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5 No..

:iJiii' IN'ationa IP ower T"ralnmg Institute . .~:. .
(Under Ministry of Power, Govt. ot India Organization)

Common Entrance Test (CET) for the admission to the PGDCDiploma in Thermal Power Plant Engineering at various Institutes of NPTI. Date of Examination :-

zo" June 2010

Duration of the Exam. 11 AM to 1.30 PM Type - Objective ( 180 Questions)

Entrance Test Details: Duration - 150 Minutes

The correct answer is to be chosen from the given four options i.e a.b,c, and d, Part -I - General Aptitude Part -II PartIII ( 60 Ouestions]

General Engineering (30 Ouestlcnsl Main EngineerinG (90 Questions) Production Engineering and Equivalent

Group I

Mechanical, Mechanical and Automation,

Group 11- Electrical, Electrtcal & Power ,Electrical & Electronics Engineering and [quivalent. Group III - Electronics Electronics & Communication ,Electronics & Telecommunication, Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering, Electronics & Control and Equivalent.

I Markings:

2 (two) marks for every correct answer and negative 0.5 marks for every wrong answer.

Instructions to the Candidate
1) Do not open the staple of the questions booklet unless you are asked to do so. 2) please mark the correct answer in the OMR sheet against the corresponding questions usine Black/Blue ball point pen only. Calculations can be carried out on the Question booklet and not on OMR sheet. 3) Finalize your answer before entering 111 OMR . There is no scope for correction later on. 4) Negative marking is also done to avoid random marking. Each of the marked correct answer shall be rewarded two (2)rnark, and a wrong marking will be penalized by (-1/7) marks. 5) Possession of calculator, Mobile or any Electronic gadgets are not allowed. Possession of any such gadgets in the hall will result in debarring the candidate from examination. 6) Strict dtscipline shall be maintained at the time of written Examination. Candidate's Name: Roll No. Centre _


PGOC - CET 2010

PART -I (Questions 1 to 60)
General Aptitude

1) If the average of five numbers is -10 a nd the sum of th ree of the numbers then what is the average of other two numbers a) -33 b) -1 c) 10 2) The average a) 8 of 6 consecutive the average of last three integers

16 ,

order of size is 9 'h what is

integer in increasing c) 10

b) 9 'h 1, 3x-2y-8z = -1



x+2y-z =

In the systems of equations above if z is not zero then what is the ratio of x to a) ~9/4 b) -1/3 c) 113 d) 9/4 4)


Ram starts jogging from point X to point Y .Half an hour later his friend Shyam who jogs 1 km/hr slower than twice Rams rate starts from the same point and follows the same path. If"Shyam takes over Ram In 2 hours. How many krns will shyam have covered? a) 11/5 b) 1013 c)4 d)6

5) Two cars start at the same point and travel in opposite direction . If one car travels at 45 krn/hr and other at 60 km Ihr . How much time wfll pass before they are 210 km apart.

a) 0.5 hrs

b) 1 hr

c) 1.5 hr

d) 2 hrs

a) 7)

Yz of .2 percent equals 1 b) 0.1

c) 0.01

d) 0.001 the ratio

If two numbers are in the ratio 3:5 . If 8 is added to each number becomes 2:3 . What are the numbers?

a)24 and 40

b) 20 and 30

c) 32 and 42

d) 54 and 64


M.C. l' 1he value of (a) 90 (b) 180 2 (c) 170 (d) None of these . maxiuium number of students? (a) Hockey (b) Football (c) basketball (d) Cricket 9.Which sport is played b). questions study thefigure and answer (he questions given Horkey l\umbcr of students playing Hockey Is 5: Nlllllbcr of students playing Basketball i 37 ~ Crickel Basket ball R.Observe the given sequence II.1f x -4. The number of students who played at least three games'! (a) 36 IRI (b) 32 171 126 R6 (e) (e) 37 167 113 (d) (d) (d) 33 10. Ilow many students play hockey of football? (a) 131 76 (b) (h) (e) 12.eET 2010 SET A Direction (Q. then the L. 11. 21. How many students play volleyball. basketball or football'! (a) (b) 175 123 92 11. How many students play two games? (a) (e) 80 (d) 13. uf x 2 -4 and x 2-5x + 6 is Ca) 12 (b) 2 (e) 6 P 90 17 (tI) 4 l-t.Nn R in 12): In thefollowing._ PGDC .. 41.

