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March Edition 2011

March Edition 2011

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Volume: 1 Patron-in-Chief

Issue: 10

Zaid Hamid

Editorial The Economic Battlefront

01 02

Farzana Shah
Asst Editor

Shahzad Masood Roomi
Editorial Board

Middle East Crisis Synopsis of the Month What do we mean by "Pakistan"? From Indus to Oxus

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Shehla Zafar Muhammed Sanaullah
Graphic Designer

Waqar Siddiqui


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Economic Plight and Concept of Sovereignty
Dear Readers, Assalam -0- Alaikum! In the modem era, national sovereignty is defined by economic sovereignty because the economic strength of a country is a harbinger of political and military strength. With a fragile economy the concept of sovereignty always remains curtailed. On the domestic landscape, only a nation with a strong economic backbone can ensure steady social uplift and prosperity.
It is astonishing that despite having 45% of the world's natural resources, Muslim countries, including Pakistan, are lagging far behind in the race of progress and development. Corruption is the most overwhelming curse of the time, accelerating Pakistan's economic meltdown, which remains one of the key objectives of 4th generation war being waged against Pakistan in order to implode the country. Pakistan is not the only country confronting the challenge for survival on the economic axis. Soviet Union and Yugoslavia too were dismembered when they were governed by the inept and compromised regimes despite their military power. It is a pity that despite having the world's largest mineral resources and energy potential, Pakistan is

still struggling to manage her economic issues on a daily basis. Political anarchy - created by the country's so-called democratic forces - is indeed one of the primary reasons but chiefly it is the lack of economic vision which is haunting Pakistan rather alarmingly now. In this issue of BrassTacks Monthly Security Review, we have focused on the national economic crisis. Our country is facing direct foreign meddling due to its economic dependence on them. On the other hand, due to excessive borrowing, inflation has gotten out of control and the government is bound to impose backbreaking taxes on the masses in order to meet the IMF demands. This month's cover story focuses on these critical economic issues and devises an out of the box solution to replace the existing economic model with the Islamic taxation system. This issue presents an assessment of modem economy, giving radical workable solutions for Pakistan, which are sure to shock the conventional economists who have their thinking pegged in the modem interest based exploitative banking system. On the ideological axis, a 60 years old historic document is being re-produced written by the late MuhammedAsad on the concept, ideology and the romanticism of the phenomenon called Pakistan. On geopolitical axis, this issue contains an exclusive interview of Zaid Hamid addressing the critical matter of reshaping and redrawing the greater Middle East through muliple orchestrated revolutions and hij acking popular mass movements in important Muslim countries. These are turbulent times for Pakistan. A courageous and devoted leadership is the desperate need of the hour. May Allah help and guide us in these tumultuous times! Ameen. tJ. '" f)


Farzana Shah


Pakistan is in a state of war, 'being attacked on every
axis of national security in a ruthless and overt 4th generation war. In this war, Pakistan is being targeted according to the "Yugoslavia doctrine", with the dangerous aim of imploding the country by destroying its internal cohesion, social fabric, military strength and economic backbone, as it had been done with former Yugoslavia in the last decade ofthe 20th century. Like all other fronts, Pakistan's economic edifice is also facing a destructive onslaught; primarily due to the fact that the artificially installed and the most corrupt "democratic" rulers in our history are shamelessly busy marauding and plundering the national wealth with impunity. All major government run corporations are facing bankruptcy and are draining the national economy due to massive corruption and bad governance. The government is imposing heavy indirect taxes on almost weekly basis in the desperation to generate revenue that is then siphoned off to overseas accounts. Internal and external debts have been raised to record high levels but still hundreds of billions of rupees in loans have been written off. The IMF runs the national economy while the government acting merely as a fund manager, continues to impose new back breaking

taxes under secretively agreed terms,
This systematic onslaught is creating extreme economic frustration and social unrest. The masses have been enraged due to the unchecked price hike of daily commodities and a clear and present threat of complete social anarchy and bloody revolt is looming in the wings. The economic meltdown is occurring in an environment where Pak army and other law enforcement agencies (LEAs) are confronted with multiple internal and external insurgencies, terrorism has ravaged the law and order situation in the urban centers, Pakistan's western front is facing a real security threat for the first time in its history and our arch rival, India is busy refining her Cold Start war doctrine, specifically perfected against Pakistan. Nothing could be more disturbing than the fact that the country's political, economic and security managers are ignoring this economic meltdown in a bid to save the "system" while Pakistan's national sovereignty has already been compromised to a great extent due to foreign dependence on the economic front. These compromises are proving catastrophic as they have promoted the direct and open foreign meddling in Pakistan's governance, security and political affairs. This external meddling will continue

to prevail unless state economy is prioritized as a vital national security front, accorded as much significance as the country's nuclear and strategic program. Pakistan's judiciary has also failed in effectively combating corruption and mismanagement as well as in preventing unchecked plundering of national wealth by the ruling elite. Despite some brave attempts by the Supreme Court, the government remains defiant and the cancerous corruption has metastasized manifold. Media is compromised and ofte~ acts as fifth columnist; instead of generating public pressure on government on corruption and plundering, sensationalizing the sensitive issues remains the only business for the media. Pakistan's current security outlook has been thus mutilated because all the efforts to combat the 4th generation war remain focused only on the military axis ignoring the fact that information , judicial , political and economic aspects are as critical as the military strategy. Politicians are too busy begging, borro.wing and stealing while the country's economy :em.am~ on the mercy of international monetary mstituuons. There is no realization ofthe critical point that economic demise is not an isolated phenomenon rather it is an integral part of the ruthless surrogate war Pakistan is confronted with. The Soviet Union and Yugoslavia were once powerful countries but their collapse was ignited by their failed economies and now they cease to exist as nations on the. world map. Zimbabwe was a stable economy, dunng 1980's and 1990's, but painted a horrible picture of economic meltdown caused by hyperinflation during 2003 to 2009. The collapse of the Soviet Union had signaled the demise of the communist model of economy as well. Now the impending collapse of the dollar and the Federal Reserve banking system as well as the threats of hyperinflation of paper currency and the desire of the global central banks to abandon the dollar as peg currency and to hedge their bets against gold and real wealth are signaling the death of Capitalism also. There is a global scramble for gold, silver and real wealth assets, as paper currency based economic models become unstable and their collapse is imminent. These are desperate times for the global capitalist

economy and the collapsing system has no internal remedies to prevent a meltdown. The solution is not within the system but outside of it. Conventional economic wisdom, responsible for creating this false pape~ currency based banking system, which is fractional reserve dependant and not pegged to any real wealth, does not have the capacity, vision, knowledge or the will to find any alternate real wealth based, historically sustainable and natural economic solution. Pakistan's economic meltdown has been caused due to two critical factors: • Massive corruption national wealth. and hemorrhage of

Finding the solutions in the fake paper currency and fractional reserve based economic model, which has caused the economic crisis in the first place.

The first factor is an administrative and legal crisis only which demands strong leadership and ruthless application of anti-corruption laws. This is the simpler part. The real challenge for the leadership today is to get rid of the collapsing and conventionally applied cap~tali~t economic policies in order to find truly danng, mdependent, visionary, ground breaking and sustainable economic model and means to create a real wealth based natural economy solidly grounded in our environment, geography, history and resources. The challenge of finding the alternate, honorable and independent economic strategy is indeed staggering but the rewards are equally magnificent. It is a mustdo mission for us and under the present global economic meltdown, it becomes even more critical for Pakistan to abandon the economic imperialism of the West and adopt policies that are homegrown and respon? to the requirements of national security and sovereignty, The State of National Economy: Today, Pakistan's economic situation and governance continues to deteriorate. Following are some of the economic indicators: • From being the 42

most corrupt country,

volume of Non Performing Loans (NPL) is growing at a distressing rate as borrowed money is being transferred abroad.

Pakistan witnessed worst hike in inflation during the current regime Pakistan has declined to the 34th position on this chart of disgrace. Almost 1000 billion rupees of national wealth have been stolen in 2010 alone according to careful estimates. The entire national leadership, possessing billions of dollars, IS under scrutiny on corruption charges with cases registered against them for massive embezzlement and swindling. The President, the Prime Minister as well as a majority of federal ministers have their names in this ignominious list.

Industrial infrastructure is being systematically targeted through artificially created energy crisis undermining Pakistan's exports and local jobs of millions of workers. IMF loans, direct and indirect taxes along with shameless begging from every comer of the world are the three basic vortexes of the government's revenue generating policy, which is leading the economy to nosedive into an abysmal chasm. At present, Pakistan's primary expenditure is debt servicing. More than 35% of the budget is being spent on returning the loans but the government keeps on borrowing from every available internal and foreign creditor. The country's debt servicing obligations have been constricting the financial resources for social sector development while 70% of the population, particularly in rural areas, lives in the most deprived conditions amidst the lowest economic development level. National transportation and energy infrastructure, particularly Pakistan Railways and PIA, have almost been shattered due to corruption and mismanagement. Industries are crumbling in the face of severe energy crisis. The textile industry is taking a direct hit due to artificially created gas and power shortages. Similarly, engineering firms in Gujranwala and Gujarat are facing energy shortages. Hundreds of thousands of workers have been rendered jobless in the last few months. Pakistan's Debt to GDP ratio has crossed 61% and World Bank has announced that Pakistan will default on its obligations if the country's debt-to-GDPratio exceeds 80%. Flight of capital (money outflow from Pakistan) has been accelerated due to corruption, bad governance and law and order situation.

Pakistan's total debt (internal and external) has reached a record 10 trillion rupees (US$117 billion), as the government has violated every limit on borrowing imposed in the Fiscal Responsibility and Debt Limitation Act. If this situation is not alarming it is certainly disturbing. In 2008, the per capita debt (debt on each citizen) in Pakistan was PKR 22,000, which has staggered to PKR 57,000 (an increase of 159%) within 3 years. This is a colossal burden considering that 40% of the country's population is living below the poverty line. Inflation and financial mismanagement has reached a dangerous level and it can inflame a street level upheaval. Inflation in Pakistan has reached an alarming 15% (January 2011 figure). More than US$ 330 billion (PKR. 28 trillion) of national wealth has been stolen over the years and deposited in foreign accounts. The

• •

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government Corporations (Railways, PIA, PSO, PEPCO) are running with Rs. 300 billion deficit every year. Circular debt in government corporations exceeds Rs. 300 billion. Economy IS under extra pressure due to continued counter insurgency operations in FATA and the resulting terrorism in the mainland. Pakistan is forced to spend much more on defense requirements, consequently hampering the armed forces' modernization program as well. The government is relying heavily on printing bank notes to the staggering tune of almost 2 billion rupees per day in order to meet daily expenses, thus devaluating the currency and hyper inflating the economy. Social polarization is getting radical. The middle class and salaried category has almost been crushed to extinction, with only the rich ruling upper class and the struggling lower class appearing as the social and economic classes in the country. Fixed-income, urban, salaried middle class is finding it extremely difficult to survive under massive direct and indirect taxes as well as inflation. The "haves" and the "have not's" phenomenon is clearly visible. The state officers and offices remain most lavish with expenditures, devoid of all sense of responsibility towards austerity or economy. The State exchequer remains the personal property of the ruling elite with no accountability and shame. Despite being a food surplus country in grains, dairies, fruits and vegetables, artificial food shortages, cartelization and hoarding of basic commodities keep the prices at hyper inflationary levels making windfall profits for the powerful ruling elite. Despite having the capacity to produce surplus electricity, the nation suffers endless hours of power outages daily, wreaking havoc on industry, trade and education.

Impact of Economic Plight: After examining the economic conditions, it would be prudent to discuss the impact of the economic down slide particularly from the strategic point of view. Clear and present threat of a bloody revolt: There is a clear threat of total anarchy and bloody street revolution due to inflation, price hikes and indirect taxes. Hundreds of thousands of workers in Faisalabad and Gujranwala have lost their jobs due to the government's utter failure in coping with the prevailing energy crisis in the country. These hundreds of thousands are already protesting on the streets due to loss of jobs. As energy and fiscal crisis is deepening, it is only a matter of time when these people will start a march towards Islamabad. Pakistan can tum into the next Egypt or Libya. Such probable aspects of protests have deteriorated the situation further for the clueless government. Apart from these factory workers, the jobless and the fixed income people are the biggest victims of the present price hikes and inflation. Income tax is nothing less than daylight robbery. Pakistan's working middle class is depleting quickly due to the nuisance of direct and indirect taxes. The real catch is that all these taxes, being collected in the name of development, never serve their purpose and are being stolen by the ruling feudal elite, who themselves never pay the taxes.

• •

Artificially created energy crisis a recipe of economic disaster

asset of countless terrorist outfits waging a callous asymmetric war within Pakistani cities. Karachi is one such violent city where political turf wars, gang wars, sectarian battles and street crimes take heavy toll on human lives and property every day, crippling the city and its economy. Vicious cycle of circular debts: As borrowing and begging remain the only options for the rulers, internal and external debt is increasing at an alarming rate. Loans taken in the name of development are being wasted due to corruption and kickbacks. The government had to pay PKR 900 billion on debt servicing during the fiscal year 2010-11, which is 5 times more than the total development budget. government Corporations are unable to make payments to their corporate government suppliers resulting in a circular debt. The present circular debt problem faced by PSO is the clearest manifestation of this fact. Reasons Behind Economic Meltdown: A brief comparison between Pakistanis existing economic potential and the core reasons behind the current economic downslide must suffice to establish that Pakistanis economic encirclement is in progress. Corruption and looting of national wealth: As there is no existing vision or strategy for revenue generation, the current rulers are relying on their strategy of begging, borrowing and stealing. In 2010, directors of Swiss Bank quoted that some USD 330 billion dollars (PKR 28 trillion) of looted money has been deposited in the Swiss banks. With this amount
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Masses on the brink of bread riots Wrangling between provinces for resources: Provincial disharmony has reached dangerous and alarming levels during the current regime. Distribution of water remains the source of contention among the provinces but now the distribution of gas has also added to this crisis. Apart from creating energy shortfall, it is creating serious infighting among the provinces particularly between Punjab and Baluchistan. This energy crisis has devastated the industrial base in Punjab, which is consequently rendering more people jobless. The same is true for wheat and grains, where the price of a roti is often up to five times higher in Baluchistan than in Punjab due to hoarding and cartelization of the staple food crop by various power brokers. FDI(Foreign direct investment) has vanished: This is the most detrimental impact of current economic crisis that has brought national development to a halt. Apart from the deteriorating law and order situation, the state of corruption and bribery as well as poor infrastructure and energy crisis, are major impedances to FDI in the country. The crisis has been aggravated to such an extent that businessmen are shifting settled businesses to other countries due to non-conducive business environment in Pakistan. Rise of street crimes: Massive joblessness has created severe problems of street crimes in urban centers. On the surface it may look like a minor factor but keeping Pakistanis current restive environment in sight, every jobless person on the street is a potential


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Sriil ILanka



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Karachi - economic hub of Pakistan, among world's worst cities due to grave law and order situation



in 2010

Was.:1:2 in 2009 and 47 in 20008

believe, nonexistent money in the market just to get their own share in the form of interest paid against every loan transaction. Fractional reserve banking is one of the most sinister, dubious, economically devastating and almost satanic banking practice, which is least understood even by the economists themselves and has the most profound contribution in creating economic anarchy in any society. This system of banking only helps the banks to grow phenomenally but it cannot help or save an economy and history of fractional reserve banking proves this fact! As the banks are the functionaries, which create fake fiat money through ledger entries only and take interest on it, so any interest-free economy with real wealth (gold and silver) would purge their need, their rationale to exist and the fake money that they create. So, keeping every economy dependent on the money they create, remains the most important task for the banks in world economies today. For decades, US dollar was the global reserve currency for almost all Central Banks of every nation. Every other nation except the US had to maintain their foreign currency reserves in US dollars for trade, oil purchases and imports while the US Federal Reserve Bank could simply print as many dollars as it wanted and loan them to the US government. This is how America has maintained its global economic hegemony despite being the biggest debtor nation of the world, with an obligation ofUSD 81.2 trillion to

Pakistan - climbed 13 steps further up on corruption ladder during the present regime of money, Pakistan can have a tax free budget for the next 60 years, every Pakistani can be paid PKR 20,000/month as financial aid for consecutive 60 years, provide 60 million jobs all over Pakistan, construct 4 lane roads from any village to Islamabad, ensure indefinite supplies to more than 500 social projects, disbanding the need of World Bank and IMF loans. Due to corruption and mismanagement, the difference between national revenue and expenditure has reached a whopping 490 billion rupees, with total income remaining at 989.6 billion rupees while total expenditure stands at 1.48 trillion rupees, within the first six months of the current financial year. This certainly made the year-end budget deficit target of 4.7% of GDP impossible. The menace of top level corruption has given birth to business cartels in the country that are controlling the prices without any checks and balances. Law and Order: It is the biggest reason behind flight of capital and low FDI. Insurgencies and terrorism in Pakistan remain the ultimate hindrance in attracting any foreign investors. Now it has reached such an extent that many textile units are being shifted to Bangladesh. Flight of capital to foreign banks is also an outcome of the devastating law and order situation. Fractional Reserve Banking System: Banks make money out of thin air through fractional reserve banking which resultantly is depleting the value ofthe currency, causing massive inflation and price hikes. Banks are pushing and lending more and more make-

Terrorism - drawing away capital, businesses and foreign investment

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WI. L~~ unit.!


