11. [9] "Zain selects Mobinex’s Smartface Platform to empower mobile data services" (http:/ / www. ameinfo. com/ 147839. html). 2008-02-11. [10] "Our Partners" (http:/ / www. mobinex. biz/ partners. html). 2009-02-22.

SCOTA enables manufacturers and operators to manage individual software components over-the-air. VisionMobile (a research firm). either updated or new. It allows deployment of discrete software components. It differs from standard application/content delivery. com/ rsc/ whitepapers/ Mobile%20Software%20Management%20(VisionMobile%20Research). to the embedded firmware of a mobile device. in that it enables the modification of the handset’s built-in. The key technology enabler for MSM is SCOTA . so that modifications can be made at a component level.smartface. with the core difference being that instead of treating the entire firmware as a single monolithic entity. July 2007.php • http://www.an evolution of FOTA.Smartface 263 External links • http://developer. References [1] http:/ / www. This approach can be considered an evolution to the previously established update approach named FOTA. Retrieved 2008-01-10. References • "Mobile Software Management: Advances and Opportunities in Service Delivery" [1] (PDF). embedded software.biz Software Components OTA SCOTA (Software Components Over The Air) is a term belonging to a market category called MSM (Mobile Software Management). pdf . such as ring tones or Java ME applications. SCOTA treats the firmware as a set of individual components. SCOTA is a relatively new approach to Mobile Software Management that modularizes the entire software stack of a mobile device.biz • http://developer. visionmobile.smartface.mobinex. in order to deliver customized features over-the-air across the device lifecycle.biz/documentation.

Cricket. Inc. Telus.com [1] Sonic BOOM is a private company headquartered in New York. the company creates online and social media extensions of its mobile entertainment products. applications. and abroad. In addition to developing applications for the iPhone. Sonic BOOM. AT&T. USA Key people Revenue Website David Danon: CEO Unknown sonicboomgames. Mobile Entertainment 2003 Headquarters New York. Tattoo Shop. Vivo.S. 264 Sonic Boom. Sprint Nextel. New York. Distribution Partners Apple. was founded in 2003 by David Danon. which enables users to customize content and create user generated media. MetroPCS. Name That Tune. Published games and applications • • • • • • • • • • • • Diner Dash: Hometown Hero (PlayFirst) Dream Chronicles (PlayFirst) Hidden Expedition:Everest (Big Fish Games) Redneck Fishin' (licensed for mobile) Virtual Villagers (licensed for mobile) iZombie: Death March Puzzlings Kill All Bugs Games That Blow ToneMaker America's Top Hotties Name That Tune! . an entrepreneur and former private equity consultant. publishes. The company was previously called Sonic Branding Solutions. US Cellular. Inc. Inc. Steam History Sonic BOOM. and Graffiti Writer. Verizon Wireless. Telcel. and distributes mobile games. Type Industry Founded Mobile Entertainment Video games. KDDI. and personalization content in the U. Sonic BOOM has a portfolio of mobile and online applications and games. Midwest Wireless. Rogers Wireless. Redneck Fishin'. Cellular South. Bell South. iZombie: Death March. which develops. executives Lou Fasulo and Josh Grant joined Sonic to spear-head new investments in Sonic Boom's game business. 2008. In November 2008. and then on July 29. Western Wireless. China Unicom. after the closing of Vivendi Games Mobile. Inc. Virtual Villagers. the company noted its name change to Sonic BOOM in a press release announcement. Mobistar. Sonic BOOM has published mobile entertainment applications such as ToneMaker.Sonic Boom. New York.

com/ [6] http:/ / biz. • iZombie: Death March Preview [10] .AppGamer's Q&A with Sonic Boom about its upcoming release of iZombie: Death March for iPhone • Interview with Sonic Boom's SVP of Publishing.Coverage in PocketGamer iZombie: Death March iPhone Game Preview [8] . pocketgamer. html?. html#reviews/ / [5] http:/ / www. Alice in Bomberland. v=1/ / [7] http:/ / www.Press release announcing new appointments to executive team. and Marketing. sonicboomgames. Biz/ Sonic+ Boom+ news/ news. • Sonic Boom Re-Branding Announcement [3] – Company changes its name from Sonic Branding Solutions to Sonic BOOM. com/ story/ gdc-2009-sonic-boom-previews/ / [10] http:/ / appgamer. uk/ r/ iPhone/ iZombie+ Death+ March/ news. Executive Team Announcement [7] .Sonic Boom. com/ prnews/ 090210/ ny67893. asp?c=12378 [9] http:/ / www. • Name That Tune Review [4] – IGN Wireless review of Name That Tune. tonemakerdj. php/ press/ sonicboom/ / [3] http:/ / www. pocketgamer. Sonic Boom ToneMaker DJ Site [5] Sonic Boom Press Announcement [6] . biz/ r/ PG. com/ index. co. net/ features/ 2009/ mar/ 28/ izombie-death-march-q/ [11] http:/ / www. sonicboommedia. biz/ r/ PG. • • • • • References [1] http:/ / www. mobilemage. com/ objects/ 741/ 741167. asp?c=12445 .PocketGamer interview with Sonic Boom's SVP of Publishing. asp?c=11542 [8] http:/ / www. pocketgamer. • • • • • • • • • • • iKnow Hip Hop Tattoo Shop Animal Planet Pix (Discovery license for mobile) Wallpaper Maker Graffiti Writer Screensaver Maker Magic Photo Dream Shots Digame! Tones Digame! Pix Faith Pix 265 External links • Sonic BOOM Official Site [1] • Sonic BOOM Press Announcement [2] – Press release announcing Sonic BOOM name change. Lou Fasulo [11] . ign. com/ 2008/ 07/ 30/ sonic-branded-solutions-re-brands-as-sonic-boom-and-blasts-into-online-and-social-media/ / [4] http:/ / wireless. slidetoplay.Previews on 4 iPhone games that Sonic Boom will be publishing. Redneck Fishin'. and Games That Blow [9] . Biz/ Sonic+ Boom+ news/ news. yahoo.Preview in PocketGamer iZombie: Death March. com/ [2] http:/ / www. Inc.

W595 G502. W910/W908.Sony Ericsson Java Platform 266 Sony Ericsson Java Platform The Sony Ericsson Java Platform is a set of profiles describing particular Sony Ericsson Java implementation. W700. K610. T650. K320. JTWI (JSR 185). JSR 234 (full support). V630. It was designed to help developers to focus on a platform rather than on a variety of different product names. who only has to download a JAR file containing the application to the phone. the Java Bluetooth APIs (JSR 82) are only enabled for phones which actually support Bluetooth wireless technology. W508. JSR 226 (SVG). W880. W710. W900. W830. W995. K500. C902. JSR 229. W800. Elm. W705. W580. Mascot Capsule Ver. JSR 177. JSR 239. K600. For example.0 Yari. MIDP 2. C905. JSR 172 W550. W610.5) JP-8 (8. K510. Z780. SIM Application Toolkit C510. Z750 JSR 179. JSR 248 (MSA). W200 All V800 only V600 only Note: JSR 184. K630. V640. K300. Z310.4) JP-8 (8. V600. Project Capuchin API W715. T630/T628. W380. Z770. W980. K850/K858. Some platform features are optional. JSR 180. that is. K770. CLDC 1. W810. W760. Aino. JSR 256 (Mobile Sensor API) JSR 211. JSR 256 (hardware dependant). C903. K800. S700. The platforms are implemented through an evolutionary approach in order to ensure forwards compatibility between platform versions. W850.1. Mascot Capsule Ver. W890/W898.1 MIDP 1.0-8. 3 Nokia UI API 1. K660. Z558 D750. T715 C702. Java Platform JP-8 (8. Zylo KML Support. Network Bearer API. W200. configurable. J300. JSR 238.0 Not Z310 JP-6 JP-5 JP-4 JP-3 JP-2 JP-1 Not K310. Z530. JSR 234 (Camera capabilities) S500. K790. Z800 F500. supporting Symbian (SJP) and non-Symbian (JP) based phones respectively.3) JP-8 (8. K750. JSR 75 Z525 V800. Normally each platform version is used in several phone models. C901. K550. Two platform branches exist. K810. Z610. . JSR 238 Extensions. CLDC 1. Z500 Z1010 T610/T616/T618. Cedar. JSR 135. These interfaces are mostly invisible to the end user. Z600/Z608 JSR 184.1. Z710 K310.2) Models Features Optional JSR 82 Yes Yes All All Optional VSCL 2. Z520. JSR 120. K700. G705. W300. JSR 205. JSR 179 (hardware dependant) JP-7 K530. Z550. 3 and JSR 234 are not enabled in Z310 series. Hazel. which means that all JSRs (except the optional) implemented on one platform are also implemented on all higher platforms. W600.0. W660. MIDP 2.0. T700.

sonyericsson. com/ device/ searchDevice. sonyericsson. sonyericsson. including SAP and Remedy. do?restart=true http:/ / developer. Micro Edition. sonyericsson. as well as any other application that leverages databases or Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) • Fully integrated with Sybase’s mobile device management and security solution. • Sony Ericsson's Project Capuchin in nine phones [4] 16 February 2009 References [1] [2] [3] [4] http:/ / developer. com/ site/ global/ newsandevents/ latestnews/ newsfeb09/ p_c901_c903_w995_projectcapuchin_announcement. do?docId=65067 http:/ / developer.Sony Ericsson Java Platform 267 References • Sony Ericsson Phones Gallery [1]. Afaria. which provides a single administrative console to centrally manage. com/ community/ community/ java_me/ extensions http:/ / developer. Features • Provides mobile application development plug-ins for Eclipse • Provides integrated mobile device management and application provisioning • Supports Windows Mobile. iPhone. applications and devices Uses • Sybase Unwired Platform is used by enterprises as well as independent software vendors to create mobile applications for multiple device types . and BlackBerry devices with native clients Benefits • Includes a tooling environment that greatly simplifies mobile application development • Offers integration with a variety of enterprise applications. 16 August 2009. com/ getDocument. • Sony Ericsson specific Java ME extensions [2]. Windows laptops/tablets. It provides a set of comprehensive services that allow customers to mobilize appropriate data and business processes for enterprises using virtually any mobile device. jsp Sybase unwired platform Sybase Unwired Platform is a mobile enterprise architecture designed for application development from the company Sybase. secure and deploy mobile data. CLDC – MIDP 2. • Developers guidelines Java Platform.0 for Sony Ericsson feature and entry level phones [3] Version R32A.

The managed component is installed on a mobile device. The system has a Web-based user interface. inventory.capricode. gathering diagnostic information. Overview SyncShield is a system for managing mobile devices remotely. SyncShield supports both Service Providers and operators that offer mobile device management for businesses as a managed (MSP) or hosted service (ASP). and starting and stopping of mobile applications Management system The management system is deployed as "software as a service" (SaaS) and supports multiple organisations and organisation levels through virtualisation. Managed systems The managed mobile device requires no user interaction after installation of the SyncShield software. and application inventory Back up.com [1] SyncShield is a Mobile device management (MDM) solution providing over-the-air (OTA) management of Smartphone security. and set up restrictions Installation. wipe. applications and settings. SyncShield is a device manufacturer and application software manufacturer independent solution that supports both Symbian and Windows Mobile devices. removal. It is based on the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) Device Management (DM) standard. 2008 Operating system Cross-platform License Website Proprietary www. It is a client–server system and uses the SyncML protocol between the client and the server.1 Symbian UIQ 3 Windows Mobile 5 . updating. Also in-house servers are supported. restore.3 / September. Features • • • • Provisioning the managed devices with settings. The management software has a Web user interface. and after installation it requires no user interaction.SyncShield 268 SyncShield SyncShield Developer(s) Stable release Capricode 3. It can be installed on the following platforms: • • • • • • • Symbian S60 2nd Edition Symbian S60 3rd Edition Symbian S60 5th Edition Symbian Series 80 Symbian UIQ 2. such as E-mail accounts and access points Setting and verifying the settings of managed devices. lock.

php?308 . capricode.SyncShield • Windows Mobile 6 • Android • iOS for iPhones and iPads 269 References [1] http:/ / www. com/ index.

a Windows Update server.com [1] System Center Mobile Device Manager is a Mobile device management (MDM) solution providing over-the-air (OTA) management of Windows Mobile Smartphone security. applications and settings. • Device security: back up. Server System Center Mobile Device Manager server components are deployed on multiple server computers. • Asset and application management: install/remove. encryption and mobile email clients. gather inventory. such as virus protection. References [1] http:/ / www. mspx . such as E-mail accounts and access points. the product provides the following functions: • Provisioning of device settings: provisioning the managed devices with settings. update. 2008 Operating system Windows. • Settings monitoring: setting and verifying the settings of managed devices.1 and above operating system.0 / april. including a Mobile VPN server . All device management activities are centrally managed from the server side. Features Through ActiveDirectory-based policies.System Center Mobile Device Manager 270 System Center Mobile Device Manager System Center Mobile Device Manager Developer(s) Stable release Microsoft 1. restore. lock. version check and the starting or stopping of mobile applications. gathering diagnostics information and application inventory. com/ windowsmobile/ en-us/ business/ solutions/ enterprise/ mobile-device-manager. Windows Mobile License Website Proprietary www. Client System Center Mobile Device Manager client is located in ROM.microsoft.and an ActiveDirectory domain controller. System Center Mobile Device Manager supports devices running the Windows Mobile 6. microsoft. wipe and set up functionality restrictions for managed devices.

games were released with a different name as above. The Tomytronic simulated 3D by having two LCD panels that were lit by external light through a window on top of the device. it was the first dedicated home video 3D hardware. handheldmuseum.. both believed to have been released in Japan only. Skyfighters. pcpro. PC Pro [2] http:/ / www. The rarest of the seven games are Jungle Fighter and Sherman Attack.[1] Titles Seven games were released: • • • • • • • Skyfighters (AKA Dog Fight/Tandy Sky Duel) Thundering Turbo (AKA Cosmos Lemans/Turbo Racer/Thundering Turbos) Sky Attack (AKA Tank Attack) Shark Attack (AKA Jaws 3D[2] ) Planet Zeon (AKA Space Laser War/Space Attack) Jungle Fighter Sherman Attack In some markets. Ltd. was licensed by Tandy and renamed Tandy Sky Duel. htm) . com/ Tomy/ 3D. asp?c=12051 [3] Tomytronic 3D Games (http:/ / www.[3] References [1] The top ten retro gaming secrets (http:/ / www. The device featured a strap so the player would be able to wear it our his or her neck in between playing. Released in 1983.Tomytronic 3D 271 Tomytronic 3D The Tomytronic 3D was a series of portable. co. uk/ r/ Various/ Handheld+ Classics/ feature. uk/ features/ 361591/ the-top-ten-retro-gaming-secrets). pocketgamer. One game. handheld gaming devices released in the 1980s by Takara Tomy Co. co.

for example the QWERTY layout. 3. This makes each button big enough for thumb tapping. External links • ToneThis main site [1] • Raj Singh website [2] References [1] http:/ / www. while keeps the general computer keyboard layout. 4. History TouchPal v1 was released in October 2007. It combines two letters and one symbol on each key. There are not additional function keys such as Shift or Ctrl because the functions achieved by them were built-in and can be easily implemented directly by finger tapping or sliding. 5. ToneThis was founded by Raj Singh. rajansingh. Slide down to input a symbol on the bottom. Below is a summary of the basic usage. com/ TouchPal TouchPal is an alternative software input method for mobile devices. Tapping on the keys directly to input predictively. tonethis. a serial mobile entrepreneur. Sliding on a key in four directions like a "+" to input precisely. 1. Slide to the left/right to precisely input the letter on the left/right. It is an alternative text input method to the traditional physical keyboards. The overall layout of all the letters follows a common computer keyboard layout. Technology TouchPal default keyboard layout is designed based on the T+ technology. It only has the T+ layout virtual keyboard. whose layout looks like a "T". images and videos wirelessly or via Bluetooth or USB to their mobile phone as a ringtone. . It places a virtual keyboard on the touch screen of the handhelds. It has many useful features such as self-defined "My Sentences" and "My Commands". with which you can enter text by tapping on the screen. wallpaper or mobile video. a patent pending technology owned by CooTek.ToneThis 272 ToneThis ToneThis is a mobile media desktop application that allows people to personalize and deliver their personal music. comprehensive content editing functions. The keyboard is one-layer design. com/ [2] http:/ / www. It is a software application running on Windows Mobile devices. drag & drop buttons. Slide up then down to input the numbers on the top. ToneThis is a CNET Top 10 Mobile application and is available in retail stores including CompUSA and BestBuy. 2. Slide up to input uppercase letters. Tap directly to input predictively. It only supports English input. designed and developed by CooTek.

Users can switch keyboard layouts by finger sweeping.com. Sean Cooper. and Dutch. engadgetmobile.cootek. June/July 2008 issue (http://www. It also includes customizable emoticons and a few other features. php?q=blogs/ 30/ touchpal_a_very_well_done_soft_keyboard). Engadget Mobile. German.com/cms/current-issue/) 2. TouchPal v3 has much better extensibility than the previous two versions. full QWERTY layout. Smartphone and Pocket PC Magazine. French. October 12. com/ 2007/ 10/ 12/ cooteks-touchpal-brings-iphone-like-touchpad-to-windows-mobile/ ). TouchPal-A Well-Done Soft Keyboard Alternative! (http:/ / www. CooTek (http://www. and can change the keyboard layout. Nate Adcock. wmexperts. together with several European input languages. February 10. Compared with the previous two versions. Italian. the skins. com/ cms/ index.pocketpcmag. It supports three layouts on one virtual keyboard: T+ layout. TouchPal v3 has a lot of new features. It also provides changeable keypress sound. users can self develop the supported input languages. TouchPal v3 English version was released in April 2008. Nate Adcock. Smartphone and Pocket PC Magazine. WMExperts. It supports several European languages input such as English. Spanish. its virtual keyboard is resizable by finger sliding. 2008 3. 2007 External links 1. Dieter Bohn.html).com) website . 2007 4. TouchPal v3 Chinese input version came out one month later. With its SDK. TouchPal: One of the Best Soft Keyboards. TouchPal v3 significantly improved the predictive algorithm by incorporating its patent pending context-based word prediction and mistyping auto-correction algorithm.TouchPal TouchPal v2 came out in late December 2007. and 9-key PhonePad layout. pocketpcmag. 273 References 1. October 4. CooTek's TouchPal brings iPhone-like touchpad to Windows Mobile (http:/ / www. There is cool animation effect when turning the pages or switching the layouts. Besides what v1 has. com/ articles/ software/ great_new_soft_keyboard. Great New Soft Keyboard (http:/ / www.

0 and CLDC 1. tristit. html http:/ / www. Features Platform independent.e. com . Myspace connect. net/ general-cell-phone-forum/ t310119-tristit-browser-mobilise-your-life-free.Tristit Browser 274 Tristit Browser Tristit Mobile Browser is a free Java-based client-server application i. There is also a version available for the BlackBerry platform. wallpapers. External links • Mobilise your life [1] • • • • • Tristit Browser 1. Google search. co.2.1. GSM operator independent. edu/ book/ chap1/ java_hist. com/ features/ 1998/ 05/ birthday. Except for build-in applications the Tristit Mobile Browser pulls all content from its servers and subsequently therefore only will work while connected to the Internet. The Tristit Mobile browser and supporting mobile WAP sites work localized however the global edition is reachable through the settings section as of version 1.4 [2] Java Technology: the Early Years [3] Tristit Mobile Browser [4] History of Java [5] Official web site [6] References [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] http:/ / cellphoneforums. mobile-forum. uk/ showthread. applications. net/ symbian-applications-os-9-1/ 52382-tristit-browser-v1-1-4-a. Twitter upload. html http:/ / www. mobile browser that works on 90% of all existing GSM and CDMA handsets with a MDIP 2. multi-player games and information streams. php?t=99737 http:/ / ei. Facebook connect.1 profile. live TV. nokiasoftware. live news. html http:/ / www. vt. cs. sun. html http:/ / java.

5. and is evidenced in at least one commercially available system. Not all advertised UAProfs are available (about 20% of links supplied by handsets are dead or unavailable.e. The W3C MWI (Mobile Web Initiative) and the associated DDWG (Device Description Working Group). multimedia. Verizon. or to decide what items to offer for download. drawbacks to relying solely on UAProf are (See also [1] ): 1.UAProf 275 UAProf The User Agent Profile (UAProf) specification is concerned with capturing capability and preference information for wireless devices. (i.g. Windows Mobile devices. UAProf can contain schema or data errors which can cause parsing to fail 4. manual data and UAProfiles to deal with the actual device itself rather than the idealised representation of "offline" approaches such as UAProf or Wurfl. UAProf is related to the Composite Capabilities/Preference Profiles Specification created by the World Wide Web Consortium. UAProf production for a device is voluntary: for GSM devices. UAProf headers can often be plain wrong. This approach allows detection of devices modified by the user. A content delivery system (such as a wap site) can use UAProf to adapt content for display. However. Character Set support. iDen handsets. Model. component analysis.g. The UAProf document itself does not contain the user agents of the devices it might apply to in the schema (Nokia put it in the comments). the UAProf is normally produced by the vendor of the device (e. A UAProf file describes the capabilities of a mobile handset. Not all devices have UAProfs (including many new Windows Mobile devices. A mobile handset sends a header within an http request. containing the URL to its UAProf. Another approach to the problem is to combine real-time derived information. and the practical shortcomings in the implementation of UAProf across the industry have outlined specifications for a Device Description Repository. This information can be used by content providers to produce content in an appropriate format for the specific device. This XML data is keyed on the "user-agent" header in a web request. Legacy devices. Multimedia Capabilities. Samsung. LG) whereas for CDMA/BREW Devices it's more common for the UAProf to be produced by the Telecommunications Company (e. UAProf is based on RDF. and a workflow to refresh UAProfs to check for deprecation. PSS5 and PSS6 schemas. in the expectation that an ecosystem of such Repositories will eventually obviate the need for local device repositories in favour of a web service ecosystem. but sometimes may look more like "19-profile". including Vendor. streaming and MMS capabilities. .com) 3. They are an xml based file format. recognising the difficulty in collecting and keeping track of UAProfs and device handset information. Nokia. which includes much more detailed data about video. The http header is usually "x-wap-profile". Spiders and Bots. and more. or legacy handsets) 2. for a completely different device) UAProf device profiles are one of the sources of device capability information for Wurfl. There is no industry-wide data quality standard for the data within each field in an UAProf. Sprint). which maps the UAProfile schema to its own with many other items and boolean fields relating to device markup. and are usually served with mimetype application/xml. Retrieving and parsing UAProfs in real-time is slow and can add substantial overhead to any given web request: necessitating the creation of a Device Description Repository to cache the UAProfs in. UAProf files typically have the file extensions "rdf" or "xml". multimedia capabilities and more. Screensize. "wap-profile" or a number of other similar headers. Recent UAProfiles have also begun to include data conforming to MMS. The RDF format means that the document schema is extensible. 7. according to figures from UAProfile. 6.

T. External links • openmobilealliance. 239-248. Davies.mobilemultimedia.pdf) • UAProf list (en/fr) (http://www. Springer Netherlands. Integrating device independence and user profiles on the Web.openmobilealliance.org UAProf spec (PDF File) (http://www. J. BT Technology Journal..UAProf 276 References [1] Glover. 2005.org/tech/affiliates/wap/ wap-248-uaprof-20011020-a.be) • UAProf database (no login) (http://www.uaprof. pp.com) .

originally developed by UK-based uWaver in which players match and cross pairs of digits that are of equal value or that amount to 10 when added. Symbian. However. uDigits is currently available for Series 40. BlackBerry.UDigits 277 UDigits uDigits Developer(s) Version Platform(s) uWaver Ltd 2.5 (January 31. pairs with digits of any value. The selected type of the game determines the initial set of digits on the field and also the digits that get The playfield of uDigits added at the player's request. Bonuses allow the player to cross out "difficult combinations". they can request more digits to be added to the field. The player's task is to match pairs and cross out all digits on the field in as few moves as possible. The player wins the game when the entire field is cleared. Modern. Series 60. 2011) Series 40. The goal of the game is to clear the playfield in as few moves as possible. The game is available in 3 types: Classic. every game starts with a grid that contains three rows of digits. Symbian. The match occurs when the two digits in a pair are the same or if their sum is 10. and Random. if the player requests digits to be added to the field and that action results in the player's score potentially exceeding 3000. then the game is automatically lost. and Pro). 2010 Genre(s) Mode(s) Puzzle Single player uDigits (aka Doodle Digits) is a numeric puzzle game. Series 60. The Beginner and Advanced levels of uDigits include bonuses that the player receives after every 100 matched digits. a match can occur only if those two digits are in certain locations on the field.0. . BlackBerry Tablet (PlayBook). determined by the selected skill level (Beginner. In addition. When the player runs out of possible combinations. Release date(s) October 14. Gameplay In uDigits. Advanced. BlackBerry phones and the PlayBook tablet.

Retrieved March 12.[2] 278 Development The computer version of the game first appeared in May 9. By having many services interlinked through the same user interface the problem of utilising data across applications and running parallel programs is overcome. [3] Goldenware Team (May 9. Retrieved March 12. com/ ). External links • Official website (http://udigits. and to share the UMI software itself along with the services themselves. A Universal Mobile Interface (UMI) has the following characteristics: • • • • • • • • • • • • • It can act as the main Internet services interface It offers access to the whole Internet on the mobile device It is operator and device independent It offers full personalization of internet link collections It offers easy access to the device’s contact book and messaging It enables import of contacts and mail from other applications It offers a universal payment solution It is graphically adjusted to a small screen It offers surfing without typing URLs It has viral distribution capabilities It is easy to download and install on device It is a freeware It enables easy content creation and distribution . . 2010. As all Internet links are available through the server.[3] It was developed by the same people who now work in uWaver. Internet: uWaver Ltd. uDigits was released for Nokia's Series 40 feature-phones on October 14. Internet: Goldenware Team. with versions for iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Windows Phone 7 to follow sometime in 2011. tucows. and a version for BlackBerry PlayBook on March 10. store contacts. 2011). . 2003 and was called Numbers. By running server-based services “over the top”. 2011. uDigits for Android is to be released next. 2011.com) Universal Mobile Interface Universal Mobile Interface (UMI) is a software concept designed to overcome key barriers to mass usage of mobile services. 2011.UDigits The complete rules are available on the game's official web site[1] and a review by Nokia's Ovi Daily App includes screenshots and impressions from the game. 2011.5" (http:/ / www. According to the game's official web site. there is no need to type in URLs. Any link is easily saved and shared. Internet: Nokia. the end user always has access to personal content and data irrespective of operator or device. October 14. etc. . 2010 and was followed by a release for BlackBerry smartphones on November 4. Tough to Master" (http:/ / blog. The specific link may be represented graphically in the UI and can be clicked on directly. "Doodle Digits Puzzle for Nokia Is Easy to Learn. ovi. The idea was put on hold and made available for mobile seven years later. References [1] "uDigits" (http:/ / udigits. [2] KevinSharp (March 5. 2003). Retrieved March 12. com/ preview/ 296674/ ). "Goldenware Numbers 1. Operator and device independent services increase the users’ willingness to create personalised web interfaces. com/ dailyapp/ global/ 2011/ 03/ doodle-digits-puzzle-for-nokia-is-easy-to-learn-tough-to-master/ ).

One alternative is to brows ordinary Internet web sites. Expensive or complex roaming data pricing is still a major issue for travellers. In the latter option.5 billion mobile phones. Content providers have mainly been limited to two approaches for mobile distribution due to the content strategies of mobile operators. operators often run “walled garden” approaches for value added mobile services. the services have to be produced in many versions to fit all phones and operators. But for various reasons. it has proven difficult to transfer concepts from market to market as well as from one device to the other. running off-portal (off-deck) services where they have to market the services independently. or. in addition to the physical limitations due to its small size. are: • It is a much more personal device • It is always accompanying the user • It is always on Barriers to mass usage of Mobile Internet services However. Mobile Internet will be the primary access to the Internet for most people as mobile phones far outnumber PCs. • Limited memory and bandwidth capabilities which reduces the capacity to run applications in parallel and makes it difficult to switch between different applications. but take-up has mostly been quite disappointing. secondly. Even so it seems clear that sooner or later. and some limited success has been seen. e. both from a technology and a business model point of view. This typically provides a very poor user experience. the mobile phone also has important disadvantages compared to the PC: • Physical limitations. and have not been possible to monitor and manage remotely. Many attempts have been made to overcome these limitations. The main advantages of the mobile phone compared to the PC. and is really just an option for very high-end terminals. The mobile phone has turned out to be a complex distribution platform for non-voice services. Another barrier has been that phone settings are often not correct. compared to “only” 1 billion PCs. the end user usually needs to type in URLs manually and bookmarks are typically lost when the user changes phones.Universal Mobile Interface • It supports content provider business models 279 Background The evolution of the mobile phone as the foremost multi-media device has long been predicted.g. In both cases. Aside from pricing constraints. This restricts the end user from freely exploring the Mobile Internet. as premium services represent a significant revenue potential for them. making it extremely valuable to end users. Today there are about 3. gaining visibility through operator portals at a significant cost for the premium services. small screen. The price of data traffic is one example. even though more and more flat rate offers are introduced. Firstly. . limited keyboard • The large number of different operating systems as well as different versions of enabling software such as Java. The business strategies of operators also create important barriers to increased usage.

give the same ease-of-use and user experience as the vertical approach but has other advantages that may result in more universal success. OS and operator Another alternative is a customer-centric “over the top” approach. Both work and will co-exist. in the short run. Vertical versus Horizontal approach to overcome barriers to mass usage of Mobile Internet Vertical approach: Take full control of hardware. The first will be limited by hardware penetration and/or operator footprint. Widsets[3] . Plusmo[2] . for example i-mode (NTT DoCoMo). In this category we have services such as Opera Mini[1] . In this case. The second approach has no real limitations and will eventually reach much higher penetration. giving the same user experience when moving from one handset to the other and also when changing operator. The Universal Mobile Interface concept can be categorized as a horizontal approach. . Special solutions can be implemented to guarantee quality. This approach has been utilised by both operators and device manufacturers. the barriers are overcome by adding a server-based application on top of existing phone systems utilising the mobile phone as a remote window (light client) to server-based mobile-optimised services. This approach cannot.Universal Mobile Interface 280 Strategies to overcome barriers Two types of approaches have emerged to overcome these barriers to mass usage of mobile services. OS and application The user experience and quality is safeguarded by building and optimising the services for one OS/hardware and by applying strict rules on application and content formats. Horizontal approach: Service/browser independent of hardware. speed and graphics. and Squace [4] . Blackberry (RIM) and iPhone (Apple). The approach thereby becomes customer-centric.

slideshare.White paper (http://hosted. com/ ) Squace (http:/ / www. pdf) • Universal Mobile Interface Blog (http://universalmobileinterface. wireless. squace.useit.net/squace/ universal-mobile-interface-umi-presentation) .php?event_id=400) • Presentation of UMI at Wireless@KTH (http://www. 2009: Mobile Web 2009 = Desktop Web 1998 (http://www.com/ alertbox/mobile-usability. opera.html|Jakob) • Universal Mobile Inferface .com/public_resources/umi/UMI_white_paper. com/ ) Widsets (http:/ / www.com) • Wireless@KTH | Universal Mobile Interface: A key concept for unleashing the Mobile Internet (http://www. com/ ) External links • Nielsen's Alertbox.kth.se/news_and_events/view_event.squace. February 17. plusmo.wordpress. com/ mini/ ) Plusmo (http:/ / www.Universal Mobile Interface 281 References [1] [2] [3] [4] Opera Mini (http:/ / www. widsets.

Overview In uZard Web. it is usually faster and supports better rendering techniques.x) browser. similar to the operation of a thin client.. Symbian. a webpage is fully rendered by a server separate from the mobile device. The layout engine used in this browser is MoRDAC (Mobile oriented Remote Display and Control). Windows CE. 2007 1. smartphones. Its first commercial version was released in Feb. . PMP. 2007 in Korea with SK Telecom.16 / May 11. 2009 [1] Development status Active Written in Operating system Java. BlackBerry (RIM) and Linux. navigator. LG Telecom and KT WiBro(WiMAX) which are carriers (operators). KTF. settopbox and etc. February 14. Also it supports BREW.1. This approach is also used by Opera Mini and the original Skyfire (1. Java and WIPI.UZard Web 282 UZard Web uZard Web (Mobile web browser) Developer(s) Initial release Stable release Logicplant Co. It currently supports Windows Mobile (Touchscreen devices only)[3] . Ltd. C Windows Mobile Blackberry Android Symbian OS Linux Cross-platform WIPI/ BREW /Java(VM) / Manufacturer's native platform under 500kB but variable Various Mobile browser Proprietary uZard Web [2] Platform Size Available in Type License Website uZard Web is a mobile web browser for mobile devices such as cellular phones. but does not offer the end-to-end security of a full browser (such as Opera [4] Mobile or Internet Explorer Mobile).

org/ http:/ / vradio. it operated on "Nokia S60. BenQ. as well as GPRS and EDGE networks. com/ en http:/ / www. php . com http:/ / www. uZard.php?mn_name=exhi&articleId=122939) Virtual Radio Virtual Radio is an internet radio player for mobile phones.com/en) • CTIA Wireless 2009 Logicplant to present its mobile web browser 'Uzard web' -Aving News (http://us.GWR Bath 103. with a bit rate of no higher than 32kpbs. As of April 23. operating on the Symbian operating system. org/ buy. Siemens SX1.3fm[2] External links • VirtualRadio [3] • FAQ [2] • Buy link and comprehensive list of supported phones [4] References [1] [2] [3] [4] http:/ / vradio. php http:/ / vradio. uzard. com/ en/ support/ faq. Motorola. Arima and Sendo X" phones. net/news/view.8fm (London). 2006. SonyEricsson. asp http:/ / www. [1] Data is transmitted to the Virtual Radio-enabled phone over standard 3G data networks.0fm and GWR Bristol 96.aving. uzard. org http:/ / vradio. org/ faq. Currently in the UK it is only available on Virgin 105.uzard.UZard Web 283 References [1] [2] [3] [4] http:/ / www. com/ en External links • Official website (http://http://www. logicplant.