-~=33 is written in a certain code as 1234 . What will be the 5th digit for SCULPTURE a) 3 b) 6 c) 0 d) 4 j . A perpendicular from rand s.42 c)21 .0 21.) Given Interchanges: Sign '_ .6. adjacent to a and b .::.PGDC - en 2010 SET A 15 ) The respectively sides of a rig ht triangle the b) 1:9 vertex are a and b and the hypotenuse divides c into segments of r to s is d)3:10 is c .49 Direction: In question 20 and 21 if the given interchanges numbers which one of are made between signs and the four equations would be correct 20) Given Interchanges Sign '_' and '+ 'and Numbers a) 6-8 +4 = 1. CLEAR as 56784 and SPARE as in the same code? 90847.0 d)3:':G.0 d) 4-8 +6 . If a:b= 1:3 then the rano c)1:10 a) 1:3 16) If the volume of a certain cube is equal to its surface area length of an edge of the cube a) then what is the 6 b) 10 c) 18 d) 24 17 ) How many integers arc there between 49 and 101 inclusive of both ? a) '50 b) 51 c) 52 d) 53 18) If 1 uesday falls on 1i" July 1998 .:2=9 22.56 d) 14.) IfTOUR b)3-6:. and' x' and Numbers '3 ' and '6' a) 6-3. what day will be on 12"' July 1995? a) Monday b) Wednesday c) Thursday d) None of these in 19) If all the numbers from 1 to 73 which.2.::.42 b)28.8=10 c)6>:3-4=15 4 and 8 b) 8-6 +4 = 10 c)4 ±8 -2 . are divisible by 7 are arranged descending order then which number will be at 8th and 5th places? a)21.

23 to 27) Study the following questions given below Number Code: Symbol Code: (I) If information carefully. (a) 2375864 (b) 2375866 (c) 2375862 (d) None of these 25. a number starts with an odd number then that odd number should be codified as # (ii) If a number ends with an even number then that even number should be codified as . Excluding cases given at (i). q> a y is cp @L\ 1T .PGDC . (ii). and answer the o a 1 2 3 4 5 6 TT 7 8 9 f3 v £. <p a r\ p 4' (b) C5[I1<PaL\v (c) is £.CET 2010 SeT A Direction :( Q. Which of the following will be coded for 1586325? (a) (d) # £. 23. What will we get after decoding the code for 34708192? r\ V (iii) is 1: .No. Number 5 & 8 should be always coded as '@' and 'Il' respectively whenever they are neither at the beginning nor at the end.. f3 4' None of these 1T 27... q> a t-. Which of the following willile (b) (d) None of these 24. What will we get after decoding (a) (d) a i5 @ 4' is f3? (c) Can't be determined 4035831 None of these (b) 6035931 4 . (a) The code of 5186706 is same as the code of which number? 3186705 None of these (b) 71 86703 (c) 61 86705 (d) 26. and (iii) the n umbers should be codified as per letter codes given above.

. . Youhave to take the statements to be true even if they seem to be at variance with commonly known facts and then decide which of the given conclusions logically follow(s) form the given statements.No. (b) Only III follows.6 + 9880 138 +7 (a) 1351 (b) = 8400 (c) 1300 (d) 1250 1400 Direction: (Q.. follows (d) Only I & IV follows. (a) Either II or III follows (b) Only IV follows. Some dull are not local. 33. How many students are taking either maths or history a) 30) 20 b) 22 c) 23 d) 25 India got independence (a) Friday (b) on 1Slh August 1947.) Statements: a) No pain Is a pen. Conclusions: I. 10/3 . II. Some pens are worried Some injured are not pen II. Some businesses No dull is local are not global.PGOC . II. What was the day of the week? Tuesday (c) Wednesday (d) Sunday 31) 365 x 18.CET 2010 SET A 28) What is a sixth term of the sequence a) 113 b) 0 90. IV. 32 to 36) In each question below. c) No pen is worried.. 10 . III. IV Some injured are not worried. -30. b) All injured are worried. I.(c) 5 . Some pen are injured. III &Jiv. None follows (d)Only I follow. are global..) Statements: a) All businesses are dull. (c) Either III or IV (a) Only II follows. 10 are taking history and 7 are taking both. Conclusions: III. 32. Some locals are businesses. b) Some businesses c) No global is local. d) -3 c) -10/27 29) If in a certain school 20 students are taking rnaths. there are three statements followed by four conclusions' numbered I.

