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5tate of the Cheat k|ver Watershed

Amanda lLzer LxecuLlve ulrecLor

!une 6 2011
resLon CounLv Commlsslon
LaLe of Lhe WaLershed
W CurrenL Lream CondlLlons
WaLer CuallLv ln Lhe Lower CheaL WaLershed
Acld Mlne uralnaae 8emedlaLlon
Cleanup roaress
W Marcellus hale naLural Cas uevelopmenL ln
resLon CounLv
W lmpacLs from Marcellus hale naLural Cas
WaLer CuallLv ln Lhe CheaL
W 22 CheaL waLersheds lmpalred (2010 1oLal Maxlmum uallv Load 8eporL)
W Ma[orlLv of sLreams lmpalred bv acld mlne dralnaae pP lron alumlnum
manaanese (2010 1oLal Maxlmum uallv Loads 8eporL)
W CLher noLable polluLanLs acld raln fecal collform bacLerla sedlmenL
W $20 mllllon clean up esLlmaLe (2004 WaLershed 8ased lan)
W lCC coordlnaLed pro[ecLs over $3 mllllon slnce 1996
W WvuL coordlnaLed abandoned mlne lands pro[ecLs over $60 mllllon
W WvuL bond forfelLure slLes belna reLroflLLed over Lhe nexL 4 vears Lo
meeL waLer quallLv sLandards
W 33 bond forfelLure slLes unreclalmed as of 2010
Fickey Run, Martin Creek/Muddy Creek Subwatersheds
W re 1977 sources
consldered abandoned
mlne lands (AMLs)
W osL 1977 sources are
bond forfelLure slLes
W LaLe noL requlred Lo
clean up AMLs
W lf AMLs are addressed
flxlna waLer problems
noL a prlorlLv (prelaw)
W LaLe ls requlred Lo clean
up bond forfelLures
lncludlna waLer polluLlon
cid Mine Drainage
W 14 lCC coordlnaLed
and/or monlLored AML
remedlaLlon pro[ecLs
lmplemenLed ln resLon
CounLv ln lasL 13 vears
W 3 reLroflLs compleLed
over nexL 2 vears
W 3 new pro[ecLs
lmplemenLed bv 2012
W 1 experlmenLal doslna
pro[ecL on llckev 8un
sLarLlna Lhls !ulv
44d Samaritan CIeanup
Cleanup roaress uccess 1hrouah
W CheaL 8lver maln sLem removed from WvuL
303(d) llsL of lmpalred sLreams
W 8rook LrouL resLored ln LlLLle andv Creek
W 8la andv Creek and overn 8un vetv close Lo
removal from lmpalred llsL for mlnlnarelaLed
W llrsL acLlve LreaLmenL pro[ecL ln rlnale dralnaae
Lo be consLrucLed Lhls summer
W roposed $1 mllllon l?2012 malnLenance pro[ecL
#roLecL 8esLore Lhe LnvlronmenL"
resLon CounLv vlslon 8eporL 2011
#2 concern noLed bv boLh resLon CounLv adulLs
and sLudenLs Lhrouah vlslonlna process
Marcellus hale naLural Cas
uevelopmenL ln resLon CounLv
W LaLesL CheaL 8lver 1oLal Maxlmum uallv Load
8eporL lncludes 224 acLlve oll and aas wells ln
Lhe CheaL 8lver waLershed % Joto
oo Jeep Motcellos wells ot tbot tlme)
W 8eporL noLes sedlmenL surface waLer polluLlon
from Lhls oll and aas acLlvlLv
W alL Llck Creek area aqulfer conLamlnaLed bv
shallow aas well drllllna
Marcellus Where We are now
W 30 MarcellusrelaLed permlLs ln resLon CounLv + 3 new
permlLs ln Lhe works
W 19 resLon CounLv permlLs consldered #acLlve"
W 22 permlLs (13 acLlve) ln A porLlon of 8la andv dralnaae
W 4 permlLs ln CheaL dralnaae upsLream of resLon CounLv
W 148 mlle aas aaLherlna llne from A llne souLh Lo Crab
Crchard (and bevond)
W Compressor sLaLlon for aaLherlna llne alona Wv/A border
W roposed oll fleld wasLe landflll alona 8la andv Creek
ouLslde of 8ruceLon Mllls
W Cld wells (224) easllv converLed Lo deep Marcellus wells
lmpacLs from Marcellus hale naLural
Cas uevelopmenL
