Source Based Question (SBQ) Notes

Social Studies
Inference [2 Paragraphs] I can infer from Source _______ that ___________. Source _______ states ______________________. I can also infer from Source ________ that __________. Source _______ states __________________________. 'Why' inference questions [2 Paragraphs] I can infer from Source ________ that the cartoonist is trying to convince _____________ (who) that ____________, so that they (the audience) will _____________ (desired reaction). The Source shows that __________________. I can also infer from Source ___________ that the cartoonist is trying to convince _______________ (who) that __________________, so that they (the audience will...) _______________. The Source shows that __________________. Comparison [2 Paragraphs] How different are these sources? (1 Similarity, 1 Difference) How are these sources different/similar? (2 Differences/Similar) Source A and B are different on how they ______________. Source A is ___________, while Source B is ______________. Source A states that ______________, therefore _______________. However, Source B states that _______________, therefore __________________. Reliability [1 Source] [1 Paragraph] -State Your Stand -Give Evidence -Cross Refer To Back Up Claim *Are all sources are correct to a certain extent? Or is it a 100% reliable/100% unreliable? (Does the Source prove that...) [Yes/No] Source E [does/does not] prove that ____________. Source E states that _______________. This is also [supported/refuted] in Source D. Source D states that ________________. -It does prove because it is reliable as (the provenance). Reliability [2 Sources] *These two sources differ in view. Does it mean that one is wrong? Possibilities: Both right, both wrong, one is more reliable than the other. Step 1: State your stand Step 2: Prove Source D's reliability [reliable or unreliable] Step 3: Prove Source Es reliability [reliable or unreliable]

If unable to find a wrong or right source then state that the two sources are expressing different views and opinions. [Does this mean I prove that both sources are reliable because they are expressing things from their own point of perspective, hence there is no right or wrong?]

Usefulness [3 Paragraphs] 1st Paragraph - How is it useful? 2nd Paragraph - How is it limited 3rd Paragraph - Weigh and Rank? Source C is useful because it tells me that ___________. The source states, __________. [1st Inference?] It also helps me to understand _____________ the issue that __________. The source states that ____________. [2nd Inference?] The source is also useful as the information is accurate. It tells us that _____________. This is supported in Source __________ which similarly states. [3rd Inference?] However, its usefulness is limited as the source does not tell _________ which can be seen in other sources such as ___________ & ___________. In Source ____, it states _________ and in source ____, it states __________. Assertion [Paragraphs] -Classify all the sources into agree/disagree/support Sources ____ and ___ supports but Sources ____ and _____ do not support (or whatever the question asks) Source ____ supports (the issue). Source states ___________ (evidence). This shows that _____________ (explain). [Repeat same step for other supporting source] Source _______ does not agree/support (the issue). The source states that ___________. This shows that _______________ (evidence). [Repeat for other disagreeing sources]

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