Some employees are masters IV. and Springdale Public School 6 . b) Some keys are lakes. (b) (d) a) Some rural are urban. No village Is a building. Some keys arc spades Only III follows. Some spades are locks. Madhukar.. Ramjas Public School.(c) (d) 35. Conclusions: I. c) All villages are building. III follows. a ser:vant. Some locks are fakes 111. II. Rahul. 37 to 41) Read the following questions given below: (i) information carefully.. Airforee 8al Sharti.No. (b) None follows 11 All villages are buildings. a) Some employees b) No employee IS (b)Only II & IV follows. c) Some servants are masters. (e) Either II or IV Some servants are masters (a) follows Only IV follows. Preeti. Only IV follows. Conclusions. IV. Sujata. b) No urban Is a village. Some employees are not masters. Some spades are fakes 11. (a) (d) Only I. Only 11& IVfollows (c) Only I & Either liar III follows Direction: (Q.ell 2010 SET A 34. and answer the Seven friends Klshore. Some servants are bureaucrats 11. Some rural are not villages. Ajay. 111. 36. Prabhu Dayal Public School. and Harish Chandra are studying in seven different schools. viz Hansraj Modern School. (a) None follows. madern School. Only I & II follows.) Statements' a) Saine keys are locks. IV. Kendriya vidyalaya. Only II & III follows.) Statements: are bureaucrats. 1.) Statements: Conclusions: 1. No urban is a village. Ill. c) All fakes are spades. PGD( .

) Who reads in Prachu Daya Public School? (a) Kishore (b) (c) Either Kishore or Madhukar (d) Madhukar can't be determined.e. or Prabhu Dayal Public School can't be determined.} Kishore reads in which school? (a) (c) Prabhu Dayal Public School Kendraya Vidyalaya (b) Springdale Public School. 37.) Who studies in Ramjas Public School? (a) Sujata (c) Either Ajay or Sujata (b) (d) Ajay. Choose 42. Sujata and HarishChandra do not study in Prabhu Dayal Public School. Rahul and Preeti study in Modern School and Airforee Bal Bharti respectively. Madhukar reads in which school? (a) Prabhu Dayal Public School (c) (d) Either Springdale (b) Springdale Public School. 39. Ramjas Public or Springdale Public SCll001. PCDe-CIT LOlO SET A (ii) (iii) (iv) But no studenl reads in the school whose name starts with the first initial letter of his/her name. some of Ihe letters are as one of the alternatives below it. 38. 40. Ajay roads neither in Springdale Public School nor in Prabhu Dayal Public School.No. missing which are given in thai alternative the correct alternative Direction: (O. ) Who reads in Kendraya Vidyalaya? (a) (e) Harishchandra Rahul (b) (d) Madhukar can't be determined. (d) can't be determined. 41. 42 to 46) in each of following letter series. can't be determined.) aba ba_ab 7 .

) a b b b b _a b b b_ (b) d abc cb (c) abac b (d) bacbb a (a) db ac a cd deb _ d bc_ ebd a (c) c ebb a (d) b be a d bee b a (b) cbbaa Identify the grammatical sentences 47) Math.) (a) 44. appears to contradict the earlier testimony each of whom is an accomplished ABC poet.) Everyone in the department A who worked with Rina personally 8 8 congratulated her . ) a abc b (b) (b) (b) abbab (c) baabb (d) bbaba b bbaa abbab bbb_aaa b (e) bba baaab (d) babba aa b (c) aaab (d) a b ab 45. o 48) The answers given by the commission ABC of its members D 49) John Keats and Shelley. ABC fierce enemies when they perceive a threat to their baby.PGDC . such as the hedgehog. developed ABC school error if any. from the sections marked in the following over 2000 years ago. appear quite timid but they can become o 51.) (a) abbba ab abaab ab_aa abba c_b b b (a) 46.CC I LUlU SET A (a) 43. 50) Some animals. h~v_ebeen a favorite Q! teachers and children alike for generations. ~ still well 0 known today.