0(xHTML).[4] The initial version was lacking support for the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) and Wireless Markup Language (WML). Drawbacks • Multi-window browsing is not supported.[5] Hence the Nokia Services (WAP) browser was the default browser on initial device shipments of this platform. Developer(s) Operating system Platform License Website Nokia Symbian OS S60 platform BSD www. Nokia's web browser allows the user to see a thumbnail image of the full web page which they call "mini maps" and allows users to zoom into the areas they want to read. It supports WAP 2. There are two types of S60 browser S60v2 Browser Advantages • • • • It supports HTML.Web Browser for S60 284 Web Browser for S60 Web Browser for S60 Web Browser for S60 running on the Nokia E65. The browser is based on a port of Apple Inc.nokia. It was developed by Nokia. is the default web browser for the S60 mobile phone platform. showing the Page Overview of the English Wikipedia main page.[2] [3] Unlike some other mobile phone browsers which reformat pages to a suitable width for small mobile phone screens. which puts a greater strain on the phone's processor and bandwidth usage . • Only one file can be downloaded at a time • It doesn't compress pages. version 2 of the browser introduced support for these standards. These frameworks were themselves based on software ported from the KDE project (KHTML and KJS).com/browser [1] Web Browser for S60 or the S60 OSS Browser. It supports cookies and JavaScript.’s open source WebCore and JavaScriptCore frameworks which form the WebKit rendering engine that Apple uses in its Safari Web browser. Wide web pages can be formatted for mobile viewing.

shtml).e. com/ A4136002?newsid=1052589). Retrieved 2007-03-21. [6] http:/ / techie-buzz.nokia. com/ PR/ 200511/ 1019239_5. . "An Overview of Nokia's KHTML/WebCore-based S60 Browser" (http:/ / www. mobile-review.com. has a Control-key.nokia. press.0(xHTML). html). . after the afore-mentioned "mini map" feature. [3] Nokia Research Center . . [10] Nokia PR (May 24. With older Nokia models.[8] Disadvantages • Copy paste support is poor. mobile-review. 2005). press. com/ PR/ 200506/ 998214_5. as N95 had a Pen-key and E90 had a Control-key. [5] Eldar Murtazin (December 28. New N86 and N97 do not have such keys. Advantages • • • • • It supports HTML. press.nokia. fonearena. "Description Nokia Web Browser S60 (OSS Browser)" (http:/ / www. OSNews. com/ story. com/ browser [2] Nokia PR (November 2.com.[9] and made it available in November. 2006). com/ mobile-news/ nokia-n97-mini-exclusive-review. nokia.Web Browser for S60 285 S60v3 browser This browser is more advanced than the s60v2 browser. only in some web forms. Retrieved 2007-03-21. However. nokia. • Flash is only supported on newer more powerful handsets (although Flash Lite on other devices allows support for basic flash animations). com/ blog/ 21308/ nokia-n8-browser. touch screen) supports Kinetic scrolling[6] Symbian^3/Symbian^4 The Symbian^3 version (that was merged with Symbian^4) and succeeded S60 5th edition supports Pinch to Zoom. this was not a problem. E72. It supports WAP 2. nokia. com/ 2010/ 11/ 09/ symbian-update-2011/ [9] Nokia PR (June 13. "Nokia releases 'Web Browser for S60' engine code to open source community" (http:/ / www. nokia. html [7] http:/ / www. 2005). html). osnews. Nokia announced that it was releasing the source code for its port of WebKit back to the community. . Retrieved 2007-03-21. Retrieved 2007-03-21. .S60WebKit (http:/ / opensource. Retrieved 2007-03-21.com. Multi-window browsing is supported Many files(up to 10) can be downloaded at once S60 5th edition The S60 5th edition (i. 2005).[11] References [1] http:/ / www. "Nokia introduces a new Web browser for S60 3rd Edition" (http:/ / press. • some jQuery effects are not supported (fadeIn and slideDown) Nokia announced the project in June 2005. "Nokia develops a new browser for Series 60 by using open source software" (http:/ / press. php?news_id=12965). which was released in 11/2009.[10] The version included on Nokia phones is named the Nokia Mini Map Browser. com/ review/ nokia-webbrowser-en. nokia. It supports cookies and JavaScript. com/ projects/ S60browser/ ) [4] Eugenia Loli-Queru (December 13. . you can not copy paste in many web forms. like N95 or E90. html [8] http:/ / thenokiablog. If you have a device with no Control-key or Pen-key.[2] At the 2006 World Wide Web Conference.com. 2006).[7] Nokia SVP Jo Harlow promised an update of the web browser in the first quarter of 2011.

com/index.Web Browser for S60 [11] "Nokia Mini Map Browser" (http:/ / www.com/life/thisiss60/s60indetail/technologiesandfeatures/ webrowser) • S60 Browser Blog (http://blogs. 286 External links • Nokia Mini Map Browser • Nokia Mini Map Browser (http://www.Old S60 blogs • S60WebKit (Rendering engine) • Nokia Research Center .Web Browser for S60 (http://www.allaboutsymbian.s60.com/projects/S60browser/) • Full web-browsing technology from Nokia (http://www.S60WebKit (http://opensource.org/wiki/S60Webkit) • November 2010 mobile browsers comparison/speed test by Steve Litchfield of Allaboutsymbian.nokia. com/ browser).s60. Retrieved 2007-03-21.xhtml) • Forum Nokia Wiki .Building S60Webkit (http://wiki.com/Technology_Topics/ Web_Technologies/Browsing/Technology.com/browser/) .webkit.Trac .com. nokia.nokia.nokia.com/features/item/12323_Mobile_browser_comparison_Nove.nokia. .com/browser) • S60 info .S60WebKit Project (http://trac.forum.php/Building_S60Webkit) • Webkit .php) .forum.com (http:// www. nokia.

[3] .[7] WebCore was announced at the Macworld Expo in January 2003 by Apple CEO Steve Jobs with the release of the Safari web browser. others.20 / February 17.[2] It is also used as the basis for the experimental browser included with the Amazon Kindle ebook reader. RIM. Nokia.webkit. November 4. . Apple Inc.000 lines of code). 2011 C++ Operating system Cross-platform[1] Type License Website Layout engine GNU LGPL. KDE. Samsung and others. cleanly designed and standards compliant. WebKit powers Google Chrome and Safari.2 as a private framework which Apple used within their Sherlock application. JavaScriptCore was first included with Mac OS X v10. KHTML and KJS were ported to Mac OS X with the help of an adapter library and renamed WebCore and JavaScriptCore. and the rest of WebKit is available under a BSD-style license. Samsung. Google. created a fork of KHTML and KJS. The WebKit engine provides a set of classes to display web content in windows. which in January 2011 had around 14% and 6% of browser market share respectively. Google.webkit. although it had already been bundled with a minor release of 10.3 was the first major release of Apple's operating system to bundle WebKit.. The name and project 'WebKit' were created in 2002 when Apple Inc. BSD license [www. and has now been further developed by individuals from the KDE project. Apple developers explained in an e-mail to KDE developers[6] that these engines allowed easier development than other technologies by virtue of being small (fewer than 140. Mac OS X v10. 2011 r79746 / February 26. alongside the first release of Apple's changes. Palm. from the Konqueror browser's KHTML software library for use as the engine of Safari web browser. WebKit was originally derived by Apple Inc.[4] WebKit's WebCore and JavaScriptCore components are available under the GNU Lesser General Public License.2. and implements browser features such as following links when clicked by the user. Torch Mobile. managing a back-forward list. Mac OS X and Windows are supported by the project.WebKit 287 WebKit WebKit Developer(s) Initial release Stable release Preview release Written in Apple. Bitstream.org] WebKit is a layout engine designed to allow web browsers to render web pages. while WebCore debuted with the first beta of Safari.[6] JavaScriptCore was announced in an e-mail to a KDE mailing list in June 2002.org www. 1998 534. and managing a history of pages recently visited. Nokia.[5] Origins The code that would become WebKit began in 1998 as the KDE project's HTML layout engine KHTML and KDE's JavaScript engine (KJS).

The article also noted Apple had begun to contact KHTML developers about discussing how to improve the mutual relationship and ways of future cooperation. Despite this.[10] Apple submitted their changes in large patches that contained a great number of changes with inadequate documentation. KWQ. and development of KHTML continues.[13] Since the transfer of the sourcecode into a public CVS repository. these patches were difficult for the KDE developers to integrate back into KHTML. including compliance with the Acid2 rendering test.[8] One of the reasons for this is that Apple worked on their version of KHTML for a year before making their fork public.[9] 288 Split development At one point KHTML developers said they were unlikely to accept Apple's changes and claimed the relationship between the two groups was a "bitter failure". KDE developer Kurt Pfeifle (pipitas) posted an article claiming KHTML developers had managed to backport many (but not all) Safari improvements from WebCore to KHTML.. . Konqueror 3. Mac OS X calls) that are absent in KDE's KHTML.[16] Open-sourcing On June 7. the Ars Technica website published an article reporting that the KDE team would move from KHTML to WebKit.5 passed the Acid2 test. Objective-C. 2005. the KDE project was able to incorporate some of these changes to improve KHTML's rendering speed and add features.5.[15] Instead. In mid-December 2005 support for Scalable Vector Graphics was merged into the standard build[17] and in early January 2006 the source code was migrated from CVS to Subversion. which called for different development tactics. Apple and KHTML developers have had increasing collaboration. only WebCore and JavaScriptCore were open source) and opening up access to WebKit's CVS tree and the bug Database tool.0 was released in August 2010 with support for both WebKit and KHTML. which was released after Apple had opened its WebKit CVS and Bug Database.[14] In July 2007. KDE Development Platform version 4. During the publicized 'divorce' period. after several years of integration. Many KHTML developers have become reviewers and submitters for WebKit SVN repository.WebKit However. Safari developer Dave Hyatt announced on his weblog that Apple was open-sourcing WebKit (previously. often to do with future feature additions.g. some changes involved Mac OS X-specific features (e. the exchange of code patches between the two branches of KHTML has previously been difficult and the code base diverged because both projects had different approaches in coding. According to Apple. and they always appreciated the improvements coming from Apple and still do so. while the rest of WebKit is available under a BSD-style license.[11] Furthermore. Apple had demanded developers to sign nondisclosure agreements before looking at Apple's source code and even then they were unable to access Apple's bug database. Apple has released changes of the source code of its KHTML fork in a CVS repository. WebKit's JavaScriptCore and WebCore components are available under the GNU Lesser General Public License.[13] This was announced at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference 2005 by Apple Senior Vice President of Software Engineering Bertrand Serlet.[12] Since the story of the fork appeared in news. Thus. The WebKit team had also reversed many Apple-specific changes in the original WebKit code base and implemented platform-specific abstraction layers to make committing the core rendering code to other platforms significantly easier.

Now named Web Browser for S60.[21] Initially the only supported architecture for SFX was the x86 architecture. for example Apple's e-mail client Mail and the 2008 version of Microsoft's Entourage personal information manager both make use of WebKit to render e-mail messages with HTML content.[35] The Amazon Kindle 3 includes an experimental WebKit based browser. HTML. it is used on Nokia. and other Symbian S60 mobile phones. etc. In Adobe Creative Suite CS5. but at the end of January 2009 SFX was enabled for Mac OS X on x86-64 architectures as it passes all tests on that platform. LG. including animation. transitions and both 2D and 3D transforms. WebKit has been adopted as the rendering engine in OmniWeb. with the major difference being that it has built the process split model directly into the framework. iCab and Epiphany replacing their original rendering engines. allowing other clients to use it. As of the first half of 2010. which compiles JavaScript into native machine code. Blackberry Browser (ver 6. layout. the project announced that it had accomplished support for HTML5 media features. Mac OS X and iOS.[19] [20] The project evolved into SquirrelFish Extreme (abbreviated SFX).) runs in a separate process from the application UI. Samsung.[18] On June 2. where the web content (JavaScript.[22] Beginning in early 2007. WebKit2 is designed from the ground up to support a split process model. the engine's primary contributors.[30] Epiphany supported both Gecko and WebKit for some time. but the team decided that Gecko's release cycle and future development plans would make it cumbersome to continue supporting it. has an interface based on WebKit. Shiira.[32] WebKit will continue to dominate the mobile industry as the market penetration of smartphones.[24] WebKit2 WebKit2 was announced on 8 April 2010. Midori.[23] such extensions were released as working drafts to the W3C in 2009 for standardization. the WebKit project announced they rewrote JavaScriptCore as "SquirrelFish". This model is similar to what Google Chrome offers.[36] . 2008. eliminating the need for a bytecode interpreter and thus speeding up Javascript execution. a bytecode interpreter. the development team began to implement CSS extensions. 2008. HP's Palm WebOS uses WebKit as the basis of its application runtime. The latest interface update for Valve Corporation's Steam employs WebKit to render its interface and built-in browser. analyst estimates place the cumulative number of mobile handsets shipped with a WebKit-based browser at 350 million. Chrome browser. increases. where it is used to render content within the device's web browser and e-mail software. Currently WebKit2 is available for Mac and Windows. KDE Projects Rekonq Web Browser and Plasma Workspaces also use it as the native web rendering engine. Other applications on Mac OS X can make use of WebKit.[33] The Android mobile phone platform uses WebKit as the basis of its web browser[34] and the Palm Pre. Nokia announced that it had ported WebKit to the Symbian operating system and was developing a browser based on WebKit for mobile phones running S60.[25] [26] Usage WebKit is used as the rendering engine within Safari on Windows.[28] [29] Uzbl.WebKit 289 Further development In November 2007.[31] WebKit is used to render HTML and run JavaScript in the Adobe Integrated Runtime application platform. allowing for embedded video to be natively rendered and script-controlled in WebKit. announced January 2009. Ports The week after Hyatt's announcement of WebKit's open-sourcing. announced on September 18.0+). Maxthon 3 and the Android Web browser. New web browsers have been built around WebKit such as the S60 browser[27] on Symbian mobile phones. Apple has also ported WebKit to the iOS to run on the iPhone and iPod Touch. WebKit is used to render some parts of the user interface.

providing an Objective-C application programming interface to the C++-based WebCore rendering engine and JavaScriptCore script engine. 2008. The WebKit framework wraps WebCore and JavaScriptCore.7 is the first version of OWB supporting HTML5 media tags. 2008. Since forking from KJS and PCRE. with pixel-perfect rendering and no timing or smoothness issues on reference hardware.[58] Version 0. later versions also include a cross-platform C++ platform abstraction. widgets/gadgets. eliminating the need for a bytecode interpreter and thus speeding up JavaScript execution. the WebKit project announced they rewrote JavaScriptCore as "SquirrelFish". Drosera has been replaced by the inclusion of debugging functionality in the Web Inspector. WebKit passes the Acid2 and Acid3 tests.[46] [47] AROS[48] and MorphOS. rendering. which compiles JavaScript into native machine code.[7] [52] JavaScriptCore is originally derived from KDE's JavaScript engine (KJS) library (which is part of the KDE project) and the PCRE regular expression library.[19] [20] The project evolved into SquirrelFish Extreme (abbreviated SFX. Apple announced that WebKit had been ported to Microsoft Windows as part of Safari.[59] It was well-received. There is also a project synchronized with WebKit (sponsored by Pleyo)[44] called Origyn Web Browser.[21] Drosera Drosera is a JavaScript debugger that was included with the nightly builds of WebKit. Its complete source code is licensed under the LGPL. a genus of carnivorous plants.[54] [55] It was named after Drosera.[40] [41] the Qt framework.[49] [50] 290 Components WebCore WebCore is a layout. which provides a meta-port to an abstract platform with the aim of making porting to embedded or lightweight systems quicker and easier.[56] SunSpider SunSpider is a benchmark suite that aims to measure JavaScript performance on tasks relevant to the current and near future use of JavaScript in the real world.9 was released by the WebKit team in December 2007. The Qt port of WebKit is also available to be used in Konqueror in KDE 4.4 release.WebKit In June 2007.[57] The suite further attempts to be balanced and statistically sound.[15] The Iris Browser on Qt also uses WebKit. allowing it to be easily referenced by applications based on the Cocoa API.[45] This port is used for embedded devices such as set-top boxes. and various ports provide additional APIs. marketed as Nitro). for use as stand alone browser.[51] JavaScriptCore JavaScriptCore is a framework that provides a JavaScript engine for WebKit implementations. and provides this type of scripting in other contexts within Mac OS X. PMP and it has been ported into AmigaOS. and Document Object Model (DOM) library for HTML and SVG. JavaScriptCore has been improved with many new features and greatly improved performance.[42] the Adobe Integrated Runtime and the EFL. The Enlightenment Foundation Libraries (EFL) port is under development (by Samsung and ProFUSION [43]) focusing the embedded and mobile systems.[60] and other browser developers also use it to compare the JavaScript performance of . such as encryption and text manipulation.[53] On June 2. such as the GTK+ toolkit.[37] Haiku[38] and AROS. announced on September 18. Qt Software (owned by Nokia) includes the Qt port in the Qt 4. developed by the WebKit project. rich text viewer and composer. There are also ongoing ports for the open source operating systems Syllable. MorphOS version 1.1. a bytecode interpreter.[39] WebKit has also been ported to a number of toolkits that support multiple platforms.

Webkit. Surfin' Safari weblog. [37] Syllable WebKit Port. . org/ ?l=kfm-devel& m=104197092318639& w=2)". org/ changeset/ 40439). com/ googlebooks/ chrome/ ) [30] Epiphany Mailing list . html). by Michael Muchmore. 100 Million Club (H1 2010 update). "Companies and Organizations that have contributed to WebKit" (http:/ / trac. w3. when will KHTML merge all the WebCore changes?" (http:/ / www. cx/ 2008/ 02/ 18/ cow-launched/ ) .Firefox: Know your facts! (http:/ / www. 2003. Maciej (June 13. "JavaScriptCore. Syllable Server (http:/ / www. . [6] KDE KFM-Devel mailing list " (fwd) Greetings from the Safari team at Apple Computer (http:/ / lists. "The unforking of KDE’s KHTML and WebKit" (http:/ / arstechnica. Retrieved 2010-12-27.2379105.1 was released in April 2010. "Apple Opens WebKit CVS and Bug Database" (http:/ / dot. php) [17] Next Generation KDE Technologies Ported to WebCore (http:/ / dot. org/ web/ 20070310215550/ www. 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Apple. org/ announcements/ 4. 2005-04-30. kdedevelopers.org. html). Trac. . org/ pipermail/ kde-darwin/ 2002-June/ 000034. Retrieved 2007-01-16. . 2008).0 gains performance.9. Google’s Browser Project (http:/ / blogoscoped. webkit. archive. 2011 [3] Maciej Stachowiak (November 9. creator of KHTML (http:/ / arstechnica.org. com/ story. html) [31] A Brand New Steam (http:/ / store.org. com/ archive/ 2008-09-01-n47. com/ Open-source-divorce-for-Apples-Safari/ 2100-1032_3-5703819. org/ blog/ koki/ 2007-12-21/ webkit_port_talking_to_andrea_xed_anzani) [39] Cow launched! | Robert Norris´ Blog on porting WebKit to AROS (http:/ / cataclysm. webkit.KHTML . [5] "Open Source . com/ journals/ linux. com/ 2010/ 07/ 28/ new-amazon-kindle-announced-139-wifi-only-version-and-189-3g/ 5). kdedevelopers. org/ archives/ epiphany-list/ 2008-April/ msg00000. . html).WebKit different browsers. [8] "So. com/ journals/ apple. org/ blog/ 130/ css-transforms/ ) [24] CSS3 Animations (http:/ / dev. Retrieved 2008-08-21. org/ node/ 1049) [13] Daniel Molkentin (June 7. org/ building/ checkout. com/ article2/ 0. [10] The bitter failure named "safari and khtml" (http:/ / www. [27] Nokia S60 Webkit Browser (http:/ / opensource. Retrieved 2010-12-27. webkit. Retrieved 2008-11-17. 2009-01-30. google. kde. . ars/ 2007/ 06/ 12/ ars-at-wwdc-interview-with-lars-knoll-creator-of-khtml) [15] Unrau. org/ blog/ 87/ safari-on-the-iphone/ ). KDE News. gnome. [2] Google Chrome Passes 10 Percent of Browser Market Share (http:/ / www. November 12th. Retrieved 2007-07-30. org/ 2005/ 06/ 07/ apple-opens-webkit-cvs-and-bug-database). org/ wiki/ Companies and Organizations that have contributed to WebKit). org/ wiki).00. . com/ blog/ 2010/ 10/ smart-feature-phones-the-unbalanced-equation-100-million-club-series/ ). org/ 1121021917/ ) [18] HTML5 Media Support (http:/ / webkit. Surfin' Safari blog.[62] 291 References [1] "WebKit" (http:/ / trac. org/ node/ 1002) [11] Open-source divorce for Apple's Safari? (http:/ / news. apple. 2005). Retrieved 2010-12-27. January 7.org. [33] Maciej Stachowiak (January 10.Getting the Code" (http:/ / webkit.org. Retrieved 1 March 2011. org/ wiki/ WebKit2). html) [29] Comic describing the Google Chrome Project (http:/ / www. engadget. engadget. Apple's JavaScript framework based on KJS" (http:/ / web. . com/ uiupdate/ ) [32] "100 Million Club (H1 2010 update)" (http:/ / www. Webkit. kde.[61] Version 0. Retrieved 2009-03-05. Trac. and huge hands-on gallery (http:/ / www. kdedevelopers. Troy (2007-07-23). 5/ platform. "New Amazon Kindle announced: $139 WiFi-only version and $189 3G model available August 27th in the US and UK" (http:/ / www. kde.org. Webkit. kdedevelopers. webkit. ars/ 2007/ 07/ 23/ the-unforking-of-kdes-khtml-and-webkit). . [9] "Safari and KHTML again" (http:/ / www. 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html). Surfin’ Safari.7 Supports HTML5 Media. org/ blog/ javascript-performance-rundown/ ). org/ owb) [46] AmigaOS OWB official page (http:/ / strohmayer. 2007-12-18. Michael (2008-06-18). html) [53] "The Great Browser JavaScript Showdown" (http:/ / www. . 2007-12-19. "The Great Browser JavaScript Showdown" (http:/ / www. OSNews. Jeff (2007-12-19). Retrieved 2010-12-27. foxnews. [58] "SunSpider JavaScript Benchmark" (http:/ / www. net/ index. Fox News.1" (http:/ / webkit. . html). com/ blog/ 2007/ 06/ 12/ webkitgtk-is-coming/ ) [42] QT WebKit (http:/ / www. [50] Thom Holwerda (March 8.00.org.html) – WebKit Help mailinglist archive • SunSpider 0.9. . [54] WebKit. html). "JavaScript Performance Rundown" (http:/ / ejohn. [61] Resig. . amigaweb. webkit. com/ products/ library/ modular-class-library#info_webkit) [43] http:/ / profusion. com/ story/ 0. Retrieved 2008-09-06. net/ index.9" (http:/ / webkit. 292 External links • Official website (http://www. com/ blog/ archives/ 001023. . codinghorror. org/ ) [47] "Amiga . codinghorror. . Retrieved 2008-09-06.webkit. "Review: Firefox 3 Stays Ahead of Browser Pack" (http:/ / www. Surfin' Safari . 2010). 2010-04-07. Retrieved 15 February 2011. org/ blog/ ?p=61). Retrieved 2010-06-02. org) [45] See OWB forge (http:/ / www. . org/ blog/ 1046/ announcing-sunspider-0-9-1/ ). [57] Muchmore.listware. Fabian Coeurjoly. php?function=view_news& id=962).368182. Webkit.org Drosera (http:/ / trac.9. mobi [44] pleyo (http:/ / www. [48] AROS OWB developer page (http:/ / sszymczy. [62] "Surfin’ Safari . osnews. org/ blog/ 152/ announcing-sunspider-09/ ). [51] Maciej Stachowiak (2008-09-25). com/ story/ 22971/ Origyn_Web_Browser_1_7_Supports_HTML5_Media_More). org/ perf/ sunspider/ sunspider.1 JavaScript Benchmark (http://www. free. html).org) • The WebKit Help Mailinglist Archive (http://www. dead or alive!" (http:/ / amigaweb. org/ changeset/ 33547). webkit. pleyo.WebKit [40] WebKitGTK+ project website (http:/ / webkitgtk. .Blog Archive » Announcing SunSpider 0. webkit. "Full Pass Of Acid3" (http:/ / webkit. Retrieved 2008-09-06.org/perf/sunspider/sunspider. [56] "Commit removing Drosera" (http:/ / trac.html) .webkit. John (2008-09-03). php?menu=projects& submenu=owb) [49] "Origyn Web Browser for MorphOS" (http:/ / fabportnawak. . More" (http:/ / www. org/ projects/ javascript/ index. fr/ owb/ ). "Origyn Web Browser 1.net/list-webkit-help. org/ ) [41] Alp Toker – WebKit/Gtk+ is coming (http:/ / www.net. qtsoftware. [52] The WebKit Open Source Project – JavaScript (http:/ / webkit. org/ blog/ 280/ full-pass-of-acid-3/ ). Retrieved 2008-06-09. org/ projects/ webkit/ wiki/ Drosera) wiki article [55] "Introducing Drosera" (http:/ / webkit. . [59] "Announcing SunSpider 0. Retrieved 2008-09-29.The WebKit Blog.Powering through. [60] Atwood. rootnode. . . . sand-labs. atoker. com/ blog/ archives/ 001023.2933.

was originally introduced by Motorola in 1993. WiDEN is considered a 2. Since the Sprint Nextel merger the company determined that because Sprint's CDMA network was already 3G and going to EVDO (broadband speeds). WiDEN was available in most places on Nextel's National Network. at least. Many in the cellular forum communities have found ways using Motorola's own RSS software to activate it. WiDEN has not been active on the NEXTEL National Network since October 2005 when rebanding efforts in the 800 MHz band began in a Sprint effort to utilize those data channels as a way to handle more cellular phone call traffic on the NEXTEL iDEN network." as it had with iDEN. WiDEN has not been restored. or simply as the word "widen".5G wireless cellular technology. The commercial launch of WiDEN came with the release of the Motorola i870 on 31 October 2005. WiDEN is also offered in the i930/i920 Smartphone. The first WiDEN-compatible telephones are the Motorola i850 and i760. The former is closer to the original pronunciation of iDEN. for up to 100 kbit/s of bandwidth. As stated above. the platform which WiDEN upgrades. Nextel and Motorola have agreed to continue to maintain and expand the iDEN network through. it would be redundant to keep upgrading the iDEN data network. The term has been pronounced. it no longer is enabled on the Sprint-controlled towers. and then EVDO Rev A. with the December 2004 announcement of the proposed Sprint Nextel merger. WiDEN allows compatible subscriber units to communicate across four 25 kHz channels combined. Capitalization and Pronunciation Motorola originally referred to the platform as wiDEN. However. or WiDEN. however. as "eye" and "den".5G technology. Although a complete roadmap of the merger's impact on the combined company's wireless networks has not been released. To this date. most people never got to experience the WiDEN capability in their handsets. which were released mid-summer 2005. it has been speculated that the Nextel iDEN network will be quickly abandoned in favor of Sprint's CDMA network. 31 December 2010. WiDEN Subscriber Units The first WiDEN-compatible device to be released was the Motorola iM240 PC card card which allows raw data speeds up to 60 kbit/s. and launched as a commercial network by Nextel in the United States in September 1996. however. Sprint shipped these units with WiDEN service disabled. However. is a software upgrade developed by Motorola for its iDEN enhanced specialized mobile radio (or ESMR) wireless telephony protocol. and the protocol on which it is based. commonly. Nextel Partners. as a close combination to the words "why" and "den". subsequent promotion from Motorola and Nextel has indicated that the preferred capitalization is WiDEN. WiDEN History iDEN. The recent i850/i760 Software Upgrade enables WiDEN on both of these phones.WiDEN 293 WiDEN Wideband Integrated Digital Enhanced Network. choosing to capitalize only the letters representing "Digital Enhanced Network. The protocol is generally considered a 2. WiDEN was originally anticipated to be a major stepping stone for United States wireless telephone provider Nextel Communications and its affiliate. .

Norwegian. External links • • • • WikiPock main site (English) (http://www. Catalan. It was first announced by TechCrunch[1] on March 6.wikipock.wikipock.WikiPock 294 WikiPock WikiPock.com/) WikiPock main site (French) (http://www. . Updates are available every 3 or 4 months.5GB (less for the other languages). Greek. techcrunch. Chinese.de/) WikiPock video demo on Pocketnow (http://pocketnow. Dutch. 2009. WikiPock is available for the following mobile platforms: Windows Mobile. Portuguese. a play on Wiki and pocket is a mobile application that provides offline access to Wikis such as Wikipedia on mobile phones. Software can be delivered on preloaded microSDHC memory cards or can be downloaded from the Internet. Japanese. Danish.fr/) WikiPock main site (German) (http://www. As of April 2010. English Wikipedia takes around 3.wikipock. German.com/software-1/ all-of-wikipedia-with-no-internet-connection-wikipock) . Romanian. Spanish. Italian. each with full text and no image. Ukrainian. Czech. Android and Symbian OS. The software doesn't require an Internet connection to search the Wiki. English. Hungarian. WikiPock exists in 25 languages. The languages currently available are (alphabetical order): Afrikaans. Swedish. WikiPock for Windows Mobile screenshots References [1] "WikiPock Will Put An Entire Copy Of Wikipedia In Your Pocket For $10" (http:/ / www. BlackBerry. French. Turkish. Finnish. com/ 2009/ 03/ 06/ wikipock-will-put-an-entire-copy-of-wikipedia-in-your-pocket-for-10/ ). Indonesian. Vietnamese. Polish. Russian.

and will not share the same apps. waiving the $99 USD fee. and 70% of each application sale will be paid to developers. Carriers also have the ability to create a branded section of the store to market carrier-specific applications and services for their customers. each additional free application can be listed for a $19. With this newly redesigned platform. After five free applications have been listed for the year. available through applications for Windows Mobile and personal computers.x Type License Website Digital distribution Proprietary Marketplace for Windows Mobile [1] Windows Marketplace for Mobile is a service by Microsoft for its Windows Mobile platform that allows users to browse and download applications that have been developed by third-parties.x because of the many differences in user interface and experience between these two platforms. The application are available for use directly on Windows Mobile 6.x versions few weeks later.123 certified applications and games are available through Windows Phone Marketplace.99 USD fee.5 devices. and began operation on 6 October 2009. Microsoft will use a separate app store.Windows Marketplace for Mobile 295 Windows Marketplace for Mobile Windows Marketplace for Mobile Developer(s) Microsoft Operating system Windows Mobile 6.[2] Initially it is available only for Windows Mobile 6. 2011 at MIX11[4] . 2010 Microsoft announced its next generation mobile platform named Windows Phone 7. or some features of the current version for Windows Mobile 6. and was made available to all 6. called Windows Phone Marketplace. and on personal computers. Pricing and features Windows Marketplace for Mobile. Microsoft announced that students that are members of Microsoft's DreamSpark program can submit applications to the store for free. It was announced at the 2009 Mobile World Congress. and over 100 new apps are added each day. On April 14.[6] . offers a 24-hour return policy for buyers. UI. Todd Brix of Microsoft announced that 13.[3] On February 15.[5] A one-time $99 USD fee for developers to list an unlimited number of paid applications or up to five free applications yearly in the store is charged by Microsoft.5. Microsoft accepts payment from buyers through credit cards and carrier charges. featuring an initial 246 applications. for its new mobile OS.

the Marketplace web application was opened. . pcworld.windowsphone. "Microsoft to launch “Skymarket” applications marketplace for Windows Mobile 7" (http:/ / www. 2009-11-12. • Any content depicting sexual fetishes. Gizmodo. .[10] The company has since announced that availability of the The store opened for business on 6 October 2009.[7] Some of these restrictions include: • Sex / Nudity – Images that are suggestive or sexual (e. Ars Technica. [9] Zheng.com/Marketplace. [10] "Microsoft Reveals New Windows Phones With Marketplace and My Phone Services" (http:/ / www. Microsoft made an official announcement for the service at the 2009 Mobile World Congress for use with upcoming Windows Mobile 6. msdn. microsoft. and was to appear with the Windows Mobile 7 release.windowsmobile. . or pubic hair.[8] Rumors stemmed from an online job listing from Microsoft's website calling for a "Senior Product Manager". whereas it was referred to as "Skymarket". com/ 20080831/ microsoft-launch-skymarket-applications-marketplace-windows-mobile-7/ ). .[6] References [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] http:/ / marketplace. masturbation) or provocative images that reveal nipples. com/ presspass/ press/ 2009/ feb09/ 02-16MWCPR. pdf [8] Bright. istartedsomething. • Content that depicts or suggests prostitution. windowsphone. featuring 246 applications. • Any adult and/or borderline adult content (images or text). Retrieved 2009-04-06. Retrieved 2009-02-27.com/) • Developer portal (http://developer. com/ resources/ en-us/ MarketplaceContentPolicies. External links • Marketplace for Windows Mobile (http://marketplace. 2009-03-30. "Giz Explains: All The Smartphone Mobile App Stores" (http:/ / i. History Rumors about the service began to surface around the internet in September 2008. Microsoft. Retrieved 2009-11-12. "Windows Mobile 6.5 devices. com/ article/ 173225/ whats_inside_the_windows_mobile_marketplace. com/ events/ mix/ mix11/ DVC05) Herrman. buttocks. more work needed" (http:/ / arstechnica. mspx). Long (2008-08-31).aspx) . com/ microsoft/ news/ 2009/ 02/ ballmer-windows-mobile-65-phones-are-just-windows-phones. com/ presspass/ press/ 2009/ mar09/ 03-30CTIA09PR. Microsoft. [7] http:/ / developer. Protalinski. bondage.[9] On February 16. com/ (http:/ / www. [11] "Microsoft Launches Windows Mobile Web Store" (http:/ / wmvhddatabase. Emil (2009-02-16). 2009. Retrieved 2009-02-27. genitals. gizmodo. .g. ars). [6] "Microsoft Gains Support for Next Generation of Windows Phones" (http:/ / www. com/ 5199933/ giz-explains-all-the-smartphone-mobile-app-stores). • Content that generally falls under the category of pornography. html) http:/ / windowsteamblog. mspx).Windows Marketplace for Mobile 296 Content restrictions Microsoft enforces certain rules before developers can submit apps to the Marketplace. com/ blogs/ windowsphone/ archive/ 2009/ 11/ 16/ windows-marketplace-for-windows-mobile-6-0-and-6-1. com/ article/ 23/ News/ Microsoft-Launches-Windows-Mobile-Web-Store/ ). 2009. aspx (http:/ / channel9. Retrieved 2009-04-29. 2009-02-16. WMV HD Database. sexually provocative touching. Retrieved 2009-02-27. . John (2009-04-06). Peter. • Any content of a sexual nature depicting children or animals.[2] On November 12. I Started Something. windowsphone.5 UI a big improvement. microsoft.[11] service will be by the end of 2009.

