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ACK~O\\'LEDGE)'~ DEDICATro~ To all the- friends and students of Bruce lee


Our sincere appreciation 'to ,JOI;' Bodoer, who spent $0 mud, time in JJhotof!l'~)Jh~ng and de'l.relot'ing thE:"film" Our ar!,~rc"iQW:m also <foes tu {hose who panicipatoed ill this book: Dnn !l1Q;:~nlO find Tell Wllng, They were both 13r1.,lCIl! Lea's devoted students. To RO;I.inIJ01;\" Publications, '[m,;,. for the use or several photogl"aph~ t((ki:-n by Oliver Pang.



was in the tn<'.lJdng m 1966 ti!i,d_ most of the photo" gI~aphij;were sho'~ chen, 'The late Bruce Le-e'intend,~d to publish this 00-011; years ago btlC decicl~cl<lig9in ... ltwhel'l he learned tb~t: martial t ru!'t& instructors were u:sing his name to promotethemselees. It was quite common to he:<:lf comments like: ·'1'l'tBruce ,LlW:" or "B'r!u(I~,be ttmgl'!t me' jaet kune do." And :Bl'qH~.e:mas never have seenor known these lllarr,ial artists. Bruce didn't wsnt people to use his l,'ltlme '00 promote themselves or th€'ir schools with faLse Pl~teluel" He dkb'l't ,'l'aflt them 1>0a tuacc :s'n~d~nr,s th i6wf'l,y ., {;'$,Pcia]}y d'l e- y au ng teens, e But aner his d(fath, his widow. Linda" felt that Bt'u~ had contributed so mueh in the ''''or!d .of the marti3!l arts that U would be a gt>~:at loss. if tl:~e kno\\'I~dg€ IOf Bruce w01iJ!~ddi~ "dth him. All:holUgU'l the book can never replace tile actual le-aching and ,knm"l~·d g€! that Btu c.eLei3 l'.:lOS$€ss.ed , it \.vill O'blIH'l.n.-c€ you, dl e serious manial ani$t,in developing your ekill in figblilng" Bruce a~w{\ys i,:I~Ue\'€'dlhat all maxt]8ii ~rtj:&t~ h'ain diligently for (m.e :;ii"lgll!l pU.l'pOSe-lQ clE1ifend themselves, Wh€!:th~!l' '''ire &'(1 in judo, !km$te, aikidc, kUtl!g fu, etcstera, our l1]t:imalt:~ goil.1 is to prep~r'€ ourselve $ for an Y8!t~l~tio n,

This book

){oching ~ taken

~rOlH'&-elf for lhis goal,Ycu rOt' gl\:!il'lloe~t·'y.ou have



to kick

01' ptmch

the bt8ig

with co UC~i'1·tt,l!'J!ted dfQrts." Bruce uS!eodto say. s , If you 00f~ ,going to traio w!,thou{. the eon c:epr that th is is the reat 1;1) g . ~~01!.Ji 8!JE' ]I~ ~ho~t·dlanflill,g youl'$!?lf. Whli'n you. ki(:k or punch the bag, rou hia\'~ to irrlO,~,gine ~hat you are actu,a11y hitting an adt.'e<rsary, ReOllly concentsating, PL~t:t.i.Og 100 pe.u:-ent in your kicks and punches, i.6 th€- only way yo!.! are goingtob.e good," If you h!,¥v~ all'Mdy read the- fiint volume of BfMce Lee 's Method (8~Jf-D'(Jf'r!n8e Tec'mfqw~$'), thi$ second book 3.Hemp1!S, to explain Ulesecret of Bruce1ee's naining method, ~~ow he developed his power, speed, fiuesse in footwodi[. I?tc~til?l:~. The nex.t two books wiill cover the s,km and ;;!ipplkaUon of his t.eehl'liq1..l(!:,j.,:~,Ios,tof thl:;' photoe in this book and tl"ll:' next two ha!v~
FtglUj~!g rH!'''!!I

been pu blish~d b€foOC"e.

If you have not read Tao of Je-et KWl€ Do by Beuee Lee (Ohara :E\1blklltioll'S, Inc, 1 pl<!l'a~~ud it. H was meant to complement this ~

book, and the knowiedge, picuue '0·£ Bruee 's ar t.

tl'Om both books "'i!m give you a full

J@et K~ml




fo~mded he feJt

by BI"UJe.-eLee

,th~ mgr,rt[al arts

taD ,con:fm.>ftd',

poaUem ha u~d t'a an attack ,be bdffl~llfJ. and nol ref.ined . 't f~gM



.lee t Kutj!? Do ,was CFC!i1led by Br!4ce l~e
l/'I{lt !In {),/(J' art m ~.$t r.r(;n~f-orm.
Like. the day tum ' to n{gh t ,lrm:i n,igllt, to da:y t/l,(! ~ of fighting must 6lso Iv{-arm.

,to show us

Lee devf?Jioped Jeet K!me Da bu,t wl&he-d he did~,t'e· a name f(}f it! "


til e !!'er:y !ooroJi. already indicate

,Jee·t K~lI!e Do"

Utili U'S'another


form ..

Any form or' fib Ie does Nstrict and h,i3 belief m nQlO it~!X}nf.l,i.r..t.

('--"'··""-"'5':," ~ I ,ClIO ~II',

CHAPTER: i: Th,e Fighting Man: BXet()k;~
Stamm a ,Ex€:(cis~

... , 14

Wtt.rn1lng-Up Ex,~Icislfl
Exer,eise AbC1olil1iniid Ex: 11· ~

'C'HltPTER D: 'fbe O\ll·GIIiI1Iill'df:(lSttii(;u~
Stvloces Ba11:1inoe CHAPTER


F,Q,jj),tw,Ol'k Th'e Sbufne

•• ' •• ' ..

" ., , 48,

QUIck Mo,vemenu,
'The'BlltS,t Sidestepping'

"!LlAl"l'E,R, IV: 'P(!io\'o'\ei'r.rlnin.l!: Pul\chillg PQW(!I'
PullinI'! P(n'll'et· P(\l'W~ Kicldng SpeiJ!d. ~in~ Speed. In FlliinOOmll, Nan,te,l,esrap"hia Pune'b SplM!d InlGc:k.irlg.

" ••


• " '" " " • '" • 11:i.{j.

, 94

Sout,e~; Tao ,of Je{J;t K~nre Do by Bl.'Uoo 'ue: Bo'x.fn.,gb~' Edwin L. Haislet;


yo,!'! hDue tlit-




right attitude; ,to aooi',d (~sb#e.

A,ltho'u_gh jlOU hliP~ (1 h!Uirl ,of fO rtim,df1.'. U'.'j' no Q'wumPU1!'I! of 6t:Jvtlig Y'ilJtrr Ufe.


h aoo ;f;pe~u years, &1 tr«iintng

f~ the'lll·t

of fillfl tinc ,o,t,:

tOrJe .'10 mt~ch:.,

n P'"f'OUQ'S

rf ),D',!jIl'lfe

thi'ilt- your condition of worhout

i~ ill ~pm',rlgg,


Rtmnii18 two, thre,e Of mQre ,mttes Q day U:~:til Ol:,lr~ bod; C(fn hilhlil: ;'l'lOi'le t(t.(:t (1, y
TheR c'omofS til day YC.Ht we the lIght, YOI;I too'/~ up' Q1,t ,tile 8kya17.a the:n'~elay "'Skm h~ pe~fQrln(jrrc,f!is tdl r,(ght, Skit U's nOlt eno,~g'~to pmue lUlUI· ..

You rr"e:edple»ty

011 tile I~d.







Oll~ of the most ne"lected ~!ellilllentsof m:art:.ial m'tis~ is tl!le J!)h:l1$,ical ,,,'O,mout. Too much Umi!! if; spent [il dewe:lopb'lg skill in h!;cbniqn~ and. not (/lnol:l~in phyaka] pru1;!'ll:!i,p~lt~un. .Pmcticing yoUIi' sklll ln :ftghUIi1C; il!! h'n.[lQrtl:i.n:t,. but il\O i;:; ma:mtainmg. YOW" Oll~ phy!ica~ oO'lldioon, Actulilly bt»th ~e needed to be lOl!lCCCS50fu] ill a ~ fl~ht. fiainilllC is ;:It &k~IJof discipUlltng' yout mind" devel,g'pins your po\v,er and ~p])Ly:if!g enduranea La your bodj." Pro'per 'troini ng is 'ot . he Pl,ltl)Os~ 'of buildm:g. ygUf body and avoiding l1J;cthritie-.b1 9Ulb~tm:1oes tbat ,viII or
9f it.

'b@' would sprint several feet WId then.mfllWl'I l:o emcr )'uimit!g.
&~weCfl c.l'li(\ftgesin lUl'ILnil'"

whern he W,IlS s~n~ 'tQ India to find IJuit;ablc Jm:llt'i'(H'I 1'01' film~ng, he tool aJong bisrunnio,g shoes. ae"s dany ttaini11g consisted of ll!~robic~xer 'ises, plus others which W,flJl€ yaLtemed to decw,!!'!lop his skill. in figh t:irl g.. H~ vm1lI!d his exercises to avoid ooilil!!do:m, OIH! ~f bis f~\lOI'[:te exerds So was OI;JDifig f01,ll"-miles Ill.dI~yin 24 to 25 minutes:. Fie would (';hatllie his tempo whiJe l'Ul'" ~Vet8.. miles af 1CC!1:I8t.a.nt. E!III!'CfI strides,
tem,I;)i'ii, he wC·1!,lI,C]fll!30 sbufile: hia feet..

Bruf!~ Lee WM a spoelmen of' hP..3ilth. H~ trault!d ,every dilly and CQn5u~d only the i»'opel: rood .. Althuugb I'lie'dmn[i. ka. me never &:auk COUBlt-:m!SlJood htl: JIlo.rmaUy eensumed mUk. He'ri'l.'HiIl ~ Dlutirnet who never Jet hi5 l'II'or.k mre.rfei'G wi:tH,~ biltl 'b;airnng. Ev~" was nol, pari.],eula:r wh.e_tc he ~n:; at, the h~.t:h,. in. pmb Qr "''loDdis, up an d dOlm hUlls or 'on;ed stt<G!ets.,
:&si(le$, ru.nning, h0 aloo rode ,~n eAlW'q'cle Lo devclo:p bUi 'i!!il'iduraD~, legs and ca:.l.'d:iova8Cumr IDtlSC]!3s.. He usually ;wde spl;1ed-a,5 tD 40, mile:; an I'lour conthU1ou$ly lor 45 mil'n~tes, to M bout. Frequently, he would. ride h~ ~e:rcyc1e right ~r hili!



deMopti· Y0iJ[f sm.n'd~aand ]~g mWllC]l1',s, buta]~ i:mpro,ve,s Y!!J'u, miElJoG'BYQ'ill UJ:i:~h:t 011 YOw-fiflN(!t.·· Onlymo~nbly .phystolr,,'g1s-k; have ]~,liIl'nQd; by rse1i'oem~ tI1lS't.s" that skipping roPil! is: mOn! ben(jlfi¢:i:al' Uum jogging, Thn nlllllUteS uf s:kip,piilg' l'OJle is C!quivalent'to 30 minutes (If joggjng" Both are v,&r~ benefi,~iia1 ex/ucis.c.s r(lI: the cardi'()' V~ll]ru' system.

Atu.>ther ~,~robic: 'l1xe'rc~ thaI. Lee S'Clte([,~d in his 1'Olltige wm;, :skilJ{)mg ['Ope, which YIOU can adopt, 'rhhl ll'J:e~cise IlQ'L onJy

Uglliltn,{;'lSS on


t!lcn work f:nste:r ,and h~der. It. .is ,R IIQod idea 00' sW,rt your wO.riwUtt wi':tt shadowbQ~dng to loosen YQu.r muscles, Imagi~e yOlW' wo:rsL ~n.emy standi 'beMr~ you. and yD~ nm geI/m!g tn demolish him. l'f you use YO:I:IW' hnaglir:m:tilJll intoEH1.sely. yo,.] c;a.Jri insti!JiAintI;;! aimU'st rce:iilf!;gh.ting fl· of min.d. B!i!8id~ de.v,eloping stamlna, shado/wbox-nll!l incn:euH your. speed.. rJ(Ii!'a,tesidciUi and . e,sif:ablhlhes techniques to be uMd gpon.taneously !Utd i:!'I1tuit~.\'e!y. Going 81ev~fal. ounds is, 'th,- b~s.t way j,~ deanl. proPel' rool wou .. r Too many 'begi:nnen; tU',etoo [:a:loY to ,drive" lihel1l:selves. Orl~Y b:y hard :Rnd ,eoD'WiIUOU8 ,~er,C'ise w]JJ.] you d~ve1opf:l'lld1D'lm~·. Y,ou have to dlrive :Y'ow::s~lfo the pomt of exhaLu!S't.l.On ("'Qu:t ,of breath" t ([!lid Q~P~~ m.ll~J.eacbe m a. day ortwc). 'Threbest O!liIdi!:ir~C~~jl'i,:ia~g meth'Q-d se.eros '00 be a Lli!I1gtby period 0'£ ~xe.f' i:l1ioo:rspm:ed witb rtU.¥liY brief but higb-ul.ten50l y 'e'odeavo'Q,. S~DIIina-ty~, of rtl!.@I'cise sboul.d be done gFdClual.!y and cautil)u&JIy iru:m;:3i$cd.six weeks ~n this kind of trainiiEil~ lsa minimum fOf any , 5PO:rts that ~quire coruoid'et.ab~e amounts '0.( !C"ldU!:J!'8.D~.1t\. l~];u~.s years to be ~ Jl~.k conditi,on and, wdQr!;U'na:tely. ~min8i '~'S, quickly lost when you cease 'to maintaiil higlliJ. cOIldi:~ionmg el!1,e~jre5.Ai:c:o'tdinS: ta, some 'mooicml!!'Xpem,JO'u lose hl.Q1!;it· ,of your bem:l,fit fWW,f! ~~:es if you s1tip 1lKI,:OO than B day between workouts.

feet IIIlntiliL 'becomes natural




''1''0 Wll'm up, se'lect ]igh t. '~llisy@e.tcili€~ md 110, pxeparethQrn fo I' mom Sitl'@I'l!:t!101J!~S


work. Bes idles ~mpw,lI'itii,g

to (lisen


mtlis<:~(l'S pmvf!nt' to

,fwsl warming ~t up '~~fIlUy. ThefJ.e l~ght [exercises'Illho~M dictate as do!!:e]y as the 'eJlStl'iqg. mO'I,e !Sb:enlUo~ ty pes of m,~nt.s,. BO'lV' Jo,~g shouJd yO" wann up'? This daperuis, 011 ~v~rall ;~pecu. If VO~ 'fiv[e in a cg,fdel" area, or duringhll! cold \\inte:r. you hav,e to do monner warm.up ~xerci!l!e5 thm do th.ose who'liv, in II. WMme:r ollma.ta. Longer 1i\Ul:nnmg-<up' iSr.'GlOOl1Ul1~nd!ed~n the '!:M]Y mQm:mg in ~n,e<l!ft':rJ100fi, GenerrJLllJy, five or mn mrinlJwr;; 'O(i' W~Ill..,u:p, ,e-x:ercm~a. M'Il' IB!d®'q,utlw'but OOill1 pel!'[ormers nee d ~~ch ft im.d:m,. A bailll,~t dUICe'I !ip~iilds at leafii'l: ,two 1~lolU's:. II@ co~nTl!;!nre5 with '\i''Elry basl,e mnve:m.e~b~ ,If('adlJally but o(lIM[$tentl:y iOCll_PJg: I!:h~ activity m:td mIle.nJi~&)r. wltil he is ready 'oomnak@ his ,apperu:a.n,ct;".


l'erfo'rm;;mce. ""a1mhlg~up' e:l{e!:ci::se:l,·are DeCle~J!'y 'yO'lIr muscles No smMt liItble'te 'Will use his


haa:l,d!or ,I,i'll

willi.~ b --c,a:Ufl h(2 moves 'Witb.littJe a;ntagon~~i.(! t..mido'n.. On the otti,er hand, thenovlce pei:CgnIUi, withex~ -i"~ tel][!Qon and '~ffot!, creating a lot: 0[ wast d :mat]gns. AlUl.Ough this c;:ofitditilarno:tli 'ti',iUt Is mo![:ea native laIen'L in some ~h'8.l1 othe.ts, iillcan imp.~ve-It by in [ntien5i:ve 'uammg. - . H,ere ,are ,s,gm, o,r 'th,e'R1~C,lrli~S t;ba:t ,on Clm I1Ida:1Jlt 'yow: da~y . to ~iLl1i!l!l', Fn:rn'Xib'iIDlity~ p]Ii;E:~ yn1lillf .toalt (I,n Si.I.SUillg Of 'DI:.!;j_ect s i~ a pbo,tt;!I.A.B"llnd C; ku;elJEn,gyouj; l~u: hru;i:.o.t:mtally to t~\egmund-IL eeuld be.slighUy lower. Dr hIghe:r, depending 011~DUIr flexibility .. For the be,ginl'l t. do 'mJt atwlll,pt any ,s,tr;enUDUS e'XeI!eJSe!.

Bruce Leemamed th~ eertatn 'e'~,erc~es can h~~p you~ea.t1y in your perf'Olliliu,nce, !Uit! others, can ~mpede 01." even, im~ Y01U!r ex~ut,10Q of He' fowdl that bellmlillfici.ia.l X:eR:meS :aro 9 fl1'1IOS0 I'ilat do, Dot cause ~ntag'o:l'lIi!iti'C I;;i:!nsicn:in you:.; muscles,

static. or: ~low ex~rcite, such a$ a ]:um,dsl:.'ll\d! o~ lifting bimvy weigh'w such as, a barb~U.. the mQ'~cl!tS on bD,th sides of the joints ope:mlie' !}f;rongl;y to se 'he body ~!:t a desirable P0s'ilr.1oill. But 'in a rapid 8!ct.ivity such as running, jumping o1:.t;:i'l1;',l)win Ul,e musekls that e]QOO the joints con'had <md the muscles di'[',eeiJy opposite e~l)n p,te to allow the movement, A1t:hotl:W1tbe!!'e is situ unman on both museles, the' ~tmm i5 cO'$S ,01\ the' ei:Qnga:terl.. ct. ,1,engthi31'1 ed one, wtJ,eiili:t.:hereis: e:xces!l~v.e~ an.taF~]~Hc t.en&to,n ()t1th~ eil\ulillsat~d or ,musc:l,es~ ~t hmder,s, and ~,e.[DS your mOI\fe\D.'I!eflt. It :w::t:8 like [[I. ib:'r,ake, (:n.u~ng ~matL1Jle' :~tigu,e. g,gnara.Uy a.ssocin:~d only lvith MW acti.\iity--demmullin:g d[f~'bl',ent muscles to peri'ontl, It. ooQrdi. mite-d. natumj a:tMe,t;e' is abLe '00' i~erfo[m in ,"Ii)' sparti:ng a,etivjty

musc'lI!s l'espond

dHte.oo'i'tU,y ID dffi&'l:;nnt

eXEi'l\l,;lse'5. During

Instead. aite,[ lIllacm:g Y our rO(rt '(Iii (iN!: nili'PSt just m,O'~ :Y'l)tft toes rowllIl'd Y'OUt kecpm.'g Y'[PW ~tendM foot lfI,erK!~ ~~gI'¥t ,Ils in pho!oo A. Mter 8; fe'w minutes 'robJb:! j"Q'Uf 'foot. '~n ;iI.lew days. ,as your Leg nU.l:scle:!l s''i'P. Limbmd. you call p}\o,oo~dI to ~e nex:t.,.

in photo 8. hess yetlf knee to' keep "our leg 5,t~t and Jelm fOEward fiomthe hlp ItS 'tnu,dl as PQss~bl,ewithout jnjuring your


fi(Hn thi& e~!Greise ,YOU tbeilii p['oce;ed to e;1l11Ulnll.'!ie J' hQt'a! C. Kel\!pw,g: ~'Oll[ extended leg st'nlight. p~~b Y'QU.l' hand. dow watd.. A$ ynn p1Io~SSt you'll 1l0r~iee '~b.n~YOU ;U;~ 8!I:so m le.m fot\'v.ard. pruttmg more s~re~ ,o.n.yoWi' ]'eg mu.:;cle:.s. F.iruJlly yoya:re able to tOI,l:l;ll your tQt?s as in photo D. After some' mOrilLh.s, y,ou. fnlillY be ab~e 1.0 \\Vrnp yo'")" h<md atollfld your £(:.'0 • as in photo:E. e:ven Mth! SU]l'port ralsed AcisheJ'.


ex~cise~, incJude !ll'Ji BpUlISaird hanG';i_ng~eg m pn()to F. Tor do this exercise, iIl4:6e a long rope. M~:p,porl1li!d a pillJey, A neese ep(lirc~eiS! our foot •. Pull the ll,thU by y ('I1I"JII(1 ofMr.!e .1''Cptlr to the l'f:llUl;imum Iheight ,y'9'UF ]og In-usc]e& wUJ beair ~1ritbolJl~ ,i:lIlrtiJlg .YoW'seU. Try ,to keep Y{)'Ul' loo,t hOldzontall!y Rliped thmughoU"t 'the ex Rr.CWe. 'n1is ex,eLCl1:e wlhm'iS you 00 ~xe:eu't.e'bigb side kkkiS. Yeu hou[d rotate "our ]e,~ in Illl th~
H eXjel'\lll~!9.

other I,ego flil'xIbruty

~n ]lro~SiS In'w '~ilMPOlin'~li!')tIKcise.·ln !fIlri,ota 'G. L€:1l' uses ~wo JiightdumbbeU ,and jumlp:!! big~lI to dl"i"'(!'~op both b:illIaneeaJld ~p,ril1g}' Ie;gs. 'Onc'f! he Gall contro~ 11iJ> body QU ab'onmpo,lin • he ntt 'rnpts leg t:lllits. ,il 'in photo 1-."; a high b::o:ntkick if! photo I, ruld

Adv8Iflccdst1&dflil1l'lt who like to do ~,c;e]ltlona1~y



a nY~f1gsid ,kick in p~oto J. her limb ring 'reW!s in '~lldCl bod:]! st!retches. Mer you h8ve de¥ ll;)~Jed el eLi ity in yatlm' Ig mllSC]e-s. ron 5bowd 'he e.ble



stretch your body

<ilS ,m-

bUl:k a~ poSlS.ibte"then b


1'Ol"wmid :rul,

far tIS po~]b l,,~'IIdM.

until ~our h~ad is tomibmg y~\tr knees: pbotos K.

No one (iould help bu' rlntl,c.c Loo'llliilbdmnJtu1ll_uscl • "One or t:hc most im~lortWl!t pbaR!s of fJ8/htins," 11 ' u M to 1ilEi,)'. "is 5pElfJ'm,g. 11'1 o~er to Splllll", you m,D:I:. beaolro '~~ PUI1Ctl!e5 ~n YOlLr midse.(!,tioh.·' To din this, Lee cone 11I,U9ted 011 Vif!tal cxerc'iLSeS that ycu t'ktl also ndo'lJI)t. Th . :most PIJ'pular ~, tb~sFl:..uJ!lSl {J!\ _ -t(lilt board, as tn phuto' _ (see :P<tge '~H),).5eeureyour fee-t, ll!end your knees IH'itd ,afller [.!.sC,illg )"Olllf' hoods 'bl'lIiirnl ,our h~d. un YOI11' body I.oward your fie t, Do R '!liIU1Y as you ean umil you feel the strALn :EmOun.d your abdmlit L ACber reaching: 5 I) to 10'0 n!lJt'"titioIl"lSi you ean ,3, Wie,~gbt such ss 9, d,u'fl'ibball or b$b U pIOl.~' 'hlmd your nook and do your si ,vpSl. ~ Ano:thm 'eXOelel1t "fay uf duing ;S'i~~'lJrJill Lo fj,i:t UIll! edge of I] bench, ba'le a.u-1fI1l nne SiOO~f ~roUl nnk]~, and low r y,ou:r body is


r~ d,o,~ as posslble oo'l'¥lIId the Boo!. T~l~ I;!XHreise s.trelrch s your ml~Ge'~tion Much more,. but it, ts '~Qre diffJC1.lIl 1.0 do. 11 yOU! ba:,v,e II: dnnnmg bu. ",,(IU ,CIUI alsQ d v~lop your 8ibdominru BlY.sCW::S by ban_pn,g onto the bat' with bo.-th h~'ld<tl, l;!Ind,,sJowly lIfting both teQ~ unW thlilY ~ ex:ten,dP.d bQri2iollltaJly. Keep tbem m tba:t PQ£Uion fo[ II!& long ali p05-sible.a :Qnd l.ry Iio beat yow. lns,t ,recDrd e~ch tim~ YOIl do, the '~x(frc:ffi.e. Buy one' of tb.ose kiLelium timet,s \Q 'bolp yo ... k~f:!ping ),Ql,;J!f . b~C'k. flush W, Ithetlo(l'I by pailblMg m !illdseotl[D.t1,and lin YOUir head slightly until you can fleey.Qur
K.eti'~~ yo~ :Iep_ rogetbel' and kep tr3(!k or the tlme. . Anot'h,~ erli"cIifRent eKerCi6e ,is the ~eg t'.ti5~. Lie' Dn

the fkiot

fee-to,~t. Tllll;!i'D lift th@l!Oi up!w,ard ~l'IJl'i']Yand u hill:! as pa~ibIti'. Then slowly 1Ir:l:um them 00 the
nnD,f' •

. 'T.O' get tiN!' mQ~l out ~() rex,eI'c.ise. de Ilio,h Jet your (eat touch the noor-ke.ep~em :abotd an in,ell "bou the :floor IDld :itMt to ~f!" th~ ,again. Do illS l'lI'Iany r:epetUion' as possible. If 'Y'ou on,,,£! ~ w ,~,t:htlif~n~ ~H'cb. Y'CnJ can do thB ~il:le I2xm:.e~8e as photo, O. Tina ~eJ:lC!me19 8I~O g,oodfo.f YOW"lowar badt musell!s.


