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Hi Mr. Weinberg, Ann has updated her letter to Simony. I will comment on it but my first thought - after briefly scanning this - is that I couldn't possibly address whether or not Cohen used Southam to blacklist Ann Diamond. I have no idea. I assume anything is possible with him and given the fact that Nancy Southam's behavior has been so appallingly horrendous, I wouldn't put anything past her either but that's my personal feeling and I have no idea what these people can actually accomplish. I was thinking about the weekend I left my car at Phillip's house (causing "Bennett" to roll by - upsetting me and my son, Ray) - and, while I know for a fact that I told this story to Ray's "father" I cannot say for certain that I told it to Cohen. Nevertheless, their emails regarding Ciel Turzanski's suicide are evidence - to me - that as of that moment in time they were in collusion. Having said that, I'm not certain that being opposed to suicide proves that I couldn't call Berkeley Hall a cult - after hearing that the "nurse" receives two week's training as a "Christian Science" nurse which always makes me think of Mark Twain. In any event, I will read this and comment and make any corrections I feel are necessary so that I am absolutely accurate in recounting what I have seen, witnessed, etc. All the best, Kelley P.S. Situation with the Boulder City Attorney is shocking and appalling to me. The Boulder Police Department is out of it's mind from my perspective, I continue to hear that they will retaliate against me, and there's nothing I hate worse than a liar in a uniform. I am thinking over my voir dire questions and these questions come to mind: are you afraid a police officer will retaliate thereby causing you to ineffectively serve on a jury; do you feel it's possible that a police officer can lie and/or falsify a report. I think these are entirely valid questions. Or, "do you think Boulder Police Department is vindictive?" Dear Simon,

I will try to make this letter as brief as possible. I am writing to you as my publisher as a first step because, recently, I have finally learned a few facts about a story that has been running in the background of my life for nearly two decades. Most of the time, because no one would tell me the truth about the "story," I simply ignored it and got on with my life, trusting that things would work out naturally all by themselves. If you have ever been in the position of being gossiped about, you know how tricky it is to approach people and ask what is going on behind your back. The best advice is generally, as the I Ching says, to ignore negative talk and "make energetic progress in the good." 8/18/2008

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In May of this year, I suddenly began receiving e-mail from Leonard Cohen's former personal manager, Kelley Lynch. I have written about her situation elsewhere (see "Whatever Happened to Kelley Lynch?") and won't go into all that here. After she told me about her experiences over the past three years, since she was accused of stealing millions from Cohen's pension fund in 2005, she went on to fill in a number of blanks in my own history. For the first time, I had factual insight into some of his behind-the-scenes activities. Kelley handled some of his correspondence, and was privy to his grievances against various people, including me.

She told me Leonard spent an inordinate amount of time and energy badmouthing me, to her and other people in his circle. This really surprised me I thought he had delegated the badmouthing to people like Hazel Field. His main theme, according to Kelley, was that I was obsessed with him and had pursued and harassed him, followed him to Greece and California, where I pretended to be interested in Zen Buddhism for a few years only in order to harrass him.

I know this fantastic and twisted story was repeated around Montreal mostly by Hazel Field, who used her many contacts in the media. According to Kelley Lynch, Leonard also used Nancy Southam, presumably to have me blacklisted at the Gazette etc. Frankly, I didn't really mind leaving the Gazette but the story has never died. I occasionally get bits of it thrown at me, and recognize it as a reversal of what really happened between me and Leonard between 1977 and 1984. Leonard appears to have encouraged Hazel to broadcast this fantasy while I was still on friendly terms with him. Although she came along on our first "date" in November 1977, and knows Leonard and I had a close relationship at one time, Hazel once told me, "Leonard does not know you! You were never in his house!" after which she ran inside and slammed the door. She refuses to discuss any of this with me

The story about my "obsession" with him probably began in 1979, when Leonard invited me to meet him on Hydra. After a few weeks on the island, I started realizing what I had thought was a straightforward personal relationship was actually something else, more akin to joining a cult. On Hydra, I met a loyal group of followers and hangers on who worshipped the ground their hero walked on, and behaved as if they were part of a secret society with Leonard its leader. There were elements of mind control operating inside that group, in which each person felt closely linked to Leonard, and expressed devotion in various ways. Women would take care of his children or clean his house, or simply decorate it with their presence. Men would drink with him, do business, share women, etc. It was a "privilege" to know Leonard, and in return they provided him with gossip and information: they acted as his spies, and sometimes bodyguards. This cult-like atmosphere extended to Montreal. In fact, some of his Hydra followers moved here to be close to their leader.