PGDl- cu 2UlO SO A on her promotion and lold her how much ~enjoyed her company.) The safety check of the new vehicle. The postman assured his customers that neither heat nor rain were the cause of ABC 0 the delay in lheir mail delivery .) AIUlough many young children would like to have pets most find i! difficult to be ABC responsible to another living creature at such a tender age. C 0 52. including an inspection of the brakes and A 8 wheel . B C 0 56).) Regular exercise and healthy diet will not only increase a person's energy level A but also improving physical fitness. o 55. Choose the word opposite in meaning to the capitalized word 57) RIFE a) Multitudinous 58) HYPOCRITICAL a) Forthright 59) DERISION a) Urgency 60) FLOWER a) Burgeon b) Blemished b) Unorthodox b) Admonishment b) Exact c)Sturdy c) Circumspect c) Uniqueness c) Blight d)Sparse d)Puritanical d) Acclaim d) Stabilize ---- end of part one---- 9 .was performed by the mechanic and him. No Error C 0 53. No Error o 54)Jt was only last month that the hockey playoffs finally ended. but the new ABC session has started today.

Pel DC .'. the heater output will 10 . replaced by a 40 W bulb. all of the above 62) The resistance of wire varies inversely as A B area of cross-section length resistivity temperature is reduced C D 63) Pure metals generally have A high conductivity high conductivity low conductivity low conductivity and low temperature and large temperature and zero temperature and high temperature coefficient coefficient coefficient coefficient 8 C D 64) Resistivity or specific resistance is measured in A C O-m B O/m o having a large number of free electrons and offering low resistance are 65) Substances called the A inductors semi. B C D current should be proportional to voltage resistance must be wire wound type.CET 2010 SI:T A PART -II (Questions 61 to 90) GENERAL ENGINEERING 61 )Condition for the validity under Ohm's law is that the A temperature should remain constant.conductors B D conductors insulators If now 100 W bulb is c 66) A 100 W bulb is connected in series with a room heater.

we do not require B D current all of these C emf of Ihe circuit 69) The rating of fuse wire is always expressed A C volts ampere .CI:: r 2010 srr /I A C increase remains same B decrease D uncertain 67) 1 kwh is equal to A C 860 Kcal both (A) & (8) 8 D 36 x 10 5 ergs none of these 68)For determining value of A resistor the polarity of the voltage drop across a resistor.PGDC .magnet is made of A B C D soft iron core steel core soft iron core wrapped in a coil of fine wire with current flowing through it all of the above 11 .volts in B amperes ampere hours o 70) The insulation on current carrying conductor is provided to prevent A C Current leakage Both (A) & (8) above 8 D Shock none of these 71) The electro .

..) toughness capability of being cold worked B tensile strength D hardness Principal planes are planes Ilaving A maximum shear stress minimum shear stress B D no shear stress none of these C 76) In a A C cantilever..constant B PV..PGDC .....constant 12 ..) o Impact strength of a material is an index of its A C 75.CET 2010 SFT 1\ 72)The magnitude of force acting on a current carrying conductor placed in a magnetic field is independent of A B flux density length of conductor cross -sectional area of conductor C o current flowing through the conductor law up to 73) A material obey's Hooke's A Plastic limit Yield point B Elastic limit Limit of proportionality C 74. m RT o PV" . maximum deflection occurs where B D bending moment is maximum slopes is zero bending moment is zero shear force is zero 77) General gas equation is A C PV .

This statement is B Chane's law o 1\11 of the above 81) Principle constituents of fuel are A C oxygen and hyd rogen sulphur and hydrogen reaction Is a process which B carbon and hydrogen sulphur and oxygen o 82) A chemical A Transforms one or more substance into new substances B Involves breaking of bonds between atoms of reacting substances. C Both A) and B) None of these o 83) In exothermic reaclion the reactants A Have less energy than the products formed. B Have more energy than the products formed C Are at lower temperature than products. of acidity of an acid 84) Wl1at is the measure . o Have equal energy as products. when the temperature A 'C Boyle's law Gay Lussac Law remains constant.CET 2010 SET A 78) A system comprising of a single phase IS known as A C open system homogeneous system B D close system heterogeneous system 79) The fastest moving gas molecules are of A Oxygen Chlorine B hydrogen nitrogen c o 80) The absolute pressure of a given mass of a perfect gas varies inversely as its volume.PGDC .