U!l. tha

hal! tdL yo'lIJr. 1:)ody befure





OM adWllltage: fn d'illin,g: an IlIibdominfli ex~t:.i.5le'. is tb'll& iii; can b d,Qi!iJewhile' :Y DUaN d:oio:g othllill 8iCtivity. 10'01"n~t:m1c@ Lu. used to i w,aJl:clli ~I.ewi~,nh.~e, lyinA on the lWOI with his head, sli.ghtly ~P' w SInd ki;1Il',pIll1!C hIS fe(i! sJJt1llladi ut and) slightly 8ibl)l/le the floor. o To l4~gh,e,'Il your nll£dsectlol'~; c:;et a medleine ball ru~d ih~ve gij)11JGD'oe d:wp it on, yOW" a!bdom H, as in photos P and IQ. To vazy YO'UI' 'I!Xm:iRf' you CaJ'l! J\I$Q have someone thmw It directl,f to ycn~

YDUm- wot~o.ut alone. JI"o!J can use your bea:vy' punching: bi4Jg as Ii ~hstiLllte ['Or the u!1ll{Hei~ ball, SWWf:' the h'!!:IlVYb8;g8'nd let i~thit your body. You carl ~d_j\I$1,l1w SPO"~of impact eithel" by !I!lol;!mg fo.rwru-d (bI bac:kwam. If ,ou. wanL a ,'[)U

. m[

iJ,. Hlfld



hcavie!l' h'l1pact., s\1rirng the bal,l harder. in YOUrr dai~y Ufe. Uilne'~ a:llw:ays .am lopponuniy {or- more $upp~ementaL eX8r(:i~tii. For tt'l'stance, park your car- seveil:"a[b~i;)ek.s IOrom Ylour ,de:sltln8rtian :and waUt:I:n1skly. Avoid I;h eiev,al>6I;mdi use I.bc stairs instead .. \Vb:i.le cUmbicngtlni@ s'bl.irs~ y,()!1l ;C8itl'l h!.liVe81

good workout. (lither 'by :running up


h:y Skippltl:g, a step or two ..

A sto:nce ruu ~i/'tO.w pl'Ol!.'ides y,o~' $pe,ed" &.if ,I€liillleS yo'" t,ubj!;lll!n~e whfG/t y,QU don 't need.

Chapter II

The On... uatd Position G

it liMI10e ~:OQ UJid,e; &l1II'fclSl'G',~/Jt:uuer" J Bu f ya'u '/~:SiD'Ot;!, tearll1you 'n 1.1' bU ,s.iCl'wt't. 'Ih te muSf &e asttlm:06' tlla.t you celli' ,!liSe TO'h~e:p you in balanrR llIn:d ,to refine.

~ta'u;e dl,t'l:t tuile not eontuse. Is tJ'l,1? an-:Cllnrd ,p:osltlon wMch does not a01J/1'n,e. You eun
,,0111 ~;Ui!_~le:J,I,fj1fI;" wrHI

~ase o.f ~r}tiOl!\l

ute free frOm an)'


'11"'1 E,W


O,N·'(}UARDPO'8!T!ON ef£ecffivej@.e,t; kUfie dO fiLmiioe to]t ~.tta(l!'.ld~g M~d d:!l!lf~~]d'i!lfiG~ t.he D'n'gJ!LlImd Josi't~Qil; This SEi1llj'I4!Quch :s~rnoe is liS ~e<lt for. fi ghti:!1lg b~cmF.;~ ,Y10W' body 1:5&tI:lrJ'tly I;IJt a11~me-:s. in a OOl!!l1 fDt"tably balanced position. to aMack, co unli:cror de'lendl

"fb~. *n~t


m()vemt~nl4. It





,fOld mhu!a:fuion but ~:~Ulie safi1,&lim,e nMQW~, quiek ~.tetiwl'i t1n:n,e.F'rQ.m tha fltanc~ tbe mQ~elt:\~!'1It, i6 not jm-k1 but smooti'l!i ,~d p,~e',paw:iyour' flextm,ov~ \<virtnout ~Y' l1estll'ierftion. H


mcea~~~m ~UU!>!lO~ or upo~!?'r~bodly" bl yom QPPQnel:1i~nreerumg your u'I't.endie:d,~nt&. 'fbe on "gJilm',ij' pO~~!lIn is p~.Eect fur mQbiHty. It. auLlClW'S yt:lcll to



smF~ for I>pe.ed and. c01:l1aoH@<J,baJiiIL11 eEl w~


dJsi:anC'e! ~. ,yow' DPPOIH~Ht. and ~:iiI'1l1iQllflag~~yalH tI_lning. Sm.oot.h~ ,leadLng h~d ,and iLu OiL are ,r:]OOO5t ·to !he wgm; SO ~eooellt Q r We hittmg .m d!:l'neo by l:iter.t1, BriUlc~ Lee a n:a.tu:ral r:J~'l;.hmld.e.t. ado'P't~d tb~ Usouthp6J:w" om: '"unlQrthod~x''' stlln,(:e b!:lICau.::;!?he. beHleved that !he' $b:'~ngi!i' band awft:cl r'Oo~ si1io!iii!]d do ~e
fi'liostw the work.

sm[loe-. t~e ch[n and shol!"llcler'&,bol,ddmleet bl!tfw;ay-tlJie ri~hL shoulder l'IlJilisedtan or hv'~ ~[!d iI;h!1l d1iifil dropped. iElibo,ut thee rsarDl~ di[il;l,anae. At thts poritiunthe muscles a!fld hone StrllCtl!lllll: a~e in M'l:ebe'8t pOs.9~ble:lIIlijJl'ilment. Plutecting the poin.t of tll.e chin .. .in c~ose·.ill,[ignti_'l'iJg,. the; head is held 'V~f:~.(1Jill:f with th€l ,~dg,e alif tbe chin" p~S8lildlti:li) th~ co]~ru:bone.and eneside (l~ lbe t~t"'iCl!::ed to tJl:lIiEl'lead shO'u~der .. OIlL,:y m rare, ,!Z'xl!.r'l!'we. defeitlJsi"llo ID3IlliliJIJVers, wl,)u[d the point (llf the cbm be tucked ~nw th~ lead sho~lder:. 'f~ilm "'\I()'L~]d an;g1:e yo~ h~d 3J,lj.di. t.1l][tl, :YiIlllr n;eck iw~w :00 unn atu:tal po:siMo[Th. fightiJ};S ~tlIis po&ition,\VQtd.dt.en8&l the lea~l $!1!O'I,Jl~d,~ ,and arm., pl(e\l~nt,ro~ ~~tiOin and ca.u.sefatiglJ£!J ~cau.$e: Y'I;)'!J f wo~d ladt .s.upport of tl1~muscies and si&rai:gh,1:, bone <lIligmTI!I'!llllt ". The ·ll1!adirlg. hmlldi position ·iJ{I1!:lldbe: 11i~n~d &]'iIi!~tl1i '!J~~IJ;W UtI!]: s:hQuld!'!f hei.g;l':l't~as ~f:l pbQ'!:o!1l JI. amd. Al (do~':li:Ip s!h'!l}t): .in Ji!~Qki:$ .B,a~ld 'In (sjil~~ww~. pay dose atwlllt1QIl t,;o Ute ,eXmnml!Jllfl '~'~ both's~i£~t 811.d left hMds.~hottl!j; C Mt~1 Clmv,esJt another vM'w()'f his st'flnc~ ft(m~ tb!l' bact •.. showing Ms le!l;d:ing ltliql.d m.uwe d~tn"ly •


~tis; im.po:rtant

to't.iofl YDUX


feet ;)inti,head, From :!ili,e

[igih~!fil staIndim tb~ on-gUl.l!!)d position i.1l!cOR'~ctly .. The permn on 't!J1J.e eft b,ru;, his\ righ:t r~cl;, L 'fI'{i~~ ~1:l:d1 ~eals to,Ci' much QUlis Dody. '1lle p{.'rson on thra :!:J.g)ht as hl~ l'1gh:t h

. in phow I

"i. botb


~!:'I Q m ,filil~ d.e,f(j~. ]! p:rG:De.i'I~ '~" . ' m!i1,:l itia.lld: l-n~v,lb' It>!:. IiItI:U )I'~1iL!' :i'g.. ~ 1l!1ii_';l!'Q'" iili<Vil!. "" ro~h1l
IUpt.lilllilo:h ~,fiilli,b ·a~Il'~,m1:' ,~-~--~-..._ - ... ....... ",III on t.n l~r~lIm~. pm'~~ n







1111,. .'




iI\Ul: .. 1i aJM'l .:;li.1iI:!. alI~'IIll' hilii'· mfi·i~ I"" r.llbbl I:!~ ¥1oIW' I::h:I:n n~ pM'1 ~.~ )"'.ml' :r.a.."., .,,~ ~i.,~ L!Pw~ 'Iek Ind~ I 1.~~1 H:trJJiI: H<'!IIYIh' d{'~~j[1Id· edlll,1IIfM !nrllt:lli:L~ n !;IrIII'!l!eU! flll'Uir :rl!,~~nI! you!!' groin. a

.m.cJ'~ Sb~~n:




)'IOIU ~,I;n


. l~~'~;c:gm: [),;;f.mdJ,iltIIo mld&ul[';;'l<>r u.~'OocJ!.J'. E1ibow:Df!iI'",,,!Ib ~llII:'~.!ili, iI'!!,'j_, h'! Uiv )!'4111U' bolio;!i)' ,


.~_-="~ __
:~H Foot: "'" .:I.!'i, fii ~I!" IiIj:Fll'ca ,an(llil! ;a,nijJ~l:!" h~!!lll
fIW;",d for ~~rLtL'. mohon.u •• ,It r l;,iUl '~(;> '!i!o~ ~!f~)I' ,to 'lrfU"" VO).'I!!.!' 'ill.'DI:I' .f<!lrw~ liil;lt Ii M!I:1~d I'l:!rlfi.~"
'L __ -,-"'"~

l"",rlK;fl,,,,,, S~[~IJIY hulil..u! ilJWiH!I h. qjM"n~'ill Lll!iflJ~

:Il.!::!lI 1>00 i.: At a ~I l~' 3!H1~' [p:lII! .1lIclil IllIiII iIIepYl!lId .:I!!

n'<:~'I1i!)I' Ri!!~!lli1r~.,

ll::!ot ~OO' f.M'to til!! lof:f-baimoe.

weft, res~letin g hi's






h a:.nd is, Wlgnecl wlth IM~1I\l f' :8hou~der I the chest of fbat sbouldt'!r.

Gnd plilli,(,'OO alPlost


Sometim@'.8. bn;t Vel:.,. :selclGm'i ,01:1 Ml"JJ ~dopt the low'-1i:n~ p~iUon 'without a lead because .l"illy fighteroSi Uie' ~cl r:uepared.fa,:r.
iluch :11 de,:i1ense. Thi$cype- ICif :pcsiti:oMl rnJay c'om.fili~ Y{)'Ufo,pPQ'ltent tlnd 5e\l'GI.:e~y .hlli_PIU' and, to ,Ill lI!!!erW ilriil '(!xteil"liif;" eh~cl{his cffll:1!]siv,e MSilWi~. Yotl'r e(lij!po~d he~d is, nOl'.'11 mltg,e't IH,~,tem be fil[ut~cood by l'r.Q,dbili'l;-y andire~y¥n,g 'on beb\g ,ll sa£e dM:tance aw~y bOiM, htm.

The ]e!~d fo Bt di'ctates~he

plJlSiU(;In0'[ lhe ~rc1:Jink. tbe lead foo't if
tll1~ IT!'tli1k KU'i;oMllitiC'l1lny

%~ l·~a.r hand is beld~ou_j' t@ fi~(! ind1l~sfllOim 3'our bDd;y rill. l'ffi~'e ,(m~~di pQ,~'tvJ !' the ~illbowp:rotectmg fh e !lh'CI;rIi'; the
fO!["J!MI'I1 !~rrutl:¥ ,bru~ingJolIJ;r

CU!ITe-Iir~ p051.ti,.on. It is ii,mpor~,mt ~h!l!.LC!u'! f.nmkf.c:um a :sti:Oliight ~ifi!e wUh the !eM feR:. Ai; il;he ]p~d. [(lot i~ ~url:iultdinwill'd, the bodiy consequently ITlO:\I'e;s in tJlille Roilm-Iil d~mctlon~ ,disp]ayin,g ,a 'n!.m'ow w-~t tlJ Ute 0 1:Pi'pt'lnea1L~. If, ~'1cW,ever. the ~e'ad OOOlt ill tUWled OUj'b'\f,a_l.d~ th'lll' bMY' .i1;:. "qI.Htmd~ pr,:esentirnPi' II. hrg~ '~t. for


in p~a:cel' ~en



'bo:(;l;y~e/fending 'thell'lid8e~WQn. The d

defensEi'} ch,lij' t'lail"W'W tnre;et 'Q'bvi.ousJy is IiIllor,"'Wlta.geoJljJJ~d:l1!dthe' ~lUI:r(! It)]end9, n b~tter~Q:r lau:n.ching i some o:tmck:ro."




C{)'I'I!;t;:H'lrtly ~'beC:kYOW'ptolSt'Urtl


hmd posi,'tion

Look.-a,tyour stance and sM jf YlOu ijl''e standing mmc)l:It Hj!::(il iii. efB, Io'\i'i,til 'yom b:a,:k sligh,till' rnmcl:~ed! ell,in, ]Clw~n:d. mth yrl(n,r 1.~Bld sliClWd/(M; ;Ij]l~h u:p a;nd pl'ep~-.ed to !ijDrin~. tlJ (inrH.rflct ~fUJr abdeminel ( ~artiO'!:l!y.r.;nt.ed yom with ~uur elbows iIlil11dleu:ljie ~lO 0 pelfl~ngs :l!!t which )PlOW oppDfllr,~m,t 1111ayhit. 1'he on..g,J!lmdipo,sitioJ:\ iEi e,on8llid~l'ied tliLe s!£ImSitslancf'. In J.K D ~:t .is the nlOst f~JI!,o:r:-abJJ;;l!posi'ti'on f~ kickmllJ:'" h~~tcir:l~ aJm:ld , Iilopp~y in:" lIodEy fUfC\e'. Some faults on the £aUQ'Wll;lg !5ki!l~Oes; and
mQ'¥t"lllfiillt •.

A: Ri:g1lrb l~g' 'i.!!:OO Q fm: out and wiJl hinder 11t~ t:I't()veM~fl.;t;, ef,;lPec'la1ly wwu~ the we~ght 'Or.l1 his: :rc-a'I:' .EDQ~- '\Vith bom b_fjr~],~b hffis on .hips,. he T~a"ti h~rrnse]f wide open fm un upper body :!i:f!dhead ~tbck, B :i$, !:IUl:noe iJj '!;o~ squaee audh.e can ,e~i1y Il' throwlil o:rf~:b~b"lIH:(j!.H~ 'is,. ,aIS(ll"emicmd ' &0 m doecp pl;~nl1!il;taijon in hi.'iI oou.l\bllrin ~, c: lJE.]ong;iood
!:Iwn~ 'Mj'i~h ~O~~ Itlad, and :in ;lIVi.1lq,i?,!i:1:ii:hle posi.t~Cln. Lead side of



th~ lu;)dy is



aUack;, li!l:dll'luded boo.d is jmmobiJ;'~d handtel.~~'Eiphs his in rentlion.

Md withdmwi'Y!'i:l: (]Itfthr~


D: So b oif' his hands ~re too, exwnded. His mm: arm is he,ld too high and mav~ Ids bo.d_.y wide 0 pen, I1ifj,front band is too Bx.lend~, to drui.ver any ldod nfan a~taJck.
E: SOO:JI'Idingtoo muc:hllO thQ s~de Pl:ii:lrel],W hjwn,from pee rIIeb'a~ion lor IlI'tmc:kilng 'O!!, HI:tma;ti.ilG. fIt! C~ eai.ijy be


F: Both arms


c:m::ied too, low. f)!}l:pl)girng is, upper body lInd h

G: Body is. tolo IW.d; lead ,h.mmd is, t.ooexti(l'od,ed for 3ittacking :md th(.l rear hand Js tee ~ow JilOll( pr-o,t<!ding bJo.w~ i¥l ~he head" Ji: Stanl'El ~swo w:ide' fOl my kil,ld o'E I"'tobi lity. r'L Is (.l,iffi(:ll~L W a't'W.~!c wiU'itt{}ut liele;pa.p'.bimu.g' fm'.LU Uii,js pGStiti,c'll, and U'iie gJt''Q:il'l llilIea is l~x.pos.r.!d,r~r~front kic'k.

I: RigJ':It Urn 12, Cldtied
,e:x:.po5ed. Hand

too' !high a.nd 1f:D.!I!'eii te rib CPS atell U iis tOil ,e:-.lMncled tIl deliver any kind 0:£ mill a..t~cl~.


iigh/~ is

stance l'Iestrict5 mO'\l!li~rnents, esp€:ciaUy &lJde.sIAllP'I)'iflg d h~, ti~t if h~ is .wthengl:l'tli>!lI;d posttion. S~onilIly. any
llllii;\!tl:lrerit ft>om this :pos:i.'tioi'l woldd not havil! plOiwer" ba~1!:IiSE

fully on the re;;i1' [n,o~. Stanoe is ~o tlmow. mt. el.i!i.!'lj:ill~w.~ Lb.e·:!'Jrrin~nru of h~
sbou.ld ~. sUgi.'litJIy ben'l for th@ @Xpk!tllive' ~.d


Like tb~' Clilt stance, to D ~uch wwg'ht i.s p.~ElOoo. on tbe i)Etck and til i8 l'~str.~ctst~'Ji(!· fornard mobiliffity, espe:crnl1 wii&!'iI 8, md~ !. Tl;; bU,II'lc'h iii. puno!1I he h';1!§b)~Mft hisw(!'ig'ht 00 th~ fto~1iIt l'Ifd t~l'S!;gIlm..pb m.tentiQ'Il, hi0 Tho ~lucb weight on t[1!e leadSoo:tt. eeuld ~h:!:'ow one J3II'.!, ill ,llweep. A to·04Y}l:OOndcd stmiCifJ i$,a}SiO 'ilrlU!ln~f.nblle i(;k '~.O tlie krJee ~m.;l miiFl.,


W:lt'w.both h~:rUj].I;iQ:11 flips~ body ,md h!3'al1i1l (:o~'i! .~. .ed ~olr alril a~.~idlt. 'The gl)Dhili area is IJIlI1e~~1'~[Y opEn


of the: Olw'kwjU',d l~~Qmclj"lt elf'tbe:r,eu ~9Qt·. Thi:s stance mfli;1{,~ thl~bod.y. face and the kn~ and shin or ad leg vullitffnlb1.:l. Knl~.liIG on the rt~C]:rj~:;;t aD01i.l.'t' O:b~U~yi(l:r'l;lIt~,ck or d<ll!!fenoo_

To (lOAW'ol the center' OIf gravity In liIiloti;O'R. ta~1!!: a: sb:mc s,te,p iIIInd glide ins-w9!d ,01 a bop o.r' c:"uss·s~.£Ip. To. t!'I("'"~ r,apidly. take sewmi :lmilU steps. T:ak'e two, m.edium steps iWliS~.~ of Olllie' ]o:ng s.trid~ to Ci'.Wm' tJri~ same distaIil(.'@. y'nur center 0, ,pavi y eonlJt.antly (;b~Jlges ~c(!ording to you_]' o·\"n actions and tho&f' IOlf' y'o'ur oPlJOrHmt. For i~l,stw1ce'"tOi tt.dva'U'N~11.I !lwll~l!i', t'e (~~'l'.I.ter gr"l,\r,i y lIhn\:ILAdsubtl8 be of tr.ansferred Lo the I\\! d or iron t Ioo t. lU'llllrestninin g the \;)Ilcl\: foot a ~o propel ,your ~)cdy to a q!uh::kll shott and sudden bl.l![St. ''[ 0 retteal.i or mov8back Cjjui.cklty."Ul€l Ceo,tel of gra'\!'i1ty :9bo1l1ldi tr;:UWf;lD)~ be to tb (! b:!u:k fo ot, allo\wng you to be in balance foll' 'i1 pat!'y 01' lI.

