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8th Sem ECE Syllabus

8th Sem ECE Syllabus

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Electronics & Communication Engineering

Wireless Communication

Subject Code : 06EC81 No. of Lecture Hrs/Week : 04 Total no. of Lecture Hrs. : 52 PART - A UNIT - 1

IA Marks Exam Hours Exam Marks

: 25 : 03 : 100

Introduction to wireless telecommunication systems and Networks, History and Evolution Different generations of wireless cellular networks 1G, 2g,3G and 4G networks. 6 Hours UNIT - 2 Common Cellular System components, Common cellular network components, Hardware and software, views of cellular networks, 3G cellular systems components, Cellular component identification Call establishment. 6 Hours UNIT - 3 Wireless network architecture and operation, Cellular concept Cell fundamentals, Capacity expansion techniques, Cellular backbone networks, Mobility management, Radio resources and power management Wireless network security 6 Hours UNIT - 4 GSM and TDMA techniques, GSM system overview, GSM Network and system Architecture, GSM channel concepts, GSM identifiers 6 Hours


8 Introduction to wireless LAN 802. Lee W. 8 Hours UNIT . 2 . GSM protocol architecture. REFERENCE BOOKS: 1.Electronics & Communication Engineering PART . Evolution of Wireless LAN Introduction to 802. Mullet: Thomson Learning 2006. Cal handoff. Traffic cases.Y. Wireless communication .B UNIT . TDMA systems 6 Hours UNIT .15X technologies in PAN Application and architecture Bluetooth Introduction to Broadband wireless MAN. Digital modulation techniques. Characteristics of air interface. Fundamentals of Wireless Communication. Mobile Cellular Telecommunication. wireless coding techniques.C. Wireless Telecom Systems and networks. 3. 802. Roaming. 2002. Path loss models.7 Wireless Modulation techniques and Hardware. CDMA channel concept CDMA operations. UWB radio techniques. OFDM.6 CDMA technologies. David Tse.5 GSM system operation.11X technologies. CDMA overview. MGH. Typical GSM Hardware. Cambridge 2005. Diversity techniques. 2. 6 Hours UNIT . Pramod Viswanath.16X technologies. 8 Hours TEXT BOOK: 1.D P Agrawal: 2nd Edition Thomson learning 2007.

Parallel and Wireless. LCD Controllers. Common memory Types. trade-offs. Advanced Communication Principles. Combinational Logic. Advanced RAM.Electronics & Communication Engineering Embedded System Design Subject Code : 06EC82 No. Design of custom single purpose processors. Custom Single-Purpose Processors. Single-Purpose Processors: Software. Microprocessor Interfacing.A UNIT . Memory Hierarchy and Cache. embedded system design challenges. Survey of different embedded system design technologies. UART. ASIPS. 6 Hours UNIT . Arbitration. RT level Combinational and Sequential Components. 8 Hours 3 . of Lecture Hrs. Examples.3 Standard Single-Purpose Peripherals. Operation.1 INTRODUCTION: Overview of embedded systems.2 SINGLE-PURPOSE PROCESSORS: Hardware. Compulsory memory. Communication Basics.4 MEMORY: Introduction. 4 Hours UNIT . Optimizing singlepurpose processors. Sequential Logic. Interfacing. A to D Converters. : 52 IA Marks : 25 Exam Hours : 03 Exam Marks: 100 PART . Keypad controllers. Basic Architecture. Stepper Motor Controller. Programmer’s View. of Lecture Hrs/Week : 04 Total no.Serial. Protocolos . Timers. PWM. Development Environment. 6 Hours UNIT . common design metrics and optimizing them. Counters.