80.:1. ~_riIklllll'j i!~~~ l1'::ilfIi~'-~ Hie ~ in ti), m_~Jig r.oo.n5. trli_:IjItIj ani I'fl!iI)1(ini=iI~l!Irue~m!l' li"itf~~!!!iYjiJ:i\ jJti~I:!Iit"ill'@(I{Jlii1.fi.1 iOO~J!.;f m~~ Idr.cr.o~ 1:i-t!r.0l1~S ~;I unbl[lII"Kf'l~!.' I!JM~,d.

the Federal Reserve and other banks making them more sovereign than the US government. But hyperinflation caused due to the uncontrolled printing oftrillions of dollars is now coming home to roost. The graph below illustrates why the dollar will soon be replaced as the world's reserve currency. In Pakistan, Pak Rupee is getting devalued just like the dollar as State Bank of Pakistan continues to print rupees at a staggering 2 billion per day. The exchange rate ofPak rupee has been raised against the US dollar at an exceptional rate during the last three years as Central Bank continues to pump billions of newly printed fiat bank notes in the money market.
It must be noted that the actual devaluation of rupee,

with the northern parts ofthe country. government corporations like Railways are under severe financial strain due to political intervention and mismanagement. Railways are the most used medium of travel in the world for the working classes but in Pakistan, its infrastructure could not be developed on modem basis because this critical medium remains criminally neglected. Every year the government pours billions in this organization but it all goes into the accounts of corrupt ministers and bureaucrats. Agriculture is Pakistan's biggest economic potential and its national lifeline. Over 20 million Pakistanis are directly associated with agriculture. This sector's income contributes to 21 % of the total national budget but the total allocation for agriculture has not increased even by 1% in the federal budget for the fiscal year 20 10-11. Not a single new agricultural project was announced or any strategic plans devised for food security in the country as global weather
V:Q!lue ,00f:Q$11 Feder:a11IR:e$erv'e' Note lin 1913 DO'llllliIJr$
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against the real wealth, is much more than what is shown in the documents where Pak rupee devaluation is shown against the US dollar, which itself is depleting against the real wealth (gold and silver). It means that the real depletion of rupee against gold and other precious metals is many times more than what meets the eye. Overwhelming price hikes of gold and other commodities in Pakistan manifest this fact clearly. Mismanagement and Ill-Planning: Poor planning is one of the biggest problems for slow development and fiscal mismanagement in Pakistan. Many major development programs and departments are being politically run, failing to contribute to national progress and prosperity. Gawadar seaport is a classic example. Worth of a seaport is associated with its inland connections via road, rail and air. It was connected to another seaport, located in its east (Karachi) through road link instead of connecting it

Death of us dollar - caused by Federal Reserve through fractional reserve banking

Floating Currency & Hyperinflation - Red flag for Pakistan!
The international banking cartel introduced the concept of floating currencies in the world where they can control the exchange rate of any currency by increasing or decreasing the supply of dollars. Between 1870 and 1914, the world currencies were backed by gold and the exchange rate was also fixed to gold. Gold standard allowed unrestricted capital mobility as well as global stability in currencies and trade. In 1914, the gold standard was abandoned. After World War II in 1945, Bretton Woods conference decided to peg the currencies again but this time to the US dollar, which in turn was pegged to gold at US$35 per ounce. This was the beginning of a systematic campaign for establishing the US economic hegemony, which was gained in 1971 when the dollar peg to gold was abandoned and dollar was established as the standard for floating exchange rate; it ultimately allowed the US banks to create money out of thin air. Now the US was able to print as many dollars as she desired while the rest of the world had to earn that money for international transactions. A masterpiece of economic manipulation indeed! Years before that, the US had won the case for dollar to be accepted as the global reserve currency. In the following years, this acceptance of the US dollar as global trading and foreign reserve currency enabled the US to manipulate economies by controlling the supply ofthe dollar. Inflation is the most poisonous byproduct of this economic model which is caused mainly due to excessive printing of money which in tum deflates the local currency. In economics, hyperinflation is inflation that is very high or "out of control". While the real values of the specific economic items generally stay the same in terms of relatively stable foreign currencies, in hyperinflationary conditions the general price level within a specific economy increases rapidly as the functional or internal currency, as opposed to a foreign currency, loses its real value very quickly, normally at an accelerating rate. Under hyperinflation the general price level could rise by 5 or 10% or even much more every day. A vicious circle is created in which more and more inflation is created with each iteration of the ever-increasing money printing cycle. Hyperinflation becomes visible when there is an unchecked increase in the money supply usually accompanied by a widespread unwillingness on the part of the local population to hold the hyperinflationary money for more than the time needed to trade it for something non-monetary to avoid further loss of real value. Hyperinflation is often associated with wars (or their aftermath), currency meltdowns like in Zimbabwe, and political or social upheavals, plus an aggressive bidding against the money on currency exchanges. Below is a brief description of currency meltdown in Yugoslavia and Zimbabwe which led to economic meltdown of these countries eventually dismembering Yugoslavia. Pakistani currency is also losing its worth due to excessive money supply and the situation can run into hyperinflation in case the current trend of money printing continues.

Yugoslavia (January 1994)
Yugoslavia went through a period of hyperinflation and subsequent currency "reforms" from 1989-1994. The highest denomination in 1988 was 50,000 dinars. By 1989 it was 2,000,000 dinars. In the 1990 currency "reform", 1 new dinar was exchanged for 10,000 old dinars. In the 1992 currency "reform", 1 new dinar was exchanged for 10 old dinars. The highest denomination in 1992 was 50,000 dinars. By 1993, it was 10,000,000,000 dinars. In the 1993 currency reform, 1 new dinar was exchanged for 1,000,000 old dinars. However, before the year was over, the highest denomination was 500,000,000,000 dinars. Yugoslavia's rate of inflation hit 5 x 1015 percent cumulative inflation over the time period 1 October 1993 and 24 January 1994.

Zimbabwe (November 2008)
Hyperinflation in Zimbabwe began in the early 2000's, shortly after Zimbabwe's confiscation of white-owned farmland and its repudiation of debts to the International Monetary Fund, and persisted through till 2009. Figures from November 2008 estimated Zimbabwe's annual inflation rate at 89.7 sextillion (1021) percent. In April 2009, Zimbabwe abandoned printing of the Zimbabwean dollar, and the South African rand and US dollar became the standard currencies for exchange. As of 2011 the currency has not been reintroduced yet.

The world's focus shifted from agriculture to industrial development but Pakistan could not compete with other economies due to lack of planning. After the dismemberment of the Soviet Empire, Pakistan's geography emerged as the most vital natural potential but again the opportunity to become a trade and energy corridor in the region was missed due to political corruption and lack of vision. Today, mineral resources are Pakistan's biggest assets yet we are unable to exploit them to their fullest due to corruption and compromised governments with vested interests. Treacherous mining agreements with corrupt foreign companies have led to a tremendous loss for Pakistan. To date, we have been unable to prioritize the development of our potential for agricultural, industrial, mineral and geographical purposes. It could be started in any order but alas Pakistan's economic vision remains completely directionless. Transforming Pakistanis Economy (Strategy & Suggestions) Pakistan is among the world's richest countries. Its biggest resource is its youth, equipped with diverse sets of skills. Given the right environment with favorable policies, this young lot of energetic Pakistanis can playa decisive role in bringing about an economic miracle. More than 50% of the Pakistani population consists of people aging from 18-35 years. Pakistan is uniquely placed on the world map with massive land, water and climatic resources due to which it can produce various kinds of crops in all weathers. Pakistani soil is amongst the most fertile lands of the world. For rapid progress, mineral resources of Pakistan have tremendous potential. Thar coal reserves have 175 billion tons of coal, which in terms of energy production are equivalent to 618 billion barrels of crude oil. This is four times the energy potential of the total Saudi Arabian oil. Similarly Reko Diq coppergold mines are among the world's most precious mineral resources with an initial estimated worth of US$ 500 billion available on the surface of the earth without the need for deep pit mining. Pakistan can create an economic miracle in the shortest possible period without any foreign

Pakistan Railways - Once a reliable transportation mean, now in complete demise! changes and water shortages threaten the very core of Pakistani society. Absence oftransparent accountability:

Complete failure and collapse of the judicial system has encouraged the most corrupt elements to plunder with impunity. Most of the highly corrupt occupy the highest offices of the land and consider themselves as the untouchables by law. Due to the inability of the Supreme Court to enforce and implement its own judgments against corruption and apply articles 62 and 63 of the constitution, the plunderers remain free. On the other hand, the accountability institutions in Pakistan have been politicized and have failed spectacularly in coping with the corrupt and the criminals. The failure ofthe financial accountability is so stunning that not a single corrupt politician has been disqualified or convicted on the basis of corruption. The current prowling of national wealth would continue if this corrupt regime stays in power and the judiciary continues to delay invoking and implementing the constitution in letter and spirit. Lack of economic vision: Despite holding diverse economic potential and resources, there has been no strategic vision on the economic development and progress ever since independence. Pakistan's true potential is its vast natural resources and minerals. Pakistan also never tapped its potential to become an industrial powerhouse. On the other hand, during the 1960's, Pakistan made huge strides in agricultural development but the long-term strategic vision remained shallow and no real effort was made for sustained agriculture development.

corruption, embezzlement, kickbacks, commissions and bribery. In China, they send the corrupt to the firing squad and then charge the family for the bullets consumed. Corruption has now become an existential threat for the nation and must be treated at par with treason, terrorism and espionage, without mercy or delay in trial. Bring back the looted wealth: Pakistani courts, media and the military will have to do everything in their power to bring back the looted wealth. This staggering amount alone can sustain the national budget for years to come without taxing the nation, directly or indirectly. Billions of dollars of national wealth is stashed in overseas accounts and flouted shamelessly with impunity without fear by the rulers and the elite. Within the country also, there are hundreds of billions of rupees of looted wealth, defaulted loans, and embezzled funds by the ruling elite who cannot justify their sources nor have ever declared those assets or paid taxes. Bringing back the looted wealth is an integral and critical axis of the strategy to resuscitate the national economy. This returned wealth must be reflected in the national budget and used for national development and to give tax reliefto the citizens. Defer IMF debt servicing for 3 years: There are provisions in international laws, resolutions and protocols that can be invoked as legal justification to refuse the external debt and demand cancellation. One of these justifications is called the rule of "State of Necessity". This rule is characterized by a situation that jeopardizes the economic or political survival of a country such as the situations which create the factor of impossibility of fulfilling the very basic needs of the population (health, education, food, water, housing etc). The "State of Necessity" justifies the repudiating of debt, since it implies the establishing priorities among different obligations of the State. We have a number of precedents in history when democratically elected governments in debtor countries refuse debt payments on account of "State of Necessity". Latin American countries, including Argentina, Burkina Faso, Peru, Mexico, Paraguay, and Ecuador took such positions in the past.

Energy crisis - a self inflicted wound despite having vast energy potential. dependence, exploiting its own natural, mineral, human and agricultural potential, provided some ruthless and harsh measures are taken to attack the centre of gravity ofthe economic crisis. Regime change remains the first and most critical element in this strategy. The present lot is too decadent, compromised and corrupt to rise to this gigantic challenge. Once a patriotic and competent government is put in place, we can charge ahead with the major and radical economic reform strategy. The election process cannot bring the clean to the parliament and the country has no more time to waste on such a futile process. For once, there has to be a "selection" to bring the finest to the power. Then these patriots would move in with some severe, iron-clad measures to transform the economy. Eradicate corruption with an iron hand: We will have to be truly ruthless here. Getting rid of corrupt elements from the government and public offices is the fundamental prerequisite for Pakistan's economic revival. Despite all the propaganda of difficulties in tracking and tracing white collar financial crimes, it is still possible to eradicate corruption with a strong political and judicial will. Corruption should be made a capital offence, the trials must be swift and justice must be seen when dispensed. The corrupt are not brave people to face the gallows with courage. Making a horrible example of the few at the top would send the right signals to all quarters, right down to the bottom to refrain from

international monetary/financial institutions in order to get a breather and carry out recommended economic reforms. Today, more than 30% of the national budget goes into debt servicing. Pakistan's economy would kick start with the diversion of funds and can resurrect its industrial, mineral and agricultural infrastructure.

Restore law and order:
The prevailing law and order situation in the country is one of the biggest hurdles in domestic economic development and attracting FDI in Pakistan. Traditionally, lack of infrastructure was blamed as the major impedance to FDI but after 9/11, terrorism and ~nsurgencies are not only discouraging foreign mvestors but local investors are also shifting their businesses to other countries. Here also ruthless and harsh measures would be needed to bring sanity on the streets. Right now, there is no fear oflaw among the terrorists who are ravaging the state and society. Military courts will have to be invoked to try and execute all insurgents and terrorists mercilessly as the civil judiciary has totally collapsed against this threat. The Afghan policy will also have to be redefined as all terrorism and drug related, illegal money comes into Pakistan from Afghanistan.

Devastating flood of 2010 - a legitimate reason to invoke the rule of State of Necessity Argentina had almost a $100 bn loan ofIMF at almost 30% interest, paying almost $30 bn in annual interest repayments. On the advice of Malaysian prime Minister Mahathir Muhammed, Argentina defaulted ~or 3 years and diverted the huge debt payment mst~llments towards national economic rebuilding, makmg a radical turnaround for the national economy. Under this law Pakistan is justified to cancel all external debt payments since it jeopardizes the economic and political survival of a country. Recent earthquake and flood disasters as well as the permanent state of war due to insurgencies and terrorism, provide ample justification to invoke this law. One of the resolutions adopted by the UN Human Rights Commission in 1999 asserts that: "The exercise of the basic rights of the people of the debtor countries tofood, housing, clothing, employment, education, health services and a healthy environment cannot be subordinated to the implementation of the structural adjustment policies, growth programs and economic reforms." Another resolution of the UN commission on International Law 1980, states: "A state cannot be expected to close its schools, hospitals and universities, abandon public services to point of chaos, simply to have money to repay its foreign debts." Pakistan must defer debt servicing to IMF and other

Eliminate all un-Islamic taxes:
Pakistan is an Islamic country and as per its constitution, no law can be made in contradiction to the Quran and Sunnah. But unfortunately, its financial system is interest based and practices brutal fractional reserve banking. Pakistan's economic and taxation system is not only unjust and against the Islamic Laws but is also in direct contradiction of the national constitution. The present capitalist taxation system is brutally cruel and is crushing the middle class, directly and indirectly taxing the poorest strata and destroying the social fabric ruthlessly igniting the class wars in the society. Conventional economists cannot think of an economic model where taxes are non-existent or reduced to the minimum but as per Islamic laws, no tax can be imposed on income or sales (except on agriculture) rather taxes are imposed on savings. Pakistani masses are victims of direct and indirect taxes like income tax and the more treacherous sales

stress on the national revenue. Disinformation propaganda by the compromised economic managers proj ects that Pakistan would implode without foreign aid, fractional reserve banking and current taxation system. This is classical rubbish. For 1400 years, the greatest of Muslim civilizations that ruled the world thrived on Islamic system of economics, without paper currency or interest based lending or income and sales taxes. The Muslim empire stretched over 2.2 million square miles at the time of Hazrat Umar (R.A), yet even at that time, ingenious methods were devised to collect Zakat from each and every individual. The Ottoman Empire was stretched almost 19.9 million square kilometers during its zenith. They also applied the Islamic economic models and were the most prosperous and wealthy civilization on earth in their times. It is only when the Ottomans adopted the western banking practices and adopted paper currency and started to tax their citizens to pay the lenders that their downfall began. The capitalist system is collapsing globally. The solution does not lie in adopting its failed policies but in abandoning them in favor of Islamic and most sustainable financial and economic practices. Existing economic and taxation system is in complete contradiction to Zakat and usher in its very nature. The existing Zakat system implemented in the country is a practical joke with Islamic laws and has neither the capacity nor the transparency to cater for Zakat collection and has to be overhauled on the model of Khilafat-e-Rashida using every available means and resource. A properly deployed Zakat and Usher collection system has the capacity to generate state revenues in far greater amounts than the existing income and sales tax regimes. Also, a strict implementation of Usher would also remove the controversy of Agri tax so bitterly debated on in the country. Reverting to Gold standards and Elimination of Fractional Reserve Banking: The Constitution of Pakistan as well as the last speech of QUAID-E-AZAM at the inauguration of State Bank of Pakistan, categorically state that interest based economic system will not operate in Pakistan. However, Pakistan has operated under the western

Zakat - The core of Islamic taxation system. To be collected from more affluent and to be distributed among the poor! tax. This dual taxation system is the biggest hurdle in the socio-economic progress of the poor and middle classes of the society. Indirect taxation is a curse ofthe present economic system where a common man has to pay taxes at every transaction for consumable commodities. Only the poor are taxed while wealthy and the corrupt are immune from this economic impact. Income and sales tax are the most cruel and unnatural form of taxation and must be abolished immediately. It is a misfortune that despite having provisions of Islamic taxes like Zakat and Usher in the constitution, Pakistani people are being taxed multiple times at staggering rates as per the Western economic model. It is time for the restructuring of national economy on the basis of Islamic taxation system. All revenue collected through income and sales taxes can be generated many times over if the Islamic taxation system is implemented, corruption is blocked and looted wealth is brought back into the system. It has never been tried, hence considered impossible by the capitalist economists to have a system where there are no income and sales taxes. In reality, this is being done in Saudi Arabia even today where state wealth is so surplus that these direct and indirect taxes are not applied. The same strategy can be further polished and applied in Pakistan as well. With return of looted wealth as an integral part of revenue generation, these harsh taxes can be eliminated without causing any

are the legal tenders. The US state of Utah is also considering reverting to Gold coins as US dollar becomes fake and worthless paper with each passing day. Pakistan has billions of dollars worth gold reserves in Reko Diq, a God gifted reserve and opportunity to revert to gold standard without any foreign help or loan. All foreign reserves must immediately be converted into gold and silver and trade between countries should be encouraged in gold. Trade deficit settlements can later be adjusted by exchanging gold at the end of the year. This arrangement for trade purposes between Muslim countries was also suggested by former Malaysian PM Mahathir Muhammed. Paper currency dollar reserves should first be diversified into a basket of currencies and then a Gold reserve should be built to act as state reserve. All major central banks of the world are now making their reserves in Gold. Many nations are in a hurry to convert their reserves into Gold including China, Germany, India, Japan and Russia to name a few. Currently the US dollar is Pakistan's foreign reserve currency but under the global health of the dollar, this

laws of banking and finance, which is interest based and formulates fractional reserve as the basis for lending. Fractional Reserve Banking (FRB) along with fiat paper currency creates inflation and devaluation of currency. The solution lies in eliminating FRB and introducing real wealth based currency, either paper currency backed by gold or real gold and silver coins as is being practiced in Kelantan state of Malaysia where Islamic Gold Dinar and Islamic Silver Dirhams

Historically, in case of hyperinflation, silver always proves a better investment and the present situation in this regard is no different. Under today's circumstances, the parity between gold and silver is 1 to 53 which is decreasing fast. As a result silver prices are rising sharply compared to gold to close the huge parity difference. As the gold prices rise against dollar, silver prices increase manifolds respectively. Purchasing gold and silver at the masses level is the one thing that can ease the collapse of dollar and give our economy a soft landing. But before that, Pakistan must make sure that it abandons the US dollar as herreserve currency! Ensuring food Security:
Gold bar ATM machine - Real Wealth in modern times

is a dangerous and risky proposition. The dollar's devaluation is eating into Pakistan's forex reserves by millions of dollars per month. China has recently announced adopting Yuan as the trading currency by the end of 2011. The Chinese President has recently declared, "the dollar as reserve currency is a product ofthe past." In her bilateral trade with China, Russia has also vowed to abandon dollar. China and European Union has already adopted Euro. Dollar is not accepted on many of the currency exchange shops in Europe, like in Amsterdam. In Germany special ATM machines with gold bars have been installed for the people who are keen to convert their savings from paper currency to gold bars. Gold bar ATM machine - Real Wealth in modern times: Gold is re-entering in trade as well as in many parts of the world. Gold coins are becoming acceptable once again across the globe with a greater realization about the ultimate fate of any paper currency backed by fractional reserve banking system. It is time for Pakistan to immediately abandon the dollar as foreign reserve and Pakistani masses must start to purchase gold and silver at their own strength to bring about an influx of gold and silver into the country. Buying gold would be certainly not possible for everyone but there exists a better alternate: Silver.