Wide !triclesor consLant


it.chillg of weight fronl. Doe

{gat '(.0

the other ~n y,oW' mO\I('Io.e[bj.., should 'be eliminated 1!X,'(,"i;lpt in h ittmg a nd kiekirng. That mOMCTll't of shlltillgr,H'uU.:s iJ:~ ]Wor batanM and. places you iP 1lI. position vu]neralJle to ,lInaLtack. ~~dJG::;: which. :you at'e pl!'0vilQb;ld fmm JliU!i1ncWn'g a :l>ttong lt~ck". Addit.iofllUlUy you are alJowJnfl the oJl:poncnt to time his !i!~' ,at th~ momen.t of snifung. You !!.:hou}dl for gnud baJst1Im!' in moti.o~ and m:;at onl, :lii1I stll!lla11esr;.V'ou .must a (.em pt to ilon!J;ol( )'OU.l' body with ~[il!d balance, ~lu~C'iany wh~Le d~li\l'erillliil efi'(letivepunche.s and Idl::k~, lJe\f".~a.use you must shift 31'0\111 'W'tj gh t ClO.Il:s,tantlyiiom 13\1 ~e Ioet ·ta, lhoe othlr. Retaining youII' 'baliKRI)fl while COft'strutUy obangin,g your IJ.Otlywe:lgtlt, is an lLd~ew peolP~1lt evar m,uaster. 1Il is liili'lg1':1tto switch your stm1bep while figbt.iug or 81~ng h~~'~ d,r,g,p''lj,i,trll¥ fm frenn :y,o,ut bwl:c rOttll. In pilote 1. tbe fj~ is

1\ sranoo O'lllu'W'SY'OIU, severaJI atlval\ugaa: $pl'led. ];eletxation. balnnee and SR100t.h movementt 1,1U;S,Jl~mitting yooto IllIl.e:liSh a pm, ertuJ blow. . Good iJIlamnce is l'O~.trli;dlinc: y(l"~iJ 'I,:n:uJ1y in liiny llositi:onr-CClll. y\l.)m: c'Cnrer ,oJ: gr';lrvi~y. Even ,if Tour body is slm'lted or 'is. plaoed in WI'J unstable eq,uilibrimll:l-away Iro·m, tho base ,of Suppol:lt-yO'l1. sih,Qwd be able ttl p1!ttSue and. mt"lllivtll!r' yOUl' equilibrlurn .. Inpb-Qoo At ~ r~ib'e;ii.1trs.ftOlll hls o p:pon.ent, m!hntnnn~ng good bai'lUlt:e. 8ind in [I,l\(>OO~. he throws lli fong punch liu'l!; !Otm uontrels h,iI bQdy
"0'1: a ny '~Q~lljJItfflllg Btta,clr.

i~ f:a:idy' go,odi pn:riti.o,Ii.) !iUg1ilUy l;olfJmue,h \\i,eilh ~ 0.H. l:ii:.iIl



6u1 ,itS, S!l)Qi'!i Il~ il,!' al'Nlnptl:: tO~D.Unrf::Il im ,O,ttack, LJ''~o:2: (see pnge 43). Ib~ 'th~\":; hiMseU' OUt of balM'\oo., Go iKI f,c'.nn. 1',~q;tLI:Jl~ g.o!ld lmIDanoo. Pro'per bmn,ce 3ind I):Cli'.f'~>IIl'ttim:~!ll '~o~ulbuLeto ~o,od I~ve:ra:g~.which ls n1ee,OOS3I]' o ki~k Ol'p1llllch with susmmed t po<we,r;. "l'lJ'l!.e ost ideal pO;!!ltio:n ol yom fee~ is ~[iie 'thatpe1mib! you 11;0 m ma,IU~11]l!e:r inllioo,ntliy mall d.irectio'[ls tiM rserv,es as a pi,vo'taL pt1~rnt for :f'our entire attack; on'l) U:iat ~~:IH jfQ'Y in Igo!ld ha1aqc~ lQ. I"wUws:l:.:-wd bl:I1'\"i'S 100 1'IlI, all sldes, <'lInd itt th~ ~mlll tg lTlII:! [1iI!r:r:! i!3:h~:Y'~u th.e ,abil:i:ty '00 1I nle~ ~Info.rn~!l!":J]ow~ in ,Y:O'U r b~ow:!l, All ~!l baseball" tlb, ruwve iiII.RU .pC"~13r illl S,\!!'Ul'Pn.g Ilil '!~t. ~6l ~h'li!"iill'il!:d, warm yoW leli. aJSo.
ThH!'I],m.gua:ro ,VQsitj,0i1flLpr~nts you 'Mth. 'IJ!!lanee m'Jidl~9,i;>e ci movemen:t by ~h.e P.l\Oplilf body aliW'lment. A t.(:!o.:widJ!]' stance, ;fiJi ~rt phooo' .1'\,. devi;al.;(:s:WJ'inll!1 (;om,t,:L 3illlgnl'llI!$'iIi'i.uJI1,g st.u~1iill~ess :mid

powct'j. but fodcitmlg sp~ed arnd ,emde~~ m()ve~tl@'n~. A. silo:!$ st~IrlC!ll'"as "~ phowB. presem~ :!i:PeeO but lcses ,pOlVer ll.nd pl\O,p~l' balallcc .. , 11)0 .Mt O'lI'mF(\~MM!it Inthmwir,ig ,(I, Ptiiilcl'i. Qr a kl~'k-it Mfl::c!$ yoilU' ~.ce . Pmicticeoo1!:1l1'tificlilD'Jlg again s.t ,9, ,stlii)'1tl.up 0p'CHl@lot. \ftn:e.n he ~isstl!"llwtth a blow, hie' lo.Slls limlUlc:l!fOr an insml'lt ;B,l'Id :i:g \n_ll.mnL~I.e teO Ili t:o!,m~r. The:,utse bJ:~ hAA~ La be fAi1l:l~.!il:lJfe, iliLo keep' 1,1lst lleill~l. k
kmC::iltlrni,~t;i(' :iJI~~ceptio~ or t.kc· f~uU,y to feel muscle ,W]d refu:xation. 'fhc' wuy 00 d~1,II!dop Ul:15 .kincslhetic pcro'!!ptio,n Hi,t first. iics·OO p,lu:cl!!'YDur bod~md im pill'1l::!, in £Mfemnt p~ibonl!lW!Ld, be: highly sensitiV,(l about them, fOE e.xam:plc. Ipml'C youmi!!lr ito, a [lJahmcoo. p01iiit:iQ:n~ th!!!n .Im ~mbl:!i]. o.ll:!l::t'di" feefulJGltbe contrast as yoa move ,f~lrwll:ld, b:i!l:: "MlI'd. mel to k both Om::e' :you blli,WilUlliiIloo this fudmn:g. usc it as n !Oons1allt gu:icle to ~CI1l' bcd:ylLS, 'it mCI\\'e:!l, £romgr8.DChl.l.ness to ar;\wkwm:d~ Hess-from fe~~m:ion~otel'·, YO-lUi' k~[l~sthtil!ticpru'C'l'lP'tion shou~d be .so keen ft!:t;I:I!:. ~1DU 8fC l.ln,oo;mirmt;.13i'ble u.nI.e~ 3<~O'IU bOod., fu n~tic'ns w:it:h mill.imol ~[fort. to 8.€htc!]f!' I1lrodmum reslltl:!l. ~

'fQ de''!I'elop eQm~d bal~~~. Pli'll:C!j'l!:l~' fW,~'l b'Oth the right llmlldi 1O!Sfl!~gal1y WI1~I:ii ~f:Qt!ning th,~ ~~me it:l'l!l'!ticsolr ,~.~c Si::S., Between tfrrming s~S1iiWlS, staiil.d OD O~;ll~ ~o!Jtw.bl1c

~~n stanees,

putthllg ~Hl. yo.

d~d1e&or s:ti<oes. P:m:cHdilig "chi mo'~~,M s~i,cky·hmds-e'X~fCi!;e one of t.hilf'be-slt, is

w,ays w' d!l!Velop b.~nce. 1ntlliE!' .~~ c"hu:n melhod. b~th pm~ti.tione:rs .!k-eilill,Otl'Ielr ~~t pm ... 1iI.e] to i1f300 other, as m piho,bo5 lI!. a;nd !:L Buth or Lheil: bands fllli,eexwl:li,Bsd until otdy their '\'I~lri~t9, w'u¢h each o,thel:'. Each one, ke:eplog OM IUI.nd Iil."lSlde- 9:lud ,t!l'l~Qtll~~ l'Jutsjd~ IClt hio;; oppol'l€!:n:t's,. mt,'a,t;e!j M; ;'IT}l'lI:S b!l:ci"k I,l.ndeorthin .3.

ea;clilJ sh.ould. t~rI!P h!:ii knees ilaaghUy
ID!'lvi~y dowllr'lw<YJd b~ lo''IiIID'in;g his



hip 5,. mll th is, pn.~,UJ('IDy;ou

k,alp the ee:noor (ill


COUllMClock~~ motion. PI:'ess!,J'!;emould be OI:pplied to ,the ~5 in O:l;'d~too' reek ij'lEl (;!arlner from his pos;tion:. ~l'eVil;'!intthis.


side '00 slide but [1!otback Rlldrorth. Ev~I'liL1JdYi !#r.l' CQl1vl$l"b.;=d 1t.hll1stru:tct! by p~acing une fp~j't ({j~ll!,ErnI• ~s in 3. and . 4. In thi~ ~losit\io:lii. one h;)lJ!;a better <1l!rol-llrcol:lll1'ld bruaa:u:e <lila ,~~)s stap,cC' is· n.o~ (!!uite (hI.'! jeetkUII1lEi do on.~md t~si'l;i(m~ but it re:sBn,' l~ ~l)rl3l clo~ I),•

The crt 0,( nt£),bIUly i8 the eS~~'n'tc'offillhti'ng.

Chapter II ,I

It Y'O~I,',,61' S','ow on


y,ou~U be fat'! i:"




A fikiile.d tigll. Wi" ,can sMft.
to eoode n.U:>$,t b {Q,WSi.

Hi8 b'ody is i'/fglit ,a& ,!]I feather," whc1I/ze (igtus all/-oes., He
mo,tIle'S a If~lli(m, ,g'a~lo.plrJ.i1 w,I't/~lJ'aO(l 0,fa




leapir~1high in s,paC'6.

I.E tl'i~M

ilfr~l'!'Il· ---~~------"""_"'--""""""-""""'II 3'


In jee:l. :k:UM do nu,bi.Hty is heavily em.phasized beeau~ hEmd·oo·-hand COMbat Ii> n 'matter of movements. YOUI' appUcatioJ!l 'of an eflie-cHve ~·e::hl1'iqli(i' dep ends· mill '!j'O"UI' footw.ork. Speed of yol.li1' f(JoI;:Iltw{lI'k ~i;}9iJ;£i,~1'way feu: f.:mt kieks :u.d ~:nlii,eh8S_ U you are s]owon yow feet, ,)lOtli wi:U hI!< slow wit.h. yom hoodi~tl,!],ri reet, t.oo. The p·dncip.te Of 'fighting is 'th.~ a:It of Imobili~y~ ~n SII1!ekyom : target ot t.o liI!void being a,'!t. F,oot?irocl!i..m je,et kun ,do should be eatl·y.,r~·I~oo and aU'!,r~lilUit f'km in mOVIement, whil.elhe traditional. classi<:e! h('A, Q $ seeks ilolldi'tyirn stillrrl~'. l.'his 1W:1IlOO~V'Y 'liO,1;!:,iUlU{)US stanea lis not. funct.i'Qnali be(:lu;ig~, It. i~ slow and awkward. In fi:elilting "ou are required to mO,\!'jJ in ,any direction ifQ!'t!.< mTopef [uutwork is good balance in ootioJl.\¥bich COliltnhute.s to 'hi~til'lJg ,Imwer lii!ud ,a.\!oidm:n::e of pu;nisbm!:J'ik Gbod 'footwork wm bPlt ~ny k iek Dr pu:ncb. A 'melving ~get. is d'~illttA:ly 'mO:I'l:! d.ifFicuJt ' h,it than a stationary one. The m,II)):',!) skillful, 'you Am with your footw!Jrk, the le:ss you have to yte< your UTIli to, block 011' parry ki'Cks and ptmche~.By mo,vi'ng defUy fGU~ M1!I alu de almost. any blow and at the MUII.e time piiE!pml! your fists and feet to a.ttack. Bl!sid!S c:¥ildinrg blows, fQ'uILw{H'k aUOW6 1,0'1;1 (lOver disbimce to ' 'Escape ,ou~ (If a tigi~L eemer and OOl'!;fiilnreyour energy to, oounter 'With m!J,~ sLmQi in your puneh ,1)'1:' kick. A h~avy slu.gger with poor footwom """rill,!!ihi:!Jl~t bj:m~[f QS. futi]ely Ilttemptsto he bit his O'PPQIIl!f!a.t. 1'ihc' b~s.t pgS~1:-iOD f:olr YOIl1!!t [~!;it 'Wher~yoU can move rapidly in amy dire1i:ltion and W YQii.I, aN weU b1!!an.Q~ to ,yithgl1.ln d h~ows hom ;my agJe" The $eet must, be: dire:cUy under yOUl bod.y .. ';I:he' on-guard sballee p.te8~n.ts fllFli~ hurly b,alaJlC:e ,Wid a natulllilliltgnn'l.lmt of your feet.

To advanee, do nat


or htrp but shuffLe your £,eet. At 'I,he

01i.ltaet yoru wi[i fee'l clumsy I!Ind:sJow but OIl5:lJlOU keep praJ,cticinJg th is !11O-Yement dfll1ly i ~O'1l will. de~~op' yom speed, ,3Jld.QI'a~e .• TlIi) d.l1I the forward shuffle •. 3.5 m ph.OWIS 1, 2: and 3 (!'tont vif;}\'fh A" end C sid lIi~'w) and X. Y and Z ( vie'w)I "~nd. in the'






f,ol"wtmd. 8e"mnd p,ho&o (®.e p,~§ie' 51)., about ~ hl.llf-st.ep, witmninllthe5:pooe ibetwOOl!l Jom!' feet Jru;t fbr a ~~~d as j"'Q1jJ ! fii;;itilJ' foot ronvudl. \Vlhenthe remfo@it is mO'\ffl!d f:o:rw~d. you ilIlhould hl;l !I1!t the o,tighiiil position. Tl:l!ell!il :0 :2Iidl"al1l:eellrth,~l' 1 f to:rwa:rd Ifllipeat Ute p,ru ~~85., 'o~t


posit4on .. T'u Imov,e fbrw;aul

c-<lutious!y., ~Jid(l Y'O;U1'flCC!l:tt '

Nn1l\l(:e in tbephitD~,o:!l tI!~~t 'f!m'!,I~ .I&e !I'~~]n~ cOlnJ,le~ ~anc:e oons:t:!ul.tly 8,r.liclk~ep9' h ia; gu~ !;a:p. y,l)~8hould not 'bel'lai:tj)'oo!teQi in me,tiQoi:l. but s~lI(N,.ld g1jd',e o.n th~ b~'Is {,f yo:. tieet wl'tb. .ser:tlsit]vi~ or feel'in,g., l.i3~rn to mO\ill1.'i Iike:iii ti~hkop.e. v.ralkew whose

1.'IIi. saf~l~

;,iI.e(i[(l$,9· [llfigh·&ltU~d~, !topf:! 8\i'>eiJ :!:l:


lbl.b'lldfolded. Keep f1o~ ,o,fyour ikn,oos ,~hgt!rJy bent and I\elaxed, 'jJ.lbefmn:t iQot is .flRt hilt I~o:tll~lVil.y . prill!"!.~d(!'n the .floOI'. :u showd. be ]j~t €.irlcl ~~cl m;WjJj.hre~ ,about ()!'!i!li:-l!'!];ghllh ofm mOOc on, a q1olli:c.k 'moN~M~n't Oil"sudden i'ili.if.t of UiliI\l bo~y. 1'he ieOil' h.ool·M; :aillmoot rulways raised in st~n~eIlil. or il1mol'.ii:o:l1 .. It isramcd sligbtly b.ighre:rth81l thl1l'lranL:l:oat" ~hout OriI!N)UUher or olle-'hMf o{,.m jncfi .. Th,~~e;isoo.~r..e,u ]u~J1ianU'j.1!~i~'~ t,lw:i;bd~m,g YO'i.lir w(li~t ill'l'Medliately to thiE! a:fuer friot whe'fi d~lili'(V1J)[ljg' Ipn:,ml:h, a TOO, 'l:alli~ baek, heel a1Ilows mst,re'aetlorn of d~flit rb~t and also ads ~ fII. sprimilg. ,giV.g Wn to blows: u()m ~N anglf:!. NaW~1lLnJ. tbe hee:l sh~u;td dm'P' a:ttheo i.pacft of the b~!)W.'!' ls nCi 'f~trule that y,ow;bool\r would be cOlI"J!s'bmi.n'tly l':1rised o.t' wh1en t;}1J8Y&ho,!J1-d be fulL. This depGn.ds ~'n :911!veral!iietll'lif'.s. sucl\ -as, your bod, PQsit1a~. yonI:' t rnaction to ,a:tt;ac;k or d!L'!\r~nd--witl'l :your lhoods 'q!I:' teet. e,Wete.ta. m:n !:be adV,!lflc~ Rh~ff]~. yOy ahouldloe ligftJ,~ un :Y'CilUI' lilll~tand you;n; "Yj!,ejgl.1J.t !S1\oli:!:~dJ e WGt~lJt (i:i$LdbllOOd. ex,!l:ept JBOfjU:iit: a split b secO'n,rl when 'Ym~ &ire l'lJiv:nlllcm~ yom fro[llt floot as~n the seennd photo 'l----s~:~ page 51}. At tha,t h1st;an't" Y0ll.lll V!"~"ight would sWft j~st ,OJ. litt]e \t()t1rl:arl: £\Q ee, ltl lIe'tl'e9.ting: o,r 'movin!! Meklil'!l'atd cauti'I!)Ju'6']Y (see' ClppD'~lre page ).YQU jult't r~you~ m oV6merrt. 'tile basis beh.i.nd th~ b~k. wMd shuffle, as in photos JI.! 2,~' (fr,out view)., A, I~ 'e (will!) ai1d a X, 1If. Z l(backJI, is like the aclwf'l~t'.:. b'ro~ thl!!' on -guro-d; ,p-oSiti'Cln ~lid!2'er s.huffle yom lieill' feot btlckw.d :aboU"~a', as hli Liu,' sC'cond plrn:om, w~d~ltin~ the space ~etwee'n Y'OIJlr. feet j:~st ft':l:t a sp]il s'I!comd as you. slide yourmmt foot ba(!li;w,;lf'd.Wkltll\tbe' froirl~ toot is itn iliaC"!!, you Iibo1l!J1d be in. the OJl.gt1ar.d; po:;t:M.'L'l,n ,;)It'lJd p~r"_ f~'fly b81an~d. URlilkei the ad!Vi1tI1Ce s'huii]e. ~IO'm wei,gll't WQwd ~!hnt sli:gb,tb fn:r jU5~ an instmt to, your [:ear ioot:, '0<1" due stati(tn··

arty fQ,(lif. wh@li'I you s.:l~dCYOulI' front


l~ckwa:1d. t\'I ~fip.:~J:




W :r~p~t t.l1J'l:p:ro~¢SS. [,e:;lj>r! t'Ob~ EigM ffl] yo,t)!II'
9:!l'JidJi;:~p yOMil'l'lli,'aI!" heell'ai~Qd. k

ooelt Qi}'l'it[ij~\lOUtly

'-l'he fionvEllxl and bElCkwatd ~hufH~ .!Jil~t;be mm(! wicth :a :se:-f~es: ,of !ihor~ step;s'oo r1'!'w:m complete bai:an!i!!{!,. his po~]:twn pf(lpm:~,!il T YOI.l, 00 shift JOin: 'body quickly m Wly direetion and it is, a pCrf.l:lt~t pOOi.:I;:i,on fO'I' :athl.c.l:tmg ,or defending.
~u ielf; ,~~Vl1f!.m6n~

&ant .fClo~ f'Qfwwd. At t-bis po&iti:oili1'I' if yUIJi ~ave nOlI: "tak(m ~nothm: step!, you sh-t'lIllld. b~ b:illt~ :lI.tth,e ol'll.'ii~l,{wdPQslitirn'.ll'Mri,tn ¥(fUli" :&;let apomt a:t ,a llilltUI'I.ti clL'lbimce'. But the purpMEl of this rno'll',en~~ntisw flIrJvlil y01J~' body' 'quicklyw a clistaI1De" !i!~ghtfeet 01;: m,Of;I3~th!lt, f.equ.i.I\e.s &ev~i:iil s.~e~. &t(lEtpt f:o:rtbe first tl'Uee·inoo

Y<ilU\t \II:€:€'psyo'IJK1;ladY~n pet'lc<e:t, allgrtn.'iI'il:ent, andaU~ws

ssri(l~ of ste'ps should be ,tn~de at



walking s:pao~'.

p.lantccl pmper]~ 'bec&lI.lset:h~ bOi'!lt5oO't b€ p!1l!d,iallI:y ]!l1 its Wolly. So'jllllst be€o:nt yom :l'eu foc·t 'makes COlmlmct wlth :yOlll! bont. !i.lid:e

f'Orw.l[ld'sh.ufi1e. From tnle ~I{D OJ1!'·g:u.awd pOl!lm~rl;l ~,dth yO'U'l': front {'O,ot I(as in, photo ,2'). sotoe:porward a,'bQu~ tbtee ~nch!il1:l. hi~ ~:ern· f T m~yinlSignificoot movem.enrt kee(pz YO'i!l1 body aigneda;rld. h~tplS yO'll tQ move fon"rnil'di jn balanee, It aUow.s you~1} mo~,e w~1t:h bo,th ,fleet eve:n~y BUp'p~Yln!i:l!'e p(lw~r. ,\V!~hCl!Jj,~ Uti!!! !iihQ'l:i~ jjit.ep, th(e n~1U: £:00& does m.os1!;0:1: the 'WOrk. AS:500n ss yO~1gtid~ 'y()~r fllo:n't :~oo1!.~ I"lJi(!kly :sUd!;!. yom b!l!ek q tnot:. ,ill&lolRt ~\ol.'~'pla>c~ YQ'I,l1r fro~t foot's posiHo:nas .In pbaro ,s. Uftl~e{;syou mo.lI'e YOlll:'fmnt EaptinrstmJI't]y. t.he:rem: foOit e-oonctt be

The (j!Ll,idi



1. 2. 3;t 4, is ":l!11lOl:lt lik th~

In p.hoto 8~ it S~~'!Jl~ Ukie tee is in an awl!:'I!,i\1iWd pO<$iti.o:ri"but he is in that po:si.tiof,!fpy jU&t. a 8pl~t s..... t':ond., U y 01:1. w,e,re adu,aUy

tQ move l"'apldly ahead.




gJ:.I);::d1!:!l movement. and


WQuid h:a.\f'f!,witnc~d ol:!ly dijt!:.ected ,ElII" <:!.wkwaro.nlilss.


,~dC'k Rcttt'llI~
'the quick ~dva;llee exctlpt yOlu m.c'\\'e the '~'PpOslt~ d]rl)!Ci.lO:iI!!.F:r..f'JI:mt~Ul o~n.gll~d pOOi:U()fi~ i!Yi in photo A.o(Sll:e pa[le'56),. ll:l(:lVC your ErCllt ~QQt b;li;Ck~a.G ~n pl\lC!Ito It 'I"hefrnrnL :Egot, tL'lJCquick: 3idvan~. illitia:t.f!!ltiti,:tl:trlOV'€'m.e:ntwith the ;tillar fOGt. lolio'wm:g ju,st 3, spht.seoo,l'l<'J lam!.',. Unll!:ss you u;ove~·O'l.U']'(iI1U" m.ent .~~ '.M,,~st s]m~at'oo,
The footwork for



fa'pid h!1llL'lkwM.d



foot before t.I''IiI~front lfD(l'L make-s l;ontal.i. he fton'L f:cot cmnu,t be' planted PIIolpE!1'ly. Unlik, the 1(l,1l1. k ,Od,l.1'llROO; you de no have to slide ,an}" of yOUii' foo rU :rec tnehes, It iB just ,on quick _,o"tioD11 b.Ul'tyour body ~hou1d ~(I in align,m,~Rt an.d lin balance. U you wem toQ:lOV~' jurt ence, you hould b iii the OD-gulU'il pOsl,jon ,,\then bot4~ of y. ur feel a«' loplate. lBul. the p!.U"po~ol hi.,. m,n\.' meu, . L~ttl moy{! yom body fl;.'!UIII1' feet! 01' III1.DI,e. The q:uinlk mO!l'(lm.lmt 1l11,d; lS~uJlI]e can onl,' be ~'cI;])O:N,plished by be'j!llg lJj,gbt on ,your fel!d., The b~!it e.X:'f4''Cl~ for Q'~f'f(;om]nf:r tile fume, of merna 'to you.rf. ot is skiJ'l'pwe [ope' and s.'I'uadowbox~ng \i'i!!ml minutes. Wlri1e Re:rei:dn.g, "i)'U bUJst .(:.onsmnUy be OD,n· ·jOWl of' keeping YOIl[ feet "Ught es a " Dlt>her." 'El.llll!ntuaUy~ Y'o,u wiU be ppmS around '\'II th narturol l~gh:lnSl>S. y~u must mov,e with,out fIny ,s'troin. gliding on tllliE! bullii 'uf yOUI' r . t" b~aiildinl!l Y'iiJoUT' knees, ,digbtllly and kl}Qpmg 10ur ear heel :ru~oo,., Ha,ve feeling OJ" sen5'itivi'lly in YD~lf'oo17w{)\rk. 'QuLi ;k; or reh.xed wot;WCil''k ,is a m;a,tt,eT ,cif proper baillnnC(!!, In YOID'~1"l3iitlr~g u you return ~ ZIIl ,on,-gum.aml 'PQsiti,QU IIlIfCM each ph!l~ of 01 aIlf'lt'r;,e:l"$~
sll U flhl' iIln tfue ba]J,iii oJ: 'your ,feQt will ""'~ Iilnd fM~ lug' befQre COI\tinUllng 9.f1Y'OW' next momeuvu. Tins driU ertilnnelll'S yout' ski)] as w,t s:imulBtLes a,cW'w fightiog. LJniIleoss Lh~ is .~ ,str~wgic I',nH'pose. forwardll.ndl back'll,ard

movemc:nts i5!houJdb made wit.h short and qui k sUde " Lenm;h.y steps 01(' foot actions '\\!bWh cause yiOllt weight to shU from one f,oot~o the other. should be eliminatedex:oept in delilll'erirli! a btu"". bec~IIJ,OO' thaI, moment, youl' b dy is imbelanced=ees ric u"t in~ your ;;tlU;-a,ck defense ' 'ilectively. Cwssint!:Yow or feet itt
IlCl mU'Ii''e.ertt ilihlUl uld not be iii, series ,of bo pS por "hould it be jerky. BO'th reet sho'w.d be ~lith~ing rhlrtbimi ·~ny jUl:i~DlbDU' "'he SlIrfllJl:@ or tbc floor m{e ill gracllfUl ballm:OOliIl dancer. ViliuaUy. your moveD1lmt mo!!!!ld not be lik@ the kml~CD h'oppmg IlCfOS5 the opel1l plain 'but should be ~ik(! II stallion gaUop, with ,even. rhythnlic and eraceIlJl, strokes of its [-eet.

motiolO is a bmlli gJ:om ;a~a.


as~t tends 00 u:nb~anc'

you. and


The fQt"''' bu.l'!!I O'r lu nga is the qll;l~ek,est JKD mOlitemen.t.rot is t a1w one of th@ mad98't. eo ]enn b!l~atHli? dApeniis ,on gbncl oooJldiLnatio1n, ,lUul yClUJ' balanoe CIm be thl'O\\'fft, oir very e:am1!i'_ mtis 1.J~jfu.. d to penetratl'! d>eep[y to e.ttack: wi'l'h a si.!:le !Kick or to
counLe:r an iiJtt:ack s,u,r.ih 8:.';
Ii ki:clt.