86)A process of forming a thick oxide layer of aluminium Is called as A Galvanizing C Anodizing 87)Semiconductors B Oxidation o Reduction are basically __ 8 Non metals 0 Metalloids A Metals C 1ransttion metals 88)Which A C 89.) A kind of mirror can be used to put a piece of paper on fire with sunlight B Concave D Plane Convex Convex Plane Concave An Electric current produces Magnetic Effect Both a & b 8 Heating Effect o Neither a nor b by C 90.) The speed of DC motor can be increased A Increasing number of turns 8 Increasing current through the motor C Increasing current magnetic field D All of the above --------- end of part II -------- 14 .Cf:I 2010 SFT 1\ A C pH Melting Point o 8 Freezing Point 80iling Point 85 ) Metals are good conductors of heat and electricity because A They have no valence electrons 8 They have metallic atoms C T hey have free electrons o They are very reactive.f'GI)( .

J3 may be expressed in terms of a as a 0/(1+ 0) b. ~ b 90 + $ c. Series Resistance b. 0/(1. Zero source resistance d. Series Resistance & Shunt Capacitance 92) Op-arnp in inverting mode is a. 180- 'P 15 . Shunt Resistance c Series Capacitance & Shunt Resistance d.0) c. Voltage series feedback b. n8 Hz of c. the current lags the voltage by an angle <jl. Current series feedback 93) An Ideal power supply should have a.eET 2010 SETN-i\ PART -III (Questions 91 to 180) and Equivalent Common for Electronics Engineering 91) Voltmeters can be used as Ammeters with the help of a.PGDC . (1+ 0) I 0 d. moderate source resistance c. Infinite source resistance b.0) I a 97) In a Inductor circuit. 90- 'I' d. 1 ohm resistance 94) The bandwidth' of n bit ti'inary coded PCM signal for original bandwidth 8 Hr is a B H" b. Voltage shunt feedback c. The load angle of the same capacitor will be a. (1. High amplitude and low impedance 96) In a transistor. B / n Hz d. n2 B Hz 95) The output of a piezoelectric crystal has a Low amplitude and low impedance b High amplitude and higllimpedance c Low amplitude and high impedance d. Current shunt feedback d.

0W d. 0« 11< 0. 2.5 < T] <1 101) In a single phase full wave regulator feeding a reststrve load. 0.5 d.. 0. Tunnel diode b UJi c. i.TN·A 98) The minimum gate current which can turn on SCR Is called a.0W b. should be always 0.5A In parallel with 50 n d.. the average current over one full cycle a is always zero b may be positive or ri'egative c.50ma a.5W c. Tile power dissipation in (Rs=200ohm) would be 30Volts IL:. 0« 11< 0. peil)e' -Cl-T :?OIO SF. Trigger current d.5W 16 .5 c.5 b. 1. Both tunnel and UJT d. 0. Break over current 99} A relaxation OSCillatoruses a. +Vm/'ltRL d. PIN diode 100) The Intrinsic standoff ratio (1\) of a UJT Is in the range of a. 2A in parallel with 50 0 b 2A In series with 500 c. -Vm/r-RL 102) A voltage source having an open-circuit voltage of 100V and internal resistance of 50 0 is equlvalenllo a current source a. holding current b Junction current c. 2A in parallel with 100 0 103) The Zener diode shown In the circuit (figure below) has a reverse breakdown VOltage of i0V..

Sampling rate b. Message signal bandwidth d. The karnauqh map for the combinations is shown below. a.11 b 1111111. 2 b.-':"'.'..-_1-'-~:"}"""j ~ (A'B'+AB') C b. 100000. n-~=om .100 rnA meter The required value of shunt resistance is about a b._. A'B a 17 .11 d.C c B' d.. c. 111111.. 4 C.1000 ~A meter with an Inlernal resistance of 100 n in to 0 . 3 d5 109) A combinational circuit has inputs A. 990 d 100 n 105) 8inary equivalent of decimal 63.. Size of the transmission system 108) The number of J·K flip-flaps required in MOD 9 synchronous counters is a b. 1010110. AD C 'r-""':. (A'B+AB'). The output of the circuit can be given by 11 -.75 is a. Band C.. d. 1n 10 () c.01 c.'.10 106) The following logic circuit represents Full subtracter Halt subtractor Comparator Half Adder 107) The signal to quantization noise ratio in a PCM system depends upon 8.rene n I 2010 SETN-A 104) It Is desired to convert 0 . Number of quantization levels c.

