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Green: New Trees for Boyle.

Old East Village News

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Boulevard Gardening Tips: P6 Top 3 Risks to your House: P6 What’s on in Old East: P7-8 Yard Sale: P8 Green Day: P9 Entertainment in Old East: P10

Date: July 16 2011 Time: 2 pm – 7pm Location: On the Street -- Lorne Avenue --- Between English and Ontario we all know, a friendlier neighbourhood is a safer neighbourhood. There are planned children’s events including: the Library Road Show, Engine 81 (fire engine), face painting, crafts for a Plans for the OEV Block Party are variety of ages, bubbles and an well underway and a obstacle course. There is the committee of possibility of a dunk tank, neighbourhood jumping castle, and free Sign up via volunteers has cotton candy. been working Neighbourhood arts facebook! hard to get this and culture will be 3umsn party started! We displayed throughout have received a the event, including tremendous amount visual art displays and live of support (especially from musical entertainment from village the residents of Lorne Ave -- thanks musicians. We are also planning to again!) but we are always looking for have a street hockey tournament more input. The main purpose of this running throughout the day and will event is to encourage residents of the possibly have a display of classic cars neighbourhood to get to know each from the neighbourhood. The food other and have fun while doing it. As arrangements are still in motion, but
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June 2011

Recipe for a successful Soccer Season Ingredients: • 170 enthusiastic children ages 3-11 looking for some fun and exercise • 20+ Volunteer Coaches • 14!Community sponsors (LIHC 2, Subway 2, North Pole Trim & Supply 2, OEVCA, McHardy Vacuum, Attica Manufacturing, Precision Auto, Kellogg's,!Forest!City Model & Pattern, State Farm Insurance, & Dillon!Consulting.) • Support from the LIHC-Flyer distribution, obtaining community sponsors, covering a variety of expenses, major contributions to the BBQ • Support from the city of!LondonCreating flyers, supplying medals for the children, helping with the BBQ , providing the facility
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New Trees at Boyle!
The Old East Village Community Association secured two trees that were planted in Boyle Park, with ReForest London, and the cooperation of the City of London: Area Services & Parks Planning. The planting took place on June 4th, with help from the 45th (East London) Scouts Troop. A big thanks also to Gabriele Sanio, Oisin O Neill, Tracy Drenth, Leane Bonello, and all the other volunteers!

OEVCA Newsletter June 2011


Boyle Grand Opening Soon
by Lewis Seale The contents of a 30-year-old time capsule are to be revealed at the grand opening of the “new” Boyle Memorial Community Centre this summer. Dating from the building’s transformation in 1981 from its first incarnation as an elementary school, the capsule was found in a wall during Boyle’s $1.2-million redevelopment in 2010-11. At press time, the date of the grand opening was still uncertain. It depends on when dignitaries from all three levels of government, which financed the redevelopment with infrastructure dollars, can be got together. As soon as it’s firmed up, the date will be posted on the electronic sign on the Charlotte Street side of the community centre. Boyle has been back in operation since April with programming by the Boyle Activity Council; the London InterCommunity Health Centre’s after-school SHAC program; Beaver, Cubs and Scouts; the seniors’ card group; and City recreation programs. The Girl Guides will be back at Boyle in September.

Presidents Corner
by Greg Thompson President, OEVCA

Scheduled, but not as yet completed, are tree plantings at the Boyle Community Centre and Queen’s Park. Plans are ongoing for our Block Party in July, where we will have a chance to gather together for a neighbourhood social.! Our appreciation goes out to the hard-working volunteers who are making this happen. Our famous garden crawls have been scheduled for the summer and fall, and work is ongoing on the street art component of our Walk to Shop program, with funding from the City of London’s Strengthening Neighbourhood initiative.! Old East was one of just three neighbourhoods in the city selected for this funding. We continue to monitor goings-on at positive or negative, on our lives in Old East.! Thanks go out to all of the people who help to make this possible year after year.

