954474 Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis

INTRODUCTION: Competitors are those whom you are
following and who are following you. All companies dealing in same business are not your competitor. There can be direct or indirect customers. EXAMPLES:EXAMPLES:-

Pepsi and Coke ««.. Direct Competitor McDonalds and KFC «. Direct Competitors

Indirect competitors are based upon market share and substitute business EXAMPLES:EXAMPLES:- Levis and Armani Railways and Airlines .

3 How do you learn about your competitors ? Q. 1 Who are your competitors ? Q. 4 Where do you compete ? Q. 7 How do you position your product ? . 6 How do you compete ? Q. 5 When do you compete ? Q. 2 What are your relations with competitors ? Q.Seven Issues To Address Q.

Identify your competitors based upon two categories 1. Current Competitors 2. Potential Entrants. .

 Those with whom you are competing.  This type of competitors are identified through three techniques 1. Ideal Points . Map Dimensions 3. Perceptual Mapping 2.

Coexistence 4. these stages are 1. It passes through different stages. Cooperation 5. Competition 3. Conflict 2. Collision . Your relationship with your competitor is an ongoing process.

3. system for competitive analysis. This involves five steps:steps:1. Evaluate competitive information Integrate this information into your planning process. 5. Setup an information gathering 2. 4. . Identify your customers Gather information through a competitive audit. process.

. This can be done GENERAL ELECTRIC BUSNIESS METRIX.Choosing market area to seek competitive advantage depends on market attractiveness and organizational strength.

opportunity.The ability to complete often depends on strategic window of opportunity. Strategic is the limited time period in which the fit between the factors critical for success in a market the implication is businesses should prepare for respond appropriately to the opening and closing of strategic window. . window.

Attack strategies 2. Defense strategies 3.These are different strategies for this 1. Withdrawal .


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