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March 1, 2005 Attention: Users of API Specification 6D, 22nd Edition Pipeline Valves The API Subcommittee on Valves and Wellhead Equipment recently balloted further revisions to API Specification 6D, 22nd Edition. These are in addition to the revisions made in 2002. The technical changes are listed in a revised Annex F API Regional Annex (Normative), attached. This annex contains both the original 2002 revisions and the current ones, thus the existing Annex F can be discarded and replaced with this material. The effective date for the current revisions is September 1, 2005. All known editorial revisions to the document are also included. Future copies of API Specification 6D, 22nd Edition will include this revised Annex F as part of the document, but the changes will not be incorporated into the text. The inclusion of the annex will be noted on the cover.

American Petroleum Institute

API Standard 6D/ISO 14313:1999

Annex F (Normative) API Regional Annex

F.1 Technical Modifications to ISO 14313

API Subcommittee 6 has balloted and approved the following technical revisions for the National Adoption of ISO 14313. Clause/Subclause 2 3.23 Modification Replace the normative reference NACE MR 0175 with NACE MR 0175:2002 Replace the definition in its entirety with parts whose failure to function as designed would result in a release of contained fluid to the atmosphere Replace the first sentence with Valves constructed to this International Standard shall be furnished in nominal sizes DN 15 (NPS ) to DN 1500 (NPS 60) and class 150 to 2500, see Table 1. Delete the entire second sentence. Replace the 1st sentence of the 3rd paragraph on page 34 with: "Thread sizes, as a minimum, shall be in accordance with Table 7, or by agreement." Replace the 3rd paragraph on page 35 with: "Wrenches that are of integral design for valves (not loose), shall not be longer than twice the face-to-face or end-to-end dimension of the valve, unless otherwise agreed. Add the following after the 3rd paragraph: NOTE Loose wrenches are not considered a part of a valve and are not required to meet the maximum length requirements. 6.15 Replace the entire clause with: Valves of size DN 200 (NPS 8) and larger shall be provided with lifting lugs, unless otherwise agreed. The valve manufacturer shall verify the suitability of the lugs to lift the valve and when an operator is provided as part of the final assembly by the manufacturer, lugs shall be capable of lifting both the valve and operator assembly. NOTE Local requirements may specify special design, manufacturing and testing of lifting lugs. 7.1 Replace the 3rd paragraph on page 37 with: Metallic pressure-containing parts, except stems and gaskets, shall 65




API Standard 6D/ISO 14313:1999

American Petroleum Institute be made of materials listed in ASME B16.34 or, by agreement, an equivalent standard (see clause 6.1).

Table 12, Item 10 11.2

Delete and minimum wall thickness Add the following, after the section On body: Note: If the same valve had buttweld ends instead of ring joint end flanges, delete the marking for the ring joint identification on flange edge (item 9) and add the SMYS marking on the buttweld end as follows: SMYS 40KSI (Item 10: SMYS) Replace the entire clause with: Documentation required by this International Standard shall be maintained by the manufacture for a minimum of five years following the date of manufacture. design documentation; weld procedure specification (WPS); weld procedure qualification record (PQR); welder qualification record (WQR); qualification records of NDE personnel; records of test equipment calibration; for valves DN 50 (NPS 2) and larger: - melt identification certificates for body, bonnet/cover(s) and end connectors(s) traceable to the unique valve serial number, - serial number for tracing the valve bill of materials, - pressure test results.


Documentation shall be legible, retrievable, in a reproducible form, and free of damage. The purchaser shall specify which documentation shall be supplied as listed in Annex D.


American Petroleum Institute

API Standard 6D/ISO 14313:1999


Editorial Modifications to ISO 14313

The following are editorial changes to the document. 3.15 & 3.17 Figure 3 Replace the word letters in the Note of both definitions with the word abbreviation. Replace Figure 3 with the following:


API Standard 6D/ISO 14313:1999 Table 2, Footnote a Table 2, Footnote b Table 3

American Petroleum Institute Change the dimension to 660 mm Change the dimension to 813 mm Replace the headings Reduced with Regular Pattern and Venturi with Venturi Pattern Change dimension C on Page 24 for Venturi Pattern ring joint PN 64 (Class 400) DN 550 (NPS 22) to 1159 mm.

Table 4

Change dimension B on Page 28 for Full-bore and reducedbore welding end PN 50 (Class 300), DN 150 (NPS 6) to 457 mm. Change dimension C on Page 30 for Full-bore ring joint PN 420 (Class 2500), DN 65 (NPS 2 ) to 514 mm.

7.3 Annex D

Add the word external after finished. Change the Annex to Informative. Add the following at the end: D16) Installation, operation and maintenance instructions/manuals. D17) General arrangement drawings D18) Cross-sectional drawings with parts and materials listed Add or in place of after in addition to