400 KHz b. then carrier power will be a. 1000 b.P(. Program counter d. Stack Pointer b Address latch c.1 1 d. 1/2 P d. On the positive real axis d.CI.000KHz.8 c. 0. 500 c. 2/3 P b. a. 1. At the origin c. On the negative real axis b.600 KHz 114) An amplifier's gain without feedback is 10. 3 18 . the increase in its power levels is decibels.'I 20 I 0 SETN 1\ 110) The impulse response of the single pole system would approach a nonzero constant as t _ if and only if the pole is located in the s-plane a. 0. 2 b :. 10 make it oscillate the feedback gain (S ) must be a. On the imaginary axis 00 111) For a transmission line. 1/4 P If the total transmitted power IS P. 100 112) In a 100% amplitude modulated signal. then the output of the mixer will be a. the address of the next instruction to be executed rs stored in a. 1. 800 115) In microprocessor. the open-circuit and short-circuit impedances are 200 and SO respectively Then the characteristic impedance of the line is a. b. 600 KHz c. 250 d. 113) If RF signal is 600 KHz and local oscillator frequency Is 1.DC .000 KHz d. 1/3 P c. General purpose registrar 116) When the power output of an amplrfier doubles.

.PGDC'-CTI d 10 :!OIO SETN A 117) The skin depth (Ii) due to Rf currenlls :.. Square root of(2 ) f co j.p 118) A 50 011mloss less transmission line is terminated in 1000hm load and is excited by a 30MHz source of internal resistance of 500hm. 10. Voltage shunt feedback c. Voltage series feedback b. OR circuit c. AND circuit b.. dipole antenna c.0m b.0 m 119) The antenna most commonly used for TV broad casting in the UHF band is a.. eliminate error due to induction effect 122) Which of the following clrcuit is known as half adder? a. cr equal to (e= anqular frequency. increase damping b make voltmeter more sensitive c. permeability and cr =conductlvity) a. What should be the length of th~ transmission line for maximum power transfer? a. rhombic antenna 120) Op-amp in inverting mode is a. 2/square root of ( to) I' o ) c Square root of (2 J Ul fl c) d. Current shunt feedback d. Exclusive NOR d.25 m c. 2 / (J))l c b.5 m d. yagi antenna d. Exclusive OR 123) The expression of la III for the figure shown below Is . 2. eliminate temperature error d. Current series feedback 121) Swamping resistance is connected In series with a voltmeter in order to a.J. 5. turnstile antenna b. 1.

1/5 b. 1 1 S2 c. e is given by a.(l-T 2010 Slol N A a b. RL/(Rl +R) Rtl Rl 1+(Rt/R) (RII R) 01 124) The Laplace transform for thp. 11 S b. PGI)(' . 25 20 . 30% to 50% c. 45% to 75% d. c. T(s) Low-pass filter Notch filter High-pass filter Band-pass filter = s f (s+a) represents 128) By Inserting a plate of a dielectric between the plates of a parallel plate capacitor. d. 5 d.'. d. b c. Ruth Hurwitz criterion d Planar method 8. transfer function. 60% to 75% 127) The a. Nyquist criterion c. b. 11 St 125) Which of the following methods tests whether any roots of the characteristics equation lie in the right half of S plane? Bode Diagram . The dielectric constant of the material is a. 1/25 C. the energy stored in the capacitor is increased five times. 11 S + a d. function f(t):. 126) In a damped system what percentage of over-shoot can be graded as reasonably good performance? a 40% to 60% b.

lus. output V-I characteristics of an enhancement type MOSFET has Only an ohmic region Only a saturation region An ohmic region at low voltages value followed by a saturation region at higher voltages d An ohmic region at large voltages value preceded by a saturation region allower vollages 21 .channel depletion FET has a. IDS Independent of VG~ 132} At room temperature. 0. . ICEO lcso b ICEO: a lcso c. 0 2 microseconds b. los = Negative maximum al VGS= 0 d. a.8 milliseconds c. c.4 milliseconds d. Ions d. 0.2 milliseconds 130) The collector to emitter cut-off current (Ieee) of a transistor is related to collector to base cut-off current (leBo) as ( a is the CB current gain of the transistor) . Electrons c. the current in an intrinsic semiconductor is due to a. 0.rGDC -UT 20 10 '>ETN-A 179) I he line constant for the circuit shown below Is r= IKn J 2KO lK. Holes b.n a.OatVcs=O b los = Positive maximum at V GS . Holes and electrons 133) The a b.: 0 c. ICEO: ICBO(1-a d. IeEO: lceo (1 +0 131) The drain-source output characteristics of an N.

