Shia Books Articles Islam is not merely a religion, but a complete code of life.

It has considered as the most influential religion amongst all the other religions prevailing in the world. Islam provides a complete set of guidance, for every walk of life. The teachings in Quran and Sunnah are total guidance to lead a life that is face to face with Allah at all times. Beside Quran and Sunnah, Shia Islamic books are the best treasure and guidelines to lead a successful life, by following the righteous path; the one that Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) has preached and commanded to follow. Shia books, written by Shia Muslim Scholars are peaceful educational Islamic literature; which educate a message of peace and guidance for following rules of Islam. These books are also of supplication and psalms and answers questions about Islam. is a local online Islamic books store functioning from California (CA), to provide Muslims residing in USA with the authentic Shia books that are not available on any local book stores. provides with the most desired Shia books which are a must-have in every Muslim home at competitive price without any hidden or extra charges so that you can benefit from the colossal treasure of Islamic books for guidance. also provides Shia jantri. The Shia Jantari books are printed every year and we will have yearly new Jantri available at the start of each year. Presently Shia Jantri 2011 is available on the site.

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