Birralee International Middle School !

Spring 2011

Attainment Markers Oral Examination 2011
Reiterate Verbs which describe the level of competence Recognize and reiterate subject vocabulary, describe facts, name. Comprehension Describe and present similarities or differences, explain. Use Select, use, find, clarify, explain facts, organise and present with own words. Analyse Discover, make selections and understand connections, research, organise and conclude. Synthesise Study, understand, summarise, plan, formulate and draw conclusions. Assess Assess and discuss, make judgements, distinguish, criticise and compare values.

General description Below Average 2 of competence Students should be able to level reproduce and recognize subject knowledge in the form it was taught. Students can describe, reiterate and present (some) facts. Recall data/facts.

Average 3-4 Students should be able to use the knowledge in new contexts and situations. Students should be able to use, explain, compare and discuss. Describe with own words.

Above Average 5-6 Students should be able to reassemble parts to new wholes, consider and draw conclusions, assess, critisise, organise, compare and distinguish. Use subject-specific vocabulary and phrases, explain, assess, compare and draw conclusions.

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