Pakistan must embark on a major program on war footings to secure its food supply, as water has become a commodity over which nations would go to war. Pakistan and India are locked in a bitter water dispute and it is expected that in future, both countries may actually go to war over water. Pakistan is located in a region of seasonal drought and natural calamities, therefore, securing food supplies in any kind of circumstances is critical, an aspect that has been criminally overlooked. Pakistan has vast uncultivated land area in Baluchistan with underground water at the depth of few meters. This water is independent of our river and canal systems and hence would not be a source of dispute between provinces nor would harm the existing crops. No government has ever tried to utilize these vast lands

• Pe~ent ()Sll!8!



for corporate farming so that Pakistan can secure food supplies not only for her own needs but to cater to the needs of other brotherly countries as well. A strict ban must be imposed on staple food exports and proper storage spaces should be constructed to secure surplus crops. To solve the issue of investments required in order to bring vast lands of Baluchistan under cultivation, Pakistan can opt for joint ventures with brotherly countries on crop sharing basis, where they will finance such projects and share the produce. Many countries, including India are leasing large territories of lands in foreign countries to grow their food supplies. Arab countries including Saudi Arabia are also seeking lands to grow their crops. These joint ventures can be beneficial to Muslim countries. Similar projects can also be initiated in livestock, which is another ignored field. Earning foreign reserves by meat export is a real possibility for Pakistan. Baluchistan is the region, which holds the key to progress in this dimension as well. Vast dairy and cattle farms can be established by inviting foreign investors. Pakistani entrepreneurs can also learn from their experience. Any such joint venture or foreign investment would help in bringing down meat prices in the local market also. National mineral and fuel wealth to be exploited: and foreign sponsored insurgencies that Pakistan has failed to exploit its own fuel and mineral resources. Even now, Pakistan has the potential to rely on local gas and fuel reserves, reducing its dependence upon imported fuel. Presently, Pakistan's major imports include oil and petrochemical to meet the energy requirements. It is again an unfortunate and bitter fact that despite having massive potential of power generation from water, gas, coal, wind and solar energy Pakistan is still relying on imported oil which is putting a tremendous burden on Pakistan's foreign exchequer. Pakistan can earn from Thar coal and Reko Diq mines. Excavation license must be given in such a way that any foreign investor would pay 40% of allowed excavation as upfront. Even the license cost for small area excavation can bring in hundreds of billions of rupees as FDI in no time.
It is due to corruption, mismanagement

China, Russia, India and even US fully exploit their coal reserves to generate energy, sometimes up to 50% of national power and energy requirements are fulfilled. In Pakistan, we don't even use 1% of coal, which we possess in billions of tons. The same is true for gas and local petrol which we do not exploit and instead import furnace oil for power generation. These are pure and deliberate acts of treason by the corrupt leaders and energy cartels.

Sample Budget Breakdown: For decades, IMF, the World Bank and their paid cronies in State Bank, Finance Ministry and FBR have done extensive propaganda in Pakistan that the economy of Pakistan cannot survive without the capitalist interest based banking system, foreign debts, taxes and fractional reserve system. Every discussion on the prospect of implementing an Islamic economic model is met with severe criticism by national economic managers and bankers. Even now, the case regarding interest free banking is pending in the Supreme Court and the federal Shariat court since the last25 years.
It is always said by these IMF paid cronies that Pakistan would not able to design its annual budget without the current western economic model and the terms given by the IMP. It is said that Zakat based tax free economic model is not possible and would cause an economic collapse. Pakistan's budget, designed by the IMF and their cronies, states no provision to bring back the looted wealth or to find alternate means to direct and indirect taxes which break the back of the poorest and the middle classes. The budget is always a jugglery of complex terms but is meant to maintain the status quo, which suits the corrupt and the exploitative ruling banking and feudal elite and their foreign paymasters.

To blow this myth once and for all times to come, a breakdown of federal budget is given below in a well researched hypothetical scenario, where the volume of the budget is assumed at Rs. 3,000 billion. The following breakdown assumes that all the above recommended reforms have been made. All figures are an estimation based on the existing budget.

Below mentioned breakdown assumes the following:
1. Replacement

of corrupt government with a solid team of professional patriots capable to deliver as national leaders.

We have had many such examples in the past where billions of dollars of investment by expat Pakistanis was blocked and refused because the ruling elite demanded bribes and shares in the projects.

2. Usher collection has been added to federal list of subjects. Currently provinces are responsible to collect Usher. 3. The looted wealth is also being recovered from the corrupt and returned to the national treasury. Total Expenditure: Rs. 3,000 Billion Income Resources:

F~H]"mlted Rec:dlP~ (in hiHiplll fKR)

The bottom line is that Pakistan can be turned into an economic powerhouse, literally over night within the existing resources and wealth it possesses, provided we have daring, patriotic, visionary and honest leadership! The leaders will have to be ruthless to eliminate corruption and terrorism - the two cancers that have brought Pakistan to the brink of economic precipice. These are desperate times and demand equally fierce and desperate measures. Pakistan is on the verge of losing its freedom, sovereignty and dignity due to the economic collapse, which is by all standards self inflicted and deliberately orchestrated. Pakistan army and the Supreme Court do not have too much time to correct the dangerous imbalance in national politics. The economic meltdown is simply too momentous. The current fragile economic situation and dependence on foreign aid and begging from the international financial institutions is the weakest and the most humiliating link in Pakistan's national sovereignty. The shackles of economic slavery have to be broken if Pakistan has to rise to reclaim its rightful place as the leader of the Muslim world and to act as the key player in the regional and global geo-politics.

It can be seen that this is a model in which there are no

income and sales taxes, which would give a direct relief to the common people in all spheres oflife. With no taxes, the fuel cost would also be drastically reduced for the transport system, bringing the entire cost of production and transportation to extreme lower levels. The fuel and gas produced in the country does not have to be sold at the cost of the imported oil but the corrupt governments and the cartels do not pass that relief to the nation. In fact, the profit of the locally produced oil is not even shown in the present national budget figures. The Pakistani Diaspora of nearly 10 million globally is fiercely patriotic and has the capacity to fund billions of dollars of development projects every year in the country, provided they have faith in the government and are given the respect they deserve.

A great destiny awaits Pakistan. Pakistan has waited a long time to find the right breed of people to realize that fascinating destiny. It is within our grasp now and we have the means, capacity, resources and the ideology to make it happen. All we need is the will and the courage to dare to achieve what the others consider impossible. InshaAllah, it will be done. Pakistan Zindabad!


Middle East Crisis
The Analogy of Experience
(N ote: This is the text of an interview given by Zaid Hamid to Mark Glenn, a web based American radio broadcaster who is from a group of patriot Americans who are against the policies ofNeo-cons and Israel)

Present times are witnessing the unravelling of the most sinister and evil plans devised against humanity since the last hundred years. The maps of the Middle East were re-drawn after the First World War by the Zionists, a fact one would not be able to look up in history books. People know and are reminded in continuum about the Germans and the war in Europe, but what they are tactfully kept oblivious about is that there existed a Muslim state in the beginning of the 20th century, called the 'Ottoman Empire', which stretched across continents from Russia to North Africa. It was the 'One Single Muslim Empire'. After the First World War, this empire was Balkanized, creating smaller, modem states as seen today. Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Jordan, Syria and all the other Arab countries did not exist on the world map before the First World War; they were all part of one Muslim Ottoman Empire. Once the dismemberment of the Ottoman Empire had been accomplished, the British Empire informed Lord Rothschild of their next step: To create the state of Israel in the middle of Palestine. Historical archives prove that Lord Rothschild was the recipient of a letter from the British government, a letter informing him that the state ofIsrael would be created by the British Empire. The Zionists actually had to fight another World War to create this state. It was created as a state in the heart of the Muslim Middle East, in the heart of Palestine, and ever since then it has grown as a cancer amongst us.

The Soviet Union met their Waterloo in their Afghan misadventure, the war that triggered the demise of the Soviet Union and the roll back of the Soviet Empire. That was the period when the map of the world actually started to unfold the way we see it today. Since that time, the strategy of the dominant Neo-con Evangelicals or Zionists has been to dismember the hostile states into smaller countries we see today. The map of this Middle East and the greater region, the greater Middle East were re-drawn after the First World War. After nearly 90 years the maps are being re-drawn once again, marking smaller states. First the Soviet Union was dismembered, then they came closer to home, in Europe, and Yugoslavia was made the next target. Yugoslavia and Soviet Union, as countries, have been wiped out from the world map. The latter had the largest, most powerful military in the world and Yugoslavia possessed the fifth largest army in the world, but both the countries do not exist today. After having accomplished this mission in the 1900's, their attention now focused towards the Middle East. The Soviet threat being safely eradicated, the American N eo-cons were free to operate in the Middle East and create the greater Middle East. Subsequently, we find them invading Afghanistan and then Iraq. Their strategy now is to create headless states, dismember them into smaller components and create enough anarchy in the region, destabilizing these small states so that they are incapable of posing any

AI ;f'JiQ:nit;.i ~


resistance to the organized state ofIsrael. Basically, all the major Muslim countries in the Middle East are being dismembered; their maps are being re-drawn. For instance Iraq has already been dismembered into three administrative regions: Kurdistan is almost autonomous in the North, the Sunni region, which is excessively volatile, and a Shia state being created in the south. They have sham elections that bring about sham democracy where their stooges like Chalabi and Zalmay Khalilzad come into power. These coups keep on recurring bearing the facade of independence but actually these countries are under occupation. Thus, we have Iraq as an example: The shattered state is no

more a threat to Israel. A thing worth remembering is that Saddam Hussein was an ally of the Americans. They used him to contain the Iranian Revolution, but once the job was done, they moved in for the kill themselves. They took ten years to soften up Iraq, after that they moved in physically, took Saddam to the gallows and dismembered the state. At present, another Muslim country in Africa has already been dismembered after Iraq. Can you guess which one? Sudan. Sudan is a huge Muslim country, the southern part of it being rich in natural oil reserves. The Americans have plans to divide Sudan into three regions. That is why we hear so much about those four regions. Northern Sudan actually remains a chunk of Muslim territory with no oil, or resources because the resource-rich area of Darfur and southern Sudan has already been dismembered. A referendum in Sudan took place very silently, very stealthily, without a sound heard in the media, while behind the curtains another Muslim land was been dismembered. Prior to this, Somalia was another Muslim country that was successfully reduced to a failed and dysfunctional state. In Pakistan, President Musharraf used to be a very


'.'-......5'--:.. .... "


close ally of the Americans - the Neo-cons. They wanted to move on to the second phase of their plan, which meant softening up Pakistan for the balkanization process. To execute the Yugoslavia option, they had to induce democracy into the system, run by corrupt incompetent people who would freely indulge in fiscal and financial mismanagement. They wanted to create an environment where they could take away Pakistan's nuclear assets, and create anarchy through terrorists, insurgents and Al-Qaeda elements. In response to such a grim scenario the global opinion would be galvanized into declaring Pakistan as a failed state, permitting the world community to take away its nuclear weapons. All of this is happening in Pakistan right now. The American-sponsored democracy was brought after replacing an American ally because phase two of the project had to be initiated in Pakistan. They used Musharraf for seven years and once they decided to get into the high gear, they removed their ally and brought in a more corrupt and incompetent government, which is now responsible for turning Pakistan into a near dysfunctional state. This is exactly what they are doing with Egypt now. The anger in Egypt had reached its boiling point as Hosni Mubarak had been ruling there since the last 30-35 years. He was an 83 year old, pro-Israel pro-American dictator. The antagonism of the Egyptian society was rising by the day. Now the Americans required a more reliable stooge in order to create an environment in the country where they would once again bring in the so-called democracy; however, in reality, that democracy would be as incompetent and corrupt as the one we are suffering in Pakistan today. President Zardari is the most corrupt man in the world today and he was selected to rule over Pakistan, along with his cronies so that they do the bidding of the IMF

and the World Bank. Meanwhile the CIA, the Americans, the Black Water operatives and the NATO allow Indian terrorists to operate in Pakistan in order to make it a dysfunctional and failing state. A similar strategy is being used for Egypt. It's not just us but the British newspaper, the Telegraph has recently run a full story on how the CIA has taken three years to orchestrate this so- called Egyptian revolution. Everyone witnessed what had transpired; the moment the footage of the people on streets came out, the US foreign office announced, 'We want democracy in Egypt,' 'Hosni Mubarak should leave.' Without even wasting a day they abandoned their ally of the last 35 years and then the man who came out from nowhere to replace Hosni Mubarak was Mr. Elbaradei; he has been the head of the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) for the last ten years and he was the man responsible for scouting the entire Iraqi countryside; every village, every town, every city to make sure that Iraq did not have any weapons of mass destruction; but still America invaded Iraq on the pretext that it possessed such weapons. This makes it evident that Elbaradei works very closely with the CIA. He was the point man to work against Pakistan and Iran's nuclear programme as well as against the Libyan and the Syrian nuclear programmes. Primarily, under the facade ofIAEA, he was making sure that no Muslim state should possess nuclear weapons. He wasn't even present in Egypt, but the moment the protests started, Elbaradei landed there and immediately the western media projected him as the force behind this revolution. Waiting in the wings is another player just like Chalabi in Iraq; he is Amr Mousa, who was once the secretary general of the Arab League. This is another man heavily tilted

Tehrir Square - A hijacked revolutio towards the CIA. The problem is that while they were orchestrating the so-called massive movement against Hosni Mubarak, they were also wary that the Egyptian society has a huge presence of Islamists. In case of free and fair elections, there would be a very high probability that the Islamists would sweep to power and this is something they can not take any chances with. Therefore, while the American foreign office, Hillary Clinton and Obama were demanding democracy, Martial Law has been imposed in Egypt today. A military council has expanded the constitution. They say they would rule for six months and after that they will see if the environment is ready, they might go for election. In other words, a conglomerate has replaced the dictatorship of one man, that is the dictatorship of army generals. The first announcement they have made is about the policies of Egypt towards Israel and the US. They say that these policies would remain unchanged. Basically, they have taken the steam out of the emotions of the people. They have hijacked the entire emotional mindset, the anger of the Egyptian people. They have replaced one weak and hated man with many unknown faces. We don't know who the President of Egypt is today. We don't know who is ruling Egypt and it has officially become a headless state. In the next 6 to 8 months they are going to buy the media, they are going to buy the power groups, the civil society groups, the NGO's and the Americans will move in, the Israeli presence in Egypt is already quite heavy. They would create more social frictions, wars between Christians and Muslims, as well as sectarian strife between various sects of Muslims, exactly the way they did in Iraq. And once the Egyptian society starts to disintegrate, becomes

Amr Mousa - crony in waiting!

polarized, and the economy starts to collapse, they would call in an election which would create more anarchy and more chaos. The Egyptian military leadership is strongly pro-Israel and pro-American. They have hijacked this entire people's movement of sentiments. People were made to believe that if they can come out in numbers and overflow Egypt, they can bring a proper democratic government. This is something that did not happen. The phase which Egypt is going through right now is the phase which Pakistan went through 3 years ago when they removed Pervez Musharraf from Pakistan. So, this is a multiple axes campaign in the entire Middle East and every Muslim country in order to remove the favourite dictator who has served them well. A person who has been a useful idiot for so many years is replaced with a collection of idiots and a group of stooges, who would bring about the collapse of their country. After the first Gulf war, they slammed embargoes on Iraq along with many other restrictions. For ten years, Iraq had absolutely no import, no export, no trading, nothing. The economy collapsed and after that when they were fully satisfied they moved in with their forces. Pakistan and Egypt are two large Muslim countries; Pakistan is a nuclear state that is why they brought in democracy of their own choice so that Pakistan may implode from within, now they are applying the same strategy in Egypt. The Egyptian society may implode because Egypt is a powerful Arab country, once the Egyptian society becomes weak like Iraq's, Israel can move into the Sinai desert and retake it. Israel wants to expand to the Sinai desert and it is this re-shaping of the maps that we will see in the coming months. They are trying to create the



fusion between Coptic Christians and the Muslims in Egypt also. There are talks of dividing Egypt on North and South axes, the way they have divided Sudan on the Christian and Muslim axes. Henry Kissinger has openly said, "Whatever is happening in Egypt is the first step of the dramas to be unfolded in the Middle East in the near future." We are witnessing the game that is unfolding. To put it very simply, in their words, it is the re-shaping of the Greater Middle East. It is the re-drawing of the maps on sectarian, ethnic, linguistic, and geographic axes. The situation is highly explosive, merciless and dangerous; you can't break countries like this, you can't break nations like this, this creates turmoil of unimaginable magnitude. In Iraq almost 1.5 million people have been killed in the last six years. Four million people have been made refugees in the neighbouring countries. The next country which would be their target could be Syria because Syria poses a major threat to Israel. Then they would move onto Saudi Arabia; Pakistan and Iran of course, remain their prime targets. Iran and Iraq were at war for ten years and the Iranians hated Saddam Hussein, obviously that is understandable because Saddam had been the aggressor against the Iranian Revolution too. But the main point is, no matter how cruel he was, at least Iraq was far better off in his time than it is today. In Egypt, the million people who came to the square were not American agents, they were not CIA assets, or the ones on whom the Americans and Israelis were counting. They were from the Muslim brotherhood, Al-Ikhwan al-Mus limo on; they were people who genuinely wanted to bring about a change. Unfortunately for them, they can never have democracy.