Embedded Systems: Architecture and Programming.Mail Boxes -Timers – Events Memory Management. Simon: Pearson Education.RTOS architecture.Data . Survey of Software Architecture. Embedded C programming.An example. Thomson (2005). An Embedded software Primer . 12 Hours TEXT BOOKS: 1. Inc. 1999 REFERENCE BOOKS: 1. 4 .6 INTRODUCTION TO RTOS: Tasks . TMH. Embedded System Design: A Unified Hardware/Software Introduction . John Wiley & Sons. 8 Hours UNIT – 7&8 Basic Design Using RTOS. Encapsulating semaphores and Queues.scheduling . Elsevier Publication.Shared Data Problem .Massage Queues . Principles.Function Queues . Round Robin with Interrupts .Semaphores and shared data. Embedded Systems Architecture – A Comprehensive Guide for Engineers and Programmers. Hardware software co-design aspects in embedded systems. Raj Kamal.5 INTERRUPTS: Basics . More operating systems services .2002 2. 8 Hours UNIT . 2008 2. 2005 3.Interrupt latency.Frank Vahid.Electronics & Communication Engineering PART .states . Tony Givargis. Round Robin. Hard real-time scheduling considerations – Saving Memory space and power. Barnett.David E. Cox & O’cull. Tammy Noergaard.B UNIT .

Digital Signature Standard. 3 Hours UNIT . The OSI security architecture. Authentication Protocols. 7 Hours 5 . Block Cipher Design Principles and Modes of Operation. Hash Functions.4 Digital signatures. The RSA algorithm.3 Principles of Public-Key Cryptasystems. mechanisms and attacks. A model for network security. Simplified DES.2 SYMMETRIC CIPHERS: Symmetric Cipher Model.A UNIT . Differential and Linear Cryptanalysis. Substitution Techniques. : 52 IA Marks : 25 Exam Hours : 03 Exam Marks: 100 PART . Evaluation Criteria for Advanced Encryption Standard. Authentication functions. The AES Cipher.1 Services. Diffie . The strength of DES. Transposition Techniques. Data encryption standard (DES). 8 Hours UNIT . of Lecture Hrs/Week : 04 Total no.Hellman Key Exchange. of Lecture Hrs.Electronics & Communication Engineering ELECTIVE –D: NETWORK SECURITY Subject Code : 06EC832 No. 9 Hours UNIT . Key Management. Elliptic Curve Arithmetic.

TMH. 2003. 6 Hours UNIT . 2003. William Stalling. Cryptography and Network Security. 2007.6 Intruders. REFERENCE BOOKS: 1. 6 Hours UNIT . 2. 6 Hours UNIT . Security socket layer (SSL) and Transport layer security. 6 . Behrouz A. Trusted Systems.Electronics & Communication Engineering PART . TMH.5 Web Security Consideration. Cryptography and Network Security. Intrusion Detection. 7 Hours TEXT BOOK: 1. Cryptography and Network Security. Forouzan.B UNIT .7 MALICIOUS SOFTWARE: Viruses and Related Threats. Password Management.8 Firewalls Design Principles. Pearson Education. Virus Countermeasures. Atul Kahate. Secure Electronic Transaction.

MPEG-1. of Lecture Hrs. ADPCM.Electronics & Communication Engineering ELECTIVE –E : MULTIMEDIA COMMUNICATIONS Subject Code : 06EC841 No. media types. video compression principles. network types.4 AUDIO AND VIDEO COMPRESSION: Introduction. video. H. MPEG. multimedia networks. image compression. audio compression.2 MULTIMEDIA INFORMATION REPRESENTATION: principles.1 MULTIMEDIA COMMUNICATIONS: Introduction. LPC.263. text compression.261. Introduction. and MPEG-4. text. APC. compression principles. 7 Hours UNIT . 7 Hours 7 . DPCM. multimedia information representation. multimedia applications. of Lecture Hrs/Week : 04 Total no.3 TEXT AND IMAGE COMPRESSION: Introduction. digital 5 Hours UNIT . H. multipoint conferencing. 7 Hours UNIT . MPEG-2. : 52 IA Marks : 25 Exam Hours : 03 Exam Marks 100 PART .A UNIT . images. audio. communication modes. network QoS application QoS. video compression.