foot before t.I''IiI~front lfD(l'L make-s l;ontal.i. he fton'L f:cot cmnu,t be' planted PIIolpE!1'ly. Unlik, the 1(l,1l1. k ,Od,l.1'llROO; you de no have to slide ,an}" of yOUii' foo rU :rec tnehes, It iB just ,on quick _,o"tioD11 b.Ul'tyour body ~hou1d ~(I in align,m,~Rt an.d lin balance. U you wem toQ:lOV~' jurt ence, you hould b iii the OD-gulU'il pOsl,jon ,,\then bot4~ of y. ur feel a«' loplate. lBul. the p!.U"po~ol hi.,. m,n\.' meu, . L~ttl moy{! yom body fl;.'!UIII1' feet! 01' III1.DI,e. The q:uinlk mO!l'(lm.lmt 1l11,d; lS~uJlI]e can onl,' be ~'cI;])O:N,plished by be'j!llg lJj,gbt on ,your fel!d., The b~!it e.X:'f4''Cl~ for Q'~f'f(;om]nf:r tile fume, of merna 'to you.rf. ot is skiJ'l'pwe [ope' and s.'I'uadowbox~ng \i'i!!ml minutes. Wlri1e Re:rei:dn.g, "i)'U bUJst .(:.onsmnUy be OD,n· ·jOWl of' keeping YOIl[ feet "Ught es a " Dlt>her." 'El.llll!ntuaUy~ Y'o,u wiU be ppmS around '\'II th narturol l~gh:lnSl>S. y~u must mov,e with,out fIny ,s'troin. gliding on tllliE! bullii 'uf yOUI' r . t" b~aiildinl!l Y'iiJoUT' knees, ,digbtllly and kl}Qpmg 10ur ear heel :ru~oo,., Ha,ve feeling OJ" sen5'itivi'lly in YD~lf'oo17w{)\rk. 'QuLi ;k; or reh.xed wot;WCil''k ,is a m;a,tt,eT ,cif proper baillnnC(!!, In YOID'~1"l3iitlr~g u you return ~ ZIIl ,on,-gum.aml 'PQsiti,QU IIlIfCM each ph!l~ of 01 aIlf'lt'r;,e:l"$~
sll U flhl' iIln tfue ba]J,iii oJ: 'your ,feQt will ""'~ Iilnd fM~ lug' befQre COI\tinUllng 9.f1Y'OW' next momeuvu. Tins driU ertilnnelll'S yout' ski)] as w,t s:imulBtLes a,cW'w fightiog. LJniIleoss Lh~ is .~ ,str~wgic I',nH'pose. forwardll.ndl back'll,ard

movemc:nts i5!houJdb made wit.h short and qui k sUde " Lenm;h.y steps 01(' foot actions '\\!bWh cause yiOllt weight to shU from one f,oot~o the other. should be eliminatedex:oept in delilll'erirli! a btu"". bec~IIJ,OO' thaI, moment, youl' b dy is imbelanced=ees ric u"t in~ your ;;tlU;-a,ck defense ' 'ilectively. Cwssint!:Yow or feet itt
IlCl mU'Ii''e.ertt ilihlUl uld not be iii, series ,of bo pS por "hould it be jerky. BO'th reet sho'w.d be ~lith~ing rhlrtbimi ·~ny jUl:i~DlbDU' "'he SlIrfllJl:@ or tbc floor m{e ill gracllfUl ballm:OOliIl dancer. ViliuaUy. your moveD1lmt mo!!!!ld not be lik@ the kml~CD h'oppmg IlCfOS5 the opel1l plain 'but should be ~ik(! II stallion gaUop, with ,even. rhythnlic and eraceIlJl, strokes of its [-eet.

motiolO is a bmlli gJ:om ;a~a.


as~t tends 00 u:nb~anc'

you. and


The fQt"''' bu.l'!!I O'r lu nga is the qll;l~ek,est JKD mOlitemen.t.rot is t a1w one of th@ mad98't. eo ]enn b!l~atHli? dApeniis ,on gbncl oooJldiLnatio1n, ,lUul yClUJ' balanoe CIm be thl'O\\'fft, oir very e:am1!i'_ mtis 1.J~jfu.. d to penetratl'! d>eep[y to e.ttack: wi'l'h a si.!:le !Kick or to
counLe:r an iiJtt:ack s,u,r.ih 8:.';
Ii ki:clt.




Thef(lll'\¥ar:d bUtllt is one dl!%lP ]ung"e'. Fc'om ,]]'I n:O-g)iJUifdl rm~tLitln as In ]. t !;;~P for'\l!ard! abol!Jlt tluee inenee w~tl!'I your fiont nJ~~,f1k;e ] th~ q!.!ic'k lllil!vanllC!~ move'men'L~1;o aLip ~OlM br~dy ,ilIJ1dh~ m hfill,-

anee, as I~ ph:OIOO 2. TileD :for fuLer reacUOrl use your h~ad h~~d {lIS :1111 i,mp~L1.!JS. p.~~ :5weepmc yunr letl!d h:)llnd Hill:'p'wa~d, I.! !1'1ml~~ntlJrn~,is Cl'rmtcd" ]ik:1Il! SO.ll~1EOne i.!i j.e1cting, yUlt rn:rwmod ~wj(!~DlI,~ as ~IOU fIIte li'ddm.g: OUI. to 13:, rroJl~ (Bf.!(~ dJ!:liii!.wln~ 11 and B)r.11~~ :sw,cep or ~our
l.tIIan,dru]oo distracts ~'Q'!'QPpon;lil'nt mitd th.l.IO\\!S his !timing off, '\\!lilHe sW!!,(lp~~ yrtlrlu'bll'nd 'Up:wl'J;[-(l,. yom h[pll swillg forward

s,irnurl~:n(!Q ~s1:y, cih;::f~'ling your rear foot 100r'\I\H!.[di. ~1i'I 1l1rri~t !'!pnt liIl~mntIY¢)Uj" u!(!.ig,iht is, 1ilfllJnliY 0.11 YOllrfrDn'~ tarort, om]y at chis mmllIDent yOiUJitt' ~i}g lOtr~illh tens out ttl thNstli"Our iu!!clyfm·w,a;OOi. SOMetiJlneS, ron IJiIl) eSl~ecif.i.li1:y d~e:p~ fll1ln,eCri,ll~il'.lg ~e,a:pr. yom reM f'o,ot muy b!:l, ahead 0,[ your :&D'I1it while y01i!l f11t@ ~~dhli~ • ~heai:t,as illilr I]how X. You must kmd on yal.a:r:le:rLFoot ()~lil.~t lUI yoUitt' rJ~hl foOl. i.s deii:ve,!:UiIlg flI.s~dre' kkk. as, ]In .P~to Y. Ail iKlun as you hl:\\"~

,oompll\!b:!d Y'QI.U· ki!Ck" YOill shouLd q'!.:l.Wk~y F,lla()IiI' Y'O'l!!!r [i~t fo'OIt dc,wn md lISSULrne the on...pim'd PO!ii'tiw'l. Th.a' one leap sltollJi]d
CM'fy body at least two "'ividcsttips.

nlotion sl1liould ,w]kJtlig !iteps ..


your bo dy backww

at l~&®t tWi) n~.tutal

moveHilenJt or i$oo.,p,ping b, CKi:5:!ilng Y01U' mli!t~ i~ book 'o,n&-,and.o.n,~ba:]f IlSeC;(I,llIds to l'en.cU title ~l) ,~;tan,c:e-twice the time, nil! leap s.h,ould be :moIe ho'r~onti'l t'h;an 'IJ,ertlca.1. It is 'mom ~ike a broad jump than a high jurnlP. You :shouM try for distance by Ite.ephlg your ~eet elose 00 ~htl floor. Your!;boruld ruways be tbs 1t;1~ea!~l.!Ln8Jil'

test. by !.t6~n:g the: fOl'W,~d bUIst, it tculk Qnly thr~e-q,uartem of a second 00 tt:ave~ight feet. By IlIpply~ng

LI'Ia ~e~!1tly conducted


The, bacitwa!'d bUl'8t Cru:ries YC:;Ul'l,l' body just as fast as the f,orll.'8l'd hmge. 'In 'tlle same 'test it wa,k exaeth, tbiJe :s.9.Itl'® t;hna tD trl!Jve~ eigM £. bKkwu~ 8S forward hsce'-quart.e'rG, of iii saeond, But. by (.'Ompari.oont th<e cLaS8icm mOl!U<ement co¥ettld tbli: same d.istruI,ce in
OOCQfi!d flat. For YOU,t' a:ally t.r,a:miing dOI~he ba.C'kwmd. burst 101' speed.J b;i!a'"ilce ,l\1'il(1 !!'hyth'ffi iJnsbead of deep pe:n'I!!:l;ta:tion, Mov,e with li~tn.ess of 10,U1: feet md keep' prm::t.i!cing' loow8l'd JhOl'oonmg tbe

ness )ne uti1i~ed.


,s;lil\li1l],y so that the PQl'lIvalld thigh MWi!;l}eS(springy eXill~os:i,,,e:.

'Wben .p:mtcticin'g this foatwDf!k. in ~"'e beg;iD"lmng~ don't worry hands, Jil!!llstkiCi!>I:!'p,lt\h~m ~~ t.'he lregl,IW JKD po-sitiofl :mdi oonce.nttSi,Ue ,00 yoUiIE footwork. Once 'y,QU ,3J!e ,MctIstom"d1 to the fl;1et, mOll'r9'ment with p:mp@[' bala.'l'H.1c. 'leW'1:1 to s:W1eepyom hand

cfullianc.e, Iii bC'h~'"n 'Y'D1U~ jo~rgb:lg do a ,qiJ;~ck, :aJd~u.nce by mpiil shuffling of your teet mdl t,o.en .retumin,g' to yow' jOggi}l:g. AnDthM 'EfX!ercioo' jato .P'r,a,l}ti'f'~ witb. Bpw::tl1ru'. IlAt ",oyr patti),e.r do 'the bl!lCkwilfd. b1llirst wbill!e: yo1l.ll. do the [Of'lo'VMd. f);o!!t~ ilJl o\ posltJ.on,. ,alt-empt; 't;Q j,etiCl'ii yottr partner' with. a Jight side kick as he lYles t,o to lriu:d YOl!!!irSelfeckl~sly r lit your pill'h1,el' but atl.amp:t IlO IH'UTOW 'the lap of Iil)il.Ce in ,8. . 'alm and exaec manner. ~eep df.iJ.ling fiSter oodfa~, 'bylunwng l~wD·ta·thnil{ll-hWl:&l!d time, p!!l.' day. Acc:ele:~~tion lcaq be in~e:d only by d.iscipline in

,kiee:p his I~mftll\'!e. Th~n




!'ol'W'&"d just be:IolC each Jeap.

3l.dOlPt the foJiowill'g ex,emilie in your daily training. From M ,tlu..:gu8l1'()1iJosi;oon do the fonvard bllmit witbout p~etrn,tingtoo Ci;ee'ply by'sweeptng y'Our h.m,d I!Jp'wud. ~e<a:P'iIl'Jg .(oman:! ",vith.l)'l,iIft, ~ini:ng y,o,u__rsliitlf, ,and qui,clid,' placing Y""W JQht fo,ot do,\vili.l without k~~km:g. Con'tinueiio do-this IDo.'ticn~ Oller $1d ()ver lagain w~tl1.o'Utstopping bu&l\::eepiog yow ba~!;l!.n'cend filuidi'ty '~1:1i motion. a Thl~ ,ex:eroI!SC tS, ,C'x!celent to !.I!dapt YO'Wir body to tna:ve l\itj,1 ease, l'h"thmnnd graoo" AI> "au becom.f~ rtlloCt:t;ij' fldapbab.le 'to M1e tno.wment. inerease your speed <mel wo.rl! toward mOl'tenmg' the di.SCBlnCiill by mOili tIi!'ld QJ;QOO execuUc;u. Even.tll.udl!y,. you can s~b~titU'oo a back fist punch r~r' ttl ' sWllleping B1.0lmmm:t Clf YOIUi!t hand,. The bBlckwm:'fl th,rust is like ithe q~~ek bar.ckw([J.'dm..ove:ment exO p't that ,it cam4l1lS Y"0IlIX body b,ackwoo:d qlJiicker and deeper. From an nn.,gu:mL'diPositio'l'i.. push ~be ball of yourftont foot t<l' • illLitmbt '~he m,otioli'll wn:ic11 5'tn.ightens, YOW" fl:Qi'I't knee and Iflhifts the 'I'fl!]gh,t ,to. tiM 1t:128!rfoot. Then the front foot., \vilhQut ptIIUSiing ;&0111 tbe ~mi,iti;.dmalion, ]el'.l\lf'~ the fkDo:r and ercsses yom rear foot.

to d,~v(llop !ii,peed lilU:d naturnLnew in




Yfl_ 'l.lorko'ut.

Sideshep,l!n,g: jl:il thoe tet.:::hni:qlIJUil'OfW1IJlle,vin'g your bDdy wwro:d the 0.[' leftwithollIt 1oillngy-ol.l.F halance .. Itisa safe and (!~ntjaJl" defensive maneu:'ffllLw attaclt or preduce open in~ fOIf "" c'ount.e'i'ing when 'the opponent leut. upeets it.. nt is usedto avoid. Sl,Jll;~gbtforward assiaufts. b]OiW.s. 'or kicks. You can also uust..r,alie yorll opponent by &im.ply m'Q'"li')nl3! wllie~'), bi ;abo'Ut ~,O a:tbck. he 'To sMe.g:t.~l) to th@, rigb.L &om an u.11Qfthodo'}!' (soutbpa,w,) ongllD aTd poai:UCljI., as in ,photo 1 (see rbo~o~ 'cY!' page 62:). move your right foot shm~ p,ly~, s.ijgb:t'lyforw,ard aJ'lld toward the :ri~h:tabout, 1 &.

Just betl'o~e i~]a:ttdJ9,.YOUE
Ilik~: a 01 its:

~pm~A:h Quid

roar ~eg. with its knee be~t and acting!f m'iI


body with


5ydden straigb teni'n.g

lrU::h; in photo ,2.Tour ieft or I~a_r foot suppUC'sthe imp~tuulS' you land l~mhtly ,cn Ute ban o.f your tifitt '~oot. Wi or III s-pUioinstant your should~I :swaryswwait'd your rlgt.\t and. youlI:'lj\l" !fl;]~iIts,gn
the fron.t foct with its kne tlltlll'lI;t.

VOl,. i!lh.ou~d,land

~e!:lOn.d before

tho: bw~ Q,fyo'm fl'olOt fOQ:t justa .fa,ot ,toucbes the: fioor. That ORe quJck


when you q1.u:ekly slide your !.eft fb~J<1:, m
position"W:;; Ul phow 3.

Your rshouJdl!!'l

W{..act> anner. m

and resume tbeon-guard

o sidelitep tn, th~ I.e'~ from I:l outhpill\' ;sUJJnce'" 6$ in phoLQ" left fool s.liftbUy (or .. 81fd Md to yom le'f about 18, 'inche'St 8.8 in pboto B. During tI is motion yom' budy is mar f1Ugl100 rthfin whe~'ri moving L(Jw~J1I't1 :ri~t. Since you bod,y is the mODe aHgn,,>(],you are _h bener balance and your Wi igh~ it evenly
mOlllll' your

di!;'f.rihuOO' ,l,Ygn tllII" -WO t dUJing the hilt. YDur light or Hont 10 o,t should. f,o,U:owimmt?dia ly in Lh· "act manner, lemming you to th ,on'gLl.Md tal'! .1):, _ ,in photo C. You will notice that sidestepping towrurd Jotl!r U"t iii !'I.1I)1" !1a1t'IWS] and ' ttsJi:'ir Ulan to


the right..


II ,A.

/ i~


El'UeIJ!' Ul~· !liS~fl ,9. :s~ffto pr~~tiil:it! bi~ f(lotw'Orli:. In, phollo A. he phlQeS th,estaff n ar his neek ~TI'ldslightly .!,w h.~ s,ho:ulde:r. 'l'be pro:tne,v a.ttempts to tlHuSt 't~~,e~~ng :(;;,Ulff at the O,lX~ctru:(,:<l.~ndLee , b:l t'!Jdjust to ~n.e ~\\iirwe~. [n photos 13.~d C (iron L\dewl, tlle p9rl'tJ~ert;hnl:Sts, hi~ ~bfrrind Leesbj)esteps, tD~d his; lYeitl, 'ke~pll'n;g his b<odyin b;ailsWleeand hi:;: 1f;!')'eS ,t:;o!llH;l:!U:C}u$ly· 'Ol~ his pptnllf', He: hag, 1.0 h1:OV~ shtlOCplyto ~v()tcl

11!~~d_ge Q.f tim!!'} sltaf!.

m eicfie' ~htill,G or m,.jas:h~~n~.a, f:Ur.\y ~e s~noe is, the!'U'op s.hlft (Iii" the fonvam dE)p', as in photo U. This UJ clJo~eby shiiting yum bodY' :[onrwnd and. slic;td,ly to "out 1,ill't, wjth yQ~r l'lte~d i.n cl:ose .and bo~hhands carri,ed hi,~h" lit ~s: u8ed~[) :~M thil\l ,ota~,ide or ~nsid~b~<'IXd rU)llit~on w' (l'l1ruJt~ you to sl~ili'i,~ tha 0p,llQ.nent·s grl'Q.i:IlJ !;h:rl)w 8:!1 l!.~lp~eult ,~!;cR1.Ph:~illlstep or ppp.~e 1lim down. ~n tile ,forw.ard f •. ilfI; :!fi:iiU can move d:irllic,t]yto the left. light Oil' :bac1t:, L usin,g ttu~ SBl:;ili:; :.~p. This dep!'!EIids 011 ::I"!DIur:sb~oogY'and HiL€:de:groc of ~~y l'cqu ~~d iT! ~htl!tn:smnt. I A~lsI; Q~'O di~ iigbUil'. Y'OU ,vould mdm;i:cp tO~DiI!Il![ ri;gh.t

awayErolll hi!! 'ire!U" hcand. Against a w,uth:p~wi' you roO!;l',e Ul!@ O:P'DOs:lt. mo~ly 'eo yOUl' left. Tbe ELIt ot sidestePfJ~g m noL to mtlOVe bllltiate.andquiJl:'kly. just b(t~Cil!'m'Olll~e hit. in Marly all t!I1,otiOTI:!!. Y01)l!1I: ,st ,skp is with the f!)(I'LItI!Zlvl!nC W m ~bOl'.tp.artiili::ulaf dkectlio'l1ll Dl which ,au m/rend to IllP. ~n (;I~e:r WOlds" ]£yo~ ~~dI~tep 'tlo 10l:l[ d~ht• . yD~[ lru~h:fr. lklotmo'\!e.s: fiNt W'II'I'alId th;1it dJt.oot~on. If you 5W~~p to, ya'IW!i' ~ett.l'tI'lIl' ,I,e'ft ~ooL moves ti:r,st., To mcnr€ il:illl:i'e:kl,y t yO_i}ody sho~ld, ~1W:Ii. towm'\d the' d~<:tion you are ~mgju~b 'bef~l'e you ~el!!p,O'U't. III j, kune do, the ilIlm of f~cl'twork is .s.i:m,plifi,~:atinn., 'Iloono:my


mad! 6fp~ed with :fl. 1111nimlnf:l of mlll,tian. M~lve just em)U{gh ,to av'ojd ~tw U,ppOJltl£~t'.'Si !l1it~ck or li;I~ow, and I(!t hm'll, commit 'himself fuU,. DQ no t tiJr\eYOlmeltt by dafldn:g Oliiii yo;m 110 E!:S; like a r~~t\¥ !riON:Cft' , ~v pl1l:Q~icillg; st;nnd nlltQ:raU;y~ta'l ease and cOmfO'l't-SD



M~L~!:i gin perlorOl ;0;1: t~~$r p~:k" [.em.t1m di:H'emntia:w bti!;;WeH!l p~[l~~1 eOM:ilort.Wld diriilli~IJ CloIUinfnrt.YQU ~hQ1!ddJ nevei' be ~IJ~ Of Li;m:sed"bljj'~flexibJe and prepm,ed.


lbwlft in h iWn:g defJ·f'n.~ no'l. of! YOfU' t;,(;t,en.gth. But ,it tI!:

you ~l,row"OW" biol:Vl):,

tn: 6 w~.)".

Ct.opte1r IIQ'


UI n,ot ~,Qhethel'

clJJse or ,at length ..

Power Yrai,ning

[{you're too neal',
U,iW )'~.~.r8tt',jkinse,lhnw$..

If you:te too far" use -y0ltf' hir::lw~,feet..
But ,if is the hrm~ tha!
:you'll ,emp.kJylfJ_,e


111 ill Spllml1.~' sesswrr or a ,rnarliai arm meet
And'lt'hen ,J't iii'·alt ouer. hope YOll! aan sl"IB'nUQII'lliU4st
Tll~GityOU I;l(WC ~et!tj1l(l'd


hit ",vith 61'004 6i'u.l p()w'l!!r.


tim Po,ver in hitUng 'is not based stdctJly en me(lgth. How m:!lO,Y s h!'\v~ y,ou seen II. !boxer who ls no~ mUBCuJar but. p;_acks ,a 'W!\IJop in .his p,l,ulch? And t-heill you, we illllOitheJ. beavily 'D:w,scuIDar boxer whO' can't Dock aY'OlI]e dowlI. Thk'! .lIlelLSOm b~llJindl,' is that pO\)V,erisn ~ generated by Y'(lIoUI COruk-dOt;:i].1iIJ !IliIl1!lIsc:Ws,lJiot fl'o~

th.e impetus mid !lpf!ed of' yoUI' cum (;II' Ioo t. BliUce· Lee ~ 6 130!.fll)u.nd.elf', WII5 able to 'hit bud.f!r Itbm a man LlNi.ce his slze"

because Lee's blow with a heavy force b.ehffid iL"w~ much faswr. til, jeet kune do YOIl do not hit by jWilt ,YUW~. Yu'w ,,,11.00 10 b (I dly $h.ould participa1le :In the .impetu-5J'oW' hips. sbo uld irS, ofi J0t and arm:s.,'l'he in,mtl3. of YOU[ ~p'unm .,guLdbe ,8 stmib'lb\ line In front oi you:r nose:-wd:ns it as tlle guiding pomt" as LIl phoro 1.. The putn,eb ori[,'liln8"tes '10t from t'hq3 5h(fi;.1dO"~ but fI;Dmth,e:

In phOtt<.'l2t the [j;j;!,t ~ai1!dilJ too far to hls ~eft. ~x'po$ing his rig~t, side [or a c(jmiiooQtt.aJck~ rutd no,l.; a[il!)wang rnueh tim~ to ~()ILiI!.li~
f,o,l' 0\

eenter Qf y o~ body,

defense, In photQ 8 t tl'l,e jruJilDch comes from hb sh olUldellwith nJiuch pow~r behind it. H. . too rlgidto wkeadvM,ta;gl\! of his hip, and body mcticn.

.h.n!cl~ins libWJ!r Sb,aiCM Jtl'~u'jj~hililg 01' kicking is the b~ lOt'': 8iud an:i.sUc flCjllting·. U Is a m,ooem. ('!ciIlcept m ri!s,~il)u[iS d~i"'ed fro~ the knowledlgt't 0'( boOdy levm:age iJrmd makeup. A pun(fuf.'NI,m YOW" arm alone do~n.'t !JUppl~,. ,molllgh pOlwer. Y'Otur. ,ar 11:'18shroul,dbii' I.I;Sedll:l.Ti tly ~ b~m of yOllI' for"C€'~ and ~he cOlrreet: appLi, atiiOl.l of yom body 8hQ1J,dd futnish the power. In any pewer 'punching. the body must be balanced ,l\f!d al!ign,e.d with y,OUI' lead foot. ~oil1tlrung'a stra:i:dlt line. 'This s8·r;:Liun of yowe body isthemmns:tay"

functionm:g as: an uiS to ce"'~ttI pow,e-r.