W lCC lCuC and 11 acLlvelv parLlclpaLlna ln Lhe WV/A
Mon k|ver Watersheds Compact wlLh over 30 oLher
aroups elecLed offlclals reaulaLors and clLlzens
W ldenLlfled over 30 concerns surroundlna waLer quanLlLv
quallLv alr land wlldllfe publlc healLh safeLv
surface owners' rlahLs and quallLv of llfe
W Addressed sLaLe lealslaLors abouL Lhe need for
proacLlve reaulaLlon of Lhls expandlna lndusLrv
WvuL worklna wlLh 0 year o|d o|| and gas |aws
W WlLhouL acLlon from Lhe lealslaLure WVDL cannot
enact new o|| and gas regu|at|ons
WvuL -ot repared for new
Marcellus naLural Cas uevelopmenL
kandy nuffman WVDL Cab|net 5ecretary
Cu|te frank|y our regu|atory structure |sn't
prepared to dea| w|th |t"
1he WvuL hasnL fullv consldered drllllnas
aaareaaLe effecLs on waLer alr roads publlc
healLh and safeLv 1he permlLLlna process looks
aL slnale faclllLles noL Lhe bla plcLure
@botsJov Iooe
lobllc Meetloo lo Motoootowo
resLon CounLv Cll Cas lnspecLor
W As of lebruarv 2011 Lhe resLon CounLv
lnspecLor was responslble for 6397 acLlve
wells ln resLon 8arbour Lewls 1avlor and
1ucker CounLles
W new asslanmenLsnoL veL #offlclal"resLon
Marlon and Mononaahela CounLles number
of acLlve wells unknown
DnreaulaLed waLer wlLhdrawals especlallv
durlna low flow perlodsno permlL proaram
Local munlclpallLles selllna publlc waLer
WaLer CuanLlLv
2 9 mll aal per frack each well mulLlple fracks over lLs llfeLlme
#Averaae" well pad each frack 33 mll aal x 4 wells per pad
22 mlllon aallons per well pad
= 3,666 tankers
22 mil gal per well
pad delivered in
6,000 gal trucks
time Silver Hill
VFW blocked in
Weztel Co
lrack llowback WaLer
W need full publlc dlsclosure of addlLlves
W MusL requlre closed svsLems Lo reduce surface
W Lnd open plLs and land appllcaLlon
W llowback waLer capLure proper LreaLmenL lowesL
rlsk dlsposal
W LrlnaenL monlLorlna of well caslna durlna
fracklna process
W ulsasLer preparedness noLlflcaLlon
W 8asellne well waLer and publlc supplv LesLlna
DL resentat|on on the
Lnv|ronmenta| Impacts of
Marce||us 5ha|e Gas roduct|on
ueveloped bv !ohn klna norLhern
LnvlronmenLal AdvocaLe for
WvD LxLenslon ervlce Marcellus
CuLreach LvenLs
%olso foooJ oo wwwcbeototo)
All pbotos wete tokeo lo west vltololo
WorsL Case cenarlo
Aootbet hlsLorlc cleanup
Lo fund bv Laxpavers afLer
Lhe boom ls over
$600/$30000 bonds
W LaLe noL requlred Lo
clean up AMLs (prelaw)
W lf AMLs are addressed
flxlna waLer problems
noL a prlorlLv (prelaw)
W LaLe ls requlred Lo clean
up bond forfelLures
lncludlna waLer polluLlon
W 1ransfer economlc
burden Lo Laxpavers and
local munlclpallLles and
W 1rue neL aaln?
!ermits W4rk!
8la andv Creek Cll lleld WasLe Landflll
W lrlends of Lhe CheaL does noL supporL Lhe slLlna of Lhls
W 1he drled bvproducL of Lhe flowback waLer wlll be
dlsposed on slLe
W |owback water frack|ng f|u|d + produced water
W llowback waLer ls hlah ln sallnlLv 1u |aden w|th
frack|ng chem|ca|s and unlque conLamlnanLs presenL ln
Lhe deep rock below
1hese so||ds w||| |nc|ude benzene
Loulene eLhvlbenzenes and xvlenes
radlonucleldes barlum chlorldes
and oLher drled frack fluld
bvproducLs (mosL carclnoaenlc
exempL from LA safeauards bv law)
1hank vou we'll be back