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Chapter1 Final

Chapter1 Final

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Published by: Jessie John Solatina on Jun 08, 2011
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In the stage of globalization, organizations responded to the

changing business prospect by restructuring and rightsizing in

order to address pressures brought about by stiff competition and

survival. This contributed much if not the cause of human relations

problems especially in the nature of employer-employee


Responses of the organization to these changes are to

renegotiate, manage, if not cancel the employment relationships,

promises, and commitments they have traditionally established

with their employees (Kickul & Lester, 2001)

With respect to these contentions, it is essential to recognize

the human resource management and human resource programs

of the organization to be valuable. As Robbins (2003) claimed,

more and more organizations today face a dynamic and changing

environment which requires these organizations to adapt. ³Change

or die!´ is the rallying cry among today¶s managers worldwide and


the most important force for change mentioned, among others, is

the nature of the workforce.

Needs of workers have pluralized and become distinct from

each other. As Reece and Brandt (2002) put up, the variation in

individual motives often leads to a breakdown in human

relationships unless individuals take the time to understand the

motives of their colleagues. Reward system in organizations

attracts, retains, and motivates qualified employees. Hence,

benchmark quality.

In the Philippines, educational institutions are facing stiff

competition; thus, development in all aspects of the faculty is

imperative. With this, it is very important to stress that school

managers inquire into their teachers¶ present need systems.

Cor Jesu College, Inc. (CJC), as a school organization greatly

faces competition. Challenge is proposed by other schools in the

locality and neighboring cities through the offering curricular

programs (e.g. BSIT, BSHRM) that capture the global market of

work. At this point, rich human relations program is imperative

especially to foster better employment relationship and that this

organization should carry out human resource planning so as to


meet school objectives and gain advantage over other school

competitors (Noe, et al, 2007).

In employment, reciprocal exchange relationship is very

evident which appears when the faculty member joins the school

organization. Thereby, need system develops and mounts.

Psychological contract, accompanying to every employment

relationship, spurs in mounting up this need system. This propels

this study to be conducted because the researcher believes it¶s

quite essential contribution to the organization. As conceived by

Martires (2001), a very significant factor in the efficient

performance or retention of workers is their motivation and its

strength. From this end, it is very important for Cor Jesu College as

a school organization to know the mounting needs of their faculty

and how these influence their affective commitment and job

performance because CJC has committed to display academic


Since the researcher is one of the full-time faculty members

of Cor Jesu College, he attempted to gather pertinent data

regarding work motivation, affective commitment and job

performance of the faculty. As such, this study was conducted in


the hope of determining the extent of significant relationship of

compensation; job itself; administration and supervision;

professional growth and opportunities; and work environment

through social interaction opportunities to the emotional

attachment of faculty toward the school organization and their

outstanding performance. The findings of this study would serve as

database in the formulation of effective human resource

development to improve employees¶ affective commitment and job


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