In Algeria, about twenty years ago, they had free democratic elections where Islamic parties like AIIkhwan al-Muslimoon and FIS took majority and when they were about to form the government, the western-installed government asked the armed forces to stage a coup and to bring in a military rule. In this way they cancelled the result and since that day, free elections and democracy have not come to Algeria. Therefore, when the Iranian President or N asarullah supported the Egyptian people, they were saying that they wanted Mubarak to go. The Iranian government has given the statement that "The west is trying to hijack the people's sentiments and emotions." We know that there is a struggle going on in Egypt right now. People have come out. The people who have created the environment to overthrow Mubarak are Muslims, ordinary people, ordinary citizens, and are

are not willing to go home; the people who are still staying there. Now the Army is changing its tone, it is pacifying them that the revolution is complete and the army has taken over. They are telling the people that Mubarak is gone so they should go home as well. But the people, who came out did not come for this, they came out for a real change: Change in policies of the Egyptian government for actual, genuine freedom and liberty and genuine human rights. But nothing has changed, even the government remains, the ministers are the same, the establishment is the same, and the armed forces are the same. A few generals have basically asked Mubarak to leave but they have taken over. Now there is a confrontation building within the Egyptian society itself and the confrontation can be on multiple axes. A confrontation can build up within the civil society itself, where pro-Israeli, pro-American liberal groups would be mobilized to confront the Islamists and more conservatives, the confrontation can be between the Islamists and the Egyptian armed forces, and it can be between the armed forces themselves. This could be about which way to take Egypt because obviously there are many Egyptian nationalists within the armed forces who do not like too much reliance on the United States or too much bent towards the Israelis. After all it is the same Egyptian army that had fought Israel. It was only after the 1974 war that Israelis decided to engage Egypt and go right under their skin. That is why they planted traitors and collaborators within the Egyptian armed forces so that they would not pose a threat to them in the future. The investment made at that time is paying off today. Right now it is very difficult to say which way Egypt will go. But one thing is very clear, and that is, Egypt will be a weaker country. Egypt would be a country which would be fragmented; which would be more divided socially, financially, ethnically and religiously. And whatever weakening of the Egyptian society would take place, it is going to take Egypt towards the Yugoslavia/Iraqi Sudan option. We should not forget what they have done to Iraq, Sudan, Afghanistan, Somalia, Yugoslavia and to the Soviet Union. In the last twenty years all these major countries have been dismembered into smaller states. And this is the new era, the new phase, this is the new way of warfare, the 4th generation warfare. They weaken a society from within through financial mismanagement, corruption, insurgencies, civil war and then they finally weaken it to that level where the federation loses or provinces or regions declare independence. This is what is happening in Egypt now.

good human beings. But the Egyptian armed forces remain loyal to the Israelis and the Americans and that is why they are not holding any elections now. That is why Egypt will maintain the policy course of Anwar Al-Sadat and Hosni Mubarak regime and even a headless government would also maintain the same course. The Iranians and the Muslims all over the world are supporting the Egyptian people on removal of Hosni Mubarak. But everywhere Muslims are angry too, because everyone knows that this change which was brought by the people has been hij acked. The phase Egypt is going through right now is very volatile and very unpredictable. It can go in many directions and this is where the actual struggle lies. There is one struggle within the Egyptian society itself. There are many people in the Tahrir Square who

somewhere in the country. People are literally begging for necessities like water, electricity, power, and gas, the resources that are normally taken for granted. This is what they have reduced Pakistan to today, and this is what they are going to do to Egypt and to Syria and to the other Muslim lands which they are softening up now for this process. They will not be able to resist a nuclear weapon armed state ofIsrael when it starts to expand into the Middle East for the Greater Israel. Israel is the only country in the world which does not have defined boundaries. Since 1948 till today every year the boundaries of Israel change. They annex more settlements, they remove the villages of the Palestinians, they usurp their lands, build walls, re-draw the boundaries. For the last 62 years the Israeli boundaries have been changing constantly; it has no defined boundaries; any land which can be grabbed, whether within the defined boundaries today or even beyond, becomes Israel's land as per their map. Google the map, search for Greater Israel, and you will see where the Greater Israel stretches to; which Muslim countries come into those lands and then you will know why they are doing this to Egypt. Just as 100 years ago, in the beginning of the 20th century, they redrew the Middle East maps making up the Ottoman Empire, now they are further re-drawing it, and all those lands which could resist or pose a threat to the state of Israel are targets. Whatever is happening in Pakistan today is what they have done to Egypt. In Pakistan, they removed their ally, a dictator trying to bring democracy but they cannot do this in

The strength of a Muslim society lies in its ideology and morality and once you weaken the Islamic ideology and the strong moral and social values that knit the Islamic society together into family and social networks, then that society is ripe for takeover through a foreign invasion. This is exactly what they would do for the next six months or even beyond. They are going to wage a massive information war on the Egyptian society, giving them the benefits of the western democracy, western society, western liberalism, women's lib etc. All these civil society structures, education system and media will be massively re-programmed now. This was already happening during Hosni Mubarak's time but now it's going to be on an even faster track. Whatever they are doing in Egypt, they had already initiated it in Pakistan three years ago when they brought in this government and democracy. So, in order to know what will happen in Egypt three years down the line, you just have to look at Pakistan. Pakistan is facing multiple insurgencies, Pakistani media is heavily influenced by western corrupt pornographic material and the Indian muck and filth from the Bollywood film industry. Pakistan's education system has been handed over to the western universities; Pakistani text books are being written and designed by the western universities right now. The education system has polarized the society completely. There are generations who have been brought up in an education system in a society where they cannot speak the native language. This is what they have done to Pakistan. There is financial corruption and mismanagement. Every day riots erupt

Egypt because Islamists are strong there. Before that, they have to dilute the ideology, the Muslim ethos, the Islamic social fabric, and family network and only then would they bring in the kind of democracy that they desire, which would actually weaken the federation of Egypt. The Americans have been trying for many years now to stage some kind of an internal coup in Iran but they don't have any assets on ground. Iran is one country that does not have an American Embassy and an American Embassy is always the nest of spies. It is always a devil's den wherever they are. In Pakistan, they have made the biggest embassy in the entire region and they're constructing massive blocks inside, giving clear indications to the Pakistanis that Americans wish to stay here for an indefinitely long time. For instance, in the Raymond Davis case, the CIA, Blackwater operative who killed people in

Pakistani streets and is now in jail, the Americans are bearing down with all the pressure on the Pakistani government and society to declare him a diplomat. And all this is happening despite the fact that he came on a business visa and he was an undercover CIABlackwater operative, assassinating people and coordinating with terrorist groups. When the Americans have an embassy on ground, they can do this. In Iran they have a problem, they have to come through second hand sources. They have been trying for many years now and after the recent elections when Ahmadinejad was elected, they tried bringing about a revolution even at that time, but that fizzled out. Iranians are pretty tough in this regard and they hang the protestors if it is confirmed that they are working on behalf of the CIA. In the 50's there was an elected popular government of Musaddaq in Iran, he was a nationalist and he had nationalized the entire oil field and the entire oil companies, which were primarily British petroleum and western oil companies. Roosevelt's grandson was sent by the CIA with suitcases full of dollars to stage a coup against Musaddaq. He bought off people, groups, gangsters, commoners and even socialists and orchestrated a coup against Musaddaq, consequently dragging him through the streets and hanging him, and then they installed the Shah ofIran as the state head. That is how the Shah ofIran came into power. So, Iran has been a playground for the western intelligence agencies for a long time now. It has become especially important because of this particular government which is maintaining its own independent stance. The Americans are now trying to raise the wave of emotion in this region to give the perception that there is an indigenous revolt brewing in Iran, which is totally false. It's orchestrated just like it was in Egypt, but in Egypt people were fed up of Hosni Mubarak so they

came out in millions. In Iran, they're not fed up oftheir leadership that's why they came out in hundreds. This is the difference between the two. The ultimate nightmare for the Americans and NATO is that Pakistan and Iran may form a strategic collective security arrangement. It would completely throw the entire American game plan in the region in topsy-turvy because there are a hundred and fifty thousand American western troops and Blackwater in Afghanistan right now and their 84% supply-lines, from toilet paper to helicopters, everything goes from Pakistan; 60% fuel that the Americans and the NATO use in Afghanistan goes from Pakistan as well. Just imagine that if the supply-route from Pakistan is blocked, due to any reason, either due to anarchy, hostile public sentiments or due to a strategic alliance between Pakistan and Iran, 150,000 western troops in Afghanistan would be dead meat. The entire US game plan of staying in Afghanistan and trying to come down southwards through Baluchistan into the Gulf Waters, will end. From one side they're encircling Iran, and from the other, they are encircling Pakistan and then they are in the soft belly of China and Central Asia. Afghanistan is the most strategic location for the entire Asian continent right now. But the American presence there depends upon Pakistan's support. And that is why they fear the coming together of Pakistan and Iran, because Iran already has an ideologically

motivated government, though they are not a nuclearweapon state but they are a very strong nation. In Pakistan, we have very organized, much disciplined armed forces and they are keeping this federation together. They are not secular, they are ideologically motivated, are pro-Islam, anti-American, anti-Indian and they are the source of stability in the region. And Pakistan is a nuclear-weapon force. The fear that the Americans have is of Pakistan and Iran getting into a closer defensive cooperation, a collective security arrangement. While they have a corrupt government in Pakistan, they're working feverishly to dismember the Pakistani state. InshaAllah they will never be able to do that because the people have understood the game and the armed forces are united and they too have understood this game. But In Iran, they have to topple that government in quick time because the more they delay, the possibility ofIran becoming a nuclear-weapon state or Pakistan getting rid of its democracy, increases. They are also worried that a patriotic government may come in Pakistan and form an alliance with Iran and other regional countries like Saudi Arabia, Turkey, China and Russia. This kind of security block is something they're trying to prevent. This region has many nuclear-weapon states in close proximity. Russia is a nuclear-weapon state, so are China, Pakistan, India, and Iran is becoming one. So this region is the most explosive and volatile and of course the Americans are

sitting in the heart of it: In Afghanistan. While they are reshaping the Middle East, the actual focus of the Americans would be on Pakistan and on a secondary level, on Iran. In Pakistan, they have already annihilated the political government. The Pakistani government is totally pro-American, doing whatever the Americans are telling them to do. But in Iran this is not the case, so naturally Iran is the target now. Another point worth mentioning is that often the world media projects Pakistan as the epicentre of terror. That Pakistan is a failing state and the world should take away the nuclear weapons from Pakistan. This would be the greatest blunder that humanity would commit if Pakistan is brought under pressure. The civil society, the patriotic elements, and the people who are seeking the truth-the alternate media, they must see through this Zionist game. They must acknowledge the fact that Pakistan remains the last obstacle in the way of Israel, Zionists and Neo-cons' expansion plan in the greater Middle East because Pakistani armed forces train the armed forces of the entire Middle Eastern Muslim countries. Pakistan in the past has always been called for help when Israel had attacked Egypt and Syria in 1967and 1974. These countries had requested Pakistan and Pakistani Air defence units for help. Pakistani fighter pilots went to Egypt and Syria and Pakistan is the only Muslim country in the world which shot down Israeli aircraft in an air to air combat. This is a fact that nobody knows in the world. That is why the Israelis are terribly scared

of Pakistan. Pakistanis have a history of shooting them down. They have a history of defending the Arab lands and that is why they say they need Pakistan. We need to support Pakistan for the sake of all the freedom loving people, people who want justice, honour and dignity and want to live in peace. Pakistan is the centre of gravity. Your focus must remain in protecting and defending Pakistan as the last bastion, the last fortress for true freedom in the world. The projection that they give in the western media is cunning, evil, and sinister; it is a propaganda disinformation war against the Pakistani state. They are raising the western emotions against Pakistan and they want to get Pakistan beaten up from the west and in reality Pakistan is not just stabilizing Asia but also the Middle East and the Greater Middle East. Pakistan exists in the eye of the storm. Pakistanis are living here and fighting here for the freedom of the entire humanity; we are all on board in this common war. We are fighting for justice and freedom against the oppression of Zionists and Neo-cons. And for this reason, we continue to resist. In pursuit ofthis truth we will live with dignity and when the time comes we will die with honour.


Note: Just before this issue was sent to the press, Raymond Davis was released by the Pakistani court in lieu ofthe blood money to the heirs. The deal between the US and the Pakistani leadership remained secret and no details have come forth except that a 200 mn rupees blood money has been paid for the two Pakistani boys killed by Davis. The murder of the third Pakistan was not discussed by the court. No further charges of spying, espionage or terrorism were leveled against Davis and he was secretly escorted out ofthe country. The surprise decision sent the entire nation into a fit of rage and anger with massive protests, strikes and marches all across the country against the government, political leadership and the army. Though the intensity of the protests is dying down after a couple of days, the damage to the image and credibility of the armed forces has been most severe as the political parties and the media continue to hold the top military and intelligence leadership responsible for the deal. With total silence from the ISPR, there was no media handling or perception management from the armed forces. The Davis release was followed by multiple drone strikes on a peace Jirga in North Waziristan which killed 44 and wounded almost 100 Pakistani tribals and paramilitary soldiers. The incident further added fuel to the fire. The COAS gave a strongly worded statement condemning the attack. It was a welcome statement but the damage done due to Davis issue is very severe and needs serious and visible measures from the armed forces leadership to regain the lost trust. The challenges continue to mount for the military leadership as Libya also comes under attack by the US led western coalition, further igniting anger and rage within the Muslim lands. Army is still going soft on the political government, which is hurting the image and credibility of the institution. These are the most difficult and challenging times for the army as the hostile fifth columnists within the media and the political parties continue to discredit the institution and its leadership.

Eastern Front:

"If you
Sun Tzu

see words of peace and preparations for war - beware, war is coming!"

nuclear war between Pakistan and India is not yet on the table for Washington. The US cannot even afford a conventional war let alone a nuclear one and with both nations armed to the teeth with nuclear weapons, there is no guarantee that any conventional war between the two would remain just that. Ideally US would have wanted to denuclearize Pakistan at least in order to remove the threat of an "Islamic" bomb and also to give an added advantage to their strategic ally India, but that is not happening, hence the nervousness in Washington rises as both Pakistan and India remain on a collision course despite all the desperate attempts by the US. Indians would not allow the Americans to get involved in Kashmir but water is one issue where Pakistan cannot even afford to delay for a few years. Indians are aggressively stealing Pakistani water and with food security threatened, Islamabad would be forced to react violently.

