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Past Simple

Past Simple

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Plan de Sesión de Aprendizaje

I.- DATOS GENERALES 1.1. Colegio: 1.2. Área 1.3. Nivel 1.4. Duración 1.5. Docente II.- DISEÑO DIDACTICO : 2.1. UNIDAD DE APRENDIZAJE: PAST ACTIVITIES 2.2. CAPACIDAD a través de lectura de imágenes y textos en Pasado Simple en sus tres formas. 2.3. ACTIVIDAD ESPECIFICA 2.4. CAPACIDAD ESPECÍFICA : What did you do last week? : : Desarrolla habilidades comunicativas de manera oral y escrita : : Ingles : Básico : 45·

- Utiliza vocabulario específico al hablar sobre sus actividades en tiempo pasado. - Elabora textos escritos y orales sobre sus acciones en tiempo pasado. - Identifica y elabora oraciones en Pasado Simple en sus tres formas. 2.5. APRENDIZAJE ESPERADO : Lograr que los alumnos de nivel básico aprendan e internalicen la conjugación correcta de los verbos regulares en Pasado Simple. 2.6. ESTRATEGIAS :

Se presentan flash cards y se le pregunta a MEDIOS Y MATERIALES TIEMPO INDICADORES Imágenes Plumones Pizarra 6 MOTIVACION los alumnos What did Tom do last weekend? -La docente escribe las oraciones en la pizarra.La docente explica el contenido Produce en Hoja de práctica Lapicero 10 forma oral y escrita oraciones en Pasado Simple Hoja de PRACTICA -Los alumnos elaboran oraciones sobre lo que hicieron el último fin de semana.Trabajan en parejas y hablan de sus Hoja de aprendido. Participa de manera activa y ordenada Data USB Hoja de práctica Plumones 25 Conoce la conjugación de los verbos en Pasado Simple BASICA . . . .Se presenta un texto (Anexo 1) y la docente lo trabaja con ellos.MOMENTOS ESTRATEGIAS . .La docente ingresa al aula y saluda a los alumnos en el idioma inglés.La docente entrega una hoja de práctica con ejercicios. . .Los alumnos resuelven ejercicios de la ficha de práctica.La docente explica el pasado simple a través de diapositivas. analizando las oraciones.Se provoca un conflicto cognitivo para la construcción del conocimiento sobre el tema referente a actividades pasadas. . EVALUACION práctica Lapicero 9 Resuelven ejercicios EXTENSION Refuerzan lo . .Los alumnos resuelven ejercicios.Los alumnos participan preguntando a sus compañeros.Les hace preguntas a través de imágenes. .Pregunta a los alumnos How was your weekend? . (Anexo 2) .

1998. práctica BIBLIOGRAFIA:       BEAUMONT. ´Test your vocabularyµ. Víctor Hugo HADFIELD. Jill SHEPERD. Irene VINCE. ´Intermediate Language Practiceµ. 1996 ´Beginners· Communication Gamesµ Longman. England 1996 . ´Intermediate Communication Gamesµ Longman. Peter ´Focus on Grammarµ Addison Wesley. Neil. England 1999. Express Publishing . Michael WATCYN JONES. Virginia . GASTIABURU PRADO. ´Ways to Grammarµ Macmillan Publishers Ltd. 1998 ´Click onµ.2002 ´Way Aheadµ. Longman Limited. Edit. D· SULLIVAN. Ediciones Mases and Vanier. Jill HADFIELD. Lima. Penguin Books. ´English Grammar in Useµ Great Britain. John y otros. 1998. England 1999. Macmillan Publishers Limited.rutinas pasadas. Digby EVANS. London 1991    SCHOENBERG.


Amanda. We wanted to buy some presents so we visited the fantastic street markets. There were lots of tourists there and we talked to some girls from Australia. We liked the food. a) weekends a) last weekend b) last vacations b) two years ago c) last job c) last We visited Bangkok last year.1 The reading is about: 1.PAST ACTIVITIES 1.. Affirmative Negative . The city is enormous so we didn¶t walk very much. We really enjoyed our trip . What places did you visit? Did you enjoy it? 1. Read the paragraph about Tom. Underline all the verbs in Past Simple.2 It was year 2 Complete the table. and circle the correct answer. but we didn¶t like the weather. It was very hot! We stayed in a hotel near the river. My experience in Bangkok I visited Bangkok last year with my friend. it was awesome! What about you? Did you travel in your last vacation? Did you enjoy it? «. We looked a lot of temples and we watched the boats on the river.

