AV-Script_ Promotional Video 1 Rajesh Cheemalakonda Script Media Duration Time Code 00.00.00 to 00.10.00 : : : Promotional video on Dept.

of Communication, SN School, UoH Video,English. 5Mins Video Fade in and fade out P2C of Lakshmi Kanth Audio Introducing himself: Lakshmi Kanth Reddy,

M.C.U., Sitting at his office table with Corporate communicator, Mahindra laptop in front of Him. Satyam, Hyderabad. Post graduate pass out Pass out year ****, Dept. of Communication, University of Hyderabad.

00.10.00 to 00.20.00

Fade in and fade out P2C of Kapil Suravaram M.L.S, Location: Standing near his car.

Introducing himself: Kapil Suravaram, C.E.O., EastFx, Hyderabad. Post graduate pass out year ****, Dept. of Communication, University of Hyderabad.

00.20.00 To 00.30.00

Fade in and Fade out P2C of Nookaraju Bendukurthi

Introducing himself: Nookaraju Bendukurthi,

L.S., Introduce and walking into dept. PhD Scholar, Dept. of building. Communication, University of Hyderabad.

00.30.00 To 00.35.00 00.35.00 To 00.45.00

C.S. of Computer Monitor SN School, University of Hyderabad is being typed on Google Search Engine Google Earth Video

Typing SFX

SFX of Camera zooming in (upt0 3

Opens with India map, Zoom¶s on to sec and silence) of default Google Hyderabad and to University Main gate earth zooming in sound area (Satellite aerial view)

AV-Script_ Promotional Video 2 Rajesh Cheemalakonda 00.45.00 To 00.50.00 [V/O] University of Hyderabad, E.L.S. of University main gate with UoH, title structure as subject Formerly known as Hyderabad central University has distinguished itself as one of the best in the country as Centre for teaching, research and innovations. With a highly qualified and 00.50.00 To 00.58.00 FF shot Driver view Driving into the campus towards SN School Building and Stops at E.L.S. of Department of Communication Building. internationally renowned faculty, motivated students, scholars, and support staff, it has carried out cutting edge research in disciplines such as the sciences, social sciences, humanities, technology, visual arts, communication, management and continuing education. Sarojini Naidu School of Arts and Communication is one of its 00.58.00 To 01.05.00 L.S., Pan movement, panorama of SN School building. important departments that has produced hundreds of media professional and communication experts in the past two decades. SN School offers Post graduate and PhD Programs in Communication, Fine Arts, Theater and dance departments. 01.05.00 To 01.08.00 01.08.00 To 01.12.00 01.12.00 L.S. of GT Campus Gate [V/O] Journey of SN School began in Golden Threshold an ancestral property donated by the granddaughter L.S. of GT Campus Building (Covering of Smt. Sarojini Naidu in 1988-89. the tree planted by Mahatma Gandhi and building behind) C.S. of plaque under the tree that says Over a period of time it emerged it emerged as Centre for Communication, Fine arts, Dance and Theater department.

AV-Script_ Promotional Video 3 Rajesh Cheemalakonda To 01.15.00 01.15.00 To 01.20.00 01.20.00 To 01.23.00 01.23.00 To 01.27.00 01.27.00 To 01.30.00 Cross cut shots of 1. C.S. of collage of newspapers 01.30.00 To 01.40.00 of Various languages 2. M.S. students working on short film shoot. [V/O] The Department offers a fulltime PG program with specializations in three streams Television & Radio, Communication & Media Studies L.S Front hall of the dept. [V/O] In 2010 SN School has been L.S. of GT dissolving into L.S. of New SN School Complex. shifted to new premises inside Campus with state of art architectural as well as facilities. M.S of Dept. of Communication sign on the wall of dept. building. L.S of dept. of Communication building with students entering or/and exiting dept. [V/O] The Dept. of Communication which started as a discipline soon emerged as a premier department offering P.G and PhD programs. The dept. also collaborates with a number of NGOs, Multi-lateral agencies such as UNESCO, UNICEF on number of initiatives. planted by mahatma Gandhi.