US is relying heavily on India as the strategic partner for 21 st century against threats of Chinese expansion and "Islamic" terrorism. Indians have been taking the Americans for a ride exploiting the US fears regarding both China and Pakistan. But a war at this stage between Pakistan and India remains seriously counterproductive to the US designs in the region, especially when latter is struggling inAfghanistan. The Americans know that the underlining frictions between Pakistan and India can trigger a regional war, which would have a devastating impact on the US foreign policy for the 21 sl century. Bringing about a

Pakistan's ultimate strategic leverage - NATO's logistical dependence on Pakistan The global players with great concern are now noting the frictions. US plans to stay in Afghanistan for a long time and any Pak-India war would mean destruction of US forces as well as supplies from Pakistan being totally blocked. The US draws 84% of the war supplies and 60% oftheir fuel from Pakistan; thus they have a serious reason to fear a Pak -India war. The Indians have again exploited the mantra of terrorism to back off from the proposed talks with Pakistan. Now basically, there is no bilateral or multilateral forum where both nations can talk to resolve their differences. Indians are not under any pressure to come to peace. Both countries remain archrivals with a serious covert war being waged against Pakistan by the Indian RAW through Afghanistan. The Indians are now trying to pacify the exploding emotions in Kashmir. Under intense pressure of the civilian intifada and the latest uprising in the occupied valley, the Indian establishment is facing extreme embarrassment as now they cannot even blame Pakistan for fomenting it. Apart from the external US pressure where Pakistan is exploiting its strategic leverage on US due to the NATO supply line, the internal peaceful, civilian rebellion is the second decisive factor putting the Indian government on the defensive. In a desperate bid to reduce frictions between Pakistan and India and to pacify a visibly angry Pakistan for allowing Indian access into Afghanistan, the US finally pressurized Delhi in order to engage in talks with Pakistan on all issues. India would never come to talk to Pakistan under the circumstances if the US pressure were not the deciding factor. On the other hand, the US would never pressurize India, if Pakistan had not threatened them with reduction or even withdrawal of its support to the US operations in Afghanistan, if Indian influence in Afghanistan is not reduced. We doubt both US as well as India when they agree to talks with Pakistan. The US wants to pacify Pakistan and India wants to buy time! There is nothing more to these parleys. While the government in Islamabad remains intoxicated with power and corruption, the military is observing the above threats with great concern. Both army and the PAF remain alive and alert to the threats but the Navy remains the weakest link in the equation. There is an aggressive modernization and development program in both the Army and the PAF as Pakistan is literally surrounded by India from all sides due to a heavy Indian footprint in Afghanistan and the Indian Ocean. Despite being on the defensive, there is no way the Indians are going to have a soft spot for Pakistan or would want a peace process to be initiated. Under the facade of "Aman ki Asha" or the desire for any peace project, the Indian foreign office and media had initiated social and cultural engagements between Pakistani and Indian celebrities and media. This was basically one way traffic to import Indian media and psy-ops inside Pakistan. The Indians could not have hoped for a more supportive environment in Pakistan for their 4GW. Taking their 4GW and propaganda war to the next

Indian hostile Psy-ops - Pakistani collaborators! level, the Indians are now planning to exploit the world cup stage to build another false flag operation to blame Pakistan. In the past almost all terrorist acts in India lead back either to the Indian secret services and their saffron terrorist networks or were the acts of indigenous homegrown insurgencies in the Indian federation. But Indians were always aggressive to blame and nail Pakistan, LeT and lSI for the acts. We observe with great concern when Indians continue to build the psyops for yet another terror attack to be blamed on Pakistan and lSI. The 4thGeneration War against Pakistan is supposed to be a low intensity war to soften the State enough for a final high intensity surprise invasion by the Indians under the Cold Start doctrine. Declaring Pakistan a terrorist sate and isolating it in the global community, as a rogue country remains an integral part of this 4GW and we are seeing all the signs that Indians are aggressively working towards that end. Pakistan's information warfare departments - the PTV, Radio Pakistan and the Information Ministry have collapsed entirely to respond to the threats being faced by the country. In the absence of the covering fire of the information warfare and counter propaganda, Pakistani state and forces remain hopelessly exposed to Indian media barrages. The Indian Bollywood film industry is acting as an extension of the Indian foreign office, churning out hundreds of films, dramas and plays, directed against the Pakistani audience to dilute the Pakistani identity and ideology and to homogenize it with the Indian culture, language and values. This media invasion on Pakistan is so total that now even the mainstream news channels and the state owned PTV is routinely airing Indian content without any censorship or control. The capital city of Islamabad is flooded with hundreds of posters, ads, banners and pies of Indian actresses and almost every commercial by multinational companies has Indian content or actresses. Indian movies are being aired in Pakistani cities even to the extent that even all military garrisons run and show Indian channels. This is ironic considering the fact that no Pakistani content, movie or program can be aired on Indian channels and there is no question of Pakistani channels being aired in Indian cities or garrisons. Indian companies have bought heavy shares in major Pakistani channels controlling their content and editorials.

Indian media's unity oJpurpose - attack and isolate Pakistan!

The analysts who are monitoring this Indian media war against Pakistan are convinced that the PPP government is a deliberate party to this betrayal and is acting as local agents for the hostile powers to soften the country for final disintegration. While the military responds at the military levels, it does not and cannot manage the economy or the ideological subversion being committed against the state by the Indian media, especially when the military's own organization, the ISPR also remains toothless, directionless and disorientated to even know the extent of the damage already caused, let alone develop a response to it. This defeat in the information war is the greatest single contributing factor in creating psychological, political, religious and diplomatic anarchy in the Pakistani society, politics and government. Still, there is no awareness either in the government or in the Pakistani media. However, within India the tussle between the ruling Congress party and the opposition party BJP is now benefitting the Muslims and Pakistan's cause, as another sinister dimension of the Indian society is being exposed which defines the penetration of Hindu extremists and fascists in the Indian establishment , politics and military. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi had fired fierce salvos on the opposition when he had acknowledged that Hindu extremists are a bigger threat to the Indian federation than Muslim Jihadists or even Al-Qaeda. Now the battle has also gone to the courts and the links of Hindu extremists with Indian mainstream parties are being questioned. But the fact remains that unknown to the world a





............ ,'
II·,.,..... III


terrorism breeding fascist ideology is taking decisive control over the largest "democracy" of the world, posing an existential threat to the region as well as to the world at large. Under the facade of secularism, driven by extreme sentiments of hatred and desire for revenge for being humiliated and ruled over for a thousand years by the Islamic and Western civilizations, the Hindu Brahmin zealots in India are inflaming the masses' religious passions to a mad frenzy, spreading the cancerous ideology into the Indian establishment as well as the armed forces , with a fierce desire to take control of the military and nuclear weapons in order to wage a decisive and total war for "Akhand Bharat" or greater India! Though the boundaries of this mythical land for the Brahmin elite stretch from Malaysia to Kabul, it is Pakistan that remains the first and the most formidable hurdle in this proposed Hindu Zionist expansion. Pakistan fights not just for its own identity, ideology and geography but also for the entire civilized world against this lurking but hitherto unknown threat. India needs time to prepare for a final showdown with Pakistan and perhaps with China as well. Ideally, India would like to keep the two wars separate but its Army Chief has signaled that India is preparing a doctrine, which would allow it to engage Pakistan and China simultaneously. Indian Cold Start doctrine is now in the testing stages, which allows the Indian Independent battle groups to roll into Pakistan on short notice from various axis in order to cause


Legal Queen (Asma Jahangir, Chairperson Supreme with hardcore Hindu saffron terrorist Bal Thakray

Court Bar)

maximum damage to Pakistan through shock, awe and surpnse. On the diplomatic level, there are talks of "peace" which are nothing but eye wash and the attempt to gain time. On the practical and military levels, there are preparations for war. War is being waged against Pakistan on 4 maj or axes: • Through assets in TTP and BLA, drawing Pakistan towards western front in a high intensity counter insurgency war. Preparations are on for a high intensity war on the international border for which the Cold Start doctrine is being polished.
Sabotaging energy infrastructure - BLA 's tactical assult

• •

Water war to starve or flood Pakistan through construction of dams and barrages on major rivers entering Pakistan. Information and Media war to dilute the identity and ideology of Pakistan and to spread the doctrine of "Aman Ki Asha," the "peace initiative through civil society". The invitations for talks on Kashmir are also part of this deception strategy.

and governance incompetence. With serious infighting between the judiciary, government and the security forces, the crisis of insurgency, war and terrorism continue to grow deeper. Instead of supporting the forces, the government and the judiciary are acting as enemies and adversaries to the forces and the state itself. Pakistan needs military courts to try and convict insurgents. Unless this is realized, the Indian backed insurgents and terrorists would remain on a rampage. The Indians are fully exploiting this anarchy in Pakistani politics. DO NOT expect any peace between Pakistan and India! Both countries are in a perpetual war with each other, with a high intensity war looming just around the comer. A "terrorist" attack on India or a desperate attempt by Pakistan to save its share of water can have the trigger effect. Anything can snap between the two countries anytime.

Pakistan remains in a state of war; the Government remains in a state of denial despite the threats and insurgencies, still treating it as a local law and order security issue rather than a total 4thGeneration War on the state from Afghanistan by the Indian RAW and their TTP/BLA assets. The literal idiots in the government still can't see that the terrorists have compromised the entire judicial system and the only way the State writ can be enforced is if martial law is applied in the war zones. In these war zones, civil laws and administration does not exist and the country continues to suffer staggeringly from this strategic confusion. The terrorists are now also targeting the state judicial system making it impossible for the government to dispense justice in an already collapsed judiciary. The provincial government and the superior courts continue to threaten the security forces if terrorists are engaged and eliminated in encounters and operations. The government itself is tying the hands ofthe forces; most ofthe members of the government are exploiting the security operations to pass the buck to the army and the paramilitary from their own political failure

Western Theatre:
There are signs that in the coming days, relations between Pakistan and United States would be more seriously strained. There are no reasons to believe otherwise. If the US had not been so desperately dependent upon Pakistan in Afghanistan, a physical war would already have been imposed or US would have penetrated Pakistani tribal areas. Threats of economic and diplomatic isolation are already being given and frustrations are on an all time high in the military spheres. Pakistan is on very strong footings.

Nightmare of

us foreign

policy - Pakistani nation in rage against the US! Kerry flew in to Islamabad to seek his release but had to return empty handed. The US is not used to this sort of humiliation at the hands of Pakistanis. This is the new Pakistan they are dealing with. There is visible panic in the US government and the military. Davis has already spilled many beans, his contacts are exposed and are now being arrested from all over the country. More and more American agents working in Pakistan are being exposed, even arrested and Pakistan army and lSI have taken a very firm stance against the CIA and the US military. When the US talks about going to the International Court of Justice, it means that they have already surrendered their super power status! This is a humiliating fall for the once mighty super power, which was threatening Pakistan of being bombed into the stone age in the post 9111 era. There is scramble in CIA and US military to do damage control. Davis was once sure that he would be free in a matter of days. Now he is in panic mode as well. He never expected to be put on trial and possibly given a death sentence. The awakening is coming to him now as the trial starts. The US is now desperate to the point of being outrageous. The CIA goons are now trying to threaten the witnesses and even assassinate them. It has now become a dirty war where all US assets in terrorist organizations, media, politics and the government

Davis issue is a full-blown diplomatic, political and military crisis for the US now. For the first time, the US is fully on the defensive, embarrassed and disoriented as how to wriggle out of this game changing intelligence debacle for the CIA. The Western media has blown the lid off the cover of Davis, exposing him as a covert undercover operator for the CIA and even more from the JSOC, the Joint Special Operations Command, a covert subversive military force under the US President, responsible for dirty operations, sabotage, espionage and terrorism. This is a major disaster for the US, CIA and JSOC. They have been caught red handed involved in terrorism inside Pakistan and now the US covert operations in Pakistan are under the global microscope, more so by the Pakistani security establishment and the lSI. The Pakistani nation is screaming for blood! On the other hand, it is the lSI, which is defining its terms and rules of engagement for future cooperation with the CIA. Since the last 10 years, the CIA has been running wild in the country supporting terrorist gangs and political dissidents, creating anarchy and turmoil in Pakistan. Now they have been caught and nailed by the lSI. President Obama had to step in to try and increase pressure on Pakistan but even he was frustrated. This was the maximum pressure the US could exert and revealed the extent of its desperation. Senator John

have been activated. This crisis can bring the PPP government down if mishandled. There is visible nervousness in the PPP ranks also. The party has split on multiple axes, giving confused and conflicting statements, has tried to support the American view about the CIA operator and have still failed to be of any help to the Americans. The US is visibly angry with the government as well but it is the nation, armed forces and the lSI who are holding the ground against Davis's extradition. Punjab Police is already a compromised force but under the pressure of lSI, they are forced to behave. The lSI has now launched a nationwide hunt for CIA operators in Pakistan. This has thrown the CIA into panic. The US Special Operations Command works in Pakistan under various cover names and aliases. Now the lSI is demanding their full identification. The message is being sent to the US and the CIA loud and clear, as all captured US citizens are being sent to jail and to trial. N ow the US has more "Davis's" to take care of. The US had not planned for the events to take this disastrous course both inside Pakistan and in Afghanistan. For years, they had been planning to dismember Pakistan under the Af- Pak doctrine, which designated Pakistan as a theatre of war along with Afghanistan; the JSOC operations were allowed and sponsored inside Pakistan in order to destabilize the country, even targeting the Pakistani armed forces leadership and the lSI. Pakistan has taken severe losses due to this CIA sponsored terrorism. The US was creating a global perception that Pakistan is the epicenter of terror and hence its nuclear weapons should be taken away. Now the Davis arrest has proven that it was actually the CIA, which was destabilizing the country and attacking the armed forces through its surrogate terrorist groups. The arrest of Davis is the gold mine of intelligence and information, which the Pakistani security establishment knew about but did not have enough proof of. Now it is all in the open and the missing links have fallen in place. Under the guise of war on terror, it is the CIA, which had waged a war on the Pakistani state, armed forces and the people. Though the US has rejected the release of Dr. Afia in exchange for Davis for now, they may have to come to terms with Pakistan if Afia is demanded firmly by Islamabad. The US money for Pakistan is not the decisive factor anyways as Pakistan is managing even without it. America's desperation over Davis is increasing as the courts start his trial and his detention

drags on. The US is now preparing a legal team to defend Davis in court, basically preparing for a long haul detention and trial in the Pakistani courts. This is a major defeat for the CIA and US administration. The PPP regime would have easily succumbed under pressure if they had not feared their own demise under public wrath. The PPP leaders are already making outrageous claims and pondering ways and means to provide relief to the arrested terrorist. The PML(N) is running the show in Punjab and they are also negotiating on behalf of the Americans for blood money settlement. In this case, even the lower and higher judiciary is standing firm so far, taking the pressure and siding with the people, armed forces and the patriots. This unique display of national will by the Pakistanis is genuinely embarrassing the US administration. Faced with the prospects of arrests of the remaining accused as well, the US diplomats are now on damage control mission. While they try to calm a visibly nervous PPP government, they are also evacuating their people from the country to keep them from being arrested. The PPP government is pleading with the US to understand their vulnerabilities against a visibly hostile nation and a firm judiciary. If the US pushes the PPP government too fast, too far, there would be a coup in Islamabad. The US is using the threats of economic assistance freeze on this PPP government that is now stuck between a rock and a hard place. They are doomed if they release Davis and are doomed if they don't. The government is behaving in a ridiculous manner in front of the courts and the nation and their confusion and panic is too obvious.



but Washington feels that they can make some progress in direct talks with the resistance. That is a misconception as well. With every passing day, Pakistan is getting a tighter grip on the US policy in Afghanistan. The frustration and anger in the USINATO is quite visible now.
It is now even more obvious how Pakistan actually

These are decisive and game changing days for US foreign policy and military strategy in Afghanistan. There is nothing the US can do to threaten or intimidate Pakistan beyond what they have already done. Their supplies remain extremely vulnerable through Pakistan and if the Army, lSI or the nation decide to block those supplies, the entire Afghan adventure for the US and NATO would be buried in the Afghan gorges. Seeing the hopelessness ofthe situation on ground, the US is already abandoning the rural areas of the country and handing them over to the Afghan army, basically accepting the defeat and withdrawing. The war in Afghanistan is gone very bad indeed, with public opinion shifting rapidly and radically against foreign forces. Now with Pakistan also on the verge of taking a hostile independent line, US military is staring death in the face. They will not give up easily, apart from resorting to more violence they have no other option inside Afghanistan. Pakistan is also now protecting its own interest on Afghan Transit trade agreement, which was made under pressure from the Americans in order to benefit the Indians. Seeing the mood in Pakistan now, the US is desperate to find its own links and contacts with the Afghan resistance. Pakistan holds the key to any strategic dialogue between the US and the Pashtun resistance but now, under sheer frustration, the US is trying to find alternate means. There is not much they can do about their logistical lines that pass through Pakistan as well

controls the future of US in the region. For Pakistan it is payback time for years of US and CIA betrayals, terrorism, insurgencies and violence against the people, state, armed forces and the lSI. The US also knows that there is nothing it can do against Pakistan now but to accept the terms being offered by the lSI. The Davis debacle has changed the rules of the game for the CIA - for worse! The US is now desperate to seek assurance from Pakistan over continued NATO supplies and Pakistan's support for the US war in Afghanistan. We can see a high degree of panic in Washington as relations have deteriorated rapidly in the past few weeks over Davis. The US endgame in Afghanistan would be a total disaster and military catastrophe if Pakistan decides to pull the plug on the Afghan operation. Lately, the US has calmed down considerably over Davis and is now letting the issue cool off a bit, both in the media as well as in diplomacy, though the arrested CIA terrorist remains high on the bilateral agenda. The pressure from the army and lSI as well as the national mood do not allow the political government to compromise on the arrested CIA man otherwise this PPP regime just cannot take this much pressure from the US. The Davis crisis has given a new confidence to the Pakistani military and the nation that they can stand up to the US and exploit the US vulnerabilities in the region to undo all the wrongs which have been done to Pakistan since the last 10 years in the name of war on terror. It has exposed Pakistan's strength and US' frailty in the region as well as the latter's desperation and dependence on Pakistan to find a respectable exit from Afghanistan. A super power like the US would hate to be so helplessly dependent upon Pakistan for its survival but now it stands exposed and is being forced to come to the terms being offered by the GHQ and lSI. This is a new Pakistan the US is dealing with now, and they can't handle it!