Before 'you cafl p\:mch with lliOWftt'. you must rust leafn 001 clen.c.h your fi.ets()m:p.eJ~:V ~[)tbm'\~i!;e3"0:0 are IhLlbJeto injure, them.. 'FrQM M ()!IllMl:)~adPOliitiun oJ you fm:ge.fSa:nd, thlJmb~ ~ Jr'1

A. roll Yo:u,li[l'nn~e:t t~pl'l inti;J )pour p~m.,



photos;lB i.l!li1d

C. Then. Qverlap yoUr' j:hLH!lIlb 'ti~f~'Lly over your cl nened lil:'!~er~. '!'he tip of , he Lh1l!lrnl)II;!xte:lld , to the center of yow mi:ddl IinJger., as ilil photo D.

lnehes, and h:mg it from the ee,iling laJ your chest heIght. Using this tbin paper as yom target. SUilild MlOW! seven to ten mches aw.\'Iy with both 0,$ ;Y'otrr' :ooe'~pt\tlJl\\!~ '00 U. Kee'phl;g both lQosely-t:~~nlched 'fists, in front atf yom (:h~t.- eLboW!! hltln'gi~lg &ee1.y .(I,t 'Jour sid&s.hvist your body cl'ockW:l!;e ~ fM' a5_i'I; wi1l go o~ the balls oC)!,Oim' f~t . .Bertb knees must bend :sUg1.1.dy for ,your body to twi~& f1UJy. Now" Y10'Ul' body should be r~cilllg to your right. 90 rill!::gJ::'Ce.srq,iIWlI tbe wge~ f with the 'Il"N!ight< :shifting to YOll.JlI" ]e;ft [o,ot. 'But y our ey~ must COQtit;a ntly be fix.,ed '0'1'1, the 'lmg,et. Ph/ot (lin 'the' balls o( yonr fe~t. with)fDur hips h'nJ,tiatirtg a :sudden. r,ob!,tb~g motion. Your' weipt qu1c!dy shUb w your foot as 'yoyr moulders. a~tomBticWJy romm after your Mps. Si'm1!.:dm:necu.lJily~ as ycrut: 'body i~ rotatiJlg~ roioo your ril!l11it e~borw to your I!bt.lllddJil!~ ,h'm8ht j·ust. in thl'!'!:! to ,apply 8n ,rubow sttike to the p:mper 'ta[~t. The .should tum y,Qur body 1.80 d~gJieQs. SQ. it, face:.; theoppolSitc or 16it side. It is. very Important tbu'l; yo,ur hi,pis, rohire slightly abGad Qf' YOW!' mowdmiJ, tn, obta:.m !11lixhm.!lm

POWf.:F ll'll.fTIoti!ing. CU, of the bestwlaYS is. to Jelll'ilbhe use 0" yom hJps. 1'0 dog thls., tie eI st.rin to a pie",e ,of paper •. uibout 8 x 11

Thera are

"vera! b:aiminc ynlLlJ utili.2.e W leam ,eM


rear lleal i:9 81lm.cst eow!pleoo1y raise.d .. Your body sho·u'ld be facing lobe targ>et. 1'lm .mG'ti!Oln ~ simUar to a 'bawbalL placym: s'lllrincin,g hbi 'bat With ,aU his, :migbt. Onoe YOIU blllVe gra6ped this way of' h:itLi'ng. you ,canbegiirl t.o w!)l'k on your po,werlolow$ by hitting; the healiiY PUIITlcb:i.n,g bag. as an photo A. HI1''i''Il:,Lee uses l:l:is. dhow S"[.ri.k~ t~)develo p Ills, hip moti.on. then ]Q'OOl'w,or'ks on hJs.punchas. as in phottl8 .

Repe~,t the' same mDtiQI',koD'll tlu~ left side" S'Lrikins witll yi)~j 01'iCIIi! you hav,e learned to <:on~o~ yom body and! begm to l,eelat eue 'Itt th~ exerclse, you millY U6e your :&ts. step 'b:ack about 200 to 25,!n.MElS .fro1:Il!the ta;rgel~. Kflipirlg yon!;!.\' ,~act body position,. riill'l'mg ~t ttiLl'b tm:get wUh 01sttlaigbl pUll,eh. At ~his po~nt, your body sbo,uld be;,gnedPtOl~iy, you shuuld h~\lg good balance: and yolU' mQtiolil showd b fiuid.with, your lUllS, ini.t"iati.nff the l'otaUQ[!. Your puwa' in lh~ pUl1cbes should tJ.I1ve mc~(:U Itu;!t.we:enBO Lo 100 p0CCe:nt. Gr.admill.y, tnkee:p yuur body in bmall ee eop ec~aUy after 'the cl)mp[etion rr]' !me g,win,g. plaiOe: 'Your te[t foot. torw,ard. and your 'right to,O't back (ort:b,cdox stance), Fro'm thiB;positicn, .wist yom body ele c'kw~~ untilyour sh·O'ulders are 8J stmi~t lill eowi'th ·the tatge't. Your rl:l"fH'I't f()ot. s;holhll1ld be ~bout 15 ifl~h(l.'i,(l.wa.y.Now. you).' ]ean!!. hlfmviJJy on YOW" r!&at :iioot wi~h hotlll knees :slightly ben.t • ./Jis the hlllS initim:r..e .the tllOV,emmt .•:yolU pWOIt an t-he b!llbl 01 botb teet. Md your body is dlriven forwatd by the impetus ~c'~ t.1u~ r~ foot. Yom' 'rear hiE'.e~ 1'1008 as yo*, ·~V'ei;gj1.t uickly shin!,! to q ·the front root witb the deli.vG:[y 0,£ the punch. At '~be 'oomple1.ion of ttle Ui~~ion1 yOUI' r,ero: knee is pract,ically sb'aigilnitEnoo !1!Jndyour
[eft elbow.


Y cut final step in punr;hin g for power lcS'to J:'(i.\,ers.eyom footing tmd pomtion y,ournc!'ll' ~n th,e< on -guam sbnoet wi b YO':W:'right 00 01: iJI. IMllt. 'Witb both Df your' bUile5. slightly ben!)., [Il!M be..el rm~d .• shUt ,om; \wi~b:t jU5L slit_W.!t1yto the r~u Iout tiDr an iD:!;:t:mt. Your wt!:i,gi'lrt should be oot (1)1: I! jjS than a second as you !have to rutate
your hips COuntelC~O(;1nvml):, Mild your w~jgM s,witches to Il'ie front foot just before yOl! throw a l'h~ st'rai~ht PWIM dQ~'t have M u~li'Ichpower CIS ~he others" which have aceess:to a .freer arul fl.dlel' rotati.OD ,!)f lhe hips. Butii' YIQU CWli master th'~ punch wi h t!il:e liiign tim:mg of rotatmg your h'ips. you have a






pwnl.!'h mu -h !'Ii!!ore eff:eeliLve thll.n s.jab Sind!;l:eIY in ruml'iltal Wi 'l!AJilie u of yOUI' spmrinl and Cjpting. It \rilL be- your ru.1)m; usabl{! nd depen.dable weapon. Like the oth@ puni hing tf;chniquc:;,. rroml:llmic paper target you can !lubstil1l.l~ l:lH>r~ solid Im1ge,ts to d vruop y'ou:r power.

~, uKd oo,t:oneerll.rateheaviJJ, 01'1, ~he stm~JI!ht lead, p1i.liRch in Iri5 doily ,!rliliining 6Clh~d~e-. ysiog diftellt>l1lt apparaiw5. lrt 'Pliwws 1 and 2:" he uses ~ pun.ehin g p.ElJd.So,m~tim 5 he< dn!w hu right hl'iiiiild lmc.k 00 lhrow:a ~.l"lIo::h bel,i'Vier blnw, mo in photos. and H,. to



Another ;al-~lLratu$ used in Ilis tmminl: WM I,hf! ligh'~. hill'lt! II.S ttL pbotos j( Im.d V, Le liked to IlH van )us htl.tiln eql.ltpmeut hoe. use he used ' 0 say. "I don t know th trill reeling 0 f hit ling a pew:Hl. F:i~1;. ,of alli. aeh P Jrt of' tb,ie' human b dy hMIl dJfieflrnt cernpe "tiQ,n. You m~ hilt III Ihnrd. bony substance 01' a roR, ratty uea. Ailld iie(:Qnd. hit 'ng with gJO\~5 DliiI is, d:.i.fierernt [fum bu,e kOLlic](Jes. Unf(l,rt1lJ1la,te11:r~, usb'}', Ib~e knucl}des on ,Y(l'ur P'oiII'tfriiOO" lSi nQL tDO' p~ct1cal. ~rheiihi:e']d l)it't'Jo18'nbi a difffli~etlit l~(ii~g when theJ8 is ,3. 't(lnbct. The ~hieIDdi~ mOn;! iaolid. Mum 'the- pad ,ed since tbe tnohiel' :stal\tb 'more flt.I'!! Vo-ith both bmdsi on the 1i1!'t[ui'pmeut., it wil1 not Igivl! in, as the pad.wiJ~. For 8 I!nOfiepullishmg punch • [Pc seL 'ts the C:!lInvru!
I ~j'


are not Il;hww[I [r·run til hjps:in JKD, as the! [ig1!llleon d'l(! left. below bu:~ fr(lim ttl ehes las Lee iii about to do iii:! ph.oto 1\.. The deli et::y S!'hllU(d 11e stmgh:t and not with it twiclt of your hmldl. If you t.!.vi!'lt. our hood" the' .. iII wigl1J h(llriz.ontanyat y v impae] bu~ ~f Y(lu de1i,V'er strai,gJ1rIt au.l, il. will hit the target either' ljI'mtk~ny VI' u)lh~~C]JU(!I,y, in. pllro~o :0. (:{i'I~.seql1el'i1tly, yCll.I sho~~dJWll~11I:IIlLh.e ~
~hl'i\lQIH'!lur:lrles.;as in ph.nt~) 2. Il!sid6 pmu:.hln,g lotUJ! \;,HiU CI!it1.vasbag.1l; fur OOll!~e'l'iingj ,ei,!

also trMn with a 5<Ul1,[1 or ,gfiwe~lLIox~ in pho'w C. Other eXlewcl.!;(! ,M incl,udes puSlvups w:itb }lm.H'c~enclJld~ rists. Plaee the knuckles or
your ind,* fiH;,&ru: and the LWQUlall filn~r:s on a hm',d n.oor ISO yOUI' pdmslaee each other. This is an ,e'xcellen't. e);;:el.'cise for beginnen as theyt.::an ~dm.illyoougben their kntlCktB~ witham risk '0£ ifiIj'uzy.

Jrnul¢ldE!,s, ~fof~ goiilg bare.fisbedi. b mn jeet Iku~le do ynur ~numhefJ are lU)lt 'thrown as 'the c[a:r;s;ice'l styUst s.. ~,l'IsU~i!.d f using 1J\f! fo:st ,two mualldes (the index ,and the o

bag as in pbl'11lO 1. lie! 1LIsuaU~'had three bagJi. hanging on th ,willi. One was fined willi sand, another willi grav~l or bealu, and the third wjiili :!It@o~l ,sawdust f,ound in, mill" ~ehme shoop, [Jt'"l the hti1giIllling it. is will@! that yoUl wear' 1jjjolt b[llxjl'lg gio\!'G';Il O''!'! the hi!!!$ivy can \flll:ll; bag as w~,mm!o theBe W'3il:l bags .. You I'nJ1:St 'first 'tollgJ'l.en rQ'~'

nn~fS); ~~ 'Lh IlUlee knuckil:es. as in photo 2. ·th, punehes


the $(j,uthplII:!.v ot JID DRi.'Uard! posJ ion. it 19 t.hjJ ri'gl]ll 0,:1' 1(~ru:[ hruuID wiD 1000 f:ongjcl~al!:I](! ,punching PQIoiV:eT a right hand r, Unless he csn drBw his rlgbt 00 fmnd [-urtillt'l"hack, he ~ia.¢ks thE! Sptlce ncwed to delive.r lh most d \!83tart:ing blow. Vower is nowl::unllg mp,mclKl, I y sp.e{lol:1 1lIl:Ib iIll
ilP'PfIiI"i!rM thaJt ease, 'fQl e-{Iompelililailie 'the

s~ be:iWilg OD

lett or mar hand Dms de the job.

If y01!J! til' a na:bllGlt t;iGh'li-h nder, p'und1i~g \\'ith 'tbe' len seems \!tll'~'aw,kwaril 'Lnthl!! beginnmg. V'ou 'em 'to t:M! oU-bruBno· • your
punch hi.

Ul!n' iIlI~d

Lvn "M,t- pnl lice w~Lhyour llJ!"l1t fnot £ 'fWard! as in ph 00' • Mid ti£!ing the ~lJltlcn eNiOOt:ly ,1;)Jj, tl'llC S'I1!nolld le:K.l!reis ,p.lH'ept now 'using ~'o'lU"'righ rQo'L as the lead, yon ~o!ll]d d 'lrvlopyom lPam~hing ~u~wer ill lhut hnnd, EveJl!t:um1;yt your 'fi 'at litmighlt and C[(lIS, weuld be "be mo:s~ PQWiI!du11p·'f1ches: IJvnilB'ble in your MS mid. y.ou \\'Ij]J be dp-"~odiAi

:i6 w€ak,


and not k,Hl ;ajCCll:&';il~'. But



on them tOl' . our kil0c:knut bl
hlililld. u'mItii it



Keep prn.ctlcing wIDthya~~1I' left

IFla.xen. you will. !lotte thai. yow: ~unche'S win rlillJloo.nllil.tiC8Jlly all,ap bKl~k <'II end of )liilUr de1:iivery. 'fJili trn'iJI'IIJinghas a u..,o.f'Q!:d. P\UPOH. d,e'nlop.'l speed in yl)~r de.livtli'y. DS we.lil ,m;. pow~. Aft r Q 'whiJ you will Jearn to [un~ 'with htJ.iivlness in ,cnr b!(!,w ewn withQut thlll wcightl!;,. The ,oolWeL behj,r!d lids u; t:o ron~l\tmt.e 01: pretend that yom ll'lIililp,ty hlUlds sUU contain tbe ,eyLmdi1!:f!i M you 'thrr.uw 'thel)'llliiLali:Ies. In ~hllowi:nu: B hm:d puneh, . i$uy ~Q d~w~op i'li 'bjiLdll1o:bit lhri)\V[l'1g your 5hou1d(@fS 01'.1 Qr line irJ· only one shQutder does. he "~york,In .0 hell'~rdi:l, th' nli~m~nt Qr~h'e- ,s:bowdLl!lfii 0011 lil'ui1y be d' IUl'bl!d; bmee, Lo or POW!lS ill. dlili"~. 'I'o reooin l!!Ie L."OuttiinatioD. b(!,t,wC!f!1'I tbc hgwder.s" Lee as Ii ;)J ~ltan;·~ in pluJ'ws lund 2. 1B:,y oldling ttill l;;UI ~Yith !iIIis hands far alll!wt.•he ,rJ:J~.cesit h on his back shouldlm .. N he 'LW'bl,tls is body (tclm one position '00' h Oi.nDtbeF, 'the Ii)rwg ~taJi :k .QI& his m,QuJdMS sl;mipt in WJ th'e



0)1 • o· th.e rna t h('~I;,rU! but simpfe imp.I.eli'lrllr~llts. Il1~at B:rI1il!QP- Lee i'!"I~o~pom.lii1!d in'to his tra -rung se hedwe 'IO\ms UU~ round t(!t 'l cyl~ltder. 'TlhIQ cyJindet'. wl!!.ili,Tbmg ailOrU!l UI pound.fil.s si'H.I,gly jn Um blind, You can quic'k y i,Rlpw\\'e yOlll' d Live.ry of punches by takillil,g: ordwmmge cf this e.XI!II~lBe.HoJdi11ig 8. p;aD' oil' thl;l'se' cylilndorl\l in I~d, hand, st.l'l,nd \ . I'll your feet pml1e. ,]!lunch d'irectly' front ()'F yOllJ' n 00Iil :Si'vemJ Um~. 1'lr:1e l'en b hind th ts is Lo cliev' In, h the snapping or\l,ft!.ippmg b~owl'i. If' yo~ ke p YOW' l}Ody and mrmR





rutier Y011 JmaveplMie~ir;;~d '!i\lith ~he IcylbliCllillfweightli w,r :some ·~me. YOUI wil) noti,.e lh.a your bla,wSi have more impttcl even wi"'hout the: '~i'iI'e.igh~_ '!'hl~is your inl:l'ndruJlction to the iiilct thut your I'Il.i!Dd rail dn lV()ndFrlt'li to YDU1" p,hysica'i 1'ltt!llR~h, ThUi extra pOWtir O[ 51:nlngtbl 1:;, '~'hat Lee cMled 'the "f}O/wUlg eflel'gl~r or in 8iW~ddo, Ll:t "ki," and ln wi chi t'hUWl. the"(;lhi ~ 'Whi!:· you Me no",- e:-:;p II" e- cing, is julil1 a small d cgr~' of u.~c noWiir~g Illnnr:gy. To enhanc thil;: ell iD. tbere w-:esQv,llI'all;te:r,
I l



One of he b~l.- 'that should b an [ntegral part of :your training. is he "cldooo" which l'V1li briefly' deSiCYi bed in the chapter on 'lmlnnee. In pedoMlingthe chi sao to, de\lielopyour ~~l'gy,keepyourr bodly and arms :relaxedt as, pboW.s, 1 (bird'll,-<l,ye Vie-W}Ial1di .A. (side Wie'W)I_ As" your wrisu w!i.lcl'i yow: pBri:n.N·s a$. in dr,awing Lieure A, just PlLlt el1,nug,h strW=1li [nyoW" hands to rc~l you· ;ru;nU! back ,and fonh,. In tbe' folluwing phoID:s:from 1 to 6, Lee delIlonstrates how YOW': .atR1S 1culd be rolling. ~n:llWS fI«: ind.ica:ood ~Q e.ach photo to illusf;fRW the motion o.f the ,hnnds. The .~bQW5' po.sibions me closed to their body <IS tb;ey' their arm~ COf\SUl~t1y and The' ['ClUingmOltioD is not Lilt: ssen ce of' chi sao. It IS the .fiowi 110; from your aems that is in1p!lnant. The ldea in. 'the Ie-ady sta.g~ ~ IlliOt ~o f~ghteacliilodu.i!.r~~slrl'!ugUl bu;t t-Q (:OrlO~n'tI3:tG ' 0111.geLting 'th6 l'ii!el (Iof this ene:rgy', ffif ytlu ~tJ!;erIliJ:~ 00 shove yom ,p'artnW'






you wilJ 'be mi&s:ing the whole pml'po!'.Q of chi; 511.0 'l'b:ii9 fOli\Ci~hd movl.l!meut, winmnse yoUJ ~ms. md 'COIJlGe'qU(lnb yom shaUiJllden will blN:ome ricid. Y,ou "'111 then lose Y'OIl-'~ ba[moe, 81!ild begin ~o re ly 'DU b'.rull\es'Ia"eng;t;binstead of tlbe flowing energy • '['hi;! onergy .ust, flow (-rom 'tbJili pit of your ahdomee, ina.tead of :yoW'1!hoyhtm" To do l'his. ilmagLblli!' thillt water is flowing thw,ug)h your al"m~ like a hese, billing fed freQl the cenool!' of yOUiii' body l(aJbout) Lh~ mavel. Ti'lls caUllies the l)JID.der ari Q(f' yOUll' ~to, p beca,tn h ~vy. KfJep fingers iomm~and ol!lt..~tt'l,;!lChed, as the water has to npw outf-rom Ulle litUe fiiog~. If .)otit prumers; .elni hhe' same d~gI\ee 01 energy 0.[ water thllO\lgh l;lleit W'"ms~n~[tlle( will peaetrllite 'the othll!:r. The motion, ,'rilL l~ constant, even and rhythmic. Ea:ch partner will feeL the 'Od".i~'s at~ as suppre h u ~ firm. Anni!i 1"Dot weak, but th~y :are very potent. Y,OUl' e]\bo,w; AIti'nul~l e immovalble-the)" ,C,Elfi1t bl\i I;o~re.ed b t,o~md yow body. YOIlI" pli~ble aems can be-moved fyom moo to. side blJlit I"M)\ LC,."V3I,d, youiii' body. As y'O\J become more Pl!'(lfi.CWrwt. the clrcumtemnl'e of youl1' ftlQ'ti:rJu Ot :roUVngbecomes, slMallel and small..,r M 'f the water fiowing t.hroug., YOUl arms is now 1I..1'1"mR to pt!nel:mm and c<.rvel'all the ,su-uiller crncks. au. &n.O is an impol'tant part of je~t k1l.1'nedn because its eUideillit , a:pplic.atiM o[ techiniql!l(l;S. 'r81'i~son ~oo.s~ness o.fnnUi ,and budy. This f!N:~~ise is the b est way tie> develop :your Do wing of ,ene1illYso you can be cooatautlyarelax,ed ,and. ]OOS(j ~ yet 001. ,eac.dfiee backward,




To 'test if y01LU" energy :i~ nowlng, imV>i:l' llome.Qne exti2!r1d ~ is h;md to yo'u end llllndiit cba'pl-li,in.c b[a'\!{tu his hand. First, do .it normally and then do it with Ute !lI.O\vmg, f!:nergy-"1lcnc-entra"W ,gin the
be."I.vlJilIi3SS ,of Y'o,u:r hand. keep yOW" arm loose and p,laoe be we.iiht at the bottom or you_]' 3!fm. Dcnl't 'ooU your pm-rn,m- \\fila you ;life dcm,~ ,Aft~ eacb blow 2\:.q_k: 1'DfuiIif' he' feel MY dlifteoonce. rr he does, th,en hit [tm hand hath with ood wittiG ut th Ie ,flo1wing ene:rgy.

le'Ltillig him dJiiC[d!eafoor lesch blow il the fon:e til,~ OJ: ~wghter. If the blows with Lhe (lowing en~ alie .mo,r-eIJClWe;rf1iJ-l1 youknQrw yoy Hire d,OImg it rililbt. If you H€ 'mI:Bbl~' 00' find my,ema to oQope-raoo' ',",-nth )'ou you 'I:!OO llI.iIiSO· I.e8t it Dill yo,'W O\m hand. The inc red· ble .oQs·in,eh puneh t 8;.6: in pbotoS! 1. 2 sod 3" UUl!t ~ used to ,ji.\v.e 'tha ,l"!l'Owd in c1en\OIlSl'aJion, was possible because o,f bils p:W'fi<lient U!I(!: ot hts hips flowing ,cn,ugy., pl1 nohing'tbr,ough and Uilili elivering o:ClJhe punch. Thia fist is vertie!ll and cocked at d t'h~ as in photo A .. ~f1wList tums Uli'.Iwst'd suddenly at ]UJp;ret..
j r



in p·ho;to B. '[luis "tlrI.\i({j.j;t,puaeb. is
~~fil'SS :~u ~h Ill'

~t.. If you at~mv .. to US-@I ·!thiS t :pi'i;rnc.bfrom a dJ.ilUi])c{J:" it '~hrD""1 ],olchl1'till'li;ng off at inl.llt.act. There ~ (ltih~l~Yl!!i lin 8!-p~ty th-e ,PQ'I>Vel'aif 'l'IO'urfiowi.1},g l.'1lC1:D'. You call du it wMe driving ~'QUl" car, praceyom·u:m.'l, Q~ 'tI:u~ smermg wh~rel .u tho~gh yi)'~ ~e diQing ehi.Im©' MId. p~:t pteSliW-e on yuur <:IJ!'mE. 1m phot.c, A. i't selllfflS lite Lee: [s doiln,g iliamet!l'ilee~ereJae but he is iOO'mi\llly pressj1lg his ,~ms 001 :ftlill!' h::m~

f!rom :fiv,! in ch~s Or



d!!J~ QU<1lroo;rs

:yom WP!i. whi!:e pus.h'i:n,gis from the rear foot,. p:mpeJing


body forward. Wh~n you ~ bitti~gi especiarulYth~' be1il!"tY bii!.g.pu~cll tru:tHl;g'h th~ ba:g. You will<tt you wiD hl;lvea deeper ~d S~llongwr
:P~~;II;!trt\t~Qn i'f :y'Ql.I !!1'Qti'laiit~st~~d·o:f ¢onoeentm\ing on~he .fi'mrf'.! j Q:f U'le bag. FP!1ow-thw\I_gi'il! m~s: cO'I:liIt]nuO'u};·ac..oeil.e-«lti(lu of y\OIJ.t; punchh:l tllle tar~t.<~ .m~lll1:mtl.Wm 0'[1; pO"\YeI' do~s nDt !Ce:as:ethere but ,i!Xmndst,btou;p 'hlI.f! tm~~. n,ilim't hi,tting' yom: op,p'l'lil1eiJ]t 'but. dl'.ivm,g t.!biJO~gIl h1B1 A:f~ .. dw:i!l'mg' tlll'D~~ hjM~ yom pu~eh:m,g hand S.hOilldd be lo\l'iltbdm"'\lnIiS, q:w.c.k~y as you\tilst it fa~wWld. DOI~I't ·tltmw Y'Oilll' pU:nCll!ilSi in I!I w]l:ldup motion: tJb~ ~Cill.ld be 'th.rown str,~igh&.. Yom fist clenches jwtl befcre raUl' wh.i.~1'~lik:e

1~pact. To :add {3!dd~ti0il1i~ PQW'er I' tbll>'i &~f1 h!l/nd ~flIn be d:r:a:wn sU!j($enly aruclootwju[!:Jctly t(l!~ill'd yOUI' bl)d"a:t Ith~ .p@lnt of 1frtfnl·cili. If you aXi!·takilllll:a step to throw !Bi.puru::l'l,JQl[J'fht mak_e.~, t._he le(;l~biet,h~f.o~ 10U)' foot l:ancl~ o~~ th~ fioolir.jothlfl'"wffise1 the body "lM.:i~'t, wO:J,wldbe .a:ss~rrrilated ·O:I.Uto tinil flo(i·r ms~m of belimd 'yon..3l!:"
PlHl~b. ¥:O\U· h.~ps,i!i.n.dS:hcuJd~t':S rrru~t ir!it~8:te thij: .~~~i.O!ll~f;bN

)N)'url'lrrm1 00 delJ'If'~ a l:t1;p[d!iJ l'e-d~ ~dpowenul P b]ow. Altbou~ ,),"'OJU:'[D()It.-nIJiO"o!l®JD.aIlt ~.ddil. to vour PClWM ~ you oan 8iCt'l.Jl~ kneek I(~iut:,ouJ:' olpnot'D,en.t witbo,urttalltin;g a swp, or sl1()\Vm;g 8ft'!:Y ~,m m Y'O'lfr' aot:ioll." if dQ1i'~n~:ry WM; ~oitl:ect;lydOllB •. A .I~'~ful bll(HV depends. on ~Bv@lrage and ffimit1:g. Ri@ht ti~1d_tI,g JI): ill fior.;l PQI",~rflld b!otiJ;\l,ViJtliout it'l yO'l.!l..t h'i!.rlLpaet i!:;lo~t in \ ~o:eio~-it ~~ r~cl~lltooe~J'l1 o,r'bJlo ]i£!te.


flo'will'!lJ1g h:kI e:r.!~tgy., Far&Wla'temy,

,d!ivelo,p'I:Q;g:yOUit flo1willg e~erf.W oall be p.cae'lic::ed ;m:,wh.e:m that l'il:ows J'ou 60 p~,d OtwO!$i;! O'r bo"\;ll ~fP~·. .