Spring is finally here!! For me, it’s “front porch time” after a very long winter. The Association has committed to planting 225 trees in our neighbourhood over the next few years.! This is the number, it has been estimated, that will be required to restore us to our historical tree coverage ratio.! It’s a challenge, but we have made a good start.! With funding from the Urban League of London, we have already planted large-caliper trees and shrubs at Carson Library, installed a P.S., and planted our tree nursery with 71 smaller-caliper Carolinian trees that we intend to grow on and make available to residents here in the Spring of 2012.!

well-treed reading circle at Lorne Avenue City Hall that may have an effect,

FOR AN EVEN BETTER OLD EAST ! We support the work of the Old East Village Community Association, making our neighbourhood an even better place to live. Please enroll our household as a member for the year 2011. Our membership fee of $10 is enclosed. Name ............................................................. E-mail address . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . Address ..........................................................London ON ................. Telephone (optional ) 519- ................................. I am/we are willing to take on volunteer tasks Mail to OEVCA, 817 Lorne Ave., London N5W 3K9

OEVCA Newsletter June 2011


The Book of Negroes by Lawrence Hill
reviewed by Paul Seale

BLOCK PARTY! (from pg 1)

Perhaps not as light as typical summer reading, The Book of Negroes (at Carson, F Hil) is a page-turner that could help pass many hours at the beach or few rainy days. The story is told by Aminata Diallo, taken from West Africa as an eleven-yearold girl and sold into slavery. In her story, Hill achieves a striking balance between engrossing fiction and instructive history. By fortunate circumstance, Aminata learns to read and write and, though her enslavement denies her any authority, she repeatedly achieves a certain power over her owners and becomes a powerful witness to the lives of slaves and slavers alike. The actual “Book of Negroes” that lends its name to the novel is the ledger listing the names of the Black Loyalists who earned their freedom and passage to what is now Canada by siding with the British during the American Revolution. In an acknowledged liberty with history, Hill has Aminata enlisted to help record the names of other slaves in the “Book of Negroes,” allowing her to note that hers is not the only extraordinary tale. Nonetheless, Hill takes Aminata through a remarkable series of historical settings including the American plantation, the American Revolution, the black settlement of Eastern Canada, and the backto-Africa movement that sees her return to Africa in a failed attempt to find her home. Her power as witness takes her eventually to England where she testifies at the request of abolition politicians. It is in England, in later life, that Aminata writes her story, a tale of trying to enjoy a life as wife, mother, and neighbour, sadly and repeatedly disrupted by the cruelty of people or events. Like much historical fiction, The Book of Negroes is a fat book, with many pages between its covers, but Hill has done all the heavy lifting. The historical detail – no doubt representing untold hours of research – never steals the spotlight from Aminata’s story, and the book is a page-turner from front to back. " The Book of Negroes was a recent selection of the Carson Community Book Club. The club meets the last Thursday of every month at 7pm at the Carson Branch Library, and is now on summer hiatus. To join in time for the fall, email

On the Shelves at Carson Library

we expect to do an informal barbecue made up of donated hotdogs, hamburgers, and veggie burgers/dogs. What

we need from you:
Food/BBQ volunteers. This job will require the organization of getting barbecues to Lorne Ave on the day of the party and working with Mike Courey to secure the barbecuing items. Some funding is available for this section of the block party. Please email if you are interested. Pop, Juice, and chip donations for the day of the party. Email to make a donation commitment of what you will bring for the day. Donation receipts available for cash donations.

who are willing to show off their talents. We are looking for a wide variety in music styles. Let us know if you are interested in performing. Sets will range from 30 to 45 minutes. Booths are available Neighbourhood visual artists, residential businesses, or artisans of any kind, are welcome to apply to have a booth set up at the block party. The purpose of these booths is to raise awareness of the variety of talents and services present in our community. Email with the details of what you would like to set up.

‘Day-of ’ Volunteers – from security to clean up, whether for a few hours or all day, we need more volunteers to help run the event on the day of the party. Please email and let us know how long and from Children’s event donations. what time between 12:30 and We need any donations of craft 8pm you can volunteer on the supplies, bubble solution, day of the event. colouring books, and sidewalk chalk. As well we need day of Hockey team sign up – If volunteers to help run children’s you have a street hockey team activities. If you have any that you would like to sign up or donations or would like to just want to get on a team volunteer with the children’s yourself please contact us. The events please email Catherine street hockey event is contingent Tansley at upon how many people show interest. To sign up email Children’s entertainers and We look forward to working coordinator. We are looking with all of you and hope that we for musicians, story tellers, or can pull off a great community any other form of child oriented party on July 16th. If there are performances (magic shows, any questions or concerns please clowns etc.). If interested email contact Mike Courey at 519-851-2677 or Musicians – We are looking for neighbourhood musicians

OEVCA Newsletter June 2011


B.A.C. Update (from pg 1)

Front Lot Parking in Old East: Finding a solution to our tight spaces.
by Guido Mulder Editor, OEVCA Newsletter

