Hurricane Mitch defeats countries of Central America Crops flattened, power lines destroyed, floods produced caused severe

damage on buildings and road links. Central America will never be the same again. The disasters began in Honduras, when the storm which originated in the Caribbean Sea arrived at its mainland. The entire thing started when the surface water reached 27 degrees Celsius of the Caribbean. The air began to rise due to its heat, creating a low pressure. Air rushes in to the low pressure to take the place of the moving air, creating very strong winds. The convection led to intense rainfall and the whole system started to move west.

As it passed over warmer water, the air shot up even faster and the pressure became even lower. When the storm s winds reached 120kph, it became a hurricane and was named Hurricane Mitch. Although experts could track it using satellites, radar and weather stations, it kept changing direction and speed unexpectedly without warning. Belize was not affected but many people decided to evacuate. It was the opposite story in Nicaragua, and many people were died. Many were saved in coastal Honduras, as almost everyone got told to evacuate. Yet it could not stop the potential disasters Houses were destroyed, leaving two million people homeless, more than 24,000 people dead,

drowned or left stranded and harvests ruined with farm products being the main exports. Instantly, neighbouring countries and charities such as Oxfam and Red Cross provided aid and possible consolation to the already destructive consequences of Honduras, El

Track of the Tropical Storm

Salvador, Guatemala and Mexico. Emergency supplies were activated. Clothing, blankets, food were needed; so were water purification kits and medicines to prevent spread of disease. A very long term

rec very s e ec e e e e ec e c s e re r to do so. Further aid will be re uired by charities and neighbouring countries.

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