Negati e form: Su ject Auxiliar Ver & ¨ ' §©§ ©  § ( § 0 & ( & () ' #% " $ # " !   §    Pl y w nt ed  T lk t lk ed l nt F  W rk w rk ed BE DC A @985765 Ex l :     § ¨  § §  ©  § © §  ¨ ¨  § §  §©      Us : W us t l st t t lk ut cti ns nd v nts t t st rt nd finis in t §¨ ¨ ¨ § § §    ¢  43 2 2 o tive  § © § § § § ¨ ¦ ¥¢ ¤£¢  ¡   §§  §   § ¨ §  1 §¨  § § ¦ '  § § ©  § © § ¨   §     . T si l st r f rs t s cific ti r v nt in t st.  We arri ed l te t t e ir s ccer l yer w en I w s 10 years ld. st. dd ±ed t t si l f r ft v r visit visit ed l y ed W nt Affirmati e f rm: Su j ct I Y u H S It W Y u T y V r w rked v ry l t l st nig t  I worked until 11 . : Regul Si erbs. rt. Specific time: y  y t  last  two ays ago  in the last class  last year  in 999  last week  last weekend  yesterday morning I visit d B ngk k l st ear. F r r gul r v r s.Inte GRA Sim l AR.  I wanted t e l st nig t.

It was Leonardo Da Vinci  My sister didn¶t lean er room t is morning  I didn¶t like t e movie.arrived  Ver s t at end in consonant + Stud ry . It was oring.didn¶t work very late last nig t  Miguel Angel didn¶t aint t e M nalisa.planned Stop . repeat t e consonant and add ed. Plan . Auxiliar Subject I You He S e It We You T ey Verb S ort answer I You He S e It We You T ey S ort answer I You He S e It We You T ey nig t?  Did e arri e to t e moon?  Did you li e in Hawai last year? SPELLING RULES:  Add d to ver s t at end in e live lived arrive . add ed Stay . did U work very late last No. e did Yes.studied . didn¶t U U U X Interrogati e form: S ort Answers: I I Y u He S e It We Y u T ey T R i V Q T P u c u S f ` U e W b d r h g H G H G a Y q i p .stopped u u t s Play - layed i c `  Did e repair t e car? No.stayed  Ver s of one syllable t at end in vowel + consonant.cried Yes . e didn¶t and add ied : U U u Did Yes. I did : . remove  If t e ver ends in vowel + y .

. (play) outside in the garden. My father ««««««(clean) the windows outside. We ««««««. for example.(open) the front door. ««««««.. Well. my family and ««««« (visit) my grandparents. Our grandparents ««««««. We «««««« (stay) there all afternoon. Then our mother «««««. Love. (help) my grandmother with the housework. but I didn¶t visit my grandparents. Joan II. My sister and ««««««««(watch) cartoons on television and later we ««««««.. Dear Sam. (look) for the key. How about you? What did you do last Saturday? Write back and tell me how you're doing. use the negative simple past of the verbs. That's it about the way spent last weekend.(kiss) us goodbye and we «««««. Hope your life is a lot more exciting than mine.. You «««««. . We ««««. there is really nothing special going on. Complete the sentences .Let¶s practice I. (return) home. then p ut the verbs in brackets into the simple past. t is really great to hear from you now that the weather is rainy and can't go out that much. (arrive) home at 9 o'clock.(climb) the old oak-tree in the garden to our tree-house. Father ««««««.(be) time to go home. (ask) me to write about my life. 1 . My mother ««««. (walk) inside. Last Saturday. and we all «««««... (call) us because it «««««. I visited my parents. Read the letter . Thanks for your letter...

Answer the questions. but we ««««««««. III.. 4.. 5. Did you work in New York t ree years ago? No. to er sister. I watc TV. Did Steve listen to music yesterday evening? 3. 3. Did your parents travel to Mexico last mont ? 2. but e «««««««««. He learned Frenc .. a video. «««««« ««««««« «««« ««. 6. but I «««««««. but t ey «««««««« t e book. Did Betty order pizza two days ago? 5. 1. . S e talked to er brot er.2. We played cards. T ey enjoyed t e movie. Did you study istory last semester? 4. Spanis . c e ss. t ey didn¶t ««««««. but s e ««««««««.

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