I disliked these dynamics, and also the weird ideology behind them. The more I realized they were part and parcel of knowing Leonard, the more I distanced myself and spent time with people who had no connection with his circle. On Hydra I saw much that was unhealthy and possibly even dangerous, and also got a glimpse of The Future a world of masters and slaves. At first I found it hard to believe what I was seeing in those days I was nave, to say the least.

At first, Leonard appeared concerned that I was too critical. He must have felt threatened because he responded in a peculiar and clever way. He told me in private he was emerging from a depression and wanted to marry me when he got better. At the same time he was persuading other people that I was crazy, dangerously obsessed with him, and that he didn't know me I had simply shown up one day and started harassing him. This story really grew wings and took off. One reason it worked, was because I was seeing him only in private avoiding people I saw as his cult followers. On private visits, he told me he was going through a hard time, and that any flak I might be picking up from his friends was due to "jealousy."

Soon crazy things started happening. His disciples now saw me as a dangerous intruder who had to be handled with great caution, secrecy, and (if necessary) violence. One of them suddenly threw me out of the house he had previously offered me. Another delivered "birthday presents" purporting to be messages from Leonard telling me to get off the island. This continued in an escalating pattern over months, eventually years. 8/18/2008

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Meanwhile, Leonard denied being behind these incidents, and refused to talk about them with me. He pretended to be too busy, and surrounded by people he couldn't get rid of or control. The hazards of fame! He told me to hang in, and he would be there for me.

He instructed his people not to talk to me, or if they did, to pretend that all was well. It was "marginalization," a technique to isolate and control cult members who refuse to fall into line, or who try to leave; it's a form of psychological torture that leaves no marks, and can drive a sane and normal person into depression, or even suicide. Because Leonard exacts so much obedience and secrecy from his people, I never managed to trace the insanity back to its real source.

Back in Montreal I recovered, moved away from his scene, and got busy with other friends and work. Occasionally I would bump into Leonard. On one of these meetings, in 1982, he actually cried because I was not visiting him anymore! Then he suggested I go to Mount Baldy and study with the Roshi. I had no trouble adapting to the extreme conditions at Mount Baldy after my horrific year with Leonard on a Greek island, Zen practice was almost a vacation.

I now think Zen can be an adjunct of mind control programming, in the hands of the wrong kind of teacher, or if the student gets stuck. It can also be liberating. After a month, the Roshi, who initially encouraged me to think this was a relationship, told me "Leonard crazy you don't need." He made Leonard offer to pay for me to study with the Zens for a year. I almost agreed, but by coincidence, a friend phoned from Montreal and offered me an apartment on St. Dominique Street at a ridiculously low rent I could not refuse. The friend was not aware the apartment was right next door to Leonard, and neither was I until I moved there in 1983, still believing in sane, happy outcomes. That's where I wrote A Nun's Diary, about the dangers of religious abuse in a world of secrecy I used Leonard on Hydra as my model for all that was bad about God.

He didn't seem to mind. Over the next 10 years, he regularly introduced me to his friends including Frank and Marion Scott, Irving Layton, Rambling Jack Eliot, Henry Moscovitch, Harry Rasky, and others. Because most of the time, we got along, I never suspected Leonard was behind the gossip.

Twenty-five years later, I am still hearing about my "obsession" with a man I am starting to see as one of the great fraud artists of all time. Kelley Lynch's take on Leonard, based on the 20 years she worked for him, confirms the impressions I have. Her perceptions paint a portrait few fans would recognize. In her e-mails she describes him as:

A tireless micro-manager who employs a network of spies and informers who work for money, favours, or the sheer joy of belonging.

An insatiable gossip who, over the years, has turned against all his friends, and constantly slanders them in private.

A narcissist totally obsessed with polishing his image as a modest genius who is also an enlightened Buddhist scholar, gifted poet and songwriter.

An artist deeply envious of people above him in the music business (e.g. Bob Dylan, Phil Spector, the Beatles etc.), and also of genuine spiritual teachers like Chogyam Trungpa. 8/18/2008

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An abusive misogynist whose current girlfriend, Anjani Thomas, regularly sees a therapist specialized in treating combat veterans suffering from post traumatic stress.

A recovering alcoholic addicted to prescription methamphetamines and hard core internet pornography.

A delusional megalomaniac who actually believes he "wrote the Bible" and whose secret hobby is studying serial killers.

A tormented manic-depressive who told Lynch he sometimes locks himself up at night because of an overwhelming urge to "go out and murder people."