5 MULTIMEDIA INFORMATION NETWORKS: Introduction. Fragmentation. RTP and RTCP. LANs. FDDI High-speed LANs. Klara Narstedt. Kiran Thakrar. “Multimedia Fundamentals: Vol 1 . 3. PHI.8 TRANSPORT PROTOCOL: Introduction. Token ring. 7 Hours UNIT . Pearson Education. IP Datagrams. Bridges. PHI. Fred Halsall. 8 . 7 Hours UNIT . 2003. Second Indian reprint 2002. 2004. Nalin K.B UNIT . TCP/IP. Prabhat K. IPv8. Switfh and Protocol Architecture ATM LANs. Asia. Multimedia Communications: Applications.Media Coding and Content Processing”. TCP. Protocols and Standards. “Multimedia Systems Design”. Networks. Multimedia Information Networking. Pearson Education.Electronics & Communication Engineering PART . Cell format. 6 Hours UNIT .6 THE INTERNET: Introduction. UDP. LAN protocol. 6 Hours TEXT BOOK: 1. 2. Sharda. IP Address.7 BROADBAND ATM NETWORKS: Introduction. QoS Support. Ethernet. 2004. ARP and RARP. REFERENCE BOOKS: 1. Ralf Steinmetz. Andleigh.

priority structures. Overview of Real time languages. Scheduling strategies. Resource Control. centralized. Rendezvous. Real Time Clock Handler. specialized processors. 6 Hours UNIT . corountines. modula 2 and Ada as a Real Time Languages. Code sharing. : 52 IA Marks : 25 Exam Hours : 03 Exam Marks: 100 PART .Electronics & Communication Engineering ELECTIVE. hardware requirement for real time applications. Example of Creating and RTOS based on modula 2 kernel. low-level facilities. Practical Real Time Operating Systems. monitors. Preliminary Design. 5 Hours 9 .4 Introduction to Design of Real Time Systems. hierarchical and distributed systems. 10 Hours UNIT .1 DEFINITION AND CLASSIFICATION OF REAL TIME SYSTEMS: Concept of computer control.E: REAL TIME OPERATING SYSTEMS Subject Code : 06EC842 No.3 REAL TIME OPERATING SYSTEMS: (PSOS+Vx WORKS).A UNIT . loop and supervisor control. of Lecture Hrs/Week : 04 Total no. review of data types. sequence. Task management.2 Special features of languages for real time application. of Lecture Hrs. interfaces. exception handling. Hours UNIT . Specification. Human Computer interface. communications. concurrency. multitasking Approach. Inter task Communication and Control.

Scheduling problem Real Time Database. Detection and Containment. Integrated Failure Handling. second edition. Ward and Mellor Method. Shin. G. Errors and Failures.5 DEVELOPMENT METHODOLOGIES: Yourdon. Phillip.7 FAULT TOLERANCE TECHNIQUES: Introduction. PHI. REFERENCE BOOKS: 1. Mc Graw Hill. Real Time Vs General Purpose Databases. Concurrency Control. MASXOT. 1997. Embedded Systems.6 DESIGN ANALYSIS: Introduction. 10 Hours UNIT . Real Time Systems. S.B UNIT . Software Error Models. 3. 4 Hours UNIT . Pearson education. M. Transaction priorities and Aborts. Tata Mc Graw Hill.Electronics & Communication Engineering PART . Disk Scheduling Algorithms. 2008. Laplante. C. 6 Hours UNIT . 2005. Methodology. Maintaining Serialization Consistency. A. Fault types. Redundancy. HATLEY & Pribhai method. Liu. Real Time Systems. 2. Real-Time Systems Design and Analysis. Analysis of Petri Nets. 5 Hours TEXT BOOK: 1. Krishna. Raj Kamal. Faults. Reliability Models for Hardware. India. Petrinets. Parameters. India. PAISLEY System. 2005.8 RELIABILITY EVALUATION: Introduction. 10 . W. Kang. Jane.

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