and pricing information. the Marketplace had more than 20. Windows Marketplace for Mobile.000 apps available.[2] Pricing and features Windows Phone Marketplace has support for credit card purchases. the UI is presented in a "panoramic view" where the user can browse categories and titles. see featured items. . com Windows Phone Marketplace is a service by Microsoft for its Windows Phone 7 platform that allows users to browse and download applications that have been developed by third-parties. operator billing. screen shots. The Windows Phone Marketplace was launched along with Windows Phone 7 in Oct 2010 in some countries. and get details with ratings. The Marketplace also features a "try-before-you-buy" scheme. Windows Phone Marketplace will also feature downloads for 3D games that will have integrated Xbox Live connectivity and features. Apps can only be placed in one category. where the user has an option to download a trial or demo for a commercial app. windowsphone7. 2011. Like much of the new Windows Phone 7 "Metro UI".Windows Phone Marketplace 297 Windows Phone Marketplace Windows Phone Marketplace Windows Phone Marketplace shown in the Zune Software Original author(s) Microsoft Developer(s) Initial release Written in Operating system Platform Size Type License Website Microsoft 21st October 2010 Custom mix of Silverlight and Microsoft XNA Windows Phone 7 Windows Phone 7 20035 apps Digital distribution Proprietary http:/ / www. The Windows Phone Marketplace will have 61 categories split up in to 16 main categories and 25 sub-categories. and ad-supported content.[3] Other features are said to be similar to Windows Phone Marketplace's predecessor. 2010 that the Windows Phone SDK has been downloaded over half a million times. reviews.[1] As of May 28. It was reported on October 4. Windows Phone Marketplace will feature downloads for podcasts and music provided by the Zune Marketplace.

wp7applist. com/ article/ 198282/ new_windows_phone_marketplace_rules_trial_apps_ok_porn_booted. genitals. pcworld. PC World. aspx/ [2] "Windows Phone Applications\Windows Phone Applist" (http:/ / www. Porn Booted" (http:/ / www. informationweek.Net developer just became a Windows Phone developer'" (http:/ / blogs. sexual fetishes. Suggestions or depictions of prostitution. ZDNet. engadget. "New Windows Phone Marketplace Rules: Trial Apps OK. Retrieved 2010-03-01. MobileTechWorld. . com/ xbox-live-games-for-windows-phone-7-from-gamescom-2010.NET Compact Framework. . com/ blog/ main/ archives/ 2010/ 03/ windows_phone_7_3. mobiletechworld. or basically anything that "a reasonable person would consider to be adult or borderline adult content" will be forbidden from Windows Phone 7 apps. 2010-02-18. buttocks. WP7 Applist. iPad protesters fake it" (http:/ / www. [7] "Microsoft rejects porn. . com/ windows_phone/ b/ wpdev/ archive/ 2010/ 03/ 15/ the-right-mix. Violence and all nudity will be censored. or pubic hair". [8] "Microsoft's new pitch: 'Every . html. 15 March 2010. [11] http:/ / windowsteamblog. uk/ 2010/ 06/ 11/ windows_phone_7_t_and_c/ ). 28 May 2011. 2010-02-22. com/ windows_phone/ b/ wpdev/ archive/ 2010/ 10/ 04/ rolling-out-windows-phone-marketplace-for-launch. theregister.[6] Content containing pornography will be banned.[11] External References Windows Phone Marketplace [31] References [1] http:/ / windowsteamblog. com/ 2010/ 02/ 22/ windows-phone-7-series-has-everything-to-succeed/ ). [9] "Windows Phone 7 Series has everything to succeed" (http:/ / www.[9] Windows Phone 7 will only run applications that have first been approved by Microsoft and will only be available via the Windows Phone Marketplace.[6] Microsoft elaborated that it would disallow all "images that reveal nipples. . Microsoft unveiled more than 50 premium Windows Phone 7 games and apps [5] that will make use of the Xbox Live mobile connection. if an Xbox live account is enabeled.jsessionid=HBCXXENXFNED1QE1GHRSKHWATMY32JVN).[10] Developers will be able to earn 70% of revenue made by their apps or developers can include an advertising model built into their apps.[8] [9] The primary tools used for development will be Microsoft's Visual Studio 2010 and Expression Blend. The Register. . and the . . [3] http:/ / www. [6] Sarah Jacobsson (8 June 2010). [5] "Xbox Live Games For Windows Phone 7" (http:/ / www. com/ apps/ 10-best-windows-phone-7-games-we-cant-wait-to-play_M12498. . Microsoft have lined up a wide range of popular games to be available from the launch of Windows Phone 7. as will images that fit the definition of "sexually suggestive". aspx . co. Content Restrictions An app approval process exists to facilitate a restriction on pornography in the Windows Phone Marketplace. html).[4] Also at Gamescom. Retrieved 2010-02-22. bestwp7games. html). com/ 2010/ 03/ 15/ windows-phone-marketplace-for-windows-phone-7-series-unveiled/ [4] "10 Best Windows Phone 7 Games We Can't Wait To Play" (http:/ / recombu. Retrieved 16 March 2010.Windows Phone Marketplace 298 Games and apps A user can download games and apps from the Windows Phone Marketplace. com/ microsoft/ ?p=5316). 11 June 2010.[7] Windows Phone 7 SDK Windows Phone 7 application development will be based on Silverlight. InformationWeek. the marketplace can be accessed remotely from the phone itself. students can submit applications for free through Microsoft's DreamSpark program. [10] "*Windows Phone 7 Apps Must Be Microsoft Approved" (http:/ / www. zdnet. . XNA. com). Retrieved 28 May 2011. html).

WIPI 299 WIPI Korean name Hangul 위피 Revised wipi Romanization McCune-Reischauer wip'i WIPI (Wireles Internet Platform for Interoperability. The specification was created by the Mobile Platform Special Subcommittee of the Korea Wireless Internet Standardization Forum (KWISF). English: /ˈwɪpi/) is a middleware platform used in South Korea that allows mobile phones. to run applications. References External links • WIPI Forum (http://wipi.kr/English) . Korean pronunciation: [wipʰi].or. The South Korean government had enforced that all cellular phones sold in that country include the WIPI platform to avoid inordinate competition between mobile companies. but the policy is withdrawn from April 2009. Much of WIPI is based on Java. regardless of manufacturer or carrier. but it also includes the ability to download and run compiled binary applications as well.

WMLScript is a client-side scripting language and is very similar to JavaScript. w3schools. External links • Introduction to WMLScript [1] • WMLScript Tutorial [2] • Open Mobile Alliance [1] References [1] http:/ / www.WMLScript 300 WMLScript WMLScript is the dialect of JavaScript used for WML pages and is part of the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP). Just like JavaScript WMLScript is used for tasks such as user input validation. developershome. Thus the syntax of WMLScript is very similar to JavaScript. generation of error message and other Dialog boxes etc. asp [2] http:/ / www. com/ wmlscript/ default. URLs are used to refer to the actual WMLScript code in the WML document. whereas WMLScript code is always placed in a file separate from the WML markup. com/ wap/ wmlscript . WMLScript is based on ECMAScript (European Computer Manufacturers Association Script). A major difference between JavaScript and WMLScript is that JavaScript code can be embedded in the HTML markup. which is JavaScript's standardized version.

and a JavaScript server API. analytics and operational management functions. application templates and new project wizards. code testing facilities. customization framework and API employs web technologies such as CSS. desktops and web environments. It provides connectivity. environment-specific applications that can be automatically repackaged and deployed across multiple smartphones. external and internal services. and application preview capabilities • Worklight SDK is a set of software libraries and tools aimed at simplifying integration of client-side code with back-end services and authentication systems. and apps. ReST.Worklight (company) 301 Worklight (company) Worklight Inc. The Worklight SDK consists of a client application programming interface (API) for JavaScript and Objective-C. tablets. management and reporting tools. security. data manipulation. Blackberry. . Applications built with the company's tools can be delivered to iPhone. training material and sample code. It also comes with a validating schemas for adapter configuration. tablets and other environments without re-writing the source code. as well as documentation. • Worklight Console is a web-based user interface for administration of the Worklight Server and deployed apps.com [1] Worklight is a New York based software company that offers a mobile application development platform for smartphones. Type Industry Founded Private Software 2006 Headquarters New York. enabling pre-processing of requests from applications. USA Key people Products Website Shahar Kaminitz. retrieval of data and execution of transactions against back-end systems. HTML and JavaScript to create native and hybrid. Kurt Daniel. It includes adapter technology that connects to a information systems over SOAP. Facebook and Twitter. NY. Worklight's development methodology. SQL. Ron Perry Mobile Application Platform www. Android. LDAP. post-processing of back-end data and mashup of back-end data from multiple sources. desktop and web environments. authentication.worklight. and comes with application deployment. • Run-time Client Environment provides client-side run-time code that embeds Worklight functionality within the application. Products • Worklight Studio is an Eclipse-based IDE.It supports physical clustering and a caching scheme. • Worklight Server is a gateway between applications. for secure access to back-end data and transactions: API for the invocation of Worklight services. comprising XML and JavaScript editors with language validation and auto-complete mechanisms. iPad. integration adapters.

David Mitchell Smith (9 March 2009). com [2] "10 cool cutting-edge technologies on the horizon now" (http:/ / www. InformationWeek. [4] |title=Red Herring Global 2008. 2007). gartner.0 Startups Worth a Second (Or First) Look". Network World. ComputerWorld. Ray Valdes. computerworld. Applications written in JavaScript do not access these libraries directly. InformationWeek. David W. External links • Worklight (http://www. com/ news/ software/ showArticle. bpovia. jhtml?articleID=199904825& queryText=WorkLight). . to be recorded by the Worklight Server for audit and analytics.com) .[3] In 2008 Worklight was listed by Red Herring as one of the 200 finalists in its "Global 2008" list. "The InformationWeek Startup 50: Business Technology Companies To Watch" (http:/ / www. . Retrieved 22 May 2011. "Cool Vendors in Web Technologies. Cearley. informationweek.[7] [8] References [1] http:/ / www. "10 start-ups to watch in '09" (http:/ / www. 2009" (http:/ / www.0 Startups Worth a Second (Or First) Look" (http:/ / www.[6] Gartner has selected Worklight as one of the "Cool Vendors in Web Technologies. 2009". 2009). A set of native libraries (such as Objective-C libraries for iPhone and Java libraries for Android) provide access to device-specific features. . 200 Finalists|work=Red Herring|url=http:/ / www. pre-compiled native executable encapsulating a browser that runs the web code provided by the developer. "Five Enterprise 2. com/ supp/ 2009/ outlook/ 010509-startups-to-watch. there is also native code running the web code provided by the developer. worklight. Nicholas Hoover (June 16. [3] J. com/ s/ article/ 296934/ 10_cool_cutting_edge_technologies_on_the_horizon_now_complete_list?pageNumber=4). . Retrieved 22 May 2011. jhtml?articleID=216600068). com/ DisplayDocument?doc_cd=165634). html?page=9). informationweek.worklight. For some devices (such as iPhone and Android). . In some cases. . 2009). 302 Recognition In 2007 Worklight was listed by ComputerWorld as one of ten "cool cutting-edge technologies on the horizon now"[2] and by InformationWeek as one of "Five Enterprise 2.(subscription required) [8] Worklight (March 24. html [5] Jon Brodkin (January 05. gartner. com/ news/ announcements/ recent-news/ press-release-3-24-2009). [7] Gene Phifer. [6] Andrew Conry Murray (April 18. Press release. Thomas Otter. worklight. 2009). "WorkLight® Named "Cool Vendor" in Web Technologies for 2009 by Leading Analyst Firm" (http:/ / www.[4] In 2009 Worklight has been recognized by Network World as one of the ten start-ups to watch in 2009[5] and was listed by InformationWeek on the "InformationWeek Startup 50: Business Technology Companies To Watch" list. but rather through the relevant JavaScript APIs. com/ blog/ bpo/ red-herring-global-2008-200-finalists. which are written in Objective-C and do not require JavaScript libraries).com.Worklight (company) There is an API for collecting data from applications. networkworld. com/ news/ services/ saas/ showArticle. The APIs support JavaScript in all run-time environments (with the exception of native iPhone apps.

com [2] Yahoo Go to Be Shut Down in Early 2010 (http:/ / news. Others • • • • • • • Flickr News Weather Finance Sports Entertainment Widget Gallery Yahoo! Go running on Windows Mobile 6 References [1] BlackBerry gets SlingPlayer Mobile and Yahoo! Go (http:/ / www. the upload of photos.Yahoo! Go 303 Yahoo! Go Yahoo! Go was a Java-based phone application provided by Yahoo! for users to access the company's products and services via their mobile phones or PDAs. External links • Yahoo! Mobile (http://mobile. Up till its closure. using Earth mapping services.com/go) .[1] Services include sending/receiving email. Yahoo! considered Go as Beta software. 2008: MobileBurn. or obtaining breaking news. search via Yahoo's oneSearch and Yahoo! Answers service. mobileburn. com/ news. Softpedia. Yahoo! announced in late December 2009 that Yahoo! Go along with technical support for it would be discontinued on January 12. shtml). Retrieved 18-11-2009. 2010. jsp?Id=5948). Tuesday December 30. Ionut. Yahoo! Go no longer works. Arghire. softpedia.yahoo. checking stock quotes. com/ news/ Yahoo-Go-to-Be-Shut-Down-in-Early-2010-127257.[2] As of January 22nd.

Founder Roni Haim. as well as over the Web in many forms. embedding them in blogs. CEO Alon Greenberg. has released a Java and Brew application for mobile phones which uses the Zlango icon language to create a new form of SMS. Ltd.Subsidiary of Cable & Wireless Communications) [5] Honk Kong with the operator SmartTone-Vodafone [6] Israel with the operators Pelephone. called ZMS. Zlango around the world Zlango's products are currently released in many countries. Online. CFO Zlango mobile. Orange.Zlango 304 Zlango Zlango. Zlango also appeared in the Israeli Children's Channel as a game show [14] . Zlango's mobile application was released in the following territories: • • • • • • • • • Albania with the operator AMC[4] Caribbean with the operator LIME (formerly bmobile . using Zlango's icons instead of words [2] . Zlango also has an ICQ plug-in in several languages and countries that allows you to use Zlango icons to chat with your contacts [12] [13] . and Bauer Portugal with the operator TMN[9] Switzerland with the operator Swisscom [10] Ukraine with the operator Kyivstar [11] Apart from Zlango's website. and more [3] . Zlango ICQ plug-in 40 www. . the Israeli company which created and owns Zlango. Zlango Ltd. Tel-Aviv.com [1] Products Employees Website Zlango is an icon-based "language" (actually a logographic writing system) built for web and mobile messaging. Zlango is available for composing messages and then sharing them in e-mail.zlango. sites. publishing them on the Zlango site. and Cellcom Philippines with the operator Globe[7] [8] Poland with the operators Play.. Type Industry Founded Private Computer software 2004 (Israel) Headquarters 3 Tvuot ha'Aretz. Israel Key people Yoav Lorch. spaces.

Retrieved 2007-12-17. with the letter Z as homage to Esperanto creator L. [15] "New Israeli Cell Phone Language Says It With Symbols" (http:/ / zlango. techcrunch. . rather than recognizable. and most icons have multiple meanings: for example. [14] "Zlango on Kids TV" (http:/ / zlango. [13] "Zlango . jsp [7] "Zlango Talk: Globe Launches Zlango in the Philippines" (http:/ / zlango. and language. "TechCrunch – Zlango Update – BenchMark and Accel Invest $12 Million" (http:/ / www. . announced that it raised $12 million from the VCs Benchmark and Accel [16] . [5] "" (http:/ / www. [4] "AMC launches messaging app Zlango .Zlango 305 Background Zlango was created in 2004 by Yoav Lorch. com/ zlango_blog/ 2006/ 06/ new_israeli_cel. html). The meanings that Zlango intended for each icon are only suggestions as Zlango encourages users to invent their own personal meanings for icons. On February 2007. Zlango icons are also not definitive. typepad. . Retrieved 2007-12-20.'s Tel Aviv offices currently include around 40 employees.Telecompaper" (http:/ / www. com/ 2007/ 02/ 11/ zlango-update-benchmark-and-accel-invest-12-million/ ). Retrieved 2007-12-17. Zlango Ltd. com/ zlango_blog/ 2007/ 10/ zlango-icon-lan. html). com [2] Arrington. html). References [1] http:/ / www. . . . [11] "King Kong Kiev" (http:/ / zlango. com/ mobileSupport). com/ jsp/ english/ index. zlango. .ICQ" (http:/ / download. [6] http:/ / www. [9] http:/ / www. com/ zlango_blog/ 2007/ 12/ king-kong-kiev. Retrieved 2007-12-17. typepad. Michael. icq. . he decided to enter the field of pictographic language.Zlango" (http:/ / site. slang. . com. When he found that abbreviated texts only removed 20% of letters. pt/ zlango. Retrieved 2007-12-17. [16] Arrington.. telecompaper. Michael. Retrieved 2009-05-27. "TechCrunch – Zlango's icon-based Language for SMS" (http:/ / www. Zlango Ltd. an author and playwright. [12] "Zlango in ICQ (Hebrew)" (http:/ / zlango. Zamenhof [15] . Retrieved 2007-12-17. zlango. html). html). The Language Zlango currently includes more than 300 icons in several different categories. Zlango allows people who speak different languages to communicate. and the icon for "car" can also mean "drive". typepad. relatively easy-to-understand images. the "want" icon is a bird in a nest. Retrieved 2007-12-17. html). techcrunch. . and that unused icons will be cycled out. com). com/ zlango_blog/ 2007/ 12/ globe-launches. the icon for "me" can also mean "I". com/ zlango_iblog/ 2007/ 10/ -icq. [8] "Globe . . typepad. [17] . html). zlango. aspx?cid=662095). typepad. typepad. According to Zlango Ltd. globe. Retrieved 2007-12-17. . com/ news/ article. com/ download/ icq/ zlango. being an icon-based language with. but according to Zlango representatives. ph/ web/ guest/ zlango). [3] "" (http:/ / www. . com/ zlango_blog/ 2007/ 09/ zlango-on-child. tmn. The Zlango web page includes several new icons that aren't in the mobile application such as basketball and gold. it is difficult to forget [2] . . Retrieved 2007-12-17. Retrieved 2007-12-17. Zlango will eventually include the option for users to add their own icons. L. The name Zlango is a combination of lingo. com/ 2006/ 06/ 28/ zlangos-icon-based-language/ ). the Zlango icons were created to be memorable. smartone-vodafone. Zlango has released several Zlango versions of classic stories which show the potential for more than just picture messaging: • Little Red Riding Hood[18] • • • • Romeo & Juliet[19] Genesis[20] Adam and Eve[21] The Tower of Babel[22] Also. For example. html [10] "Zlango icon language infiltrates Swisscom Labs" (http:/ / zlango. the icon for "go" can also mean "come". as an attempt to shorten text messages. but once you find the icon's meaning.

It can be used to send text messages. Retrieved 2007-07-04. com/ item-115& groupId=5). Retrieved 2007-07-04. [20] Zlango.com) Zlango . It is developed on Java ME and is compatible with most Java supported phones. Retrieved 2007-07-04. . Retrieved 2007-07-04. zlango. com .youtube. zlango.com/watch?v=ascDjKXgph4) Zozoc Zozoc is a mobile application popular in China. . Retrieved 2007-12-17. techcrunch. 306 External links • • • • Zlango's Web Site (http://www. References • Official website [1] References [1] http:/ / www. zlango. com/ item-136& groupId=5). "Romeo & Juliet" (http:/ / www. "The Tower of Babel" (http:/ / www. [19] Zlango. .Zlango [17] Carthy. Retrieved 2007-07-04. "Adam and Eve" (http:/ / www.html) Zlango Music Video : Girlfriend Go (http://www. zlango. .icq. [21] Zlango. .com) Zlango's Blog (http://zlango. [18] Zlango. it is comparatively much cheaper than traditional SMS. Since it works over the mobile data connection. "Little Red Riding Hood" (http:/ / www. [22] Zlango. Roi. com/ item-141& groupId=5).ICQ (http://download. com/ item-96& groupId=5). com/ item-117& groupId=5).zlango. zozoc. com/ 2007/ 09/ 26/ zlango-launches-web-play/ ).com/download/icq/zlango. "TechCrunch – Zlango Launches Web Play" (http:/ / www. zlango.typepad. "Genesis" (http:/ / www. .

"Enterprise" as used in enterprise architecture generally means more than the information systems employed by an organization. organizational structures. and their relationships with the external environment. including • • • • • Public or Private Sector organizations An entire business or corporation A part of a larger enterprise (such as a business unit) A conglomerate of several organizations. they produce lists. These artifacts describe the logical organization of business functions.[4] Methods and frameworks Enterprise architects use various business methods. Practitioners of EA call themselves "enterprise architects. architects are providing a tool for identifying opportunities to improve the enterprise. In doing so. business systems. including enterprise goals. The UK National Computing Centre EA best practice guidance[5] states Normally an EA takes the form of a comprehensive set of cohesive models that describe the structure and functions of an enterprise.[1] [2] This description is comprehensive. By producing an enterprise architecture. organizational behaviors. information resources. and evolution of an enterprise. business processes. The scope of an enterprise architecture The term "enterprise" is used because it is generally applicable in many circumstances. design.g. business process. information exchange and communications infrastructure within the enterprise. EA describes the terminology. socio-technical system[3] . drawings. including: • people • information • technology Defining the boundary or scope of the enterprise to be described is an important first step in creating the enterprise architecture. software applications and computer systems. documents and models. . analytical techniques and conceptual tools to understand and document the structure and dynamics of an enterprise. the externally visible properties of those components. which comprises enterprise components (business entities). computing capabilities.Enterprise architecture 307 Enterprise architecture An enterprise architecture (EA) is a rigorous description of the structure of an enterprise. software applications. and the relationships (e. the composition of enterprise components. sufficiently complete to describe the enterprise in useful ways. for short. business information. its systems and data. the technology used and any other relevant spheres of interest. A collection of these artifacts. is considered by EA practitioners an 'enterprise' level architectural description. people organization. roles. and continues The individual models in an EA are arranged in a logical manner that provides an ever-increasing level of detail about the enterprise: its objectives and goals. such as a joint venture or partnership A multiply outsourced business operation The term enterprise includes the whole complex. the behavior) between them. together called "artifacts". in a manner that more effectively and efficiently pursues its purpose. or enterprise architecture. and the guiding principles for the requirement (analysis)." An enterprise architect is a person responsible for developing the enterprise architecture and is often called upon to draw conclusions from it. business capabilities. its processes and organization.

storing. artifact descriptions. . and services 2. The popular and most common four domains and their component parts look like this: 1. Metadata . is the authoritative. An enterprise architecture framework bundles tools. Business processes. and providing access to data to help the organization users make better business decisions. stored . By taking this approach.[8] The Strategic Architecture Model allows for a flexible division into up to ten domains covering many aspects of an enterprise from its objectives and goals through its projects and programmes to its software applications and technology. SADT). goals.[7] The popular TOGAF framework divides the practice into three domains: "Business Architecture". This practice also encourages the contributions of many individuals and allows the practice as a whole to make good use of individual domain-specific expertise and knowledge. Business Intelligence Analytics & Reporting BI (Business Intelligence) is a broad category of applications and technologies for gathering. In his book on Enterprise Architecture. responsibilities and policies 4. Organization cycles. reference models and guidance used by architects in the production of enterprise-specific architectural description. reliable foundation for data used across many applications and business processes with the goal to provide a single view of the truth no matter where the data is located 4. These include the activities of decision support systems. periods and timing 5. Suppliers of hardware.data that describes your enterprise data elements 5. enterprise architects can ensure a holistic description is produced. Spewak divides the practice into two domains at 'level 2': "Business Modelling" and "Current Systems and Technology" and three subordinate domains at 'level 3': "Data Architecture".[9] EA Domains: An enterprise architecture’s landscape is usually divided into various domains based on the attributes of the environment and the logical grouping based on Industry EA Frameworks The dividing of the practice into a number of domains allows enterprise architects to describe an enterprise from a number of important perspectives. "Information Systems Architecture" and "Technology Architecture" and then subdivides the information systems architecture into "Information Architecture and "Applications Architecture". Strategy maps. The final level of Spewak's EAP is the "Implementation" or "Methods" level. which deals with "how" to migrate the Enterprise to match the new model.a holistic view on the flow of information in an enterprise 2. Steven Spewak described a process for creating an enterprise architecture that is widely used in educational courses. Information: 1. Master Data Management.[6] 308 Areas of practice Several enterprise architecture frameworks break down the practice of enterprise architecture into a number of practice areas or "domains". Functional decompositions (e.g.Enterprise architecture This is the definition of enterprise architecture implicit in several EA frameworks including the popular TOGAF architectural framework. In 1992. Workflow and Rules that articulate the assigned authorities. software. "Applications Architecture" and "Technology Architecture". process models. business capabilities and organizational models expressed as enterprise / line of business architecture 3. Data Architecture. query and reporting. techniques. Operating Model 2. See the related article on enterprise architecture frameworks for further information. data flows and used by the projects teams that will use it 3.describes the way data will be processed. Business: 1. corporate policies. Information architecture . IDEF0. analyzing.

3. expressed as enterprise / line of business technology architecture. eCommerce. Intranet. Internet connectivity diagrams 5. Infrastructure software: Application servers. Datamart and DataWarehouses) 6. the centralization or federation of business processes. Once this vision is well understood. Interfaces between applications that is: events. and obsolete data and information 3. Internet. and hosting: servers. One method of using this information to improve the functioning of a business.Enterprise architecture dashboards . scorecards . as described in the TOGAF architectural framework. Programming Languages. messages 4. analyze. use. These intermediate steps are called "transitional architectures" by TOGAF. Extranet. EDI links with parties within and outside of the organization 6. improve. Application execution environments and operating frameworks including applications server environments Enterprise Architecture Domains Subdomains and operating systems. and archive. Applications: 1. etc. Inter-application mediating software or 'middleware'.statistical analysis. Hardware. Technology: 1. Data Quality helps identify. Application software inventories and diagrams. the quality and timeliness of business information. This includes innovations in the structure of an organization. Operating System 7. Local and wide area networks. or ensuring that money spent on information technology (IT) can be justified. update. and data mining. Data models: conceptual expressed as enterprise information architectures. and measure the data quality and data integrity issues and improvement efforts 7. platforms. 2. DBMS 8. Similar methods have been described in other enterprise architecture frameworks. a set of intermediate steps are created that illustrate the process of changing from the present situation to the target. and physical 8. expressed as conceptual / functional or system enterprise / line of business architectures 2. classify. logical. . security systems and operating and monitoring systems. datacentres and computer rooms 4. 309 Using an enterprise architecture Describing the architecture of an enterprise aims primarily to improve the effectiveness or efficiency of the business itself. authentication and authorisation environments. involves developing an "architectural vision": a description of the business that represents a "target" or "future state" goal. forecasting. distribute. Data Life Cycle Management Processes to govern how to create. This includes Reporting Data Stores ( Operational Data Store (ODS).

Recently.[11] Companies such as Independence Blue Cross. network architecture.S. for example. . IT portfolio management and metadata management. While this may imply that enterprise architecture is closely tied to IT.Enterprise architecture 310 The growing use of enterprise architecture Documenting the architecture of enterprises is done within the U. Relationship to other disciplines Enterprise architecture is a key component of the information technology governance process in organizations such as Dubai Customs[14] and AGL Energy[15] who have implemented a formal enterprise architecture process as part of their IT management strategy.[16] [17] The following image from the 2006 FEA Practice Guidance of US OMB sheds light on the relationship between enterprise architecture and segment(BPR) or Solution architectures. Intel. and database architecture are partial contributions to a solution architecture. enterprise architecture teams may also be responsible for some aspects of performance engineering. Federal Government[10] in the context of the Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC) process. Depending on the organization. (This figure demonstrates that software architecture is truly a solution architecture discipline. Volkswagen AG[12] and InterContinental Hotels Group [13] have also applied enterprise architecture to improve their business architectures as well as to improve business performance and productivity.) Activities such as software architecture. protagonists like Gartner and Forrester have stressed the important relationship of Enterprise Architecture with emerging holistic design practices such as Design Thinking and User Experience Design. this should be viewed in the broader context of business optimization in that it addresses business architecture. The Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA) reference models serve as a framework to guide Federal agencies in the development of their architectures. performance management and process architecture as well as more technical subjects.

UK [6] Spewak. nsf/ CS/ CCLE-7RM2CK?OpenDocument& Site=default& cty=en_us [16] Gartner Advocates Hybrid Thinking for Enterprise Architecture. com/ research/ 10999/ [17] Leslie Owens. Penn State University (http:/ / ea. acm.za/Hufeesite/mekes-projects.org. The Center for Enterprise Architecture [21] at the Penn State University is one of these institutions that offer EA courses. (September 2006 (http:/ / www.[18] and the US Department of Defense business transformation agency. CRC Press. gov/ About/ What/ [5] Jarvis. (2009).E. Peter Weill. org/ architecture/ togaf8-doc/ arch/ toc.1. Robert D. R. [4] http:/ / enterprisearchitecture. http:/ / www.Developing a Blueprint for Data Applications and Technology. References [1] Giachetti. John Wiley [7] Spewak.1. com [14] Dubai Customs declares greater business agility with enterprise architecture. html [10] Federal Government agency success stories. (2009). . whitehouse. mil/ dbt/ ). 2005. opengroup. Manchester. aspx [11] FEA Practice Guidance Federal Enterprise Architecture Program Management Office OMB. (2009). Enterprise Architecture: Understanding the Bigger Picture . Austin.(1992). as presented at the Sixth e-Business Conference. and Methods. doi. opengroup. ihg. . R. R. com/ software/ success/ cssdb. John Wiley [8] The Open Group Architectural Framework (TOGAF) 8. mil/ dbt/ products/ 2008_BEA_ETP/ bea_5_0. ibm. html [9] The Open Group Architectural Framework (TOGAF) 8. Warren Ritchie. and Methods. forrester. psu. Theory.meraka. whitehouse.1.0 version (http:/ / www. edu/ en/ files/ 6_29338. The UK National Computing Centre. [2] MIT Center for Information Systems Research. FL. Boca Raton. CRC Press.1.[19] Academic qualifications in enterprise architecture Enterprise Architecture was included in the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) and Association for Information Systems (AIS)’s Curriculum for Information Systems as one of the 6 core courses [20] . html)) [20] ACM and AIS Curriculum for Information Systems (http:/ / www. http:/ / www.. nih. (2009). Doing so can provide competitors information on weaknesses and organizational flaws that could hinder the company's market position. pdf) [3] Giachetti. Greggory Garrett [13] http:/ / www..(1992). http:/ / www.A Best Practice Guide for Decision Makers in IT. Theory. Enterprise Architecture Planning . (2010). Director.. gov/ omb/ E-Gov/ ea_success. Architecture. FL. Good examples include the US Department of the Interior. tekrati.E. in South Africa organized a workshop to which staff from Computing departments in the different higher education universities in South Africa was invited. Steven H.http:/ / blogs. Forrester Blogs . Enterprise Architecture Planning .http:/ / www-01. Design of Enterprise Systems.Enterprise architecture 311 Published examples of enterprise architecture It is uncommon for a commercial organization to publish rich detail from their enterprise architecture descriptions. 2010." Harvard Business Review. org/ education/ curricula/ IS 2010 ACM final. pdf) [21] Center for Enterprise Architecture. com/ information_management/ 2010/ 02/ who-owns-information-architecture-all-of-us. http:/ / www-01. ibm.Who Owns Information Architecture? All Of Us. Boca Raton. ist. many government agencies around the world have begun to publish the architectural descriptions that they have developed. nsf/ CS/ CCLE-7R5UE8?OpenDocument& Site=default& cty=en_us [15] Case Study enterprise architecture fuels growth at AGL Energy. 2010. org/ architecture/ togaf8-doc/ arch/ toc. Steven H. (2010). gov/ omb/ assets/ fea_docs/ FEA_Practice_Guidance_Nov_2007. (2010). defenselink. com/ software/ success/ cssdb. Steven C. A report was compiled and is available for download at http://hufee. There are several universities that offers enterprise architecture as a fourth year level course or part of a masters syllabi. edu/ ) . However. and Hill. http:/ / www. iese. 27 March 2007 (http:/ / www. Barcelona Spain. or the 2008 BEAv5. October 5. Council for Scientific and Industrial Research. Design of Enterprise Systems. and Hill. pdf [12] "Volkswagen of America: Managing IT Priorities.http:/ / cio. In 2010 resarchers at the Meraka Institute. The purpose was to investigate the current status of EA offerings in South Africa. Steven C. html/ [18] US Department of the Interior Enterprise Architecture (http:/ / www.Developing a Blueprint for Data Applications and Technology. Architecture. gov/ ocio/ architecture/ ) [19] US Department of Defense Business Enterprise Architecture. defenselink. (2007).

covering: • • • • • • • • Stakes and objectives of the system Description of the related organizations processes and information flows Security requirements.com/technology/ media-products/reprints/softwareag/volume2/article10/article10. in compliance with DGA policy Services of the system. and hardware and software products used in this architecture Life cycle of the system AGATE Views An AGATE model is organized into 5 views: • Stakes.S. and context about the system • Business architecture: describes organizations and Business processes managed by the modelized Information system • Service-oriented architecture: describes the Services of the system. AGATE is similar to DoDAF.html) AGATE (architecture framework) AGATE (Atelier de Gestion de l'ArchiTEcture des systèmes d'information et de communication) is a framework for modeling computer or communication systems architecture.org/IndustryArtifacts.Enterprise architecture 312 Related external links • Professional Practice Guide for Enterprise Architects (http://caeap.Report (http://www. and traceability with operational needs Logical architecture of the system Physical architecture of the systems. promoted by U. However. promoted by UK Ministry of Defence (MoD).aspx) • Gartner Magic Quadrant on Enterprise Architecture Tools . It is promoted by the Délégation Générale pour l'Armement (DGA). Department of Defense (DoD) or MODAF. the French government agency which conducts development and evaluation programs for weapon systems for the French military. • Logical architecture of the system • Physical architecture of the systems. the fact that the AGATE reference is only available in French seems to limit its use to French weapons systems procurement. and hardware and software products used in this architecture .gartner. Objectives. All major DGA weapons and information technology system procurements are required to document their proposed system architecture using the set of views prescribed in AGATE. Scope AGATE defines architectural views for systems and systems of systems.