Many wlhio atrem:pt the ,~ljin'e·tl1;ciI1 ,PUl'l;(l~ krlicekt'h~ir oppo~eij,~ Off t'l1 eil'fe~lr~ but in:srol!ld 6f pU:l'l(ili1l~raC'~thel' Qruy p1l.1sh them down. Yl)U C'-in'~h ~ yo_ oppone~:t by i.i: p~M'Ji, ''n1Li;! art I~fpmllehm,g ii!l ntH. ~:nl_b1Ig;. In p''l!!lm'.l(~himg, the peak lOot y.ol;lr force ,m .B;b\~ngth is 8I~ th,e pOiJ;l:t of COin~ct. om.t ill pm!\!i[lg~tbe .rb:r.ce begins; :ftc'm the't o:f ·th,!il deUveliY W'l:d generany kls!1ls its :pQwer by :lhe time yom ar~'l: jjs.fijjlllye.d.end)OO. Punching eom~, €rom the t~t1I.w.aJ1 .of

AID,tho'Ugi~ E!l:'UJce Lee fa:rst i5wdied mg' dhW:i!i kung: :fII.l. be impll'lDviMld. :lU' :m~Y diff'ellt!'ot IlcQh!lljilJ.ue~ool i~ tb!llt .ltlet kune do seems 00, h, ~o bem;.m,g OWII kung liitl. Lee' did. no·t· compl,e;tely IWscam ~he wing' <:hur!?s 'ooch'miques. He reta~!lilied some of I~e~ b~l~ woo eJlte:roo ~em .oot\l)g:pl.e'te~'y llia:t t!hiey me nl~ ~ecogni~~ble' ;H the origIDWla!::'~, Two CcChrill.q!'lleS, e CIOlI]tll.UOO. .~ Pl3ct]CI? 'w,et~thc ~~~op sao n h (grabbiIlgl;]il.'e h:atild) ,~uld Hpak IIlIOn I{sl:a~pmg, b~o(;k). lesp!!(,\~aUy mter do:imgtha ,ch~Jo5'I"O. HI:l'WUS ib.K1oo. ~.oJr'eVi:s~ bo~ht'!llChnfques, ~caust:l ][1 wj!n~ chun bDth P~ehI .:nand witil tbei.-.:· bowe;\'! facmg leK'h o~u ~qu$l!·e.i:.vs:!,\dI t'l'llie"ar,feoe~ p!U'aUel. Su,t in the JI{D

,on"'pm:d PO;SitiOJl the partnen litand witb (I'ne fQo~ forwar,(J" and I;h.chood le':den,a~Qn DQ,t tbtl MWe. ii, Lee ,alw~ys ieLL that. OOtl'~'L wel~~t-traill U:lg CO!Jlld IDClIeat...q;e hi$ tbilrt '\V'Quld develop nlll!SCtesr ~ hleh w,ou1dln~rfer~ vitllll his perwrmuce in. iilp~kl II o,~, fi~tjli'ig., .Be~;idell ittl€ ,all;!I,;l:u~lnaI I!1fIIUcscl,es. be cOiiloCe:lltmted b€:'@,vi1;y 1010 hls ro'r,ewm~ b~fUiI.~ he re'ltttlait tliese' Wfilje' the f:i1u:scl~s·de-p~q.ded on in punchmg and pullingJ ,8Jj .Wi I.op sEio., Hi& dlf:IJh .mcluded the rever,Be cud. Th 1~lCeiv~ tblll !ll1f1$t !benefit htm'i this, be OOIV12l1edile t bar with H !I[pQllP lii() hie l(lst, b~ gripping poll'i!m' as be 'MappOO his hands 100ver tb,e; 5Il'i)[Ige:.Wtu3n domg Ute ~U\ci!l(!. be de,pHIded h el!tViIy en his. rOMl:iJIrm. m'LJ$;!es to carry tibe' w,ei:gtlts [0 hm chest. Anothe:r iElxceJ]enl Mi!I'XJi!1r{:~~ for the forearms 'wml! the Nverse e~,tensio,n.. htstead oC curJing h~ arms, hJ~ Lined 'HIe w,ei,hm maig)bt lout in. front of himt. Wiftb his !lJ'm.s, fully e.x:tend.ed. he

power., But h,e was:


-el~cU'le' ill hJ5 exercise. He ~\foidocJ ddlb;;


stlpportedt:be 'W~~bts fo{ ;[;is b;mg ,RS jJg5liiibhl' at "tlHi chest; le,,~ . .He also qlUle~d a. ul.bbl:lJ b:ilU in nls paWm U!ild lWorkoo with the: itmt roUer. as lin p:hotos 1 and 2. UHmgttlfe d/uJiQ,bbeJil without tbe
plates, on one end. be twisOOd hislt\lri9t. b~l:k und forth. Lee deve~cl'ped .such 3 8'i;ren~ ill his ·arms that when he jet.ked his partner, be sqapperj his head 'btackw~ a.s ~he bod.y liIJew biJrwcU"dhim. A 'oonfdbutin:gfactO'IIL that dlevUGped 'the pDW(iiC ~ Ibis pWstent, braIDing of lop, sao ,o,n.the wmgchun,'s
·'dUnlintly "as

in ;p,h,o'w A. BesIdes d v,doping the-forearm. mus;eles" he also toughened tds: al'nH~by slamminc them l'lllto the wood,en

we.i81bts be D.eJtiibility e~@o1Ci3esongru ently. A he~ c

m indudje speed :m:Id weight lifteli: with a great deal 'of PQ\~ bl.t, !'I,()]i~:v or spleed wtIlJ ham;! ,II prahl,em bitting his O,PPOlumt. It ,,,tlli'be tike a. rhinoceros tl'ying to ecmer a

arm. "Vbi1e work'mg out with

Striking wi~'r.your Iont has 'sevmm adv,a.nm,ges .. FirS't" YUW' l,eg is: muehmem powedul Lh!Ul, ,oW' band •. Jl;.ctus11y., k.i[:'kmg pn:l'pedy is Y the mo\st pOo"lretflru~ :lU'Iu dlmlaging' b!oWll'0U ean aclmmisfi.:.el'. second,. :y'OUir Jeg is, lungi.u'lhan your' band so it is yOiltr first, line o'l attack; 'norm.tUy ,pftllcedinog yOUI' punch. Thi!'ll" to block a kick is



dtUicl,.Ilt' especially on the ~ow-lin and grOoin.


~lke till@ shin, knre

'T11e:, do kick but 'without any pow,a1. 'Dr lla~e·like klcks, lIS ln photo::.. 2; and l':J..a}'lR stH! blll)11g used. 'f'1l~1l"d9 ru:l"l. ~nilil"800 enough pow r tohurt or darnsge, lnthe :fficky k~cks )',ou:r wdght is l'lIot behind 'he blow and in the pole-Hke kick Y0l.liir body Is tuo oif~bahnCied. Bruoe [,oo's forte llt',.l:j: the sId,e lticlic:, 8S ,shown 'in photo A. which difFers from the classical s.ide kick. In tnel9J!Jl.;tMt tbe side 'thrust Irick bas powell' bu~ I},O spl;Jed. '['11(:: sjde snap kick has speed bu~ no l'I0wm:. In Ilhe ;JIKD's side lUck both the ,SllBP arnd 'kulj'L ~ r.ombm~d. so Uler~ ls l}IQI 1000 of fJ(lW(b~' ami speed,. Lee' ~d ~Q drop 01, '~wo·~t:ic'hboard from h~ 91toul!de:r be:i.ghlfi. and lfibatoo:r :j, ~n haJJr befQlNi~'it landed on t'h!€ IgJ<lund. If his kiClk bad. o.nI~ pow~' b"~ t~u snap" the oom;d WQ1IlIJd be hurled at a mstan,re witibout 1Im1e~ it WllS bmooO. If bbl, k[cll; had the snap' but nn poww" '~he beard would n at break, beeausea two~incb booo-d wjthQut aU:fJpurt lB too hick to split with a !inap kick. To do the sitle kick, stand-with :F,our' feet apart and patl:lH I to each OtJ]'~I. un your ligl.'lit foot about 12 Inches {MIll ''he floor as you balanoe on ,your lll!rt. Stomp' your right foo'~ ~lxailJh~ down with fome and t'et it sn.ap UP\WL"d ,IJ,b-O'ut an inch U'U1D:! tbe Oo,o:r. Like' p'V,.ulchIDng \lf~!J1 th,~ .[Jo,.vjng energy, belt: Y'!:JU dboi.Jld ~e:ts.


too rIl!:atlymlarti!ll :artif!t;s do not profit from th.m:



in. JOur foot., In ether wordiS.~he wate'r is 'nOW" fkn'!'i.r.l:gfl1i!rou:~b your'r1lht leg (hose) oodl wh~~t ilS: fu'Uy ~ tended b, yo,aur dO~WW1d skimp ~gu:sh'illg of th,e water). it snaps U 1')JW31d (Sip,lai5hU eKp~o&iy.e,ly). Until you. W31f'm 'Up ylO'W" I~ by Upt kjc:kiing. do melt stomp :yeiU!!:'f1(l<ot vio~elltlJ. Now ,O~ are set 00 kioaksidewayi5. ,~u~n IStoapil'l g. ]l~ace ill
eOll'lClliilltrott:e with heavain,ess

JO. left. foot as Y10U lift 'yOWl' ri:gbt f{Qot" and ~M stn.i:ght out instea1i of dc,'Wn. "f,o,. "eft ~,I!e .shomo be bent

your w.eigh'ton

Ii!'tl~i"so' you can lema ]jH~e lback\lilOfdland not rOliWardl" !IS most bciDRniml do. ft,~ot 0.[1 'tbo ball ,of yom lQ:ft thms( yow right fo,ot forward. For 'the C:xU:rt pOW~f. tl.\'If:ist y~U:r hips jUst an il'I~t.m~, before 'Ul.~ !un C!.xte:nsffiol'.'111' ,.('l,U r leg--it 0 jives you th.e $C:\lewtilriv~r ail tile ~Wi&~~~g iCitee In 10m kiC:k. hell! snap yOUi'
:f.oIWt, ,[it ti~i2' rillU '~Kl&ell,ruO'm for the: whipp~g


Y01:.D.IJke- to kick m~JllIet.hing so~id~,au IIl:OHcrete wd. ~iOllr dlisinnoo tutha ,~ln~e YD1lU· foot. &hDU~cl be laI'Hi'~I'Rf]:I'I't~ YDU A fOl'cet'ul ki~k. wil ~U;!3t.balll1r:~ your' hndy

w3!IJ1 j~~t k:ick ii. lIIi'II.d,


hl~L wl.f




will ",(lit 1~lurtY'Oll!~]f, baekw~:" fl!5~h~ w,pl!



After you h;)lIIC 1~l'Ia I'in£Ick of do-~ng tho seidl:) l:i:i.!:!k, YOLl an! pnpw-,Et,dw kick Lhe beavy bag. From th~ ogn-gliliMWld]Kl:aliLiDn~ d'IJ ~bJfJ {Qlr\'oI'wd b! ~ e:xpWmedin the. ch;u.pwr. '·Footw,ork. om .'Um ,'Ow ~1:9W diiWC:Uy ut the ,ce~t,er Dl t.oe OOQi, tlisln photos 1,. :2

foot ~ho1Jlld IO'l'ldhon;oonbllJb on the bq,not Qb'ti:GiI~rely.fil(;l sCl.und nt impact should ~.:f.! loud, Cll:'flckml tltucl ' llke a, wkip i.f you h Q:vekie~dI through the b:ilg ~lI'Id,map~ }"Ql:llV [,oot at the end. ~f the:l1~ is, rnorl'e p!.ish tb:f!fI1'IbU. t:btmsnUll'ld be a I]gh~ or ,,"ve8J.k thud. Ii':! ~ot!rll kifl.1@ tbJe:ro- is Ci(li!l'(:e (l, ~d.~K'ellpt ... tot'Hl hit wiJ] do tl:1i:e d31Mnge !:tHd tht0: push 'ltril just knQekth~ opponen.t

and, 3. At f~pnotl Y'OUl'


keep :),'001' bGdy ill bnl~IDlCe:,. kick ~h®l11"OIlJ.W J0.v~r Mrloug!1iJ.t Il(JS!li,b~e:. l(}elUtaJi)!'i the klc:k is dJen",el~ wilth ro'Ur bod,,. ~1l~'I'Iging (l~ose to th~ [lOOt til keej'D- r.ou in bal8n.~ ~V~I:1IQftOli th.e· exec~tiol'l. Bu~ rOt' a much mO'JteP(lwm.ID.~]ll'klw, ]jft ,your bc;dY;R little high~1' r.miie i~oviJ1gtowm:llI the bag ilfid. ffiua;;t s ),ou ,aro pl'l)peJling !four a ri~hdf:Got UUOItVg'h '~10 b:."lg; sto,m.p er dri!!l'G Y0'l,lI Ina :to(ll dOiwnwMd. [.n ot.h~!l' w o:rd1l1 tIi'!:e fOirce is now b!iJw III Ql{eylied &om. loolil lep. 'nilt~m:(ly lw the lillti:m!\te in d.eJJ'OI'ering 13! P1!llillli~!lt'ili!ilJg blow

!!lOWa:li in.WOCll'O'Us'Iy, U yOlru lunge ;nt

tbe bag



go:nljjlrlJ:iI:e more


tn :tJJ~




Om1~notM nf' ~Iu.l,ti(tn: J]' YDU _iss the b~1I'~o!;l'm'p'lete~, don't CIT h~t it :;'!)Ud;ty~yo~ em hlil!tit ,Y'0~r ki'C"kiIf:lRknee. T;he reason! is: ~at your foot ~ h~~~g m;IJ;!l~ftHitel!' than ,your :body oodwh~fIl yoU

spm-:rm Il, Nt 'is ~(lt tOQ pra!Ctlcm to u'liiIDl1ie< th!'! h,tte:rkick~ 8:5, a ,conra~i]y leave yn~ o:i.'f·haJfI~oi}1lyOI!DJ mi~. An41 fUl'thermol;.e. thr@ bi~hm- you IC\(i!p~ tbe Iil'!!OR't~ma y01ill ;;tIDW yom

miss, it llliili ~






1£!1lI the kfle~ soeket. (lrU


t;o ,avoid

The h.elli.~ bias: 'ClImLElof the mO!'!lt 'v,uuabl,e apP[iU1'3i'NSCS ,in JKD and • .\lSI!. m:attier.,of fa'llt:" UII.e CIItl:1~ madw IUt&, MO" Deruliwe '1D!It~ ,~ pl'at:Lt~e en ill a!lone.You ,c_ have a gaod '1i'm!l:'f::oU't by ~lJISrt darng. ~e shie kicks on U c'cn:dinua_l¥ mr ,il.evem mmums:. No yelu k:i:cktbetml'l', I~t JL ;l!w:iJl~ back le,1u·h timrl! bef;I}'re kick.illig irt:. TD b!flI(!h ,!J be~~~ner In kJillking. hoLd Ute baig for him. bJ p1acims your L!1H i;}tli'!~' lb,!;rt~olm.rii. of the ba(g IllId. IIDUl Jour brm.d&




fmge:rs: 'fflJ:QhOO. Bm:or~ you. tv~

gfli:tlJ~ bi!~d

the o(Mlt~r area of ~.e b:~' 'ta' a,vold hQ.vb'lg your ~tb"J.d. wnh y,orUf' ba~k, lacing the lJt'!iil. lOfli smOO' you kfi(iiW ~he .skength of the kicker. In pbQLijI 1.. Lee h~t the bog 50, hard. thlLt t~e hnpllc[ cs:c!ot t:h@ perron b~hind It

fl,ym,g f!CW5<S ,~h~ IOllJrrnl, ca:uru:.g WJj] mjEY to l:riliinerik, whiiciiL ~lJSIred flair sewerw Wt!f5; hom tbe w)uphwil. Le@ wwa:y~ be]iclIfoo thu~ au'!!' i!l.b,Ql!lIld. p.fl1eticchiUm.11I 'ruffllllifll'[[~

~Jrr:pel;o'€tugets u.~d the h~~'

to get a diffi:e:re<!t [rom earc:tuJi on ~mpt!.cl. H,e i bag lllOSUl', but ,rnifwllI kil!~ked at. ~he wall c!t.n!to1iS.

"hotel A.wd

mm1.d Ibq:. i~he pl,lrn~l1mg pad" the W(!IQde1iil1 dlJi,lMi1FIY·,M in thep!ljlirta.bll!' hea,..,.)!' shield. ns:inpi1rlli:.rn 11.

Mklf' the bes!vy bag" tee~!i next farmribe nppmlll!WSI::'lI .at which 00, :kwere the hmV'Jl' :shie~d mm.dth~ air bog becwse he ((liuld ~xed his pow,er,.amo,mglmp;et lVitil:Ollt mWly hu:rti[lg Mrue Mer, ,!IS ilii. photo:!! 1. :2 and ,3. ruthou~lt-b;e f.r,ontkick mno! mi 'pD'W~l _ tnll:s.ld!Z kick Lee [11'~ased_·th.e explos1.1jI'ene:ss of his kick by t'hie use of his ;tead ofr,elylllg only on. the SJ]:ap0:1the. foot &0,. thl'knee~ -he


jerkoo bis~i~pl!! :iO'fW:w:dj just :3Jn. inst.ant bef.o~ hjs f'OQit maklM 1:a.c~,!lS m iPboto!l A and B. Til ~tiMm.g of th iiE:!'Il('),ume.nL iii i!iil'lpormnt :;lind d1fficuU to d@,. Pat$(:tio~ it dailay until you h~,.~ .kl'lLacko.f ~t. The- ted,emp:t!ii o iI1u~~atc;t a step·'by-8~P insi.'I'U,cti.ol t dloiiriCtblil Ii~deki~k. B~,t '~I!iI(l~y(lU huw W cle~iv, yOU sb,mdd do itw.itlioull:. ~Q;Sl't3i!tion bu.L one tiMoo:tb.. "


mtttiGI'D. ...

Sp~ed in f.~gJltm.gdeprmfb flQl

lust on


lumds and "ret ,iu swf/ltt(!88,.

Chapter V


Spe:d Training

,othiN' attributes :suchu nanteleFph~cmoues and
our foe wUlwut


SpI!'ed in ((gJI U,~ i~ k~' it h 'ni.!.:;j

:J(Jw~elr b~il'ig l~il.


@Jrdy bt' dvr!e b:'Y 1tours
and iJ'siugcompMtel



~IJeed in' f,~ghtin" i$ ra; gctul wiUun~i(1tt! pOUlel' t/ltlt gOP-A' WI,a.


l\l'h6J is ilIpeed in lightmg? Is :it tbe \leln i~)f I Ii your 'luind • ~I:le"t body mo'Vemlflnt"i' Or arre Lhcri! O'U,ilU'. I rt:\'O'!ilcnt c5SentiUlls ln a gp-gd r~lhtel? \.:1:1: ~~, S::ood [[gkte,r? ~ oro a'l1sw~r these qu stions: A good fJghlLel"is one whQ ~ hit. hls opponent qUlck .l'~ harder, \'lithollt lInuv;h ptJ[eeptibl~ r:ron IlIifid. aVQid being hit. He d!oe-sn 't on~y possess II pail' 'D[ ho:ndE OOtid ~eet or qllllick May mmrem. )1L bu.1. has 'O,tllB'r qiLI_allt.iecs. 5'l:)/ch 8:S ~ontele,p phic JllIQ'\'e"S, good cDord~HaLiDrn. perfect balance and k nawa;r,e-n~S5. ARbough som r Oll~L" iVC C'nd(lww .vith II. .f:e,\.\1 of tbe!le qu,lities must. air til aHributcs MP til!!t,retoped t~t"Qugl~hmd tmining. ~J t~~ IiJr.relnRb~ or power )ICIIU ha.... devclopea rtClITI l'\t'lur



'I .

1S WaBwd

1f you eJJI'e SliiUl'\\! .Elnd 'C'8n"~ lIlac

md ~p ~d go ~and-i'n.ha.nd.

A ~lghoor n tid Ibotb

ro be rue ·Q5f111.


On. I~ ~e:UL~'~ Wl1.Y to Ut~5e OUf pwd lit nnp8.(· " 00 mlll!p w wh~ your hand O! foot: Just befolil' contact. fL is ihe same p:rme:JP~ i.iJ1Ithe QVC!rh nd tlut.J'W. For ,exQMpl' '. iI you li1:l!'n'\iI' ,I,t

mnr,e accelemti:oJr.lJ aJt the end tlmilll :a l!Ih.orter :t;l'i"ing with a sne:p, f\ 1.2·roQit whip. !I1l1llG: exacrJy. will ge;neratl! more Siting ti1JM !It 'lwo-Ioot whip. from sh ouJder height bull Cm1 WtsO be U500 ~ a rs;u:rpme .a:~tack and be ).oo.nchoo unywht'Jre U'lJhiI YQU..I 'W:aiJJit little: bo yOll!f sh uld",,[. It' very difiicuU to b]olik 'once you have ,ar.:quiV!u :h DluFi,tel fJ;!!phk

b<l,iSebaUwith a fuU swim@:Illfi,d nap yow' wm.t ,II ~b last mon1Mt td end (I r !~OW'" SW11'iI1g. he ball wiU I!:lJi more v~]oCl,ty than wlthout th,e snilqJ, N'a:LuraUy. the [ol1g,Jr iSwing.wllll B.·lma:p'wm nav,

back iWt puneh ls no the quickeQt nor ~!ii it too s:t.:tot!g you arc unabl to uLilil:Oetlil.c tolal body mow, memo Rut i. ts C1~eb]o~ ... in 'l;\l'h'~e.hyeau csn hilly appJ~ the ~1hippm,or SiHlpping matmfl, fu.::l1. of ,1111. ~t iii thrOWN mom Ilb a swill!'lg t!ilWl.ll. r:orward! thl'US ; tlHr~ m£W1S )N:lU an pu~ mcrs 1IIr.IOml'lI1ltum in the' deJiwl'll'y. .... ond. lib«£: is mO'fIil ~r3$licjt~l or freednm oi motion in yuw ~fflJlt, budlllg, it Irnm :side li.oside' (palm t() l'cnuck~es~" than Llpal1d dO\"I'J~ (",hum b. to btt 1(1fln ~r). 'lluJntm san s, you are able to wh ip or SJ!lif!JpI· Ift.On' vigorously I.ElS in pboto .\. Th. back fist is used fI'lcstiy 1:0 tbf,il ~ eadi t;(!'C'tiDD of your oppcnwnl!;,. l ill wed heavil.v in wiLh '·]01' ~a(j,,· ("".abbln,~UlL"·~~'~;!1dleclmiquo). as jn photo, B. It is deliver d Th

f,Oi" 01

a mung p,ulling

A~tbcugh some power is lost in t:hi.1i IJum:h,il is l;;oltlP 'nt>at,i(ld redeemed wh~f1 ccmhin<ed with lo\p £1]0. U you !lim dle\!'eifJl1


Y'(ilIW W1II" YOIU, will



W j;erk :YJtiJ~r

DPPOil1tiit $0...."ardan.d ap:ply \blil back Ui pnncll.he im~l :shou.!:d be d valitating wh fDI your lmucklle-s contad yom: QPV9tUm't'~ flll.Of. U is ]lH.e. WIJ f~t--ItlQ"lII'ing ctlfS oollicliflg, h~d on. TOo dNclu,p speed uri qulok,m!le>.BG ]r~ iJlIe b<8l1k n~~ ~llm~h. liGht CWld!e allld aU.empt L1 blow it 011:1'wi II \1'1 tI,Ce.,o'iemtillo or ~o'!lllr pun ·iI. Anot.h~ inOOl'ilFltlng C ·;MCi9.0 is to 1'1311' ,Ii nneDlip:t ,to blflll.:k )' aut pu nm &5 you tfttol'Ol,l H Il:t his f ee w~th oon,troJ. [:f h

1:el1d ,0" yuu add 1i£'I1' ml more i.O·hl'5 tCJ Y(Hlr r 'ch ItS in plloto5 1 nd 2. !Power is not Ill! eded ii' Lh: IJe,d ill iqul'> 1'I;I':caul!!C au focus, yoU1l' ' aim t the ell'~ or your ~!Ilemy. lnsh~ad,your jmpolimlt assets are accum l~ and 5pCl.;ld. 1lJ1~ j:ol is 8 t.hl"~o,tM1ll'g ruJ'ld dal!!ililerow WMpDn to the :ttlhrcroary bec81111tOO dollS sOl much dam ge and is so ~~ d.fffi€iiJIt 'm, cle:mend~gain' t. 1'0 p:mte.c younl~Li' fll!Jm dam:aginIJ your !!'~n~fS. ir you ISJl1iould .vor miss and hit a hard ubjrt2c the hand 'Dr a bone" YOm' , ncro~." learn to lorID your ha.tld Pl'l"l,P~~Y. Align. the tip o· your hand. ,lIS in pttDW Y. by lightly 1i:mndin,g U1' [0 g 'I' [in '.r:; to adjulllt ~c' Ul!~shg:rtet :and tu 'k y\mr t!ll1lnb in" YOIW"h.a.nd r'e5emb~ea spear.