Precision is essential b. Low values are required c. P=Elro(E. High voltage of drain current 22 . velocity of light:.5 X 10-8 O-m at 0 uc. DC C1:. 0. 2. P=E1eor. d. far ultravrolet'reqlon of the spectrum 137) Wlre.I 2() III SCTl\-A 134) The dipole moment per unit volume as a function of [ in the case of an Insulator is given by P=t. High power rating is necessary o.18 eV b. VII d.4 Js.43 eV d.6 x 10-8 O-m is added to copper. having drain source voltage constant if the Gate source voltage is increased (more negative) pinch off would occur at a. 0. Increase depending up on the amount of rucke: added b Decrease in all cases c. Costly equipments are manufactured 138) A sample of pure copper has resistivity of 1.wound resistance are used only when a.-1) 9_ b.998 x 10n rns and 1eV=1.oE(t:r 1) P=EoE c. the resistivity of resulting alloy will a. if Nickel whose resistivity is 1.626 x 10. Visible region of the spectrum b. ultraviolet region of the spectrum d. tN1111 140) For an n-channel JFET.43 eV The optical cut-off wave length of GaAs would lie in the a.602 x 1019 J. 1.7 eV c. infrared region of the spectrum c. pc. Zero b.39 eV 136) GaAs has an energy gap of 1. 135) The wave length of light emitted by a GaAs laser is 8670 x 10 10 rn. Remain the same as above d. Decrease but will not be dependent on the amount of nickel added 139) The AC resistance of a forward bias of PN junction diode operating at a bias voltage V and current I is a. the energy gap in GaAs is a.e.: 2. Given plank's constant = 6. Constant value independent on V and I c.

4 rnA will be = 2. Energy transfer from one electron to other d. 1 alone b 2 and 3 c. Is proportional 10 the electric field for all values of electric field b. when excited electrons revert from conduction band to Valance band.225 x 10iS/cmJ. Value of the resistance Rs for a drain current IDs 6.PGm'-CEI2010 b Saturation value of drain current st. Radioactive recombination b. Formation of photons c.5 x 10.-/\ c. If the Intrinsic carrier concentration is 1. 1010/cmJ c. the concentration of hole is 2. In MOS transistor. Gate current equal to the drain current 141) In LED. 2 and 4 144) The drift velocity of electrons.: .. in Silicon 8. the gate source input impedance is Lower than the input impedance of a BJT _Higher than the input impedance of a BJT Lower than the input impedance of a JFET Higher than Ihe input impedance of a JFET Of these statements. 10l5/cmJ 146) The JFET in a circuit shown below has an loss = 10 mA and Vp ==5V. None of these 142) A transistor has 8 current gain of 0.01 143) Consider the [allowing statements. 99 c.3 . 0. the phenomenon utilized is a. 4 alone d.99 b. 10fi/crnJ d. Zero b. the Electron concentralion is a. Its current gain in CC mode is a. correct statement(s) Is lare 3. Is independent of the electric field c Increases at low values of electric field and decreases at high values of electric field exhibiting negative differential resistance d. Zero drain current d. 1. 100 d. Increases linearly with electric field allow values and gradually saturates at higher values of electric field 145) In a P-type silicon sample.99 in the CB mode.o/cm3.

470 n c. Does not affect the SIN ratio at the output d. All of these 24 .!'C.01 IJA b. 0. Improves the SIN ralio at the input b. Improves the SIN ratio at the output c. 9000 lOY a 147) In a BJT with leo . CMRR b. each characterized by the parameters gm and rd Are connected In parallel. 29m and rdf2 d. Power supply voltage d Source resistance 151) Negative feedback in amplifiers a. 9m/2 and 2rd b. . Emitter resistance b.0. The composite FET is then characterized by the parameters a. 0.IX: .99.::. Collector resistance c. 0.I IJA. 2gm and zr. d 1fJA 100IJA -. Bandwidth c. (rd/2) 149) A differential amplifier is Invariably used in the input stage of all opamps to provide with very high a.CET2010 SET)I-A be 1 150 o b. Slew rate d Open-loop gain 150) In a differential amplifier.1 IJA c. CMRR can be improved by using an increased a. the value of lcco is a. 560 n d. 9mf2 and 9rl/2 c.::. 148) Two identical FETs.

