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Service Marketing & Brand Marketing

Service Marketing & Brand Marketing

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Published by: Nandita Thakur on Jun 09, 2011
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________ are the customers who tell others not to buy the brand from the company. Correct Answer Terrorists One of the greatest benefits of blue printing is________. Correct Answer Education Services are :Correct Answer Not tangible Re-engineering is one of the most difficult strategies to implement in organisations that are traditional. Correct Answer True Blue printing offers an excellent way to understand customer's service experience. Correct Answer False Services :Correct Answer Can not inventoried. Empathy is non ability to provide caring individualized attention the firm provides its customers. Correct Answer False Co-creating a brand with it's customers will help the brand continue to thrive. Correct Answer True Which brand strategy has the ability to provide a two tiered sense of difference and depth? Correct Answer Source brand strategy Services are deeds and efforts. Correct Answer True Following are Possessing processing services directed at physical posessions :Correct Answer Freight transportation. , Repair & Maintenance. , Warehousing / Storage. Goods can be :Correct Answer Standardized. The purpose of________ is to project a positive and consistent image to the public. Correct Answer Socialisation For services its quality depends on :Correct Answer Consumer's Perception Market value method is used when valuing your own brand image for inclusion in the balance sheet. Correct Answer False

Relationship . Culture . Correct Answer False Distributing an innovation to all brands minimises the ability to justify a premium price for the top innovative brand.The non personal communication component in Service Marketing Systems are :Correct Answer Letters . Correct Answer Customers Blue prints are particularly useful at which stages of service development? Correct Answer Design . Signage The fluctuating demand of services can be overcome by :Correct Answer Peak load pricing . Responsiveness . Self image Features of Quality Service are:Correct Answer Reliability . Empathetic Performance of services is________. Gap Model says that :Correct Answer Close customer gap. to its logo. Correct Answer Courtesy Which of the features are on the right side of the brand identity hexagonal prism? Correct Answer Personality . . promise and personality. Delay in flights . Receiving incorrect hotel bill The corporate culture must reinforce the brand essence. In house alternative services It creates a relationship and a strong bond with the customer that grows over time :Correct Answer Brand equity It links resource expenses to the variety and complexity of products produced :Correct Answer ABC It is the satisfaction linked attractiveness of the brand in its relationship with society Correct Answer Ethical In case of services whose technical quality can not correctly evaluated________ used as signal of quality. Advertising . Remove discrepancies within organisation. Correct Answer True . Use the strategies to drive service excellence. Reflection External brand building is essential to internal brand building. . The examples of backstage failures include :Correct Answer Not receiving your course grades . Correct Answer Intangible. Motivating non peak consumption . Correct Answer Mission Many companies have adopted the idea that employees are also________ of the organisation. Correct Answer True One of the methods of motivating the service providing employees is through________ statement. Redesign It is the satisfaction linked to the attractiveness of the brand. to its communication :Correct Answer Hedonistic What are the social facets of brand identity prism? Correct Answer Physique .

Correct Answer Banks It is a measure of brand's potential profitability :Correct Answer Earnings What is defined as the sum of all the perceived benefits minus the sum of all the perceived service outlays? Correct Answer Net value It is an alliance made visible :Correct Answer Co branding . Education Services.Advantages of a Generalist approach are:Correct Answer Maximises advertising synergy . Correct Answer Marketing Match The Following Television Broadcasting. The market valuation of the service provider The skill and knowledge necessary to do the job is :Correct Answer Service competencies Many________ also sell insurance products and collect commission but are not normally involved in handling claims. Correct Answer True It is the defining aspect of a brand :Correct Answer Relevant differentiation The zone of tolerance is a :Correct Answer Window of customer service level Match The Following Wealth creators Airline frequent flyer programs Interest linkages Process of wealth creation Brands Financial benefits Structural ties Brand building The tangible clues helps the consumers in :Correct Answer Service evaluation . Channel 7 Konkan Railway Indian Institute of Management. Allows for existence of two separate dealers Service employees basically perform________ functions. Assessing quality of services . Retail Trade. the closer the relationship. Food World. People are emotionally connected to a brand for following reasons:Correct Answer Admirable brand . Unique brand The greater the number of different services a customer purchases from a single supplier. Intense brand . Customer loyalty . Railroad Transportation.