Lynch may be accused of exaggeration but I know how dangerous it can be to get close to Leonard and learn his secrets. I often found him charming, insightful, brilliant and he obviously is but his politics were well to the right of Ronald Reagan. In 1981, he told me the world was created 6,000 years ago and the dinosaurs are a "hoax." In 1982, he told me the Gentiles were about to go through a "holocaust" which would be much worse than anything Hitler did to the Jews. His dark side, emerging in personal relationships with women, was a nightmare: he could be amazingly petty, controlling and destructive, not to mention tenacious in pursuit of revenge. And totally deceptive: calling you "darling" to your face and taking you to lunch, while running an aggressive slander campaign behind your back.

Since I left the neighbourhood for good, he has built up his network of people who take him at his word. Others may work for him out of fear, or financial dependency.

As Goebbels said, repeat a lie often enough and it becomes truth. It depresses me at times that some people are gullible enough to swallow this Disney version of FATAL ATTRACTION: that on the basis of some fleeting street corner encounter, I spun a crazy erotic obsession around a pop star and pursued him to Greece, Los Angeles, and later moved next door to him in Montreal. Witnesses who know otherwise, have drifted away over the years. Meanwhile Hazel, who would now swear on a stack of Bibles that Leonard does not know me, lives rent-free in one of his buildings on St. Dominique.

Apparently Leonard wove Mick Jagger into his distorted fairy tale even though he is aware that Jagger very good-humouredly wrote a song, "Love is Strong", for the VOODOO LOUNGE CD, in which he imitates Leonard's singing voice and describes our encounter in a bar in the Caribbean in 1992. I sent Leonard a copy of that CD in 1994 I know he listened to all of it, or told me he had. I also jokingly wrote about my adventures in the Montreal MIRROR, thinking everyone would find them as funny as I did at the time. Leonard knows Jagger was a friend of the late Tibetan teacher Chogyam Trungpa, as was Kelley Lynch. What started as a friendly mission to introduce Jagger to Cohen, ended up as a destructive myth with overtones of violent extremism. I really wonder why any of this had to happen. It strikes me as a cynical piece of manipulation designed to discredit those of my generation who still live according to the liberal values of the "sixties" as opposed to the neo-conservative doctrines Leonard espouses in secret but is afraid to mention in public lest his fans find out he is not their Man, after all.

What disturbs me most is the confidence some people place in deception and trickery. Why would a man remain so dedicated to a fabricated story unless he had a powerful motive? The amount of energy he has invested in 8/18/2008

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this lie is totally astounding. The tactics -- secretive slander, character assassination are similar to techniques the CIA tested in the 1960s at places like McGill. As we've been finding out for the past 30 years, Dr. Cameron's real work was developing agents trained in psychological warfare. It would come as a surprise to many fans to know Leonard was a "graduate" of that covert program, as was Ken Hertz, whom I knew personally, and who told me he was at McGill with Leonard, learning the same mind control techniques John Marks writes about in THE MAKING OF THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE. There were other graduates, including people involved in writing and publishing. As far back as the mid-70s, Leonard was said to be running a cult in Montreal. I don't think it's just coincidence that the CIA set up numerous "mind control" cults at that time, which were used for drug running, information gathering, child trafficking and general mayhem. This is the world we inherited from Leonard's generation, and from those who trained and promoted him.

One of the last times I saw him, in the early 90s, he seemed literally to be falling apart. He phoned me and asked me to come over and go food shopping for him, because "I'm having unbelievable anxiety and can't get from one second to the next. You're the only one who understands me." My first instinct was to help. I offered to take him to the hospital, but he said psychiatrists had already given him a powerful "experimental" antidepressant. Unfortunately it was not working. I asked him why he didn't go into therapy but he said only drugs could cure his particular problem, a chemical imbalance that made every moment a terrible torture. Ten years later, reading the accounts of Dr. Cameron's "mind control" subjects, I learned many of them experienced similar breakdowns at exactly the same time: the early 90s. After 30 or 40 years, their programming started to collapse and they were flooded with horrific flashbacks and unbearable anxiety. Some chose therapy and gradually discovered what they had been part of as children: the MKULTRA mind control program that created programmed multiple personalities to work in espionage, or business, or government, or the entertainment business. Some had worked as programmed assassins, o prostitutes, or drug runners, without their conscious knowledge. Up to the time the programming disintegrated, most had been living normal, often very successful, lives. See Chuck Barris' CONFESSIONS OF A DANGEROUS MIND, partly shot in Montreal. for a "light" treatment of this subject and compare Barris' career, background, timeframe, etc., to that of Leonard Cohen.