Political/ EconomicAxis:
The Peoples' Party is now disintegrating on all axes. Bitter internal rivalries, power feuds, corruption charges and party disputes are tearing apart the ruling party. From the PM to the ministers to the party leaders - it is a free for all now. In panic, the PPP regime is opening battle fronts with all and sundry, even the former President Musharraf. PML(N) is already on a war path. With infighting at its peak, the US' dissatisfaction with the PPP regime and all opposition parties also gunning for the government, this is a wide front which Mr. Zardari has opened for himself. The higher judiciary is also making life hell for the PPP regime. In desperate attempts to regain allies, PPP reaches out to the MQM and JUI(F) , both master crooks upping their price beyond the capacity of Mr. 10%. Meanwhile, corruption and massive financial mismanagement remains the business of the day. Every passing day causes a loss of millions of rupees to the national exchequer due to embezzlement and financial corruption. The Supreme Court is fuming and is taking a serious view ofthe law and order crisis and the financial corruption of this regime but the court is not yet making decisive moves against it. Perhaps it is waiting for some more public and military pressure to be generated against the government but for now, the decisive coup de grace has not yet come from the Court. The only reason this regime is surviving is due to the fact that the army has not made up its mind to replace it yet. Also, the US has no option but to support this regime as our army is more defiant and patriotic. But Mr. Zardari is losing the grip on the situation and his destiny now is in the hands of the US or the GHQ and not in his own. This is a desperate state for him but while he is still there, he is not missing any opportunity to mint some more cash whenever he can. We have a feeling his end would be very violent and perhaps very soon too! The entire national economy continues to slide down to the point of no return and the average citizen comes under more and more financial crunch, thus creating the right recipe for a social implosion. The situation is explosive and dangerous. The Army is still weighing its options hoping to find the right mix of patriots, politicians and leaders to act as alternate leadership to the existing diseased lot. The focus of this regime is to beg, borrow and steal in the shortest possible time, creating such an anarchy that now it is coming back to

haunt them. Now there is panic as other ministers also fear for their lives. The global embarrassment is also severe though one can't really shame the shameless. There is absolutely no improvement in any sector as far as governance is concerned. In fact, the situation continues to get even more precarious. The infighting between political parties is turning into a circus and the government continues to bank on indirect taxes to try to sustain its daily expenditures. The situation continues to get explosive on the streets as fuel and energy prices continue to elevate the cost of basic survival higher every day. Even the allies of the government are now abandoning them as the public rage rises. The IMF runs the economy and our finance minister acts as their manager. As if the law and order and economic collapse were not bad enough, the government continues to confront and challenge the Supreme Court to prevent investigation into its corruption. This is further precipitating the anarchic situation in the country. In our assessment, the army does not have much time to make up its mind as the economic collapse would make it impossible for the government to even pay salaries to the government officers and armed forces if the present slide continues for another few weeks or months. The Army would also not like to confront its own citizens on the streets in case of civil unrest. The government is already so unpopular that no tears would be shed on its demise. It is time the military should link up with the judiciary and the patriots to bring sanity to the chaos and the anarchy ruling the country today. The Army is still indecisive about its duty and role in the present political, security and economic crisis. This is proving fatal for the national security. The economy continues to crash, social and provincial anarchy continue to increase and national unity and solidarity continue to remain in chaos and confusion due to corruption, incompetence and literal treason of this regime. Neither the Supreme Court nor the army is making any decisive moves against the regime. Both the SC and the army have not even reached a consensus to work together in order to correct the dangerous imbalance. In the meanwhile, the government continues to print bank notes to the tune of almost 2 bn rupees per day, devaluating the currency in the process and making windfall profits in corruption and embezzlements. It is an explosive situation on the streets. We cannot overemphasize its seriousness. Time is one luxury the country cannot afford!

In the last 3 years, despite being in absolute power, this PPP regime has not even defined terrorism, nor does it possess the required moral, legal, religious and military will to confront the threats facing the country. The country is under active insurgencies and the PPP regime fails to even acknowledge the fact, let alone develop a response to it. Now, terrorists are on a rampage all over the country and the state officials are being eliminated with impunity. On another axis, in Sindh, PPP also went to war with MQM, creating more crises for itself. MQM are master blackmailers and are fully exploiting the weaknesses of the crumbling regime. Having run out of allies and friends, Zardari turns towards enemies for alliance to keep his government floating. It is a desperate situation now for the PPP. It is not 1e~sthan.a political miracle that the PPP regime has survived this far despite such massive corruption, bad governance and hostility towards allies and opposition parties as well as towards the Supreme Court and the army. While SC and army continue to weigh their options, the government continues to push its luck dangerously. It cannot go on like this for long. The explosion would be violent unless the state organs SC and army, intervene and correct the dangerous imbalance.

infrastructures are being attacked and destroyed with impunity. With a collapsed judicial system an? no f~ar of law within the insurgents, the TTP contmues Its rampage in the country. Security forces are hitting them where they are visible but within the mainland, TTP continues to draw serious blood. In response to Pakistan's stance on Davis, the CIA assets have now started a new wave of terrorist attacks targeting the rail service in Sindh and Baluchistan. This is a serious threat and affects Pakistan's economic and communication lifeline. The war against the State has entered a critical stage and security forces need a robust strategy and a strong judicial system to respond to the threat. So far, they have neither, as the government as well as the judiciary has collapsed against these threats. In Baluchistan also, the BLA remained on a rampage of their own, totally out of control of the provincial ?r federal government. There is no government m Baluchistan and no will, means or strategies exist there to respond to this threat. It is a self created, self inflicted crisis though easily manageable if all state organs develop a comprehensive .an~ c~herent working strategy. This is what the SC 1S directing the provincial government towards. Meanwhile, the state remains under attack in the province. All this country needs is a government; everything else is manageable. InshaAllah!

Internal Security Axis:
The CIA has resumed its drone strikes, recovering from the loss of Davis. All these strikes are on Afghan Taliban and their allies who are fighting the USINATO. The TTP are not targeted in these strikes, as they remain assets of the CIA. Davis was found to be in contact with TTP terrorists, organizing them to stage terror attacks in Pakistan. The US drone strikes continue in the region as well with serious damage to local lives and property. These controversial strikes have generated more anger and hatred towards the state of Pakistan and armed forces. The militants continue to use these as an excuse to launch more attacks in mainland Pakistan. TTP militants are still active and getting their supplies from Afghanistan and JSOC. The Military and lSI maintain their pressure on the TTP more so after the arrest of Davis as fresh intelligence comes to light. The TTP terrorists and BLA separatists have become very aggressive, audacious and ruth1es.s in th.eir .~ar against the state, exploiting the leadership and judicial vacuum and confusion in the state organs. All state

" Pakistan" ?
By: Muhammed

What do we mean by

Asad (Late)

Editor's Note:
This is a rare archival paper on the romantic ideology of Pakistan as understood by our forefathers and the Muslim world of that time. Written almost 63 years ago by Mohammed Asad, the German convert, the paper is an extraordinary representation of the ethos, aspirations, hopes and magnanimity of the Pakistan movement. Here we bring it to light once again for our present generation to know and understand the invaluable significance of Pakistan for those who sacrificed everything in order to create this sacred land. Born as Leopold Weiss in a Jewish family, in 1900, he reverted to Islam in 1926 in Berlin and adopted the Muslim name Mohammed Asad. He travelled extensively in the Middle East of the time and became an active contributor to the Muslim cause, even joining hands with Omar Mukhtar al Sanussi in the Libyan deserts in the fight for freedom from the occupying Italian forces. He is famously known for his two major publications: "The Road to Mekkah ", a biographical account of his life up to the age 0[32, his conversion to Islam from Judaism and his journey to Mekkah; and his magnum opus, "The Message of the Quran", a translation ofthe Holy Quran.

In 1932, he visited British India and met Dr Allama Mohammed Iqbal and developed a close association with him. Iqbal persuaded Asad to stay in India and work with the Muslims of India towards the establishment of a separate state for themselves. Asad supported this idea strongly and after the independence and creation of Pakistan in 1947, in recognition of his support for the cause, he was conferred full citizenship by Pakistan and was appointed the Director of Department of Islamic Reconstruction, where he made recommendations on the drafting of Pakistan's first Constitution. In 1949, Asad joined Pakistan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and as Head of the Middle East Division, made efforts to strengthen Pakistan's relations with the Muslim states of the Mid-East. In 1952 Asad was appointed Pakistan's Minister Plenipotentiary to the United Nations. Asad later moved to Spain and remained there till his death in 1992. He is buried in the Muslim cemetery of Granada, in the former province of Andalusia, Spain.

I quote myself from the February 1947 number of Arafat (p. 166): "The Pakistan movement ... can become the starting-

of our brothers and sisters do not seem to care for the spiritual, Islamic objectives of Pakistan and permit themselves to be carried away by sentiments not far removed from nationalism and this is especially true of many Muslims educated on western lines. They are unable to think other than on the western thought pattern, therefore, they do not believe in their hearts that the world's social and political problems are capable of being subordinated to purely religious considerations. Hence, their approach to Islam is governed by convention rather than ideology and amounts at best to a faintly 'cultural' interest in their community's historical traditions.





point of a new Islamic development if the Muslims realize - and continue realizing it when Pakistan is achieved - that the real, historic justification of this movement does not consist in our dressing or talking or salaaming differently from the other inhabitants of the country, or in the grievances which we may have against other communities, or even in the desire to provide more economic opportunities and more elbowroom for people who - by sheer force of habit - call themselves 'Muslims'; but that such a justification is to be found only in the Muslims' desire to establish a truly Islamic polity; in other words, to translate the tenets of Islam into terms of practical life. " This, in short, is my conception of Pakistan and I do not think that I am far wrong in assuming that it is the conception of many other Muslims as well; of many but not all, and not even of most of them. For, by far the larger part of our intelligentsia does not seem to consider Pakistan in this light. To them it means no more and no less than a way ofliberating the Muslims of India from Hindu domination, and the establishment of a political structure in which the Muslim community would find its 'place in the sun', in the economic sense. Islam comes into the picture only in so far as it happens to be the religion of the people concerned just as Catholicism came into the picture in the Irish struggle for independence because it happened to be the religion of most Irishmen. To put it bluntly, many

Now this is a very poor view of Pakistan, a view, moreover, which does not do justice to the Islamic enthusiasm at present so markedly - if chaotically displayed by the overwhelming masses of our common people. While majority of our so-called intelligentsia is interested in Islam only in so far as it fits into their struggle for political self-determination, the common people most obviously desire selfdetermination for the sake ofIslam as such. As far as the Muslim masses are concerned, the Pakistan movement is rooted in their instinctive feeling that they are an ideological community and have as such every right to an autonomous political existence. In other words, they feel and know that their communal existence is not - as with other communities - based on racial affinities or on the consciousness of cultural traditions held in common, but only - exclusively - on the fact of their common adherence to the ideology of Islam, therefore, they

must justify their communal existence by erecting a socio-political structure in which that ideology -the Shariah -would become the visible expression of their nationhood. This, and not a solution of the all-India problem of Muslim minorities, is the real historic purpose of the Pakistan movement. Insofar as there will always remain non-Muslim minorities in Pakistan as well as Muslim minorities in the rest ofIndia, Pakistan cannot be expected to solve the minorities' problem in its entirety. This is precisely a point which we - and our opponents - would do well to understand: The problem of minorities, however important in all considerations of India's political future, is in itself not fundamentally responsible for the Pakistan movement but is rather an incidental accompaniment to the movement's intrinsic objective - the establishment of an Islamic polity in which our ideology could come to practical fruition. Only thus can we understand why the Muslims in, say, Bombay or Madras - who of course cannot expect their provinces to become part of Pakistan, are as much interested in its realization as are the Muslims of the Punjab or of Bengal. They are interested in Pakistan not because they hope to come within its orbit in a territorial sense, but because they feel, as intensely as their brethren in the so-called 'Muslim majority' provinces that the birth of an Islamic polity in Pakistan would vindicate the

claim that Islam is a practical proposition and that the Muslims - because of their being Muslims - are a nation unto themselves, irrespective of their geographical location. In this respect the Pakistan movement is truly unique among all the political mass movements now evident anywhere in the Muslim world. No doubt, in the vast territories that go by this name there are many other lovers ofIslam besides us, but nowhere in the modem world, except in the Pakistan movement, has a whole Muslim nation set out on the march towards Islam. Some ofthose states, like Turkey and (the then Shah's) Iran, are explicitly anti-Islamic in their governmental aims and openly declare that Islam should be eliminated from politics and from the people's social life. But even those Muslim states in which religion is still being valued - in varying degrees - as a spiritual treasure, are 'Islamic' only insofar as Islam is the religion professed by the majority of their inhabitants while their political aims are not really governed by Islamic considerations but rather by what the rulers or ruling classes conceive as 'national' interests in the same sense in which they are conceived in the West. In the Pakistan movement, on the other hand, there undoubtedly exists such a direct connection between the people's attachment to Islam and their political aims. Rather, more than that, the practical success of this movement is exclusively due to our people's passionate, if as yet inarticulate, desire to have a state in which the forms and objectives of government would be determined by the ideological imperatives of

last but not the least, to safeguard the economic development of a group of people who happen to be 'Muslims' only by virtue of their birth. Nobody can doubt that the cultural traditions and the immediate economic requirements of the Muslim community are extremely important in our planning the Muslim fixture on Islamic lines. But this is just the point: they should never be viewed independently of our ideological goal - the building of our fixture on Islamic lines. It appears, however, that the majonty of our intelligentsia are about to commit just this mistake. When they talk of Pakistan, they often convey the impression that the 'actual' interests of the Muslim world could be viewed independently of what is described as the 'purely ideological' interests ofIslam; in other words, that it is possible to be a good Pakistani without being primarily interested in Islam as the basic reality in one's own and in the community's life. Islam - a state, that is, in which Islam would not be just a religious and cultural 'label' of the people concerned, but the very goal and purpose of state- formation. Now it goes without saying that an achievement of such an Islamic state - the first in the modem world would revolutionize the Muslim political thought everywhere, and would probably inspire other Muslim peoples to strive towards similar ends, and so it might become a prelude to an Islamic reorientation in many parts of the world. Thus, the Pakistan movement contains a great promise for an Islamic revival and it offers almost the only hope of such a revival in a world that is rapidly slipping away from the ideals ofIslam. But the hope is justified only so long as our leaders, and the masses with them, keep the true objective of Pakistan in view, and do not yield to the temptation to regard their movement as just another of the many 'national' movements so fashionable in the present-day Muslim world. There is an acute danger of the Pakistan movement being deflected from its ideological course by laying too much stress on a 'cultural' nationalism - on a community of interests arising not so much from a common ideology as from the desire to preserve certain cultural traits, social habits and customs and, [However], such an arbitrary division between 'Muslim' and 'Islamic' interests is sheer nonsense. Islam is not just one among several characteristics of Muslim communal existence, but its only historical cause and justification, and to consider Muslim interests as something apart from Islam is like considering a living being as something apart from the fact of its life. It should [therefore] be our leaders' duty to tell their followers that they must become better Muslims today in order to be worthy of Pakistan tomorrow, instead of which they merely assure us that we shall become better Muslims 'as soon as Pakistan is achieved'.

There is an acute danger of the Pakistan movement being deflected from its ideological course by laying too much stress on a 'cultural' nationalism - on a community of interests arising not so much from a common ideology as from the desire to preserve certain cultural traits, social habits and customs and, last but not the least, to safeguard the economic development of a group of people who happen to be 'Muslims' only by virtue of their birth.

