XtPrinter alpha 1.0.1 - Beta 0.0.1 Author: Carlos Mendez Official Home page : http://e2cs.mm-mendez.

com/ contact : cmendez21@gmail.com (For chat : gmail chat or google talk) -----------------------------------------------------------------Donations are to support the XtPrinter are for more free Extjs stuff that is pla nned already -----------------------------------------------------------------XtPrinter - is licensed under the terms of the Open Source LGPL 3.0 license. License details: http://www.gnu.org/licenses/lgpl.html Commercial use is permitted only if its not for: - Distribute over the internet the same application on more than 2 customers or public applications to sell to many users For a Commercial licence please enquire and request price -----------------------------------------------------------------YOu want more code, custom code, consultancy, all about e2cs calendar etc. here are the options - Donate (for quick and urgent support responses according donation - from less than 3 hours to less than 12 hours) - $100 Us. dollars (not negotiable) per Hour for consulting, coding modules or c ustom code (javascript, php, mysql, Extjs) - Payment in advance for Foreign Clients (outside México), not negotiable, so please don't insist i have had many awful experiences on foreign customers on the past - For Mexican Clients 50% in Advance and 50% on Release on my Test site and then I deliver the code (also I give invoices tax deductible, also tax it s not included on the price). - Per project .- Depending on the project to make and the time that will take to do it (please request for pricing and time availability for development) -----------------------------------------------------------------NOTE: this widget its not stable for the moment to use on a production applicati on (on your risk), only test and learning for the moments -----------------------------------------------------------------INSTALL & USE: READ DOCUMENTATION PDF file

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