Retrieved 2007-07-27. It is often confused with application architecture.achats. In application portfolio management. [2] Manuel de référence AGATE V3.AGATE (architecture framework) 313 Representation The AGATE meta-model is defined using a UML representation. .ixarm. fr/ IMG/ pdf/ IT06-PlanActions-20070401-V1.fr/article33349) • short presentation of AGATE on French Defense procurement portal (http://www.gouv.gouv. Visio elements for the AGATE representation are provided by the DGA. The denomination was changed to AGATE in November of the same year[2] . December 2005. It is focused on the data consumed and produced by applications rather than their internal structure. gouv.modernisation. under the acronym AMAC.fr. The French government is planning to port AGATE representation to Telelogic System Architect[1] History The first DGA initiative for a standardized French architecture framework was initialized in July 2001.1 • December 2005: Version 3 References [1] "Plan d'actions de l'initiative 2007" (http:/ / synergies. 0. the applications are usually mapped to business functions and to application platform technologies. It is usually one of several architecture domains that form the pillars of an enterprise architecture or solution architecture. modernisation.defense.com/IMG/pdf/ 3-volets_Agate-2. focused on how they interact with each other and with users. 2007-06-01.pdf) Applications architecture An applications architecture describes the structure and behaviour of applications used in a business. • March 2004: Version 2. . synergies. Eléments de départ AGATE et Origine External links • AGATE page on French Defense procurement website (http://www. pdf).

and business partners.ArchiMate 314 ArchiMate ArchiMate is an open and independent enterprise architecture modelling language to support the description. The concepts of this language therefore hold the middle between the detailed concepts. and technical infrastructure. and took about 35 man years and approximately 4 million euros. Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen. It is supported by various tool vendors and consulting firms. History ArchiMate is partly based on the IEEE 1471 standard. the Leiden Institute for Advanced Computer Science (LIACS) and the Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI). ArchiMate distinguishes itself from other languages such as Unified Modeling Language (UML) and [1] Illustration of the ArchiMate Architectural Framework based on Henk Jonkers (2004) Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) by its well defined metamodel. tests were performed in organizations such as ABN AMRO. information flows.[6] .[3] Overview Just like an architectural drawing in classical building architecture describes the various aspects of the construction and use of a building.[4] . an internal structure and elements that define use or communicate information. An architecture framework is used to structure the concepts and relationships of the ArchiMate language. ArchiMate is a technical standard from the Open Group and is based on the concepts of the IEEE 1471 standard. analysis and visualization of architecture within and across business domains[2] in an unambiguous way. In each layer. three aspects are considered: active elements that exhibit behavior (e. the UML for modeling software products. that are used for modeling individual domains. Later. It divides the enterprise architecture in to a business. Among the partners were Ordina. IT systems. It was developed in the Netherlands by a project team from the Telematica Instituut in cooperation with several Dutch partners from government. application and technology layer. the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration and the ABP. This insight helps the different stakeholders to design.g. including ABN AMRO and the ABP Pension Fund. assess. and BPMN which is used for business process modeling. and wider enterprise modelling scope. Process and Function). for example. One of the objectives of the ArchiMate language is to define the relationships between concepts in different architecture domains.[5] The development process lasted from July 2002 to December 2004. organizational structures. industry and academia. ArchiMate offers a common language for describing the construction and operation of business processes. The development was funded by the Dutch government (Dutch Tax and Customs Administration). and communicate the consequences of decisions and changes within and between these business domains.

py/ Get/ File-64437). 2008 [7] The ArchiMate Forum (http:/ / www. 315 ArchiMate topics Layers ArchiMate view:[2] [6] offers a three layered • The Business layer about business processes. functions and events of business units. p. wordpress. p. opengroup.145-146.39. org/ bookstore/ catalog/ c091. • The Technology layer deals "with the hardware and communication infrastructure to support the Application Layer. (2004) Concepts for Architectural Description Enschede: Telematica Instituut What is ArchiMate? (http:/ / www. realized by computer and communication hardware and system software". In February 2009 The Open Group published the ArchiMate® 1. It is now managed by the ArchiMate Forum [7] within The Open Group. (2007). Each layer is self contained despite [2] [6] being a component of the integrated model. which are realized in the organization by business processes performed by business actors and roles". ArchiMate : Its Time Has Come? (http:/ / earchpal.org. and caters to one or more architecture domains". archimate. • The Application layer about software applications that "support the components in the business with application services".) et al. Zoran Stojanović et al. This layer "offers products and services to external customers. org/ archimate/ ) [8] ArchiMate 1.ArchiMate In 2008 the ownership and stewardship of ArchiMate was transferred to the Open Group. References [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] Henk Jonkers (ed. htm) [9] Marc Lankhorst (2004) "ArchiMate – Integrating and Visualizing Architecture". services. Accessed 18 jan 2009 Pallab Saha (2008) Advances in Government Enterprise Architecture. [9] Sample insurance claim process depicted in ArchiMate. This layer offers infrastructural services needed to run applications. opengroup. . html) at archimate. p. telin. nl/ dscgi/ ds. Each layer "aims to provide a natural way to look at service-oriented models.7. Posted by snair007 on August 3. Telematica Instituut (2006) Annual Report 2005 (https:/ / doc.0 standard[8] as a formal technical standard. com/ 2008/ 08/ 03/ archimate-its-time-has-come/ ) Enterprise Architecture Demystified. Accessed 18 jan 2009. PowerPoint presentation) Telematica Instituut. Service-oriented Software System Engineering. org/ en/ about_archimate/ what_is_archimate.0 Specification (http:/ / www.

presented in 2001. [1] which determined four architectural domains. These architectural domains can be considered to be "structuring criterion for a collection of architecture products".via-nova-architectura.Free.online (http://www.org/archimate). ISBN 9789087535025. It is a partial representation of a whole system that addresses several concerns of several stakeholders. Enterprise Architecture at Work .cetis.com/ products-articles/items/archimate-in-eva-netmodeler. (2005). ArchiMate 1. [2] Structure of the "Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework" (FEAF).via-nova-architectura. open source.org/bookstore/catalog/c091. it is common to distinguish up to three or four types of architecture. • Marc Lankhorst and Hans van Drunen (2007).html) Architecture domain An architecture domain in enterprise architecture is a broad view of an enterprise or system. hosting the ArchiMate standard Archi . each corresponding to its particular architecture or architectural domain.org/archimate/doc/ ts_archimate/). • Marc Lankhorst et al. Enschede: Novay.0 Specification . External links • • • • ArchiMate homepage (http://www. Enterprise Architecture: Development and Modelling Combining TOGAF and ArchiMate (http://www.Modelling. Overview In the context of enterprise architecture. ArchiMate Forum of The Open Group (http://www.org • Marc Lankhorst (ed. It is a description that hides other views or facets of the system described.0 Specification (http://www.ac. ArchiMate 1. Information systems architecture often subdivided into Data and Application architecture. The most regular examples of these domains are Business architecture.Enterprise Architecture Tool supporting Archimate notation (http://www.pdf). Berlin: Springer-Verlag.opengroup.uk) EVA Netmodeler . they should not be confused with "the application domain of the framework as such".pro-mis.novay.org/files/magazine/Lankhorst. Paper www.[2] .) and the ArchiMate team (2004) ArchiMate Language Primer (https://doc. htm). cross-platform ArchiMate Modelling Tool (http://archi.org/). according to Bernus (2005). According to Bernus (2005).38. and Technology architecture.ArchiMate 316 Further reading • The Open Group (2009).opengroup. Communication and Analysis. • The Open Group (2009).nl/ dsweb/Get/Document-43839/).archimate.opengroup.

business functions or capabilities. p. gov/ bestpractices/ bpeaguide. The FEAF TOGAF (The Open Group Architecture Framework). applications. [3] Several sources name a series of architecture domains. • Technical architecture or infrastructure architecture: The structure and behaviour of the technology infrastructure.133-139. the applications are usually mapped to business functions and to application platform technologies. [2] Péter Bernus (2005). along the lines described in several sources:[3] • Business architecture: The structure and behaviour of a business system (not necessarily related to computers). Knowledge Sharing in the Integrated Enterprise.Architecture domain 317 Typical architecture domains Typical architecture domains are summarised below. the infrastructure services they offer to applications. Feb 2001. • Data architecture: The data structures used by a business and/or its applications. locations etc. there is no rigid dividing line. the protocols and networks that connect applications and nodes. the modularisation of software. the infrastructure applications that run on them. Focused on the data consumed and produced by applications rather than their internal structure. business processes and roles etc. References [1] Chief Information Officer Council (2001) A Practical Guide to Federal Enterprise Architecture (http:/ / www. Covers the client and server nodes of the hardware configuration. for example: • • • The "Open Reference Model for Enterprise and Solution Architects" used in the Avancier Method. as in reference 3. In application portfolio management. Mappings of those data artifacts to data qualities. Application (or Component) architecture: The internal structure. It is usually below the level of modularisation that solution architects define. Descriptions of data stores. However. pdf). . gao. Descriptions of data in storage and data in motion. within an application. • Applications architecture: The structure and behaviour of applications used in a business. data groups and data items. Business functions and business processes are often mapped to the applications and data they need. Covers business goals. This is software architecture at the lowest level of granularity. focused on how they interact with each other and with users.

[2] ARIS started as the academic research of Prof August-Wilhelm Scheer in the 1990s. It differs from swimlane because it is process oriented and swimlane is function oriented. The ARIS-approach not only provides a generic and well documented methodological framework but also a powerful business process modeling tool. ARIS techniques ARIS varies three main perspectives of techniques. Furthermore. Example of Aris express . and has sold very well. management.On the other hand. ARIS uses a modeling language known as Event-driven Process Chains (EPC). It offers methods for analyzing processes and taking a holistic view of process design. based on the conceptual description. EPC is the center of the House of ARIS and connects all other views. Applications As one of the Enterprise Modeling methods. View model of ARIS. ARIS House has been developed to implement business models in information system. work flow. It has an industrial background."Architecture of Integrated Information Systems" ARIS provides four different aspects of applications: • The ARIS concept is the architecture for describing business processes. and in this way widespread.[1] Model of the ARIS Framework. as well as describes the dynamics of the business process. ARIS can model and structure Business Process Models.Architecture of Integrated Information Systems 318 Architecture of Integrated Information Systems ARIS (Architecture of Integrated Information Systems) is an approach to enterprise modeling[1] . which is an important aspect of the ARIS-model. and application processing.

Presentation by Helge Hess. D-56075 Koblenz. Gulledge and Rainer A. Rheinau 1.aris. Aris express modelling 319 References [1] Marc Lankhorst (2005). the meta structures of which are comprised in information models. 2006. Nijmegen. University of Nijmegen. Universität des Saarlandes.com/) homepage at IDS Scheer • ARIS Community (http://www. ISBN 3540243712 p. IDS Scheer. Springer. the Netherlands • August-Wilhelm Scheer. the Netherlands. et al. Im Stadtwald Geb. Markus Nüttgens "ARIS Architecture and Reference Models for Business Process Management" Institut für Wirtschaftsinformatik. USA. pera. .35. net/ Methodologies/ ARIS/ ARIS_Paper_by_Ted_Williams. and Analysis. Leiden Institute for Advanced Computer Science. D-66123 Saarbrücken • August-Wilhelm Scheer (1996) "ARIS-Toolset:Von Forschungs-Prototypen zum Produkt" Informatik-Spektrum 19: 71–78 (1996) © Springer-Verlag 1996 External links • ARIS Software (http://www. the Netherlands. Marc Lankhorst. [2] Workflow Management within the ARIS Framework (http:/ / www.Architecture of Integrated Information Systems • The ARIS concept provides modelling methods. Sommer (1999) "Process Coupling in Business Process Engineering" George Mason University.ariscommunity.com/slides/ Helge_Hess_IDS_Scheer_Event_Processing_Symposium. (2004) "Concepts for Modeling Enterprise Architectures" Telematica Instituut.com/) official ARIS community by IDS Scheer • From Event-driven modeling to Process monitoring (http://complexevents. Communication. CWI. Knowledge and Process Management Volume 6 Number 3 pp 158–165 • Henk Jonkers. html) by Ted Williams Further reading • Ulrich Frank (2002) "Multi-Perspective Enterprise Modeling (MEMO) Conceptual Framework and Modeling Languages" Universität Koblenz-Landau. 14. Enterprise Architecture at Work: Modelling. Germany • Thomas R. the Netherlands. • The ARIS house of Business Engineering (HOBE) represents a concept for comprehensive computer-aided Business Process Management.pdf).1. Amsterdam. Leiden. • The ARIS concept is the foundation for the ARIS Toolset software system for the support of modelling.

8.Different architectural approaches to the system are presented by the team. The architecture is then evaluated against each scenario. Present Business Drivers . 7. when the cost of changing architectures is minimal. Present ATAM . Analyze architectural approaches .Define the core business and technical requirements of the system. and answer any questions about the process.Analyze each scenario. Its purpose is to help choose a suitable architecture for a software system by discovering trade-offs and sensitivity points.Architecture Tradeoff Analysis Method 320 Architecture Tradeoff Analysis Method In software engineering. Analyze architectural approaches . 2. Present a scenario for this given requirement. Steps of the ATAM Process[1] 1. This analysis can be converted to risk themes and their impacts whereupon the process can be repeated. ATAM Benefits The following are some of the benefits of the ATAM process : • • • • • Promotes the gathering of precise quality requirements Creates an early start at architecture documentation Creates a documented basis for architectural decisions Promotes identification of risks early in the life-cycle Encourages increased communication among stakeholders ATAM Process The ATAM process consists of gathering stakeholders together to analyze business drivers and from these drivers extract quality attributes that are used to create scenarios.among the larger stakeholder group.The architect presents the high level architecture to the team. 5.Perform step 6 again with the added knowledge of the larger stakeholder community. and risks (or non-risks). 9. sensitivity points. and expand. ATAM was developed by the Software Engineering Institute at the Carnegie Mellon University. ATAM is most beneficial when done early in the software development life-cycle. 6. Present results . Present the Architecture . present the current scenarios.Present the concept of ATAM to the stakeholders. . with an 'appropriate level of detail' 4. Architecture Tradeoff Analysis Method (ATAM) is a risk-mitigation process used early in the software development life cycle. 3. and discussed. Brainstorm and prioritize scenarios . These scenarios are then used in conjunction with architectural approaches and architectural decisions to create an analysis of trade-offs.Everyone in the process presents and evaluates the business drivers for the system in question. and map them to an appropriate architectural property. rating them by priority. Generate Quality Attribute Utility Tree .provide all documentation to the stakeholders. Identify Architectural Approaches .

April 9. ISBN 020170482-X External links • Active Reviews for Intermediate Designs [1] References [1] http:/ / www. and Klein. Paul Clements.cmu.cmu. 2002. Active Reviews for Intermediate Designs (ARID) is a method to evaluate software architectures that combines aspects from ATAM and SAAM in a more tactical level. edu/ architecture/ tools/ arid/ . sei.Architecture Tradeoff Analysis Method 321 See Also ilities References [1] Software Architecture in Practice.sei. Len Bass.pdf) ARID In software engineering. Addison Wesley Professional. Second Edition.edu/reports/00tr004.sei.edu/architecture/tools/atam/) • ATAM: Method for Architecture Evaluation (http://www. Evaluating Software Architecture: Methods and Case Studies. cmu. Addison Wesley. References Clements. Kazman. 2003 Pattern Registry for ATAM (http://c2. Rick Kazman.com/cgi/wiki?ArchitectureTradeoffAnalysisMethod) External links • The Architecture Tradeoff Analysis Method (ATAM) (http://www.

Blumenthal created the CIO Support Services Framework and described this framework in a two-part article. Tobacco. In 2008. “How to Strengthen the Office of the CIO. In 2009. He is an adjunct professor at [5] Carnegie Mellon University CIO Institute and lectures at the National Defense University Information Resources Management College [6]. CIO Support Services Framework CIO Magazine "Ones To Watch" (2010). Blumenthal was interviewed about the role of the CTO by Federal News Radio [7] in 2009.Andy Blumenthal 322 Andy Blumenthal Andy Blumenthal Andy Blumenthal in 2009 Born Residence Nationality Alma mater Occupation Known for Awards 1967 Washington D. MBA and Baruch College.” [3] The approach integrates six major components required by CIOs to manage the IT function. . he expanded on the approach in “An Introduction to User-centric Enterprise Architecture” [2]. United States of America United States of America Pace University.. Firearms and Explosives [1] (ATF). a methodology he founded. In 2005. “User-Centric EA” treats enterprise architecture as a business tool for executive decision-making.”[1] a case study in User-Centric Enterprise Architecture. as director of enterprise architecture and IT governance for the United States Coast Guard [3] and prior to that as chief enterprise architect at the United States Secret Service [4]. DHS "Team Excellence in Enterprise Architecture" (2008) Andrew Neil (Andy) Blumenthal is chief technology officer at the Bureau of Alcohol. BBA Chief Technology Officer User-Centric Enterprise Architecture. Background Previously. Blumenthal served at the Department of Homeland Security [2].C. Blumenthal authored “Implementing Enterprise Architecture at the United States Secret Service. Information Management Magazine "Top 25 Information Managers" (2010).

Part I (CIO Support Services Framework) [10] "How To Strengthen the Office of the CIO" . com/ ?nid=19& sid=1597862 [8] http:/ / totalcio. com/ infodirect/ 2008_70/ 10001224-1. html . blogspot. com/ site/ thetotalcio/ Home/ links/ ARTICLE-PublicCIOMagazine-CSSF-PartII-August2009. pdf?attachauth=ANoY7crNusMGRwMEIgl6Dp3NO4SESYCRQbc5qw9gBLPboyEK_NMf8kwfsSqweN_ZkpEKpDv1EakZhCsLKi4olGGcST2qtiGYAB7JSHDc attredirects=0 [11] https:/ / 8054445007559265735-a-1802744773732722657-s-sites. November 2005 [2] Data Management Review.Part II (CIO Support Services Framework) [11] "Accountability in Project Management" [12] "Aligning Your Stars: Leadership Success Often Depends on Finding the Right Situation" [13] "What's Next for Microsoft. May 2008 [3] Public CIO. html [13] http:/ / www.Andy Blumenthal 323 Selected Bibliography • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Andy Blumenthal's Blog.How To Use Enterprise Architecture for Long-Term Planning [15] “Five Ways to Motivate Employees With Meaning” [16] “Mobile Work Force Struggles To Find Work-Life Balance” [17] "Five IT Priorities for 2009" [18] “Why Social Media Matters To Government” [19] "Encourage Social Networking Without Discouraging In-Person Meetings" [20] "Web 2. information-management. dhs. gov [3] http:/ / www. edu/ index. html [10] https:/ / 8054445007559265735-a-1802744773732722657-s-sites. mil [4] http:/ / www. gov [5] http:/ / www.0 Tools Change Government CIO Collaboration" [21] "A Vision of User-Centric Communication Design" [22] "An Architecture of Transparency for Ourselves and Our Organizations [23] "Embrace Resistance As Your Friend: Enterprise Architecture and IT Governance Helps Manage Change "Enterprise Architecture Thrives In The Right Corporate Culture" [25] "Fear. govtech. usss. com/ site/ thetotalcio/ Home/ links/ ARTICLE-PublicCIOMagazine-CSSF-PartI-August2009. ndu. Governance and The CIO" [27] "We Can't Ignore or Fear Technology For Long" [28] Presentation on the CIO Support Services Framework [29] Presentation on User-Centric Enterprise Architecture [30] Presentation on the State of Social Media [31] [24] References [1] Journal of Enterprise Architecture. googlegroups. aspx [6] http:/ / www. pdf?attachauth=ANoY7cptwo3FUUBhYyjfdUh5Q__RdVfGJ452LcwHh4d5FSch8Ff3zPhTYbqxmeRGwUAKuoo7p9tCnBToYeA7fcyCb-SSjxtuvBWqqx3HWK attredirects=0 [12] http:/ / www. com/ policy-management/ Accountability-in-Project-Management. heinz. The Total CIO [8] "An Introduction to User-Centric Enterprise Architecture" [9] "How To Strengthen the Office of the CIO" . August 2009 [1] http:/ / www. uscg. gov [2] http:/ / www. Google. com/ pcio/ Leadership-Success-Depends-on-Right-Situation-021111. atf. and the Rest of the IT Industry?" [14] "The Long View" . googlegroups. Greed and Enterprise Architecture" [26] "IT Planning. federalnewsradio. cmu. govtech. com [9] http:/ / www. edu/ irmc/ [7] http:/ / www.

com/ site/ thetotalcio/ Home/ links/ ARTICLE-AandG. govtech.Andy Blumenthal 324 [14] http:/ / www. com/ site/ thetotalcio/ Home/ links/ ARTICLE-ArchitectureandGovernance-Jan2009. googlegroups. com/ features/ 0507-15/ 0507-15advp1. googlegroups. com/ newsletters/ performance_management-10017955-1. net/ ablumen/ andy-blumenthal-presents-the-cio-support-services-framework-cssf [30] http:/ / www. govexec. googlegroups. google. com/ site/ thetotalcio/ Home/ links/ ARTICLE-ArchitectureandGovernance-050809. net/ ablumen/ andy-blumenthal-presents-usercentric-enterprise-architecture-1605994 [31] http:/ / www. htm [16] http:/ / www. php [20] https:/ / 8054445007559265735-a-1802744773732722657-s-sites. com/ featured/ Whats-Next-for-Microsoft-Google. com/ viewer?a=v& pid=sites& srcid=ZGVmYXVsdGRvbWFpbnx0aGV0b3RhbGNpb3xneDoyMzk2NGJiZjRhYWJjMjQ2& pli=1 [29] http:/ / www. com/ site/ thetotalcio/ Home/ links/ ARTICLE-ArchitectureandGovernance-110209. govtech. slideshare. com/ nextgov/ ng_20090415_9417. google. com/ site/ thetotalcio/ Home/ links/ ARTICLE-ArchitectureandGovernance-090709. googlegroups. com/ Articles/ 2009/ 01/ 12/ Top-IT-issues-Andy-Blumenthal-ATF. nextgov. pdf?attachauth=ANoY7cqOpP2ic_G-gL5EQj4X7_lJhJtlAK0OZImNdA-T-wzod01rw48nAq0blVq77s7-X9m-cGr-trvzIhSnwwJk_rM_tL5U45JC5HOmRe97sDH7 attredirects=0 [24] http:/ / 8054445007559265735-a-1802744773732722657-s-sites. googlegroups. com/ viewer?a=v& pid=sites& srcid=ZGVmYXVsdGRvbWFpbnx0aGV0b3RhbGNpb3xneDoyMjE4NDZmYzA0NzRkYWI5 [22] http:/ / 8054445007559265735-a-1802744773732722657-s-sites. com/ site/ thetotalcio/ Home/ links/ ARTICLE-FearGreedEA. pdf?attachauth=ANoY7cp_7LP-RYQP7moxdkfoZ3cdSulCLmDvvmRNmUJhweVXkGHNMuM7QnkJKxaj3Sd036eIlInNJyPlEjeZHtWVyV6cw07I094IVoR6jTw attredirects=1 [28] http:/ / docs. googlegroups. html [17] http:/ / www. com/ site/ thetotalcio/ Home/ links/ ARTICLE-CIOMagazine-121108. pdf?attachauth=ANoY7cr8JvH1P2IEWuYQ9GAdoDZ1qwNK4nTDFvf1GL-0tXxXF15_ar1CDe2TSIYhxI3KnuEqlA4rF3y4lmWEEapw_IBE17hGOTF1DWT2k attredirects=1 [26] http:/ / 8054445007559265735-a-1802744773732722657-s-sites. pdf?attachauth=ANoY7cqrb2jRrbZ8lUILSaGlrmCw5N6y1vu-PlQsvYjlJ0etSXJ_Dj9orC-GNRk02q4WASaAH0Hcg41HwUmE-JVjnDrkrui3bJPi-9qlI8V7VbabD attredirects=1 [25] http:/ / 8054445007559265735-a-1802744773732722657-s-sites. pdf?attachauth=ANoY7cponiOBW1npey_794W_U_wJcm8GG0CYfOP9vyp1cjIRYao6Wo0BxC3N6eYJGHIM8cC3J5v_TIxoazUcgW721obaOSH7ltXhafiiZRpo attredirects=1 [23] http:/ / 8054445007559265735-a-1802744773732722657-s-sites. aspx [19] http:/ / www. com/ pcio/ 765240 [18] http:/ / gcn. pdf?attachauth=ANoY7cp_bfPRfszD21MWXtXu4DKAEIG35jghA00WZdI_tU8NDeBrDFRGEGfh_xJrrWenK9ZxZLexLcLx5t_lkY8XSmH34eBEI8tmPx9alI4n attredirects=1 [27] http:/ / 8054445007559265735-a-1802744773732722657-s-sites. net/ ablumen/ andy-blumenthal-talks-about-social-media User-Centric EA Planning and Governance User-centric EA Levels of Detail User-centric Enterprise Architecture CIO Support Services Framework Information Management Framework . googlegroups. slideshare. slideshare. html?utm_source=networknews& utm_medium=link& utm_campaign=Whats-Next-for-Microsoft-Google [15] http:/ / www. pdf?attachauth=ANoY7cpPoHjhjeMAvYSjZI45_6bSnJaGfYu1l_mIkSamiPz4xxYT5ldNVIQUP_DCGHHS_ZuNOBBcb7MEoPgKt6WY0yuOFPNT4HkrE3UTT attredirects=1 [21] http:/ / docs. information-management.

Because it provides a "big picture" view of needs and methods.The Zachman EA Framework has contributed to the organization of several later frameworks and much architectural thinking. It treats Enterprise Architecture as not including merely diagrams and technical descriptions. establishes the scope and bounds of the EA discipline. and provides the reader references for further information.. This organization and characterization promotes a consistent view of EA. Alternative titles While the title of the main printed document is "EABOK". Because there are so many different frameworks and viewpoints about enterprise architecture. but gives a holistic view that includes US legislative requirements and guidance. The EABOK is a guide to EA. TOGAF and DODAF). presents an overview of the topic. It is worth reading between the lines of many sections. as well as giving technologists a better understanding of business needs with a quick explanation of the Value chain for a business as outlined by Michael Porter. Another example of possible implied criticism of some EA practitioners: Many novice EA practitioners comment that they find the DODAF too complex for a starting point to build an enterprise architecture. it provides a critique of alternatives (such as between the original Zachman Framework. and places the discipline in the context of related disciplines. some enterprise architecture practitioners recommend it as the "first port of call" for a business establishing an enterprise architecture unit. it is also known as: • "The Guide to the Enterprise Architecture Body of Knowledge" (on the MITRE web pages) • "The Guide to the (Evolving) Enterprise Architecture Body of Knowledge" (a smaller title on the cover page of the printable document) Perspective The key to the EABOK is that it (and the discipline it describes) is evolving (with some of its knowledge areas yet to be fleshed out[1] ). . New sections and expansions of current "stubs" are under development within MITRE and will be released to the web on an ad-hoc basis. and the way it places enterprise architecture in context. and is substantially funded by US government agencies. The bibliographies are particularly useful. such as the possible implied criticisms of enterprise architecture units that live solely by the diagram from Zachman's original concepts that enterprise architecture frameworks were necessary: Today Zachman sees his framework as a thinking tool. distribution unlimited. not the body of knowledge itself.. Other practitioners find the DODAF a good source of product description information to get them started. It has been approved for public release. The EABOK subdivides EA into knowledge areas and topics within each area.Enterprise Architecture Body of Knowledge 325 Enterprise Architecture Body of Knowledge The Enterprise Architecture Body of Knowledge (EABOK) is a guide to Enterprise Architecture produced by MITRE (specifically MITRE's Center for Innovative Computing and Informatics). The current printable version is dated 06-Feb-2004 and edited by Dr Paula J Hagan. Overview The following paragraph is taken from MITRE's web pages: The Guide to the Enterprise Architecture Body of Knowledge (EABOK) organizes and characterizes the knowledge content of the Enterprise Architecture (EA) discipline. It provides a critical review of enterprise architecture issues in the context of the needs of an organization.

and business information. Overview The term "Business Architecture" is. html). org/ tech/ eabok/ knowledge_areas. 326 References [1] Knowledge Areas (http:/ / www. Business architecture bridges between the enterprise business model of an enterprise or a business unit on one side and the business operations that implement the business architecture on another side. an architecture and used to refer to an architectural organization of an enterprise or a business unit. an EA newsletter from MITRE Business architecture A business architecture is a part of an enterprise architecture related to architectural organization of business. including MODAF. business processes. and the work at the Object Management Group to create a model that satisfies both frameworks. External links • Guide to the (Evolving) Enterprise Architecture Body of Knowledge (http://www. first of all. People who help build business architecture are known as Business Architects.mitre. Enterprise architecture practitioners should be aware that the discipline has evolved since the most recent publication: perhaps the most notable being the extensions of DODAF. the issues and the references are useful to government agencies and businesses across the world." [1] Business Architecture articulates the structure of an enterprise in terms of its capabilities. A formal definition of the first meaning is defined by the Object Management Group's Business Architecture Working Group as follows: "A blueprint of the enterprise that provides a common understanding of the organization and is used to align strategic objectives and tactical demands.org/news/the_edge). . governance structure. mitre.[2] The business capability is "what" the organization does.Enterprise Architecture Body of Knowledge (Italics are not in the original article) It is just such comments that make many experienced information systems and business professionals appreciate the EABOK: while it reviews a range of approaches.org/work/tech_papers/ tech_papers_04/04_0104/04_0104. where the Business architecture is pictured as part of the enterprise architecture. it is not frightened to put a personal point-of-view. USA. architectural model or profession. the business Example of the NIH IT Enterprise Architecture Framework. While many of the references to legislation and guidance are US-centric.pdf) (Current as of 2007-01-01) • "The Edge" (http://www. MITRE.mitre. and the documents and diagrams that describe that architectural organization.

resources and controls are involved in the process. many different views of an organization are typically developed.. order. suppliers. and regulators). This view further distinguishes between customer-facing functions. processes. the decomposition of those business units into subunits. customer name. In addition to the above views of the enterprise. order date. are "how" the organization executes its capabilities. customer. supplier name). and business integration points. and business management functions. Business Architecture's value proposition. core and support processes that transcend functional and organizational boundaries. core business execution functions. and the internal or external management of those units. • Modeling discovers business requirements in the area of interest including stakeholders. unlike other disciplines is to increase functional effectiveness by mapping and modeling the business to the organization's business vision and strategic goals. In articulating the governance and information. This foundation provides the framework that supports the achievement of key goals. and tools). planning and execution of various business scenarios. and delivery of bottom line business value. • Mapping identifies gaps between the current and target business capabilities (underlying services.. capabilities and business units. to ensure that flow in and out of the enterprise are captured. suppliers. The goals may be decomposed into various tactical approaches for achieving these goals and for providing traceability through the organization. The key views of the enterprise within the business architecture are:[2] • Business Strategy view : captures the strategic goals that drive an organization forward. . business entities and their relationships. the business architecture considers all external actors to an enterprise (including its customers. the relationships connecting the aforementioned views form the foundation of the business architecture. supplier-related functions. 327 Business architecture topics Different views of an organization In order to develop an integrated view of an enterprise.[2] Disciplined approach Business Architecture is a disciplined approach to realise business models and to serve as a business foundation of the enterprise to enhance accountability and improve decision-making. These semantics form the vocabulary that the organization relies upon to communicate and structure the understanding of the areas they operate within. The processes also describe which people. • Business Knowledge view : establishes the shared semantics (e. These strategic goals are mapped to metrics that provide ongoing evaluation of how successfully the organization is achieving its goals. It sets the context of the enterprise by identifying and describing external entities such as customers.g. and supplier) within an organization and relationships between those semantics (e. • Organizational view : captures the relationships among roles. people. The lowest process level describes the manual and automated tasks that make up workflow. and external systems that interact with the business.Business architecture processes.g. • Business Process view : defines the set of strategic. • Business Capabilities view : describes the primary business functionality or business services of an enterprise and the sections of the organization that perform those functions.

