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TEACHERS: Diego Fernando Urrea López - Claudia Patricia Ortega – Adriana Henao – Ludy Copete- Amparo Montes Castaño. BASIC LEVEL Logro:Los estudiantes de nivel básico Identificarán con claridad de mis hechos y actuaciones cuando me hablan de una forma clara y sencilla. Los estudiantes que no alcanzaron el logro propuesto para el segundo periodoperiodo de los niveles básicos de los grados octavos, novenos y decimos deberán estudiar los siguientes temas vistos durante todo el periodo: Past continuous Past Simple Past continuous Vs past simple When – while Quantifiers Además, desarrollara las siguientes actividades: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Revisar los temas vistos en clase. Explorar los temas de las páginas 15 -25 Estudiar el vocabulario de estas páginas del student`s book. Desarrollar el taller. Anexo. Entregar el taller el día correspondiente en la semana de recuperación, ordenado y en una carpeta. EL TALLER TIENE VALORACIÓN. Con el docente revisarás el taller para aclarar dudas. cartelera.

8. Realizar una presentación oral sobre un actor o persona famosa debe durar 3 minutos. Llevar 9. Presentar el examen correspondiente a los temas vistos y el vocabulario de las páginas del
libro trabajado durante el periodo.

“El éxito nunca llega solo; hay que trabajar arduamente para conseguirlo.”

Name: ________________________________________________________________ 1. Using the words in parentheses, complete the text below with the appropriate tenses. ( past continuous vs past simple)

1. A: What (you, do) B: I (try)

when the accident occurred? to change a light bulb that had burnt out.

2. After I (find) police and (turn)

the wallet full of money, I (go, immediately) it in.

to the

3. The doctor (say) (need)

that Tom (be) to stay at home for a couple of days.

too sick to go to work and that he

4. Sebastian (arrive)

at Susan's house a little before 9:00 PM, but she (be, not) for her final examination in

there. She (study, at the library) French.

5. Sandy is in the living room watching television. At this time yesterday, she (watch, also) television. That's all she ever does!

6. A: I (call) were you? B: I (work)

you last night after dinner, but you (be, not)

there. Where

out at the fitness center.

7. When I (walk)

into the busy office, the secretary (talk)

on the phone

with a customer, several clerks (work, busily) (discuss, quietly)

at their desks, and two managers

methods to improve customer service.

8. I (watch) a mystery movie on TV when the electricity went out. Now I am never going to find out how the movie ends.

9. Sharon (be)

in the room when John told me what happened, but she didn't hear .

anything because she (listen, not)

10. It's strange that you (call)

because I (think, just)

about you.

11. The Titanic (cross)

the Atlantic when it (strike)

an iceberg.

12. When I entered the bazaar, a couple of merchants (bargain, busily) to sell their goods to naive tourists who (hunt) young boys (lead) of men (argue) who (sell)

and (try) for souvenirs. Some

their donkeys through the narrow streets on their way home. A couple over the price of a leather belt. I (walk) fruit and (buy) a banana. over to a man

13. The firemen (rescue) floor of the burning building.

the old woman who (be)

trapped on the third

14. She was so annoying! She (leave, always) (expect, actually) me to do them for her.

her dirty dishes in the sink. I think she

15. Samantha (live) in Berlin for more than two years. In fact, she (live) there when the Berlin Wall came down.

2. Complete the paragraph. past simple vs continuous.

Last night, while I was doing my homework, Angela (call)

. She said she (call)

me on her cell phone from her biology classroom at UCLA. I asked her if she (wait) for class, but she said that the professor was at the front of the hall lecturing while she (talk) to me. I couldn't believe she (make) lecture. I asked what was going on. a phone call during the

She said her biology professor was so boring that several of the students (sleep, actually) in class. Some of the students (talk) weekend and the student next to her (draw) about their plans for the a picture of a horse. When Angela (tell) that my biology

me she was not satisfied with the class, I (mention) professor was quite good and (suggest)

that she switch to my class.

While we were talking, I (hear) Suddenly, the line went dead. I (hang) dinner. As I (cut)

her professor yell, "Miss, are you making a phone call?" up the phone and went to the kitchen to make

vegetables for a salad, the phone rang once again. It (be)

Angela, but this time she wasn't sitting in class.


Put the verbs into the correct tense (Simple Past or Past Progressive).

1. While Tom (read) 2. Marvin (come)
his emails.

, Amely (watch)

a documentary on TV.

home, (switch)

on the computer and (check)

3. The thief (sneak)

into the house, (steal)

the jewels and


without a trace. while the teacher (explain) the tenses.

4. Nobody (listen) 5. While we (do)

a sight-seeing tour, our friends (lie)

on the

6. He (wake) 1. The receptionist (welcome)
in the form.

up and (look)

at his watch.

the guests and (ask)

them to fill

2. The car (break) 3. The boys (swim) 4. My father (come)

down and we (have)

to walk home.

while the girls (sunbathe)


in, (look) me to tidy up my room.

around and (tell)

5. As long as one group (prepare)
wood for their campfire.

dinner, the others (collect)

6. While the parents (have)

breakfast, their children (run)

7. Martha (turn)
8. 1. Choosethecorrectanswers:

off the lights and (go)

to bed.