The above reasomng intellectually dishonest.


extremely fallacious and

Asad in Arabia in 20's! This easy assurance will not do. It is self-deceptive in the extreme. Ifwe do not sow the seeds oflslamic life now, when our enthusiasm is at its fighting pitch, there is no earthly reason to expect that we will suddenly be transformed into better Muslims when the struggle is over and our political autonomy secured. I can almost hear some of our leaders say: 'Brother, you are too pessimistic - or perhaps a little bit too apprehensive. Almost every one of us desires a truly Islamic life. Only, it would be impolitic to insist on this ideal right now. In our ranks there are many people who render the most valuable services to our political cause, but - owing to a wring upbringing - do not care too much for religion; and if we stress the religious side of our struggle from the very beginning, those valuable workers might cool down in their zeal, and so be lost to our cause. We do not want to lose them, we cannot afford to lose them and so we are obliged to postpone our work for the people's religious uplift until after we have won a state of our own. At present, we must concentrate all our energies on the short-term objective before us - the freeing of the Muslims from non-Muslim domination - and not dissipate them on purely religious considerations. If we insist, at this stage, too loudly on our long-term objective - the deepening of Islamic consciousness in the Muslims and the creation of a truly Islamic polity - we might not only estrange many of our westernized brothers and sisters from our cause, but also increase the apprehensions of the non-Muslim minorities who live in the area of Pakistan. '

As for the apprehensions which our insistence on an Islamic life might cause among the non-Muslim minorities, I should like you to ask yourselves: What is it that makes non-Muslims so bitterly antagonistic to the idea of Pakistan? Obviously, a fear of what they describe as a 'communal raj' and the probability ofthe Muslim-dominated areas being cut offfrom the rest of India. The question as to whether the Muslims truly intend to live according to the principles of Islam or not leaves the non-Muslims cold. They are afraid of Muslim political preponderance in certain areas, and it does not make prima facie the least difference to them whether the Muslims are inspired in their endeavors by Islamic or any other considerations. Hence, they will oppose Muslim endeavors in any case, and with all strength at their disposal. With all this, the attitude of our opponents might though I do not say that it definitely will - be to some extent influenced by the thought that what we Muslims really aim at is justice for all, provided that we succeed in convincing them that we are really moved by moral convictions and not by a wish to exploit non-Muslims for the benefit of Muslims. It is, therefore, our duty to prove to the whole world that we really mean to live up to the standard laid down in these words of the Holy Qur'an: 'You are the best of community that has been sent forth unto mankind: for you enjoin the Right and forbid the Wrong, and have faith in God' (Al-I-'Imran 3: 110). Our being a worthy Ummah in the sight of God depends on our being prepared to struggle, always and under all circumstances, for the upholding of justice and the abolition of injustice and this should preclude

I can well imagine that a non-Muslim feels apprehensive about his fixture in a state which, in his opinion, would aim at giving economic preference to the Muslim community at the expense of non-Muslims, but he will have less reason to feel such an apprehension if he becomes convinced that the Muslims are determined to ensure justice to Muslim and non-Muslim alike.

the possibility of a truly Islamic community being unjust to non-Muslims. I can well imagine that a nonMuslim feels apprehensive about his fixture in a state which, in his opinion, would aim at giving economic preference to the Muslim community at the expense of non-Muslims, but he will have less reason to feel such an apprehension if he becomes convinced that the Muslims are determined to ensure justice to Muslim and non-Muslim alike. And we cannot convince our opponents of our bona fides unless we prove, firstly, that an Islamic polity connotes justice for all, and secondly, that we Muslims are really serious in our avowals that precisely such polity is our goal- in other words, that we truly believe in the tenets of our religion. It is, therefore, quite erroneous to assume that the fears of non-Muslim minorities could be allayed b~ our discreetly avoiding, as much as possible, any direct references to our ultimate, religious objectives. This only creates in them a suspicion of hypocrisy on ouryart. The real way to allaying or at least alleviating their fears would be our clear exposition, in as great detail as possible, of the ethical ideals towards which we are striving; but even such an exposition will be of no avail unless we are able to show, in our day-to-day life, that those ideals mean more to us than mere slogans. Apart from its probable effect on non-Muslims an . ' evasive postponement of our 'long-term', Islamic objectives in favor of what some people regard (quite wrongly) as momentarily 'expedient' or 'politic', must have a detrimental effect on our community's moral tenor, and can only result in our greater estrangement ~rom t~e ways of true Islam. Instead of becoming mcreasmgly aware of the ideal goal before them, the Muslims will again become accustomed to think - as they ~id for ~any centuries - in terms of 'expediency' and immediate conveniences, and the Islamic objective of Pakistan will most definitely recede into the realm of theoretical idealism - in exactly the same manner as the true objectives of Christianity have receded among the so-called Christian nations of the West. We do not want that. We want, through Pakistan, to make Islam a reality in our lives. We want Pakistan in order ~ha~ev.ery one ?f us should be able to live a truly Islamic life m the WIdest sense of the word. And it is admittedly impossible for an individual to live in accordance with the scheme propounded by God's Apostle unless the whole society consciously

We are not, and never can be, a nation in the sense in which the English or the Arabs or the Chinese are nations. conforms to it and makes the Law of Islam the law of the land. But this kind of Pakistan will never materialize unless we postulate the Law of Islam not merely as an ideal for a vaguely defined future but as the basis, wherever possible, of all our social and personal behavior at this very hour and minute. !here is [on the other hand] a definite, though perhaps mvoluntary, tendency on the part of many of our leaders to ignore the spiritual, Islamic background of our struggle and to justify the Muslims' demand for fr~edom by stressing their unfortunate experiences WIth the Hindu majority, as well as to base the Muslims' claim to being a separate nation on the differences between their and the Hindus' social usage and cultural expressions. In short, there is a mounting inclination to consider the fact - for a fact it is - of a separate Muslim nationhood in the conventional, western sense of the word 'nation' instead of considering it in the Islamic sense of Ummah or Millah? Why should we hesitate to pro.claim, loudly and without fear, that our being a nation has nothing to do with the conventional meaning of this word: that we are a nation not merely beca,:se our habits, customs and cultural expressions are different from those ofthe other groups inhabiting the country, but because we mean to shape our life in accordance with a particular ideal of our own?
It cannot be often enough repeated that our adherence

to the teachings ofIslam is the only justification of our communal existence. We are not a racial entity. We are - in spite of the great progress of Urdu as the language of Muslim India - not even a linguistic entity within the strict meaning of this term. We are not, and never can be, a nation in the sense in which the English or the Arabs or the Chinese are nations. But precisely the fact that we are not, and never can be, a nation in the exclusive, conventional sense of the word is the innermost source of our strength: for it makes us realize that we - we alone in the modem world , - can ,if we but want it, bring again to life that glorious vision which arose over the sands of Arabian sea nearly fourteen centuries ago: the vision of an ummah of free men and women bound together not by the accidental

bonds of race and birth, but by their free, conscious allegiance to a common ideal. If our desire for Pakistan is an outcome of our creative strength and purity; if we attain that clarity of vision which encompasses the goal of our endeavors long before it is achieved; if we learn to love that goal for its own sake - in the conviction that it is supremely good in an absolute sense (or, as I would prefer to phrase it, in God's sight), and not merely because it appears to be economically advantageous to ourselves and our community, then no power on earth could stop Pakistan from being born and from becoming a gateway to an Islamic revival the world over. And if, on the other hand, our cry for selfdetermination is due to no more than a fear of being dominated by a non-Muslim majority; if our vision of the fixture is merely negative; if it does not encompass the hope of our being free for something, but contents itself with the beggarly hope of our being free from something; if Islam, instead of being a moral obligation and an end in itself, means no more to us than a habit and a cultural label, then - even then - we might achieve some sort of Pakistan by virtue of our numerical strength in this country; but it would be an achievement far short of the tremendous possibilities which God seems to be offering to us.
It would be only one 'national state' more in a world



split up into numberless national states - perhaps no worse than some of the others, but certainly no better than most, while the subconscious dream of the Muslim masses, and the conscious dream of those who first spoke of Pakistan (long before even this name had been thought of) was the birth of a polity in which the Prophet's (pbuh) Message could fully come into its own as a practical proposition. [What] the common man desires is not merely a state in which Muslims would have greater economic facilities than they have now, but a state in which God's Word would reign supreme. Not that the 'common man' does not care for economic facilities. He cares, rightly, very much for them. But he feels, no less rightly, that an Islamic theocracy would not only give him all the economic justice and opportunity for material development which he now so sadly lacks, but would enhance his human dignity and spiritual security as well. (Most Muslim scholars have tried to

differentiate between the Islamic concept of a state based on the principle ofKhilafah or vice regency and European medieval religious states based on rule by holy and 'infallible' clergy). To give valid Islamic content, as well as a creative, positive direction to the peoples' dreams and desires; to prepare them not only politically (in the conventional context of this word) but also spiritually and ideologically for the great goal of Pakistan: this is the supreme task awaiting our leaders. They must not think that to organize the masses and to give voice to our political demands is all that the Millah expects them to do. Organization is, no doubt, urgently necessary; political agitation is necessary, but these necessities must be made to serve our ideological goal - and not, as we so often find in these days, allowed to reduce it to secondary rank. To a Muslim who takes Islam seriously, every political endeavor must, in the last resort, derive its sanction from religion, just as religion can never remain aloof

from politics for the simple reason that Islam, being concerned not only with our spiritual development but with the manner of our physical, social and economic existence as well, is a 'political' creed in the deepest, morally most compelling sense of this term. In other words, the Islamic, religious aspect of our fight for Pakistan must be made predominant in all the appeals which Muslim leaders make to the Muslim masses. If this demand is neglected, our struggle cannot possibly fulfill its historic mission. The need for the ideological, Islamic leadership on the part of our leaders is the paramount need of the day. That some of them - though by far not all - are really aware of their great responsibility in this respect is evident, for example, from the splendid convocation address which LiaquatAli Khan, the Quaid-e-Azam's principal lieutenant [later first prime minister of Pakistan], delivered at Aligarh a few months ago. In that address he vividly stressed the fact that our movement derives its ultimate inspiration from the Holy Qur'an, and that, therefore, the Islamic state at which we are aiming should derive its authority from the Shari'ah alone. Muhammed Ali Jinnah [d. 1948] himself has spoken in a similar vein on many occasions. Such pronouncements, coming as they do from the highest levels of Muslim League leadership, go a long way to clarifying the League's aims. N ever before have Muslim leaders been endowed with such power to guide the destinies of the Millah in the right direction - or in the wrong. It is within their power to decide, here and now, whether the Indian Muslims shall become Muslims in the true sense ofthe word and, thus, the core and backbone of a resurgent Islam - or just another 'national group' among many other so-called Muslim groups and states where Islam is good enough to be displayed as a cultural label, but not good enough to provide the basis on which to build the community's social, economic and political existence. The present leaders of the Muslim League, I repeat it deliberately, have it within their power to make such a decision, for the wave of enthusiasm for Pakistan which has swept over the Muslim masses in this country, and which has united them as they have never been united in the past, has endowed those leaders with a prestige - and a power to lead - the likes of which was never enjoyed by the leaders in the past centuries. Because of this, their moral responsibility is all the greater. In short, it is the foremost duty of our political

leaders to impress upon the masses that the objective of Pakistan is the establishment of a truly Islamic polity; and that this objective can never be attained unless every fighter of Pakistan - man or woman, great or small - honestly tries to come closer to Islam at every hour and every minute of his or her life that, in a word, only a good Muslim can be a good Pakistani. And this holds good for the leaders themselves as well. They must show in their social behavior that they regard Islam as a serious proposition and not merely as a slogan. To put it plainly 'that they themselves are trying to live up to the demands ofIslam. I do not mean to say that all of them are remiss in this respect. There are among them many people to whom Islam is a living inspiration, and to these our homage is due. But, on the other hand, very many of our leaders have Islam only on their lips - and that only when they address a public meeting or make a statement to the press - while their personal behavior and outlook is as devoid of Islam as the behavior and outlook of the average political leader in Europe or America is devoid of Christianity. This must change if our struggle for Pakistan is not to degenerate into a pitiful copy of the 'nationalist' endeavors from which the rest of the Muslim world is suffering. As I have already said, the Muslim masses instinctively realize the Islamic purport of Pakistan, and genuinely desire a state of affairs in which la ilaha ill'Allah would become the starting point of the community's development. But they are inarticulate and confused in their thoughts. They cannot find their way unaided. They must be led. And so, again, we come back to the question of leadership and of its duties.
It seems to me that the supreme test of the present-day

Muslim leadership will be its ability - or inability - to lead the community not only in the purely political and economic but also in the moral sphere: the ability - or inability - to convince the Muslims that 'God does not change the condition of a people unless they change their inner selves' (Ar-Ra'd 13:11), which means no more and no less than that a community's political and economic status cannot be lastingly improved unless the community as a whole grows in moral stature.



The Duck Shoot!
By fall of 1987, I was desperate once again to go to the battle field. My logistical, media and propaganda warfare work with the Mujahideen and Muslim Aid in Karachi was extremely hectic as well as critical, but it was holding me back. Muslim individuals and groups would send me donations in cash and kind from all over the world which were packed and dispatched to Peshawar through a well organized network and logistical supply chain. But when I received a hand held mine detector and a high-powered military range finding binocular, I decided to take this equipment personally to the battle front and hand them to the local Mujahid commander. Despite being the simplest piece of equipment, even ordinary field binoculars were a precious commodity in Jihad. The equipment, weapons, ammunition, clothes and money that arrived as support for the resistance from Arab, Chinese and Western sources, strangely did not include binoculars or metal detectors. These two pieces of equipment had to be procured separately from personal sources or purchased from the market and were always in short supply and in great demand on the battlefield. Before going to the battlefront, I would buy ordinary field binoculars from the market and leave them with the local commanders who always accepted them with gratitude.

The Soviets were using anti-personnellandmines as strategic weapons in Afghanistan. Millions of landmines were buried, dispersed or dropped in the country as area denial weapons in order to prevent the resistance from exploiting the advantage of mountainous and rugged terrain of their country. It was estimated after the war that it would take almost 400 years to rid Afghanistan of all these deadly traps, which still lie in silence stealthily waiting for their victims. In all my previous expeditions, I have had the closest encounters with these silent predators and knew too well how lethal they can be for the resistance. Every front I went to, these silent killers were the nightmare for the resistance. The fate of my dear friend Kochi Khan, who was also my mentor and commander in Jalalabad in March 1986, weighed heavily on my conscience and I was determined to do all within my humble capacity to help the Mujahideen in countering this menace. All over Afghanistan, on every battlefront, the Mujahideen have lost some of their finest and bravest sons to these deadly stealth killers and even today, almost 25 years after the Soviet withdrawal, landmines remain a real threat in Afghanistan. This threat made metal detectors another precious piece of equipment much valued and sought

by the local commanders. Apart from ordinary binoculars, there weren't any Range finding or night vision binoculars on the front line as well. In my previous adventures, I had seen the helplessness of the resistance in targeting the enemies when large reserves of ammunition had to be wasted in correcting and finding the right range. With long range, 30 km rockets arriving by late 1986, the need for range finders was even more critical. The Mujahideen did not possess any night vision equipment but the Soviets were using them extensively and the resistance suffered heavy casualties when the Soviet Special forces used this technology to outmaneuver the resistance at night. Specialized metal detectors, range finding or night vision equipment was also not available in the local market, hence could only be procured with great difficulty from western countries through personal couriers, who had to dodge the local customs to bring the equipment in. These were also way too expensive for our resources in those times and only a precious handful could be procured through donations or purchases. Thus making this equipment a treasured

A Mujahideen

anti-aircraft gun position - one of many dotting the hill tops in Kunar!

asset, demanding personalized attention and delivery. I had earlier sent some image intensifier, passive night vision binoculars through other sources but this time I wanted to deliver them personally. With hundreds of battlefronts all over the country, it was impossible for us to cater to the requirements of all commanders but we were determined to make a difference in the border regions, especially the ones that had always remained under intense Soviet pressure due to their strategic significance as gateways of supplies and logistics for the resistance in Afghanistan. The Soviets had always tried to block, occupy and control the eastern provinces of Afghanistan, which border with Pakistan. If they blocked the resistance supply lines from Pakistan, the rest of the resistance inside Afghanistan would automatically come under stress. The latest aggressive deployment of the Soviet Special forces close to the Pakistan border was also due to a specific geo-political environment, which had emerged in 1986 since I had joined the resistance. By late 1987, the Soviets were staring the defeat in the eye as the inclusion of Stinger SAM's and Milan ATGM's (anti-tank guided missiles) in the Mujahideens' inventory had taken away the air and armour superiority of the Red Army. They were losing their feared Gunship MI-24 helicopters and fighter jets at an alarming rate and the anti-tank missiles were decimating their much-feared T-62 and T-72 tanks. In desperation, the Soviets had changed their tactics and were then pressing their artillery, infantry and Special Forces deeper into the Mujahideen territory, especially in the border regions. In the international arena, Geneva talks were in progress where the Soviets were negotiating an exit time frame from Afghanistan. It was a well-known fact that the Soviet empire was getting fatigued and close to being defeated, thus Pakistan's then President General Zia wanted to take a harsh line against the Soviets in the Geneva Accord. In order to gain high political ground in the negotiations, the Soviets were desperate to make gains on ground and were pressing their Special Forces in conducting daring raids deep into the Mujahideen bases closest to the Pakistan border. In 1986, I had witnessed and participated in one such battle in Paktia where the Soviet Commandoes had overrun Jalaluddin Haqqani's base ofZavar, appalling the resistance.

Range finding binoculars were a rare piece of equipment on the front lines! During my earlier visits, I had ventured into the battlefields of Paktia, Jalalabad and Paktika and had witnessed the progressing war in the country. I now learned that a fierce battle was raging in the North Eastern province of Kunar. Armed with the newly procured mine detector and the range finding binocular, I was now eager to join the fight in Kunar and wanted to deliver the equipment personally and promptly to the front line; the opportunity soon presented itself. Engineer Ahmed Shah Ahmed Zai, who was second in Command or 2IC of Us tad Sayyaf ofIttehad-e-Islami group ofMujahideen, was also the patron ofMAJ, our media group. I, along with my dear friends Chechen Abu Ayesh and Irish Muhammed, worked under his umbrella on the information and propaganda warfare front. I had developed a close and personal friendship with Engineer Ahmad Shah. People often confused

him with Ahmed Shah Masood but they are two different men. I remained in contact with Engineer Ahmed Shah till 1992 when I pulled out of Afghanistan. He was an English speaking Afghan with an African American wife, a humble man with a very pleasant personality. More of a diplomat and a politician, he was not a battle hardened field commander but acted as the administrative and financial head of! ttehad -e-Islami under the leadership ofU stad Sayyaf. Today, he is based in Kabul with Ustad Sayyaf and U stad Rabbani and is leading a political life when Kabul is under the US and NATO occupation. Inwardly, he remains strongly opposed to another foreign occupation of his country but is helpless under the circumstances. In an Al- Jazeera interview in20lO, where I was invited as a guest analyst, Engineer Ahmad Shah was also taken on a live phone call from Kabul, taking us both by surprise. It was almost after 18 years that we spoke again briefly, and came to know of each other's welfare. Indeed it brought back nostalgic and painful memories.