• Hours of time from the Executive-Planning the season, covering 3 registrations, answering dozens!and dozens of emails, organizing 14 teams over 3 nights!for around 170 children, organizing a BBQ ,!coaches meeting, picture nights and all kinds of one offs. • Parents-Being supportive and encouraging to their children. Being thankful and appreciative to the volunteers who put in their time to make this happen. Being patient when problems arise as they realize that those who run the league are extremely busy and doing the best they can. • Weather-As good as we can hope for over a 10 week period. • BBQ- A great way to celebrate a successful season, loads of fun for families, with no shortage of entertainment all free of charge. ! The Boyle Activity Council is thrilled with how the 2011 Soccer season is shaping up. We have had more children register than ever before, more community sponsors, more volunteers than ever and although the weather hasn't been the best for the start of the season, we're hopeful that it will improve as we move along. We want to invite everyone to come to our Public Meeting that will be held on Wednesday, June 15th at 8 PM at the Boyle Community Centre. This is when we discuss what we have done over the last year, gather ideas for future programs and events and elect our new executive from any of our volunteers in good standing. We also want to remind people that our BBQ will be held on Saturday, June 25th at Boyle, the times have yet to be determined, but we are hoping for our best event ever and we could use some volunteer help, if you can give up 30 minutes of your time, please email us at ! Thank you Jason Ahrens Vice-Chair Boyle Activity Council
OEVCA Newsletter June 2011

Many of the lot layouts for Old East were designed in an era when cars did not exist, and parking for more than one vehicle considered to be an unnecessary luxury. Because of insufficient space between properties, shared lots or short one car parking areas are more the norm than the exception. Some of the residents have been resorting to using space on their lawn to either temporarily or permanently accommodate space. Some of us, including this author, make winter parking spaces on their lawn once the ground freezes to accommodate holiday guests, and do so on a yearly basis without ever being ticketed. But lawn parking is a ticket-able offense in London there is no current provision to accommodate this type of use of our properties. In a recent crack down, a number of parking tickets were issued along Lorne Ave to cars parked in front yards and boulevards. The Old East Village Community Association has recently been informed that the City of London is interested in consulting with the neighbourhood to find a way to resolve this longstanding issue. We believe that the neighbourhood has a vital interest in having the situation resolved in a manner that recognizes the unique parking challenges faced by many residents while balancing the need to protect the unique character of heritage streetscapes. This is a matter of protecting the value of our homes. There was some groundwork laid for a solution to the issue in 2006, and that may be a starting point in finding a way to “regularize” parking that are sympathetic to the character and also to the legitimate needs of its residents.


Boulevard Gardening: Tips and Tricks
by Rhonda Perishilli

weeds and soil erosion as well as preserve moisture. Maybe consider using river rock as mulch.

