Happy Pride! Today has been a/an (adjective)_______________ day! I got to see so many (plural noun)
_______________. I heard about Black and Pink today, the GLBTQ prisoner support organization that
I got your name from. I wanted to write to you because (reason you wanted to write) ___________
______________________________________. The weather today has been (adjective) ___________. I
wore (describe your outfit) ___________________________________________ and saw other people
wearing everything from (noun) _____________________ to (noun) _____________________. I think one
of the best moments was when (your favorite moment of Pride) _______________________________________
Pride is so fun because (adjective) _______________ (plural noun) _____________________ are everywhere
and all of us queers get to have a giant party!
When I'm not at Pride I spend my time (adverb) _____________________ with (plural noun) ____________
___________________ and going to (proper noun) _______________________. I love doing (something
you love) ________________________________________________. What gives you hope and helps
you pass your time?
While walking around the Festival today I heard (describe some of the sounds, speeches or music) _________________
______________. I was surprised by (something surprising at pride) ___________________________________
_____________________________________________________________________________. I
have never seen so many canvassers for (proper noun) __________________ and (proper noun) ____________
____________________. I think the sexiest thing I saw was probably (sexy thing) _______________
_________________________________________________. I am always (emotion)_____________ to
see so many kids at Pride. I think kids are (adjective) _______________________.
I hope you are doing well. Even though Pride has forgotten much of its history of including prisoners,
I am glad to stand with you today.
Thinking of you,
___________________________ (your name)
(Add personal message here, draw a picture, and/or give an address that you want the person to write
back to you at.)

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