Pabbi near Peshawar, I showed him the range finder and the metal detector. I could see the excitement in his eyes and he himself was keen to deploy them on the front line at the earliest. It was here that he introduced me to Asadullah, the field commander of Ittehad-eIslami from the province ofKunar. Asad was a fine young man, a perfect specimen of a proud Afghan fighter. He was rather young - about 25 years of age but had the maturity and the courage to take on this huge responsibility. A handsome man with medium height and short beard, he was the son of a local tribal elder of Asmar, the capital of Kunar province, and hence enjoyed the respect and credibility within his tribe. His aging, respectable father, another dignified soul, and his six younger brothers, youngest being 16 only, were all resistance fighters and were part of this fighting group. In Afghanistan, fighting groups were largely divided on tribal, village or family lines and it was common to find all male members of entire families and villages on a single front. This kept the bond stronger within the fighters and discipline was strictly observed. Also, since they fought on their home turf, around their own occupied or abandoned villages, the motivation levels always remained high. We immediately warmed up to each other, becoming close friends. Asad was preparing to leave for the front line in a

It was in the fall of 1987, when he invited me to Peshawar to discuss MAl operations and projects. Sitting in a rundown Masjid in the refugee camp of

central and northern areas of the country, the Soviets and the Mujahideen always hotly contested for the region. Asmar town is only 10 kilometers from Bajour. Even today, when Afghanistan is under the USINATO occupation, some ofthe fiercest battles in Afghanistan have been fought in this province and the region remains the most deadly in terms of US casualties. In fact, this is the first region that the US has abandoned in Afghanistan under extreme pressure from the resistance. In those days, all Mujahideen parties had their bases in Kunar. But today, only Hizb-e-Islami of Gulbadin Hekmatyar remains active there along with fighters from Haqqani's group. The Soviets had paid a heavy price in order to hold this region. The US forces are presently facing the same trauma.

couple of days and was in Pabbi for supplies and funds. It was a God sent opportunity for me to accompany him to the front, and soon I found myself riding with him in his twin cabin Toyota pickup truck towards Pakistan's tribal regions of Mohmand and Bajour en route to Kunar. His father and two brothers were also with us. Kunar is a strategically important region. It borders with two tribal regions of Pakistan - Mohmand and Bajour and is the last Pashtun province in the north East of Afghanistan. An important entry point for the resistance to transport supplies and fighters to the

Repeat of the 80's - US forces ambushed in Kunar

The region is rugged, forested, mountainous, and extremely difficult for mechanized movement due to narrow valleys, thus the roads can be easily ambushed, consequently making it an ideal guerilla war territory. The river Kunar runs through the entire valley along the narrow road which leads to extreme north eastern region of Badakhshan, the Tajik province touching China on one end and Chitral on the other across the narrow Wakhan strip. When the Pakistani region of Chitral is blocked from mainland Pakistan in winters due to snow, the Chitralis enter Afghanistan and use the Kunar route to re-enter the Pakistani tribal regions ofBajour, Mohmand or Khyber. Kunar landscape - ideal Guerilla war territory! From Bajour to Mohmand, all the mountain ranges and ridges were occupied by the Mujahideen, but the

refugees. The relations between the local Pashtuns and their Afghan counterparts were cordial and the Muj ahideen and their families never felt unwelcomed. I remember climbing the hills through a small village when a very old Afghan woman noticed my foreign features, eyeglasses and the camera equipment I carried. She looked at me curiously, more than anything else I noticed the love and care reflected in her eyes and then she said something to Asad and his men. A brief exchange took place between them and then suddenly she got furious and started throwing stones at them. The group just smiled sheepishly, ignoring the old woman and her ranting, quietly moving out of her reach. I was a bit baffled as to what had transpired between her and the men and what had caused her wrath. Later I was told that she had asked the men if I were an Arab guest? When confirmed by them that I was indeed a guest but a Pakistani who had come to support them in the Jihad, she taunted them of cowardice, screaming that if they were men enough to fight well, Muslims from other lands would not have to leave their homes and families to come to their help! I was stunned. That fiercely proud old woman reflected the culture and creed of honor and dignity that had kept the Afghan resistance going for so long against overwhelming odds. Outsiders can never understand the martial and tribal culture of Afghanistan with its sense of pride, honor and dignity.

valley and the villages below were under Soviet control. With Pakistan watching their backs, the Mujahideen had their supply line and the base areas secured and could move freely in and out of Afghanistan. However, staying in the villages and the valley was not possible. The Mujahideen anti-aircraft guns were posted on every ridgeline along Pakistan's border and dozens of battle positions dotted the hills, manned by various groups from all six Mujahideen parties. From these mountain top bases, Mujahideen guns and rockets would constantly fire into the valley below, targeting Soviet convoys and would also send fighting patrols to ambush or attack the Soviet posts. These battle positions were a constant nuisance for the Soviet army and they would routinely attack and try to dislodge the fighting groups from these posts. However, the Soviet artillery barrages and rocket batteries were totally ineffective against these dug in ridgeline bunkers. Even tanks could not move in this territory except on the roads in the valley below and remained useful only as armoured artillery guns. Therefore, the only way to destroy the Mujahideen bunkers was to attack them from the air using jets or Gunship helicopters. But by the end of 1986, the introduction of Stingers had changed the rules of the game. Now the Soviets had no choice but to send in the Special Forces for a close quarter hand to hand combat, making the situation excessively ruthless and dirty, even for the resistance. Driving through Bajour, we stopped just short of the Afghan border and started our long and difficult trek towards the mountain ridge through the local villages inhabited by both Pakistani tribals as well as Afghan

A make shift Mujahideen rocket battery constant menace for the Soviet army - Kunar 1985

Kunar landscape - valley and the mountains provided ample cover to the resistance. From Alexander to the British and the Soviets and now the Americans - all invaders have learnt their lessons by paying in blood. Since the last 32 years, starting from 1979, the Afghans are in a state of perpetual war but have not given up and even today continue to offer resistance to the last invading forces. I consider myself truly blessed that back in those days, I too, in my own humble capacity, was part ofthose bands of brave men who were turning the tides of history. issued an Ak-4 7 and a gun belt with 4 extra magazines, loaded to capacity with extra rounds and grenades. "Keep wearing your ammo belt and keep the gun around your arm even when you go to sleep," Asad instructed me, "Keep wearing your boots as well," he added softly. I was perplexed, as this was not the standard practice I had seen on other fronts. At night, we would normally take our gun belts and boots off but here the orders were firm. I looked around and everyone was armed to the teeth even at night, when going to the bed. I tried to lie on my back but the heavy ammunition belt crushed my chest, making it difficult for me to even breathe. I turned on my side and felt better as the weight ofthe belt was now on the floor but then I could not move. With my boots on, the rifle on my shoulder and ammo belt on my chest, I prepared to sleep in a fixed position on my side. "That's strange," I thought but did not ask any questions. As if sensing my curiosity, Asad whispered, "I will show you in the morning."

The view from the ridge line bunker, our base for the next few days, was enchanting. The entire ridge stretched about a couple of kilometers along Pakistan's border and was dotted with Mujahideen bases in a single file. All resistance groups had their bases there and the mutual relationship was also cordial. If an aircraft flew over the ridge, it would fly over all the bases in a single file. Behind us was Pakistan; in front was the valley of Kunar with the river flowing through it and the road zigzagging alongside. The valley cradled small houses and villages, while at some distance the Soviet bases loomed ominously. The mountains around us were thick in vegetation providing an ideal protective cover against visibility. The terrain was very rugged and formidable, making it extremely difficult to go on patrols or even for a walk. Nonetheless, it was an ideal defensive territory. A14.5mm anti-aircraft gun was installed on our bunker and the group consisted of about 25 men, distributed in various caves, dugouts and smaller bunkers. Many such bunkers were on the ridgeline making it a rather strong Mujahideen foothold. I was

Days started at dawn in those times. No one would sleep after Fajr prayers and breakfast was served immediately afterwards. Asad quickly assembled a fighting patrol of about 15 men and we all left the base towards the valley walking briskly in a single file through the thick vegetation. After about half an hour of marching, we reached a small bunker complex in the thicket. The place was in a bloody mess. It was clear that a fierce battle had been fought there and that too quite recently. Fresh blood was splattered everywhere, clothes, bedding and walls had been riddled with bullets. I could see pain and anguish on Asad's face, his men were equally anguished at the

sight."This was our base," he finally spoke, "When I was in Peshawar, the Soviets came and attacked it at night and killed all the men in their sleep," he said with great pain in his voice. Now the harsh reality dawned on me. This was a forward screening and observation position ofthe Mujahideen at the base of the mountain closer to the valley. During a fierce thunderstorm, in the pitch darkness of the night, Soviet Special forces had attacked the base. Using night vision devices, they killed the Mujahid on sentry duty with a weapon having a silencer. Once the guard was killed, all the other 20 men sleeping in the bunker had no chance. They were killed in their sleep when the Soviets threw grenades at them and sprayed them with machine gun fire. Within minutes, the Soviets were gone leaving behind a bloodbath. The Mujahideen posts on mountain ridges heard the gunfire but could not do anything. In the morning, they found the bodies and since then had abandoned the post and had withdrawn higher up into the hills, where our present post was setup. Now I knew why everyone on our post slept fully armed and with their boots on. These new Soviet Special forces raids had shaken the Mujahideen. There were reports of more such raids on other locations as well and there was definite panic in the ranks of the Mujahideen. For the first time, the Soviets were using stealth technology and were taking the war to the Mujahideen in close quarter battles. The resistance had no response to the Soviet night vision devices and silencered guns, which killed in pitch darkness without any sound. Asad immediately got to work to fortify the defenses around the bases. Normally, only night guards were placed but now even at daytime, armed guards remained vigilant. Fighting patrols were sent deeper into the jungles to setup ambushes for any incoming Soviet raiding party and mock war gaming was initiated to check the responses of the defenses. Everyone was nervous and tension was sharply palpable. In the valley below, we could clearly see Soviet helicopters flying low over the river trying to dodge the Mujahideen stingers. The change in Soviet war tactics was quite visible on this front. They were not using helicopters to attack Mujahideen bases as choppers were more vulnerable to Stingers. Fighter aircraft kept patrolling over our base but at a high altitude only, marking our position for future bombing runs. Special forces maintained the pressure through daring raids on identified bases and then withdrawing to re-appear on another location, thus keeping the

Mujahideen under intense pressure and maintaining the element of surprise. One day, suddenly, a fighter jet appeared on a bombing run and before the Mujahideen could activate their anti-aircraft guns, dived sharply and dropped a few bombs on our post. With the whistling sound of the incomingjet in a dive, all hell broke loose on the ridge as bombs exploded all around us. The earth shook violently, the thunderous crack of the explosions was deafening and the plume of dust and smoke suffocating. I was in the open and watched in full view as the fighter plane made its bombing run directly towards us. Once it released its load, it made fast, evasive maneuvers releasing some decoy flares to dodge any missiles and rose sharply, banking towards the west to escape. It was frightfully fascinating to see an aircraft in a real bombing run, and also regretted that we were not able to respond in kind. Once at a safe height, it made a few more fast passes over us in a circular manner to assess the damage. By this time, the Mujahideen gunners had taken their position and now it was their tum to raise hell. Cracking fire of multiple 14.5 mm anti-aircraft guns echoed across the valley while the guns circled to keep track of the aircraft. Everyone opened up with whatever weapons they held. Ak-47's, rifles and even RPG-7's, the anti-tank rocket, was fired. The pandemonium lasted for a few minutes only and then the fighter jet disappeared and everyone started to calm down. The firing was done not to hit the aircraft, as it was too high for the Mujahideen ack ack fire, but to vent the anger and the frustration for catching us unawares. We were lucky this time that no damage was done but then no one was amused by the fact that we were caught in the open by the aircraft. Now orders were given to man the antiaircraft guns all day to prevent any such shocks again. For me, it was pure thrill and excitement. I particularly noticed two very interesting phenomena. RPG-7 is an anti-tank rocket with a range of about couple of hundred yards and is meant to attack tanks or bunkers. It is never ever used as an anti-aircraft weapon. In Afghanistan, I had seen the Mujahideen taking shots at the slow moving helicopters but using them against high speed high altitude jets was my first experience. This was a rather strange and unique role for the weapon. The Mujahideen launched a few rockets in the air towards the aircraft and I noticed that this antitank weapon may actually have an anti-aircraft role to playas well. Strange as it may sound, but I observed that RPG was an air burst rocket. At the end of its flight

Innovative use -- RPG-7 -- also acted as air burst "artillery" against Soviet jets into the air, it would simply explode in a thick cloud of black smoke, giving the impression that an air burst artillery shell has been launched. Enough black smoke was given out to distract and scare an incoming aircraft on a bombing run. My father is from heavy anti-aircraft artillery regiments, and I had often gone with him as a very young boy in late 60's to see the anti -aircraft guns firing. All anti -aircraft artillery shells that are fired towards the aircraft burst in the air, almost exactly the same way as I saw the RPG exploding. "So, we can use RPG's to distract and confuse a pilot," I mused, and now I was determined to try this on the next aircraft that came our way. In an uncanny, amusing sort of way the whole scenario of a fighter aircraft flying around you and diving and ditching on bombing runs seemed incredibly familiar and reminded me of our duck hunting trips. Since my childhood, I had been going with my father for duck hunting on lakes in interior Sindh. These are still very nostalgic memories for me where father and son bonded together and he taught me gun handling, survival, camouflage, tracking and of course duck shooting. Interestingly, I found all these skills highly applicable and of immense use during my association with the resistance. The ducks would approach in a fast flight pattern around you, making whistling sounds with their wings as they cut the wind at high speed and then we would try to shoot them as they dived, swirled and banked to escape our shotguns. Standing on that ridge that day and watching that small fighter aircraft approaching us on its bombing run, seemed surreal and instead of fear I felt a surge of confidence that I could shoot it down if! held the gun. All my training about duck shooting kicked in and seemed very relevant in this seemingly incongruous scenario. Little did I know that very soon I would be given another opportunity to test my nerves and the applicability of my duck shooting skills. Later this became a routine. Fighter jets would come every day and our anti-aircraft gunners would greet them with massive ack ack fire. For a high flying fighter aircraft, it was almost impossible to hit the small post on the ridge line and almost every time the bombs would hit the slopes harmlessly. Our gunners also knew that the jets were too high but still our guns would crack. It was a trigger happy lot and would never miss any opportunity to vent their emotions. It was extreme excitement though and everyone always remained alive to the possibility that an attack could come anytime. These air raids and our artillery fire had some added advantage, which in retrospect seems rather incredible

and hilarious. Along with us the villagers living below also awaited and welcomed these raids. After every raid when our guns would stop firing, the village boys would rush up to the post and demand empty cartridge cases of 14.5 and 12.7mm shells. These high quality empty brass cases would sell at very expensive rates in the local arms bazaar, where they would either be refilled or their brass melted to make other weapons and cartridges. For the Mujahideen, these cases were useless but for the village boys, these cases meant fortunes. Also, after every bombing run, the exploded bombs were collected and their metal was also sold by the villagers. In return for the empty cases, the villagers would send us fresh milk, butter, yogurt and cream, which were dream treats for us in that wilderness. When we were fed up of beans and rice, we would pray for a bomber to come and later when the attack subsided, we would have our supply of fresh dairy products. It was a mutually beneficial arrangement between us and the villagers and the Soviets made sure that we continued to have our delicacies. Soon, my last day on the post arrived. I was keen to have my last share of excitement before leaving. Sitting near the gun position, I was holding a loaded RPG- 7 when suddenly the fighter appeared on the horizon and made a menacing pass over our heads. In a flash, it had dropped the bombs and was turning away. As our gunners scrambled to reach for their weapons, I lifted my rocket, took an aim, gave lead and fired. An explosion thundered in my ear as the shoulder fired rocket left the tube and headed for the aircraft, exploding in mid air in a plume of black smoke. I knew if the pilot had seen this smoke, he would simply pull up, and instantly he did as I expected. By this time all our guns had opened up but the plane was high and safe, making a high altitude tum to assess the damage wreaked by it. I loaded another rocket and waited for him to come down. But he had done his job and kept going higher, making a final pass over our head along the entire ridgeline. The Mujahideens' heavy guns continued firing though the plane was definitely out of range. Then the totally unexpected transpired; something no one was prepared for! The fighter was flying at a very fast speed at a very high altitude, but suddenly it started to come down in a nosedive crash as if the pilot had been shot. It was a vertical nosedive and while we all looked in amazed disbelief, the aircraft crashed behind the hills at some distance. For a second, there was utter silence, and

then everyone went in an uproar, screaming with excitement, firing in the air, embracing and congratulating each other for the kill. I was most amused by the childlike bravado of each gunner on the ridgeline, claiming that it was his shot that had brought the plane down! For me it did not matter who had shot the plane down. I don't even think anyone actually did. To be honest, I don't even know what had happened to that aircraft or to the pilot and I did not care. I had had a perfect ending to this expedition. I had seen and participated in heavy action and had the satisfaction of witnessing the Soviets getting desperate. The end game in Afghanistan had begun and I had seen the weaknesses and the vulnerabilities of a dying super power. Above all, I had once again lived to tell many tales to my parents and comrades. Once back in Peshawar, the first thing I did was to phone my father in Karachi; hardly able to contain my excitement I proudly declared, "Abba Jan, we shot a duck!" In the months that ensued, I made a few more visits to this base to capture the war and to document it on video. Asad remained a dear and sincere friend, but unfortunately I lost contact with him after 1990 and have never heard from him since. I also disengaged from Afghanistan in 1992 and lost contact with the comrades with whom I had shared those fascinating times. I later heard that Asad's father had died and they had all returned to their village in Asmar, which they had fought so fiercely to liberate. When we were on that ridge oblivious ofwhat the future held in store but determined and fearless against all odds, Asad would often show me their family mud house far into the valley. "You must come and stay with us when we are free," he would always insist. I sincerely hope and pray that he is safe and living in that house with his family. He was a brave and free soul. With the US invasion of Afghanistan, I am sure he would choose to be a Mujahid once again. May Allah bless youAsad, as you were one of the many kindred spirits I had the honour of keeping company with during the most inspirational years of my life. The bond we share is immortal, thus my promise to you: InshaAllah, we will meet again - in Jannah!

(To be Continued)

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http://higherstations.wordpress.c0m/2009/04/20/ sultan-abdul-hamid-khan-and-the-generall"

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in 201 D
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Was 42 in 2009 and 47 in 2008

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051-5598046-7: d j 0321-5001370:J1,.,.
www.brasstacks.pk :•. ..ql''',":",J ~,






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