Top 3 Risks to your House: A Landlord/ Tenant Perspective
" by Linda Wayne

Getting a full season of bloom Our main risks are everyday things that London Middlesex Master is one consideration. A great can turn into major catastrophes. " Gardener way to achieve this is to avoid Because these things are all around us, planting solid blocks of we tend to pay less attention than if the Want to add seasonal plants, but instead hazard was an approaching tornado. I some pizzazz arrange them in thin ribbons have listed the top three risks to your that weave and blend to your house, from both a Landlord and through the boulevard? Tenant perspective, along with It’s true that a garden. Student suggestions for risk reduction. boulevard Volunteers Wanted! Contact Spring garden can create a nice if you Water is the biggest culprit in this list. bulbs, like welcome feeling in your are interested in helping out with Discolouration in the corner of a tulips and neighbourhood, but it takes watering the new garden at ceiling can turn into a sudden daffodils some planning in advance. Carson. collapse and basement seepage can will First of all you need check destroy all stored goods. And behind provide some with your municipality to every soggy wall is another dire health risk, spring colour. Popular ensure you are aware of any black mold. What to do if you see misbehaving water? related bylaws. Next, in order picks for a sunny boulevard Tell the Landlord in writing and expect Landlords to could include dwarf spirea, to get the most of your outline their solution. Many water problems don’t have an sedium, daylilies for colour, or boulevard garden, you need instant fix, so don’t run to the City unless the Landlord ornamental and native grasses study the location so you can fails to respond. And Landlords, you might tend a tight choose plants that will thrive. to add texture all summer budget but replacing a leaking toilet tank is cheaper than long. You will want to avoid Does your boulevard get lots rebuilding a bathroom floor. of sun? Is it shaded by trees? any tall, bushy plants that may impede a driver’s view, so Is the soil sandy, or clay? Our second risk is fire, which ignites more easily than choose plants that will grow to people think. This is why there are hefty fines and criminal be less than a meter tall. Boulevards can be harsh charges if bodily harm occurs and the Fire Department locations for a garden, and finds disarmed fire alarms. Landlords, spell out these If planting under trees, require lots of thought as to penalties and put alarm maintenance in your lease. Add a woodland plants or shade what plants will grow well proviso banning the multiple extension cord connections there. Take into consideration tolerant ground covers are a that frequently cause fires. Better yet, an electrician can good bet. Ajuga or hostas are boulevards are subject to instal an outlet in under an hour which can offset a pedestrians, exhaust from the popular and easy to grow Tenant’s need to spawn an electrical octopus. Cigarette traffic, road salt and snow piles plants for shade. When damages are in this category, spanning the range from planting under trees, take care from winter ploughing, so toxic smoke circulating through the ducts to fires. not to cut or disturb the tree require some hardy plants. roots. And as with any garden, Risk three is neglect. This seems like a Landlord issue before planting anything, but they may not know that a hand rail is falling off if There are lots of plants amend the soil by adding they aren’t informed. Neglect is a downward spiral available for sale these some compost. where one failure can spark a series of others until days, so take some time an apartment is dilapidated. As with the other two to see what is available The soil should be about an risks, the main solution is simply caring. in local nurseries, pick inch below the sidewalk out some that suit surface in order to prevent it Contact Information: your taste and ask from spilling out onto the Linda Wayne questions about sidewalk or driveway. 785 Dundas St., London their tolerance Mulching or planting a 519-266-7584 ground cover will help prevent and care.
Make a Tree Request: Contact City of London Forestry Inspector, Rick Postma,

OEVCA Newsletter June 2011


Community Events:
Boyle Mini Soccer Year End and Community BBQ. Saturday, June 25. BAC (details pending) OEVCA Community Yard Sale: July 16th, 8am-2pm. See P8. Side-Walk Sale: July 16th. Dundas Merchants Association. Contact: Michelle De Veau, 519-679-0310 Block Party: July 16th. See details P1.

Family/All Ages

Ventriloquism with Sue! July 7, 2:30 -3:30 pm.

BAC: Boyle Activity Council, CL: Carson Library, 465 Quebec, 519-438-4287 EVC: East Village Coffeehouse, 785 Dundas, 519-438-7878. Twitter @evcoffeehouse. Newcomers welcome at all events. LIHC: London InterCommunity Health Centre, 659 Dundas, 519-660-0874. LS: LifeSpin, 866 Dundas at Ontario, OES: Old East Studios, 755 Dundas, 519-434-5499, Spectrum: City of London recreational programs, at Boyle except as indicated. Prices quoted are for London residents. Register at 519-661-5575, or at (click Spectrum Link) Family Storytime. July 6- Aug 10, 10:30-11:15 am. Free drop in with stories, songs, playtime. Children under age 3 must be accompanied by an adult. CL. The Three Sisters. July 12, 2:30 - 3:30 pm. Learn about the origins of ‘three sisters’ Iroquois gardening. CL. Children - Fire Safety with Sparky the Fire Dog Robot (3-7 years with caregiver) Aug 12, 10:0011:00 am. CL.

Sue’s show is lively, upbeat, and full of humour.. CL. Children - London Hydro Electrical Safety Awarenes Program. July 28, 2:30 - 3:30 pm. Learn awareness of the hazards of electricity. CL.


Ballet Babies, Saturdays: June 11-Aug 06. 1:00 -

1:30pm. An introductory ballet program for preschoolers emphasizing fun while learning. Course 224574. BAC.

School Age

Pocket Sized Farms- Children’s Day Camp Program. July 4 to August 26. (Children aged 7-10) LS. Georgia O’Keefe Art Workshop (6-10 years), August 19th, 10:00 - 11:00 am. Stories, games, creation of artwork in the style of Georgia O’Keefe. CL Kiragami: The Art of Folding and Cutting Paper (8-12 years), August 26th, 10:00 - 11:00 am. Discover beauty of Kiragami. CL Hip Hop: 13-17 Years. An hour of fun and fitness, set against the beats of urban hip hop. June 11- August 06. 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM Course 224586. Spectrum

OEVCA Newsletter June 2011


Open Art - “bring your own art (any medium) to work on” 6-8 pm Thursdays. 519-204-8543 OES Coffee Tasting, check for any upcoming dates at London Farmers Market (confederation building) Garden Crawl: June 12th Contact Heather Phillips: Garden Crawl: Aug. 27th Contact Heather Phillips:

!! Announcing the Old!East!Village!community yard sale, to be held Saturday, July 16 from!8am-2pm.!!All participants will get the benefit of media advertising and

neighbourhood signage, we encourage participants to register their sales with the community association for more perks.!!Any household that SALE takes advantage of the free registration will receive a yard sale support package and will be included on a sale-day map for bargain hunters.! If we reach our goal of 100 households, this will be a really big draw for the whole city. !In the meantime, yard sale day has already become one of the neighbourhood's most social days, and we hope everyone will either hold a sale or visit the sales around them." To register your sale, email


High Five Principles of Healthy Child

Development. For people who provide services to children. June 15 - 16. 6:00 - 9:30 pm Course 222901. Spectrum Union Gas Presentation. June 21, 1:00 pm. Presentation will discuss energy conservation around the home. Snacks and refreshments provided. LS. Pain Management Workshop. June 28th, 2:00 pm. Presentation by the Arthritis society will cover pain management strategies. LS.

For Music Makers
Ruby Tuesdays. 8-10 pm. Ruby Tuesdays is a participatory musical group. Pay-what-you-can. OES Southern Ontario Ukulele Players. Mondays, 7:30-10pm. All levels and newcomers welcome. Paywhat-you-can. OES. Belong to Song. Thursdays, 5:00 8:00 pm. Open to participants with a lived experience of mental illness. OES
OEVCA Newsletter June 2011 [8]

Green Day a big hit!
Old East residents were out in numbers for Green day, May 7th. Compost was picked up in the bucket, barrel, bag, and trunk-load. Also a big hit was the plant exchange where bargain hunters could pick up a little something for their boulevard or backyard. On the same day, Carson Library received a beautiful makeover with help from many red bud, service berry, and red twig dogwood. The design was done by Gabriele Sanio. As part of the planting, the gardens were given a clean up, with many plants split and relocated. The volunteers made short work of all the digging, weeding, mulching and watering that was required. A hearty thank you to the seventeen volunteers that made this garden rejuvenation a reality!

New Trees for our Library!

volunteers. Two new trees were planted, a tulip tree, and a northern hackberry. Other new entrants were

OEVCA Newsletter June 2011


June 10-18th, The Solid Gold Cadillac, a Broadway classic that takes “a cheeky look at Main Street versus Wall Street”, PT June 16, Shane Koyczan and The Short Story Long, 7:00 pm, AH June 24,25th, Ceilidh for Haiti, a fundraising Ceilidh (kaylee) for LifePaths Global Alliance to raise money for their work in Haiti.

AH: Aeolian Hall, 795 Dundas,, 519-672-7950. Times are doors open times. Tickets for most events available at Grooves and the Village Idiot as well as online and at the box office. LCMT: London City Music Theatre, Western Fair,, 519-432-0888: Film Times at 1:00 PM, Show Times at 8:00 PM PT: Palace Theatre, 712 Dundas,

June 11, Melanie Doane,, LCMT June 11, An Evening for Ecuador, 6:30 pm, AH June 16, A Night of drums with Brian McHugh &Friends.6:30 pm AH June 18, John Denver & Patsy Cline Tribute, LCMT June 19, Harry Chapin Tribute Concert, 6:30 pm, AH July 2, American Songbook Classics, LCMT July 9, Petter Appleyard & Group, LCMT July 9, Barefoot for Orphans: Love is the Answer, 6:00 pm, AH July 15, An Evening with the Stars (A Tribute), 6:00 pm, AH July 16, The Pointer Sisters and Gladys Knight Tribute, LCMT July 23, Memories of the Summer of Love, LCMT August 6, Donna Summer & Motown Music with Martha Reeves Tribute, LCMT August 13, An Evening with Greg Godovitz, 6:30 pm, AH

June 7, Love's Labour's Lost, (Film) LCMT June 8, Le Nozze di Figaro., (Film), LCMT June 13, La Boheme, (Film), LCMT" " June 14, Last Night of the Proms, (Film), LCMT June 15, A Midsummer Night's Dream (Film), LCMT June 20, La Traviata, (Film), LCMT June 21, Twin Spirits, (Film), LCMT June 22, Aida, (Film), LCMT June 27, Cavalleria Rusticana and Pagliacci, (Film), LCMT June 28, Falstaff, (Film), LCMT June 29th, Othello, (Film), LCMT

OEVCA Newsletter June 2011


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