Model Driven Architecture (MDA) and the Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN). The OMG established the Business Architecture Working Group[3] (BAWG) in December 2007 to pursue the development of standards to support the Business Architecture community. During the strategy formulation phase and as a result of the design of the business architecture. The business architecture forms a significantly better basis for subsequent architectures than the separate statements themselves. It is the foundation for subsequent architectures (strategy embedding). We will illustrate the value of business architecture in a case study Frameworks for business architecture Zachman Framework Rows 1 & 2 of the Zachman Framework deal with Business Architecture discipline. technical architecture. such as the organizational structuring (in which the responsibilities of the business domains are assigned to individuals/business units in the organization chart or where a new organization chart is drawn) and the administrative organization (describing for instance the financial reconciliation mechanisms between business domains). enable powerful visual design. Based on this hierarchy the initial business architecture is further developed. Business architecture therefore is a very helpful pre-structuring device for the development. being domain-owners and well aware of their role. etc. The group has begun an effort to catalog business scenarios and to capture a library of business techniques that will be used to isolate and prioritize areas of work. Business architecture models shed light on the scantly elaborated relationships between business strategy and business design. 2008 in Orlando at the OMG's quarterly Technical Meeting as part of an outreach effort to bring interested practitioner and vendor organizations into the standards process. Detailed portions of business domains can be developed based on the effort and support of the domain-owners involved. The business strategy can consist of elements like strategy statements. because now the managers of these domains can be involved with a specific assigned responsibility. . including the Unified Modeling Language (UML). through techniques like qualitative hierarchical cluster analysis. The Object Management Group Modeling standards of the Object Management Group (OMG). where it is detailed into various aspects and disciplines. the business strategy gets better formulated and understood as well as made more internally consistent. including IT Systems Modeling and Business Process Management. like theories on assets and resources and theories on structuring economic activity. This led to increased involvement of top-level management. The perspectives for subsequent design next to organization are more common: information architecture. The strategic statements are analyzed and arranged hierarchically. The business architecture gives direction to organizational aspects. Based on the business architecture the construction of the organization takes shape (figure 1: strategy embedding). The various parts (functions. functional architecture. Assigning the various business domains to their owners (managers) also helps the further development of other architectures. The BAWG conducted a Business Architecture Information Day on September 23. This initiative has as a key part of its mission the interlinking and unification of existing standards to accommodate the demands for integrated end-to-end business analytics. acceptance and implementation of subsequent architectures. organizational goals and objectives. It pre-structures other architectures. execution and maintenance of software and other processes.Business architecture 328 Business Strategy Business Architecture is directly based on business strategy. features and concepts) of the business architecture act as a compulsory starting point for the different subsequent architectures. using general organizational structuring methods and business administration theory. generic and/or applied business models.

eXtended Business Modeling Language A sound and complete framework for denoting Business Architecture is the xBML (eXtended Business Modeling Language) framework. to-be architecture. Although the Open Group limits their framework to be used to develop Information Systems only. and • Time as-is architecture vs. This framework advocates the following Business Architectural components: • • • • • • Activity (What?) Responsibility (Who?) Locality (Where?) Temporal governance (When?) Information (Which?) Operation (How?). development and operations. published by the TM Forum. It is being developed and continuously improved by the Open Group. • The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is a set of concepts and policies for managing information technology (IT) infrastructure. • Level of detail. • The enhanced Telecom Operations Map (eTOM). and defines key elements and how they interact. their framework includes “Business Architecture” as one of the four "domains" of architecture. describes the full scope of business processes required by a service provider in the telecommunications industry. a consortium of interested individuals and companies involved in information technology.[4] A Business Architecture describes the functional aspects of the business domain instead of the IT domain. governance. organization. TOGAF describes business architecture as "the business strategy. three of which can be considered relevant to Business Architecture: • Scope or breadth of the enterprise or across a specific business function from end-to-end. Additionally.Business architecture 329 The Open Group The Open Group Architecture Framework of the The Open Group is a community-based effort for describing methods and tools used by architecture. • The Supply-Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) is a process reference model. xBML provides a detailed "instruction set" (or formal rule set) that enables the practitioner to build content for the framework in a consistent. activities. knowledge and skills. repeatable and verifiable manner. endorsed by the Supply-Chain Council as the cross-industry de facto standard diagnostic tool for supply chain management. and key business processes". The other three domains are Application Architecture. unlike other frameworks available. Data Architecture and Technology Architecture. TOGAF defines four dimensions. . processes. Industry reference models Industry reference models are frameworks or models that provide a best practice off-the-shelf set of structures. There are approximately 55 rules that ensure consistency in output generated.

org/). and strategic drivers • To analyze the gaps between the Baseline and Target Business Architectures • To select and develop the relevant architecture viewpoints that will enable the architect to demonstrate how the stakeholder concerns are addressed in the Business Architecture . " Business Architecture: A new paradigm to relate business strategy to ICT". omg. This figure shows an example of the building blocks that can be used in any Business Architecture work and/or Business Process Management engagement. opengroup. The general objective of the Business Architecture is: • To describe the Baseline Business Context that serves as further input for all the other Architectural disciplines. Business Architecture bridges between the Business Model of an Enterprise. or a business unit on one side and the Business Operations that implement the business architecture on another side. and key business processes information. business goals. Business Architecture Working Group.businessarchitects. 91–102. In: Information Systems Frontiers Vol 8 pp. based on the business principles. Accessed 17 March 2009 [3] Business Architecture Working Group (http:/ / bawg. organization. as well as the interaction between these concepts. org) [4] http:/ / www. G & H. Definition (http:/ / bawg. organizational. part of the Object Management Group • Business Architecture Society (BAS) (http://www.com).basociety. describing the product and/or service strategy. org/ business_architecture_overview. governance. omg. External links • Business Architecture Working Group (BAWG) (http://bawg.Business architecture 330 References [1] Object Management Group.org).omg. process. Business Architecture Working Group. and the documents and diagrams that describe that architectural organization. Bouwman (2006). Business architecture overview (http:/ / bawg. It combines the business strategy. information. non-profit professional association • Business Architects Association® (BAA) (http://www. and geographic aspects of the business environment. org) [2] Object Management Group. People who help build Business Architecture are known as Business Architects. such as Information Systems and Technology Architecture • To develop a Target Business Architecture. and the strategic. htm#six Further reading • Versteeg.Building Blocks A Business Architecture is a part of an Enterprise Architecture related to the architectural organization of a business. htm). professional association Business Architecture . org/ public/ arch/ p1/ togaf_faq. omg. functional.

Siavash Moshiri from the Sheffield Business School. Together. They represent pure-business concepts independent of technical considerations. architectural requirements. and the return on investment to those stakeholders from supporting and participating in the subsequent work. Building Blocks What are they? The constant evolution occurring in business today requires well-defined "building blocks" for determining how to optimize operations at all levels of the business context (strategic. 331 Overview The mentioned building blocks have been developed as a part of The Open Group Business Forum[1] development.and they formally define part of Business Architecture. technology and processes)[3] . Karin Gräslund from the Wiesbaden Business School. the company that owns TOGAF – The Open Group Enterprise Architecture Framework. and presented. The most Architectural frameworks such as the TOGAF – The Open Group Architecture Framework provide a structural model for architectural content that allows major work products to be consistently defined. The scope of the work in Business Architecture will depend to a large extent on the enterprise environment and its changes it is going through. In practical terms. project plans. etc. These building blocks are reordered. if not catered for already in other organizational processes (enterprise planning. where the following organizations and companies participate: • • • • • • • • The Open Group SAP Oracle HP IBM Capgemini Kingdee Value Team [2] Furthermore. replaced and retired as part of normal business evolution[4] . organizational. and each has a clearly defined function and fit. and the alternative approaches that can be taken in the future.Business Architecture . etc. or transitioned into an Architecture . agreed. the Business Architecture is also often necessary as a means of demonstrating the business value of subsequent architecture work to key stakeholders. Deliverables represent the output of projects and those deliverables that are in documentation for m will typically be archived at completion of a project. The company's building blocks define how the business works today. Application. such as Business Model. process flows. project compliance assessments. Ann Rosenberg from the IT University of Copenhagen and Mark von Rosing from the Copenhagen Business School and IT University of Copenhagen has been part of the development. strategic business planning. structured. business artifacts create a portfolio of ever-changing business competencies . The "Building Blocks" figure shows the building blocks developed by Mark von Rosing in connection of the mentioned companies for The Open Group Business Forum. Architects will produce a number of outputs as a result of their efforts. Technology). business process re-engineering. and signed off by the stakeholders.).Building Blocks • To select the relevant tools and techniques to be used in association with the selected viewpoints A knowledge of the Business Architecture is a prerequisite for architecture work in any other domain (Data. and is therefore the first architecture activity that needs to be undertaken. Such Architecture Frameworks and Methods typically use some main categories to describe the type of architectural work product within the context of use: • A deliverable is a work product that is contractually specified and in turn formally reviewed.

vision capturing or stakeholder map. a building block can simply consist of a name or an outline description. application.Building Blocks Repository as a reference model. standard. Systems are built up from collections of building blocks. or architectural capability that can be combined with other building blocks to deliver architectures and solutions. inter-dependent.g. • A building block represents a (potentially re-usable) component of business. or data entity) • A building block has a defined boundary and is generally recognizable as "a thing or approach" by domain (Business Architecture domain. interoperability. data. information systems or technology). Every organization must decide for itself what arrangement of building blocks works best for it. building blocks. depending on what stage of architecture .Ideally a building block is re-usable and replaceable. A good choice of building blocks can lead to improvements in legacy system integration.g. at an early stage of architecture e.It may be a subassembly of other building blocks. Building blocks can be defined at various levels of detail. • A building block may interoperate with other. a customer services capability may be required within an enterprise. a use-case specification. 332 The generic characteristics of Building Blocks Building blocks have generic characteristics as follows: • A building block is a package of functionality defined to meet the business needs across an organization. such as processes. so most building blocks have to interoperate with other building blocks. and well specified. Building blocks can be defined at various levels of detail.e. matrices (showing relationships between things). . The way in which assets and capabilities are assembled into building blocks will vary widely between individual architectures. An architectural deliverable may contain many artifacts and artifacts will for m the content of the Architecture Repository. a network is a building block that can be described through complementary artifacts and then put to use to realize solutions for the enterprise. supported by many SBBs. • A good building block has the following characteristics: . and diagrams (pictures of things). defining the Business Architecture a building block may be encomposed into multiple supporting building blocks and may be accompanied by a full specification of the approach. . and application software. For instance. or snapshot of the Architecture Landscape at a point in time. Building blocks can therefore relate to "architectures" or "solutions". and thereby it evolves to exploit technology and standards. A building block's boundary and specification should be loosely coupled to its implementation. Solution Building Blocks (SBBs) represent components that will be used to implement the required capability. but must be specific to its domain (ether business. and a business interaction matrix.It may be assembled from other building blocks.It considers business to IT implementation alignment and usage. • An artifact is a more granular architectural work product that describes an architecture from a specific viewpoint. Architecture Building Blocks (ABBs) typically describe required capability and shape the specification of Solution Building Blocks (SBBs). it is important that the interfaces to a building block are published and reasonably stable. business service. and flexibility in the creation of new systems and applications. a list of architectural requirements. For example. Wherever that is true. i. depending on what stage of architecture development has been reached. Information Systems Architecture domain or Technology Architecture domain) experts. it should be possible to realize a building block in several different ways without impacting the boundary or specification of the building block. Examples include a network diagram. a server specification. Artifacts are generally classified as catalogs (lists of things).. • A building block should correspond to the Architectural Framework content (such as actor. IT. For example. Later on in the architectural work e.Business Architecture . .

a building block may be decomposed into multiple supporting building blocks and may be accompanied by a full specification. For instance. organizational context. e. goals (Strategic. and a specification of how those building blocks are connected to meet the overall requirements of the business.g.g process architecture flow or information flow. how it is done. For example. Later on. which defines what the business accomplishes. a Business Architecture leverages business knowledge. and process context by connecting the building blocks into a single whole. technology and process context blocks. There are some general principles underlying the use of building blocks in the design of specific architectures: • An architecture need only contain building blocks that are relevant to the business problem that the architecture is attempting to address.e. in some cases. who makes it happen. technology context. less detail may be of greater value (for example.Building Blocks development has been reached. provides value for IT initiatives and ensures alignment of architecture to the strategic context. The level of detail to which a building block should be specified is dependent on the objectives of the architecture and the needed result. the building blocks are incorporated into models to help build a big picture of the interrelationships of assets. the building blocks are often kept at a broad business integration definition.Business Architecture . the business service of "complaint handling" would be supported by many data entities and possibly multiple application components). a building block can simply consist of a name or an outline description e. and how they can be leveraged to more effectively operate together. organizational. The important step is to look at how your organization's assets . scalable approach to enterprise modeling can help you better understand your strategic. and the standards of the enterprise. One building block may support multiple building blocks or may partially support a single building block (for example.. i. The various building blocks in an architecture specify the scope and approach that will be used to address a specific business problem. such as process items • Building blocks to be the subject of development. where and when it takes place[5] . Building Block Design The process of identifying building blocks includes looking for collections of capabilities or assets that interact with one another and then drawing them together or making them different: Consider three classes of building blocks: • Re-usable building blocks. such as new business competencies • Building blocks to be the subject of purchase. a single clear and concise picture has more value than a dense 100-page specification). For instance. how they fit together and how to leverage them for optimal Business Value and continuous improvement[6] . In the early stages and during views of the highest-level enterprise. process flow elements should be treated as important/large building blocks to avoid breaking them apart.or building blocks . In any organization . • Building blocks may have complex relationships to one another.and most especially in large organizations . It is during these exercises that the services definitions can often be best viewed. 333 Building Block Design Building Blocks in Architecture Design An architecture is a set of building blocks depicted in an architectural model. Tactical and Operational goals).capturing assets and creating formal models to reflect how it operates are critical to truly understanding the business and planning effectively for change and growth. drivers (performance & value drivers). when presenting the capabilities of an enterprise. Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) applications Use the desired level of integration to bind or combine functions into building blocks. Value Map description or Process Map description. the principles of the enterprise. As . Once identified and clearly defined. at an early stage. • Building blocks should conform to standards relevant to their type.can be modeled into a complete picture of a Business Architecture and consider how a formal.

. innovation and [8] transformation opportunities. and what the financial envelope is. what is out of scope. and therefore there is a need to capture the overall business vision and Business Strategy as well as understand the Business Model. 'WHO' makes the changes. what the limits are. 334 Identifying Building Block Scope As a preliminary to Phase B (Business Architecture). Process Architect The Process Architect[9] is one of the key roles which add as much detail as is required to meet the purpose of Business Process Modeling. the high-level Process Maps are identified. and 'HOW' the changes are implemented by the company. more detailed views of building blocks can often be used to address implementation decisions. and technical information to speed up the transformation [8] of automated Business Process execution. This figure shows an example of 'WHY' something changes. in order to create the needed performance and value. or aid in assessing the value and future impact of commonality and reusability. Who are using them. it is necessary to define the scope of activity. The Business Architect together with a Business Process expert lays out the first and second-level Business Model competencies that creates value for the company. including what is in scope. The strategic intent and motivation of the business is further refined into operational capabilities to identify optimization. recording the assumptions made. and developing any new requirements.Business Architecture . The needed link between Business Model and process landscape is what the Process Architect works with. focus on the critical strategic decisions. This detail could be time and cost information necessary for Business Process Modeling and analysis.Building Blocks implementation considerations are addressed. Within this step fall defining the business process. The information collected is used to gauge the baseline system and to determine the return on investment of potential changes. linking the organisation's competencies to the Business Processes. In collaboration with the Process Architect. and why? Some of the roles that are currently using the most of the building blocks: Business Architect The Business Architect[7] today is responsible for the value architecture setup.

valueteam. SAP Press 2011 von Rosing. Rosenberg. Rosenberg. Rosenberg. Taylor. packaged applications may represent the common concept of a customer in many different internal formats. For example.e. Omar. Defining a Canonical Data Model is often the first step to resolving cases of semantic dissonance between applications. Taylor. not a specific package implementation. A typical migration from point-to-point interfacing to message based integration begins with a decision on the middleware to be used to transport messages between endpoints. Omar. Rosenberg. i. 'payer'. Rosenberg. SAP Press 2011: "Applying Real-World BPM in an SAP Environment". Applying Real-World BPM in an SAP Environment. Applying Real-World BPM in an SAP Environment. opengroup. Taylor. Taylor. it is intended to reduce costs and standardize on agreed data definitions associated with integrating business systems. biz von Rosing. A form of Enterprise Application Integration. Chase. SAP Press 2011 von Rosing. wiktionary. Taylor. Chase. reusable integration methodology which can be implemented using messaging supported by middleware products. Omar. Taylor. Applying Real-World BPM in an SAP Environment.Business Architecture . Applying Real-World BPM in an SAP Environment. Applying Real-World BPM in an SAP Environment. Omar. common view within a given context. Omar. "A Canonical Data Model allows developers and business users to discuss the integration solution in terms of the company's business domain. SAP Press 2011 von Rosing.Building Blocks 335 References [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] The Open Group Business Architecture forum (http:/ / www. Message payloads (business data content) in the form of XML schema are built from the common model objects thus providing the desired consistency and re-usability while ensuring data integrity. A Canonical Model is any model that is canonical in nature. External links • The Open Group (http://www. Often this decision results in the adoption of an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) or Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) solution. Chase. Adoption of a comprehensive enterprise integration strategy often entails a move to a message based integration methodology. an enterprise design pattern which provides common data naming. The desire for consistent message payload results in the construction of an enterprise or business domain Canonical Model or adoption of an XML message standard used as the basis for message objects[1] . Most organizations also adopt a set of standards for message structure and content (message payload). Applying Real-World BPM in an SAP Environment. Chase. consistent. .opengroup. definition and values within a generalized data framework. a model which is in the simplest form possible based on a standard. Omar. such as 'account'. and 'contact'. Chase. Chase. Taylor. org/ wiki/ transformation von Rosing. Often the term Canonical Model is used interchangeably with Canonical Data Model. org/ architecture/ ) http:/ / www. SAP Press 2011 Further reading • von Rosing. SAP Press 2011 von Rosing. Chase.org/) Canonical Model Canonical Model is a design pattern used to communicate between different data formats. Omar. Rosenberg." [2] Enterprise integration models provide a foundation for a decoupled. Rosenberg. The goal of the Canonical Model is to provide a dictionary of reusable common objects and definitions at an enterprise or business domain level to enhance system interoperability. SAP Press 2011 http:/ / en.

Woolf. and Event Driven SOA (http://blogs. Hohpe. independent of its organisation-structure or business area.com/mike_gilpin/ 10-03-15-field_first_annual_canonical_model_management_forum) • Canonical Model. 2005 [2] Enterprise Integration Patterns. Prentice Hall. The main aspects are the functional. Thomas Erl.aspx) CIMOSA CIMOSA stands for "Computer Integrated Manufacturing Open System Architecture".forrester. to promote it and to support its further evolution. methodology and supporting technology to support these goals. behavioral. computers and people.[4] One of the main idea of CIMOSA is the categorization of manufacturing operations in: • Generic functions : Generic parts of every enterprise.Canonical Model 336 References [1] Service-Oriented Architecture. . resource. is a enterprise modeling framework. implementation description and execution of the daily enterprise operation".[2] It was developed in the 1990s by the AMICE Consortium. process-based modeling approach with the goal to cover essential enterprise aspects in one integrated model. which aims to support the enterprise integration of machines.[3] CIMOSA cube: The basics of the reference architecture from which a particular [1] architecture is developed.com/b/nickmalik/archive/ 2007/06/12/canonical-model-canonical-schema-and-event-driven-soa. Eventually the development of CIMOSA has resulted in two key items: • Modeling Framework : This framework supports "all phases of the CIM system life-cycle from requirements definition. Canonical Schema.[4] The framework furthermore offers an "event-driven. • Specific (Partial and Particular) functions : Specific for individual enterprises. Overview The original aim of CIMOSA (1992) has been "to elaborate an open system architecture for CIM and to define a set of concepts and rules to facilitate the building of future CIM systems". The framework is based on the system life cycle concept. in an EU project. and offers a modelling language.msdn.[4] • Integrating Infrastructure : This infrastructure provides "specific information technology services for the execution of the Particular Implementation Model". 2004 External links • Forrester Research (http://blogs. which has providen to be vendor independent and portable. Eventually the non-profit organization CIMOSA Association has been established to keep ownership of the CIMOSA specification. through design specification.

and • the organization view describes the responsibilities assigned to individuals for functional and control structures. Standardized CIMOSA models "can also be used on line in the manufacturing enterprise for scheduling. It has extended its goals in the new millennium towards "upcoming new enterprise paradigms of extended. dispatching. Capturing knowledge and using it across organisational boundaries will be a major challenge in the new types of businesses.[8] From the start CIMOSA has been an active supporter for national. CIMOSA models enterprises using four perspectives:[7] • the function view describes the functional structure required to satisfy the objectives of an enterprise and related control structures. Enhanced decision support and operation monitoring and control are some of the needs of today and tomorrow. virtual and agile enterprises. This real-time knowledge needed to support the establishment. a reference architecture an enterprise modelling language an integrating infrastructure for model enactment supported by a common terminology A close liaison with European and international standardisation organisations has been established to stimulate the standardisation process for enterprise integration.[4] CIMOSA can be applied in process simulation and analysis.[6] CIMOSA aims at integrating enterprise operations by means of efficient information exchange within the enterprise. which cause new requirements on organisational concepts and supporting technologies. CIMOSA Association Begin 1990s the CIMOSA Association (COA) was founded by the AMICE Consortium as a non-profit organisation aiming to promote Enterprise Engineering and Integration (EE&I) based on CIMOSA.[8] . European and international standardisation of Enterprise Integration.CIMOSA information and organizational aspect". monitoring and providing process information". • the information view describes the information required by each function. • the resource view describes the resources and their relations to functional and control structures. 337 Building blocks The main focus of CIMOSA has been to construct:[6] • • • • a framework for enterprise modelling.[5] One of the standards based on CIMOSA is the Generalised Enterprise Reference Architecture and Methodology (GERAM). deployment and discontinuation of the inter and intra organisational relations".

and Technologies‎pp.Sc. pera. Handbook of Life Cycle Engineering: Concepts. cnt. htm) Online primer. Accessed 15 Jan 2009. purpose and business value (http:/ / cimosa. pl/ Docs/ Primer/ primer2.. [8] CIMOSA Association e. [2] CIMOSA A Primer on key concepts.CIMOSA 338 References [1] Fadel. Berlin • François Vernadat (1996) Enterprise Modeling and Integration: Principles and Applications. last update: 02.ingentaconnect. Further reading • AMICE (1993) CIMOSA: OPen Systm Architecture for CIM. pera.V. Access date 31 Oct 2008. University of Toronto. de/ CoAssoc/ NewWebS/ Frame1/ About_us. Models.03. cnt. cs.de/) • CIMOSA association (http://cimosa. pl/ Docs/ Primer/ primer1. Accessed 15 Jan 2009. Enterprise Integration Laboratory. An Ontology for Secure Socio-Technical Systems (http:/ / www. [6] CIMOSA : A Primer on key concepts. second edition. html). [4] CIMOSA CIM Open System Architecture (http:/ / www.com/search?form_name=sidebar&title=CIMOSA& database=1&search. Springer-Verlag. 187-188. Thesis. Access date 31 Oct 2008. (1994). htm). 2000 by Ted Williams. About us (http:/ / www. net/ Arc_cimosa. edu/ ~zannone/ publication/ mass-mylo-zann-07-IDEA.pl/) • CIMOSA bibliography (http://www. [7] Fabio Massacc1 et al. net/ Methodologies/ Cimosa/ CIMOSA. "A Resource Ontology for Enterprise Modelling".y=8) . p.x=12&search.G. [3] Arturo Molina. Chapman & Hall.cnt. Online paper. M. [5] CIMOSA European Enterprise Integration Concept (http:/ / www. cimosa.1996. toronto. html) Last updated August 21.03.A. purpose and business value (http:/ / cimosa. pdf).11.1996. Jose Manuel Sanchez. Andrew Kusiak (1998). ISBN 0-412-60550-3 External links • CIMOSA homepage (http://www.. Accessed 16 Jan 2009. .cimosa. London. Accessed 01 Feb 2009. F.(2007). Last update: 02. htm).

These are largely derived from the ITIL specification for service management. CLEAR was developed by Atos Origin in order to provide a rigorous Enterprise Architecture framework. Artefacts and Relationships in the modelling part of the CLEAR EA Framework CLEAR borrows heavily from the Zachman Framework for Enterprise Architecture and the TOGAF framework specification. CLEAR stands for Comprehensive. Framework CLEAR contains an Information Technology Governance framework and processes for Enterprise Architecture. Hardware and Infrastructure elements) CLEAR's Services Oriented Alignment layer can be used to provide the specification for a Service-oriented architecture approach. Method CLEAR contains a method for building the Enterprise Architecture itself. Overview Landscapes. These landscapes are: • • • • The Environmental landscape which contains the Business Objectives or Contextual landscape The Business landscape which contains the Conceptual Business Architecture The Alignment Landscape which contains a functional architecture and services catalogue The Technology Landscape which contains all of the technical components necessary to deliver the business services (Software. . Meta-model The CLEAR meta-model contains the above landscapes and artefacts together with a Taxonomy and Ontology to provide traceability and consistency across the architecture.CLEAR Framework for Enterprise Architecture 339 CLEAR Framework for Enterprise Architecture CLEAR is an Enterprise Architecture meta-model. CLEAR is divided into four landscapes which contain artefacts. Landscaped. This is loosely based on the TOGAF ADM but is claimed as being more focused on the solution of business problem areas rather than on building the Architecture as an end in itself. Enterprise Architecture Representation. meta-model and method aiming at facilitating alignment between an Enterprise's business objectives and the technologies it deploys to realise them. framework and method.

. agency. develop. The Clinger–Cohen Act provides that the government information technology shop be operated exactly as an efficient and profitable business would be operated.[5] . in 1999 the US Federal CIO Council initiated the Federal Enterprise Architecture. essentially a federal-wide ITA that would ". • better manage technology spending.. The Clinger–Cohen Act supplements the information resources management policies by establishing a comprehensive approach for executive agencies to improve the acquisition and management of their information resources.. The law requires each agency head to establish clear accountability for IT management activities by appointing an agency Chief Information Officer (CIO) with the visibility and management responsibilities necessary to carry out the specific provisions of the Act.CLEAR Framework for Enterprise Architecture 340 Alternative Enterprise Architecture Frameworks • • • • • • Zachman Framework DoDAF FEAF MODAF AGATE TOGAF Clinger–Cohen Act The Clinger–Cohen Act (CCA). formerly the Information Technology Management Reform Act of 1996 (ITMRA). • implementing a capital planning and investment control process that links to budget formulation and execution. and bureau information architectures. the Office of Management and Budget stipulated that agency ITA's ". designed to improve the way the federal government acquires. The CIO plays a critical leadership role in driving reforms to:[4] • help control system development risks. is a 1996 United States federal law. by:[1] • focusing information resource planning to support their strategic missions. planning and management of technology must be treated as a "capital investment."[2] In keeping with OMB's mandate for consistency between both federal and agency ITA's.. and • rethinking and restructuring the way they do their work before investing in information systems. measurable improvements in agency performance." [3] Overview In February 1996. Acquisition. Congress enacted the Clinger–Cohen Act to reform and improve the way Federal agencies acquire and manage IT resources.[4] Central to implementing these reforms is the need to establish effective IT leadership within each agency. all consumers of hardware and software in the Department should be aware of the Chief Information Officer's leadership in implementing this statute. In subsequent guidance on implementing the Clinger–Cohen Act.should be consistent with Federal." While the law is complex. and facilitate the implementation of the top-level enterprise architecture for the Federal Enterprise. The Clinger–Cohen Act of 1996 directed the development and maintenance of Information Technology Architectures (ITAs) by federal agencies to maximize the benefits of information technology (IT) within the Government. maintain. uses and disposes information technology (IT). and • succeed in achieving real..

Rep. and disposal of information technology by the Federal Government. to prescribe personnel strengths for such fiscal year for the Armed Forces. which is organized in five divisions:[8] (1) Division A — Department of Defense Authorizations. The Act supplements the information resources management (IRM) policies contained in the Paperwork Reduction Act (PRA) by establishing a comprehensive approach to improving the acquisition and management of agency information systems through work process redesign. The Director should aim to improve the productivity. and for defense activities of the Department of Energy.[7] To provide agencies with guidance on implementing the Clinger–Cohen Act. to reform acquisition laws and information technology management of the Federal Government. for military construction. and Senator William Cohen. Clinger-Cohen Act topics National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 1996 This "Information Technology Management Reform Act" was part of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 1996. use.. including through dissemination of public information and the reduction of information collection burdens on the public.[5] The Clinger–Cohen Act assigns the Director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) responsibility for improving the acquisition. (5) Division E — Information Technology Management This public law was intent to authorize appropriations for fiscal year 1996 for military activities of the Department of Defense. "Funding Information Systems Investments" • M–97–16. the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) in April 2000 distributed a so called "OMB Circular A-130"[1] about the management of Federal Information Resources. and for other purposes. R-Pa. Just as few businesses can turn a profit by allowing their employees to purchase anything they want to do any project they want. efficiency. R-Maine. William Clinger. "Implementation of the Information Technology Management Reform Act of 1996" • M–97–02. "Information Technology Architecture". (2) Division B — Military Construction Authorizations.[6] 341 History The "Information Technology Management Reform Act' of 1996 is later renamed "Clinger-Cohen Act" for its co-sponsors. the Department also cannot operate efficiently with hardware and software systems purchased on an "impulse purchase" basis and installed without an overall plan. as well as new material. . and effectiveness of Federal programs. (4) Division D — Federal Acquisition Reform.Clinger–Cohen Act The Clinger–Cohen Act emphasizes an integrated framework of technology aimed at efficiently performing the business of the Department. This circular incorporated some other memoranda:[6] • M–96–20. All facets of capital planning are taken into consideration just as they would be in private industry. (3) Division C — Department of Energy National Security Authorizations and Other Authorizations. and by linking planning and investment strategies to the budget process.

The process shall cover the life of each system and shall include explicit criteria for analyzing the projected and actual costs. firmware and similar procedures. sharing. manipulation. as part of the budget process. a process for analyzing. Director of the Office of Management and Budget Clinger–Cohen Act assigns the Director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) some ten tasks. of such equipment in the performance of a service or the furnishing of a product. and disposal of information technology by the Federal Government. including through dissemination of public information and the reduction of information collection burdens on the public. that is used in the automatic acquisition. display. management. Information technology includes computers. Use of budget process The OMB Director shall develop. and evaluating the risks and results of all major capital investments made by an executive agency for information systems. efficiency. equipment.Clinger–Cohen Act 342 Definitions In the Clinger–Cohen Act itself some terms have been explicitly defined:[8] Information technology The term Information Technology. or (ii) requires the use. control. The following list represents a selection:[8] Use of Information Technology in Federal programs The OMB Director is held responsibility for improving the acquisition. ancillary equipment. It does include any equipment that is acquired by a Federal contractor incidental to a Federal contract. or disposition of information. tracking. with respect to an executive agency means any equipment or interconnected system or subsystem of equipment. Information system The term information system means a discrete set of information resources organized for the collection. and risks associated with the investments. storage. or reception of data or information by the executive agency. and information technology. means an integrated framework for evolving or maintaining existing information technology and acquiring new information technology to achieve the agency’s strategic goals and information resources management goals. Information Technology Standards . For purposes of the preceding sentence. processing. switching. software. use. and related resources. with respect to an executive agency. dissemination. including through the reduction of information collection burdens on the public. interchange. to a significant extent. funds. Information technology architecture The term Information Technology Architecture. use. movement. Information resources management The term Information Resources Management means the process of managing information resources to accomplish agency missions and to improve agency performance. The Directory should aim to improve the productivity. equipment is used by an executive agency if the equipment is used by the executive agency directly or is used by a contractor under a contract with the executive agency which (i) requires the use of such equipment. maintenance. transmission. services (including support services). and effectiveness of Federal programs. such as personnel. benefits. Information resources The term Information Resources means information and related resources.

343 Performance-based and results-based management Director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) shall encourage the use of performance-based and results-based management in fulfilling the responsibilities assigned. Informing Congress. • whether the function should be performed by the executive agency and. international organizations. Assessment of other models for managing Information Technology The OMB Director shall assess. • determine. if so. whether any component of the executive agency performing that function should be converted from a governmental organization to a private sector organization. and procurement policies. and evaluating the results of all of its major investments in information systems. managing. revise the executive agency’s mission-related processes and administrative processes. and practices are adequate. Other tasks are about the comparisment of agency uses of IT. as appropriate. Use of Best Practices in Acquisition The OMB Director shall encourage the heads of the executive agencies to develop and use the best practices in the acquisition of information technology. OMB's Director is tasked with the following responsibilities:[8] • to evaluate the information resources management practices of the executive agencies with respect to the performance and results of the investments made by the executive agencies in information technology.Clinger–Cohen Act The OMB Director shall oversee the development and implementation of standards and guidelines pertaining to Federal computer systems by the Secretary of Commerce through the National Institute of Standards and Technology. • ensure that the information security policies. based on the analysis. training. before making an investment in a new information system: • whether the function to be supported by the system should be performed by the private sector and. procedures. if so. State and local governments. before making significant investments in information technology to be used in support of those missions. and the private sector in managing information technology. the experiences of executive agencies. • to issue the head of each executive agency to: • establish effective and efficient capital planning processes for selecting. whether the function should be performed by a private sector source under contract or by executive agency personnel. on a continuing basis. • analyze the missions of the executive agency and. • guidance for undertaking efficiently and effectively interagency and Government-wide investments in information technology • periodic reviews of selected information resources management activities of the executive agencies • to enforce accountability of the head of an executive agency for information resources management .

