Hey, i just separated the digitizer from lcd and change it for new one.

I used a dhesive cleaner to soften the double sticky tape holding digitizer on the lcd. M oddeling thin knife to cut it arround (ull probably will crack the digitizer, i did :) ). Clean the contacts on the other side where the ribon cable goes, put a litle solder onto each one of the four of them. Do not forgot to use the solder ing paste and good clean soldering tip. Put some double sticky tape around the l cd, cut it as required, attach new digitizer. Clean the end bit of the new ribon cable with lighter, so that only cooper lines are wissible. use fine sand paper to clean off the cooper . Put some solder on to the ribon cable, again use the paste. then solder it on to the lcd ribon. on the end put some (electric) tape o ver the joint to keep it strong and assemble your htc again. Works wonders, and does not cost £40 for whole new screen but only £6-7 for the digitizer.

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