This is obviously too surreal for most of us to absorb in this lifetime. I'm very sorry. I'm sorry it had to happen. I am sorry to have lived next door to a man I believe to be a product or victim -- of an evil experiment in human manipulation. I still wish he would go "get help" but it's probably too late for that. I also wish I hadn't witnessed many of the things I've witnessed, but I'm glad I know the background. Unconscious victims end up victimizing others. It's time to bring these secrets out into the open, not keep them veiled to mystify the next unconscious generation.

From inside his world of shadows and paranoia, Leonard gives repetitive interviews in which he acts the role of an old-fashioned sage stranded in an era that has forgotten how to be polite and decent. He used to talk about "love" and "justice" but actually practiced secrecy, control, and blind obedience to some unknown deity. In friends and followers, he rewards loyalty and punishes honesty. In his mind, and the minds of the people he secretly works for, the end justifies the means. These were never my values, or the values I was taught to live by.

Where I am now is vastly preferable to being in Leonard Cohen's ghastly company, as one of his slaves and gophers. I am grateful to be alive and basically sane, given what I have been through. That's why I have never tried to respond to personal attacks. Instead I count my lucky stars.

For the umpteenth time, I am asking friends and colleagues to listen critically, use clear judgment, and remember we still supposedly live in a democracy. Rule by secrecy, gossip and character assassination are a fast track to dictatorship. The only way to expose terrible secrets is to bring them into the light.

Sincerely, 8/18/2008

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Ann Diamond

---------- Forwarded message ---------From: Kelley Lynch <> Date: Sun, Aug 17, 2008 at 3:09 PM Subject: Re: Rp. : Fwd: To: Anne McLean <> Hi Ann, It is so infuriating to have Greenberg take cover behind me, confirm that I exposed the activity of Cohen and Kory (as it relates to me), and ultimately end up using my children - particularly my younger son, Ray, who has suffered tremendously and who hasn't seen me or my parents in over three years which is absolutely outrageous. I'll read your letter to Simon. Please feel free to quote me, if you so desire. I think in these instances if we simply say we believe these things to be so or we have experienced this or that - well, then, there's no problem. The rest of the newsmedia simply lie and say "reportedly" or "allegedly." I hope things are going well on your end. I will remain calm. Love, Kelley On Sun, Aug 17, 2008 at 8:56 AM, Anne McLean <> wrote: Hi Kelley Have downloaded the Posel doc, and attaching my (revised) letter to my ex-publisher in which I quote you about Leonard. Not saying I will actually send this to anybody -- right now I'm just putting down words and getting things out in the open. Thank you for your other e-mail -- coming through loud and clear. You sound a lot better. Stay calm. Like a boulder in a raging stream -- way to go Ann DIAMONDBACK BOOKS Visit the Ann Diamond Store at --- En date de : Sam, 16.8.08, Kelley Lynch <> a crit : De: Kelley Lynch <> Objet: Fwd: :,, "" <>, "sherab posel" <>, "" <>, "" <>,, "Dan Bergman" <>, "" <>, "bdeixler" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "Michael Taitelman" <>, "" 8/18/2008