At the agency level. capability of the system to meet specified requirements. 4. It elevated overall responsibility to the Director of the Office of Management and Budget (White House). and program management decisions within the executive agency. Content of Process The process of an executive agency shall 1. provide the means for senior management personnel of the executive agency to obtain timely information regarding the progress of an investment in an information system. (2) prepare an annual report. including criteria related to the quantitatively expressed projected net. 5. be integrated with the processes for making budget. including a system of milestones for measuring progress. and procurement of Commercial-off-the-shelf technology was encouraged. A selection. and practices of the executive agency are adequate. procedures. 2. (3) ensure that performance measurements (4) comparable with processes and organizations in the public or private sectors (5) analyze the missions. provide for identifying information systems investments that would result in shared benefits or costs for other Federal agencies or State or local governments.Clinger–Cohen Act 344 Executive Agencies The head of each US Federal executive agency shall comply with several specific matters. the management of such investments. provide for the selection of information technology investments to be made by the executive agency. Initially an informal group. Acquisition of Information Technology The authority of the head of an executive agency to conduct an acquisition of information technology includes several general and specific authorities. 3. CCA required each agency to name a Chief Information Officer (CIO) with the responsibility of "developing. IT management must be integrated into procurement. and 6. Official duties for the council include developing recommendations for government information technology . and facilitating the implementation of a sound and integrated information technology architecture". OMB set forth guidelines that must be followed by agencies. in terms of cost. the council's existence became codified into law by Congress in the E-Government Act of 2002. timeliness. and the evaluation of the results of such investments. risk-adjusted return on investment and specific quantitative and qualitative criteria for comparing and prioritizing alternative information systems investment projects. Applications The CCA generated a number of significant changes in the roles and responsibilities of various Federal agencies in managing acquisition of IT. financial. include minimum criteria to be applied in considering whether to undertake a particular investment in information systems. the agency CIOs also have worked together to form the US Federal CIO Council. and quality.[8] Design of Process Each executive agency shall design and implement in the executive agency a process for maximizing the value and assessing and managing the risks of the information technology acquisitions of the executive agency. Since these rules went into effect. maintaining. The CIO is tasked with advising the agency director and senior staff on all IT issues. provide for identifying for a proposed investment quantifiable measurements for determining the net benefits and risks of the investment. Performance and Result-based Management The head of an executive agency shall (1) establish goals for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of agency operations. on an independently verifiable basis. and (6) ensure that the information security policies.

at whitehouse. pdf) AUDIT REPORT. [6] US Department of the Treasury Chief Information Officer Council (2000).army. However. gov/ audits/ reports/ FY00/ pdfs/ ig-00-038.Clinger–Cohen Act management policies.[9] In general. References [1] OMB (2000) CIRCULAR NO. there are specific exceptions to this exemption regarding: 1. Performance. and standards. htm).unt. 2. the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Networks & Information Integration (or ASD(NII)) has been designated as the DoD Chief Information Officer and provides management and oversight of all DoD information technology. July 17. nasa. "Information Technology Architecture" (http:/ / www. and Accountability. pdf). gov/ cgi-bin/ getdoc. 2000. Accessed 21 Dec 2008. External links • Clinger-Cohen Act and Related Documents (http://www.com July 25. 104. and assessing and addressing the needs of the Federal Government's IT workforce. cfm?filepath=/ dailyfed/ 0706/ 072506cc.mil/armybtkc/docs/CCA-Book-Final. whitehouse. By Wes Andrues letters@govexec. gpo. procedures. September 1999. cgi?dbname=104_cong_public_laws& docid=f:publ106. govexec. gov/ omb/ memoranda_m97-16/ ) [3] The Chief Information Officers Council (1999). A-130 Revised (http:/ / www.gov. [2] OMB Guidance Memos on implementation of Clinger-Cohen (1997). eaframeworks. identifying opportunities to share information resources. as defined in 40 USC 11103. July 2000. 10 Years Later: Becoming Enterprise Architects (http:/ / www. cio. gov/ policy/ gen/ leg/ cca. html). html) at ed.library. Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework Version 1.html) .1 (http:/ / www. [9] Federal CIO Council . "Funding Information Systems Investments" M–97–16. whitehouse. 1996.edu/npr/ library/misc/itref.gov. Accessed 21 Dec 2008. com/ story_page. pdf) PUBLIC LAW 104–106—FEB. are exempt from the Act. (http:/ / www. whitehouse. com/ TEAF/ teaf. Treasury Enterprise Architecture Framework (http:/ / www. ed. doc). M–97–02. cfm?function=aboutthecouncil).And Results-Based Management. gov/ documents/ fedarch1. Version 1. Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC). 4. 10. access. [4] NASA’S ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE FOR IMPLEMENTING THE CLINGER-COHEN ACT (http:/ / oig. 345 In the Department of Defense. 2006 [8] NATIONAL DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION ACT FOR FISCAL YEAR 1996 (http:/ / frwebgate. gov/ omb/ memoranda_m97-02/ ). [5] Clinger-Cohen Act GENERAL (http:/ / www. Agency Chief Information Officer (CIO) responsibilities. [7] The Clinger-Cohen Act. gov/ index. gov/ omb/ circulars/ a130/ a130trans4.about the council (http:/ / cio. National Security Systems (NSS).pdf) • Summary: Information Technology Management Reform Act of 1996 (http://govinfo. 3. including national security systems.

Norway.8 million (2008) 250 (2010) www. UK Confirmit targets Market Research agencies around the world with software products for feedback / data collection. login screen to confirmit console The Confirmit platform is available through two delivery models: On-Demand (Software as a Service) and On-Premise.[2] . Inc. Moscow and Yaroslavl. Norway Area served Key people Worldwide Alexander Vik (Chairman and owner) Henning Hansen (CEO) & (President) Survey Software Data Reporting Tools US$ 45. This environment is managed by Confirmit and hosted by Rackspace at two locations: one in Dallas. secure environment via the Web. and one in London. Guildford. and reporting. Texas. Confirmit has more than 250 people worldwide. data processing. New York. analysis. is one of the major worldwide Market Research and Enterprise Feedback Management softwares provider.confirmit. panel management. San Francisco. The first platform provides access to a shared. The company is headquartered in Oslo. Inc.Confirmit 346 Confirmit Confirmit. and also has offices in London. Type Industry Private Market Research Enterprise Feedback Management 1996 Founded Headquarters Oslo. It is a leading provider of software for Market Research (MR) and Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) with revenue in excess of $45 million USD in its fiscal year 2009. in the US.com [1] Products Revenue Employees Website | Confirmit.

sales invoices." (http:/ / confirmit."[2] Contracts A contract is a written or oral legally-binding agreement between the parties identified in the agreement to fulfill the terms and conditions outlined in the agreement. purchasing contracts. or employees. it might not be the common law arrangement of a partnership which by definition creates fiduciary duties and which also has 'joint and several' liabilities. such expressions may also be merely a means to reflect the desire of the contracting parties to act 'as if' both are in a partnership with common goals. sales contracts (including leases). vendors. amongst other things. goods or services that are highly regulated. confirmit. • A partnership agreement may be a contract which formally establishes the terms of a partnership between two legal entities such that they regard each other as 'partners' in a commercial arrangement. The company (buyer) in return is obligated to acknowledge the goods / or service and pay for liability created. execution. goods or services with detailed technical specifications. . and international trade. trade agreements. . Historically. partners. intellectual property (IP) agreements. External links • Confirmit. Contracts can be of many types. com/ [2] "Company Info. purchase orders. A study has found that for "42% of enterprises.confirmit. It can be summarized as the process of systematically and efficiently managing contract creation.[1] Common commercial contracts include employment letters. The customer in return is obligated to pay for the product/services bought. Therefore.. aspx). but in many jurisdictions especially with the advance of electronic commerce . Complex contracts are often necessary for construction projects.. e. • A purchasing contract is a contract between a company (the buyer) and a supplier who is promising to sell products and/or services within agreed terms and conditions. Contract management includes negotiating the terms and conditions in contracts and ensuring compliance with the terms and conditions.Confirmit 347 Notes and references References [1] http:/ / www. and analysis for the purpose of maximizing financial and operational performance and minimizing risk. • A sales contract is a contract between a company (the seller) and a customer that where the company agrees to sell products and/or services. and intellectual property agreements.the top driver for improvements in the management of contracts is the pressure to better assess and mitigate risks" and additionally. partnership agreements. as well as documenting and agreeing on any changes that may arise during its implementation or execution. this was most commonly achieved through signature or performance.com . A prerequisite requirement for the enforcement of a contract."nearly 65% of enterprises report that contract lifecycle management (CLM) has improved exposure to financial and legal risk.com/) Contract management Contract management or contract administration is the management of contracts made with customers.the forms of acceptance have expanded to include various forms of electronic signature. Retrieved 2009-02-09. is the condition that the parties to the contract accept the terms of the claimed contract.g. and utility contracts. com/ company.Official website (http://www. However.

Research has demonstrated that contract management software allow companies to better realize savings achieved during procurement negotiations and procurement spending. approximately 25% of Global 2000 companies have implemented some form of contract management software to help manage corporate contracts. most organizations continue to use inefficient.000 active contracts. . and increase compliance by allowing contracts to drive day-to-day operations. Other solutions.Contract management 348 Areas of Contract Management The business-standard contract management model. most of which are still managed in a traditional manual method. and finalize a contract. improve sales effectiveness. Contract management software automates the contracting process from contract creation and negotiation through monitoring. typically exercises purview over the following business disciplines: • • • • • • • Authoring and negotiation Baseline management Commitment management Communication management Contract visibility and awareness Document management Growth (for Sales-side contracts) Contract management software The average Global 1000 corporation maintains over 40. these tools are solutions do little to automate and activate the agreements. The typical company takes 20 to 30 days. which utilize Service Lifecycle Management (SLM). labor intensive contract processes. bundle contract management with all other forms of management concerning service-based operations geared specifically towards offering better customer retention. Many organizations use Microsoft Word. visibility and control over contacts. Introducing contract management into an enterprise using these tools introduces greater risk of error and loss into the enterprise. as employed by many organizations in the United States. Such solutions also do not provide critical pricing variance monitoring and are unable to track pricing rebates. The solutions typically maintain a warehouse of corporate contracts improving a company's access. However. reduce revenue leakage. Contract management in business Using information across key areas of the organization can increase contract compliance rates. Other businesses attempt "home-grown" solutions using rudimentary web tools such as ACT! which does not provide contract compliance monitoring and hence cannot reduce or eliminate maverick spending. compliance and renewal.[3] Inadequate efforts To date. however. or compare contract obligations against changing policy and regulatory non-compliance. Most solutions also offer the ability to warehouse standard contract and business terms and conditions and template contracts. negotiate. and Excel to author and manage their contracts. and improve overall CLM performance by reducing cycle times. on average to create.

ws).iaccm. outside the framework of the existing contract. This would normally have notice periods for fairness and often the right of the other. Retrieved 2008-07-10. Be careful that any one-way imposition of change is contractually justified. pdf). Change management There may be occasions where what is agreed in a contract needs to be changed later on. [2] "Contract Management: Optimizing Revenues and Capturing Savings" (http:/ / findarticles. com/ summary/ report/ other/ BPinCM_092904a. A number of bases may be used to support a subsequent change. through negotiation. within the variation or change control process outlined in the existing contract. to cease the contractual relationship. . October 2008. asp). International Association for Contract and Commercial Management • NCMA (http://www. so that the whole contract remains enforceable under the new arrangement. External links • IACCM (http://www. enabling the other party to terminate the contract and seek damages.Contract management 349 Contract management software implementation Contract management software is used to manage the contract life-cycle. . • A unilateral decision to vary the contract. Retrieved 2008-07-10. A change may be based on: • A mutual agreement of both parties to vary the contract. This would be an independent basis for changing the contract. especially in consumer contracts. • A bilateral decision to vary the contract. otherwise it may be interpreted as a repudiation of the original contract. [3] "Contract Lifecycle Management Collaboration" (http:/ / www. Institute for Supply Management . com/ p/ articles/ mi_pwwi/ is_200705/ ai_n19058810).org).com). monitoring. aberdeen. agreement. contemplated and allowed for by the existing contract. Aberdeen Group. Aberdeen Group.ncmahq. from identification of a need. May 2007. Aberdeen Group. aberdeen.ism. . These are often called change control provisions. National Contract Management Association • ISM (http://www. and close-out. com/ c/ report/ research_briefs/ 5581-RB-contract-lifecycle-management. References [1] "Best Practices in Contract Management: Strategies for Optimizing Business Relationships<" (http:/ / www.

0 to offer guidance. attributes. the CADM supports the exchange of architecture Example of a CADM Diagram for Overview and Summary Information (AV-1) [1] information among Mission Areas.0 in August 2003.[3] The CADM v1. provides both a common approach for developing architectures and a basic foundation for relating architectures. It identified and defined entities. product descriptions.0. the initial CADM provided a conceptual view of how architecture information is organized. The use of the underlying CADM faithfully relates common objects across multiple views.[5] History The CADM was initially published in 1997 as a logical data model for architecture data. and data structure for all architecture description entities or objects. The CADM has evolved since 1998.1 As a logical data model. This includes the use of common data element definitions. it constitutes a database design and can be used to automatically generate databases. Conformance with the CADM ensures the use of common architecture data elements (or types).[4] CADM was developed to support the data requirements of the DoDAF.Core Architecture Data Model 350 Core Architecture Data Model Core Architecture Data Model (CADM) in Enterprise Architecture is a logical data model of information used to describe and build architectures. This DoDAF version restructured the C4ISR Framework v2. which includes conformance with the currently approved version of CADM. Because the CADM is also a physical data model.01 was released with the DoD Architecture Framework v1. thus facilitating the data interoperability of architectures.[3] Overview Core Architecture Data Model (CADM) is designed to capture DoDAF architecture information in a standardized structure. and supplementary information in . It was initially published in 1997 as a logical data model for architecture data. The CADM defines the entities and relationships for DoDAF architecture data elements that enable integration within and across architecture descriptions. Components.[5] CADM is a critical aspect of being able to integrate architectures in conformance with DoDAF. and domain values that are needed for a database implementation. of the DoDAF. abbreviated physical names. defined within the US Department of Defense Architecture Framework DoDAF. so that it now has a physical view providing the data types. and Federal and Coalition partners. and relations. Adherence with the Framework. semantics. In this manner. It was revised in 1998 to meet all the requirements of the C4ISR Architecture Framework Version 2.[2] The CADM is essentially a common database schema.

and their properties.0.g. CADM. • Architecture Data : The possible piece-parts of architecture products and related analytical tools in a rigorous definition of the pieces (object classes). The DoDAF’s data model. It broadened the applicability of architecture tenets and practices to all Mission Areas rather than just the C4ISR community. a simplified model of previous CADM versions that includes net-centric elements. DoD decision support processes. The Physical model must contain all the information necessary for implementation. DoD and Federal policies.02/1. and domain-level completeness.01.Core Architecture Data Model two volumes and a desk book. • Data Model: A data model defines the objects of a domain. and moved towards a repository-based approach by placing emphasis on architecture data elements that comprise architecture products. and the CADM v1.[5] Note: For DoDAF V2. The DoDAF v1. Details may be left out to improve clarity and focus with users. interoperability. emphasis on semantic well-definedness and exclusivity (nonoverlapping entities). The CADM is a necessary aspect of the architecture and provides the meaning behind the architectural visual representations (products).03 can be expressed faithfully and completely using the constructs of CADM v1. value of architecture. v1. and maintained and that should be sharable across architecture concerns to achieve architecture goals (e. analytical techniques.[5] The CADM v1.” and “adjectives” that. defines architecture data entities.5 in April 2007. Pre-release CADM v1.” “verbs. 351 CADM topics Building blocks The major elements of a "core architecture data model" are described as follows:[3] • Core : The essential elements of architecture information that need to be developed.. Physical data models are usually the most detailed and the level sufficient for database generation. Logical.0 and reflects and leverages the experience that the DoD Components have gained in developing and using architecture descriptions. from highest to lowest: Conceptual. DM2 is a data construct that facilitates reader understanding of the use of data within an architecture document.5 was pre-released with the DoD Architecture Framework. and the data entity attributes. The CADM describes the following data model levels in further detail:[5] . and Physical. The DoDAF Meta-model (DM2) is working to replace the Core Architecture Data Model (CADM) which supported previous versions of the DoDAF. together with the “grammar. features. or attributes. their properties. includes information on architecture data management and federating architectures through the Department. Logical data models need not commit to a specific Data Base Management System (DBMS). This document addressed usage. validated. contributing to the overall usefulness of architectures. and incorporates the pre-release CADM v1. architecture measures. It contains a set of “nouns.5 is also backward compatible with previous CADM versions.” allow one to create “sentences” about architecture artifacts that are consistent with the DoDAF.5 was an evolution of the DoDAF v1. There are three data model levels. The Physical model often addresses performance considerations. Logical models are more formal. the relationships between them. development techniques.5. They model the user concepts in terms familiar to users. normally for the purpose of a database design. their inter-relationships. CADM can continue to be used in support of architectures created in previous versions of DoDAF. It enables the effective comparing and sharing of architecture data across the enterprise. essentially specifying the “grammar” for the architecture community. integrated architectures. Data sets built in accordance with the vocabulary of CADM v1. and inter-relationships. This transitional version provided additional guidance on how to reflect net-centric concepts within architecture descriptions.5. investment optimization).[3] Data Modeling and Visualization The DoDAF incorporates data modeling (CADM) and visualization aspects (products and views) to support architecture analysis. Conceptual data models are the highest level. often with considerations of unique data representation (non-redundancy or “normalization”).

the underlying data (CADM) remains consistent. The lines of text inside the box denote the attributes of that entity (representing columns in the entity table when used for a relational database). The symbol with a circle and line underneath indicates subtyping. In some cases. Regardless of how one chooses to represent the architecture description. they are depicted by open boxes with square corners (independent entities) or rounded corners (dependent entities). The entity name is outside and on top of the open box. As illustrated in the figure. The horizontal line in each box separates the primary key attributes (used to find unique instances of the entity) from the non-key descriptive attributes. one. boxes represent entities for which architecture data are collected (representing tables when used for a relational database). or many instances associated to each instance of the parent entity (the other entity connected by the relationship line).[1] [1] .[1] CADM Data Model Diagram Notation.Core Architecture Data Model • Conceptual : Models the user concepts in terms familiar to users • Logical : More formal model that considers unique data representation. Relationships are represented by dotted (non-identifying) and solid (identifying) relationships in which the child entity (the one nearest the solid dot) has zero. emphasis on semantic well-defineness and exclusivity. for which all the entities connected below are non-overlapping subsets of the entity connected at the top of the symbol.[5] 352 CADM Data Model Diagram Notation. the existing DoDAF products are sufficient for representing the required information. and domain-level completeness • Physical : Models all the information necessary for database implementation Data visualization is a way of graphically or textually representing architecture data to support decision-making analysis. The DoDAF provides products as a way of representing the underlying data in a user-friendly manner. providing a common foundation to which analysis requirements are mapped.

3 or locations. both systems and performance may relate to a system function being performed. systems nodes. and refer to technical standards for information processing. and data. organization types. Systems perform system functions.Core Architecture Data Model 353 Basic Architectural Elements An architecture data repository responsive to the architecture products of the DoDAF contains information on basic architectural elements such as the following:[3] • Operational nodes may be organizations. platforms. • Operational activities including tasks defined in the Universal Joint Task List (UJTL). and system data exchanges. Operational nodes require information. • Performance refers to performance characteristics of systems. With these relationships. systems. many types of architectural and related information can be represented such as networks. information sources and systems data may define information exchanges or details for system interfaces. and human computer interface. The depicted (conceptual) relationships shown in this diagram include the following (among many others):[3] • • • • • Operational nodes perform many operational activities. • Technologies include future technologies and relates to systems and emerging standards concerning the use of such technologies. links (i. occupation. • Systems include families of systems (FOSs) and systems of systems (SOSs) and contain software and hardware equipment items. • System functions are required by operational activities and are performed by one or more systems. units. • Standards are associated with technologies. security. (A role may be a skill. • Information and data refers to information provided by domain databases and other information asset sources (which may be network centric) and systems data that implement that information. data. These [3] CADM Architecture Concepts Model. occupational specialty. information flows. system functions. Systems have performance characteristics. and so forth.. • Systems nodes refers to nodes associated with physical entities as well as systems and may be facilities. or position. information requirements.e.[3] . and operational (human) roles. which is associated with standards. Information are related to systems and implemented as data. physical links). computer networks. interfaces. information transfer.).

Essential to realizing the target state. Data Architecture describes how data is processed. NASA paper. [5] DoD (2007). gao.represents all business entities. [4] Robert Shishko (2004).5 Volume 1 (http:/ / www. and mappings of those data artifacts to data qualities. and utilized in a given system. DoDAF 1. pdf).5 Volume 2 (http:/ / www.Core Architecture Data Model 354 Related models The counterpart to CADM within NASA is the NASA Exploration Information Ontology Model (NeXIOM). which is designed to capture and expressively describe the engineering and programmatic data that drives exploration program decisions. pdf). The Data Architect is responsible for defining the target state. the Data Architecture breaks a subject down to the atomic level and then builds it back up to the desired form. 23 April 2007 Data architecture Data Architecture in enterprise architecture is the design of data for use in defining the target state and the subsequent planning needed to achieve the target state. During the definition of the target state.the realization of the data mechanisms for a specific type of functionality. defenselink. 15 August 2003. items/ d01525. applications. stored. It provides criteria for data processing operations that make it possible to design data flows and also control the flow of data in the system. pdf). defenselink. gov/ new. [2] Architecture Needed to Guide Modernization of DOD’s Financial Operations (http:/ / www. DoDAF 1. GOA May 2001. locations etc. The "data" column of the Zachman Framework for enterprise architecture – . pdf). • Physical . The Data Architect breaks the subject down by going through 3 traditional architectural processes: • Conceptual .[4] References [1] DoD Architecture Framework Working Group (2003).[1] Overview A data architecture describes the data structures used by a business and/or its applications. [3] DoD (2003). dau. • Logical . alignment during development and then minor follow up to ensure enhancements are done in the spirit of the original blueprint. The Application of Architecture Frameworks to Modelling Exploration Operations Costs (http:/ / trs-new. descriptions of data stores. mil/ cio-nii/ docs/ DoDAF_Volume_I. mil/ CommunityBrowser. aspx?id=31667& lang=en-US) 15 Aug 2003. data groups and data items. There are descriptions of data in storage and data in motion. DoD Architecture Framework Version 1. mil/ cio-nii/ docs/ DoDAF_Volume_II. gov/ dspace/ bitstream/ 2014/ 39752/ 1/ 05-3309. NeXIOM is intended to be a repository that can be accessed by various simulation tools and models that need to exchange information and data.represents the logic of how entities are related.0 Deskbook (https:/ / acc. jpl. It is usually one of several architecture domains that form the pillars of an enterprise architecture or solution architecture. nasa.

emergency procedures. A data entity is any real or abstracted thing about which an organization or individual wishes to store data. the methodologies that will be employed to store the data must be defined. Database architecture is a schema of the actual database technology that will support the designed data architecture. the administrative structure that will be established in order to manage the data resources must be described. Data architecture should be defined in the planning phase of the design of a new data processing and storage system. data imports. and understandable. available technologies. Data Architecture Topics Physical data architecture Physical data architecture of an information system is part of a technology plan. For example. These are patterns that the organization may not have previously taken the time to conceptualize. . not to specify computer hardware items. Elements of data architecture There are certain elements that must be defined as the data architecture schema of an organization is designed. rendering it difficult to understand and control the flow of data within such systems. broader sense. consistent. The primary requirement at this stage is to define all of the relevant data entities.g. These sorts of difficulties may be encountered with rapidly growing enterprises and also enterprises that service different lines of business (e.e. data backups. common data operations might be implemented in different ways. Without the guidance of a properly implemented data architecture design. In addition. and data types. a description of the database technology to be employed must be generated. as well as a design for the infrastructure that will support common data operations (i. external transfers of data). As its name implies. the technology plan is focused on the actual tangible elements to be used in the implementation of the data architecture design. Also. data architecture includes a complete analysis of the relationships between an organization's functions. This sort of fragmentation is highly undesirable due to the potential increased cost. as well as a description of the processes that will manipulate the data. It is therefore possible at this stage to identify costly information shortfalls. Physical data architecture encompasses database architecture. The major types and sources of data necessary to support an enterprise should be identified in a manner that is complete. the data architecture phase of information system planning forces an organization to specify and delineate both internal and external information flows. It is also important to design interfaces to the data by other systems. and disconnects between organizational systems that may not have been [3] evident before the data architecture analysis.Data architecture 355 Layer View 1 2 3 4 5 Scope/Contextual Business Model/Conceptual System Model/Logical Technology Model/Physical Data (What) List of things important to the business (subject areas) Semantic model or Conceptual/Enterprise Data Model Enterprise/Logical Data Model Physical Data Model Stakeholder Planner [2] Owner Designer Builder Subcontractor Detailed Representations/ out-of-context Data Definition In this second. disconnects between departments. Properly executed. and the data disconnects involved. insurance products).

Technology drivers These are usually suggested by the completed data architecture and database architecture designs. previously purchased software licensing). Prashant (2009). pg 256: Global India Publications. One of the architecture techniques is the split between managing transaction data and (master) reference data. (2001). ad hoc reporting. In addition. (2005). Moss. These include enterprise requirements. Comella-Dorda.. • Adleman. S.. Further reading • Bass. Plakosh. S. interest rates. L... com/ i005fe12. tdan. geekinterview. Place. and existing site resources (e. and legal considerations could all have an effect on decisions relevant to data architecture. Economics These are also important factors that must be considered during the data architecture phase. google.Data architecture 356 Constraints and influences Various constraints and influences will have an effect on data architecture design. and transparent management of data. References [1] What is data architecture (http:/ / www. Author (http:/ / books. accessed 2011-04-28 [2] http:/ / www. transaction reliability. Business policies Business policies that also drive data architecture design include internal organizational policies. com/ data-warehouse/ data-architecture/ what-is-data-architecture. new product development. In addition. Carnegie Mellon University. organizational economics.g.. annual budgets. may not be potential candidates due to their cost. John. Enterprise Information System Data Architecture Guide Carnegie Mellon University. rules of regulatory bodies.. the conversion of raw data such as transaction records and image files into more useful information forms through such features as data warehouses is also a common organizational requirement. economics. and applicable governmental laws that can vary by applicable agency. L. repetitive periodic reporting. It is possible that some solutions. 314. Abai.e. . 2008-01-28. technology drivers. B. professional standards. R. G. External factors such as the business cycle. and support of various organizational initiatives as required (i. J. ISBN 9789380228204. Data processing needs These include accurate and reproducible transactions performed in high volumes. html|) GeekInterview. acceptable performance levels (especially system access speed). (2001). Achieving Usability Through Software Architecture. Enterprise requirements These will generally include such elements as economical and effective system expansion. htm [3] Mittal. com/ books?id=BpkhYDj4tm0C& dq=inauthor:"PRASHANT+ MITTAL"& source=gbs_navlinks_s). Another one is splitting data capture systems from data retrieval systems (as done in a data warehouse). M. & Seacord. • Lewis. & Kates. D. data warehousing for the support of management information systems (and potential data mining).. These policies and rules will help describe the manner in which enterprise wishes to process their data. market conditions.. . some technology drivers will derive from existing organizational integration frameworks and standards. Data Strategy Addison-Wesley Professional.. business policies and data processing needs. while optimal in principle. P. learn. since this enables managerial decision making and other organizational processes. pp.

uakom. Overview The Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DoDAF) provides a foundational framework for developing and representing architecture descriptions that ensure a common denominator for understanding. and assimilating the broad scope and complexities of an architecture description through tabular.cfm) 2001 • Enterprise Information System Data Architecture Guide (http://www. 2001. ontological.edu/library/abstracts/reports/ 01tr005. structural. and is apparently unique in its use of "operational views" detailing the external customer's operating domain in which the [2] developing system will operate. and multinational boundaries.intelligententerprise. • The Data Management Body of Knowledge (http://www. html). Systems of . • The Logical Data Architecture (http://sunsite. that provides structure for a specific stakeholder concern through viewpoints organized by various views. It is especially suited to large systems [1] with complex integration and DoD Architecture Framework. pictorial.sei. comparing.html) by Rand Losey.cmu. temporal or graphical means. understanding. rules. and integrating architectures across organizational. integrated. These architecture descriptions may include Families of Systems (FoS).edu/library/abstracts/reports/ 01tr018. by Nirmal Baid • Get the COMPLETE Picture (http://www. It establishes data element definitions.com/) • The Data Administration Newsletter (http://www.sei. interoperability challenges.sk/sunworldonline/swol-07-1998/swol-07-itarchitect.com/issues/20040101/ 7910-1.cfm?pageid=795) • The DM Review (http://www.com/010130/feat3_1.com/) Department of Defense Architecture Framework The Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DoDAF) is an architecture framework for the United States Department of Defense.dama.dmreview.cmu.information-management. DoDAF defines a set of views that act as mechanisms for visualizing.org/public/pages/index. and relationships and a baseline set of products for consistent development of systems. behavioral.cfm).jhtml?_requestidx472).com/) • The Data Management Newsletter (http://www.Data architecture 357 External links • Enterprise Data Architecture: Who Needs It? (http://www.tdan. or federated architectures. Joint.tdan. by Rajan Chandras. 2004 • Achieving Usability Through Software Architecture (http://www.

It broadened the applicability of architecture tenets and practices to all Mission Areas rather than just the C4ISR community. and Execution (PPBE) Acquisition System (DAS) Systems Engineering (SE) Operations Planning Capabilities Portfolio Management (CPM) In addition.0 was promulgated on May 28. public and voluntary sectors around the world. 4. DoD and Federal policies. architecture measures. and Reconnaissance.S. DoDAF has broad applicability across the private.0’s specific goals were to: 1. This document addressed usage. and represents one of a large number of systems architecture frameworks. which restructured the C4ISR Framework v2.0. value of architectures. Budgeting. was created in response to the passage of the Clinger-Cohen Act. DoDAF 2. and Intelligence. Computers. 6. integrated architectures.0 was released. and evaluated to mathematical precision. Continued development effort resulted in December 1997 in the second version.[1] All major U.[1] In August 2003 the DoDAF v1. which was initiated in 1986. Note. The first version of the development DoDAF was developed in the 1990s under the name C4ISR architectural Architecture Framework. [4] History [1] Evolution of the DoDAF Framework since the 1990s. was further developed. released 7 June 1996. While it is clearly aimed at military systems.[3] The purpose of DoDAF is to define concepts and models usable in DoD’s six core processes: 1.Department of Defense Architecture Framework Systems (SoS). C4ISR Architecture Framework v2. analyzed. The first C4ISR Architecture Framework v1. Control.0 to offer guidance. product descriptions. [4] 358 Capabilities Integration and Development (JCIDS) Planning. where the diagram states TBD. 2. It addressed the 1995 Deputy Secretary of Defense directive that a DoD-wide effort be undertaken to define and develop a better means and process for ensuring that C4ISR capabilities were interoperable and met the needs of the warfighter. C4ISR stand for The Command. 3. Surveillance. Communications. 5. and supplementary information in two volumes and a Desk Book. and net-centric capabilities for interoperating and interacting in the NCE.0. . In the same period the reference model TAFIM. the DoDAF V2. Government Department of Defense (DoD) weapons and information technology system acquisitions are required to develop and document an EA using the views prescribed in the DoDAF. Establish guidance for architecture content as a function of purpose – “fit for purpose” 2. Increase utility and effectiveness of architectures via a rigorous data model – the DoDAF Meta Model (DM2) -so the architectures can be integrated. 2009. Programming.

for example The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF). services view.01. understanding. 359 DoDAF V1. called Levels of Information System Interoperability (LISI). a view model. and for measuring the impact of the values of these metrics on operational mission [1] and task effectiveness.5 defines a set of products. and the CADM v1. and moved towards a repository-based approach by placing emphasis on architecture data elements that comprise architecture products. which is organized as a series of levels. "II: Product Descriptions" and a "Deskbook". 2009 DoDAF v2. The repository is defined by the Core Architecture Data Model 2. The figure represents the information that links the operational view.[1] In February 2004 the documentation of Version 1. These products are organized under four views: • overarching All View (AV) • Operational View (OV) • Systems View (SV) • Technical Standards View (TV) Each view depicts certain perspectives of an architecture as described below. In April 2007 the Version 1. systems and [1] DoDAF V1.5 Views The DoDAF V1. development techniques. or textual means.[7] Other derivative frameworks based on DoDAF include the NATO Architecture Framework (NAF) and Ministry of Defence (United Kingdom) Architecture Framework (MODAF). analytical techniques.Department of Defense Architecture Framework DoD decision support processes.[6] DoDAF V2.[5] On May 28. .0 is published on a public website. DoDAF is organized around a shared repository to hold work products.0 (CADM -.essentially a common database schema) and the DoD Architecture Registry System (DARS). and assimilating the broad scope and complexities of an architecture description through graphic. Only a subset of the full DoDAF viewset is usually created for each system development.5 Linkages Among Views. The three views and their interrelationships – driven by common architecture data elements – provide the basis for deriving measures such as interoperability or performance. that act as mechanisms for visualizing. Like other EA approaches.5 was released with a documentation of "Definitions and Guidelines". tabular. The developing system must not only meet its internal data needs but also those of the operational framework into which it is set. A key feature of DoDAF is interoperability. "Product Descriptions" and "Architecture Data Description".0 was released with volume "I: Definitions and Guidelines".0 was approved by the Department of Defense. and technical standards view.

