Llewellyn Kriel

Busy being rulers with uneasy heads their Nests the citadels of wearied wings Of rude construction and tested draughts Serving purpose not posterity’s nostalgia The labour’s never ending and Fixing homes that better foresight would forestall The gathering and the hunting and the luck Propels with blind unerring myrmidonic duty “It matters not how strait the gate How charged with punishments the scroll” There’s seldom breaks, and rarer rest, just straight The errands plotted by the charts of fate 21 sparrows live in my tree 21 sparrows that dip and skip from there to anywhere 21 sparrows arrows calling all the time 21 sparrows doing sparrows’ work for sparrows’ food 21 sparrows watched by rats and cats and crows And making more sparrows I covet their flight and envy that they’re free With only sparrow fears and sparrow hates They fly – and unlike me Don’t have to follow man’s dictates. So now I’ll fetch my sparrow gun And have a little sparrow fun I’ll take them down, all 21 Then they won’t be free – just only me. Me and my liberty …
A Meditation on freedom 9 June 2011

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