I'm Just A Drunk?

Drunk i'm not a just a drunk?
Just the opposite when
I'm just as drunk as a skunk.
When I get drunk as a skunk.
I'll admit to being a drunken skunk
But I'm just a drunk?

Drunk your just a drunk?.
But just don't admit to yourself
your just as drunk as a skunk.
But you will admit it to your self.
Just for being a drunken skunk
But your just a drunk?

Drunks like me, you are
friends and even our
family members (over 18)
like to get drunk as skunks.
Once in a while they will admit it to you and I
just for being drunken skunks as they
enjoy them self's what ever the occasion to get
as drunk as skunks as this will make
People say who is the drunk?.

Pete Goodwin 2011

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