I:!;bould be J:'IiIMe 11 3tQP YOW: pl(lncn Dbout Or:Il~;qllattcr inch rI'O)!II b~ skin. Le~ al o uood lh bliJllmemg head dlum~~lf, M in ph-ow, A, whldl was, I2rel'iwd ruicUy for ~Eimry t:ruinmg, Thfi head is padded llI~d resilient, '1:;0 w.k;\l! ony hartl blows, The 'Ieadl.n'g '[i.n~ .. jab is ~hc f:mes,t ,att·IHtking w~pml ~vailabh~ to you. It is fast t.... YI,;)U[ luget beeaus It tr~I'.'el.sonly a , sbort. dis-tan e. It t.. ;}JillO th' hmglSSt nand we..'lIpon .ocoo8:!lihl ' t(I ~'nu. in~ l',DU do il(!t cl r 'hy, Uit J:iirL but h~vc your filill'!8ll.l's


his bhJck


'1'0 develop 5'peed in Uu~ fin,gl?r jab, )10\1 ~eor:!da creaL d~ill n p"taetkc a.nd -most of Lhi.s \ in be [hie :OO&U~t of your oO\\lnin"i1illltie. p.~cll rl~lies 01':1 ~(.·onnlfl. mencn and the jill:)· ofte, hnique with whi h. y01l hMllJ'~ 'h Ol),ponunity to experimen . The [ab, Jme IlIl1 the' b]OWB In J Kn, mu I; be thrust ;fom;ud wi/t!il.out MY' ret!'actin~ mnt""ion. It is like a snllikle" dlwtillg,at. jb; ltlf"6)' WrutilOUt


wunmf!. Til Ill(l,R- hours you spend in speed hittll1g.thef"asmr Y<HU" boods. wlll tti!iv-el, n'll. time gOE.'(ji,by, Likiit ~'he hD"j(,~ who "I/.\lhipSi(Jut his ~lru~dswhile [c 'ng, you II.lust ,oJso bke S;OUtmJ' t-TltLilling serio !Jllly. One ':Kcellen ~ tmh ng dewe>1:tfor tbis ill tb pap ~r l~t. ' It j,s so in J{]::n~n~ve and ca,l"" to o(lOn5Uu'1Ct fl,ud yei 'If r.'1 v~ul!.bl t.

~~O!.diflJflng~'I' j>'lb ls 'l:h!! !ust~[ hand '!r¥OOPQIm and 'u'e i1;lmjpt is ~'iH! 'Caste:o,t ~lf d U'I,e punches. 'lII'he ~~adH1G iStTa:i~l is t1:iQ baekbu~'ile [lunc:h (If je(!t kua;u:: do. ~t ~.ilJn:c!'IlRm


''iI\BQIpon~II)'!!Jlt~]so 1m. impo,rti9l1lt il1stRl'It. l"'lInl~!rii



to 51lolpand ~f1~~1.e'


a. compID'x: ~tta~k: In an A1:Lh(lll}gtIthll! le~db1'lg str~ight

has bee,n dbcl,l:sse(l

,mapte.l' on "'Power ']'Tn.ining,"

chHTI!dEl1'i5~ic;s. AcWlfiU.¥·, thl" ap[lJfO[ariarely$·ifioed as a "~$le~d'· punel~. L.iketThl!!!: finiQ:ef' jab ~t tmv 16 n~ly III 511QirL difi,lJl,lloo' La U'Ii' Ul:rg~t, as In phQ~oS 1. 2: 110m)3,
be~'l'tI,tI!l~ thElt. h",ru!i

p.o'Wm' ls not one 0:[ i~l~diul ]!B,WJI.1Lg stm:igh~ p\.D!ID"i,cll, 13 ~Dife







,lIrn:Iy(me wliio'Wan:rs to ,entHl:l'!llOll his :speed, in punl~:lng 0[' jabbing. ~~de!i! the rUtp e:rtm,get, 1.G1!t used tD prncuCIC' on 0Ji. tlhick ~~a.t,he~ :.trip to toUgJU"11 h~ [i.1l~rs, illS m ph.Dta Z. lIe ulse 'Worked lu:' on the U'IolJi,mcing~end dummy, .tL'i in pheoo, y" wbi~h is Q%C0U~ntror finger Ja:.1:ii hm.f\l" It glVeIi whli!lIiI strll!llck but isso,Ucl ~('D,o;U~~ to hnfd,t'l11 fhe:f'i.n·ger.s.
A1l;hoMWl [be wOllda.iJl dl'lillmmy is too ~oJid to JElb your in 1.0• it is ~ v;MJiJIlIiilbL~ p~l1bH;, wirth which to ]Ull'1!rtlCI! thl! nn gair jab :lP cownb.inat.lO!l, I ,0,5 in photo X. H prMCin ts 1I1lWlost a wem·~ifc Ol]<PQfl0nll. mt~i~ OO'nTh!l o'uts:tretch,oo, and its l~ il.mpetiingyoW"

a~pro!il.Ch •



ooing tile ~be~t punch streight !'!l!:®id ,:ll~CI ilbe' ls b~c:~~~ it t, d~U~red strnjgllt imt'WMdil, 3& !SJ l(l[[u,e ~bfl!lee. I:'IWld YO'l]Jr bca!.3n'C(l I,s k!ft ia:lj;~ct_ L~k~ tA"JJefinger jab, .litis ~Imrd m bIJOik" ~,spedI!My ~ you !keep [tin atOOJ!lti:nllm:m, ~ma1~
j .~~


m.(ls;1.; n;ocut:!1!te

.frOJlIlllJ .8!



0311 !be de~;ivlr1lmdl [as,ter while in 'moti onLh


fixed posi:tiio'n. I.J:kethe finger jfib, ~t keeps '~~Ollled~~!' by :iJ1I;s~m~l:ening ~wre. .

'~htl! (Dppgnt!nlt,

Put "zip",~ lll!'li:b ,)lout pt!n(l~by ena,ppjll]g it J~::;l hdore i1ln~'Wt.~'1i~P ]I'QW Imlamd 1{lO',E~ $'ir'!!dti:gil'lJliru] 'y~n_;jr Cist tjnl~l ;)Irl'l ill~fII1i; ~fQn'!' Qlun~~~. ''I\) put HplaS:ili'eil].~8 ln the 1,,101>\1,t!ltUj~1: then~wiFIIg·efliotgy (iQnclip:L by addl1inc 'h1~ilJ~in~ '~g YtlUf 'h:a~tlI. Th~ sb"aight III\'!M is not <JI:n !1,l'lliid, btll,; ~ 11'1' '.tliS to aI"I ~'nd+ n i!l jj)oL a 'fJQI\\Ve:rf~ll, blo'l,JI! th(:ll;. will ~'flQckyom op.IJ~~e!r~fiAt wiU''l tI~1ll pun~., blllt it. ls, rt,Im,iI;! m!~~t nom pUrl on "in .JKD Oil!ild~ u~d ptlo,fuooly 'wlith t'lte: oth~r CO~"lbina.tion pu,ncbllS ~!l!'liak]i]b:..1ii. '['i1l(: sltrajg~'iJit ptu" should[ be d~i v,uecl from ~~ on~ardl pos~Uon with U.iJ~ pO/Ln,t of con.tact in ]~e w'itn tile: $ll~r~Oe or Yf)I,U s.hou 1¢I~lI'.~ il~ lJho'~Ji 1,2 ,and ~l. A~il1!S'~;\ sh,art QPpon~J1t .Qf tr 'yo1lll.n:t(!~\ittj!l1g at -1<1\1(: law line [tv~t be:t1!d Y'O~'I.r lmoes .so yo~ sb,ollldi:!m m aLign,dd 'bOil the pOlntaf ,eon.wct..L·]:k;eliviS£l, ~ he liS BI

tali! P(!f:SiOll. &taud
J...1II.~~it. illSJOd

Oil'!! the- baJs. of y'our 'feet.. [pl'Dgtlli!liii.. t['.!iC st1:';~j;gh't pUl'iie:h &'i1Q\dd b~ 'lb'K~ii!!,I P.i

hom !:UI.y p()~itiol'Ji m wbie.b Yi))1.'Il1'l:a~lIdhaplllt.".ll'lii to b~. wit!l:uJ:ll't :allY 'e"ma Hlot;lOn. Ifke re~ting It, or pullifl~ 'yQ1oIIir Ghou.J.d.erood,!( be:E'oIf,Ce!li.v~ . aut th.~ p~1Jrn6h~Mf~1i be Iau fliC.hOO withrour bod)' d st

m l[IId!~Ul(;e to bo efreet:ivf.l:.

elllssie.:a] :!!mm:>!l!.t:he hMd is ne.vel pll';ll,ced.IQtl YOl'Jr 'i:ii'}j1' in ptlOWS A, B and nor is tjUlC punch ini'!.lltl,ted fl)iiM!nth~jlU:.1t islmpmet~t:a] to hO!~e YOlU: bud 1l1I'liieUng ..he ~~b'a, fll:eedJ];e&!, ,~t9n,~e. ~theri:l'lJ;(rce, deIiv~ry of youII' purnch from the hip c);,p()~eslEi hlltge areQ of yam body ~l~lting the a.cUOfh As d.i!;,c:u~E\d int!'1!c l351.~Ch.<tp,t!llif. the ICIlI.Wng ,figh~,!?fill have m.o~ ' :St!f:llgU!y ou ];I ivot; yam hips an.d ntlli 1.:€! all tile Q th er iunctiOl\ll!ili for II heil!i.lIl' blow. But SODe~€S tills ""mte]egn~J~h,OUI!:' mio'!.!'e~u:lintl Mld ,au ha!;!',1!!to.'llvhether to s:a.c.a::nioe13 $peed :for pOW!l"l1. Tim depends on y!lilW oppou(!nll.. If I'll!!;: ]S VIl'[}!' i!llow Md. awk\vMd~ ~ou ,mn u ti1i~th.{! pDwedul Ibia"ws :).l'ldstiU COI,.l!,acl. But if lIt!: is [fLisl-, you. ma~ 'to con(."tlI1t!!:1lm en .EiP~ ~q~il t1uu~ PO~/lto!3!r, Anrong tb.~, best ,equip ~~L te d,~ve.~o,p 5;.p~ltdand accum!;;)! Lite your p\m~h.-~ng. bLn€! oId.fa£1h:ior.ue-d $i]~!:l'd bag. ,as ~lnp''hrl(.o A. 1'h;€!_ bii'lig, .:lU[lIPOrtod. by an elastle Ijn~ to thll.t <;;emrtg ,md ~. roplllw thil!!'[I'Our, is ijl.ll~lPgr:rujl.ootD yOUJ' $hOlllJt':Ier It:!'ve.i, To li1~theb:1tg Ipro]Jcr~y~ytllU na.\IIoi.'l tci be quick lvlth yOiW' h:ancls.. Y.o~ ha\l'~ to hit tht' !,areet




since: your hwn!:!!> willi

RO~ bllbl


protect your head bom ',he

ol:Tlool.llin[g b<l\g. 'rh~ pw:u:t:!Iinlli: piu;,1:ij II!! ~b.o ~Vn bl pho'~c Y'I are v(!~s;J'~j[t1 I eqwpm nt, ufilHrttn »:u::r:eWill peed and he-:dlvy !lllJIC'til~D :l:or kic.ikmR s ndl foli" ;Jtl~pJyl11g oomm.'IUlt:iOn!i. YO!i1 'au work Wl Ii'! 01':11:: or two
c I

In hotos 1 i:d1Id2" La pr,Bct'ice:s an 'li::q,losiv'~' 11'a(l1ng rI~M punea \mlh h:n~L0 I.E!' pad. Bru;;ldM ~piosiv ~1ll"88. he ' lIP p~d II; good Dr de'IPl!!i,IiJIPbtlg p~M t.00 your puneh, lrl~", yO,lf pattn r hold out 'Lh 'p~ld tmd w'ilet'lov r )lou attempt to pUl'nch,. h~ j rli:s; :it swiftly eil'l.lI 'r upward or downwm'd~ It)'f1ng 1.0 mak ' )1,0\1 mis$" .0.& you. attempL to. hilt it sq~Olr Iy.



so the b~ will bounce dt dly hal!k 1<0 you~ ,lDId y,ou

Reed. ~ood timm.g 'With :Y0LLrbands. In the beginning., use: both haLbldls '00 puneh 'tb~ bag and smnd wi~h your eet parallel but comfol'tab~' 3IparL. Hi the' b~ dir-ectly st,rmgh using yom' rilO~ 818, the guiding );IlI)iI1&. The most fwtlllJ'ie of. the baa tie, 'l<hOoLit ,oompeis "QU to ~~jldaectty and ,mi.sp]y md no push O"f I; wiU not retumQ yo", SHarply. But an.'ce you

ha!!l, the knack (l,f punching it after several practices, you can bruni l.h'U' on-,g:!!lIard Jl1l'Si,~on and ~ml')loy the [ist>andi elbDw cOMbin.atiol1ll, HiL wirth YOID' fi!it and bl,fI, k o:r s!;:like with YOW" elbow nd fnl:' arm, a in phoro SYQU cannot nit the b,:!Ig $t~lBd~ng in t1U! G'llil.SSictd styl • 'Niitb. your ~J~C:h d!illi,,~rod !rOM your h.~I'.I, beL'nusc it will '00 too h,;jj{.e tor YOIl

'to mad after tb first PUDah_'You Me liilb!c

be hit un your

ac •


In 1)I~otos I,
with his,


'2" IJifid 8, hI." lIuoW5 hm LeadiiiLl,gri,gh't and '!fDUm,vB up V> lbD ~e<:Qm'd,JNlidl, W,ith a [ilK of. piIlds, yOl3ll pliIJr!.lurr
d"-'lI'elup a~e~d. tliim and

e.9InI hl.:!~[) ~fJ!.:~

h:i.m.selI atn,d IHs i'lt1I:i1,d'e"arDl~flId~r:e\1'eRlinc a

'hinl; the wall canvas bag is not 'OO(lomrnen.ded ~M • P .ell. To d~'Elu~J $,,11 d, you mulSt bit !O"itlilspeoo in It'li1ld a td notp i\Mef, U


bl,r mo\IWI.\g'




~~ou hit '!'!'itll full pOWEll .:Ill tbe ti!IlJl;!'t you will bi 'eDfLfi.cing:sp ed. gVi'H wlule hjUin~ the h,~",vy bag, . as in phiotos A Ilnd 9. you can hit; 'W itb. .a oombuudi 'n Df tip!! ~I a]1[(1 power. Uiie )lO'U;C' d";'l'ninaitin~, ]eo.dinj:t hand mooMy60,r B1J-Iild nnd ,)In!.!!' li'a::w ,hmd~o. pow r. FromJ dme te time Y(l1L1CSn throw h.O'lIv), punches tram both hands as "0\11 "a::rowd'Lhe bag.



w¢!iden, dUdrny ~n%! ,~~S'ii) mtcd te ~~Ilm b~ ,!llpee"di punchlflgJ MmbiW'lliVti(:lO bto~!\l ~nd p:arri.em, 3iS, In. l:Job.Cloto!!: and .8. The ,A dk"lool\i'iRntage fOl: ol.'i),ewbo hasn ~b w~[ked OI'iJJ tbe du III my b 0'Iollli.!'js The

In o,~$elU~.thi!l!t~;a..djl~b i~ u~dtQ
li!![~d to f.;1{1I:aa:~ 0 p!3nm~
0 p~JlOfliilm

ke.ep the opponil!nt



fum' mlJ'l'e puOOIli._ng

def~nse:" it ~

lih;aJt he ean injure' rumre,1f if' his fists, are not cOl1ld~t~Qr~~d~n hit


atla~k. Fur 'e'.I{amap~e.:yl0iU ~Q~hQ .p"n;c~~·' '!;J.y Uiliro w iliaig' (I, q~ick .phi bo b:is[!1~!IiI jT~$'l a~ h~ is ",lbp!J,1;, to J!ilu~~h ~~ :i:!!.~Wre~. The j'lb Q~l'I ala.o be d;~Ii:'Vf}J'~d lircO.Ifii:an ~.Wrlldil§d <:l'!"1TI. W "'sti:Il""1l.¥m· Q,!, ~~IlI[IJ yQ\JJF appo[l~lmJt !lit ~ di,sla.nt:!ir'"j]f\i;l'VfJ!nt h WrrI frn IT! c~o~·1!l fjghtiJlITIIl!I. The j~b if; m~Jstll~ t'(lcu~cl on r~he f<l,W~ml~~ jl~ Lack::! f"O"lJand d!OIii!:! ~~tUre dlillMli~ b) Lh~ body, It, il:! a w;e;iJi;t!c1.". p~w!iinll' :!I~~Qke gGod tor <1r. !!1~I,.:;jj~m. It is '~hoown l\lith lo,O'gene~ im y~m<,tl'mand a .sn:a:p bef(;)M ~m[[IiWtJ. An~x~l!IentG'IlI.i~d"5 ~ame tlla:t is [lIrn CI:I'Idcm~lbe I'htYed wi:th ,<anyane. jf): Ute. "Ig]liI~p'mlf' M~wh.Extend :yQ'~n:ar. fuUy in oou:t of MQ,u'Wit'il y"lour balld (i' ud;:strek:bed!.Y,o~ Iih!.U1[~b 'ij'~ I~hetop ~j!i, ~ Y!Y~ ho1d i:t 'lil'eTtieaTI~. M1ret.! y'QUl" pa!l:'tnelr ;swings his. ha.nd to ·$ll'l!P YO,~" YO'll. ~~ae;t by j~iki.llg it 5u.ddll'nly ~.p!NHd iUld 'wwatrd,.o~., !~~fuIlg ,~O~ best to ,a~rOitlJ,ool!:d:act, You let, hi!!1JiL de tbe sla:ppmg 1iilri!j~h-e m~s,€!:i!" then yrJi)U;reverseroles,

ff!i.l!rlEiluver llo S~QP 0;1: m~l]!t all

'''becat y Q"1::Ill"



One o:f~he .ost featYJres '&b. !ie'U: J:KD 3Jl~ ~h,e c]~~ ·fif;;ylle:s, o£~!)In:n.g (l~ oi;tnd ~~~]ncis thal~ !:tu¢;e



Til£! lerui,is alfJ.rtlo.!ltk~tbel.ea:d!ing !!lb'aigtd p1!ln!.)h. '!i!ij(C~p~ ~:iiiJI~ It i ~9.eksctbe fCI\~eof tbe~o:tm[ 'Pl:tn'ch.1't 'i5 uood mos'tly as <iii .,' r~~I~f" iri.l,~~e eil:r:]y ooiU.'lrtld!l f &;pmcing 'tJIf in: ,th~ brminn'in,g of <.11 fi~t o tu:!hvOOIi':i two cra:f>ey f1~h~I5. The lead: jab :is used as :a C<t:~'!;]DU.s lUGill5m~ -to study UlIE!: oppO'nent in mQbiOl'l.WhOOl! two ~V'~n~y matchilld. skilled fig-litem [[loot. some'&im es th.e lead jalb ~ IIlsed! tlU'itDru;gbou.tthe fight. The ]~rAd j~(IJ is t~n,eNl:U..)I' ~~ dQmitu'lltiJ~11l handt:echn~que m oo:x.lfllg buti~ JIWit is the' :!efl.diDg ;!ltltmght PWl.d1. &d:a. OOdll~~~e!l ~aw!!ln::u;!iS't the ;!;lliiiI'Jie fa:El!!,m::s;s: :mst.. aC!cW"IIIoo" short d(!i\i'.~;ry,~ody ~~f1!oo: in dcli,wl'Y ,,1In:d both are h 3Ild to Ib~ock. b

mI;::Q:tpnm.~d!¢jl:e nQt1.le[lr<l.p:hic ~poots of ~(!nci~g. BY,!l(i'cFlUng partl)f'thllil' CQQitwoik M.diapplyi·rI;fit tl1~ IPlijn~)ph!' of thil'1l;!I.JLm,g the ha!IiUJd '~!1!(f'CmYrl1:uJrbQtl.r, i:! .;iJ,n,ost imprnl8ill>1e to p<nm'Y ~r bLock i;ll.e sDood [:IUI'lelu~s:~Uicll .iliiith.e lM.t:k 'fis1.]irI b or tlil0lillacl fI~Rch. 'llH!' Mncelpt Ib~hiifld: u.'iI!~. is th at ~f :yiQU i1l1ititllt;e lI'OW' p:U~'ch l'firtmQtrt <'r!t1y fow'l\\'ru:'l1ing Si~~h ~~tetlls:iI.71g :It.oUl' S:JnIQuhjllc:r~ .. nl!.i!~rlg tOll:" foot ~'h" bolWy. t\h(l "ppO~:iI~n.t !oYi.WWl'H';It l'ta\1'i~ t ~(rl!@il' thllr~to t~ct. \fii~'n hl1! ®I}@{ Ute pUi"i'l::h 0001 iihMhaifi: is, ifh:e 1C!v'e:rse!!A i'Ht will beto'Q]iiI'le :fO't him to 'b](;l~k Of pan"JI it. ActuWJ:y', Ute: ,pl(ltld:!l ru:re.a:d_y!ml!ke.s, co,llbc~ .d y~1I.I:r hlu'Id is JSrMpp~f1Cba;ck wl~el\ bOd!y ed~ [1OI:'W3rd. I~ is the IIll~Qet mav,.rmeilllt or th,e fel1~ who ~ll:!.'U~ts hi6 1'0.]1 fOl'W~ and d.ees IU)t fn-ov~ rot'Wro:~!jjn1;:n !his band


