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How to Take Great Photos

How to Take Great Photos

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Published by Maria Makrimallakis

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Published by: Maria Makrimallakis on Jun 10, 2011
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These are what Canon
and Nikon call their Auto
Flash Modes. TTL stands
for “through the lens.” The
fash gets its information
through the lens.

If You Can’t Find the Light, Create the Light


With your fash on and in auto

mode now take a shot. The

fash will determine its own

settings and power. See if

you have a good blend. If the

background is too dark, try

moving up to the next level of

ISO. Too bright a background?

Lower the ISO. Figure 7-2

shows an example of the

improvement that can be had.

Now you may ask, “Why can’t

I use aperture priority mode for

this. The truth is you can but

it takes a little more work and

awareness on your part. With

aperture priority remember you

set the aperture, the camera

chooses the shutter speed.

However, because of the low

amount of light, the camera may choose too slow a shutter speed

and may show some movement either in the subject or camera

shake from being handheld.

Also, those of you that don’t have the creative modes, try just

using the auto fash mode but upping the ISO if that’s possible, or

if you have a night scene mode, try switching to that and set your


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