3. Picture representation with texts Print Journalism & New Media. like Community Radio, NGOs, Soch etc.

AV-Script_ Promotional Video 4 Rajesh Cheemalakonda M.S. of Vinod sir sitting at his table. 01.40.00 To 02.05.00 Sound bite of Dr. Vinod Pavarala, Dean, SN School. (About School, new Building, Staff, and achievements) Original Voice

M.S of Tirumal sir sitting at his table 02.05.00 To 02.30.00 Sound bite of Dr. P. Tirumal, Head of the Dept. (About the courses, PhD programs and research issues and departmental initiatives) 02.30.00 To 02.34.00 02.34.00 To 02.38.00 02.38.00 To 02.42.00 02.42.00 To 02.46.00 02.46.00 To 02.50.00 02.50.00 To 02.54.00 M.L.S. of students recording on radio studio floor. L.S. of edit suits with students working L.S. of Studio floor with cameras mounted on tripods on one corner. L.S. Low angle shot of Lighting equipment on roof ceiling of studio floor L.S of Video studio Control room

Original Voice

[V/O] The dept. of communication has created an excellent learning environment to its students with qualified and cooperative teaching faculty and by providing state of art facilities like well-equipped studios for both video and audio production. Studios are well built with updates production equipment like high-end cameras, lighting sets and edit suits and a full- fledged computer labs to train the future media professionals. Dept. also has access to fast internet access 24*7 through Wi-Fi and a huge video library with best collections.

M.S. of Students operating audio miser in studio control room (audio)

AV-Script_ Promotional Video 5 Rajesh Cheemalakonda 02.54.00 To 02.58.00 02.56.00 To 03.01.00 03.01.00 To 03.05.00 L.S. Students sitting in the font hall with laptops browsing internet Sound bite of Kapil Suravaram, CEO, 03.05.00 To 03.25.00 EastFx, Hyderabad (Alumnae) about how his course with the dept. helped him set up a production house and carve his career. (success story) Sound bite of Nookaraju Bendukurthi, 03.25.00 To 03.45.00 P.G. alumnae and PhD scholar currently in same dept. about his experiences, what made him come back Original voice to SN school, dept. of Communication to do his PhD. 03.45.00 To 03.48.00 03.48.00 To 03.52.00 03.52.00 To 03.55.00 03.55.00 L.S. of Some students reading the UoH
Dispatch at university Canteen area.

L.S. Computer lab in diagonal angle with students working on them.

C.S. of Wi-Fi router

Original Voice

Original Voice

Dept. of communications also C.S of UoH Dispatch produces UoH dispatch, a campus tabloid edited by of print and new Making of UoH Dispatch O.T.S. of three students editing UoH dispatch media students under supervision of faculty.

C.S. of Boll Hyderabad logo

Dept. of Communication also runs a

AV-Script_ Promotional Video 6 Rajesh Cheemalakonda To 03.58.00 03.58.00 To 04.02.00 04.02.00 To 04.05.00 04.05.00 To 04.25.00 M.s of group of students working in FM studio control room campus radio, Boll Hyderabad at 90.4Mhz frequency band width operated by radio and video production students of Post graduate course. Campus radio airs a variety of programs both entertainment and L.S. of dept. building with FM transmitting tower Sound bite of student A who got placed in campus interviews about course, support from faculty and how dept. helped hi pursue his dream career Sound bite of student B about the 04.25.00 To 04.40.00 campus life, his experiences in the dept., friends and his opinion about pursuing post graduate course in the dept. Slide show of pictures of ³children as media producers´ project. 04.40.00 To 04.50.00 Dept. of communication also initiated many programs in collaboration with NGOs and multi-lateral organizations like UNESCO and UNICEF. One such prestigious project is ³children as media producers´ where school kids from nearby towns are trained in producing participatory videos. Pursuing a course at dept. of 04.50.00 To 04.57.00 M.L.S of group of students sitting on the steps in front of dept. building and One of them talking to camera Communication, SN school is fun, dream fulfilling and becoming a media professional. Aspire, secure you admission and be a member of our Original voice Original voice educational.

AV-Script_ Promotional Video 7 Rajesh Cheemalakonda family. 04.57.00 To 05.00.00 C.U. of dept. of communication slowly fades out. -nil-



Plain instrumental music by private composition or music rip from preexisted

tracks can be used as BGM with proper credits and attributions.

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