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No Basic competence Topics Indicators

1 4. D 4.1. Determi The elements and 1. Given a figure of a circle and its elements,
etermining the ning the elements parts of a circle students determine one of the elements.
elements, parts, and and parts of a
dimension of a circle circle

4.2. Calculati The 2. Given the diameter of a circle, students

ng the circumference determine the circumference of the circle.
circumference and and the area of a 3. Given the circumference of a circle,
the area of a circle circle students determine the area of the circle.
4. Given a car tyre moving x times and the
distance covered which is y km, students
determine the radius of the tyre.
5. Given a figure that is related to circles,
students determine the area of the figure.
6. Given the ratio of radii of two circles,
students determine the ratio of the two
4.3. Using The relationship 7. Given the size of a central angle and the
the relationship among the lengths of two arcs having relations,
among the central central angle, students calculate the size of another
angle, the length the length of an central angle.
of an arc and the arc and the area 8. Given the central angle and the radius of
area of a sector in of a sector in a circle, students find out the sector area.
problem solving problem solving 9. Given a figure of a circle segment with
the central angle of 90° and the radius of 7
cm, students calculate the area of the
10. Given a figure of a circle with
some central angles and some inscribed
angles having relations, students determine
the size of the one that is unknown.

11. Given two sectors that are

concentric, coincide and have the central
angles of x° and their radii are p cm and q
cm, students determine the length of its
4.4. Calculati The length of the 12. Given the radius of a circle which
ng the length of common tangent is x cm and the distance between the centre
the common of two circles and a point out of the circle which is y cm,
tangent of two students calculate the length of the tangent
circles line passing through a point out of the
1 circle.
13. Given the figure of a circle inside
a quadrilateral which touches all sides of
the quadrilateral and that lengths of the two
sides opposite to each other are x cm and y