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Hacking for Beginners - A Beginners Guide for Learning Ethical Hacking

Hacking for Beginners - A Beginners Guide for Learning Ethical Hacking

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Published by: Jm Plaza on Jun 09, 2011
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• SMS is one of the most popular means of communications.

• SMS Forging is the method to spoof sender id of SMS.

• One can send SMS to international Number from any number of sender’s choice.

• Facility to choose sender id upto 11 characters/name.


First of all the sender send the SMS via SMS gateway. The identity of the sender is attached to the SCCP packer of the
SMS. The SMS once reach the SMS gateway is routed to the destination Gateway and then to the receiver’s handset.
There are many ways by which we can send SMS to the SMS gateway.
One of them is to use internet.
Now the concept of SMS forging lies in changing the SCCP packer which contains the sender information prior delivering
to the SMS gateway.
The intruder can change the SCCP packet and can send that packet to any of the receiver as a spoofed SMS.
Some of the Website on the net also provide this facility.

0791 7283010010F5 040BC87238880900F1

07- Length of the SMSC information (in this case 7 octets)

91 - Type-of-address of the SMSC. (91 means international format of the phone number)

72 83 01 00 10 F5 - Service center number(in decimal semi-octets). The length of the phone number is odd (11), so a
trailing F has been added to form proper octets. The phone number of this service center is "+27381000015".

04- First octet of this SMS-DELIVER message

Hacking For Beginners – Manthan Desai



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0B-Address-Length. Length of the sender number (0B hex = 11 dec)

C8-Type-of-address of the sender number

72 38 88 09 00 F1- Sender number (decimal semi-octets), with a trailing F.

• When SMS is sent using an application, it is routed through international gateways.

• Spoofing of Message Id(SDCCH/SCCP Info) take place at International gateway.

• Finally SMS is routed to destination SMS Center number.

• As there is no authentication system, it is sent to destination number with spoof ID.

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