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<>, "Stuart Fried" <>,,, "Kenneth Kondo" <>, "Lana Tseng" <>, "rocky. delgadillo" <>, "OIGCOMPL OIGCOMPL" <> Cc: "*irs. commissioner" <*>, "doronweinberg" <>, "" <>, "ASKDOJ" <>, "Sopko Kelly A TIGTA" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "Robert MacMillan" <>, "ikeitel" <>, "Lee K. Alpert" <>, "" <>, "" <>,, "James Wise" <>,, "Liz Craig" <>, "CHEWY GURU" <> Date: samedi 16 Aot 2008, 15 h 44 Hello Thinley Norbu Rinpoche, Please read Posel's "Declaration" carefully. And do keep in mind that Yongzin Rinpoche - who was present for my telephone conversation with Posel - feels he is one of the main obstacles here. His Declaration is preposterous but at least he confirms that Cohen and Kory were going to "crush" me. Apart from that, I have no idea what anyone is doing or what this case is about. I will now find Karen Ventrell of Indian Harbor Insurance Company and explain to her that I have been told this is criminal tax fraud, that Kory himself confirmed that I have a cause of action against every single one of Cohen's advisers - including Kory I suspect, and that I believe this is attempted insurance fraud. The legal fees are stunning so I am assuming the states are quite high. He drags my children into this and is also a liar. Kory did not approach Rutger - Steven Clark Lindsey did: asking him to go in and sign over/transfer my house to Leonard Norman Cohen and/or Robert Kory. There was no discussion with me about forgiving loans in exchange for anything - there may have been some discussion about "loans" with Bert Deixler - but he can deal with Bruce Cutler or the IRS Commissioner's Staff on this matter. Let me make some comments in response to Posel's absolutely outlandish Declaration. One must wonder what he thinks he is going to accomplish here - other than create enemies with his teachers, fellow Buddhists, etc. Posel has no personal knowledge of anything having to do with me. Explanations for withdrawals? there are emails documenting all of this; there are emails to Westin asking him to prepare Promissory Notes; and - I was told these loans/distributions/or whatever they are were fine. Not to mention that Greenberg permitted them and if he found this all so unacceptable (and dangerous to the structure of the company) he should have put that to me in writing as the majority owner. And, of course, there are the statements I never received. Never did I tell Posel that Cohen would be lenient with me. My entire goal - from the moment I went to DiMascio & Berardo - was to go to the IRS and I think one of the idiot lawyers I've dealt with should have taken me there. Cohen would compensate me? He owes me millions and has stolen my intellectual property - forcing me into homelessness and permitting his "asshole" lawyer to enter a Declaration in Ray's custody matter (really a kidnapping but this is irrelevant to the idiots I am attempting to complain to). I have disclosed nothing to Posel or Greenberg that they should feel free to use and there must be laws guiding rules of discovery, document sharing, etc., and I tend to doubt that involves pretending to be in love with someone, ransacking their house, encouraging them to destroy evidence stating Cohen's level of borrowing was dangerous, and so forth and so on. This may be why Rutger viewed "Posel" as "the enemy." While Posel's waiting for Kory and Cohen to show up in Denver, he was also being stood up by Yongzin Rinpoche which is fairly amusing. I love the part where "Mr. Kory" is attending a Dodger's game. He's also "drafting" Cohen's legal documents which is obvious - the tax jock who was afraid to even contact the IRS to obtain a "copy" of the 2001 Traditional Holdings, LLC tax return so the IRS didn't' become aware of this absolutely insane criminal tax fraud. 8/18/2008

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His phone conversation with me was "audited" by Yongzin Rinpoche. Why had Mr. Cohen refrained from pressing criminal charges? Well, maybe because he's not "the District Attorney?" who doesn't seem to press criminal charges about anything criminal in any event so "whatever." I wonder what pull "Ira Reiner" has with "Steve Cooley" - I know he has the abillity, according to Matt Green, to reach into the "DA's" office and make them miserable. Yes, there is no legal nexus between any of the actions involving Cohen, money, and my so-called custody dispute with Lindsey which one would assume a judge could figure out. But, Lindsey saw an opportunity and swooped in with Bergman - an absolutely disgusting liar. Anyway, it's a kidnapping aided and abetted by LAPD and Inglewood PD and the party that I feel has the "motive" and "power" is the "Lost Angeles District Attorney" and his colleagues - and, of course, LAPD/SMART's "Erma Oppenhein" and "Maurice Hampton" who "Garrin" was protecting. Well, they should take a close look at legal fees because it appears that four legal documents totalled $300,000 and then another $77,000 to have the fees analyzed. And yet, there's no case. Also, it looks like an attempt to cover up criminal tax fraud and I believe Cohen, Greenberg, Posel, Lindsey, Superfon, Westin, et al have and continue to act in collusion - with the help of the "Los Angeles District Attorney," and others. Oh, Mr. Cohen was greatly concerned about my ability to damage him so he set out to crush me. What about Freda Guttman's allegation that Lorca Cohen was telling people at Concordia that her "father" molested her. I can assure you that there was no psychiatric evaluation at Killer King - just a bunch of freakin' uneducated maniacs writing furiously on charts - fabricating much of what I read - until Dr. D'Angelo took my file and released me and informed me that he testifies in Court. I think Posel has Betsy Superfon's comments wrong - she said that "Neal Greenberg" was churning these accounts and attempting to dump his actions onto me and felt he should be in prison and that Cohen's so-called "deal" was illegal. Why would "DiMascio & Berardo" communicate with this idiot? They forwarded me his email and I called him - while he was sitting with His Holiness Kusum Lingpa. In any event, I think Bruce Cutler can indeed handle these people and I hope they save up for more "legal fees" - they can probably force people into bankruptcy. And now, I shall attempt to find Karen Ventrell to explain that I believe this is attempted insurance fraud as well. Where's "Richard Westin" in all of this? Fascinatingly absent. Love, Kelley P.S. No need to send the other documents. They are "stupid." cc: IRS Commissioner's Staff, Mr. Rob Watts - State of Kentucky, and Doron Weinberg, Esq. ---------- Forwarded message ---------From: Kelley Lynch <> Date: Sat, Aug 16, 2008 at 1:13 PM Subject: To: Jewel of Activity <>

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