Frontline employees are key to a brand's success. All the non living features of service encounter. Coupons cannot be printed on the backs of ATM receipts. Correct Answer True Research objectives for services are as follows :Correct Answer to identify dissatisfied customers. . Correct Answer False Match The Following Application of service blue print Service blue print Service process Service are Match The Following Service operation Servuction Model FedEx Corporation The inanimate environment Computer systems analysis Top down and bottom up approach Element of extended marketing mix Intangibles Service personnel & physical facilities. & how to deliver service to customers. The benefit from source brand strategy lies in its ability to provide a two tiered sense of difference and depth. .Consumers differ as to which service/product attributes they see as important and pay the most attention to the brands that will deliver the sought benefits. To monitor & track service performance. the unity and durability of a brand Correct Answer Brand identity The important aspects of tangible dimension of Quality are:Correct Answer Employee appearance . actions and slogans :Correct Answer Brand identity Inseparability of services are described and interpreted differently by different workers due to :Correct Answer As they require customer participation in production process. when. Correct Answer Where During which stage of 'Innovation Adoption ' model. Correct Answer Adaptability. Cost of launch is low . . . Correct Answer True The service delivery is concerned with_ __ __ __ _. . To forecast future expectations of customers. the customers are satisfied and decide to make regular use of the product? Correct Answer Adoption Reasons for extending a brand are:Correct Answer Adds to image . Personal needs. Incontrollable factors by which services marketers can influence customers are as follows :-Correct Answer Enduring service intensifiers. To defend a brand at risk . Performance can not be separated from performers. Visible & invisible factors All the sides of a triangle well aligned. Correct Answer False It is a concept that serves to offset the limitations of postponing and to monitor the means of expression. Correct Answer True Advantages of a Range brand policy are:Correct Answer Creates brand capital . Focuses on single brand image Employees response to customer needs & requests is called as__ __ __ __. Innovation It is the value of the brand over and above its commodity value :Correct Answer Brand equity It is a common element that sends a single message amid the wide variety of its products. Transitory service intensifiers. . Dress Goods are sold first and then produced and consumed simultaneously. .

Broad selection . perceived benefits are weighed against the perceived ________. Intense brand . brand is a means and not a necessity. Nature of service quality is_ __ __ _ __. . Unique brand While purchasing a service. Correct Answer True ________ means the set of values feeding the brand's inspiration. Correct Answer Costs The customers can be_ __ __ __ _ to address their needs. Correct Answer Apostles Services are intangibles. Correct Answer False People are emotionally connected to a brand for following reasons:Correct Answer Admirable brand . Customer contests .Person/ equipment can not be separated/ stored. Supporting the staff . Brand risk For a retailer. Front line employee Communities can be created offline through which of the following techniques? Correct Answer Community based grass root events . Correct Answer Culture Creating__ __ __ _ _ is the ultimate objective behind building a brand. Correct Answer True This phenomenon is inherent in the luxury goods sector :Correct Answer Brand Extension Responsiveness does refers to non willingness to help customers. Role of branding . Better prices The type of facility based failures that are most likely to occur is:Correct Answer Cleanliness issue In service development of new tangible products it involves construction of product prototypes & testing for consumer acceptance. Correct Answer Educated Service skills and interactive training is required for:Correct Answer Managers . Membership organisations Which brand strategy has the ability to provide a two tiered sense of difference and depth? Correct Answer Key elements of 'NPV of future earnings ' model are:Correct Answer Financial forecasting . Correct Answer Multi dimensional Reasons for customers to buy from virtual stores are :Correct Answer Convenience . Correct Answer True Many service firms offer their customers variety of :Correct Answer Service related activities.

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