~, being :l',el;rael.e'(L If you pu.I'i{)«t 'Sli~tu[tarlr!!(I!IJ!sly. wirt.h jlWsta iSTiilll~L Moti,ortl of y(l~ f'eet O!l' bfld~. yo<u h~ ... 9.l11~liiIy ~ t,ellll!~phed Of 'WItl.r1i!!cd yo~!!' QPpoOl:1i€:nl. o'C YOl!;i:rinmlruC)i'I.. Th:~ rSe~t il~1 .t.hi~ no~tQI(i~ptuf~ moves ill 'to~~bl{ y,l)Ur bodily a.nclu~~~ b1!ltk.~~pthem ~ll ...blg liLt ,3,

sll (!,hI 'Ili'tution, \'ll't:up out !I'OUf hood ~oos:cly ®CD' Y(l ur 'B~iit<:lU IdeN dog·t tenm ,nnd uhmch your tmnd jlJl!l.t (In lrurtail'Tht befon:! contact, as you Dp II. Yuu have to keep 1I. ·"pokur rl);C .. , hib~ faein yow oppi'm ut, A a}jl!llt I.witchor expros.'l.I,on 0:11'1ynur 'ftilce mooy trigger yo~r i11'tanLifJn and warn your 'o'ppcmm:'lt. 1.Re W~ 80 good in, specdptmeh~lle: thalt he had Q ,pm blem . ~tting YQ~~lnte.Ol'S j;,o cQliJ1eto him l:'.lhM he de_onstnlle{l in ka:taW oumanumbi" Even the chnmpiinl'fj-t; w~ afraid 110 L"OnU,o,'lt him becaUl:lt' m.Ollt g, them knew lot his prowess with his hands, In J 1t,Q&U:5 1 3!~Utl, 2. Lee demon tr:.tili3111his sp etl .8,J! Ili ikM'tlte bh;u-:I-ib:WIt. Even dter i:ndinntinl!l' to the Vo~urntfterr 'lo"hJem his pun hing would be dirE(!t:e.rr.i, the 1~'Il1\1'9S unalbl~ to bil'lck his I'lunch in !lUI':h.tfrIes. t.c. wa;; sueeessfuf, nol jU6t became ,m his quick hnnds btlrt b .C~Ji"seof his na~ less. llont<eleGtaphio ,movement. Use yoU!~ uonte!grs..pilic pun.d:!. with Y'Ollf funvud shuHlle as discussed 1l1'1the. cltlt]J'OO,f O~l "'iFootwork .•"Pt".etiee !lue back .f50t. lb:st, thM'l lh,e: fioS II' jab .and finally llm Il"admg I!I'Lraighl!;, PUJILc'h. In the be:gi:nnillg, puneh or jab into the air and fSubsaq'llently upon the poper bll:,g ,t Later, u~ tbe PIiJlL~ehing pad. :LikJetraining 5n speed punchingl havn your partner j.~rk U pad quJck],y when yOU! thl'o'w ,om 'P'l1n~b" tryJIII !i:bi$ utmest ~(), aki!l! you mi~ it. m AnO'llier exereise '~b:tt yQU ~Jll lnelude ~n Y'OIll' lrainin," is 'lhe uclap'ping" game, rand :BbQu· a flL1U ~_fm'''' ten ~ll plus ,(IDolh, i [OIUl' or fi'll~ mches away from bim. r~ your partner ·keep hjs: hmda, ahouta feet apart in fmn,t of h m, 'rh, idea is II.Q throw I to his Iauiil! or bndy ~tJ:ni€h r, 1:II~t:r.,-r,een IUs lum.d. It, i a ii'S to wbe~"JIer you 'Clanhit t;h,~ .fJ~t!!ind SJ'lI(p your fl.St lufo111 hie' da[:l it betwoon bis bands. l[ h~ c:iln'l." tho n 1~1.l1Iilm rud'illc. the diStan.ce betw.een hi! Iltuld~'i until i is ;only ahpu six: inches. You con alse step f-mthc IlW!l!y [[rHT! him in .~MLiIJ ring Y{I\J'l:' PU[LM. But before y,tJlIuIJItt£!mptbI!lI no lhis dtin, bl+ ®IJlT;li! thm. Y;I)!..!.C3I.D. oonti:'01 yoW' p'lIJ.n1cl'l.. ~f· be mi!<£ei'i your blow, Y(l'U should h able to stop YOUl pW'leh. b~'!li!!he Ilur-flu;, or hi!lltin, It mny b~ w~~ to .I~!lim l~O.nt:rot in punching betore you

attempt the clap]'l~llg' l':!'X~ci.<::{! .. Hil;'W'your p-utne.r .skmd me Ionless; thr,o?;' ,our Pl!.me.l\(lS $Il1)ou~ W~ illllil.i11 $- uom his fllllt:'e. Then gradu.nHy throw your f1~ulr.h '10 _.rand dusvr untilj'o\.! m:e !barely


touching skill1.

YOUI' Illction. ail the b~ow

¥Ollt pa:. tIel' ,hould only ~e] he dmlt kom In ~be fII1CliJl\ m , your I'ID to r ean lOOirDb~t Ito, blink ti

ilIlmost bm& ~I!;fill~~.

2: 1110

Sp~(/ ~~t Kil!J!.ing The m(lls~ dominating ,kicks' in ,JKID are ~h~ side and hQQk kicklJ .. T'h'1i!side kick can 'be !.Gel.:!: wiiltb quiek__nes,s lind pO'W'1ll' whUf! the hook ki k is us d m..os;Uy fol" S,Pi~~. Wi dKD mOl:!t (If t.he !kicks are ]aund'lielil from tile leading foot.. ~I~omillmg t'he d~:m.ncebetween y~uMe'U and the target. The hook Idc:k 15 lo-cy·s,d gen€ll'8Jl1y on tbe u'.p,pet' Jine--l-lrom 'tll,e' to 'thl? head, It. :u especiaDy eft; ctive when, wected 'kQt'h e ,rib. of y01!l!r opponent.. just. beio,w bis am~. as ]n phow AI. k mell:tiO<Md i~ 'tb ~ pre'll'i~.)I.a!l: c'i1:apte'l:', the leg La stnlnl@l UUU11 'the:




'l'he kO{,k kick ,is more dUJicwt to learn than,th@: ::i~de kiek 00m1J!se it 1$ bllIilJtrto de~iver. and ittJelMllJs 'to th'liow you in photo phot-o 2;"

just ,one


;1\ f~ blow"


thlil! iklook ew diBtlJbte:your


whIch f1.lIltornatieaUy induce5 your hips to l'omile. Fm_lIl1.'-yS4~apow: y :foot from the bee whkh stmightens thfli m.ppo~'j~g leg,. a-. :iJ1 :ph,a,tos 3, :and <t. 'fh.c he iJ,k kilCk is J;i;jll"rO,rmoo witb just on~ m.oUon from thil lime your fQot leaves th~ fiom'. Your e.-y~ sbould be <;1)[lI !i'mD.tiy Cl !.be tar-gQt and yout' kick i~ ajmil~dDot .at tt1e surface' n of the tm'gd bu,t ,throughl it. YOllif to t, Uk~ '&be punch, should sna.p (III' whip just !prior to ~mpaC't. OM fnWt 'or[ a begirmer 'Is, tibi!'llthe l~ii_.n:s, far' fOiWi'a:rd and bOlo

Your leg be10lw the k~ee Should tic 'hung looslC~y po..i1'I'Li.ilg to th,e flour' jiqlt noo,ut 45 de.g1Iii'i!S". Your: weight; s.h<Quld be oo,.mpl(!te~,on the rear tOOlt with ~he knee sligH,1!tly oont, and youe body ~ell.ning bw::lnlji'aW. '[l71en piv'l)'t on the ball of 'yOW" ro~.rtoot.

ClIII'M,lrua:m::e In 'the p"I\O~. I;loiSpooiaUyon the hi.C;b kJ.,cks" '1:'Ddo 'th~ b.ookkick;" stand, in the e,n"gum:d p(lgitl:on~ as 1. ,itt :your !eadkn~e uutil yo,lJ[r''tJligil~ is ho,rizo,nt.lli. as in






nook. ki,u. After nlwng h' knE!' hlr has, 11 lendene9 to slIirmghiil 'r(H)~ biil!~k d~ive:r 'he kick. See chad 1.-0 on Lh!l!' path o!l: your 'foot. It s:\oW$dUl''''!, debVtIlY aifid the two motions '~Mke:n his blow bk41l.SC' of the' hesitation mild the tb~l he UD~ not (Joolpleteq atiltI to cDlI'I1Ibinl>d rOle€! of tll,e hit'" ;md, leg QCtioll. as Lee demowtrawb in phatos ,A.13,C~n. The hook ki.l:k is: llii'll8Uy deHnred with [h quick. a,d,¥ijII'!fi"
~ncluMs two I.lI,Dd.onfi in his


fCQ1WO.1;k. Frown the Qill-g;uooard posU,ion~ lIS in photo 1" Sl.ev CornlmJ 3bDUt thll1l:~ M!lciru{t's. as in pl~,Qla 2. 'then 91ide yotH T, 81 foot quick),)' fOI'W.Wid, u .n j:lhlilltiO 3 Jus be on yOUI' r~1:U' fao!; co"ntiu;:t,stho from, lit your [ton (nat to ,npp:ly lh • kick, as in Slh.oto .1. So,m, ti"m 1I your O,IJ]1O.I"I'€II1,t may' nerowd'" you nnd YO\rn 'ftlilld

yo!.:U'S>eU quit o.kDw to Mm. In thls kind of 'P,I"~dica.m'eJllomit the ibn ·iinch ~tep tm.d, itIs;tc,ul, from the- rJn~ru:d pos:iUDH. as in




oro i. ~lid,@' your "oJ!' (out Q[uick~y oncvard just behind ~lhe'front. rt" ,8J!) im photo 2, T1~ienb~:fo~ your OPJ'lDIlilint C8i1:ilftln.f',t~ .Y()'l~ n~d be' l;lli~Dchhlg yOW' side: k~t::k. as hiiJ photo ,3,
i:!; mOy\m::I~nt, sho~[d

be 'too Q~O

to '3"111111' o'ppontm to,~e: tbe thme·lnclll ~Wp t!!li1:d too 'fi:U' to !.lSi' Mile'!ilLiort Slid!!:) BrS in phatc' 2. \V:liJ.en YQ;MI ,are 1i1&ha:t PQSt~on! just do tlllil! ,f'Ol'w,a:a;d bmst ~([ lW'Jifie~ ali!i m.pboto Y.

be wirth one Iluid tIl0ti:OlCl~~D :itatkm of'j,erkmess Lj],betlve-eo, Other ttn'l.e'sYoOUIfI:&Y fif;ld yourseLf caught lit mOOrYah., You m~)l

befu·;re ,Miv·&img' 'the 6:~dekwk, AUhou~D thO' book kirJk :ia CIm,e.,'n!IUy used for the uppe;r line I!Lttl!.ck.DIUm it is lfllDoo at the 'gJroill9real as in photos .A 8/nd B. '.I!'ms ,d;«pcnds on libe 3!I1gle O[ yO'U'f bad,Y to yow o:ppo~ nt"s.


MM~.tiJl1111a,you mil I~afil'lhat It is Hi'll' a~J prJlcti:cal kickl,ll "!ol.~h t the [~ari;J~t(;I·h It at>t,Q_fl,. The.1l~ {IW $ev,e:r:n~ IlipllmiaCWie'5 Y{lU ,q::a['l~ain or1 to de'Y~!!~P Yf"p.r hoo~ kick. OI!:lC lalf the most. prac:tJlwl,and I~li!!l'~(:I'l:p~n:iJ111'El 1$ tJme pa,p ~r 114l'_'l:l'c. Jlttom fin on-guard position, kick thte~ge't at first. withQ~t fltepp1ing OI:ff. 'Get 1!'M'!l' ~~fee1~' ef yOUJ." st.;!HtU (yom halflil£:el and the patlloi yow foot. if'ay GIC8!}' lil1:e n !jOn W tile !;:IlllipalL

1G:ra:d,IUlll11':kiick ,i~to lbud~robjOOts MAdh nsl!~'~ light bog!, M, in. pMto A. lmdi the h.~v1 b~, ,'oJcombifli!:E)tolo1i1l hand md fm)l~ ·oo(:hll!Jliques. we Urue WOOdlil1 dWdmy, 11.5 in lllhoto B. QI'lI.C'e ,m~ IlCl!il'C: ~c:qwftdl the kl!1ll!Lcl!:, deLivctine; ~he h(l!C)k kick :lJutolrul.l;ica1liy. of prj~N~t.i,cewit'n :11. moviiJrllg Il:arg!3 ~ au~ n.~the, pllnd:ilil1g In i.he btllgjl'lllliliilnS" just: UK' am~'; then later ~nCOrll)(l~l~ the oit:hll:i so yuu Mt'lIidi::iI I:mtll yow I~fl H~cll!'iglu t'Oc't. AUhCl~gb YQY1~IIOOp .if; S~llla1l\' tl'1J.1l: lU!~ln't oil COl1taCJ~ in Lb.!li haok .kick , nitl.1k~1fr~Ifi(l!~8():f yo1lll' 1)oot ean be n red. such i3<!1 the ~1f!U. . '!lo>e and sh m. Bu~ .aY·~id U.9anliB ~ht::i-c e and ball II you (Ulil ~])lU'


the k:ic'k is, to tha IJlIlliin ii.udl tr,all'1'lJ; straighr upw,ru-d or ¥(!tticaUy. If used with our: l1,jl1 m,ctio!1, as ditctlSSl!ld In Lhe cbaplle'r on "Power 'l'rainilllg,·· you can generate 8 much mar (lGwarE\WJ, blow than the hlJDk kiek, The flout kick is nut em ploJled ~o orten in d Kl1 s[JiU'I'imtig because Ute ,on"WJ.I,m:dstnmce dQe~ ~tII.l.low too moo)' olPporl; l!-n.i.uO'l! Il!:lif wts us@.,i;ut it ts lin ttD"ecti"e WmlFHuI8gBinsl Hllllly fiptars, who don't protect their gI,a,in 1lM'1l wcll. Although the ball Of WI:! 'DC your [eDl. con be the paiat of oonll'{ld. pt-edpluinantly the .instep DOd dim life used. It can De delivt'fed more !lA:curnwly than with the tOI? or ball VOW' l'ml,t will be 'trawfulg upward h t\\' n yOW' opponent·, legs" as in photo 1 and 2. It is almost impo.-"siblcoo miss the mrgoL In I'.iipmring, ID:lll!'qu:entJy you do hll:¥'C an opportunity 1.0' use the bon~ kic k, FOl e !!i:.w:iImph!. w'trn: Bwlding an artae k, )Iou mil, b~ able 10 swinlilYOUJ' c'ppo:nco.t amund so Itil; back faee,s ~rou" ItS ~I:I,pllutos ;.., and 13" For ,OI!W daily training" you can pmctb:,p! Ji'nnL kIck by rutting tbe bottom rim of II he-B:v)' b~. OlheJ' ti,ght bags or halilO thot .c1Hl be s,LLspeuded m UH! l! !ling 3itV exeeLlil!n :for Vl'uctidng ubliquel,. Yflur skin !IIp-iDst a n Dvhlg ODj~ .t.. Th ,[JI.IIII'hing [mu CHfI I e.mlllloyed, LDo b' having your partn r hnmd & hori~nnl,;ully' wi til, bw pillhm, I~(!i:llgtil - floor. lkl!i 'lh othe't' hmqul;!J, !,h,e waoden dummy I.\i ~d (orr C'Qmbhnamon • as phnto Y. bill' you eM't


ki ok it

00. hMd Vlith(Hlt


1i0 y!)ur




ood as


Iocus yuJ:111' siCh closer, your l>phe_

beoonu'~'s 9rt1ailCl'.

to have peripberal, vi~iollil in FfI~r diD:l.ensi~Hl than others, mfukeiii ba&ketblll playcr who $Ccnlii,OO' knClw w.h.el:tl :p,l.ay r ~s ,II 11d, alway,s ,sell'lDS to iEnd!cliue 'iri'pen I"IlnJD; or (II football quarlelb<aclk wffillo. always; sees the umgu,arciled pliLu4:~odw[.· So'met ~xi;e~ in lJ:m~P~'rtsf~eld believe' tbat the 0xoeptiooalbr b.~ ,(~grea of JUlrIplnn:aL '~iIl:~on pOl!iteSi ,d by a few athletes, is innam. But thl1llY :aJso f~al liIat Lbis tr.a~t can be broadened by,!!'wl')IO'M tbrough ,C':~"nlitallt pncil;i.oo'. In n~,mtia~arts YQ'" fll,yllot nil d as\\dde 3. mn{.'e of Il'isiol'l as in t'he other :spom if you a~ con.fironte-d by a single person .. BuL lto'U SUl',e~' Dftd it·~ hen sUlTOundlcd by iLwo Dr mere ;Q:t~kers. 1'0 develop pe.'riphml visi'on. focus ,'our ~f.t:S a~ a di!j;~nt .s:b:'uctme, sU'cb ;ElS.a hLP bliiliLding or ljj po~ r, The;n dl.ffuoo yO'1IlIJ ·!.ghL 00' you ean still ~i!) the stl"l:l' lIJ'it'" cleady but OOlO the blmry e:I1Wo,n.e,nt lboTdedng it. Tak' notAl! of 8i1'1Jo~ movemNtiU> from both comers DC yollX' e'y~5. in trnmiIDilg. work wlth tMce 01" mort! persOI'ilS and spread !he-Ifni OiY!t."l'rI)~~ eyes fiG:fJ'tnto f:ocw; Ofllll"the peraoll in the middlo bUlt Y',~W', VIGaQIIlI 'I'S. actu8iDy ~pon aU of them. l-'W one 01 them m.oYcs:. no ffi8Jt1p[l"ow s~i~b'IJ, I call o u~ h is (Iam.~. h nne o,pIW-Jlenl,'our e:y'1e8 shauZdI be fixed Ollii. his ep,es bu' your vision abould en'compaB5 his whole' body. :l!i om ph,oto A. YO!.l!.'( \pjaian ep,lwre is m,o:re ,ext.ensive when focused at a (U5tlln,~
SOIlfl,e athletes seem



s!o \'II"

all Individual it ~ hlU'de;r t,o I:hl!1ow h~ hl"lnd mO'tioll eY\en hands Oli lO~l to. your ~y€S th.Rn th fie t. be~'ause the hiilndl

hil1h~l1I.lI'Dikjng l!n.artiaL Mtl!ll'. was ,8l'lmiU'.ed at .Bruoo

Lee)s qu~k

hand art'id loot ,reaction. !.ere bad: the incUn. "on W lci.clollliit hd:l1'fEIi j ~tis ,o'ppml'C3nt- ,and pu.nd. just before his DpPQ\I'lient did." To lho8~ who saw him for the: fird tiro • he 8ieemNi to haw an lnst,iJ ct nra 'i:d-h sn. - thaL let hbn read] cthtr peap] • miD,u.s,. Ii eould be frut:ltr,3;ting tu ,&par '\li ith :sumeone like, him because ~lf! \'Irl&~, upo'n ou be .oro you could el,l I blin.k you!!' ey,e'.
The &cern (1.[ Lee's f!uiek mlliC:tinn W,;]j his hi,~.,.jreJ",I;g]opedi sn of a~\lgrelliJl~, C1lllIU\1'8~d by years of IirlLining. 1-' cODlple'tnel!Jl cd hill band ,OIl11,d, foot M'dl'hniqlues. ,Jw;t fhe' !lc<ooiteratinn of your foot


mtd hand dtne.'i!!ltt nncllJ5SlWily moon I,hat you 'rIrilil beat your Dpponent to th ~ punch OJ' kick. In ,other worm. speed l~tD'ne dl'lun·t gum:1lnt.~1! 'lhllt )'or~ Mow wiU ooii.l:byour npponcn:t I fore .Ills reaehes )!'au.. But by ~ultivating, your kil!(!ns n~ oC awaren~$~ lIDU!r' ,(l'h:mCCl tlf bating him i . enhanced ti''I!Ci:ous]:s, Haw does on!! develop hils keen !lwarM~? Oil~ 'yay ist:o be eI rt Ln, )I'OUI' "lI!'roundines,. Learn t41 tea,clt qu.ickly .. 'Fur mstllJltl",-e. wh:il l I rt:stSillifitl:ll or other public place, :W~(l1!'!:t a ~prS(ln from. Ule era d and FancnIJ his movement. \Vhc:nev!9l he or she' gestj ul WIS" you ruspond ,by u silent "U;~1' or nnYl'IlLhet quiet! ~barp sound. Gradually, iIlrCfBIt!O@' :II'our rofi:fmllile b~' a t mpLing to anticipnte nr be-at h.~ ~S:;Ufi With M1I ··wgh." .If you have i!I dO,g, practice k,eel~ 3.Wnli'ie",Il!S8by hoJdifllg a u,g before h~m, '\\I'henever 'he jumps fOr it. re.tlJt:Lw:i,LIInn "ugh'" l!.S YOl! liia'l.uI.t:m ouaJiy je.rk th!!i' rag' hiW w,asp .. AIr. th . 01!Jt.~ .t, hold 'th, , mg: high, bu i.U yowr ~ru:tIQlIIi, tjlli.liCMnlSi. lOow~i' iI. toward! ninl. YtO\! win b0 ,SUf{,ri:l12d how flluchtills si-mpLe all .fft~ 'Wl shO!l'wn your rellp 0Il:;e~ hn~. If you aren't 'oolfllvi.ncoo. ,iio Lhcsan~~ex Ilclse"vi heu; the sound .11d[j instead,dust jerk the ig,1lWay, YO" wj] the~ realize bow a~Qw

your reaction
Nil punching


)'OU,f! is urulo\Vung him yO~jJ ~act. !O him. "Then Ie ell". hold thEl ,of hl1l:1it and l'!l him hit it_ 1\' h",' tUo'W:ll his lUi

~x:eret;e f at you. candID With
'!lad imi! frnnt

00 gestku.lil:te quic:rdy

spe.ed punch, j~fk 10m hand quickly willi ,II simultan eus uugb." Incredib1y, tll.iS s:imp~e exere~t! tM odd a gr~a" deal er spe<M 'ro
"u,')l~l' 11U nch and klc k,



Lj\O Of.JEEf i~r /JtllCf I,~(! (.u/e .Yo. 4tH


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FIm-ll.l~'\jG 1\'mTllOl)

lIf·iIkill~n ~ n~hlll!iq;ttes c
(fJ£/t: .\()


'IIm:l:U~ UE'F.'

Y!J.L l: IBn le Imi.niiln~

(lr .Bmrt> l.. e aNd 11 O'e'},nm. Cw:ic' .\0. e . .

n.R1l,:"CE EJ~' FlGH1. ~G lMETII.OD ',~ot 3: Skill ul. 1i'eclutiques L bv Bnn» lee mrd'\l f ·l'l?hliM. Code .\Q, 4(H
DRt.:CE LEE'S HGlfn~G ~UmHOD Vol ': ~\.dnul~":(:d T"dlniqllcs h,. BruH' lee mld.if t)W)ar(1 Code \'0 4(6 OIIl1~E5E Ol"';"'!l6 flU 0\' Bruce IRe O)(Ii/ .\(l 4;1 'fHE, UiGE:\'iD \it.Y Um.;CE: Ulli

(be 1:.<i,/ur;:; Cd"Sack Ddt





Bruce Lee flashed olilrantly .like a meteor throu h the wotld of martial arts and mo,tiOl"l pictul'es. Thien, on July 20, 1973. ill Hong Kong, like a meteor-h.e vamshed, extinguished by sudden death. Hi" was jU.$t 32. Bruce Lee began his n'l.ardal an Studies with wing cbun, under the tmA:Jage of the lete Yip ;:\hm, to aJlevia.m the- personal insecurity instilled by Hong iKc:ll1l city lifJe. Perhaps hecause his [rait'lim enveloped him to the point of fanaticism. he was eventually able to refine, di.£tiJl and maeure Mno a ph iloso ph!?l", technician and innovator of the martial arts . .\iter intensive study of diff@I'ent martial aets style. and theuries, Lee de\.·eloped a concept of martial arts for the Individual man, This concept h tsrer labeled Jeet KUDI:!' Do. the \\13.)' of the intercepting fist. It has anteeedents not only in his physical training and. votumtnou martial ruts libr[lry rover [\\"0 thousand booksr. but In his forma1l"du(:~hoJ:l as well (a philosuphy major at the Universrty of Wash in. toa, Seattle). Lee also combined his martial arts expertise with his knowledge of acting skills (ind einematic techniques, starl'ing il) several motion pictures: The Big B088. FISt5 of Pur», Wa)' Df tile Dragon and Enter the Dragon,
Bruce Lee's deat plull'ed him, both martinl his Tho arts Bind film errtbuslasts of Jed

bv Unda let' Cod(t \'0

into an abyss of disbeUef. Out of their gl'o'Wing demand to know
more of and ,about Do was


I'NCO~[PJli.R.ABLIK HGHTEII: in.\[ l.:n>J){j1'(j o.Yk' \0 -i61

pllblibhed-which i.:& now followed by BRUCE. LEE'S FrGHTrNG .\1E:THo.D. This second in a series of volumes, which has beerl c'Ompiled and organize'c:J by his longtime friend, :'I.t Uyehara .. utilizes. some of the many thol,lsand::: of picmr !;. ffrOil} lee" personal photo files, L'~'ehara is a fonner student of Bru.c~ lc:~.

M:dIlo: 1'I11&c"8aJI~~_ ".<1', DQlI 1r11. !iallJIi ,auda. WlJil1l1'ili liB

IIf' n.afj,


TmI.ffH 1~»0le1ii!

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