linearity 158) The " plots collectively are referred to as the Bode plots of the system a. delay c. five 159) Root Locus diagram of the system gives us an idea of effect of . 20 b.. stability b frequency c response d.. of linear.PGU(' . continuous-time systems. two b. r parameter 156) Third order Butterworth low pass filter has upper cut off frequency of1 KHz. a. h parameter b. Limits the low frequency response b.. attenuation d. a 6 db a.. Does not affect the frequency response d Blocks the de component without affecting the frequency response 153) When tile n umber of turns of the coil having a time constant doubled. then the new time constant will be Tare aT b c. Limits the high frequency response c.. z parameter d.(. has 7 nodes & 5 independent loops.. 60 db 157) The Laplace transform is the engineer's most important tool for analyzing the _. y parameter c.. three c.. 14 c.. analysis of differential amplifier we use: a. . The gain of the filter drops by ----if frequency is increased to 2 KHz. 4T d T/2 2T 154) A network 11 b.c. 5 155) For a.\ 152) In mulli stage R-C coupled amplifier the coupling capacitor a. bandwidth c. the no of branches=? d. 18 db db 25 .. On system's stability and performance a gain b.. 7 d.. four d. .EI 20l() ~LI N-:. . time-invariant.

which is dynamic in nature d. a. Integral b. Ratio Control d. Adaptive 167) A non-linear system is that system a. Integral & Derivative Control 163) The change in the controller output divided by the change in the input to the controller is known as . Cascade Control 105) IEC-61131-3 standard was developed for programming a. rate of change d. linear c nonlinear dynamic 26 . Derivative c. deviation c.rGrK'-CCT2010 SI:.. Process Control & Installation Drawing d. gain c. Piping & Instrument Designing b. Proportional d. . PLC 166) Reset control is another name for.. what is the liquid's setpoint? a 45 ft b 5 ft C. error b. offset 164) Whatlype of control strategy is often used to increase the speed of a temperature control loop? a. Microcontroller c. offset 162) What does Acronym P&ID stands for a.. Microprocessor b. which obeys principle of superposition b. it is termed as' a nonlinear b.·! N i\ 160) If the level of a liquid In a tank must be maintained within 5 feet of 50 fect. error b. control a. Proportional. set point d. 55 ft d. Computer d.. which does not obey principle of superposition c. Piping & Instrumentation Drawing c. none of above 168) When a system satisfies the properties of homogeneity and additivity. 50 f( 161) Is (he sustained deviation of a process variable from setpoint a. Feed Forward Control b. Feedback Control c.

measurement a. field strength b. a. Frequency d Resistance 171) A potentiometer produces 50 mV per degree of rotation of its shaft. 160 172) A digiial thermometer reads from -120 to + 300 C. As primary sensors. " . motion 177) Reproducibility of measurements is called a...c. . no input o. a.397 dbV d..6 C b. 88. Field measurement c. The accuracy is guaranteed to plus or minus 2% f.. determine the possible temperature range when it indicates 80 C.4 to 71. Field Current d Force 170) This quantity CAN NOT be measured by a analog CRO a.c..8 C d 61. 5000 db V 174) Accelerometers use . As primary coil Input a. . a capacitor b.98 dbV b.I'CilX .98 db V c. Linearity d None of above 27 . 36. c.Cr:T 2010 St'l N A d... none of above 169) In the equation F = rna. DC Voltage b. a. 82. Both of above d. Precision c. F stands for a. 120 o. Accuracy b. Piezoelectric crystal c. 7.· c. a 73. Strain b Stress c.6 to 78 4 C 173) Calculate the gain of a VOLTAGE amplifier (with a resistive load) with an input of ') mV and output 10 V.2 to 77. 86 to 74 C· .d. None of above 175) Proving rings are used for ". AC Current c. b. Length d) Load 176} An LVOT requires . Calculate the angle when the output IS 4 V. d.s. 40 b. 80 c..

. RTD . b. Pizzo-electrical crystal d. 2R .4W 179) Calculate the gain of a VOLTAGE amplifier (with a resistive load) with an input of 2 mV and output 10 V a. Thermocouple c. 2W b 1W c. 73.98 db V c.98 dbV b. 5000 db V 180) Lead compensation is mainly used for . 3W d._-_- a.397 dbV d. a. Strain Gauge -------------end of part 3 -_.PGDC-Cr:T2010 SETN-i\ '178) Calculate tile power output of an amplifier that has an input of 20 mW and a gain of 20 dB.-_. 36.-._.. 7.