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History of Mysticism

History of Mysticism

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Swami Abhayananda was born Stan Trout in Indianapolis,
Indiana on August 14, 1938. After service in the Navy, he settled in
northern California, where he pursued his studies in philosophy and
literature. In June of 1966, he became acquainted with the philosophy of
mysticism, and experienced a strong desire to realize God. Abandoning
all other pursuits, he retired to a solitary life in a secluded cabin in the
mountain forests near Santa Cruz, California to pursue the realization of
God. On November 18, of that same year, by the grace of God, he
attained his goal.

He spent four more years in his isolated cabin, and subsequently
met Swami Muktananda who visited Santa Cruz in 1970. Shortly
thereafter, he joined Muktananda in India, as his disciple, and later lived
and worked in Muktananda’s Oakland, California ashram. In May of
1978, he returned to India and was initiated by his master into the
ancient Order of sannyas, and given the monastic name, “Swami
Abhayananda,” which, in Sanskrit, means “the bliss of fearlessness.”
Abhayananda was then assigned to teach the knowledge of the
Self in New York, then in Philadelphia, Chicago, and Oklahoma City. In
1981, he left Muktananda’s organization, and went into retreat once
again, this time for seven years, in upstate New York. It was during this
time that nearly all of Abhayananda’s books were written, and Atma
Books was founded to publish them.
In 1988, Swami Abhayananda moved to Naples, Florida and
founded the Vedanta Temple; a few years later he reopened the Vedanta
Temple in Olympia, Washington. In 2002, he moved to and now resides
on the Treasure Coast of Florida, where he continues to write and
promote his books on the mystical experience of unity.



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