When I saw Dave, he __________. is working worked was working 2. You had a good time at the party, __________ you? hadn't

didn't weren't 3. __________ when the telephone rang? Were you sleeping Did you sleep Were sleeping 4. Dave, when __________ the ESL Cafe on the Web? were you begin began did you begin 5. You __________ me, did you? understood weren't understanding didn't understand 6. When __________ yesterday morning? you got up did you get up were you getting up 7. While I __________ to work, I saw an accident. drove was driving did drive 8. __________ well on this quiz? Did you

Were you Did you do 5. Write sentences. past simple and past continuous (Ann / write / a letter in her room)_______________________________________________________ (Carol and Dennis / have / dinner)______________________________________________________ (Tom / make / a phone call)___________________________________________________________ (the phone / ring / while I / take a shower)________________________________________________ (it / begin / to rain while I / walk / home)__________________________________________________

6, Complete these sentences with the correct words.

Breakfast – shower- hair- music- friends- clean- relax- go- do- watchessend- washing up – meal- make- magazines- put on .

➢ ➢ ➢ ➢ ➢ ➢ ➢ ➢ ➢ ➢ ➢ ➢ ➢ ➢ ➢ ➢ 1.

I never ___________________________ breakfast on weekends, only at weekends. I have a hot ______________________________ every morning and every evening. My sister washes her ____________________________ at least four times a week. She didn´t have time to __________________________ any make- up this morning. My brother never reads books or newspapers, he only reads music__ ________________ . I don´t often do the ________________________ because we´ve got a dishwasher. I’m going to ________________________a cup of coffee. Does anybody want one? My dad always ________________________________ the ten o´clock news on T.V. My mum says I text my _____________________________ too much You made this mess, so you_____________________ it up? Can I ___________________ an email from your computer? How can you listen to ______________________ while you´re working? I´m always so tired after work, I just want to ______________________ in front of the T.V. I cooked a __________________________ for ten people last night. I didn´t forget to __________________________ my homework, I forgot to bring it. Can you wait a minute? I need _____________________ to the toilet. Choose the correct verb form ✔ ✔ ✔ I saw/ was seeing a good programme on T.V last night. While I shopped /was shopping this morning. I lost/was losing my wallet. I don´t know how. Last week the police stopped /were stopping Alan because he drove /was driving at

over eighty miles an hour. ✔ ✔ ✔ 1. How did you break /were you breaking your leg? Did you have /were you having a good time last night? When I arrived /was arriving at the party, everyone had /was having a good time.

In each sentence, choose the best phrase to complete the gap from the choices below (a, b, c, or d).

1. The recetionist at the front desk gave me two _______ . a) informations a) long hair long length of hair 3. _________ have you got in the bank? Is it enough to buy a house? a) How many moneys How much moneys 4. On Saturday, my friend Paul went fishing and he caught ________ . a) three fish a) paper piece of paper 6. How many ________ did the teacher give us today? He always gives us a lot to do. a) homework homework 7. Every morning before I come to school, I spend thirty minutes doing _______ . That's how I stay so slim. a) exercise of exercise 8. Your sister is a great pianist. She played ________ at the party. a) a lovely music b) some lovely musics c) lovely musics d) a lovely piece of music b) an exercise c) some exercises d) some pieces b) homeworks c) a lot of homework d) pieces of b) three fishes b) a paper c) three items of fish c) a slice of paper d) three of fish d) a 5. Can I borrow _______ from you? I've left mine at home and I want to write some notes. b) How many money c) How much money d) b) information b) long hairs c) pieces of information c) a long hair d) lots of information d) a 2. My cousin is very beautiful. She has green eyes and ________ .

9. Fill in the gaps with some, any or a - an. 1. I’m really thirsty. I need ________ water, please. 2. I went to the library, but I couldn’t find ________ books about art. 3. Can you give me _________ coffee, please? 4. She sent ________ postcards to her friends, but she didn’t make _______ phone calls when she was in Britain. 5. It’s very sunny but there is only _________ child playing in the street. 6. I bought __________ coffee, but I didn’t buy ________ tea or ________ papaya. 7. Have you got __________ chocolate biscuits? I’m sorry, there are____________ biscuits left. 8. “Mary, I’m afraid there isn’t __________ juice in the fridge but there’s __________ pineapple. 9. They ate ____________apples, ___________ mango, but they didn’t eat ___________ oranges. 10. A. “Would you like ___________ cheese? It’s delicious”. B. “Ok, give me__________.” 11. Is there __________ oil in the kitchen? No, there isn’t ___________ but there’s __________ butter.

10.Fill in the gaps with some or any: Charles: Alice! Have we got ____________ eggs? Alice: Yes, there are ____________ in the cupboard. Charles: Have we got ______________ cheese? Alice: Yes, there’s ____________ in the fridge. Charles: Can I use ___________ olive oil? Alice: Yes, of course. Charles: I need ____________ tomatoes. Alice: We haven’t got _____________. Charles, would you like ___________ help? Charles: No, thanks, I’m OK. Barbara: Is there __________ milk left? Katherine: Yes, there is ___________ in the bottle on the table. Barbara: Would you like ___________ milk? Katherine: No, thank you. I don't think I'll drink _________ tonight. Could I have __________ water, please? Barbara: Sure. There is ___________ in the fridge. Katherine: There is ________ Chinese boy in my English class. Barbara: That’s interesting; could you ask him __________ questions for me? Katherine: No problem. Barbara: Could ask him ___________ questions about life in China? Katherine: I would be happy to do that for you.

11. Complete with much, a lot of, any, some, When we got to the beach, ___________ people were already there, and we couldn't find a place to sit down. There weren’t ____________ empty spaces near the beach, but they were ______________ empty spaces a long way from the sea. We walked along the beach for a while, but we didn't have ____________fun because we kept bumping into people. Finally, we decided to get back in the car and go down the coast to the next beach. This was _____________ better; there were only ______________ families on the beach, so there was _______________ room to spread out our things. Because we had eaten so _____________food in the car, all we wanted to do was lie down, and after ____________ minutes we were all dozing happily in the sun.


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