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Published by: Aman Bhattarai on Jun 09, 2011
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4) Should technology be used to choose the character of an unborn child? (SA018) What if everybody different is same?

Would you fear for your result if your success is predetermined? Would you go for a hard work if you come to know that you are never going to get more than your existing state? So then we must be knowledgeable enough to realize what can be the consequences if the man who creates science is himself created by science. If science is used to choose the character of an unborn child then a child is born who comes to be a man with no fear, no jealousy, no hope, no love , no hatred, no anger . In aggregative we can say that a feeling less so called human that looks like a human is born. Birth is natural phenomenon where a parent can just wish his child to be like him imagination. But when it comes to the case where a parent can determine the being of the child every parents try their best to fill the best character in the child. And in this run of being perfect they tend to lose the existence of the child that would be otherwise. More over in this case the child is nothing rather than a standardize mind of his parent. So he will have the limited character that his parent’s wants or that is filled with in him. The symbols like individuality and feeling that determine a body being with a soul is lost. So born child may be brilliant that he can solve every chemistry every math, he may be an ideal son that obeys his parents and never does wrong, but his parents will always miss something. parents then will miss the calling from the teacher for mischief’s his little child would have done, scolding him in his teen age for hanging hours and hours in phone, and most of all they would miss his normal life. The life that could have been otherwise. Choosing a character not just affects the matter of psychology but engulfs each and every aspect of human life. For example from biological aspect like disorder in the process of meiosis, mitosis and mutation to the economical effect like fallacy between rich and poor. The difference between rich and poor is an obvious effect that can be generalized like the rich will have all the good as they can chose the best character they need and poor will have all the pain as they can’t afford to the technology
Comment [T2]: Wrong phrasing Comment [T1]: Generalization

like this. Hence this difference as we all know can bring a very great fluctuation to the existing economy of the country as poor will get poorer and the rich will get richer. Moreover this may result to the devastating destruction to the life in the form of cold war as then the world will have split into two halves of poor and rich. We cannot be sure that this technology is always used by the good people. What if Terrorist are its users. When a baby is born with a pre determined aim of blasting atom bomb and with a thirst of blood and terror how can we aim for a secure world even if there are thousands of brilliant characterized children. When the world is divided into two powerful halves where one is good and the other is bad, one is poor and the other is rich we can see the future of violence and bloodshed revolving above our head. As proved by every theory, every science, and every behavior like the law of interference of coherent out phase wave with equal amplitude which results in a dark fringe, like a chemistry where one mole of sodium hydroxide totally neutralizes one mole of hydrochloric acid giving a neutral salt, like a matter colliding with a antimatter resulting a mass destruction and giving a zero, the similar goes with the case of human existence where a positive and negative feeling collides with a great deal of energy that will result in a bare neutral and life less earth. Hence a final result of characterizing a baby using science can be the end of the world. There is a law balancing every aspect of ecology. This law is like a spiritual force that binds each and every organism of this earth into a certain niche, like the law of nature that gave elephant board feet so that it can cope up with its body, like a lizard that can change its color so that this small creature can secure itself. Similarly the law of human life that is some is made to be brilliant and some are brilliantly made. Some are good and some are bad, this is just because to maintain the cosmopolitan group of the people with different character where they will have a life according to their character. So it is good to not change this law, as the ecology of variety of species is better than the community of organisms having the same species. More over we don’t want destruction, we don’t want to lose our human species for a bunch of Roberts, we don’t want a life without feeling, then why would we ever want to characterize our children instead of being happy with whom they are. So conclusively it can be said that we have a controlled, crucified and correct law that we give birth to our babies
Comment [T6]: Derogative and informal, robots is the correct word I guess Comment [T5]: Not logically proven Comment [T3]: Good argument Comment [T4]: Generalization

and wish them to be a good human, hence we don’t need an outlier like science to make a baby. Feedback Content: 54/60 Very good content Some generalization but it could have been avoided if you had used some examples Often out of topic but all in all very good essay Language: 25 Many avoidable grammatical errors Some sentences need to be rephrased

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