One of the three products used to describe operational activity sequence and timing that traces the actions in a scenario or critical sequence of events. • OV-7 Logical Data Model . • OV-5 Operational Activity Model . quality.Documentation of the data requirements and structural business process rules of the Operational View.Command. DoD functions.High level graphical and textual description of operational concept (high level organizations. geographic configuration. • OV-3 Operational Information Exchange Matrix . and connectivities and information flow between nodes.Department of Defense Architecture Framework 360 All View (AV) AV products provide overarching descriptions of the entire architecture and define the scope and context of the architecture. In addition.Information exchanged between nodes and the relevant attributes of that exchange such as media. or other pertinent information. Services-Services Matrices . It defines the type of information exchanged. operational elements. quantity. The relationship between architecture data elements across the SV to the OV can be exemplified as systems are procured and fielded to support organizations and their operations.provides detail on the interface characteristics described in SV-1 for the architecture. SV-1 also identifies the interfaces between systems and systems nodes. connectivity.0. and other relationships among organizations. and communications networks. intended users.One of the three products used to describe operational activity sequence and timing that identifies responses of a business process to events. purpose. control.Activities.5. (In DoDAF V1. analytical findings (if applicable) • AV-2 Integrated Dictionary .5 OV products are defined as: • OV-1 High Level Operational Concept Graphic .Operational nodes. SV-2 documents the kinds of communications media that support the systems and implements their interfaces as described in SV-1. environment depicted. • OV-6a Operational Rules Model . • SV-3 Systems-Systems. or supporting. Thus. the frequency of exchanges. Operational View (OV) Operational View (OV) products provide descriptions of the tasks and activities. • OV-2 Operational Node Connectivity Description . • OV-6c Operational Event-Trace Description .5 SV products are: • SV-1 Systems/Services Interface Description . The DoDAF V1. etc. SV-2 shows the communications details of SV-1 interfaces that automate aspects of the needlines represented in OV-2. The DoDAF V1. the tasks and activities supported by these exchanges and the nature of the exchanges. • OV-6b Operational State Transition Description . The DoDAF V1. assigned tasks and activities.Depicts pertinent information about communications systems.) Systems and Services View (SV) SV is a set of graphical and textual products that describe systems and services and interconnections providing for. missions. • OV-4 Organizational Relationships Chart . and information exchanges required to accomplish DoD missions.Definitions of all terms used in all products. Services-Systems. arranged in matrix form.Scope. activities performed at each node. communications links.Depicts systems nodes and the systems resident at these nodes to support organizations/human roles represented by operational nodes of the OV-2. SV products focus on specific physical systems with specific physical (geographical) locations. inputs and outputs. performing nodes.One of the three products used to describe operational activity sequence and timing that identifies the business rules that constrain the operation.). This corresponds to DIV-2 in DoDAF V2.5 AV products are defined as: • AV-1 Overview and Summary Information . • SV-2 Systems/Services Communications Description . The OV provides textual and graphical representations of operational nodes and elements. . relationships among activities. and the level of interoperability required. coordination. and information flows between nodes. overlays can show cost.

A graphical method of describing a system (or system function) response to various events by changing its state. • SV-10c Systems/Services Event-Trace Description . It specifies the current performance parameters of each system. • SV-7 Systems/Services Performance Parameters Matrix . Each event-trace diagram should have an accompanying description that defines the particular scenario or situation.0 is designated as 'SV-4a' in DoDAF v1. the need for the Operational Activity to Systems Function Traceability Matrix (SV-5a). • SV-9 Systems/Services Technology Forecast . • SV-10b Systems/Services State Transition Description . The complete set of performance parameters may not be known at the early stages of architecture definition. Non-automated information exchanges.One of the architecture products closest to actual system design in the Framework. The product defines the structure of the various kinds of system data that are utilized by the systems in the architecture.The SV-4a documents system functional hierarchies and system functions. or human roles as a result of a particular scenario.Department of Defense Architecture Framework • SV-4a/SV-4b Systems/Services Functionality Description .0 is designated as 'SV-5a' and ‘SV-5b’ in DoDAF v1. Each transition specifies an event and an action. such as verbal orders. system functions. Although there is a correlation between OV-5 or business-process hierarchies and the system functional hierarchy of SV-4a.) 361 . or the architecture in which the system is embedded. development. Generally. will evolve over a lengthy period of time.0. • SV-6 Systems/Services Data Exchange Matrix . The diagram basically represents the sets of events to which the systems in the architecture will respond (by taking an action to move to a new state) as a function of its current state.Defines the underlying current and expected supporting technologies that have been targeted using standard forecasting methods. their interfaces (system data carried by the interface as well as communications link details that implement the interface). design. and the expected or required performance parameters at specified times in the future. which can correlate against the time periods used in SV-8 milestones. SV-5c Operational Activity to Systems Function.5 respectively. the timeline milestones are critical for a successful understanding of the evolution timeline. The SV-5 and extension to the SV-5 from DoDAF v1. SV-5b. hence. are captured in the OV products only.Captures evolution plans that describe how the system. This product focuses on automated information exchanges (from OV-3) that are implemented in systems. The SV-4 from DoDAF v1. Expected supporting technologies are those that can be reasonably forecast given the current state of technology and expected improvements. so it should be expected that this product will be updated throughout the system’s specification.Operational Activity to SV-5a and SV-5b is a specification of the relationships between the set of operational activities applicable to an architecture and the set of system functions applicable to that architecture. New technologies should be tied to specific time periods. Operational Activity to Systems and Services Traceability Matrices . SV-10c in the Systems and Services View may reflect system-specific aspects or refinements of critical sequences of events described in the Operational View.5. Performance parameters include all technical performance characteristics of systems for which requirements can be developed and specification defined.Specifies the quantitative characteristics of systems and system hardware/software items. • SV-5a. • SV-8 Systems/Services Evolution Description . or system function. and their functions. • SV-10a Systems/Services Rules Model . (In DoDAF V1. testing. interface.Specifies the characteristics of the system data exchanged between systems. This corresponds to DIV-3 in DoDAF V2. and the system data flows between them.Describes the rules under which the architecture or its systems behave under specified conditions. it need not be a one-to-one mapping.Provides a time-ordered examination of the system data elements exchanged between participating systems (external and internal). • SV-11 Physical Schema . which provides that mapping. and possibly even its deployment and operations life-cycle phases.5.

and services design within the Defense Acquisition System process.0 from DoDAF V1. human .Includes the operational scenarios.0 Viewpoints. The Project Viewpoint also details dependencies among capability and operational requirements. System is now defined in the general sense of an assemblage of components .0 Viewpoints In DoDAF V2. Services.0 architectural viewpoints are composed of data that has been organized to facilitate understanding. providing for or supporting operational and capability functions.0) .0) . • Operational Viewpoint (OV) .0) . • Data and Information Viewpoint (DIV) (New in DoDAF V2. and the deployed capability.5. • Services Viewpoint (SvcV) (New in DoDAF V2.Department of Defense Architecture Framework 362 Technical Standards View (TV) TV products define technical standards.Description of emerging standards that are expected to apply to the given architecture. Renamed to StdV-2 in DoDAF V2. Renamed to StdV-1 in DoDAF V2.) DoDAF V2.5: System is not just computer hardware and computer software. business rules and criteria that govern the architecture. the design for solutions articulating the systems. technical. and forecasts that apply to capability and operational requirements.) • TV-2 Technical Standards Forecast . the delivery timing. [8] Diagram of DoDAF V2. and context providing for or supporting operational and capability functions. system engineering processes.0) Articulates the data relationships and alignment structures in the architecture content for the capability and operational requirements.Articulates the applicable operational. To align with ISO Standards. and requirements that support capabilities. Activities.5. • Standards Viewpoint (StdV) (Renamed from Technical Standards View TV) . • Capability Viewpoint (CV) (New in DoDAF V2.Describes the overarching aspects of architecture context that relate to all viewpoints. • Systems Viewpoint (SV) . for Legacy support.. where appropriate. • Project Viewpoint (PV) (New in DoDAF V2. activities. and their Exchanges.Describes the relationships between operational and capability requirements and the various projects being implemented. constraints. the Operational View is now the Operational Viewpoint). • All Viewpoint (AV) . implementation conventions.Presents the design for solutions articulating the Performers. (In DoDAF V1. (In DoDAF V1. the terminology has changed from Views to Viewpoint (e. systems design. interconnectivity. and systems and services.Articulates. business. standards. their composition.that . and industry policies. system engineering processes.0.g. The DoDAF V1.Extraction of standards that applies to the given architecture.0. System has changed in DoDAF V2. system engineering processes. within an appropriate set of timeframes. and systems and services.5 TV products are as follows: • TV-1 Technical Standards Profile .machine.Articulates the capability requirements. guidance. Note.

5 Views to DoDAF V2.Department of Defense Architecture Framework perform activities (since they are subtypes of Performer) and are interacting or interdependent. i.e. equipment. 363 Relationship of DoDAF V1..0 Viewpoints. [9] Evolution of DoDAF V1.g. and vessels) and Personnel Types.5 Views with DoDAF V2.. Note that Systems are made up of Materiel (e.5 Views to DoDAF V2. anything from small pieces of equipment that have interacting or interdependent elements. to Family of Systems (FoS) and System of Systems (SoS).0 Viewpoints The first figure shows the overall evolution of DoDAF V1.0 Viewpoints. This could be anything. . aircraft.

0 Viewpoints.5 Views to DoDAF V2. and for determining which products are required. Node is a complex..0 models.” One note: while the DoDAF does not list the OV-1 artifact as a core product. the DoDAF v1. concept that is represented with more concrete concepts. In regard to DoDAF V1. the DoDAF V2.5 Views to the corresponding DoDAF V2. • AV-1 : Overview and Summary Information • AV-2 : Integrated Dictionary • OV-1 : High Level Operational Concept Graphic [1] Illustration of the Integrated Architecture. When appropriate (usually indicated by policy or by the decision-maker). The sequence of the artifacts listed below gives a suggested order in which the artifacts could be developed. When pre-DoDAF V2.0 Viewpoints.5 data concepts. The actual sequence of view generation and their potential customization is a function of the application domain and the specific needs of the effort.0 architecture. DoDAF V1.5 architectures will need to update their architecture. DoDAF V1. As one example. i. 364 Creating an integrated architecture using DoDAF There are many different approaches for creating an integrated architecture using DoDAF. with one notable exception: [10] Node. . In most cases.0 and V1.5 products. what the resulting architecture will be used for.0 architecture is compared with DoDAF V2.5 Support.0 Meta-model supports the DoDAF V1. logical Mapping of DoDAF V1. SV and TV. its development is strongly encouraged.0 models. The approach depends on the requirements and the expected results. they have been transformed into parts of the DoDAF V2. concept differences (such as Node) must be defined or explained for the newer architecture.e.5 products to DoDAF V2. The architectures for DoDAF V1.0 listed the following products as the “minimum set of products required to satisfy the definition of an OV.0 and DoDAF V1.5 may continue to be used. The table below indicates the mapping of DoDAF V1.Department of Defense Architecture Framework The second figure shows the specific mapping of individual DoDAF V1.

infrastructure support. in the context of the Net-Ready Key Performance Parameter (NR-KPP): • Initial Capabilities Document (ICD). Otherwise there is the risk (seen in at least some DoDAF architecture efforts) of producing products with no customers.5 Products Matrix analysis of alternatives. A document that addresses the production elements specific to a single increment of an acquisition program. it is necessary to clearly identify the stakeholders and their concerns that map to each selected DoDAF product. The identification and documentation of information needs. desired effects. One can view DoDAF products. an independent DoDAF V1. • Tailored Information Support Plan (TISP). Documents the need for a materiel solution to a specific capability gap derived from an initial analysis of alternatives executed by the operational user [11] and. The purpose of the TISP process is to provide a dynamic and efficient vehicle for certain programs (ACAT II and below) to produce requirements necessary for I&S Certification. The figure "DoDAF V1. . • Capability Production Document (CPD). interoperability. The CDD outlines an affordable increment of militarily useful. the component will make final decision on details of the tailored plan subject to minimums specified in the TISP procedures linked from the CJCSI 6212 resource page and any special needs identified by the J-6 for the I&S certification process. logistically supportable and technically mature capability. IT and NSS interface requirements and dependencies focusing on net-centric. For programs not designated OSD special interest by ASD (NII)/DOD CIO.8). and time. • Information Support Plan (ISP). • Capability Development Document (CDD).5 Products Matrix" shows how the DoD Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Instruction (CJCSI) 6212. the relevant range of military operations. Select program managers may request to tailor the content of their ISP (ref ss).01E specifies which DoDAF V1. or at least the 3 views. supportability and sufficiency concerns (DODI 4630. as ANSI/IEEE 1471-2000 or ISO/IEC 42010 viewpoints. as required.5 products are required for each type of analysis. A document that captures the information necessary to develop a proposed program(s). normally using an evolutionary acquisition strategy. It defines the capability gap in terms of the functional area.Department of Defense Architecture Framework • • • • • OV-5 : Operational Activity Model OV-2 : Operational Node Connectivity Description OV-3 : Operational Informational Exchange Matrix SV-1 : System Interface Description TV-1 : Technical Standards Profile 365 One concern about the DoDAF is how well these products meet actual stakeholder concerns for any given system of interest. But to build an architecture description that corresponds to ANSI/IEEE 1471-2000 or ISO/IEC 42010.

. DoDAF generically describes in the representation of the artifacts to be generated.Department of Defense Architecture Framework 366 Representation Representations for the DoDAF products may be drawn from many diagramming techniques including: • • • • • tables.0 DIV-2 Viewpoint. DoDAF versions 1.[4] The purposes of the DM2 are: 1. Represented in the DoDAF V2. when necessary. Establish and define the constrained vocabulary for description and discourse about DoDAF models (formerly “products”) and their usage in the 6 core processes 2. The Physical Exchange Specification (PES) consists of the LDM with general data types specified and implementation attributes (e. but allows considerable flexibility regarding the specific formats and modeling techniques. Entity-Relationship Diagrams (ERDs).0 DIV-3 Viewpoint. Meta-Model DoDAF has always had some form of Meta-Model underpinning the framework.0 thru 1. UML. Represented in the DoDAF V2. source.0 Meta Model DM2's Three Levels. tool used. such as attributes to the CDM and. Support discovery and understandability of EA data: 1. This new meta-model is called "DM2". UML format. clarifies relationships into an unambiguous usage definition.g. and then generated as an XSD.0. IDEF. From version 2. 2. The Logical Data Model (LDM) adds technical information. and other custom techniques depending on the product. Discovery of EA data using DM2 categories of information 2. 3. which was defined in IDEF1X (then later in UML) with an XML Schema derived from the resulting relational database. DoDAF has adopted the IDEAS Group foundation ontology as the basis for its new meta-model.0 DIV-1 Viewpoint. without professing one diagramming technique over another. Understandability of EA data using DM2’s precise semantics augmented with linguistic traceability (aliases) . date) added. Specify the semantics and format for federated EA data exchange between:architecture development and analysis tools and architecture databases across the DoD Enterprise Architecture (EA) Community of Interest (COI) and with other authoritative data sources 3. DoDAF proclaims latitude in work product format. [13] Each of these three levels of the DM2 is important to a particular viewer of Departmental processes: 1. and contractor/customer preferences. The conceptual level or Conceptual Data Model (CDM) defines the high-level data constructs from which Architectural Descriptions are created in non-technical terms. The meta-model defines the types of modelling elements that can be used in each view and the relationships between them. There is a UPDM (Unified Profile for DoDAF and MODAF) effort within the OMG to standardize the representation of DoDAF products when UML is used. Represented in the DoDAF V2.5 used the CADM meta-model. The DoDAF deskbook [12] provides examples in using traditional systems engineering and data engineering techniques. there is typically a requirement to provide metadata to the Defense Information Technology Portfolio Repository (DITPR) or other architectural repositories. SysML. Diagram of DoDAF V2. so that executives and managers at all levels can understand the data basis of Architectural Description. an acronym for "Defense Meta-Model". and secondly. In addition to graphical representation.

Canada.[4] 367 Relationship to other architecture frameworks The UPDM (Unified Profile for DoDAF and MODAF) is an OMG initiative to standardize UML and SysML usage for USA and UK defense architecture frameworks. pdf) . or textual means. has not been updated. background material. pdf) . Retrieved 2007-08-07. Currently the Deskbook. [14] • Atego's Artisan Studio with UPDM. the DoDAF describes a set of models for visualizing data through graphic. com/ faq/ ).5 (http:/ / jitc. mil/ cio-nii/ docs/ DoDAF_Volume_I. Sparx Systems [18] or Sparx Systems [19] (Australia). defenselink.0 Deskbook (https:/ / acc.Provides supplementary "how to" information relating to architectures. In this manner. [15] • Elements Repository produced by Enterprise Elements.Describes each architecture product. architects. 2003 . As the DM2 matures to meet the ongoing data requirements of process owners. "DoDAF Meta Model (DM2)" (http:/ / cio-nii. defense. USA. pdf). understanding) consistency within and across Architectural Descriptions. tabular. The DODAF architecture documents were updated on April 23. thus facilitating the understanding and implementation of interoperability of processes and systems. decision makers. including the following. Components. and new technologies.. DoDAF and MODAF. defenselink. '04 version [6] http:/ / cio-nii.Department of Defense Architecture Framework 4. and Federal and Coalition partners. which is supported by Australia. . and will enable greater ease for discovering.[4] The DM2 defines architectural data elements and enables the integration and federation of Architectural Descriptions. pdf) .the industry's first DoDAF 2. [16] • MagicDraw with UPDM plugin supporting DoDAF/MODAF. defense. with NATO observers. • DoDAF 1. DoDAF 1.5 Volume 3 (http:/ / www. • CMD2 by Casewise .Provides the architecture data description. mil/ jitc_dri/ pdfs/ dodaf_v1v1.[4] To facilitate the use of information at the data layer. These views relate to stakeholder requirements for producing an Architectural Description. has launched an initiative to develop a formal ontology for enterprise architectures. . gov/ sites/ dodaf20/ DM2. guidelines. pdf .5 is presented in three volumes and a deskbook: • DoDAF 1.Provides definitions. • DoDAF 1. Inc. In addition. Sweden. fhu. 2004. • DoDAF 1. [17] • System Architect (software) • Sparx Enterprise Architect.. mil/ cio-nii/ docs/ DoDAF_Volume_II. mil/ cio-nii/ docs/ DoDAF_Volume_III. Orbus Software [21] References [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] DoD (2007) DoD Architecture Framework Version 1. mil/ CommunityBrowser. defenselink. 2007 to version 1.not the Feb 9. the multi-national IDEAS Group. Commercial Products Support Several commercial products have support for DODAF. html). UK. it will to a resource that more completely supports the requirements for architectural data.e. with a plugin MDG Technology for DoDAF-MODAF [20] for Model Driven Generation (MDG) Technology.0 compliant and DM2 conformant solution. This link is only to the Final Draft version August 30. gov/ docs/ DoDAF%20V2%20-%20Promulgation%20Memo. sharing. It establishes a basis for semantic (i. published in a consistently understandable way. • IServer produced by Orbus Software. and reusing architectural data across organizational boundaries. disa.5 Volume 1 (http:/ / www.5.5 Volume 2 (http:/ / www. aspx?id=31667& lang=en-US) . dau. the DM2 supports the exchange and reuse of architectural information among JCAs. Provide a basis for semantic precision in architectural descriptions to support heterogeneous architectural description integration and analysis in support of core process decision making. which is from February 9. 23 April 2007 (reference: Zachman Framework) "Architecture Framework FAQ" (http:/ / architectureframework.

To register metadata about architectures that are being developed. gov/ sites/ dodaf20/ [8] Diagram of DoDAF V2.mil) DARS is the DoD registry of segment and solution architectures comprising the federated DoD enterprise architecture.pdf) • DoDAF V2. 2004. The DoD IEA provides the guidelines and rules that the architect must keep in mind in the architecture development effort.army. defense. gov/ sites/ dodaf20/ images/ DM2s_3_levels.html). DoDAF V2.dadms. ISBN 1893990095.0 Journal : The electronic interface for DoDAF support (http://cio-nii. sparxsystems. com/ products/ artisan-studio-architect-enterprise-edition/ [16] http:/ / www.5 Views to DoDAF V2. collaborative net-centric operations. A number of architecture resources exist which serve as sources for guidelines that should be consulted while building architectural views. sparxsystems. Inc.0 Volume 3 : DoDAF Meta-model Physical Exchange Specification .0 Viewpoints [9] Evolution of DoDAF V1. sparxsystems. or currently exist. Additional information is contained in the individual URLs.mil/ cio-nii/docs/DoDAF V2 .0 Volume 1 : Introduction.defenselink.navy.defense. defense. Overview. • DARS: DoD Architecture Registry System (DARS) (https://dars1. au [20] http:/ / www. com. To discover architectures that exist. Managing and Executing Projects to Build Enterprise Architectures using the Department of Defense Architecture Framework.0 was approved May 28. It is presented in three volumes and a Journal: • DoDAF V2.defense. orbussoftware.Manager’s Guide (http://www.0 Volume 2 : Architectural Data and Models . constraints and best practices to which applicable DoD programs. aspx?id=31667& pname=file& lang=en-US& aid=28906 [13] http:/ / cio-nii. magicdraw.0 Resources (http://cio-nii.pdf) • DoDAF V2. gov/sites/diea/index. Depending on the purpose and scope. with their architectural uses. casewise. html [21] http:/ / www.0 Viewpoints [11] DoDAF V1. and Concepts .defenselink.Developer’s Guide (http:// www. an architect may search and discover Architectures that overlap the scope and purpose of the architecture effort. com/ products/ mdg/ tech/ dodaf-modaf/ index.html) Defines the key principles. Wisnosky and Joseph Vogel (2004).mil/) The official unclassified DoD data source for Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA).Volume 1. • Architectural Resources cited in DoDAF V2. must adhere in order to enable agile. and their URLs.5 Products Matrix [12] https:/ / acc. • DITPR: DoD Information Technology Portfolio Repository (DITPR) (https://www. enterprise-elements.5 Views to DoDAF V2. 2009. com/ updm_plugin [18] http:/ / www. gif [14] http:/ / www.Architect’s Guide (http://www.0 Viewpoints [10] Mapping of DoDAF V1.Volume 3. Dodaf Wizdom: a Practical Guide to Planning.mil/cio-nii/docs/DoDAF V2 . mil/ GetAttachment.html) • DoD IEA: Department of Defense Information Enterprise Architecture (DoD IEA) (http://cio-nii. or may be in development. rules. regardless of Component or portfolio. Some of these architecture resources are briefly listed below.gov/sites/dodaf20/arch_resource. Some architecture resources require Secret Internet Protocol Router Network (SIPRNET) access.0. dau. EAuthentication.Department of Defense Architecture Framework [7] http:/ / cio-nii. com [17] http:/ / www.defenselink. atego. Wizdom Systems. mil/cio-nii/docs/DoDAF V2 .pdf) • DoDAF V2.Volume 2. com [15] http:/ / www. Portfolio ..defense. com/ 368 Further reading • Dennis E. • DoDAF V2. com [19] http:/ / www.gov/sites/ dodaf20/journal_exp3.

CDD. The JCSFL is provided for mapping functions to supported activities and the systems or services that host them. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Instruction (CJCSI) 6212.2. As the architecture development progresses. Privacy Impact Assessments. The ICD.spawar. programmatic research. and the CPD. • DoD MDR: Metadata Registry (http://metadata.smil. Capability Development Document. development.disa. technology improvements. the operational (OV). the inventory of MC/ME/MS systems. • NAERG: Naval Architecture Elements Reference Guide (NAERG) (https://stalwart. the collected architecture information can be extracted and reported in the ICD.mil/JECOweb. and CPD contain architecture information. and reference data tables and related metadata information The Resource Flows and Physical Schemas from the Architecture can be used to populate the Metadata Registry.Department of Defense Architecture Framework Management. the Standards Models can identify additional or new standards that need to be added to DISR.disa. In addition. The Systems metadata from the Architecture can be used to populate DITPR with new or updated information. and the registry for systems under DoDI 5000. • JCPAT: (SIPRNet) Joint C4I Program Assessment Tool (JCPAT) (http://jcpat. a part of the JCPAT toolset. Through the Metadata Registry and Clearinghouse. The Architecture Elements represent the critical taxonomies requiring concurrence and standardization for an integrated architecture.army. the documents that are necessary for Milestone Decisions have architecture information. The data contained in each element of the Architecture list shall be used for overall architecture framework development.guesthom) The KM/DS tool will be used by DoD components to submit documents and comments for O-6 and flag reviews. the architecture information can be within with the Enhanced-Information Support Plan (E-ISP) tool.dod. the collected architecture information can be extracted and reported in the required documents.mil/suite/page/419489) A common lexicon of systems/service functionality supporting joint capability. DITPR can also populate the architecture’s Systems metadata.js.mil) The DoD Metadata Registry and Clearinghouse provides software developers access to data technologies to support DoD mission applications. It will be updated through review periods to support DoN Program Objective Memorandum (POM) efforts and to reflect changes mandated by DoD.mil/ guestjrcz/gbase. • DISR: DoD Information Technology Standards and Profile Registry (DISR) (https://disronline. and Capability Production Document) for Joint Staff interoperability requirements certification and is the ITS/NSS Lifecycle Repository and the archives. software developers can access registered XML data and metadata components.mil) Online repository for a minimal set of primarily commercial IT standards. Supporting the JCIDS approval process. but are not part of the scope of the architecture. The use of the critical taxonomies is a step to ensuring integration of systems within a system of systems and alignment of information technology (IT) functionality to mission and operational needs.mil/ naerg/) A standard terms of reference for the Navy and Marine Corps. and track the status of documents. Use the taxonomy to align or extend system functions within the architecture being developed • KM/DS: (SIPRNet) Knowledge Management/ Decision Support (KM/DS) (https://jrockmds1. 369 .ncr. They comprise the lexicon for the three views of the architecture framework. nsf) Formally assess systems and capabilities documents (Initial Capabilities Document.01E prescribes the JCSFL for use in developing a common vocabulary for architecture development.smil. and other factors. and acquisition activities. search for historical information. Conversely. and related integration and interoperability and capability assessments. As the architecture development progresses. • JCSFL: Joint Common System Function List (JCSFL) (https://us. CDD. The DISR can be used to populate the Standards models (StdV-1 and StdV-2) of the Architecture.navy. system (SV) and technical standards (TV) views. database segments. particularly on systems that interface with systems described in the architecture.

pdf) • Printable version of DoDAF V2.dtic. • DoD BEA v7.g.defense.bta.gov/sites/dodaf20/index.gov/docs/DoDAF V2 . • UJTL: Universal Joint Task List (UJTL) (http://www. • Printable version of DoDAF V2.integrated-ea.The DODAF Policy Directive which mandates that all DoD architectures developed after 05/28/2009 (or the next major system release) must be DODAF V2.This is the official and current version for the Department of Defense Architecture Framework.pdf) • Printable version of DoDAF V2.mil/products/BEA_7_0/BEA/html_files/home.com/Previous-Years) on DoDAF 2. It is the basic language for development of a joint mission essential task list (JMETL) or agency mission essential task list (AMETL) that identifies required capabilities for mission success.The DODAF Policy Directive which mandates that all DoD architectures approved after 12/01/03 must be DODAF V1. operational planners.Volume 1. MODAF.0 Volume 3 (http://cio-nii.defense. Zachman). It captures service descriptions and makes them discoverable from a centrally managed. TOGAF.0 compliant.5 compliant. control and leverage of an organization's services.Department of Defense Architecture Framework • Service Registry: Service Registry. Use the taxonomy to align or extend operational activities within the architecture being developed.mil) The Service Registry provides enterprise-wide insight.dod.defense.02 (http://cio-nii. 2009 (http://cio-nii.gov/docs/DoDAF V2 . combat developers.Volume 3.com/dodaf/) Information resource dedicated to DoDAF as it relates to other architecture frameworks (e.aitcnet.0 from Integrated EA Conferences 2008 and 2009 .mil/doctrine/jel/cjcsd/cjcsm/m350004c..Volume 2. combat support agencies.0 (March 2010) • Two Presentations (http://www. and searchable location.pdf) .gov/docs/DoDAF V2 . The Services metadata from the Architecture effort can be used to populate the Service Registry in the process of developing the solution.defense.html) . reliable. • DoDAF Promulgation Memo Feb 9.pdf) The Universal Joint Task List from the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Manual 3500. 2004 (http://www.0 Volume 2 (http://cio-nii.defense. (OBSOLETED) • DoDAF section of Architecture Framework Forum (http://architectureframework.gov/docs/DoDAF V2 .html) . 370 External links • DoDAF V2.0 (http://www.0 Volume 1 (http://cio-nii.org/dodfw/DoDAF_Memo.pdf) • DoDAF Promulgation Memo May 28.04C (CJCSM) serves as a common language and common reference system for joint force commanders. Select the “NCES Service Discovery” button (http://metadata.pdf) .DoD Business Enterprise Architecture BEA 7. and trainers to communicate mission requirements.Promulgation Memo.

The dynamic enterprise is enabled by a dynamic communications framework that interconnects networks. alcatel-lucent.Dynamic enterprise 371 Dynamic enterprise The Dynamic Enterprise is a Enterprise architecture concept based on Web 2. people. These changes drive a need to transform enterprise communications–to become more dynamic. and prosper. customer service is equally demanding. people. a new generation of employees is increasingly frustrated to find that the tools in their workplace lag behind what they are accustomed to in the consumer world. a concept developed by Alcatel-Lucent.0 technology. The framework is always on. Internally. alcatel-lucent. As organizations cope with this challenging environment. References [1] Alcatel-Lucent unveils “Dynamic Enterprise” at its Enterprise Forum 2008 Conference (http:/ / www. Accessed July 31. that interconnects networks. Externally.com/enterprise-forum/) . processes and knowledge. employees are faced with ever mounting volumes of information they must review and act upon. A lcatel-Lucent introduced this concept in February 2008 in Paris at its annual Forum event[1] . com/ wps/ portal/ !ut/ p/ kcxml/ 04_Sj9SPykssy0xPLMnMz0vM0Y_QjzKLd4x3tXDUL8h2VAQAURh_Yw!!?LMSG_CABINET=Docs_and_Resource_Ctr& LMSG_CONTENT_FILE=News_Releases_2008/ News_Article_000859. xml) Accessed July 31. com/ enterprise/ en/ dynamic_enterprise/ ). 2009. The Dynamic Enterprise is marked by continuous and transformative growth. [2] Transforming Your Business into a Dynamic Enterprise (http:/ / www1. To compound the situation. retain customers. market and competitive forces are constantly accelerating. processes and knowledge. 2009. Dynamic Communications Framework The Dynamic Enterprise is enabled by a Dynamic Communications Framework. The Alcatel-Lucent Dynamic Communications Framework provides[2] : • personalized tools for collaboration • a solid intelligent infrastructure • integration of process information and communication Rationale Organizations face key trends that threaten their ability to grow. External links • Official Alcatel-Lucent Web Page (http://www. standards-based so that organizations can respond quickly to change and better harness its knowledge. coupled with a constant need to learn and use a multitude of new and changing tools. flexible.alcatel-lucent.

Their goal is to deliver an architecture that supports the most efficient and secure IT environment meeting a company's business needs. it is possible to differentiate the role of the system architect. In this analogy. both leadership and subject matter experts. Ensure that projects do not duplicate functionality or diverge from each other and business and IT strategies. . who are responsible for something analogous to the HVAC (Heating. and documents this using multiple architectural models or views that show how the current and future needs of an organization will be met in an efficient. like a city planner. to build a holistic view of the organization's strategy. and information technology assets. sustainable. strategy. development. • Optimization of information management approaches through an understanding of evolving business needs and technology capabilities. standards and guidelines that direct the selection. and adaptable manner. providing the roadmaps and regulations that a city uses to manage its growth and provide services to its citizens.Enterprise architect 372 Enterprise architect Enterprise architects are practitioners of enterprise architecture. software architects. • Direct or indirect involvement in the development of policies. agile. The enterprise architect however. who are responsible for something like the plumbing within the building. Enterprise architects are like city planners. • Long-term strategic responsibility for the company's IT systems. adaptable and in synchronization with ever changing business needs. Enterprise architects operate across organizational and computing "silos" to drive common approaches and expose information assets and processes across the enterprise. implementation and use of Information Technology within the enterprise. who plans one or more buildings. • Build employee knowledge and skills in specific areas of expertise. information. Ventilation and Air Conditioning) within the building. an enterprise architecture has the potential to allow both the Business and IT strategies to enable and drive each other. and the water and sewer infrastructure between buildings or parts of a city. The enterprise architect links the business mission. The role of the Enterprise Architect is to take this knowledge and ensure that the business and IT are in alignment. an information technology management discipline that operates within organizations. processes. • Promotion of shared infrastructure and applications to reduce costs and improve information flows. and choreographs other activities into the larger plan. Therefore. • Work with solutions architect(s) to provide a consensus based enterprise solution that is scalable. network architects. Role of enterprise architects Enterprise Architects work with stakeholders. both frames the city-wide design. Responsibilities of enterprise architects • Alignment of IT strategy and planning with company's business goals. and processes of an organization to its IT strategy. • Management of the risks associated with information and IT assets through appropriate standards and security policies. effective enterprise architecture may be regarded as one of the key means to achieving competitive advantage through information technology.[1] Delivered successfully.

user and “business owner” feedback loops. confidence. empathy Communication skills. facilitation.Enterprise architect 373 Skills and knowledge • • • • • • • • • • • • Systems Thinking . adaptable tools (evolve constantly).the ability to see how parts interact with the whole (big picture thinking) Knowledge of the business for which the enterprise architecture is being developed Interpersonal and leadership skills .self awareness. software. formal structures and governance.servant leadership. and systems engineering Project and program management planning and organizational skills Knowledge of financial modeling as it pertains to IT investment Customer service orientation Time management and prioritization Collaboration The Enterprise Architect often closely collaborates with: • • • • • • • • • • • • • Business analyst System analyst Information architect Solutions architect Software architect Systems architect Application developer Release deployer IT Administrator Project manager Project management office CIO Business Leads To be successful in large organizations. executive buy-in. a practical focus (avoid dogma). Other factors for success include business unit stakeholder buy-in. both written and spoken Ability to explain complex technical issues in a way that non-technical people may understand Knowledge of IT governance and operations Comprehensive knowledge of hardware. ability to manage conflict. a strong theoretical base (get the basics right). tools. a non-centralist approach (federated effort with central coordination only). application. . and negotiation skills Emotional intelligence . deliverables. as well as reinforcement through measurement. and resourcing. enterprise architecture requires a top-level mandate. collaboration.

org/server.bcs.com/developerworks/webservices/ library/ws-soa-progmodel10/) • Daljit Banger Rise of the Enterprise Architect (http://www. Mike Ten Key Skills Architects Must Have to Deliver Value (http:/ / www.1 is released June 2009.[1] Version 2. EAAF assessment table describing how agency EAs will be assessed.[2] And Version 3.2 was released in October 2007. .org/Roardmap. March 2006 Enterprise Architecture Assessment Framework The Enterprise Architecture Assessment Framework (EAAF) is created by the US Federal government Office of Management and Budget to allow federal agencies to assess and report their enterprise architecture activity and maturity.ibm. technologytransfer. British Computer Society.org/IndustryArtifacts. November 2008 Further reading • Professional Practice Guide for Enterprise Architects (http://caeap. eu/ article/ 78/ 2009/ 9/ Ten_Things_an_Architect_Does_to_Add_Value.3333).aspx) • Enterprise Architecture Profession 10 Year Roadmap (http://caeap. html).php?show=ConWebDoc.Enterprise architect 374 References [1] Rosen.aspx) • IBM Developer Works: Article on SOA user roles (http://www-128.

