This internship would not be possibly accomplished without the help of those people who sincerely supported me during my training. In the half of my co-trainees we would to extend our gratitude to the titleholder of Rivera¶s Bookkeeping & Other Allied Services, Ms. Vivita Rivera also known as Ma¶am Vita for accepting us, instead only three of us will be in her office it turns into five trainees.For considering our mistakes that we¶ve done, for the times that you¶ve shared to us and for the surprise allowance that we got during our last day. Thanks for the learnings that I had during the days of correcting my views that I¶d thought it is correct. Thanks for awakening us that actual experience is different from reading the books that we¶ve thought it¶s only what has been posted. And to all the staffs, especially to Ms. Jocelyn for giving details of how would it be posted in the books of certain company and identifying the account title and getting its output and input taxes. And also for their patience in considering our faults, and letting us realized that the work of an accountant is not that kinda easy. And to Ms. Joy, our Supervisor, who guide us and give us wisdom and nice thoughts of pushing our goals. And to Mr. Eddie, who gives us permission to work with the Rivera¶s Bookkeeping & Other Allied Services, because there was a doubt in dealing with the said services. And to our Dean, Mrs. Gevera, who let us experience this one of a kind of activity. And lastly to our Almighty God, who was able to give us strength and wisdom to finish this internship, in giving His will to happen all this in reasonable manner.

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