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The beginning of tour and the end of the world... (May 2011)

The beginning of tour and the end of the world... (May 2011)

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Published by Nanette Grebe
News from tour and something about the end of the world...
News from tour and something about the end of the world...

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Published by: Nanette Grebe on Jun 09, 2011
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For the past two months, our touring team entered their final phase of training, called (the dreaded) SKYN WEEK. That basically means very little sleep and lots of work for everyone involved. But they made it through, and are currently in their last touring week of their first touring cycle. And the feedback that we’ve been getting from the towns that they have ministered in has been beyond inspiring. It is good to be reminded of the impact that we have – it is good to know that people are getting to God. My reason for being in Cape Town? Well, this year, for the very first time, we are having a Gala event, like the annual one in Pretoria, in the Cape! And what a beautiful place it is to have a special event… Wow… Especially now that the rainy season has arrived – everything is green! And it feels really good to finally see our own team again – they’ve been far from home these couple of weeks. And I’m proud of them – they seem to be doing really well. The other big happening of the month of May (that we all seemed to have missed)… The end of the World! Okey, jokes aside… Call it a crazy prediction, a scam, a power-hungry individual… Point is, it probably got most of us thinking, and in hearing about it, we all reacted in some way. Some laughed it off, some got nervous (some sold their property…), and for some, the reaction they portrayed in front of others might have been very far from what was going on in their hearts. Bottom line? We should ALWAYS be ready. “No one knows the day or the hour…” In taking that which really matters out of a seemingly crazy incident, and learning from it, we might all be able to propel our lives to a more meaningful place. A place where we are able to LOVE more fully , GIVE more freely and LIVE more ready.

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In this icy cold month of May (okey, I’ll be honest, it’s early June as I’m writing…) I bring you news from the beautiful city of Cape Town! But first, a little re-cap of the past two months.

Our team leading worhip session on tour, and creating an opportunity to respond.

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