Architecture describes clear line-of-sight from strategic goals and objectives. and overall end-user performance. Enterprise Architecture Assessment Framework (EAAF) version 3. particularly through the development and use of agency segment [4] architectures. the agency’s enterprise architecture will help improve the performance of Information Resource Management (IRM) and Information Technology (IT) investment decision-making. reliability. and translating opportunities into specific actions. • Improving the quality. Performance Improvement Lifecycle Government agencies are continually assessing current performance. through investments. and • Increasing the transparency of government operations by increasing the capacity for citizen participation and cross-governmental collaboration. Enterprise architecture is an integrated management practice that maximizes the contribution of an agency’s resources to achieve performance goals. It also helps to better understand the current state of an agency’s EA. EAAF seeks to advance the practice of EA. to measurable performance [4] improvements for the entire enterprise or a portion (segment) of the enterprise. While agencies have clearly demonstrated a degree of maturity and competency in developing and using their EAs. availability and sharing of data and information government-wide. solution development and service delivery time. availability. inter-operability. and assists agencies in integrating their EA into their decision-making processes. By applying the assessment themselves. EAAF Maturity levels. identifying opportunities for performance improvement. As a result. productivity enhancements. agencies are able to identify strengths and weaknesses within their EA programs and adjust them accordingly.Enterprise Architecture Assessment Framework 375 Overview The OMB Enterprise Architecture Assessment Framework (hereafter called the Framework) helps OMB and the agencies assess the capability of EA[3] programs to guide and inform strategic IT investments.1 identifies the measurement areas and criteria by which agencies are expected to use the EA to drive performance improvements that result in the following outcomes[1] : • Closing agency performance gaps identified via coordinated agency strategic planning and performance management activities. • Saving money and avoiding cost through collaboration and reuse. aimed at driving the kinds of government-wide outcomes described above. . and elimination of redundancy. • Strengthening the quality of agency investment portfolios by improving security.

Achievement of the program / project plan within acceptable variance for schedule and budget is measured and reported through Earned Value Management (EVM) process.g. Agency EAs are organized by segments – core mission areas (e.[4] Implement Projects are executed and tracked throughout the system development life cycle (SDLC).g. investment and implementation decisions. Segments are defined using the Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA) reference models. health). and enterprise services (e.Enterprise Architecture Assessment Framework 376 Information and IT-Enabled Performance Improvement Lifecycle Continuous performance improvement is the principal driver connecting EA program staff with key business stakeholders across each phase of the Performance Improvement Lifecycle.[4] Architect Enterprise architecture describes the current (baseline) and future (target) states of the agency.[4] .. described in subsequent chapters. Opportunities to improve mission performance are prioritized in terms of their relative value to the agency’s strategic goals and objectives in the enterprise transition plan (ETP) and segment architecture. • allocate agency resources supporting program management and project execution. Information Sharing). program performance improvements and information technology investments. This step defines the implementation and funding strategy for individual initiatives identified in the Enterprise Transition Plan (ETP) and described in the segment architectures. with a focus on agency strategy. • measure and assess performance to verify and report results. linked to agency goals and objectives. and the plan to transition from the current to the future state. and • assess feedback on program performance to enhance architecture. using common or shared information assets and information technology assets.[4] Invest Performance improvement opportunities identified during the “Architect” process are ideally addressed through an agency portfolio of IT investments5. homeland security.. financial management.. Agency Chief Architects and EA program staff play important roles supporting business stakeholders during each phase of the Performance Improvement Lifecycle to:[4] • identify and prioritize enterprise segments and opportunities to improve mission performance. business service (e. • plan a course of action to close performance gaps.g. human resources). Program management plans are created to implement the individual solutions identified in the implementation and funding strategy.

should be reflected in the agency EA. whitehouse. Office of Management and Budget. Performance metrics previously gathered under the PART Program are used to evaluate agency program performance and results in agency performance improvement plans. identifying a program’s strengths and weaknesses and addressing ways to improve the program performance.[4] References [1] Enterprise Architecture Assessment Framework (http:/ / www.whitehouse. gov/ omb/ assets/ fea_docs/ OMB_EA_Assessment_Framework_v3_1_June_2009. Office of Management and Budget. [3] Federal Enterprise Architecture (http:/ / www. archives.gov/omb/e-gov/ eaaf/) . OMB officials use this information to guide the development of an efficient and effective IT investment portfolio as a part of the President’s budget request to Congress. gov/ omb/ e-gov/ fea/ ). particularly the performance architecture and ETP. USA. gov/ omb/ egov/ documents/ OMB_EA_Assessment_Framework_v22_Final.2.Enterprise Architecture Assessment Framework 377 Measure. including those previously gathered under the PART and Performance Assessment Report (PAR) programs. pdf). pdf) June 2009 External links • US OMB HOME • MANAGEMENT • E-GOV EA Assessment (http://www. whitehouse.[4] Agency submission data quality OMB collects a significant amount of IT investment data and other related data from executive agencies during each phase of Performance Improvement Lifecycle. as critical enablers of program performance improvements. Version 2. must be assessed and evaluated in the context of agency missions and outcome-oriented results defined in the enterprise-wide performance architecture.1 (http:/ / www. Improving Agency Performance Using Information and Information Technology : Enterprise Architecture Assessment Framework v3. USA. assess and improve Information and information technology. gov/ omb/ e-gov/ eaaf/ ). whitehouse.[4] Performance improvement plans and priorities. [4] US OBM (2009). [2] OMB EA Assessment_Framework (http:/ / georgewbush-whitehouse.

NIST Enterprise Architecture Model initiated in 1989. To manage this scale and complexity. Enterprise Architecture is so broad. they may wish to specify certain views be used in the documentation of procured systems . the models associated with the discipline also tend to be large and complex. Overview The three components of the enterprise architecture framework are:[2] • Views : provide the mechanisms for communicating information about the relationships that are important in the architecture • Methods : provide the discipline to gather and organize the data and construct the views in a way that helps ensure integrity. Department of Defense stipulates that specific DoDAF views be provided by equipment suppliers for capital project above a certain value. one of the . accuracy and completeness • Training/Experience : support the application of method and use of tools Because the discipline of Enterprise engineering and [1] earliest frameworks for Enterprise Architecture.S. An organization may wish to mandate that certain models be produced before a system design can be approved. Similarly.the U. an Architecture Framework provides tools and methods that can bring the task into focus and allow valuable artifacts to be produced when they are most needed. Architecture Frameworks are commonly used in Information technology and Information system governance.Enterprise Architecture framework 378 Enterprise Architecture framework An Enterprise Architecture Framework (EA Framework) is a framework for an Enterprise Architecture which defines how to organize the structure and views associated with an Enterprise Architecture. and because enterprises can be large and complex.

) it is possible to trace the impact of organizational change on the systems. system integrators. TOGAF Architecture Framework for 1995. Another early implementation of an Enterprise Architecture framework was the "Technical Architecture Framework for Information Management" (TAFIM). JTA. TAFIM. many frameworks such as DoDAF. etc. TISAF 1997. systems architectures. On the left: derived from the Technical The Zachman Framework 1987. Because Enterprise Architecture brings together business models (e. which in turn was derived from the IEEE model 1003. This technical reference model wanted to use open systems and new technologies available in the commercial market. On the right: POSIX. process models. FEAF 1999 and TEAF 2000. and also the business impact of changes to the systems. and procurement agencies".0[4] or POSIX Open System Environment: a standard "to construct an information processing system. etc.[3] [2] The TOGAF TRM was originally Impression of Enterprise Architecture Frameworks evolution (1987-2003). organizational charts. Applications based on these models can then query the underlying architectural information. . The first draft of TAFIM was completed in 1991 with the TAFIM Technical Reference Model (TAFIM TRM). application developers. and DoDAF 2003.g. DoD TRM and C4ISR 1996. As this benefit has emerged.g. to develop a DoD-wide application. data models. state diagrams.[5] In recent years. MODAF.Enterprise Architecture framework 379 History Enterprise Architecture started with the Zachman Framework in 1987. or AGATE have adopted a standard meta model which defines the critical architectural elements and the dependencies between them. NIST Enterprise Architecture 1989. including consumers. providing a simple and strong mechanism for tracing strategies to organizational and technological impacts. JTAA.) and technical models (e. system providers. Information Management (TAFIM). it has become apparent that a key benefit to be gained from Enterprise architecture is the ability to support decision making in changing businesses. EAP 1992.

know how important building codes. The architecture description is the blueprint. and building construction information for the entire structure. and • Application architecture. each corresponding to its particular architecture domain. electrical.[8] to recognise three or four types of architecture. Detailed drawings specify plumbing. . The IT governance bodies and procedures serve as the city and county inspectors for building improvement projects.[6] [6] Architecture domain In the context of the creation of enterprise architecture it is common. Architectural domains are a structuring criterion for a collection of architecture products. An architecture framework for Information Technology (IT) affects every aspect of the enterprise. from the structural changes to the size and layout of the rooms. An Enterprise Architecture framework is similar to building codes that ensure the building is soundly constructed. Frameworks contain models and standards that will be used to develop IT architecture descriptions. and city or county inspections are to successfully complete the project. Examples of such domains are: • Business architecture. • and Technical architecture.Enterprise Architecture framework 380 EA Framework topics Framework of building codes Persons who have ever remodeled their home. according to Péter Bernus (2005). often subdivided into • Data architecture. which has defined five architectural [7] layers. The architect operates within a "framework" of building codes.[6] Artist impression. • Information systems architecture. They should not be [8] confused with the application domain of the framework as such. Example of the Federal Enterprise Architecture. blueprints. preparing blueprints for each phase of the project. Enterprise Architecture works in a similar manner.

These domains can be further divided into Sub domain disciplines. owner's view. The designer's view of business is also known as the analytical view and there are various standards for modeling this view. For Example : Enterprise Business Architect. Enterprises do have millions of instances of data entities. The capabilities are supported by the services. One mostly commonly used modeling standard is the Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN). The Class. see Entity-relationship model). For business view the planner and owner's level is typically called the value chains (which are descriptive by nature). subject and entity forms a hierarchical view of data. An Example of the EA Domain and Sub Domains is in the image on the right. The data view starts with the data classes which can be decomposed into data subjects which can be further decomposed into data entities. All the views are mostly hierarchical in nature. Enterprise Architecture Domains and Subdomains The Application and Technology Domains (which are not to be confused with business domains) are characterized by domain capabilities and domain services. The Enterprise Architecture Reference Architecture with Sub Domains basic data model type which is most commonly used is called ERD (Entity Relationship Diagrams. The technical services are typically supported by software products. Information/Data. Enterprise Information . Application/Integration and Technical/Infrastructure). The application services are also referred in Service-oriented architecture (SOA). and distributed • Technology such as computer systems and telephone networks [9] Layers of the Enterprise Architecture. organized. The Architecture Domains follow a pattern of decomposition as one goes from top to the bottom of the framework. Many Enterprise Architecture Teams consist of Individuals with skills aligned with the Enterprise Architecture Domains and Sub Domain Disciplines. The ownership can be divided into 4 broad categories: planner's view.Enterprise Architecture framework 381 Layers of the Enterprise Architecture Contemporary federal guidance suggests thinking about “layers” of the enterprise architecture:[9] • Business processes and activities • Applications such as custom or off-the-shelf software tools • Data that must be collected. designer's view and developer's view in this order. The Enterprise Architecture Reference Traditional Model offers clear distinction between the Architecture Domains (Business. safeguarded. The designer's view typically represents the execution level which uses standards like Business Process Execution Language (BPEL).

X.a general systems-oriented framework based on MODAF 1. results and best-practices gathered through real-life implementations of various building blocks that altogether provide a realizable architecture and working solutions. An Example of the List of Reference Architecture Architecture Patterns in the Application and Information Architecture Domains are available at Architectural pattern (computer science) 382 View model A view model is a framework.not focused on a single enterprise but rather on networks of enterprises[10] [11] Open Source Frameworks • TRAK . an open enterprise methodology. Since the early 1990s there have been a number of efforts to define standard approaches for describing and analyzing system architectures.2 and released under GPL/GFDL. • Praxeme.Enterprise Architecture framework Architect.a U. • MEGAF [12] is an infrastructure for realizing architecture frameworks that conform to the definition of architecture framework provided in the ISO/IEC 42010 standard.a methodology based on experiences. • ARCON . that is risk based and focuses on integrating security into business and IT management.the Reference Model of Open Distributed Processing (ITU-T Rec. contains an enterprise architecture framework called the Enterprise System Topology (EST) • SABSA [13] is an open framework and methodology for Enterprise Security Architecture and Service Management.a widely used framework including an Architectural Development Method and standards for describing various types of architecture. Federal-funded guide to EA in the context of legislative and strategic business requirements. Many of the recent Enterprise Architecture frameworks have some kind of set of views defined. Enterprise Application Architect. . etc. Enterprise Infrastructure Architect.the Open Group Architecture Framework .a four-nation effort to develop a common ontology for architecture interoperability • RM-ODP . • TOGAF . Types of Enterprise Architecture framework Consortia-developed frameworks • EABOK (The Guide to the Enterprise Architecture Body of Knowledge) .904 | ISO/IEC 10746) defines an enterprise architecture framework for structuring the specifications of open distributed systems.901-X. which defines the set of views or approaches to be used in systems analysis or systems design or the construction of an enterprise architecture.S. • Good enough architecture methodology .A Reference Architecture for Collaborative Networks . but these sets are not always called "view models". • Generalised Enterprise Reference Architecture and Methodology (GERAM) • IDEAS Group .

the OBASHI Business & IT methodology and framework • Information FrameWork (IFW) . va. Oberndorf and Anthony Earl (1998). xml)".from Capgemini company in 1993 • CLEAR Framework for Enterprise Architecture . gov/ esappdocs/ RPC/ RPC_Workshop_Architecture_Framework.the NATO Architecture Framework AGATE .1 (http:/ / www.S. gov/ oirm/ architecture/ ita/ seireport.the France DGA Architecture Framework DNDAF [18] . ppt). based on the work of John Zachman at IBM in the 1980s • The Enterprise Framework . [6] Rob Thomas and Phil Cullen (2001). archives. Architectural Framework (http:/ / aiwg.the UK Ministry of Defence Architecture Framework NAF . gov/ documents/ fedarch1. Department of Veterans Affairs Reference Models (http:/ / www. pdf). doc). In: US Customs Today April 2001. NASA /SCI. [7] FEA Consolidated Reference Model Document (http:/ / georgewbush-whitehouse.gov May 2005. org/ iso/ iso_catalogue/ catalogue_tc/ catalogue_detail. " Building an Enterprise Architecture framework (http:/ / cbp. [3] Patricia A. [2] Stephen Marley (2003). [8] Péter Bernus (2005). gov/ omb/ egov/ documents/ CRM.a framework produced in 1999 by the US Federal CIO Council for use within the U.[15] • Integrated Architecture Framework (IAF) .Atos Origin's Enterprise Architecture Framework • OBASHI . nasa. ‎The Open Group. cio. Knowledge Sharing in the Integrated Enterprise.an architecture framework.Enterprise Architecture framework 383 Proprietary frameworks • Solution Architecting Mechanism (SAM) [14] .a framework for treasury. developed by Sam Holcman at the Enterprise Architecture Center of Excellence ([16]) • Pragmatic Enterprise Architecture Framework (PEAF) . Government.a reference framework from the Dutch Government E-overheid NORA [20] References [1] The Chief Information Officers Council (1999). htm?csnumber=23985).a common framework legislated for use by departments of the Queensland Government • FDIC Enterprise Architecture Framework • Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework (FEAF) . published by the US Department of the Treasury in July 2000. [5] Guide to the POSIX Open System Environment (OSE) (http:/ / www.the DND/CF Architecture Framework (CAN) Government frameworks • Government Enterprise Architecture (GEA) .133-139. p.A coherent architecture framework consisting of a set of integral modules.an architecture framework. Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework Version 1.142. issued by the US Federal Office of Management and Budget • NIST Enterprise Architecture Model • Treasury Enterprise Architecture Framework (TEAF) . Retrieved 10 Dec 2008. iso. p. gov/ xp/ CustomsToday/ 2001/ April/ custoday_oit. . Accessed 12 Dec 2008. [4] Van Haren (2007) TOGAF 2007 Edition. SEI Carnegie Mellon University. not to be confused with the 2002 Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA) guidance on categorizing and grouping IT investments. gsfc. September 1999. General info. whitehouse.the US Department of Defense Architecture Framework MODAF .[19] • Nederlandse Overheid Referentie Architectuur (NORA) .conceived by Roger Evernden in 1996 • Zachman Framework .provides a comprehensive set of Products and Processes of everything required to kick start or re-start an EA initiative ([17]) Defense industry frameworks • • • • • DoDAF . PDF).

gov/ p_mgnt/ doc/ PM_Class_EA_NEH_012506_Final. Proceedings of the 10th IEEE International EDOC Enterprise Computing Conference (EDOC 2006). eaframeworks. The USDA Enterprise Architecture Program (http:/ / www. ca/ pub/ af-ca/ index-eng. Afsarmanesh. [10] L. International Journal Production Research. com [18] http:/ / www. [11] L. forces. advance standardization and align business and IT priorities. 2008. and as standards and guidelines for the development of local solutions and service offers. As IT architectural layers. html 384 Enterprise Architecture Management Enterprise Architecture Management (or EAM) in the field of Enterprise Architecture describes and structures complex IT systems in terms of their business. Instead. PMP CEA. org/ 10. usda. . PragmaticEA. Version 1. 2006. p23-32. e-overheid. Moreover. nl/ atlas/ referentiearchitectuur/ nora/ nora. The enterprise architecture function also involves reviewing and consolidating detailed architecture decisions and migration plans to identify efficiencies. ppt). pp 2453–2469. 1109/ EDOC. 2006. EAM will only result in haphazard business and IT alignment if the primary focus is on delivering sets of technically based models. com/ TEAF/ teaf. org [17] http:/ / www. 1109/ EDOC. org/ 10. org/ [14] http:/ / doi. benchmarks and standards as dictated by the ever converging business and IT strategy. Treasury Enterprise Architecture Framework (http:/ / www. it/ [13] http:/ / www. H. Afsarmanesh. Collaborative Networks: Reference Modeling. univaq. ieeecomputersociety. Enterprise Architecture Team. gc. the EAM effort has to bring the highly distributed knowledge of all experts to the table and allow every participant to provide such knowledge and input in the terms that best fit the experience and expectations of the contributing stakeholders.M. January 25. consistent baseline of information about the as-is landscape and an integrated planning process from demand to budget to reach the to-be landscape. img-ggi. EACOE. ieeecomputersociety. USDA-OCIO. 2006. and to reform programs through the planning process as strategic business demands. Camarinha-Matos. doc). [12] http:/ / megaf. Springer. but it offers no reiterative process support to develop architecture solutions and test against different scenarios. a model-centric approach is prohibitively time intensive to keep updated and leaves too much room for error as changes to the architecture occur unchecked and isolated in the heads of small groups of architecture specialists. ocio. Camarinha-Matos. July 2000. Vol 46. Nº 9. sabsa-institute. 54). 54 [15] Tony Shan and Winnie Hua (2006). di. May 2008. This approach is only helpful insofar as it depicts the enterprise architecture as a snapshot in time. On reference models for collaborative networked organizations. H. Solution Architecting Mechanism (http:/ / doi. information and technical layers. [20] http:/ / www. Overview The fundamental pre-requisites for effective EAM are a current. business support processes and organizational structures become more sophisticated and prone to constant change.Enterprise Architecture framework [9] Niles E Hewlett (2006) . application. October 2006. [16] http:/ / www.M. asp [19] US Department of the Treasury Chief Information Officer Council (2000).

planningit. com/ var/ files/ en/ resources/ analyst_reviews/ analyst_review_business_benefit. technology implementers and business analysts who contribute to the EA management and planning process. com/ var/ files/ en/ resources/ analyst_reviews/ analyst_review_vendor_summary. pdf . alfabetinc. info/ EA_Tools.com [3] OpenSource EAM Software: iteraplan [4] Institute For Enterprise Architecture Developments [5] The Forrester Wave: Enterprise Architecture Tools. 2008 [1] EAM Software: planningIT www. In this way EAM supports sustainable business strategy realization. A new generation of EA Planning tools are emerging that support not only the modeling of the architecture. org http:/ / www. External links • • • • • • Forrester Report: "Tooling EA Roadmaps". enterprise-architecture. planning teams. com/ en/ resources/ analyst_reviews http:/ / www. January 10th. com http:/ / www. boc-group. alfabet.boc-group. pdf http:/ / www. alfabet.com [2]. Q2 2007 by Henry Peyret. but also the creation of roll-out and implementation plans for continuous IT improvement over time. iteraplan. April 25th. 2007 [6] Datamonitor: Getting Business Value from Effective IT Planning [7] References [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] http:/ / www. IT strategists. January 2008 by Henry Peyret. alfabet. com http:/ / www. An important aspect of this approach is support of collaboration amongst a wide group of stakeholders from both business and IT including CxO.Enterprise Architecture Management 385 Application Successful Enterprise Architecture programs are approached from a management perspective as opposed to a modeling perspective. htm http:/ / www. ADOit www.

[1] This hierarchy of activity is represented in the figure above. while EAP focuses on planning and managing the process of establishing the business alignment of the architectures. Most important.Enterprise architecture planning 386 Enterprise architecture planning Enterprise Architecture Planning (EAP) in Enterprise Architecture is the planning process of defining architectures for the use of information in support of the business and the plan for implementing those architectures. data interoperability and sharing. and technology.[1] EAP topics Zachman framework EAP defines the blueprint for subsequent design and implementation and it places the planning/defining stages into a framework. followed by the applications that are built using that data.[2] Overview One of the earlier professional practitioners [1] Levels of Enterprise Architecture Planning. That is followed by the data required to satisfy the mission. the results will be published on the ArchitecturePlus web site. and cost containment. as each segment completes EAP.[2] EAP is planning that focuses on the development of matrixes for comparing and analyzing data. from top to bottom.[2] . abbreviates the analysis. EAP will be completed segment enterprise by segment enterprise. It does not explain how to define the top two rows of the Zachman Framework in detail but for the sake of the planning exercise. in the field of system architecture Steven H. in which the layers are implemented in order. and finally by the technology to implement the applications. access to data. The Zachman Framework provides the broad context for the description of the architecture layers. This view counters the more traditional view that applications should be defined before data needs are determined or provided for. The results of these efforts may be of Governmentwide value. therefore. Within the Federal Enterprise Architecture." Spewak’s approach to EAP is similar to that taken by DOE in that the business mission is the primary driver. applications. EAP takes a data-centric approach to architecture planning to provide data quality. adaptability to changing requirements. Based on the Business Systems Planning (BSP) approach developed by John Zachman. EAP produces an implementation plan. Spewak in 1998 defined Enterprise Architecture Planning (EAP) as "the process of defining architectures for the use of information in support of the business and the plan for implementing those architectures.

February 1998. applications architecture. . and project management. It consists of:[2] • Data Architecture . EAP is a how to approach for creating the top two rows of the Zachman Framework. outside the scope of EAP. data warehousing. • Layer 4 . • Applications Architecture . a cost/benefit analysis. and various support systems designs. pdf) Federal Aviation Administration. gov/ niac/ pdf/ wn18_fia. and technology architectures are appropriate for and support the overall enterprise. what other support is required.where we are today : This layer provides a baseline for defining the eventual architecture and the long-range migration plan. data administration standards.[2] Applications Spewak approach to Federal Enterprise Architecture has helped organizations with modeling.1 (http:/ / www. and a clear path for migration. applications. and technology architecture.[2] EAP methodology The Enterprise Architecture Planning (EAP) methodology is beneficial to understanding the further definition of the Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework at level IV. object-oriented and information engineering methodologies.Definition of the sequence for implementing applications.how we plan to get there : This consists of the Implementation / Migration Plans . faa.getting started : This layer leads to producing an EAP workplan and stresses the necessity of high-level management commitment to support and resource the subsequent six components (or steps) of the process. who should be involved. cio.the vision of where we want to be : The arrows delineate the basic definition process flow: data architecture. the compilation of a knowledge base about the business functions and the information used in conducting and supporting the various business processes. decisions on which methodology to use.Definition of the major kinds of data needed to support the business. Federal Information Architecture Initiatives (http:/ / www. It consists of:[2] • Business process modeling.[2] References [1] FAA (1998). • Layer 3 . which covers in general. and what toolset will be used. with each layer representing a different focus of each major task (or step). It consists of Planning Initiation. business strategy planning. The design of systems begins in the third row. and • Current Systems and Technology. gov/ Documents/ fedarch1. Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework Version 1. Exhibit 6 shows the seven components (or steps) of EAP for defining these architectures and the related migration plan. The seven components are in the shape of a wedding cake. • Technology Architecture . the definition of current application systems and supporting technology platforms. a schedule for implementation.Definition of the major kinds of applications needed to manage that data and support the business functions.[2] EAP focuses on defining what data.Definition of the technology platforms needed to support the applications that manage the data and support the business functions. process improvement. Planner and Owner.Enterprise architecture planning 387 EAP components Enterprise Architecture Planning model consists of four levels: • Layer 1 .[2] • Layer 2 . pdf) September 1999. [2] The Chief Information Officers Council (1999).

and Technology. Enterprise Collaboration Architecture The first version of the Enterprise Collaboration Architecture (ECA) has been published by the Object Management Group (OMG) in 2004. Process roles can be defined for activities. but in most cases this would be encouraged. 1995. The vision of the (ECA) is to simplify the development of component based and services oriented systems by providing a modeling framework aligned with the Model Driven Architecture (MDA) of the Object Management Group (OMG). The Business Process Model The business process model defines the business processes across levels of granularity using compound task diagrams. ECA models The ECA comprises four UML models: 1. 4. engineering. the Component Collaboration Architecture. . New York City.g. John Wiley & Sons. .. and the Entities Model. static and dynamic aspects) of the system and a set of viewpoints addressing different concerns (e. the Events Model. It requires bi-directional traceability across the specification. 2. The Component Collaboration Architecture (CCA) The Component Collaboration Architecture (CCA) provides a recursive decomposition and assembly of logical parts or process roles. technology. ECA defines the following three process roles • Responsible party • Performer • Artifact The ECA does not require the formal specification of services contracts for performers. 3. The ECA thus provides a modeling framework for technology neutral business process design followed by implementation mappings onto the chosen architecture and technologies.). ECA thus separates process roles from the physical process components realizing these roles. These represent abstract role players which are ultimately mapped onto physical system components. Hill (1995) Enterprise Architecture Planning: Developing a Blueprint for Data. business. The ECA specifies a set of UML models used to model different aspects (e. Applications. A compound task coordinates lower level activities to perform a higher level activity. implementation and operation.Enterprise architecture planning 388 Further reading • Steven Spewak with Steven C..g. the Business Process Model.

omg. where messaging is to be used as integration channel and how entities are to be mapped onto persistent storage without specifying the concrete technologies to be used. • the Information view : The information view gets as inputs the entity specifications. • the Computational view : The computations specification gets as inputs the enterprise specification and a set of mapping patterns and produces the computational specification. the events leading to actions in a technology neutral way.Enterprise Collaboration Architecture 389 The Events Model The events model aims to support the specification of loosely coupled. • the Technology view : The technology view specifies the mapping onto technologies like the component hosts (e. as well as • entities with action in-flow and events out-flow. The Entities Model The entities model defines the structure of and relationships between business entities. concrete persistence providers. event-driven applications.Net.. org/ cgi-bin/ doc?formal/ 04-02-01. relationships and a set of mapping patterns and generates the information specification. JavaEE. • the Engineering view : The engineering view specifies abstract technology decisions like which components are to be network accessible.g.). the processes. business entities and their relationships. ECA Views The ECA views are directly taken from the Reference Model of Open Distributed Processing RM-ODP: • the Enterprise view : The enterprise view specifies the CCA. concrete middleware providers. Microsoft. pdf . . SOA/JBI. External links • OMG ECA Specification [1] References [1] http:/ / www. It defines • processes with events in-flow and action out-flow.. CORBA-CCM.

ECM applications are delivered in three ways: on-premise software (installed on the organization’s own network). preserve. the worldwide association for enterprise content management. ECM tools and strategies allow the management of an organization's unstructured information. manage. and tools used throughout the lifecycle of the content. methods. digital asset management (DAM). collaboration. file and check. Preserve. and deliver content and documents related to organizational processes. version control. store. ECM is primarily aimed at managing the life-cycle of information from initial publication or creation all the way through archival and eventually disposal. It also includes the conversion of data between various digital and traditional forms. [1] Early 2010 Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is the strategies. or a hybrid solution composed of both on-premise and SaaS components. and Deliver content and documents related to organizational processes. ECM covers the management of information within the entire scope of an enterprise whether that information is in the form of a paper document. When the image of the check appears on . Software as a Service (SaaS) (web access to information that is stored on the software manufacturer’s system). that relate to the organization's processes. make a copy and then mail it to the bank who would eventually mail it to the customer. the bank employee simply searches the system for the customer’s account number and the number of the requested check.[1] Definition The Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) International. Early 2008 Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is the strategies. wherever that information exists. and retention. preserve. web content management. or even an email [1] The latest definition encompasses areas that have traditionally been addressed by records management and document management systems. including paper and microfilm. and Deliver content and documents related to organizational processes. The benefits to an organization include improved efficiency. defined the term Enterprise Content Management in 2000. For example. Manage. process routing. methods and tools used to capture. pull the check. and deliver content and documents related to organizational processes. security. capture and scanning. ECM aims to make the management of corporate information easier through simplifying storage. and other content. as the bank employees had to contact the warehouse to have someone locate the right box. The term encompasses strategies. many banks have converted to storing copies of old checks within ECM systems versus the older method of keeping physical checks in massive paper warehouses. work-flow management. Preserve. ECM is an umbrella term covering document management. an electronic file. store. a database print stream. manage. better control. Manage.Enterprise content management 390 Enterprise content management Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is a formalized means of organizing and storing an organization's documents. wherever that information exists. records management. Under the old system a customer request for a copy of a check might take weeks. ECM tools and strategies allow the management of an organization's unstructured information. Store. Early 2006 Enterprise content management is the technologies used to Capture. methods and tools used to capture. Store. and reduced costs. search . With an ECM system in place. AIIM has refined the abbreviation ECM several times to reflect the expanding scope and importance of information management: Late 2005 Enterprise content management is the technologies used to Capture.

which required managing web content. Government-to-Business (G2B). The typical early EDMS adopter deployed a small-scale imaging and workflow system. spreadsheet. an accounting department might access supplier invoices from a COLD/ERM system. Likewise. often unstructured information. Many documents cross multiple departments and affect multiple processes. EDMS could provide online access to information formerly available only on paper. or other business relationships. most ECM solutions focus on Business-to-Employee (B2E) systems. as content is checked in and out. tactical solutions to address clearly defined problems. until the early 1990s. but provide a web interface. new components have emerged. or COLD/ERM (see components below). Email and instant messaging are increasingly employed in decision-making processes. Through the late 1990s. each use generates new metadata about the content. Digital asset management is a form of ECM concerned with content stored using digital technology. ECM can provide access to data about these communications.Enterprise content management screen. For example. workflow. The audit trail generated by EDMS enhanced document security. and presentation software products were standalone products. purchase orders from an imaging system. document management and workflow. search and networking of documents with digital archiving. in all of its forms. Business-to-Government (B2G). As organizations established an Internet presence. and contracts from a document management system as part of an approval workflow. document management. The original EDMS products were stand-alone products. Thereafter. Solutions can provide intranet services to employees (B2E). It specifically includes the special challenges involved in using and preserving a company's internal. The technologies appealed to organizations that needed targeted. Therefore. and can also include enterprise portals for Business-to-Business (B2B). The technologies that comprise ECM today are