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Gorakh Tilla

Gorakh Tilla

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Published by Inder M Nagi

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Published by: Inder M Nagi on Jun 08, 2011
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Gorakh Tilla

by Inder M Nagi

Another famous establishment of nath yogis is Gorakh Tilla it is situated about twentyfive miles north-west of Jhelum, on the highest point of an isolated line of hills in the Salt Range, at an elevation of 3,242 feet. The hill is rugged and difficult to ascend. There is a steep, almost perpendicular, cliff on one side of it. This is accounted for by the following legend. Laksmannath, the Jogi of Tilla, was once visited by Siddhvacarnath (Bhartrhari), and was unable at the moment to provide food for his guest. So Bhartrhari carried off part of the hill to Kirana Bar, threw it down, and founded a new Ashram. This explains the steep ascent at Tilla. The view from the Ashram is a very fine one. In ordinary weather the snows of the Himalayas make a splendid sight. Nearby and below are the remains of decaying hills; and the course of the Jhelum is plainly seen. Tilla is one of the oldest religious sites in northern India, and its use for religious purposes antedates by millenniums the coming of Gorakhnath. Tradition affirms that Gorakhnath settled there in the Treta Yuga, after Ramcandra, and adopted Balnath as his disciple. The place was once known as Tilla BaInath, a name derived from a temple on the sum- mit dedicated to the sun as Balnath. It was here that Balnath underwent his penance, and it was from him that Bhartrhari learned the practice of austerities. The samadh of Bhartrhari is at Tilla and the cave there is named after him. It is undoubtedly true that Gorakh Tilla, or Jogi Tilla, was one of the first centres of the Nath Yogis Yogis. Panjab legends make repeated reference to the Place as one of the stations to which Gorakhnath often retired. After the said partition of India-Pakistan the Tilladish Shri Guru Peer Kalla Nath Ji moved to India & restablished the glory at Ambala in Haryana state. Now Shri Guru Peer Paras Nath ji is the sitting Tilladhish oblizing the devotees. Where we celebrates all the fastivals such as Shivratri, Gurupurnima Etc. as it was celebrated in the Tilla now in Pakistan.

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